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APARTMENT IN CRACOW Architecture: Ekotektura Photographs: Jakub Gadzalski

An apartment in Cracow, Poland, with 72m2 was reformed by architect Piotr Pyrtek and assistant Dorota Orczewsa, both from the Ekotektura studio. The work produced in the interior design of this apartment was completed in 2014. The place owned by a busy couple that works from home regularly was reformed in a way that could allow them to optimize the space keeping harmony on the fruition of the whole and a balanced use of its solutions. Functional ideas and infra-structural solutions were implemented in order to fulfill the couple primary and secondary demands. The architects divided the apartment in a day part, gathering the living room, kitchen and a home office, and a night part with the entrance hall, wardrobe, toilet, laundry and a bedroom. The minimalistic atmosphere created reveals not only an aesthetic harmony between materials but also a


visual comfort. The apartment integrates different systems, like a multifunctional folding table, lighting design or a home server. Optimizing the space and providing the necessary features to increase the pleasure of living the day-to-day routines and leisure seems to be main objectives. The plant shows how the space promotes integration and a disposition that allows proceeding with different daily activities at the same time. There is a continuous flow between areas that gives a sense of open and wider space. Bright colors and clear contrasts were chosen to promote a stimulating atmosphere, either for working or for relaxing during the day. The private night space it is hidden behind an invisible curtain located on the border of light and dark color.

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