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Every speech can be like your favourite TED Talk Alexandra Boudreault-Manos discovers the lessons that will make you a TED talker

Talk Like TED, from communications coach and former news correspondent Carmine Gallo, is a light, interesting exploration of how to talk like your favourite TED talker. With evidence from an analysis of hundreds of TED Talks, Gallo explores the three key attributes of a great speech – that it be emotional, novel and memorable. Conveyed through stories and examples from some of the most famous speeches (including everyone from Steve Jobs to Arctic explorers), nine public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds are delivered, for your use. As well as numerous examples and references, Gallo has also endeavoured to include interesting results from his analysis, in the form of charts. These charts give the reader a hands-on guide to improving their public-speaking skills. Admittedly, though, the value of Talk Like TED lies more in the stories it

From hundreds of TED Talks, Gallo explores the three key attributes of a great speech – that it be emotional, novel and memorable

tells, framing useful public speaking tips in an engaging and meticulously analysed way, rather than in divulging tips and information. While well written and littered with interesting facts about science, business,

and everything in between, Talk Like TED does become quite repetitive – and in places even contradictory. The book also runs the risk of being confusing or simply not as effective to the average reader who is not familiar with any the hundreds of TED Talks Gallo dissects. It’s not useful to many, or in a long-lasting way – but Talk Like TED is easy to read, and the stories thoroughly entertaining. — Talk Like TED Carmine Gallo Macmillan


Onboarding is tricky. This app makes it easier, writes Perry Timms One simple web search reveals 659,000 entries that link to the key words ‘onboarding’ and ‘apps’, and none of them relate to cruise liners! Many of them, however, refer to attracting users to a particular app. But, in the world of work and HR, ‘onboarding’ means ‘induction’ – the way in which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become effective team members in an organization. And, believe it or not, now there are apps that can help with this induction process. Appical is one of a new breed of software tools suited to the digital nature of our lives. It helps familiarise new staff with their organization, brief them on company culture, and encourage a sense

of belonging to their new team. It seeks to lower the productivity lull common when newcomers arrive at a firm, by answering all those initial questions that invariably crop as fresh-starters learn their new role. Netherlands-based Appical has an impressive client portfolio, including Heineken, Philips, KLM and PepsiCo. And since its inception in 2012, it has built up a range of functions designed to help facilitate the onboarding process. With its company-jargon dictionary, to-do list, and augmented reality-tour of company location, Appical aims to turn the sometimes protracted candidate-toemployee journey into a quick, useful and inspiring experience. Unlike most App Store downloads, this is a combined product, which includes

your content and Appical’s functionality. In the near future, almost all onboarding could become a digital experience. If so, this product, like others in the marketplace, will be leading that shift by bringing another piece of the digital transformation jigsaw into our working lives.

— Appical is an iOS and Android app. You can request demos and see more at — Perry Timms is an independent HR/ OD practitioner, speaker, writer and CIPD adviser on social media and engagement Follow him on Twitter @PerryTimms Q4 2017 Dialogue

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