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Organizational excellence on the superhighway Differentiating your business in the digital age demands operational excellence in three critical spheres, writes Dr Al Zeitoun

The days of striving for a structured approach to running a business are well and truly gone. The business environment has changed permanently. The digital age has dawned and we can start to see glimpses of the ways we will work in the future. For most of us today, the norm is operating in a dynamic VUCA environment. When VUCA first made the leap out of the world of military education and into common business usage, it was a way of highlighting the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that so many of us faced. Yet that turbulence was a fraction of what has come since – and what still Dialogue Q2 2019

lies ahead. That is largely thanks to the interplay between technology and data. In that context, delivering operational excellence is enormously challenging. I have had the opportunity to work in just about every corner of the world and have seen first-hand just how important operational excellence is to organizations of all types. But I have also seen how diďŹƒcult it can be for executives to achieve excellence in the midst of unrelenting uncertainty. The dynamics of change continue to accelerate and, for all its promise, the digital movement has undoubtedly added to the pressures.

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