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The future is fearless In 2014, I decisively left my job as an investment banker and embarked on the most exciting, powerful, hard and important adventure of my life: founding and growing Fearless Futures. Fearless Futures is an education organization that works both with senior leaders in business and with young women and non-binary young people in schools, to whom we offer equality and leadership development programmes. I set up Fearless Futures because, despite years of academic success, our society does not afford Dialogue Q2 2019

girls and women the status, opportunities, representation or power they deserve. Many young women have low confidence levels because they see themselves as lacking. In fact, it’s the environment that is at fault. That is a central premise in our programmes: that inequalities have been designed, and because of that, they can be redesigned. We focus on challenging external realities rather than on the notion that it’s people of colour, women, disabled people – or those who experience


The way we think about gender inequality has to change. Hanna Naima McCloskey explains why

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Dialogue Q2 2019