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The way we learn tomorrow

Your employees already learn for themselves. Make the most of the new normal, writes Todd Tauber

The near future of corporate learning is already here. And individuals are playing a much bigger, more active role than they used to. That doesn’t mean the learning and development (L&D) department is obsolete. But it does mean that it probably needs to evolve. But how? Every chief learning officer (CLO) knows L&D is becoming more digital. Which means almost anyone can now learn pretty much anything they need, any time they Dialogue Q1 2017

want, all by themselves. What isn’t quite clear is how L&D teams should adapt to this new reality. To help answer that question, Degreed surveyed 512 Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers to understand how today’s workers really build their skills. These people work at all levels of organizations, in big companies as well as smaller ones, across a range of industries and job functions. Here’s what we learned about the digital, democratic, near future

of learning for work:

How we invest in people in the on-demand economy

Only 18% of the people we surveyed said they would recommend their employer’s learning and development opportunities to a colleague. But let’s be honest, most chief executives don’t invest in people out of benevolence or social conscience. They do it to drive productivity and performance. Chief executives are paid

Dialogue Q1 2017  
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