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6 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Publishers’ Note L

iving in a community rich with authenticity and charm is something that people from all walks of life are seeking. Perhaps you’ve arrived in our beautiful neighborhoods from the furthest reaches of New England, the Midwest, the West Coast or the other side of the globe. At some point, there was a spark that lit the fire to relocate. Whatever the reason, we welcome you with open arms and a sense of gratitude. With a touch of Southern hospitality and a spirit of optimism, we invite your perspective, your talents and we’re encouraged by your choice to invest in our neighborhoods. As you embark on your new journey, we hope you enjoy the local haunts, parks and recreational fun to be had, as well as nearby day trips and regional attractions. There’s so much to do and so much to discover. In this magazine, we scratch the surface of what’s available by way of this helpful guide to the neighborhoods. We encourage you to get out there, enjoy your new home and become active in the community. You’ll be sure to have your list of favorite restaurants, shops, parks, museums and entertainment venues, as well as hobbies and personal pursuits along the way. First, be sure to check out our “Best of Local” section [see page 33] where we shine the light on entrepreneurs and local business owners that rise to the top. It’s not always easy to find honest, hardworking credible businesspeople and restaurateurs [see Dining Guide on page 102], but you’ll find them throughout this publication – they help to make this magazine possible – and foster a strong local economy. One thing most us have in common, aside from being from somewhere else at some point in our lives, is the desire to belong somewhere special. You will find it here, and you will feel the satisfaction and renewed stride in your step as you acquaint yourself with neighbors and newfound friends. The best part is that you have chosen to live here and selected this unique historic neighborhood in which to live. That’s a bold statement, because you could choose to live anywhere. The history, architecture, parks and wildlife, nearby beaches, river access and proximity to downtown all make this area a hot commodity. Prices are competitive and homes are rising in value. Property values are indicative of a desirable location and that’s just what you’ll find in the neighborhoods of Riverside, Avondale, Ortega and Murray Hill and on the opposite side of the river in San Marco, San Jose and St. Nicholas – our Resident News coverage areas. We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy reading your local newspaper, the one we’ll be delivering into your home every month. In closing, we appreciate you taking the time to patronize local businesses to help strengthen our community. We also look forward to meeting you out on the town. Welcome Home,

Seth & Pamela Williams


8 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Table of Contents 12.

Public Services


Welcome To The Neighborhood 16. 18. 20. 22. 24. 26. 28. 30.

Riverside Avondale Ortega Murray Hill San Marco St. Nicholas San Jose Springfield


The St. Johns River


Best of Local


Schools & Education 52. 57. 60. 62.

Public Elementary Schools Public Middle Schools Public High Schools Special Needs Schools




Places of Worship 79. 80. 81. 82.


Anglican, Baptist Catholic, Episcopal Lutheran, Methodist Orthodox, Presbyterian

64. Private Schools 67. Colleges and Universities 67. Libraries

83. Other Denominations / Non-Denominational 84. Jewish, Other Faiths

Civic Groups 87. Civic Clubs 89. Young Professional Clubs


Sports 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97.

Major Sporting Events Athletic Organizations Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling Boating, Fencing Fishing, Football, Hockey/Ice Skating Riding, Rowing

98. Rugby 99. Running, Soccer 100. Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, University Teams 101. Venues


Dining Guide


Things To Do & Places To Go 111. 112. 114. 115. 117.

Scheduled Community Events Entertainment Venues Museums Music, Dance & Theater Groups Other Things To Do

118. Quick Day Trip & Weekend Destinations 126. Must-See State Parks, National Monuments 126. Dog Parks

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10 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

PUBLISHERS Pamela Bradford Williams pamela@residentnews.net Seth Williams seth@residentnews.net

MANAGING EDITOR Kate A. Hallock editor@residentnews.net

EDITORIAL STAFF Susan D. Brandenburg Marcia Hodgson Peggy Harrell Jennings Kandace Lankford Karen J. Rieley

ADVERTISING & SALES Debra McGregor debra@residentnews.net Jose Velasco jose@residentnews.net

ART DIRECTOR Joshua Garrett josh@residentnews.net

PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Harris Mark Krancer

The Historic Districts of Jacksonville have so much to offer in education, arts, recreation and services of all types that it can be hard to keep track of them all. We tried our best to list everything, but we acknowledge that some organizations and places may have slipped through the cracks. Please forgive us and do let us know what’s missing so we can add them to this annual Community and Newcomers Guide.

(904) 388-8839 | RESIDENTNEWS.NET Like us on facebook Historic Life—Community and Newcomers Guide is an annual magazine covering Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, Murray Hill, San Marco, San Jose, St. Nicholas and Springfield. For advertising information please call 904.388.8839. Facts and statements expressed in the editorial content are not necessarily those of The Resident Community News Group. All content is copyrighted and may not be reprinted, copied or reproduced without written permission from the publisher. ©2019.


Vo l . 5 | 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0



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12 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Neighborhood Associations

Public Services POLICE SERVICES Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) • Headquarters: 501 E Bay Street • Zone 3 Substation: 7100 Powers Avenue (Serving San Marco, St. Nicholas, San Jose and Lakewood)

• Zone 4 Substation: 3726 Blanding Boulevard (Serving Riverside, Avondale, Murray Hill and Ortega)

• Emergencies: Call 9-1-1 • Non-emergencies: (904) 630-0500

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles • For office locations visit flhsmv.gov/offices/duval • To change your address, renew, or request a duplicate license visit flhsmv.gov. • For more information call (850) 617-2000.


Duval County Tax Collector’s Office 3520 Blanding Boulevard or 231 E. Forsyth Street gorenew.com | (904) 630-1916

Jacksonville Electric Authority jea.com | (904) 665-6000 or (800) 683-5542


CITY SERVICES 630-City (City Services Information) 630city.coj.net | (904) 630-CITY (2489)

PET LICENSES Pet licenses must be renewed annually, and pet owners must show written proof of their pet’s current rabies vaccination. The fine for violating the city ordinance is $50.


,, 2623 Herschel Street



• For schedules, fees, special services or other information, visit jtafla.com or call (904) 630-3100. • Download the NextBus mobile app or visit nextbus. com to find stops and next scheduled departure. • For information about the St. Johns River Ferry, which runs every half hour between Mayport and Fort George Island, visit ferry.jtafla.com.

VOTER REGISTRATION First-time voters in the state of Florida apply through the Supervisor of Elections Office at 105 E. Monroe St. or any Jacksonville public library. For more information visit duvalelections.com or call (904) 630-1414.

AT&T: 1-888-757-6500 Comcast Xfinity: 1-800-934-6489 Dish Network: 1-888-975-0964 DIRECTV: 1-800-490-4388

Riverside Avondale Preservation Inc.


NN(904) 389-2449


»» A nonprofit founded in 1974 is to

enhance and preserve the architecture, history, cultural heritage and economic viability of the historic neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale. Murray Hill Preservation Association


»» Founded in 1932, MHPA is one

of Florida’s oldest continuously operating neighborhood associations and is an all-volunteer not-forprofit group of residents and businessowners. Ortega Forest Association


»» The neighborhood association was

created to improve and maintain the three entrances to the community from Roosevelt Boulevard/U.S. 17, and functions as a crime watch group through social media. San Marco Preservation Society

,,1468 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 396-0081


»» Formed in 1975 as a nonprofit

City Council District 5

School Board Representatives SAN MARCO, SAN JOSE, ST. NICHOLAS

District 3

Ashley Smith Juarez JuarezA1@duvalschools.org (904) 390-2239

Executive Assistant: Debra Rubin-Pataky


District 4

Reginald Gaffney RGaffney@coj.net | (904) 255-5207


Randy DeFoor RDefoor@coj.net | (904) 255-5214 Executive Assistant: Kevin Kuzel

,,City Hall 117 West Duval Street, Floor 4, Jacksonville, FL 32202 wwcoj.net

»» SNAP was incorporated in 1979

and serves approximately 300 homes from Mayfair Road to Holmesdale Road, extending from the St. Johns River to Atlantic Boulevard.


Darryl Willie WillieD@duvalschools.org (904) 390-2374

Executive Assistant: Joe Zimmerman

District 14

St. Nicholas Area Preservation (SNAP)


LeAnna Cumber LCumber@coj.net | (904) 255-5205

District 7


to protect the integrity of the San Marco residential neighborhood and to enhance the revitalization of the business district.

District 6


Charlotte Joyce JoyceC@duvalschools.org (904) 390-2373

,,Duval County School Board

1701 Prudential Drive, 6th Floor, Room 642, Jacksonville, FL 32207 wwduvalschools.org

Harbor Oaks at St. Nicholas Neighborhood Association ,, 3910 Atlantic Blvd. (Meeting location) NN(904) 398-5517 mmlynprayjax@aol.com

»» Harbor Oaks neighborhood

meetings are held at Power of Faith Church, 3910 Atlantic Blvd., on the second Thursday of the month.

Springfield Preservation and Revitalization (SPAR) ,,1321 N. Main Street NN(904) 353-7727 wwsparcouncil.org

»» SPAR was established in 1974

to facilitate positive change in the historic district.

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2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 15

Welcome to the Neighborhood Written by Kate Hallock

Photos by Mark Krancer

While the roots of what we know as Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods began shortly after the Civil War – or, as the South likes to say, The War Between the States – Jacksonville’s history really began centuries earlier. A publication written in 1925, “History of Jacksonville, Florida and Vicinity 1513 to 1924,” by T. Frederick Davis, tells the story of the Spanish land grants and plantations which were responsible for most of Jacksonville. For a brief look at how our historic neighborhoods came to be, turn the page and learn about the properties that are now Riverside, Avondale, Murray Hill, Ortega, St. Nicholas, San Marco, San Jose and Springfield. For more details, Davis’ paper can be found online in the University of Florida Digital Collections, digitalcommons.unf.edu.


Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Park S – Specialty Park

Cherry Street Park (N)

,, 1865 Cherry Street John Gorrie Dog Park (S) at Riverside Park (N) ,, 753 Park Street Memorial Park (C)

,, 1620 Riverside Avenue Riverside Avondale Community Garden (S) ,, 2840 Park Street Riverside Park (C)

,, 753 Park Street Willowbranch Park (N)

,, 2870 Sydney Street Windsor Place Park (N)

,, Windsor Place and Sydney Street

Yacht Basin Park (N) ,, 2941 St. Johns Avenue

Local Sports Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd Swimming Pool ,, 1100 Stockton Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 NN (904) 387-4298 ww gsjax.church Riverside Presbyterian Church Basketball League ,, 849 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 NN (904) 382-6639 ww rpcbasketball.org Winston Family YMCA ,, 221 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202 NN (904) 265-1775 ww firstcoastymca.org

Riverside Riverside owes its existence to an 800-acre land grant in 1801 to Philip Dell, after whom it was called Dell’s Bluff for many years even though he sold it in 1805 to John H. McIntosh. The property, which extended from McCoy’s Creek to a place about halfway between Barrs and King Streets (where St. Vincent’s Medical Center is located), changed hands eight more times before Boston millionaire John M. Forbes bought 500 acres for $10,000 in gold and named it Riverside. After Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901, Riverside quickly became popular as a showcase for a variety of architectural styles, among them revivals of many European designs, including the popular Greek, Gothic, Mediterranean, Tudor and Victorian. The earliest known building in the Riverside area was a home constructed at the foot of present-day Lancaster Street for David Courvoisier. He had received a land grant from the British government for the area now known as Winter Point, just north of Memorial Park. Shortly after World War I, the Rotary Club of Jacksonville launched a campaign to raise $49,000 to create a memorial to more than 1,200 Floridians who died in service during World War I. In 2018, parchments containing those names was unearthed and compared to a more extensive list, resulting in a final tally of over 1,600 who died in the cause.

Today, when it comes to one of the perfect places to live, work and play, Riverside has it all. Home to three retail and restaurant areas – 5 Points, Stockton Street, and the Park and King Streets commercial corridor – as well as three major parks – Memorial Park, Riverside Park and Willowbranch Park, the historic neighborhood has much more to offer. A major medical center – Ascension St. Vincent’s, three elementary schools and one high school, the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, the weekly Riverside Arts Market and five historic churches round out the elements of what it takes for a community to thrive.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 17

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Did you know? ЈЈ

The Sun-Ray Cinema, formerly the Five Points Theater, was the first movie theater in Florida equipped to show talking pictures.


Riverside Avenue was once named Commercial Street and was changed in 1893.


Riverside was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 as Jacksonville’s first registered Historic District.


Riverside Avenue has more Prairie School-style buildings than any other street outside of the Midwest.


The names of the two young girls who unveiled the statue in Memorial Park Dec. 25, 1924 were Mary Bernard Burroughs and Mary Danto Bedell.

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Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Park S – Specialty Park

Boone Park (S) Tennis Complex (S) ,, 3730 Park Street Boone Park Playground (S)

,, 3725-3735 St. Johns Avenue Belvedere Park I & II (N)

,, Belvedere Avenue

Edgewood Park I & II (N)

,, 1466 Edgewood Avenue South

Fishweir Park (C) ,, 3925 Valencia Road Hollywood Park (N) ,, Hollywood Avenue near Remington Street James and Downing Park (N)

,, 1061 James Street Lechlade Park (N)

,, Lechlade Circle Native Park I & II (N)

,, Park Street &

Avondale Avenue

Local Sports Jacksonville Fencing Club

,, 3955 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205

NN (904) 349-5868

ww jaxfencingclub.org

Avondale Under the buildings and green areas that make up Avondale lie the seeds of cotton, corn, sweet potatoes and sugar cane, as well as the long-gone bones of the cattle and sheep that grazed on land now home to the Shoppes of Avondale and its surrounding residents. According to historical records, the area that is now called Avondale is a compilation of several land grants. The first, in 1815, included 150 acres granted to Robert Hutcheson (or Hutchinson) and includes the Willowbranch Park and Ingleside neighborhoods, between Donald and James Streets. In 1816, George Atkinson obtained 219 acres, which were deeded to Fannie Fehrenbach in 1881. She platted the property and put it on the market for what eventually became Shadowlawn, Arden and Fishweir Park. A portion of Atkinson’s land overlapped Hutcheson’s second land grant and the two went to court in 1829 to resolve the issue, where the land commissioners determined it belonged to Hutcheson, who obtained 350 acres in 1818. In 1871, having changed hands several times, the area was named Magnolia Plantation and divided equally among Elias G. Jaudon’s wife and four children upon his death. After World War I, Telfair Stockton & Company developed the area and on January 6, 1921, formally opened

Avondale, named after a community in Cincinnati, where investor James Challen had lived and for whom Challen Avenue is named. Avondale was one of Jacksonville’s first residential areas where home designs were influenced by the automobile, as garages and carports were integrated into the design of the residences. Avondale was initially considered part of Riverside, but quickly developed its own identity, and joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, four years after Riverside received its historic designation.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 19

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Did you know? ЈЈ

The dividing line between Riverside and Avondale is Seminole Road, not King Street as many claim.


Riverside and Avondale have the largest collection of bungalows of any neighborhood in Florida.


Riverside and Avondale were granted ‘Top 10 Great Neighborhoods’ status by the American Planning Association (APA) in 2010.



“The Riverside Avondale Historic District is a textbook of Florida’s architecture from the 1890s to the early 1930s. No other neighborhood in the state has such a diverse and extensive collection of architectural styles.” – Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage by Dr. Wayne Wood Hooshang Oriental Rug and Gallery, established in 1977, is the oldest continuously run business in the Shoppes of Avondale. Proprietor Hooshang Harvesf, Ph.D., is affectionately known as the Mayor of Avondale.

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Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Baker Point Park (N)

,, 4045 San Juan Avenue Bettes Park (N)

,, 3800 Bettes Circle Columbus Park (N)

,, 2850 Iroquois Avenue Cortez Park (N)

,, 4260 Baltic Street DeSoto Park (N)

,, 3970 Baltic Street John Stockton Park (C)

,, 4827 Carlisle Road

Lakeside Park I & II (N) ,, 4190 Lakeside Drive Seminole Park (N) ,, 4170 McGirts Blvd. Stinson Park (C) ,, 4050 San Juan Avenue Stockton Park (N) ,, 4021 Ortega Blvd. Yerkes Park (N)

,, 3927 McGirts Blvd

Local Sports Navy Ortega Lakeshore Little League ,, P.O. Box 7331, Jacksonville FL 32238 wwnoljax.org Timuquana Yacht Club River Rats ,, 4028 Timuquana Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210 NN (904) 388-2664 wwrcsl.org Venetia Athletic Club

,, 4300 Timuquana Rd,

Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 735-7465

ww vacjax.com

Social Clubs The Florida Yacht Club

,, 5210 Yacht Club Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 387-1653

ww thefloridayachtclub.org Timuquana Country Club

,, 4028 Timuquana Road,

Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 388-2664

ww timuquana.net

Ortega River Club

,, 4165 Lakeside Drive,

Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 389-2284


Ortega What locals know as Ortega Point, or the Point in Old Ortega, has had a number of monikers, including Maxton’s Creek Island, Ostego, and McGirtts Point. Its history began with a British land grant to Abraham Jones in 1770, who established Maxton’s Creek Island. Next, Colonel Elias Ball raised crops and cut timber from the property, then he returned to South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, at which time Daniel McGirtts, a Loyalist scout for the East Florida Rangers, squatted on the property as a base of operations for his misdeeds, which included robbing and raiding the settlers on the Georgia side of the St. Mary’s River. When Florida was retroceded to Spain in 1783, 3,274 acres of McGirtt’s land was confiscated and 3,274 acres of property was conceded by Spain in 1792 to John McQueen. The land was later called Sadler Point, named for Catherine A. Sadler, who inherited the property in 1836 from her father, John H. McIntosh, who had purchased that land in 1804 from McQueen. In 1857, the executors of the Sadler Estate, Austin D. Moore and Asa Moore, transferred the tract to John P. Sanderson and his heirs transferred most of it to the Jacksonville Ortega Town Company in 1902. That company then transferred the holdings in 1906, through several hands, to Ortega Company, headed by John N.C. Stockton, who platted it with help from renowned architect Henry Klutho in 1909 and put the lots on the market.

Planned as a residential community, Stockton and other developers controlled property use through deed restrictions, including prohibitions from reselling property to African Americans, Asians or Jews. Fortunately, today’s more open-minded buyers are striking that clause from contracts. Today, Old Ortega is Jacksonville’s third nationally recognized historic district, with nearly 600 historic buildings. In 2004, a section of Ortega was designated the Old Ortega Historic District by the National Register of Historic Places. South of Old Ortega, along the St. Johns River, the subdivision called Venetia was founded by Col. Raymond C. Turck, who built Los Cedros, an Ortega mansion. Most of the streets have Italian names, and most of the homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s, when ranch-style homes were trending.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 21

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Did you know? ЈЈ

The development of Ortega included four circular parks named for Spanish explorers, Columbus Circle Park near Roosevelt Boulevard, Cortez Park near Old Ortega Village, De Soto Circle Park across from the Ortega Elementary School, and Ponce de Leon Park, now called Bettes Park, on the Point.


Established in 1876, the Florida Yacht Club is the fourth oldest surviving yacht club in the United States and has been in Ortega since 1928, after first operating in Downtown Jacksonville until the Great Fire, then moving to Riverside for about 20 years.


The Florida Country Club, established in 1910, was designed by Henry Bacon, who also designed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The club folded during the Great Depression. Bacon was an Ortega resident.


Gangster George “Machine Gun” Kelly and his wife were rumored to be the mysterious couple who abruptly left their rented Grand Avenue home hours before a midnight police raid in 1933, but some locals claim “it ain’t so.”


The Ortega River Bridge, which is one of the nation’s oldest functioning drawbridges, was completed in 1927.

22 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Did you know? ЈЈ Murray Hill was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Neighborhood of the Year / Great Big Neighborhood by the City of Jacksonville. Also in 2018, the Murray Hill Library was recognized for 50 years of service to the community, including as an election polling site.

ЈЈ The Murray Hill Theatre opened in 1949 and guests paid 50 cents to see “Red River,” starring John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff. It currently serves as a venue for premier faith-based live music performances.

ЈЈ The Dreamette ice

cream stand has been in existence since 1948, serving generations of families soft-serve cones, banana splits, sundaes and floats.

Local Parks

Murray Hill Murray Hill’s origins begin as part of a real estate investment by the Edgewood Company, which carved out lots for a subdivision west of Jacksonville in 1885. The area was created as a working-class suburb to accommodate a growing railroad and port labor pool in 1906 when the Murray Hill Land Company platted the area with a vision of paved avenues and streetcar access. The neighborhood was marketed to the 1,000 workers at the Seaboard Air Line Railway’s locomotive shops near McDuff Avenue.

In 1916, Murray Hill was incorporated as a town. The city was $300,000 in debt during its 10 years as a city, earning the name of “Murray Bottom.” Jacksonville agreed to annex Murray Hill in 1925 because adding its residents to Jacksonville’s population enabled the city to surpass Tampa as the state’s largest city. Even in 1925, Murray Hill was still largely rural in nature, and an ordinance was approved to levy fines against cattle owners whose stock was left to roam at large. The average cost to build a home in 1925 in Murray Hill was $4,466 and French Street features six houses designed by Jacksonville’s first female architect, Henrietta Dozier, the third woman to become a member of the American Institute of Architects in the early 1900s. Geographically, Murray Hill is bordered by Lenox Avenue on the north, State Road 17/Roosevelt Boulevard on the east, Park Street on the south and Cassat Avenue on the west. A map of the area in 1918 shows the southern boundary was originally Kingsbury Street. The industrial needs of World War II gave rise to a housing boom in Murray Hill in the 1940s, followed by a commercial growth spurt in the 1950s. Today, Murray Hill is again on the rise, transitioning from a neighborhood of mostly senior citizens and residents who have lived in their homes for 30 years or more to young families buying starter homes. A variety of murals and mosaics along Edgewood Avenue and other commercial corridors are helping establish the community as an arts center.

C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Murray Hill Arts Center at Herbert Bayer Park (S) ,, 4327 Kerle Street Driveway on Hamilton St. Murray Hill Four Corners Park (N) ,, 4602 Lawnview Street Murray Hill Playground and Baseball Fields (N) ,, 4208 Kingsbury Street

Local Sports Murray Hill Athletic Association ,, 4208 Kingsbury Street NN (904) 654-5395 ww murrayhillathletics.org

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Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Alexandria Oaks Park (N) Also known as FEC Park ,, 1620 Marco Place Angelina Danese Park (N)

,, 3310 St. Augustine Road Balis Park (N)

,, 1999 San Marco Blvd. Belmonte Park (N)

,, 1440 Belmonte Avenue Brown L. Whatley Memorial Park (N) ,, Alexandria Place South Colonial Manor Park (N) (Known as the Duck Pond) ,, 3625 San Jose Blvd. Fletcher Park (S)

,, 1652 Atlantic Blvd. Friendship Fountain Park (S)

,, 1015 Museum Circle Granada Park (N)

,, 3960 Alcazar Avenue Greenscape Celebration Park (N)

,, 801 LaSalle Street

Historic Kings Road Park (N)

,, 1972 Kings Avenue

Jessie Ball duPont Park (N) (Known as Treaty Oak Park) ,, 1207 Prudential Drive Jim Rink Park (N)

,, 801 Cedar Street Joe Davis Memorial Park (N)

,, 2545 Larsen Road

Landon Park (N) ,, 1800 San Marco Blvd. Largo Well Park (N) ,, 1964 Largo Road Lillian S. Davin Park (N) ,, 2311 River Road River Oaks Park (C) ,, 1000 River Oaks Road Riverfront Park


,, 1800 River Road Southbank Riverwalk (S) ,, 1001 Museum Circle Southside Park & Tennis Complex (C) ,, 1539-1541 Hendricks Avenue

Local Sports Hendricks Avenue Baseball League ,, 4001 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207 NN (904) 728-3123 ww hendricksbaseball.org Southside Tennis Complex

,, 1539 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207

NN (904) 399-1761

San Marco San Marco can trace its history to a Spanish land grant in 1793, when 216 acres on the south side of the River San Juan (St. John) at the Cow Ford was given to William Jones. Three years later Jones lost his grant when it was confiscated for rebellion against Spain’s king. It was regranted in 1797 to William Hendrix (Hendricks) of North Carolina.

A considerable portion of the Hendricks plantation was sold after the War Between the States to Harrison Reed, who platted it as South Jacksonville, which became incorporated in 1907 as the City of South Jacksonville. The remainder was platted in 1882 and named Oklahoma, where San Marco is today. The Stockton Whatley Company developed San Marco in South Jacksonville during the Roaring Twenties and despite grand plans for a Mediterranean style, homes built in the Tudor, Georgian and Colonial Revivals were prevalent. Between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Sept. 12, 1925, down payments were made for all 250 new lots platted in San Marco, and requests for reservations were said to be more than three times the number of lots available. The name San Marco Square comes from “Piazza San Marco” in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. Even neighborhoods south of San Marco proper picked up on the Mediterranean theme, with street names in Granada and Miramar sporting Spanish names. South Jacksonville was annexed by the City of Jacksonville in 1932.

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Did you know? ЈЈ The San Marco Preservation Society was formed in 1975 with the goal of protecting and enhancing the San Marco area.

ЈЈ The classic San Marco Theatre, complete with Art Deco design

and a vintage neon sign, originally opened in 1938 and continues to be a fully functioning single-screen movie house and was recognized by USA Today as one of 10 best classic cinemas in the U.S.

ЈЈ Artist Davis Cone included the San Marco Theatre in his book

“Popcorn Palaces: The Art Deco Theatre Painting of Davis Cone.”

ЈЈ Funds to commission the Lions Fountain in San Marco Square

were donated by the families of Ron Nemeyer, James and Benita Boyd, Tine Wayne Davis and Letha Wilton Davis, for whom the fountain was dedicated. The sculpture was designed by Angela Schifanella and Alan Wilson and created by Hugh Nicholson.

ЈЈ The building that houses the Theatre Jacksonville company is

called the Little Theatre. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

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Did you know? ЈЈ St. Nicholas is home to

Midtown Centre, one of the first suburban office parks in the country developed by Ira Koger, pioneer of the nation’s suburban office parks.

ЈЈ In Empire Point, a

late Victorian-era Queen Anne mansion named Marabanong (a New Zealand Maori Indian word for “Paradise”) once served as a “health spa” in the early 1900s, and at one point maintained a zoo on the estate. It was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

St. Nicholas St. Nicholas shares its original history with San Marco, stemming from the 1793 Spanish land grant of 216 acres. The property was regranted in 1797 to William Hendrix (Hendricks) of North Carolina, and a considerable portion of the Hendricks plantation was sold after the Civil War to Florida Governor Harrison Reed, the namesake for Reeds Subdivision, the area along the Southbank, between the Duval County Public School building and Bishop Kenny High School. Fort San Nicholas, which also protected the river crossing called Cow Ford, stood on what is now the Bishop Kenny High School athletic field area. Empire Point was part of the original land grant to Reuben Hogans in 1808 and is named for a sawmill which operated prior to the Civil War. Hogans served as an officer with the Duval County Mounted Volunteer Guard in 1849 to help with “Indian troubles.”

Situated between Atlantic Boulevard and the St. Johns River, the St. Nicholas neighborhood known as Holmes Subdivision perhaps could be traced to the owner of Holmes Store in 1847 or his descendants, who by 1899 had become the Baker & Holmes Co., a wholesale grocery business. One of the oldest cemeteries in North Florida is the St. Nicholas Cemetery, where the first recorded grave dates to 1849. In that cemetery you can find the tombstone of a black Yankee next to one of a white Rebel, and the grave of the first nurse to graduate from St. Luke’s Hospital. After the Civil War ended in 1865 this area became the site of vacation and retirement homes for several wealthy Jacksonville residents. Keystone, a winter getaway property for Pennsylvania residents Charles and Mary Cummings, was used after Mary’s death in 1912 as a children’s home for about 40 years, then became the site of the new Episcopal High School in 1966.

ЈЈ Around 1900, Florida

East Coast Railroad extended a rail line from south Jacksonville to the beach and north to Mayport with five or six small depots, including the one at St. Nicholas. In the1920s, the Florida East Coast Railroad abandoned the line. The county bought the right of way and created Beach Boulevard. In 2005, the city relocated the old St. Nicholas train depot to what is now known as St. Nicholas Train Station Park, located on the south side of Atlantic Boulevard west of the overpass.

Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Bee Street Park (N)

,, 720 South Shores Road Lillian Saunders Center (C)

,, 2750 Bartley Circle Marjenhoff Park (N)

,, 1955 Southampton Road Palmer Terrace Park (N)

,, Palmer Terrace

St. Nicholas Playground (N)

,, 2260 Spring Park Road St. Nicholas Train Station Park (N) ,, 2564 Atlantic Blvd.

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1837 HENDRICKS AVENUE • JACKSONVILLE, FL 32207 Located in the heart of San Marco


Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Alejandro Garces (C) Camp Tomahawk Park ,, 8419 San Ardo Road Baker Skinner Park (C)

,, 7641 Powers Avenue Crabtree Park (N)

,, 1704 University Blvd. West Goodbys Creek Preserve (S)

,, 9145 San Jose Blvd.

Nathan Krestul Park (C)

,, 2001 LaVaca Road

San Jose Acre Park (N)

,, 2965 Caballero Drive Verona Park (N)

,, 2901 San Fernando Road

Local Sports Epping Forest Lion Fish

,, 1830 Epping Forest Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32217

NN (904) 739-7200

ww rcsl.org

Jewish Community Alliance

,, 8505 San Jose Blvd.,

Jacksonville, FL 32217

NN (904) 730-2100

ww jcajax.org

Jewish Community Alliance Mako Sharks ,, 8505 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32217 NN (904) 730-2100 ww rcsl.org San Jose Athletic Association

,, 7641 Powers Avenue,

Jacksonville, FL 32217

NN (904) 737-1177

ww sanjosejaxbaseball.com San Jose Country Club Pool Cats ,, 7529 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32217 NN (904) 733-2020 ww sjccpoolcats.org

Country Clubs Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club ,, 1830 Epping Forest Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32217 NN (904) 739-7200 ww efyc.com San Jose Country Club

,, 7529 San Jose Blvd.,

Jacksonville, FL 32217

NN (904) 733-2020

ww sjccjax.com

San Jose San Jose Estates was the most extensively planned early 20th century development in the region, with more public amenities and the ability to function independently from the core city as a self-contained suburban community. Although early plans date to 1914, it wasn’t until San Jose Boulevard paving was completed Dec. 3, 1924, and accepted by the County Commission, that the San Jose Estates Company officially purchased 1,000 acres of the former San Jose Plantation in early 1925. In a short period, the developers built the San Jose Country Club and the San Jose Hotel, with plans to build a second hotel, the Vanderbilt, on what is now the site of Epping Forest Yacht and Country Club. However, prior to beginning development the land was sold to Alfred I. duPont, who put a 15,000-square-foot mansion on waterfront property at Christopher Point in 1922. By the time of the demise of the Florida land boom in 1928 and the stock market crash a year later, only 31 of the hundreds of houses originally planned by San Jose Estates had been built. The development company’s

executive offices is now part of the San Jose Episcopal Church and Day School. The San Jose Hotel became part of The Bolles School campus in 1933, while the San Jose Country Club is the only commercial structure left from the original development that still retains its original function.

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Did you know? ЈЈ

The original 18-hole golf course at San Jose Country Club was designed by noted golf course architect Donald Ross in the late 1920s.


After Alfred duPont’s wife, Jessie Ball duPont, died in 1970, her brother sold the Epping Forest property to the CEO of the Charter Company, who lived there until 1984.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, a portion of the Epping Forest estate was changed from residential to commercial in 1984 when the mansion, gardens, boathouse and riverfront property were purchased by the Gate Petroleum Company and converted into a yacht club. The remaining property was developed as a gated community of 90 homes and 80 condominiums.


In 1985 the surviving structures built by San Jose Estates were listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the first Thematic Group nomination in the State of Florida.

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Did you know? ЈЈ Springfield is home to

the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, a 1921 Classical Revival structure, which was originally the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The museum opened in 1992, one of 12 Karpeles museums in the United States. It contains manuscripts and documents from David and Marsha Karpeles’ private collection, as well as art exhibits.

ЈЈ Springfield is listed

in the National Register of Historic Places and has nearly 1,800 historic structures, primarily homes. Over two-thirds of the residences presently found in Springfield were built before 1921. Most were in the Bungalow, Prairie and transitional Queen Anne/ Colonial Revival styles.

ЈЈ Jacksonville’s

Springfield Thanks to the Land Act of 1820, Springfield’s beginnings occurred that same year when John R. Hogans received title to 640 acres north of his namesake creek. After the land was conveyed six times, the bulk of it was sold to the Springfield Company in 1882 and platted into lots. The name Springfield came about in 1869, suggested by a spring of good water located in a field where West Fourth Street runs. An 1871 real estate guide offered by Springfield developer John Norton noted “No other suburban addition to the city is so centrally located or so contiguous to the business portion of the city.” Springfield was incorporated into Jacksonville in 1887. For a while the area served as a popular winter destination and even held the Subtropical Exposition (1888-1891). It was also a center for military action in the Spanish-American War. Between 1907 and 1914, Springfield resident and noted architect Henry John Klutho drew plans for his own home and for the Klutho Apartments in the historic district. Springfield Park, created in 1899, was renamed Klutho Park in honor of the architect’s design for the Hogans Creek Improvement Project in 1929. A city ordinance passed in 1925 allowed businesses to be poorly placed in the midst of private residences.

first zoo, the Florida Zoological Gardens and Exposition, opened in 1893 in Springfield at 1st and Laura streets. It moved to Heckscher Drive in the 1920s.

Local Parks C – Community Park N – Neighborhood Parks S – Specialty Park

Confederate Park (C)

,, 949 Hubbard Street Confederate Dog Park (S)

,, Confederate Street

Henry J. Klutho Park (S)

,, 204 W. 3rd Street

John N. McPherson Park (N)

,, 526 W. 8th Street

Julius Guinyard Park (S)

,, 1359 Jefferson Street Liberty Park (N)

,, 1938 Liberty Street Manson “Bull” Felder Park (N)

This resulted in the depreciation of residential property values. Following that 50-year decline, the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization association was founded in 1974 to counteract this trend and successfully led a campaign in 1979 to “down-zone” the neighborhood from commercial zoning back to residential. Jacksonville’s oldest Historic District, Springfield was officially placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

,, 1045 Fuller Lane

Robert F. Kennedy Park (S)

,, 1133 Ionia Street

Warren W. Schell Jr. Memorial Park (N) ,, 510 W. 6th Street

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The St. Johns River

Why Jacksonville is called the River City he St. Johns River is a vast presence vital to the life of our city. It takes up its own momentum, meandering through our metropolis and making its mark on the economy and culture. A mix of fresh and salt water, the St. Johns River mirrors Jacksonville’s diverse communities. While it geographically divides the city, as our biggest asset for commerce and recreation, the river also unites our city. A great deal of our local economy relies on the use of the river. The St. Johns supports multiple military and government facilities, as well as several maritime businesses that include ship construction and repair, and navigational and vessel support services. As the third largest port in Florida, the Port of Jacksonville’s trade totaled $25.74 billion in 2018, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Known as JAXPORT, it owns three cargo facilities and a cruise terminal, and generates 132,000 jobs for the northeast Florida region. More than 24,000 of those jobs are in Jacksonville, in industries such as distribution centers, freight forwarding, manufacturing, rail transportation, retail, supply chain

management, transportation, trucking, vocational programs and warehousing – all of which benefit directly or indirectly from the river. The river’s wetlands remove an estimated 188,000 metric tons of nitrogen and almost 2,400 metric tons of phosphorus per year, according to a University of North Florida study. The wetlands also provide $3 billion worth of flood prevention and boost property values by storing floodwaters. A series of seven bridges stretch across the river, connecting the Northside and Westside neighborhoods to the Southbank. The downtown area stands as a sentry, watching the tributary snake through the city’s core, into the historic areas, and beyond. The heartbeat of our city, the river gives life to a variety of outdoor activities. including boating, fishing, bird and wildlife viewing and parks. The St. Johns is one of the most prolific sources of shrimp, blue crab and catfish in the region. It also provides the sports fishing industry with largemouth bass, crappie, bream, redfish, trout and flounder. Last year, there were 26,216 registered vessel owners in Duval County.

Future plans for our city revolve around the river. Construction of the Emerald Trail is slated to begin this year, and over the next 10 years, 30 miles of new and existing trails will be created and connected on both sides of the river. A multimedia entertainment zone between the Main Street and Acosta bridges is on the horizon, as are improvements to both the Northbank and Southbank Riverwalks. A new pathway spanning the length of the Fuller Warren Bridge is being built, with a scheduled completion date of next summer. Pedestrians and cyclists will have access to the path by way of ramps at Riverside Arts Market on the Northbank and Nemours Children’s Specialty Care on the Southbank. Those are just a few of the exciting strategies coming together to help restore our identity as the River City. As sure as it separates us physically, the river unites us through streams of revenue and recreation. The river has defined our city’s past and persists in shaping our future. It collectively challenges us to come together, and as we move forward as a city, the river will continue to dissolve our differences.



BESTof LOCAL 2019-2020

When it comes to finding the cream of the crop for home, work or recreation, we’re sharing the secret of Who’s Who in local business.

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,, 2519 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204

NN (904) 389-1450

ww EWNash.com Q U I C K


• Founded in 1984 • Family Run Father-Son Business • Jacksonville’s oldest...serving Jacksonville’s finest • Antiques, Fine Art, Decorative Arts Appraisals, Consultations, Restoration, Conservation • Work on Display At The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, The Lighter Museum, The Ximenez-Fatio House Museum, Windsor Manor at Asbury University, Private Collections

“What we try to do is to preserve the integrity – to preserve the patina, the original finish – and get the piece back to its former glory – how it would have looked when it was made.” — William Nash


At E.W. Nash, It’s Everything About Antiques, Done Right Nestled deep in the heart of historic Riverside is the neighborhood workshop of E.W. Nash & Son LLC, a place where antique furniture comes to back to life. Perhaps the finest antiques restoration and appraisal firm in Northeast Florida, the father-and-son establishment is managed by E. William Nash IV, an Avondale resident for whom a love for antiquities runs deep. Started by his father, E. William E.W. Nash III and E.W. Nash IV Nash III, known as Bill, in 1984, the business began as an art and antiques gallery. After Nash and his young Bill and his father, E.W. Nash most discerning collectors and pride father decided to leave sales behind, Jr, former president of the Prudential themselves on delivering a flawless they transformed their shop into an Insurance Company, bought Oding’s product that preserves the craftsmanintegrated business directing their business after being patrons of the ship and artisan labor of the past for expertise solely into appraisals, resto- shop for years. Bill Nash apprenticed the next generation. ration (bringing pieces back to their with Oding, who used centuries-old Included within their repertoire original state), conservation (main- restoration techniques, and passed are appraisals for insurance covertaining a piece in its present state along knowledge of the craft to his age, estate planning and settlement, while returning it to its operative son, William, who grew up smelling of bankruptcy, purchase and sale of propcondition), inventory services, and stain and furniture polish long before erty, and charitable donations. With consulting in the fields of antiques, he graduated from the University of Bill Nash already holding the distindecorative arts and fine art. Georgia with a history degree. guished designation of Accredited As antiques specialists, they are “We specialize in the high-end resto- Senior Appraiser (ASA) with the known throughout Florida to be ration of fine antiques,” said William American Society of Appraisers, and among the best furniture crafts- Nash. “A lot of people have the miscon- William Nash a candidate member men. Museums, such as the Cummer ception that antiques are old and are pursuing the same designation, all Museum of Art and Gardens and St. supposed to be dirty and unkempt. their appraisals comply with the Augustine’s Lightner and Ximenez- What we try to do is to preserve the Uniform Standards of Professional Fatio House Museums, as well as integrity – to preserve the patina, the Appraisal Practice (USPAP) churches, private collections, and original finish – and get the piece back “We also act as consultants,” William high-end decorators, trust their work. to its former glory – how it would have Nash said. “There are so few specialWith over 30 years in the field, Bill looked when it was made.” ists in the industry who understand Nash learned techniques in the care, With a wide knowledge of craft how to sell it, how to fix it, and how to restoration and conservation of fine techniques, period styles, and finishes, restore it. In many ways, treating the furniture from one of the best, John Nash and his father are experts in finish or repairing the veneer is like Oding, an old-world Danish cabi- French Polishing – the finish of choice doing surgery. Restoring fine furninet maker. After graduating from throughout most of the 19th century ture is complicated, and we try to use Emory University with a degree in – as well as traditional varnishing, gild- the centuries-old techniques used by English Literature and spending 10 ing, refinishing and veneering. They 19th century cabinet makers to ensure years in the corporate world, the have earned the respect of the region’s quality work.”

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Charles Sorenson, Howard Coker, Matthew Posgay, Daniel Iracki, Aaron Sprague, John “Jake” Schickel


Team Approach Makes the Legal Difference As one would consult a medical specialist when stricken with a deadly disease, those who are injured through no fault of their own should call the legal experts at Coker Law, a firm of attorneys who specialize only in civil trial work. With more than 1,000 cases tried to verdict and hundreds of millions of dollars recovered for clients since its inception in 1976, Coker Law brings more cases to trial than any other law firm in Duval County on a yearly basis. “It’s really satisfying to help someone when they have been hurt and it’s not their fault and they have been told ‘no’ by a corporation or insurance company,” said Matthew Posgay, a partner in the firm. “We get to come in and fight for them – be their champion – and change their life. We make sure people, corporations and insurance companies take responsibility, which is more than saying you’re sorry and walking away. We play by the rules and hold people accountable.” The partners in Coker Law – Howard Coker, John “Jake” Schickel, Charles Sorenson, Matthew Posgay, Dan Iracki, and Aaron Sprague – say their firm is different from other personal injury law firms due to its

team approach. “Clients meet every lawyer and staff member involved with their case during their first interview,” said Schickel. “A lot of firms have what they call case managers,” explained Coker. “We don’t approach cases that way. You meet everybody who is going to work with you in the initial interview, and they will continue to work the case until it’s completed. We found that we learn more about the client and can be stronger advocates for them if we are all involved from the beginning.” Coker Law attributes its success to its strategy of approaching each case as if it were going to trial. This line of attack is significant because not all firms have the manpower or finances to work cases that can take years to resolve. “If there is a case that is problematic or has some real challenges that need to be solved we’re usually involved because of our years of experience and depth of knowledge,” said Coker. “There’s too much riding on the result for our client for us not to be experts in trial work,” added Posgay. Another thing that separates Coker Law from other firms is its treatment of its clients as individuals.

“We aren’t a big business where we have to churn through people or settle a certain number of cases,” said Sorenson. “Every case is handled individually with a lot of personal attention.” Using the team approach also allows the firm to determine which attorney is best suited to prepare the case and whether a different attorney might be a better fit once the case goes to trial. “Our process has proven successful,” said Sprague and Iracki agreed. “It’s never about ego or ownership,” he said. “The priority is always what is best for the client and their case.” Coker Law was founded more than 40 years ago by Coker, Schickel and Sorenson, who have known each other since high school. Six of the attorneys at Coker Law are “board certified” civil trial lawyers, a designation held by less than 2% of all lawyers in Florida. Seven of the attorneys are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), an invitation-only national honorary society. Coker, Posgay, Schickel and Iracki have been named to the Jacksonville Business Journal’s “Ultimate Attorneys” list, and Coker has received its Lifetime Achievement Award.



,, 136 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

NN (904) 356-6071

wwCokerLaw.com Q U I C K


• Named one of the “Best Law Firms” in Florida by U.S. News - Best Lawyers four years in a row (2016-2019) • Skilled, 17-attorney team • 6 Florida Bar Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyers • 7 attorneys with MartindaleHubbell AV Preeminent rating • Serving the Jacksonville community since 1976

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J A M I F E LT N E R , M . D .

Physician-Patient Partnership Results in Pleasing Outcome The route to Jami Feltner’s degree in medicine was a long and circuitous one. While growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Feltner began her college years studying to be a nurse with the longrange goal of obtaining a medical degree. When her father became too ill to manage the family’s business in mortgages, she dropped out of college to help out. Thankfully, Dad recovered but then Grandpa passed away and Feltner was so impressed with the care and professionalism of the funeral director she took another turn in her career. After earning her bachelor’s degree – cum laude, by the way – from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, Feltner spent years conducting numerous funerals and consoling grief-stricken families. When she realized that many of the deceased could have extended their lives through active preventive medical care, Feltner knew it was time to pick up her dream again – at age 38. “What pushed me to become a physician was watching people die unnecessarily from not seeing a doctor or missing out on routine preventive screenings,” said Feltner. Feltner left, and went to attend Saint James School of Medicine, Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles where her classmates were at least 10 years younger and more tech-savvy. While they took notes on electronic tablets, Feltner scribed hers in a spiral notebook. She persevered and graduated in 2012 as class valedictorian. “I finally realized my lifelong goal to practice medicine after graduating first in my class at medical school,” said Dr. Feltner, who then landed a residency at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, and trained for three years in internal



Baptist Primary Care, Inc.

,, 2014 University Blvd. W. Jacksonville, FL 32217

NN (904) 733-9211

ww BaptistJax.com/booknow Q U I C K


• Specializes in adult and senior patients • A Board-certified member of the American Board of Internal Medicine • Received the 20132014 Internal Medicine Professionalism Award and the 2014-2015 Excellence in Ambulatory (Outpatient) Medicine Award • Doctor of Medicine, Saint James School of Medicine, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles • Hospital affiliations include Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, Baptist Medical Center South • Residency in internal medicine, Memorial Health University Medical Center, Savannah, Georgia medicine before starting an internal medicine practice in Hilton Head. In June 2018, Feltner established roots in Jacksonville, along with her husband, Jeff, and their 170-pound Newfoundland, Jackson Browne. She then accepted a position with Baptist Primary Care in the Lakewood area, where she focuses on managing and treating acute illnesses and chronic conditions.

Jami Feltner, M.D. “I want my patients to live longer and healthier lives and I believe optimal health care comes from a partnership between the patient and the doctor,” said Dr. Feltner, whose areas of expertise include management of acute illnesses, management of chronic conditions, treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

“I enjoy building long-term relationships with my patients, families and the community, and I strive to build healthier lives through quality health care, teamwork and patient education,” said Feltner. “My goal is to educate and support my patients and to provide the quality, individualized care that every patient deserves.”

“I want my patients to live longer and healthier lives and I believe optimal health care comes from a partnership between the patient and the doctor.” — Jami Feltner, M.D.

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Construction Company Built on Relationships


,, 1942 Hamilton St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 389-4334

ww Facebook.com/ JeffThompsonConst Q U I C K

Future looks bright as leadership shifts



• Jeff Thompson Construction was established in 1981.

For the past three decades, Jeff Thompson Construction has built a reputation as one of the most wellrespected construction firms in the area. The company’s character is evident in the superior quality of their work and is espoused by happy homeowners who have spread by word of mouth their satisfaction with the outcome of jobs both big and small. Andrew Cleland, partner at Jeff Thompson Construction, is committed to upholding the integrity of the company and continuing the fine workmanship that woos new customers and keeps established customers coming back. Cleland came on board in 2014, and since then, the company has been undergoing a slow, smooth transition, with Cleland moving into Andrew Cleland the forefront. Though Cleland will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, Thompson will continue to be a strong presence, taking on more of a consulting role. The two have a relationship that far precedes their business partnership. Thompson knew Cleland’s parents before Cleland was born. “Jeff knew my dad really well and they built our — Andrew Cleland house together – the childhood house I grew up in,” said Cleland. “Since my made me learn all the trades so that quads, you tend to have a lot of those dad passed in 2014, Jeff has been like one day when I started estimating in that area, so we get those ready for a father to me. Our business ethics and scheduling, I could understand rental property status, and we also do and work ethics are always in line, everything,” Cleland said. “After that wood trim and exterior work on the so it’s been a really good, easy tran- he started putting me in more of a historic homes,” said Cleland. sition for us.” management role. He knew I could When homeowners want a remodel Cleland’s family is well-rooted in handle it, but he wanted me to slowly or a home addition but aren’t quite Ortega, going back five generations. work my way into it.” sure what they want or what would be He attended Sacred Heart Catholic Although the company does a feasible, Cleland has a natural knack School, went to Bishop Kenny High little bit of new construction, their for envisioning what could be, and School, then graduated from Florida niche is residential remodels and will work with homeowners to help State University with a degree in civil additions. They are consistently them get the results they want. “We engineering. His father was also a civil completing full home remodels in work with multiple architects so we engineer and worked on the Dames Ortega and Venetia and have built can do a complete design and build Point Bridge, I-10, I-295 and numer- additions anywhere from 500 to start to finish, even down to the exteous other landmark projects in the 4,000 square feet. When Hurricane rior landscaping,” he said. “We like to area. “As a little kid, I would go out Irma hit, they were able to quickly interact with the homeowner from and shadow him on certain days. I repair flood damage to many homes the predesign all the way through always knew that I wanted to be an in addition to renovating the lower the finish.” engineer,” Cleland said. level of the Florida Yacht Club. For Cleland, taking the lead at Jeff When Cleland came on board at Property owners in Riverside and Thompson Construction continues Jeff Thompson Construction after Avondale confidently contact Jeff to be a successful evolution under working for two larger contractors, Thompson Construction when they the mentorship of Thompson. He Thompson had him start out by work- need work done, knowing that the enjoys working with those he considing with all the different subcon- company is familiar with Riverside ers family, and the “prize” is seeing tractors, doing painting, trim work, Avondale Preservation’s requirements. the finished project and the smiles framing, demolition and more. “He “We do a lot of work on duplexes and of well-pleased homeowners.

“We like to interact with the homeowner from the predesign all the way through the finish.”

• Projects range from commercial property remodels to residential kitchens, baths, additions and roofs. • In the first six months of 2019, Jeff Thompson Construction has worked on more than 40 homes in the historic neighborhoods of Riverside, Avondale and Ortega. • Estimated annual project count includes half a dozen additions, 10 kitchens, 20 baths, 10 roofs and 10 full exterior paint jobs, as well as four to five commercial properties.

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,, 135 W. Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

NN (904) 446-1940

,, 250 A1A North, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

NN (904) 543-7055 ww iberiabank.com Q U I C K


• IBERIABANK Corporation is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has 324 offices in 12 states throughout the country. • The bank’s name derives from its origins in 1887 in New Iberia, Louisiana. • In Jacksonville, IBERIABANK is heavily involved with the local Chambers of Commerce (Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Johns County), and several nonprofit organizations, such as the Jacksonville Humane Society, Meninak, Jacksonville Sister Cities Association, United Way, Springfield Preservation and Revitalization, Junior Achievement and the ILA Local 1408 Scholarship Fund. • IBERIABANK is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients through comprehensive financial services which include Retail, Commercial, Business Banking, Private Banking, and Mortgage. • Approximately a third of the nearly 20 associates in both offices are natives of Jacksonville; others made Northeast Florida their home many years ago.


Unmatched Personal Service Keeps Clients Loyal Whether you call it personal banking, private banking or concierge banking, IBERIABANK Vice President Tanya Guydos has raised the bar for financial customer service in Northeast Florida. When Guydos learned she would be charged with closing the bank’s Ortega branch in 2018, she went the extra mile to help clients with a smooth transition to the Downtown or Ponte Vedra Beach location. She did more than step outside the box to find a solution, she threw out old notions of personal banking and went above and beyond to create ways to meet clients’ needs. By offering a variety of ways to handle deposits and other services, Guydos was able to retain the majority of her Ortega branch clients and, as Tanya Guydos a result of her highly personal service, has received many, many referrals from loyal clients. creative lending solutions, make deci- names, but I know exactly what they “Closing the Ortega branch was very sions locally, and look at different ways are talking about.” emotional,” said Guydos. “It was family of doing it.” After Florida Bank Group was to me. I made good friends and had She even works as a de facto travel acquired by IBERIABANK in 2015, strong relationships that I was reluc- agent for clients, dispensing advice and Guydos was involved in the changes tant to lose, but we worked it out by recommendations for travel abroad in products and services, ensuring a offering remote deposit capture, mobile to ensure they have access to their smooth transition for her clients. She banking, courier services, or I visited funds when and where they need it. remained at the Ortega branch until it clients personally to help them with “I get texts from clients when they are closed in August 2018, then moved to their financial needs.” traveling overseas and have problems 135 W. Bay Street, where she is apt to Guydos describes herself as a hand accessing their accounts,” said Guydos. meet clients on the corner of Hogan holder and laughed when she said her “It doesn’t matter what time of day it and Bay Street as they circle the block associates claim she holds on with both is, I get on the phone and we make it for parking or require a quick transhands; but her approach to customer happen. There’s nothing worse than action. “It’s funny that we know our service sets her apart. Everyone is being in a strange country and not client’s cars and can spot them before made to feel at home when they visit having access to your money.” they even call the main line. It seems IBERIABANK’s Bay Street office downGuydos humorously refers to like I’m the local dispatcher – ‘Mr. town. They enjoy cheerful greetings, herself as the bank’s historian. After Smith coming up Bay…’ They apprerefreshments, and personal time with working for Merrill Lynch for more ciate that – it makes them know we Guydos to catch up on her clients’ lives. than 10 years, she was hired to start value their time and their business.” “Our personal service and the way we the flagship branch of Florida Bank “We really do go the extra mile for our treat our clients set IBERIABANK apart Group’s Jacksonville office in 2006 and clients,” said Guydos. “They are why from other financial institutions here,” then the opening of the Ortega office we’re here. They take priority. People said Guydos, who is known to have in 2009. “I can tell you who the origi- like to come here because they know stashes of her clients’ favorite sweet nal shareholders and board of direc- they are going to be treated well. The treats hidden in her desk drawer. “What tors were,” she said. “I still have many personal touch – being there for our sets us apart here is that we have that clients who have stayed through all clients even on evenings and weekcommunity bank touch. We’re able of the mergers and acquisitions, who ends – is what it means to be a commuto meet with clients, come up with still call accounts by old and forgotten nity bank.”

“We really do go the extra mile for our clients. They are why we’re here. They take priority.” — Tanya Guydos

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Barbara Denny, Vonda Walker, and Karah Juergens

R AY WA R E H A R DWA R E Purveyor of fine hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures

80 Years of Excellence It’s doubtful Ray Ware knew when customer service,” he said. It’s this he opened his little Jacksonville hard- experience, quality and variety of ware store in 1939 it would grow product that separates Ray Ware into the commercial and residential from any competitor. powerhouse it is it today. Vonda Walker, Showroom Manager Jason Kuder is the fourth gener- and Jacksonville native, is one of the ation to be at the helm of Ray Ware industry’s most respected and trusted Hardware and he has been the driving experts. “I enjoy what I do. I love force behind the company’s tremen- working with designers, homeowndous growth since 2008 – growth he ers, and contractors. Even though admits would not be possible without I’ve been here over 30 years, I still surrounding himself with a team of learn something new every day. We strong talent. have customers with different styles Ray Ware’s flagship, its large and goals, and we try help each client Avondale area showroom, is run by realize their vision,” she said. such talent whom local homebuilders “It’s always a ‘Wow’ experience and designers seek out for the latest when you work with Vonda,” said products and advice. Open to the Kuder. “There are not many people public, the showroom displays fine in this industry with Vonda’s level hardware, lighting and plumbing of talent, expertise, and customer fixtures, and boasts what is probably service. I’m so grateful to have somethe largest display of cabinet knobs one on our team who has the knowland pulls in the state of Florida. edge of the industry that she brings With such an extensive array to the table. Everybody who works of product and options, Kuder is with Vonda remembers they have keenly aware of the importance of a worked with her, even if it was 5 or team that can offer clients expertise 10 years ago,” Kuder continued. “It’s which allows for an informed and nice that after all these years, she still enjoyable experience. “You’ve got gets inspired and is still passionate to have a technical understanding about her career.” of how all the parts and pieces work. With Walker leading the showMost of all, you have to be great at room, Ray Ware’s non-commissioned

showroom staff boasts almost 60 years of experience in sales, product knowledge, and partnerships with industry experts. Clients can expect to walk the showroom and see and touch products they might not find elsewhere and all in one location. Larger projects might even find a team member at the job site just to ensure clients’ selections are properly measured, counted and ordered. Whether you’re replacing your mailbox, updating your door entry, adding a chandelier, remodeling a bath, gutting your entire home or building from scratch, the diverse group of experts at Ray Ware Hardware can provide you with decorative plumbing, lighting fixtures and hardware options that work within your budget and style. “The experience designers, contractors and homeowners get from working hands-on with our professionals is the difference maker because the quality of our products is already wellknown,” said Kuder. The beautiful Ray Ware Hardware showroom, located in the Avondale area of Jacksonville, is open to the public, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.



,, 4048 Herschel St. Jacksonville, FL 32205

NN (904)-389-6659

ww rayware.com

Showroom Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Q U I C K


• Family and locally owned for 80 years • Decorative Hardware, Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures • Product lines include but not limited to: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Ashley Norton Baldwin California Faucets Classic Brass Colonial Bronze Crosswater London Electric Mirror Newport Brass Rocky Mountain Hardware Sun Valley Bronze

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,, 810 Margaret Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 NN (904) 366-2703 mmKNaugle@jaxlawteam.com ww JaxLawTeam.com Q U I C K


• A graduate of The Bolles School, Katherine Schnauss Naugle received a bachelor’s degree from Emory University in Atlanta as well a law degree and Master of Business Administration from Stetson University. • Over the past four years Katherine Naugle has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” in her field, a kudo received by only 5% of lawyers in Florida. A past president of the Jacksonville Women’s Lawyers Association, she has also been named a “Leader in Law” by the Florida Association of Women Lawyers. • Katherine Naugle has an AV Rating through Martindale Hubble and has a 10 out of 10 Avvo Rating as a top attorney in five areas: estate planning, guardianship, probate, trusts and elder law. • Active in the community, Katherine Naugle is president of The Woman’s Club of Jacksonville, Head of the Heritage Committee for Grant making with The Woman’s Club of Jacksonville, is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Junior League of Jacksonville, and provides pro bono services to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.

“The best part of my job is sitting down with the families and figuring out what they need and how I can help them.” — Katerine Schnauss Naugle

T H E L A W O F F I C E O F K A T H E R I N E S C H N A U S S N A U G L E , P. L .

Estate Planning Puts You In the Driver’s Seat There’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing that four generations of two families have handled a century of the life, death and post-mortem aspects of residents in Jacksonville. It extends beyond attorney-client privilege and comes from a trust that developed from deep, deep roots. Katherine B. Schnauss Naugle’s family has those deep roots in Jacksonville. Four generations of her family were prominent physicians and her grandfather Fauntleroy “Roy” Harris Schnauss, a general practitioner/pediatrician, delivered nearly half of the babies in Jacksonville, said Katherine, principal at The Law Office of Katherine Schnauss Naugle, P.L. Her husband, P. Cameron Naugle Jr., also springs from a deep-rooted local family that has buried some of the best of Jacksonville. Together, they help families prepare for the eventualities of death and post-death matters before the time comes. “Our businesses work well together because the kind of law I practice seems to work well with what Cameron does at Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services. It really has ended up as a strong partnership, even though we did not plan it that way” said Katherine. Many people meet with an attorney when they are young and just starting a family. However, as your children grow and start their own lives and families it becomes necessary to look hard at the intentions of your current estate plan. If you are ready to retire or have retired, things have definitely changed, so it’s time to revise those documents, advised Katherine, who said being of service to her clients is her favorite part of working as a lawyer. “The best part of my job is sitting down with the families and figuring out what they need and how I can help them,” she said. “By failing to plan and not having a Last Will and Testament, you lose control over the disbursement of your assets after you die. Who wants to allow a Florida State Statute to dictate who inherits your assets when you die? No one I know of,” she said. In addition to the Last Will and Testament, which leaves your assets to your chosen beneficiaries, Katherine recommends that you have a Durable Power of Attorney (POA) prepared.

Katherine B. Schnauss Naugle

“The POA is what we call a Lifetime financial document. It allows others to assist you in making financial decisions in your best interest,” said Katherine. “This document becomes very important if you become incapacitated and can no longer make your own financial decisions.” If you already have this document in place you need to have it reviewed on a regular basis. Laws change and the POA was dramatically changed in 2011 in Florida. If you have not had your POA updated since then you will want to consider doing that, advised Katherine. The Healthcare Surrogate Designation was revised in 2015 to allow for immediate effectiveness upon signing. “This is a very important document whether you have a lot of health issues or not. You never know when you will become incapacitated,” said Katherine. Other documents to consider include a Designation of Pre-need Guardian, which enables you to name the person you want the courts to appoint as your guardian if the time comes; a Living Will, which prevents

extreme measures from being taken to keep you on life support against your will, and a minor’s trust for children or grandchildren under 18. In addition to estate planning, Katherine practices in the area of Probate law. She can help untangle legal issues if someone passes without a Will. She cautions that online or do-it-yourself wills are one of the biggest mistakes you can make. “Yes, they can be quick, easy and inexpensive, but they kick the can down the road and don’t save the family when it comes to probate,” she said. “Typically, the most difficult probates I handle are the ones where the person did their own Will.” One of the last things Katherine said she tells her clients when they come in to sign their documents is to have their documents reviewed at least every five years. “The laws that regulate estate planning often change, especially concerning Powers of Attorney and healthcare surrogates. Everyone needs to have updated documents because a Will doesn’t address that,” Katherine said.

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Honoring A Century of Caring for Loved Ones There was never any question Cameron Naugle would make his career in the family business that is now celebrating a century of funeral home and cremation services in Jacksonville. “I always knew I wanted to be in the family business,” Cameron said. “When I was young, I would leave middle school and walk half a mile to the funeral home where I would sweep the parking lot and wash the limousines and hearses. I was brought up totally in the funeral culture, and I loved helping out around the funeral home.” Cameron’s father, Paul, also knew there was no doubt about his future, even after spending time overseas during a six-year stint in the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserves after graduating Wolfson High School in 1969. “In our time, it was expected we would follow in our parents’ footsteps,” said Paul Naugle. “Every other weekend I had to work the emergency ambulances while in high school. On Friday nights when my friends went to football games, I would be here working, waiting for the calls.” But Paul didn’t expect his son to follow in his footsteps simply out of loyalty to the family business. He was prepared to support Cameron in whatever career he wanted. “My father told me when I was young, ‘if you want to do this, I will help you, but if you want to do something else, this is always available to you later if it calls to you,’” said Cameron, who first began a career in banking and finance. “I found the funeral business called to me and I enjoy it,” he said. Handling the final arrangements when a family has lost a loved one is, indeed, a calling. From washing cars to driving the ambulances back in the day when funeral homes handled that service, Paul was practically immersed in the mortuary industry from the time he learned to walk. Discussions of accidents, arrangements and funeral



San Marco

,, 1203 Hendricks Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32207

NN (904) 396-1611 Riverside

,, 808 Margaret Street Jacksonville, FL 32204

NN (904) 683-9288

ww NaugleFuneral.com Robert “Bob” Naugle with V.C. Naugle preparations were common dinner- Haydon Burns. A longtime member time conversations for four genera- of San Jose Episcopal Church, Helen tions of Naugles. served as the first woman on the Church Cameron’s great-grandmother, Vestry, and was a charter member of San Stella J. Naugle, was one of the first Jose Country Club, Wolfson Children’s female funeral directors licensed Hospital Auxiliary, and the Order of the in the state of Florida in 1914 and Eastern Star Chapter #28. actively worked in the family busiPaul’s father, Robert, served during ness until 1955. Great-grandfather World War II as a private in the Army Vernon (VC) graduated from Worsham Air Corps. College of Anatomy, Sanitary Science “Mom would get mad at Dad because and Embalming in Chicago in 1907 he would never salute her,” he laughed. and came to Jacksonville in 1924. After completing his own miliIn 1928, Stella and Vernon took over tary service in 1975, Paul attended a funeral home established in 1919 by the two-year Gupton-Jones School Thomas M. Burns, after they earned of Mortuary Science in Atlanta. His enough savings by running a trans- brother, Robert (Bobby), who was two portation company FLA EXPRESS years older, had gone to a mortuary from Central Florida to Jacksonville. sciences school in Miami before returnThey changed the name to Burns- ing to work in the family business. Naugle Funeral Home in 1930, and Cameron, fourth-generation presin 1937 they built the present facility ident and CEO of Naugle Funeral at 1203 Hendricks Ave., a block from Home and Cremation Services, also the original location. The company holds degrees from Gupton-Jones, as was renamed the Robert M. Naugle well as a business degree from the Mortuary in 1955 and settled on its University of North Florida and is current name in the 1970s. licensed as both an embalmer and Paul’s mother, Helen, had her own a funeral director. set of “firsts” of which to be proud. She “Every day I can’t wait to get into was the first Florida woman to serve work and help somebody,” he said. as a captain in the Women’s Army “Working with people at the lowest Corps during World War II and helped point of their lives and holding their run political campaigns of former hands through the darkness is the Jacksonville Mayor and Governor most rewarding thing anyone can do.”



• In the 1970s Naugle Funeral Home also provided notary and limousine services to visiting celebrities and counts among them Elvis Presley and the Jackson 5. • In the 1960s, Naugle remodeled its building, adding the stained-glass window, enclosing the front porch and installing stucco over the sturdy red bricks believed to have been quarried from Lake Marco, a former clay pit. It’s also well insulated and soundproof so that traffic going over the expressway can’t be heard. • In 2016, the City of Jacksonville honored Naugle Funeral by renaming a segment of Gary Street to Naugle Way.



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,, 3728 Philips Highway, Ste. 301 Jacksonville, FL 32207

NN (904) 878-9393 or (800) BY-DESIGN

mmClosetsByDesign.com Q U I C K


• Closets by Design has been transforming homes since 1982. • Closets by Design of the First Coast serves eight counties in Northeast Florida and five counties in the Coastal Georgia area. • All major components are manufactured in-house, precisely cut and crafted on automated machines. • The designers, manufacturers and installers are all part of the Closet by Design team; they use no subcontractors. • In-home consultations and designs are free. • Owners are long-time Jacksonville residents.

“We want to be mindful of who our customers are, what they want to spend and what’s important to them.” — Frances Hutto

These are some Walk-in Closet and Garage examples in the company’s showroom. There are many custom features, colors and options to choose from depending on the client’s needs and style preferences.


Transforming Homes One Space at a Time If your closets are cramped and full of clutter, Closets by Design can help turn your chaos into order with their custom closet systems. No matter the size of your space, they offer a solution to fit every need and every budget – ranging from super simple to extravagantly elegant. Since 1982, Closets by Design has been providing organizing solutions across North America. The Jacksonville market has been serviced out of Orlando for more than 10 years, but now has a local presence. Mark and Frances Hutto opened their Philips Highway location earlier this year, where they have inhouse, climate-controlled automated manufacturing and a showroom that highlights several of their home organizing systems. “By being local, we can give our customers better service, better value and better lead times,” said Mark. “Closets by Design is one of the original home organizing companies so we can offer perks such as 0% financing, bestin-class warranties and a nationwide supplier network. Typically, these are features that only a large company can provide but we also have the local touch and feel of a small business.” When you are ready to maximize space in your home, whether it’s your pantry, closet, laundry room, mud room, garage, home office or hobby room, Closets by Design can quickly conduct a complimentary in-home consultation, provide a custom design, competitive pricing, and an installation date on the spot. These systems are highly functional, and in most cases, a homeowner’s shelving and hanging space are doubled, according to the Huttos. “A designer goes out and works with the customer – it’s the experience we

Mark and Frances Hutto provide,” said Frances. “The designer listens to what the customer needs and helps them determine the best function and solution for their home. They talk about the space, measure the space and if someone truly doesn’t know what they want, the designer will ask them specific questions to help them make a choice.” Designers bring a “mini-closet” to consultations so customers can see how durable the engineered material is and how the doors and drawers fit together. They also bring hardware samples, such as doorknobs and drawer handles, allowing customers to touch and feel them and visualize how the hardware matches with their design. “We really try to be conservative when we are designing. We want to be mindful of who our customers are, what they want to spend and what’s important to them,” said Frances. “If they want to add something in later, we are able to do that.”

All heights and mobilities are accommodated with Closet by Design systems. Components can be added to make closets ADA friendly, and adjustable shelving and rods make it possible to adapt closets for the needs of a growing child or for senior citizens. Although the Huttos are new to Closets by Design, they are longtime Jacksonville residents with a heavy business background. Frances grew up in Avondale. Her family has been in Jacksonville for four generations and has owned businesses here since the 1800s. Mark has a long history in the manufacturing business and has installed the latest automation equipment at Closets by Design to ensure the components are made precisely to order. The couple looks forward to providing home organizing solutions to people throughout Northeast Florida and Coastal Georgia for many years to come.

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Following Family Footsteps, Orthodontist Serves His Community As a fourth-generation dentist in Jacksonville, there is nothing Dr. Vaughn Holland enjoys more than helping his own neighbors and friends achieve straighter, healthier smiles through exceptional orthodontic care. As Jacksonville’s only dual trained specialist in both prosthodontics and orthodontics, Dr. Holland has quickly become one of the area’s most sought after specialists due to his extensive accomplishments. His unique background in both restorative dentistry and orthodontics allows him to treat even the most complicated of orthodontic cases, including but not limited to children with congenitally missing teeth, adults with interdisciplinary needs, and the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders. Dr. Holland’s goal is to provide his patients with every available treatment option in order to achieve the optimal result, both aesthetically and functionally. His passion in helping patients achieve newfound confidence Dr. Vaughn Holland and pride through their smiles and watching them transform is his ultimate fulfillment. Vanessa. “I admire that about him and Mark’s Ortega River Run, Jacksonville Dr. Holland’s exceptional qual- hope others do too.” Speech & Hearing Society, Angels for ifications and personal history Dr. Holland’s mission is to provide Allison, Trinity Christian Academy, in the community means Ortega highly personalized orthodontic care Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Girls Orthodontics offers both elite to fit each patient’s unique needs. His Inc., and many more. You can often patient care in the office, and dedi- practice focuses on patients of all find him and his family attending local cated community outreach to its resi- ages and there are several aesthetic fundraisers and community events. dents. “He often goes in on weekends options for braces, including clear “Supporting my patients and their famiif a patient needs something, and he ultra-aesthetic ceramic brackets lies goes far beyond just transforming answers the office phone himself as well as clear removable aligners. their smiles. I want to be committed during lunch hour. His dedication to Additionally, Dr. Holland is a certi- to helping them achieve their passions his work is far beyond what you would fied Invisalign provider. and goals as well.” expect from a typical doctor or busiDr. Holland’s goal is to give you the As dedicated as Dr. Holland is to ness owner,” said Vanessa Holland. confidence you deserve while creat- each of his patients, his focus on his Although Ortega Orthodontics is ing a smile to be proud of. “Taking own family, including his wife, Vanessa, open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 care of kids and adults who are and their four children Blake, 8; Cody, a.m. to 5 p.m., based on the commu- self-conscious, and giving them the 6; and twins Arden and Walker, 4, is nity’s needs, those hours are, at smiles they deserve, is the most fulfill- evident. The family enjoys the low-key times, merely a suggestion. At Ortega ing part of what I do,” Dr. Holland said. lifestyle their neighborhood of Ortega Orthodontics you are more than just “At the end of the treatment, patients Forest provides. On any given afterpatients, you’re neighbors, friends, are proud and grateful for their new noon you will find them playing in and members of this very community. smile. It’s incredibly rewarding to the street with their neighbors and Vanessa Holland shared the story know I helped change the way they friends. According to Dr. Holland, of a patient in the neighborhood look and feel for the rest of their lives.” “Moving back here to raise my own who called the office about discomOutside of the office Dr. Holland family brings back memories I cherfort from a poking wire. Knowing enjoys impacting his local community ished as a child. I love that I am able that she was on his drive home, Dr. as well. “The ability to give back to to experience it all over again with my Holland stopped at the patient’s house the same community that I grew up wife and children.” and helped her fix it on the spot even in is profoundly rewarding,” he said. With Dr. Holland at the helm, though it was something that could His passion for his neighborhood Ortega Orthodontics is infinitely have waited until the morning. “He has led him to sponsor organiza- qualified to restore your smile, while is very passionate about what he does tions like the Winston Family YMCA, providing custom one-on-one treatand truly cares for each of his patients The Navy Ortega Lakeshore (NOL) ment from the beginning of your care as if they are part of his family,” said Little League, Friends of Stockton, St. until your final smile is revealed.



,, 5435 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 388-4600

wwOrtegaOrtho.com Q U I C K


• Jacksonville’s only dual trained specialist in both prosthodontics and orthodontics, one of only 10 in the United States • Dr. Vaughn Holland is a proud alumnus of John Stockton Elementary, James Weldon Johnson Middle, and Stanton College Preparatory High School. After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition, he continued his education at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. • A member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, and Florida Association of Orthodontists

The Holland Family

“Taking care of kids and adults who are self-conscious, and giving them the smile they deserve, is the most fulfilling part of what I do.” — Dr. Holland

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Education Key to Helping Patients Heal Nicole D. Harris, M.D., said it’s the diversity of her practice that brings her great pleasure. A board-certified family physician and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Harris is also a compassionate physician who understands the importance of listening to her patients. “Actively listening to my patients is vital to develop a plan of care that we both are comfortable with,” said Harris. Prior to beginning her residency in family medicine in Jacksonville, Harris worked as a medical assistant and a surgical oncology case manager in Jacksonville before deciding to become a doctor. She chose the University of Louisville School of Medicine. During her third year of medical school, Harris’ mother passed away. “That event solidified my decision to be a family physician and gave me a new perspective on the importance of preventive care,” she reflected. Rather than focusing on the treatment of one disease or patient population, Harris is the kind of doctor people come to for common ailments, such as cold and flu or respiratory infections, and health screenings. But that’s not to say Harris doesn’t have an expertise. In addition to wellness checks and preventive care, the New Jersey native specializes in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia (high blood cholesterol levels), thyroid disorders and women’s health in general. Since high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels contribute to heart disease, the leading cause of death for men and women



Baptist Primary Care, Inc.

,, 1660 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

NN (904) 396-0000

ww BaptistJax.com/booknow Q U I C K


• A Board-certified member of the American Board of Family Medicine • Doctor of Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky • Hospital affiliations include Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, Baptist Medical Center South • Residency in family medicine, St. Vincent’s Healthcare

Nicole D. Harris, M.D. in the United States, Harris is especially concerned about those incident rates among her patients and helps educate them about eating healthy, getting exercise and refraining from smoking. Harris appreciates the diversity that family medicine offers, and the long-term relationships formed with patients along the way. “I enjoy

educating my patients and empowering them to be active participants in their health care,” said Harris, who has been practicing for over 12 years and still loves going to work every day. “I absolutely love my job,” said Harris. “I work for a great organization and enjoy establishing lifelong relationships with my patients and their families.”

When she’s not at the medical office, Harris said she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two young children and is an active participant at her local church, where she’s a member of the praise team and sings in the choir. “During my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, and creating fun memories with my family and friends,” Harris said.

“Actively listening to my patients is vital to develop a plan of care that we both are comfortable with. I enjoy educating my patients and empowering them to be active participants in their health care.” — Nicole D. Harris, M.D.

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A Local Hidden Treasure for Savvy Shoppers Unheard of deals on furniture brands such as Stanley, Broyhill, Hooker, Lilly Pulitzer, Michael Amini, Young American and more – under one roof. Mattresses by Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Serta and others – under one roof. Groceries, cleaning, health and beauty, home and patio, appliances, tools and much more – under one roof. Homeowners, real estate agents, landlords, production companies, newly established businesses, parents of college-bound children and those on a low budget are finding there’s one destination that’s sure to have top brands at steep discounts Viktor Gjergji – Viktor’s Payless and Grocery at 6612 San Juan Avenue. Entrepreneur Viktor Gjergji, the set for your master bedroom, or a I started being a worker and overman behind the company name, is classy, Michael Amini credenza for the night owned a business,” said Viktor, a savvy buyer and deal-maker who dining room of your vacation home? who immigrated to the United States has harnessed the power of social Viktor’s has what you want. Is your nearly 30 years ago. media to get the goods out the door deck devoid of a rotisserie grill and Filling big ticket orders with highat unheard of prices to shoppers from comfy outdoor furniture? Viktor’s has end furniture is part of that dream, all over Jacksonville. you covered with deep discounts on yet nothing new to Viktor, who Buying new, unused goods through the best. furnished the State Attorney’s office. government auctions and seizures, Viktor’s clientele, who range from “We completed it with seven truckunclaimed freight, and overstocks college-bound students to high net loads of furnishings. We sell to judges, from other retailers, Viktor’s Payless worth homeowners, multiple property lawyers, realtors, but we also do a lot can provide endless deals on fine furni- investors to those living paycheck-to- for college kids and homeless shelters. ture, outdoor furniture, and high-end paycheck, all know one thing – there’s We match dollar for dollar for college mattresses and box springs, as well as no day the same at Viktor’s. Shipments students, homeless shelters, Lutheran myriad grocery, personal and sports- of goods arrive daily, and no trip to Social Services, and churches.” wear items. the store is made without delightThe secret is out. Viktor’s Payless Viktor’s not only furnishes steep ful surprises to be found among the and Grocery has everything you need discounts for the legal set and real newly-stocked items. for every aspect of your life – all at estate staging services, but for anyone Viktor enjoys helping his customers steep discounts, of course. Groceries, who wants half off or more on fabu- find just the right item to complete sports, health and beauty, and baby and lous, exclusive furniture brands. their dream home or office. After all, kids departments combine with the Have college-bound offspring? he’s living the American Dream, too. finest furniture to make your visit to Viktor’s has a package deal at the “You can work anywhere in the world... Viktor’s Payless and Grocery a complete, ready. Need a new Lilly Pulitzer bed but it doesn’t pay off like it does here. truly one-stop shopping experience.



,, 6612 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210

NN (904) 786-5424

ww viktorspayless.com Store Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Q U I C K


• Furniture: All brand-new, name-brand furniture and mattresses – something for every room in your home or office. • Groceries: Stock up with new deals every day in a huge selection of discounted groceries and household items. • Everything Else: The hunt is half the fun at Viktor’s! You never know what you’ll find in appliances, health and beauty items, household items and more.

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,, 9075 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32257

NN (904) 510-5482

ww StarlingAtSanJose.com



• Memberships at the Jewish Community Alliance are included for all residents. • Starling holds a family brunch the third Sunday of every month. • Nursing service is available 24/7, and wireless alert pendants provide additional peace of mind for assisted living residents. • Animal companions are welcome in Starling’s pet-friendly environment. • Floor plans range from studio apartments to one and two-bedroom apartments.


Starling at San Jose Leads the Way Entrusting your loved one into someone else’s care is never an easy decision, but at Starling at San Jose, you’ll find a place they’ll be proud to call home. Starling offers personalized assisted living and memory care lifestyles in a luxurious environment where residents benefit from a host of services and amenities. The community is beautifully designed inside and out. In addition to its expansive courtyards punctuated by an outdoor fireplace, walking trails, and water features, the community’s outdoor landscape most notably features breathtaking views of Goodby’s Creek where residents can watch birds meander throughout the surrounding nature preserve or catch a fish off the large, covered dock. Once inside, you immediately let go of your pre-conceived notions of senior living. The environment is more akin to a luxury hotel with its host of amenities, including a bistro and bar, restaurant-style dining offering tableside service, multiple lounges, activity rooms, and an expansive wellness suite complete with a fitness/therapy studio, salon, nail bar, and massage room. The apartments are well-appointed with designer-grade finishes, walk-in closets, zero-entry showers, stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and free Wi-Fi and cable. “We’re really like a cruise ship on land,” said Megan Kennedy, Starling’s Vice President of Operations. “But we pride ourselves on our people and service. We’ve assembled a first-class team with extensive experience, including our two newest leaders – Mark, our Director of Nursing, and Amy, our Memory Care Director – who are truly stars in their fields. We also bring local providers for primary care, dermatology, podiatry, audiology, home health,

and physical therapy right into the building so our residents don’t have to leave if they don’t want to. But we also include transportation, so we can always accommodate a resident’s wish to go somewhere.” Starling uniquely offers simple and flexible pricing options where residents are free to choose either an all-inclusive plan or an unbundled a la carte plan to ensure the services they receive align with their desires and needs. “We really differentiate ourselves by giving our residents and their families choice and predictability,” said Kennedy. “We don’t believe in the ‘Level of Care’ pricing model widely-adopted in our industry. At Starling, you know what services you’re getting, and you know what it costs. No one likes hidden fee structures that are impossible to predict. We think our model will become the norm over time, because that’s what our customers want. But for now, I believe we’re the only community in town that provides this level of clarity and optionality.” The extensive list of services offered at Starling ensure a new adventure is always available. The social calendar is full of activities such as art classes, games, yoga and fitness classes, Bible studies, movie nights, cooking classes, happy hours and more. Further, the

Engagement Director plans frequent outings, such as lunches and dinners, visits to the museum and symphony, shopping trips, and more. Digital signage throughout the community displays upcoming events, and there is also an internal TV channel in the apartments so residents can see what’s happening. Even more, an amazing gourmet chef creates menus around the residents’ needs and preferences with dynamic menu offerings featuring tasty dishes and fresh food, including locally sourced options such as seafood from Mayport Fisheries. There is an “always available” menu that features the residents’ favorites, and a daily menu with several different options. Being locally owned and operated, it’s no surprise Starling takes a family approach to senior living. “We love having our families participate,” Kennedy said. “We want Starling to be a great experience not only for our residents but also for their families so they can enjoy their time together just as they would at home.” If your loved one needs assisted living or memory care, Starling at San Jose provides a safe, nurturing, and service-rich environment with just the right balance of comfort and luxury that makes it a place one would be proud to call home.

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When Old Homes Need Plumbing TLC, Call the Established Expert When Terry Vereen started his big for what is primarily a residential which was one of the more challengplumbing business in 1983 at the age area,” said Vereen. ing jobs his plumbers undertook. of 29, he leveraged a decade’s worth As a locally owned and operated “It was built in the 1920s and the of learning and experience with three family business, Terry Vereen Plumbing bathrooms in the second-story apartother plumbing companies to create a is proud to say several of its 30 employ- ments are very small,” said Vereen. “We niche and to fill it admirably. ees are veterans of the company with hit a few obstacles trying to bring it That niche was repairing or replac- 20 years or more, and a handful have up to code.” ing plumbing in older homes and the been there at least 10 years. Vereen When it comes to kitchen renoRiverside-based business has had no said when he hires a new employee vations, Vereen has some sage words lack of clients for the past 36 years. he generally looks for someone who of advice for owners of older homes. “Many of the homes we work in were has had little to no experience with “Adding a disposal without piping only built in the 1920s or 1930s and used other plumbing companies. “I prefer leads to headache down the road,” he cast iron and galvanized pipes,” said to teach them my way,” he said. “It’s said. “Just like our arteries, old cast iron Vereen, president and founder of Terry difficult to retrain someone who has pipes get build-up on the inside and Vereen Plumbing. “They are beginning been with another company for a while creates a clog. You need to change out to have a higher failure rate after 80 to and has developed a different way of the old cast iron drains before retrofit100 years.” The company also repairs doing things.” ting with a disposal.” plumbing systems in homes built Since the majority of the company’s He also noted any owner of homes between the mid-70s and mid-90s jobs deals with old residential struc- 10 years and older should keep an eye where copper water supply lines are tures as opposed to subcontracting for on the hot water heater. “If you get failing. Now CPVC is the material of new construction, Vereen also said he more than 10 to 12 years out of it, choice, particularly for potable water. looks for someone with personality, you’re not only lucky, you’re asking Vereen grew up in the Woodstock someone who is able to deal with a for trouble,” said Vereen. “Always area of Jacksonville’s Westside and different customer from job to job. turn them off when going on vacagraduated from Paxon High School. “Most of the ripping and remodeling tion. When they burst you can flood His brother-in-law was a plumber, so jobs require teams of two, but some- the whole house.” it seemed like a worthwhile career to times we’ll need to send six to eight From the simplest faucet drip or pursue. Vereen originally started his guys,” said Vereen. “Some houses water leak to the newest trends in business at the corner of Post and are complete guts and we have to be complete kitchen and bath remodelKing Streets, then moved to Post creative to overcome the challenges.” ing and whole house ripping, Vereen Street and Willowbranch Avenue, Some of Terry Vereen Plumbing’s said no job is too big or too small. His but having outgrown that second nonresidential projects include plumbers are knowledgeable in all location, moved it less than a mile old commercial buildings, such as types of plumbing, and take the time away to the corner of Rosselle and the Episcopal Church of the Good to explain everything to help the homeKing Streets soon after the company’s Shepherd, the Sun-Ray Cinema, and owner make the best decisions for their 30th anniversary. “We had gotten too the Judson Building on Oak Street, money and their property.



,, 2690 Rosselle St, Jacksonville, Fl 32204

NN (904) 384-5661

wwTerryVereenPlumbing.com Q U I C K


• At Terry Vereen Plumbing, no job is too large or too small. From clogged drains and leaky pipes to major remodeling, the Riversidebased company does it all. • Routine services include repiping and remodeling; water heater service and installation; slab leak repairs; sewer hookups, and insurance claims. • Specialty services include backflow testing and installations, video sewer line inspections, highpressure jetting, lift station service and installation, dock water lines and more. • 24/7 emergency services include broken pipes, damaged faucets, leaks, broken or overflowing toilets, sewage and water line breaks, broken water heaters, clogs and backups in sinks and disposals and more. • Terry Vereen is a state-certified plumbing contractor and is licensed (#CFC025597), bonded and insured.


904.739.7100 8777 San Jose Blvd, Ste 903 Jacksonville

904.595.5959 1236 3rd Street South Jacksonville Beach


Join One of Jacksonville’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies! Experienced & New Agents Welcome High Commission Splits! - No Fees! Extensive Training & Broker Support Audrey Richie Lackie (Broker/Owner) 904-703-7652


Two Of The Top Ten Agents In The Company With Over 35 Years Combined Real Estate Experience I am a full time Realtor with more than 98% of my business coming from referrals and repeat customers. It has been a great fit for me working with a local realty brokerage that is networked with top industry partners. I’ve lived in Jacksonville for over 30 years and am networked here by having served as Fundraising Chair for the Jax Zoo, on Boards at SJCC, PTA President, and a member of the Junior League. These relationships benefit you, my customer, when looking for a home or when finding a qualified buyer for your home. MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCER 5 STAR AWARD WINNER AGENT FOR 11 CONSECUTIVE YEARS THIRD HIGHEST IN SALES AND LISTINGS IN 2018

Karen Zambetti

“Karen worked over 7 months helping us find the perfect home providing in-depth market research that matched appraisers values and made the process so easy! She saved us money by managing all the paperwork and doing her research so well.” — Rick and Ginger Patsy

904-537-4744 ZambettiSellsJax@gmail.com ZambettiSellsJax.com

As a Jacksonville native, I am familiar with and appreciate the city’s distinctive neighborhoods and communities. My experience as a Realtor for more than eighteen years, as well as my Business degree, are vital in assisting you with analyzing the business aspect of buying or selling a home without disregarding the emotional aspect of the process. My enthusiasm, professionalism, and personalized service will assure you and your family of a rewarding and worry-free experience. I am dedicated to providing service that exceeds your expectations. MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCER 5 STAR AWARD WINNER AGENT SIXTH HIGHEST IN SALES AND LISTINGS IN 2018

Leanne Hartle 904-742-8557 LeanneHartle@gmail.com LeanneHartle.com

“Leanne Hartle was amazing. She helped us find the exact property we were looking for and worked with the sellers to negotiate an excellent price. She knew everything about the neighborhood, and made sure that every detail of the buying experience was seamless and stress-free. Plus, she found a buyer for our home in just a few weeks. She marketed our property beautifully, and worked within our schedules for showings and open houses. She is truly a ‘Legend of Real Estate’.” — Mark and Pam Kaye


WE ARE BISHOP KENNY www.bishopkenny.org

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School Choice is prevalent in Jacksonville Jacksonville offers a wide variety of academic choices within its metropolitan area for families interested in giving their children a great education. Whether your child is interested in the arts, science, technology, engineering, math, or medical studies, from preschool to college, you’ll find the perfect fit for your child at public magnet schools, private schools, boarding and faith-based schools. Duval County also has 32 charter schools serving grades K-12.

What is the magnet school program? In Duval County, a dedicated magnet means the entire school has a magnet program. All students must apply to enroll at that school whether or not they live near the school. Some schools contain a magnet program in the curriculum offerings, but it is not the focus of the school. Being enrolled in the school doesn’t mean your child is automatically enrolled in the magnet program; he or she would still have to apply to that magnet program to participate in it. For more information, visit dcps.duvalschools.org

52 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

BY THE NUMBERS Public Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)





,, 3257 Lake Shore Blvd.

NN(904) 381-3920

Crystal SpringsM


Standard Hours of Operations 8:30 am - 3:00 pm * Exceptions: Venetia 9:00am - 3:30pm **

Early Release - Students are dismissed 75 minutes earlier than their normal dismissal time on early release days. For more info visit dcps.duvalschools.org

Chimney LakesM

NN(904) 630-6630

,, 3750 Springfield Blvd. *


(Visual and Performing Arts)


g Students

NN(904) 381-7495

(International Studies Global Academy) ,, 9353 Staples Mill Drive NN(904) 573-1100 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/cle



(Gifted and Academically Talented)

,, 2555 Gilmore Street


(29 magnet)

Central RiversideM, N

,,101 W. 12th Street

NN(904) 630-6550

p Schools

M denotes magnet school | N denotes neighborhood school

FishweirM, N

(Business and Entrepreneurship)

(Visual and Performing Arts)

,,1200 Hammond Blvd.

,, 3977 Herschel Street




Hendricks AvenueN

NN(904) 693-7645

NN(904) 381-3910

(Enrichment Through Science)

,, 3400 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 924-3126


NN(904) 346-5610

,,7126 Civic Club Road

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/dinsmore Englewood


Henry F. KiteM (Global Understanding)

,,4359 Spring Park Road

,, 9430 Lem Turner Road



NN(904) 739-5280

NN(904) 924-3031

Established in 2000

WHERE PILATES ELEVATES PHYSICAL THERAPY Special Packages for New and Returning Clients 904.387.9355 | SYNERGYPILATESPT.COM License no. MM10819

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ЈЈPUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS [CONT.] Holiday HillM (Gifted & Academically Talented/Leadership) ,, 6900 Altama Road NN(904) 720-1676 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/HolidayHill

J. Allen AxsonM (Montessori, Dedicated Magnet) ,,4763 Sutton Park Court NN(904) 992-3600 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/jaa

Jacksonville BeachM (Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 315 S. 10th Street NN(904) 247-5942 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/jbe

Lake ForestM (Visual and Performing Arts)

,, 901 Kennard Street

NN(904) 924-3024

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/lakeforest Lone StarM (Math, Science, Technology)

,,10400 Lone Star Road

NN(904) 565-2711

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/lonestar LorettoM (Technology)

,, 3900 Loretto Road

NN(904) 260-5800


John E. FordM (Montessori/Spanish Montessori, K-8) ,,1137 Cleveland Street NN(904) 630-6540 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/johneford

John N.C. StocktonM, N (Math, Science, Technology)

,,4827 Carlisle Road

NN(904) 381-3955

It was not until 1946 that the development of Ortega Forest began during the postWorld War II migration to the suburbs. The local elementary school, built in 1955, was named for John N.C. Stockton, a real estate developer and philanthropist in the late 1890s and early 1900s.



Find out how St. Johns can be the difference in your child’s education!


904.264.9573 | SJCDS.NET

College Prep, Redefined.

54 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

M denotes magnet school | N denotes neighborhood school

ЈЈPUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS [CONT.] Martin Luther KingM (Visual and Performing Arts)

PinedaleM (STEM)

,, 8801 Lake Placid Drive East

,,4228 Dignan Street




R.V. DanielsM

(Coastal Sciences Academy)

(Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet) ,,1951 W. 15th Street NN(904) 630-6872 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/rvdaniels

NN(904) 924-3027

,, 2753 Shangri-La Drive

NN(904) 247-5988

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/mayport OrtegaM, N (Museum Studies/Global Academy) ,,4010 Baltic Street NN(904) 381-7460 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/ortega

Pine ForestM (Visual and Performing Arts, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 3929 Grant Road NN(904) 346-5600 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/pineforest

NN(904) 381-7490

Richard Lewis BrownM (Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet) ,,1535 Milnor Street NN(904) 630-6570 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/rlbrown

Rufus E. PayneM (STEM)

,, 6725 Hema Road

NN(904) 924-3020


Northeast Florida Plumbing Experts

World Class Experience, Hometown Values! RESPECTED, EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL Let us help you buy or sell your dream home today! 5335 Ortega Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32210 | (904) 388-4400 | NorvilleRealty.com

• Backflows (installations, testing & repairs) Potable*Irrigation*Fire • Septic Tank Systems (inspections) • Septic Tank & Drain Fields (installations & repairs) Northeast Experts • Lift StationsFlorida (installations,Plumbing operations & service) • Expert(installations, Repairs & Re-piping • Backflows testing, repairs & certifications) • Sewer & Drain Service • Bath & Kitchen Remodeling • Septic Tank Heater Systems (installations & repairs) • Water Service & Installation • Drain Fields (installations repairs) • Shower Pan & Tile Work • TV/Video Sewer Line & Inspections • Lift Stations (installations & service) STATE#CFC056489 CERT. #CFC056489 RSTC-SR0051487 STATE CERT. RSTC-SR0051487 • Under Slab Leaks

Residential & Commercial . 24 Hour Service . Free Estimates TouchtonPlumbing.com | (904) 389-9299 | 416 Ryan Ave., Jacksonville

At Kids First Dentistry, we care for your child’s

s m il e

Dr. Jila J. Mahajan Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry

Most insurances and care credit accepted

904-423-1377 | kids1dentistry.com | 4495 Roosevelt Blvd. Suite 111 (Conveniently Located in the Roosevelt Square Shopping Center)

Now accepting applications for the current school year and beyond.

Age 1 - 6th grade

Inspiring Learners. Creating Leaders.

At St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School, we give every student the individual attention they deserve, utilizing a purposeful approach for the way they learn, live, play, and grow.

4114 Oxford Avenue | Jacksonville, FL 32210 | 904.388.2632 www.stmarksdayschool.org

56 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

M denotes magnet school | N denotes neighborhood school


Ruth N. UpsonN

San MateoM

NN(904) 381-7485

,, 600 Baisden Road

,, 8233 Nevada Street



San PabloM

VenetiaM, N

,,1090 Dancy Street

(Accelerated Academy of Learning)

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/upson Sallye B. Mathis


NN(904) 696-8750

Thomas JeffersonM

NN(904) 693-7500

(STEM) ,, 3501 Winton Drive NN(904) 924-3086 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/ sallyebmathis

,, 801 N. 18th Avenue

,,4300 Timuquana Road



San JoseM, N

Spring Park ElementaryM

West RiversideM, N

(Dual Language, Global Academy)

(International Baccalaureate, Global Academy) ,, 2250 Spring Park Road NN(904) 346-5640 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/springpark

(Science Academy)

NN(904) 247-5947

,, 5805 St. Augustine Road

NN(904) 739-5260


Jacksonville’s Premier Yachting Destination

(Medical Arts Science Academy)

NN(904) 381-3990

(Dual Language, Global Academy)

,, 2801 Herschel Street

NN(904) 381-3900


Terry’s Kitchen • Breakfast • Appetizers • Side Dishes

904-387-5538 | 4234 Lakeside Dr., Jacksonville www.OrtegaLanding.com | Office@OrtegaLanding.com

West Riverside Elementary School was designed by well-known architect Henry Klutho and has been in use since 1911 as the oldest continuously operating school in the state of Florida. Now a dual language (English-Spanish) magnet school, the student population is culturally diverse.

(Multiple Intelligences, Acceleration)

& P i c k- u p drop-off ! catering

• • • • •

Enjoy M

Family T


Main Entrees Desserts Holiday Specials Complete Meals Made Easy! Fresh Frozen Food to Go

Terr ysToGo.com



4218 St. Johns Ave.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 57

BY THE NUMBERS Public Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)


p Schools ( 16 Magnet )

22,000 g Students

Standard Hours of Operations* 9:30 am - 4:15 pm *

Exceptions: Baldwin (6-12) 7:15am - 2:00pm Darnell-Cookman 8:10am - 2:55pm Fort Caroline 8:45am - 3:30pm John E. Ford (K-8) 8:30am - 3:00pm Matthew Gilbert 7:25am – 2:10pm James W. Johnson 8:10am - 2:55pm Kirby-Smith 8:10am - 2:55pm Julia Landon 8:10am - 2:55pm LaVilla School of the Arts 8:25am - 3:25pm Joseph Stillwell 8:25am - 3:25pm Young Men/Women Leadership Academy 8:25am - 3:25pm **

Early Release - Students are dismissed 75 minutes earlier than their normal dismissal time on early release days.



(International Business/ World Language) ,, 2710 duPont Avenue NN(904) 739-5200 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/dupont

(Aviation/Military Science/ Leadership) ,,10913 Pine Estates Road East NN(904) 696-8771 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/hms


James Weldon JohnsonM

(Communications, Information Technology, 6-12) ,, 291 Mills Street West NN(904) 260-1200 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/bmsh

(Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 3276 Norman E. Thagard Blvd. NN(904) 693-7600 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/jwjohnson

Jean RibaultM (Early High School, Acceleration)

,, 3610 Ribault Scenic Drive

NN(904) 924-3062

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/rms John E. FordM (Montessori/Spanish Montessori, K-8)

,,1137 Cleveland Street

NN(904) 630-6540


Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical ArtM (Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet, 6-12) ,,1701 N. Davis Street NN(904) 630-6805 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/ darnellcookman

Fort CarolineM (Visual and Performing Arts, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 3787 University Club Blvd. NN(904) 745-4927 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/fce

For more info visit dcps.duvalschools.org

Connecting You to the Neighborhoods of Jacksonville

A member of the franchisee system of BHH Affiliates, LLC.

3627 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32205 office 904.388.5005 • cell 904.333.3883 Jane.Slater@BHHSFNR.com NeighborhoodsofJax.com

58 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

M denotes magnet school | N denotes neighborhood school


Matthew GilbertM

(Military Leadership, Dedicated Magnet)


,,7840 Burma Road

,,1424 Franklin Street



Julia Landon College Preparatory SchoolM, N


NN(904) 693-7523

(Gifted and Academically Talented/ Leadership, Dedicated Magnet) ,,1819 Thacker Avenue NN(904) 346-5650 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/landon


NN(904) 630-6700


(Coastal Sciences)

,, 2600 Mayport Road

NN(904) 247-5977

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/mayportmiddle SouthsideM


(International Baccalaureate)

(STEM, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 2034 Hubbard Street NN(904) 630-6600 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/kirbysmith

,, 2948 Knights Lane East

NN(904) 739-5238


Lake Shore MiddleN

Young Men’s/Women’s Leadership AcademyM

NN(904) 381-7440

,, 900 Acorn Street

,, 2915 Bayview Road

(Dedicated Magnet)

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/lakeshore LaVilla School of the Arts

Julia Landon High School, built in 1927, was converted to a junior high school in 1964, and now serves as a college preparatory middle school. It was named for Miss Julia Landon, a teacher for a one-room school in 1910, who donated the land which had been homesteaded by her parents after the Civil War.


NN(904) 630-6900


(Visual and Performing Arts, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 501 Davis Street N. NN(904) 633-6069 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/lavilla

Make Moving Easier For all your packaging and shipping needs, rely on The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts®. We also offer a wide range of packaging supplies and boxes for all of your moving and shipping needs.

1650 MARGARET ST | JACKSONVILLE, FL 32204 | 904-381-6678

Jacksonville’s Premier Gymnastics & Preschool Program

Home of the 2019 State Champs!


Join Coach Paula & Friends for a Flipping Good Time!


4603 Shirley Avenue ( Corner of Blanding & Shirley ) | 904.388.5533 | www.gyminators.com


Bolles students like Sarah Park ’25, concert violinist (pictured here at Carnegie Hall), have gone on to become judges, Pulitzer Prize winners, Olympians, Rhodes Scholars, renowned artists, professional musicians, CEOs and so much more.

Experience the Extraordinary Bolles Life includes a superior curriculum and the greatest variety of high-quality educational offerings in Northeast Florida for day and boarding students in grades Pre-K to 12. Extraordinary opportunities and grand discoveries await you in our vibrant, global community. Unlock your true passions and talents as you build the foundation for a remarkable future. Bolles students

develop a lifelong love of learning, meaningful personal connections, skills to succeed and values to make a difference in the world. Discover who you are and what you want to become. For more information on #BollesLife and to schedule your tour, please visit www.Bolles.org or call (904) 256-5030.

Four Unique Campuses Ponte Vedra Beach Pre-K–5 Whitehurst Pre-K–5 Bartram 6–8 San Jose 9–12 Day school Pre-K through 12 and Boarding for Grades 9–12 with 5- and 7-day options.

60 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

BY THE NUMBERS Public High Schools (Grades 9-12)


p Schools ( 14 Magnet )

30,000 g Students

Standard Hours of Operations* 7:15 am - 2:00 pm *

Exceptions: Douglas Anderson 8:25am - 3:25pm Darnell-Cookman 8:10am - 2:55pm Paxon SAS 8:10am - 2:55pm Peterson 8:25am - 3:25pm Randolph 8:25am - 3:25pm Ribault 7:25am - 2:10pm Stanton 8:10am - 2:55pm **

Early Release - Students are dismissed 75 minutes earlier than their normal dismissal time on early release days.

M denotes magnet school | N denotes neighborhood school

ЈЈPUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS Andrew JacksonM (Military Science, Sports Medicine, Cyber Security, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 3816 Main Street NN(904) 630-6950 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/ajhs

Asa Philip Randolph Career AcademiesM (Dedicated Magnet)

,,1157 Golfair Blvd.

NN(904) 924-3011

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/aprtech Baldwin


(Communications, Information Technology, 6-12) 291 Mills Street West (904) 260-1200 dcps.duvalschools.org/bmsh

Andrew Jackson High School, 1927, and Robert E. Lee High School, 1928, are the two oldest high schools in Jacksonville and are still operating at their original locations.

For more info visit dcps.duvalschools.org

Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical ArtsM

Edward H. WhiteM (Military Leadership Academy)

(Gifted and Academically Talented, Dedicated Magnet, 6-12) ,,1701 N. Davis Street NN(904) 630-6805 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/ darnellcookman

,,1700 Old Middleburg Road North

Douglas Anderson School of the ArtsM, N


(Visual and Performing Arts, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 2445 San Diego Road NN(904) 346-5620 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/anderson

NN(904) 693-7620

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/edwhite Englewood High SchoolN

,,4412 Barnes Road

NN(904) 739-5212

Frank H. Peterson Academies of TechnologyM (Dedicated Magnet)

,,7450 Wilson Boulevard

NN(904) 573-1150





Building character through innovative learning and whole child education.

LIVE MUSIC • ALL AGES Bringing positive and faith-based entertainment to Jax since 1995!

jcds.com | 904.641.6644

932 Edgewood Avenue South | www.MurrayHillTheatre.com

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 61


Murray Hill High SchoolN

(JROTC, Military Leadership)

,, 929 S. McDuff Avenue

NN(904) 924-3092



Paxon School for Advanced StudiesM

,, 3701 Winton Drive

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/rhs (Cambridge Secondary 2/AICE)

,,4831 Greenland Road

NN(904) 260-3911


NN(904) 866-4516

(College Preparatory, Dedicated Magnet) ,, 3239 Norman Thagard Blvd. NN(904) 693-7583 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/psas

Robert E. Lee High SchoolM, N

Stanton College Preparatory SchoolM

(Early College/Engineering)

(College Preparatory, Dedicated Magnet) ,,1149 W. 13th Street NN(904) 630-6760 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/stanton

,,1200 S. McDuff Avenue

NN(904) 381-3930

wwdcps.duvalschools.org/lee Samuel W. Wolfson High SchoolM, N (International Baccalaureate, Dedicated Magnet) ,,7000 Powers Avenue NN(904) 739-5265 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/wolfson

William M. RainesM (Information Technology; Visual & Performing Arts) ,, 3663 Raines Avenue NN(904) 924-3049 wwdcps.duvalschools.org/wmrh

A different way of teaching. A better way of learning. Grades middle through high school Low student to teacher ratio Standard and Honors curriculum Multi-sensory instruction Wetlands trials and outdoor classrooms McKay, Gardiner, Hope, Florida Tax Credit and Family Empowerment Scholarship participant Accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools

To learn more visit our website or call


Currently enrolling new students Call today for a campus tour


9920 Regency Square Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32225

62 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020


Great Strides Rehabilitation

,,10679 Old St. Augustine Road

,,12276 San Jose Blvd.



Clarke School for Hearing and Speech

,, 9920 Regency Square Blvd.

NN(904) 880-9001


Crossroads Christian School (K-12)

,, 9000 Cypress Green Drive

NN(904) 448-1956

NN(904) 886-3228

Greenwood School (6-12)

,, 9803 Old St. Augustine Road wwclarkeschools.org

,, 2950 Halcyon Lane ,, 6429 Atlantic Blvd. ,,1542 Kingsley Avenue #136

NN(904) 652-1282

NN(904) 726-5000

Jacksonville School for Autism

NN(904) 732-4343


Little Star Center, Inc.


,, 8011 Phillips Highway, Ste. 10

DePaul School of NE Florida



NN(904) 223-3391

Mainspring Academy ,, 223 Mill Creek Road ,, 6867 Southpoint Drive N., Ste. 103 NN(904) 724-8323

DLC Nurse & Learn


NN(904) 503-0344


NN(904) 387-0370

Morning Star School

,,1301 W. Palm Avenue

NN(904) 721-2144


,, 3044 San Pablo Road S.

,,4101 Street wwdlcnl.org

NN(904) 928-0112

North Florida School of Special Education

,,725 Mickler Road


Palm Avenue Exceptional Child

Morning Star Catholic School may be the oldest school serving children with special needs. It was founded in 1956 by Bishop Joseph Hurley and the Sisters of St. Joseph to serve students with learning disabilities. First located in a small home in Riverside, the school was moved to Arlington in 1968.

The Jericho School

NN(904) 693-7516

,,1351 Sprinkle Drive



NN(904) 744-5110

Enjoy the art of Mark Krancer, photographer of the iconic “Life In The River” image from Hurricane Irma and event photography as seen in The Resident. Prints of the symbol of victory over the storm are still available to benefit the Memorial Park Association to help restore our beloved park to its original beauty.

Visit www.kramkranphoto.com to order prints of this image and see many more.






RIVERSIDE Presbyterian Day School

Now accepting PreK 3 - 6th Grade applications for the current school year and beyond.

Discover the advantage of a Riverside education! www.rpds.com • (904) 353-3459

830 Oak Street | Jacksonville, FL | 904.353.3459 admission@rpds.com | www.rpds.com

64 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Jacksonville’s two oldest private schools were both established in 1923 by the Diocese of St. Augustine. Assumption Catholic School, in St. Nicholas, was originally located in the San Marco area on the corner of Gary and Naldo Streets, moving to its Atlantic Boulevard location in 1949. St. Paul’s Catholic School, in Riverside, initially began serving students on the second floor of the original church building on Park Street. In 1924 a high school was added, which functioned until 1952 when Bishop Kenny High School opened.

ЈЈPRIVATE SCHOOLS Academie De Montessori (PK-5)

,,1216 Lasalle Street

NN(904) 398-3830

wwacademie-de-montessori.org Assumption Catholic School (PK-8)

Avondale United Methodist Child’s Day Out (PK)

,,1055 Kingman Avenue

NN(904) 398-4363


Bishop John J. Snyder High School (9-12)

,, 2725 College Street

,,1651 Talbot Avenue wwaumcjax.org

,, 2431 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 398-1774

,, 5001 Samaritan Way


NN(904) 771-1029

Bishop Kenny High School (9-12)

NN(904) 398-7545

First Coast Academy (9-12)

NN(904) 381-1935



Inspiring students to be their best with the region’s most balanced and enriching college prep experience. GRADES 6-12





2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 65

ЈЈPRIVATE SCHOOLS [CONT.] Jacksonville Country Day School (PK-6)

,,4305 Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue Preschool

NN(904) 641-6644


Learning Tree Preschool Center

New Beginnings Christian Academy (K-12)

NN(904) 388-0606

,,10063 Baymeadows Road wwjcds.com

,, 6140 San Jose Blvd.

,,7020 Ramona Blvd.



NN(904) 737-8842

NN(904) 786-3118

Listening & understanding, available here. Cam Anderson, Agent 4555 San Juan Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210 Bus: 904-381-1206 cam@camanderson.net

Riverside Presbyterian Day School (PK-6)

San Jose Catholic Grade School (PK-8)

,, 830 Oak Street

,, 3619 Toledo Road



San Jose Academy and Preparatory High School

San Jose Episcopal Day School (PK-6)

NN(904) 353-5511

NN(904) 733-2313

,,4072 Sunbeam Road

,,7423 San Jose Blvd.



NN(904) 425-1725

NN(904) 733-0352


As your local agent, I’m here to help life go right.® That’s why I take the time to get to know you and understand what you really need. LET’S TALK TODAY.

To learn more and register for classes visit ChildrensArtClasses.com Three Convenient Locations 1706841

State Farm, Bloomington, IL

8411 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256

1406 Kingsley Ave. Suite E, Orange Park, FL 32073

880 US Highway A1A N. Suite 6, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

66 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈPRIVATE SCHOOLS [CONT.] South Jacksonville Presbyterian Preschool

,, 2609 Park Street

NN(904) 396-0567


,, 2137 Hendricks Avenue wwsjaxpc.org

Southside United Methodist Church Preschool

St. Paul’s Catholic School (PK-8)

NN(904) 387-2841

The Bolles School


Four campuses PreK-12/Day & Boarding ,,7400 San Jose Blvd. NN(904) 256-5030 wwbolles.org

St. Johns Country Day School (PK-12)

The Episcopal School of Jacksonville (6-12)

,, 3120 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 396-2676

,, 3100 Doctors Lake Drive

,,4455 Atlantic Blvd.



St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School PK-6)

The Potter’s House Christian Academy (K-8)

NN(904) 264-9572

NN(904) 396-5751

,,4114 Oxford Avenue

,, 5732 Normandy Blvd.



St. Matthew’s Catholic School (PK-8)

The Potter’s House Christian Academy (9-12)

NN(904) 388-2632

NN(904) 786-0028

,,1773-0010 Blanding Blvd.

,,1150 S. Lane Avenue



NN(904) 387-4401

NN(904) 695-2837

ONE SWEET DEAL: Infant • Toddler • 4-16 Boys & Girls

Jacksonville’s Dress Shop for Children, Dance Wear & Toys! 904-384-3664 3567 St. Johns Ave.

@Willie’s for Kids

Days, evenings and weekends! Hourly drop-in childcare Preschool education programs School age activities Fun private parties


50%OFF FAMILY REGISTRATION ($20 value) Offer expires 7/1/20 No cash value.

Come in for a tour! Located in Jacksonville for ages 2 -12 Tinseltown - 9726 Touchton Rd. #111 | 904.683.4554

License # CO4DUO978

San Jose Episcopal Day School provides an intimate learning environment where teachers help each individual identify their own unique talents and strengths. With a balanced approach that is nurturing yet challenging, each child can reach their fullest potential, however high that may be. Come see for yourself why an education at SJEDS is an investment in a brighter future.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @SanJoseEpiscopalDaySchool

Pre -K 3 through 6th grade • 7423 San Jose Blvd. • 904-733-0352 • www.sjeds.org SJEDS welcomes qualified applicants in grades Pre-K3 through 6 without regard to race, sex, creed, religion or national origin. Accredited by FCIS, FKC, SACS and the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 67


,,1658 Kings Road

NN(904) 470-8000


Florida Coastal School of Law

,, 8787 Baypine Road

NN(904) 680-7700


Florida State College at Jacksonville


UF Health Science Center

Jacksonville Public Library (Main)

University of Florida School of Medicine ,, 653 W. 8th Street NN(904) 244-3486 wwhscj.ufl.edu

,, 303 N. Laura Street

University of North Florida

NN(904) 384-2665

NN(904) 630-2665

wwJaxpubliclibrary.org Murray Hill Library

,, 918 Edgewood Ave. S.

,,1 UNF Drive

NN(904) 620-1000

San Marco Library

,,1513 Lasalle Street


NN(904) 858-2907

,, 501 W. State Street

Webb Wesconnett Library

NN(904) 646-2300

,,103rd Street

NN(904) 778-7305


Jacksonville University

Willowbranch Library

,, 2800 University Blvd. N.

,, 2875 Park Street

NN(800) 225-2027

NN(904) 381-8490


The Willowbranch Library was built in 1929-1930, designed in the Mediterranean Revival Style by architect Bernard Close, who also built the more modern San Marco Library in 1949. The Friends of Willowbranch Library, lovingly known as FOWL, is an active group of residents in Riverside and Avondale founded in 1992 to support their neighborhood library.

Trinity Baptist College

,, 800 Hammond Boulevard

NN(904) 596-2451


Welcome Home...

Where knowledge and hospitality deliver an exceptional real estate experience!

Contact us for results that move! LINDA MCMORROW






Visit us at SellingLegends.com

LIFE EXPERIENCE(D) River Garden has cared for generations. There’s more than one reason families choose to experience life at River Garden. From a highly rated continuum of senior care to communit y events and Jewish life activities, River Garden has created a 73- year legacy of excellence. However and whenever you need us, we ’l l be here.

River Ga rden. org | (904 ) 260 -1818 Short -Stay Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation | Long- Term Nursing & Memor y Care Adult Day Program | Outpatient Therapy | Home Health Care | Independent Living

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 69

Jacksonville: A medical destination Jacksonville residents enjoy a wide selection of healthcare choices when it comes to meeting their medical needs and many of those facilities are just a stone’s throw away from the other. Jacksonville’s nationally renowned healthcare options include Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute, which attract not only local residents, but also patients from throughout the United States and abroad.


In Jacksonville, our hospitals offer state-of-the-art facilities, compassionate and well-trained staff and, in the case of a few, top clinical research programs. Among Jacksonville’s medical facilities is one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the U.S., the region’s top-rated pediatric hospital, and the area’s only Level 1 trauma unit.

70 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020


Ascension St. Vincent’s

Baptist Health

»» Serving Jacksonville and surrounding communities since 1873, St. Vincent’s

»» Founded in 1955, Baptist Health is a locally-owned and governed health

HealthCare is a faith-based, not-for-profit health system with three medical centers. The Riverside location also includes a Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the St. Vincent’s Lung Institute.

care provider with five nationally accredited hospitals, three emergency centers and the Neurological Institute and Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center on its Jacksonville campus.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Riverside

Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

, 1 Shircliff Way N (904) 308-7300 w jaxhealth.com

, 800 Prudential Drive N (904) 202-2000 w baptistjax.com

St. Vincents Medical Center Clay County

Baptist Medical Center Beaches

, 1670 St. Vincent’s Way, Middleburg N (904) 602-1000 w jaxhealth.com

, 1350 13th Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach N (904) 627-2900 w baptistjax.com

St. Vincents Medical Center Southside

Baptist Medical Center Nassau

, 14201 Belfort Road N (904) 296-3700 w jaxhealth.com

, 1250 South 18th Street; Fernandina Beach N (904) 321-3500 w baptistjax.com Baptist Medical Center South

Mayo Clinic, Florida

, 4500 San Pablo Road S.

N (904) 953-2000

w mayoclinic.org/patientvisitor-guide/florida

»» Serving Northeast Florida since

1986, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville includes a 304-bed hospital, 22 operating rooms and offers care in more than 35 adult medical and surgical specialties. The hospital includes a full-service emergency department, open to everyone.

, 14550 Old St. Augustine Road N (904) 271-6000 w baptistjax.com Baptist Emergency at Clay County

, 1771 Baptist Clay Drive, Fleming Island N (904) 516-1000 w baptistjax.com Baptist Emergency at North

, 11250 Baptist Health Drive N

(904) 202-6905 w baptistjax.com

Baptist Emergency at Town Center

, 4085 Town Center Parkway N

(904) 202-6800 w baptistjax.com

UF Health »» University of Florida Health is a private, not-for-profit hospital affiliated

with the University of Florida Health Science Center campuses in Jacksonville and Gainesville, offering residents in Northeast Florida and Southeast George all the benefits of an academic health center. It also has the only adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma program in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

UF Health Jacksonville

, 655 W. 8th Street N (904) 244-0411 w ufhealthjax.org UF Health North

, 15255 Max Leggett Parkway N (904) 383-1000 w ufhealthjax.org UF Health Southside (Emerson Medical Plaza)

, 4555 Emerson Street N (904) 383-1000 w ufhealthjax.org

72 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈCANCER CENTERS Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center

, 1301 Palm Avenue

N (844) 632-2278

w BaptistMDAnderson.com

»» Baptist

MD Anderson Cancer Center is a regional destination for outpatient cancer care, which is clinically integrated with MD Anderson Cancer Center, the internationally renowned cancer treatment and research institution in Houston. Designed to serve as a single destination for cancer patients and their families, Baptist MD Anderson brings together multiple disciplines under one roof, including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, pathology, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, infusion and other support clinical services. Natural light, soothing colors and artwork also ensure comfort by merging the “high-tech” world of medicine with the “hightouch” needs of cancer patients.





Welcoming New Patients! • General Dentistry • Dental Implants • Veneers • One Visit CEREC Crowns • Teeth Whitening • Invisalign

Selected as one of Northeast Florida’s Top Dentists We assist our patients with most major insurance plans


Broc Flores, DMD and James Schumacher, DMD

Your Neighborhood Dentist Since 1995 4201 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32210 • (904) 388-3559 • www.firstcoastsmiles.com

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 73


,,10881 San Jose Blvd N (904) 880-5522 w ackermancancercenter.com

»» Since 1997, Ackerman Cancer Center has offered comprehensive radiation

oncology services and is the world’s first private, physician-owned practice to offer proton beam therapy. Onsite imaging and diagnostic services are provided to ensure all patients receive seamless care and same-day results. The patient-centric approach at Ackerman Cancer Center ensures each patient plays an important role in the development and management of their cancer treatment plan, working with a team of skilled professionals including oncology-certified nurses, oncology social workers, dieticians, and financial resource coordinators.

University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute

,, 2015 N. Jefferson Street N (904) 588-1800 w floridaproton.org

»» The University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute offers Jacksonville

residents access to the most advanced, non-invasive cancer treatment available. The Institute, which opened in 2006, uses proton radiation to offer cancer patients an innovative, targeted treatment for bone, brain, breast, eye, head and neck, prostate, lung, pancreatic, pediatric and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is the first treatment center in the southeastern U.S. to offer proton therapy.

74 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020


Hope Haven Clinic

Nemours Children’s Specialty Care

,,4600 Beach Blvd.

,, 807 Children’s Way

w hope-haven.org

w nemours.org

»» Hope Haven provides families with

»» Nemours

N (904) 346-5100

special needs children with educational and therapeutic services to assist the children in realizing their full potential. Services at the facility include evaluations for autism, ADHD, ADD, gifted, occupational therapy, physical therapy, mental health therapy, psychological therapy, educational therapy, speech-language therapy and Down syndrome as well as individualized tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps, and job placement services for young adults with special needs.

N (904) 697-3600

Children’s Specialty Care offers the highest level of care for pediatric specialties ranging from allergy and immunology to more complicated conditions such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. Specially trained pediatric care teams diagnose and treat common to rare and complex conditions. The nonprofit is dedicated to helping kids grow up healthy through life-changing medical care and research while training tomorrow’s pediatric experts.

Wolfson Children’s Hospital

, 800 Prudential Drive N (904) 202-8000 w wolfsonchildrens.com

»» Nationally recognized for its quality pediatric care, Wolfson Children’s

Hospital is the region’s only children’s hospital. The facility offers skilled pediatric specialists, advanced technology and evidence-based practices help children overcome illnesses like serious heart conditions, brain disorders, behavioral health issues, gastrointestinal conditions and diabetes.


FOR BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY SMILES! I used to be terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Monteiro and her team are the most gentle people you will ever encounter! With sedation, Dr. Monteiro was able to fix my teeth and completely makeover my smile! Thank you Dr. Monteiro for my new smile! I love it!

Cindy J

Call or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Rachel Monteiro

(904) 348-0416 | RiverOaksDentalJax.com | @ riveroaksdentaljax 6120 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32217

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 75


Community Hospice & Palliative Care

, 4266 Sunbeam Road

N (904) 268-5200

w communityhospice.com

»» Community Hospice & Palliative

Care offers specialized care that provides support to you and your loved ones during the final phase of a terminal illness. Focusing on comfort and quality of life, rather than the cure, hospice care enables you to have an alert, pain-free life and to live each day as fully as possible. There are seven locations offering a variety of services, including caregiver support, veterans’ services, advance care planning and more.

Gabriel House of Care

, 4599 Worrall Way

N (904) 821-8995

w gabrielhouseofcare.org

»» Since

2010, Gabriel House of Care has striven to provide affordable, temporary lodging for cancer and organ transplant patients and their caregivers who come to Jacksonville for medical treatment. Gabriel House offers 29 bedrooms on a smoke-free campus, with amenities such as fitness and laundry rooms, kitchen and dining room, library, and game rooms.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville

, 824 Children’s Way N (904) 807-4663 w rmhcjacksonville.org

»» Ronald McDonald House provides access to healthcare to a vulnerable

population by providing lodging so families can be close to a hospital. The social impact Ronald McDonald House makes enables a family to afford to stay close together as they seek the best healthcare for their child’s diagnosis. Ronald McDonald House impacts more than 1,200 families a year, alleviating the tremendous financial burden for more than 5,000 guests that include parents, grandparents, patients and siblings. In addition to the Ronald McDonald House,

Where great lives get a great start.

Comprehensive Care Is Now More Convenient. North Jacksonville is home to the region’s newest medical complex, offering a wide range of leading-edge services, including:

92-bed hospital with More than 25 UF Health · Aall-private · rooms specialty practices adult and pediatric imaging, lab and · An · Outpatient emergency room open 24/7 other diagnostic services · An outpatient surgery center · Spacious labor and delivery suites

UF Health North brings high-quality care to more residents in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.



Some churches say that everybody’s welcome… But they really mean everybody who’s like them. At Avondale United Methodist Church,

All means All.

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, LGBT or just not sure, filthy rich, dirt poor, no habla Ingles. And a special welcome to those who are crying new-borns, skinny as a rail or could afford to lose a few pounds. We don’t care if you’re more churchy than the Pope, or haven’t been in church since little Joey’s Baptism. We welcome you if you are on wheels these days, or if you are just starting to toddle. We welcome soccer moms, NASCAR dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, vegetarians, junk-food eaters. We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you’re having problems, or you’re down in the dumps or if you don’t like “organized religion,” because we’ve been there too. We welcome those who are inked, pierced or both. We welcome those who could use a prayer right now, were sick of mandatory church as a kid or got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake. We simply love the way God loves us through Jesus and want to share that love with you.

We welcome you because if you’re good enough for God, (and you are!) then you are good enough for us! Sunday Worship:

8:45 a.m. Contemporary 11 a.m. Traditional

1651 Talbot Ave. (Corner of Herschel & Talbot) | www.aumcjax.org

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 79

Places of Worship There are dozens of places of worship where you can reconnect, renew or revive your spiritual life, and many of those buildings are right in the heart of the historic neighborhoods, where some of the oldest and most ornate religious architecture can be found.

ЈЈANGLICAN Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Resurrection Anglican Church

,, 3889 Eloise Street

,,4406 Longfellow Street



NN(904) 701-4825

NN(904) 553-0017

ЈЈBAPTIST First Baptist Church of Jacksonville

,,119 W. Beaver Street

NN(904) 312-0969


Riverside Baptist Church

Korean First Baptist Church

,, 3202 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 396-6411

Lake Shore Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Oakland

,, 2363 Blanding Blvd.

NN(904) 354-5295


,,1025 Jessie Street wwtheoak.org

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville - Ortega

,,4865 Roosevelt Blvd.

NN(904) 356-6077


Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church

,,4001 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 396-7745


NN(904) 388-6578

Melchizedek Baptist Church of the Deaf

Park Lane Baptist Church

,,1480 Lakeshore Blvd.

NN(904) 387-5331

wwparklanebaptistchurch.com Riverside Baptist Church

,, 2650 Park Street

NN(904) 388-7692


Riverside Primitive Baptist

,,1824 Dean Road

,,702 Dellwood Avenue

Murray Hill Baptist Church

San Jose Baptist Church

NN(904) 725-8797

NN(904) 355-5320

,,4300 Post Street

,, 6140 San Jose Blvd.



NN(904) 388-8531

NN(904) 737-2141

Second Missionary Baptist Church

,, 954 Kings Road

NN(904) 354-8268

ww2ndmissionarybaptchurch.com Southside Baptist Church

,,1435 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 396-6633


Southside Karen Baptist Church

,,115 Arlington Road N.

NN(904) 674-7309

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

,,1612 Tracy Road

NN(904) 351-6707


80 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

First Baptist Church, circa 1910, is part of the First Baptist complex in Downtown Jacksonville and is known as Hobson Auditorium.

St. Matthew’s Catholic Church

,,1773 Blanding Blvd.



Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

,, 2609 Park Street

,,121 E. Duval Street

NN(904) 359-0331


San Jose Catholic Church

NN(904) 388-8698

St. Paul’s Catholic Church

NN(904) 387-2554

wwstpauls-jax.org wwspsjax.org



Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

,,4129 Oxford Avenue

NN(904) 387-5691


The Church of the Messiah (CEC)

,, 5616 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 737-8488

,, 3754 University Club Blvd.

NN(904) 721-4199

NN(904) 356-5507

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

NN(904) 388-2681

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

NN(904) 725-1150

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church


,, 5042 Timuquana Road

San Jose Episcopal Church


,,7423 San Jose Blvd.

NN(904) 733-1811

NN(904) 778-1434

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church


,, 321 W. Union Street

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


,, 3619 Toledo Road

,,7801 Lone Star Road



NN(904) 733-1630

St. John’s Cathedral

,, 256 E. Church Street


,, 2403 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 398-1963

All Saints Episcopal Church

,,4171 Hendricks Avenue

,,1100 Stockton Street

ЈЈCATHOLIC Assumption Catholic Church


NN(904) 725-6566

NN(904) 354-1053


The first church building erected in the City of Jacksonville was built by the Baptists in 1840 on a lot at the northeast corner of Duval and Newnan Streets. The property was sold to the Presbyterians in 1844 and then two years later to the Methodists, which had begun mission work in the city in 1823. First United Methodist Church is on that site today.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 81

German residents organized a Lutheran church in 1877, and the dedication service for its first chapel was performed in both English and German.


Trinity Lutheran Church, Riverside, was built in 1928.

Avondale United Methodist Church

,,1651 Talbot Avenue

NN(904) 389-1175

,,4101 College Street

NN(904) 387-4406


Faith United Methodist Church

,,4000 Spring Park Road

NN(904) 737-3555

First United Methodist Church


NN(904) 356-5618

Riverside Park United Methodist Church

Historic Mt. Zion AME

NN(904) 389-5556

,, 819 Park Street

NN(904) 355-5491

,, Church 201 E. Beaver Street ,, (904) 355-9475


Lake Shore United Methodist Church

,,1620 Naldo Avenue


Trinity Lutheran Church

Ortega United Methodist Church

,,4807 Roosevelt Blvd.


Mandarin Lutheran Church



,, 225 E. Duval Street


Murray Hill United Methodist Church

San Marco United Methodist Church

NN(904) 398-3204

,,11900 San Jose Blvd.

,,1415 McDuff Avenue S.

,, 2246 Blanding Blvd.





Southside United Methodist Church

NN(904) 268-4591

NN(904) 389-5341

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

NN(904) 388-1780

Lakewood United Methodist Church

,, 3976 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 396-9608

,, 6133 San Jose Blvd.

NN(904) 733-8477


,, 3120 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 396-2676




LEGACY Docks, Decks & Bulkheads

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82 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈORTHODOX Armenian Church

St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church

,, 3850 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 399-2944

,, 3850 Atlantic Blvd.

(Services held at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church)



NN(904) 396-5383

ЈЈPRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian Church

Ortega Presbyterian Church

,,118 E. Monroe Street

,,4406 Longfellow Street



NN(904) 354-8439

NN(904) 389-4043

Lake Shore Presbyterian Church

,, 2270 Blanding Blvd.

NN(904) 389-2341

St. John’s Presbyterian Church, between Avondale and Ortega, was built in 1949.

NN(904) 355-4585

Lakewood Presbyterian Church

,, 2001 University Blvd. W.

NN(904) 733-8055

A pious sea captain from Newark, New Jersey, by the name of Captain Obadiah Conger, is said to have established and maintained the Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville in the 1840s.

Riverside Presbyterian Church

,, 849 Park Street wwrpcjax.org

South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church


,, 2137 Hendricks Avenue

Murray Hill Presbyterian Church


,, 940 Talbot Avenue

NN(904) 389-2939


NN(904) 396-0567

St. John’s Presbyterian Church

,,4275 Herschel Street

NN(904) 384-4501


Helping make your elder years an enriching and graceful pinnacle of life > Nutrition > Affordable housing > In-home services including personal care and housekeeping

Providing essential and innovative services and care for individuals, families, and communities throughout Northeast Florida to prepare for and support graceful aging.

> > > >

Mental Wellness Caregiver Support Services

Volunteer or donate to Gabriel House and join a community that comes together to help organ transplant and cancer patients.


New to Jacksonville? We want to share our joy. Worship - Lifelong Learning - Social Action

Care Coordination ACHC accredited and Medicare certified Home Health Agency (License #29993139)


A Non-Profit Organization Enabling Home-Based Senior Independence in Northeast Florida


Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar, Senior Rabbi Cantor Carrie Barry

Congregation Ahavath Chesed

7 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service 9 a.m. Saturday Torah Study 10:30 a.m. Shabbat Service

904.733.7078 | 8727 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville | www.thetemplejacksonville.org

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 83

The Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady was established prior to 1847. A painting of Our Lady behind the altar was supposedly saved when Union soldiers burned the church in 1863.


Cherry Street Church of Christ

,,1140 McDuff Avenue S.

NN(904) 389-8200

wwcherrystchurch.org Christ Church of Peace

,,1240 McDuff Avenue S.

NN(904) 387-2020

wwchristchurchofpeace.org Christ the Messiah Church

,,7576 San Jose Blvd.

NN(904) 733-3644

wwchristthemessiahchurch.com Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints

,,4087 Hendricks Avenue

NN(904) 642-2020


Edgewood Avenue Christian Church

,,1041 Edgewood Avenue S.

NN(904) 389-4876


E stablished in 1939, Ray Ware Hardware specializes in door hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and finely crafted wood doors. Family owned and operated for four generations, we offer only those product lines sharing our commitment to quality design and manufacturing standards.

Ephphatha Deaf Assembly of God

,, 2516 LaMee Avenue

NN(904) 858-9946

(fax or videophone)

Grace Church of Avondale

,, 3519 Herschel Street

NN(904) 387-0418


King of Kings Church

,, 3949 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 396-3949

wwkingofkingschurch.us Morning Glory Christian Fellowship

,, 3405 Atlantic Blvd.

NN(904) 887-2929

wwmorningglorycf.com Murray Hill Christ Community Church

,, 3548 Gilmore Street

NN(904) 389-0631



urveyor of Fine Hardware, Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures. 4048 Herschel Street Jacksonville FL 32205 Phone: 904-389-6659 Showroom open to the Public Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


84 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020


Ahavath Chesed Congregation, 1927


,, 2841 Riverside Avenue

NN(904) 389-1751

wwjaxdisciples.com Riverside United Church of Christ

,, 2858 Post Street

NN(904) 710-4994

wwriverside-ucc.org San Jose Church of Christ

,, 6233 San Jose Blvd.

NN(904) 737-2333


St. Nicholas Park Christian Church

,, 3226 Beach Blvd.

NN(904) 398-1501 The Point

,,4300 St. Johns Avenue

NN(904) 388-7601

wwthepointjax.com The City.Church

,,1819 Thacker Avenue (meeting site only)


The District Church

Southside Assembly of God

,, 25 N. Market Street (office) ,,1200 McDuff Avenue S.

NN(904) 396-1663

NN(904) 351-8036

,, 2118 Kings Avenue

(Sunday gatherings)



Southside Church of God in Christ

,, 634 Lomax Street

NN(904) 398-1625


,, 2179 Emerson Street wwsouthsidecogic.com

The Society Ahavath Chesed, forerunner to The Temple in San Jose, was organized in January 1882 and its first synagogue was dedicated by Rabbi Marx Moses in September 1882.

Unity Church of Jacksonville

NN(904) 355-5100

St. Luke’s Community Church



Congregation Ahavath Chesed – The Temple

,, 8225 Dix Ellis Trail

NN(904) 733-7078


Etz Chaim Synagogue

Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist

,,4168 Herschel Street

,, 8727 San Jose Blvd.



NN(904) 723-1195

Baymeadows Islamic Center

NN(904) 438-4510

,,10167 San Jose Blvd.

,, 8327 Beach Blvd.



Jacksonville Jewish Center

Islamic Center of Northeast Florida

NN(904) 262-3565

,, 3662 Crown Point Road

NN(904) 292-1000


NN(904) 724-4076

,, 2333 St. Johns Bluff Road S.

NN(904) 646-3462


Jacksonville First Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Great Fire of 1901, on May 3, destroyed nine houses of worship, among them St. Paul’s Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, The Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, First Baptist Church, the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, the Union Congregational Church of Jacksonville, the Evangelical Church of St. John, the synagogue for Congregation Ahavath Chesed, and the First Church of Christ, Scientist.

,,7951 Lenox Avenue

NN(904) 781-8550

wwjacksonvillefirstfl. adventistchurch.org

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

,, 5135 College St. ww(904) 781-0233

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

,,7040 San Jose Blvd. ww(904) 733-9618

Second Church of Christ, Scientist

,, 3255 Riverside Avenue

NN(904) 388-1969

wwchristianscience.com First Presbyterian Church, 1927


Riverside Avenue Christian Church

We’re the name that generations of Jacksonville’s families have grown to know and trust. If you’re looking for the finest service handled by experienced professionals, call us today to make plans to celebrate your lasting legacy of a Life Well Celebrated.

Hardage-Giddens funeral homes have a long and storied history in the Jacksonville community. We’re going on a century of providing funeral, burial, cremation and cemetery services through what has grown to be a group of 10 funeral homes and 5 cemeteries in Florida’s Duval and Clay counties.









Though times have changed and our services have expanded, our commitment to compassionate care, attention to detail and creative funeral solutions has always remained strong. HARDAGE-GIDDENS FUNERAL HOME 729 S EDGEWOOD AVE. JACKSONVILLE












GOOD EATS, GOOD HISTORY, GOOD WALKING, AND GREAT HOMES. Ready to revel in the beauty of historic San Marco? Give your local Watson office a call so we can make you and your needs a priority. That’s the Watson Way. Contact us today to get started.


904.731.5800 WatsonRealtyCorp.com

5443 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Civic groups provide ways to serve community Civic and community organizations play a major role in the fabric of our neighborhoods. The unpaid hours donated by residents working with civic, community and professional organizations provide the kind of service our city relies on. Following are some of the organizations that support and perform essential services to our communities.

ĐˆĐˆCIVIC CLUBS Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

NN(904) 721-1155


Exchange Club of Jacksonville

,, (904) 657-1597

wwjaxexchangeclub.com Fraternal Order of Eagles

NN(904) 413-7542


Fraternal Order of Police

NN(904) 398-7010


Garden Club of Jacksonville

NN(904) 355-4224

wwgardenclubofjacksonville.org Gator Club of Jacksonville

NN(904) 387-6808


Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons


wwgrandlodgefl.com Jacksonville Civic Council

NN(904) 391-4911

wwjaxciviccouncil.com Jacksonville Urban League

NN(904) 723-4007

wwul-jacksonville.iamempowered.com Junior League of Jacksonville

,, 2165 Park Street

NN(904) 387-9927

wwjljacksonville.org Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville

NN(904) 398-5566


Knights of Columbus

NN(904) 723-3810


88 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈCIVIC CLUBS [CONT.] Lake Shore Woman’s Club

Men’s Garden Club of Jacksonville

Leadership Jacksonville, Inc.


NN(904) 635-7318



Moose International

NN(904) 353-6789

NN(904) 388-7921 NN(904) 396-6263

Lions Club International

wwlionsclubs.org Memorial Park Association



Meninak Club of Jacksonville

NN(904) 745-3393



Riverside Rotary Club of Jacksonville Rotary Club of Jacksonville


Optimist International

Rotary Club of San Jose



Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Inc.

Rotary Club of San Marco

NN(904) 854-6555


NN(904) 387-4057


Rotary Club of West Jacksonville

NN(904) 994-7355

wwwestjaxrotary.org Southside Businessmen’s Club

NN(904) 419-3205

wwsouthsidebusinessmensclub.com Southside Woman’s Club

NN(904) 396-0459

wwsouthsidewomansclub.net Woman’s Club of Jacksonville

NN(904) 355-6202

Rotary Club of South Jacksonville

NN(904) 994-7355


Jim Love, Agent, CPCU (904)384-5000 | www.JimLoveAgency.com State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Florida Insurance Company State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL


2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 89

ЈЈYOUNG PROFESSIONALS CLUBS CAPtivators Supports the Cathedral Arts Project NN(904) 281-5599, Ext. 15 wwfacebook.com/JaxCAPtivators

First A.C.T. Supports the Florida Theatre NN(904) 355-5661, ext. 247 wwfloridatheatre.com/ florida-theatre-first-a-c-t

ImpactJAX Supports JAX Chamber

NN(904) 273-5366

wwfacebook.com/IMPACTjax Jacksonville Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

NN(904) 399-4486


Jacksonville Young Voters Coalition

NN(904) 322-9233



Jacksonville Jaycees Supports community projects

wwjaxjaycees.org Pioneers

Supports American Cancer Society NN(904) 391-3607 wwcowfordball.org

Red Shoe Crew Supports Ronald McDonald House NN(904) 807-4669 wwrmhcjacksonville.org/how-youcan-help/red-shoe-crew

Rising Tides

The Contemporaries

Supports the St. Johns Riverkeeper NN(904) 256-7613 wwfacebook.com/SJRK.Rising.Tides

Supports the Museum of Contemporary Art NN(904) 620-4207 wwfacebook.com/ MOCAJaxContemporaries

Rotaract Clubs Supports Rotary Clubs wwDowntown: downtownrotaractjax.org wwFirst Coast: firstcoastrotaract.com wwBeaches: beachesrotaract.org wwUNF: unf.edu/groups/rotaract/

Shircliff Society Supports St. Vincent’s Health Care

NN(904) 308-7306


The Elements of MOSH Supports the Museum of Science & History NN(904) 396-6674 wwfacebook.com/MOSHElements

Urban League Young Professionals Supports the Urban League

NN(904) 359-0929


YOUR KNEES AND HIPS DESERVE R. DAVID HEEKIN, MD Only Heekin Clinic can offer you a one-on-one relationship with Florida’s top orthopedic surgeon, Dr. R. David Heekin. Fellowship-trained and board-certified, Dr. Heekin specializes in total joint replacement of the hip and knee. In practice since 2001, Dr. Heekin consistently performs more total joint replacement surgeries than any other Florida surgeon. As Medical Director of St. Vincent’s Orthopedic Center of Excellence and Chief of Orthopedics at Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital, Dr. Heekin’s patients enjoy the very best orthopedic care available. Shouldn’t you?

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Sports and outdoors lovers can find something to enjoy all year It’s easy to enjoy sports year-round in Jacksonville. Sunny skies and moderate weather make it perfect for rooting on favorite teams and athletes, or participating in sports of all kinds. Don’t forget bicycling, boating, fishing, swimming, tennis, golf, surfing, kayaking, running and hiking, to name a few!

92 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

MAJOR SPORTING EVENTS The Players Championship

Wolfson Children’s Annual Bass Tournament

Mt. Acosta Classic

, 110 Championship Way

, Palatka City Dock and Boat Ramp,

, 111 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202



N (904) 273-3235


»» This highly anticipated golf tournament on the PGA Tour offers the highest prize of any tournament in golf ($10 million in 2015) and features some of golf’s best players.

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl

, 1 Gator Bowl Blvd.

N (904) 798-1700



»» Every January, two teams go head to head for this college bowl game at TIAA Bank Field. The first bowl game ever televised nationally, the game has been held continuously since 1946, making it the sixth oldest college bowl.

Florida-Georgia Football Classic

, 1 TIAA Bank Field Drive



(800) 985-3542 jaxhappenings.com/Events/Florida-vsGeorgia-Weekend.aspx

»» Jacksonville plays host to one of the most

legendary college football rivalry games. The entire weekend will be packed with events and activities for fans of both teams.

Clay Roberts Inshore Slam Fishing Tournament

, 1625 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

N (904) 384-0775



»» The traditional Father’s Day weekend

tournament also includes a Junior Anglers Tournament. All proceeds help fund the Clay Roberts Memorial Scholarship.

Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament

, 8203 Heckscher Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32226

N (904) 251-3011



»» The tournament, held annually in July at Jim

King Park & Boat Ramp on the ICW, is one of the largest kingfish tournaments in the Southeast, and benefits the community through Jacksonville Marine Charities, Inc.

NEFAR Charity Bass Tournament

, Palatka City Dock and Boat Ramp, Palatka, FL 32177

N (904) 394-9132



»» The late April fishing tournament sponsored

by the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors benefits Haven Hospice, a nonprofit offered hospice and palliative care.

Palatka, FL 32177 foundation.baptistjax.com/basstournament

»» In addition to being a successful fundraiser

for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the mid-May event is also a lot of fun for anglers, volunteers and spectators who come to participate in the activities surrounding the tournament.

26.2 Run With Donna Marathon

, 111762 Marco Beach Drive, Ste. 6,



Jacksonville, FL 32224 (904) 551-0732 breastcancermarathon.com

»» Held annually the second weekend in February, the event includes a 5K, relay, half marathon, full marathon, ultramarathon and event challenges to raise funds to eradicate breast cancer.

Gate River Run



»» The annual March run is a USA 15K

Championship event through the streets of Downtown Jacksonville, San Marco and St. Nicholas. It has been held for more than 40 years and is now the largest 15K race in the country.



»» The annual spring race, held variously from

February to April, honors the memory of a local cyclist and raises funds for scholarships in his name.

Ortega River Run



4114 Oxford Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210 1stplacesports.com

»» Hosted by St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School,

the 5-mile run is a Grand Prix sanctioned event, while raising funds for scholarship assistance.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 93

Every great city has a great park. For Jacksonville, that is

JAXSPORTS Council JAXSPORTS is a membership-based organization that was established to showcase Northeast Florida as a sports destination for professional, amateur and youth sports. JAXSPORTS is a member of the National Association of Sports Commissions and the Florida Sports Foundation. For up-to-date information on and access to local sporting events, the public is encouraged to become a member of JAXSPORTS. More information is available at jacksonvillesportscouncil.com.

Memorial Park Florida’s World War I Memorial

ЈЈATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS Amateur Athletic Union Florida District


»» The AAU Florida District offers a wide range of girls and boys sports

for members, including basketball, baseball, cheerleading, football, soccer, marital arts, volleyball and more. Notable teams include the North Florida Lady Predators Elite AAU Girls Basketball team and Jacksonville Trailblazers.

First Coast YMCA


»» YMCA locations in Northeast Florida offer a wide range of athletic

programs for adults and children. Adult sports leagues include basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming, pickleball and volleyball. Youth sports include basketball, cheerleading, flag football, gymnastics, martial arts, soccer, T-ball, tennis, triathlon training, swimming and volleyball.

Jewish Community Alliance

, 8505 San Jose Blvd. N

(904) 730-2100



»» The JCA Sports & Recreation Department provides quality youth and

adult programs. Sports programs include basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, flag football, gymnastics, lacrosse, run club, volleyball, fencing, swim team, martial arts and tennis.

Police Athletic League of Jacksonville

, 3450 Monument Road N

(904) 854-6555



»» The Police Athletic League offers year-round sports programs for boys

and girls, including basketball, boxing, karate, cheerleading, flag and tackle football, and track and field.

Upward Sports


»» The world’s largest Christian youth sports provider, Upward Sports

Designed by the famed Olmsted Brothers and dedicated on December 25, 1924, Memorial Park is the only park in the state dedicated to all Floridians who lost their lives having served in World War I. The park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also a WWI Centennial Memorial as designated by the United States World War One Centennial Commission. Established in 1986, Memorial Park Association (MPA) is a nonprofit charitable organization serving its mission to enhance, promote and preserve Memorial Park as the premier historic park in the City of Jacksonville. In 2012, MPA initiated major planning efforts to restore and rehabilitate the park to its original grandeur according to the Olmsted original landscape design, culminating in the development of a viable master plan that serves as the foundation for continued restoration efforts for generations to come.

offers programs in basketball, soccer, cheerleading, flag football, volleyball, baseball and softball.

The 1924 Florida Fallen Scroll Project: Help us give voice to the Florida Fallen

i9 Sports

In 2018, the Centennial end of the Great War, Memorial Park Association, in cooperation with the City of Jacksonville, excavated the Florida Fallen scrolls, which were buried at the park’s dedication. MPA is researching the lives of the men and women whose names name appear on the scrolls to give them voice, as well as adding additional names which were unknown at the time of the dedication. Do you have a family member or know the family of someone on the scrolls? Let us know! MemParkJax.org/FloridaFallen


»» For children ages 3 to 17, i9 Sports offers flag football, soccer, T-ball, basketball and cheerleading. Programs are available throughout the year in various locations throughout Northeast Florida.

Memorial Park is located at 1620 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (Between Margaret Street and Memorial Park Drive in Riverside near the 5 Points area of Jacksonville.)

Learn more about Memorial Park and Memorial Park Association by visiting

www.MemParkJax.org ~ Volunteer with us!

94 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈBASEBALL Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

, 301 A. Philip Randolph Blvd. N

(904) 358-2846



»» Jacksonville’s minor league baseball team is a member of the Southern

League and is the class Double-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team.

Florida Baseball Academy


»» Staffed by former professional and college players, Florida Baseball

ЈЈBASKETBALL Jacksonville Giants

, 1010 E. Adams Street, Suite 112 N (904) 355-6531 w jacksonvillegiants.com

»» Jacksonville’s professional minor league basketball team is the 2012 and 2013 National Champions of the new American Basketball Association (ABA), which they joined as an expansion team for the 2010–2011 season.

Jacksonville Basketball Academy

, 14129 Beach Blvd. w jacksonvillebasketballacademy.com

»» The largest basketball program in Northeast Florida offers summer camps, elite training for high school basketball players and AAU basketball in the spring.

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

ЈЈBICYCLING North Florida Bicycle Club

NN(904) 777-5025 w nfbc.us

»» The club began in the 1970s as a racing club and evolved into a social

club, known for its rides, cycling advocacy and education, and charity ride and travel teams.

VeloBrew Bicycle Club


»» The competitive cycling club appeals to racers and non-racers. Locally owned ~ Community involved

Jill Mero, Broker/Owner

Selling Jacksonville Real Estate Since 2004

(904) 210-8366 | Jill@MeroRealty.com | MeroRealty.com



904.410.0127 | OrtegaComputerRepair.com


Academy provides players with the opportunity to advance their skills through professional instruction in a great environment.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 95

ЈЈBOATING The Rudder Club

, 8533 Malaga Avenue N

(904) 264-4094



»» This sailing club offers adult sailing classes for members and non-members, a junior sailing program for members and a sailing camp. The club also hosts the River City Regatta every spring and co-hosts the annual Mug Race.

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club

, 2305 Beach Blvd., Suites 110 & 111

NN(904) 536-3475 w jacksonvilledragonboatclub.com

»» This boat club offers residents the opportunity to learn how to paddle in a dragon boats, which are 40 feet long and powered by 20 paddlers, one drummer and a steer.

North Florida Cruising Club

, 3877 Baymeadows Road (meeting location) w nfccsail.com

»» This all volunteer social club is open to anyone interested in the boating and cruising life. Monthly meetings are held every third Thursday of the month.

Freedom Boat Club of Jacksonville and St. Augustine

, 12807 San Jose Blvd. N w

(904) 770-4632 freedomboatclub.com/locations/43-Jacksonville-fl

»» The world’s largest members-only boating club, members have unlimited

access to the home club’s fleet and can reserve a boat using a member-friendly online reservation system.

ЈЈFENCING Jacksonville Fencing Club

, 3955 Riverside Avenue N

(904) 349-5868



»» Open to ages 8 to 98, the Jacksonville Fencing Club offers a variety of opportunities for beginners up to competitive fencers.


Skip working out and start working it. Join our feel-good dance party, and our tribe of all shapes and sizes will cheer you on the whole way. Take unlimited classes in your first 10 days for only $39, with no commitment.

JAZZERCISE JACKSONVILLE WESTSIDE FITNESS CENTER 4555-5 St. Johns Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210 904-388-9734 • jazzjaxwestside@gmail.com • http:// bit.ly/jazzjaxwestsideschedule 47 classes weekly • Folio Weekly’s Best of Jax-Best Gym 7 Formats Including Lo Impact • Childcare • New Facility

96 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈFOOTBALL Jacksonville Jaguars

, 1 TIAA Bank Field Drive N


(904) 633-2000


»» This National Football League team is a member of the American Football

Conference (AFC) South division and has called Jacksonville home since 1995. Home games are played at TIAA Bank Field.

Jacksonville Sharks

, 1000 W. Bay Street N

(904) 621-0700



»» Division championships for all four of its seasons, Jacksonville’s arena

football team plays home games at the Veterans Memorial Arena, also known as Sea Best Field.

Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner

, 214 N. Hogan Street N

(904) 580-4579



»» Serving more than 5,000 football and cheerleaders all across Jacksonville, Pop Warner is a not-for-profit organization consisting of 19 associations throughout the Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville Jaguars


First Coast Fly Fishers


»» The family-oriented fly fishing club is dedicated to promoting the sport of fly fishing, education and resource awareness. The club holds monthly meetings and outings.

Florida Lure Anglers


(904) 602-7825



»» The Jacksonville IceMen play at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The IceMen are members of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League), a mid-level professional ice hockey league with 27 teams.

Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex

, 3605 Philips Hwy. N

(904) 399-3223



»» Equipped with an NHL-sized ice rink, the Sportsplex offers adult and

youth hockey leagues in addition to figure skating lessons through the First Coast Skating Academy.

»» The nonprofit, family-oriented fishing club was founded by professional anglers

with the desire to promote an artificial-only salt water fishing format. The club invites all anglers, especially beginners and offers a series of tournaments each year.

Jacksonville Bass Club

NN(904) 771-4886 w jaxbassclub.com »» The club promotes the enjoyment, mastery and skill of bass fishing through cooperative effort, trust and good fellowship, and promote and encourages youth fishing and a love for the sport. The club holds more than a dozen tournaments each year.

Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club

, Located at the Mayport Boat Ramp w jaxfish.com

»» The sporting association began in 1959 committed to making offshore

fishing in the Jacksonville area more exciting, reliable, safe and beneficial. From its inception, the club pioneered Artificial Reef Building and Maintenance, now a collaborative program with the City of Jacksonville.

St. Johns Bass Anglers

, 7801 Deercreek Club Road. (meeting location) w stjohnsbassanglers.com

»» A member of the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society (B.A.S.S.), the St. Johns

Bass Anglers was founded in 1970 and is the oldest federated bass club in Florida, as well as the fifth oldest in the country.

Jacksonville IceMen



, 300 A Philip Randolph Blvd. N

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 97



Diamond D Training & Boarding

, 5901 Solomon Road N

First Coast Rowing ( Formerly Stanton Riverbank Rowing Club )

(904) 289-9518



»» A family owned and operated equine boarding facility for over 50 years, with

86 stalls, two tack houses, three riding arenas, round pen, pastures, covered was and clip racks, trailer parking and more.

Geddaway Farm

, 5815 Manning Cemetery Road N

(904) 289-7070



»» The facility includes a 32-stall barn, HorseGym treadmill, three rings, and offers training and breeding.

(904) 255-4254



»» Complete with an indoor arena, outdoor show rings and more than 400 stalls, the equestrian center hosts a variety of equine events in addition to other sporting and recreational events.

Windermere Equestrian Center

, 6900 Morse Avenue N

(904) 777-5650


(904) 479-6325 stantonriverbankrowing.wildapricot.org

»» This competitive youth rowing program in Jacksonville is open to any middle or high school student. Since 1994, SRB has won five national titles and more than 100 State Championships.

Jacksonville Rowing Club

, 5920 Arlington Expressway w jaxrow.org

»» The Jacksonville Rowing Club features sculling and sweep rowing programs for

beginners and experienced, recreational and competitive, and youth and adults.

Jacksonville Equestrian Center

, 13611 Normandy Blvd. N

, 645 Cesery Blvd. N



»» Located in Northeast Florida, Windemere Equestrian Center is a full service

facility that resides on roughly 18 acres. Windemere offers a 24-stall indoor barn, two large arenas with outdoor lighting, and a full course of fences.

Evans Rowing Club

, 3120 Julington Creek Road N

(904) 614-9366



»» Open to anyone interested in rowing, this club offers private lessons, a

master’s program for adults, and a competitive youth program for middle and high school ages.

98 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈRUGBY The Sinners Jacksonville Women’s Rugby Football Club


»» The Sinners are a competitive women’s rugby football club established in 2006. The Sinners are an active part of the Jacksonville community, partnering with organizations such as Girls on the Run and the Jacksonville Axemen.

Jacksonville Axemen

NN(904) 514-8503 w


»» Founded in 2006, Jacksonville’s semi-professional rugby league team plays The Juggernauts Jacksonville Touch Rugby


»» An informal club of men and women, the Juggernauts practice on Saturdays at 10 a.m. (April-November) or Sundays at 3 p.m. (December-March) at Alexandria Oaks Park and play on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at the Florida Blue Soccer field, 4800 Deerwood Campus Parkway. Visit the Facebook page for more information. Jacksonville Rugby Football Club

, 8000 Baymeadows Road E. w jaxrugby.org

»» A USA Rugby Men’s Division II Rugby team and member of the Florida Rugby Union, the club competes in the South region of USA Rugby.

Jacksonville Axemen


6111 Colgate Rd., Jacksonville, Florida

(904) 387-0042 TheSafeDepot.com


Mitigation Fertilization Pruning Preservation Palm Trimming Stump Removal Cable Installation Disease Diagnosis DALE LINDER 904.514.4930

Dale.Linder@comcast.net FL-5631A | Licensed & Insured

ty 0 Liber Over 15 in Stock fes da.com Gun sa rthFlori fNo



You’re new to the neighborhood – you’ll need to secure your valuables and work with a trusted company to handle it. Call us today for the installation of a new safe or other products to secure your valuables.

Also Available! 24-Hour Locksmithing Services

2144 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32210


in the USA Rugby League. They play their home games at Hodges Stadium at the University of North Florida

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 99



1st Place Sports Running Club

, 3931 Baymeadows Road N

Jacksonville Armada Football Club

(904) 731-3676



»» Formed in 1996, the club has over 300 members and a competitive racing team. Girls on the Run

, 3986 Boulevard Center Drive, #102 N

(904) 619-6763



»» A twice-a-week running club for girls, the nonprofit also teaches life skills. JTC Running Club

, 1511 McDuff Avenue S. w jtcrunning.com

»» Founded in 1975 as the Jacksonville Track Club, JTC Running is the creator of the Gate River Run and also conducts half a dozen other race events throughout the year.

, 301 A. Philip Randolph Blvd. N (844) 227-6232 w jacksonvillearmada.com

»» Jacksonville’s professional soccer team plays in the North American Soccer League, Division II in the American soccer pyramid, which they joined for the 2015 season.

Armada FC Youth Academy

, 2850 Hodges Blvd. N

(904) 223-3606



»» Originally formed in 1977, today the club consists of three main programs -- recreational, academy and travel (KYX) teams for players aged U5-U19. Florida Elite Soccer Academy

mminfo@FloridaEliteSA.com w floridaelitesa.com

»» Formerly Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club, this academy offers a wide variety of programs for children of all ages and skill levels.

PRS Running Club

m Board@prsrunningclub.com w

Westside Soccer


»» The club hosts races, monthly social events, annual running retreats, and provides scholarships for deserving local high school athletes.

, 4387 Lakeshore Drive w westsidesoccer.org

»» This soccer club offers three distinct programs for children ages 5 to 18: a

select premier program for U11 through U18 players, an academy program for ages U8 through U12 and a recreation program for U5 through U18 players.

Beaches Adult Soccer League

, 3605 Philips Highway N

(904) 395-5525



»» Offers men’s, women’s and co-ed indoor and outdoor leagues for adults in Northeast Florida.





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Elimination & Protection 100% GUARANTEED

Pest Elimination & Protection GUARANTEED 1 Full Year



New customers only. Must present coupon at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/20.

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New customers only. Must present coupon at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/20.

Call for details about our ROACH ELIMINATION SERVICES

Protect your home & family. Rodents can carry over 35 diseases

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OPTION 2 OR 3, FLEA SERVICE New customers only. Must present coupon at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/20.

FREE LAWN SERVICE (12th Service FREE with a 1 Year Contract)

New customers only. Must present coupon at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/20.

100 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

ЈЈSWIMMING AmberJax Swimming

, 4455 Atlantic Blvd. w amberjax.org

»» The

Episcopal AmberJax offers year-round USA Swimming and U.S. Masters Swimming programs in the Jacksonville area. The Episcopal AmberJax swim club is open to all residents of the greater Jacksonville area and swimmers may join at any time during the year.

First Coast YMCA Swimming

Jaxparks Junior Tennis Camp


»» The First Coast YMCA has swim programs for all ages and abilities. The

Ys offer swim lessons for all ages, family swim, competitive swimming teams, and many kinds of adaptive swim programs for kids with special needs.

JaxParks Aquatics

NN(904) 255-7927 w

ЈЈTENNIS Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour

, 201 ATP Tour Blvd N


»» JaxParks offers swimming lessons for ages 6 months and up and adult

classes for ages 21 and up. JaxParks also offers a recreational swim team for ages 17 and under.

(904) 285-8000



»» With its U.S. headquarters here in Northeast Florida, ATP is the governing body

of men’s professional tennis circuits: the ATP World Tour, the ATP Challenger Tour and the ATP Champions Tour, with 62 tournaments in 31 countries.

River City Swim League

Jaxparks Junior Tennis Camp



»» Developed to provide children with a social and competitive summer swimming

»» Campers of all ages and skill levels are welcome at this camp. Children 10 and

program, the league has offers swim teams throughout Northeast Florida.

Splash Jax Swim School

, 1856 Davidson Street N

(904) 608-4775



»» The emphasis of Splash Jax Swim School is to teach proper swim techniques

while learning basic water safety in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes available from age six months and up. The Splash Jax Swim Team competes twice a year and is a great way to prepare for the First Coast Kids Triathlon.

under learn to use tennis equipment and play on a smaller sized court. More advanced children ages 11 through 15 learn serving techniques and game play situations.

ЈЈTRACK AND FIELD Jacksonville Athletic Club

NN(423) 943-5507 w


»» The Jacksonville Athletic Club is a year-round club for track and field athletes. UNF Basketball

Coaching is available for beginners up to post collegiate athletes in a wide range of training opportunities including private lessons, a competitive summer club, fall training, youth training, as well as camps and clinics.

ЈЈVOLLEYBALL Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association

, 8457 Western Way N

(904) 854-2323



»» This volleyball association offers year-round programs for girls and boys ages 5 through 18.

ЈЈUNIVERSITY TEAMS Jacksonville University Dolphins

, 2800 University Blvd. N. N

(904) 256-7400



»» JU sports include men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, rowing and soccer; men’s baseball and football; women’s softball, track and field, and volleyball.

University of North Florida Ospreys

, 1 UNF Drive N

(904) 620-1000



»» UNF has men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, and track and field. There’s also men’s baseball and women’s softball and volleyball.


NN(904) 265-1775 w


2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 101

ЈЈVENUES Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville

, 301 A. Philip Randolph Blvd. N (904) 630-3900 w baseballgroundsjax.com

»» Sitting on more than 9 acres, The Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville includes a 112,000-square-foot field and an 18,400-square foot sky box.

Hodges Stadium

, N. Entrance Road N

(904) 620-2559



»» A multi-purpose, 12,000-seat stadium at the University of North Florida, Hodges Stadium is the home field for the North Florida Ospreys soccer, track and field, and cross country teams, as well as the Jacksonville Armada FC.

Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex

, 3605 Philips Hwy. N

(904) 399-3223



»» Equipped with an NHL-sized ice rink, the Sportsplex offers adult and

youth hockey leagues in addition to figure skating lessons through the First Coast Skating Academy.

Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville

VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

, 300 A. Philip Randolph Blvd. N


(904) 630-3900


»» Built in 2003, this 15,000-seat arena is used for a multitude of sporting and entertainment events.

University of North Florida Arena

, 1 UNF Drive N

(904) 620-4769



»» The 5,800-seat arena serves as site for basketball and volleyball games in addition to other campus events.

TIAA Bank Field

, 1 TIAA Bank Field Drive N TIAA Bank Field


(904) 633-6100



»» Home to the Jaguars, this stadium seats 76,000 and is located in the heart of downtown, adjacent to the St. Johns River.



40,000 sq. ft. of the finest dealers and designers in Florida offering a fabulous and eclectic mixture of inventory that meets the demands of the modern homemaker.


Enjoy a delicious meal and drinks at the Full Circle Eatery located inside.


Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm | (904) 636-8785 | 8101 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32256 | avonleamall.com












Casual Food and Brews to Fine Dining and Sweet Treats Scallop Crudo from Restaurant Orsay: Raw Maine Diver Scallop, red radish, fennel, basil, dill, smoked trout roe, pumpernickel crouton, turmeric buttermilk, Maldon sea salt

2019-2020 | DINING GUIDE | 103

Orsay, Black Sheep, Bellwether

From the moment you arrive, you’ll know there’s something different about this place. With every visit, you can expect a warm, genuine dining experience without pretense. Our fun, bustling atmosphere pairs perfectly with smiling, attentive service — just like a nice bottle of wine shared with friends. First impressions are everything, but the flavors will keep you coming back for more. We are a French bistro incarnated in the American South and our menus feature a mix of traditional Parisian bistro classics, alongside dishes that feature French technique with southern influences. Hours: Mon.-Wed. 4pm-10pm, Thur.-Fri. 4pm-12am, Sat. 11am-12am Sun. 11am-10pm (904) 381-0909 | RestaurantOrsay.com 3630 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205

We are proud to source most of our ingredients from local and regional farmers and purveyors. We believe that this practice fits a more sustainable model that enables us to provide high-quality food that is as fresh as possible. Amazing meats, produce, seafood and dairy products are found throughout Florida and Georgia and we utilize them whenever possible. Hours: Tue.-Sat. 10:30am-10pm, Fri. 10:30am-12am, Sat. 9:30am-12am Sun. 9:30am-10pm (904) 380-3091 | BlackSheep5Points.com 1534 Oak St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

We believe in using ingredients that are grown and sown right here in Northeast Florida. What we can’t source from local vendors we know and trust, we make fresh in our industrial kitchen at BLK SHP. Our made-from-scratch sauces and house-cured meats reflect the commitment to quality that’s kept Black Sheep and Orsay at the forefront of Northeast Florida’s farm-to-table movement. When you dine at Bellwether, you’re supporting local farms, breweries, and bakeries. Hours: Mon. 10:30am-3pm, Tues. 10:30am-7pm, Wed.-Fri. 10:30am-9:30pm Sat. 5pm-9:30pm (904) 802-7745 | BellwetherJax.com 100 N Laura St #100, Jacksonville, FL 32202

104 | DINING GUIDE | 2019-2020

Fired Up Pizza When you have a craving for an authentic, mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza, there’s really only one place to go to satisfy it. At Fired Up Pizza, you’ll enjoy the best Neapolitan pizza made from a recipe that comes straight from Naples, Italy, home of the master pizza maker Attilio Albachiara, a third-generation pizza chef who ships the freshest ingredients monthly to the Murray Hill-based restaurant. The Raikes family, founders of Larry’s Giant Subs, goes to great lengths to serve the best products, from hot and cold subs, soups and salads to handmade wood-fired pies with a special touch – real New York water to make a thin, lightly charred crust critical for classic Neapolitan pizza. Subs are piled high with all-natural, antibiotic-free turkey or grilled chicken breast, from birds raised at Raikes Farms, or all natural, Black Angus USDA choice roast beef, then topped off with fresh produce delivered daily.

And, the best Happy Hour in town can be found at Fired Up Pizza, which offers all premium drinks half-off, complemented by hand-cut fries, wings, hot pretzels and other popular bar items. Enjoy any of the many televisions scattered throughout the restaurant or the outdoor patio that welcomes your furry companion. Voted the best sandwich shop in the Southeastern U.S. year after year, the Raikes family is convinced they’ll soon be receiving the same accolades for handmade pizza because you can’t get any better authentic Italian pizza than at Fired Up in Murray Hill.

(904) 503-5142 @FUPizza @FUPizzaJax 1050 Edgewood Ave South, Jacksonville, Florida 32205 Hours: Fri.-Sat. 10:30am-11pm, Sun. 10:30am-9pm

2019-2020 | DINING GUIDE | 105

Town Hall


Town Hall, located in the historic San Marco Square, is the latest culinary venture from two-time James Beard nominee Chef Tom Gray and features modern American cuisine with a comfortable West Coast vibe. Drawing inspiration from his affinity for developing fresh, layered flavors and using seasonal ingredients from local farms and artisan purveyors, the intimate restaurant is a community gathering spot for sharing good food and drink in good company. Open for dinner nightly and brunch on Sundays. Town Hall offers Happy Hour daily from 4:30 - 6pm and late night Happy Hour on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm - close.

The quest for the best in Japanese cuisine begins at Sushiko in the heart of the Shoppes of Avondale. You’ll find an extensive menu of traditional Japanese fare, made with fresh ingredients and high-quality brand products, plus a full menu of vegan and organic options. Dine in a relaxed East Asian ambiance, which includes a full-service bar, or take out for lunch or dinner. Not sure where to begin? Start with miso soup and any one of several delightful salads, followed by Teppanyaki – hibachi grilled fish, chicken, steak or vegetables, or select one of a dozen entrees from the sushi bar.

(904) 398-0726 | TownHallJax.com 2012 San Marco Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207

(904) 388-5688 | sushikojax.com 3620 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205

European Street Cafe For nearly four decades, European Street Cafe has been serving up award-winning food—and frosty beverages—to appreciative guests throughout Northeast Florida. With more than 100 overstuffed sandwiches, soups, salads and appetizers to choose from, the menu may seem intimidating for first-timers. But with such a variety to choose from, guests are certain to find something to tempt their tastebuds. Popular items include the Blue Max, Croissant Cordon Bleu, Classic Reuben, Raspberry Almond Chicken Salad and their World-Famous Beer Cheese Soup, made in house daily. A variety of vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Brick Restaurant Located in the historic Shoppes of Avondale, Brick Restaurant features eclectic selections with regional inspiration. Brick is a neighborhood favorite with signature dishes embracing a modern take on American Cuisine. Come enjoy our Happy Hour from 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday. We also have Ladies Night every Wednesday night from 6pm-10pm. Patio seating is available all year long and we are pet friendly! We have live music every Friday and Saturday Night beginning around 6:30pm-10:30pm. Also come and check out Goliath and his guitar on Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm. Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Restaurant Hours: Mon.-Thur. 11:00am-10:00pm Fri. 11:00am-11:00pm Sat. 10:00am-11:00pm Sun. 10:00am-9:00pm (904) 387-0606 | BrickOfAvondale.com 3585 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville, Fl 32205

E. Street, as it’s known to regulars, also features one of the most drool-worthy dessert cases in the area with decadent pies, cakes and their renowned 1/4-pound cookies. Vegan desserts are available, as well. Happy Hour, too, is legendary with 2-for-1 drafts and discounts on bottles and wine every day from 2-7 p.m.

Restaurant Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 10:00am-9:00pm Fri.-Sat. 10:00am-10:00pm Riverside - (904) 384-9999 2753 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205 San Marco - (904) 398-9500 1704 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207 EuropeanStreet.com

106 | DINING GUIDE | 2019-2020

Al’s Pizza As a Jacksonville staple for over 30 years, Al’s Pizza combines old world quality, all-fresh ingredients and new world ambiance. Al himself worked in some of New Jersey and New York’s finest pizzerias for 10 years before calling Jacksonville home, and uses only 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh vegetables and house-made dough in his award-winning pizza. A favorite among locals for dining and delivery, Al’s is a place you can go for a glass of wine with friends or take the entire little league team out for a New York style pizza.

Wine Cellar Experience the old-world charm of a French countryside as you dine beneath the shade of a majestic oak tree in our brick-paved garden. Indulge in conversation with friends and colleagues in the quiet elegance of our intimate dining rooms. You’ll quickly discover why Wine Cellar has been a favorite among locals since 1974. While constantly evolving with eclectic, new world dishes, the Wine Cellar continues to offer the Classic Continental Cuisine so loved by patrons over the years.

Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:00am - 2:15pm Dinner: Mon.-Sat. 5:00am - 10:00pm (904) 398-8989 | WineCellarJax.com 1314 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207

The Mossfire Grill Riverside: (904) 388-8384 1620 Margaret St., Jacksonville, FL 32204 Mon.-Sun. 11:00am-10:00pm Baymeadows: (904) 731-4300 8060 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Mon.-Sat. 11:00am-10:00pm | Sun. 11:00am-9:00pm AlsPizza.com

Spicy, fresh, fun – and there’s the food. Mossfire Grill is not your typical restaurant and it’s not your typical bar. Relax and indulge in Southwestern cuisine with a sophisticated, ecletic flare. Everything here is made from scratch with an amped-up blend of New American and Southwestern traditions. So whether it’s a cozy corner in the downstairs dining area or the lively upstairs bar, Mossfire has just the food to match your mood. Restaurant Hours: Mon. Closed, Tue.-Thurs. 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun. 11:00am-9:00pm Brunch: Sun. 11:00am-3:00pm Happy Hour: Tue.-Sun. 3:00pm-7:00pm (904) 355-4434 | Mossfire.com | 1537 Margaret Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

2019-2020 | DINING GUIDE | 107

River & Post River & Post has become one of the most sought-after experiences in the city’s dining landscape. Proud to call Riverside home, River & Post offers a dining atmosphere like no other. From the 250-seat restaurant to the 9th floor rooftop lounge, some of the most unique cocktails in town are handcrafted daily while locally sourced menu selections from land and sea are sure to please any palate. At the corner of Riverside Avenue and Post Street, the aptly named River & Post is a culinary driven restaurant in a warm, modern setting where guests are captivated with quality ingredients, impeccable service and memorable accommodations for any occasion. From the relaxed interior vibe with its nautical décor to an outdoor dining patio that puts you in

mind of European street cafés, you might be ready to settle in for the evening, but after an enjoyable dinner, there’s more to explore. In the rooftop lounge overlooking downtown Jacksonville with a view straight down the gorgeous St. Johns River, past the neon glow of the stadium and on up to Dames Point, you’ll enjoy unparalleled sunsets and there’s not a better seat in town when fireworks are on display. It’s also quickly become a spectacular backdrop for those looking to pop the big question. Yes, initially, you’ll come for the view, but you’ll come back for the flavors and outstanding service. Unique specials and dishes are created by souschefs every day, serving up steaks and seafood with a regional twist.

Restaurant Hours: Mon. 4:00pm-10:00pm, Tues.-Sun. 11:00am-10:00pm Rooftop opens Mon.-Fri. at 4:00pm and Sat.-Sun. at 11:00am. Full appetizer and charcuterie menus offered.

(904) 575-2366 | RiverAndPostJax.com | Events@riverandpostjax.com | 1000 Riverside Ave #100, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

108 | DINING GUIDE | 2019-2020

Mudville Grille Since 1994, The Mudville Grille has been Jacksonville, Florida’s favorite family sports bar and grill, and we have our loyal patrons to thank for that! We pride ourselves on great food, great atmosphere, and most importantly, great service. We invite you to come in today to experience the Mudville difference!

El Jefe Tex-Mex Authentic. Bold. Delicious. There are no better words to describe the dining experience at El Jefe Tex-Mex. The Murray Hill restaurant serves true borderland cooking that mixes the best of both cuisines, from appetizers (hot tamales, flautas and nachos, for example) to soups and salads (the posole verde is a must) to taste-bud tempting tacos, enchiladas and fajitas and mucho más! For the best meal, start with a fresh margarita or a draft beer, then top it off with postres (that’s dessert for the gringos) to satisfy the sweet tooth. You’ll be back for more! Restaurant Hours: Mon.-Thur. 11:00am-9:30pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun. 11:00am-9:30pm Happy Hour: Mon.-Sun. 3:00pm-6:00pm (904) 619-0938 | ElJefeJax.com | 947 Edgewood Ave S., Jacksonville FL 32205

• Family Owned and Operated • Daily Food Specials • Full Liquor Bar • Safe Environment and Games For Kids • Banquet Room Available That Can Accommodate Up To 120 People • We Support Our Local Schools and Businesses By Giving Back To The Jacksonville Community • We Use Fresh, Local Produce From the Farmer’s Market

Restaurant Hours: Mon.-Wed. 10:30am-10:00pm Thur. 10:30am-11:00pm Fri.-Sat. 10:30am-12:00am Sun. 10:30am-9:00pm (904) 398-4326 | TheMudvilleGrill.com 3105 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Fl 32207

River City Brewing Company River City Brewing Company is Jacksonville’s premier riverfront restaurant located on the Southbank of downtown Jacksonville. The casually elegant 245-seat main dining room overlooks the beautiful St. John’s River and the skyline of downtown Jacksonville. The menu offer dishes including fresh seafood, steaks, pasta and Chef ’s Daily Specials. RCBC offers one of the most unique sites for special events, social or corporate, wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Bridge Room and The Acosta Ballroom have a combined seating of 360 guests. Catering Menus are available for Breakfast, Lunch, Hors D’oeuvres Receptions and Dinner. All event details are coordinated as a complete, one-stop, all-inclusive package by our amazing catering staff.

Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11:00am-3:00pm Sat. 11:30am-3:00pm Dinner: Mon.-Thur. 4:00pm-9:30pm Fri.-Sat. 4:00pm-10:00pm Brunch Buffet: Sun. 10:30am-2:30pm (904) 398-2299 | RiverCityBrew.com 835 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32207

110 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Not sure what to do? There’s always something to see and do in Jax “Jax! It’s Easier Here,” or so says our official travel website, Visit Jacksonville, but you don’t have to be a visitor to appreciate the motto. Enjoying Jacksonville is easy – that is, if you love a place with warm and inviting historical neighborhoods, plus a vibrant downtown, rich with art, culture and entertainment for a wide variety of interests.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 111


For more community events visit residentnews.net/calendar

Art Walk

Jacksonville Jewish Food Festival

Riverside/Avondale Luminaria

, Hemming Park

, Congregation Ahavath Chesed

, Throughout Riverside and Avondale

w jacksonvilleartwalk.com { First Wednesday of each month

w thetemplejacksonville.org { Annually in May

w riversideavondale.org/luminaria { Annually the Sunday evening before Christmas

»» Held rain or shine, Art Walk spans more than 15 blocks of artists, street performers, live music, and cultural venues surrounding Hemming Park.

»» Billed as “Nosh ‘til You Drop,” the annual festival

»» One of Riverside and Avondale’s premier

N (904) 634-0303, Ext. 222

N (904) 733-7078

features dozens of restaurants and caterers, kids zone, raffle and food just like Bubbe used to make.

Blue Angels Sea & Sky Airshow

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade

, Jacksonville Beach or

, The Jacksonville Landing

Naval Air Station Jacksonville w blueangels.navy.mil/show/ { Annually in late October/early November, alternating venues

»» A dynamic air show over the ocean or the St.

Johns River, starring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

Christmas in Avondale

, The Shoppes of Avondale w shoppesofavondale.com { Annually in December

»» Three blocks in the heart of Avondale are

dedicated to kicking off the holiday season with street vendors, artists, live music, performances and more while local businesses keep their doors open late.

Gingerbread Extravaganza

, Old St. Andrews, 317 A. Philip Randolph Blvd.

N (904) 665-0064

w jaxhistory.org { Annually in December

»» A fundraiser for the Jacksonville Historical

Society, the display of gingerbread creations wows all ages with creativity and ingenuity, setting the mood for a delightful holiday season.

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Festival

, Metropolitan Park Marina

N (904) 536-3475

w jacksonvilledragonboatfestival.com { Annually in late summer/early fall

»» The annual event is a fundraiser for In the

Pink, a nonprofit which serves the needs of breast cancer survivors.

Jacksonville Greek Festival

, Morocco Shrine Auditorium w jaxgreekfest.com { Annually in February

»» Family-friendly event includes traditional

Greek food, music and vendors with handmade crafts and more.

Jacksonville Jazz Festival

, Downtown Jacksonville

N (904) 630-3690

w jacksonvillejazzfest.com { Annually over Memorial Day weekend

»» Local enthusiasts and aficionados from

around the world unite at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival to celebrate the music, art, and culture of America’s music!

N (904) 353-1188 w visitjacksonville.com { Annually on the Saturday following Thanksgiving »» A holiday tradition for more than 30 years, local boater deck their decks with lights and holiday decorations as they compete for “best in category.” A dazzling fireworks display from the Main Street and Acosta Bridges follows the parade.

Memorial Day Concert & Picnic in the Park

, Memorial Park

w memparkjax.org { Annually on Memorial Day

»» Held in Riverside’s beloved park, the event features the U.S. Navy Band Southeast.

Riverside Arts Market

, 715 Riverside Ave.

N (904) 389-2449

w riversideartsmarket.com { Every Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

»» Rain or shine, dozens of small businesses, from artists to farmers to makers and bakers, sell their wares under the Fuller Warren Bridge.

N (904) 389-2449

celebrations, the event was established to commemorate the season by walking along the candle-lit sidewalk to social events with friends.

San Marco Holiday Luminaria

, San Marco Square

N (904) 396-4734

w smpsjax.com { Annually the Saturday evening before Christmas

»» The neighborhood is filled with holiday cheer

and neighborly hospitality set to the warm glow of light from luminaria lanterns lining the streets.

112 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

San Marco Theatre


, 19 N. Ocean Street N (904) 434-3475 w 1904musichall.com

»» Built in 1904 with 17-foot ceilings, brick walls, rustic wooden columns, the 1904 Music Hall lends itself to performances, parties and other events. Florida Theatre

, 128 E. Forsyth Street N (904) 355-5661 w floridatheatre.com

»» First opened in 1927, the almost-2,000 seat theatre provides not just great Friday Musicale

Jack Rabbits

, 645 Oak Street N (904) 355-7584 w fridaymusicale.com

, 1528 Hendricks Ave. N (904) 398-7496 w jaxlive.com

»» The Friday Musicale offers legendary performances as well as provides

»» An intimate live music venue founded in 1999, a hidden gem in the historic

programs by and for children.

neighborhood of San Marco, Jack Rabbits showcases all genres of music by original artists.

Murray Hill Theatre

, 932 Edgewood Avenue S. N (904) 388-3179 w murrayhilltheatre.com

»» Wholesome Christian ministry and music in an alcohol-, drug- and

smoke-free venue, the Christian Rock nightclub provides a positive place with a Christian atmosphere for everyone.


, 2952 Roosevelt Blvd. N (904) 619-9978 w nighthawksjax.com Murray Hill Theatre

»» A live music venue located in the historic neighborhood of Riverside.


Florida Theatre

entertainment all year long, but also a full bar along with sodas, water, and light snacks.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 113


, 1996 San Marco Blvd. N (904) 396-4845 w sanmarcotheatre.com

»» The 1938 Art Deco classic, single-screen cinema offers tempting snacks, including freshly made pizzas, sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, great beer and wine, along with tables between the seats for food and drinks.

Theatre Jacksonville

Sun-Ray Cinema

, 1028 Park Street (5 Points) N (904) 359-0049 w sunraycinema.com

»» A local theater showing independent and major release movies, and serving delicious sandwiches, locally-made candy, beer – including local brews, wine and pizza.

Theatre Jacksonville

, 2032 San Marco Blvd. N (904) 396-4425 w theatrejax.com

»» Since 1919, Theatre Jacksonville has been “the little theatre with the

big voice.” An annual theatre camp engages children in four weeks of professionally-led classes in acting, musical theatre, dance, and improvisation, culminates in a show by the campers.



, 630 May Street N (904) 353-3500 w theatreworksjax.com

»» For over 35 years, the nonprofit Theatreworks, Inc. has provided the best national and international touring theatre available to school-age children in a seven-county area. All shows include curriculum-oriented study guides and are meant to inspire and educate.

The Ritz Theatre and Museum

, 829 N. Davis Street N (904) 807-2013 w ritzjacksonville.com Sun-Ray Cinema

»» There is always an exhibition, music, dance or a dramatic performance inside the Ritz that will enthrall, educate and entertain.

Located in the Shoppes of Old Ortega 4208 Oxford Ave. • Jacksonville FL 32210 • (904) 387-7002 Visit Gardners of Ortega on Facebook

114 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

ЈЈMUSEUMS Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

, 829 Riverside Avenue N (904) 356-6857 w cummermuseum.org

»» The gardens feature brick paths and landscaping that show off a collection of fine Italian marble garden ornaments, while inside the museum is a permanent collection, which spans time from 2100 B.C. through the 21st Century.

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

, 333 N. Laura Street N (904) 366-6911 w mocajacksonville.org

»» Visitors are greeted by an Art Deco façade and, once inside, are treated to over 1,000 works of photography, sculpture, painting, and more, all created from 1960 through the present.

Museum of Science and History

, 1025 Museum Circle N (904) 396-6674 w themosh.org

»» The Museum of Science and History offers the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, the largest digital single-lens planetarium in the U.S.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Museum of Southern History

, 4304 Herschel Street N (904) 388-3574 w museumsouthernhistory.com

»» Dedicated to the lifestyles, culture, and history of the Antebellum South, the museum’s exhibits include “Stonewall” Jackson’s original shoulder epaulettes and one of three flags that draped Abraham Lincoln’s casket during the Lincoln burial-train tour.


»» Explore the convergence of art, technology and creative entrepreneurs inside

a 22,000 sq. ft warehouse in Jacksonville’s Arts District. Founded in 2017, the contemporary art gallery’s goal is to represent new and emerging artists in the new contemporary art movement.

tag! Children’s Museum of St. Augustine

, 76 Dockside Drive, St. Augustine N (904) 647-1757 w tagmuseum.org

»» One of the country’s emerging children’s museums, tag! offers workshops Museum of Science and History

and camps to paint, sculpt, design puppets, program robots, create costumes, weave and discover the fun of science explorations.


, 2670 Phyllis Street m Info@spacefortytwo.com w spacefortytwo.com

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 115

ЈЈMUSIC, DANCE & THEATER GROUPS The 5 & Dime Theatre Company

, 112 E. Adams St. N (904) 881-7503 w the5anddime.org

»» The 5 & Dime is a nonprofit consisting of an all-volunteer cast and staff. The Alhambra Theatre and Dining

, 12000 Beach Blvd. N (904) 641-1212 w alhambrajax.com

»» Built in 1967, the Alhambra Theatre and Dining is one of the few remaining

dinner theaters in America, and includes the Library Lounge, the perfect place to unwind with a drink before or after a show.

All Beaches Experimental Theatre

, 544 Atlantic Blvd. N (904) 249-7177 w abettheatre.com

»» The nonprofit emphasizes new and original plays and neglected classics, and on developing new talent.

All Beaches Experimental Theatre

FSCJ Artist Series

N (904) 442-2929 w artistseriesjax.org »» The FSCJ Artist Series invites visitors to experience national and

international Broadway and cultural performing arts programs in Jacksonville. Operated by the Florida State College Foundation, Inc., the program includes scene study, music, movement, dance, makeup and more.

The Florida Ballet

, 300 E. State Street #E N (904 353-7518 w floridaballet.org

»» Founded in 1978, the Florida Ballet is a facility with three large sprung-floor studios, dressing rooms, and a professional sound system, where dancers can study amateur through professional dancing with correct technical training and guidance toward a proper work ethic.

The Florida Ballet

ARTISTS, ARTISANS, FARMERS, MAKERS RAM is the place to find locally made items and experience the arts and culture of Jacksonville. SNAP Accepted

116 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Jacksonville Symphony


, 300 Water Street N (904) 354-5547 w jaxsymphony.org

»» The Jacksonville Symphony, currently led by Music Director Courtney

Lewis, has hosted such greats as Isaac Stern, Luciano Pavarotti and Itzhak Perlman, to name just a few. The Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra serves over 270 school-age musicians from elementary through early college in six ensemble levels.

Mad Cowford Improv

, Northstar Substation 119 E. Bay Street N (904) 233-2359 w madcowford.com

»» Improve your improv with Mad Cowford’s 8-week workshops for all levels

Ritz Chamber Music Society

of performer from beginning to advanced.

Players by the Sea

Ritz Chamber Music Society

, 106 6th Street N. N (904) 249-0289 w playersbythesea.org

, 300 Water Street, Suite 200 N (904) 472-4270 w ritzchamberplayers.org

»» Local playwrights, solo performance artists and groups of young actors bring

»» The Ritz Chamber Music Society and Ritz Chamber Players endeavor to foster

personal projects which provide excitement and enrichment in addition to the balance of traditional and contemporary works offered in the Main stage and Studio Seasons.

the appreciation of chamber music through performances and educational outreach featuring preeminent African-American musicians and composers.

Riverside Fine Arts

, 1100 Stockton Street N (904) 389-6222 w riversidefinearts.org

»» Riverside Fine Arts shares cultural experiences through presentations at various locations. Project Listen provides free educational outreach for the youth in Jacksonville by local and visiting musicians, including performances for children and seniors along with master-class music workshops.

San Marco Chamber Music Society

, 3976 Hendricks Avenue N (904) 731-1310 w sanmarcochambermusic.org Mad Cowford Improv

»» The San Marco Chamber Music Society offers free concerts, many of which are fundraisers to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 117

ЈЈOTHER THINGS TO DO Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

, 1445 Millcoe Road m info@jacksonvillearboretum.org w

»» The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a 120-acre property with seven

trails, benches, board walks, and picnic tables in the Arboretum, all built by volunteers from the community.

Jax Ale Trail

, 208 N. Laura Street N (904) 798-9111 w jaxaletrail.com Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Jax Ale Trail

»» Not only does Jacksonville have one of only five Budweiser Breweries in the

country that’s opened for tours, we also have a thriving craft brewery scene. There are eight local craft breweries on the Jax Ale Trail and Jax Beer Week is celebrated each fall.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

, 370 Zoo Parkway N (904) 757-4463 w jacksonvillezoo.org

»» More than one million visitors visit this 117-acre zoo and garden each year, marveling at over 2,000 animals and 1,000 plants in its collection.

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens


30 Years Experience 12 Years in Business 4228 St. Johns Avenue - located near Historic Avondale in the Fairfax area | 904.575.4930

118 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Quick Day Trips and Weekend Destinations Jacksonville proper is so large – the largest city in the continental United States with more than 840 square miles, in fact – that newcomers and visitors may be tempted to never leave the city/county lines. And, there certainly is a lot to see and do right here at home. But, one of the other really great features about Jacksonville is that it is perfectly situated to take advantage of a wide variety of day and weekend trips up and down the east coast of Georgia and Northeast Florida. From history to resort play, nature to outdoor active lifestyle, anyone can escape for the day or a few days of fun, education and exercise. In this issue of Historic Life, we start at the northernmost destination, then head to the southernmost destination for a day or weekend trip. Step outside Jacksonville’s door and see all that’s available on our beautiful coastline!

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 119

Northeast Coast, Georgia - Cruising U.S. 17 and I-95 SAVANNAH 2 hours | I-95 to Exit 99A at I-16 E Whether you have one day or several, Savannah is more than worth the interstate drive. The Historic District’s 22 historic squares are walkable/bikeable and bring back memories of the movie Forrest Gump, and book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Take a guided walking tour or horse-drawn carriage ride to get a feel for the unique town plan laid out in 1733 by James Oglethorpe. Savannah’s famous Forsyth Park is the largest park.

Savannah is also known for its cemeteries. Check out the Bonaventure Cemetery, which also appeared in the Midnight movie. Wander from the historic squares down to historic River Street for an easy stroll along shops and restaurants housed in former cotton warehouses along the Savannah River, as well as Factors Walk on the bluff above River Street. If you have more than a day, there is much to see and do within 30 minutes

driving of Savannah. Twenty minutes south is Wormsloe Historic Site, home to the oldest standing structure in Savannah, built in 1745 of tabby, and at the end of an avenue of large live oaks. You may choose to rent a bike and attack McQueen’s Island Trail, a six-mile trail that winds through white sands and cordgrass 10 miles east of Savannah. For a true Savannah experience, stay overnight in Historic Downtown. Lots of great restaurants are available as well.

120 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Georgia’s 15 Barrier Islands The coast of Georgia is about 100 miles long and includes 15 barrier islands. Nine of these islands are accessible to the general public, four of which (Jekyll, St. Simons, Sea and Tybee) are accessible by car. The rest require transportation by boat and offer unspoiled natural escapes. The barrier islands extend along the Atlantic Coast from Ossabaw Island near Savannah all the way down to Cumberland Island, near Florida. CUMBERLAND ISLAND

{{38 miles northeast of Jacksonville

,,Accessible only by ferry or private boat

»» Take the National Park Service ferry from St. Marys, Georgia, stopping at

both the Dungeness Dock and the Sea Camp Dock. Cumberland can also be accessed through Fernandina Beach, via the vessel operated by The Greyfield Inn. The island has no commercial enterprises except for the small, exclusive Greenfield Inn. Overnight visitors may camp at the island’s wilderness sites or at Sea Camp. The only way to get around is by foot or bicycle or you may enjoy the Lands and Legacies Tour.


{{20 miles south of Savannah

,,Only accessible by boat

» » This island offers white sand beaches, oak-shrouded byways and

freshwater ponds favored by shorebirds, alligators and wild boar. Don’t miss viewing the exterior of the 1926, pink-hued, Spanish-styled mansion, home of Elizabeth “Sandy” Torrey West until recently. To visit, take a day trip by boat, plan overnight stays by arrangement with the Ossabaw Island Foundation or arrange hunting trips with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


{{2 hours, 45 minutes

,,I-95 to Exit 49 at GA-251 S

»» Sapelo still bears evidence of the Paleo-Indians who lived here some

4,500 years ago and is home to the Geechee, direct descendants of African slaves who speak a blend of English and various African languages. This rapidly dwindling community maintains many traditional African practices, including the making of sweetgrass baskets and the use of herbal medicines made from recipes passed down for generations, ring shouts, and Gospel choirs. Sapelo Island is only accessible by passenger ferry. While there, visit the R.J. Reynolds Mansion.


{{30 minutes southeast of Savannah

,,U.S. 80 E/Islands Expressway

»» Get your fill of outside play on Tybee Island – surfing, dolphin tours, ecology trips and jet skis – and history: Tybee Lighthouse and Museum and Ft. Pulaski. Kayak from Tybee Island to Little Tybee Island, an uninhabited barrier island accessible only by water.


{{14 miles southeast of Savannah

,,Only accessible by boat

»» Wassaw Island is a deserted island southeast of Savannah accessible only

by private or chartered boat. Spend the day on its seven miles of wilderness beach, but plan to leave by sundown. Private boats and charters can depart from Skidaway Island, which is 2 hours, 24 minutes from Jacksonville.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 121

Golden Isles, Georgia Only one hour from Jacksonville, Brunswick is the gateway to the Golden Isles, the last of the three accessible barrier islands in Georgia. To visit Sea Island and St. Simons Island take the F.J. Torres Causeway. Jekyll Island is south of town, across the Lanier Bridge, then south on GA-520.


{{1 hour, 30 minutes

,,I-95 N to Exit 29 at GA-520 E/U.S. 17 N; continue on GA-520 E Dr

»» Jekyll Island is a living historic site that

offers a 90-minute historic district tour with entry into two of the cottages, filled with rich tales and elegant furnishings, and the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. The club opened its doors in January 1881 and quickly became a retreat for some of the world’s wealthiest families. Families with names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Pulitzer, and Baker built elegant cottages designed for comfort in Victorian architectural styles. Jekyll is more than historical, however. Plan to visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Summer Waves Water Park, Jekyll Island Golf Club and take dolphin cruises.


{{1 hour, 45 minutes

,,I-95 N to Exit 29 at GA-520 E/U.S. 17 N;

follow U.S. 17 N, F.J. Torras Causeway and Demere Rd

»» Sea Island is well-known for its resort experience, with two of the

top five resorts and one of the top five hotel spas in the United States. Added to that are an extensive list of engaging nature adventures and recreational experiences – truly something for all interests and ages. Located on the southeast coast of Georgia, Sea Island features five miles of private beach, a beach club, tennis and squash centers, yacht club, shooting school, and Camp Cloister. It is home to three championship golf courses, as well as a golf performance center. Visitors may also enjoy nearby Broadfield, a Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge, offering a variety of seasonal hunting, fishing, sporting and organic culinary opportunities.


{{1 hour, 30 minutes

,,I-95 N to Exit 29 at GA-520 E/U.S. 17 N; continue on U.S. 17 N, F.J. Torras Causeway and Kings Way

»» Grab a trolley tour or take an ecological

tour on a retired shrimp boat. Visit the St. Simons Lighthouse and climb to the top for an aerial view of St. Simons. Bike riding is a great way to see the island’s pretty beach cottages. Take a tour of Christ Church at Frederica and cemetery, one of the oldest churches in Georgia. Worship has been continuous since 1736 in Christ Church Parish, established by English colonists at Frederica under General James Oglethorpe.

122 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020


{{30 minutes

,,Go east on Atlantic, Beach or J Turner Butler Blvd

Atlantic Beach has two miles of white sandy beach with 18 ocean beach accesses. In addition to the beach, the city has 65 acres dedicated to parks, including the Dutton Island Preserve on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Neptune Beach has a comfortable, casual and laid-back atmosphere that causes people of all ages to flock here to enjoy the beach. The hard-packed sand is great for cycling and the surf is super for the avid surfer. The inviting, pedestrian friendly area offers many boutiques, fitness centers, restaurants and two oceanfront hotels in close proximity.

Jacksonville Beach offers lots of activities for adults and families. Of course, it has sun, sand, ocean waves for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, diving, boating and fishing. Kids of all ages will love Adventure Landing. History buffs will enjoy Beaches Museum & History Park. Golfers and tennis players will enjoy the Jacksonville Beach Golf Club and Players-By-The-Sea, which has produced outstanding local theatre experiences for more than 50 years.

»» If you have less than a day for an

adventure, our very own Jacksonville Beaches are just 30 minutes or less away. Each beach area – Atlantic, Neptune and Jacksonville – has its own personality and offers lots to do for all ages.


Northeast Coast, Florida - Cruising A1A

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 123


{{30 minutes

,, Travel toward the Beaches and go north on Mayport Rd to Wonderwood Dr

»» Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park offers some of the most scenic and popular trails in Northeast Florida. It has more than 13 miles of off-road bike trails, four miles of scenic hiking trails, a playground and a zip line. RV, tent and rustic cabin camping are available. Dolphin Plaza is oceanfront and ideal for family reunions, wedding receptions or corporate outings.


{{40 minutes

,, FL-115S, FL-133N/Southside Connector and I-295 N to Exit 41 at Heckscher Dr

»» Big Talbot Island State Park is primarily a natural preserve providing

a premier location for nature study, bird-watching, photography, hiking, boating, kayaking and a guided paddle tour. Visit The Bluffs and enjoy a picnic at one of the pavilions overlooking the water or take a quick stroll down the trail to Boneyard Beach. The unique beach is famous for the salt-washed skeletons of live oak and cedar trees that once grew near the shore. Bring a bicycle, inline skates or a stroller and enjoy the 2.9-mile off road paved multi-use Timucuan Trail that runs parallel to A1A. Little Talbot Island is one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier islands in Northeast Florida. Maritime forests, desert-like dunes and undisturbed salt marshes on the western side of the island allow for hours of nature study and relaxation. The diverse habitats in the park host a wealth of wildlife for viewing, including river otters, marsh rabbits, bobcats and a variety of native and migratory birds.


{{40 minutes

,, FL-115S, FL-133N/Southside Connector and I-295 N to Exit 41 at Heckscher Dr

»» A site of human occupation for over 5,000 years, Fort George Island was

named for a 1736 fort built to defend the southern flank of Georgia when it was a colony. Today´s visitors come for boating, fishing, off-road bicycling, and hiking. A key attraction is the restored Ribault Club. Once an exclusive resort, it is now a visitor center. Behind the club, small boats, canoes, and kayaks can be launched on the tidal waters. History buffs will appreciate the Kingsley Plantation. During Florida’s plantation period (1763-1865), Fort George Island was owned by many planters. The site name comes from one of those owners, Zephaniah Kingsley, who lived there from 1814 to 1837. You can explore the grounds at Kingsley Plantation, which include the slave quarters, barn, waterfront, plantation house, kitchen house and interpretive garden.


{{1 hour, 15 minutes

,, I-95 N to Exit 373 at FL-200/Florida A1A S/The Buccaneer Trail

»» On Amelia Island at Florida’s northernmost coastal border, Fernandina

Beach received its first European visitor in 1562. Fernandina Beach took its name from the Spanish. The island came into British possession in 1763, with the Treaty of Paris; then, 20 years later, the Second Treaty of Paris ceded it back to Spain. The town of Fernandina was plotted in 1811 and named after King Ferdinand VII of Spain. The Victorian courthouse, built in 1891 and located in the heart of town on Centre Street, is the oldest county courthouse in Florida that is still in use.

124 | HISTORIC LIFE | 2019-2020

Northeast Coast, Florida - Cruising A1A [Cont.] ST. JOHN’S COUNTY NORTH AND SOUTH BEACHES

,,Go south on A1A

wwVisit www.sjcfl.us/Beaches/ for current information

»» Access to the beaches and ocean along the 22 miles between Ponte Vedra

Beach and Vilano is available at 14 walkovers in Ponte Vedra Beach, one walkover at Micklers Landing, four at Guana Tolomato Matanzas national Estuarine Research Reserve Environmental Education Center, one at South Ponte Vedra Park, four at Usina Beach, one at North Beach Park, two at Surfside Park and one each at Vilano Beach and Porpoise Point. • Micklers Landing offers horseback riding, sunbathing, and fishing on its coquina beach. Vehicle and horse trailer parking is available. Horseback riding requires a special permit from Beach Services. Lifeguards are staffed seasonally. • Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve Environmental Education Center and Guana River State Park offer excellent educational opportunities, hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. Just across A1A from the education center are beautiful coquina beaches where the occasional Right Whale sighting may take place. These beaches are also a popular spot for some quiet time while beachcombing. • South Ponte Vedra Park has covered picnic areas overlooking the beautiful coquina landscape while the beach provides sunbathing, fishing, beach-combing, and many wonders to enjoy. Parking is available as well as restrooms. • Usina Beach offers parking.


• North Beach Park has a pedestrian bridge to the beach, picnic pavilion, playground, parking and bathrooms.

{{1 hour, 10 minutes

• Surfside Park is a popular spot for sunbathing, picnicking and fishing with a gazebo and bathrooms. Driving is allowed for properly permitted 4x4 vehicles only.

»» The world’s first oceanarium, Marineland, opened in 1938 as “Marine

• Vilano Beach offers sunbathing, beach driving, surfing, fishing and spotting bottlenose dolphins, least tern birds and manatee. Lifeguards are seasonal. • Porpoise Point is a popular beach launch for kayaks and personal watercraft.

,,I-95 S to Exit 305 at FL-206 E to A1A S or take A1A S directly

Studios.” Now a dolphin conservation center, Marineland Dolphin Adventure offers a number of ways to interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, as well as hands-on exhibits and educational programs to inspire and connect guests with marine life.


{{1 hour, 10 minutes

,,I-95 S to Exit 305 at FL-206E to A1A S or take A1A S directly

»» The formal gardens are the centerpiece of the park, with remarkable

displays of native and exotic plant species such as azaleas, camellias, and bird of paradise, as well as lots of opportunities for birding. Washington Oaks is also famous for the unique shoreline of coquina rock formations that line its Atlantic beach. Picnic and fish from either the beach or the seawall along the Matanzas River. Hike and bicycle and check out the Visitor Center. Annual events include an Earth Day Celebration, Holiday in the Gardens, saltwater fishing clinics, First Friday garden and history walks and Second Saturday plant Sales.


{{45 minutes

,,I-95 south to exit 323 at International Golf Parkway

»» The World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum, located at World Golf Village,

celebrates the game of golf through engaging, interactive storytelling and exhibitions featuring artifacts, works of art, audio, video and photography significant to the history of golf and its members. Originating in Pinehurst, N. Carolina in 1974, the Hall of Fame opened in its new location in St. Augustine in 1998, and provides a unique vacation destination with two championship golf courses, high-end accommodations and several other amenities.

2019-2020 | HISTORIC LIFE | 125


{{45 minutes , Take A1A S to the Vilano Causeway or US 1 S or I-95 S to Exit 318 at FL-16 E

 The oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine

is known for its Spanish colonial architecture as well as beaches such as St. Augustine Beach and tranquil Crescent Beach. Anastasia State Park is a protected wildlife sanctuary. St. Augustine has been home to natives and foreigners, colonials and pilgrims, soldiers and prisoners, slaves and free blacks, merchants and industrialists. Through battle, economic progress,

and political strife, the coquina foundation of St. Augustine has been left unconquered. Its many attractions make St. Augustine more than a one-day visit, and its close proximity to Jacksonville makes returning often easy. Visit military forts, stately castles, and Gilded Age hotels. Explore a spiraling lighthouse, scenic nature trails and tranquil beaches. Hear the sounds of the city, from horse hoofs on cobblestone to the roar of

cannon fire. Explore fascinating museums or take a scary ghost tour. Historical reenactments, recreations, artifacts and relics can be found on every corner, bringing to life the timeless stories of other eras. The St. Augustine Aquarium and Snorkel Adventure offers an 80,000-gallon Snorkel Adventure, an interactive Shark & Stingray Cove, Seahorse and Hands-on habitats.




, State Rd. A1A North Anastasia State Park

, 300 Anastasia Park Rd. St. Augustine

Big Talbot Island State Park State Rd. A1A North

Blue Spring State Park

, 2100 W. French Avenue Orange City

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

, 1 South Castillo Dr. St. Augustine

Fort Clinch State Park

, 2601 Atlantic Ave. Fernandina Beach

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

, State Rd. A1A North Fort Mantanzas National Monument

, 8635 A1A South St. Augustine

Huguenot Memorial State Park

, 10980 Heckscher Dr. Ichetucknee Springs State Park

, 12087 SW U.S. Highway 27 Fort White

Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park

, 7000 Roosevelt Blvd.

near Jacksonville NAS

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

ЈЈDOG PARKS Confederate Playground Dog Park

,, 949 Hubbard St.

John Gorrie Dog Park at Riverside Park

, 500 Wonderwood Dr.

,,753 Park St.

Little Talbot Island State Park

,, 210 Davis Park Rd., Ponte Vedra

Atlantic Beach

, 12157 Heckscher Dr. Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park

, 5815 Battlefield Trail Rd. Olustee

The Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, Fort Caroline National Memorial

, 12713 Fort Caroline Rd.

Leashed dogs are permitted on the following beaches in Duval County

Atlantic Beach Dogs allowed year-round, before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Paws Dog Park

Huguenot Memorial Park

Paws Dog Park at Treaty Park

Dogs are allowed in the campsite area only and must not be left unattended at any time. Dogs are not allowed on the beaches at any time.

Paws Park at Veterans Park

Dogs allowed year-round, before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Paws Dog Park at Wingate Park

There is a two-dog limit. The park is open from dusk till dawn, year-round.

,,1595 Wildwood Dr., St. Augustine ,,1332 Veterans Pkwy, St. Johns County ,,468 Penman Rd S, Jacksonville Beach Tails for Trails

,, Inside Nocatee Community Park

Jacksonville Beach Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Neptune Beach Dogs are allowed year-round, before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

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