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At RESIDENTIAL LEASING GROUP INC. we do relocation and settling in differently. Our company Relocation Division specializes in corporate relocation and transition services supporting corporate Calgary’s Human Resource Departments with their incoming and outgoing relocation programs in addition to expat employee support services Since 1995 our Associates and Relocation Specialists have been trained to be transition specialists during what is often seen as a stressful time. Simply put, we make the process of relocation and acclimating to your new home as comfortable as possible.

Coming or Going We Can Help Our Associates are licensed so they are able to provide much more than just a taxi service for your people. With knowledge, care and respect they guide the newcomer and family through the unending details and decisions of their moving process quickly and efficiently so they are happy, content, settled and ready to continue performing for your corporation in quick order. As required by the Alberta Real Estate Act and policed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Associates are legally able to negotiate and review leases and terms, orchestrate financial payment preparations and can enter into rental agreements on your behalf. As a licensed Property Management brokerage, Residential Leasing Group Inc. can care for and maintain your outgoing expats’ properties, assist with non-resident forms and rental filings. Our company’s values of trustworthiness, efficiency, professionalism and reliability ensures that the relocation, transition and property we manage will be maintained to our standard of excellence. We take care of the details!

Our Services: Customized for Your Needs As a partner with the Residential Leasing Group Inc. Corporate Relocation Services your needs are the priority of our company. As our client, you receive our full care, attention, respect and on-going support for the full spectrum of your relocation. Our services encompass everything from local, regional and national cultural orientation, education services consultation, settling in services, moving out and all of the little details that come with relocating to a new city, province or country.

How to Select the Services You’ll Need Because every relocation is different, we customize your relocation plan to suit the specific needs of you and your family. The next four pages serve as a pull-out checklist where you can specify the various services that you will require during the transition to your new home. If at any point you need further clarification on the services offered, we provide a detailed explanation of our offerings further in this guide or if you prefer you can contact us directly and speak with a Relocation Specialist at (403) 244-6944. Once you have completed your pull-out checklist be sure to give it to the Relocation Specialist and they will be able to customize a service plan for you and your family.

Our Services Continued

We Serve You With Value And Integrity In The Following Areas: 1. Pre-Move Introduction & Orientation to Calgary 2. Personalized Rental Home Search 3. Settling In Service 5. Additional Support Pre-Move Introduction & Orientation to Calgary Whether it is a full orientation or you just want to see if Calgary’s a good fit for you, we can advise you on how to make the most out of your relocation to our city. We can meet with you through email, phone or person to establish what you need. In this critical stage, we determine your lifestyle requirements, what kind of preferred living accommodations you require, budgets, areas of the city as well as special needs, schooling recommendations, documentation and forms, etc. During Orientation, we ensure that you are familiarized with the city, culture and neighbourhood that you will be living in. Our intent is to provide you with a seamless transition from your old life to your new one! Personalized Rental Home Search Calgary is our city. We have an intimate knowledge of it and surrounding area and we ensure that we are able to impart that knowledge to you so that you are comfortable and enjoy your new surroundings. Based on our needs assessment, we are able to begin the process of indentifying potential properties and communities that will meet and exceed your needs. We are a property management brokerage and we are the best that Calgary has to offer. We are able to review all available properties for rent using our extensive resources. Our Brokerage is licensed and policed through the Real Estate Council of Alberta which means that all of our Associates practice under the highest standards that the Province has to offer.

Our Services Continued

Our training, experience and knowledge of the Calgary area and the leasing market give you an edge when looking for a new home. Not only do our Associates provide pick up and drop off service during your home search, they can also can negotiate and review leases on your behalf. We provide you with comprehensive guidance and accompany you on pre-selected property tours that meet your requirements. Settling In Service Our support to you doesn’t end when we find you a new home and move you in. We ensure that once you are getting settled in that we help you with such services as assisting you with utilities and telephone hook ups, groceries, shopping, introductions to various clubs and organizations, help establish bank accounts and financial services, driver’s licenses and insurances. We even enroll you in third party transition services such as the Welcome Wagon, which is a free greeting service for families experiencing a lifestyle change! Additional Support We customize our plans to suit your needs. This includes planning and assisting with group moves and orientation seminars. We have an Educational Consultant on staff to provide support for children or yourself. They can arrange school tours, tutoring services even enroll you and your family in English as a Foreign language (EFL) classes. We can also provide Canadian cultural orientation services or take you shopping to furnish your home! Simply put, our service to you is comprehensive. In the time that we spend with you to transition you to your new life, we get to know what it is you require for happy, healthy living and we provide you with the right tools, home, orientation and familiarization to flourish in your new environment!

Temporary Furnished Accommodations Often a relocated individual or family will require temporary furnished accommodations while they look for their new home. We can provide full support and assistance in selecting those furnished accommodations. We keep an active inventory of fully furnished in-house suites that can meet the needs of yourself and your family. When you arrive we can introduce you to a temporary home that is fully furnished, provisioned and supplied with essential services such as home phone, internet and utilities. If anything goes wrong, we have a licensed Associate on call 24/7. Departure Support If required, we can also assist you or your employees when leaving rental accommodations including coordination in lease terminations, cancellations of home insurance, utilities, final reconciliations, mail forwarding and more. If you are leaving the Calgary area, we are sad to see you leave, but happy to ensure that your transition to your new home is one that is as comfortable as possible!

Well Known, Well Recognized

Our professionalism is well known by our peers and we are a licensed and authorized industry member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and affiliate members of:

1944 - 10th Avenue SW Calgary AB, T3C 0J8 Phone: 403.244.6944 Fax: 403.244.6884

RLG Relocation Guide  

A service guide to Residential Leasing Group Inc.'s relocation offerings.

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