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C A R I L LO N M I A M I W E L L N E S S R E S O R T | 6 8 0 1 C o l l i n s A v e n u e , M i a m i B e a c h , F L 3 3 1 4 1 F O R R E S E R VAT I O N S O R S PA A P P O I N T M E N T S : 8 5 5 - 6 6 6 - 8 0 8 5 | C A R I L LO N H O T E L .C O M @ C A R I L LO N H O T E L # W E L L N E S S YO U R WAY


HILLARY LATOS HILLARY LATOS Editor in Chief Editor in Chief

ISABELLA URIBE ISABELLA URIBE Creative Director Creative Director

SCOTT PAUKER SCOTT PAUKER Advertising Director Advertising Director


JOSH ESTRIN JOSH ESTRIN Lifestyle Editor Lifestyle Editor



EDITOR’S NOTE As the long hot summer comes to a close we are starting to feel the crisp air of September with a lot of things to look forward to. For this issue we featured the talented muti faceted Elizabeth Mitchell who continues to reinvent herself with each role and really gets into her character. Her thespian personality shines through with our photo shoot shot in Los Angeles with David Christopher Lee. We had a chance to spend the summer in Miami to cover a bevy of shows during Miami Swim Week which truly embraced diversity this season and it was captured in all of its glory with our photographer Charles Barnes. Keeping with the spirit of a South Beach summer, our fashion editorial this month embodied the laid back sunny style of Miami by Charles Barnes. With New York Fashion Week around the corner, we spotlighted one of my personal favorite labels- L’Agence and spoke with the creative director and visionary behind the label- Tara Rudes Dann. Proving the adage that Blondes really do have more fun, we spoke with the David Blond, the creative director of The Blonds who really know how to throw a party. If all the world is a stage, then their creations would be the main character and most likely the diva. Travel and fine dining are always on our mind and this issue we traveled to the sunny climes of Punta Mita and highlight the some of our favorite neighborhood spots in NYC, Miami and Las Vegas. Luxury real estate seems to have no bounds in the ever hot Miami market, and we feature some of the most luxurious and swoon worthy new developments going up in South Beach. We can’t think of anywhere better to call home! There are many reasons to celebrate life and hope this issue inspires you!

Editor in Chief

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Photography by Charles L. Barnes



By Isabella Uribe Photography by Charles L. Barnes


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ANGELA YEE Is More Than Just Lip Service By Joshua Estrin

Variety describes Angela Yee as “one of the media’s best-known multi-hyphenates.” True to form, the award-winning media personality co-hosts the popular nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, co-hosts the Lip Service podcast, owns several businesses, and is a philanthropist and community leader. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to a West Indian mother and Chinese father, Angela was always extremely ambitious and studious. “Growing up, I spent the majority of my free time writing short, fictional stories and reading every novel I could get my hands on,” she recalls. Her love for writing continued through college where she earned a degree in English from Wesleyan University. After graduating, Yee utilized the relationships she built through internships at MTV, TVT Records and Wu-Tang Management to become assistant to the CEO of Wu-Tang Corporation in Detroit. She realized she had a knack for marketing and eventually transitioned to working for music legend Nile Rodgers’ Sumthing Else distribution label as well as various clothing brands, including the launch of Eminem’s line Shady LTD. “I was fortunate to work at companies associated with music icons early in my career,” Yee says. Angela’s early music connections ultimately led her to SiriusXM Satellite Radio where she launched a successful radio career serving as co-host on Shade 45’s Cipha Sounds Effect morning show and her own radio shows, Lip Service and The Morning After with Angela Yee. She quickly developed a name for herself as a burgeoning media star by interviewing top entertainers—Nicki Minaj, Chris Rock, 50 Cent, and more—and providing a platform

Radio Urban Personality of the Year award in 2017, the NYS Broadcasters Association Outstanding On-Air Broadcast Personality or Team award in 2014, and the number one radio program in The Source’s Power 30 issue for five years in a row. Angela has expanded her media presence with the Lip Service podcast—where she and her girlfriends discuss intimacy, sex, and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. In addition, Yee has appeared as herself on three episodes of FOX’s hit television series Empire, and in April 2021, she teamed up with Facebook’s We the Culture content program and award-winning producer Rikki Hughes to create a 6-episode digital series, Mastery of Comedy, which pairs celebrity comedians (including Donnell Rawlings and Aida Rodriguez) with aspiring comedians for mentoring and guidance.

Power 105’s The Breakfast Club morning show was formed in December 2010 with Angela, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God. After only two years, the show became nationally syndicated and is currently syndicated in over 100 markets. Avid listeners anticipate Angela’s regular ‘Rumor Report,’ ‘Ask Yee,’ and ‘Front Page News’ segments. The Breakfast Club’s undeniable impact on the culture has garnered the trio several accolades: 2020 Radio Hall of Fame inductees, an Ambies nomination for Best Comedy Podcast in 2021, the iHeart-

As her media persona continued to rise, Angela’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and, in 2018 she partnered with Styles P (of the legendary hip-hop group The Lox) to open a juice bar, Juices For Life, in Brooklyn, NY. After witnessing how beneficial the business was for the community, she launched a line of organic pressed juices called Drink Fresh Juice (distributed in grocers across the country) to provide her community with broader access to healthier beverage options. Angela’s other entrepreneurial ventures include a majority Black-owned coffee company Coffee Uplifts People (CUP) with a brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn and the Private Label hair extensions shop in Detroit. | 11

Giving back to the community and providing access to nutrition, financial literacy, education, and culture remains the core of all Yee’s entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2018, the New York City mayor officially designated August 28th as Angela Yee Day, which is her annual community event (held in Brooklyn), spotlighting local Black-owned businesses and Black and Caribbean music artists. In 2020, Angela launched the Angela Yee’s Book Club literacy initiative with WellRead, which showcases minority authors with unique stories. She is the first ever Global Ambassador for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement for Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment (BSE) and the New York Public Library. She also sits on numerous boards including American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI), Nile Rodgers’ We Are Family Foundation, the Fund for NYC Housing Authority, and The Shirley Chisholm Cultural Institute. During a rare moment when Angela had few minutes to spare, I got to know the woman behind the multi-hyphens to better understand her journey. Joshua Estrin: You have seemingly harnessed the power of the digital highway and never looked back. Yet, there are “experts” who continue to say that radio and more specifically podcasts are aging out and no longer

12 |

relevant or lucrative. What do you think? Angela Yee: I have heard people say that so many times. It becomes a talking point and then goes away for a while only to return and get people concerned and upset. Honestly, I don’t know what these so-called experts are talking about because radio and podcasts are powerful platforms, and they are not going away any time soon. As a medium radio, live radio and perhaps even more with podcasts you are building genuine relationships with people. Now more than ever I believe people are looking for a community and a place where they can feel connected. A safe space to explore differing opinions and align with people who have a similar outlook on life. JE: You have accomplished so much, but 2018 was an especially pivotal year for you. Would you tell our readers about that and how it helped set you on the course that led you where you are today? AY: 2018 was an important year for me. I had been working hard for many years and was already successful with many of my projects, but it was that year where everything started to really come together in a big way. My juice bars were really successful, and my real estate business and investments were generating huge opportunities. I have always believed it

is important to not overextend myself but simultaneously not underestimate my abilities to create success. As a result, I thrive on keeping busy and involved in multiple projects simultaneously. This allows me to be on the cuttingedge and at the intersection of all my passions. JE: As a result of your own personal success, what advice can you offer to entrepreneurs in any niche? AY: The short answer is that being prepared is central to success and there are no shortcuts. Always come to the table prepared and be willing to pivot to meet the needs of a changing market. Other things that support being at the top of your game: • Research • A deep understanding of your market • An insatiable curiosity, especially for your demographics • A thorough understanding of your competition. To be the best you need to learn how others are creating success. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or repeat someone else’s mistakes.

JE: Would this advice change for female entrepreneurs?

ply sell yourself out to the highest bidder. You need to protect your integrity at all costs and that might mean passing up some very lucrative offers. People are watching you; people are trusting you, and you need to curate your credibility. JE: What are you binge watching right now?

AY: The blueprint for success remains the same. You still need to do your homework, understand your market, etc. Everything that I just said, but you also need to face reality and it can often be harsh. As a woman you will be met with resistance simply based on your gender. It can be even tougher for black women and women of color. Finding startup capital is harder, raising funds is harder, finding all the sources and resources you are going to need is simply not as easy. I am not trying to discourage anyone, quite the opposite in fact. I want women to know what they are getting into so that their eyes are wide open, and they make sure they have the thick skin and tenacity it is going to take to be successful. JE: What is your opinion on the real impact social media Influencers have on the purchasing choices of consumers today? AY: I believe if you are serious about being an Influencer you can make an impact and with that being comes responsibility. You can’t sim-

AY: I don’t have time to watch a lot of television, but I am loving “Ozark”. The writing and the acting are amazing, and I am enjoying every episode. JE: What do you think is the greatest misconception people have about you? AY: I think people see my life through the lens of media and social media, and some people incorrectly assume that I am just a party girl. I do attend amazing events and meet fascinating people, some of whom are celebrities and leaders of industry. This is my job and when I am attending, I am at work. I do enjoy it but it still hard work. JE: What is one of your favorite guilty pleasures? AY: That’s an easy one, anything sweet! | 13


The Powerhouse Visionary Behind L’Agence


FUNDAY By Hillary Latos

Channeling the glamour of Dynasty, Tara Rudes Dann, Partner and Fashion Director of L’Agence, has created a brand and lifestyle that has an “inter-generational” appeal that can be appreciated and worn by granddaughters to grandmothers. It’s not every day that a brand can transcend age, but L’Agence gives women at any age a feeling of confidence and beauty and epitomizes a lifestyle of approachable glamour that can go from the workplace to a night on the town. The powerhouse and visionary behind L’Agence is Tara Rudes Dann who’s family has a long lineage in the fashion industry and really knows her customer better than their best friend. Fashion was literally in Tara’s genes growing up giving her a strong sense of fashion. Her grandfatherworked in fast fashion and her uncle, Jeff Rudes founded J Brand where she learned how to create the world’s perfect jeans, which comprises 50% of L’Agence’s business. Tara attributes her success to learning the family business from the ground up. “I started when I was 18 and worked for Jeff at To the Max, where he was the President of Sales. At 26 I went on to J Brand and worked my way up in sales and it was sold in 2014. The one thing I pride myself on is merchandising and I love working with design. When you put on beautiful clothes with luxe fabrics and a great fit it makes you feel great. I was obsessed with Dynasty growing up and I love that sort of elegance and fashion, which is how we got to where we are today.”

14 | | 15

RM: What are four staple pieces every woman should splurge on? TRD: I think every woman needs a great black jean, a blazer that fits well, a great blouse, and a T shirt that feels like butter on the skin. RM: How would you describe your personal style? TRD: Uber chic, elegant, and timeless, and I just love the glamour of Dynasty, which I feel is missing in the market. Today everything is so casual and its personally unfulfilling when I don't see that elegance in the market. RM: How does it make you feel to dress glamorous? TRD: Confident and powerful. Bathing suits and jeans are the two most challenging garments to try on in the dressing room. We make a fantastic jean and my uncle was a genius in launching that, Once you find a fit of something that you love, buy an abundance of that. When you find something that makes you feel good, then sky's the limit. RM: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? TRD: There are so many women that I aspired to such as Brigitte Bardot with the pedal pusher and the t shirt or Angelina Jolie who was always chic in her little black jeans and flats. RM: As a new mother, does it give you a different perspective for running a fashion company? TRD: My second child just turned one year and I turned 44 this year, so I'm at a point in my career where things are just at that level where I am more confident and cautious about things that are necessary and not necessary in my life. Having children just adds to that. At any stage of my life, I just love fashion and I don't think that that has ever changed. Having children is really about time management now

16 |

RM: What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

RM: How would you describe your customer?

TRD: I haven't had any time off in three years. I didn't take maternity leave either. This summer I’m going to St. Barts for a week with my family which I'm really looking forward to, and the idea of going away is the most exciting part of my summer.

TRD: There's so much opportunity when we know our customer better than her best friend- she’s competent and confident. When I see women, they tell me how beautiful and confident they feel when they wear L’Agence, and it’s hard to hold back the tears. We dress women to have them look and feel beautiful.

RM: What are some of your favorite spots in the city? TRD: I love Casa Cipriani, it's gorgeous. I love love, love, love, love Hillstone too.

L’Agence speaks to every woman and appeals to all ages. My Nana is 84 which is still very young and healthy, she loves our fashion and she looks 50. My nieces wear our jeans, It's really just for women who want to look and feel beautiful and sophisticated. | 17



OF THE BLONDS Blonds Really Do Have More Fun By Hillary Latos

The Blonds have always taken a bold approach to fashion. From their outrageous catwalk shows and larger than life parties, to say their collection makes a statement is an understatement. If the world is a stage, each piece from their collection would be the main characters. In 2000, David and Phillipe Blond met and shared a passion for music, fashion and nightlife and thus The Blonds was born. Their provocative and unforgettable designs have graced music royalty such as Beyonce, Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry, Madonna and Lady Gaga bringing fantasy and a theatrical glamor to life. Their most recent project was a collaboration with Motorola to launch a limited edition lanyard accessory to benefit the New York City Anti Violence Project during NYC Pride. On the heels of Barbie’s 60 th anniversary, Blonds are definitely having their moment. Resident speaks to the David Blond, the creative director and Partner of The Blonds about his favorite fashion moments and where they draw inspiration for their other worldly and glamorous creations.

18 | | 19

RM: When it comes to fashion, where do you draw your inspiration? DB: We find inspiration everywhere but mostly from Film, Art and Music. RM: Your clothes are bold and larger than life, are there any personas or people that you have in mind when creating a collection? DB: We love all the iconic Hollywood Blonds like Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Jayne Mansfield and also find current inspiration in entertainers like Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez to just name a few, as well as actresses like Rossy de Palma, and of course iconic brands like Barbie! What is your favorite era in fashion? Our favorite era in fashion has to be the late 70’s, early 80’s and 90s! Bold color and statement pieces.

20 |

What would be your dream collection or collab? We would love to create a collection of RTW, footwear and accessories on a massive scale inspired by iconic moments we have had in the past, along with a line of home elements to give everyone some glam for their interiors! Tell us about your recent collab with Motorola? We were honored to partner with Motorola for the third time to collaborate on the design of a custom lanyard accessory with proceeds benefitting the New York City Anti-Violence Project. It was great to get to celebrate Pride this year for a wonderful cause. What are some of your most memorable fashion moments? There have been so many! But some that stick out are the first time we ever dressed Madonna for her "Living for Love" music video, or our very first Grammys dressing Katy Perry. Most recently we dressed Janet Jackson for her Essence Fest performance which was a total dream come true! Who would you like to dress the most that you haven’t dressed already? We've had the privilege to dress so many icons but we hope to be able to get Bad Bunny or Cher in The Blonds sometime soon! What are some of your preferred materials and silhouettes that you work with? We love a fabulous corset! Corsets, catsuits, and dresses have become our signature silhouettes, mostly we love anything that makes the wearer feel empowered and glamorous! | 21


Photographer: Charles L. Barnes - @Charles.l.barnes Model: Alexis Santiago, @alexisnsantiagoo with Wilhelmina Miami - Model: Haille Watson - @haille.watson with Wilhelmina Miami - Stylist: Simisola Lawal - @simivisuals Makeup: Katherine Alimonte - Hair: Odalina Toussant - @fancy_lina Location/Props: Glo Creative - @glocreativeagency

22 |

Angelite Resort by Corsetti Collection | 23

Kaiso Swim 24 |

Angelite Resort by Corsetti Collection | 25

Angelite Resort by Corsetti Collection 26 |

Kaiso Swim | 27

Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini provided by skep360

28 | | 29

Nicolette Valentina provided by skep360

30 |

Milla Rose Dress | 31

Angelite Resort by Corsetti Collection

32 | | 33

Aissa Dress Ndigo Studio Provided by skep 360

34 |

Angelite Resort by Corsetti Collection | 35


By Isabella Uribe Photography by Charles l. Barnes

36 |

This year Paraiso Miami Beach Swim Week 2022 held a four day jam packed roster of exciting shows featuring up and coming designers showing for the first time alongside established swimwear designers. Headlining designers included Acacia, Beach Bunny, Just Bee Queen, Luli Fama, MONDAY Swimwear, One One, Riot Swim, Sinesia Karol, over 10 Colombian brands, and dozens of other swimwear brands showed their latest collections on-and-off the runway. Celebrating inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and impeccable designs - the top swimwear brands of the industry came together to present their latest collections - many of which were blended see-now-buy-now and upcoming collections modeled by social media stars. Celebrity attendees included singer Jason Derulo, Siesta Key star Juliette Porter, singer Jessie James Decker, Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald, and Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock - to name a few. Fashionable crowds of top models, influencers, fashion editors and industry enthusiasts packed the shows each day. Here are some front row highlights from the sizzling catwalks. | 37


38 |

Destination Columbia


Destination Columbia | 39

Istituto Marangoni - Alumni - Swim' in G

Istituto Marangoni - Alumni

Istituto Marangoni - Alumni - Swim' in G

40 |

Istituto Marangoni - Alumni - Swim' in G

Upcycle Challenge - Istituto Marangoni - Students Upcycle Challenge - Istituto Marangoni - Students | 41


Cupshe Cupshe

42 |

Beach Bunny | 43

Sinesia Karol

Sinesia Karol

44 |

Sinesia Karol

Abyss by Abby

Abyss by Abby

Abyss by Abby | 45

Luli Fama


46 |


Poster Girl

Poster Girl

Poster Girl | 47


ELIZABETH MITCHELL Says “Once” is Never Enough By Joshua Estrin Photography by David Christopher Lee

At a time in our history when the nation is calling for self-reflection and action, one thing most of us can agree on is the need for something to watch, something new to go along with the binge-worthy shows of the past; those stories and characters that helped many of us quite literally survive the pandemic. As we emerge from the shadows of COVID-19 and learn to reconnect with the world, we find we are starved for new content and excited to glimpse into the new stories and complex relationships created by the actors we love to love, the characters we love to hate, and the shows that have woven themselves into the very fabric of our daily lives, evening entertainment, and the DNA of our circles of family and friends. While there are statistics, dark web conspiracies, and claims that network television is “dead”, the truth is yet to be seen. Some still believe the future is streaming programs and the original projects that come to life on Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max. One thing is for certain, we are hungry for content and good stories. We are hungry for a way to escape the mundane and enter a place that allows us to transcend our daily lives and see the world through the eyes of characters who are either nothing like us or alarmingly similar. Equally intriguing are some of the familiar faces that have never gone away but regularly reemerge to offer us characters with depth, nuance, and charisma in an infusion of drama and chaos. These are the actors that have the tenacity and acting chops to remain relevant 48 |

and exciting in Hollywood, a town that tends to create stars that burn bright and, equally as common, burn out fast and furious. The latter is certainly not the case with Elizabeth Mitchell. As an Emmy-nominee for her starring role on ABC’s phenomenon LOST, Elizabeth Mitchell’s ascent is anything but off-course. Her role as Juliet proved to be considerably intriguing to viewers throughout the series, as well as an opportunity for fans to place where they have seen her before. She re-teamed with creator J.J. Abrams in another power-house role of “Rachel” on his drama vehicle, NBC’s REVOLUTION, and then transitioned into the role of Snow Queen on ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME, followed by Netflix’s international drama, CROSSING LINES with Donald Sutherland. She reunited with her Snow Queen character's creator on Freeform’s sci-fi mystery series DEAD OF SUMMER, enjoyed a memorable arc on SyFy’s THE EXPANSE, and assumed the lead role in Universal’s blockbuster THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR opposite Frank Grillo. In addition to her role as the lead protagonist on Seasons 2 & 3 of the Netflix original series, OUTER BANKS, she’s joined the cast of yet another Netflix series, FIRST KILL, from producer Emma Roberts (June 10th Series Premiere), has been recurring on FBI: INTERNATIONAL, and reprises her role as Mrs. Clause to Tim Allen in Disney+’s THE SANTA CLAUSE limited series which picks up where the last two film installments left off.

Styled by Briannah @glammkittenn Makeup by Hillary Clark Hair by Louise Moon Dresses by Michael Costello | 49

Whether portraying Santa’s better half or timetraveling alongside the likes of Dennis Quaid in New Line’s FREQUENCY, Mitchell has lent her ability to an impressive and diverse range of roles. Most notably as girlfriend of Angelina Jolie in her portrayal of supermodel GIA in the Golden Globe-winning HBO telefilm. She also starred opposite Dane Cook in the indie drama ANSWERS TO NOTHING and reunited with her SANTA CLAUSE co-star Ann-Margret in QUEEN BEES which also stars Ellen Burstyn and James Caan among others. Additionally, she stars in and produced the SXSW indie feature, WITCH HUNT. Other credits include Neil LaBute’s NURSE BETTY opposite Renee Zellweger, a 14-episode arc as Dr. Kim Legaspi on John Wells’ ER, Wayne Kramer’s RUNNING SCARED with Paul Walker, NBC’s critically acclaimed LYON’S DEN with Rob Lowe, and in the BBC series MAN AND BOY opposite Ioan Gruffudd. Further solidifying her course on the fast-track was her role opposite Barry Pepper as Teresa Earnhardt in the ESPN original telefilm 3: THE DALE EARNHARDT STORY, and ABC’s V drama; based upon the popular ‘80s alien invasion mini-series, which was the highest rated debut of a series since LOST. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Dallas, Mitchell transitioned from a performing arts high school to a BFA degree in Acting. She further honed her craft at the renowned Dallas Theatre Company. Her stage credits include productions of “As You Like It,” “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” and “Chicago.” She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Seattle. In a sit down and let’s get to know one another, I had the pleasure of taking some time to get to know Elizabeth and, in this post-pandemic world, the irony that it took place via ZOOM was not lost on either of us. Joshua Estrin: You have such a varied body of work, and I can’t wait to get to know more about the woman behind so many unique characters. JE: While it’s not usually appropriate or in good taste to ask a woman’s age, Margot, in “First Kill” is 500 years old. Aside, from some of the obvious challenges of being a vampire, does immortality or being nearly 50 |

immortal appeal to you? Elizabeth Mitchell: I don’t think I can answer that question without looking at it in a few different ways. There are layers to living that long and as for immortality, it would involve unimaginable loneliness. Losing so many people who meant so much to me, watching them die, and being powerless over it. Having said that, I am slightly more than fascinated by the idea of living a long, healthy, and extended life. Being able to observe the human condition, the shifts, and changes in perception. A life filled with time to build so many interesting and fulfilling relationships. JE: What do you think Margot would say about 2022, and what advice would she give to women? To men?

EM: Oh wow, you really want me to answer that with everything that is happening right now? [She laughs]. Margot feels everything very deeply so I would imagine watching everything of late unfold would probably be very painful and disheartening. She also puts on an excellent game face so what she feels and what she says would be quite different. If asked, I would venture her answer would be a deep sigh and simply, “Humans…” JE: Is it fair to describe Margot as more than a bit of a fashion diva? Do you share this love of clothing and fashion with her? EM: I never seem to be able to answer your questions directly and I promise it is not intentional [she laughs]. I think Margot and I both appreciate beautiful clothing, but I dress to | 51

please myself and I feel Margot dresses strategically to impress others. Her power, rank, status, and ability to control the situation comes out of a deep desire to provide for and protect her family, and to do so she needs to dress the part. JE: While Margot is one hell of strong and powerful woman, let’s talk about the Snow Queen from ABC’s, “Once Upon a Time, who portrays strength and vulnerability as well. JE: That was certainly not your average fairytale. How do you reinvent a character that is nothing short of iconic without antagonizing all her fans? EM: I always focus on the “why”. So, I asked myself the questions, “Why would Ingrid do that, why did she choose one path over another?” Asking why as an actor is the start and end point for me. It allows me to create a relatable character who, in this case, just happens to find herself in some extraordinary circumstances. JE: That show took the stories we loved and turned them upside-down and inside out, yet people loved it. Why? EM: That is an easy one. The writing, I don’t know what more I can say. JE: If you could have played any other character in the show who would it have been? EM: Oh, wow! That is another complex question to answer. I loved Regina; we all did! She was so multi-faceted and displayed so much growth. I can’t imagine creating her any other way or anyone but Lana Parilla bringing her to life. The writing and the acting were breathtaking. So, while Regina is intriguing, I honestly believe I was made to play Ingrid. I fell in love with her and her story immediately, making me staunchly team Ingrid. JE: I would be remiss if we did not talk about LOST. I feel it was the first show of its kind that was genuinely a binge-worthy series. Why do think it captured the attention of the country and the world? EM: Not to sound like a broken record but, again, the writing was remarkable. The optics were great too. A group of super attractive peo52 |

ple stranded in what appeared to be paradise. It was the set up for that perfect storm that everyone enjoyed watching and the cast, crew, and creative team worked so well together. JE: What was it like coming into a show like Lost in its third season? EM: It was not what most people expected. I had just had my son, so I was not just tired I was exhausted, and I think any mom or dad, any caretaker out there knows the kind of tired I am talking about. I was not really thinking about what it all meant, I was huge fan of the show, and I don’t often watch my own work so I guess I was a little sad I would not be the same kind of LOST fan anymore. Once I became a part of the cast, I honestly had no idea what viewers thought of my character, Juliette. I was working/filming and parenting on an island, and it wasn’t until I returned home that I realized I had fans and I had done myself and the show proud. JE: Why don’t we take a moment to mention how fierce and fiery you are, Elizabeth. You have two shows presently on Netflix, not a small accomplishment. What can we expect from Carla and OUTERBANKS this season? EM: Well, I don’t want to spoil any of the excitement as this is going to be one amazing season, but Carla will be serving up a great deal of “entitled white woman”. She is such a complex character and sometimes I feel as if she realizes she is trapped in a life that even she does not fully want to be a part. Imagine how exhausting it is to be that inflexible and elitist. I know it may be hard for viewers to feel any compassion for her, but I do. She is trapped by her own existence and circumstances and, while that does not justify her actions, it certainly does explain many of them. JE: Taking a bit of a departure from Carla, let’s talk about Mrs. Clause. Is Santa a good husband? EM: He most certainly is! Tim [Allen] captures that even after more than a decade away from the North Pole. JE: I gather that being on set with Tim is, dare we say, “fun”? EM: Oh Absolutely! The entire cast is amazing

and yes, Tim is hysterical. He made the entire process a joy for us all and on a few occasions, we were given the opportunity to improv a few scenes and when you tell Tim Allen there are no rules, the energy and creativity is infectious. It was so nice to be back and yes being the wife of Santa is certainly something special. JE: You have worked extensively with J.J. Abrams, a truly beautiful mind. What is it like to sit and chat with that level of genius? EM: I had a few occasions to spend some down time with him, not a lot as he is constantly creating. Each time we did have a conversation I always marveled at his curiosity, humility, and freedom of thought. Yes, he is a genuine person and a beautiful mind. JE: So many of your opportunities occurred because of working with actors or directors you had worked with before. Hollywood has a reputation for burning bridges. How have you stayed so grounded? EM: I wish I could offer a formula for success on that one, but it is a work in progress. I do think it helps that I don’t live in Los Angeles. That offers me perspective. I also think that the fact that I love the process of creating a character is also grounding. Building a relationship with my characters allows me to better understand them and myself. This idea of relationships also plays out off camera. I try to respect everyone, and I invest in and nurture the important relationships in my life. I have so many things to be grateful for and so many people I appreciate. Gratitude, respect, and appreciation are key and, while I might not have a formula, those are definitely important building blocks to staying balanced and grounded. JE: I know we have gone a bit over time, but do you have time for a few random questions? EM: I love random questions and I most definitely have time! JE: If you were a flavor of ice cream what flavor would you be? EM: I feel like I would be a complex vanilla. I know that might not really make sense to anyone as vanilla is not the most complex flavor. I guess what I mean is I have layers to my personality. Just like vanilla, it is not the | 53

dimensional flavor that many portray it to be. I am not a one-dimensional person. JE: What are three songs on your playlist right now? EM: My playlist is constantly changing, but I love a good cover song. Right now, a few of my favorites are, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, [the Haley Reinhart version], “Fly Me to the Moon”, and anything by Nina Simone. JE: What is your biggest pet peeve? EM: I try not to stand in judgment of anyone. Afterall, we are all just trying to live our lives, but I can’t tolerate anyone who is intentionally unkind. I call it ‘puppy kicking’. When people attack those who don’t have the ability to defend themselves, those who are smaller or perhaps without the resources to fight back, it is like kicking a puppy. It is never justifiable or acceptable and one of the few things that does get me all fired up. JE: What do you think is the greatest misconception people have about you? EM: This might play into the prior question. I think some people perceive my kindness as weakness. I don’t think I am the only one who has experienced this, but my desire to show kindness comes from a desire to live in the truth and for some people that truth is threatening. The truth is not bad, it is simply the truth and when we show kindness, we are not being weak we are simply being human. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and as some would argue, at the expense of human contact and intentional conversations and connections. While not wholly untrue, there are still any number of opportunities to connect, reconnect, share, debate, collaborate, and even belly-laugh at the absurdity of it all. Elizabeth Mitchell is a refreshing reminder that good people still exist, that kindness is not a weakness, and that Hollywood is still a place of dreams, dreamers, and thankfully, good people; good people with an unapologetic love of life and a desire to create characters with depth, intrigue, and most delicious of all, flaws.

54 | | 55



The Hidden Gem of Mexico By Jayger McGough Imagine this: a nine and a half mile peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, a secluded area with miles of white sand beaches, world class hotels and gorgeous private homes. This is Punta Mita, Mexico - an intimate community teeming with adventure, spectacular hotels, and lucious oceanic diversity. It’s called “Mexico’s premier resort community,” for a reason…and even that would be an understatement…in my very humble opinion.

I’m intrigued…Tell me More When you visit, you will feel as though you are on your own private island. One where you can indulge in luxury or take the local route, the beauty is that you get to choose your own adventure. We did a bit of both, which is one of the reasons it was such a memorable trip. I’m in…How do I get to Punta Mita? I’m glad you asked…what took you so long?! The closest airport to Punta Mita is Puerto Vallarta International Airport. From the airport you can reach Punta Mita by renting a car, taking a taxi or going on the airport shuttle bus. We hopped on a flight from Miami to Puerto Vallarta and it was a breeze. Within 2.5 hours, we were in a whole new country, with exotic scents, and exciting adventures awaiting us. Upon arriving, we were picked up by a W Hotel private shuttle. Our friendly driver met us

56 |

upon exiting customs and he even had ice cold water waiting for us…can life get any better than this? The Mexican currency is called the peso. I recommend taking money out of an ATM at the Puerto Vallarta airport or exchanging your currency at the airport. Another option is to pay in U.S. dollars, most places will accept them. But remember, we’re taking the local approach as well here…So let’s ensure we at least have a decent amount of pesos in case U.S. dollars aren’t accepted. Where Shall I Stay? Hands down, find a way to stay at The W Punta de Mita. The hotel is a W Hotels & Resorts property on Mexico's coveted Riviera Nayarit. It pays homage to the bold, vivid traditions of the native Huichol Indians, bohemian surf culture found throughout Banderas Bay and exotic nature that surrounds Nayarit. | 57

The property features an AWAY Spa, five buzzing bars and restaurants, an onsite WAVE Surf Shop that offers surf lessons and ocean-based excursions, a WET Deck with a swimming pool & DJ booth, and guest rooms with native Huichol inspired touches…Now that’s what you call exciting. Get this…there’s a story behind almost every last detail in this hotel, that is how intentional they’ve been since the inception of it. If you’re ever curious about something, ask the staff and you will hear a passionate story. Let me give you an example - Oscar Zepeda was a charismatic staff member that drove me in a golf cart from the hotel check-in to my room and in the ride I asked him, what are your favorite

58 |

aspects about this hotel? Oscar eagerly said that he loved that his management was so flexible and caring. Oscar’s second favorite thing is that the hotel is intentional in preserving the nature that surrounds it. For example, if a tree is growing in an inconvenient area on the property, instead of cutting the tree down, the hotel will build around it and find a way to incorporate it. I absolutely loved hearing this. The resort has an extensive list of conservation efforts, from energy & water conservation to environmentally preferred products. Oh and by the way, if you have a furry friend, the hotel has a P.A.W policy (Pet’s are Welcome). How awesome is that? Now your little Simba can come along the adventure as well.

Oh and there’s more… One of the signature pieces of the hotel is el “Camino Huichol” or “Huichol Walkway”. The Camino Huichol is a vibrant blue and green mosaic walkway composed of over 750,000 hand placed mosaics...Hand placed! The walkway stretches over 450 feet and is without a doubt one of the anchors of the hotel. The walkway guides guests from the Welcome area to the Living Room of the WET Deck (pool area), and on to a walkway that leads over the beach for that picturesque sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I had a chance to interview Mr. David Gauna, the GM of the hotel. Mr. Gauna shared with me that the Huichol Walkway is a representation of a Huichols life journey. It is meant to highlight the ups and downs of life, with the goal of achieving spiritual ascension. | 59

Must Try Experiences at the W Punta Mita Mesa 1 Forbes Magazine once said this is the World Most Exclusive Restaurant and I can surely see why. Mesa 1 is a 2,132 square foot restaurant that serves only one seating(for up to 15 guests) per day. Picture this…It is sunset and you are surrounded by natural springs at the very center of the property while overlooking the ocean. Your table, which by the way is the only table in this 2,132 square foot area, is on an island at the very center of the entire property. To get to your table, you’ll step above stones that emerge from the water and guide you to where dinner is going to be held. Get ready for this…when the dinner commences, the stones will disappear and for the next two hours, Alejandra Sanchez, the Executive Chef will present you with an elaborate, seven-course tasting meal. Make sure to leave some room because Dessert Chef, Sheyla Sandoval will also come to wow you with her artistic creations. This dinner experience was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had and if you have a bucket list, this is the type of restaurant to add to that list.

Ceviche-making Class at Chevycheria Chevycheria is a rare restaurant idea…The creative geniuses at the resort turned an old 1950s Chevy truck into a ceviche bar and called it Chevycheria. Get it? Not only do you get an ocean-front view but you can take a Ceviche making class. We learned from Chef Ismael, a professional chef that spent many years mastering the art of Ceviche in Peru & Mexico.

60 |

Refuel Your Body at the Nature-Inspired AWAY Spa All this fine dining must have you quite stressed…so let’s take care of that. The resort features a 4,000-square-foot AWAY spa that is pure luxury and yet you are surrounded by jungle. The spa offers a broad range of W treatments to indulge your body using local ingredients like agave and cactus. I decided to be adventurous and enjoyed the Blue Agave Treatment. The treatment is a fusion of Blue Agave butter(a powerful antioxidant ingredient) with a medium pressure massage, this creates the perfect way to hydrate and relax, not only your body, but also your soul.

Mixology Class at Tapete Huichol

Upon completion of your treatment, you are taken to the Relaxation Deck that overlooks both the jungle and hydrotherapy pools. The pools have varied temperatures and pressures and the Deck features intentional cut outs in the wood to avoid harming the roots of surrounding guardian fig trees.

The second cocktail we learned to make was a unique Ginger Margarita…I loved it. Let’s make one together!

As you walk around the pools, you can observe woven Huichol ‘Ojo de Dios’ (meaning God’s eye) which can be found on the trees that tower over the space. You will also get to hear plenty of birds chirping around you…pure bliss.

After a day of exploration, we decided to unwind by taking a sunset mixology class at the very end of the Huichol Walkway. We learned how to sample a wide range of local tequilas, mezcals, and signature cocktails. The two cocktails we made were “Jaxu” & a “Ginger Margarita”. Jaxu was a stunning cocktail with passion fruit, local mezcal, chipotle syrup, lime juice and crushed ice.

Step 1: Create a tajin lined rim on your glass Step 2: Add ice Step 3: Add 1.5oz (Or more… We don’t judge) of Tequila Step 4: Pour your ginger reduction (Peel ginger and boil it) Step 5: Add some lime & love to it

Cheers!. | 61

Hector’s Kitchen If you’d like to venture outside of the hotel for a romantic evening dinner with your better half, Hector’s Kitchen is calling your name. Upon entering the restaurant, Chef Hector Leyva came to welcome us.

Spice Market Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better at the W Punta Mita…in comes Spice Market, a restaurant dedicated to exploring the flavors of Southeast Asia. The restaurant is inspired by the family-style dining traditions that are common throughout the region, and it offers guests a culinary experience that will remain with them forever. The flavors of their dishes are like none other and one of the reasons for this is because of their tremendous focus on getting the absolute best quality spices from their origin countries. Spice Market offers food from multiple countries, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, and China. Make sure you try the pad thai, shrimp dumpling, roasted catch of the day and the ginger fried rice…get ready to be wow'd. Oh and how could I forget? For dessert you must try the Japanese Cheesecake, Kulfi and Turmeric Pear. At Spice Market I learned that Heaven is indeed a place on earth…

62 |

We learned that Chef Leyva has extensive international experience, having served as managing chef of the Punta Mita Four Seasons Resort before opening his own restaurant. He earned a culinary degree from Instituto Culinario de México and decided to bring his avant garde cooking to the colorful coastal village of Punta Mita. Do me a favor and have the Truffled Sweet Potato Tortellini, Grilled Octopus and the Thai Green Curry. As far as drinks go, if you like tequila, make sure you try the Good Bunny. The drink is made with 7 Leguas Tequila, carrot juice, lime, orange liqueur and ginger. You’ll thank me later.

Adventure Time…Are you Ready? Marieta Island Expedition with Vallarta Adventures The Marietas Islands, a major attraction in Puerto Vallarta, are famous for their pristine natural beauty and scenic seaside vistas. Consisting of four islands, these natural wonders are teeming with native wildlife species. We arrived at the island area by boat and dove into the water to explore the wildlife underneath. We got to see hundreds of colorful fish and unique looking birds like the famous BlueFooted Booby. Oh and by the way, during the winter months, it is common to see humpback whales in the bay. The area is a centuries-old breeding ground and respite following their annual migrations. How memorable would that be? You, your better half and whales…Wowzers!

Sayulita Escape with Vallarta Adventures Prepare to get dusty as you hop on board a private UTV while taking in views of the rugged hills and valleys of Sayulita. Our private tour guide was Armand Croix(@armandcroix) and I must say, if you decide to go UTV’ing make sure you ask for Armand. He is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met and he will make your experience extraordinary. On this adventure we learned to test our off-roading driving skills before cruising down to Sayulita’s world-famous beach town. Sayulita, Mexico—Wow…even typing the word S-a-y-u-l-i-t-a brings me back to this beach town north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s one of

those places that makes you feel a certain kind of joy. Sayulita is a small, charming Mexican beach town full of color and surf culture. It has a laid-back feel with many expats, quaint shops, and casual juice bars. Days at Sayulita are spent lounging on the beach, surfing and snorkeling in crystal clear water. You may also spend your days shopping for unique clothing pieces, and wandering through cobblestone streets while sipping on a mango smoothie. Your only responsibility here is to soak up the tropical Mexican sun and relax while thinking of everything you are grateful for.

Surf Lesson Ready to hear yet another reason to stay at the W Punta Mita? It just so happens that the property is located on one of Mexico’s most popular surf breaks. We had the opportunity to learn how to surf with one of the pro’s…I may or may not have drunk a solid gallon of seawater while learning how to surf but boy was it worth it. If you’ve ever wanted to take lessons, this is the spot to do so. Surf ’s up! | 63

Closing Thoughts A tropical adventure is waiting for you in an oasis of white-sand beaches and crystal clear light blue waters on Mexico's Riviera Nayarit. When you arrive in this coastal town and walk the white sands of the peninsula, you will be engulfed with peace and tranquility… In the exact same way as we were. The W at Punta Mita is a dream. From the moment you are picked up to be taken to get checked in, one realizes that this place is different from any other resort—it has a vibrant energy, and there is a sense of something special in the air. A sense of love for nature, sustainability and a genuine desire to enable guests to have an experience that they will remember forever. The staff at the hotel are kind, loving and beyond welcoming. I would return in a heartbeat and I know it’s not a matter of if I come back, but when. Now now…What are you waiting for? Book your trip!

64 | | 65



RESTAURANT ROUNDUP LASHEVET The Latest Middle Eastern Gem by Food Scientist Larisa Sheihet and Boris Lidukhover By Hillary Latos

66 |

After creating the East Village mainstay Sushi Dojo , Boris Lidukhover and food scientist Larisa Sheihet’s latest endeavour is Lashevet, a charming Middle Eastern restaurant and coffeehouse on the Upper East Side. Lashevet is the Hebrew word for “to sit” or “to settle” or tribe which embodies the warm hospitality of this cozy neighborhood spot that pays homage to the tribe of neighbors, friends and guests from places far and wide. The warm ambiance is accentuated with hanging Moroccan glass lamps that light the dining room adorned with wallpaper featuring abstract Middle Eastern architecture and exposed brick which leads to a charming open air patio in the back.

They tapped the talented Chef Majid Moulay Alami who has over 30 years of culinary experience in some of NYC’s top restaurants and his cultural history has influenced his menu with Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese cuisine infused with flavors of Provence. Chef Alami’s influences along with Larisa’s expertise in food science, as well as her Israeli background, have resulted in a creative menu with healthy ingredient sourcing. The completely vegetarian daytime menu features some vegan options with traditional dishes, soups and salads. Signature menu items include: Taste of Jerusalem ($14), a traditional

plate featuring freshly baked sesame ka’ak bread ring, housemade hummus, perfectly spiced tahini, baba, boiled egg, feta, sumac tomatoes and olives; Lashevet Shakshuka ($15), a signature item of perfectly poached eggs in savory tomato sauce, with labneh, eggplant and warm pita bread; Moussaka ($14), a flavorful eggplant tomato sauce topped with fried egg, labneh and warm pita bread. Be sure to try some of their healthy protein packed juice smoothies or delicious coffee, tea and latte selections featuring specialty Moroccan tea and Turkish coffee. During the evening hours, the dinner menu

shifts to authentic mezze plates, appetizers and entrees. Chef Jay has created unique spice blends that season every dish featuring a variety of traditional mezze selections, along with other specialties including lamb meatballs, shrimp gratin featuring a savory gruyere, shallot and bechamel sauce and traditional dishes such as the meat and seafood kebobs, hanger steak with a shallot and red wine reduction and chicken with a porcini mushroom and peppercorn sauce. Save room for the delectable and unique mouthwatering house made desserts. 1663 1st Ave., New York, NY 10028 646.559.1560 | 67

The Finest Lebanese Flavors at


IN COCONUT GROVE By Isabella Uribe Boasting an authentic Lebanese menu designed by Chef Wissam Baki, who has enjoyed more than 15 years of experience in the most renowned hospitality venues, including the InterContinental in Beirut, Amal’s offerings will feature modern interpretations of popular, generous, and easily shared dishes to be enjoyed the way one might across a traditional Lebanese dinner table. Dips, like hummus and babaganoush, start the Amal experience with a bold embodiment of Lebanese spices and flavors that layer throughout the meal as diners continue on a journey that includes salads, hot mezze, skewers, and new takes on traditional entrees, such as lamb chops and fresh fish options. Signature dishes include Monk Salad, Truffle Rakakat, Pistachio Kabab, and Black Cod Harra. With an extensive wine selection overseen by Master Sommelier Fernando Zamudio, Amal will bring a top-tier selection of national and international classics, as well as

68 |

boutique selections from the ample gamma of Lebanese wines. Amal, which means “hope”, speaks to the hopeful spirit associated with the Lebanese culture – embracing the love of family, zest for life, and certainly, appreciation for fresh and authentic cuisine, that is the true essence and center of the Lebanese home and culture. "As a Beirut native, it gives me a great sense of pride that our deep-rooted traditions of sharing and making guests feel at ease and welcomed are ingrained into the Amal dining experience," said CEO and Founder of INK Entertainment Group, Charles Khabouth. "The essence of Lebanese food and culture is to enjoy a meal in a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can come as a guest but leave as family. I cannot wait to open our doors and welcome the Coconut Grove community in.” 3480 Main Hwy Suite 100, Miami, FL

YOLAN By Isabella Uribe

Yolan Nashville offers a tasting menu in addition to its à la carte menu. Guests can experience either five or eight courses from the tasting menu along with optional wine pairings. The à la carte menu features Agnello (lamb, fava bean, plum), Zucca (summer squash, stone fruit, Calabrian chili, preserved Meyer lemon, pistachio, goat cheese), Risotto (saffron, Parmigiano-Reggiano, lobster), and more! Complement any dish with some of Italy’s finest wine and delicious cocktails. Finish off your dining experience with dessert and espresso. The Crostata de Fragole (mascarpone, berry caviar, herbed balsamic) and Cacao (Guanaja, nib brittle, nougat, pistachio) come highly recommended! 403 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN | 69

JIMMY By Isabella Uribe

With beautiful sunsets and spectacular panoramic views of Manhattan complete with an outdoor pool deck from its unobstructed 18th floor perch atop ModernHaus SoHo, JIMMY is the ultimate destination for New Yorkers and travelers to the Big Apple from day to night. The brainchild of acclaimed hospitality veteran David Rabin, their bespoke libations coupled with globally inspired bar fare by Veranda’s Michelin-starred Chef George Mendes and spectacular panoramic views in the heart of SoHo make it a nightlife rooftop destination for any time of year. Enjoy the gorgeous summer weather atop the panoramic rooftop with refreshing signature cocktails which fresh fruit such as the Blueberry Smash that uses seasonal blueberries in a remake of the Mojito with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and coconut water; Strawberry Moscow Mule with Stoli Vodka, ginger beer, and strawberry purée, lime juice and simple syrup; and the Blackberry & Basil Old Fashioned with muddled blackberries, basil Hudson Whiskey NY Bourbon, Combier Crème de Mûre, orange bitters and Angostura Bitters. JIMMY’s cocktails are complemented by globally inspired bar fare by Michelin-Starred Chef George Mendes of Veranda. Signature dishes include Chicken Taco, Hummus, Tomato Basil Flatbread, Piri-Piri Chicken Brochette and Grass-Fed Dry-Aged Cheeseburger Sliders. JIMMY 15 Thompson Street, NYC 70 |

PEPPER CLUB By Isabella Uribe

James Beard Award-winning Chef Todd English joins the arts district of Las Vegas & his culinary mind came to play in the form of The Pepper Club. Japanese + Mediterranean fusion made with locally sourced ingredients and complimented by upscale beverage options. Our top recommendations are the Oxtail Fried Rice, Genghis Short Ribs, Kale Avocado Salad, and for dessert the Yuzu Crème Brûlée. 921 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 | 71



72 |

BENTLEY RESIDENCES Introducing the Bentley Residences - the first residential offering by one of the world’s most revered brands. Experience a collection of enriching homes in the tallest residential tower on the US coastline - designed to a level of finish and craftsmanship that has defined the Bentley marque for over a century. In April 2021, Bentley announced the first Bentley Residences in Sunny Isles, Florida -- a partnership with luxury property firm Dezer Development. The Bentley Design team have worked closely with Dezer and renowned architects Sieger Suarez to bring this vision to life. The 749-foot tower will include more than 200 luxury apartments, with in-unit multi-car garages and a patented car elevator designed for luxury car owners. Door to ceiling diamond-shaped glass allows for uninterrupted views of the ocean and the waterways from all apartments, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into each new home. | 73


CIPRIANI Positioned on a privileged location at the gateway to the vibrant Miami neighborhood of Brickell, Cipriani Residences Miami epitomizes the timeless Italian spirit, style, and service for which the brand is so revered. Residents will enjoy a life of effortless elegance and convenient access to the variety of experiences this exciting metropolis has to offer. To live in Cipriani Residences Miami is to enjoy those signature service standards first established at Harry’s Bar in 1931 and perfected through four generations. Individual tastes are indulged and needs are anticipated with an intuitive understanding of when and where their attention is required. Masterfully designed in collaboration with Cipriani, the amenities serve as an extension of one’s home. Residents will have exclusive access to dining services by Cipriani, available both in-home or in private dining rooms. Dining services extend to the resort deck, where residents can enjoy a Bellini on the sun terrace, or lounge in cabanas beside the two swimming pools. Other thoughtful amenities include a spa with sauna, screening room, state-of-the-art fitness center, pickleball court, and golf simulator. A range of conveniences — like a hair salon, dog park, away-from-home care, and valet parking — ensure everyday life is as effortless as possible.

74 | | 75


ST. REGIS MIAMI Consisting of a 48-story east tower and a 47-story west tower, both waterfront and featuring a total of 354 super exclusive residences. It is conveniently located in one of the hottest areas of Miami. The mastermind behind the architectural design of the two towers is the award-winning firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects; the interior design was conceived by Rockwell Group. The developers are Related Group & Integra Investments. Residents enjoy one-of-a-kind homes ranging from two to four bedroomconfigurations. The extraordinary amenities at St Regis Brickell include fine dining restaurant, beach club, lush terraces by Enzo Enea, business center, golf simulator, dog-walking services, Private marina, Resort style pool deck and more! Its convenient waterfront location allows proximity with luxury skyscrapers, office towers, fine dining, retail and the beach. Each residence enjoys a private elevator and entry foyer, 11foot ceilings with integrated linear diffusers in living areas, custom European marble flooring throughout, and European wood doorways. All homes feature a powder room and laundry room. Smart home technology is built into every home. 76 |

BACCARAT Baccarat proudly presents its first collection of residences to the Miami market. Illuminated by the infinite shimmer of the sun, this soaring tower will stand radiant on the waterfront where the river meets the bay, in the eart of the bright lights of the city. Combining the sparkling vitality and magnetic dynamism of Brickell with enlightened design and artful service, residents can expect a lifestyle infused with unexpected delights and inspired brilliance. More than a home, a Baccarat residence offers entrée to a unique living experience. Everything has been conceived, designed and personalized with precision, passion and finesse. From museum quality art adorning the walls to the majestic Grand Salon and the radiant Baccarat Spa with treatments, yoga and steam rooms, residents can spend their entire day delighting in the extensive amenities. Baccarat Residences offer the privacy of an exclusive condominium while experiencing the allure and invigoration of a luxury destination. Imagine a life where the ultimate luxury is coming home.

ARIA RESERVE A new chapter in residential sophistication is transforming the idea of a life well-lived. At Aria Reserve, the beauty of nature, a captivating waterfront location, sleek modern architecture, and state-of-the-art lifestyle amenities all come together in perfect balance. A pair of glass towers with flowing design profiles rise high above Miami’s chic Edgewater neighborhood. Directly on the shores of Biscayne Bay and surrounded by lush gardens and nature, Aria Reserve is immediately recognizable, yet feels like a private estate hidden away from the rest of the world. It is a first-ofits-kind relationship between design and nature, which creates an atmosphere of total serenity. Today’s sophisticated city dwellers deserve a world that gives them more of what they need and want. At Aria Reserve, that means custom-designed spaces that give you the flexibility to engage in both business and personal pursuits in uncommon style. | 77


Intermix Kicks Off the Summer 2022 Hamptons Season with



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INTERMIX, the highly curated, omni-channel women’s fashion business kicked off the Summer 2022 Hamptons season by partnering with ready-to-wear brand L’Agence. On June 29th Tara-Rudes-Dann, Fashion Director & Partner of L’Agence hosted a shopping soiree in INTERMIX’s East Hampton boutique, followed the night after by an intimate dinner hosted by both brands at Crow’s Nest for influencers, press, and friends of the brand. Attendees include Danielle Bernstein, Rocky Barnes, Sai de Silva, Elizabeth Sulcer and more. After these, L’Agence will be popping in at Intermix’s East Hampton boutique until July 10th, offering an extended assortment of exclusive summer essentials that cannot be found anywhere else.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with L’Agence for our Summer kickoff event and pop-in this summer in the Hamptons,” says Divya Mathur, Chief Merchandising Officer. “L’Agence resonates so well with the INTERMIX customer because of its California cool vibe, modern designs, and easy ready-to-wear pieces – which is exactly what we’re looking to bring to the Hamptons. As one of our longest brand partners, we know that the pop-in will do extremely well, and we’re looking forward to bringing much more of L’Agence to the INTERMIX customer this year and beyond.” “As one of the leading curated retail destinations globally – there’s no one besides INTERMIX we’d rather kick off summer in the Hamptons with,” says Tara-Rudes-Dann, Fashion Director & Partner of L’Agence. “INTERMIX makes it so easy to partner with to create exclusive looks for their customer. Our partnership has been so strong over the years because both of our brands style and merchandise to make women look and feel beautiful. We have the same vision – to inspire women to feel powerful and confident in what they wear - and can’t wait for many more successful collaborations in our future!” | 79


Valmont Launches their Latest Technologically Advanced Line

V-FIRM By Hillary Latos

Launching Fall 2022, luxury Swiss beauty brand Valmont debuts their latest skincare collection, V-FIRM. This efficacious line is clinically proven to restore skin’s firmness, and reverses the effects of sagging skin! Whether a loss of tone reflects the passing time or a depletion of the skin’s elasticity, V-FIRM incorporates three high-performance products that optimize bounce, density and firmness- the V-FIRM Serum, V-FIRM Eye and V-FIRM Cream which will be available September 2022 at

V-FIRM Eye is a stunning sensorial experience of “honey gel” texture and is a veritable weapon of mass effectiveness. This gourmet amberhued balm actively combats sagging eyelids and under-eye creases. Hyaluronic acid coats the skin like a hydrating, tensing film, complementing the in-depth action of V-FIRM’s core formula (Peptide Cocktail, Density Complex and DNA/RNA duo). And for even greater comfort, the DNA used here takes the form of a liposome, its lipidic envelope merging with strengthening cell membranes. With each application, the gaze opens, banishing fatigue and revealing a vibrant glow of firm youthfulness. Retail Price: $290

V-FIRM Face Cream is a voluptuous and comforting cream with restorative and firming benefits that can transform the facial skin texture. Re-densifying active ingredients work in synergy with plant-based squalane to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, fostering dermal density. In 28 days, the face reveals a younger appearance with sharper contours, thanks to regained elasticity. Retail Price: $440 USD.

V-FIRM Serum is a rich and creamy sculpting serum that helps transform the skin by targeting sagging skin and re-plumping volumes. Strengthening the structure of the dermis, it restores the skin's firmness and tones the face. The Peptide Cocktail, Density Complex and the DNA/RNA duo in this ultra-concentrated treatment are further amplified by the action of milk protein, which helps stimulate production of molecules making up the dermal matrix. Retail Price: $340 80 |


The ultimate featherweight to all of Miss Jessie’s® stylers, Feather Soft Curls™ creates supple but light curl magic with it’s super soft styling lotion. This quick drying styling lotion is perfect for achieving voluminous and softly defined hair that we all want.




WINDWOOD For many years, two Country estates served as the Summer residences of the Guggenheim family. These properties provided the privacy that only a prominent family could enjoy. One of these properties, Windwood, in Upper Bucks County, has now become available. Windwood is approached via a long, meandering drive. The home, looks out at the New Jersey hillside. The clean, white stucco and clapboard house, circa 1870, has been meticulously maintained through the years and, especially by its last steward. The entrance opens to the living room. All of the rooms boast intricate moldings and/or wainscoting. Adjacent to the living room is a library with bookcases and fireplace. The dining room is located next to the 20th century eat-in kitchen, den, powder room and walls of glass that look out at the landscaped beds, stone walls and stone patio. From the kitchen area, you can also see the ruins of a stone barn that now serves as a theatrical backdrop for al fresco dining. The junior Olympic sized pool has been re-surfaced. There are two guest homes, including a separate cottage and a two-bedroom apartment over the garage. $2,249,000

CABIN RUN FARM The genesis of Cabin Run Farm was 1785 in the original keeping room and throughout the years, this formidable homestead has grown to 37 plus acres and has become one of the most prestigious compounds in this area of Bucks County. The main house is sited on the precipice of a hillside overlooking Cabin Run Creek and the distant farms. The current stewards have spent endless time restoring the home to its pristine condition. $4,375,000

Art Mazzei Cell: 610.428.4885

550 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938 • • 215.862.5500

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