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Ontario’s Grand Chelster Hall

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Chelster Hall is one of the most gracious and calming estates in all of Canada 24


Limited-edition watches suitable for earth, air, and sea

Truly Eppich

Eppich House II in West Vancouver is an architectural marvel in a beautiful setting



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Now Accepting Consignments Important Chinese Art NEW YORK ASIA WEEK SEPTEMBER 2019

A Rare White Jade ‘Imperial Procession’ Brushpot Qing Dynasty, Qianlong / Jiaqing Period Estimate $800,000–1,200,000 Achieved $2,060,000 Sold in Important Chinese Art Auction New York 20 March 2019


A Gilt-Bronze Figure Of Cintamanicakra Avalokiteshvara Late Tang Dynasty / Five Dynasties Estimate $60,000–80.000 Achieved $2,060,000 Sold in Important Chinese Art Auction New York 20 March 2019



­­­W elcome to the spring Issue of Reside e are thrilled to be in Canada for the Sotheby’s International W Realty Global Networking Event. This

is the first time that our network’s biggest branding conference is held in Canada and we love celebrating in the beautiful city of Vancouver and meeting colleagues from all over the world. Working, exploring, and learning together reminds us how interconnected we all are, no matter where we call home. And that’s exactly the connection we strive for in the pages of RESIDE®. In this issue we travel across borders and time zones in search of the extraordinary. And, no surprise, we find extraordinary in abundance in Canada, starting with an architectural marvel right here in West Vancouver. Take a tour of Eppich House II, a daring glassand-steel residence that may be “of the moment” but is built to last. The design by legendary Canadian architect Arthur Erickson is so audacious, the home feels a little like a private museum—in the best possible sense. On the other side of the country is another interpretation of home, Chelster Hall, on the shores of Lake Ontario. It was built in 2006 but inspired by England’s historic countryside manors. Today’s architects not only are thinking about building better homes, but also about building better cities. We introduce you to three of Canada’s

leading architectural firms breaking new ground in sustainability, social activism, and inclusiveness. While we’re on the subject of groundbreaking, the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo certainly fit the bill. A historian once said Kahlo was “first a legend, then a myth, and now a cult figure.” We’ll share some of the best places around the world to see her boundary-busting paintings. Our search for the extraordinary landed us in the middle of the New Nordic Movement, locally sourced and fearlessly innovative cuisine that has infiltrated renowned restaurants from Portland, Ore., to La Paz, Bolivia. Read on to find out what the buzz is about. For the timepiece enthusiasts among us, we showcase the latest collection of limited-edition watches on the market. It’s an impressive group, with models inspired by the derring-do exploits of mountain climbers, ocean-plunging divers, and circumnavigating pilots. We thank you for taking the ride with us.

Kevin Thompson

Chief Marketing Officer Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC




Opposite page: A prototype kitchen by Vera Iconica Architecture includes a hydroponic garden, which looks like a pink refrigerator, and climate-controlled cabinets. Bottom: Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Scribbles collection is wearable art. This page: John Stefanidis used layers of pink shades to liven up a drawing room in Belgravia, London.

eautiful, bold, and beneficial are the catchwords this season in the worlds of art, architecture, and design. B We’re decorating our bodies, building healthy environ-

ments, and brightening our rooms with rainbows of color. Here’s what’s happening.

Opposite page: Vera Iconica Wellness Kitchen™; bottom right: Solange Ltd. This page: Fritz von der Schulenburg


Jewelry designers are creating abstract adornments that double as wearable works of art. One such maker is Solange Azagury-Partridge of Britain. Her pieces, which she calls “sculpture for the body,” are dazzling and dynamic and sell for thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pounds. Scribbles, one of the newer collections of gemstone rings and mix-and-match-make-your-own earrings under her Solange brand, is inspired by her doodles. “There’s always something behind each piece; it’s not just what you see,” she says. “The random shapes of scribbles are fascinating and reflect the stones’ internal inclusions. Your eye is attracted by the shapes and color combinations.” Azagury-Partridge developed a love for jewelry while working at a gallery specializing in 20th century decorative arts and vintage jewelry. In 1987, she designed her first piece, an uncut diamond in a gold bombe setting, as her own engagement ring. Tilda Swinton and Lady Gaga are among the celebrities who wear her art, which is in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Her Hotlips collection of rings shaped like bee-stung lips is reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s sexy Mae West Lips Sofa, and her Supernature collection was inspired by the five ancient elements—fire, air, water, earth, and ether. “I make things you don’t know you want until you see them,” she says. Architecture

A healthy house means healthy inhabitants. That’s the credo of the emerging wellness architecture movement. “As an architect, I have the power to shift your cognitive function and your mood through the use of materials, colors, textures, and layouts,” says architect Veronica Schreibeis Smith, who helped coin the term in 2015 when she founded

the Wellness Architecture Initiative. “I and other architects are using these skills to enhance human and planetary well-being by reimagining every room of the house.” Wellness spaces in homes around the world incorporate eco-friendly, natural materials and innovative, multifunctional designs that encourage a healthy lifestyle. For instance, a kitchen prototype created by Schreibeis Smith’s firm, Vera Iconica Architecture in Jackson, Wyo., is designed to make cooking a nutritious and fun family ritual. People pick produce from a hydroponic garden that grows on a wall and store foods in transparent, programmable climatecontrolled cabinets made of natural oak. For a private client with a young child, her firm designed a flexible tea room/game room/meditation room/yoga room/ playroom that encourages family time and healthy activities. The real beauty of the movement, Schreibeis Smith says, is that it shows “you can change everything when you change the environment.” Design

Interior designers are no longer taking a neutral stance on color. They are replacing beiges and grays with bold hues in exciting combinations. “The trend comes after years of preferred neutral colors introduced by the International School of Architecture, then repeated ad nauseam, particularly in the corporate business world and hotels,” says London-based interior designer John Stefanidis, whose name is synonymous with the original use of vibrant color. He says interiors around the world finally are finding their true colors. “There are fantastic explosions of color in India and China and everywhere in Africa,” he says. The colors are cropping up not only in furnishings but also on walls. “I use splashed paint, layer upon layer, to give depth,” he says. “Or stenciling. I’m very proud of the lacepainted walls I created for a bedroom in a Florida house.” Stefanidis, who has a cosmopolitan clientele, says his color sense is influenced, in part, by his travels: “Exposure to design, color, and architecture as well as the internet and apps like Instagram—it’s all very inspiring.” 7


FOOD RETHOUGHT Chef Julian Bentivegna merges fine dining and sustainability with An innovative vegetable- forward menu By Alexandra Breen a crisp afternoon in early January, and chef Julian is keeping warm inside the construction zone Ithatt’sBentivegna is his soon-to-be-complete restaurant, Ten, in Toronto’s

trendy Brockton Village. His nerves and excitement are palpable as the space slowly takes its final shape. In just a few short weeks, the 10-seat chef’s table will be installed, the millwork complete, and the doors will open to a years-in-themaking dream. “I knew I wanted to do this long before I had any other responsibilities or any reasons not to,” he says, acknowledging the enormous effort involved in bringing this project to fruition. At 25 years old, this young talent from Calgary hopes to offer Toronto an extraordinary new vegetableforward culinary experience and, in the process, change the way we think about food, fine dining, and sustainability. The name Ten reflects the 10-course tasting menu that Bentivegna will be serving to only 10 guests at a time. “It’s also a reminder to my staff and myself that we’re only serving 10 people at once, so there’s no excuse not to make it exceptional.” For the past six months Bentivegna has been mulling over the fine details. He has teamed up with Toronto’s LloydLondon Architects, known primarily for its non-commercial spaces, to create an interior that works with the existing framework to evoke a casual, intimate, and airy vibe with exposed brick, beautiful millwork, white-oak accents, and minimalist décor. Bentivegna has also been hosting a series of buzzy pop-up dinners at diverse locations, ranging from local restaurants such as The Depanneur, also in Brockton Village, to a sleek loft he found on Airbnb (the latter served as inspiration for Ten’s final aesthetic). The goal is twofold—to get people excited about his concept and to research and develop his season-based menu. The events were hugely successful, he reports: “Everyone was full, happy and so excited about some of the courses they had.” He was then able to nail down his winter menu, which will feature novel creations such as sweet potato with mulberry and coriander; scallops, fennel and blood orange; and basil ice cream paired with grapes.


David Pike

A cucumber, apple, and buckwheat creation at Ten restaurant in Toronto.




David Pike (2)

Opposite page: Chef Julian Bentivegna opened his restaurant in Toronto’s Brockton Village neighborhood in February 2019. This page: Bentivegna’s take on the humble carrot includes a savory combination of carrot, chamomile, jalapeño, and chicken skin with a cream base.

His philosophy surrounding food traces back to his upbringing with a Sicilian mother who lovingly made home-cooked meals daily. “The most important thing about cooking to me is that someone prepared the food for you as an act of love,” he says. At Ten, night after night, guests can expect to be served personally by Bentivegna and sommelier Jennifer Hunter (Bisha Hotel Toronto). “If [guests] have any questions, they can ask me. I pride myself on my approachability,” he says, adding he believes that, at its core, fine dining is really just about hospitality and amazing food. Having a comfortable, casual atmosphere serves to heighten the experience and elevate the dishes to a position of prime focus. Bentivegna has been fortunate to take notes from some of the industry’s finest, including Paul Bocuse (Restaurant Paul Bocuse in Lyon), Paula Navarrete (Momofuku’s Kojin in Toronto), and Patrick Kriss (Alo in Toronto), but it’s the months he spent working with Curtis Duffy at the three-Michelin-star Grace in Chicago that serve as his greatest inspiration: “His kitchen ran like a machine. It was very quiet. All the systems were in place. It was perfect.” It was at Grace that Bentivegna witnessed firsthand how vegetables could be transformed into rave-worthy creations in a 12-course tasting menu. The experience served as sort of a finishing school. “To [work at a] threeMichelin-star restaurant, you have to know how to cook, but it also ingrains in you these systems that take you to the next level in terms of the detail that is needed,” he says.

Sustainability also plays a huge role in the decision to give vegetables their starring role. Influenced by Dan Barber’s book, The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food, Bentivegna believes in taking a rational and informed approach to food. You don’t have to cut out meat entirely from your diet. “It is such an amazing ingredient to work with,” he points out. “You would be limiting yourself [otherwise].” However, to Bentivegna it makes sense to cut back significantly when you look at how many resources go into a pound of meat versus any vegetable. Developing relationships with local farmers such as Joyfully Organic Farm in Stouffville, Ont., and taking full advantage of all of the amazing produce grown in this province is his priority: “Vegetables have so much flavor, and if you can treat them with a lot of respect they can be elevated.”

His kitchen has intentionally been designed with very little fridge space to minimize food waste. The idea is to have food come in and be used the same day. Any leftover produce will be donated to Food Rescue (, a Second Harvest program which partners with various nonprofits across Toronto. His hope is that he can create a critically acclaimed restaurant with staying power that transcends what he serves on your plate. “What I am interested in being known for and hopefully what will end up happening is that I can do so much more than just the food,” he explains. “I’m always asking in the back of my mind: How can this place be valuable to Canadian food and the eradication of hunger? I think fine dining can play a pivotal role in that.” Playing his part, Bentivegna is ready to lead the change when it comes to food and create a 10 out of Ten. 11


TRULY EPPICH Hidden amid the trees in West Vancouver is an architectural marvel that’s built to last By Yuki Hayashi


Source/Credit text: Credit information goes right here


mong jaw-dropping properties, every so often, one defies categorization as a residential home, making the leap to “landmark” instead. Case in point: Eppich House II. With its dazzling expanse of glass walls and its revolutionary cascading steel-beam frame, this architectural wonder appears like a mirage high on a West Vancouver hillside, nestled between mountain and sea, yet invisible from the road. Water elements add to its mystical quality—a shimmering koi pond, fed by a redirected creek, and an infinity-edge pool that blends into the landscape. One of Canada’s first modernist glass-and-steel homes, the daring residence has hit the prestige real-estate market for the first time, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for discerning design enthusiasts. “The buyer of this home will be someone who appreciates a fine iconic piece of architecture [that] is completely unique. It is really like owning your own private museum,” says listing agent Eric Latta of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. Designed by legendary Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, the circa-1979 masterpiece is the crown jewel of North Shore/ West Vancouver, a region known for its trove of West Coast modernist gems. “Starting in the late 1950s and ’60s, people were developing the North Shore in this ‘crazy’ modernist style. It was an outlier across the bridge from Vancouver and immune from the architectural traditions of the city proper,” says Javier Campos, president of the nonprofit organization Heritage Vancouver. It was within this unique cultural context that Eppich House II was conceived. In steel magnate Hugo Eppich, Erickson found his dream client-cum-partner. “At the time, Erickson was Canada’s most famous architect and recognized worldwide,” Campos says. Eppich, co-owner of custom metal manufacturer Ebco Industries Ltd., in Richmond, B.C., was a materials expert with the latest technology at his disposal.

Source/Credit text: Credit information goes right here

$16,800,000 Property ID: WEJFLS | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

With the latest technology from Hugo Eppich’s company, Ebco Industries Ltd., at his disposal, architect Arthur Erickson was able to create a cascading, waterfall-like effect using curved steel beams.


A just-released book—Eppich House II: The Story of an Arthur Erickson Masterwork by architecture expert Greg Bellerby—shares interviews with architect Arthur Erickson, owner Hugo Eppich, and others involved in the project.


Ironically, steel wasn’t foremost in Eppich’s mind when he commissioned Erickson. “I wanted something different—concrete or whatever the case,” Eppich said this past November in a virtual home-tour video of his residence. “But since we had a steel fabrication company [as well as] electroplating and upholstery—all these companies in our group—Arthur thought it would be nice to make the house out of steel.” Once convinced, Eppich helped Erickson push the boundaries of residential architecture: “Usually, steel houses are just [linear], but in our case, he wanted to…make it roll into the landscape.” Manufacturing the home’s seemingly effortless flowing curves—from roofline to balconies to bespoke interior furnishings—took considerable effort. Eventually, Eppich’s manufacturing team perfected the curved steel beams and other material improvements necessary to meet the project’s demanding specifications. “We did everything. We had a heavy machine shop, a heavy fabrication shop, light metal fabrication—we had it all,” Eppich says. This extraordinary wherewithal gave his builders access to materials not available elsewhere. The result: a curvilinear 7,000-square-foot split-level home that Latta describes as “gently cascading down the [1.2-acre] property, creating a waterfall-like feeling.” Its wall-to-wall windows and glass doors seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, showcasing furniture designed and fabricated by Erickson and Eppich’s respective teams. The custom living, dining, and bedroom sets channel a midcentury modern vibe and color palette. Echoing

the house itself, bold curves and steel abound, ranging from a gleaming chrome-and-orange dining set to sculptural sofas in a distinctive mustard hue. Arthur Erickson is among British Columbia’s most cherished creative talents, and his stamp is all over Vancouver, including public landmarks such as the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Law Courts Complex, and Robson Square. And yet, the renowned architect reportedly considered Eppich House II his “most complete” endeavor. Preservationists are often concerned about the fate of architectural gems, but Latta is confident in this glass-andsteel house’s staying power: “It is a truly unique landmark home recognized globally for its significance. It was built to last generations.” (2)

Left: One of the home’s many sun-drenched spaces. Below: Expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows blur the line between indoors and out.

For those who have a vision Your home is more than a building or an address. It’s where you experience life, family, connection, growth. Your home should be as exceptional as you are, and as you are going to be. For a lifestyle inspired by your potential, there is only Sotheby’s International Realty. | Auckland, New Zealand | Property ID : YWL653 © MMXIX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.


Paint it Black How to use the darkest shade in a way that’s chic and eye- catching

hading your walls in black may not be the first thing that comes to mind S when you’re considering paint colors. But black has a daring all its own that can bring character and chicness to your space. “The result is both unexpected and incredibly sophisticated,” says Andrea Magno, a Benjamin Moore color and design expert. “Black has an interesting effect on the walls of a room because the corners and shadows are obscured more than if a midtone or pastel color is used,” Magno says. “This can be used as a visual trick to give the space a less-defined appearance and can make a room feel a bit more expansive.” Black walls can also bring coziness. “Dark walls coupled with dramatic lighting create an instant air of luxury and sumptuousness,” says Karen Howes, CEO and founder of London-based interior-design firm Taylor Howes.

Choosing the Right Room

It’s important to consider the function of the room and also the time of day that you spend the most time there, Howes says. Great candidates for black walls include rooms used primarily as evening spaces or those that aren’t reliant on task lighting, such as home cinemas and dining rooms, she says. In a media room, black walls help absorb the light and won’t distract from the room’s main function, Howes says. “We also find using darker tones in dining rooms helps create a luxurious feel in the evening when our clients are entertaining,” she says. “Often the rooms that are most successful have a balance between light and dark—where black walls are paired with a light floor color or furniture done in neutrals and whites,” Magno adds. 16

Top: A black accent wall in a bedroom. Bottom: A nearly all-black bedroom designed by Studio MHNA.

Top left: Benjamin Moore; bottom left: Studio MHNA. Center: Taylor Howes

Purple furniture pops in this black room by Taylor Howes.

Accent Versus All Four Walls

“Black can be a superb choice, as it allows you to play with contrasts,” says Nicolas Adnet of Studio MHNA, an architecture and design firm in Paris. “For example, if the rest of the room is done in pale or pastel palettes, painting a wall black can add drama and create atmosphere.” A single black wall can also give character and structure to a space and be used to highlight furniture or a collection of art, Adnet notes. If used as an accent, Magno says, it’s important that it creates a focal point and architecturally makes sense in the room. For instance, accent walls work well when a room has a wall with a fireplace or millwork, or when there is an alcove or other feature worthy of attention, she says. Adding Dimension

Black walls can handle patterned accessories or upholstery. “The black will tend to recede, causing the pattern to advance or be more eye-catching,” Magno says. Repeating black in patterns also helps tie the look of the room together. “For instance, many materials used for countertops— whether marble, granite, or quartz—have black running through them and can instantly create a visual connection between the walls and other features in the room,” Magno says. Perfect Finish

The finish you choose for the paint can have different effects on the space. A matte black has a soft quality, while a high gloss will add reflection and drama. “Using a semigloss or high-gloss finish works well in dark spaces, as it helps to bounce the light around,” Howes says. “We tend to combine different finishes in one space to get a nice balance.” Using Trims Well

Often rooms with walls painted black have white or off-white trim for a clean look, Magno notes. “Black looks great when used in a space with neutral or white wainscoting or cabinetry because the contrast is striking and chic,” she adds. For a sophisticated look, she recommends painting walls and trim or millwork in one black hue, and either using the same finish on both surfaces or using a lower sheen on the walls, such as a matte finish and a semigloss or high gloss on the trim. 17

Pearls Make a Comeback How designers — and customers — are changing the look of the classics 18

Source/Credit text: Credit information goes right here



fashion runways were proof. “There were a lot of pearls from influential designers like Chanel and Gucci on the runways,” says Karen Giberson, CEO of the Accessories Council. They featured “bold mixes, layers, large sizes, fun colors.” London-based pearl stringer Renata Terjeki, who designs, restrings, and restores pearl jewelry for clients around the world, is seeing a rising popularity in modern styles, such as long necklaces and pearl tassels. “The great thing about tassels is that you can make pendants, earrings, and rings out of them,” she says. And combining them with metal appeals to many different types of consumers. “You can put a pearl tassel pendant on an 18-carat white gold chain or on a long pearl necklace and you’ll have two completely different looks,” she says. Faux pearls are being used more on apparel—around necklines, tracing pockets, decorating the heel of a shoe. Styling for Everyday Wear

Opposite page: Getty Images. This page, left: little h.; right; Anna Sheffield


perfect string of pearls often recalls images of style legends, such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. Now pearls are appealing to a younger generation and gaining popularity in part because designers are imagining new ways of wearing them. “There’s an emergence of younger designers breaking the traditional boundaries of classic styles with pearls,” says Hisano Shepherd, a Los Angeles– based jewelry designer for a company called little h. “From the early 1900s through the 1950s, the most coveted pearls were perfectly round, white pearls worn as choker-length necklaces or stud earrings,” says jeweler and designer April Higashi, owner of Shibumi Gallery in Berkeley, Calif. And these traditionalstyle pearls were staples the world over. “In Japan, women were gifted with pearl studs and pearl strand necklaces for coming-of-age and wedding gifts,” Shepherd says. But that’s changing.

A Fashion - Forward Focus

Today’s pearls aren’t limited to simple strands or studs, and the 2019 Spring

“Millennials are making pearls more casual by taking the primness out of them and wearing them in cool, new ways,” says Marion Fasel, founder and editorial director of The Adventurine, an online fine-jewelry magazine. “The thing now is to wear them with Adidas tees and distressed denim—more everyday than special occasion,” says Amy Elliott, columnist for jewelry-trade magazine JCK and fine-jewelry expert for the Bridal Council. “The younger generation is responding to what women have always loved about pearls: They go with everything, light up your skin with a subtle glow, and will never go out of style,” Elliott says. But young consumers “are less into the strands of perfectly matched Akoyas and more into oblong, amorphous, baroque shapes—the ‘imperfect’ pearls.” They can be “classic or very artsy,” Higashi says. Designing for a New Generation

Designers are taking a fresh approach and using unique material mixes, such as pearls on leather, gunmetal, or rose gold, Giberson says. Mixing pearls with colored stones is a new way to string them. Designer Anna Sheffield of Anna Sheffield Fine Jewelry, based in New York and Los Angeles, combines pearls with other gems like moonstone and black, gray, and champagne diamonds. She also blends classic pearl designs with different metals—one pearl stud earring and one gold spike for its mate, for example, or classic studs with yellow- or rose-gold halos for a more modern way of pairing them. “But no matter how designs are changing, as Jackie Kennedy once said, ‘Pearls are always appropriate,’ ” Terjeki says.

Left: A colorful pendant from little h. Right: A modern take on pearl jewelry from Anna Sheffield.


$59,000,000 Property ID: NTNN58 Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

JUST PRESS ‘PAUSE’ On the shores of Lake Ontario lies Chelster Hall, one of the most gracious, calming homes in the country By Caitlin Agnew



he moment you enter through the gates of Chelster Hall, a grand home T in Oakville, Ont., it feels like you’ve

Andre McKenzie/Silverhouse (3)

Opposite page top: Meticulous landscaping complements the grand, calm façade of Chelster Hall. Bottom right: expansive windows and a magnificent domed glass ceiling allow natural light to stream into the foyer. This page: Tranquil gardens and a fountain frame a view of the private chapel on site.

entered a retreat where all stress and worry seem to disappear. Once you’re past the wide front doors, a magnificent chandelier comes into view. Hanging from a domed ceiling some 30 feet above you, it’s in perfect elegant symmetry with the custom oval Persian carpet underfoot. Just ahead of you are vistas of Lake Ontario sparkling in the distance. On a cold winter day, you can see the mist rising from Niagara Falls. Represented by Paul Maranger, Christian Vermast, and Fran Bennett, senior vice presidents of sales with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Chelster Hall is without a doubt one of the most striking residences in Canada. The estate, which was completed in 2006, sits on about 4,000 square meters (44,000 square feet), taking up three lakeshore lots. Much of its appeal is the uniqueness of its size. It’s likely one of the last homes in the country built on such a scale. Equally remarkable is the story of its origins. Chelster Hall is the singular vision of Hugo Powell. The former CEO of Labatt and Interbrew, Powell’s long list of achievements includes two World Series titles (Labatt owned the Toronto Blue Jays when they won in 1992 and 1993) and a Belgian knighthood. Retired since 2002, Powell was in New York on 9/11 for investor meetings. He was on his way to one at 9 o’clock at

the World Trade Center’s North Tower when the building was attacked, just 15 minutes before his meeting was to begin. Powell immediately returned to his hotel in Midtown Manhattan, where he witnessed the second plane crash. The experience changed his outlook forever, including toward the home where he wanted to spend time with his wife and daughter. “That event gave me cause for reflection. This felt like an opportunity to create calm and space and privacy,” he says. Powell was very involved in the design and construction of Chelster Hall, building his home with heart through the expertise of local artisans and contractors whenever possible. Its façade was modeled after Blickling Hall in Norfolk, England — the birthplace of British monarch Anne Boleyn — a historic site where, Powell says, he spent many happy hours visiting with his family while growing up. “The fact that it is now 450 years old and still looking marvellous inspired me to a design and construction [that will] last,” he explains. Like Blickling, Chelster was built in the style of the Jacobean era, which originated in 16th-century England. Chelster is further characterized by its classical Elizabethan lines with an Italian twist, used by Canadian architect William Hicks to highlight features such as oversized windows and imposing towers, typical Jacobean elements. The interior is equally Anglo-inspired, with a library, stately fireplaces and a billiard room. A chapel dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi sits on the lawn. “It was my intent that the home would look 100 years old when newly constructed and that it would still look 100 years old when we look back in 400 years’ time,” Powell says. The Jacobean style provides an immediate sense of calm, something Powell seeks out in Chelster’s classic study and two-story library, which provides a home for generations of the family’s prized accomplishments, from sports trophies to photos of Powell with Fidel Castro. Yet, even with those royal proportions, Chelster Hall maintains the warm feel of a family home (it was named after the Powells’ two golden retrievers, Lady Chelsea and Manchester), with countless cozy nooks and crannies to curl up in, such as the doll-filled playroom on the lower level. Each of the six bedrooms has its own theme, like the purple Maharaja Room, a nod to Powell’s upbringing in India. His long-term vision for Chelster Hall ensured the home would have everything its future inhabitants could desire. That means modern features, including a 12-car garage tucked away underground, a tennis court, a fitness room, a spa, and two pools­—indoors and out— the former of which runs on a chlorine-free filtration system. The lower level takes the concept of the rec room up several notches to house a bowling lane, home cinema, dance floor, and a Tuscan wine cellar with some 7,000 bottles. Chelster Hall’s most virtuous feature, however, is its role as a sanctuary. Its timelessness offers a true refuge from the demands of everyday life. It’s a calm that washes over you as soon as you arrive, and it’s one you won’t soon want to leave. “Whatever happens in the day, when you come home the gates close and you can leave it behind, if you choose,” Powell says. But with his daughter and wife now busy running their own clothing businesses, the decision was made to move on. The time has come for Chelster Hall to become home to a new family. It’s a move that Powell makes with great perspective: “Some would describe it as downsizing. I might say, ‘rebalancing.’” 21


New Nordic Cuisine Food from Scandinavia inspires high - end restaurants around the world

ot long ago, food from Scandinavia was considered something of a N punchline. Dining enthusiasts assumed

the best one could get on a Nordic plate was a chunk of dried walrus blubber or a fried carrot. How times have changed. From Los Angeles to London, the tenets of the New Nordic Movement—locally sourced, health-conscious, fearlessly inventive—have infiltrated many of the world’s most renowned restaurants. It started with Noma, the nowfamous eatery launched in 2004 in Copenhagen. Occupying a 19th-century warehouse with an unassuming, rustic exterior, its focus has been on reinventing Danish cuisine by cutting out foreign fluff. Noma co-founder Claus Meyer drew up a manifesto, aspiring to nothing short of a new Nordic culinary culture. Due to the region’s long winters, pickling, preserving, smoking, and salting have become common. Noma has received two Michelin stars and was ranked “the World’s Best Restaurant” several times. Most importantly, chefs around the globe have 22

absorbed the principles of Meyer’s New Nordic Movement and applied them to their own cooking, often beautifully. At Gustu, a restaurant Meyer opened in 2013 in La Paz, Bolivia, head chef and native Bolivian Marsia Taha sees the New Nordic philosophy as a means to show off her own country’s cuisine. “Part of our mission is to boost a sense of national pride for what Bolivia is and what Bolivia produces,” Taha says. That starts with exactly what the New Nordic Movement emphasizes: “Simplicity, elegance, and respect for each product, whose history we have the commitment to tell, as well as preserving the cultural and ancestral significance in each dish,” she says. Two examples off the Gustu menu: rhea (a kind of Bolivian ostrich) tartare with capers and maca emulsion; and Amazonian fish with yuca zonzo and coconut. Now, from Portland, Ore., to New York, posh, hygge-ish restaurants churn out Nordic and Nordic-inspired fare. At Brooklyn’s Aska, Swedish chef Fredrik Berselius creates Scandinavian masterpieces with ingredients gathered from around the American Northeast. Think oysters and kelp garnished with salted green gooseberries, and pickled chanterelle mushrooms served with lichen and caramelized cream. For Berselius, the New Nordic Movement “reminds chefs and cooks to pay attention to where they are, to respect their heritage and at the same time push gastronomy forward.” New Nordic’s influence has seeped into rural areas too. At Single Thread, a Michelin-starred restaurant in northern California’s Sonoma County, much of the intricate Japaneseinspired menu uses produce from its own farm. The Lost Kitchen, a French-inspired, seasonally opened place in the tiny Maine town of Freedom, uses local ingredients exclusively. Demand is so high that reservation requests must be made by snail mail, to be decided in a lottery. And in the far-flung Faroe Islands of Denmark, chef Poul Andrias Ziska earned a Michelin star with Koks, a restaurant focused entirely on items available on and around the islands and often using traditional preparations. The results include fermented, wind-dried lamb; mahogany clams; and sea urchin with pickled parsley stems. Above all, the New Nordic Movement has inspired cooks to care more about place. If its ideas have shown consumers anything, it’s that good food need not have traveled far.

Dishes from Aska, a Brooklyn restaurant that celebrates Scandinavian cuisine.

Top two rows: Gentl & Hyers (6); bottom row: Charlie Bennet (3)


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Marie kondo’s 5 favorite Things The organization guru on the Items that spark joy in her home Books with purpose

A Treasure From Childhood

M.K. Sadler for KonMari Media, Inc. (6)

Fear not—the KonMari Method allows for nostalgia. Kondo demonstrates that old mementos can still serve a function, sometimes when used in new ways. “I received this sewing box for Christmas when I was a little girl,” she recalls. “It’s in my bedroom—near my vanity. I now use it to store makeup, so I get to experience the joy it brings me every day.”

“I have several notebooks, each for a different purpose: one for ideas, one for dreams, one for problem A New solving, etc.,” Must- Have Kondo says. “Rose water is my “They’re located recent discovery. at the end of my It has antibookshelf in the inflammatory hallway, and I properties and carry them with the scent is subme in my purse lime,” she says. as needed.” “I keep a bottle in my bathroom and I use it primarily as a facial toner.”

arie Kondo may be petite—4 feet, 7 inches—but she packs a real punch. MThat became clear when the Japanese organization wizard’s

2011 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, became an international bestseller. Now she’s gone viral once more, thanks to Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a TV series on Netflix. Her “KonMari Method” of decluttering is mercilessly precise yet oddly poetic (you keep the items—and only those— that “spark joy,” then thank the others before tossing them out). Kondo, 34, lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. Speaking through an interpreter, Kondo describes the five items in her home that, yes, spark joy. Crystal Clear

“I admire crystals for their purification properties as well as their exquisite beauty,” Kondo says. Spiritual charms, talismans, and statues often wind up tucked away in a box or drawer, but Kondo recommends making a “personal altar” of such items in a corner or on a bookshelf.

Gratitude from the Ground Up

“I love to wear these specific socks around the house because they keep my toes warm,” she says. And, oh yes, in case you had any doubts: “My socks are folded and rest comfortably in their designated dresser drawer.”


R E S I D E S P R IN G 2 0 1 9

Nightlife in Rio: Where to Eat and Drink From a booming nightclub to a down -to - earth bar, where to party in the brazilian city

Carioca da Gema

Go to this nightclub, built inside a former mansion, for some old Rio vibes and impressive samba bands. It is located in the always-hopping Lapa neighborhood, a formerly rundown area transformed into a lively nightlife hub. Paving the way for the influx of clubs and bars, Carioca de Gema was one of the first to open there, in 2000. That it continues to flourish today in the face of lots of competition is a true testament. Armazém São Thiago

Set in a 1920s-style warehouse, this institution of a bar (founded circa 1919) features some mean caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail of cachaça, sugar, and lime. Considered a botequo, a neighborhood bar, it is in Santa Teresa, Rio’s bohemian neighborhood. Their cold chopp, or draft beer, goes a long way in combating that infamous Rio heat.


Rio Scenarium Pavilhão da Cultura

This multilevel dance club, featuring live bands playing various kinds of Brazilian music, from samba to forró to sertanejo, might be the king of high-energy nightlife in Rio. Housed in an old-fashioned mansion in Rio’s historic center—with stone floors, giant columns, chandeliers, and lots of strange antiques and knick-knacks adorning the walls—there is no lack of character at Scenarium. Get there early for a table and a meal. Patrons can easily spend their whole night here (and much of the morning as well). Coordenadas Bar

For something more low-key, check out this partially open-air spot in Botafogo, a hipster area known for quirky drinking holes. Featuring a sprawling wooden table between walls of ancient-looking

brick and very high ceilings, and partial to chill indie tunes, Coordenadas is a place for boisterous conversation over well-crafted snacks. Make sure to sample the home-brewed beer. Churrascaria Majorica

A long night on the town is best attempted with a full stomach. This can be accomplished easily at this legendary steakhouse in Zona Sul­— a wood-walled, warmly lit, homey place that isn’t afraid to stay up late. For half a century, Churrascaria has been grilling some of the city’s best beef, served simply, usually just with salt, to accentuate the natural taste of the high-quality meat. The restaurant is often full, so reservations are recommended—as are its superb caipirinha cocktails.

Live bands give dance club Scenarium a high-energy vibe.

Canastra Bar

Founded by three Frenchmen, what makes this down-to-earth, open-tothe-street bar unique is its commitment to employing only Brazilian ingredients and products. That means Brazilian wines, Brazilian ham, Brazilian cheeses, etc., offering a deliciously European take on Brazilian cuisine. It seems fitting for a city like Rio, given how much it has been shaped by foreign forces. An extra bonus is its location: right near the plaza in Ipanema, a bustling beachside neighborhood known for its hippie vibe, art galleries, and cafes.



hile the world knows Rio de Janeiro—Brazil’s second-largest city and Instagram darling—simply as Rio, Brazilians prefer another name: Cidade Maravilhosa, the Marvelous City. Indeed, this city of over six million people sparkles with unmatched marvels. From picturesque beaches to steep green peaks and rounded verdant isles, all under the gaze of that iconic and sacred white-stone statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain, there is never a dull scene. But though it shines in sunlight, it pulses under the moon. From warehouse-size nightclubs to underground samba shows to dive bars overflowing with cachaça, a Brazilian rum, there is no dearth of nighttime bustle in the Marvelous City. “The easy-going way of life is what makes the culture of Rio nightlife,” says Marcello Romero of Bossa Nova Sotheby's International Realty. “The pubs and restaurants on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean are always very lively and great places to be.” One just needs to know where to look.


Restoration Hardware’s Evolution to Design Studio


Expect more retail “experiences” from the 40 -year - old brand estoration Hardware is in the business of selling furniture, but these days, the retail experience is more than just R buying products. It’s becoming an entire lifestyle.

Restoration Hardware (4)

In 2016, the brand launched RH Interior Design as well as the interactive RH Design Ateliers across all their retail stores. So not only can consumers come to Restoration Hardware to fill their homes, but they can also rely on internal interior designers—and even bring their own architects and designers to RH workspaces—to give their spaces a point of view and sense of style. “The evolution of our interior-design services positions RH as a leading interior-design firm and demonstrates how our brand can deliver value that transcends just creating and selling product as we move toward conceptualizing and selling spaces,” RH Chairman and CEO Gary Friedman said in a statement. The company, which opened in 1979, is known for luxe weathered antique-style furnishings, lighting, and accessories. But its business model continues to evolve. Last fall, the brand opened its first retail “experience,” a 90,000-squarefoot, six-level gallery dubbed RH New York, in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The space houses a restaurant, bar, an art installation, all the RH lines—modern, outdoor, baby and child, teen, etc.—as well as an entire floor dedicated to design with RH interior-design offices, client presentation rooms, and state-of-the-art technology that basically makes it a fullscale design firm. “We are designing a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of businesses that amplify and render our brand, and each other, more valuable,” Friedman says. But RH’s expansion isn’t done yet. The company plans to increase the number of new galleries with integrated restaurants, wine vaults, and barista bars from an average of three to five new galleries per year to five to seven per year, with 2019 openings slated in Edina, Minn.; Charlotte, N.C.; Corte Madera, Calif.; San Francisco; and Columbus, Ohio. “We are creating a customer experience that can’t be replicated online…We have total control of our brand from concept to customer. What we are building is extremely rare in today’s retail landscape,” Friedman says.

Restoration Hardware’s 90,000-square-foot retail experience in New York’s Meatpacking District has a restaurant, bar, and lots of furniture and design installations.


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Bespoke Perfume

The Harmonist’s feng shui-inspired elixirs can be layered to create personalized fragrances.

Custom fragrances can show off your personality

avid perfume wearers, finding a scent involves trial and Ferror.orsignature Fragrance fans may test many

Opposite page: Getty Images. This page, top: Harmonist; below: Don Stahl

Scenterprises perfumes are made from custom ingredients that reflect their owner.

sample vials until they discover their signature smell—whether it’s powdery, herbaceous, heady, or delicate—and go home with a bottle. But some prefer their smell to be so distinctive that they’re willing to invest time, energy, and money in a one-of-akind fragrance. Enter the custom scent, a distinctive blend crafted by a perfumer— or nose—and mixed especially for the wearer. “Personalized, customized fragrances are growing because everyone wants to reflect their individuality,” says Sue Phillips, a fragrance expert who worked with brands such as Burberry, Tiffany, and Trish McEvoy before founding her custom-fragrance company, Scenterprises, based in New York. Perfume wearers splurge on custom scents to brand themselves and be identified by one specific aroma as a reflection of their personality and style, which Phillips says she helps determine. “Recognizing and understanding someone’s olfactive personality comes from looking at the ‘clues’—what colors they wear, how they dress, how expressive their gestures are, their vocabulary,” Phillips explains. She relies on these clues to figure out the type of fragrance a client would wear; “My mission is to create magical fragrances and experiences for people, drop by drop.” While bespoke scents seem to have gained momentum, they’re far from an emerging trend. Custom fragrances have been around for hundreds of years. House of Creed began crafting perfumes for individuals in the 18th century, long before the company bottled scents sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Bettina O’Neill, vice president of

sales at The Harmonist, a Paris-based maker of fragrances sold at several high-end stores, including Barneys New York, says true enthusiasts are looking for a signature scent to carry them through all experiences. “They want to be identified with that scent,” she says. The Harmonist’s feng shui–inspired elixirs (based on the elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal) can be layered to create a personalized fragrance. “I add ‘Matrix Metal’ to every scent to give my aroma a modern, metallic edge,” O’Neill says. Like other custom products, the most exclusive fragrances take time, require patience, and come with an additional cost. Goest Perfumes out of Los Angeles creates bespoke fragrances starting at US$2,000 with a lead time of one to four months. “Floris, a London-based perfumery since 1730, will design a custom scent that requires three consultations with a perfumer and takes about six months,” O’Neill explains. Floris charges US$675 for an eau de parfum in an engraved 100 milliliter bottle, and that price includes five refills. For fragrance lovers who want to play with mixing notes, some shops feature a semicustom option. A sales associate will blend the notes while you wait, then you’ll leave the shop with a beautiful bottle in hand. That fragrance probably won’t be as rare as the custom-blended scent that can take months or even a year to develop, but it won’t have such a hefty price tag, either. “It’s more of a simple blend, and it’s rarely the coveted signature scent,” O’Neill explains. For ardent perfume wearers, designing personalized scent is rewarding. Thus, most are willing to wait for a fragrance that’s truly bespoke. “Why wear what everyone else wears,” says Phillips, “when you can create your own?” 31


­­­­­A RTISANAL MODERN Elevate your home’s interiors with handcrafted takes on a modern aesthetic By Arren Williams


Toronto-based designer Shayne Fox combines modern-day technology with old-world techniques for her cleanline cast-bronze hardware. She uses a computer to design and cast the hardware pieces, then celebrates the handmade and reverts to time-honored methods. Her latest creation—the Nika series, inspired by crystalline textures embedded in natural rock— will be available for purchase this spring. Geo and Pyra series, from $22. SFH,



Crafted from a single piece of steel rod, this sinuously shaped lounger designed by Canadian Roan Barrion and welded by metalworker Matt Jonker is made-to-order in Manitoba. Available in two metal finishes (black or white powder coat, satin brass plate) and several fabric options. Series Z Lounge Chair, from US$3,100, and stool, from US$1,250. 32

Shaggy ’70s fibre-art wall décor gets a pared-back upgrade, thanks to Nom Studio in the Netherlands. Traditional macramé knotting and weaving techniques in cotton cord plush set in beechwood frames equals a decidedly contemporary look to grace the walls of modern homes. Wandhangers, from €45 (approximately $68). Nom Studio,



Milanese firm CC-Tapis works with an impressive list of top designers, such as London-based Faye Toogood and Dutchborn Mae Engelgeer, for its selection of unique, eco-friendly Himalayan-wool carpets. A particular standout: Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s chromatic Slinkie rug series (152,000 hand knots per square meter). Double Slinkie (shown), price upon request.

Consider Portuguese plaster artist Iva Viana’s work the most sophisticated take on interior molding. Viana creates custom-sculpted wall panels and decorative objets — from art deco forms to classical rosettes—for clients around the world. Whether painted in an eye-popping color or simply left white, her refined plaster art is sure to turn heads. Price upon request. Iva Viana Sculpture Atelier,

wood WORK

Cabinetmaker Marc Lamothe is based, fittingly, in Notre-Dame-des-Bois (Our Lady of the Woods), a village in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Besides art nouveau–influenced cabinetry, Lamothe crafts a line of sculptural kitchen tools carved from black walnut, inlaid with maple and padauk (a reddish tropical wood), then finished with linseed oil and natural resin. Ergonomic spatulas, $26 each. Toutanbwa Artisan Woodworking, DiSH IT OUT


A collaboration between Hawaii-born, Brooklyn-based designer Syrette Lew and ceramist Giselle Hicks resulted in this limited-edition collection of chic light forms. One-of-a-kind, these rotund totemic table lamps have terracotta or glazed ceramic bases with hand-blown glass shades for a fresh post-modernist vibe. GH x MVNGMTNS Lamps, from US$1,200. Moving Mountains,

Aspiring to be a Top Chef? Here’s a culinary rule of thumb—the more elaborate the dish, the simpler the plate. Ergo, minimalist graphic forms by Montreal-based ceramist Antoine Pillot. In shiny black or matte off-white, Pillot’s “cut-up” plates invite mixing and matching for the perfect backdrop to any wannabe-Michelin-starred entrée. Plates, from $20. Studio AP,





A Rarity on the River A Contemporary mansion and Frank Lloyd Wright– Designed House Combine for a Timeless Estate overlooking the Potomac By Iyna Bort Caruso

THE FALLS Virginia

Property size: 3.2 acres Interior: Combined 48,900 square feet Includes: Main Residence, Marden House, Gate House Amenities: 30-car garage, elevators, gym, infinity pool, tennis, wine room, outdoor kitchen, and media room US$62,950,000 (4)

Property ID: 252W35 | TTR Sotheby’s International Realty 202-333-1212 Mark Lowham, 703-966-6949, Russell Firestone, 202-271-1701,

hen a home designed by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd W Wright is used as a guest house and not

the main residence of an estate, you know you’ve entered rarified territory. Welcome to The Falls. In the Washington, D.C., power suburb of McLean, Va., the 3.2-acre estate stands above, overlooking the Potomac River. The setting is equal to the main residence itself—a palatial home of sprawling entertainment spaces, private wings, vistas from every angle, and surprises at every turn. The Falls is named for the estate’s location on arguably the river’s most breathtaking and dynamic stretch of waterfalls and rapids. The drama is dawn-through-dark. At night, floodlights illuminate the Potomac. And beyond the sights are the soundscapes. “With the falls comes a wonderful sound, an ambient sound you only get from the water crossing over and spilling down on the rocks,” says Mark C. Lowham, CEO and Managing Partner of TTR Sotheby’s

International Realty in Washington, D.C. “It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate the position of the home on the river given the current permitting process,” he says. In 1999, AOL co-founder James Kimsey purchased the land in this Gold Coast neighborhood of McLean that lies inside the capital beltway, just a bridge away from Washington, D.C. Kimsey would go on to purchase a fish-shaped, threebedroom house on an adjacent site, the Marden House. Named after the original owners, National Geographic writer and photographer Luis Marden and his wife, Ethel, the home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright—one of his very few houses in Virginia. Kimsey painstakingly rehabbed its flagging retaining walls, water-damaged surfaces, and collapsing roof, all the while keeping it faithful to its original character. He used the restored architectural jewel to house guests and to host intimate gatherings. To this day, river views from an 80-foot expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows never fail to awe visitors. Awe is the reaction visitors also have to the main residence Kimsey built for himself. The approximately 25,505-squarefoot home is designed for both privacy and for epic entertaining. The Falls is widely known in prominent circles for “hosting some of the most interesting events in Washington,” Lowham says. Kimsey, who died in 2016, “loved to entertain in really grand ways.” Kimsey had tapped the talents of interior designer Thomas Pheasant, dubbed the “Dean of American Design.” Pheasant’s high-profile projects include Blair House, the president’s guest house. For Kimsey’s residence, Pheasant included custom-made metal doors, light fixtures, and furnishings. Past a gated entrance and separate gatehouse, the threestory home reveals itself slowly from the long driveway. It’s a hideaway in plain sight that serves up a resort lifestyle: tennis court, wine room, garden pavilion, media room, cigar room, outdoor kitchen, infinity pool, and spa. Whatever the activity, a Potomac River backdrop is never far from view. In fact, from the living room that’s nearly two stories of glass, the view incorporates the rushing river, infinity pool, and the Wright-designed house. There are six guest suites, an underground parking garage with room for 30 vehicles, and a master wing “designed so that the owner can host people but still feel separate and secure,” says Russell Firestone, vice president of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. The master suite offers fob-entry to a library, office, massage room, his-and-hers bathrooms, and a gym. It is accessible by private elevator. Not surprisingly, the bedroom features a balcony that overlooks the river. The home is considered by many to be the finest estate ever offered in the Washington region. “It has had an illustrious history so far, and there’s certainly more to come on that front,” Lowham says. 35


PREP SCHOOL Seasoned real estate brokers’ tips on how sellers can get the most for their homes By Tracey Ho Lung hen it comes to selling that allimportant investment, your W home, there are many factors to con-

sider. In addition to freshening up the paint—a must before listing—here’s what savvy real-estate brokers across Canada recommend. VANCOUVER

Deciding whether to stage, update, or renovate before you sell depends on the type of property you have, says Will McKitka, a senior vice president of sales at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. “If it’s an older property where the land is 90% of the value, then staging and décor [are] less important. If the property is a $2,000-a-square-foot condo, staging is key because it can strategically make a small space seem larger and show how it can be maximized.”

At the least, opt for a mini-stage. Remove clutter (strollers, toys, personal items, anything pet-related), use the right scale of furniture, paint walls, and clean every horizontal surface. “A coat of white paint on the walls freshens them up, no matter the age of the home,” notes Kevin Hardy, McKitka’s business partner and a senior vice president of sales at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. Another smart paint trick is to spray-paint dated aluminum windows from the inside, which won’t require permission from the strata corporation. For larger projects such as an outdated kitchen or bathroom, McKitka recommends renovating both if you can, and at the same time. “If you renovate only an outdated kitchen and not the bathroom, it’ll make the unfinished room more noticeable.” Hardy adds, “If

you’re selling a $300,000-to-$600,000 home, you can get away with painting only the cupboards and new hardware. But if it’s a $5-million-to-$7-million home, people’s expectations will have to be met. You’ll lower the value of a high-end property if you do a cheap fix.” Buyers make up their minds within the first 60 seconds of viewing the home, Hardy says. “Improving areas like the exterior, front yard and outdoor space doesn’t have to be costly,” he points out. “They just need to look fresh, relevant and tidy.” Cut back overgrown plants and repaint the stairs, deck, and front door, adds McKitka. “Patios and sundecks, any outdoor spaces, even if they aren’t used a lot—you need to make them relevant again because there is value in that.”

When preparing your property for sale, declutter and depersonalize it to attract a diverse range of buyers. Freshening up the paint is another must.



Even more important than the architectural style is the décor, which should match the identity of the home, notes Ron Dickson, a senior vice president of sales at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. “Today’s buyer relies on the Internet and great photographs—even 4K videography for their information... the home has to maintain that excitement that the buyer felt when they viewed it online,” Dickson says. “You want to make the home appealing in a blank canvas sort of way, so [apply] a fresh coat of paint and remove clutter and unnecessary furniture, personal photos, and artwork,” he says. And you want to fix cosmetic issues buyers will notice, such as cracked tiles, a broken window, burned-out lightbulbs, carpet stains, and cracks on the walls. If you’re including items like the washer, dryer, air conditioner, and stove, make sure they’re in working order. “[These] all add up to a long list of problems that [buyers] can use to renegotiate the price of the house or cause them to choose another [home],” Dickson points out. Also, keep the home’s price in mind. “If the price point appeals to first-time buyers, you may want to leave things alone, so the buyers can put their own stamp, especially if the rest of the home is clean and [well] maintained. If you’re at an upper price point, do the renovation to create unison in the house and

[to] command more money.” And if you do renovate, leave it to the pros. “Now is not the time to DIY,” Dickson says. TORONTO

In today’s market, buyers either want a place they can transform themselves or they’re looking for a finished home, especially buyers from overseas who may not have the resources or contacts to have renovations done, says Andy Taylor, a Sotheby’s International Realty Canada senior vice-president of sales. When it comes to condominiums or model homes, Taylor recommends giving them some character and swapping out items like basic builders’ light fixtures for customized ones or installing built-in shelves in the living room. “It should look like care and thought have been put into the home,” he says. It’s also advisable to know the challenges your house may pose to a buyer. Providing your own home inspection helps. “The buyer’s perception of issues is usually exaggerated,” Taylor notes. “There may be a small cost to repair something like a broken door handle, but the perception of the buyers is that it’s going to cost them a lot more, as well as their time.” If you do your own home inspection, you can fix the problems before buyers discover them. “You want to take as many [buyers’] objections to the property out of the equation,” Taylor says.

In today’s market, selling a house starts before the buyer steps through the front door. “Buyers are looking online and these pictures are the most important tool when it comes to selling homes,” explains certified real estate broker at Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec, Cassandra Aurora, who is also a registered home stager. “It starts with one image, and in that photo, you have to sell [buyers] on not just the home but [also] the [natural light], the décor, the floors, the ceiling height. And if they like it, they’ll scroll down.” The trick is to keep everything simple, even the décor, so buyers look at everything and not focus on, say, that one couch or the wall color. “I try to use what the seller has, as long as it’s not overwhelming. Then I’ll bring in brighter cushions, a throw, change a floral couch or Persian rug to something neutral,” Aurora says. “When it comes to tackling updates to a kitchen or bathroom, the investment depends on the quality of the material. If [the area is] well maintained, in wood or in good condition, then it may only require a paint job. If it needs a bigger update, then I’m [in]. It may cost you $15,000 for a new bathroom, and while it’s not a guarantee you’ll get that $15,000 back, your home will sell faster.” For photos, visits, and open-house day, Aurora recommends removing personal items, so buyers don’t feel they’re walking into someone else’s space. “We also need to create a certain lifestyle. If the home has a hot tub or outdoor fire pit, for example, capitalize on it. Remove the cover and turn on the hot tub, and position [skewers] with marshmallows next to the fire pit,” she says. “I even place rolled-up towels next to the bathroom sink, reminiscent of a spa experience.” 37

BREAKING GROUND Meet three Canadian architectural firms using their talents to make an impact on society By Shawna Cohen

n this age of mounting social and political activism, architects are making a powerful statement in their own right. IThey’re tackling issues close to their hearts, from helping

the homeless to supporting sustainable food and building better cities through design. We’ve rounded up three leading Canadian architectural firms that are breaking new ground—with a conscience.

The Innovators StudioAC, Toronto

Food trucks and pop-up shops are regular fixtures on Toronto streets. But if architect Jennifer Kudlats has her way, mobile showers will be soon, too. Kudlats is part of the design team at Toronto-based StudioAC (a.k.a. Studio for Architecture and Collaboration) that is transforming a 50-foot trailer into mobile shower units for the homeless, which will move from shelter to shelter this fall. “Many shelters have people come and stay but [have] no shower and plumbing facilities for them to use. The bigger idea [in providing showers] is allowing people to have a moment of dignity,” says Kudlats. “In terms of design, it’s what you’d imagine a high-end residential bathroom to look like, with beautiful light fixtures and in-floor heating.” When approached by World Changers—a Christian char38

itable organization in Toronto— with its groundbreaking idea of a mobile shower program, StudioAC jumped at the chance to help create social change. The studio, known for its sleek, modern living spaces, took inspiration from the Truck Art Project in Spain, which showcases the work of street artists on the exteriors of commercial trucks. StudioAC is also in talks with the City of Toronto on a public-art component to the project—graffiti artists creating original murals on the trailers’ façades. It’s a way of making art accessible to the masses, with a deeper meaning of bringing awareness to the issue of muchneeded facilities for the homeless. “There will be skylights in each of the [truck’s] three showers because we wanted to bring natural light into the space,” says StudioAC’s Reza Nik, who’s heading the pro bono project. “There is a lobby space with towels and lockers. It wasn’t about maximizing the number of people who can use it but allowing individuals to sit down and take a moment.”

Top: A rendering of the mobile shower units for the homeless designed by StudioAC for World Changers. Bottom: Each unit has a skylight and includes a shower, toilet, and vanity.


The City Citizens Henriquez Partners Architects, Vancouver

This page, top: Bob Matheson

Above: A rendering of the community-oriented reconstruction of Mirvish Village, a local landmark in Toronto. Below: Woodward’s Redevelopment— a mixed-use project in downtown Vancouver—shows what responsible community-geared architecture can offer urban residents. Retail shops, a theater, a daycare facility, and a community center share light-filled spaces with residential housing and a community college.

Gregory Henriquez is on a mission to end homelessness in Vancouver and beyond. In 2010, the managing partner of Henriquez Partners Architects unveiled the revamped Woodward’s Redevelopment in the city’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood. The massive, socially inclusive project—which includes 200 nonmarket housing units as well as retail shops, an urban green space, and a public plaza—was instrumental in transforming a once-gritty area into the hipster haven it is today. Not surprisingly, Henriquez is a proponent of inclusionary zoning, a land-use planning tool that requires affordable housing units to be part of residential developments of a certain size. “We’re very excited about creating more inclusive cities,” says Henriquez, who has since taken on a slew of similar projects, such as Oakridge Centre, a shopping mall-turned-full-on-town center slated for completion in 2025 (it’s the largest development in Vancouver’s history and, in typical Henriquez form, will incorporate both rental- and social-housing units).

For Henriquez, an architect is an activist of sorts—someone who can shape communities and create positive social impact. In his book, Citizen City, published in 2016, he encourages young architects to engage civically and act as a liaison between the needs of a community and the financial incentives of developers. That’s precisely the role Henriquez is playing in Toronto, in one of his most high-profile projects—Mirvish Village (home of the iconic Honest Ed’s discount store, a city landmark that closed in 2016). Currently in pre-construction, the 1.8-hectare (4.4-acre) site will include more than 800 rental units — a rarity in Toronto’s condo-saturated core. “We were chosen to work on this project because of the left-leaning, social-activist neighborhood. It was the most robust community consultation in the city. It took three years,” Henriquez says. “There’s a very large pedestrian-friendly realm with a landscape that’s more like Europe, with piazzas. A whole new concept was derived from listening to the neighborhood, such as pop-up retail along the alley…and we’re talking to [international documentary festival] Hot Docs about playing outdoor cinema at night. It’s really community-oriented.”


The Cultivators Woodford Sheppard Architects, St. John’s

Above: A rendering of a restoration project by Woodford Sheppard Architects—O’Brien Farm, now an historic site. Below: While rooted in the style of local traditional buildings, St. Thomas Community Centre in Paradise, Newfoundland, was reinterpreted in a modern context.


Chris Woodford and Taryn Sheppard— founders of Woodford Sheppard Architects in St. John’s, Newfoundland—have mastered the art of building buzzworthy structures while maintaining a site’s unique heritage. Case in point: O’Brien Farm. The 13-hectare (32-acre) property was operated by the O’Brien family for more than 150 years until 1998, when the last descendant passed away. It is now a historic site, and the O’Brien Farm Foundation is aiming to preserve the farm and make it a visitor attraction. Woodford and Sheppard volunteered to help raise funds for the project with a “farmhouse chic” proposal (think traditional-style barn alongside an edgy contemporary learning center for urban farming). “It could have easily become a subdivision of vinyl-clad houses,” Sheppard points out. “We wanted to save the history of the site. Our goal is to celebrate old heritage buildings and contrast it with newer materials.” The team has the additional

challenge of factoring in the harsh climate. “We try to make use of the rugged nature of the Newfoundland coastline—our high wind loads, high snow loads—and find an aesthetic in those details,” Sheppard says. “This is especially true in the rural areas that see an abundance of precipitation.” For one of their recent projects, a residence in the town of Eastport, they focused on making the space energy-efficient by including south-facing glazing on the exterior to keep the house warm and planting local species on the property to block the winds. The duo is excited about O’Brien Farm’s potential from an architectural standpoint, as well as what it will do for the community. “In Newfoundland, most of our food is imported. The site was an actual working farm with chickens and other animals. By turning it into a learning center, we’re helping to stop farming techniques from being lost,” Woodward says. “That kind of an urban farm doesn’t exist in most places anymore. People can now learn how to grow vegetables in their own yard. That is pretty amazing.”


Kahlo has become something of an icon, showing up on the walls of cafes, urban graffiti works, and guitar-case stickers the world over. Even if one doesn’t know who Kahlo was, most will recognize her image. Kahlo became “first a legend, then a myth, and now a cult figure,” wrote the art historian Hayden Herrera in a 1992 biography. Like Che Guevara or Bob Marley, she lives on as a pop-cultural symbol. Here are some of the places in the world to glimpse her art today. The Blue House

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Carl Van Vechten Collection, [LC-USZ62-103971]

Frida Around the World Where to see the famous Mexican artist’s work

Kahlo has become a cultural icon.

Otherwise known as the Frida Kahlo Museum, this sprawling, bright house in Coyoacán, Mexico City, was the home Kahlo shared with painter Diego Rivera. In 1958, four years after her death from a pulmonary embolism at age 47, it was converted into a museum, now one of the most popular in Mexico and the nexus for Frida fandom, with around 25,000 visitors a month. Gawk at her private belongings—her paintbrushes, bookcases, letters, dresses, kitchenware—along with paintings, sketches, and sculptures, all of it wonderfully explained in well-positioned plaques. MoMA

With its boundary-defying, surrealist aesthetics, Kahlo’s work fits in wonderfully at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. There are three of her works there, all self-portraits. Fulang-Chang and I (1937) depicts her with her beloved pet monkey; the other two—My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree) (1936) and Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair (1940)—are self-explanatory. National Museum of Women in the Arts


rida Kahlo, that iconic Mexican artist from the early 20th century, was a true eccentric. In her art, she was impatient, often switching between styles: self-portraiture, surrealism, magical realism, still life. She was prone to extravagant fashion choices, with a wardrobe that was as flamboyant as it was extensive. Politically, she was extreme, an activist and member of the Mexican Communist Party. Physically, she suffered: Struck by a car in her youth while also afflicted by polio, she endured 30 operations throughout her life. Her medical troubles greatly influenced her art, as did her social activism. She was, in all senses of the phrase, a true original.

At this expertly curated Washington, D.C., museum one can find Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky, a painting done following the brief affair she had with the Russian Communist after he went into exile in Mexico City in 1937. The painting, one of the only works by a Mexican artist at the museum, was donated by Clare Boothe Luce, an American playwright, socialite, and Congresswoman. In the painting, Kahlo clasps a letter addressed to Trotsky which reads, “with all my love.” Museo Dolores Olmedo

Located in Xochimilco, at the southern end of Mexico City, this wonderful museum features works from the collection of the late Mexican businesswoman Dolores Olmedo (19082002). Twenty-seven of her exquisite Kahlo paintings, along with some sketches, attract regular crowds of admiring Fridalovers. It is the largest Kahlo collection in the world (many of Rivera’s works are also there). A jewel of the collection is one of Kahlo’s masterpieces, The Broken Column (1944), a surrealist self-portrait exploring her medical problems. 41

Panerai's PAM00983 Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition 47MM is limited to 15 pieces.


Source/Credit text: Credit information goes right here




Montblanc’s 1858 Geosphere.

Limited - edition watches for exploring the earth, air, and sEA atch brands have long created special limited editions to genW erate excitement and desire among an

Opposite page: Panerai; this page: Montblanc (2)

Below: IWC’s Pilot Watch Timezoner Spitfire Edition “The Longest Flight.”

enthusiast community that craves rarity and exclusivity. They often commemorate brand or collection milestones, partnerships, and, sometimes, incorporate unusual materials. As the popularity of rugged sport watches shows no sign of waning, three new limited-edition models touch all the bases, from the world’s highest peaks to the deep blue sea. Montblanc’s 1858 collection is a tribute to the heritage of Minerva (acquired by Montblanc in 2006), which produced complicated mechanical watches for military use and exploration in the 1920s and ’30s. Montblanc’s 1858 Geosphere, which debuted last year, is dedicated to climbing’s greatest test, the Seven Summit challenge, in which climbers attempt to scale the highest peaks on all seven continents. This year, the brand outfitted the Geosphere with a 42mm bronze case complemented by a handsome khaki dial and matching NATO fabric strap to underscore that vintage, outdoorsy vibe. This limited edition (only 1,858 pieces will be made) costs US$6,300 and features a second time zone at 9 o’clock, in addition to a novel worldtime function with two rotating hemispheres of the earth and a 24-hour scale plus day/night indicator. This year, IWC devoted its resources to expanding its popular pilot watch range with 14 new models spanning its Top Gun, Le Petit Prince, and Spitfire collections, including several limited editions. With just 250 pieces, the

Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire Edition “The Longest Flight” (US$12,400) marks a first for the brand by combining its patented Timezoner world-time mechanism with an in-house automatic movement. Developed for pilots Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones, who will take off for a round-the-world flight in a vintage Spitfire this summer, the special model evokes the plane’s cockpit with its stainless-steel case, black dial, and military-green textile strap. Meanwhile, Panerai took the plunge this year with a collection of Submersible dive watches, including a number of limited editions. One piece even pairs your purchase with a chance to dive with French free-diving champion and Panerai ambassador Guillaume Néry, who reached a depth of 126 meters on a single breath to clinch the world record. Targeted to serious divers, the Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition PAM00982 (US$19,400) is limited to 500 pieces and has a hefty 47mm brushed titanium case, complete with a unidirectional rotating bezel and extreme water resistance down to 30 bar, or about 300 meters. The bold design stands out with blue accents, including a ceramic inset bezel, against a textured gray dial evocative of sharkskin. The in-house Panerai P.9100 calibre features a flyback function and a special device that zeroes the second hand for precise synchronization with a reference signal. And if you have US$40,000 to invest in a second version, limited to 15 pieces with a slick black Titanium DLC case and Moorea Blue gradient dial, you’ll be heading to French Polynesia for a memorable diving experience with Néry. 43


How and why the liqueur is popping up in cocktails, and all over upscale bars 44

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Amaro’s Hipness Soars

Fernet is often enjoyed as a digestif.

maro, an herbal, bittersweet Italian liqueur, finds its origins in medieval A health care. Obsessed with the restor-

ative powers of alchemy and natural botanicals, medieval monks and friars in abbeys across Italy often experimented with mixing and matching liquor and wine with herbs. The monks stuck mostly to ingredients that could be found nearby, ensuring that over the centuries different amari (the plural form of the drink) began taking on regional peculiarities. Bitter orange in Sicily. Rhubarb in Alto Adige. Artichoke in Milan. The backwoods elixir was used to aid digestion and stimulate the appetite. Because sugar was a high-priced commodity, most varieties were quite bitter. It wasn’t until the 19th century that amari began to edge into commercial production. Some of the bigger brands today were formed around this time: Fernet-Branca (1845), Amaro Lucano (1894), and Campari (1904). Now, two centuries later, amaro is having its moment. From London to Tokyo, mixologists are employing amari in their cocktails and in-the-know consumers are ordering the stuff after dinner. What Is It?

Amaro, which means “bitter” in Italian, consists of an herb or botanical distilled in a neutral liquor or wine. The more well-known players are Campari, a bright citrus infusion often used in cocktails such as the Negroni (gin, Campari, sweet red vermouth), and Fernet, some mixture of myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and saffron in a grapebased spirit, often served as a digestif. But there are many others, ranging from lighter-tasting varieties (Montenegro, Nonino, and Vecchio Amaro del Capo) to sugary (Averna, Meletti, Ramazzotti) or piney (Bràulio) to bold and smoky (Zucca Rabarbaro, Sfumato Rabarbaro). Prices per bottle range from US$20 or so to hundreds of dollars for the vintage stuff. Fernet-Branca

Why Now?

“The craft cocktail craze has really brought some beautiful spirits to the forefront of people’s minds,” says Michael Johns, bar manager at Maple & Ash in Chicago. “I see people ordering Aperol spritz to start quite often now.” Stephen Kurpinsky, head bartender at 100 Proof, a cocktail bar in San Diego, attributes much of amaro’s popularity to the palate-expanding consequences of America’s culinary revival over the past decade, as well as its craft-beer craze. Whereas the American palate used to stick mostly to sugar or salt, “people are enjoying more bitter things now,” Kurpinsky says. After all, it isn’t that big of a transition from a hoppy IPA to a bitter Fernet. Nowadays, he adds, “Any good-quality cocktail bar should have 10 to 20 different amari in stock.” Maximiliano Vallée Valletta, head bartender at Montreal’s Brasserie Les Enfants Terribles, has also seen an uptick in amari orders. Most customers, he says, consume it in cocktails rather than taking it neat—as he likes it, with a twist of orange and mint leaf. Raised with an Italian father, he recalls the family dinner ritual when, each Sunday, after eating, all at the table would take a shot of amaro “to celebrate life.” It is popular nowadays, he adds, for bartenders to substitute amaro for vermouth. “Any decent cocktail bar now has its own amaro twist that is worth checking out.” Swapping in amaro for traditionally used liquors is something of a trend. At 100 Proof, Kurpinsky likes substituting Montenegro amaro for rum in coladas. “It completely changes cocktails,” he says. “Even just swapping out different amari.” He also makes a mean Bitter Giuseppe, equal parts Cynar amaro and sweet vermouth with a hint of lemon and salt. He adds, “It’s rad to see more people come to the bar and say, ‘Hey, make me something with Cynar,’ or, ‘What’s that amaro? I haven’t had that one yet.’ ” 45


The writer, known for her witty essays, offers five picks


hen Sloane Crosley published her first collection of essays—2008’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake, which was critically acclaimed and became a New York Times bestseller— she didn’t realize the book would be marketed as humor. “When my first book came out, the category suggestion on the upper left-hand corner said ‘Essays/Humor’ and I thought, thank you. That’s a very nice thing that has nothing to do with me,” she says. Since then, though, she’s had plenty to do with humor, writing two more essay collections and a novel. She has also been a finalist for the Thurber Prize for American humor writing, and judged the competition twice. Her latest book, Look Alive Out There, with essays that mine humor from experiences as disparate as dealing with bad neighbors and making the decision to freeze one’s eggs, is out in paperback, and Crosley, 40, is at work on a new novel. Her essays often spring from moments of annoyance or frustration that later bloom into something more. “It’s usually an experience in which something becomes a heightened brand of ridiculousness that I think, ‘OK, this is getting written about. I have no choice but to address this,’ ” Crosley says. “My humor is the humor of exasperation.” When reading, Crosley turns to authors who write in a wide range of styles, not always branded as humor, but nevertheless very funny. Here are a few of her favorites:



The Sellout by Paul Beatty

“This is a book that doesn’t give when you press on it. It’s incredibly dense with humor in such a way where that is part of the joke. When I’m writing, my style is such that if I’m worried I’m being too ingratiating or not having enough faith in readers, I’ll take one joke out of every paragraph. But Beatty leans into it.” 2 Christmas is a Sad Season for the Poor by John Cheever

“Cheever is so funny and doesn’t get enough credit for it. He writes about the melancholy of suburbia and the chokehold of it, and it’s beautiful writing.” 3

At Freddie’s by Penelope Fitzgerald

“This is a great novel—it’s very subtle, and very British. It takes place in the 1960s and is about a children’s theater school where everything is taken very seriously. There’s a Christopher Guest element to it. It’s really charming and nimble.” 4

Home Land by Sam Lipsyte

“It’s funny when you get jealous of a book for doing something that never would have occurred to you. It’s like going to an art gallery and thinking, I could do this. Of course, the silent retort is, ‘But you didn’t.’ Home Land is structured as class notes in a high school alumni magazine. ... The entire novel is written as a series of letters to the magazine from the main character, and he’s not doing well.” 5

The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith

“Zadie Smith is sharply hilarious, both in her nonfiction and her fiction. The Autograph Man doesn’t get as much attention as it should, but it’s very funny. Something is happening with our need to heavily categorize everything. ... You don’t have to fit into someone else’s box. It’s strange that books are spoken about and marketed in such grossly uncomplicated ways.”

Ungano + Agriodimas

Sloane Crosley on Her Favorite Funny Books

Wardman Tower: New & Luxurious Condominiums in Washington D.C. The extraordinary new residences at Wardman Tower define the highest levels of craftsmanship and convenience. Set along Washington, D.C.’s iconic Connecticut Avenue, Wardman Tower offers breathtaking views of the nation’s capital and a rare, private setting for contemporary urban living. Residents of Wardman Tower enjoy personalized concierge services of unmatched quality, including a 24-hour attended lobby with doorman, valet parking for residents and guests, an exceptional fitness center with private yoga and Pilates studio, as well as professional onsite management, porter and engineering services. Perhaps the most exceptional element of Wardman Tower lies in its design and craftsmanship, which include the finest in bespoke finishes and timeless architectural details, enduring symbols of quality and refinement. Set among three and a half acres of landscaped gardens and mature trees, the 32 condominium residences of Wardman Tower are, unquestionably, the pinnacle of luxury living in Washington, D.C.

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Sweat Smart Home- gym equipment gets a major tech facelift

repare to increase your screen time as you burn calories. The latest P fitness craze cuts down on commuting and brings expert instruction into the comfort of your own home. Depending on your exercise style, there’s a high-end, sleek home gym that will get you—or keep you—lean and strong. The Cardio Lover

The Fitness Commitment Phobe

The stylish, wall-mounted Mirror is just that—a mirror that offers yoga, barre, boxing, Pilates, and cardio classes, each customizable to fit the user’s ability and fitness goals. The Mirror connects to Bluetooth heart-rate monitors or the Apple Watch to track your movement and provide real-time customization. The Mirror, at US$1,495, offers more 48

than 50 live-streaming classes per week, allowing users who pay a US$39 monthly fee to work out with friends under the skilled eye of instructors from fitness studios across the U.S. Each user can enter their fitness goals, class preferences, and any injuries that may require modifications, to access recommended classes and personalized workouts.

programs that range from musclebuilding to improving athletic performance, with a wide variety of classes launching later this year. The program requires a US$49 monthly subscription, which includes built-in personal training and virtual encouragement from instructors. Optional accessories cost an additional US$495.

The Weight Lifter

The Gamer

Tonal has launched a weight-lifting machine that uses electromagnetic weights and cables with an interactive LED screen. For US$2,995, the minimal, wall-mounted machine senses each individual’s weight requirements based on their workouts and logs each movement to provide feedback and performance data. “You’ll be given a personalized fitness baseline test to assess both how much you should be lifting and the type of program to commit to. Tonal will then provide you with all-in-one equipment, and guidance in the form of personal training by expert coaches,” says CEO and founder Aly Orady. The fitness system offers specialty

If traditional workouts leave you bored, the new fitness experience from Icaros, a German company, will allow you to burn calories while flying or diving through virtual landscapes. Icaros Stationary Home is a virtual reality machine that encourages gamers to improve reflexes, balance, and coordination through a multiplayer platform that intensifies based upon the user’s fitness ability. The machine is especially geared toward strengthening the upper body and core muscles, as players worldwide challenge one another in fitness games such as Gravity, Core, and Icarace. And Icaros requires no membership or registration fee. The device starts at US$2,200.

Tonal is a wallmounted machine for weight lifting.


Peloton is now a household name in the spin world, with cycling aficionados trading in their gym memberships to pedal from the luxury of home. The Peloton Bike, starting at US$2,245 with a US$39 monthly membership fee, offers access to 14 daily live classes and 4,000 on-demand rides. Riders can join live classes from anywhere in the world for that group-class experience with personalized motivation—instructors even cheer you on by name. Last year, Peloton released its updated take on the traditional treadmill. The Tread, starting at US$4,295, also requires a US$39 monthly membership fee to access the 10 daily live classes led by treadmill instructors. Classes range from interval to strength and even yoga.


Rumson, New Jersey Heritage House Sotheby’s International Realty Property ID: GL2B3K Elaine Eadon +1 732.778.4400 $4,995,000



Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai Signature Island is Sunteck’s limited edition ultra-high-end residential project located in the financial hub and Central Business District of Mumbai. The project has been developed by Sunteck Realty and is designed by the renowned Talati Panthaky Associates. Signature Island comprises of 64 exclusive duplex apartments with a deck with breathtaking views. Each apartment is designed to your preference. This is the only residential building in India with two atriums and 11 high speed elevators along with the provision to have an indoor elevator. A double height grand entrance lobby along with wide French windows adorn the rooms bringing in natural light. Every apartment has a column less structure, which gives its occupants an option of developing a living space of their own choice. The building is ‘ready for fit-outs’. The amenities include a grand entrance lobby, indoor swimming pool, health club and state of the art gym, multi-purpose hall, landscaped garden with jogging track, basement car parking and car wash, digital security and surveillance system, virtual golf and squash court. INDIA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY DHEERAJ DHAWAN +91.96191.81356, DHEERAJ.DHAWAN@INDIASIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID GPNZWK



Yoopune, Hadapsar This uber luxury apartment at “yoopune” is designed by the famous interior designer and celebrity Suzanne Khan. This apartment is immaculately furnished and is ready to move in. The furnishings and interiors have been tastefully done to showcase the designer’s vision for splendor and opulence offering 4 en suite bedrooms, 4 full baths, dining room and a professionally designed kitchen with custom cabinets. The living and dining areas are lavish and welcoming for entertaining guests. Every piece of furniture in the apartment has been exclusively selected by Suzanne to compliment the modern and charismatic themes of this fabulous residence. There is great detail in thought, design and functionality in each of the rooms and each space in the apartment has been well planned and best utilized. Residents at yoopune have access to a wide variety of amenities that include swimming pool, children’s play area, steam and sauna room, cabanas, spa, business center, concierge, fitness center, basketball court, library, yoga and meditation hall, tennis court and games room. It is close to the city center and areas such as Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Kalyani Nagar. INDIA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY DHEERAJ DHAWAN +91 96191.81356, DHEERAJ.DHAWAN@INDIASIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID NJBR76

$1,713,656 US / RS 11,85,00,000 50


Sector 2, Gwal Pahari Paras Quartier is a prestigious condominium project in the National Capital Region, that has set a new trend in spacious high rise living. Being only 5 minutes away from Golf Course Road in the scenic Aravali hills region, on Gurgaon-Faridabad Expressway, Paras Quartier is spread over 10 acres of expansive layout that offers wide spaces and ample green areas, making it one of the most serene and peaceful residential properties in Gurgaon. This stunning development offers 4 bedroom apartments in the range of 5,350 sq. ft. and 6,000 sq. ft. in area supported with world-class interiors and, contemporary design aesthetics that are integrated in the entire layout plan. Residents of this high-end-Tower also enjoy a 270 degree panoramic view of the city skyline and the lush green cover. This project has a luxurious private clubhouse with exclusive concierge services. The development also offers  a gymnasium, aerobics and yoga room with a spa and salon. The sports center is equipped with several facilities such as squash court, table tennis, card/billiards and a badminton court. INDIA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SIMIRIN BOGRA +91 98996.45508, SIMIRIN.BOGRA@INDIASIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 7LBHNJ

$867,674 US / RS 6,00,00,000


Greater Kailash 2 Situated in DLF Queen’s Court, Greater Kailash Part II, this stunning apartment is distinguished by a grand sitting room, a large formal dining area and an impressive library. The elegant and versatile layout offers 4 bedrooms, including an enormous master bedroom suite with a wood paneled dressing room. The original apartment has been renovated to include beautiful hardwood floors, custom design details and state-ofthe-art lighting and technology systems. Close to Delhi’s finest cafes and restaurants, recreation concepts, wellness centers, schools and premium shopping spaces, the development amenities include a reception lobby sitting area, health club and state of the art gym, multi-purpose hall, landscaped gardens with jogging tracks, basement car parking, digital security and surveillance systems. INDIA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY AKASH PURI +91 98990.44669, AKASH.PURI@INDIASIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID KQLBHL

$3,181,471 US / RS 22,00,00,000 51


Singapore Unveiling luxury living in the heart of Singapore’s most vibrant precinct, The Orchard Residences sets the benchmark of luxury integrated lifestyle in modern city living, with luxury brand boutiques right at its doorstep for the muse of the new ultra-rich. 3 bedroom unit. 1,808 sq. ft. LIST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JOYCE YONG +65 96980098, JOYCE.YONG@LISTSIR.SG LISTSOTHEBYSREALTY.SG



Seru Boca Estate Mansion 10 A contemporary designed 6 bedroom, 7 bath mansion with Austrian made custom interior and finished with top of the line components. On a 1.7 acre Peninsula on the Spanish Water bay providing epic waterfront views while living secluded in a gated resort. CURACAO SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RAY SEIJS +59997370104, INFO@CURACAOSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM CURACAOSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID TCFJL2

$8,500,000 US


Villa Katsura Villa Katsura, a 23,500 sq. ft. residential estate on the peninsula of Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands is situated on nearly 3 acres of land. From the breathtaking Caribbean ocean views, to the incredible architectural Asian-inspired craftsmanship, this serene sanctuary offers the ultimate in luxurious island living. The exceptional attention to detail combines with an ambience that allows the interior spaces to blend and flow seamlessly into the surroundings, encompassing the spectacular panorama of Drakes Channel and the islands silhouetted in the sunset. BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARITHA KEIL +1 284.340.5555, MARITHA@BVISIR.COM BVISIR.COM, PROPERTY ID 6LBVM5



Creek House Located on 1.5 acres with 333 ft. of waterfront, enveloped in mature landscaping and grassy lawns. 3 bedroom main house, plus a 2 bedroom guest annex and a 2 bedroom cottage. Lap pool and wine room. Enjoy the boating lifestyle. OLD FORT BAY SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY GEORGE DAMIANOS +1 242.424.9699, GEORGE.DAMIANOS@SIRBAHAMAS.COM SIRBAHAMAS.COM, PROPERTY ID 80341

$9,000,000 US


Ananda Blue skies, pink sand, clear-blue water. Ananda estate is an Asian contemporary masterpiece that combines the idyllic beach-front landscape with a touch of Zen. 4 master bedrooms and 5 baths in the main house and two cottages on 145 ft. of pristine beach. DAMIANOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MONTY ROBERTS +1 242.424.4944, MONTY.ROBERTS@SIRBAHAMAS.COM SIRBAHAMAS.COM, PROPERTY ID 34794

$7,995,000 US


Conchrest Venetian-style home on two lots with 150 ft. of canal frontage. Artfully designed 2 bedroom main house with 1 bedroom cottage. Designer kitchen and spacious covered verandahs. All beautifully appointed. OLD FORT BAY SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY NICK DAMIANOS +1 242.376.1841, NICK.DAMIANOS@SIRBAHAMAS.COM SIRBAHAMAS.COM, PROPERTY ID 37086

$4,500,000 US


Prana 3 acre beachfront estate on the Sea of Abaco offers unparalleled views and deep water dockage. The thoughtfully designed 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths were beautifully crafted using exotic hardwoods and native coral stone. A masterpiece in an idyllic setting. DAMIANOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY CHRISTOPHER ALBURY +1 242.359.6885, CHRISTOPHER.ALBURY@SIRBAHAMAS.COM SIRBAHAMAS.COM, PROPERTY ID 34434

$3,900,000 US 53


Casa Coyaba Magnificent 9 bedroom estate with infinity pool and tennis court overlooking crystal clear waters. Enjoy the highest quality of life and income per capita in the Caribbean and general sense of well-being enjoyed by Cayman residents. CIREBA Member #405613. CAYMAN ISLANDS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY HEATHER CARRIGAN +1 345.525.3600, HEATHER.CARRIGAN@SOTHEBYSREALTY.KY SIRCAYMANISLANDS.COM, PROPERTY ID FDSGPX

$8,995,000 US


Linger Longer Lifestyle, luxury, location and limited tax liability. This stunning property in Canal Point was the Winner of The Governor’s Choice Award for Design. Chef’s kitchen, infinity pool and minutes to famous Stingray City from your dock. CIREBA Member #409724. CAYMAN ISLANDS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY NIKKI BROADHURST +1 345.938.0600, NIKKI.BROADHURST@SOTHEBYSREALTY.KY SIRCAYMANISLANDS.COM, PROPERTY ID MTZ3N6

$3,432,927 US


Saltaire Exquisite Caribbean views and soothing breezes surround this 3 bedroom home with separate apartment. Spectacular infinity pool. Live a tax-free lifestyle with no restrictions on foreign ownership of property. Cayman is the place to be. CIREBA Member #406811. CAYMAN ISLANDS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PATTY NUGENT +1 345.525.3003, PATTY.NUGENT@SOTHEBYSREALTY.KY SIRCAYMANISLANDS.COM, PROPERTY ID 6QKV6P

$2,650,000 US


Casuarina Cove Surrounded by turquoise waters and spectacular beaches. The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. This 3 bedroom villa is a short walk from famous Rum Point, Kaibo, Starfish Point and includes elevator plus private dock. Crypto currency accepted. CIREBA Member #406822. CAYMAN ISLANDS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BASIA HARRIS +1 345.938.1129, BASIA.HARRIS@SOTHEBYSREALTY.KY SIRCAYMANISLANDS.COM, PROPERTY ID T2WN3S

$2,753,000 US 54


Villas del Mar Palmilla Views, location and symmetry are just a few of the things that set this inspiring and tranquil, art-filled villa apart from the rest. Villa La Montaña 708 was designed and constructed by Robert Jones in 2015, the high-end interiors were furnished by Foxhedge Designs, and the magnificent art collection was curated by renowned Denver art gallery Nine Dot Arts. Being the first time this property is available on market, it’s a unique opportunity not to be missed. Located in Villas del Mar at Palmilla, the most exclusive zip code of Los Cabos. LOS CABOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARCO EHRENBERG +52 (1) 624.151.5400, MARCO@SIRLOSCABOS.COM SIRLOSCABOS.COM, PROPERTY ID R8EMJM

$7,990,000 US 55


Hacienda Beach Club Villa Amanda has a location like no other, right in the middle of Medano Beach on Cabo San Lucas’ bay. The Sea of Cortes is your backyard, where you will enjoy forever views of Land’s End. While being at the heart of it all, this unique property provides an oasis of calm and privacy. Being inside of Hacienda Beach Club and Residences, you can enjoy all of the club amenities. Access to the spa and world-class gym, restaurant, pool, valet and concierge services to name just a few. Find yourself in the middle of the action, as you are walking distance from many beachside restaurants, the marina and downtown Cabo. LOS CABOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARCO EHRENBERG +52 (1) 624.151.5400, MARCO@SIRLOSCABOS.COM SIRLOSCABOS.COM, PROPERTY ID L7P69N

$6,250,000 US


Viceroy Resort This penthouse provides a rare opportunity to live in an architectural masterpiece like no other. Water surrounds the entire hotel, wrapping around the pure white buildings which are connected by elevated walkways. The resort concept was designed by renowned Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragonés. Enjoy indoor and outdoor living spaces with unobstructed ocean views, a large soaking tub on the terrace, and access to the hotel spa, four restaurants and lounges, a rooftop bar, a children’s recreation area, a world-class fitness center, a movie theater and fabulous local art. LOS CABOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BEATRIZ CALDERÓN +1 877.812.3219, INFO@SIRLOSCABOS.COM SIRLOSCABOS.COM, PROPERTY ID PQSW5W

$4,200,000 US 56


Ruben Dario Tower 225 The preeminent Luxury Condo Tower in Mexico City in the exclusive district of Polanco. Sides to Chapultepec Park and overlooks the Historic Castle. Walls of glass open to patios and views. A unique opportunity to design the interior and showcase the life you love. MEXICO SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RENE PADILLA CASTILLA, RICHARD & ELAINE SWOMLEY +1 521 55 5434.5751, 303.916.8204, RPADILLA@MEXICOSIR.COM

4 CONDOS PRICED FROM $3,000,000 US - $7,000,000 US


1425 Western Avenue, U407 This AIA award-winning, two-story penthouse condo is the epitome of Seattle waterfront living. Perfectly situated between Pike Place Market and Elliott Bay, this luxury home enjoys 180 degree panoramic views of the waterfront and iconic Seattle landmarks. MARKETPLACE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY TRACI FISCHER +1 206.992.3959, TRACI.FISCHER@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM LIVESEATTLEWATERFRONT.COM

$1,200,000 US


282 Buck Loop Road This stunning home offers captivating views of the Strait and beyond to Victoria. Artfully designed interiors exude a timeless elegance wrapped in casual comfort. The kitchen is an Epicurean’s dream. Beach access via the adjacent trail. 2 hours from Seattle. REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SUE ELLER +1 360.797.3081, SUE.ELLER@RSIR.COM OLYMPICPENINSULAWATERVIEWHOME.COM

$1,195,000 US


305 NW Riverfront Street Premier property on the Deschutes River in coveted Bend, Oregon. Rare opportunity to own 2 homes on one lot. Located a few blocks from The Old Mill District, Drake Park and charming Downtown Bend. Enjoy Bend’s lifestyle and vibrant culture just outside your door. CASCADE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY THE JULIE MOE & JARED CHASE GROUP +1 541.312.4042, JARED.CHASE@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SELLINGBEND.COM, MLS ID 201901310

$1,925,000 US 57


7433 SW 77th Street Located near Bend, Oregon, Rocky River Ranch sits on 124 acres with 3 individual tax lots. The custom 3,387sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home sits on the canyon rim overlooking the Deschutes River. The 59.98 and 48.61 acre parcels include 66 acres of irrigation rights and hay production. CASCADE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PATTY CORDONI +1 541.771.0931, PATTY.CORDONI@CASACDESIR.COM CASCADESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, MLS ID 201807590

$3,450,000 US


480 Tuscarora Road Spectacular lake views. Fabulous floor plan with true panoramic views of Lake Tahoe from each of the 4 bedrooms, large family room and office. Inviting and open kitchen with great room featuring a native granite fireplace and gorgeous cherry wood staircase. SIERRA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SCOTT TIECHE +1 775.742.1945, SCOTT.TIECHE@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SIERRASOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID LKMPJ3

$1,950,000 US


13950 E Bighorn Pkwy Turn-key contemporary sitting on 4+ acres at the top of guard gated Eagles Nest. Built in 2016 with visionary design to capture extraordinary views, and bring the outdoors in. Compelling finishes, extravagant living spaces, generous outdoor retreat. RUSS LYON SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY FRANK AAZAMI +1 480.266.0240, FRANK.AAZAMI@SIR.COM FHCONTEMPORARY.COM

$9,000,000 US


333 Leonard Street The “Jewel of the Eastern Sierra” is a 16,500 sq. ft. architectural wonder boasting 9 bedrooms and baths, 2 kitchens, gym, spa, sauna, steam room and conference room. Located lakeside with sweeping views of Carson Peak in a year ‘round mecca for fishing and skiing. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SUNSET STRIP BROKERAGE GWEN BANTA +1 323.252.1700, GWEN.BANTA@GMAIL.COM VICTORYLODGEINFO.COM

$11,200,000 US 58


2500 East Valley Road Available for the first time in almost 100 years and part of an American family dynasty, Rancho San Carlos is one of the largest and most significant private estates in California comprised of 30 rooms and approximately 25,000 sq. ft. and set on 237 private acres. The main residence, completed in 1931, is a Monterey Colonial designed by famed architect Reginald Johnson and includes ocean views, expansive public rooms imported from an English Manor house with hand-carved woodwork and exquisite details. In addition to the main residence, there are 10 residential cottages on the property, extensive horse facilities including two horse barns, a covered riding ring, an oval training track and other support structures. A portion of the ranch is devoted to the production of lemons, avocados, oranges and limes all supported by private water reservoirs and riparian rights. Whether as your premier West Coast estate or as a world-class development project, Rancho San Carlos has everything to offer its fortunate new owner. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MONTECITO -COAST VILLAGE ROAD BROKERAGE HARRY KOLB +1 805.452.2500, HARRY.KOLB@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM RANCHOSANCARLOSESTATE.COM

$85,000,000 US 59


8251 Foxen Canyon Road This historic Foxen Canyon cattle ranch owned by the renowned Jackson Family Wine Company, has a rich and colorful past. A gently rolling and oak studded approximately 574 acres lies in a picturesque valley surrounded by vast ranches. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SANTA YNEZ VALLEY BROKERAGE PATTY MURPHY +1 805.680.8571, PATTY.MURPHY@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM FOXENCREEKRANCH.COM

$9,900,000 US


7300 Happy Canyon Road Stunning Happy Canyon ranch with sweeping vistas of the San Rafael Wilderness is situated on 130 acres ± of rolling oak studded fields. Banks of glass take in views in every direction and the natural light enhances the spacious yet intimate feel of this home. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SANTA YNEZ VALLEY BROKERAGE PATTY MURPHY +1 805.680.8571, PATTY.MURPHY@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM 7300HAPPYCYN.COM

$7,998,000 US


2733 Sycamore Canyon This majestic Montecito estate offers unparalleled privacy and attention to detail. Boasting monumental mountain views and nearly 3 manicured acres, Sycamore Canyon is perfect for relaxed living and large-scale entertaining. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MONTECITO COAST VILLAGE ROAD BROKERAGE DUSTY BAKER +1 805.570.0102, DUSTY@DUSTYBAKERREALESTATE.COM 2733SYCAMORECANYON.COM

$11,999,999 US


1406 Alameda Padre Serra Resting on a rare, nearly one-acre parcel on Santa Barbara’s coveted Riviera, Casa Alegria (‘’House of Joy’’) has been meticulously renovated and upgraded over the years. The home offers panoramic ocean and island views through large windows in nearly every room. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MONTECITO COAST VILLAGE ROAD BROKERAGE DUSTY BAKER +1 805.570.0102, DUSTY@DUSTYBAKERREALESTATE.COM 1406APS.COM

$2,774,000 US 60


2465 Catalina Avenue Come and own a piece of California History. Enjoy remarkable panoramic ocean views from this private, gated original 1928 Adobe 4 bedroom, 6 bath paradise rich with attention to detail. An entertainer’s dream with pizza oven and elevated pool area with a 38 ft. cascading water fall with rock slide with westerly views. Old world charm and new world amenities blend to make this a romantic place to call home. This Spanish Adobe is nestled away atop the foothills of Vista sited on 1.45 acres. As you arrive at the home, you park in a courtyard centered around a bubbling fountain. The home exudes charm with its original Spanish tiles, brick work around the fireplace in the great room, exposed wood beams, and solid wood doors are exquisite details of this Spanish-style home. Lush landscaping including many fruit trees and great indoor/outdoor entertaining areas. The elevated outside entertainment and pool area include a game room and pool house all with unobstructed westerly views to both Catalina and San Clemente Islands. PACIFIC SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY CRISS CROZIER, ANDREA GILBERT, JENNA DALEY +1 760.809.4985, CRISS@CRISSCROZIER.COM +1 858.945.1312, ANDREA@ANDREAGILBERT.COM ​​​ +1 619.778.9808, JENNA@JENNADALEY.COM 2465CATALINAAVE.COM



Green Gables Green Gables is one of the last remaining turn of the century, San Francisco summer estates. This 74± acre estate located in the most coveted portion of Woodside, California has 7 homes, 3 swimming pools, a reservoir, barn and stables, and world-renowned gardens and lands. The jewel of the property is a 1920s Greene & Greene designed home and its accompanying reflection pool, garden and magnificent Roman pool. This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own what is arguably one of the finest estates in the country, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley. GOLDEN GATE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MICHAEL DREYFUS +1 650.704.7928, M.DREYFUS@GGSIR.COM GREENGABLESESTATE.ORG



Idyllic Woodside Estate This 8.72 acre estate provides seclusion and includes an equestrian facility, tennis court, pool and spa, guest suite with gym and fitness studio, detached estate manager’s office, and separate personal office. Near acclaimed K-8 public schools and Silicon Valley. GOLDEN GATE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MICHAEL DREYFUS +1 650.704.7928, M.DREYFUS@GGSIR.COM IDYLLICWOODSIDEESTATE.COM

$29,500,000 US


Silicon Valley Compound Extraordinary Silicon Valley estate on 6.4 acres features a stunning, 6,000 sq. ft. main home, 2 bedroom guest house, and entertainment pavilion with spa facilities and wine room. Amenities include clay tennis court, pool, and vineyard with grafted aged vines. GOLDEN GATE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MICHAEL DREYFUS +1 650.704.7928, M.DREFYUS@GGSIR.COM WOODSIDEVINEYARDESTATE.COM

$27,900,000 US


Portola Valley Estate Main home boasts 5 en-suite bedrooms, library, media room, formal living and dining rooms and guest quarters. Detached music studio and separate pool house. Gorgeous landscaping with pool, spa, and greenhouse on 4.69 acres. Minutes from Stanford and Palo Alto. GOLDEN GATE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY LISA KEITH +1 650.703.8644, L.KEITH@GGSIR.COM PORTOLAVALLEYHAVEN.COM

$12,000,000 US


331 Lincoln Avenue Stunning 4 bedroom, 4,186 sq. ft. home with guest cottage has been remodeled while still maintaining its original Victorian detail. Located in the highly sought-after Professorville neighborhood with easy access to the bustling action of downtown Palo Alto and Silicon Valley. GOLDEN GATE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MICHAEL DREYFUS +1 650.485.3476, M.DREYFUS@GGSIR.COM 331LINCOLN.COM

$8,395,000 US 62


145 Kailuana Loop This stunning oceanfront estate reflects a merging of modern architecture and luxury design. At almost 60,000 sq. ft. of beachfront property and 250 linear feet of pristine sandy beach, this is one of the largest residential oceanfront properties in Hawaii. LIST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BRANDON E. KIM +1 808.383.7603, BKIM@LISTSIR.COM LISTSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 5Q3ZYK

$28,500,000 US FEE SIMPLE


445 Portlock Road This island oasis is second to none with its distinctive features and incredible oceanfront locale. Developed with custom home technology and impeccably designed to represent the quintessential serenity and beauty of island living. LIST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JUDY WHITFIELD +1 808.772.2024, JWHITFIELD@LISTSIR.COM LISTSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID W9CGM6

$9,600,000 US FEE SIMPLE


1118 Ala Moana Boulevard, Villa 2 A triumph in contemporary design, style, and function. Thoroughly upgraded two-story villa at the distinguished Waiea residence. Bask in the ultimate life of luxury and island living. LIST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY NANCY H. MAEDA +1 808.216.2166, NMAEDA@LISTSIR.COM LISTSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID KSTNJ6

$5,300,000 US FEE SIMPLE


1108 Auahi Street Unwind in this rare Anaha penthouse, one of Honolulu’s luxury condos. With resort-like amenities, 3,000± sq. ft. of living space, 10 ft. ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing panoramic ocean and mountain views. Enjoy the life of ultimate luxury. LIST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ESTHER H. PARK +1 808.489.6733, EPARK@LISTSIR.COM LISTSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 85YTHL

$4,980,000 US FEE SIMPLE 63


454 Milwaukee Street Cherry Creek North, Denver’s Meca for fashion, style, design and hightouch living experiences, welcomes one of the last prime locations for a single-family dwelling. A block-and-a-half from the epicenter of Cherry Creek North this refined contemporary new build is the quintessential Colorado home designed for the climate with year-round indoor/outdoor living. Furthermore, bespoke architectural touches and details, rarely found in homes under $10 million, are presented in this alluring structure. This rare opportunity gets even rarer at the moment, allowing the ability to customize the interior to your preference. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY DOUGLAS D. KERBS +1 303.898.7818, DOUGLAS.KERBS@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM

$4,250,000 US


Pulse LOHI Bringing elevated living and luxury to LoHi, never before offered level of living in the neighborhood is now available. Come feel the difference at PULSE. Thoughtful design has led to the creation of these row homes that portray a comfortable living experience from the voluminous ceiling heights, proportions of the rooms, to the scale and placement of windows. The kitchen plays an integral role in the experience transcending from living there - the open concept combined with luxurious European dualtone cabinetry makes it the epicenter of the entire living level. PULSE has another attribute that is rarely offered - rooftop terraces sizable to accommodate gardens, entertaining, dining and kitchen spaces all al fresco. Each unit comes with some level of unobstructed views, a rarity in the neighborhood. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY DOUGLAS D. KERBS +1 303.898.7818, DOUGLAS.KERBS@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM

$750,000 US TO $1,150,000 US 64


6917 Timbers Drive This majestic mountain compound is positioned 30 minutes outside of Downtown Denver and 1 hour from world class ski resorts. Perfectly nestled on 32 acres of the most beautiful land in the Rocky Mountains. The natural landscape and rock outcroppings were created and positioned precisely to compliment this exquisite home that takes advantage of the indoor/outdoor entertaining. This gated, private mountain estate consists of the main residence (12,768 sq. ft.), an Equestrian Center complete with 6 stables, horse corral and a carriage house (1,730 sq. ft.) In addition, there is a recreational facility consisting of a full gymnasium with half basketball court, workout facility, locker rooms and a sports entertainment bar (6,259 sq. ft.) The grounds contain 3 ponds and 4 magnificent water features that just add to the ambience and beauty. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY CORINNA BANDEMER, DOUGLAS D. KERBS +1 720.530.8660, CBANDEMER@LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM +1 303.898.7818, DOUGLAS.KERBS@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM

$6,995,000 US 65


2010 GCR 14N Spectacular 24,000 sq. ft. family lodge on 350 acres, located within Grand River Ranch. This one-of-a-kind property includes 3 wings, all connected. A must-see 4 season retreat just 2 hours from Denver and minutes from the jet-accessible Kremmling Airport. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JACK WOLFE, ANIELA WASMANSKI +1 970.368.0018, JWOLFE@LIVSIR.COM ASPENGROVERANCH.COM

$23,500,000 US


165 River Park Drive This one-of-a-kind European inspired estate captures a sense of place through location, unparalleled luxury finishes, impeccable attention to detail, mountain vistas and the enchanting river. For more details, photos and video visit LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JACK WOLFE, ANIELA WASMANSKI +1 970.368.0018, JWOLFE@LIVSIR.COM 165RIVERPARKDRIVE.COM

$10,000,000 US


381 Revett Drive This private, custom residence offers the finest in mountain living, backing to National Forest with expansive views and all day sun. Enjoy a main floor master wing, gourmet kitchen, permitted detached guest house and beautiful terrace/outdoor living space. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JACK WOLFE, ANIELA WASMANSKI +1 970.368.0018, JWOLFE@LIVSIR.COM 381REVETTDRIVE.COM

$4,100,000 US


7185 Fox Court Extraordinary, classic mid-century, architectural masterpiece completely renovated. 2 acres, backs to the Pike National forest, panoramic views of historic Perry Park and Rocky Mountains. 2 master suites, plus 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, 9,196 sq. ft., 4-car garage. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY JOYCE PALOMA, FELICIA JENKINS +1 303.741.5000, +1 303.810.1200, LIVJOYFEL@JOYFEL.COM 7185FOXCOURT.COM

$1,599,000 US 66


Uptown240 Uptown 240 is the newest addition to downtown Dillon. Designed by Studio PBA, no detail was overlooked. Uptown 240 will introduce a new and exciting restaurant concept to the town which is conveniently located within walking distance of everything Dillon has to offer. In addition, is an exclusive athletic center with sweeping views of Lake Dillon. This wellness area will be furnished with state of the art equipment. The Overlook, an expansive deck exclusive to resident’s and their guests, will provide gorgeous views with a dramatic backdrop of the Ten Mile Range, and a variety of amenities including grills, hot tubs, fire pits, lounge chairs, and yoga area. Residents will be able to gather with friends at The Nest, Uptown 240’s community alcove, perfect for gatherings and parties. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY NED WALLEY +1 970.445.0735, NED@NEDWALLEY.COM UPTOWN240.COM

$400,000 US-$1,000,000 US 67


14065 Highway 83 Like the remarkable homes built by early architects of the American dream, Southard Star Ranch is a stately, distinctive estate created to here the highest value is the experience of living well in every sense of the word – a quality of life that demands a home that is both grand and unpretentious, breathtaking and still welcoming, imposing yet cozy and warm, inspiring in a way that makes you long to return. Open the door to an atmosphere of rugged elegance, the interior harmonious with the majestic setting. Step outside of the home and into the incredible ‘Rod and Gun Club’, which is the ultimate getaway. Enjoying the change of seasons at this estate is an experience in itself, with green rolling views of Pikes Peak in the winter. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ELAINE STUCY +1 720.881.5718, ESTUCY@LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM 14065HIGHWAY83.COM

$8,750,000 US


European-inspired masterpiece on 1.62 secluded acres backing to open space with unobstructed Rocky Mountain views. Featuring a


$3,590,000 US


77 Comstock Place Fully furnished English Country Manor on a premium 1+ acre lot nestled on the 10th fairway of the Castle Pines Golf Club. Soaring ceilings, hickory Walk-out game room and outdoor gardens. LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY WANDA FORD +1 720.320.8901, WFORD@LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM LIVSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID Q66L3T

$2,450,000 US 68


8231 CR 500 This rare and spectacular 2,215 acre recreational ranch is a breathtaking mix of pastures, meadows, ponds, and forest with over 26 miles of well-designed private roads. The land has been groomed and manicured meticulously over the years creating a sanctuary for wildlife. LEGACY PROPERTIES WEST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ZACH MORSE +1 970.391.2600, ZACH@LPWSIR.COM LEGACYPROPERTIESWESTSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID JGCL3L

$16,500,OOO US


189 S. Windom Way Completely turnkey 11,700 sq. ft. estate with everything imaginable for your comfort and entertaining in elegant style. This estate has 35 acres of the most captivating, unblemished views of the San Juan Mountain range and Electra Lake. LEGACY PROPERTIES WEST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ZACH MORSE +1 970.391.2600, ZACH@LPWSIR.COM LEGACYPROPERTIESWESTSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID 98Z968

$10,750,000 US


421 S Windom Way This estate has 12 acres of the most captivating views of the Needles of the San Juan Mountain range and Electra Lake in a private, secure and pristine setting. This 10,700 sq. ft. expansive yet cozy home with an open floor plan is the epitome of casual mountain elegance. LEGACY PROPERTIES WEST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ZACH MORSE +1 970.391.2600, ZACH@LPWSIR.COM LEGACYPROPERTIESWESTSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID M45DVQ

$7,980,000 US


201 Gray Hackle Drive Gray Hackle Ranch rests on 175 acres and has 3,000 ft. of Pine River frontage, and an additional 1,000 ft. on both sides of a river branch with ‘end-of-the-road’ privacy and views. The 5,080 sq. ft. light-filled home has an inviting open living space. LEGACY PROPERTIES WEST SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ZACH MORSE +1 970.391.2600, ZACH@LPWSIR.COM LEGACYPROPERTIESWESTSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID 927Z7K

$6,950,000 US 69


7841 Falcon Court This iconic ski retreat in Deer Valley® offers ski access to both Silver Lake and Snow Park with endless panoramic views. Discerning buyers will appreciate the timeless design, attention to detail and custom craftsmanship. This home is truly a work of art. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY TISHA DIGMAN, CAM SCHIEDEL +1 801.898.2447, +1 435.659.1025, TISHA.DIGMAN@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID ST7SZX

$9,998,000 US


8785 N. Lookout Lane Mountain contemporary with stunning views designed for entertainment. Features include a negative edge spa/pool, home theater, audio and security systems, heated auto courtyard, meditation overlook, wine cellar, EV charging, golf simulator, and solar power. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MICHAEL SWAN +1 435.659.1433, MSWAN@PROMONTORYCLUB.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID ESQGV5

$8,650,000 US


2265 E. Country Club Drive This beautiful colonial in the heart of the coveted Country Club neighborhood is likely one of the most iconic homes currently available for purchase in Salt Lake City. The highest quality engineering and construction standards were used to build this home. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ADAM KIRKHAM, CAROLYN KIRKHAM +1 801.450.1800, +1 801.450.0800, ADAM.KIRKHAM@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID YBB599

$2,699,900 US


1474 Springdell Drive Have you dreamed of living in a mountain setting with easy access to city life? Now is your chance, just five minutes up Provo Canyon. This beautiful home has been thoroughly renovated, with an emphasis on a natural flow that brings the outdoors inside. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MERRILEE MORGAN +1 801.913.4046, MERRILEE.MORGAN@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 58LD4K

$925,000 US 70


6451 E. Brigham Fork Circle Built in 2003, this luxury estate sits on approximately 183 acres adjacent to the Wasatch National Forest in Emigration Canyon, east of Salt Lake City. As you approach the home through the private gate and down a secluded road, it is easy to see that each season holds new surprises in landscape treasures and natural beauty on these easy-to-maintain grounds. The wildlife and sunrise/sunsets will delight. This masterpiece mixes a sophisticated design and stunning customizations with historical finishes selected from around the world. An open floor plan, outdoor living areas and large windows give this home the feel of a secluded mountain estate in a private, serene setting. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY THOMAS WRIGHT +1 801.652.5700, THOMAS.WRIGHT@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 6VHJ7H

$10,762,200 US


4523 S. Gilead Way Olympus Cove is a smaller neighborhood situated on the slopes of Mount Olympus on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. It’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Salt Lake County, as many young and upscale professionals are taking up residence here. Most of the homes in the neighborhood were built between 1920 and 1960. The view from what formed a cove of Lake Bonneville about 15,000 years ago can be breathtaking, but you’re not isolated as the neighborhood has quick access to Interstate 215 and Interstate 80, making getting around Salt Lake City a breeze. Skyline High School and Churchill Junior High are among the best in the city. Forbes magazine has ranked Utah the No. 1 state for business four out of the last five years. Salt Lake County is the home of the NBA’s Utah Jazz, Real Salt Lake of the MLS, University of Utah Pac-12 athletics and was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. SUMMIT SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY THOMAS WRIGHT +1 801.652.5700, THOMAS.WRIGHT@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM SUMMITSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID J3CXFF

$5,400,000 US 71


Casa de Lavanda Brand new livable luxury in the high desert. One-of-a-kind rustic elegant Green Build on 1.7 wooded acres minutes from The Plaza. New Mexican flair with modern, high-end details and amenities. Designed for ultimate privacy and refined indoor/outdoor living in mind, this 4 bedroom, 6 bath serene residence and casita offers over 6,000 sq. ft. of sophisticated living with three elegant guest suites, epicurean kitchen, view deck, gym/spa and office. Exquisite xeriscaping, breathtaking water features, portales, lush lawn, waterfall stream and elaborate rainwater harvesting add to the resort-like ambiance, including Crestron lighting, SONOS, 2 automated gates and photovoltaic. HERS rated 43. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY SANTA FE BROKERAGE TARA EARLEY, NANCY LEHRER +1 505.660.1734, TARA.EARLEY@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM +1 505.490.9565, NANCY.LEHRER@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM CASADELAVANDA.COM

$6,000,000 US 72


Lake Michigan / Bay Harbor Lake Estate Private estate offering elegance, luxury and sophistication on the gated Peninsula at Bay Harbor with 130 ft. of frontage on Lake Michigan and 130 ft. of frontage on Bay Harbor Lake. This doublesided waterfront property was completely redesigned and rebuilt in 2014. Featuring captivating indoor and outdoor spaces and can accommodate a guest house and/or boat house on Bay Harbor Lake. Includes 5 bedrooms, private balconies, formal dining room and an award-winning custom kitchen along with a separate chef’s walk-in pantry. Desirable open floor plan with a grand two-story living area, home theater, exercise room and game room in the finished lower level, private first floor master wing and lakeside brick paver patio. Other notable attributes include floor to ceiling stone fireplace, 3 powder rooms and professionally designed landscaping. HARBOR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY CHRIS ETIENNE +1 231.838.2031, CHRIS@HARBORSIR.COM HARBORSIR.COM, MLS ID 456835

$9,450,000 US 73


122 Ocean Boulevard One of the finest ocean homes ever to be built on the Charleston barrier islands. Uniquely blending comfortable, bright spaces with sophisticated interior style and design, this beach front home defines island luxury living at its finest. 5,623 sq. ft. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MIDDLETON RUTLEDGE +1 843.345.9137, MRUTLEDGE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID PM7QZ8

$6,995,000 US


51 River Marsh Lane Spectacular deep water home with triple tiered decks and a private dock. Located on the peaceful and wildlife abundant Kiawah River, providing an island lifestyle of fishing, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and golf. 5 bedrooms. 5.5 baths, 7,427 sq. ft. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MIDDLETON RUTLEDGE +1 843.345.9137, MRUTLEDGE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID 2KD2XV

$5,995,000 US


2619 Bayonne Street This Beau Clowney designed, Daly and Sawyer masterpiece is unlike any other home on the prestigious Sullivan’s Island beach front. A once in a generation opportunity. 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 2 half baths. 5,070 sq. ft. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RUTHIE RAVENEL, CHASEN MCCALL +1 843.696.8858, RUTHIE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID Y9Z86Z

$7,595,000 US


3318 Jasper Boulevard This gated estate sits on the deep water tip of Charleston’s most exclusive beach community. Watch dolphins strand-feed from your porch. Private sandy beach. Panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean, beachfront, and Low Country marshes. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RUTHIE RAVENEL, GEORGIA NETTLES +1 843.696.8858, RUTHIE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID YKCTYJ

$4,799,000 US 74


1926 Maybank Highway This 7,000 sq. ft. home is nestled on a nearly 2 acre lot with breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Classic and sophisticated features include a 45 ft. infinity pool and spa, poolside sauna, deepwater dock, theatre room and private carriage house. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RUTHIE RAVENEL +1 843.696.8858, RUTHIE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM

$6,250,000 US


13 Johnson Road 8,260 sq. ft. lakefront estate offers custom features including pool, outdoor kitchen, cabana, home gym. Master suite with fireplace, private balcony, dual powder rooms. Smart Home Technology. Elevator. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3 half baths. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY DANIEL RAVENEL, RUTHIE RAVENEL +1 843.343.5944, +1 843.696.8858, RUTHIE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID KELVS3

$5,025,000 US


72 Murray Boulevard This beautiful waterfront home offers expansive views of the historic Ashley River and was completely renovated in 2015 with a keen eye for style and design to provide the perfect turn-key property South of Broad. 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths. 2 half baths. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MIDDLETON RUTLEDGE +1 843.345.9137, MRUTLEDGE@DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM DANIELRAVENELSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID KFKENS

$4,400,000 US


The Landing at St. Johns Yacht Harbor Located on a private peninsula, The Landing at St. Johns Yacht Harbor is a luxury development of 54 exclusive condominium residences with private boat slips available. Enjoy pristine views of the Stono River, tidal marshlands and Atlantic horizon. DANIEL RAVENEL SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 843.638.9500, INFO@THELANDINGATSTJOHNS.COM THELANDINGATSTJOHNS.COM

$925,000 US 75


1960 S Ocean Blvd World-renowned designer Juan Pablo Molyneux crafted the interiors of this majestic 24,600 sq. ft. estate on prestigious South Ocean Boulevard, which sits on a rare 2.25 acre gated property with frontage on both The Atlantic Ocean and the waters of Lake Worth. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PALM BEACH BROKERAGE CRISTINA CONDON +1 561.301.2211, CRISTINA.CONDON@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM MAGNIFICENTMEDITERRANEAN.COM

$56,000,000 US


12520 Seminole Beach Road Secluded on 1.4 gated acres in Seminole Landing is an estate of understated elegance and Caribbean inspiration. The 25,878 sq. ft. residence takes full advantage of its oceanfront location. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PALM BEACH BROKERAGE CRISTINA CONDON +1 561.301.2211, CRISTINA.CONDON@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM SEMINOLEBEACHROAD.COM

$49,500,000 US


670 Island Drive This direct waterfront villa known as Il Cortile reflects the classic and refined Mediterranean style of Palm Beach. From the moment you enter, the villa romances your senses. Located on the east side of Everglades Island. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PALM BEACH BROKERAGE CRISTINA CONDON +1 561.301.2211, CRISTINA.CONDON@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM VILLAILCORTILE.COM

$20,995,000 US


1790 South Ocean Boulevard Ocean-to-Lake beautifully designed estate perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining and living located in Manalapan. SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PALM BEACH BROKERAGE CRISTINA CONDON +1 561.301.2211, CRISTINA.CONDON@SOTHEBYSHOMES.COM SIGNIFICANTOCEANTOLAKEESTATE.COM

$25,995,000 US 76


10 Cannon Point Pumpkin Key is an extraordinary private island totaling 26 acres. The lush and vibrant landscape offers endless possibilities for development. Self-sufficient with water, electric and fiber optics in place from shore to the 12 large bay front lots. Currently the island features one main home with 3 bedrooms, 2 caretaker’s cottages, and a dock master’s apartment. Additional features include a dock master’s office and 20 slip marina able to accommodate a megayacht. In the center of the island are tennis courts that also serve as a helipad, and golf cart paths circle the island. Just 10 minutes by helicopter to Miami’s famous South Beach and 10 minutes by boat to its shore home with dockage at Ocean Reef, a private club in Key Largo, Florida with an airstrip for private jets. Top photo is a rendering of the eventual development. OCEAN REEF CLUB SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY RUSSELL POST +1 305.367.2027, RUSSELL.POST@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM OCEANREEFCLUBSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID P8G6SW



75900 Overseas Highway Imagine walking on your own 6 tropical acres with lush landscaping on the bay in Islamorada with over 600 ft. of white sand beach and dockage. This spectacular private estate offers 6,198 sq. ft. of living space with 6 bedrooms and 6 and 1 half bathrooms in the main house. The guest home offers an additional 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. This rare offering features unprecedented attention to detail and superior quality throughout. Enjoy your own tennis court and the most spectacular sunsets from the covered verandas, and heated bay front swimming pool. OCEAN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY KIM THALER +1 305.712.8888, KIM.THALER@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM OCEANSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID KWC7P7

$18,000,000 US


44 Valley Ridge Road This architecturally striking Old Westover estate is located on one of the most beautiful and sought-after streets in the established enclave of Westover Hills. The home exudes feelings of both elegance for entertaining and approachability for family/leisure living. The 13,000 sq. ft. central house is designed with 4 bedrooms, 7.2 bathrooms, 4 living areas, 2 studies, 3 separate laundry rooms, 4 wet bars, large climate-controlled wine cellar, fishing/hunting room, fireproof safe room, and an expansive 3 car garage with large amounts of storage. 2 large loggias grace the exterior of the home with a sweeping hilltop vista and gorgeous views of the infinity pool. The guest home 2,300 sq. ft. of additional luxury and has 2 bedrooms, 2.1 bathrooms, laundry, an open kitchen, dining and living design, plus a 2 car garage. Rare opportunity to own an Old Westover estate of this caliber. BRIGGS FREEMAN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY AMY HOOPER TROTT +1 817.300.1100, ATROTT@BRIGGSFREEMAN.COM BRIGGSFREEMAN.COM, MLS ID 14056099

$7,977,000 US 78


190 Bay Pointe Road Located in East Tennessee’s award winning Rarity Bay golf community, this exquisite custom-built estate is situated on more than an acre of land, offering stunning views of Tellico Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains. ALLIANCE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ANGIE RIEDL +1 865.357.3232, ANGIE.RIEDL@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM ALLIANCESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID PKMFXV

$2,490,000 US


609 Beavertail Road Set high on a cliff overlooking picturesque Newport Harbor, this 7 acre oceanfront estate is truly a masterpiece of design and detail. A sprawling stone terrace and pristine grounds give way to an expansive 8,500 sq. ft. of interior space. MOTT & CHACE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ERIN MARSH, JUDY CHACE +1 401.789.8899, ERIN.MARSH@MOTTANDCHACE.COM MOTTANDCHACE.COM, PROPERTY ID MCWFS3

$6,995,000 US


1103 Finley Lane This tranquil home located by the most important locations in the Washington Metropolitan area, including Amazon HQ2, Capitol Hill, and the White House. Features include 10,400 sq. ft., an elevator, 7 fireplaces, 3 car garage, and a swimming pool. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY HEATHER COREY +1 703.989.1183, HCOREY@TTRSIR.COM TTRSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID PBZ3D3

$3,550,000 US


720 Potomac Knolls Drive Private 2 acre estate with guest house, 5 car garage, pool, extensive landscaping and 9,455 finished sq. ft. Classic Williamsburg colonial in prime McLean location. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY HEATHER COREY, CYNTHIA VANCE +1 703.989.1183, HCOREY@TTRSIR.COM TTRSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID 5KVJ2N

$2,395,000 US 79


8394 Elway Lane Set on nearly 300 acres of verdant Virginia countryside with sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Elway Hall captures the timeless elegance and fairy-tale romance of a bygone era. This extraordinary, Edwardian mansion with approximately 20,000 sq. ft. was built in 1907 by prominent industrialist and railroad tycoon, Johnson Newlon Camden for his daughter Annie and son-in-law, General Baldwin Day Spilman. Her image is reflected in the two-story Tiffany windows over the grand carved oak staircase. The estate has been home for the past two decades to internationally celebrated American interior designer, Barry Dixon who has created a residence that brings the past into the present by incorporating the most modern conveniences while maintaining the timeless elegance of the Edwardian period. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARK C. LOWHAM, GLORIA ROSE OTT +1 703.966.6949, MLOWHAM@TTRSIR.COM +1 540.454.4394, GLORIAROSE.OTT@SIR.COM TTRSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID XEEL5S

$10,500,000 US


Château De Lune SOLD. Inspired by the finest traditions of European architecture and design, Château de Lune is a sublime 16,800 sq. ft. private mansion with 6,000 sq. ft. of meticulously landscaped outdoor living space. Ideally located just outside of Washington, DC in prestigious Great Falls, Virginia the chateau is prominently positioned within the exclusive enclave of Le Reve (“The Dream”), the finest luxury community to be developed in decades. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARK C. LOWHAM, DANIEL HEIDER +1 703.966.6949, MLOWHAM@TTRSIR.COM +1 703.785.7820, DHEIDER@TTRSIR.COM TTRSIR.COM

$6,981,000 US 80


1617 29th Street Positioned on one of the highest points and largest estate sites in historic Georgetown, Hollerith House is one of Washington’s most iconic residences. From this prominent location, several rooms offer spectacular views of the Capital, Washington Monument, the Kennedy Center, and the Potomac River. In addition to its notable provenance, the estate was totally renovated over three years to exacting standards and features state of the art systems and features expected among the world’s most important properties. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARK C. LOWHAM, ANJ MURPHY +1 703.966.6949, MLOWHAM@TTRSIR.COM +1 703.244.6357, AMURPHY@TTRSIR.COM TTRSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID YP2EHC

$18,750,000 US


Georgetown Discreetly positioned behind a classic 19th Century facade, this stunning residence captures the finest elements of contemporary design adapted for gracious daily living. Once owned by socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, the last private owner of the Hope Diamond, the residence was totally reimagined with a modern aesthetic by award-winning Shinberg Levinas Architects in 2006. The soaring gallery and living room are ideally positioned for gracious entertaining and open through 2 story sliding glass doors to an elegant terrace, dazzling pool, private courtyard, and a sculpture garden. Upstairs, the expansive private master suite captures breathtaking views of Georgetown and the Virginia skyline. 4 additional en-suite bedrooms offer comfortable accommodations for family and guests. TTR SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY MARK C. LOWHAM, MATT MCCORMICK, LOUIS CARDENAS +1 703.966.6949, MLOWHAM@TTRSIR.COM +1 202.365.5883, MMCCORMICK@TTRSIR.COM +1 202.669.4083, LCARDENAS@TTRSIR.COM TTRSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID NR5VW2

$14,000,000 US 81


The Residences at Maison Commonwealth 5 Luxury Units. A Maison property is about the interior elegant experience and quality construction of a timeless home that is expressed through the careful selection of all details of the residence, often overlooked in larger developments. Maison Commonwealth’s design is intended to create an impression of honored and preserved historical elegance carefully layered with modern design that is so uniquely appropriate to Boston. A grand, rare, double-wide Brownstone houses 5 of the most exclusive and well-appointed units, with nearly 48 ft. of frontage on Commonwealth Avenue. Illustrious 4,231 sq. ft. penthouse features 1,030 sq. ft. of private front and rear outdoor space. Floor-through units offer 2,750 sq. ft. duplex units each with approximately 450 sq. ft. of private outdoor space. 24 hour concierge and underground parking. Preconstruction sale. GIBSON SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BETH DICKERSON +1 617.510.8565, BETH.DICKERSON@GIBSONSIR.COM GIBSONSIR.COM



1038 Centre Street Built in 1890, this rarely available gem has been updated for today’s living while maintaining its architectural integrity, boasting a state-of-the-art kitchen that’s been featured in media. Greater Boston Relocation Contact: UNLIMITED SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BETH BARRY, VALERIE BEAVER +1 617.335.8669, +1 617.610.9310, BETH.BARRY@UNLIMITEDSIR.COM UNLIMITEDSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID PZ7G4F

$2,295,000 US


1514 Beacon Street, #8-9 An entertainer’s dream. This sophisticated flat features a dramatic foyer, soaring ceilings, deep crown moldings and intricate wood paneling. A combination of classic detail and modern design. Greater Boston Relocation Contact: UNLIMITED SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY KRYSTYN ELEK, CHRIS MASTERMAN +1 843.209.5044, +1 617.467.8198, KRYSTYN.ELEK@UNLIMITEDSIR.COM UNLIMITEDSIR.COM, PROPERTY ID MVEK9X

$2,050,000 US


54 Continental Avenue Mediterranean inspired residence designed by famed architect Steward Wagner. Special features include floor to ceiling stained glass windows, soaring ceilings, a balcony over the spacious living room, a vaulted wine cellar and an adjacent private park. TERRACE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ROBERT M. HOF +1 718.268.1045, TERRACE@TERRACESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM FORESTHILLSREALESTATE.COM, PROPERTY ID 34963Z

$2,880,000 US


229 Greenway South This spacious Tudor is situated within Forest Hills Gardens, one of America’s oldest planned communities, home of the historic West Side Tennis Club and approximately 15 minutes by rail to midtown Manhattan, a convenient, verdant location in the heart of New York City. TERRACE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ROBERT M. HOF +1 718.268.1045, TERRACE@TERRACESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM FORESTHILLSREALESTATE.COM, PROPERTY ID ZWR628

$3,149,000 US 83


32 Clover Hill Road For the equestrian connoisseur or the builder looking for a sub dividable property to develop, here you go. This approximately 23 acre farm has been a home to horses for years; or a subdivision to house 7/8 new homes with each lot being approximately 2-2.5 acres. HERITAGE HOUSE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ANNA APPOLONIA +1 732.946.9200, HHSIR.LISTINGS@HERITAGEHOUSESIR.COM HERITAGEHOUSESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID QLRNWW

$2,995,000 US


105 Rumson Road A grand estate designed by famed architect Henry Hudson Holly on over 8 acres of property featuring extraordinary construction and exquisite architectural details in perfect condition. Grounds include a beautiful salt water pool and spa with HarTru tennis court. HERITAGE HOUSE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ELAINE EADON +1 732.842.8100, HHSIR.LISTINGS@HERITAGEHOUSESIR.COM HERITAGEHOUSESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID GL2B3K

$4,995,000 US


90 Rumson Road Impeccably maintained young custom home with a coastal inspireddesign and a highly desirable layout for today’s lifestyle. Open floor plan boasting an abundance of natural light. Only 1 mile to the Atlantic Ocean, quick 40 minute fast ferry to New York City. HERITAGE HOUSE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BERNADETTE BARNETT +1 732.842.8100, HHSIR.LISTINGS@HERITAGEHOUSESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM HERITAGEHOUSESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID 3QV3V3

$2,495,000 US


457R Sycamore Avenue No detail has been overlooked or expense spared in the transformation and expansion of this 1867 carriage house. This special 1.7 acre property is privately located, but conveniently accessible to transportation, the beach, the Garden State Parkway and Red Bank. HERITAGE HOUSE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY KELLY ZACCARO +1 732.842.8100, HHSIR.LISTINGS@HERITAGEHOUSESIR.COM HERITAGEHOUSESOTHEBYSREALTY.COM, PROPERTY ID Z7CLTD

$1,580,000 US 84

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