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Dibyajyoti Banerjee


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Aims and Scope Clinical chemistry method development that involves a classical clinical laboratory r requiring sample transport, processing and analysis. Point of care testing. r Errors in clinical chemistry (preanalytical , analytical and r post analytical). Clinical chemistry method validation and kit development. r Automation in clinical chemistry laboratory. r Clinical Chemistry education. r Legal aspects of clinical chemistry. r Ethical aspects of clinical chemistry. r Philosophy of science and clinical chemistry. r Hypothesis in any areas regarding clinical chemistry. r Bioinformatics and biostatistics regarding all aspects of r clinical chemistry. Novel biomarker development (involving invitro, or standard r invivo systems).

Case reports involving novel findings in clinical chemistry r that has influenced the managment of a patient. Obituary---life of a respectable clinical chemist. r Health economics regarding clinical chemistry. r

Signpost Open Access Journal of Clinical Chemistry