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Sammy Heetderks, 6, at left, and his sister Hannah, 9, play in a large pile of leaves their father Andrew has just raked during a sunny, fall afternoon Nov. 9 on Candler Lake East in Brookhaven.

Sidewalk, paving projects to begin soon BY MELISSA WEINMAN

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City drops Century Center annexation fight BY MELISSA WEINMAN

The city of Brookhaven will begin its first sidewalk and paving projects before the end of the year. City Council has allocated $400,000 from the 2013 budget to begin connecting sidewalks in parts of the city where there are gaps for pedestrians. The mayor and City Council members each selected locations in their districts, for a total of eight sidewalk projects throughout the city. “This is really in my mind one of the main reasons for cityhood,” said Mayor J. Max Davis. “Now you’re actually seeing the results of your city and your tax dollars at work. It really does hit home for me about what this city is all about.” City Manager Marie Garrett said she thinks the sidewalk improvements are a nice way to mark the city’s first anniversary on Dec. 17.

After a group of county residents decisively voted to bring their area into the city of Chamblee, Brookhaven City Council has decided to end its fight to annex the Century Center office complex. At a Nov. 12 meeting, Brookhaven City Council approved a resolution to discontinue funding for an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. Also in its resolution, the City Council asked Chamblee to drop its lawsuit against Brookhaven over the Century Center property. “After thoughtful deliberation on this important issue, we decided that Highwoods Properties can continue its own course as they see fit. However, we won’t be funding the current appeal,” Mayor J. Max Davis said. “We would like to congratulate the new citizens of Chamblee. We hope to see the entire northeast corridor of DeKalb municipalized because we believe it’s best for the region.” For months, the cities of Brookhaven and Chamblee have been



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