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Chapel offers one-on-one with Christ By Dan Whisenhunt

The cards speak. They’re often the only voices in the chapel. Little index cards, penciled with prayers and left in the Cathedral of Christ the King’s Blessed Sacrament Chapel, speak of thankfulness, helplessness and hope. “Dear God,” one card said. “Please give me hope that I will find the right job.” The Cathedral of Christ the King practices adoration, an extended moment of quiet prayer before a golden vessel holding the Eucharist. Catholics believe the Eucharist, a thin circle of unleavened bread blessed by a priest, is the physical presence of the body of Jesus Christ. Volunteers called guardians pledge one hour or more of their time each week so someone always sits with the Blessed Sacrament. “Fundamentally the thing that makes us unique as Catholics is that we don’t believe that it’s the appearance of bread only, but it is actually Jesus himself,” said Bernadette Flowers, stewardship director of time and talent for the Cathedral. “When you come to the adoration chapel you get to place yourself in the presence of Jesus and

tell him what’s going on with you, ask his advice, ask for his healing, ask for his understanding.” Members of the public can visit the chapel from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It’s a tiny room converted from a baptistery behind the church altar. It smells of melting wax and burned incense. Some chapel visitors want solace from Atlanta’s too-busy pace. Others look for answers. Catholics practicing “adoration,” an extended moment of quiet prayer, Guardians say in Cathedral of Christ the King’s Blessed Sacrament Chapel. some of the most successful-lookapart. and they look like they’ve got their ing people in Atlanta come to tell Je“You see people walk in there and whole world all together,” Flowers sus that, on the inside, they’re falling they’ve got on expensive suits and ties said. “Sometimes you read those index cards and they say, ‘Jesus, help me. My wife doesn’t love me anymore’ or ‘Jesus, help me. My children are on drugs,’ or ‘Jesus, help me. My business is failing.’” While adoration is practiced at local Catholic churches in Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Buckhead and Dunwoody, the Cathedral’s chapel offers “Perpetual Adoration,” meaning a Lyric, the world’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, sweatguardian is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Blessed Sacrament * proof, shower-proof, for-months-at-a-time hearing device can. Chapel at the Cathedral is also called the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. According to the Roman Catholic ArchFiNALLy, eFFOrtLeSS heAriNg diocese of Atlanta, there are six metro churches offering perpetual adoration. Flowers said praying in the presence CLeAr, NAturAL SOuNd quALity of the Eucharist offers something more than quiet prayer at home or a Sunday NOw FitS morning Mass. eveN ShOwerprOOF** “Dear Jesus,” a card said. “Please give me the strength to hear your will.” peOpLe † Cathedral of Christ the King opened the Perpetual Adoration Chapel in 1993, said Keri Allen, associate direcThere’s no obligation to buy Lyric after you try it – so there’s no risk to seeing how many ways Lyric can change your life. tor of evangelization and adult education. Adoration is a Catholic tradition hundreds of years old, but it had fallen out of common practice when the chapel opened, Allen said. She said opening the chapel was the idea of Rev. John Francis Donoghue, the archbishop of Atlanta from 1993 to Helena Solodar, Au.D. Kadyn Williams, Au.D. 2004. “There were fewer Catholics that don’t wait. Schedule your Lyric consultation today. understood about the true presence of BUCKHEAD SANDY SPRINGS ROSWELL MARIETTA DULUTH GRIFFIN Christ in the Eucharist,” Allen said. “So (404) 351-4114 (404) 256-5194 (678) 461-6366 (678) 560-0011 (770) 476-3005 (770) 229-6666 it began as an awareness to Catholics but also an opportunity for them to pray not only for their own personal needs but *Individual patient needs may vary. **Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged under water. †Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trial. Lyric is not appropriate for all for the universal church as well.” patients. See a Lyric Provider to determine if Lyric is right for you. Lyric, Distributed by Phonak, LLC ©2012 All rights reserved. MS020819 NEW870

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