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All hands on deck as, front row from left, Andrew Feinberg, Sandy Bowen, Phillip Jarrell, John Griner, Cade McDonald, Jamie Walker and Fleet Medford on Feb. 10 enjoy the sights and sounds of the first Mardi Gras celebration and parade along Club Valley Drive in Buckhead’s Historic Brookhaven neighborhood.

Achievement varies among superintendents BY DAN WHISENHUNT

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intendent Cheryl Atkinson is out the door. Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis survived an attempted ouster. Fulton County Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa, who avoided political intrigue, makes speeches about the future. In 2011, Reporter Newspapers wrote that the superinten-

The Buckhead Reporter wanted a better picture of the community’s 2012 crime statistics after the Atlanta Police Department reported that Buckhead saw an increase in the number of crimes recorded while numbers in other parts of the city declined. In 2012, crime rose by 8 percent in Buckhead’s Zone 2, the only police zone in the city that had an overall increase. The Atlanta police provided a beat-by-beat breakdown of Part 1 crimes, the most serious offenses. The Reporter looked at the 13 beats in Zone 2 and applied the data APD provided to each one. The resulting map, which you can find on Page 5, provides a look at where crime occurs.


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In the summer of 2011 three superintendents took over three of the largest school districts in the state – Atlanta Public Schools, DeKalb County Schools and Fulton County Schools. It hasn’t been an easy 18 months for any of them, but one superintendent has fared better than the others. DeKalb County Schools Super-

Crime stats offer new insights into increase

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