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Cover page: Decoflex™ D6 Public School Aroeira, Portugal




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Decoflex™ D10 Colegio Europa Barcelona, Spain

Decoflex™ D 05

A wise choice. When you choose a Decoflex™ Sports Flooring System, you are acquiring a first class, sophisticated product, supplied by a ISO 9001:2008 registered and leading manufacturer of athletic, indoor and outdoor sports and recreational flooring systems. Rephouse is a leading manufacturer of rubber sports & recreational flooring systems. With its state of the art production technology, ISO 9001:2008 certification and more than 25 years of hands on experience in both production and installation all over the world, Rephouse can ensure a premium quality sports & recreational flooring product tailor made for almost any kind of application. Hundreds of thousands of square meters supplied world wide, including the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2009 East Asian Games are testimony to this statement. Prestigious IAAF Class 1 and IAAF Class 2 certifications as well as approvals by the International Volleyball Federation [FIVB], FIBA – International Basketball Federation, BWF Badminton World Federation and the Seal of Approval by IHF the International Handball Federation confirm these achievements.

Decoflex™ D8 Ruamrudee International School Bangkok, Thailand

The winning surface for sports. Decoflex™ ‘D’ Outdoor Sports Flooring Decoflex™ ‘D’ Outdoor Sports Flooring is a prefabricated rubber sports flooring system specifically engineered for all weather sports applications. It is a true multipurpose sports surface ideal for schools, clubs, colleges, universities and public facilities. By incorporating a resilient recycled rubber base mat, Decoflex™ can be supplied in various thicknesses and be optimized for just about any outdoor sports requirement. The top surface is always made of a high durable, colored synthetic EPDM rubber ensuring long life and optimum playability.

System Details Decoflex™ Model S4 D6 D8 D10

Layer(s) Single Dual Dual Dual

Base Mat Thickness n/a 3 mm 4 mm 6 mm

Top Mat Total Thickness Thickness 4 mm 4 mm 3 mm 6 mm 4 mm 8 mm 4 mm 10 mm

Colored EPDM Rubber Top Mat

PU88 Polyurethane Adhesive

Recycled Rubber Base Mat

Decoflex™ D 07

Decoflex™ D8 International School of Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand

Decoflex™ D14 Municipal Jogging Track Po Kong Village, Hong Kong

Decoflex™ D 11

Imagine the possibilities. Decoflex™ is versatile, looks great, wears extremely well and is practically maintenance free. It exhibits excellent functional characteristics of slide control, slip resistance, rebound and safety. Decoflex™ is ideally suited for all-weather sports applications such as tennis, basketball, multi-purpose recreational grounds, jogging tracks and street courts. Decoflex™ has also been used around football/ soccer/hockey fields as a protective safe surround flooring.

Decoflex™ D 09

Decoflex™ D8 Patana International School Bangkok, Thailand

Sports Suitability Chart Decoflex™ Multipurpose Tennis S4 D6 D8 D10

√ √ √

√ √ √ √

Basketball √ √ √

Volleyball Badminton √ √ √

√ √ √

Futsal √ √ √

Jogging Track √ √ √ √

Decoflex™ D8 Tainan Science Park Tainan, Taiwan

Decoflex™ D 17

Play comfortably. The surfacing system is truly resilient and comfortable to play on. Its composition is made of polyurethane bound rubber particles resulting in outstanding flexibility, slip resistance, optimum force reduction and is very safe to play on. Decoflex™ responds to ball spin and exhibits exceptional true ball bounce.

Decoflex™ D 19

Decoflex™ D8 Swiss School Bangkok, Thailand

Decoflex™ S4 English Schools Foundation Hong Kong

General Features 09 Decoflex™ D 15

Decoflex™ D6 Tamar Government Headquarters Hong Kong

Decoflex™ D 21

Decoflex™ D10 CNEC College Hong Kong

Decoflex™ D 23

Keep Playing. Decoflex™ is durable. The surfacing system’s top layer is always made of UV light resistant, all-weather synthetic colored EPDM rubber with a life expectancy exceeding 10 years. With a seven year limited warranty, Decoflex™ is made to last the life of application without breaking. The surfacing system is crack resistant and can be installed directly over expansion joints. Maintenance is virtually negligible and the surface stays colorfast throughout its useful life.

Decoflex™ D10 Kiev international School Kiev, Ukraine

General Features 09 Decoflex™ D 13

Decoflex™ D 25

... and be safe! All Decoflex™ Sports Flooring Systems are made with raw materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment and to the people during the manufacturing and handling process. Decoflex® Sports Flooring Systems are free of asbestos, free of halogens and free of PVC.

Decoflex™ D8 Chinese International School Hong Kong

Decoflex™ D14 Pure Fitness Singapore

Decoflex™ D 27

Decoflex™ D10 Colegio Europa Barcelona, Spain

Leading the field in environmental responsibility. Decoflex™ been approved by “Good Environmental Choice Australia” (GECA). The GECA Ecolabel Program is a national, non-profit, third-party, independently verified Ecolabel that exists to reduce environmental harm by promoting the production and consumption of environmentally preferable products and services. The Ecolabel is only awarded to products that meet clear voluntary environmental performance standards. It offers independent assurance to customers such as Rephouse that deliver better environmental outcomes. The GECA Ecolabel Program has been developed for general compliance to ISO 14 024 and awards a mark of recognition for products and services that meet standards of environmental, quality and social performance. Meeting this program’s requirements is an important way for Rephouse to provide an independent, scientifically credible, internationally recognized confirmation of our environmentally preferable products.

Decoflex™ D10 Municipal Soccer Field Malaysia

Decoflex™ D 29

Made to meet the highest standards your standards. Decoflex™ is prefabricated under exacting requirements in the factory. This means consistent quality and performance irrespective of weather conditions. Rephouse is ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer which ensures that the company has a quality management system in place. We demonstrate our ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the Decoflex™ system, including processes for continual improvement.

Decoflex™ D 31

Decoflex™ D8 Municipality Sports Hall Morvillars, France

Decoflex™ Specifications & Dimensions Test Procedure (DIN 18035-6 unless indicated otherwise)





System Thickness Standard Deformation Force Reduction Sliding Coefficient, Dry Sliding Coefficient, Wet Ball Rebound Abrasion Resistance Maximum Indentation when Loaded Remaining Indentation Flammability – ASTM D2859 Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Deformation Modulus

4 mm 0.30 mm 8% 0.86 0.63 99% rV = 6.5 1.1 mm 0.09 mm Class 1 1.37N/mm2 52% 4.4 N/mm2

6 mm 0.31 mm 12% 0.86 0.63 99% rV = 6.5 1.2 mm 0.11 mm Class 1 1.24 N/mm2 48% 4.7 N/mm2

8 mm 0.44 mm 16% 0.86 0.63 100% rV = 6.8 2.0 mm 0.18 mm Class 1 1.14 N/mm2 49% 4.7 N/mm2

10 mm 0.64 mm 20% 0.86 0.63 100% rV = 6.9 2.4 mm 0.18 mm Class 1 0.97 N/mm2 46% 4.3 N/mm2

Specifications & Dimensions 33

Decoflex™ products are manufactured as roll sheet goods, and can be cut to suit the measurements of your outdoor sports facility.


Length To suit site. Width 1.25 m

Decoflex™ D6 Futsal Center Madrid, Spain

Colors The following pages show the colors available for Decoflex™ D Sports Flooring. Use them to identify your preferred colors, or compare various combinations. These samples are meant to give you a first impression of colors and materials. Experience has shown, however, that printed versions of colors cannot in all cases faithfully reproduce the color appearance of the originals. We therefore recommend that you consult your Rephouse partner on your preferred color choices, who will be happy to show you original samples and assist you.

Standard Colors Red


Signal Green


Capri Blue


Earth Yellow


Colors 35

Tele Gray


Decoflex™ D8 Chinese International School Hong Kong

36 Other Products

Unbounded Opportunities. Combining great ideas, immaculate design, and sheer functionality to create innovative solutions, Rephouse floors are available in many varieties other than just Decoflex™ D. We provide flooring solutions for Commercial, Sports, Equine, Play & Recreational, Industrial and Ballistic applications. To find out more about these floors, contact your Rephouse partner, who will be happy to advise and provide you with complete information. Also, visit our web site at for the latest updates.

Rephouse Recycling. Your Rephouse sports floor is the product of a comprehensive recycling concept. But what exactly does that mean in practice? It means that all the requirements of recycling are taken into account from the start, in the initial development of the floor. One example is careful material selection designed to preserve resources and to ensure efficient recycling compatible with the environment. Each Rephouse floor is designed and built for simple economic recycling after its long running life. Since 1990, we have been collecting the know-how required for this purpose, focusing on improving the high standards of quality, performance and environmental care we are known for. Please contact your Rephouse partner on all matters regarding your endof-life floor. They will be happy to help.

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