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Helping with your lot in life


Helping with your lot in life

Strata. Behind that one little word is a whole lot of grunt. It pertains to the 1.2 million apartments we have in Australia. It is the lifestyle choice of the 21st Century. For such a huge community there is little education, information and help for executive committees let alone the individual lot owners. In far too many incidences, strata owners don’t even know what they are voting to do when they join the executive committee of their building. Most have never had anything to do with bylaws and legislation and find the challenge both daunting and overwhelming. So who do they turn to for help? In most circumstances it will be the same person who is looking after hundreds of other owners in the very same position – their strata manager. With more independent education, information and interactivity, pressure can be taken off the strata managers allowing them to fulfill their appointed role – which is not that of an educator. StrataCall is a new service to buildings to help battle the complexities of strata living. Our website,, is now the leading strata website in Australia with over 20,000 members with enormous support from strata experts. StrataCall is a new strata mediation company that deals with issues between buildings and their strata manager. If a building is having issues or a problem with their strata company, StrataCall will act as a mediator between the building and the strata company to help resolve the issue.

In the majority of cases these issues simply need a third party to intervene to make sure there is good communication between manager and building for the term of their contract and beyond. Those strata managers who choose to be a member of StrataCall are simply offering their clients a better service. An “insurance” for their client that they have an alternate, independent and most importantly, immediate point of contact should issues arise within their plan. We can contact the managing strata company and help expedite a resolution. Through we have come to better understand the needs of lot owners and their issues. We have extended our services to include this mediatory service to better improve relationships and communication between buildings and strata managers. As part of this new business, we will be delivering a quarterly magazine to apartment owners – also called StrataCall. The magazine is to better help lot owners understand strata, what is happening in strata, who is the who’s who plus we will have some great stories on interior design, maintenance, storage tips, trades and services, renovations, appliances, gardens and pets. We’ll have profiles, Q&As and interviews with the leaders in strata. StrataCall will have a distribution of 250,000 copies going to strata companies and lot owners in NSW. Like, we are expecting StrataCall to be a leader in the strata industry and national expansion is inevitable. To find out more about StrataCall contact: Cindy Martin on 1300 563 053 or on mobile 0458 00 33 66.








$2,000 (50% loading for first 20 right-hand pages)





TRADES AND SERVICES DIRECTORY The trades and services directory will be at the back end of the magazine and will cover every trade and service available to lot owners. Price for directory is just $500 per quarter page. Deadlines Booking Deadline:

Friday, November 30, 2012

Artwork Deadline:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012

For more information about advertising contact: Cindy Martin on 1300 563 053.


A New Magazine for the Strata Industry

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