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SPECIALTY COATINGS In May 2018, BEHR PREMIUM Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish joined the company’s product line as its most advanced oil formula for decks, fences and siding. What makes this product different is that it enables you to complete projects—including cleaning, prepping and staining—all in one day. The unique wood finish, available in five colors, can be applied to damp wood (within 1–3 hours of rainfall, rinsing and removal of standing water). And this one-coat-coverage product dries dramatically faster than traditional oil wood finishes—in just 60 minutes. PPG Paints BREAK-THROUGH! Interior/ Exterior water-borne acrylic is a versatile, ultra-durable paint, formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates that paint pros encounter including fiberglass, laminate and many plastics. The gloss finish offers fast drying and ensures outstanding early block resistance for increased productivity with less downtime. This product provides hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds with a low-VOC formula, but maintains flexibility to endure extreme bends and deformation without cracking and peeling, making it ideal for doors, windows, shelving, handrails, fixtures, trim, wood and concrete floors. The product has a quick dry time of 17–20 minutes to touch and two hours for recoat—a significant advantage when you need to keep a job moving. Dunn-Edwards is in the process of introducing its new ENDURA Series, featuring two specialty coatings. ENDURACAT, introduced in late April, is an epoxy-fortified, ultra-low-VOC (<50 g/L), water-based, single-component, semi-gloss interior topcoat. Epoxy resin provides added durability, chemical resistance and adhesion. It can be used on properly prepared and primed interior metal, wood, drywall and masonry, and is ideal for use in environments where frequent cleaning, moisture or mildew conditions may exist or where extra durability and chemical resistance is required. Slated to launch before the summer, ENDURAPRIME Rust Preventative Acrylic Metal Primer is a high-performance, interior/exterior, ultra-low-VOC (<50 g/L), single-component, water-based acrylic metal primer. This fast-drying coating is ideal for use on interior or exterior ferrous metal—for example: structural steel, wrought iron, or metal gates and fences— offering superior corrosion resistance as well as early flash rust resistance. Sherwin-Williams Extreme Cover Stain Blocking Paint & Primer in One features excellent blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food and cigarette smoke. In addition to outstanding stain resistance, it reduces the need for priming in multifamily, commercial property management and residential repaint jobs—saving time and resources to keep costs down while keeping resident satisfaction up. This product meets the most stringent VOC regulations and is available in flat and eggshell sheens.

A second new specialty coating offering from Sherwin-Williams, Extreme Block Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer, incorporates a versatile indoor/outdoor formula that makes this product a powerful tool in blocking the toughest stains. It seals off stubborn stains from smoke, fire and nicotine and blocks tannin bleed from bare wood. This quick-dry alkyd coating can prime the surface and be top-coated in as little as two hours, helping painting contractors quickly restore properties to a fresh condition. It adheres to a variety of substrates including wood, drywall, masonry and properly prepared metal, and applies in a smooth, uniform manner. -

“ Improvedperformance EVERSHIELD is our best exterior paint line.” —JOHN KIM, DUNN-EDWARDS

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