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A Bouquet of Spring Color Here’s how six paint manufacturers captured the colors of spring:


Fine Paints of Europe Tulip Red 1001

Benjamin Moore Spring Lilac 1388

Dunn-Edwards Summer Daffodil DE5312

Behr Breath of Spring 450C-2

Valspar Peony Pink E50-3C

SherwinWilliams Azalea Flower SW 6576

According to the PDCA, these are the top 10 mostlistened-to paintED podcasts so far in 2018: 1. What to Do About Low-Priced Competitors— Brandon Lewis 2. Fanatical Clarity in Your Business—Tom Reber 3. Training Key Employees—Danny Kerr 4. Creating Estimates and Proposals—Tom Droste 5. Pain Pays—Jason Paris 6. Is Pay-Per-Click Worth It?—Aaron Hockel 7. Planning for Profit in 2018—Linnea Blair 8. Non-Adversarial Collection and Liens— Charlotte McPherson and Coy Henderson 9. Competence, Confidence, and Estimating— Melissa Yarur 10. Working With General Contractors—Gina Koert


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Where green matters most Here’s how builders in different regions of the country rate the importance of green certification in the purchase of building products. All Builders in Sample Northeast Midwest South West 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Somewhat Important


Very Important

According to the National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Optimism Index, business owners are feeling good. The February 2018 index increased 0.7 points, rising to 107.6, the second-highest level in its 45-year history, second only to the 108.0 reading in 1983. SOURCE:

HHHH Reach for the Stars of consumers need at


least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business

SOURCE:, Local Consumer Review Survey, 2017


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METALLICS SHINE IN THE HOME According to the 2018 Pinterest 100 trend forecast, saves for ‘mixed metals’ increased