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NEW MEXICO A must-attend for contractors looking to grow their business, the PCA EXPO provides countless opportunities to connect with and learn from some of the brightest minds and best partners in the industry. Featuring breakout sessions, panel discussions, peer-to-peer roundtables, an Industry trade show and special events hosted by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, EXPO is the place to take your business to the next level. Want to know more about the
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Carl Bezuidenhout

In early October, I had the good fortune to attend the PCA Craftsmanship Forum outside of Boston. During the three-day event, I chatted with seasoned owners who have been in the biz for 30-plus years, young entrepreneurs who haven’t been on the planet for 30 years, appreciative crew members whose bosses sent them solo for the learning experience, and a charming duo of Dutchmen who traveled halfway around the globe to be there— and didn’t regret a moment of it.

What events such as this always serve to remind me is that even though knowledge is what we all seek to gain, we have just as much to share. Discussions over the back of bus seats and questions raised—and answered—during presentations, and lunchtime conversations, led to countless ‘aha’ moments (FYI, Zach Kenney’s paint heating hack was the event’s clear ‘mind blown’ moment winner. Look for more on that in an upcoming Ask a Pro column). Everywhere you turned, learning curves were being flattened through the simple act of sharing ideas and information.

I like to think of inPAINT as an extension of that generous and valuable spirit of sharing. In this issue, we feature pros sharing their choice of interior coatings (Pro Picks) and a couple more who offer a deeper dive into their experience of adding epoxy floor coatings to their arsenal and what they think other pros should know about the upsides, costs and challenges of the service line. In my opinion, they, and everyone else who freely offers their knowledge to help others, are leaders.



Brian Sodoma



Ruthanne Hanlon PPG Paints

Stephen Houret Lessen Damon Lee On a Roll Painting Hewerson Morais CertaPro Painters of Westchester, New York & Southern Connecticut

Cara Parsons Lamb Painting

Brandon Pierpont Painter Marketing Pros

Ben Scatturo Alpine Painting Matt Schmohl Just Add Paint Chris Shank Estimate Rocket Steve Spinelli Uni Pro Painting

Erika Woelfel Behr Cheers, Amanda Haar, Managing Editor, inPAINT


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4 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
Bryce Benfield Owner, South-East Painting & Protective Coatings Co. Brooke Cambridge Owner, BLC Painting Jeremy Fyfe Owner, GLS Painters Larry Marler Owner, The Works Remodeling and Finishing Rich Purnell Owner, BASE Painters Ray Rahni Owner, Paint Track Painting Services Steve Spinelli Owner, Uni Pro Painting
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
—John Quincy Adams, American president, statesman, diplomat and lawyer
5 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT TRENDS inPAINT ® Winter 2022/2023 DEPARTMENTS 6 The News Industry ins and outs 8 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry 9 Trend in Focus Color of the Year: how it’s chosen and what it reflects 13 Ask a Pro Booking profitable residential repaints year-round 17 Tools of the Trade What’s in today’s professional toolbox? 30 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 31 Bottom Line Five estimating mistakes that may be costing you money 10 14 What It Takes: Epoxy Flooring Two pros discuss the opportunities and challenges Pro Picks Four pros on their choices for interior coatings FEATURES 14 Cover Photo Courtesy of CertaPro Painters of Westchester, New York & Southern Connecticut CONTENTS 18 Special Section What the industry is doing to support the pro

Lessen brings the work to you

T Lessen, a technology company that connects property owners with contractors, is on track to book 12,000 paint jobs in 2023 and is looking for pros to complete the work.

Launched in 2019, the company caters to property owners nationwide—not individual homeowners. Lessen customers include real estate investment groups, rental property owners and institutional landlords, all looking to renovate or maintain properties.

According to Stephen Houret, senior director of vendor operations, “For pros who like to focus on the production side of the business, our model is ideal. There’s no cost to join and no payment required for leads. We handle all the marketing and estimating, we deal with any change orders, we pay the vendors, we pay the pro industry standard rates, and we pay fast—typically within a week of completion. Right now, we work with 750 paint business owners. For some, we provide all their work and for others we fill in the gaps in their calendar.”

This wood won’t burn

T Researchers at the Nany ang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore invented an invisible coating that makes wood fireproof. Applied at a thickness of just .075 mm, the transparent coating is invisible to the eye and allows the natural beauty of the wood to show.

The unique formulation causes the coating to char and expand to more than 30 times its original thickness when heated with a flame. The char is extremely heat-resistant, effectively insulating the wood and preventing combustion.

NTU is in licensing talks with different companies and is actively exploring using the coating to protect mass-engineered timber elements.

Editor’s note: If you have time, a cool video of the coating in action is available on YouTube. Search ‘invisible coating that makes wood fireproof.’

It’s so you

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the LV Paint Can

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T BMW is teaming up with global chemical company BASF to create a new sustainable paint made from sewage. The effort aims to replace petroleum-based components in the painting process with raw materials from organic waste that include biowaste from sewage treatment plants. The new system also cuts emissions normally released in the production and transport of crude oil.

While BMW has not announced what shades are available for the sewage-based paint, one could hazard a guess.

6 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 THE NEWS
T French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton recently unveiled its latest accessory—and it may look familiar. Designed fashion Virgil Abloh, Bag is styled real paint can, even featuring a metal handle to hold the coated canvas and leather body. Described as ‘roomy enough’ to hold two phones and other personal items, the $2,850 ‘bag’ is available in six colors from the designer’s signature palette and is emblazoned with the fashion house’s logo as well as a ‘Handle with Care’ warning and flammable symbol. Courtesy of NTU Singapore
inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | MAY/JUN 2020 ® 2 pros’ approach to the same bid Elevating the customer experience through employee engagement + Pros on exterior coatings OUR 2020 inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | SEP/OCT 2020 ® Caulk: prep, application & avoiding common failures + Business UNusual 4 pros respond to COVID-19 PROS ON THEIR GO-TO STAINS FOR BEAUTY AND PROTECTION SUBSCRIBE Painting Contractors | Remodelers | General Contractors Property Managers | Architects | Designers IT’S FREE! inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | NOV/DEC 2020 ® Wish lists: what pros are Pros talk specialty coatings SPECIAL SECTION How the industry is supporting the pro through products and services inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | JAN/FEB 2021 ® What makes a paint tool right for the job + Interior coatings preferred by 5 pros WINNING HOA WORK What it takes and how manufacturers can help

Bathroom hues


Courtesy of Behr
8 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
a look at the hues paint manufacturers
Courtesy of Andrew Snow © Houzz
think you’ll be seeing more of in 2023.
to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, these are the most popular color options for bathroom walls and vanities. Color predictions for 2023
Deciding factors According to the Lowe’s Home Improvement State of the Pro 2022 Annual Report, when faced with bids from two different pros, the deciding factors that matter most to homeowners differ by generation. Here’s how they break down: Dutch Boy Rustic Greige 404-4DB Behr Blank Canvas DC-003 Dunn-Edwards Terra Rosa DE5096 PPG Paints Vining Ivy PPG1148-6 Sherwin-Williams Redend Point SW 9081 Valspar Everglade Deck 5011-3 Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush 2008-30 White 32% White 37% Wood 30% Gray 14% Gray 25% Blue 7% Blue 10% Beige 11% Vanities Walls Younger Generations (Gen Z/Millennials) Older Generations (Gen X/Boomers/Silent Gen) Better communication Stronger references Virtual/online quotes Digital project rendering Virtual/online customer service Virtual/online scheduling Interactive project trackers 46% 41% 65% 27% 24% 26% 18% 23% 8% 18% 11% 20% 8% 66%

Color of the Year

Every year, color experts at paint manufacturing companies spend countless hours on what might arguably be one of their most important professional decisions: naming the color of the year (COTY).

Heralded with lots of media coverage and featured in brochures and other often elegant marketing tools, the COTY is clearly a big deal to manufacturers. But what’s not always clear to pros and consumers alike, is what’s behind the selection and why it matters.

More than just a pretty color

According to Ruthanne Hanlon, national color and design manager for PPG Paints, the COTY is the result of months of research, trend analysis and research on consumer preferences. “More than choosing a color,” she says, “it’s about identifying how consumers are feeling and selecting a color that either corresponds to that or serves as an antidote.”

In the case of PPG, company color specialists from around the world attend countless trade shows in the design, architecture, automotive and consumer electronics industries. “We’re basically on a fact-finding mission to see what’s trending,” says Hanlon, “We’re also cognizant of what’s happening in the world. What are the big news stories? What’s the general energy coming off social media? All these things influence how consumers are feeling.”

For 2023, PPG Paints chose Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6) as their COTY. Described as a “bluish-greenish-somethingin-betweenish,” Hanlon says the color reflects our desire to get back to ‘normal’ after the last several years. “People are ready to move forward,” she says, “but are doing so cautiously. Vining Ivy is an optimistic color that calls nature to mind, which is grounding, but it’s also a bit vibrant, which speaks to that readiness for change.”

Responding to consumer demand

For their color of the year research effort, color experts at Behr went straight to the source: homeowners.

The company’s VP of Color and Creative Services, Erika Woelfel explains, “Through a commissioned survey of U.S. homeowners, we learned that 92% of them want their home to be a space where they can completely unwind. They want it to feel like a retreat or sanctuary. And an overwhelming majority of them (78%) want a space that makes them feel calm versus energized and would choose neutral colors (67%) by far over vibrant colors (33%).”

In addition, when asked about specific colors, 75% of respondents agreed that the color white promotes relaxation and creates a sense of calm. With those insights, the Behr color team chose Blank Canvas (DC-003) as their COTY.

Of the company’s first-ever white COTY, Woelfel says, “It’s a color that really addresses the moment we’re living in now. It’s warm, clean and inviting and has that added benefit that all whites provide in that it makes a space feel larger. Given how we’ve all been feeling a bit trapped, it’s a welcome choice.”

Woelfel also notes that there’s a general move away from cool grays and silvers going on in the marketplace. “Warmer neutrals are really rising to the forefront in color selection. Blank Canvas is versatile and pairs well with existing grays, making it possible to warm up a space without having to do a complete overhaul.”

The role of COTY in color conversations

Both Hanlon and Woelfel agree that COTYs shouldn’t be interpreted as the be-all and end-all of color selection.

“COTYs are intended to give people ideas and inspire them to think a little more deeply about their color options,” says Woelfel. “While a customer could consider a complete color transformation, with a color such as Blank Canvas, there’s also room to suggest incorporating it into the existing scheme and being a bit more gradual with a change.”

Hanlon encourages pros to make use of the color tools generated around COTYs to move customer color conversations forward. “Customers tend to lean on what they’ve seen. That ‘what they’ve seen’ usually reflects what was happening while COTYs and accompanying brochures depict what’s happening now. Plus, people tend to find comfort in printed examples of their options and choices depicted in a given space. They’re great for inspiring color confidence.”

TREND IN FOCUS 9 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT
Courtesy of PPG Paints
How they’re chosen and what they reflect
PPG Paints Vining Ivy
“More than choosing a color, [COTY] is about identifying how consumers are feeling and selecting a color that either corresponds to that or serves as an antidote.”
10 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
Incredibly durable and resistant to oil, water, germs, bacteria and chemicals including solvents and acids, epoxy flooring is a natural choice for a range of settings. Today, installers are as likely to find work in arenas, manufacturing plants and automotive shops as they are in health care facilities, retail settings and home garages. But, as we learned from two veterans of the trade, while opportunities for applying epoxy coatings may be plentiful, the cost of entry and the learning curve can both be steep. Epoxy flooring MUST-HAVES & RECOMMENDED Equipment Estimated initial expenses; cost will vary by market and equipment; larger pieces of equipment are available to rent: Insurance Liability insurance. Recommended you inform your provider when adding this service as you may want to adjust your limits. Training Strongly recommended: ■ Moisture vapor transmission ■ Floor prep ■ Equipment operation ■ Coating application WHAT IT TAKES Grinders $1,500–50,000 Shop blaster $10,000–60,000 Edging tool $2,500 Generators $10,000–25,000 Auto floor scrubber $6,000–8,000 Material mixer $2,000–5,000 Sweeper vac $6,000–10,000 Squeegee $100–200 Respirators $150–250 Assorted sundries Costs will vary. Includes tape, gloves, eye protection, brushes, roller covers, spiked shoes, etc. NOTE: Because epoxy coatings are 100% solids that cure fast, items such as brushes, rollers, gloves and roller covers should be budgeted as one-time-use items. Alpine Painting completed this airplane hangar in 20 days using two coats of waterbased epoxy and a topcoat of water-based urethane with an antiskid component. ▲
Courtesy of Uni Pro Painting

For Alpine Painting in Paterson, NJ, the decision to begin offering epoxy flooring five years ago was a good one.

According to company VP and Director of Sales Ben Scaturro, flooring is the company’s biggest up-and-coming division, with sales expected to represent 20% of the company’s sales in 2023.

“We had been considering flooring for several years,” says Scaturro. “We saw a growing need—especially for high-quality contractors—and took our time learning what was involved in providing the service. And, because most of our flooring customers were not in the markets we were serving, we also had to figure out exactly who the buyers were and how to reach them. There was a pretty steep learning curve on all fronts, but it’s been worth it.”

For Steve Spinelli, owner of Uni Pro Painting in Bedford, OH, the entry into the world of epoxy floors four years ago was a bit less measured. “Our approach to business has always been to add value for the customer as much as we can. A substantial segment of our work is warehouse repaints. Oftentimes, floor coatings are incorporated into the bid package. It can be pedestrian aisles, battery-charging stations and so on. We came to realize that if we wanted that $150,000 paint job, we were going to have to learn floors. It’s not a service we market hard, but it definitely makes solid financial sense for us to be offering the service.”

The rewards and risks of the trade

While their companies are taking a different approach to how aggressively they’re marketing their epoxy services, the two pros agree about the biggest considerations for any company thinking of adding epoxy flooring to their offerings: training and expense.

Scaturro says, “Almost everything about epoxy floors is different than traditional architectural coatings. From the prep process and equipment to how the products are applied and perform, you have to learn an entirely new set of skills. And it’s not one-and-done.”

Before installing a new coating system, the Alpine team prepares and applies the system in a controlled setting at their office to understand best practices to obtain the proper finish. Scaturro explains, “There are differences in timing and techniques for the various products and manufacturers. While this type of advance practice can be costly, it can save you money in the long

run. The best bit of advice I can offer is to always arm yourself with knowledge. There are training programs out there that you should take advantage of that teach proper surface preparation and the appropriate testing to conduct before, during and after the project.”

Spinelli concurs. “There’s a lot to learn but the good news is that your coatings and equipment vendors are invested in helping you succeed and will go out of their way to make sure you do the job right. We take advantage of every bit of training they offer, including lunch-andlearn sessions. We even have product and equipment reps come out to our jobsites before we begin work to examine the substrate and the conditions in which we’ll be applying product. It’s costly to put down these coatings so we want to be absolutely sure that we do our due diligence throughout the process.”

As for equipment costs, Scaturro says, “Compared to most types of painting, the equipment costs run really high. But if you want to do high-end floors, you’ve got to invest in the right tools, especially on the prep front; 100% of the time, poor surface prep will lead to failure, and you never want to have to do a job over on your own dime.”

While Alpine Painting made the decision to invest in their own equipment, the Uni Pro team is making the rental model work. Spinelli says, “For us, the rental model works well. With the cost of ownership for the various equipment, we found that renting the equipment

11 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT
Courtesy of Alpine Painting
“If you don’t have a command of how systems work, how they fail, and how to mitigate risks, you can get upside down very, very quickly.”



Ben Scaturro of Alpine Painting encourages pros to invest in high-quality footwear. “For large jobs, you can end up walking anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 steps on a concrete floor. I can’t overemphasize the value of comfortable footwear.”

allows us a lower cost of entry into this market. And,” he adds, “the account reps from the rental companies are a great resource for keeping us up to date with the latest equipment and technology options.”

Both Scaturro and Spinelli note that the price for flooring product also runs high. “There’s really no room for error on estimating,” says Scaturro. “If you make a mistake, you can’t make it up with productivity. You have to buy more material. If you bid wrong, you could take a big hit.”

Spinelli adds that you really need a specially trained crew to pull off the work successfully. “It’s a highly choreographed process. Everyone has to have the skills and to be on the same page about the sequencing and timing of the work or it can all go south fast. For that reason, you can’t just steal guys from one crew to knock out the work. We have three experienced guys who work most jobs, depending upon the size. We cycle in other guys for some parts—back-rolling and pulling tape— so they get some exposure but it’s not the type of work you can just throw someone in and feel good it will be done right.”

A service to set you apart

While the bulk of Alpine Painting’s epoxy floor work takes place in food and manufacturing facilities, warehouses and airplane hangars, and Uni Pro’s epoxy work includes industrial applications such as pedestrian aisleways and battery-charging stations, as well as

warehouses, high-end commercial build-outs and specialty projects, both companies find their reputation—and bottom line—is boosted by the service offering.

Spinelli says, “Our aim is to always satisfy our customer needs as completely as possible. Offering epoxy flooring does that, plus, because the competition for the work is less, our margins are higher.”

For Alpine Painting, epoxy flooring offers another significant bottom-line benefit: the opportunity to work year-round. “For the most part, the work is performed indoors in climate-controlled environments, so we don’t have to contend with winter lulls. That’s a real bonus for any company operating where painting is seasonal.” -





12 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
Coatings Association
Concrete Institute
for Materials Protection and Performance (Formerly SSPC and NACE)
The Uni Pro Painting team was asked to tackle laying out and installing lines for a multiuse gym floor on a commercial project where they were handling the facility’s other paint finishes as well.
“For us, the rental model works well. With the cost of ownership for the various equipment, we found that renting the equipment allows us a lower cost of entry into this market.”


BRANDON PIERPONT is the owner of Painter Marketing Pros, a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping residential painting companies take their business to the next level. He is the author of The Sales System Playbook for Painting Contractors and host of the Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast on PCA Overdrive, as well as all major streaming platforms.

A:A company’s inability to land profitable residential repaints year-round usually comes down to one of two things. Either they’re wasting time with tire-kicker leads, or too many of the jobs are not full residential repaints but rather smaller projects. Both issues make it tough to stay booked during the winter season and to grow your business as fast as you want. The good news is that they’re solvable issues that, once dealt with, can contribute to long-term growth.

Here’s the systematic approach I’d advise an owner to use to address both challenges:

Step 1: Identify your dream customer and make your company attractive to them. You need to be very clear on what your ideal residential repaint customer looks like. I call this your ‘dream customer.’ Where does this person live? What does he or she care about? Is this person married or single? And what is important to this person when selecting a painting company? The better you can understand your dream customer, the better you can match your painting company’s branding and messaging to something that person would find attractive.

Step 2: Position your business to this customer when they are ready to buy. You want to create a compelling residential repaint campaign. This campaign can come in multiple formats, but for owners with long-term growth goals, nothing beats a well-oiled website that shows up at the top of Google for all relevant searches.

The ‘cash in hand’ buyers who value quality over a low price are actively searching on Google for a painting company they can trust. By appearing at the top of the search results—and not in the paid ads section—your company is essentially being recommended by Google to these ideal customers.

Knowing how to emerge at the top of Google for all the important searches is a job unto itself and it’s unlikely you can master it and your job simultaneously. Here’s where marketing companies (such as ours) can be of help. You have lots of options when choosing a marketing partner. My only suggestion would be to look for one with experience working with painters and to ask for—and check—their references.

Step 3: Present your company as a highly professional business. You need to have a solid sales system in place to turn your leads into booked projects. I recommend using customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM simplifies and streamlines work by automating some of the communication with prospective customers. Look for a package that immediately reaches out to new leads—less than 60 seconds is ideal—by some combination of text, email, and if within business hours, a phone call. Speed-to-lead is crucial in converting a high percentage of leads into profitable projects.

After scheduling an estimate with the prospective customer, have more automated messages that educate them on the benefits they can expect to enjoy by choosing your company. We have found that sending out prerecorded videos from a company’s owner can go a long way in establishing trust, reducing price resistance, and consistently winning the most profitable residential repaint projects.

I have seen this process work for painting companies of all sizes across the country; they effectively fill up their calendars with high-quality residential repaint projects.

13 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT ASK A PRO
How can
book more profitable residential repaints year-round?


Four pros share their interior coating preferences

Interiors aren’t always as straightforward as exterior jobs. With them, you’re more likely to find a wider range of surface types and customer demands. A flat-looking sheen that’s easy to wipe down, painting a solid color over a tired wood-stained surface, doors made of wood, metal or fiberglass—the scenarios are endless. Some pros may feel they need an arsenal of coatings for interiors. Today’s pro also faces product availability issues, so some demand more utility from one product but also have a few different options handy in case their workhorse isn’t in stock. With all these dynamics in mind, we recently tapped four pros from different areas of the country to share their interior coating preferences.


The senior commercial estimator for this New York CertaPro Painters franchise sees a wide range of project types, including multifamily, retail, hospitality and short- and long-term health care facilities, as well as public and private schools.

He relies on Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams as his primary suppliers. For drywall surfaces where customers balance quality and budget, he often specifies Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Paint . For more scuff resistance or in high-traffic spaces, he turns to Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Interior Latex Paint . In these situations, he also trusts Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint and their Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy as great alternatives for similar applications.

“Most products essentially cross over between these brands, which are both excellent,” he said. “It usually comes down to which particular brand the customer trusts and is most comfortable with, then it’s up to us to select the right product for the specific application.”

On doors and trim in high-traffic areas, Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND Enamel offers excellent abrasion resistance, he said. If that abrasion resistance isn’t really necessary, he’ll opt for something like Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Interior Paint . “ADVANCE offers nice leveling and a smoother finish but it’s not as resistant as COMMAND,” he added.

When dealing with ferrous metals, if strong rust-inhibitive properties are needed, after priming, he finishes with two topcoats of Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating. His teams also work on basements with water intrusion problems. For those jobs, painting CMU or foundation concrete, Morais turns to Sherwin-Williams LOXON XP Waterproofing Masonry Coating. For other moisture-heavy environments such as indoor pools and school bathrooms, Benjamin Moore AURA Bath & Spa Paint offers excellent moisture and mold resistance, he said.

14 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
Courtesy of CertaPro Painters of Westchester, New York & Southern Connecticut


CertaPro Painters of Westchester, New York & Southern Connecticut


Lamb Painting


Just Add Paint


On a Roll Painting


This South Dakota–based contractor’s workload skews more toward commercial and only about 30% residential. Her primary commercial work involves hospitals, schools, banks and apartment buildings.

For interior drywall, Diamond Vogel products have become a go-to. The company’s Permacryl Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel is a favorite for most jobs, but Eas-E-Poxy PreCatalyzed Waterborne Epoxy is great in hospital environments that demand more washability. The company’s Zero Plus Interior Zero VOC Latex Paint is preferred for banks and schools, she added.

“These coatings have great quality, are easy to apply, and have great touchup,” she said. “and Eas-E-Poxy is scrubbable without the hassles and expense of a two-component epoxy.”

For residential applications, Parsons turns to Benjamin Moore ben Interior Paint . “It’s a good price point and they’re still getting a quality coating,” she added. She also likes the company’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint for ceiling repaints. “It’s very flat and hides a lot. But you have to be careful not to put it on too heavy; it might crack,” she emphasized.

For the trim on both residential and commercial projects, Parsons prefers Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND Enamel . She likes how fast it dries, its wide selection of colors, and resistance to blocking for quick turnaround. She’ll even use it to paint over wood.

Parson’s company is also known for its custom wood trim packages, which include door and window casings, and other trim pieces. For this work, she likes Old Masters Wiping Stain or its Gel Stain or ZAR Interior Oil Base Stain Wiping stains go on lighter, she said, and are better suited for customers who want to see the wood grain. The gels, however, go on thicker and provide richer color tones.

Her crews also paint their share of metal beams and doors on commercial projects. For these surfaces, she likes Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating for its strong bond. In bathrooms, for good washability, she turns to Benjamin Moore AURA Bath & Spa Paint.

15 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT
“Eas-E-Poxy Pre-Catalyzed Waterborne Epoxy is scrubbable without the hassles and expense of a two-component epoxy.”
4 1 2 3 OUR PROS
Air Compressors | Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations | Portable Generators Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters Wet/Dry Vacuums | Water Pumps | Water Treatment Systems
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They feature Mi-T-M branded engines that are built with high-quality components for optimum performance. 800-553-9053


The job lead for this south-central Pennsylvania painting company likes Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in an eggshell finish for the bulk of the drywall his teams work on. Just Add Paint focuses largely on residential repaints, but will tackle some new residential construction as well.

“Cashmere has a smooth application, the coverage is amazing, and we tend to use 9 " ArroWorthy microfiber rollers that hold a lot of paint. Using those with Cashmere, the uniformity is second to none. There are no lines, no stickiness, and the eggshell sheen is not too shiny and has great scrubbability,” Schmohl said.

Schmohl also uses PPG PROMINENCE Interior Paint & Primer as a zero-VOC option that’s comparable to Cashmere’s performance. He likes Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in matte for customers who need something very scrubbable with little sheen. For trim, or when customers want to paint white or a light color over wood, he turns to SherwinWilliams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel .

“Emerald has just been amazing,” he noted. “It’s a good price point for the customer, too. It has amazing flow and high durability because it’s a hybrid water-borne alkyd. It has the properties of oil without the yellowing and it has more workability. We use it on built-ins, all trim and doors.”

Schmohl prefers Milesi Polyurethanes for staining wood railings. If the customer wants a deeper color on the railing, he may turn to Minwax PolyShades stain and polyurethane onestep finishes, which can also cover an existing poly coating well, he explained.


This Minnesota-based pro has strong relationships with local remodelers, which allows him to focus mostly on interiors all year long. On drywall, he prefers Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint in a matte finish. He likes the flat look of the premium coating with just enough sheen to make it scrubbable. “For me, I’d rather spend more money on a great paint because that typically results in fewer coats and a better-looking job,” he said.

Lee also likes another premium paint from Hirshfield’s, a familyowned local manufacturer. Its Reserve Enamel coating is similar to Regal Select paint, but at a slightly more competitive price.

“With Hirschfield’s, it doesn’t really leave us wanting anything compared to a Benjamin Moore. I like the sheen, the dry time, and how it lays down on the wall. It’s a product we can trust to be the same every time we use it,” Lee said.

On trim, the pro prefers Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Interior Paint , adding “it performs like an oil but cleans up like a water-based paint.” The downside to the formula, however, is that it requires a long dry time. So, on tighter turns, he uses Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND Enamel , a single-component acrylic urethane for faster drying. Lee also has had good success using both of these trim products on wood, metal and fiberglass doors and handrails.

“I like to minimize the paints I use as much as I can,” he added. “It keeps it consistent for crews, so they’re not dealing with something new all the time. When you work with a product you’re not used to, you might deal with sagging and running.” -

16 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023
Courtesy of Vintage Revivals The faster drying time of Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND Enamel is just one of the reasons Damon Lee of On a Roll Painting chose it for this banister project. The durable finish of Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel withstands the wear and tear of frequently cleaned and used areas.
“[Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel] has the properties of oil without the yellowing and it has more workability. We use it on built-ins, all trim and doors.”

What’s in today’s professional toolbox?

3M™ High Strength Color Changing Hole Repair

Eliminate the guesswork and reduce the chance of errors. 3M™ High Strength Color Changing Hole Repair goes on blue and dries white, helping identify when a repaired surface is dry and ready to be sanded and painted. Its ready-to-use formula dries quickly and provides professional-looking repairs.

The Purdy® Painter’s Storage Box

Extension pole holders, replaceable, all-terrain 9 " wheels, an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, plus Purdy quality from top to bottom, make the Painter’s Storage Box not only the first, but the ultimate storage system designed for Professional painters. Plus, it comes with 2 XL boxes, brush storage bars, and a wet brush and roller cover bin to keep you organized on every job.

Mi-T-M Inverters Equipped with CO Detection

Mi-T-M’s new inverter generators provide clean and quiet power for jobsites, workshops and power outages. Each model, ranging from 2000 up to 7300-watts, is equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detection and auto shutdown if CO levels become unsafe. These inverters are easy to use, feature GFCI protected receptacles and are powered by Mi-T-M OHV engines.

All Mi-T-M inverters come with 1-year alternator and 3-year engine warranties.

17 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT

Looking to the future

No matter where you are in your professional journey, you depend on products and services that save time and money while helping you maintain your reputation for quality craftsmanship. In support of that, we asked industry leaders to showcase their pro offerings—whether it be innovative products, tools, professional services or educational opportunities—that help get you where you want to go with your business. Read on to find support designed with you in mind.

18 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 SPECIAL SECTION
How industry leaders can help get you where you want to go

Mi-T-M’s New Inverter Generators

Painters rely on equipment to get jobs and projects done quickly and efficiently. Mi-T-M’s inverter generators provide the power and portability needed to get the job done right, every time.

Mi-T-M’s new inverter generator line, equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detection, is available for all types of needs. These inverter models range from 2000 up to 7300-watts, and are built with inverter technology, making them powerful, quiet and fuel efficient. Their featured CO detection and automatic shutdown provide added safety during operation, making them stand apart from competitors.

Any task is made more efficient with the 2000 and 2500-watt inverter generator models. Their compact, hand-carry design makes them easy to move where power is needed the most. With a host of universal outlets, including a GFCI duplex outlet, a 12-volt DC receptacle and USB ports, these generators are great for powering tools, as well as charging battery packs and sensitive electronic equipment on the go.

Time is money and the 3500-watt inverter generator’s unique open frame design makes maintenance quick and easy between painting jobs and projects. Painting jobs often require lots of moving around, and this lightweight model makes portability a breeze.

The 4000 and 7300-watt models are equipped with a Mi-T-M overhead valve engine with both recoil and electric start. They can be used to power numerous essential tools, like paint sprayers and sanders, on any jobsite.

Need even more power? Consider Mi-T-M’s inverter parallel port box accessory to deliver double the power. The parallel port box allows you to connect two inverters to utilize double the power, improving job efficiency.

Mi-T-M inverter generators are perfect for providing power to equipment when it is needed the most. All inverters come with 1-year alternator and 3-year engine warranties.

Ensure you are covered for any jobsite situation and invest in a Mi-T-M inverter generator today!

Mi-T-M is an employee owned company based in Peosta, IA, and offers a full-line of industrial equipment to complete any residential, commercial or industrial paint job. For more information, visit or call (800) 553-9053.

Learn more about Mi-T-M inverters:

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The Satisfaction Is in the Details 3M Science Behind Paint Prep Products

No one likes to do prepwork. It’s laborious, it’s time-consuming, it’s messy… and it’s essential for beautiful results. Even the highest quality paint won’t be able to cover up mistakes, and rework quickly becomes expensive for both you and your customer. 3M knows that prepping walls is unavoidable, but we’ve got a toolbox of products to make it easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

Stellar prepwork knowledge is one thing that separates a Pro from the average user. Beyond filling in nicks and nail holes, the importance of spackling, sanding, taping, and priming can’t be understated. One advantage of 3M’s suite of products is that they’re symbiotic, designed to work together to help you achieve your best results:

Step One: Spackling. You might have heard the term “glass bubbles” when hearing about lightweight spackle. 3M originally invented this highstrength technology for infrastructure and automotive manufacturing, but discovered that traditional spackling compound could also be improved with these benefits. Glass bubbles are a key ingredient to making sure our spackle goes on smoothly, sands easily, doesn’t shrink or crack, and provides a strong repair.

The latest lightweight spackling product that uses our glass bubbles also includes color-changing properties. Answering the age-old question of “How do I know when this can be sanded?”, our 3M™ High Strength Color Changing Spackling Compound goes on blue and dries white, letting you know that it’s ready to sand without risking touching and denting the repair.

Step Two: Sanding. To alleviate the tedium of clogged and worn-out sandpaper, 3M invented precision-shaped grains (PSG): Minerals sprinkled into our premium sandpaper that stay sharp as you sand, delivering clean cuts for the full life of the sandpaper. Before painting drywall, we recommend sanding with a grit between 150 - 220.

The combination of glass bubbles in our spackle and PSG in our sandpaper makes walls easier to sand than ever. And with products like our 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Dust-Channeling Sponges, you can keep your job site cleaner by channeling airborne dust down instead of around the site. After all, a clean surface is key for long-lasting paint adhesion.

Remember to wear appropriate respiratory protection for any job that requires you to sand.

Step Three: Taping and masking. For nearly every job, 3M has a tape for you. There are many challenging surfaces where tape selection depends on knowing the answers to questions like:

■ What is the surface that you’re masking off?

■ Will the surface be exposed to sunlight, temperature, and/or moisture changes?

■ Is the surface textured?

■ How long will the tape be on the surface?

Luckily, 3M makes it easy for you to choose and use the Painter’s Tape you need. These include surface-specific tapes like:

■ ScotchBlue™ Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape 2090: A multi-surface tape that can stay on surfaces like smooth or lightly textured walls, trim, baseboards, tile, and glass for up to 14 days inside or outside and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind.

■ Scotch® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape 2080: Designed for surfaces that require a gentle touch and easy removal, with no damage and no sticky residue left behind for up to 60 days. Our Edge Lock Technology also seals out paint to deliver sharp paint lines.

■ Scotch® Rough Surface Painter’s Tape 2060: For substrates like brick, stucco, and concrete. It bonds aggressively but leaves no damage or sticky residue when removed.

Combined with our 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Accessories, tape application has never been faster or easier. The 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 applies painter’s and masking tape to masking film or paper for a continuous application that’s 4-5x faster than the basic paper/poly method. Once your walls have been fully prepped, you’re ready for priming and painting.

When it comes to preparing walls for paint, the adage is: “If you’ve done it right, the results are invisible.” And when your reputation is built on results, trust 3M to work hard for you.

Learn more at

20 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 SPECIAL SECTION

for when results matter.

prep before you paint.

Make wall repairs with confidence. 3M has a range of products designed to make paint preparation fast, easy, and cost-effective.

© 3M 2022. All rights reserved. 3M is a trademark of 3M.

Painter’s Tape

The Best Paint Jobs Start With Scotch


Painter’s Tape.

Every job is unique, but they all start with the right preparation. Prepping with a painter’s tape from Scotch® Brand means you have a family of tapes specifically designed for your surfaces. By choosing to use the right tape, you’re choosing to create a better result.

Whatever the surface, Scotch® Painter Tape has got you covered on the job.

■ ScotchBlue™ Original Painter’s Tape

Designed for use on multiple surfaces such as smooth or lightly textured walls, trim, baseboards, tile and glass.

■ ScotchBlue™ Sharp Lines Painter’s Tape

Multiple surface tape with Edge-Lock™ Technology to seal out paint to deliver sharp paint lines.

■ Scotch® Rough Surface Painter’s Tape Designed for use on concrete, brick, stucco, and rough wood.

■ Scotch® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

Designed for use on delicate surfaces such as painted drywall, freshly painted walls (at least 24 hours old), wood floors, wallpaper, veneers and cabinets. Features Edge-Lock™ Technology to seal out paint and deliver sharp paint lines.

■ Scotch® Exterior Surface Painter’s Tape Designed for use on exterior surfaces such as smooth and semi-smooth metal, vinyl, painted wood, and glass. This innovative poly-tape is weatherproof and provides tear-free removal.

Find the right tape for your project at

The best start with paint jobs

Painter’s Tape

The best paint jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter’s Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter’s tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you’re painting. *Based on

22 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 SPECIAL SECTION
2020 TNS Kantar U.S. Brand Health Survey. © 3M 2022. All rights reserved. 3M, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.

Up to 50% easier breathing

FOR When comfort matters.

The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Particulate Respirator 8511 is designed with the pro in mind to help bring you protection and comfort. The Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve helps release warm and moist exhaled breath from inside the respirator.

*Compared to non-valved 3M™ 8200 testing

DIY/Home Use: Use ONLY in NON-HARMFUL environments.

Occupational/Hazardous Use: Use under a regulated government (e.g. OSHA) respiratory protection program.

WARNING: Limitations apply; Misuse may result in sickness or death. See product packaging and insert, or call 3M in USA at 1-800-243-4630. In Canada, call 1-800-267-4414.

© 3M 2022. All rights reserved. 3M and Cool Flow are trademarks of 3M.

built to perform


New Reusable Caulk Tube from


TOWER’S innovative new Reusable Caulk Tube takes aim at both immediate supply-chain issues and long-term sustainability.

Tower Sealants has been providing the professional paint channel with products of unmatched quality since 2006. Their innovative new Reusable Caulk Tube solves both the short-term and potential future cartridge supply issues without compromising the user experience.

The Problem: Supply Chain Disruptions

For the past year, the paint industry has been afflicted with raw material shortages including polymers, pigments, additives, and packaging. Caulk, sealant, and adhesive manufacturers have all been challenged with a limited supply of plastic cartridges.

Current supply chain challenges may be compounded by future legislation. National legislation such as the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 (BFFPPA) is looming on the horizon and looks to build on several statewide laws already

in place. The BFFPPA’s goal is to reduce plastic pollution, increase recycling rates, and protect vulnerable communities. Today, approximately one billion single-use plastic cartridges are disposed of annually in North America alone. Due to the residue left in the tube, these cartridges aren’t recyclable and end up in landfills.

The Solution: Tower Reusable Caulk Tube

For decades, large 20 oz. sausage packs have been the industry-accepted standard for commercial polyurethanes and silicones.

TOWER’S new patent pending Reusable Caulk Tube is used in conjunction with your favorite TOWER sealant in a smaller sausage size. This packaging update from single-use plastic cartridges to sausage packs can reduce jobsite and landfill waste by 85%. Sausages also allow you to get more product out of each pack than a comparable sized cartridge. As an added benefit, sausage packs are less expensive to manufacture. Cost savings will be passed along to the benefit of the end-user.

TOWER’S New Innovative Dispenser:

Tower’s new reusable caulk tube is available now. Ask your favorite Tower Sealants distributor for more information or contact us directly at 866-897-7568 or

25 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT SPECIAL SECTION
■ Reusable for
■ Hedges against
■ Saves money
■ Reduces
■ Uses
■ Utilizes
■ Works
■ Reversible
■ The
hundreds of cycles
supply chain shortages
due to reduced packaging
landfill waste by 85%
the same high performance TOWER formulas
the same air-free filling method
with all standard caulk guns
for fast reloading
only difference is how you load your caulk gun

Benjamin Moore ColorReader Pro

— the Power Tool for Paint Color

If your client can’t decide on a paint color, that job is going nowhere.

Color indecision is a roadblock that impacts your time and profits, maybe even frustrating your client enough to abandon the project completely. Break through the color roadblock with the Benjamin Moore ColorReader Pro + Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio ® app — the power tool for paint color. Use the device to scan the flat surface of a color to accurately match with just the touch of a button. The Benjamin Moore ColorReader Pro allows you to help your clients identify, visualize and select colors instantly, taking the stress and guesswork out of picking paint color, giving them the confidence and peace of mind that comes with working with a pro.

The convenient carry case protects the device so you can always keep it on hand. Leave cutting out drywall to bring to the paint store to color match in the past — The Benjamin Moore ColorReader Pro gives you precise color matches for all of Benjamin Moore’s 3500+ colors, plus color palettes of other paint brands.

Contact Eddie Rodriguez at or 210-505-5996 to become a reseller.


Finish First With Cordless Power!

390™ PC Cordless Airless Sprayer

Introducing the first and only cordless high performance stationary paint sprayer. Designed to deliver all the performance of a corded 390 PC airless sprayer along with the freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators. The only high performance cordless paint sprayer — up to 3,300 psi with 0.021 inch max tip. Sprays up to 6 gallons before charging using two DEWALT® batteries included for all day spraying. Expand application capability by experiencing the power and freedom to spray every job faster.

FinishPro™ GX 19 Cordless Airless Finish Sprayer

Improve your finish with unmatched performance, portability and mobility. The fast, portable solution for small finishing jobs that every contractor encounters. High-capacity DEWALT® FlexVolt® batteries allow contractors the ability to spray anywhere and deliver up to 6 gallons of spraying power with two batteries included for all day

spraying. This sprayer includes a 1.5 gallon hopper which is ideal for spraying small amounts of material and Contractor PC Compact™ Gun with RAC X™ Fine Finish Low Pressure SwitchTip™, delivering a Perfect Airless Finish.

Ultra® & UltraMAX™ Cordless Handheld Sprayers

Airless handheld sprayers are the essential tool for turning small jobs around faster and deliver a Perfect Airless Finish™ – just like an Ultra 395 PC. Industry-proven Ultra Handhelds are the most advanced in the world and deliver a flawless finish, high production speed and unmatched reliability. Designed specifically for small interior, exterior and specialty projects, Ultra Airless Handheld sprayers provide the ability to spray jobs faster without having to start-up your larger airless sprayer.

Visit to see Graco’s cordless product lineup.

26 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 SPECIAL SECTION
Cordless tools deliver convenience on every job, not just the jobs where power is unavailable. Use cordless to make every job more efficient. Power. Performance. Portability. EVERYWHERE!

REACH Your Potential With Quality Extension Poles from Mr. LongArm

Super Tab-Lok® Extension Poles

Super Tab-Lok extension poles are designed with the professional in mind. Smooth fiberglass handle and tri-oval slider prevents twisting. Push button locking device provides the most secure lock making this an excellent pole for nearly any application. Geometrically designed aluminum slider tube prevents twisting and a lok-thread prevents tools from loosening during use.

Smart-Lok® Extension Poles

The SMART-LOK extension pole is our top of the line Contractor pole with time-saving features. Our exclusive quick-on/quick-off system allows the user to quickly change tools with the push of a button. Geometrically designed aluminum slider tube prevents twisting and a Smart-lok adaptor with lok-thread prevents tools from loosening during use. Push button locking device provides the most secure lock making this an excellent pole for nearly any application.

Smart-Lok® Adaptors

Smart-Lok ® adaptors convert any standard threaded tool to our quick-on/quick-off system when used with Smart-Lok extension poles. The quick-on/quick-off system allows the fastest and cleanest way to change or remove paint rollers or other threaded tools. The Smart-lok ® adaptor with Lok-Thread® also prevents tools from loosening as you work. Available in a 3-pack.

Brush & Tool Holder

Great for attaching non-threaded tools such as paint brushes, dusters, scrapers and more, to an extension pole. Adjusts up to 270°; set and lock angle in 13 different working positions. Universal threaded end fits any standard extension pole.

Back and Better Than Ever

EXPO 2023 will be held February 22-24th, at the Sandia Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Choose from 20+ different sessions and panel discussions led by industry experts; pose questions during daily peer-to-peer brainmeld sessions; and enjoy after-hours events hosted by industry partners Benjamin Moore, PPG, SherwinWilliams, and Behr. Purchase your tickets today and get ready to participate in this national event of endless opportunities, where you will have the chance to win new equipment at the Industry Trade Show on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023!

Highlights Include:

Paint-It-Forward, Albuquerque 2023

Start the week off right by giving back on Tuesday, February 21, 2023! PCA is hosting its inaugural Paint-It-Forward event in Albuquerque to kick off 2023. Painting services will benefit The City of Albuquerque Gateway Center.

Women in Paint Happy Hour, hosted by Behr Connect with other women in paint at PCA’s first ever women’s only networking happy hour, sponsored by Behr.

Trade Show

Find the latest technology and innovative products at the Industry Trade Show! Speak directly to representatives to get your questions answered.

Industry Awards

See the trades best and brightest be recognized at our Awards Ceremony and maybe even add a PCA Award to your legacy.

New This Year:

Fix My Business Panel Discussions

Expert panelists tackle business problems from the audience and provide real-time solutions. Bring your challenges, and be prepared to unpack and examine them from a multi-dimensional perspective.

27 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT SPECIAL SECTION
Proudly serving professional contractors since 1958. Visit the Mr. LongArm Store on Amazon.

The Purdy® Cub Brushes

Delivering precision and control, the Purdy® brand Cub Brush™ line is now available in your favorite styles.

With short, smooth alderwood handles that wick away moisture and have a comfortable ergonomic fit, the new Cub Brushes are lightweight for more control and easier maneuvering. Choose from 2" Nylox™, Clearcut®, Clearcut® Elite™, Chinex® Elite™, and Pro-Extra® Cubs.

■ Nylox™ — Soft filaments provide a smooth, flawless finish. For interior windows, doors and trim.

■ Clearcut ® — Stiff filaments create well-defined lines with precise cut-in ability. For precision work around molding, trim, corners and ceilings.

■ Clearcut ® Elite™ — Ultra stiff for upgraded performance and cut-in ability with thicker coatings. For precision work around molding, trim, corners and ceilings.

■ Chinex® Elite™ — Extra-stiff filaments for excellent durability and cleanability. Ideal for a variety of textured surfaces including stucco and brickwork.

■ Pro-Extra® — Stiff filaments for fast productivity. Ideal for drywall, siding board, brick and concrete block.

The shorter handle allows painters to easily reach tight spaces when cutting in corners, painting cabinets and shelving, and doing trim work. Get the precision and high-quality Purdy is known for, in the brush style best for any job or project.

Learn more at

Discover FrogTape ® Brand’s

Full Line of


It started with one product. An unexpected color. And unbeatable results. The original FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape was the innovation that changed painting, delivering super sharp paint lines and professional results with PaintBlock® Technology. From prepping to cleaning up, FrogTape® helps pros navigate the painting process with high-quality products that ensure professional results.

How PaintBlock® Technology Works

FrogTape ® brand painter’s tapes that are treated with PaintBlock ® Technology have a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier. This seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed and creating clean, crisp paint lines.

For more information, visit

Use the Right Tools for the Job Painter’s Tapes

■ FrogTape® Brand painter’s tapes that are treated with PaintBlock® Technology, include MultiSurface, Delicate Surface and Pro Grade, which are perfect for any painting project.

■ For production painting, FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape® offers high adhesion and quick stick to a variety of surfaces even in hot and humid conditions.

■ Engineered to consistently adhere to hard-to-stick to self-cleaning paint technology, FrogTape® High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape™ offers very high adhesion for tough outdoor uses and provides contractors with the versatility they demand.

Drop Cloth Pads

■ Sized to fit easily on bathroom floors or on a counter, FrogTape™ Drop Cloth Pads are slip-resistant and make the perfect companion for painting in small spaces.

28 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 SPECIAL SECTION

Set Your Company Apart With These Door Painting Tools

We are the original creators of the Door Decker Finishing System which allows anyone who paints doors to save time and space and produce a higher quality of finish on the door. It’s like having an extra set of skilled crew members!

The Door Decker approach allows for both sides of the door to be painted horizontally and in rapid succession. Our system also helps keep runs and sags in the paint from forming. The Door Deckers unique design allows doors to be stacked up and out of the way for drying – perfect for saving space on a jobsite.

We are offering a 15% Off Customer Appreciation Winter Special now through January 31, 2023. Use code SAVEWITHINPAINT15 at checkout.

With more than 35 years working in the painting and construction industry, we understand the need for high quality, durable tools. We designed our door and cabinet door finishing and drying systems to help you achieve a high quality finish and a competitive edge every time!

You can purchase Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools by visiting Please explore our website to read about our entire line of products (Cabinet Door Deckers & On-Edge Drying Adapters) and contact us if we can be of any assistance guiding you through which products you might need and how they can best serve your painting and staining needs.

Elite in Any Setting

The Titan Elite® 3000 Airless Sprayer — unlike any sprayer the jobsite has ever seen.

Titan’s Elite 3000 electric sealed hydraulic airless sprayer is packed with proven technologies that deliver a consistent finish with minimal maintenance and easy cleanup.

Outfitted with Titan’s PermaStroke Technology™, the Elite 3000 delivers top performance at all pressures from 0 to 3,300 psi, even when using smaller tips or spraying coatings prone to shearing. There is no piston, packings, cylinder or clutch to wear or replace — ever, and the fluid pump is backed by an Elite lifetime warranty.

Priming the Elite 3000 is easy with the Sureflo™ Pusher Valve which allows you to release a stuck valve without the use of a hammer. Maintenance is minimal for this one-gun electric sprayer with only

two cartridge-style wear parts, which are field serviceable and can be changed with common tools in as little as five minutes.

A multi-position cart allows switching from high rider to low rider and roll cage style bars protect the sprayer from wear and tear during transport and at the jobsite. The low rider configuration can also be outfitted with a hopper accessory for spraying lacquers.

Performance, quality, and ROI have been at the core of everything Titan has done since we first hit the market in 1974. Every product we build is designed to deliver superior results and make paint contractors’ jobs easier. Leveraging Titan’s industry-leading expertise in sealed hydraulic sprayers, the Elite 3000 has become another “go to” sprayer for thousands of paint contractors.

For more information, visit

29 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT SPECIAL SECTION
Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools offers paint tools designed and manufactured BY painters and our team is here to help


26–28: 7th Annual Painting Profits Summit, Chattanooga, TN 28–29: Build & Remodel Expo, Madison, WI

31–February 2: Design + Construction Week, Las Vegas, NV 31–February 2: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV 31–February 2: NAHB International Builders’ Show, Las Vegas, NV


22–24: PCA EXPO, Albuquerque, NM


13–16: AGC 2023 Convention, Las Vegas, NV

30 inPAINT | Winter 2022/2023 1
What, Where & When
2 3 4
6 7
3M Pages 17, 21, 22 & 23 Graco Page 3 MiTM Pages 15 & 17 National Hardware Show Back Cover Painting Contractors Association Page 2 Purdy Page 17 Tower Sealants Page 24
3 6
January 31–February 2 Las Vegas, NV
One trip, three shows Experience the reimagined National Hardware Show (NHS) and reconnect with colleagues and peers from all over the world at the one event that unites the homeimprovement industry. For 2023, NHS will co-locate with NAHB International Builders’ Show and NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show at Design & Construction Week to offer even more buying, selling and networking opportunities to the hardware and home-improvement community. Your NHS badge will allow you to enter any of the three shows. The NHS Exhibit Hall will showcase a diverse range of products and innovations shaping the future of the hardware and home-improvement market, including paints, making it easier than ever to find the exact products of interest. In addition, the NHS’s Made in USA trail will put the spotlight on best-in-class products and services that keep Americans working.

Five estimating mistakes to avoid

Improve your process and boost your bottom line

While the aim of estimating is to ensure you make a profit on every job, not every estimating strategy delivers the desired results. In fact, some approaches could be costing you money.

Here’s a look at five of the most common mistakes that estimators make that negatively impact profit margin.

1. Shooting from the hip

A lot of estimators commit the cardinal sin of guesstimating and have no idea they’re doing anything wrong. Process-averse beginners tend to favor the eyeballing method, but some continue it into late professional stages because it’s easy, and it favors a one-estimator crew. If you don’t plan on estimating consistently from job to job, training a new estimator, changing your prices, or looking professional, this method is fine. Pros follow a process.

2. Calculating with time and materials (T/M) instead of square feet

While charging by T/M is a little more process-oriented than eyeballing it, it’s not always accurate. T/M estimators might still measure a room and account for detailed work and specific materials, but if they’re not applying finetuned and exact production rates to the measured area, they’re still guessing at labor hours. A square- and linearfeet-measurement approach segments a project more precisely and feeds into more strategic and consistent profit margins. And when it comes time to raise prices, you’ll be able to see improvements—and opportunities —at the microlevel of profit per foot. Pros are precise.

3. Not capturing upcharges for changes requested

While it’s understandable that you may not want to say ‘no’ to a customer, you’re not in the business of doing work for free. And if you are, you won’t be in business very long. The key to never saying ‘no’ is having a very clear and consistent change order process. With an established process in hand, you can always say “Yes, absolutely we can do that. Here is the process we use for changes, and here is what the upcharge would be.” The beauty of this approach (beyond ensuring you get paid for the work) is it leaves it up to the customer to say ‘no.’ Additionally, a

change order process that captures customer signatures for new work helps avoid disastrous misunderstandings that sabotage the possibility of repeat business. Pros are positive but clear.

4. Making ad hoc changes to the process

Everyone has emergencies and special contingencies that may seem to justify a default to using old methods of T/M estimating, incorrectly accounting for hours, or failing to select proper project templates to estimate square feet. Estimators who are proficient at navigating special-case scenarios in ways that stick to the plan will deliver more reliable profits and useful reports. It may take some time to learn to adjust for new situations without changing course, but great estimators don’t go back to the old ways at the first sign of trouble. Pros stick to the plan.

5. Underpricing your work

Even if your process is exact, consistent and clear, you may still have production rates or pricing that need to be raised to support the growth you want to achieve in your company. Get your customers used to the idea that you pay yourself and your employees a competitive wage that allows you to deliver superior products and services. Devaluing yourself, your team and your services communicates to everyone that you view your work as second-rate. Pros raise their prices.

While breaking poor habits and making changes to established processes is never easy, the rewards of changing your estimating approach can be appreciated very quickly and have the power to change the future of your company for years to come.

CHRIS SHANK is the education and engagement lead at Estimate Rocket. Estimate Rocket offers growth systems for contractors that power fast estimates and proposals, automated follow-ups, fully integrated scheduling, and invoicing with your numbers at your fingertips.

31 Winter 2022/2023 | inPAINT BOTTOM LINE

New Products. New Connections. New Experiences.

Our ongoing efforts to reimagine NHS are intended to deliver you more value. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with customers, peers and colleagues, discover the latest trends in the home improvement & DIY industry or explore new products and innovations – your experience at NHS will provide you the tools to grow your business NHS is focused on continuing to celebrate innovation, deepening industry connections and growing our global footprint.

Register for NHS 2023 at

Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2023 Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall
Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.