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Google’s Evolution and Benefit to Painting Contractors Today Since the official incorporation of Google 20 years ago, it has revolutionized the way consumers find and hire contractors—including painters. And in fact, it would be hard to argue that anything has ever changed how contractors market their services like Google has. Like any product growing from infancy to its 20th birthday, Google has changed dramatically. Gone are the company’s earliest iterations, which featured numbered search results and did not include ads or images.


oday, Google has grown to control approximately 90% of every online search. This includes its search engine, YouTube, Google Maps and affiliate partners. As a result of its market share, Google has created four distinct paid marketing opportunities painting contractors can take advantage of. Here’s a breakdown of each:


Video Advertising on YouTube

Painters not using video ads are missing a huge marketing opportunity. Google video ads are powered by YouTube and typically appear as ‘commercials’ before a main video starts and, in some cases, they can also appear during the middle of a very long video. If you have watched videos on YouTube, you have likely clicked ‘Skip Ad’ to bypass these commercials. What most painting contractors do not know is that YouTube video ads are incredibly affordable. The typical cost is around $0.25—and the advertiser only pays when their entire ad is viewed. When a user clicks ‘Skip Ad’ it costs $0.00, but they still have to watch the first five or so seconds, and while the best case scenario is for them to view the entire ad, that short exposure still created some free brand exposure. 22

inPAINT | Sep/Oct 2018

Even better, YouTube ads can be highly targeted based on location, income, sex, age and interests. For example, a painter can pay just $0.25 to show their ad to a local homeowner in the top 10% of income earners. Compared to traditional TV advertising, YouTube offers better targeting, guaranteed branding, and painters only pay if their ad is viewed in its entirely at a fraction of the cost. Plus, video ads can be retargeted to your website traffic, further increasing the impact they can have on your future business.


Google My Business

Launched in 2005, Google Maps initially focused on helping users find local businesses. Today, it has its own mobile app that works as a search engine and provides GPS-based directions. Then nine years after its launch, Google My Business debuted. This platform was built to help businesses provide more information about their services. Today, it includes business information, ratings, reviews, and a host of other features. Information from Google My Business is relied on heavily to power the Google Maps search results. Combined, these platforms helped create the need for painters to develop a local search marketing strategy.