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What’s new in concrete coatings Pros on their go-to tools and gadgets

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We’ve redefined spraying with more practical innovations that keep you spraying longer with less fatigue. Find out more at TITANTOOL.COM/RedSeries

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“Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos


s we approach the end of the year, a lot of business owners are taking a hard look at their books. How much did we bill? What did we net? And how did we end up spending so much on sundries? Is my crew actually eating tape? Without question, year-end financial reviews are essential. They allow us to uncover issues (i.e., tape eaters), spot opportunities, and set new goals for the year ahead. And while setting financial goals is obviously important, so is establishing a vision. Vision goes beyond the bottom line and looks at the kind of company you want to build, the culture you want to create, and the type of leader you want to be. In my experience, people who operate with vision exude passion. And while money can help with lots of things, passion is what really gets you through tough times. Best of all, it’s contagious. It rubs off on employees, improves morale, and can have a ripple effect on customers that’s more valuable than any money savings you or any competitor can offer. So before you say a word to your team about how much you’ve budgeted for tape or anything else for the next year, share your vision. When you get employee buy-in, you set the stage for success. And we all know what follows success. Thank you for sticking with inPAINT for another year. We’re grateful for your time, support and input. The work you do, the challenges you face, and your openness to sharing are what shape our vision for every issue and fuel our passion. Cheers!

Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2018 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Ciro Affronti Operations Manager/Field Supervisor, Affronti Property Solutions, LLC

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Mike Kelly VP & General Manager, Crestwood Painting Scott Lollar DYB Coach


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Nick Slavik Owner, Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. Art Snarzyk Owner, InnerView Advisors, Inc. Michael Stone President, CertaPro Painters, Ltd.

WE’RE PRO PROS Pros need tools that will help get a better finish. That’s where we come in. • Surface preparation & paint application tools • Drywall, plaster & wall repair • Tile removal and application

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Pro Picks


Pros share their go-to tools and gadgets


Special Section: What manufacturers want pros to know


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

12 DEPARTMENTS 8 The News Industry ins and outs 10 Trend in Focus Paint franchises: One size fits … some

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38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 39 Bottom Line A business growth lesson

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What’s New in Concrete Coatings


This issue’s contributing experts Bill Bottesi Bottesi Builders & Inconcreto Len Briskmam SCORE Erin Brown-Neff APV Engineered Coatings

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Stephanie Conner Jake Poinier


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T Norwich City, a secondtier football (aka soccer here in The States) club in England, is trying a new approach to reduce their opponents’ aggression by painting the visiting team’s locker room pink.


Photo Courtesy of AzkoNobel

Pink locker room: a winning strategy?

According to research conducted in the late 1970s, a particular shade of pink known as Baker-Miller Pink was found to have a maximal effect on reducing hyperexcitability. The football club is not alone in using pink to diffuse aggression. The same shade is used in prisons in the U.S. and Switzerland and is also employed by The University of Iowa where visiting teams are treated to a pink locker room as well as bathrooms featuring pink urinals. As for the effectiveness of the strategy, as of November 10th, Norwich City’s record stood at 9-3-4.

And you thought your jobsite was cold T Recently, a team of specialists from the Antarctic Heritage Trust spent three months in temperatures as low as -40˚F conserving the historic hut of Sir Edmund Hillary (perhaps best known as the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest). Constructed in 1957, the hut contains hundreds of artifacts and served as the starting point of Hillary’s expedition to the South Pole. Over time, the hut’s aluminum roof developed leaks, putting both the structure and artifacts at risk. As part of the conservation project, a new aluminum roof was installed over the original to make the building weathertight. The new roof cladding was pre-painted in New Zealand using a special topcoat of AkzoNobel’s Polydure coil coating. Applied on a coil coat paint line, the coating was selected specifically for its ability to withstand temperatures as low as -40˚F and as high as 212˚F. Dulux New Zealand recreated the paint colors from scratch, as they were no longer available. The yellow exterior paint is called ‘Pram Point,’ referring to the name of the geographical location of Scott Base, while the orange paint for the battens has been named ‘Sno-Cat’ after the Tucker Sno-Cat tracked vehicles used in the early days of Scott Base.

Do you smell something? Didn’t think so.

Minwax launches new line of interior stains

T ECOBOND Paint recently introduced OdorDefender, which the company is touting as the best smoke-odoreliminator product on the market. A professional-grade, eco-friendly paint, it is specially formulated to seal, block and absorb odors and fumes from fire, cigarettes, marijuana, pets and more. According to company representatives, the coating uses a proprietary formulation that includes odor-blocking resins, food-grade mineral additives, and alginate from seaweed—an effective absorber of toxic pollutants. ECOBOND OdorDefender works as a self-priming interior paint and topcoat on surfaces including drywall, various wood species, OSB, concrete, aluminum, steel and PVC.

T Sherwin-Williams recently introduced the Minwax Performance Series, comprised of three innovative solutions: Tintable Wood Stain, Fast-Dry Varnish, and Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer. The Tintable Wood Stain is available in a 48-color palette as well as custom and stain-matched hues. It can be recoated in two to six hours, compared with 18 to 24 hours for conventional stains. And its thicker formula provides a long-lasting finish while causing less dripping, saving time on cleanup. The new Fast-Dry Varnish dries to the touch in 30 minutes and provides a rich amber-tone finish that seals and protects while allowing the true texture of the wood to show through. A remarkable and industry-leading

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

three-hour recoat time makes it possible to finish projects in one day. And the Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer can be applied between the stain and varnish, and sands quickly and easily after just one hour, giving projects a smoother finish in less time. Available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores.

These walls don’t just talk; they yell “FIRE!” T Chinese researchers have developed a kind

What’s new for 2019?

of wallpaper that can detect heat and flames, essentially turning any wall into a fire alarm. Developed at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,

T At inPAINT, we will continue to provide a strong focus

on education, instruction, products and services—all available through our magazine, email and website. In 2019, we’ll introduce a new type of communication:

Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers first created a type of heat- and fire-resistant nanowire using hydroxyapatite, a material found in teeth and bones. The researchers found that when the material is spun into long nanowires it becomes flexible enough to be used as a base for wallpaper. The team then took things one step further by adding thermosensitive sensors to the wallpaper made from drops of a graphene oxide ink mixture. At room temperature, the ink works as an electrical insulator, preventing the flow of electricity. But when heat is introduced, it quickly becomes conductive,

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completing a circuit that sounds an alarm after about two seconds in the presence of a fire. Best of all, it never goes off in the middle of the night when the battery dies.

Sometimes paint needs a primer,

think of us as the primer.

As a Neighborly® company, Five Star Painting® franchisees benefit from a network of over $2.5M+ customers and 3,500 franchises worldwide, with 14 home service brands, allowing for referral and multi-brand marketing expertise.

866.728.4918 | This advertisement does not constitute an offer of a franchise. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Franchises may not be available in all states. The filing of an application for registration of an offering prospectus or the acceptance and filing thereof by the NY Department of Law as required by NY law does not constitute approval of the offering or the sale of such franchise by the NY Department of Law or the Attorney General of NY. MN Reg. File No. 2356.

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Paint franchises: One size fits … some


ccording to IBISWorld, the total number of paint franchisees in the U.S. is expected to grow to 1,558 by 2022. While the growth for the franchisor appears modest—up just 70 franchises from 2018—the potential impact of the opportunity for the individual aspiring franchisee is significant.

Weighing your options According to Mark Gandy, founder of G3CFO, a financial consulting firm for small businesses, when deciding whether or not to go with a franchise, “There’s no right or wrong answer. There are just consequences. Depending upon your personal and professional strengths, a franchise can be a great or not-so-great fit,” says Gandy. “A franchise can fill in weak areas by providing ready-to-go systems, etc. But if you’re someone who likes to innovate, the restrictions can be limiting. It’s not the business model for the fearless innovator.”

Finding comfort in the proven When Michael Dodick retired from the military, he knew he wanted to start his own business. But even with his military experience and an MBA in hand, he didn’t want to start from scratch. “I liked the idea of not recreating the wheel,” says Dodick. “As I saw it, a franchise could give me a good boost in getting my business launched. That’s one of the key reasons I decided to go with Five Star Painting.” Operating out of New Orleans for the past two years, Dodick also likes the fact that if his business is successful, he can ultimately sell it to a crew member or another interested individual. Dodick is also a fan of the support provided by Five Star. “I have weekly calls with an internal support person and I talk to other owners every day or two just to compare notes. I never feel like I’m out there alone. There are some limitations—like the logo is sacrosanct, there are reporting requirements, and I’m in a 10-year deal—but for me, the upside of not having to try and build something makes it all worth it.”

Recognizing the risks Unfortunately, not all franchise stories go as well as Dodick’s. Depending upon your understanding of and experience with running a business, the provided training may or may not be enough to truly get you started. If you’re not systems savvy or simply like to make your own rules and do things your own way, the franchise path can be long, frustrating and/or expensive. 10

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

It’s also important to recognize that signing on with a franchise doesn’t guarantee you an instant pipeline full of work. While the franchisor may provide the branding and back-end systems, it’s up to the franchisee to drum up qualified leads and follow them through like any other business owner. Some associated expenses, like local advertising costs, may not be included in your agreement with your franchisor.

Doing your due diligence As a mentor for SCORE, a nonprofit resource that provides mentoring and education to small businesses, Len Briskman spends a lot of his time advising individuals considering buying or selling franchises. His first piece of advice is this: “Talk to as many franchisees as you can. Call at least six, if not a dozen. You want to be sure to ask how their relationship with the franchisor is and how long it took them to break even. Of course there are factors that will influence one person’s business versus another’s but if seven of 10 franchisees took 18 months to break even, you may want to rethink your decision.” Briskman also advises potential franchisees to review the franchisor’s financial disclosure document carefully. Typically provided when talks start to get serious, this document can shed light on how many franchises opened in the past 12 months and how many closed. It will also list how many lawsuits are outstanding against the franchisor. “You really need to read this document carefully and share it with your legal counsel,” he says. Briskman, who has managed several franchises, notes that franchises are far from a sure bet. “While it can provide a lot of structure for your business, it’s still up to you to really build it.”

“There are some limitations ... the upside of not having to try and build something makes it all worth it.” —MICHAEL DODICK, FIVE STAR PAINTING

Sometimes paint needs a primer,

think of us as the primer.

As a NeighborlyÂŽ company, Five Star PaintingÂŽ franchisees benefit from a network of over $2.5M+ customers and 3,500 franchises worldwide, with 14 home service brands, allowing for referral and multi-brand marketing expertise.

Five Star Painting Franchise Opportunities New Territories Available Alabama Mobile Montgomery Arizona Phoenix Tucson

Cape Coral Ft. Walton Beach Jacksonville Miami Palm Bay Palm Beach Tallahassee

Arkansas Little Rock

Hawaii Honolulu

California Bakersfield Chico Coachella Fresno Indio Los Angeles Modesto Sacramento Santa Barbara Santa Rosa San Luis Obispo SF Bay Stockton Palm Springs Yuba City

Iowa Des Moines Iowa City Marion

Connecticut Hartford Naugatuck New Haven New London Norwich Meriden Waterbury Florida Bradenton

Idaho Boise Illinois Champaign Chicago Joliet Rockford Urbana Will County Indiana East Chicago Evansville Ft. Wayne Gary Indianapolis Kansas Lawrence Olathe Shawnee Topeka

Kentucky Lexington Louisville

Nebraska Lincoln Omaha

Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans Shreveport Slidell

New Mexico Albuquerque

Massachusetts Brockton New Bedford Springfield Taunton Yarmouth Worcester Michigan Bay City Flint Lansing Livingston County Midland Rochester Hills Saginaw Traverse City Waterford Minnesota Minneapolis Mississippi Jackson Missouri Kansas City St. Louis Springfield

New Hampshire Manchester Nashua New Jersey Kearney Paramus Ridgefield Westwood New York Albany Buffalo Rochester Schenectady Syracuse Troy North Carolina Ashville Burlington Charlotte Chapel Hill Durham Fayetteville Greensboro Raleigh Winston-Salem Ohio Cleveland Cincinnati

Dayton Toledo Youngstown Oklahoma Oklahoma City Tulsa Oregon Eugene Salem Portland Pennsylvania Carlisle Erie Harrisburg Lancaster Philadelphia Pittsburgh Scranton York Wilkes Barre Rhode Island Providence South Carolina Columbia Greenville Spartanburg South Dakota Sioux Falls Tennessee Memphis Nashville

Texas El Paso Houston- Pasadena San Antonio Weatherford Utah Provo Salt Lake City Virginia Petersburg Roanoke Washington Bellingham Kennewick

Mt. Vernon Olympia Seattle- Spanaway Vancouver Washington DC Wisconsin Appleton Fond Du Lac Green Bay Janesville Milwaukee Port Washington Sheboygan West Bend Walworth County

866.728.4918 This advertisement does not constitute an offer of a franchise. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Franchises may not be available in all states. The filing of an application for registration of an offering prospectus or the acceptance and filing thereof by the NY Department of Law as required by NY law does not constitute approval of the offering or the sale of such franchise by the NY Department of Law or the Attorney General of NY. MN Reg. File No. 2356.

Concrete coatings continue to evolve in terms of application, popularity, durability and ease of use for contractors. According to George R. Pilcher, VP of The ChemQuest Group, Inc., the U.S. market for concrete floor coatings is about $650 million currently, and that number rises to $920 million if you add in non-filmforming cure-and-seal products and stains. ChemQuest, which creates industry reports and proprietary studies for individual manufacturers, is witnessing a growing need for particular concrete coating attributes. In response, there's been a focus on technology improvements—and typically more expensive products—that improve dry time and resistance to scuffing, staining, abrasions and chemicals.

By Jake Poinier 12

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018


hat are some of the specific needs? “A main driver in concrete flooring coatings is time savings,” Pilcher says. “A lot of the technology that’s being developed is aimed at putting a floor back into service as quickly as possible without compromising its protective properties. Although they’re less than 5% of the market right now, we’re seeing more new coatings being introduced based on polyaspartics, which react and dry very quickly.” A second growth area—the use of concrete for outdoor spaces including patios, kitchens, driveways and garages—is also driving a need to protect those surfaces. “During good economic times like we’re currently experiencing, more homeowners are willing to spend money upgrading certain aspects of their homes than they were seven to 10 years ago,” Pilcher says. “We’re seeing increases in sales of driveway sealers and garage floor coatings.” In addition to waterborne and

Photo Courtesy of Rust-Oleum

What’s New in Concrete Coatings


Photo Courtesy of Rust-Oleum

Ultra Spec Masonry High-Build Block Filler is a fullbodied acrylic coating formulated for easy brush, roll or spray application. The new reformulation of this prep coating offers improved resistance to the elements and filling properties for small cracks and voids in concrete, cinder block and rough masonry. Designed to create a less-porous, smoother painting surface, it may be topcoated with conventional latex or alkyd finishes as well as with epoxy, aliphatic urethane, and quick-dry enamels. “Ultra Spec is engineered with our

“ProTek 95 slow set now acts more like a traditional 100% solid epoxy ...” —CORY CHRISTENSEN, CONCRETE COATINGS, INC.

epoxy options, Pilcher notes that there are advances occurring in latex formulations that offer resistance to hot-tire pickup. Here’s a look at some of the newest and reformulated concrete coatings to consider adding to your arsenal:

APV ENGINEERED COATINGS NeverFade facade-restoration coating systems are waterbased, low VOC, and provide exceptional durability in extreme UV environments. NeverFade Original Topcoat is formulated for concrete, stucco, masonry and fiber cement building exteriors. “It’s a high-performance architectural coating developed to address specific industry challenges; particularly for customers who need a solution for longer durability in terms of UV resistance and color retention,” says Erin Brown-Neff, director of marketing and business development. Its unique chemistry also resists staining, dirt pickup and mold growth, and can prevent corrosion (in metal applications). It can be custom-color matched in bold colors, even metallics, and carries a 15-year colorfade warranty. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray and is available in eggshell and semi-gloss sheens.

CONCRETE COATINGS, INC. ProTek 95 isn’t technically a new product, but the newest formulation represents a significant leap forward in usability. Whereas the previous formula only provided about 20 minutes of work time, the new slow-setting version increases that time to about an hour (depending on environmental conditions). “Generally speaking, polyaspartics go off very quickly and the job can get away from you,” says COO Cory Christensen. “ProTek 95 slow set now acts more like a traditional 100% solid epoxy, so you get more work time to put the material down. After eight to 12 hours, the product is safe to walk on and you get all of the traditional properties that people like about polyaspartics such as chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance and UV stability.” It can be used as both the base coat and the topcoat over decorative flake broadcasts or colored sand broadcasts to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns.

The most successful painting contractors in the world all gather only once each year to exchange information, new discoveries, “what works,” opportunities, breakthrough products, and network at the Painting Profits Summit™ & Sales Secrets PRE-DAY!

ASK YOURSELF: If not NOW, when? There’s never been a more important time to launch, solidify, strengthen, or re-invent your painting business. In this roaring economy where opportunity abounds, you NEED up-to-date, verified, and reliable guidance from legitimate experts working in-the-field... to avoid business-killing errors and being “left behind” in the BOOM! 423-800-0520

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And when time is of the essence, ROCKSOLID added color and protection in one step. Available in 20 tint colors, the semi-transparent formula comes in gloss and high-gloss finishes.

Concrete Stain + Sealer offers

“All of these new products use our NeverWet technology to give extra protection against moisture,” says Kerri Schlenker, Rust-Oleum brand manager for concrete coatings. “When water hits the treated surface, it just beads up and runs right off. It’s an excellent visual indicator for your end user, the homeowner, to know that it’s working.”


APV Engineered Coatings’ NeverFade Original Topcoat’s high-tech resin, complex inorganic pigments, and UVblocking additives are relied on to inhibit fading.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

Gennex Color Technology,” says Mike Mundwiller, field integration manager. “From an aesthetic standpoint, the coloring is a perfect match for the resin we manufacture in order to deliver consistent quality for painting contractors. And not only does it meet environmental standards, it also performs better than the old technology.”

RUST-OLEUM The company’s ROCKSOLID brand continues to expand its offerings, recently introducing several sealers and stains for concrete, all with outstanding performance levels. In the solvent-based category, ROCKSOLID Wet Look Lacquers are the company’s pro-level solution, offering the maximum in longevity and protection against the elements for concrete. Being solvent-based gives them maximum longevity in sealing and protecting concrete surfaces from damaging elements, and can extend the life of your concrete. Available in both high gloss and low gloss, they can be used on a variety of surfaces such as natural stone, slate, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, and more. RockSolid film-forming concrete sealers provide ultimate protection against stains, chemicals and water damage. They’re available in high- and low-gloss finishes and are ideal for patios, pool decks, walkways and more. Although some of Rust-Oleum’s general-purpose water-based sealers are technically targeted for the DIYer, professionals may find them useful for specific projects and certain customers: ■■ ROCKSOLID Penetrating Concrete Sealer deeply penetrates the surface and forms a protective barrier to keep water out, protect against stains, and prolong the life of concrete—all without leaving a finish.

PPG’s newly reformulated PERMA-CRETE Masonry Coatings (for interior and exterior) help protect and improve appearance, extend the painting season and reduce costs. Several products in the PERMA-CRETE product assortment now come in a low-VOC (<100 g/L) formula while retaining their original benefits, including: ■■ PERMA-CRETE Plex-Seal Clear Sealer provides a barrier of protection for concrete in a satin sheen. It’s fast drying and moisture and chemical resistant. ■■

PERMA-CRETE Color-Seal Acrylic Concrete Stain

offers good adhesion, easy application, moisture resistance, and can be applied in temperatures as low as 35° F. And for even lower emissions, several of the products in the PERMA-CRETE line are now available in a <50 g/L-VOC formula, including: ■■ PERMA-CRETE High Build provides improved resistance to dirt and wind-driven rain as well as UV light and staining to keep paint looking fresh longer. This mildew-resistant coating also offers improved efflorescence and alkali resistance on surfaces up to 13 pH. And it can be applied to fresh concrete at seven days. Flat and new satin sheens are available in a three-base system. ■■ PERMA-CRETE Alkali Resistant Primer is formulated for interior/exterior above-grade concrete, masonry, plaster, tilt-up, stucco, fiber cement and wood. This alkali- and efflorescentresistant primer can be applied to surfaces up to 13 pH and at temperatures down to 35° F. In addition to excellent stain-blocking properties, it’s designed to prevent cracking; safeguard new, unpainted substrates from moisture damage; and reduce paint failure resulting from blistering and peeling. Being familiar with the protective and aesthetic benefits of today’s coatings—and sharing that knowledge with customers—will not only ensure every substrate gets the coating it requires, it can also help to set you apart from your competition. -



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Four pros’ go-to tools and gadgets All painters have their favorite primers and paints, brushes and rollers, stains and epoxies. But what about those little extras—the tools and gadgets— that serve a unique purpose and make a painter’s life just a little easier? Here, four pros weigh in on their go-to tools and gadgets.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

1 2 3 4

ANGELA SCHUSTER Faux Time Design ANTHONY KAID Kaid Painting and Drywall BILL BOTTESI Inconcreto & Bottesi Builders LASHALE ESKRIDGE Ultimate Painting Solutions, LLC


LEFT AND BELOW: LevelLok Leveler can be adjusted up to 8.5" on uneven surfaces.




TOP RIGHT: The Little

Giant Ladder’s Work Being exclusive to faux and Platform creates a decorative finishing, Angela convenient space for Schuster, owner of Faux Time you to stand firmly—or Design, has some of the same set your supplies on needs as any paint pro—and while you’re working. some specialized needs too. Based in New Jersey and serving the New York metro area, Schuster and her all-woman crew say garden knee pads are a must. “We’re on scaffolding a lot doing intricate work, so we use garden knee pads,” she says. “We don’t use contractor knee pads because they’re sized for men and are simply too big for us.” They also love their Werner Extension Ladders with a LeveLok Leveler, which lets them level the ladder on stairs or uneven surfaces. Her team also likes the Little Giant Ladder and values the Little Giant Work Platform. “As artists, we have a palette and several different materials,” she says. “We integrate a lot of products into our finishes, so sometimes, we need to set up shop on the ladder.” RIGHT: The Werner D1224-2 Aluminum 24-ft Extension Ladder features slip-resistant rungs, spring-loaded locks, and mar-resistant endcaps to protect interior and exterior surfaces.

135,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater | 800-553-9053 Mi-T-M manufactures: Cold & Hot Water Pressure Washers Air Compressors • Portable Generators Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Wet/Dry Vacuums • Jobsite Boxes • Portable Heaters Water Pumps • Water Treatment Systems Nov/Dec 2018 | inPAINT



When his team needs to work on an angled surface, Anthony Kaid loves having a ProVisionTools’ PiViT Ladder Tool. Kaid, owner of Kaid Painting and Drywall in Illinois’ River Bend Area, and his team call it simply ‘the PiVit.’ “It’s a ladder stabilizer,” Kaid explains. “We use it when we have our ladder on stairs, and it straightens out the ladder.” They also use it when working on an angled roof to level the ladder. The wedge-shaped ladder-leveling tool increases safety on a job site. Plus, this tool doesn’t need any bolts or clamps, and can also be used as a ladder jack. “Anywhere there’s an uneven surface, we use it,” Kaid says.

Besides making uneven surfaces even, the PiViT Ladder Tool can also create a stable platform for extension ladders.



The OLFA Heavy-Duty Utility Knife delivers a new, sharp blade in a snap, and features a metal pick for opening paint cans and removing switch plates.

The owner of Inconcreto and Bottesi Builders has been a licensed contractor for 20 years. These days, the entrepreneur focuses on custom projects for select clientele in Upper Michigan, designing and building kitchens, bathrooms, custom decks and more. For Bill Bottesi and his three-man crew, projects are a mix of renovation work, building and painting, woodworking, and concrete (making sinks, countertops, tables and more). On paint day, he loves his OLFA Heavy-Duty Utility Knife. “It’s probably the highest-quality razor blade I’ve ever bought at a hardware store,” he says. “It’s perfectly designed. It’s a multitool, and the only utility knife I know of that you can flip around and use to pry open a paint can.” Plus, because the tip snaps off to reveal a fresh sharp edge, he notes, you’ll never have to worry about a dull knife. “It’s so simple, but it’s brilliant,” he says. He has other uses for it, too, but says “it really becomes your best friend on paint days.” 18

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

Operating out of St. Cloud, MN and serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Lashale Eskridge’s Ultimate Painting Solutions focuses on residential projects. Knowing that wasted time on a job isn’t good for business, Eskridge says, “I like The Paint Brush Covers. I know it’s corny and cheesy of a painter to say that—of all the things I could name. But I like things that save time.” Changing and storing brushes, she says, can eat up 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and those minutes add up. “You just set your brushes in The Paint Brush Covers and go about your business,” she says. “When you’re ready to use or wash them, they’re ready.” The covers, which benefited from a lift on Shark Tank, are designed to keep brushes wet and ready to use in between coats. The company also sells a roller cover, outlet and light switch covers, as well as other products. “When I buy a brush,” Eskridge says, “I also buy a Paint Brush Cover.” Store your wet brush in The Paint Brush Cover till you’re ready to paint again or have time to clean it.

Bring the COLOR OF MONEY to your business.

We all know that time is money. That’s why the ColorReader delivers precise color in seconds, no matter where you are—at the job site, the paint store or a client’s. Affordable, pocket-sized and simple to use, the ColorReader delivers Datacolor’s unmatched color accuracy technology right at your fingertips and boosts your bottom line.

How It Works

Hassle, gone. Time and money, saved. Success, yours. To learn more about ColorReader visit

1 Place lens

on surface

2 Identify color


3 See top 3 paint

color matches


6-8, 2019




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GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND What Manufacturers Want Pros to Know


oday’s manufacturers recognize that when it comes to product, you have choices. LOTS of choices. They understand that in order to earn—and keep—your business, they not only have to provide best-in-class products but they also have to lend support and offer services that save you time and money. For this Special Section, we offered manufacturers a unique opportunity to talk about anything pro related— anything they want you to know about their products and/or services. Here, they covered a variety of issues such as: ■■ Special offerings to their pro customers ■■ How they treat a pro vs. a consumer ■■ Product education and training opportunities ■■ Pro-grade product offerings ■■ Business segments they cater to ■■ Reward, loyalty, discount, sample programs ■■ How they stand behind their products While the offerings vary from company to company, one theme runs constant: they are designed especially with the professional in mind, and manufacturers want you to make the most of them.




The Home Depot



PPG Paints

Titan Tool




Tower Sealants

Benjamin Moore

Hyde Group

Rodda Paint






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Click. Buy. Paint. Order From Your Local Store Online. Anytime.


For more information visit inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

©2017 The Sherwin-Williams Company

A Partnership Built to Last For more than 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has been creating reliable solutions that help professionals get the job done right. From innovative, industry-leading products to outstanding service, Sherwin-Williams is committed to investing in the research and development of advanced coating and color technologies that create more revenue opportunities for your business. To put it simply, your success is our success.

Make Your Busy Day Easier


nce a PRO account is opened, simply set up a mySW profile online, link to your account and manage your day while on the go. A store rep can assist with setting up a mySW profile, or you can do it yourself at Professionals will save time and be more efficient with all the mySW online advantages, including the ability to view pricing and purchase history, pay invoices, quickly access data sheets, and order paint and supplies from the local store 24/7. Plus, all the features are accessible on or through the Sherwin-Williams PRO app, available on iPhone and Android.

Color Innovation Confidence is key for your customers when it comes to color selection. Tools like Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Match and ColorSnap® Visualizer make a pro’s job easier. ColorSnap Match, a handheld color-matching tool, takes the guesswork out of matching paint. Head to your local Sherwin-Williams store to purchase the device and connect it to the free ColorSnap Match app to deliver a streamlined colormatching experience. Simply scan any item, including walls, textiles, carpet, apparel, accessories and more, and it will find the closest matching Sherwin-Williams paint color. Additionally, the popular Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer app now includes a new Instant Paint feature. Using cutting-edge augmented reality

EVERYDAY SAVINGS FOR PROS Everyday savings add up with a cash or credit PRO account at Sherwin-Williams. For example, save 15 percent on most painting supplies and 20 percent on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items, plus receive volume pricing on paints and coatings. Pros can also take advantage of a zero-interest Sherwin-Williams credit account to help build credit history and eliminate upfront expenses before the job even starts.


technology, users can try different color options while standing in a space in real time. And when you need spot-on color consistency, count on our exclusive ColorSnap® Precision technology to deliver outstanding color accuracy and color matching for reliable touch-ups.

Room-by-Room Solutions, Big or Small Using the right paint for the job is not only good for your customers, it’s good for the bottom line. Sherwin-Williams sales reps and store managers can help explain all of the premium product upgrades, ensuring your customers get the performance expected while at the same time helping professionals turn jobs faster and save time and money by using fewer coats.

More PRO Advantages Find out more about time-saving products, offers and tools with Sherwin-Williams PRO e-mails and by following Sherwin-Williams on Twitter at @SWPaintPros and at Additionally, stay up to date with the latest product and industry news, business management tips, and contractor and project profiles with the quarterly print edition of Sherwin-Williams PPC Magazine or check out the latest issue at You can also opt-in to receive exclusive offers delivered a few times a month via text message. Simply text your ZIP code to 72468 (PAINT) to start receiving offers.* More than 4,200 stores and 2,700 dedicated sales reps across the U.S. and Canada are ready to serve and provide the expert product and application advice you can trust with everything needed from coatings and wallcoverings to applicators, ladders, equipment and more. Our paints are designed to solve real-world challenges and our color tools offer easy selection with fast, accurate matching and sampling.

Learn more at *By signing up, you consent to receive marketing text messages from or on behalf of Sherwin-Williams using an automatic telephone dialing system to the mobile number from which you send the text. You are not required to sign up as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services. You will receive approximately 5 auto text messages per month. Message and data rates may apply. For additional information, text HELP to short code 72468. You may opt-out at any time by sending STOP to short code 72468. Supported carriers include AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Boost, Nextel and T-Mobile. For more information, contact us at 1-800-4-Sherwin.

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The bigger the paint job, the more you need the Dual Head Tip Extension.

Spray twice as fast with better coverage, with the new Dual Head Spray Tip Extension from Hyde. Two offset tips extend the coverage of each pass while giving just the right amount of overlap. Watch the video at to see the genius of this patented new tool. • Overlap gives better coverage • Fits all “G” thread guns • Uses 5 & 6 series tips • Converts easily to a single tip • Aircraft aluminum – weighs less than 1lb. For more information, contact your Hyde sales representative.

Item #28760 / 800.872.4933 ©2018 Hyde Tools, Inc. All rights reserved.


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The Pro’s Pro for Paint, Drywall & Wall Repair When USG first created drywall, it was Hyde they called to design what became the drywall joint knife that we all still use today. For decades before and after that call, it was Hyde that supplied the tools of choice for professional painters, drywall pros, wallpaper hangers and other tradesmen. Today, Hyde is the Hyde Group, with two pro-focused companies that are strong contributors to North American paint and drywall industries. Hyde Tools, in Massachusetts, and A. Richard, in Quebec, are family-run businesses with a strong commitment to your business.

No Detail Is Too Small


hether it’s a sophisticated airless sprayer, a dripless microfilament paint brush, or a “simple” painter’s 5-in-1 multitool, pro products distributed under the HYDE® and RICHARD brands reflect exceptional attention to detail. During product development, Hyde research always includes multiple worksite visits, where observation and discussion with pros give rise to important distinctions between a tool that is adequate and one that’s exceptional. Sometimes the distinctions are subtle enough that only a pro would notice—a handle with a proper thumb stop for safety; a roller that holds 20% more paint; a stainless steel joint knife with the extra flexibility that painters prefer, vs. the stiffer type drywallers use. Virtually every Hyde Group product has multiple features that were specified by pros in the field. After all, you’re the ones who do the lion’s share of the work.

forced to cut corners in a way that seriously affects the performance of tools, Hyde Group continues to guarantee its Black & Silver® tools … FOREVER! What’s the difference between a HYDE® knife and lookalike tool you can pick up anywhere? “The difference is experience,” says Corey Talbot, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. “We’ve been manufacturing tools since 1875, and we have never changed the essential process. Because we know that to make a tool last forever, you have to begin with the correct grade of steel; you have to know how to properly heat treat, temper and grind it, and you have to polish and lacquer it correctly to prevent corrosion. When you get all of that right, then it’s going to last a lifetime.” Often, he adds, people ask Hyde’s historian to identify the age of a Hyde tool that was purchased by a previous generation and is still in use.

Always Open to New Ways of Working Hyde Group has a strong commitment to innovation and the reinvention of common tools, with the goal of helping pros be more productive and obtain a better finish for their customer. Product ideas from pros in the field are always welcome, and inventors are invited to make new product submissions using the online submission form at Some of the group’s most effective products have come from the creativity of a pro with a brilliant idea. If you have one, Hyde would like to hear it.

Ask for Hyde at Your Favorite Paint Store

Guaranteed Forever Hyde Group makes a wide variety of high-quality putty knives, scrapers, and joint knives, but none are as iconic as the HYDE® Black & Silver® line. At a time when price is king and manufacturers are

PASSING THE PRO TEST As every pro knows, there’s one way to do a job right. And that’s your way. The fact that other pros may do it a little differently only makes for interesting sparring. But in the end, it’s your experience that best informs your work, and that also sets the bar for every new product Hyde develops. So … what’s the pro consensus on Hyde’s latest Dual Head Tip Extension (shown at left)? After 35 million video views, a few million thumbs up, and exceptional sales demand, it seems we have a winner! Ask for it at paint stores nationwide. SPECIAL SECTION

You can find HYDE® brand tools at fine paint and hardware stores throughout the U.S. For more detailed product information, go to and browse through our showcase of tools in 16 categories, including: ■■ Spray poles & systems ■■ Paint mixers, shields & accessories ■■ Putty knives, scrapers & multi-tools ■■ Floor & tile tools and much more

To discover the unique features of RICHARD paint applicators, go to or visit and register as a pro for special discounts.

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For the Pro: Quality Meets Convenience at The Home Depot PAINT FOR EVERY PRO


rom laying the tarp to applying the tape, The Home Depot has paint projects covered. The Home Depot makes it easy to pick up the tools needed to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s the perfect blue for a new homeowner or a cool, collected gray on a local apartment complex, paint is more than a product—it turns the space into a home for clients and tenants.

With bulk pricing, commercial credit, expanded assortment, tool rental and express delivery, service is unmatched. The Home Depot even custom color matches paint from coast to coast. Paint pros often shop across multiple stores in several different markets, and the custom color matching system makes it easy to mix in one city (or store) and have the same color in another. Home Depot knows the pro. For paint, it’s one stop for the right products, at the right price to support the professional’s business.


SAVE TIME & MONEY Time is money. Painting pros need convenience to keep their business growing. At the Pro Desk, The Home Depot associates are ready to assist and fulfill orders quickly with a deep understanding of the pro painter’s needs. For their loyalty, Pro Xtra members save up to 20 percent off paints, stains and primers from trusted and innovative brands like Behr and Varathane. Home Depot offers low prices on paint and volume discounts for pros, which means savings every day per gallon of Behr Paint.

For more information, visit

BEHR PRO Offers Personalized Paint Services for Pros TM

Serving the needs of professional painters, contractors, remodelers and property owners/managers is the foundation of the BEHR PRO Professional Products and Services Program, and the core of our mission.


ince our inception, we have been dedicated to delivering personalized service and highquality products to meet the needs of our customers nationwide. When you work with the BEHR PRO Professional Products and Services Program, you will have access to a dedicated BEHR PRO rep who will help you get the most out of the many professional painter services we provide, including: ■■ Call, text, or email your orders ■■ Arrange will call and schedule deliveries* ■■ Custom color matching ■■ Project and order record management ■■ Job walks SPECIAL SECTION

Project submittal packages Specification services ■■ Digital color renderings ■■ Full-size drawdown samples And together with The Home Depot®, we offer volume discounts, so you can ensure you’re getting the lowest possible price. Plus save up to 20% on BEHR® paints, stains, and primers and get exclusive money-saving offers when you join the The Home Depot PRO XTRA Loyalty Program. ■■ ■■

Visit to find a local BEHR PRO Rep near you. *Where available. Some limitations apply.

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Rewarding referrals Pros talk deck coatings

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The realities of #DeleteFacebook

ant? Is ‘green’ still relev s for Must-do mind shiftfuture a more profitable

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Managing overspray

Pros talk work vehicles


Pros on their go-to


primers How brush manufactur ers are meeting your needs June 2018 | inPAINT


Business financing options




4000 PSI Cold Water Pressure Washer | 800-553-9053

Made in


with Globally Sourced Components

Mi-T-M manufactures: Cold & Hot Water Pressure Washers • Air Compressors • Portable Generators Air Compressor/Generator Combinations • Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations • Wet/Dry Vacuums Jobsite Boxes • Portable Heaters • Water Pumps • Water Treatment Systems 28

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Painting Pros Depend on Mi-T-M Equipment When it comes to working with professional painting contractors, Mi-T-M and the paint division team pull out all the stops. “The pros are a very important part of our business,” says Jeff Schlichte, Paint Division Manager for the Mi-T-M Corporation. “This is their livelihood so they need equipment they can depend on.”


i-T-M manufactures several models of cold water pressure washers specific to the paint market. Many of these washers feature a heavy duty triplex plunger pump giving pros more working hours for pressure washing. The Mi-T-M CBA Series belt driven pressure washer is built with longevity in mind. According to Don Holdridge, National Paint Division Manager, “This machine can run 6 to 7 hours a day 5 days a week with no problems.” That’s because belt-drive pressure washers tend to run cooler with less RPM load on the pump than their direct drive counterparts making them ideal for contractors who use them to prep surfaces as part of their large restoration projects. Through pro shows and in-store training, Mi-T-M has the opportunity to work directly with paint pros. This direct interaction has resulted in many programs and tools specifically developed for this market, such as online product redemption offers, extended warranties, customer service reps dedicated to the paint market and a national service center listing. Mi-T-M has also created websites for paint pros so they can easily find product information, howto videos, a service center locator, and a listing of pressure washer accessories available to make their jobs easier. Accessories like special nozzles, extended reach wands and surface cleaners keep efficiency at the forefront. There’s also a Mi-T-M Selection Guide designed to help pros know exactly which pressure washer is the ideal model for every job they encounter.

In 2017 the Mi-T-M Mobile Pro was launched to help pros access product specific information directly on their mobile device. A custom decal, applied to all of Mi-T-M products, contains a QR code that can be easily scanned to bring up a powerful app allowing accessibility to the product manual and parts list for that very machine. How-to videos can be viewed right on a mobile device and a service center locator allows users to quickly find help if they need it. The Mi-T-M Mobile Pro has proven to be a great tool for all Mi-T-M customers. Mi-T-M has worked hand in hand with paint pros for several decades now, “They have been a valuable resource to us,” states Holdridge. “Working directly with this group of professionals has allowed us to grow our market by developing tools to help them get the job done as efficiently as possible and we’ve been able to apply that knowledge across all our markets.” Having the right equipment for a job is important and at Mi-T-M all equipment comes with a guarantee of unbeatable customer service and technical support. “Customer support is one of the most important aspects of our company,” says Schlichte. “We believe you deserve that benefit when you buy from Mi-T-M. It’s been an important part of our business from day one and I don’t see that ever changing.” Mi-T-M Corporation manufactures a full line of industrial-grade equipment including, cold and hot water pressure washers, air compressors, generators, combination air compressor generator, combination air compressor generator welders, jobsite boxes, water treatment systems, semi-trash pumps, and portable heaters. Quality control is a priority at Mi-T-M, so each piece of equipment is quality tested before it goes out the door.

For more information on Mi-T-M Corporation and their complete line of products, visit or call (800) 553-9053.

Mi-T-M has been building high quality equipment in Peosta, Iowa since 1971. From the very first pressure washer built in the garage of company founder and CEO AJ Spiegel, to today where over 450 dedicated employees fabricate, assemble, test and ship product from a 1-million square foot manufacturing facility, quality is never compromised. Mi-T-M is committed to local workers and building stronger economies.


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Extend Your Painting Season With Rodda Paint’s CoverCoat XL High-Performance Exterior Coating Formulated for Any Weather Will Help Northwest Painters Extend Their Painting Season.


odda Paint, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, announces the release of CoverCoat XL with X-Link Technology—a new moisture tolerant, all season, 100 percent acrylic exterior paint. It is moisture resistant, can be applied up to one hour prior to rain in temperatures as low as 40 degrees, and offers superior fade resistance. CoverCoat XL is formulated with X-Link technology, Rodda’s proprietary formula, which has been tested in the extreme heat, high humidity and in direct sunshine with great flow and level properties. Surfaces dry to the touch can be immediately painted. “Contractors today need an exterior paint product that stands up to the ever-changing Pacific

Northwest weather. The weather here can be very unpredictable, and contractors are always looking for ways to extend their painting season,” says David Wolf, President and COO of Rodda Paint. “With CoverCoat XL’s new X-Link Technology, contractors do not need to worry as much about the weather and, most importantly, they can paint pretty much year around,” continues David Wolf. CoverCoat XL was superior when tested against the leading brands in the best dry to rain comparison, top fade comparison, superior hide and coverage comparison and best algae and mildew comparison. So if you want to extend your painting season, try Rodda Paint’s new CoverCoat XL with X-Link Technology.

To learn more about CoverCoat XL with X-Link technology, or to locate a Rodda Paint retailer, visit














HP_CCXL_Print_AD_Nov-Dec_2018.indd 1 inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018






10/31/18 9:16 AM

ACCELERATOR: Productivity & Speed in a Tube


oday’s Pro Paint Contractor relies on products that deliver performance, efficiency and value. Tower Sealant’s ACCERATOR delivers all of them. With unmatched paintability, ACCELERATOR can be spray painted immediately. ACCELERATOR eliminates costly callbacks because this is a painter’s caulk that will not crack or discolor paint. Like all Tower caulk products, the ACCELERATOR is vacuum filled; that means no annoying air pops, and every bead flows smooth and consistent. Designed to provide years of trouble free service ACCELERATOR offers excellent adhesion and a durable, long lasting flexible waterproof seal. Use ACCELERATOR indoors or outdoors for a variety of applications, such as doorframes, baseboards, window frames, crown moldings, siding joints, and much more. Tower Sealants formulates and manufactures top-quality caulks and sealant products. Founded in 2006 in Gainesville, GA Tower identified the need for quality, service and innovation in the professional paint channel. Dedicated to producing high-quality products, Tower uses the latest mixing and packaging technology. Professional contractors are more efficient and productive using Tower’s innovative caulks and sealants. INPAINT_NOV. 2018_7.458 X 4.979.pdf




■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Industry’s fastest paint over time • Spray paint immediately • Brush or roll in 30 minutes Air free filled tubes for perfect beads No “run-on” when you let go of the caulk gun trigger Does not crack paint or discolor paint Cured bead is mildew resistant Excellent adhesion and durability Indoor or outdoor use Low VOC & low odor Exceeds ASTM C-834 No callbacks 50-year durability guarantee


To learn more, call 866-897-7568 or email Available at Pro Paint Stores nationwide.

1:35 PM










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The DIFM Trend: Why Your Reputation Matters More Than Ever It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that with the rise of constant demands on people’s time, and the trend toward effortless delivery of just about everything, people are less likely than ever to complete their own home improvement projects.


ut the interesting thing about the Do-It-For-Me trend, or DIFM, isn’t that it’s growing (although it is); it’s that it changes the game for pros. Because, when someone makes the call to go with a pro versus doing it themselves, they’re not just looking to save time and effort. They’re choosing someone who may do a better job than they can do themselves. They’re choosing someone who can make it perfect—no matter what. In order to compete in the DIFM landscape— and in the world of online reviews—everything pros do has to live up to a higher standard, while also staying cost-efficient. That means choosing tools

that get the job done right the first time. Investing in the right prep for results that meet their high standards. Building a reputation on excellence. There’s a reason 3M is the name you know when it comes to tools of the trade. Our reputation is built on performance. And so is yours. Ready to get to work? With abrasives, wall repair, masking tools, tapes and safety products designed especially for pros, 3M has the tools. You bring the talent.

Ultra Spec SCUFF-X —The Industry’s First True Scuff-Resistant Paint ®

Revolutionary Formula Provides Long-Lasting Durability in High-Traffic Commercial Spaces


aunched in 2017, Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®—the first-of-itskind, is a revolutionary, high-performance, one-component latex paint engineered specifically to resist scuffmarks in high-traffic, commercial environments. SCUFF-X provides superior scuff-resistance to two-component coatings, without the strong odor, pre-mixing, short pot-life and application difficulties associated with similar products. SCUFF-X provides long-term durability with superior scuffresistance in a latex formula that can be applied to occupied areas for a quick return to service and reduced downtime. SCUFF-X will retain its high-quality appearance much longer with minimal maintenance. The Ultra Spec line of coatings is the trusted solution for commercial contractors and introducing SCUFF-X to the portfolio will dramatically improve how professionals maintain the busiest areas of their facilities.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018


This unique product was designed to meet the performance demands of the most high-traffic commercial spaces and facilities such as hallways, stairwells, lobbies, common areas, offices, gymnasiums, locker rooms, public restrooms, retail fitting rooms and much more. The cutting-edge formulation enables the coating to be low-VOC, eligible for LEED® v4 credit, and qualifies for CHPS low emitting credit. The professional marketplace has responded positively to SCUFF-X with three high-profile industry awards shortly after the product launch in 2017: 1. Grand Award (1st place) in the Product Innovations program, BUILDINGS magazine 2. Product of the Year, 2017 Editor’s Choice, Architectural Record 3. 2017 Best of Product Award, Architect’s Newspaper SCUFF-X is available in more than 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors in three finishes: Matte, Eggshell and Satin across North America.

For more information, go to


Your Success Is Our Priority!


rofessionals like you are our business. In addition to superior paint and supplies, we offer a wide range of services to help you complete your jobs successfully, serve your clients effectively, and continue to grow your business.





Once you create your free Dunn-Edwards web account, you can perform a variety of tasks: Download and print customizable marketing tools, find accurate pricing and more! Manage your purchasing account more efficiently by assigning approved purchasers and viewing invoices, statements, payment history and real-time balances. Online Ordering is easily accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device through You can order paint and some of the most commonly ordered supplies with the click of a mouse. Monthly discounts and promotions exclusively for Under the Lid email subscribers.

IN-STORE If you need some guidance regarding solutions for any painting project, you can rely upon any of our field sales reps and in-store associates for expert paint advice. ■■ Need some assistance helping your client pick out the perfect hue? Let your clients know about our FREE color consultation service. ■■ Take advantage of our Early-Bird service, which allows you to pick up your order 30 minutes before stores open on weekdays. Just make sure you place the order before 3 p.m. the previous day. ■■ We make financing your business easy with an array of credit services, as well as providing you with a dedicated DunnEdwards sales and credit account manager who will guide you in the right direction. ■■


To view more of our services, visit:

The True Color of Success? Find It With the Datacolor ColorReader Nick Slavik, proprietor of the Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co., is often called upon for historical color matching. And like any successful business person, Nick knows that time is money. That’s why the time he saves using the Datacolor ColorReader is so valuable to him.


emember the days of cutting out a piece of wall, driving it to the paint store, waiting for it to get matched, getting the paint tinted then driving back to the job site? I do. Here’s a better way: match the wall color with your ColorReader, share it from your app to the paint store. You work while the paint gets delivered. No lost time. My ColorReader paid for itself the second time I used it.” Along with the convenience of using a pocketsized color-matching tool with pinpoint accuracy


when you’re atop a ladder on a historic home, Nick is a fan of the ability to create color palettes with his ColorReader. “I recently walked an entire townhome complex reading colors on each building. I saved them to my library and could share it with property management. The paint store loves it too. My orders are easy to decipher and orderly when using the ColorReader. This tool is the epitome of convenience and a great way to showcase your business’ professionalism.”

Find out how ColorReader can add more “green” to your business. Learn More:

Nov/Dec 2018 | inPAINT


Helping Paint Professionals Build a Reputation Based on Quality For over 35 years, Abatron, Inc. has provided building restoration and maintenance products for wood, metal, and concrete.


or example, LiquidWood® permanently reinforces deteriorated wood and restores its strength. On the other hand, WoodEpox®, a shrink-free epoxy putty, fills and replaces missing sections of wood. Together they make a complete wood restoration system. In addition, Krack Kote® makes invisible and flexible repairs to plaster and drywall so that cracks will never reappear. Each of these products offers a common benefit: the consistent quality that Abatron customers count on. Abatron is proud of its longstanding commitment to bring quality reliable products to our professional customers. We realize that by your winning a commercial contract, the client has a clear expectation of the project’s success. In turn, you expect the products and tools you rely on to meet

or exceed your expectations. That’s why our products must pass rigorous testing before they ever hit the market. Abatron’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 registered, and our best-selling products are GREENGUARD® Certified as having virtually no VOC’s; a reflection of our commitment to the safety of the user and environment. Abatron’s knowledgeable and courteous technical support staff is available to help guide you in choosing the right products for your project. Our mobile-friendly website includes a convenient dealer locater, allowing you to find stores that carry our products no matter where your jobsite may be.

You can also source product application accessories, how-to resources, and more by visiting our website at

European Innovation for a Better Way to Roll


he Nespoli Group,, a leading designer and manufacturer of paint tools, based in Italy and home to leading pro brands such as Friess® (Germany), ® Roulor (France) and Rulo Pluma® (Spain) is launching its innovative Click&Roll® roller system; simply a better way to roll. Tried and tested day in and day out by professionals across Europe, the systems will soon be available online in the US.

TIME AND PAINT SAVING ROLLER SYSTEM The patented system helps professionals get more painting time. A simple, durable click and roll mechanism helps switch out roller covers quickly, to easily change covers for different colors or surfaces. Pros can work quickly and efficiently with a jumbo, 2.2" diameter core offering the surface area of an 18" cover in a more manageable 10" roller format. An airtight container helps store rollers without cleaning for up to 21 days saving time, paint and water. No more daily cleaning, throwing out roller covers, or messy wrapping in plastic bags. 34

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2018

Overall, Pros can expect to save up to 30% of their time while they save paint, water and money.

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE ROLLERS The systems will come paired with three professional-grade fabrics; anti-splatter and lint-free with high-recovery fibers for high durability: ® ■■ Malerstreif, a ¾" pile height, the top choice of pros in Germany ® ■■ Ritmo, a Teflon -coated ½" pile height with incredible pick up and release 3 ■■ ProFINgray, a /8" pile height fabric for smooth finishes

If you roll, Nespoli Click&Roll® is simply a better way to roll. Reach out to try the systems or pre-order


FESTOOL for Professional Painters


t’s our goal to help professional painters boost efficiency and productivity, while increasing profits and achieving higher quality results each and every day. We rethink the traditional. We push past the status quo. We reject compromise. Festool’s job is not to give you what you want. It’s bigger than that. We are committed to designing and manufacturing high-performance tools, accessories, abrasives and other consumables that will help you achieve superior results. We do all of this by researching, designing, and developing tools in the hands of master craftsmen. At Festool, we make sure that every product surpasses your expectations about what a power tool can do.




Full unit, HEPA certified CT Dust Extractors with optional Bluetooth functionality Dual-function, ROTEX sanders for material removal all the way to final finish Corded and cordless, brushless finish sanders built to outlast and out perform




■■ ■■

PLANEX Easy for fast and easy drywall jobs: you can sand walls and ceilings in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools or methods Abrasives and a host of innovative, professional, long-lasting accessories and consumables Superior jobsite lighting with the SYSLITE DUO and STL Inspection Light Light, compact and powerful SYSROCK jobsite radio SERVICE all-inclusive which includes Festool’s 36-Month Comprehensive Warranty—the most comprehensive warranty in the industry provides coverage for 36 months from the date of purchase, and other features such as 3-Year free shipping for repairs, a 48-hour Standard Repair time, and far more. See for more details.

Find out why more and more painters are discovering Festool. Get our 2018 Paint Catalog at



PG PAINTS™ brand launched BUILDER PERFORMANCE™ interior latex wall and ceiling paint available in flat ready-mix colors and tint bases, the product is designed especially for volume homebuilders and commercial contractors to provide precise color consistency for routine touch-up jobs. Builder Performance is a high-quality latex paint for interior walls and ceilings. Its low odor and application characteristics make it easy to apply by spraying, brushing or rolling. The product provides a uniform flat finish to help hide tape joints and surface imperfections, and its excellent hide and touch-up properties result in an even and quality finish for every home. The curated Builder Performance color palette includes 10 top PPG Paints neutrals. “At PPG, we understand professionals need to efficiently and accurately complete paint jobs and routine maintenance touchups,” said Terri Guenthenspberger, PPG senior segment marketing manager, Architectural Coatings. “Whether it is months or years following an initial paint job, professionals can be assured that the

new PPG Paints Builder Performance line removes any guesswork by providing the ability to color match previous paint jobs. It also provides excellent hide and easy application features for a beautifully finished project.” Builder Performance paint is now widely available at PPG Paints stores and independent retailers nationwide.

For more information about the PPG Paints brand and Builder Performance paint, visit The PPG Logo is a registered trademark and PPG Paints is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Builder Performance is a registered trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.


Nov/Dec 2018 | inPAINT


The Tool That Makes the Painter A painter without a brush is like a car without an engine. It’s just not getting you anywhere.


e have all used brushes with stubborn bristles that refuse to make clean cuts or rollers that roll out of paint far before they should, so we know the tools make the painter just as much as skill and experience. Just as our skills evolve, the tools we use should continue to make us better. They should complement our skill and make us more productive. There’s more to a brush than bristles and a handle, and not just any old roller will get the job done well. Purdy® has invested many years—93 to be exact— in refining its tool and brush-making craft. Each brush is handmade, ensuring it will last job after job and wash after wash. These brushes treat you well too. They train into your style after a few uses and will last years if properly cared for.

Purdy’s latest brush innovation is the Purdy® XL High Capacity. It has a unique “stadium”-shaped ferrule design that allows it to pick up and hold more paint. This also helps it cover more surface in a shorter amount of time, increasing efficiency without compromising quality. Finally, it is crafted with the same moisture-wicking, lightweight hardwood as the XL® series brushes ideal for comfort and control. This brush takes what already worked and makes it even more effective, cutting down painting and cleanup time, leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

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Lower the Pressure, Increase the Benefits with the TR1 HEA Tip. The new TR1 HEA (High Efficiency Airless) reversible airless tip features revolutionary tip technology that will allow spraying at lower pressures, delivering total control and extending the life of sprayers.


he TR1 HEA tip features an optimized dual orifice that atomizes latex and other common architectural paints at 1,000 PSI while delivering the same production and flow as higher pressure tips. The low pressure technology creates a softer fan pattern and reduces overspray by up to 55 percent, and saves up to 35 percent in paint consumption. Also, the TR1 HEA tip produces feathered edges for a better finish when overlapping spray patterns.


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When using the low pressure TR1 HEA tips, the pump does not work as hard and will spray more gallons of paint before repacking is needed. HEA technology also extends the tip life up to three times. Titan is running an offer to buy two TR1 HEA low pressure tips and get one free through December 31st, 2018. It is a great way to try a couple different sizes and see the results firsthand.

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Top Tape Tips for Today’s Painting Professional HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT TAPE FOR YOUR JOB





ven the most experienced pros can save time and money with the proper selection and application of tape. Whether you’re a large-scale operation looking for economies or a small business searching for a competitive edge, follow these tips to put tape to work for you.

While there are plenty of specialty tapes available for unusual surfaces or situations, the vast majority of painting jobs use these four categories of tape. Choosing the right one for the application will make your job easier and ensure great results. ■■ General Purpose Masking Tapes: Great for jobs like labeling, bundling and color coding, but they are not recommended for painting. ■■ Production Grade Painter’s Tapes: The basic tool for masking durable surfaces like wood, tile and carpet. Use it for taping protective floor coverings, spraying applications

and new construction projects, but not when clean lines and detail work are on the schedule. Professional Grade Multi-Surface Painter’s Tapes: A category with a variety of products that can be used on cured painted walls, trim, glass, wood and metal. These easy-release products deliver clean paint lines but lack the precision of edge-treated tape. Premium Edge-Treated Painter’s Tapes: These top-ofthe-line tapes are specifically designed to stop paint from bleeding under the edge and spoiling fine detail and edge work. Products like FrogTape® brand painter’s tapes ensure sharp lines every time, on both regular and delicate surfaces.

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Werner MT Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder—Now Lighter Weight, Versatile and Easy to Transport


or many residential and commercial painters, ladders are a daily essential. Whether painting the walls of a customer’s home or an entire building, most contractors need multiple ladders based on the project at hand. The Werner MT Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder is the most versatile of all ladders. The telescoping design allows the ladder to be used in five unique positions: 1. The Twin Step Ladder (A-frame) mode, is the most popular and common ladder style used for low and medium height access needs. 2. The Stairway Stepladder mode provides a safe and secure way of working even on uneven structures like stairs. One side rail extends further than the other rail does so the ladder remains level on a staircase 3. With the Extension Ladder mode, the ladder easily transitions from the A-frame to a vertical position to extend as needed for additional height.

4. The Wall Ladder mode should always have the side of the ladder that is closest to the wall at a 90-degree angle to the ground. 5. The Scaffold Base can be accomplished by turning parts of the ladder into two A-frames. Made with lightweight aluminum, the Werner MT Multi-Position ladder has a 300 lb. load capacity and handles both residential and commercial jobs, while being OSHA an ANSI compliant. The feet are slip resistant and the ends are flared for firm support. The smooth curved rails allow for comfortable climbing and its springloaded j-locks allow for quick height adjustments.

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What, Where & When









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14: 34th Annual TRENDS Rental Housing Management Conference and Trade Show, Seattle, WA


24–26: 2019 Painting Profits Summit, Chattanooga, TN








11–13: International Roofing Expo, Nashville, TN


1–4: 100th Annual Association of General Contractors Convention, Denver, CO


1–4: ArtFusion Event, Santa Fe, NM


22–26: AWCI’s Annual Convention, National Harbor, MD

11–14: SSPC 2019 Coatings+, Orlando, FL


12 & 13: Campus Connex, Orlando, FL


19–21: NAHB International Builders’ Show, Las Vegas, NV

6–8: 2019 PDCA EXPO, Savannah, GA


Don’t miss THE education and training event for painting contractors! Every year, business owners in the coatings industry gather to hear the latest on industry standards, best practices, business growth opportunities, innovations in application, and about new tools and resources. This event will feature 30 classroom training sessions and Ask-a-Peer brainstorming sessions, plus the annual EXPO trade show featuring the latest coatings, applicators, software and more.

To register, visit 38

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A Business Growth Lesson From the All-YouCan-Eat Buffet


ave you ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet? So many different salads, entrees and desserts. As a kid, I went to one of these buffets with my parents and I couldn’t stop eating. I ate so much that I actually got sick. It wasn’t pleasant, but I learned an important life lesson that day: Just because you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat until you get sick. This past year, I was reminded of this lesson as I witnessed some of my clients struggling with full plates. Due to the strong economy (and to some great coaching!), many of them are experiencing an all-youcan-eat buffet of leads flowing into their businesses and they’re complaining about being swamped, scrambling, and pedaling as fast as they can to keep up! When I ask why they don’t just take a pass on some of those leads, they all have a similar list of reasons as to why they could never do that. That’s when I share my story of how too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.

Why it pays to practice portion control Just because you have an unlimited buffet of leads doesn’t mean that you have to load up on all of them. Pursuing too many leads and uncontrolled growth can

expose your weak spots and hurt your business in many ways. Here are just four possible negative consequences of uncontrolled growth that you should consider before following up on your next lead: ■■ Attending to more leads than you can handle can increase the time it takes to respond to each call, shorten the time you have to spend with each prospect, and reduce follow-up after the proposal is delivered—which can tarnish your image and reduce your close rate. ■■ Explosive growth can hamper your ability to deliver. It makes it harder to schedule your customers in a timely fashion and give them attentive service. And it stretches your field managers and crews, which can reduce oversight, lower quality, and cause more problems and rework—resulting in lower customer satisfaction, fewer referrals and reduced profits. ■■ Too much business may force you to hire lessqualified people and shortcut their training, which will reduce productivity. It can also stress out your team, reduce your employee satisfaction, and cause higher turnover. ■■ Finally, businesses that are stretched tend to significantly cut back on important, but not urgent, business-improvement projects (such as strengthening your hiring process, finding ways to increase productivity, or developing your team for the future), which can hurt future growth and profitability.

Growth is a choice. Choose wisely. Before you decide to pursue leads and the additional growth that can follow, I highly recommend that you meet with your team and discuss the possible consequences noted above—as well as the potential positives of taking on additional business. Then intentionally choose your growth strategy, engaging your team to ensure that everyone is aligned and prepared to implement it. If you choose to say ‘no’ to higher growth, you can raise your rates and implement screening strategies to reduce your lead flow, which will increase profits and ensure that you are working with your ideal customers. If you choose to say ‘yes’ to higher growth, involving your team will help identify the actions you need to take to successfully accommodate your higher growth rate and ensure that you and your business don’t suffer from the bounty of the buffet.

BILL SILVERMAN is the owner of Springboard Business Coaching, dedicated to helping contractors lead growing, profitable, sevenfigure businesses that can thrive without them.

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