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Pros’ go-to kitchen and bath coatings Subcontract or hire? Wallcoverings: where form and function meet Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT




“Nothing is worth it if you’re not happy.” —Unknown


s we approach the end of another year, I, like many others, find myself reviewing my priorities and the things to which I give my time and energy. Turning over the last pages of the 2019 calendar serves as a good reminder that there are only so many pages you get to pull off your own life-calendar until you hit the end. The question then becomes: What are you going to do to make sure you enjoy and make the most of those remaining pages? Over the many calendar pages I have turned thus far in life, I’ve come to recognize that a lot of the joy I experience comes from connecting with and helping others. I do this in my personal world—yes, I’ve moved a LOT of couches and refrigerators—and in my professional world via efforts such as inPAINT. At its core, inPAINT is all about connecting and helping others. We strive to share stories and information that will make your job easier and bring you success. As a bonus to me, in the course of pulling together stories, I often get the chance to connect the people to other individuals, resources and products that they might need but not know about. In fact, some days I spend more time connecting dots for others than putting words to the page. But as far as I’m concerned, those are my most productive and satisfying days. As we prepare the editorial lineup for 2020, I’m happy to be filling my calendar with calls and connections to make. I’m eager to hear what you want to learn about and to find the people and resources that answer those needs. So, please take a minute to email me a quick hit list of who and what you want to learn about. Or tell me your story and what you have to share. Honestly, nothing would make me happier. Cheers,

Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2019 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Steve Burnett President, DYB Coach Nigel Costolloe President, Catchlight Painting LeAnn Day President, Paint & Decorating Retailers Association


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

Doug Imhoff Owner, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

Tom Reber President, The Contractor Fight

Jim Kaloutas Owner, Kaloutas Painting

Nick Slavik Owner, Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co.

Marge Parkhurst President, Painting by Marge, Inc.

Art Snarzyk Owner, InnerView Advisors, Inc.






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inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

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CRAFTED IN OUR HANDS. TO WORK BETTER IN YOURS. Around here, built in America is a badge of honor. It stands for quality, craftsmanship, and innovative tools you can stake your reputation and livelihood on. Find out more at

AMERICAN PROUD. TITAN STRONG. capspray™ 105 capspray™115

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Subcontract or Hire?


Pro Picks


Considerations when you need extra hands

Courtesy of Behr

Pros’ coating preferences for kitchens and baths



Special Section:

Products and services that go above and beyond

26 Ask a Pro Offering lifetime touch-ups as a business strategy

10 The News Industry ins and outs 14 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry 15 Trend in Focus Today’s wallcoverings: where form and function meet

38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 39 Bottom Line Bonded work and the painting contractor

16 5 Good Questions Challenges and advantages of a married couple as painting business owners

COVER: Looking to create an impactful space for their NYC showroom, contract furniture maker Keilhauer called upon LJK Finishes, Inc. to help create a one-ofa-kind look. According to LJK President Louis Katz, a digitally printed wallpaper featuring the faces of Keilhauer staff was designed and produced by custom wallpaper manufacturer Rollout. Spanning 75,' the paper was hung over the course of two days by LJK crew. 8

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

Cover Photo Courtesy of LJK Finishes, Inc.; This Page's Background Photo Courtesy of Titan

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How brush manufac tur are meeting your ne ers eds June 2018 | inPAINT



Dunn-Edwards Paints introduces online ordering T Dunn-Edwards Paints has stepped up their pro services program with the addition of online ordering. Accessible by desktop and mobile devices, the new platform saves pros time and money by having paint and supplies ready to go when they arrive at the store. Online orders are transacted at the store using cash or by charging the pro’s Dunn-Edwards purchasing account. Orders received during business hours will be ready for will-call pickup within two hours; orders placed after regular business hours will be ready the next day. The new service also allows pros to check prices, make payments, track invoices and more.

New ZipWall Span Kit goes the distance T The new ZipWall Span Kit makes it easy—and fast—to create a dust barrier up to 16' wide along the ceiling, walls and floor, or a barrier up to 32' wide along the ceiling and walls. The Span Kit comes with everything you need, and works with all ZipWall poles. It takes minutes to set up, does not require tape or ladders, and leaves no damage.

Make better hires (in less time) with Checkster T One of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of any hiring process is the reference check. More often than not, calls go unreturned and people aren’t always candid in their comments. Until now. According to Yves Lermusi, CEO of Checkster, “By fully automating the reference-check process, this app saves you the time of making calls, but also helps you make better hires by collecting higher-quality feedback.” Here’s how: Potential hires provide the name, email address and phone number for a reference, then Checkster invites that individual to complete a confidential online survey. “What we’ve found is that when people give feedback online, they tend to be more forthcoming,” says Lermusi. “Survey questions can be tailored to the issues of most importance to you. The data is then collected and provided in a comprehensive report, usually within two days.” In addition, every survey ends by asking the reference if they might be interested in a future position with the survey company. “Typically, reference providers work in the same industry as the potential hire. By asking this, you build a nice stable of potential hires that you can tap in the future and potentially eliminate the time and expense of posting a job.” Checkster works on both mobile and desktop platforms. 10

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

T If you’ve got customers hankering for a weathered-wood look for surfaces inside or out, DIYDriftwood can help you achieve it with minimal effort and time. Designed to be used on bare, untreated wood containing tannins, the powdered product is mixed with water and brushed directly onto the surface. A single application penetrates deep into wood and creates a long-lasting weathered-gray finish. Popular applications include furniture, ceilings, accent walls, cabinets, tables and more. Cleanup is as easy as soap and water, and leftover mixture can be stored up to three months; unmixed powder lasts indefinitely.

Ireland’s General Paints Group debuts paint collection in U.S. T Based in Kildare, Ireland, the General Paints Group didn’t have to look far for inspiration for its new 144-color designer collection. Inspired by the works of 29 Irish artists and designers, Curator, a low-odor interior paint, is available in five finishes and has been tested to the European standard for interior paint quality, EN13300, with a Class 1 rating for scrub resistance and opacity. 7.0 in.and will be available in late 2019 in California and Oregon, with further locations The collection is now available in select stores in Connecticut to be added in 2020.







BIG TIME. ile working turbs lead paint wh to painters, who dis t, you can ns no icia e ctr u’r ele yo If to m plumbers ad-Safe Certified. Le be st mu w no Any contractor, fro , center ur workers and your , school or day care health of yourself, yo the t pu u t easy. yo in a pre -1978 home s, Plu s. for five years. It’s tha ds of dollars in fine e class certifies you On . face tens of thousan its su law in ult ich could res customers at risk, wh





Courtesy of David Kraft

A weathered-wood look in minutes

Sign up for certification today. or 800-424-LEAD Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT



Home Depot offers an exclusive discount on HOVER T The Home Depot is offering Pro Xtra members exclusive and significant savings on the building-dimensions app HOVER. Used to obtain measurements and 3D models of home exteriors, the mobile app’s interactive 3D modeling is customizable and allows users to see what homes would look like with different colors and products during a remodel. Pros who sign up through their Pro Xtra account receive their first job free, save 25% per property on future measurements and models, and enjoy a one-month free premium membership valued at $100. According to J.T. Rieves, VP of pro business at The Home Depot, HOVER users see an increase in the size of jobs sold, close more leads, and can save roughly two hours of estimating time.

Upfit your ride online with WEATHER GUARD T This recently introduced interactive online tool lets you visually create your own custom van upfit. Based on the make, model, wheelbase and roof height of your vehicle, the WEATHER GUARD Van Configurator allows you to choose and visualize preconfigured packages or create a fully customized one including storage modules, partitions, racks and bins, bulkheads, shelving, ladder racks and more. Printable drawings and a parts list are then made available and can be submitted online to a local certified installer for pricing. The app currently includes options for the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect models. The company anticipates adding configuration options for Ram, Mercedes-Benz, GM and Nissan in the near future.

Titan SprayRoller and Inner-Feed Roller improved for efficiency T Providing greater efficiency and ease of use is what’s behind the latest improvements of these two products. The upgraded design of the SprayRoller now makes spraying and back-rolling one easier and smoother motion, reduces overspray, provides a roller-finish, and minimizes touch-ups. The versatile Inner-Feed Roller has been simplified and now includes only three parts, making it easier to use and clean. By pumping paint from the sprayer to the roller, it eliminates the need for a paint tray and keeps the roller on the wall. Both systems can be used with any brand of airless sprayer and/or extension pole.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT



Recruit and retain strategies Attracting and retaining employees is a challenge for companies of all sizes.’s 2019 Compensation Best Practices Report reveals what measures organizations are using to find and keep talent in a tight market. 70%


700% Google searches for ‘Peel and Stick Wallpaper’ have increased by 700% over the past five years.



SOURCE: Google Trends 50%


2020 (color) vision


Paint manufacturers recently announced the colors they expect to be trending in 2020. Here’s a look at five picks:




Merit-based pay plan

Nondiscretionary, Discretionary Stock option Learning and incentive-based bonus plan and/or grant plan developmental pay plan opportunities

More perks


When it comes to search-and-spend, age matters



70% of Millennials (ages 22–37) and Gen Xers (ages 38–53) prefer online resources for inspiration and help when making home improvements v. 46% of Baby Boomers (ages 54–72). SOURCE: Zillow’s Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018

$15,000 $10,000 BUT

In 2018, the median spend for homerenovating Baby Boomers and Gen Xers was $15,000 (each) v. $10,000 for Millennials.

According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, homeowner spends on remodels is projected to drop throughout the first half of 2020. inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

Dun nMint Edward s y Fre sh D Paints E568 7

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Behr S340-4 re Natu o t k Bac

SOURCE: 2019 Houzz & Home Overview of U.S. Renovations in 2018 and 2019

Homeowners putting the brakes on remodels


ese s Chin Paint G1160-6 P PPG P elain Porc

$331 billion

4th quarter 2019

$326 billion 1st quarter 2020

$323 billion 2nd quarter 2020


The walls have it Contemporary wallcoverings offer problem-solving, space-creating solutions


espite having been around for literally centuries, wallpaper is once again on trend. According to Louis Katz, president of LJK Finishes, Inc. in Hartsdale, NY, “Residential-wise, it’s totally off the chain. People are using it everywhere … master bedrooms, offices, baths, hallways, ceilings, you name it. We just finished one home where we hung paper in 10 different locations.” But even beyond the residential space, wallpaper is having a moment. A new approach to defining spaces According to Dan Brandt, president of the Wallcovering Association and director of product and marketing at MDC Wallcoverings, “We’re seeing an uptick in the use of wallcoverings in commercial spaces across the board.” Citing the hospitality market, he notes that designers are using a variety of materials and approaches with wallcoverings to give even the big chain hotels more of a boutique feel. “In the past, the goal was to make hotels feel the same … sort of institutional, everywhere. But now, what consumers want is comfort. The aim today is to make people feel more at home when they’re away from home and the options in materials, styles and patterns of wallcovering make that easy to accomplish.” Corporations, too, are looking to redefine their traditional sense of space. “The vibe of an office is really important to recruitment and retention,” says Brandt. “Companies are looking to inspire employees and reinforce their brand and values. They’ve come to recognize that wall space is a great real estate for doing that.” Brandt says he’s seen businesses increasingly taking advantage of digital technology to create custom coverings that depict logos, core values, corporate colors and more. “We actually did a 7-story atrium floor to ceiling with no break in material,” he says. “It was very dynamic and impossible to ignore.” Katz, too, has seen his share of digital commercial work. “The new peel-and-stick papers are ideal for retail and corporate settings where they want to change things out seasonally. But they’re not without their challenges.” Katz notes that if the paint on the wall isn’t cured or it’s not compatible with the adhesive, the product might not adhere well. “Even dust on the wall

Courtesy of LJK Finishes, Inc.

can be a problem. Something that’s supposed to be repositionable suddenly isn’t. You really need to know what you’re doing before agreeing to take on these types of jobs.” The emergence of ‘resimercial’ Carol Miller, PR and product manager at York Wallcoverings, sees another interesting shift in the use of wallcoverings. “The lines between residential and commercial products are being blurred due to cultural changes on how we work and live. People shifting to a work-home environment are hanging more commercial, heavy-duty vinyl wallcovering in their home office to define that specific space as separate from their living space. And, conversely, companies that are implementing modern office design to improve overall workforce well-being are incorporating residential wallcoverings, like naturals and bold designs—not typically found in commercial products—into their space. Designers are referring to this merging of commercial and residential aesthetics and materials as ‘resimercial’ and I think we’re going to be seeing more of it.” More than meets the eye Beyond aesthetics, today’s wallcoverings also offer problem-solving functionality. Brandt cites a growing demand for acoustic materials, especially in openconcept design spaces found in lobbies, restaurants and offices. “Sound-reducing products for walls, ceilings and baffle systems offer the perfect combination of form and function.” Even industrial and commercial environments are coming around to wallcoverings that can reduce the sound transference of heavy machinery such as HVAC units, fans and other equipment.

“The new peel-andstick papers are ideal for retail and corporate settings where they want to change things out seasonally.” —LOUIS KATZ, LJK FINISHES

You’ve got to learn to earn Both Katz and Brandt note that qualified installers are in short supply and the average age hovers somewhere between 56 and 60. “This is a lucrative business,” says Katz, “But it’s hard to get trained. If you want to get in, you’ve got to get yourself into one of the few programs still around or apprentice—or you may even pay to train with an established guy. But, if you’re a painter, you could end up running a nice business or adding a valuable new offering to your customers.” Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT



1 After spending several years behind a desk after college, Ryan Turry launched Headwaters Painting, LLC in 2015 with his wife, Danie, joining a few years later. He credits his membership in the PCA (formerly the PDCA) with helping him to learn the trade quickly. Together, Ryan and Danie enjoy connecting with new people regularly and helping them bring new life to their homes.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019




What’s been the key to achieving successful year-over-year growth in your business? A few things come to mind. The first is our commitment to consistently delivering the best client experience possible. The second is having a vision for what we want to become and building a solid foundation to grow it. Our vision is to reach $2 million in total production by 2023. We’re still very much in the development stage and are creating the foundation by putting systems in place for every aspect of the business. And I mean every aspect. The third thing is really about determination and having the willingness to learn from mistakes, and the commitment to solving problems. It can be humbling sometimes, but it is essential to moving forward.


What’s the biggest challenge and advantage of running a business as a married couple? I’d say the biggest challenge is separating the business from our marriage and relationship. It’s important that our relationship and identity don’t revolve solely around the business. But sometimes that’s easier to say than it is to live. One thing I do make an effort to do is end my workday at 5 p.m. We might still talk a little shop after 5, but I don’t go out to sites or estimates after 5. The advantage of working together is that it gives us flexibility with our schedules; this is especially important now that we have a young child. For the most part, my wife Danie is able to work from home and tackle tasks related to admin work, prequalifying, client communications, and setting up projects. It works for the business and it works for our work-life balance goals. Plus, it’s a lot of fun building something together. We derive a lot of joy from it and I believe that sharing the wins and losses actually strengthens our marriage.



As a business owner, what are your top three priorities? 1. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I haven’t perfected this, but I’m working on it. 2. Building a solid foundation to support our financial goals and help us as we grow. 3. Keeping in mind the only competition we have is ourselves. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other companies. We work hard to stay focused on our vision and simply do the best we can every day.


What are your main performance indicators? The first is simply hitting our budget for each project. This includes hours, material costs, etc., as well as hitting our growth and net revenue targets for each month and quarter. And, while these may not be typical performance indicators, we also consider how a team member is performing in relation to our company’s credo: ■■ Be hungry, stay humble ■■ Discipline = freedom ■■ Quality always wins ■■ Be a team player ■■ Be a producer


What would it take for you to feel happy about your progress in five years? Hitting or coming close to our 2023 vision would be awesome. Even if we don’t nail it—and it will be a challenge—looking back and seeing that we built a company that serves our clients and/or team members who are looking to build a career with us, I’d feel pretty happy. In the end, we want a company that makes a difference and serves everyone involved, including other painters, by elevating the profession.

Discover the hidden treasure in your painting business!


PAINTING PROFITS SUMMIT January 23–25, 2020 • Fort Myers, Florida

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8 things to consider when you need extra hands


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019

Courtesy of FrogTape


n the painting industry, growing your business relies on growing your customer base. But what do you do when your workload expands faster than your crew’s ability to cover it? For many small- and mid-size contractors, a fluctuating workflow often means subcontracting out for temporary help. In the short term, that helps cover the quick shot of seasonal revenue without having to make the investment of hiring

and training new employees. And if you find yourself with the luxury of long-standing relationships with subcontractors in your market, it can even be a great long-term solution for covering you when work starts flowing each year.

Combine taxes with other employeeassociated costs … and your cost for an individual employee making $30,000 annually could be upward of $10,000.

But ensuring that work quality and customer service are up to your standards can be challenging with subcontractors. Besides risking quality control and customer service, your reputation and your company’s long-term growth may also be at risk. So, which is right for your business—subcontractors or employees? Let’s explore some of the pluses and minuses of both. AN ARGUMENT FOR SUBCONTRACTORS There are a number of benefits when it comes to hiring subcontractors, beyond simply getting temporary extra sets of hands. Here are four of the more notable advantages: Operational flexibility: One of the better benefits of subcontracting is the business flexibility it offers in expanding and condensing your team based on how much work you have coming in. Eric Barstow created Painting Business Pro in 2013 to teach people how to start and build their own painting companies following practices he learned when developing his own company, Foothills Painting in Fort Collins, CO. In a post on the Painting Business Pro blog, Barstow writes about subcontracting. “You agree on a price at the beginning of the job, so you aren’t paying an hourly employee to smoke cigarettes the second you leave,” he writes. “You don’t have to provide equipment. And they don’t require full-time work—since they aren’t an employee.”




Expanded capabilities: Your team may gain extra carpentry skills by subbing work to a painter who has expertise in a related trade. For example, adding small carpentry jobs to your list of service offerings can allow you to bid jobs at a higher rate and add to your profit margins.


Material and equipment cost savings:

Depending on how your contracts are structured, you may save on material costs if you’re able to structure your contract so that you and the subcontractor split those costs; plus, almost all subcontractors will use their own equipment and tools.

Watch for it in our Jan/Feb 2020 issue.

Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT


Kevin Nolan of Nolan Painting uses no subcontractors, and attributes much of his company’s long-term success to investing in employees because they invest back in the company’s growth.

4 DIANE WALSH is VP of market development & sales operations for ShurTech Brands, LLC, maker of FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape. She also serves as director of the ShurTech Professional Paint Advisory Board, working with leading contractors across the country to explore industry trends and share innovations for the benefit of the entire trade. Diane was named the PDCA Associate Member of the Year in 2018.

Tax shelters: By far, the biggest upside of

subcontracting is that it provides a shelter from employment-related taxes and other human resources expenses. When you hire employees, you’re responsible for withholding income taxes for them, as well as paying all of their employment-related taxes. The IRS does not consider subcontractors as employees of your company, and, therefore, you’re not legally responsible for withholding income taxes from their pay or paying employment taxes for them. Those responsibilities fall to the subcontractors. Payroll taxes are incredibly complex. They can also be a major financial burden for smaller painting businesses with a seasonal revenue flow. Combine taxes with other employee-associated costs that you may be responsible for—like workers’ compensation insurance, short-term disability insurance and employee health insurance—and your cost for an individual employee making $30,000 annually could be upward of $10,000. With subcontractors, you’ll have none of this. Your only responsibility is simply to write a check for the completed work and issue a Form 1099 to both the subcontractor and the IRS showing the amount paid annually. AN ARGUMENT FOR EMPLOYEES While the tax shelter is a huge benefit of hiring subs, there’s more than cost to consider. And most of it comes down to risk, reputation and growth. Here are four strong reasons to hire full-time employees whenever possible:


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019


Quality control: By the very definition of

subcontractors, they are free to operate with much more autonomy than your employees. So when you sub out painting work, you’re sacrificing control over how the work is completed. The time-tested prepping and painting processes you’ve developed with your employees and that friendly customer service your crew is known for could all go out the window if your subcontractors don’t abide by your company’s way of doing things—and there’s nothing legally binding them to do so. That can be a major risk for your reputation.


Reliable labor: Moreover, in a strong economy with low unemployment rates, finding quality subcontractors can be a challenge, leaving your reputation even more exposed if you resort to lessexperienced painters. But even if you’re able to find experienced subs with a solid work ethic, they’re simply not in a position to be as invested in the long-term success of your business as your employees are. Your employees’ personal success is directly tied to your company’s success and that gives them skin in the game. Kevin Nolan’s Philadelphia-based company, Nolan Painting, is one of the largest residential painting companies in the mid-Atlantic, with 111 employees and $12 million in annual revenue. Nolan uses no subcontractors, and attributes much of his company’s long-term success to investing in employees because they invest back in the company’s growth. “I decided long ago that I was going to follow the philosophy that you can do anything you want to do in

the world if you help other people get what they want,” Nolan says. “If you treat people with respect and you’re looking out for their best interests, you’re going to have a good culture, it’s going to limit turnover, and it’s going to increase morale.”


Building culture: Nothing contributes to your

company’s culture more than the feeling of teamwork and camaraderie—working toward a common goal together. Culture pays dividends in happy employees; happy employees produce better work; and better work earns you more work and bigger profits. Building culture is much easier to do with a crew of full-time employees because it offers more opportunity for personal engagement than subcontractors who come and go.


Avoiding liability: You could actually be liable for injuries a subcontractor suffers on the job. When your employees suffer a jobsite injury, in most cases, they’re covered by workers’ compensation insurance. In exchange for that benefit, your employees waive the right to sue you for damages. Since subs aren’t covered by workers’ comp, they may have the right to sue you and recover damages.

THE MIDDLE GROUND The reality of the painting business is that most contractors fall somewhere in the middle: You maintain a staff of as many full-time employees as your budget will allow and sub out work in busier seasons. There are upsides and downsides to both but, ultimately, it comes down to your business growth goals and which approach positions you best to reach them. -

At Mi-T-M, we pride ourselves on building mighty, damn good equipment. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you are buying dependable equipment that is designed, built, and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good.

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Air Compressors | Portable Generators Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Wet/Dry Vacuums Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters | Water Pumps Water Treatment Systems Nov/Dec 2019 | inPAINT


PRO PICKS Kitchen and bath coatings earning praise from pros


1 22

TROY MCNEELY iPaint Cabinetry

inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019


MARK DEFRANCESCO MDF Painting & Power Washing, LLC


BRIAN YAUSSY Creations By Brian, LLC


RANDALL GIBSON Country’s Custom Painting, LLC

Low-grade coatings invite problems and call-backs in kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture resistance and overall durability is put to the test. So naturally, pros are picky about the coatings they choose for these rooms. Here, four pros from different areas of the country talk about which coatings they choose for kitchens and bathrooms—and why.

BEHR ULTRA Interior Paints with a matte finish lend a warm, inviting feel to the walls and cabinets of this kitchen. Featured colors include Battleship Gray (N360-4), Painter’s White (PPU18-08) and Charismatic (PPU6-14).


Courtesy of Behr

Early in his career, the Oklahoma City-based painter had a hard time trusting water-based enamels for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, so he stuck with traditional lacquer-based finishes. Eventually, he turned to the water-based urethane-reinforced acrylic Benjamin Moore INSL-X Cabinet Coat, formulated to handle hard-to-stick-to surfaces without needing a primer. This product stood up to McNeely’s scratch tests and it’s also userfriendly. It touches up easily with a brush, if needed, which also makes it easy for the homeowner to do touch-ups themselves. “We switched to that because it’s a solid product with a good track record of producing excellent results,” he said. For those cabinet customers who don’t mind lacquer, he uses Mohawk Finishing Products DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed Finish with the company’s E-Z Vinyl Sealer for strong water resistance and durability. For kitchen and bathroom walls, McNeely turns to BEHR ULTRA Interior Paint in matte. “That sheen is very popular here. You can’t talk people into any other sheen,” he added.

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For kitchen and bathroom walls, this Greenwich, CT-based painting company owner relies on Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint in a matte finish because “even with darker colors, it won’t form water marks once people take showers and there’s a lot of moisture in the room.” For bathroom ceilings, however, he prefers Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint, over a primer coat. He prefers the exterior product for its added durability and the lack of a heavy semi-gloss sheen. Plus, the paint’s moisture resistance allows for him to use a flat sheen, even in moisture-rich bathrooms. For kitchen walls, he’ll turn to Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in matte, or Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint in matte as well. For areas of the kitchen requiring more water resistance, he turns to Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy. For cabinets, DeFrancesco offers four options that all have pricing and quality pluses and minuses. His first preference is Benjamin Moore Satin IMPERVO Paint. The lone drawback is that the coating will amber over time, he says. For more than half of his cabinet jobs, he also uses the company’s ADVANCE Waterborn Interior Alkyd in a satin sheen. It naturally has lower luster, he said, which customers prefer, but ADVANCE offers multiple sheens and stays true to the color for a longer period of time. He also uses INSL-X Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer to help with adhesion. His personal favorite product for cabinets, and also the most expensive, is Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Satin Enamel for its super-high sheen and glossy finish. “For those who like a really shiny look, this is the one for them. The pigments are ground finer and it spreads further, like an automobile coating,” he noted.

For kitchen and bathroom walls, this Michigan-area painting pro relies on Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint in an eggshell sheen. “We actually use quite a bit of it throughout the home,” he added. For an alternative product, he’ll turn to SherwinWilliams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex Paint with a satin finish. Customers prefer its generally lower sheen to hide imperfections. It’s also durable and good for touch-ups. For cabinet doors and faces, Yaussy trusts Sherwin-Williams White Pigmented Shellac Primer to block out stains, oils and odors. For cabinet boxes, he uses Zinsser Odorless Oil-Base Primer from Rust-Oleum. And for a topcoat on all areas of the cabinet, he prefers Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Interior Alkyd. “[ADVANCE] is a nice product. It’s self-leveling so there’s not an issue with brush marks, as long as you apply it right. It can be challenging at first … some will say it runs, but those sand out very easily,” he added.


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Located north of Philadelphia, Gibson turns to SherwinWilliams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint for kitchen and bathroom walls, and most of his customers opt for a matte or satin finish. For high-end or custom work, he’ll turn to Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint. “In my opinion, it’s one of the best kitchen and bath coatings on the market,” he said. “It has great hide, it’s easy to work with, very durable and comes in a matte finish, as to not show off every imperfection.” For cabinet work, Gibson starts by priming with Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer from Rust-Oleum. For a topcoat, he likes Sherwin-Williams SHER-WOOD KEM Aqua Plus White, offering excellent hardness as well as stain and water resistance. For darker colors, he prefers Milesi 2K Polyurethane topcoats. “These coatings dry much faster and much harder than, say, a trim paint,” he said, “allowing me to turn and flip doors quickly— and giving me a sense of security that the homeowner won’t mess something up before they’re fully cured.” -

Quality you know, Performance you can trust. ENDURA Series lifts high-performance coatings to new heights ENDURA Series features high performance, water-based coatings that offer outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion and hardness. For a exceptional performance, call on ENDURA Series.

NEW! ENDURA-COAT , an interior/exterior, low VOC, direct to metal, water-based acrylic Industrial Maintenance Coating, completes the ENDURA Series line that includes ENDURACAT and ENDURAPRIME . ®

It offers: :: Outstanding corrosion resistance :: Excellent adhesion :: Direct to metal application :: Low VOC (<100 g/L)

For more information, visit For Professional Use Only. Not for residential use. (See PDS for SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS re: Within SCAQMD.)

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By setting up the regular means of contact, I’m really establishing myself as ‘their’ painter.


How does offering lifetime touch-ups work for you as a business strategy?


A lifelong resident of Lexington, SC, Kevin Wooten is a second-generation painter who started learning the trade by working during the summers and weekends. He started Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning, Inc. right out of high school in 1987, doing residential and commercial work with a strong focus on the repaint market. 26

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I started including free lifetime touch-ups in my estimates about four years ago, and have found that it’s good for me and good for my customers. It serves as a nice differentiator when bidding a job and, more importantly, it builds a lifetime relationship with the customer. In a nutshell, the customer is offered an hour of free touch-up time from me once a year for interiors, exteriors and cabinets. It does not include the cost of a pressure wash if that’s needed, and it’s only good on surfaces that we painted. Every year, I call customers and ask if they need anything touched up. Because I’m not actually selling anything, they’re happy to take the call and almost everyone invites me to come take a look. Inevitably, I’ll spot a few things they don’t see—wear on the top of handrails, peeling sills, etc. I always take a close look at anything that meets the concrete or abuts the shingles where water damage is likely to occur, or anything in direct sunlight. I’ll work for an hour for free and anything that goes above and beyond that becomes an hourly charge. And because the customer keeps the paint at the end of every job, there’s no materials cost to figure. While I’m there, I’ll always ask if they’d like to add a pressure wash. The number of washes I’ve done this

year has bumped up from 30% to 40% and I credit most of it to the free touch-up offering. I expect the number of washes will track even higher next year. In addition, on 75% of the calls I make, I land another project with the customer. Sometimes it’s a room or two, sometimes it’s a whole exterior. Either way, it’s business I might have missed out on in the past, and I’m not in a bidding war to get it. Prior to offering lifetime touch-ups, I could go for long stretches without speaking to previous customers. So long, in fact, that sometimes they’d forget I did their last paint job. By setting up the regular means of contact, I’m really establishing myself as ‘their’ painter. That’s been tremendous in helping me get referral business from those customers. Plus, many have come to trust me so much that they’ll call if they’ve got a stoppedup sink or some other household issue. I used to run a construction business so I’m happy to share the name and number of various tradespeople I trust. I don’t make any cash money on those deals but I do build up a lot of goodwill with both the customer and the guy I’m referring. Overall, offering lifetime touch-ups has boosted the amount of business I do and made it a lot easier to land it. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for new ways to grow.


No vendor pitch sessions. No technical painting talk. Only owners helping each other increase profits & grow their painting companies.

“This event really differs from other industry events. It's not a cookie-cutter conference or a trade-show,” said Bret Mitchell, a Texan painting contractor we caught up with in between peer-group breakout sessions during the 2019 Painting Profits Summit. Mitchell, who attends several painting conferences a year continued, “There’s no event like it and I go to several other industry events a year.” As we interviewed owners throughout the event, they were all on the same mission: Increasing personal income while reducing the stress of day-to-day operations and management. Beating Low-Cost Painting Contractors A roaring economy may make the phone ring more often, but it also causes a flood of illegal and unlicensed painters to enter the market. “Up until now, you have been losing jobs because you are focused on pricing instead of persuasion. Today, we change all that by equipping you with the tools and processes to succeed,” said Brandon Lewis, the founder of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and the event’s organizer. During the Sales Pre-Day event contractors learned how to pre-position, present, post-position and follow-up using a process Lewis has developed and tested over several years. “I’ve been able to test and refine this sales process with hundreds of painters in six different countries. All I need to do is get the owners to implement the system. The rest takes care of itself,” Lewis said after the four-hour sales training session.

Business Tools and Processes for Success In general sessions, strategies and tips are presented by owners, hand selected because of their documented success. Topics ranged from online marketing and commercial painters and field repaint programs to hiring management for increasing gross profits. Each presenter focused on concrete, actionable, plug-and-play steps that could be taken to solve a specific problem – or take advantage of an opportunity. “Here, it’s a treasure trove. The knowledge you gain from the Summit is money out of incredible. It’s like pulling the sky,” remarked Brian Russell, a painting contractor from New Jersey.

Awarding Profits Instead of Projects While most industry awards are based on project craftsmanship or adherence to standards, the evening’s Academy Awards ceremony is quite different. Contractors are recognized for increasing gross sales, closing rates and personal income, sales other business-related achievements. Ben Hall of Halls Quality Painting, the Year, said “If you APPC Member of the want to grow, the Painting Profits want to be!” Summit is the place you Eric Goodwill, a Canadian painting contractor was more blunt. “If you want to make more money, show up,” he stated matter-of-factly when asked by the interviewer.

Peer-to-Peer “Hot Seat Sessions” A unique hallmark of the event is the afternoon “Hot Seat Sessions” where companies are broken up by peer group according to sales volume. Each owner gets to present his company’s biggest breakthrough and challenge to the group. Peers make verbal and written recommendations that are given to each participant so he can improve his business. "It doesn't matter if you're a startup or if you've been in business 25 years. We all have similar issues and everyone is here to help. My favorite thing about the event is the camaraderie,” said Danny Samuelson, the owner of Harbor Painting Company.

Lewis urges painting contractors who want to take their company to the next level to surround themselves with successful owners. “I’ve watched painters who struggled with a problem for 15 years have it solved in 15 minutes by another owner. That’s what makes this event so valuable,” he said. For painters wishing to attend this remarkable industry event, registration information is below. - PW TO LEARN MORE VISIT: OR CALL for CONCIERGE SERVICE


How far you go largely depends on what’s available to take you there. 28

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GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND Here, manufacturers tell us how they support the pro’s journey to success.


oday’s manufacturers recognize that when it comes to products, you have choices. LOTS of choices. They understand that in order to earn —and keep—your business, they not only have to provide best-in-class products but they also have to lend support and offer services that save you time and money. For this Special Section, we offered manufacturers a unique opportunity to talk about anything pro related—anything they want you to know about their products and/or services. Here, they covered a variety of issues such as: ■■ Special offerings to their pro customers ■■ Product education and training opportunities ■■ Pro-grade product offerings ■■ Business segments they cater to ■■ Reward, loyalty, discount, sample programs ■■ How they stand behind their products

While the offerings vary from company to company, one theme runs constant: they are designed especially with the professional in mind, and manufacturers want you to make the most of them.


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A Partnership Built to Last For more than 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has been creating reliable solutions that help professionals get the job done right. From innovative, industry-leading products to outstanding service, Sherwin-Williams is committed to investing in the research and development of advanced coating and color technologies that create more revenue opportunities for your business. To put it simply, your success is our success. Room-by-Room Solutions, Big or Small


sing the right paint for the job is not only good for your customers, it’s good for the bottom line. Sherwin-Williams sales reps and store managers can help explain all of the premium product upgrades, ensuring your customers get the performance expected while at the same time helping professionals turn jobs faster and save time and money by using fewer coats.

Color Innovation Confidence is key for your customers when it comes to color selection. Tools like Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Match and ColorSnap® Visualizer make a pro’s job easier. ColorSnap Match, a handheld color-matching tool, takes the guesswork out of matching paint. Head to your local Sherwin-Williams store to purchase the device and connect it to the free ColorSnap Match app to deliver a streamlined colormatching experience. Simply scan any item, including walls, textiles, carpet, apparel, accessories and more, and it will find the closest matching Sherwin-Williams paint color. Additionally, the popular Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer app now includes the Instant Paint feature. Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, users can try different color options while standing in a space in real time. And when you need spot-on color consistency, count on our exclusive ColorSnap® Precision technology to deliver outstanding color accuracy and color matching for reliable touch-ups.


Make Your Busy Day Easier Once a PRO account is opened, simply setup a mySW profile online, link to your account and manage your day while on the go. A store rep can assist with setting up a mySW profile, or you can do it yourself at Professionals will save time and be more efficient with all the mySW online advantages, including the ability to view pricing and purchase history, pay invoices, quickly access data sheets, and order paint and supplies from the local store 24/7. In addition, pros now have the ability to integrate Quickbooks and other personal accounting programs with their mySW account. A simple export option lets you download detailed invoice information directly into preferred accounting software to save time on tedious data entry and help you work more productively. Everyone with a mySW profile can access these features on or through the Sherwin-Williams PRO app, available on iPhone and Android.

More PRO Advantages Find out more about time-saving products, offers and tools with Sherwin-Williams PRO e-mails and by following Sherwin-Williams on Twitter at @SWPaintPros and at Additionally, stay up to date with the latest product and industry news, business management tips, and contractor and project profiles with the quarterly print edition of Sherwin-Williams PPC Magazine or check out the latest issue at You can also opt-in to receive exclusive offers delivered a few times a month via text message. Simply text your ZIP code to 72468 (PAINT) to start receiving offers.* More than 4,300 stores and 2,700 dedicated sales reps across the U.S. and Canada are ready to serve and provide the expert product and application advice you can trust with everything needed from coatings and wallcoverings to applicators, ladders, equipment and more. Our paints are designed to solve real-world challenges and our color tools offer easy selection with fast, accurate matching and sampling.


Learn more at

Everyday savings add up with a cash or credit PRO account at Sherwin-Williams. For example, save 15 percent on most painting supplies and 20 percent on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items, plus receive volume pricing on paints and coatings. Pros can also take advantage of a zero-interest Sherwin-Williams credit account to help build credit history and eliminate upfront expenses before the job even starts.

*By signing up, you consent to receive marketing text messages from or on behalf of Sherwin-Williams using an automatic telephone dialing system to the mobile number from which you send the text. You are not required to sign up as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services. You will receive approximately 5 auto text messages per month. Message and data rates may apply. For additional information, text HELP to short code 72468. You may opt-out at any time by sending STOP to short code 72468. Supported carriers include AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Boost, Nextel and T-Mobile. For more information, contact us at 1-800-4-Sherwin.

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Invest in the Right Equipment Mi-T-M Corporation manufactures several models of cold water pressure washers specific to the paint market. Many of these washers feature a heavy duty triplex plunger pump giving contractors more working hours for pressure washing.


he Mi-T-M CBA Series belt driven pressure washer is built with longevity in mind. According to Don Holdridge, National Paint Division Manager, “This machine can run 6 to 7 hours a day, 5 days a week with no problems.” That’s because belt-drive pressure washers run with less RPM load on the pump which makes them ideal for contractors who use pressure washers for heavy cleaning and to prep surfaces for restoration projects. One of the biggest mistakes a contractor can make when deciding which pressure washer to invest in, is purchasing equipment that is designed

for much smaller jobs. “We tell our customers to make sure they consider how many hours a day they need to use their pressure washer,” says Holdridge, “otherwise they could be buying a machine that is not built for the type of work they need it to do.” Having the right equipment for a job is important and at Mi-T-M all equipment comes with a guarantee of unbeatable customer service and technical support. “Customer support is one of the most important aspects of our company,” says Jeff Schlichte, Paint Division Manager. “We believe you deserve that benefit when you buy from Mi-T-M. It’s been an important part of our business from day-one and I don’t see that ever changing.”

For more information on Mi-T-M Corporation and their complete line of products, visit or call (800) 553-9053.

It’s Like Finding Money in Your Pocket Time is money when you’re a professional paint contractor. That’s why any tool you can use to help save you time and work most efficiently is like found money.


olorReader is a paint color-matching tool that ends time-intensive tasks like trying to find a paint color match using paper fan decks or cutting out drywall and taking it to the paint store. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to give you precision paint color matching across all major paint brands. Bluetoothenabled ColorReader, with its feature-rich, free app is fast and easy to use. Simply place the device on the flat surface of a color you want to match and ColorReader instantly provides your color match plus the three closest paint color options from the most popular paint brands. Bonus: it also provides complementary colors, answering the question “What paint color goes with this?” before it’s even asked.


ColorReader also makes it easy to stay organized. Scan, match, save and share color matches immediately with clients, your staff, other project vendors and paint retailers (sending your paint order from your project site is another great time-saver!). For added convenience, opt for the ColorReader Pro — it works with the ColorReader app just like the standard ColorReader, but the Pro version also includes an OLED screen that displays your color matches right on the reader for more flexibility and can store over 10,000 colors right on the device.

Find out all ColorReader can do for you at, or contact Susan Mack at or 609.528.1307 with questions or to learn about reseller opportunities.

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Tower Sealants Launches a New Innovative Product Since 2006, Tower Sealants has been supplying high-performance caulks and sealants to the professional paint segment. Tower’s ability to formulate products to meet the changing needs of pro contractors has been its key to success.


ower is using its experience with professionals to expand in commercial construction and is introducing an innovative new product named AU-1 Commercial Construction Sealant. AU-1 is a highly elastic and extremely non-ageing, non-sagging, high-performance construction sealant. It requires no mixing or priming to bond at the molecular level to most construction materials. AU-1 is paintable and will never bleed through the paint finish or create tacky surfaces, making it resistant to dirt pickup. Once cured, it has exceptional mold and mildew resistance. AU-1 has outstanding UV resistance and maintains high elasticity and adhesion in all climates, even after years of exposure. It is VOC compliant nationwide

including all CARB and SCAQMD requirements. AU-1 can be used in all weather conditions and will not lose elasticity or elongation under constant, varying mechanical stress. AU-1 can outperform many single-component polyurethanes and silicone sealants. Tower Sealant’s AU-1 is easier, safer and extends the life of commercial buildings, saving contractors and building owners time and money. Dedicated to producing reliable, high-quality products, Tower uses the latest mixing and packaging technology to provide consistent deaerated sealants with air-free filling. Today, professional contractors across North America and Canada use Tower products. Tower Sealants is a subsidiary of M-D Building Products.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Ray Heck at (405) 557-3557, or email

If You Think OSHA Is a Small Town in Wisconsin, You’re in Trouble Nine years in a row, the number one cited OSHA violation has been lack of fall protection. Workers who are six feet or more off the ground are at risk of serious injury or death. Stop putting yourself and your employees at risk.


orkSafe Company has been committed to making working at heights a safer job. Compatible with both ladder jack and pump jack systems, our fall protection safety systems are revolutionizing the painting industry. Work with confidence knowing you have the flexibility you want and the protection you need to get any job done.


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Along with our fall protection safety systems, our line of ladder and gutter brackets make any job site safer. Simply use our brackets to secure your ladder to the fascia boards or rain gutters. Securing your ladder has never been simpler and more affordable.

Give your team the protection they deserve. Visit or call (610) 941-4333 for more information on our line of fall protection safety systems!

The DIFM Trend: Why Your Reputation Matters More Than Ever It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that with the rise of constant demands on people’s time, and the trend toward effortless delivery of just about everything, people are less likely than ever to complete their own home improvement projects.


ut the interesting thing about the Do-It-For-Me trend, or DIFM, isn’t that it’s growing (although it is); it’s that it changes the game for pros. Because, when someone makes the call to go with a pro versus doing it themselves, they’re not just looking to save time and effort. They’re choosing someone who may do a better job than they can do themselves. They’re choosing someone who can make it perfect—no matter what. In order to compete in the DIFM landscape— and in the world of online reviews—everything pros do has to live up to a higher standard, while also

staying cost-efficient. That means choosing tools that get the job done right the first time. Investing in the right prep for results that meet their high standards. Building a reputation on excellence. There’s a reason 3M is the name you know when it comes to tools of the trade. Our reputation is built on performance. And so is yours. Ready to get to work? With abrasives, wall repair, masking tools, tapes and safety products designed especially for pros, 3M has the tools. You bring the talent.

Advance Your Business With High-Performance, Innovative “Industrial Quality” Coatings IMAGINE breaking the chains that currently confine your business: bad weather; low-cost competitors; slow-drying paints and job type limitations, among others. NOW, You can BREAK THOSE CHAINS that limit your future through the full line of brushable, 100% solids and high solids, zero-VOC, “industrialquality, high performance” coating solutions from CMT.


nown for both dedication to its customers and experience as a proven leader in coating technology development, CMT focuses on high-performance coating solutions that solve “realworld problems.” Roger P. states, “As a professional in the paints and sundries business, it is exciting to see new product developments that simply change the equation in the industry.” CMT empowers painting contractors to expand application markets, increase billable hours, profitability and professional reputations while opening new revenue streams. As Robert W. says, “The products enable us to make more money in less time. It is becoming a business builder for us.” SPECIAL SECTION

CMT offers multiple coating solutions, including the proprietary Water Chasing Primer® ( which pursues the moisture in the wet concrete or porous substrate and produces a moisture barrier inside that substrate. This eliminates the moisture problems facing epoxies, polyurethanes and polyureas, enabling floor coatings that feature high-performance properties with “lookin’ good” finishes ( So many profit opportunities, for both commercial and residential, from the roof to the basement and also industrial, from the buildings to the parking areas. Specialties include waterproofing; ice-dam protection, safety coatings and more … ALL OPPORTUNITIES TO ADVANCE YOUR BUSINESS.

ADVANCE YOUR BUSINESS NOW CALL 413-284-0000 Dynamic Coating Solutions

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Reliability That Makes an Impact. Durability Where It Counts Welcome the newest member to the Titan Impact series — the Impact™ 410 electric airless paint sprayer.


itan introduces the newest member of the Titan Impact series — the Impact™ 410 electric airless paint sprayer. Specifically designed for professional paint contractors, property maintenance managers and general contractors, the Impact 410 is a durable, compact and portable contractor-grade sprayer. The Impact 410 is recommended for single gun applications with a maximum tip size of .021-inch. It is capable of handling weekly workloads of 50100 gallons and will spray all standard architectural coatings — stains, lacquers, enamels, oil and latex house paints and primers.

The Impact 410 offers superior features, significant value and return on investment. Featuring the proven Quad+ Packings™ from the Impact 440, the Impact 410 delivers reliable performance in a rugged design that’s built to last. Titan’s Intelligent Control System™ provides power on-demand, optimized cooling and extended motor life. For added stability, the Impact 410 is equipped with rugged one-inch diameter skid legs, and the sprayer is backed by the industry’s best and longest warranty.

For more information, go to

BEHR PRO Offers Personalized Paint Services for Pros ®

Serving the needs of professional painters, contractors, remodelers and property owners/managers is the foundation of the BEHR PRO Professional Products and Services Program, and the core of our mission.


ince our inception, we have been dedicated to delivering personalized services and highquality products to meet the needs of our customers nationwide. When you work with the BEHR PRO Professional Products and Services Program, you will have access to a dedicated BEHR PRO Rep who will help you get the most out of the many professional painter services we provide, including: ■■ Call, text, or email your orders ■■ Arrange will call and schedule deliveries* ■■ Custom color matching ■■ Project and order record management


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019


Job walks Project submittal packages ■■ Specification services ■■ Digital color renderings ■■ Full-size drawdown samples Together with The Home Depot®, we offer volume discounts, so you can ensure you’re getting the lowest possible price. Plus save up to 20% on BEHR® Paints, Stains, and Primers and get exclusive money-saving offers when you join the The Home Depot PRO XTRA Loyalty Program. ■■ ■■

Visit to find a local BEHR PRO Rep near you. *Where available. Some limitations apply.

Ultra Spec SCUFF-X —The Industry’s First True Scuff-Resistant Paint ®

Revolutionary Formula Provides Long-Lasting Durability in High-Traffic Commercial Spaces


aunched in 2017, Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®—the first-of-itskind, is a revolutionary, high-performance, one-component latex paint engineered specifically to resist scuffmarks in high-traffic, commercial environments. SCUFF-X provides superior scuff-resistance to two-component coatings, without the strong odor, pre-mixing, short pot-life and application difficulties associated with similar products. SCUFF-X provides long-term durability with superior scuffresistance in a latex formula that can be applied to occupied areas for a quick return to service and reduced downtime. SCUFF-X will retain its high-quality appearance much longer with minimal maintenance. The Ultra Spec line of coatings is the trusted solution for commercial contractors and introducing SCUFF-X to the portfolio will dramatically improve how professionals maintain the busiest areas of their facilities.


This unique product was designed to meet the performance demands of the most high-traffic commercial spaces and facilities such as hallways, stairwells, lobbies, common areas, offices, gymnasiums, locker rooms, public restrooms, retail fitting rooms and much more. The cutting-edge formulation enables the coating to be low-VOC, eligible for LEED® v4 credit, and qualifies for CHPS low emitting credit. The professional marketplace has responded positively to SCUFF-X with three high-profile industry awards shortly after the product launch in 2017: 1. Grand Award (1st place) in the Product Innovations program, BUILDINGS magazine 2. Product of the Year, 2017 Editor’s Choice, Architectural Record 3. 2017 Best of Product Award, Architect’s Newspaper SCUFF-X is available in more than 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors in three finishes: Matte, Eggshell and Satin across North America.

For more information, go to

The Wooster Brush Company Has a Bold New Look! Wooster’s new logo is designed to honor the company’s history as an industry innovator (the world’s first angle sash paintbrush was introduced by Wooster in 1937) while providing instant industry recognition for those unfamiliar with the company’s name.


ew paintbrush and roller packaging feature a bold red design that is created specifically to make proper tool selection easier. Each Wooster sub-brand now has its greatest strength listed prominently on the package followed by additional product attributes signified by attractive icons. Look for the new logo and product packaging to start appearing in the global marketplace at the beginning of the New Year. The rollout for the new design will happen per product on a phase in basis—once inventories of the old items are sold, the rebranded items will begin to ship/appear on store shelves. SPECIAL SECTION

Wooster will be utilizing a campaign with the tagline, “Same Great Product, Bold New Look!” to connect retailers and consumers from the old product to the new. All Wooster rebranded tools are the same ones they have trusted for generations, they merely have an updated appearance. Even with this large rebranding project, Wooster is continuing to do what they’ve always done—provide the industry with solutions that deliver better results with less effort. Even though the idea “We Take Pride in Your Results” has always been a part of Wooster’s identity, these rebranding efforts created an excellent opportunity for the company to utilize packaging and other Wooster elements to reemphasize this message with painters of all skill levels.

Visit to learn more.

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Your Success Is Our Priority!


rofessionals like you are our business. In addition to superior paint and supplies, we offer a wide range of services to help you complete your jobs successfully, serve your clients effectively, and continue to grow your business.





Once you create your free Dunn-Edwards web account, you can perform a variety of tasks: Download and print customizable marketing tools, find accurate pricing and more! Manage your purchasing account more efficiently by assigning approved purchasers and viewing invoices, statements, payment history and real-time balances. Online Ordering is easily accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device through You can order paint and some of the most commonly ordered supplies with the click of a mouse. Monthly discounts and promotions exclusively for Under the Lid email subscribers.

IN-STORE If you need some guidance regarding solutions for any painting project, you can rely upon any of our field sales reps and in-store associates for expert paint advice. ■■ Need some assistance helping your client pick out the perfect hue? Let your clients know about our FREE color consultation service. ■■ Take advantage of our Early-Bird service, which allows you to pick up your order 30 minutes before stores open on weekdays. Just make sure you place the order before 3 p.m. the previous day. ■■ We make financing your business easy with an array of credit services, as well as providing you with a dedicated DunnEdwards sales and credit account manager who will guide you in the right direction.



To view more of our services, visit:

The Tool That Makes the Painter A painter without a brush is like a car without an engine. It’s just not getting you anywhere.


e have all used brushes with stubborn bristles that refuse to make clean cuts or rollers that roll out of paint far before they should, so we know the tools make the painter just as much as skill and experience. Just as our skills evolve, the tools we use should continue to make us better. They should complement our skill and make us more productive. There’s more to a brush than bristles and a handle, and not just any old roller will get the job done well. Purdy® has invested many years—95 to be exact— in refining its tool and brush-making craft. Each brush is handmade, ensuring it will last job after job and wash after wash. These brushes treat you well too. They train into your style after a few uses and will last years if properly cared for.


inPAINT | Nov/Dec 2019


Purdy’s latest brush innovation is the Purdy® Chinex® Elite . These brushes are pre-flagged for better coverage and fast application. They offer great pickup and smooth release with superb cleanability. Available in a variety of sizes, Chinex Elite works great with heavy bodied, low-VOC paints. The extra-stiff 100% Dupont® Chinex® filaments offer durability—even on rough surfaces. These brushes take what already worked and make it even more effective, cutting down painting and cleanup time, leading to greater efficiency and profitability. TM

To learn more about Purdy’s latest product innovations and painting techniques, visit

Build a Solid Business Plan at the PCA EXPO The annual PCA EXPO is the leading event for painting business owners and their teams looking to expand their skills, get up-todate educational content, network with peers and connect with the brightest minds in the industry.


ew this year at the EXPO, we’re offering interactive workshop sessions to support your business growth. Not only will you hear new strategies and success stories from presenters, but you’ll also have the opportunity to develop a custom plan specific to your business. Each workshop consists of an in-depth presentation to introduce the topic, then shifts to a collaborative group session to work through the details of a plan for your own business. Once complete, you’ll have a solid business plan in hand to take home and implement right away.

WORKSHOP TOPICS INCLUDE: ■■ Systems to Implement the Trade Best Practice Series in Your Company (Two Parts) ■■ Creating a Comprehensive Online Marketing Map (Two Parts) ■■ Sprint: Building Roles, Meeting Structure, and Scheduling for Your Team Using Scrum Management (Two Parts) ■■ Hiring Methods That Find the Right Match: Job Descriptions, Selection Criteria, and Interview Process to Find Your Ideal Candidates (Two Parts) Join us February 19-21, 2020 in PhoenixGlendale, AZ for the EXPO to create your own custom business plan, hear from top leaders in the industry, make new business connections and have all your industry questions answered.

Learn more and register at

Specialty log home staining contractors command a 20-30% premium for their work. Why? It’s a specialized application in a niche market that few are willing to take on. In fact, there are so few that homeowners are calling on painters just like you to do the job.


hat’s why, 20 years ago, Sashco (the same folks who make Big Stretch® and Lexel®) started Zero Failures, a specialty log home finishing contractor training class to help painters break into this unique and underserved market. Plan now to attend Sashco’s 2020 Zero Failures Seminar. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll focus on: ■■ the science of logs ■■ the pros and cons of various stain technologies ■■ proper sealant application and joint design ■■ the how’s and why’s of when products work and don’t work ■■ how staining a log home is different from painting siding SPECIAL SECTION

Plus, we give you eight full hours of hands-on training on your own log wall. Then on Thursday and Friday, we talk business: ■■ finding and keeping great crew leaders ■■ bidding for a high-performance job with matching profit ■■ what it takes to set yourself up for retirement (because eventually, you will want to get off that ladder) Now in its 20th year, Zero Failures is taught by seasoned professional contractors and chemists, not sales reps.

Classes in January, February, and March 2020 are filling quickly! All seminars are held at Sashco’s manufacturing home base outside Denver, CO. Learn more at or by calling 720-322-8232.

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What, Where & When


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10: 35th Annual TRENDS Rental Housing Management Conference & Trade Show, Seattle, WA


18 & 19: 2020 CampusConnex, New Orleans, LA



19–21: PCA 2020 EXPO, Phoenix-Glendale, AZ

21–23: NAHB International Builders Show, Las Vegas, NV 23–25: 4th Annual Painting Profits Summit, Ft. Myers, FL


9–12: AGC Convention, Las Vegas, NV



3–6: Coatings + 2020, Long Beach, CA

18–21: JLC LIVE New England, Providence, RI


22–26: AWCI Convention + INTEX Expo, Las Vegas, NV

4–6: International Roofing Expo, Dallas, TX

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The PCA EXPO is a national gathering place for painting business owners and their teams who look to PCA for education, training and opportunities to connect with the brightest minds in the industry. The 2020 PCA EXPO promises new industry information, innovative business and technical training, roundtable discussions, and informal gatherings. The event will also feature all-new PCA workshops. An extension of the PCA’s online Virtual Workshops launched in 2019, these four live EXPO workshops will cover: onboarding using the trade best practice series; creating a comprehensive online marketing map; creating a hiring process that fits your company; and creating roles, scheduling and meetings using scrum management. Attendees will have the opportunity to build a master plan around one of the themes and then refine it in a group work session.

To register, visit 38

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Bonded work and the painting contractor


onded work is an area that many painting contractors shy away from because they think it’s too complicated, possibly costing opportunities for profitable jobs. The reality is, contracted work— whether bonded or not—is more predictable because the terms, scope, price and potential profit are all clear right up front. What exactly is a bond? A bond is a three-party agreement in which one party, the surety (insurance company or bond agent), guarantees that a second party, the principal (contractor), will fulfill their obligations to a third party, the obligee (project owner or general contractor). If the contractor fails to meet its obligations, the project owner or GC will recover their losses via the bond. There are several types of contract bonds: ■■ Bid bond: Guarantees that the bidder will enter into the contract if awarded. ■■ Performance bond: Guarantees that the contractor will complete the job per the contract. ■■ Payment bond: Guarantees that the contractor will pay the subcontractors and material suppliers involved in the project. ■■ Maintenance bond: Guarantees against defects and faults in materials, workmanship, and design that could arise later if the project was finished incorrectly. How do you get bonded? Contractors must qualify financially to be bonded. In that way, qualifying for a bond is akin to being granted a loan from a bank. A surety will look at the contractor’s:

Character The ‘who’ of the equation, taking into

account a contractor’s history and reputation Capacity The ability to perform the work; previous

experience, resumes of key people, and equipment necessary for the job are taken into consideration Capital The financial strength behind the business; personal credit of the owner(s), working capital, and equity are all important factors To start the process, a contractor needs to fill out a simple questionnaire and provide personal financials, business financials, or tax returns to their surety agent. An initial analysis will include a discussion about the business and its goals. But it’s important to understand that unlike insurance, which protects the business, bonds expose the business in the event of a default, since the business and its owners indemnify (agree to compensate) the surety, both professionally and personally, via an indemnity agreement. Contract work can offer your business potential for profitable growth. Understanding the basics of how bonds work will help remove some of the mystery and open up a new set of opportunities.

LICENSED AND BONDED These two terms are often used together. Since we cover the basics of ‘bonded’ here, we should also touch on ‘licensed,’ and what it means for the painting contractor. In short, a ‘licensed’ paint contractor is one who has met and maintains certain industry standards to

MIKE RUSSELL is the VP, surety marketing manager for Federated Mutual Insurance Company, the exclusive recommended insurance provider of PCA. A leading national carrier specializing in the insurance needs of contractors, Federated offers property and casualty, workers compensation, life and disability income, and bonding through Granite Re, a wholly owned subsidiary. For more information, contact your local Federated marketing representative or call National Account Executive Jack West at (800) 533-0472.

acquire and uphold the license. Getting licensed is not a costly endeavor, and it signals a level of professionalism and security to potential customers—and sets your business apart from non-licensed ones. But not all states require you to be licensed, or even offer the option. To learn if your state does, check out:

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