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What it takes to add it to your service offerings


Coating innovations new to the market Pros talk tape Project snapshots: Challenges and coating choices

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The best paint jobs start with No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results.

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Edward McAdams

“ Well, that was awesome.”


Amanda Haar

—Pretty much everyone at the 2022 PCA EXPO


Carl Bezuidenhout


hat do you get when you bring together nearly 700 painting professionals who are eager to connect and learn, toss in some amazing sponsors and a robust trade show, and finish it off with an association that is continually and actively responding to the needs of the trade in new and meaningful ways? You get an amazing PCA EXPO. I am so grateful to have attended this year’s event and put faces to many names and voices I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years and to have met SO MANY new and energized pros, including more women than ever and lots of young blood, looking to elevate their business and the trade. If you were not in attendance or perhaps are not even a member of PCA, I encourage you to visit their website and discover all that they’re doing and providing to make you and your peers more successful. No, I’m not affiliated with the organization. I’m just in awe of the benefits they provide to their members and even non-members. Another bonus of being at the EXPO for me was catching up with some of our Editorial Advisory Board members. We’re grateful to the new slate of Board members (see below) who have already started to help us craft and shape content that serves our readers. But while I tap this group for input on every issue in development, I am always open to hearing from anyone else who has a story to tell or a topic they’d like to see us cover. Please, reach out and share your insights. Who knows … you might just be one of the names and faces I’ll be so eager to connect with at next year’s EXPO. Cheers,


Cindy Puskar


Brian Sodoma


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What It Takes: Pressure Washing


Recent coatings innovations include products that dry faster, kill bacteria and viruses, have a harder shell for durability, and even purify the air

Pro insight on adding pressure washing to a painting company’s service offerings

Pro Picks

Four pros on their tape choices for different types of surfaces and uses

Project Snapshots

Challenges, coatings and color choices on 3 projects


20 32


2022 Product Showcase Manufacturers present their newest technology and/or spotlight classic products

Courtesy of Graco

Innovations in Coatings

DEPARTMENTS 6 The News Industry ins and outs

37 Tools of the Trade What’s in today’s professional toolbox?

8 5 Good Questions Remodeler on working with subcontractors

38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events

10 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry 11 Trend in Focus How to make the most of your ‘careers’ page

39 Bottom Line Avoiding contractor succession pitfalls during boom times

23 Ask a Pro A look at safety education in the workplace

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Now streaming: PCA Painter Training Series T If you’re looking to fast-track new employees or provide meaningful refreshers to existing crews, PCA Painter Training can help. The video series is streaming on PCA Overdrive and will offer Level 1, 2 and 3 training for both interior and exterior painting, presented by both English- and Spanish-speakers (NOTE: at the time of this printing, Interior and Exterior Level 1 were available. Others will be made available throughout 2022). In addition, employees can progress through topics, building their skills and competence, and achieve certification by enrolling in the online course version. The entire training series is free to PCA members and is available in both English and Spanish. Nonmembers can currently access the Level 1 videos for free.

PCA adds health insurance to member benefits T The PCA recently partnered with The Health Benefit Alliance to offer its members the most complete and costeffective ACA-compliant health plan solutions. Designed to provide lower- and moderate-income employees with access to truly affordable coverage—while also providing higher-end plan designs for management, executives and business owners—the HBA options are built on copay plans, not high deductibles. Key features include family plans for under $1,000 per month, fully ACA-compliant Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans, $0 deductibles in and out of network, access to any doctor or hospital, no minimum employer contribution requirement, and multiple plan options. Hourly and salaried, full-time and part-time employees are all eligible, and enrollment is fast and easy.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

OSHA launches online portal for Volunteer Protection Programs T OSHA has made it easier for companies to create and maintain a culture of safety using a new online portal. Part of the organization’s Voluntary Protection Programs, the portal simplifies the application process for companies that qualify for the program. Applicants can upload electronic versions of supporting documentation and can pause, then complete applications later without having to restart. OSHA’s verification includes an application review and a rigorous onsite evaluation by a team of OSHA safety and health experts. Qualifying companies can earn recognition at one of three levels: Star, Merit and Demonstration.

Financing at your fingertips T BlueTape, a financing and payment company catering to the construction industry, recently announced the launch of a Buy Now Pay Later feature. Working with building material suppliers across the country, the platform provides financing options to underserved small- and mediumsized businesses that have limited opportunities to access financial resources. Using the platform, pros can buy materials now and pay back over time using 30-, 60- or 90-day financing options, all with fast online processing. So fast, in fact, you can get real-time approval and pay for invoices with a few clicks on your phone from jobsites or wherever it is convenient.





DANIEL CARRERO worked in many different facets of the residential construction industry before founding House to Home Solutions in 2005. Specializing in designing and delivering luxury wholehouse renovations, Carrero takes pride in the company’s streamlined processes, quality products, customer experience and award-winning team.

What do you do to create loyalty among your subcontractors? I live by the adage ‘You get what you give.’ It’s important that my subcontractors know I appreciate and respect their work and their time, and that through a strong partnership mentality, versus a boss-to employee one, we prosper together. Toward that end, I pay all my subs on a weekly basis. If they’re on the jobsite getting work done, I have no problem paying them every week to give them cash flow. It keeps their guys happy and keeps them focused on work and not chasing money. They also appreciate that we have a field coordinator (FC) whose job is to make sure subs have what they need to complete their work. If a sub sees they’re short on materials for a job, they tell the FC and it will be on-site the next morning. The subs stay focused, and the job keeps moving. Throughout the year I host gatherings for subs including quarterly meetings, a summer barbecue and a holiday party. The quarterly meetings provide them a chance to share concerns or suggestions to improve processes. It reinforces that I have an open door and that I care and want to hear their concerns. The barbecue and holiday party are for our subs, vendors, suppliers, employees and immediate families. We present a slide show of jobs completed in the past year since a lot of the attendees never see the final work. The pride that they get from seeing completed projects and sharing them with their families is priceless. It also helps forge relationships between sub trades, especially those that need to work in tandem or follow behind another trade’s completed scope of work.


How do you get subs working within your systems? We believe our system works for everyone, but appreciate that many subs have prior experiences that may


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022


differ from others.’ I want them to know that we listen when they share ideas and, if it makes sense, we’re totally willing to make adjustments. That demonstrated respect makes them open to working with our systems. Initial prodding might be needed for some, but when they see it in action and see the cohesion within the team, they are quick to jump onboard with the process.


How do you build estimates that keep you and subs whole at the end of the job? I have a spreadsheet that breaks down everything each sub does for us. Each sub tells me what they charge for each item and that becomes the basis for bids. If there’s something out of the ordinary, I’ll call the sub and share pictures, and we figure out a number. But, for the most part, I use the spreadsheet to build estimates so they don’t have to bid every job. We’re all comfortable with the numbers and it saves a lot of time.


What are the attributes of your perennial go-to subs? They must be honest and trustworthy. I want someone humble enough to own up to their own mistakes or admit that they don’t know how to do something. If they’re willing to learn and grow, it’s going to be a good fit.


What’s the best way for a potential subcontractor to hit your radar? Mostly it’s word of mouth, though I do get a lot of unsolicited calls and emails. But I don’t just pick up a sub to pick up a sub. I need to know that they know what they’re doing and that they’re proud of their work. The person who reaches out with references and pictures of jobs they’ve done has a greater chance of getting my attention than someone who doesn’t. Honestly, I’d rather push a job out while waiting for the right person than just hire the next guy who calls.


Where jobseekers are seeking info A recent survey found that careers pages on company websites are the first destination a candidate visits once they’ve identified a potential employer. Here’s how they compare to other popular research channels. Candidate Research Channels (partial list) Company career site LinkedIn career pages Job boards Online groups (LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Other) Employee, candidate or customer referral

2021 46% 32% 26% 25% 25%

Courtesy of Jason Snyder © Houzz

SOURCE: Talent Board’s 2021 North American Candidate Experience Research Report

Green is growing on homeowners

Vanity flair

According to a recent survey of homeowners who had engaged in recent home renovations, the interest in green product options is strong. Of the homeowners surveyed:

According to the 2021 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, the number of homeowners opting for blue vanities has doubled in the last year (8% in 2021, 4% in 2020). In addition, medium and light wood tones are gaining ground as a popular color choice for this focal point fixture (14% and 8%, respectively in 2021 from 12% and 6%, respectively in 2020).

70% 90% He said, she said

plan to choose eco-friendly materials for their next home renovation

would consider eco-friendly materials for their next home renovation

SOURCE: 3M 2021 Home Renovation Study

One good thing about COVID-19

The struggle is real According to SCORE’s most recent Small Business Jobs Report, employers are doing whatever they can to attract and retain talent. Here’s a look at some of the changes they made in 2021 to help with hiring and retention: 60.5%

Increased wages

36.6% 34.6%

Professional training and skill development Work from home/remote work options


Career path/progression

21.4% 20.2% 17.1% 13.6% 11.3% 10%

Employee recognition programs Additional paid time off/holidays Profit sharing Referral bonuses Hiring bonuses Health and wellness programs Tuition reimbursement Childcare/child-friendly workplaces


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

5% 5%

HomeAdvisor recently surveyed 975 homeowners who worked on a home improvement project with a partner and found 65% of women say they are the primary decision-maker—and 63% of men say they are.

According to Lowe’s 2021 Pro Pulse Survey, 67% of pros said the pandemic has improved the reputation of people in skilled trade jobs.


Attracting talent by improving your ‘careers’ page

Creating connection beyond the job description According to Ryan Englin, founder of Core Matters, where they help blue-collar companies hire better people faster, there are several website must-haves for any company actively hiring. First, he says, “You should have a careers page and it should be super easy to find. Don’t bury it at the bottom of the page or under the ‘About Us’ tab. Give it its own clear tab, such as ‘Join Our Team,’ ‘Careers’ or ‘Jobs.’” Second, regardless of what you call it, says Englin, “Make sure it’s about your company culture and not just the job. Think of it like a profile. What is it about your company that makes you enticing? For a potential hire, that’s going to be your culture … how you grow your team, how you treat them, how you invest in them, and so forth. Be systematic and take them through the journey of joining your company … share what the first day is like, the first week, how they’ll get trained—and promoted.” The majority of Englin’s clients rely on video to tell their story. He recommends including three videos on your careers page. “The first is the core story video. It should be 3–4 minutes long and provide an overview—not a history—of the company. You want the owner explaining why they get out of bed every day. Touch on the culture and add some employees sharing what it’s like to work at the company.

“They taught me everything I know in the past 10 years that I’ve worked here, from apprentice all the way to management. They just treat me like family.”

“Next is the recruiting video. This is basically a movie trailer for your company. It should be about 90 seconds long and exciting. If your thing is a great culture, show company events, team building and training. If you’re known for high-end craftsmanship, show the work in progress and lots of beauty/pride shots. Or maybe it’s that you use certain equipment. Whatever’s going to make a candidate think, ‘That’s where I want to be,’ feature it. “The last video is the shortest, but very important: employee testimonials. You want 60 seconds of team members talking about their experience at the company and their career path.” Englin notes, “If you’re filming these with your phone, the most important thing is the sound. Invest in a $20 microphone and shoot where there’s no wind or traffic.” If you’re hiring non-English speakers, he recommends dubbing rather than subtitling videos. Attracting talent and like-minds When it comes to hiring, Josh Abramson, founder and chief solutionist at ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting, says, “We’re looking for happy people who want to do great work, surrounded by other happy people. Our website is one of the most-effective tools for identifying those folks. It encourages people who value happiness to apply, and eliminates people who don’t value the culture we’ve created.” The ALLBRiGHT careers page clearly outlines the company culture, benefits, requirements for employment —and features employee testimonials and links to job applications in English and Spanish. As for the application itself, Abramson says, “We really just get the basics. The application shouldn’t be a barrier to getting an interview, especially now when help is scarce. We want to talk to anyone who thinks they may be a fit. If they are, we’ll teach them the skills they need to make a career here.”

Courtesy of ALLBRiGHT 1-800-Painting


any business owners see the primary purpose of their website as a tool for marketing their services. But, when well-crafted, it can fulfill an equally important need: attracting talent. According to Martin Morgan of ProPainter Websites, “When a potential employee learns about a job with your company through an ad or word of mouth, inevitably they’re going to check out your website. If your website doesn’t make clear what makes your company a great place to work—be it training, long-term career potential or camaraderie—you may never even get the chance to talk to them. You’ve got to sell your company as hard, or even harder, as you do your services or you’re going to miss the chance to connect with a lot of talent.”

“[Our website] encourages people who value happiness to apply, and eliminates people who don’t value the culture we’ve created.” —JOSH ABRAMSON, ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING

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Geek Out: Coating innovations

that tackle big challenges BY BRIAN SODOMA


s a pro, you’re probably a creature of habit. Once you find something that works, it’s tough to change things up. Improved products sound great in theory, but they need to prove themselves before you sing their praises; that can be especially true when it comes to new coatings. In the world of paint, the innovation machine works daily. Manufacturers blend outreach to pros and their customers with scavenger hunts for improved resins, binders and additives. If something works, tons of experimentation, head-scratching and testing ensues, all in the name of creating something a little better. Will the coating be more eco-friendly? Produce a harder shell for durability? Resist scuffs and stains? Does it wash easier? Does it dry faster for a quicker turn, or maybe flow and level better? Endure harsh weather? The list of reasons for innovation is endless, thus the pursuit for improvement continues. Here are six innovative coatings that have made their way to market in the recent past and are already proving themselves. Each attempts to tackle either direct pro concerns or the tallest of orders from their pickiest customers.

Smog Armor’s unique formula adsorbs the most common VOCs found in homes, making painting safer for pros and homeowners. 12

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

A bacteria and virus fighter from PPG Paints If your customers need a coating that actually kills viruses and bacteria that come into contact with it, PPG’s Copper Armor fits the bill. The manufacturer recently rolled out the EPA-registered coating, which features Corning’s Guardiant, an antimicrobial copper technology that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on a painted surface, says Brian Osterried, PPG Paints senior product manager and technical lead for Copper Armor. “Once a virus or bacteria comes into contact with the painted surface, it’s going to be killed within two

hours,” he adds. “We see this as an important tool in the fight against COVID, but it’s much more than just a COVID paint. … It’s effective for many other bacteria and viruses, and is highly valuable in health care, elder care, schools … and I think there’s a strong need in residential as well.” Right now, health care facilities are the hottest market for Copper Armor. “It’s well known that hospitals have had to deal with hospital acquired infections for a while now, and it can be very costly. We think Copper Armor is a great tool to use to combat them,” he adds.

A productivity boost from Sherwin-Williams Paint pro productivity has been a primary focus in the past year for Sherwin-Williams, says Alexandra Sinclair, director of product information and technical services. The manufacturer recently released Latitude Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint, featuring ClimateFlex Technology, to address a specific pain point found through the

“Once a virus or bacteria comes into contact with the painted surface, it’s going to be killed within two hours.” —BRIAN OSTERRIED, PPG PAINTS

company’s pro feedback loop. Latitude allows pros to paint in extreme temperatures and even when rain is forecasted. It’s formulated with early moisture resistance for those days when a pro may balk at work due to a meteorologist’s prediction. And if you’re a pro in the desert or in another heat zone, application temperature ranges up to 120° F have you covered. “This best-in-class exterior coating gives painters more flexibility in their schedules while providing ideal results, even when the weather isn’t,” Sinclair noted.

Pro Painters Know. . .

reliability ACCURA TT-S is an elastomeric sealant that offers unsurpassed adhesion, flexibility and 300% elongation. When it’s reliability you need….ACCURA TT-S is what you want!

Learn more at

For product information call 866.897.7568 or email

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Trap and eliminate VOCs with Smog Armor For those customers who demand the greenest of green coatings, Smog Armor’s air-purifying BREATHE paint and AIR PRIMER are a clean bet. The company was launched in early 2020, initially envisioned as a climate tech company with a goal to minimize carbon emissions and VOCs, says Founder and CEO Tim Sperry. “Our whole idea was to find something from nature … a mineral that would have the effect of sequestering VOCs and not off-gassing, and not causing additional air pollution, but actually reduce it as well,” he says. The company found an active negatively charged mineral, similar to activated charcoal, that, with some proprietary enhancements, could reduce carbon emissions and VOCs, specifically formaldehyde and ethylene, by adsorbing them. One gram of the mineral has the adsorption* surface area of a football field.

An ‘exquisite’ matte option from Dunn-Edwards It’s no secret that designers and architects have gravitated toward lower-sheen interior coatings to accommodate modern and minimalist aesthetics. Flats and matte finishes reflect less light, which hides surface imperfections well, but their very porous nature also welcomes dirt and stains. Dunn-Edwards tackles the balancing act of offering a popular low-sheen paint that designers crave with scuff and stain resistance in its recent launch of EXQUISITE Interior Paint, an ultra-low-VOC offering in a matte finish that’s built to endure traffic and high use. The deluxe paint features the company’s ChromaStay Technology,

Behr tackles scuffs and a lot more Two interior formulations arriving to the market in the past year from Behr are helping pros offer more durability for residential customers. Most recently, the manufacturer released BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint, a super-premium coating that marries the benefits found in its BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Paints, released a year earlier, with new stain resistance, blocking resistance and high-hide found in their other premium offerings. “The idea was to combine all this and have that one product with that super-good opacity, the good scuff resistance, the quick return to service, and the ability to wash off stains. DYNASTY is the perfect combination of all those technologies,” explains John Gilbert, chief research and development officer at Behr. 14

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

The mineral was originally introduced in a car exhaust filter. It worked well but would require change-outs too frequently to be viable. So, efforts shifted to micronizing the mineral for a waterbased, zero-VOC paint. The team then found labs to test the coating’s ability to sequester VOCs and eliminate them. The paint was found to reduce the most common VOCs found in homes—ethylene, benzine, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide—between 40% and 95%. Smog Armor paint can even be tinted to any color and still maintain a zero-VOC rating. It has earned a Green Wise certification from the Coatings Research Group, and the biggest accolades it receives come from pros themselves, Sperry notes. “Painters are the ones who take the brunt of toxic paints every day,” he noted. “With this, they don’t need to open a door or window. … There’s a slight natural clay smell when it’s wet, and as soon as it dries, it activates for fresh, clean air.” *Adsorption: The adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (as of gases, solutes or liquids) to the surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact

which includes ceramics and other proprietary materials, to allow your customers the luxury of washability, along with stain, scuff, burnish and color rub-off resistance—all with a cool matte look. In videos, the company proudly demonstrates stain-washing capabilities against common household offenders: orange juice, cola, sports drinks, coffee, grape juice, pencil marks, lipstick and crayons. “It is a truly washable matte finish. There are lot of claims about a matte paint being washable, but we can demonstrate meaningful performance properties with EXQUISITE matte paint,” says Tim Bosveld, VP of product management for Dunn-Edwards. Pros can also expect flow and leveling, sag resistance, and coverage performance on the level of all other Dunn-Edwards paints.

The quicker ‘return to service’ is a key attribute for pros, Gilbert emphasizes. Most water-based or acrylic paints will dry quickly, he adds, but it’s the blocking-resistant technology in the paint formulation that allows a customer to move back into a room without worrying about paint residue accumulating on objects or furniture. BEHR DYNASTY’s improved resins and additives are the result of what Gilbert calls ‘tech scouting efforts,’ where Behr researchers frequently meet with coatings materials suppliers to ask about new discoveries. “Through these efforts, we identify materials where we can start saying ‘if we add this or substitute that, we can get a step change in a certain property.’ … To innovate, you have to be exploring in the lab a lot.” At the same time, Behr takes input from end users and pros. “That’s the other thing; we listen when people say ‘I sure wish the paint would do this.’ The process doesn’t really work without both sides coming together.”

BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint blends the best of Behr’s scuff, stain and blocking resistance with high-hide technology in one convenient product.

“You can put whatever you want on top of it—oil, hybrid, acrylic, water-based— and you no longer have to wait a day for it to dry.” —JOHN LAHEY, FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE

An even finer Fine Paints primer Fine Paints of Europe enjoys a cult following for some of its products. Honestly, its pros aren’t just loyal; if prompted, they can’t stop talking about the quality these Dutch-made coatings offer for high-end work. The manufacturer’s Oil Primer/Undercoat is one such example. Because it is durable, tintable, and sticks to just about anything, pros appreciate that using it typically means fewer coats on jobs. “The cost is all labor in high-end painting. If you can tell a pro you don’t need to put on extra coats, it’s a huge time and money saver for them,” says John Lahey, president of Fine Paints of Europe. But let’s face it, oil is, well, oil. And it’s a water- or acrylic-based world out there because of environmental concerns. About 18 months ago, a pro asked Lahey if the oil-based performance could be achieved with a faster-drying acrylic formula. Lahey quickly

learned his Dutch formulators had already been tinkering with the idea and had some product on hand for pros in the U.S. to try out. Lahey began ordering small quantities of what is today’s EUROLUX Universal Primer/Undercoat to test with pros. He also had it ‘torture tested’ at Marschall Labs in Clearwater, FL. It turns out, the adhesion qualities of the new acrylic were better than expected. The lab found maximum adhesion on aluminum, aged gloss alkyd, chalky paint, ceramic tile, Fypon, Azek, glass and Formica. “You can put whatever you want on top of it—oil, hybrid, acrylic, water-based—and you no longer have to wait a day for it to dry,” Lahey adds. “It’s ready for another coat in four hours and really puts a contractor in a position to turn jobs much faster and to be more profitable.” The only adjustment pros have to make, Lahey cautions, is to avoid thinning before use. “We feel this works best untouched. Shake or stir, then apply straight to the surface,” he says. “We rolled this out five months ago and it’s on its way to being the fastest-selling product in our lineup.”

Always looking for pro opinions All manufacturers interviewed talked about the value pro input brings to their

innovation process. So, if you’re looking for new performance capabilities in the paints you use or have customers sharing a new need, pass along the information to your manufacturer’s rep. If they don’t have a solution yet, chances are, the company innovation machine is dreaming one up as you speak. -

Save Time • Effort • Space

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Professional pressure washing For many paint pros, pressure washing is a standard step for exterior paint projects. Given that, it’s only natural that when considering adding new services to their offerings, many operators gravitate to professional pressure washing. But, as we learned from two pros that offer both services, there’s more to successfully incorporating this trade than adding a line to your service roster.


Insurance If using a trailer-mounted rig, it needs to be covered by vehicle


insurance rather than equipment insurance.

Estimated initial expenses; cost will vary by market and equipment:

If pursuing commercial work, your general liability insurance may need to be adjusted to account for the larger size of properties, and the

Pressure washing rig

additional risk of using lifts or swing stages. Depending upon the nature

4 GPM*




of the chemicals you use, additional liability insurance may be required. Licensing

Accessories (hose, angle tips, nozzles, etc.)

Varies by city and state $700–2,000 Certifications

Buffer tank (for 8 GPM machine)


Lift operation

Ladder safety

Hose reel


Recommended for specific types of work, such as roof washing,

Scissor lift or swing stage


Trailer/flatbed truck/box truck


flatwork, house washing, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, etc. Training

*GPM = gallons per minute


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

OSHA 1910, chemical safety, respirator safety, rooftop safety, environmental, DOT for mobile operators, and specific surfaces

“… you can get started for just a few thousand dollars or you can go all in and spend upward of $80,000 easy. It’s really about how much you’re willing to invest and what you want to offer.”—CHRISTIAN MILITELLO, MILITELLO PAINTING & POWERWASHING “I started out with a pretty straightforward rig that I learned to operate with lower pressure and some chemicals. That ran me a few thousand in total,” he says. “After about a year, I invested in a trailer and upgraded my equipment to a pull-behind machine, and got some nicer tips and nozzles. The next year, I got even more equipment so I could add roof washing, and I got a dedicated truck. Every year, I invest more and I earn more. At this point—with two guys working 8 hours, 5 days a week— one truck pulls in about $225,000 over our 9-month season.” Elliott began his pressure washing operation leaning hard on equipment he already had to prep properties for exterior repaints. “When we got to the point where we needed a trailermounted rig, I initially rented it,” he recalled. “Once we were running on all

Courtesy of Graco

Equipment considerations and costs As Militello noted, the cost of entry can vary widely based on what you’re looking to achieve.

Courtesy of ONiT Painting

Determining fit When Christian Militello of Militello Painting & Powerwashing launched his business in 2001 in Ambler, PA, power washing was already a part of his plan and the company name. “I had the chance to learn the ins and outs of both trades before starting my own business. The two services really go hand in hand, so it made sense to offer both. For someone just starting out, they need to first figure out exactly what services they want to offer, as that will drive what equipment and training they need. Honestly, you can get started for just a few thousand dollars or you can go all in and spend upward of $80,000 easy. It’s really about how much you’re willing to invest and what you want to offer. It’s like painting in that way. Are you a painter who uses a stepladder or do you have a lift?” For Chris Elliott of ONiT Painting in Indianapolis, IN, the decision to add pressure washing came 5 years after launching his paint business. “I had no plans to add pressure washing to our business model but after getting repeated requests for the service, I decided to look at it seriously.” Elliott’s first consideration was if it aligned with his company objectives and mission. “Once it was clear that it was in alignment, we looked at which markets we wanted to serve. As it turned out, a lot of the commercial and multifamily customers we had were already asking for the service, so we knew the need was there and the work was sizable. We considered adding residential but decided to pass, as the long-term value of commercial customers was considerably greater. From there, we defined our market as commercial buildings, multifamily properties and municipalities, and set about figuring out who the decision-makers were for each type of customer.”

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cylinders and had a good handle on how things were going, I made the choice to buy a new rig and I leveraged a vendor relationship to get 0% financing over one year. You really have to examine how you’re going to pay for things and figure out what works best for your operations and cash flow.”


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Courtesy of Militello Painting & Powerwashing

Paperwork: licensing, insurance, training and certification While neither Militello or Elliott’s home states require licensing for painting or pressure washing, they encourage other pros to inquire with their state and city as to what they need to get up and running. On the insurance front, both pros operate their pressure washing businesses using the same liability insurance that covers their paint businesses. Elliott notes that you should definitely have a discussion with your carrier about the need to adjust your coverage. “Because we began operating on much larger commercial sites where the number of people we encountered and potential risk increased, we had to ratchet things up,” he says. “The same is true if you’re operating a lift or a swing stage.” Militello adjusted his liability to address the use of chemicals in his operations, whereas Elliott did not need to, as he operates with green products. Both pros note that if you use a trailer, you need to insure that as part of your vehicle rather than as equipment. “It’s an easy mistake but one you don’t want to make,” says Militello. While training isn’t required to launch a pressure washing business, both pros are huge advocates. “We do on-the-job training for pressure washing and also provide aerial lift, ladder, PPE and OSHA 10 training,” says Elliott. Militello, who is also a board member of the Power Washers of North America (PWNA), has his team participate in the

“ You really have to examine how you’re going to pay for things and figure out what works best for your operations and cash flow.” —CHRIS ELLIOTT, ONiT PAINTING organization’s online training and certification. “They host an annual conference and safety programs throughout the year in person and online that are incredibly helpful and informative,” he says. “I know there’s a lot of YouTube content out there but not all of it’s good, or even accurate. I think if you’re going to run a pressure washing business—especially if you plan to use chemicals that, if mishandled, could be toxic—you owe it to yourself, your crew and your customers to make an investment in money and time in training.” -

RESOURCES Power Washers of North America Pressure Washers of America United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners Pressure Washing Resource

FrogTape performance priced for the pro ®

FrogTape Pro Grade: The only blue tape good enough to be FrogTape ®


Visit ©Shurtape Technologies, LLC 2022/ASW00261


4 Pros and their tape choices BY BRIAN SODOMA

Tape doesn’t get a lot of attention in tool discussions, but it is one of those items where you definitely know when you’ve chosen the wrong one. All it takes is one or two bad bleeds, and you’re looking for a better option. Some pros are pretty passionate about the tapes they depend on. Here, four share their favorite ones and the reasons behind their preferences.

Photo Courtesy of 3M


This Houston, TX-based pro’s work involves a lot of residential exteriors, where he works with surfaces like Hardie board siding and brick. To mask off these substrates, Scotch Heavy Duty Masking Tape 2020+ is his go-to tape. “It’s the tape that sticks to the surface the best. I will even use it on interior jobs for concrete floors and it won’t peel off,” he says. On interior door frames, baseboards and windows, he prefers FrogTape Pro Grade Painter’s Tape–Blue. He likes the contractor pack pricing and says the tape gives him a great balance between strong adhesion and easy removal, and he’s confident it will perform every time. He also uses it on cabinets from time to time, if he feels a delicate surface tape isn’t needed. While he believes strongly in it, he offers one caution with FrogTape: “The one thing we have to watch out for is, while applying it … if you accidentally have it stick to itself, you can’t use it anymore and you have to pull another strip of tape.” For freshly painted or delicate surfaces like cabinets, Ramirez’s preference is Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape 2080. And for covering floors, the pro uses Trimaco flooring paper, and relies on 3M Multi-Use Duct Tape to assure the paper stays in place.


1 20

GUSTAVO RAMIREZ Ramirez Painting Services Ramirez-Painting-Service.Business.Site

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ISRAEL FLORES Smoothlines Painting





“… [Sherwin-Williams Professional Grade Masking Tape–CP66] is an important tape. It needs to adhere so when you’re going in with your sprayer, the masking paper doesn’t blow off.”

Featuring a delicate adhesive, Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape 2080 is a solid choice for freshly painted walls and drywall.


This Tampa, FL-based pro’s primary niche today is custom home interior and exterior repaints, along with cabinet refinishing. When it comes to tape, he has five in his arsenal. For exteriors, he often tapes off stucco pop-outs and wall sections to create a clean line. For that, he uses Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape 2060. “Those are not the easiest surfaces to adhere to and I find this one just sticks the best,” he says. To tape off fixtures, doorbells and windows, he uses ScotchBlue Original Painter’s Tape because it offers the right amount of adhesion for the highmoisture environment in Florida. “I’ve tried other brands and I come back the next morning and half of the tape is already coming off. Those two, the Rough Surface and the Original Blue, stay up for me on exteriors.” For masking off cabinet drawers and door frames to keep overspray from hitting the inside of a cabinet, he likes Sherwin-Williams Professional Grade Masking Tape–CP66. “That’s an important tape. It needs to adhere so when you’re going in with your sprayer, the masking paper doesn’t blow off.” He sometimes uses this durable, high-adhesion option on exteriors, too; specifically on humid days when he needs to mask off shingles around wood fascia and soffit boards he’s spraying. He’ll even use it on concrete floors, near garage doors. On some interiors, he paints the baseboards, first. After they’re dry to the touch, he uses FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape– Yellow on them for painting the wall surface above the baseboards. He runs a damp rag over the FrogTape for a good seal. In cases where he only paints a wall and not the baseboards, to mask off the trim, he relies on ScotchBlue Original Painter’s Tape. “I’ve tried them all, and when you know what works for you, it’s pretty much what you stick with. … These are the five I keep in my vehicle all the time,” he adds.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


At Mi-T-M, we pride ourselves on building mighty, damn good equipment. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you are buying dependable equipment that is designed, built, and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good. Made in


with Globally Sourced Components | 800-553-9053 Air Compressors | Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations | Portable Generators Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters Wet/Dry Vacuums | Water Pumps | Water Treatment Systems Mar/Apr 2022 | inPAINT


A strong adhesive helps Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape 2060 bond aggressively to stucco, concrete and brick.

Courtesy of 3M


This Rotterdam, NY-based pro enjoys a large portfolio of work, including new homes and residential repaints, commercial interiors and exteriors, and fine-finish cabinet work. Thompson often relies on FrogTape Pro Grade Painter’s Tape–Blue, found in three- or four-packs (depending on width). He uses it primarily on baseboards and door casings. “I feel like it’s the best bang for the buck,” Thompson says. “It’s durable and you get minimal to no bleed. I just lay it down and push on it with my five-in-one tool. It’s very forgiving, too; it sticks well but comes up easily.” For cabinet jobs, he uses FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape–Yellow on both cabinet surfaces as well as adjacent walls. He’ll even use it in other areas of a home where he recently painted and needs to be assured the tape won’t pull up paint when removed. When covering windows or floors with masking paper, Thompson has two favorite tapes for helping him connect paper sections: 3M General Purpose Masking Tape 203 and ALLPRO Gold Masking Tape. Both are flexible and can stay in place for longer periods of time, if needed, he says. On exteriors, he prefers ScotchBlue Original Painter’s Tape to mask off windows, but adds one caution about the tape potentially baking to the surface and leaving behind residue in high heat. “The key is you don’t want it stuck on there in the heat for several days,” he notes. “I use it only for jobs where I know it will be on the surface for one or two days.” 22

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“I feel like [FrogTape Pro Grade Painter’s Tape–Blue] is the best bang for the buck.” —JOSH THOMPSON, JT’S PAINTING


This Columbus, OH-based pro focuses her work strictly on residential interior repaints. The FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape–Green is her workhorse, and it does great work on baseboards, trim, flat walls and a number of other surfaces she works with every day. “I’ve been a big fan since it came out. The only thing I say is to make sure it’s being applied to a clean surface,” she says. Cohagen also uses FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape–Yellow for cabinet work, primarily on cabinet surfaces and areas around them that have been recently painted. For clean lines needed on walls, she will also use the Delicate Surface tape over fresh coats of paint. She likes to caulk the edges of the tape, then uses an artist’s brush to paint along the edges of the tape to better assure a clean line. Finally, for masking off floors and carpet, she uses 3M General Purpose Masking Tape 203. “It’s cheaper so you’re not using painter’s tape on an area that really doesn’t need it,” she adds. -


Q: A:

What does your safety education program look like?

Obviously, safety is an extremely important issue for any contractor. I always say that our goal is to have everyone go home the same way they showed up. We have a disciplined approach to safety education for new hires as well as existing crews. Because we’re a union shop, we rely on some of the education provided by the union as well as incorporate our own efforts for specific jobs and needs. For new employees entering with little to no experience, they all participate in a four-year apprenticeship program through the union that includes education on OSHA rules and regulations. We also provide training on skills related to specific challenges or issues they’re likely to see on the jobsite. If a journeyman is joining the company, we provide the same skill training and make sure they have OSHA 10-hour certification. As they advance in the company, we facilitate additional training through the union and continue to provide education on the jobsite and in the shop. To work as a lead painter for us, OSHA 30-hour certification is required. We also hold an annual Safety Day at the local union hall where everyone gets training on new regulations and skills, and refreshers on things like respirator fit, harnesses and lanyards, aerial work, lead and asbestos, and even first aid and CPR, as many of our customers require this specific training. And because we do a LOT of work in health care, we’ve added ICRA (infection control risk assessment) training to our Safety Day. In some cases, health care customers will have other safety training requirements. For example, the Cleveland Clinic requires additional infection control education. They actually provide it online, and it’s free of charge to our team members. Once a team member has completed it, they receive a badge that allows them to work on-site. If you don’t do the training, you don’t get to work on that project. That ends up being motivating for a lot of our team.

We track which certifications and training each of our employees has received and monitor when they expire. Not only does this help us stay on top of what needs renewing, it also makes it easy to assign crew members to jobs based on the training required. I’d say nine out of 10 jobs we bid with GCs have specific training requirements for our team members. We rely on the tracking spreadsheet to help build the teams for different jobs. Very often, GCs also require anyone working on a project to go through a safety orientation training the first day on a job. In addition, for big GC jobs, we hold daily safety talks based on what the GC requires. We literally have documents for hundreds of safety talks—from working on-site and hazardous driving to cell phone safety and fall protection. The lead painter reviews the relevant topics with the team before each workday and submits a report to the GC on the job so that they know we’re compliant with their requirements. If a job doesn’t have GC-mandated safety requirements, we still do safety inspections throughout the week. We’re not only looking at how our guys are performing, but also how other trades might be impacting their safety. If we spot any issues, we address them immediately. While the well-being of our crew is always our greatest priority, when it comes to safety training, it also has a big impact on our ability to grow as a business. We maintain OSHA incident logs (quarterly and annually) in which we track work-related illness and injuries. Some customers require we include the log when we submit a bid. If our incident rate exceeds their limit, we won’t even be considered for the job. Failing to keep up with safety training can obviously hurt employees but it can also hurt your ability to grow your business. That makes having a structured approach to safety training and education absolutely essential to running a top-notch company where team members feel valued.

RYAN LONDON is a VP of The Dependable Painting Company in Cleveland, OH. A graduate of Slippery Rock University with a degree in safety management, he utilizes his knowledge to keep the company updated with the latest safety requirements and site-specific safety plans. He is OSHA 30-hour certified and a member of The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (formerly the Society for Protective Coatings).

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Here, manufacturers present their newest technology and/or spotlight their classic products. ®


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Product Showcase

The #1 most trusted brand by professional painters* The best paint jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter’s Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter’s tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you’re painting. The best paint jobs start with Scotch®. T *Based on 2020 TNS Kantar U.S. Brand Health Survey.

M3000 Dispenser Make paint prep faster and easier with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Products. Prep work goes a long way toward getting the job done right and avoiding rework. But proper masking takes time, and in this business, time means money. The 3M™ HandMasker™ M3000 Dispenser is compact and lightweight applying masking tape to film, plastic or paper in one quick and easy process — plus, does the job 4 times faster than the paper/poly method.


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Product Showcase

3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Dust Channeling Block Sanding Sponge

3M™ High Strength Large Hole Repair

Keep your surface clean as you hand sand with the 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Dust Channeling Block Sanding Sponge. Featuring innovative channels on one side and a flat surface on the other, this two-in-one sanding sponge is great for detail work and flat sanding. Made with premium minerals and ultra-durable foam, this sanding sponge lasts one job to the next and lets you easily control the direction you are sanding. An innovative coating helps reduce clogging, and you can rinse the sponge and reuse it.

For when results matter, 3M™ High Strength Large Hole Repair is designed to tackle holes between three and five inches in both interior and exterior spaces. This strong spackle is fiber reinforced and dries five times faster than traditional vinyl spackle. It’s ideal for repairing large holes, cracks and damaged surfaces in drywall, plaster, stucco, concrete and wood. Easy to sand after application, with no shrinking, cracking, or sagging.

3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Respirator 8511 Paint Prep

3M™ Quick Latch Respirator with Cool Flow™ Valve

Part of our Pro Series, the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Particulate Respirator 8511 is designed with the pro in mind to help bring you protection and comfort. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ valve helps direct exhaled air downward and allows for easy breathing. This N95 respirator features Advanced Electrostatic Media that enhances the capture of airborne particles and is designed for easy breathing. Adjustable m-noseclip helps provide a custom and secure seal.

Designed for the professional painter, the 3M™ Quick Latch Respirator with Cool Flow™ Valve—Paint Project helps give you convenience and protection on the job. Equipped with our proprietary Quick Latch system, this reusable respirator is easy to take on and off in non-contaminated areas, and there’s no need to adjust straps as you’re raising and lowering your respirator. When you’re outside the hazardous area, this respirator lets you take a quick break or have a conversation with a simple flip of the lever.


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Blue Max® Original and White Blue Max® Original and White are a special blend of water based rubberized elastomeric coatings for waterproofing interior, exterior, below or above grade foundations, basements, and roofs. With its high strength elastomeric liquid rubber technology, Blue Max® has up to 1200% elongation to withstand the harshest conditions. Brush, Roll or Spray, our products go on easy, are non-toxic, eco-friendly and Made In The USA.

Maximum Stretch® Maximum-Stretch® is a white Elastomeric Acrylic Rubberized Roof Coating Paint and Sealant with 650% elongation that resists cracking and peeling. With 88% light reflectivity the bright white finish reduces surface temperatures resulting in a reduction in cooling costs and thermal expansion and contraction. Designed for low-slope roof maintenance on metal, Built-Up Roofing, Rolled Roofing, RV Roofs, Modified Bitumen Concrete, EPDM, and wood.

Capstone Granite® Ames® Capstone Granite® removes the biggest detriment of all concrete surfaces — its appearance! Capstone Granite is an interior/exterior, water-based, acrylic coating with a multi-color blend of decorative chips for a “granite like” appearance. This coating is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as pool decks, porches, patios, decks, walkways, walls, and more. Capstone Granite is non-toxic, low odor, water clean-up and made in the USA. T888-345-0809


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Product Showcase

Mi-T-M Cold Water Pressure Washers Mi-T-M Corporation has been manufacturing cold water pressure washers in Peosta, Iowa since 1971. Popular in the paint industry, professional paint contractors appreciate the portability and durability Mi-T-M equipment offers. Easy to move from jobsite to jobsite, the Mi-T-M industrial cold water pressure washers are built to last and can be used up to 40 hours per week. They are the ideal tool for surface prep and restoration projects.

Mi-T-M Air Compressors Professional paint contractors appreciate affordable, high quality air compressors and Mi-T-M manufactures a full line suitable for the paint industry. Portable models range from 5-gallon up to 20-gallon and are widely used for exterior paint jobs where proper ventilation is a must. Mi-T-M air compressors can power everything from paint sprayers to blow guns allowing the contractor to cover large areas in a short amount of time.

New Mi-T-M Generators with CO Detectors Mi-T-M Corporation recently announced the launch of a new line of generators with built-in CO detectors. This new line includes inverter generators ranging from 2000 up to 8000-watts, and portable generators ranging from 4000 up to 10,000-watt. Each is equipped with a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and auto shutdown when CO levels become unsafe. You will often find generators on jobsites where no electricity is available. T(800) 553-9053 Mi-T-M Corporation offers an extensive line of equipment.


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FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tapes

Marketed by Shurtape Technologies, LLC

FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

The original FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape features medium adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days and seven days in direct sunlight. This premium grade masking tape is made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed.

FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape features low adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days. This yellow painter’s tape is ideal for masking delicate or freshly painted surfaces but can be used for application on most common paint projects. It’s also made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology to achieve professionallooking results with no paint bleed.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape™

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape is the only blue tape good enough to be FrogTape®. We’ve taken traditional blue painter’s tape and applied patented PaintBlock® Technology that makes FrogTape® #1 with paint pros for sharp lines with no paint bleed.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape™ offers high adhesion and quick stick to a variety of surfaces. The backing makes it easy to use on interior and exterior applications and it removes cleanly without shredding for three days. Pro Grade Orange™ does not contain PaintBlock® Technology.


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Product Showcase

RollingDog Tools

12" - 18" Adjustable Roller Frame Work faster and more efficiently with big jobs using the ROLLINGDOG 12 to 18" adjustable roller frame. Includes two 1.5" end caps which can be used with any 1.5" diameter covers within size range. Each side has twist knob adjustment for easy cover installation/removal. Rounded frame corners and a durable synthetic handle that connects to threaded extensions make this a great item for wall & ceiling coverage. ROLL with ROLLINGDOG! Search ROLLINGDOG Tools on!

RollingDog Tools

Painter’s Multi Tool A painter’s multi tool is a must have item for any painter. Use RollingDog’s for a variety of essential tasks from cleaning rollers to scraping junk off hard surfaces. Made with a rigid stainless steel full tang blade and a soft ergonomic rubber gripped handle. Search ROLLINGDOG Tools on!


ProDryingRack SD™ — PSDR The PSDR Series (SD) is an integrated system designed for painting and drying cabinet doors in a vertical orientation with the least amount of effort and space. Parts hang for spraying of all sides in one step and there’s 18 feet of drying line you can configure to fit your space. Designed for foolproof assembly in less than 10 minutes without tools. Quickly tear down into the ballistic nylon bags (included) for convenient storage and transport. The PSDR is a must for the commercial painter who values speed and efficiency.


Portable Jobsite Spray Booth – PJSB The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth™ (PJSB) has a precision-manufactured, fully collapsible, aluminum frame and uses disposable plastic liners to protect the jobsite while spraying non-flammable, non-combustible finishes. This walk-in, open-faced booth sets up in minutes — without tools — and packs into a carry bag (included) for easy transport between jobs. Use the PJSB on jobsites or in workshops. This affordable, portable, professional spray booth is the perfect solution for spraying/applying finishes, sanding, routing or any other application where you want to keep particulate contained and/or away from your work pieces.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022


Old Masters

Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools

Fast Dry Stain Speed • Versatility • Performance Fast Dry Stain is a quality oil-based interior stain that applies easily and enhances the wood’s natural grain with its intensified depth of color and clarity. Its rapid 30-minute dry time and superior performance allow every project to be topcoated more quickly, granting a more efficient turnaround. The stain may be brushed, sprayed, or wiped onto the surface. Makes a great alternative to lacquer stains. Experience optimal results on all interior wood surfaces such as cabinets, doors, floors, furniture, and woodwork.

Door Decker Finishing System We offer painting tools designed and manufactured BY painters! The Door Decker approach allows for both sides of the door to be painted horizontally and in rapid succession for a clean high quality finish every time. No more sags or runs in the paint! Simply ATTACH - SPRAY - FLIP - SPRAY - STACK! Check out our website for more details.

Blue Dolphin

AXIS APT Advanced Washi Painter’s Tape AXIS APT Advanced Washi Painter’s Tape is an Ultra-Premium Painter’s Tape that performs phenomenally on all surfaces. Watertight ultra-flat rice paper backing blocks paint bleeding and creates razor sharp paint lines for crisp, professional lines like no other Painter’s Tape. FEATURES & BENEFITS: • Razor Sharp Paint Lines • Blocks Paint Bleeding • Ultra-Flat Rice Paper Technology • Multi-Surface for Interior/Exterior • Great for all Paints, Stains & Lacquers • 60-Day Clean & Easy Removal • Medium Tack

The perfect tape for razor sharp lines. Ideal when working with dark & contrasting paint colors!


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RESIDENTIAL KITCHEN REPAINT Location: Milton, MA Paint contractor: Jessica Allred Alternative Finishes Time frame: 3–4 weeks Crew size: 2 people Equipment used: Roller, brush, sprayer (cabinet doors were refinished off-site) Challenges: ■ A VERY affectionate (but FURRY) dog who kept us accountable in our daily housekeeping ■ Extensive prep included eradicating decades (if not a century’s) worth of poor finishing, wear and grime, as the home was built in 1850

Pro product comment: “We mixed EUROLUX matte and flat for the ceilings to guide the light into the EUROLUX matte walls and crescendo throughout with HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 on the millwork. Once complete, the flow of light and reflections from outside to inside and back again made for a truly magical and timeless space.” —JESSICA ALLRED, ALTERNATIVE FINISHES, ONE OF ONLY 13 FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE MASTER CERTIFIED PAINTERS IN THE U.S.

Fine Paints of Europe coatings and color:




“ When this client reached out to me, I knew right away she knew EXACTLY what she wanted. She had used Fine Paints of Europe and knew the look this paint is capable of achieving. The home was 167 years old and had very little natural light, along with very low ceilings. Being trusted with going back in time (through rigorous prep) and restoring the true charm of this home was an honor.” —JESSICA ALLRED, ALTERNATIVE FINISHES 32

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022


Ceiling: EUROLUX Universal Primer/Undercoat EUROLUX Interior Flat & Matte Paint (blended 50/50) Kitchen/pantry trim and cabinetry: Fine Paints of Europe Oil Primer/Undercoat HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 Walls: EUROLUX Universal Primer/Undercoat EUROLUX Interior Matte Paint




RESIDENTIAL EPOXY FLOOR Location: Hancock, ME Paint contractor: Jebb Mitchneck, owner New England Epoxy Time frame: 3 days Crew size: 2 people Equipment used: Roller, squeegee Challenges: ■ Masking off all UV-ray sources ■ Short open time of epoxy Spartan Epoxies coatings: HDWB Epoxy Primer CLEAR100 Metallic Binder HPU High Performance Clear Top Coat Metallic pigments:


Great White


Photos Courtesy of New England Epoxy



Project background: A homeowner on the coast of Maine wanted to create a floor for a craft room that looked like the ocean outside their window. Achieving the desired look was easy with the right blend of metallic pigments and a little artistry.

“Over the years, I’ve tried a LOT of different products and have found that Spartan Epoxies offer the best performance and durability for the price. The products are easy to work with and the finished look is superior to other brands. Plus, the customer support is exceptional.” —JEBB MITCHNECK, NEW ENGLAND EPOXY


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THE HOME EDIT HOUSE REPAINT Location: Nashville, TN Paint contractor: George F. Husk, Owner Nashville Pro Handyman & Remodeling Time frame: 4 weeks Challenges: A tight time frame for project completion was necessary to accommodate the show’s production schedules. To solve challenges that can come with a quick project turnaround, the on-site BEHR PRO sales representative supplied products direct to the site to streamline the process and save time.

Behr coatings and colors:

Pro product comment: Polar Bear


Cracked Pepper


Prop room: BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint in: Torch Red


Balcony Sunset






Royal Raisin


BEHR DYNASTY delivered refined and durable results for The Home Edit’s new company headquarters, The Home Edit house. It is the most durable, most stain-repellent, most scuff-resistant one-coat-hide paint designed to last.

Photos Courtesy of Behr

Exterior: BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Paint in:

Project background: Get Organized With The Home Edit is a hit Netflix show based on the creative work of powerhouse duo Clea and Joanna, who carefully selected the whimsical prop room’s paint colors to connect with the show’s signature Rainbow Method for organizing—ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).



Cherry Juice


“It was exciting to be the first paint contracting team in the U.S. to use BEHR DYNASTY on a professional project. This particular project required quick turnarounds, and the product performances of DYNASTY helped our team complete the painting process on time with beautiful finishes.” —GEORGE F. HUSK, NASHVILLE PRO HANDYMAN & REMODELING


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2022

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Benjamin Moore ColorReader Paint Smarter, Not Harder, with Precision Color Matching A precise, paint color matching tool like no other from names you can trust — that’s what you get from the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ app and ColorReader device, powered by Datacolor’s renowned color technology. It’s never been easier to accurately scan, match and visualize color, simplifying the paint color matching process for you and your customers. Quicker paint color selection means faster job turnarounds.

3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Faster Sanding Sheets #1 Sanding Performance. 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Faster Sanding Sheets with enhanced mineral technology resist clogging and sand faster. Fold once and the NO-SLIP GRIP™ durable backing grips together to prevent slipping so you can sand longer with less hand fatigue. Superior cut durability—from start to finish. For when endurance matters.

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13–15: Cabinet Refinishers Network Impact 2022, Mechanicsburg, PA

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13–16: AIC 2022: Sensing Colour, Toronto, Canada


16–19: PCA Commercial Forum, Branson, MO


22–24: Apartmentalize, San Diego, CA


25–28: 2022 BOMA International Conference & Expo, Nashville, TN

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May 13–15, Mechanicsburg, PA


14–16: Mile High Profit Summit, Westminster, CO


15–17: 2022 Wallcovering Installers Association Convention, New Orleans, LA

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12–15: PowerClean Convention, Orlando, FL

Join us for a three-day, power-packed event designed to take your business to the next level. Covering everything from business mindset and social media marketing to hands-on training and a review of some of the products key to achieving a professional finish, you’ll leave with the skills and knowledge you need to refinish cabinets confidently and competently. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn from masters including Jim Dorff of 365 Renovations, Denny Jahnz of Cabinet ReNu, Skylar and Meri Faria of SurfPrep Sanding, Rebecca Hansen of Furniture Intervention, Tanner Mullen of DripJobs, Corrie Leister of Inspired By U, and coatings expert Diane Shattuck. A product expo will connect you to some of the leading manufacturers in the industry who will share the latest product innovations and offer tips for making the most of them. 38

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Due to the pandemic, some events may be cancelled or rescheduled. Visit the event websites listed below for the latest information.

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Contractor succession planning in boom times


he construction macroeconomy looks like it is going to be pretty strong for the foreseeable future. There are some challenges, obviously, such as supply chain disruptions and inflation, but backlogs and gross and net margins look very strong this year and into 2023. Boom times like these are great, but they can have profound effects on contractor business succession for these reasons: Complacency Complacency can kill a contractor’s business over time. How does it show up? Plenty of ways. A general lack of rigorous accountability and focus on fundamentals like days gained or days lost on projects. Business development efforts get soft because the phone is always ringing, and opportunities are abundant. Overconfidence causes erosion in the quality of go/no-go decisions. Volume goes up, but margins begin to erode. The rate of innovation slows down. A lack of adherence to—or lack of development of—standard operating procedures appears. Complacency is the number one thing contractors must look out for in boom times. Senior leaders hang on too long Consider a company with a senior leader who announced they were going to retire in 2021. But now the company is making more money than it has ever made—in fact, more money than the senior leader ever thought it would make. In that sense, they may feel they can’t afford to retire. If the senior leader hangs on beyond the implicitly or explicitly stated transfer date, he may so discourage his successor(s) that they move on to other opportunities, and the company’s sustainability is suddenly in jeopardy. Senior leaders depart too quickly On the other end, a senior leader might be tired of the grind and choose an earlier retirement date than they previously planned on. An abrupt retirement decision often results in the next-generation successor not having time to be properly prepared. For example, whereas a single senior owner was able to make informed decisions independently, if the company is being passed down to three next-generation owners, they will need to develop an entirely new communication system. They’ve got to decide how they’re going to decide, and develop a way for

holding each other accountable. They must be afforded the time to establish a specific way to determine exactly how and when they’re going to communicate before they hit the ground. The entry costs for next-generation leaders go up If a rising leader in a company is scheduled to begin buying shares, company valuation is a big factor. For example, in 2021 a $100,000 bonus could have bought, let’s say, 10 shares of company stock, but because the firm’s valuation is increasing, by the end of 2022 that amount may only buy five shares. In boom times, the cost of entry steadily increases for aspiring leaders who want to become owners. Future owners become discouraged It’s exciting for a younger leader to think about becoming an owner. However, if a senior leader hangs on for a few more lucrative years, that excited young leader may become much less excited over time. It’s far less enthralling to take on all the hard work and risk associated with owning a company as one ages and becomes more risk averse. No time to hesitate Without a strong succession strategy, contractors inadvertently damage the thing they love. The trades are a tough business for tough people who need to make tough decisions. You can’t afford to take your eye off the succession ball in boom times. Such are the problems of success!

WAYNE RIVERS is the president of Family Business Institute (FBI), whose mission is that We Build Better Contractors. The company’s contractor-only services provide solutions for issues beyond the financial and operational concerns of running a construction organization. FBI’s service offerings include Management Consulting, CEO Performance Roundtable program and Contractor Business Boot Camp. Wayne can be reached at 877-326-2493 or

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Model Shown G-Force™ II 4040 HC-BD - 25N680


LEARN MORE Model Shown Ultra Max™ II 795 ProContractor - 17E582 MADE IN THE USA WITH IMPORTED ENGINES

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