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5 pros share their coatings of choice


Pros discuss their approaches to fine finish spraying What you need to know about PPP loan forgiveness Boost customer buying power through financing

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The best paint jobs start with No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results.

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Diane, WV.


Ames® Blue Max® Family of paintable products are the best water-based rubberized elastomeric coatings for any paint project. Ames® provides a layer of protection to any acrylic paint project, reducing energy costs, preventing mold & mildew & it’s environmentally friendly. Ames® waterproofing products seal your basement, roof, foundation, decks, floors, walls, siding, bathrooms & more. MADE IN THE

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WWW. AMESRESEARCH.COM I 888-345-0809 Ames® and Blue Max® all rights reserved. Do not use our products to water your plants, non-toxic doesn’t mean non-harmful.


“There’s no right or wrong way to live. Just ways you’ve tried and those you haven’t yet.” —Colin Wright, author and entrepreneur


arly spring has come to my corner of the world and even if I didn’t hear tom turkeys calling out for love every morning across the fields, I’d know it by the sudden appearance of buckets and sap lines hanging from the maple trees. The two-mile stretch of road I live on is home to two small sugaring operations. One runs lines while the other uses old-school buckets for collecting sap. Having spent time in both sugar shacks, I’ve had the chance to hear each operator opine on the wisdom and advantages of their approach and trade secrets. Standing in the swirls of steam and breathing in the intoxicatingly sweet smell of maple syrup blended with woodsmoke, their logic sounds impeccable. But to be honest, a few months out from sugaring season, when I’m enjoying the syrup bartered from each with a combination of eggs and honey, I really can’t detect the difference their processes make. All I know is the syrups are equally delicious and any sense of pride my neighbors feel about the quality of their product is 100% deserved. The same holds true in the world of painting. There are lots of paths to achieving a quality finish; none more or less deserving of pride and praise than the other. In this issue, we talk to pros from across the country about their approach to tackling decks and their choice of sprayers and tips for fine finishes on built-ins, islands, cabinets and trim packages. Some have stayed with the same approach for years, while others regularly engage in a bit of trial and error to see what else might work. In the end, the only thing consistent about their approaches is their satisfaction with the results. We’re grateful to all the pros who welcomed us into their ‘sugar shacks’ and allowed inPAINT to learn about and share their approach with others, and we invite other pros who are willing to share their approach to reach out. We’d love to hear the source and secrets to your pride. Cheers,

Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2021 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Brooke Cambridge Owner, BLC Painting

Zach Kenney Owner, ZK Painting

Ray Rahni Owner, Paint Track Painting Services

Doug Imhoff Owner, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

Larry Marler Owner, The Works Remodeling and Finishing

Steve Spinelli President, Uni Pro Painting

Rich Purnell Owner, BASE Painters


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

This issue’s contributing experts Brendon Augustine Augustine Interiors PUBLISHER Edward McAdams MANAGING EDITOR Amanda Haar DESIGN Carl Bezuidenhout CREATIVE SERVICES DIRECTOR Cindy Puskar



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Juan Vasquez Illusions Painting James Waite Hearth Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT



inPAINT® Mar/Apr 2021


Two Pros Talk COGS


Achieving Fine Finishes



Pros and manufacturers on equipment, techniques, and unique coatings

Pro Picks

5 pros on what it takes to get wood decks looking and performing their best

Courtesy of Platinum Futures Painting

Pros share and compare their cost of goods sold




2021 Product Showcase

8 The News Industry ins and outs 10 Ask a Pro The pros and cons of independence versus franchise 12 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry

13 Trend in Focus Offering consumer financing benefits contractors and customers alike 38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 39 Bottom Line A tax expert relays the latest on PPP loan forgiveness for contractors

Manufacturers present their newest technology and spotlight classic products

COVER: Photo courtesy of Sansin and Jason Keen Photography. This Michigan residence’s KAYU wood decks were first coated with Sansin’s KP-12, chosen for its UV protection and water repellence, then with SDF Topcoat to enhance protection and build this low-luster, natural finish.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

This Page’s Background Photo Courtesy of Platinum Futures Painting.

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This wise adage served as inspiration for a type of communication that offers industry professionals education and instruction to learn from—and build on. Here, we present an industryspecific question and invite an expert to share their insight. Prepare to sharpen your skills.

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New primer makes easy work of difficult surfaces

Ladder safety training T As part of the 5th annual National Ladder Safety month celebrated in March, the American Ladder Institute launched an extensive media campaign promoting free training available on their website. Covering the proper selection, care, and safe use of all ladders including stepladders, single and extension ladders, articulated ladders, and mobile ladders, the training features a pretest, media-rich video demonstrations, and a final safety test to earn your certificate of completion.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

Courtesy of Cherry Coatings

T Sherwin-Williams recently introduced the next generation of its Extreme Bond Interior/Exterior Primer, designed to provide greater scratch resistance, water sensitivity, hide and adhesion to hard-to-stick surfaces. The waterborne urethane-modified acrylic solution is ideal for use with hard, slick and/or glossy surfaces that are otherwise difficult to prime. The bonding primer applies in one coat, dries quickly, and is compatible with a variety of topcoatings—including epoxies and urethanes—making it ideal for kitchen cabinets, tile, glass panels, plastics and PVC piping, wall laminates, aluminum, fiberglass, and varnished woodwork. Plus, due to the coating’s strong adhesive properties, sanding may not be necessary for clean, paintable surfaces.

Paint on, game on T When Austin FC takes to the pitch for its first game in June 2021, most eyes will be on the action—but it’s likely one fan’s gaze will be cast a little higher. A project manager with Cherry Coatings in Austin, TX, Joelyn Parker oversaw the painting of all the exposed steel in and outside the stadium. “Originally, we were brought on to paint the welds and abutments but, when the primed and coated steel arrived pretty banged up, it was obvious that we had a much bigger job on our hands.” Crews of up to 10 pros, including a foreman and field manager, spent nearly 11 months applying 500 kits of Sherwin-Williams Envirolastic 940 LV, a dual-component polyaspartic coating, to the beams. “As much as we could, we brushed and rolled from the ground, but a lot of the work was done from a boom lift. Then there were the small and tight spaces where the boom wouldn’t fit,” recalls Parker. “In those instances, we called on our aerial specialists to walk the beams—we’re talking 160' up in the air—and apply the coating. I’ve got nothing but respect for those applicators, and am really proud to have played a hand in such a significant project for the community and the company.”

Sherwin-Williams launches Living Well collection T With a goal of making coatings do more than add color to a room, Sherwin-Williams has created a new product collection featuring two interior products. SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology keeps walls sanitized 24/7 by delivering ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9% of certain bacteria on painted surfaces and remains effective for up to four years. SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology contributes to improved indoor air quality, breaking down unwanted odors and reducing VOCs from potential sources like carpet, cabinets and fabrics. Both products are available in 11 curated palettes featuring Sherwin-Williams top-selling shades.

Protect gutters, protect yourself T If you’ve ever scratched or dented a gutter on the job or felt your heart skip a beat when a ladder shifted underneath you, then you’ll immediately understand the appeal of Ladder’s Little Helper. Made in the U.S. from lightweight polypropylene and lined with anti-slip rubber, this multipurpose tool prevents sideways ladder movement, while at the same time preventing damage to gutters. Simply place it from the ground with a pole, position your ladder between the guides, and you’re ready to get to work safer and with less risk of damage to customers’ property.

Houzz and Benjamin Moore partner on new visualization tool T Houzz has partnered with Benjamin Moore to embed its color portfolio in new visualization tools within Houzz Pro, its all-in-one business management and marketing solution for residential construction and design professionals. As part of this engagement, Benjamin Moore provides paint colors for the Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner and Mood Board tools. Using the Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner, pros can enter specific wall dimensions and ceiling heights, resize windows and doors and select any Benjamin Moore color to create accurate 3D interior schematics in walkthrough and dollhouse views. Free trials are available at

Work just got more rewarding T Pratt & Lambert Paints recently launched its first-ever loyalty program designed exclusively for independent professional painting contractors. The only offering of its kind, the Pratt & Lambert Pro Contractor Rewards Program enables pros to earn cash rewards on their paint purchases in the form of a reloadable debit card. Pros who accrue more than $500 in the company’s paint purchases within 30 days of registering for the program can upload their receipts to the website to earn a $25 reloadable debit card. Future purchases earn additional rewards, delivered via the reloadable card, with a maximum of 50 gallons qualifying for rewards each calendar month. Products qualifying for the program include all the company’s interior and exterior brands and finishes. To learn more and register, visit

Cabot introduces sample stain program T In an effort to help pros better serve their customers, Cabot has introduced a sample stain offering. Available in half-pints (enough to cover roughly 19 sq. ft.), sample stains in Australian Timber Oil Colors (Natural, Honey Teak, Mahogany Flame and Jarrah Brown) as well as three tintable opacities: semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid with 100 colors options. Samples are available wherever Cabot stains are sold.

Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT




HEWERSON MORAIS is head of commercial operations and is a senior commercial estimator at CertaPro Painters of Westchester, NY and Southern CT. He is also part of the advisory board and past president of the Westchester County Chapter of PCA. Hewerson has been in the paint industry for the past 20 years and plans on continuing to expand his knowledge and help elevate the paint industry standards.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

Having worked in both worlds, what are the advantages of being independent vs. joining a franchise?


There are a lot differences between the two opportunities but what makes one better than the other really depends upon the individual. I started in the paint business while in high school, working for my uncle in NYC. I learned a lot at his side and became accomplished at the trade. As time went on, I decided to strike out on my own. I quickly learned that there’s a lot more to running a painting business than being a good painter. The areas that I struggled with were finances, business planning, training, and other HR issues. I lacked a lot of understanding and I didn’t have a mentor to turn to for help. I stuck with it for 11 years and got better in a lot of areas, mostly by learning from mistakes. I even weathered the recession, but came to realize that wearing a lot of hats wasn’t my strong suit. I really liked the painting business, but the way I was going about it wasn’t working. I knew there was a CertaPro Painters franchisee nearby and reached out to learn how the model worked. Once I learned they could support me in the areas where I wasn’t strong, I decided to join the company. I’ve been with the company for going on eight years now. While you’re part of a franchise, you’re very much running an independent business ... we set our own rates and are in charge of our own local marketing, hiring, scheduling and other local business decisions. Where we lean on them for support is brand recognition, strategic marketing and financial planning. I don’t have to learn by mistakes any more. If I’m ever stuck on what to do, I just contact our regional manager who will share how other operators are handling the issue—or will put us in direct contact with them. Corporate support doesn’t dictate anything; they just share solutions.

I also appreciate the access to the proprietary software that handles estimating, scheduling, billing and CRM. It’s all integrated and it even generates the proposals. Plus, because it’s from CertaPro, I have built-in tech support. The other thing I really value is the networking. There are over 350 CertaPro locations in the U.S. and Canada. That’s 350 people I can tap for ideas and information on any aspect of the business. That’s really helpful when you’re bidding a type of job you’ve never done before. You can bounce your product choices and approach off of others. It gives you a lot of confidence. In terms of drawbacks, you have to be mindful of marketing. You have a territory that you need to stick to and you can’t market in someone else’s area. If you get a referral in someone else’s region, you can usually work that out to get the job, but you can’t pursue work outside your zip code territory. The other challenge is that your reputation, in part, hinges on the performance of other franchise operators. So if an operator in another part of the state, or even country, doesn’t do a great job for a customer who is a cousin or a friend of your potential customer, they might say, “Stay away from them. They did a terrible job.” Fortunately, the bad eggs don’t last long in the business but the potential for them to make it harder for you does exist. Ultimately, what makes the franchise choice right or wrong for you is really personal. I encourage anyone considering making a change in either direction to do their homework. Figure out what you struggle with at the end of the day and if a franchise can help you overcome it or if it’s something you can resolve on your own. Only you can determine the right path for you.


BEHR ULTRA® SCUFF DEFENSE™ Interior Paint sets a new standard for paint durability. SCUFF DEFENSE features an innovative paint formula that delivers advanced burnish, scuff and mar resistance for high-traffic areas. Available in Flat, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss finishes.

For more information, visit Contact a BEHR PRO® Representative by visiting


Trending Kitchen colors According to an analysis of over 500,000 U.S. Instagram posts conducted by Wren Kitchens, these are top kitchen color picks for 2021:

You look like a banker

Color Number of posts

A recent survey of homeowners found that 29.63% of them planned to use financing or a loan to pay for a home improvement. Of that 29.63%, 25.33% of them anticipated obtaining a loan through their contractor.

White 48,753 Black 27,528 Green 23,423 Blue 15,470 Cream 13,106


Fade to brown Based on feedback from designers and builders, Houzz is predicting shades of brown—including warm taupe, beige and sand—will gain popularity in 2021, serving as supportive accents to popular whites and grays. We asked paint manufacturers to share the brown hues they expect to see more of in the coming year.

Dunn-Edwards DE6128 Sand Dune

PPG Paints Transcend PPG1079-4

Behr Modern Mocha N150-4

Farrow & Ball Deep Reddish Brown No. W101

Benjamin Moore Fresh Brew 1232

Sherwin-Williams Urbane Bronze SW7048

Costly mistakes get costlier As of January 15, 2021, OSHA’s maximum penalties for serious and other-than-serious violations increased from $13,494 per violation to $13,653 per violation. The maximum penalty for willful or repeated violations also increased from $134,937 per violation to $136,532 per violation. SOURCE: 12

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

COVID career changes iHire’s 2020 Talent Retention Report revealed an unforeseen consequence of COVID-19: an increased interest in changing careers. The findings reveal that 61.8% of workers surveyed are considering making a major change in 2021. Of that group, 28.9% said a change is “very likely.” In other words, now is a good time to start recruiting talent from outside the industry AND to make sure you have a strong retention strategy.


Consumer-Financing: grow your business by boosting customer buying power


recent survey by Porch revealed that 76% of U.S. homeowners have carried out at least one home improvement project since the start of the COVID pandemic. For 58% of those homeowners, projects included interior improvements such as repainting walls. Whether driven by necessity (i.e., working from home) or the desire to make their home more appealing, homeowners are ready for a change at almost any cost, with many looking to their contractor to make financing possible. Boosting win rates and buying potential According to James Waite, head of Partner Marketing at Hearth, consumer financing benefits the contractor and customer alike. “On the contractor side, our customer win rates increase by up to 18% when offering payment options alongside estimates. That’s a big boost without a lot of effort.” He adds, “And for customers, many of whom have no idea that consumer financing via their contractor is an option, that financing can be the difference between changing the color of one room and creating a home that they’re happy to spend more time in. From either perspective—a closed deal versus a lost one, or a $10,000 project versus a $20,000 one—it’s a solid business strategy for pros.”

Understanding your options While there are dozens of companies willing to take you on as a financing partner, there are basically two types of products you can offer customers: a revolving loan or an installment loan. And, there are basically two ways for you to pay for the privilege of offering those options to customers. Randy Hooper, sales director at GreenSky says, “A contractor is either going to pay an annual fee to their finance partner or pay a fee per transaction. The annual fee model is typically offered by loan aggregators—that is, companies who make a whole bunch of different lenders available to your customers. In those situations, the contractor has no insight into or control over what a customer might get offered and approved for in terms of a loan. In the fee-per-transaction model that GreenSky

uses, the contractor actual gets to pick and choose which offer they want to make available. You actually create a proposal that serves as an enablement tool and works best for your market and even your specific customer. It’s really a way for you to control and maximize the opportunity that financing presents.” As Hearth operates with the annual fee model, Waite offers a different perspective. “A lot of contractors don’t want to be that involved in the financing process. They want to be able to offer the option but don’t necessarily want to have any more responsibility to it than that. Plus, many object to having to pay a finance company every time they bring them business. With an annual fee model, the cost is fixed. You pay it once and don’t have to think about it again. There’s no need to worry about padding every estimate to cover the fee.” Making it easier to get to ‘yes’ Increasingly, contractors are also gaining access to additional financing options through various estimating and accounting software packages. One such contractor is Jim Jatcko of Jim Jatcko Painting in Edwardsville, IL. Jatcko only began offering financing when he moved to Joist for estimating. “It wasn’t something I had really considered and certainly wasn’t looking for in an estimating package. But, when I thought about it, it made a lot of sense.” Jatcko’s approach is to introduce the concept of financing when he bids a job. “I don’t push it but I do make them aware of the option. It’s often a complete surprise that they could finance a job. In my experience, it’s customers doing big jobs—I’m talking complete interior repaints—who most often consider the option. While I can see who looked at financing, I can’t tell who actually went that route, but my gut tells me that it’s helped to pull the trigger on more than a few big-ticket projects.” He adds, “Honestly, offering financing takes very little effort, requires nothing from me in terms of chasing money, and makes it easier to get a customer to ‘yes.’ I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t do it.”

“ From either perspective—a closed deal versus a lost one, or a $10,000 project versus a $20,000 one—it’s a solid business strategy for pros.” —JAMES WAITE, HEARTH

Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT



Pros from New York and Florida offer a look at their goals and actuals


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021


o matter the size or focus of a business, cost of goods sold (COGS) can be the difference between being profitable—or not. Essentially the direct and indirect costs of keeping your business in business, COGS sounds simple on the surface. But in the same way no two businesses are alike, neither are the factors that influence COGS and the choices pros make setting their COGS benchmarks. To better understand how different pros set their benchmarks, we set out to find two pros willing to share their approaches. Happily, both Genesis Macedo and Amanda Kelley were willing to open their books and share the thinking behind their choices. And, because a comprehensive COGS discussion could take up every page of this issue, we decided to focus on three key areas: labor, materials and field management.

About our pros and their benchmarks Genesis Macedo Based in Westchester County, NY, Genesis Macedo launched Genesis Pro Painting in 2004. Specializing in residential repaints, the company completed 195 jobs in 2020, producing $1.15 million in net sales. The company employs a full-time crew of 12 and one production manager, with Genesis serving as owner and estimator.

2020 COGS 35% 36%



12% 13% 5% 5% Labor


Field Management*

*Includes field supervisor’s salary, vehicle expenses, cell phone, and iPad

Genesis on his numbers: I set these benchmarks a number of years ago simply based on how things were averaging out year after year. They’ve served to keep us operating at a profit level I’m comfortable with: our gross is around 48% and our net is around 10–15%. The 33–38% difference covers all fixed expenses like rent, all vehicles, gas, general office expenses, marketing expenses, plus my personal fixed salary. I monitor our margins at the close of every job. I realize I should be doing it mid-job but, honestly, when a job goes south and you have a signed contract, there’s not much you can do but complete the work and figure out how you won’t make the same mistake in the next estimate. The biggest challenge area for me is COGS related to labor. We lost three top-notch, high-producing painters last year. I replaced them with trainees who are cheaper but don’t produce at the same rate. That’s definitely going to impact my labor costs and it’s up to me to get a handle on the current production rates and to find some experienced help before spring. New guys also impact costs in areas beyond labor simply because they don’t have experience. They spill product, use too much tape, and, as happened this year, wreck vehicles. The cost of inexperience goes well beyond the walls. A lot of things impact how you’re doing profit-wise and you have to constantly be on top of it. It’s great to have a plan but you also have to be ready to adjust when things happen—and they will. Sticking to your COGS goals keeps you closer to on track so that when the unexpected happens—like an accident with your truck— you’re in a better position to come up with the money needed to fix it.

At Mi-T-M, we pride ourselves on building mighty, damn good equipment. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you are buying dependable equipment that is designed, built, and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good.

Made in


with Globally Sourced Components 800-553-9053

Air Compressors | Portable Generators Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Wet/Dry Vacuums Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters | Water Pumps Water Treatment Systems Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT


Amanda Kelley After having spent 17+ years on the manufacturer side of the paint industry, Amanda Kelley launched Kelley Painting Services

COGS points and counterpoints

in Mount Dora, FL in 2018. Operating in both the residential and commercial realms, she runs a subcontractor model with one full-time ‘punch’ person who does the heavy lifting on project management, and a full-time project supervisor. In 2020, the company tackled nearly 500 projects (a 60/40 residential/ commercial split) and billed $1.6 million.

In the course of pulling together this article, we shared each pro’s COGS goals, actuals and related information with the other pro and invited them to comment on the other’s numbers. Here’s what they had to say:

Genesis on Amanda’s numbers: Those are interesting numbers since most people who advocate for a subcontract model always bring up the

2020 COGS

lower cost of labor and those numbers (41–42 %) contradict GOAL

40% 41-42%


that point. That said, I think anything between 35% and 40%


would be safe. I just personally try to bring it a little tighter


and closer to 35% as much as I can. As for materials, I think this is the highest I’ve ever seen for a company that only does painting. While I’ve seen 30%

5% 5%

on the materials before, it’s usually with companies that offer a mixed service including general carpentry and remodeling.



Field Management

Amanda on her numbers: I spend so much of my time focused on making sure my crews have what they need to work efficiently that I honestly don’t spend the time I should on numbers. My thinking is that if they can operate at peak efficiency, the money should follow. Of course, things sometimes go wrong and that doesn’t always happen, but that’s been my approach. That said, for 2021 I am making getting a handle on my finances a priority. I’m currently in discussions with our local Small Business Association (SBA) to get myself the type of coaching and guidance I need. We are currently applying for a seat on one of the SBA’s Advisory Committees, which, if we get it, will provide a lot of the type of support and mentoring I need. As for my numbers, I do know that my materials number runs high because we do a lot of high-end interior and some historic preservation work. I also tend to use more product than other painters might consider necessary. Usually, I’m comfortable with that approach but it does sometimes bite me because our subs gets so accustomed to multiple coats that they occasionally overdo it in spaces—like a recent garage job that didn’t need it. I need to work on that communication. On the labor side, we’re heavy on admin. I have three people who don’t put paint on the walls. I think that hurts us a bit on that number. I do, however, have a project supervisor who can punch small items when needed. I believe field management is crucial to helping me run the business and handling customer management and relationships. I could not run the number of jobs we do without the assistance of my current team.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

We also do a good amount of high-end painting with products around $150 per gallon. But if you’re able to negotiate better prices on products, even if it’s $1 or $2 less per gallon, it makes a big difference by the end of the year. I think she could be A LOT more profitable if she works on those materials costs.

Amanda on Genesis’ numbers: My first impression is that his labor and materials numbers are way low—especially materials. I can understand how his labor can be that low if he has a very experienced crew, but his materials cost must be much lower than what we pay. But I completely agree with his comments about the impact of the unexpected: a damaged truck or trailer, lost or broken equipment. This is the reason I use subs. This enables me to have set labor costs. Then, if I need to add, I can. -

“ A lot of things impact how you’re doing profit-wise and you have to constantly be on top of it. It’s great to have a plan but you also have to be ready to adjust when things happen—and they will.” —GENESIS MACEDO

THE FINER POINTS OF FINE-FINISH SPRAYING Pros balance productivity, gear options and techniques in pursuit of the beautiful glass-like finish customers desire BY BRIAN SODOMA

This high-gloss ceiling, created with Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac Brilliant 98, is both light- and eye-catching.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

Courtesy of Shoreline Painting & Drywall


or the past decade, painting professionals have been drawn to the lucrative fine-finish world—primarily cabinet work. This craft requires tremendous understanding of equipment, techniques and unique coatings. Best practices are an evolving affair as well. While skilled pros are getting great results, they are each getting there a little differently, and they’re sharing what they’ve learned on social media and in industry forums. Here, pros and equipment manufacturers weigh in on the many ways to get a great glass-like finish while balancing it with high-production needs.

THREE SPRAYERS AND THE TRUTH What hasn’t changed much is the spray equipment available to fine finishing pros. It’s largely the same players from 20 years ago: airless, HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) turbine systems and air-assisted airless technologies. With HVLP long considered the true fine-finish sprayer for pros, that sentiment has shifted a bit. Today, more pros are using simple, inexpensive airless sprayers. “To get results good enough for the everyday homeowner, you’re probably going with an airless,” confirmed Mike Collins, marketing director for sprayer manufacturer Wagner. “But if you start moving into the higher-end houses for cabinet painting or finishing, it’s a different story … it needs to be flawless.” Early on, the knock against airless for fine finishes was that it laid down too much coating to be a worthwhile option, thus the HVLP’s ability to constantly atomize was preferred. Air-assisted airless brings the best of both worlds: the speed and productivity of an airless, but atomization not reliant on too much pressure created by forcing the coating through the tip for the beautiful finish an HVLP is known for. HVLPs come with a lot of controls and adjustments, too, and don’t handle thick paints well. So, thinning coatings is often part of the equation, and it’s not something all pros are comfortable with, Collins added. “The typical pro owns both: airless and HVLP. I think the sprayer types complement each other and they’re not substitutes for each other, which is a real misunderstanding in the industry,” said Chris Noto, Titan’s director of professional products. To get a quality finish, it’s a game of matching the right airless, air-assisted or HVLP system to the right tip and coating. And while the types of sprayers haven’t changed, new technologies have been integrated. TriTech’s T4 and T5 fine finish airless systems, for example, are

THE PRO EXPERIENCE Here, three experienced pros share how they tackle their fine-finish work … their gear, techniques, coatings and other preferences. While their approaches may differ, they all share one commonality: curiosity.


Airless for on-site perfection and productivity

Stephan Beynun, owner of Platinum Futures Painting in Boise, ID, counts multimillion-dollar homeowners as

his primary clients. He sees his share of new-home construction and often is called upon for trim packs, built-ins, cabinets and islands, among other finefinish work. Because of the size of his jobs (he just completed a home with 223 cabinets), he needs to marry speed, efficiency and quality. To avoid damaging wood by taking it to and from the site, he sets up his own pop-up spray booths that can often be the size of a small tract home, complete with separate drying areas. Beynun’s weapon of choice is a simple Graco 395 airless sprayer with a 310 fine-finish tip. For cabinet frames, he shifts to a 208 tip to reduce fan size. He’ll also run a separate HVLP cup gun with his own compressor for frames and situations in need of a thin fan. For coatings, he likes a few different types, including Dunn-Edwards ARISTOSHIELD and SherwinWilliams Pro Industrial Urethane Alkyd Enamel or their Gemini Ultra-Lacquer, which is among his most used. In business since 2007, he recently used an air-assisted airless sprayer for the first time and has committed to buying one in the coming year. He routinely chronicles his experiences with different equipment and coatings on his ‘Paint Boss’ YouTube channel and enjoys learning from other pros through social media and YouTube.

For the dentil molding, crown molding and trim in this elegant stairwell, Platinum Futures Painting used a Graco Ultra 395 with a 310 fine-finish tip at about 60% pressure. The walls were shot using a 621 tip with a Graco Ultra Max II 1095.

“I think air-assisted airless gives a really nice finish and that’s what I’m always after. I think it’s important to always want to evolve with the industry and get better at what you do,” he added. “A lot of cabinet guys have switched to them.”

becoming fine-finishing mainstays because pros like the company’s patented tungsten carbide dual-orifice ultrafinish tips, particularly the new 206 and 306, for areas that require a narrow fan pattern, like cabinet frames. The unit’s PMC (precision motor control) system adds value as a major piece of the finishing puzzle as well. “It moderates the flow rate no matter what’s happening. It adjusts the motor speed to stay up with tip wear, and it’s instantaneous when you pull the trigger,” explained Rollan Henderson, national sales manager for TriTech. Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT



A versatile sprayer and variety of tips yields stunning results

Michael Lonsdale’s New England-based Wet Paint Professional Painters is Fine Paints of Europe certified.

His teams specialize in oil and high gloss, lots of mirror-finish front doors, hand rails, built-ins and other cabinetry and kitchen refreshes. His coatings of choice are Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac Brilliant 98 or Hollandlac Satin, or the manufacturer’s ECO Satin, paints he often showcases on his Instagram page. His go-to machine for the past four years has been a Sames Kremlin air-assisted airless for oil-based paints and stains, and a TriTech T4 or T5 with fine-finish tips for waterbased coatings. “If I’m doing a really intricate set of cabinets or a built-in with some really tight spaces, I like the Sames Kremlin’s versatility to get into tight areas … and it atomizes the paint finer than anything out there,” he said. Like others, he’ll use his TriTech airless with a 206 tip as much as possible for a large number of doors, and the Sames Kremlin for more intricate work. It allows for dialing the fan down really low for air-brushing. Lonsdale takes his time with his jobs and steers clear of 2K poly coatings that allow for faster drying. Most of his products require between 16- and 24-hours of dry times. “I’m not trying to get two or three coats on in a day. That’s not how we run our operation. I’m a systematic guy. If the budget doesn’t fit, I won’t change the system. You run the risk of creating bad habits with your crew and things going wrong,” he added. Lonsdale acknowledges that there are many paths to a fine finish and, while it’s important to be open to new ideas, he also cautions against chasing too many of them. “What’s cool about fine finish spraying is that there are a lot of very skilled guys who get incredible results with a completely different set up and products,” he added. “But you can lose your mind trying to keep up with this stuff and get distracted by what everyone else is using. I say find your best, ideal product and equipment for your operation. Don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing or you’ll end up using a little bit of everything but you won’t be skilled at anything.”


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

Graco’s FinishPro II air-assisted airless unit, paired with the company’s fine-finish lowpressure (FFLP) tip, is also showing up in the fine-finishing conversation. You can spray with significantly lower pressure levels—about 500 to 800 PSI—instead of relying on high pressure forced through the tip to atomize the paint. And Graco’s BlueLink technology, which tracks gallons sprayed and allows pros to track machine run time and activity in the field, can improve contractor efficiency, said Tyler Sterner, Graco’s product manager for its air-assisted airless sprayer line. “Many factors play into what pressure you need to spray at in order to get the best finish,” Sterner added. “Coatings, hose length, hose diameter, tip size and temperature. Every feature on Graco’s FinishPro II sprayers is designed to help finishing contractors produce the best finish and be more profitable on every job.”


Experimentation leads to excellence

Nashville-based Eric Reason Custom Woodwork founder—Eric Reason—is a 12-year painting veteran, woodworker, and constant tester of coatings, sprayers, tips and new strategies.

Specializing in water-based paints, this innovative pro prefers 2K poly coatings for their durability but also works with some acrylics, polyurethanes and oilmodified hybrid coatings. “The higher-viscosity water-based products tend to like airless sprayers the best,” he said, while adding that his go-to tips for airless are TriTech’s 310, 308 and 306. He calls TriTech the ‘Cadillac of airless,’ but also has Wagner and Graco machines. It’s all about knowing your coatings and not being afraid to experiment with the sprayer, he confides. “You can go down to Home Depot and get a Graco X5 and get as fine a finish with a water-based as with any other equipment,” he adds. His airless of choice is TriTech’s T5 with a hopper and drop tube. Two-component coatings systems like the hopper system, he said, and the 306 tip adds more back pressure and reduces the amount of heavy volume you typically get from an airless machine. He often uses it when tackling a high number of cabinet doors. He acknowledges the ‘huge move’ from HVLP to airless of late, but is confident in his ability to thin a coating, if needed, to maximize the potential of his Apollo Precision-5 HVLP with its 7700QT gun. He uses the HVLP for touch-ups, with thinner viscosity coatings, and on smaller jobs like pieces of furniture. “You can dial it down to an airbrush, which is an advantage on vertical applications. Because HVLP uses air (to atomize)

Eric Reason Custom Woodwork finished these cabinets with two coats of Milesi waterbase HBR1 catalyzed primer using a TriTech T5 with a 310 ultra-finish tip, and a topcoat of Milesi HKA114 waterbased lacquer with a 308 ultra-finish tip.

and not as much fluid pressure, I can control my mil thickness better with an HVLP over an airless,” Reason noted. He also uses a Wagner Cobra airassisted airless for water-based coatings, but has worked through some challenges with this pairing. For this combination he likes to run higher fluid pressures— between 600 and 1,200—and use smaller tips, and he gradually dials in the air pressure to where he needs it. “You can control an air-assisted airless more like an HVLP, which is a slight advantage on vertical applications, and you can avoid the bridging issues you get with an airless, which dumps so much material on the surface,” he said. “It lays out better and you still get the production in those tight spaces.” -

Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT


One coat of Sansin SDF and two coats of SDF Topcoat protects this ipe deck from wear and weather at this waterside restaurant in Florida.


Deck coatings pros turn to for beauty and durability BY BRIAN SODOMA

Courtesy of Sansin Corporation


1 22

NICK GOEBEL The Ohio Painting Company

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021


BRENDON AUGUSTINE Augustine Interiors


JUAN VASQUEZ Illusions Painting


JOSEPH RIVERS Joseph Rivers Painting


JOEY HAASE Sunbow Painters

Deck repaints make for profitable work but they come with potential pitfalls. Many decks see their share of abuse from heavy traffic and extreme weather throughout the year. That’s why when you ask a pro anywhere around the country about their go-to coatings, you can expect caveats in their answers about realistic expectations for coating longevity. That said, pros appreciate the high-quality deck coatings available to them. Here, five pros share which ones they rely on and why.


This Ohio-based pro and his business partner, Kevin Sillaman, work with a lot of higher-end custom home clients. They appreciate the high adhesion qualities of PPG Paints Flood Pro Series Solid Color Stain, along with its flatter sheen. “As an exterior deck coating stain, it looks fantastic and holds up well,” Goebel said. He also likes Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck, and especially appreciates that his local Sherwin-Williams sales reps encourage misting of the deck prior to applying the coating. “With the sun out here beating on the decks, the wood gets super dry. As soon as a water-based stain is applied to the deck, if it has been dried out, that wood drinks up the water from the stain before the solids can really penetrate,” he emphasized. “So, you get the issue where it’s not binding to the fiber of the wood and only drying on the surface. … Out here, without pre-misting, you have the potential for premature stain failure.” Another premium coating he likes is Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol SRD RE Transparent Stain or the company’s ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish, both available from PPG Paints. “On its own, the transparent is superior to everybody. … It has great depth to it, a nice, even shine. … As long as the prep is there, the customer is going to get more life out of it than you would with anything else,” he said. For decks with heavy splintering or cracking, he’ll also turn to Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Exterior Deck & Dock Coating.


This Maine-based pro enjoys deck refinish work and also sees his share of new deck construction projects as well. Decks are typically under snow between November and April, he said, so he often encourages a solid stain for clients every other year to keep their deck looking good. His teams see a lot of ipe hardwood decks as well. He uses Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Exterior Wood Stain, which he says does a good job of penetrating the tight grains. For new construction jobs, if possible, he likes to coat the wood before it’s installed. “Then, you can get all the underside, the edges, tops and bottom … you completely seal it up. With decks, you’re not just trying to protect the outer layer of wood, you’re trying to protect as much as you can inside and out,” he said. For darker colors, he uses Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio Latex Enamel. The product has proven durable over the years, he added.

Sticks Better Than Beige

FrogTape Pro Grade Orange™ ®

The only production painter’s tape good enough to be FrogTape.®

Does not contain PaintBlock® Technology

Visit ©Shurtape Technologies, LLC 2021/ASW00003

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For decks in both inland and coastal settings in northern California, Illusions Painting’s products of choice are SDF and Dec from Sansin.


This Northern California pro does a lot of work in the Carmel and Pebble Beach areas of the state, about an hour and a half south of San Francisco. He also sees his share of work on inland homes, where there’s more of a dry desert climate—quite different from the more humid coastal area weather. Different climates, in addition to high state environmental standards, keep Vasquez on the look-out for new and better products. “Because California is so tough on emissions, some of our coatings get continually reformulated,” he explained. “Cabot has been one of the more prominent brands in our area. It’s easy to access and the products are pretty good. We still use it. If we apply it, we know it’s going to work.” Decks in coastal areas are primarily made of redwood, he says. He uses Cabot Semitransparent and Semi-Solid deck stain offerings. To see the wood grain well, the semitransparent is a good option—and older decks might call for the thicker semi-solid formula to hide imperfections. But his number one sellers in the past two years have been Sansin SDF and Dec stains. He uses them on a variety of wood types both on coastal homes and those inland jobs in desert climates. “It’s from Canada, it’s all green, environmentally safe … we are so pleased with it and we now use it about 80% of the time on anything with a wood finish,” he said. Typically, with stains, you let it sit for a few minutes then wipe it down or back-brush, he said, but “Sansin is more like a paint. You put down that first coat and that’s when the magic happens,” he explained. “You can see the wood grain come through.” He also encounters ipe, a tremendously dense hardwood, on some of his jobs. For those, his go-to coating is Penofin Verde. “Those dense woods … it’s forever been a problem to find a stain to penetrate them. Penofin is one of the special stains that helps us do that,” he added. If he needs a wide range of color choices for a wood other than ipe, Vasquez will turn to Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT exterior stain. Cabot Australian Timber Oil also works well with high-end woods such as mahogany, he said. 24

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021

For Rivers, the New York winters and changing weather on the often snowy East Coast are what keep deck recoat work going. The pro educates his customers on the fact that decks will need recoating every two or three years if they want them to look good for the long haul. His go-to deck coating is Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Semitransparent Exterior Wood Stain. He also says that, over time, coats of semitransparent will naturally start to look dark. At that point, it’s a good time to shift to a solid stain. If the deck is older and in need of restoration, a thicker solid like the company’s SuperDeck Solid Color Deck Stain works well, he says. He has also used Behr Premium Advanced DeckOver on older decks and, before topcoats on decks with heavy wear, he likes Sherwin-Williams Armorseal Tread-Plex, which is formulated to withstand heavy traffic, grease and oil. “These coatings will help bring a deck back to life if it’s in pretty rough shape,” he noted. “You still need to pressure wash and try to get it as smooth as possible with sanding, but these coatings are thicker and fill in grooves a little better.”

Courtesy of Garrett Painting


Haase is Sunbow’s lead painter and has been in the business for 37 years. He refers to decks as ‘temperamental’ structures and says prep is key to coating longevity, especially with the harsh Wisconsin winters his customers’ decks endure. He prefers semitransparent stains and counts PPG Paints ProLuxe Premium Deck Wood Finish and Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Semitransparent Exterior Wood Stain among his products of choice. “ProLuxe is an incredible product and it dries as hard as nails. … It’s a quick-dry, too,” he said. “But you have to be savvy with a brush when you use it. If you are, it looks amazing.” On decks, he sprays or rolls and follows up with back-brushing. “For me, you can’t get a proper look just spraying or rolling; you’ve got to lay it off. … And when you brush behind it, you can get in all the grooves and cracks as well.” For new decks, he cautions against starting with a dark stain: “You’re married to that. You’ll never lighten it up,” he added. For prep, he washes the deck with a 70–30 mixture of water and bleach to eliminate mildew, then follows with a light pressure wash. He uses a tried-and-true soak test for treated woods where, if a drop of water soaks into the wood within 10 or 15 minutes, it’s ready for stain. After the job, he suggests an annual maintenance pressure wash to get the most out of a coating. -

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Here, manufacturers present their newest technology and/or spotlight their classic products. ®


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Product Showcase

Scotch® Painter’s Tape The Best Paint Jobs Start with Scotch® Painter's Tape. Every job is unique, but they all start with the right preparation. Prepping with a painter’s tape from Scotch® Brand means you have a family of tapes specifically designed for your surfaces. By choosing to use the right tape, you’re choosing to create a better result.

3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 Make paint prep faster and easier with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Products. Prep work goes a long way toward getting the job done right and avoiding rework. But proper masking takes time, and in this business, time means money. The 3M™ HandMasker™ M3000 Dispenser is compact and lightweight applying masking tape to film, plastic or paper in one quick and easy process — plus, does the job 4 times faster than the paper/poly method.


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Product Showcase

390™ PC Cordless Electric Airless Sprayer The Most Powerful Cordless Sprayer Ever Built Introducing the first and only cordless high performance stationary paint sprayer — another exclusive breakthrough from Graco. The 390 PC Cordless delivers the power and freedom to spray every job faster — anywhere. Designed to deliver all the performance of a corded 390 PC with the freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators, the 390 PC Cordless highcapacity DeWalt FlexVolt® batteries deliver 3 gallons of spraying performance per charge to make sure you always finish any job faster and easier than ever before.

Graco Airless Sprayer Finishing Kit Complete Fine Finish Jobs Faster

The NEW Graco Airless Sprayer Finishing Kit is designed to help complete fine finishing jobs faster and easier using your existing Graco airless sprayer. Designed to work with Graco 390-595 electric airless sprayers, this kit includes all the tools you need to make short work of every fine finish job. ■ Increase your portability and maneuverability on every job ■ Experience greater control working in tight areas ■ Quickly spray small amounts of material ■ Faster cleaning time to get to the next job

PowerFill™ 3.5 Cordless Loading Pump Never Hand Pump Again!

Introducing the industry’s first cordless-powered loading pump for drywall mud and texture materials. With just the push of a button, the revolutionary Graco PowerFill 3.5 Cordless Loading Pump quickly fills all of your automatic taping and finishing tools while eliminating hand pumping and fatigue on every job. The PowerFill 3.5 can pump 55 gallons on a single battery charge and delivers up to 3.5 gpm for lightning-fast tool filling. With both Standard Series and Pro Series pumps, there is a PowerFill for every business. 28

inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021


Blue Max® Regular and White Blue Max® Regular Grade and White are a special blend of water based rubberized elastomeric coatings for waterproofing interior, exterior, below or above grade foundations, basements, and roofs. With its high strength elastomeric liquid rubber technology, Blue Max® has up to 1200% elongation to withstand the harshest conditions. Brush, Roll or Spray, our products go on easy, are non-toxic, eco-friendly and Made In The USA.

Maximum Stretch® Maximum-Stretch® is a white Elastomeric Acrylic Rubberized Roof Coating Paint and Sealant with 650% elongation that resists cracking and peeling. With 88% light reflectivity the bright white finish reduces surface temperatures resulting in a reduction in cooling costs and thermal expansion and contraction. Designed for lowslope roof maintenance on metal, Built-Up Roofing, Rolled Roofing, Modified Bitumen Concrete, EPDM, and wood.

Blue Max® Caulk This elastomeric rubberized caulk is used to fill and seal joints and cracks up to 5/8" with no sagging or lag. It is perfect to use on masonry, cement, wood, metal and much more. This highly flexible caulk is easy to clean, mold & mildew resistant. Unlike silicone you can easily add more or paint over Blue Max® Caulk. T888-345-0809


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Product Showcase

FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tapes

Marketed by Shurtape Technologies, LLC

FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

The original FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape features medium adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days and seven days in direct sunlight. This premium grade masking tape is made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed.

FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape features low adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days. This yellow painter’s tape is ideal for masking delicate or freshly painted surfaces but can be used for application on most common paint projects. It’s also made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology to achieve professionallooking results with no paint bleed.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape™

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape is the only blue tape good enough to be FrogTape®. We’ve taken traditional blue painter’s tape and applied patented PaintBlock® Technology that makes FrogTape® #1 with paint pros for sharp lines with no paint bleed.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape™ offers high adhesion and quick stick to a variety of surfaces. The backing makes it easy to use on interior and exterior applications and it removes cleanly without shredding for three days. Pro Grade Orange™ does not contain PaintBlock® Technology.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021




EZ-PRIME® Select Exterior Wood Primer

DECOPRIME™ Interior Cabinet, Door & Trim Primer DECOPRIME is a premium, ultra-low VOC, water-based, wood primer for interior wood, hardboard, and wallboard. It is ideal for use on cabinet, doors & trim. It may be applied over previously painted surfaces that are in good condition and can also be used as a primer for new wood. DECOPRIME is fast drying, sands easily, and provides excellent hide and sealing qualities.

EZ-PRIME Select is an exterior acrylic primer that provides very good enamel holdout and tannin stain resistance on woods such as redwood and cedar, which are subject to stain bleeding. EZ-PRIME Select is also recommended on exterior plywood and T1-11 siding. Learn More Learn More


GDM Di Maria

Krack Kote . Essential Repair Kit for Drywall and Plaster.

Anti-Mold Paint+Primer


Krack Kote® makes invisible, flexible repairs to plaster and drywall so that cracks never reappear. Repair and paint in under an hour. No sanding is required, and primer is unnecessary. Once the second coat dries, it is ready to paint. Krack Kote retains flexibility as it dries without shrinking. This allows the repair to move as the wall moves so it will not reopen. Use on drywall, plaster, stucco, wood, concrete, and cement block. It can be textured to match the surface and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Bisaten Anti-Mold is a water-based paint, perfect to protect all the rooms at risk of mold contamination. Bisaten was the first anti-mold paint in Europe since 1971. Over the years Bisaten became the trusted anti-mold paint for millions of families and public buildings around the country!


Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT


Product Showcase

Nix Sensor

The Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor — Your Eye for Color. The Nix Mini 2 is the perfect tool for anyone that deals with color. It is a color matching device that lets you bring your inspiration from real life into your projects. Simply place the device on any surface to scan and match to over 200,000 colors from top name paint brands. Engineered for real life, the Nix Mini 2 is durable, portable, rechargeable, and dependable. It is the only color sensor that does not require a calibration tile and it blocks out all ambient light to provide its own light source for accurate color measurements every time. Plus, when paired with our Nix Paints App, you can browse harmonizing shades, save your projects, stay organized with detailed notes, and share colors with clients. T

Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools

Old Masters

Door Decker Finishing System

Masters Armor® Interior Water-Based Clear Finish

We offer painting tools designed and manufactured BY painters! The Door Decker approach allows for both sides of the door to be painted horizontally and in rapid succession for a clean high quality finish every time. No more sags or runs in the paint! Simply ATTACH - SPRAY - FLIP - SPRAY - STACK! Check out our website for more details. 10% OFF orders 3/20/21 - 5/1/21. Use discount code INPAINT10.

Superior protection, water-based application. Masters Armor provides a beautiful clear finish with excellent clarity, fast dry, and superior durability. Masters Armor can be used on floors, cabinets, furniture, or almost any type of woodwork. Hardener additive provides maximum protection on high traffic surfaces. Available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens.


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021


Toolway® Tradition


X-Series Paint Brushes

Wonder Rags®

Toolway® Tradition X-Series Paint Brushes are made of blue x-shape synthetic bristles, giving them the ability to hold up to 30% more paint than traditional paint brushes. Their microfilaments provide a smoother and cleaner stroke for a finer paint finish, making them perfect to use with any type of paint! Choose between Angled Sash Cutter Brushes to paint close to another surface or close-in work; or our Oval Angled Brushes to cut in trim, or paint larger surfaces thanks to their very high pick up and release.

Trimaco’s shammy style Wonder Rags® are made of a unique microfiber material that is great for removing paint spills and splatters from surfaces. The streak free and lint free wipers are ideal for polishing and cleaning all surfaces. Wonder Rags® are pre-washed for softness and absorbency. They’re highly absorbent plus washable and reusable. Wonder Rags® are consistent in size — every wiper is 14" x17". Available in 25-pack and 50-pack dispenser boxes. Proudly made in the USA!

Mr. LongArm

Mr. LongArm

Super Tab-Lok® Extension Poles

Smart-Lok® Extension Poles

Super Tab-Lok extension poles are designed with the professional in mind. Smooth fiberglass handle and tri-oval slider prevents twisting. Push button locking device provides the most secure lock making this an excellent pole for nearly any application. Geometrically designed aluminum slider tube prevents twisting and a lok-thread prevents tools from loosening during use. Available in 5 sizes.

SMART-LOK extension poles are our top-of-the-line Contractor pole with time-saving features. Our exclusive quick-on/quick-off system allows the user to quickly change tools with the push of a button. Geometrically designed aluminum slider tube prevents twisting and a Smart-lok adaptor with lok-thread prevents tools from loosening during use. Push button locking device provides the most secure lock making this an excellent pole for nearly any application. Available in 5 sizes.


Mar/Apr 2021 | inPAINT


Product Showcase

Hyde Tools For a better finish, start with HYDE®.

Hyde Tools For a better finish, start with HYDE®.

9-inch Radial Sander

Net Abrasive Sanding Discs

HYDE® now offers a 9-inch Radial Sander engineered to allow pros to sand large areas with greater ease. This is the lightest radial sander on the market. It has a unique pivoting hinge and round shape that prevents flipping.

HYDE® Net Abrasive Sanding Discs are made with an open weave that minimizes “loading up” of the material, all but eliminating clogging even when used on painted wall preparation jobs. Unlike conventional sanding screens, they leave no pattern or uniform scratch lines that show up after finishing.

Full Circle

Flex Edge 2.0 Professional Grade Sanding Tool

GE Sealants

The Flex Edge 2.0 is designed to complement the Radius 360.˚ It easily handles a variety of sanding challenges such as corners, tight angles, outlets, bumps, and more. The all-in-one foam/rubber replacement pad has added core pressure to alleviate flipping and prevent binding and stuttering to ensure a faster, high quality finish. Protective rubber bumpers protect adjacent walls. Acme thread to accommodate universal threaded poles. Clips hold abrasive paper and sanding screens, or use one of Full Circle’s pre-cut hook-n-loop-backed sheets, available in 4 grits, for 100% adhesion.

Our Paintable Silicone sealants are high-quality sealants with a hybrid formulation that combines the outstanding, waterproof performance you would expect from a silicone sealant with the ease of use and paintability of an acrylic latex. Our Paintable Silicone sealants create a 100% waterproof seal that can be paint and water-ready in as little as 30 minutes. These sealants offer mold-free product protection, strong flexibility and durability and will not break down or crack over time. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Paintable Silicone Sealants


inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2021


RollingDog Tools


12-18" Adjustable Roller Frame

Award Winning Sanding System

Work faster and more efficiently with big jobs using the ROLLINGDOG 12 to 18 inch adjustable roller frame. Includes two 1.5" end caps which can be used with any 1.5" diameter covers within size range. Each side has a twist knob adjustment for easy cover installation/removal. Lightweight durable aluminum frame with an ergonomic rubber gripped handle that connects to extension poles makes this roller frame a great choice for large walls and ceilings. ROLL with ROLLINGDOG!

This revolutionary sanding system is an excellent addition for every painting company. Our full line of ergonomic electric sanders are lightweight and compact to sand into corners effortlessly. The flexible foam backed abrasives can sand moldings and detailed areas fast and efficiently.

Datacolor Don’t let paint color indecision hold up the job

Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ app + ColorReader Device Paint color indecision can be a major obstacle to getting your job done – it can delay your workflow or worse — derail the job entirely if a customer can’t decide on a color. Most homeowners take several months to decide on a paint color, which is why a tool like the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ app + ColorReader Device is a game changer. This powerful color tool combo lets you help your customers match, visualize and select color instantly, taking the stress and guesswork out of picking paint color and saving you and your customer precious time! Simply place the Benjamin Moore ColorReader on the flat surface of a color and instantly match to any of Benjamin Moore’s 3500+ paint colors as well as the color palettes of other paint brands. This valuable tool simplifies the paint color decision process for enhanced color confidence for your customers and a more seamless workflow with faster job turnaround times for you. Save 20%* today on Benjamin Moore ColorReader or ColorReader Pro! Enter code INPAINT at checkout when you visit Contact Susan Mack at to learn about reseller opportunities. *Offer Valid through 5/31/21. US and Canada only.


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Product Showcase


6000 Series Step Ladder Step Ladder features a HolsterTop® with the Lock-In System as well as a built-in molded pail shelf for convenience. The Lock-In System allows you to customize the ladder top and safely secure your tools. The external spreaders are pinch proof and the Traction-Tred® steps are slip resistant. This Step Ladder has a duty rating of 250lb and offers the EDGE® bracing for enhanced strength and increased protection against damage. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.

Mi-T-M Corporation

Stinger Brush

CBA Aluminum Pressure Washer

The Innovation Series

Mi-T-M Corporation celebrates 50 years in 2021. Introduced in 1971, the Mighty 1000 was just the first in a line of high quality pressure washers from the well-recognized brand. One of the most popular industrial models is the CBA Series belt driven cold water pressure washer. This workhorse features 4000 PSI and is perfect for contractors who use it to prep surfaces as part of large restoration projects.

The Stinger Brush Company™ is the paint industry’s newest and most innovative paintbrush manufacturer. With our Innovation Series brushes, featuring the patent-pending Stinger Tip™, painters of all levels will see better performance and production. The Innovation Series has been perfected by using multiple kinds of filaments that each play a role in providing the smoothest, straightest lines and the ability to perform under even the most challenging conditions. Available in three sizes, the Stinger Brush is ideal for any painting job.


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Tower Sealants


Tower Tech² Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric Sealant

2.5" Angled Sash Trim Brush

Tower Tech® Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric will lead the way for every project. Made to have exceptional strength and durability. Has superior adhesion to many substrates and forms a permanent elastomeric, airtight, water-resistant seal that can fill gaps up to 2" and stretch up to 800%. With superior paintability, use it on most demanding applications, including: crown molding, windows and doors, baseboards, pipes, vents, masonry, siding, trim, drywall, around countertops and more. Questions to

A must-have for the Painting Pro’s toolbox! Our filaments are smaller in diameter giving a greater pack-out, as much as 25% more than the standard brush. This allows for longer runs with controlled release. Zibra goes the extra mile on construction making sure this brush provides multiple applications, job after job. The wooden hour-glass handle design provides all-day comfort. You’ll achieve the finest and smoothest finish on every paint job!


ProDryingRack SD™ — PSDR The PSDR Series (SD) is an integrated system designed for painting and drying cabinet doors in a vertical orientation with the least amount of effort and space. Parts hang for spraying of all sides in one step and there’s 18 feet of drying line you can configure to fit your space. Designed for foolproof assembly in less than 10 minutes without tools. Quickly tear down into the ballistic nylon bags (included) for convenient storage and transport. The PSDR is a must for the commercial painter who values speed and efficiency.


Portable Jobsite Spray Booth – PJSB The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth™ (PJSB) has a precision-manufactured, fully collapsible, aluminum frame and uses disposable plastic liners to protect the jobsite while spraying non-flammable, non-combustible finishes. This walk-in, open-faced booth sets up in minutes — without tools — and packs into a carry bag (included) for easy transport between jobs. Use the PJSB on jobsites or in workshops. This affordable, portable, professional spray booth is the perfect solution for spraying/applying finishes, sanding, routing or any other application where you want to keep particulate contained and/or away from your work pieces.


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What, Where & When

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1–6: 2021 IDAL Regional Convention, Clayton, MO


14–16: NARI Home Improvement Show, Cleveland, OH





21–23: 21st Century Building Expo & Conference, Charlotte, NC


9 & 10: BUILD Expo, Houston, TX


16 & 17: BUILD Expo, Dallas, TX

21–23: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV



31–Sept 2: apartmentalize, Chicago, IL



18–21: BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo, Boston, MA

September 21-23, 2021

17–19: Eastern Coatings Show, Atlantic City, NJ

The premier networking and educational event for the home-building industry in the Southeast, the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference attracts builders, developers, remodelers, real estate agents, trade contractors, and other industry professionals. The three-day conference offers NAHB educational courses and general session seminars to keep all industry professionals up to date on the latest trends, techniques and products for the building industry. The Expo Floor, open for two days, showcases the latest products and services from suppliers and manufacturers serving the homebuilding industry. 38

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Due to COVID-19 regulations regarding gatherings, many events have been cancelled or rescheduled. Visit the event websites listed below for the latest information.

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PPP loan forgiveness How to ask for it and what to expect


he Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (the additional COVID-19 pandemic relief package), passed on 12/27/2020, extended the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application period to 3/31/2021 (including the PPP second draw loan, which opened 1/11, 2021). Then on 3/31/2021, through the PPP Extension Act of 2021, the PPP loan application period was extended to 5/31/2021. But what does forgiveness actually look like? The Small Business Association (SBA) released three different forgiveness applications but, thus far, little indication of when we will know if any loans will actually be forgiven and, if so, when. As a business owner, I can attest that it’s hard to make business decisions with those questions looming overhead. And as a tax manager, I feel your frustration too. What we do know If you received a PPP loan, you can apply for loan forgiveness through your lender by using SBA Form 3508, 3508EZ or 3508S. Currently, you have 10 months from the close of your covered period to file for forgiveness. All payments of principal and interest are deferred until the SBA processes your forgiveness application. Forms and covered periods Which of the three forms you use is dependent on how much your loan was for. If you received a loan of $150,000 or less, you can prepare Form 3508S and avoid completing the reduction in forgiveness related to: a) the full-time equivalent employee calculation, and b) the reduction in salaries and wages calculation. If you received a loan of more than $150,000 and fall within one of two categories on Form 3508EZ’s instructions, then you can and should prepare this simplified form. If you do not qualify to use either of those forms, then you must prepare the detailed Form 3508. Your PPP loan’s covered period begins on the date you received the loan proceeds and ends between a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks, in which you must have spent the funds on eligible costs.

4 categories of eligible costs Cash compensation related to payroll costs:

Cash compensation may not exceed $100,000, as prorated for the covered period ($15,385 for 8 weeks and $46,154 for 24 weeks). For anyone who is an owner-employee, self-employed individual, or general partner, their cash

compensation amount is limited to the lower of these two options: either $20,833 (the 2.5-month equivalent of $100,000/year), or the 2.5-month equivalent of either their 2019 or 2020 compensation, depending on which year was used to calculate the loan amount. Noncash compensation:

(does not go against the cash compensation limit per employee) ■ Employer contributions for employee health insurance ■ Employer contributions to employee retirement plans ■ Employer state & local taxes paid based on employee compensation (e.g., state unemployment insurance) Nonpayroll costs for obligations incurred prior to 2/15/2020:* ■ ■ ■

Business mortgage interest Business rent and lease payments Covered utilities (electric, gas, water, telephone, transportation, internet access) *Eligible nonpayroll costs cannot exceed 40% of the total forgiveness amount.

Other eligible costs:

(as revised under Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021) ■ Covered operations expenditures ■ Covered property damage costs ■ Covered supplier costs ■ Covered worker protection expenditures Once you have the loan forgiveness application completed, submit it to your lender based on their processing requirements. Then after your lender completes their review, they will send it to the SBA for final forgiveness approval. Consult your tax advisor and lender for assistance in addressing your specific application.

MICHELLE MARLER is a partner at The Works Remodeling and Finishing with 10 years of experience in the construction trade. Additionally, she puts her 16 years of tax experience to work as a tax manager at Abeles and Hoffman. and

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