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Interior paints pros depend on Retention strategies to avoid turnover

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“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” —Anthony Volodkin, founder of Hype Machine


don’t think it matters what business you’re in or what role you play, people are always going to tell you how you should be doing things. Sometimes the advice is well-intended, sometimes it’s just nit-picking, and sometimes I think people just want to talk about anything but the quality of their own work. In any case, it’s always good to listen. Take from it what serves you, leave what doesn’t behind, and keep your eye on the prize: being undeniably good. Of course, being undeniably good requires constant nurturing and change. You have to be vigilant about all the changes that are afoot—including what employees need to stay happy and stay put (see Trend in Focus); how your business systems are or aren’t meeting your needs (see Bottom Line); and what’s out there to help make achieving ‘undeniably good’ a bit easier (see Pro Picks and Surface Protection)—and be ready and willing to adjust as needed. One of the changes we’ll be making at inPAINT in 2020 is the addition of a video library to our website. We recognize that readers have different preferences about how they like to access information, so we’re making every effort to evolve with those desires and will be adding video content on products, services and techniques over the next few months. In addition, we’ll be hosting two new contests. The first, not surprisingly, will be a video challenge. The second will focus on building a better marketing presence, with one lucky winner landing a free marketing makeover. And finally, we’re pleased to introduce our 2020 Editorial Advisory Board (see below). We’re excited to welcome some new voices and opinions to the content-development process, and are very grateful to those who assisted us in 2019.


Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2020 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD LeAnn Day President, Paint & Decorating Retailers Association Doug Imhoff Owner, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting


inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

Larry Marler Owner, The Works Remodeling and Finishing, LLC Tara Riley President, Fresh Coat Painters Dave Scaturro VP & Director of Commercial Estimating, Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors

Nick Slavik Proprietor, Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co., and Host of Ask a Painter! Live Art Snarzyk Owner, InnerView Advisors, Inc.

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Nick Slavik Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. Mike Stone CertaPro Painters Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT



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Products that do more than just keep floors clean

Pros talk interior coatings they trust

Adaptability is residential painter’s key to success


The 2020 inPAINT Product Guide

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The Red Carpet Treatment; Courtesy of ShuBee

Surface Protection

DEPARTMENTS 8 The News Industry ins and outs

13 Trend in Focus Employee retention strategies

10 5 Good Questions Painting business owner’s strategies to ensure the success of his employees— and his business

22 Ask a Pro Rewarding problem-solving employees

12 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry

38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 39 Bottom Line Avoiding a business plateau

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inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020


Paint Poncho saves time—and tools T If interruptions are a regular part of your, or your crew’s, workday then you’re going to like the Paint Poncho. Made from durable and eco-friendly EVA plastic, these handy devices provide a quick and easy way to store wet brushes and rollers on the job. The ponchos fit brushes 1"–4" and roller covers up to 9." Each poncho features a wide opening and an elastic pull cord and spring lock to keep brushes and rollers protected for up to two weeks. And Paint Ponchos can be washed and reused repeatedly.

PPG introduces a water-based epoxy T Made for commercial, institutional and manufacturing facilities, PPG Aquapon WB EP is the next generation of water-based epoxy technology offering excellent performance in abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance. Designed for high-traffic interior spaces that face significant wear and tear and require fast dry and recoat times, this new stain-resistant coating features an ultra-low VOC formulation and is certified by the Master Painters Institute to MPI Standards 115 and 215.

Behr builds a better paint can T After decades with no innovation, the one-gallon paint can has been reimagined by Behr. The 100% recyclable can is designed to be opened without the use of a tool and features a plastic Simple Pour Lid that eliminates mess and rust. The attachable pour spout (included with every can) can be washed and the can resealed with a twist-off cap, keeping paint fresh and offering secure storage. For those who prefer to dip their brush directly into the can, the entire lid can be removed and replaced through traditional means. The can is being rolled out with BEHR MARQUEE Interior and Exterior Paint & Primer. 8

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

Wooster launches extracapacity roller cover line T The Wooster Brush Company recently introduced a new roller cover to their line called Cirrus X. Featuring a European polyamide yarn fabric that’s soft, resilient and easy to load, the Cirrus X offers extra capacity and durability to help tackle rough and even extra-rough surfaces. Designed for use with all flat, eggshell and satin paints to achieve fast and complete coverage, the new covers are ideal for applying base and finish coats, as well as back-rolling textured surfaces such as stucco and brick. Featuring a distinctive green marbled look, the covers are available in 9-, 14- and 18-inch sizes in 3/4"- and 1"-nap heights for rough to extra-rough surfaces.

CertaPro Painters opens painter training center T As part of their long-standing commitment to raising the profile of the painting profession, CertaPro Painters designed and incorporated an 8,000-sq.-ft. painter training center into their new corporate headquarters near Philadelphia, PA. Featuring 10 different exterior facades—some up to 2-1/2 stories tall—four interior replica rooms, rolling doors and windows and four classrooms, the center offers plenty of opportunity for hands-on and classroom learning. “Our goal is to attract more young people to the painting trade and then make sure they’re trained on how to do the work properly and professionally,” says Mike Stone, company president and CEO. “The center features virtually every substrate and situation a painter might face on the job. Plus, the classroom learning covers everything from estimating and jobsite planning to project management and team leadership. We’re really looking to build pros who embody the CertaPro approach and will bring excellence to every job.” Training sessions last from three to five days and cover the specific needs of various roles including jobsite supervisor, project manager, franchise owner, sales associate and Level 1 painter. Currently, the company is working with local trade schools to provide training to students and also offers free training to any pro associated with CertaPro Painters.

Werner introduces lightestweight multi-position ladder T A new five-position ladder from Werner addresses the need for flexibility and the desire for a lighter weight. Offering a 375-lb. load rating per side, the Multi-Position Pro Ladder is built with POWERLITE rails to decrease the weight of the ladder, making it easier to load, unload and configure. Users can operate this unit as an extension ladder, a twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, wall ladder or two scaffold bases—and no additional hinges are required (plank and tie-downs not included). Both OSHA and ANSI approved, the MultiPosition Pro Ladder is available in four sizes: 14,' 18,' 22' and 26.'

New trade association launched for commercial painters T Recognizing a large gap of resources in the painting industry for the commercial painting business owner, seasoned pros Aaron Moore, president of Precision Painting & Decorating and Steve Hester, president of Hester Painting & Decorating, decided to do something about it. That ‘it’ is the Commercial Painting Industry Association (CPIA). The recently launched association is the only professional trade association offering peer-to-peer learning exclusively for the commercial painting business owner. Hester says, “Having experienced firsthand the need in our industry, we are excited to formalize a solution for the commercial painting market. We are bringing some of the sharpest minds and talent to the table to share their methods and explore ways to grow.” The CPIA aims to help business owners fine-tune and enhance their game plan for success based on proven learning strategies developed and executed by other pros who have successfully built thriving businesses. The CPIA currently offers peer-to-peer learning groups for owners and key employees. They anticipate adding an annual CPIA Summit and Painters University in the near future.

Modern Masters shines with new metallic paint colors T Modern Masters has expanded its Metallic Paint Collection with nine new colors. The company’s biggest color refresh in over a decade, the new colors answer the pro’s need for on-trend colors. The new colors are Emerald, Amethyst, Glacier Blue, Rose Gold, Ruby, Cool Mint, Black Sapphire, Pink Topaz and Rose Quartz. All colors are available in quarts, gallons and 6-ounce sample jars. Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT






1 Dave Scaturro is a secondgeneration contractor and the VP of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors in Paterson, NJ. As one of the company owners, he runs the Commercial Painting division and is passionate about learning the newest technology for the industry and training Alpine’s craftsmen, sales associates and project managers to follow the company’s vision to be the best service provider. Scaturro holds a certification as a NACE Level 1 Coating Inspector and is active in the PCA. He currently serves as the vice chair on the organization’s National Board of Directors.


inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

What does your company do to ensure the success of all employees? I think it starts with our structured hiring process. We follow Jack Welch’s philosophy of ‘hire slow and fire fast’ and take a lot of time to make sure we’re bringing the right people on board. No matter what the role, it’s all about attitude and work ethic. Once they’re hired, we outline their path to success by providing a very detailed job description and an outline of the reporting structure, as well as the roles that they can move into down the road. And then we train. We do so much training. Field guys don’t even go out until they’ve completed a two-day safety training and have demonstrated that they can do all their duties up to our standards. We also have apprenticeship training for our craftsman, encourage our journeymen to pursue NACE Coating Inspector training, and send our sales team and project managers to conventions (SSPC, PCA and World of Concrete) to learn best practices. In addition, we hire a variety of business coaches for our directors. As far as we’re concerned, no matter what your position, you’re never done learning.


What has been your most meaningful differentiator when vying for business? It’s about not being a commodity. People will judge you the same as everyone else unless you can quickly prove you’re different in a positive and meaningful way. The fact that we’ve been around for 44 years goes a long way in terms of making a great first impression, as do the testimonials we’ve amassed over time. Another thing that helps is our marketing. Our website has over 1,000 pages because we position ourselves as specialists. If someone Googles ‘warehouse distribution waterproofing Bergen County’ we’re going


to come up and they’re going to land on a page filled with pictures and case studies that demonstrate we’re exactly what they’re looking for.


What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made? Two investments that really stand out for me are our custom estimating program and our grit recycling equipment. Both of these investments have made us more efficient, which has benefitted our customers and allowed us to live up to our own expectations of excellent service.


What failure, or apparent failure, have you learned the most from? The biggest lesson I learned through pain was overpromising and underdelivering. When I first went into sales, I wanted to impress everybody. I would explain how a job would unfold, acting as if we always operate at peak efficiency. Over time, I realized we weren’t getting great reviews. The problem was that I was setting the bar too high for our crews and ignoring the fact that jobs don’t always run smoothly. Now I talk about potential problems and things that can delay a project. Basically, I’m realistic up front and then we overdeliver. It’s a much better scenario for all.


In the last five years, what new habit or way of thinking has most improved your life? The concept that time spent in the car is for learning. I can be in the car for two+ hours a day. I used to listen to music, but now I listen to books and podcasts. I like to think I’ve earned my graduate degree in painting while on the road. This one change has really had a big impact on me as a human being, an employer and a business owner.

The best paint jobs start with No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results.

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Paint it ready-for-sale 73% of sellers make at least one improvement to their home before selling. Of that 73%, 21% paint the exterior and 20% redecorate the entire home or specific rooms. SOURCE: Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019

When asked to imagine they had received a new job offer, here’s what surveyed employees said their current employer could provide to increase their chance of staying:

Paint the front door From November 2018 to November 2019, the most commonly searched front door colors on Google were:


Slate Gray

Should I stay or should I go?





Déjà paint




Raise or bonus

Better benefits package



Healthier work/life balance

Clear growth or advancement opportunities

SOURCE: iHire 2019 Talent Retention Report

In operation since 2009, PaintCare’s recycling programs in states that have passed paint stewardship laws have collected over 38 million gallons of leftover paint. Of the latex paint collected, 60% was recycled back into paint.

No reviews, BIG problem According to data from the digital marketing group Fan & Fuel,

Fall protection violations continues to rise For the ninth year in a row, Fall Protection topped the list of most-cited violations by OSHA in the first 10.5 months of fiscal year 2019 with a whopping 6,010 violations. 12

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

92% of consumers will hesitate to complete a purchase when there are absolutely no reviews available.


Tackling the high cost of high turnover Retention strategies that build your business—and morale


osing employees at any skill level takes a toll on a business. With the hard costs associated with rehiring ranging from 16% to 20% of annual salary for low- and mid-level wage earners and a whopping 200+% for senior staff—plus the lesstangible soft costs including loss of expertise, missed deadlines, and reduced morale—the incentive to keep good people on board is high. It’s not always about the money According to Steve Ball, a partner at Gross Mendelsohn, an accounting advisory firm with deep roots in the construction industry, “The talent war in all the trades has really ramped up in the past 4–5 years. There’s been a definite uptick in poaching. But what’s different today is that what’s luring people away isn’t just a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong. You still need that. But you also need to offer a culture and a company that people want to be a part of.” Jason Hayes of iHire, LLC, couldn’t agree more. The VP of customer success and employer sales at the online recruitment platform says, “It’s all about employee engagement. People want to feel a greater purpose to their work. They want to feel a connection to their colleagues and employer and they want to do the best job they can every day.” Among the things Hayes cites as critical to a successful culture are: ■■ Mentorship opportunities: “This is a win-win. The tenured employee wins by being entrusted and empowered to help the new hire, and the new hire has an immediate go-to connection in the organization.” ■■ Feedback mechanisms: “Annual reviews are no longer enough. You need to communicate on every job—especially early on. Plus, you want to give employees some say in how work gets done. If they’re part of creating the plan, they’ll own the work more and feel more vested and connected.” ■■ Flexibility: “This one’s a little tougher in the paint industry but when you can let someone leave a little early for a school play or to help a family member, this has a tremendous impact on engagement.”

Strategies at work Nick Slavik of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. is one business owner who has put ‘flexibility’ to the test. “I recently adjusted our crew schedule to a four-day, 10-hour-per-day model, which gives everyone—except for myself and our client concierge—Fridays off,” says Slavik. “The quarter I made the change was the most profitable quarter I’ve ever had. Productivity is up and I’m providing the work-life balance my craftspeople want.” Nigel Costolloe of Catchlight Painting also aims to provide a desirable work-life balance. Catchlight pays for paternity, maternity and bereavement leave—they have also paid for a ticket home to Brazil for a newer painter so he could say goodbye to a sister with terminal cancer. While Costolloe is happy to support his team in this manner, he notes that it’s important to remind them of the benefits of being on the Catchlight team. “Most painters think short term. It is our responsibility as owners to remind and inform them that we offer more than a paycheck.” This became abundantly clear to Costolloe when a seasoned lead painter was tempted by a $3/hour raise at another company. “We reminded him of all the ways we had been there for him beyond the weekly paycheck.” That included the keys to a company van (valued at $2,000 per year), paid paternity leave (taken three times in 10 years), a $5K loan for hearing aids at 0% interest, and the company copay for family health insurance valued at $80,00 per year. Needless to say, the painter stayed. And Costolloe now makes it a point to articulate the value of stability, respect, and the potential for advancement at the monthly company meetings.

“… what’s different today is that what’s luring people away isn’t just a paycheck.” —STEVE BALL, GROSS MENDELSOHN

“Hold your culture strongly.” Hayes advises businesses to “hold your culture strongly.” Citing a 2015 paper titled Toxic Workers by Harvard Business School, he notes one of the main reasons people leave is a bad apple. “Be they a bully, a know-itall, a slacker or just a negative Nancy, bad apples create unnecessary stress and cut into productivity. Letting toxic people go, no matter what level they’re operating at, will yield a bump in productivity and send a message that you’re willing to do what’s necessary to protect your culture and make it possible for others to thrive.” Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT


ShuBee’s BeeArmor Surface Protection and Original Shoe Covers work together to protect your customers’ floors, save you from potentially expensive damage repair, and boost your company’s professional image.



afety. Cleanliness. Professionalism. Underfoot surface protection can involve a lot more than the preservation of a finished floor in or near a home or

commercial environment. How your crews go about protecting surfaces reflects on your company’s dedication to doing the job right. There are a lot of good options for keeping floors and walkways clean and debris-free. Here’s a look at some protection offerings pros are turning to for a variety of reasons.


inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

A focus on professionalism Professionalism is at the core of ShuBee’s mission. The Macon, GAbased company launched more than two decades ago with a shoecover product that its owner, a contractor, found boosted his teams’ professional look when he worked in homes. Since then, ShuBee has brought many other surface-protection products to market. “It’s all about how we show up and how we show ourselves to the homeowner or the client,” said Christy Fiveash, VP and partner at ShuBee. Paint pros appreciate ShuBee’s BeeArmor Surface Protection for a multitude of smooth, hard surfaces. It’s a thicker product that adheres without leaving a film behind after it’s pulled up, is reusable, waterproof, and can be easily cut to fit into corners and angled- or curved-flooring areas—and it doesn’t require taping. It’s designed with a very mild adhesive, while also taking advantage of natural static-cling, allowing it to be easily pressed into place. While it’s intended for interiors, some pros also use it on exterior walkways leading up to the home, Fiveash added. It comes in a 39"-wide by 100'-long roll and in red and blue colors. “Those colors stand out and really create a path so employees know not to stray off of it, too,” Fiveash noted. Available in 24" and 36" widths and a 200'-long roll, ShuBee’s Blue Floor Treatment is a durable, moisture-resistant 3-mil-thin product that is designed specifically for linoleum, tile and similar surfaces. And the company’s The Red Carpet Treatment is a puncture-resistant, 3-mil self-adhesive film designed for carpets that’s available in 24"- and 36"-wide rolls that are 200' long. “Both of these products are great alternatives to drop cloths,” added Brian Chesnut, a ShuBee customer service consultant. “That way, you’re not taking the dirt from another person’s home into a new client’s home. We’re not ignoring the drop cloth, we’re just trying to improve on the concept of that need.” Surface adherence, durability, ease of use When it comes to protecting floors, paint pros primarily look for affordable products that easily stick to the surface, resist slipping, and can handle spills. For Protective Products International, Inc., the Econo Runner is the company’s number one product with paint pros. Available in 32" by 100' rolls, Econo Runner works well on concrete, hardwood, stone, marble and tile. It has a nonporous polyethylene top that protects against spills, and is nonadhesive with a tacky feel on its nonwoven fiber backing. “It’s great for foyers, entryways and places that are going to be trafficked constantly,” said Alan Nishiguchi, Protective Products’ president. “It’s our number one product for underfoot protection, even more so now with the trend to more hardwood, natural stone, composite and vinyl flooring.” Pro Tect Associate’s Finished Floor Guard is a hit with pros, too. Its 100'-long rolls come in 24," 36" and 48" widths. You don’t need to tape it down, and it easily adheres to stairs without leaving a residue when removed. “Pros like it because you can leave it down as long as you want and things don’t get underneath it,” added Pro Tect Owner, Daniel Bowers. Trimaco, Inc.’s Stay Put Surface Protector is a padded offering with a tacky, slip-resistant backing and leak-resistant poly top. It’s durable and easily adheres without tape; it’s also reusable and easily repositioned around the job. The company’s Heavy Duty SuperTuff

At Mi-T-M, we pride ourselves on building mighty, damn good equipment. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you are buying dependable equipment that is designed, built, and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good.

Made in


with Globally Sourced Components 800-553-9053

Air Compressors | Portable Generators Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Wet/Dry Vacuums Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters | Water Pumps Water Treatment Systems Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT


Left: ShuBee’s Blue Floor Treatment protects hard surfaces such as tile from dirt and grime, and the company’s The Red Carpet Treatment shields carpet from stains and traffic damage. Both products are designed to be highly visible, but their colors won’t transfer onto surfaces. Below: ShuBee’s Custom Clean Feet Kit is an entry/exit sticky pad that helps prevent tracking dirt and debris from one area to another simply by walking across it.

Surface Protector is another nonslip, leak- and impact-resistant product that’s great on stairs, walkways and hard floors, and it’s made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. Nonslip drop cloths Drop cloths are old standbys for paint pros when it comes to protecting floors. They easily fold up and can be taken from job to job, but they also come with some drawbacks; crews slipping and liquids leaking through them are the primary ones. Trimaco has pushed the envelope when it comes to advancing drop cloth design in the name of safety and performance. “Surface protection on the jobsite is critical not only to avoid costly repairs, but also to ensure the safety of workers on-site,” added Charlie Reaves, a Trimaco VP. The company’s Eliminator Drop Cloth is made with heavy-duty butyl and is 225% more slip resistant than a traditional 10-oz canvas drop cloth, and its Stay Put Canvas Plus Drop Cloth is 300% more slip resistant than a traditional 8-oz canvas drop cloth. The Eliminator is made of a durable material on both sides and the Stay Put Canvas Plus consists of three layers: absorbent canvas, plastic and a durable, nonslip backing. “These specialty drops are particularly popular for painting contractors because they are nonslip and leakproof, which prevents paint from seeping through and potentially damaging the surface,” Reaves added.

Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus Drop Cloth is 300% more slip resistant than a traditional 8-oz canvas drop cloth. A masking tape alternative Launched in 2017, Peel-Tek is a liquid masking tape product that painters, contractors and DIYers are turning to, particularly for areas where they need to mask stone, brick, cement and other rough, porous surfaces that pose adherence problems for regular masking tape. With Peel-Tek, you simply brush or roll it on and after the job is done, peel it away without any residue left behind. Contractors also use Peel-Tek to keep down masking paper, plastic or other surface-protection products they fear may slip or move while the job is in progress. “It creates a skin-tight, contour-hugging barrier that nothing can slip under,” adds Michelle Mitchell, a Peel-Tek spokesperson. “Contractors use it on bathtubs, countertops and thresholds as low-cost assurance that surfaces won’t be damaged during construction. And painters find it helpful for those areas where masking tape just won’t work.” 16

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

A one-quart tub is equivalent to four rolls of masking tape, Mitchell said. When you use the company’s Sure-Shot Applicator, which looks similar to a mini caulk gun, that quart then becomes equivalent to seven rolls of masking tape. Don’t forget the shoe covers Even some of the best cutting and rolling painting professionals have their share of stained footwear. It’s just part of the gig. So shoe covers have become a necessity for many pros. They offer a professional look, support safety efforts, and prevent tracking liquids around the site. ShuBee’s Original Shoe Covers are made of a breathable, cloth-like material and are good for preventing tracking dirt and debris. They come in boxes of 100, are offered in 11 different colors and can fit up to a size 18 work boot. Trimaco’s Smart Grip Shoe Guards are also effective at keeping the floor clear of dirt and debris and are formulated with a slip-resistant rubber sole, too. They’re great for hard surfaces and fit up to a size 15 work boot. ShuBee’s Custom Clean Feet Kit is an extension of the shoe-cover concept. It’s a nonslip PVC board mat that pros can clean their feet on when they enter and exit a space. It comes in a mat made up of 29 sheets; you simply peel back the top layer for a fresh sheet. And bonus, you can brand it with your company logo. Whether you’re in need of simple foot covers or a rugged, impactresistant floor-protection product, underfoot surface protectors are all relatively affordable and easy to find. Plus, they offer that added professionalism customers appreciate. -

PRO PICKS 5 pros talk interior coatings that keep customers happy Interiors tend to be more time-consuming and detail-oriented than exteriors. So, the last thing any pro needs is a coating that fails or just doesn’t look right. Here, five pros share which interior coatings help them earn—and keep—a customer’s trust.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff-X is a single-component, low-VOC, cleanable and low-maintenance solution for commercial settings.


This Pennsylvania-based pro turns to Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint for his residential interior jobs. With a minimal sheen and great coverage, he’s even confident with using flat in traffic areas, and the matte handles kitchen and bathroom moisture just fine, he says. “I think it’s good from a marketing standpoint to tell others we use this premium product across the board,” he said. “We’re a mid-to-higher-end residential contractor and it offers great coverage and consistency.” For interior ceilings, Lauro likes Sherwin-Williams ProMar Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, and for bathrooms it’s Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa because it’s great with moisture and has low sheen. For cabinet refinishes, he likes Sherwin-Williams SHERWOOD Kem Aqua Plus. “We use it because of the coverage, dry time and durability. It’s a legitimate cabinet paint,” he noted.


1 18

NICK LAURO Nick Lauro Painting

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020


DAVE RUSHING Painting America, Inc.


ANDREW RICHARDSON Andrews Painting Company


TANNER MULLEN Premium Painting, Inc



“Scuff-X is a game changer for commercial painting.” —DAVE RUSHING, PAINTING AMERICA, INC.


This Seattle-area pro comes from a long line of paint pros in his family. His work primarily involves high-end commercial and residential properties, for which he started using Benjamin Moore products exclusively about nine years ago. For about 90% of his interior work, he utilizes Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint. “The Regal Select line is the best I’ve ever used,” he said. “It’s very user-friendly and, generally, our customers prefer a matte or eggshell. … Matte is what most people like around here.” For accent walls, he prefers the company’s Aura Interior Paint. It’s the best-covering paint he’s ever used for its great hide and excellent touch-ups, he says. He also appreciates the Color Lock technology, which prevents color rub-off. For best results with Aura, he uses a 3/8"-nap roller and allows cut-ins to completely dry before rolling. Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa is the go-to for bathrooms. “You’ll never see any hard-water stains with that paint; it really repels water.” For trim, doors, wainscot and handrails, the company’s ADVANCE Interior Paint always brings the beautiful finish his customers want. In high-traffic commercial interiors, Rushing gets the best results from Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff-X, which he says performs like a two-component epoxy-in-one with no mixing needed. “Scuff-X is a game changer for commercial painting,” he added.


This Cincinnati, OH-based pro has been painting for more than 20 years. Primarily a residential repaint contractor, he prefers several Sherwin-Williams offerings. For interior walls, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex and Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex Paints are go-tos. For ceilings, which he prefers to spray, he turns to the company’s CHB Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint. However, for bathroom ceilings, he’ll turn to a Duration matte finish. For spraying trim, he likes Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy. “It dries to the touch very quickly and, when it cures, it’s very durable,” Richardson said. In bathrooms, he’ll sometimes offer a premium option in Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa. “It’s more moisture resistant and resists mold growth. It’s really good for some bathrooms that don’t have a lot of ventilation,” he added. Richardson also refinishes cabinets and wood railings. For those projects, he starts with Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer from Rust-Oleum and then applies a Milesi polyurethane coating.


This Ocala, FL-based pro grew up in the business and has tried about every paint imaginable. Today, his small, but growing, company turns to Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex Paint for the main areas of interiors. Mullen’s teams contend with a lot of ‘knock-down’ walls, a heavier type of texture than the orange peel look seen in many southwest U.S. homes. Cashmere’s low-luster finish works well on these types of surfaces, he says. “If you put too much shine on that texture, it really accentuates it and it’s not the best look,” he said. “Another big selling point with Cashmere is that it’s very forgiving with moisture, too. … It’s also self-levelling and hides roller marks really well.” For trim, he prefers Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel. On ceilings, he likes the company’s Eminence High Performance Ceiling Paint and for bathroom ceilings, Cashmere’s medium luster finish does the trick.

Nick Lauro Painting completed this residential project with two Sherwin-Williams products: Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint for the walls and ProMar Interior Latex Ceiling Paint.


This Michigan-based paint pro turned exclusively to SherwinWilliams products about three years ago. She prefers SherwinWilliams ProMar 200 HP Zero VOC Interior Latex in eg-shel in the main areas of residential interiors. For bathrooms, she likes the company’s Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex because it offers mold and mildew resistance in high-moisture areas. For trim and wood doors, Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel brings the durability her clients seek and for ceilings, her team rolls the company’s CHB Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint. “That coating really makes a ceiling beautiful,” she added. For cabinet refinishing, Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, along with the manufacturer’s Premium Wall & Wood Primer, offer great results. Her team also sees its share of metal doors, and Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic is the go-to for that work. Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT



RESIDENTIAL PAINTER You grew up in a family painting business. What inspired you to start your own?


To be honest, I never had any intention of getting into the business, and actually went to college and got a masters in health education. I spent a few years using my degree but realized pretty quickly that I didn’t like what I was doing. It was my dad who actually suggested I come work for him. I took him up on the offer but it didn’t take long to realize that THAT wasn’t going to work either. We’re both very stubborn and we butted heads. A LOT. I wanted it done my way, he wanted it done his, and because he owned the business, he won those battles. I decided to leave the company and, once again, try using my degree. No surprise, that world still wasn’t very satisfying so I decided to rejoin my dad’s company in 2004. It didn’t take long to be re-reminded why I left before. The difference this time was that the entrepreneurial spark within me had been lit. My dad had no plans to retire soon so the only solution was to strike out on my own. I knew my dad didn’t like to have to travel far for work, so I decided to stake my claim west of where he operated and build something on my own. He was very supportive of the idea and helpful. He helped me get my first van, let me borrow ladders, and we even worked together on a project with his crew and a few of my guys. I’ve been running a successful and growing business ever since.

Adaptability enables residential painter to not just grow, but thrive When it comes to life mottos, Mike Katounas’ could very well be: The hardest times teach us the most important lessons. Like most residential paint contractors, the 41-year-old owner of Home Works Painting in Chantilly, VA has dealt with general business trials, economic downturns, and a bit of family business challenges. But unlike most, Katounas came face-to-face with his mortality while battling cancer in 2009—while still operating his business. “That experience,” Katounas says, “changed everything for me in both my personal and professional life. When you’re left with no options, you learn to adapt to make what you have —and can do—work.” That adaptability (and a seriously positive attitude) have allowed Katounas to grow his company’s revenue from $172,000 in its first year of operation to $1.6 million in just 15 years. 20

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

In your career, which decisions have been the most instrumental to your success?


I would say the most important one was a change of mindset about letting people go. No question, it’s always difficult. But I used to get very caught up on how it was going to affect that person—how would they recover? What about their family? But the truth is, if you have a toxic employee it’s going to permeate your business and spread to other employees. In the past, I waited too long to let toxic people go. But in the last five years, I’ve come to realize that the delayed approach does more harm than good. I probably still wait a bit longer than I should, but I sleep better knowing that I’ve been thoughtful and am making the right decision. The other decision that’s had a positive impact is implementing technology into everyday systems … it’s been key to making things run more efficiently and allowing our company to be flexible. Our crew leaders all now have iPads to use in the field. They don’t have to come to the office every morning to get work orders. They’ve got everything they need before they leave their driveway. And if

there are last-minute changes due to weather, we can communicate the shift to inside work without losing a ton of time. At this point, we use Estimate Rocket (estimating), PipelineDeals (CRM), TSheets (employee timesheets), Smartsheet (project management/HR), QuickBooks (accounting), and doForms (change orders). All combined, they make us nimbler and more efficient in key areas of operation.

What efforts do you make to ensure you’re performing at your best in your role as owner?


I’d say I put the greatest amount of personal focus on being adaptable. Over the 15 years we’ve been in business, I’ve had to adapt and change many, many times. I started out writing quotes on paper and carbon, then moved to Microsoft Word, and now use Estimate Rocket. Honestly, it’s adapt or die. I also work on being adaptable in dealing with individual employees. I can’t treat them all the same and expect them to thrive. Some need an arm around their shoulder when you’re having tough conversations and others are looking for me to be more direct. I’ve learned to adapt my approach to address their specific communication styles and needs. I should mention one thing that was instrumental to me becoming adaptable was getting very sick in 2009. I ended up with an aggressive form of testicular cancer that took me away from work and home for months. While I was getting treatment hundreds of miles away, I had to change how I ran my business. I had to learn to delegate and to trust. For someone who was always very hands-on, it wasn’t easy. But the more I did it, the easier it got and it changed my perspective on how I can successfully operate my business. Prior to getting sick, I used to take things—all the little stuff that goes wrong on a job or with an upset customer—really personally. But once you’ve had a moment where you’re not sure if there’s a tomorrow waiting for you or not, you really understand what is and isn’t worth worrying about. It’s not that I don’t care; it’s that I now approach problems with an attitude of ‘what can we do to fix this?’ I also recognize that sometimes you can’t fix things entirely so you need to do your best to move on.

How did you settle on a six-year warranty and how does it serve your business?


From the beginning, whenever we bid an exterior job, I’d always get asked how long it should last. My answer was five to seven years. Early on, I was offering a twoyear warranty. But then I met folks offering a 10-year

Implementing technology into everyday systems … it’s been key to making things run more efficiently and allowing our company to be flexible. warranty or even longer. I realized the marketing edge a longer warranty offers, and set mine at six. It’s been a meaningful differentiator ever since. Now when I tell people we offer a six-year warranty, their eyes get big. The closest anyone’s come to us in our area is three years. We invite customers to reach out when they’re nearing the end of the warranty, and recently had our first customer take us up on it. We did a walk-through and did a few small touch-ups. But the takeaway for them was that our work was solid. That’s a win in my book.

What steps are you taking to prepare your business for 2020 and beyond?


I want to be as prepared as possible for a recession whenever it comes. I’m aiming to have us be at our strongest financially and staff wise. I want us to be positioned to take over and grow our market while our competitors, who haven’t prepared, may be regressing. A few things I’m doing toward that end is paying down debt and a line of credit, and trying to have as much cash as possible. In addition, I’m pushing to get into HOAs, which is a new market for us. Unlike commercial, which would be a big leap from our residential work, I see HOAs as a nice hybrid. I recently joined the Community Associations Institute (CAI), as I’m looking to build rapport and connections with property managers and HOAs in the area. I know we won’t see an instant uptake, but I’m out there networking and putting in my time doing face-to-face work. I know that one of my greatest strengths is my integrity and my ability to inspire trust. Once I establish that with a few of these folks, we could be looking at a tremendous growth opportunity. -

MIKE KATOUNAS launched Home Works Painting in 2005 as a residential repaint company servicing the suburbs of Washington, D.C. By focusing on the importance of providing excellent service to customers, he’s grown from a two- to +/-15-person company. He is an active member of his community and often volunteers time at his church and with youth sports leagues.

Jan/Feb 2020 | inPAINT



If an employee can help us create better systems that solve problems and make more profit, they’ll be rewarded.


What's your strategy for awarding pay increases?

Jason Paris is the owner of Paris-Painting, LLC, a nationally recognized residential and commercial painting business in Minneapolis, and a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the PCA.


inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020


As a relatively young company that embraces an open-book management style, we take a somewhat unique approach to awarding pay increases. We’re very transparent about what we’re doing as a company—that is, we’re in business to make a profit. We’re upfront about it with our employees because we want them to recognize their role in building that profit. We put a LOT of emphasis on being collaborative. The more they collaborate and contribute, the more reward there is to be had for all. The most meaningful collaboration and contribution comes from problem-solving. Really, as a business, all we do is solve problems for our customers and ourselves. For example, a customer wants a timely and accurate estimate that assesses the project correctly and is presented professionally. That’s our problem to solve. If an employee can bring forward a new idea or approach that allows us to do that better than we already do, that’s a solid demonstration of problem-solving. If you’re a production coordinator, the problem might be that we’ve got 30 houses to knock out in a week. If you can figure out how to do that with the painters and leaders available, you’ve solved that problem. And if you can figure out how to do it more efficiently than we’ve ever done it, you can be sure it will be noticed. How well you solve problems determines your value to the company as well as your wage. If you consistently demonstrate an ability to solve complex problems in a way that maximizes profit and serves the customer best, then you’ll probably be able to go as far as you want with us.

In practice, we do a 360˚ review with all of our employees on a monthly basis. (NOTE: All painters are subcontractors and as such are not reviewed by the company.) Each employee meets with their direct report and the president of the company. The meeting is an opportunity for everyone to provide positive feedback and point out gaps in performance. Again, that goes both ways. The employee shares their observations and so does management. The goal is to work together to improve the performance of the employee and the company. If an employee can help us create better systems that solve problems and make more profit, they’ll be rewarded. While we meet monthly, salary reviews happen on an annual basis. But the monthly review approach makes it easy to recognize when a bump in pay or a promotion is warranted. If you’ve got a nice list of contributions to point to, you’re going to be all set. If you don’t, well, there’s probably no pay increase coming. We don’t reward people above and beyond just for showing up and doing their job. Another nice thing about this approach is that during the hiring process, it can help us figure out which candidates are a good cultural fit. If we explain our ‘problem-solving equals reward approach’ and the person is totally energized by it, it’s a really good sign that they’ll do well here. But if they get that deer-in-the-headlights look about them, this probably isn’t the place for them. Not every place and every philosophy is a fit for everyone. The key is to find people who align with your culture. It’s worth waiting for them because they’re out there. And when you come together, it can be a great thing all around.


Liners available for quick cleanup

Brush Magnet

Multi-Grip Options

Hands-Free Ladder Hook Bail


*Applicator not included. Pail full-page-ad QR code

Designed by Pros for Pros

This pail has it all with comfortable multi-grip options, a hands-free ladder hook bail and a mini roller ramp and rest. Scan the QR code or visit to see every feature in action.


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2020 PRODUCT GUIDE Here, manufacturers present their best-in-class products—some new, others time tested—and describe what makes them their top choices for each respective category.



Featured Products

Introducing Graco’s New Lineup of Ultra Max II Airless Sprayers These powerful, reliable sprayers feature industry-first innovations that include Vortex™ Pump Technology, BlueLink™ Job and Sprayer Management, and the Contractor PC™ Airless Spray Gun. These revolutionary new technologies deliver the ultimate performance and can be found only on new Graco Airless Sprayers.

Endurance™ Vortex MaxLife Pumps THE LONGEST LASTING PUMPS EVER BUILT ■■ Longest life in the industry with Vortex rotating piston rod ■■ 6X more gallons sprayed between repacks ■■ Extends pump rod life by 3X — delivering the industry’s lowest cost of ownership

Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun THE LIGHTEST, MOST COMFORTABLE SPRAY GUN EVER BUILT ■■ Easiest trigger pull ■■ E-Z Fit™ adjustable trigger length ■■ Complete gun rebuild in seconds with the ProConnect™ Replacement Cartridge

BlueLink Job and Sprayer Management System EASILY STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS ■■ Track every sprayer — exact location and hourly productivity ■■ Know job progress — on-demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere ■■ Maximize uptime — set maintenance schedules, alerts, and jobsite notes 26

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020



PaintLine ProDryingRack PSDR

PaintLine ProDryingRack RR3KD

Paint and dry cabinet doors with the least amount of effort and space. Parts hang for all-sides spraying and drying in one step using common cup-hooks or EFCs inserted into hinge cup holes. Metal hangers eliminate the annoying and costly failure of wooden clothes hangers with heavier doors. 18' of drying line for up to 50 cabinet doors. Designed for foolproof assembly in less than 10 minutes without tools. Tear down is just as fast into ballistic nylon bags for convenient storage and easy transport to the next job site.

The 50-Shelf RR3KD Drying Rack is a true workhorse. Each shelf holds up to 25lbs and can be rolled to the next production station or out of your way. No need to pull or place parts in any sequence; grab from the top, bottom or middle to work the way you work. This true space saver takes 200 sq ft of drying surface area and reduces it to just 6 ½ sq ft. Easily assembles/disassembles with just 4 bolts. All steel construction with powder coated finish ensures years of service.

Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ App + ColorReader Device

Armstrong-Clark Exterior Oil Based Wood Stain

Benjamin Moore’s new Color Portfolio app combines its color authority with the precision color science of Datacolor’s ColorReader device for an unparalleled color tool. Scan color with this portable, Bluetooth-enabled Benjamin Moore ColorReader device to instantly get precise paint color matches for Benjamin Moore’s 3500+ colors, as well as other popular paint brands. The app includes a Photo Visualizer to “try on” room colors by selecting a photo and tapping a surface for instant masking, plus a Video Visualizer for an augmented reality experience of your color choices.

Armstrong-Clark manufactures a high quality old fashioned traditional exterior oil stain that is legal and compliant in every city in the United States without the use of modified oils. The stain provides two layers of protection to protect and nourish wood. Armstrong-Clark can be applied to wood with up to 20% moisture, applied in direct sun in the heat of the day, it cannot peel or crack, and it does not require stripping or sanding on maintenance coats. @armstrongclarkco 2020 PRODUCT GUIDE


EXTERIOR PAINTS PREMIUM BEHR MARQUEE EXTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER Our most technically advanced stain-blocking exterior paint delivers excellent hide in fewer coats and remarkable dirt, fade and early rain resistance for longer-lasting color— plus an antimicrobial, mildew-resistant finish. BENJAMIN MOORE, AURA EXTERIOR The ultimate in performance and color vitality, Aura Exterior offers superior fade resistance and outstanding durability against the harshest weather conditions. DUNN-EDWARDS EVERSHIELD Ultra-premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic paint that provides maximum protection against UV color fade, mildew, efflorescence, water intrusion and film failure (grain-cracking, peeling, blistering). Unparalleled performance. HGTV HOME BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EVERLAST EXTERIOR PAINT Extreme all-weather protection in one coat. Water Beading technology helps prevent water from penetrating the surface and damaging your home. Its durable finish combines with exceptional adhesion and an anti-fade formula. KELLY-MOORE ENVY EXTERIOR Super-premium 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with exceptional weathering, durability, coverage, and application characteristics. A perfect appearance from the best exterior paint Kelly-Moore has ever made. PPG PAINTS PERMANIZER A 100% acrylic resin, it provides durability and offers outstanding dirt resistance and enhanced UV protection to keep color true. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD EXTERIOR Emerald Exterior paint delivers innovative durability, hide and beauty for a truly outstanding finish. It’s self-priming, featuring rugged resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking and fading. MID-GRADE BEHR PREMIUM PLUS EXTERIOR PAINT This 100% acrylic paint’s built-in primer properties provide exceptional hide. Its durable finish withstands wear and resists moisture, fading and stains. Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35° F. BENJAMIN MOORE, REGAL SELECT EXTERIOR Regal Select Exterior provides excellent durability with superior adhesion even on hard to coat surfaces. With a temperature application as low as 40° F, Regal Select Exterior extends your painting season. DUNN-EDWARDS SPARTASHIELD Complete line of premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic exterior paints that provide exceptional hide, durability and versatility. SPARTASHIELD products apply easily, dry to a smooth, uniform finish and are low odor.

PPG PAINTS ACRI-SHIELD MAX Made for use on aluminum, architectural plastic, fiber cement, vinyl, wood siding, trim and more, it is fortified with urethane technology for strong durability and protection against harsh outdoor elements. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS DURATION EXTERIOR Duration paint has PermaLast technology and advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. It provides a mildew-resistant coating and only requires one coat for repaints, two coats for new work. VALSPAR DURAMAX EXTERIOR PAINT Features FlexShield 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. A highhiding Paint + Primer that combines maximum coverage with fade-resistant color. ECONOMY BEHR PRO E600 SERIES Designed to meet the expectations of professional painters and developed for optimal sprayability, this 100% acrylic formula provides excellent hiding power and a uniform finish. Dried film is mold and mildew resistant. BENJAMIN MOORE, BEN EXTERIOR ben Waterborne Exterior Paint delivers dependable performance, application and appearance. ben offers great color retention and provides a mildew-resistant coating. DUNN-EDWARDS ACRI-HUES A line of professional, ultra-low VOC, acrylic paints that provide dependable performance, very good durability, adhesion and hide. ACRI-HUES applies easily, dries fast and has very low odor. Easy to apply. KELLY-MOORE PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR High quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with premium performance and excellent application properties. Perfect for residential repaints, office buildings, shopping centers and much more. PPG PAINTS SUN-PROOF A 100% acrylic formula, it provides excellent durability, mildew resistance on the dry paint film, smooth application and excellent adhesion. With application in temperatures down to 35° F, it helps extend the painting season. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUPERPAINT EXTERIOR SuperPaint offers coverage and durability, providing a dirt- and mildew-resistant coating that minimizes repaints and keeps costs down. Plus, with fast application in all temperatures, it will increase production year-round. VALSPAR STORM COAT EXTERIOR PAINT 100% acrylic latex paint provides outstanding durability with fade protection and a mildew resistant coating. Great touch-up and excellent flow & levelling provide a smooth, uniform finish. Low temperature application.

inPAINT | Jan/Feb 2020

PREMIUM BEHR MARQUEE INTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER Our most technically advanced stain-blocking paint and primer in one delivers high-performance one-coat coverage with 1,000+ colors in the exclusive MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Hide Collection. BENJAMIN MOORE, AURA INTERIOR Aura Interior offers the most advanced way to bring color to life and delivers remarkable durability. Available in four premium finishes: Matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss. DUNN-EDWARDS EVEREST—SELF-PRIMING Zero VOC. Ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, hospitality. Formulated using superior pigment and resin technology that provide exceptional performance, hide and adhesion. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. SETCOAT SetCoat is a specially formulated basecoat with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. HGTV HOME BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS INFINITY INTERIOR PAINT Advanced-hiding Paint & Primer delivers One-Coat Perfection with a flawless finish and lifetime warranty. Our best-in-class interior paint provides uncompromising durability with exceptional stain and scrub resistance. KELLY-MOORE DURAPOXY INTERIOR Super-premium 100% acrylic enamels designed for use on walls, trim, and accents where a durable and washable epoxy-like finish is desired. Perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. PPG PAINTS MANOR HALL This super-premium interior paint, primer & stain repellent in one was developed to resist household stains. Its 100% acrylic latex formula provides a beautiful finish and excellent adhesion, coverage and durability. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD INTERIOR Emerald paint and primer in one with advanced stain blocking technology delivers best-in-class overall performance. Perfect for any job, it has truly remarkable hide and maximum resistance to water streaking and spotting. MID-GRADE BEHR PREMIUM PLUS INTERIOR PAINT Paint and primer in one that provides exceptional value and durability. Apply to uncoated and previously painted surfaces to create a finish that resists mildew, stains, moisture and wear, and stands up to scrubbing. BENJAMIN MOORE, REGAL SELECT INTERIOR Regal Select has been trusted by professionals and consumers for over 50 years. Regal Select is durable and perfect for high traffic areas. Available in five premium finishes: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-Gloss. DUNN-EDWARDS SPARTAWALL Formulated to provide a tough, durable, block resistant finish that is easy to apply. Ideal for commercial & residential projects, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and single family or multi-tenant housing. Ultra-low VOC.

KELLY-MOORE ACRYSHIELD Premium quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with excellent weathering for a lasting impression. Perfect for residential homes, hospitals, schools, and much more.




FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. TERA CHROMA Tera Chroma Mineral Paint is a water-based coating containing finely ground natural minerals loaded into a low VOC liquid binder, which produces a unique matte, light absorbing appearance. Low to no VOC, and virtually odorless.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUPERPAINT INTERIOR ACRYLIC LATEX Next generation SuperPaint is the choice of pros when a job calls for a rich, beautiful appearance, quality performance, and time and material savings. It goes on fast, provides excellent hide, quick cleanup and easy touchup.

KELLY-MOORE ACRYPLEX INTERIOR Premium quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed for use on walls, trim, and ceilings where a luxurious, selfpriming finish is desired at a very low VOC. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and much more.

VALSPAR 2000 INTERIOR PAINT Paint + Primer that offers great hide and coverage with excellent touchup. It provides a durable film with a smooth, uniform finish that hides imperfections.

PPG PAINTS PURE PERFORMANCE This low-odor, zero VOC* paint meets the sustainability requirements of the institutional, commercial and residential markets. *Colorants added to base paints may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CASHMERE For an ultra-smooth, rich, silky finish, count on Cashmere. It easily glides off the brush or roller and the result is a difference you can see and feel. Cashmere, our most forgiving paint, offers outstanding coverage. VALSPAR SIGNATURE INTERIOR PAINT Valspar Signature high-hiding Paint + Primer stands up to anything. With ScuffShield Technology, it resists scuffs and stains, and delivers remarkable coverage in beautiful colors for lasting beauty even in the busiest rooms. ECONOMY BEHR PRO I300 SERIES This professional-quality interior paint line offers excellent sprayability and is versatile for brush and roll application. It delivers superior hide, coverage, touch-up, and a mildewresistant finish. BENJAMIN MOORE, BEN INTERIOR ben provides an easy application and a finish that’s durable and washable. ben offers great value with all of the performance qualities you expect from a premium Benjamin Moore paint. DUNN-EDWARDS ACRI-WALL Ideal for use on new home and commercial construction and residential multi-tenant housing projects. They provide good touch-up, sheen, uniformity, and hide. Available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. NÜVILLA NüVilla is a 100% natural earth plaster. NüVilla creates a Light absorbing velvety soft matte finish. One can make an even smoother finish by fine sanding and buffing the surface with cheesecloth. KELLY-MOORE PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR High quality latex paints and enamels designed for use on walls, ceilings, and trim where premium performance, easy application, and very low VOC is desired. Perfect for residential repaints, commercial buildings, schools, and much more. PPG PAINTS SPEEDHIDE A durable paint that provides a uniform, washable finish for interior walls, ceilings and trim, Speedhide delivers high hiding, good scrubbability and contains <50 g/L VOC, allowing spaces to be painted while occupied.

PRIMERS WATER BASED AQUA COAT - CABINET WHITE GRAIN FILLER When painting a customer’s oak kitchen cabinets and looking for a glass smooth finish use Cabinet White Grain filler to fill the grains and seal the pores before you prime and paint. Water based and eco-friendly. BENJAMIN MOORE, FRESH START HIGH-HIDING PRIMER Fresh Start High-Hiding All Purpose Primer is a high-performing 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and uniform finish for all surfaces. This is the primer of choice when a significant color change is required. DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURAPRIME This high-performance, ultra-low-VOC, single-component, water-based interior/exterior acrylic metal primer provides excellent corrosion resistance and early flash rust resistance, plus excellent adhesion on ferrous metals. DUNN-EDWARDS ULTRASHIELD Galvanized metal interior/exterior primer. Excellent adhesion on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and excellent application properties. Ideal for new/repaint residential, commercial and multi-tenant housing projects. DYCO TUFF GRIP WATERBORNE BONDING PRIMER Get a grip on porous/non-porous, bare and previously painted concrete and asphalt surfaces with Dyco Tuff Grip. Tuff Grip is an excellent bonding coat for water-based concrete stain or paint. Learn more at KELLY-MOORE KEL-BOND UNIVERSAL Premium quality interior and exterior acrylic primer for general use on wood, masonry, drywall, and non-ferrous metal surfaces. Designed to block stains, promote adhesion, and develop a uniform topcoat appearance. KILZ 2 LATEX PRIMER This fast-drying primer, sealer and stain blocker is suitable for most properly prepared interior and exterior substrates, and offers mildew resistance and excellent adhesion with minimal odor.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MULTI-PURPOSE PRIMER Multi-Purpose Latex Primer offers wide versatility and strong adhesion properties that make it a universal favorite for both interior and exterior applications. Or use it as a prewallcovering primer to promote easy removal VALSPAR BONDING PRIMER Valspar Bonding Primer is an interior/exterior primer designed to adhere to hard to stick surfaces. It is also a multi-purpose primer that can be used as an undercoater on millwork and as a stain blocking primer. ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 WATER BASE PRIMER This low odor primer has great flow and leveling with a flexible, acrylic formula. It seals tough stains, graffiti, tannin bleed and more. For use indoors and out, it can be applied as low as 35°F. Available in white & gray. OIL BASED BENJAMIN MOORE, FRESH START OIL BASED PRIMER Fresh Start Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer is a premium quality alkyd primer that is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. It can be used over oil or latex paint. KILZ ORIGINAL PRIMER This multipurpose oil-based primer blocks stains and seals pet and smoke odors, and can be used on interior surfaces including wood, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper, masonry, brick, and painted metal. PPG PAINTS SEAL GRIP A universal primer, it is specially formulated to block most stains, in addition to offering exceptional adhesion. This fastdrying product can be used on multiple substrates and painted over in as little as one hour. SASHCO COLORFAST PRE-LOG STAIN BASE COAT Available March 2020! Deliver on your stain color promise with Colorfast. It gives the ideal canvas for log stain application, preventing over-absorption and yellowing. It’s color confidence for your log home projects. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FAST-DRYING PRIMER Sherwin-Williams Fast-Drying Primer gets the job done quickly, allowing for faster production and recoats in one hour. The stain-killing sealer assures a uniform appearance of both exterior and interior topcoats. ZINSSER COVER STAIN CLASSIC OIL 100 Zinsser Cover Stain Classic Oil 100 is a low VOC, oil-based specialty primer that combines excellent adhesion with flexibility and stain blocking power for interior and exterior surfaces damaged by fire, water and smoke.

PPG PAINTS SEAL GRIP A universal primer, it is specially formulated to block most stains, in addition to offering exceptional adhesion. This fastdrying product can be used on multiple substrates and painted over in as little as one hour. SASHCO COLORFAST PRE-LOG STAIN BASE COAT Available March 2020! Deliver on your stain color promise with Colorfast. It gives the ideal canvas for log stain application, preventing over-absorption and yellowing. It’s color confidence for your log home projects.


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Coatings (continued)

OTHER COATINGS STAINS ARMSTRONG-CLARK EXTERIOR OIL BASED WOOD STAIN A high quality old fashioned traditional exterior oil stain that is legal and compliant in every city in the United States without modified oils. The stain provides two layers of protection to protect and nourish wood. BENJAMIN MOORE, ARBORCOAT ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stains enhance the natural beauty of exterior wood surfaces while providing superior protection against mildew, UV damage, and other harsh weather conditions. CABOT AUSTRALIAN TIMBER OIL 3-way oil protection for maximum durability
and water repellency. Penetrates deep to accentuate natural wood depth. Translucent iron oxide pigments are added to ensure a lasting U.V.- absorbing surface rich with color. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. STAIN & SEAL Stain & Seal stains and seals in one easy operation. Containing high quality finely ground pigments in a unique, specialty water-based formula. KELLY-MOORE ACRYSHIELD EXTERIOR STAIN Premium quality semi-solid stain for use on new exterior vertical wood. A unique blend of acrylic resin and emulsified oil showcases the natural grain of wood and provides outstanding performance. OLYMPIC ELITE ADVANCED STAIN + SEALANT IN ONE Developed for durability, this super-premium exterior stain line protects against the damaging effects of sunlight, water, mildew and algae on the coating. Available in semitransparent, semi-solid and solid stains. OLYMPIC MAXIMUM STAIN+SEALANT IN ONE With over 40 colors, this acrylic+oil formula stains and seals to offer a mildew-resistant coating and protection against water damage, UV rays, scuffs. Weather-Ready application lets you clean and stain even after rain. SASHCO’S CAPTURE LOG STAIN A log home project requires years of planning. Finish strong with a stain made specifically for logs & timbers. Sashco’s Capture and Cascade system delivers durable protection worthy of the journey. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUPERDECK SYSTEM The SuperDeck Deck Care System features premium products for every stage of the job. From surface prep to stain to cleaner, the SuperDeck finishing system ensures long-lasting performance, easy cleanup and a beautiful finish. PORCH & FLOOR BEHR PREMIUM PORCH & PATIO FLOOR PAINT The 100% acrylic formula is great for interior and exterior wood and concrete surfaces. It is ideal for use on porches, floors, decks, basements, steps, patios and other high traffic areas not subject to tire traffic.


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BENJAMIN MOORE, FLOOR & PATIO LATEX ENAMEL A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel that’s low VOC and available in any color. Suitable for interior and exterior use on unpainted concrete and previously finished wood or concrete floors.

AMES RESEARCH BLUE MAX LIQUID RUBBER Blue Max is a strong and highly adhesive elastomeric liquid rubber waterproof sealant paint for extreme wet situations, such as below grade foundations and basement walls.

PPG PAINTS FLOOR, PORCH & DECK ENAMEL This product consists of a 100% acrylic formula fortified with urethane for excellent durability. Ideal for high traffic areas, this scuff-resistant paint offers strong adhesion to multiple surfaces.

BEHR PREMIUM EXTERIOR HIGH BUILD COATING This self-priming concrete and masonry coating’s smooth, breathable finish is waterproof and flexible. It bridges hairline cracks, withstands 98 mph wind-driven rain, and may be applied to ‘hot’ masonry surfaces.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel is a proven performer in keeping concrete and wood surfaces looking newer even in tough conditions. It delivers exceptional block resistance plus resistance to dirt.

DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURALASTIC 10 Exceptional flexibility, chalking and binder degradation resistance. Outstanding waterproofing protection by bridging hairline cracks. Excellent adhesion & outstanding alkali and efflorescence resistance.

VALSPAR LATEX PORCH AND FLOOR PAINT A floor coating that gives long-lasting protection. It is ideal for applications where low odor and fast dry are important. Durable and weather resistant, this enamel lasts for years. METAL BEHR PREMIUM DIRECT-TO-METAL PAINT This 100% acrylic paint is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of interior/exterior metal surfaces for a hard, durable finish that is corrosion, mildew, and flash rust resistant. DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURACAT A high-performance, ultra-low-VOC, pre-catalyzed, singlecomponent, water-based acrylic epoxy with superior adhesion to metal, wood, drywall and masonry for high-maintenance environments requiring extra durability and chemical resistance. DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURA-COAT High performance, interior/exterior, low VOC, direct to metal, water-based acrylic Industrial Maintenance Coating with excellent corrosion resistance and direct-to-metal properties. KELLY-MOORE DTM PRIMER/FINISH Premium quality low sheen primer and finish coating for use on bare metal in light industrial applications. Perfect for galvanized, aluminum, and ferrous metals as a corrosion resistant primer or topcoat. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PRO INDUSTRIAL EPOXY Washability, chemical resistance and a hard, impact-resistant finish make this Pro Industrial epoxy the ideal coating for high traffic areas. Its excellent hide and great coverage minimize the number of coats needed. VALSPAR ANTI-RUST ARMOR An industrial quality enamel for interior and exterior uses. Dries to a rust, mar and stain resistant finish. This long-lasting formula is ideal for surfaces susceptible to wear and rust. CONCRETE & MASONRY ABATRON ABOCOAT 8508-1 Heavy duty epoxy paint that inhibits rust, wear, and corrosion on concrete, wood, metal, and composite surfaces. Excellent wear resistance in heavy-traffic areas. Primer for polyurethane and other coatings. Custom colors.


DYCO HYDROPROOF MS WATER-REPELLENT Dyco Hydroproof MS penetrating water-repellent delivers invisible protection to concrete, brick, stucco & stone in just a single coat application. VOC compliant, Hydroproof MS dries quickly & is self-cleaning. KELLY-MOORE URETHANE ELASTOMERIC Premium quality urethane elastomeric coating designed as smooth flexible finish with excellent weathering for use on above grade concrete, stucco, and masonry. Can be used to develop a waterproofing system. PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE A high build acrylic topcoat, this product is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains while still remaining breathable. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS LOXON XP COATING This direct-to-concrete and masonry high-build coating offers maximum performance in one less coat compared to conventional and there is no need for priming. The job goes fast, and the great look lasts a long time. VALSPAR CONCRETE STAIN Valspar Concrete Stain is fortified with heavy duty resin technology to provide long lasting protection to concrete surfaces. It protects from sun, weather and household chemicals. Available in Semi-Transparent and Solid Color. SPECIALTY BEHR DRYPLUS NO. 875 MASONRY WATERPROOFER This premium waterproofing paint uses NANOGUARD Technology and is formulated for use on above- and belowgrade basement walls, masonry walls, retaining walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco and brick BENJAMIN MOORE, ULTRA SPEC SCUFF-X Ultra Spec SCUFF-X is a single-component latex engineered to deliver superior protection and scuff resistance for longterm durability in high-traffic areas. BEYOND PAINT – ALL IN ONE Achieve professional results in half the time to meet all of your refinishing needs. Perfect for furniture, cabinets, countertops and more! Application is easy requiring no stripping, sanding or priming.

DUNN-EDWARDS ARISTOSHIELD Ultra-premium, interior/exterior water-based urethane alkyd paint that offers the look & durability of an oil-based enamel. Ideal for high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects. Eggshell, semi-gloss & high-gloss. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. LUSTERSTONE LusterStone is a revolutionary architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its simplicity, versatility and ease of repair. No burnishing required.


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GDM DI MARIA INC. – BISATEN THERMO PAINT Bisaten Thermal Paint challenges the status quo of painting by offering a unique insulating product designed to reduce unwanted summer time heat gain, and unwanted winter time heat loss from houses and buildings. KELLY-MOORE EPIC FINISHES Super-premium waterborne urethane-alkyd enamels designed for use on trim and accent areas where a smooth, self-leveling and durable finish is desired. Perfect for fine finish or light industrial applications. MIDAS METALL - THE SEAMLESS METAL SKIN MIDAS Metall is an award-winning product that can cover and ennoble almost every interior/surface. 16 metals & hundreds of finishes for a myriad of stunning effects. Go to for more information. PPG PAINTS BREAK-THROUGH! An interior and exterior water-borne acrylic paint that contains <50 g/L VOC per liter, it provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance, drying to touch in 15-20 minutes for increased productivity. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD URETHANE TRIM ENAMEL Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel delivers the look and feel of an oil-based enamel with the convenience of a water-based formula. The interior/exterior enamel resists yellowing and delivers durability, gloss and color retention. VALSPAR CABINET ENAMEL Oil-enriched enamel consists of advanced water-based alkyd technology. It leaves a beautiful, strong and smooth finish on cabinets, doors & trim. It dries hard like an oil-base coating but cleans up easily with soap and water. STUCCO





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KELLY-MOORE ACRYLIC ELASTOMERIC High quality 100% acrylic elastomeric coating designed as a smooth flexible finish for use on above grade concrete, stucco, and masonry. Can be used to develop a waterproofing system.

VALSPAR DURAMAX ELASTOMERIC STUCCO PAINT Features FlexShield 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. Formulated for max weather protection on masonry and stucco. Excellent mildew and dirt pickup resistance.

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BEHR MASONRY, STUCCO & BRICK PAINT This water-based, acrylic-latex, self-priming formula provides excellent hiding properties, coverage, adhesion, water repellency, and alkali resistance on interior/exterior smooth, rough and textured vertical surfaces.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS LOXON ACRYLIC COATING Specifically engineered for exterior, above-grade, masonry surfaces requiring high performance protection, the topcoat has agents that inhibit growth of mildew on the coating surface for a durable, weather-resistant finish.


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BRUSHES EXTERIOR— Water Based, Synthetic CORONA RED-GOLD BLEND CORTEZ BRUSH Corona Red-Gold is a unique blend of nylon and polyester for year-round superior application of oil and latex paints, indoors and out. The Cortez is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY CHINEX FTP PAINTBRUSHES Chinex offers exceptional cleanability and durability. With added stiffness and a fuller softer, Wooster-exclusive tip, Chinex FTP brushes increase paint release and reduce drag for longer paint stripes with cleaner edges! ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smooth-finish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. EXTERIOR—Oil Based, Synthetic CORONA PERFORMANCE CHINEX KNIGHT BRUSH Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Knight has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ULTRA/PRO EXTRA-FIRM PAINTBRUSHES Thick and fast-drying coatings or hot and humid conditions require the right tools. Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm brushes cut sharp lines, maintain rigidity, resist wear, and clean easily—even in challenging exterior conditions. ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smooth-finish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. EXTERIOR—Oil Based, Natural CORONA BLACK CHINA MONARCH BRUSH Specially house-processed, select black China bristle, perfect for alkyd enamels, varnish, lacquers, paints, and other coatings. The Monarch has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PROFESSIONAL BLACK CHINA BRISTLE BRUSHES Professional black China bristle brushes are excellent for high-productivity or exterior applications. Because black China bristle is more rigid than its white counterpart, these brushes also offer better durability. INTERIOR— Water Based, Synthetic CORONA CHAMPAGNE NYLON VEGAS BRUSH Super-soft Corona Champagne Nylon is ideal for interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints. The Vegas is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule.


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THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ALPHA PAINTBRUSHES Featuring Wooster-exclusive Micro Tip technology, Alpha delivers a fine professional finish with complete cut-in control. Its fuller, softer end carries paint up to 30% farther compared to other brushes of equal size! ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smooth-finish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. INTERIOR—Oil Based, Synthetic CORONA PERFORMANCE CHINEX EXCALIBUR BRUSH Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Excalibur is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ULTRA/PRO FIRM PAINTBRUSHES Ultra/Pro Firm is truly an all-purpose brush for use in acrylics, latex, or enamels, indoors and out. With fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control, it saves painters time wherever a firm brush is needed. ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smooth-finish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. INTERIOR—Oil Based, Natural CORONA BRISTLE/OX-EAR HAIR CHICAGO LOOP BRUSH The finest natural bristles blended with ox-ear hair, for outstanding finish and production work. The Chicago Loop is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ADVANTAGE PAINTBRUSHES Advantage brushes combine the fine finishing capability of China bristle with the durability and simple cleanup of nylon. This high-production blend glides smoothly, with all oil-based or alkyd paints, enamels, and acrylics. SPECIALTY BRUSHES CORONA EXTRA LONG CHINEX EXPRESS Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s hi-tech coatings. The Express firm flex angular sash has a longer trim length to hold more paint. Fewer trips to the bucket, more time on the surface. PURDY XL HIGH CAPACITY BRUSH This brush is designed for increased pickup, smooth release, and enhanced cut-in ability. This angled brush also has a unique stadium-shaped ferrule that holds more paint for maximum coverage and efficiency. ZIBRA DETAIL PAINTBRUSHES Line has unique shape for specific applications. Unique, proprietary blend. Brush head conforms to application. Line features Triangle, Round, Half-Round, Fan, Square. Professional finish. Walls, trim, detail of all kinds.


SPECIALTY BRUSH TOOLS THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PAINTER’S COMB Clean handles, ferrules, and break down thick paint residue with the Painter’s Comb’s non-rusting, brass bristles. The stainless steel pins separate filament to thoroughly clean out the brush heel and help reshape the brush. BRUSH ACCESSORIES KAMADO KING INC PAINT BRUSH WATER HANGER Paint Brushes will stay flexible and straight. Well kept brushes will give you quicker start ups, better cutting, and more profitable days. For more information visit or call 1(516) 635-6402. MR. LONGARM BRUSH & TOOL HOLDER Attaches non-threaded tools such as paint brushes, scrapers and more, to an extension pole. Adjusts up to 270°; set and lock angle in 13 different working positions. Universal threaded end fits any standard extension pole. MR. LONGARM LAZY JOE BRUSH WRAPPERS Lazy Joe wrappers are constructed of vapor barrier foil with a zip closure, making them a better alternative to plastic bags, plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Refrigeration is not required; no need to thaw or warm up paint tools. PURDY PAINTER’S BACKPACK The first painter’s backpack created specifically for pro painters with multiple storage spaces for roller frames and covers, brushes, prep tools, extension poles, etc. Includes a no-mess wet pouch for transporting wet tools.

ROLLERS PRODUCTION, Woven CORONA ULTRAFAST ROLLERS Uniquely formulated, high-density polyamide for superior paint pickup and release. Easy cleaning, long-lasting sleeves actually improve with use. Epoxy set on strong, solventresistant phenolic cores. Available in four naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PRO/DOO-Z FTP ROLLERS Rollers offering controlled paint release lead to even application, increased production, and smooth results; the exclusive HydroFlow technology in Pro/Doo-Z FTP rollers was developed to achieve that feat with all paints. PRODUCTION, Knitted CORONA TUFFPRO High density blend of Polyester, Acrylic, and Nylon Knit. Superior coverage of flat, low sheen, and satin finishes on many surfaces. Epoxy set on strong, solvent resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY SUPER/FAB ROLLERS In 1964, Super/Fab rollers were painting faster and achieving better finishes than their peers. Today, it’s still the most-popular, high-production cover for all flat, eggshell, and satin paints, stains and waterproofing.

FINISH, Woven CORONA ULTRAWEAVE ROLLERS Exclusive woven Dralon acrylic blend. Ultra-high-density for the ultimate in smooth finishing with all paints. Epoxy set on super-strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. PURDY WHITE DOVE ROLLER COVER Purdy’s most popular roller cover produces a smooth, lint free finish. It features a high density woven cover, enabling paint to flow freely into and out of the cover for easy rolling and high quality results. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY MICRO PLUSH ROLLERS Micro Plush rollers create smooth, spray-like finishes with all paints and enamels. These microfiber rollers excel in low VOC, fast-drying, and deep-color applications or when applying varnishes to cabinets and doors. FINISH, Knitted CORONA TUFFPRO High density blend of Polyester, Acrylic, and Nylon Knit. Superior coverage of flat, low sheen, and satin finishes on many surfaces. Epoxy set on strong, solvent resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY SUPER/FAB FTP ROLLERS Exclusive HydroFlow technology enables Super/Fab FTP to release paint smoothly and consistently for increased production. Their resistance to matting and shedding offers improved finish quality over traditional knit covers! SPECIALTY ROLLERS PURDY MARATHON ROLLER COVER Purdy’s most durable roller cover for maintained performance is made with an exclusive blend of nylon and polyester fabric that lasts longer and paints further. It also has superb paint pickup and release qualities. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY CANDY STRIPE ROLLERS Candy Stripe’s exclusive fabric has maximum mohair content. Excellent for smooth-surface, fine finishing with all paints, enamels, urethanes, and epoxies. Woven design locks in each fiber for virtually lintfree performance.

PURDY PAIL This pail does it all. Features include comfortable multi-grip options to reduce hand fatigue, a hands-free ladder hook bail, a powerful brush magnet to hold the brush out of the paint, and a mini roller ramp and rest. PURDY REVOLUTION PREMIUM ADJUSTABLE FRAME This frame fits all 12" to 18" standard roller covers. It features a latch system for quick adjustment and a unique angle design for efficient coverage. Its universal threaded end is compatible with all extension poles.


HANDHELD GRACO ULTRAMAX CORDLESS AIRLESS HANDHELD Designed to complete small jobs easier. This handheld sprayer is powered by DeWalt and includes a Triax triple piston pump for greater reliability while the ProControl II and SmartControl technology enable easy motor speed adjustment and advanced pressure control for a smooth professional finish. TITAN–FLEXSPRAY HANDHELD SPRAYER The FlexSpray puts the power of airless and the control of an HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating a multi-tool for pro painters. This sprayer also has the ability to spray a variety of coatings with many applications. SPECIALTY SPRAYERS

ELECTRIC AIRLESS GRACO ULTRA MAX II The industry standard for large residential and commercial contractors. Revolutionary new technologies include Endurance Vortex MaxLife pumps that rotate to provide the longest life in the industry and the BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System to improve how you manage your business. TITAN–ELITE 3000 ELECTRIC AIRLESS Introducing the Elite 3000 with PermaStroke Technology that delivers maximum durability with a lifetime fluid pump warranty. This multi-positional sprayer delivers a consistent finish and is easy to operate and maintain.

GRACO FINISHPRO HVLP 9.5 PROCONTRACTOR Ideal for small-to-medium size jobs, the FinishPro HVLP 9.5 is loaded with features like the EDGE II Plus Gun and TurboControl System to provide convenience and control for a superior spray finish while delivering unmatched life with SmartStart on-demand power control. TITAN–CAPSPRAY 115 HVLP SPRAYER This revolutionary, 6-stage portable turbine sprayer has the power to atomize thick coatings and the precision to deliver a fine finish. It combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible.

GAS AIRLESS GRACO GMAX II The GMAX II sets the standard for professional contractors spraying a variety of coatings on residential, commercial and industrial jobs. New Endurance Vortex MaxLife pumps rotate for the industry’s longest life and the new Contractor PC airless spray gun delivers all-day comfort and control. TITAN - ELITE 3500 GAS AIRLESS This gas-powered, sealed hydraulic sprayer uses the revolutionary PermaStroke Technology that has no piston, packings or clutch to replace and is backed by the Elite lifetime fluid pump warranty for a lifetime of durability.

ROLLER ACCESSORIES MR. LONGARM SMART-LOK EXTENSION POLES SMART-LOK extension poles feature a locking device which securely locks the slider in place. Geometrically designed aluminum slider tube prevents twisting. Quick-on/quick-off system allows you to quickly change tools. MR. LONGARM SUPER TAB-LOK EXTENSION POLES Super Tab-Lok extension poles have a smooth fiberglass handle and tri-oval slider to prevent twisting. Patented push button locking device provides the most secure lock, making this an excellent pole for nearly any application. PURDY NEST DUAL ROLL-OFF PREMIUM BUCKET This bucket holds up to five gallons of paint and conveniently fits all NEST trays and liners. Its dual roll-off design allows painters to pull paint from both sides, enabling simultaneous use by multiple painters.


2020 PRODUCT GUIDE Here, manufacturers present their best-in-class products—some new, others time tested—and describe what makes them their top choices for each respective category.

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Prep Products

MASKERS PAINTER’S TAPE FROGTAPE BRAND PAINTER’S TAPE FrogTape is the only painter’s tape treated with patented PaintBlock Technology. Save time and get the sharpest paint lines possible with FrogTape. FROGTAPE DELICATE SURFACE PAINTING TAPE Designed to work on delicate surfaces like fresh paint, wallpaper and decorative projects, this tape helps prevent surface damage. Made with exclusive PaintBlock Technology, it delivers crisp, clean lines every time. PEEL-TEK LIQUID MASKING TAPE Peel-Tek Liquid Masking Tape is easy to use, saves time and money, and can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces. SCOTCHBLUE ULTRA SHARP LINES PAINTER’S TAPE Features Advanced Edge-Lock Technology that seals out paint to reveal ultra sharp paint lines. This multi-surface innovative poly-tape removes without tearing. Ideal for wood trim, painted walls, tile floor, or glass windows. BARRIER SYSTEMS MR. LONGARM SMART-WALL The Smart-Wall System is the perfect solution for painting and light construction projects around the home or on the job to control airborne particulates such as dust or paint. HAND MASKERS 3M HAND-MASKER MASKING PLASTIC Prep with plastic—When you use 3M Hand-Masker Masking Plastic with the 3M Hand-Masker M3000 Dispenser, you get high-quality results while saving time and money in comparison to 3M Hand-Masker General Purpose Masking Paper.



 ABATRON PRIMKOTE 8006-1 This clear, heavy-duty, primer and sealer is water and weather resistant. For dry and damp surfaces. Primer for concrete, metal, and wood. Penetrates and seals wood and concrete. Use as tie-coat between epoxy surfaces GE MAX SHIELD ALL WEATHER SEALANT A premium acrylic latex sealant ideal for outdoor paint projects; this sealant is 100% waterproof, offers excellent flexibility with 800% stretch, and has lifetime mold-free product protection. Learn more at GE MAX SHIELD ULTRA SEAL SEALANT A premium acrylic latex sealant ideal for paint projects prone to humidity and moisture; this sealant is 100% waterproof, offers excellent flexibility, and lifetime mold-free product protection. Learn more at GE PAINTER’S QUICK DRY CAULK A siliconized acrylic latex that is paint-ready in as little as 20 minutes. It has strong adhesion & flexibility with a 50-year limited durability guarantee. Learn more at PPG TOP GUN 200XI This premium grade, elastomeric acrylic sealant forms a durable, flexible, airtight and weather-resistant seal. It is easy to apply, flows smoothly, offers good paintability and resists rust bleed-through. PPG TOP GUN 300 This premium grade sealant forms a flexible, durable, airtight and water-resistant seal. It offers exceptional protection from environmental conditions and features high stretchability and superior recovery.


3M PRO GRADE PRECISION SANDING SPONGES The unique Dust Channeling sanding sponge made of premium aluminum oxide mineral channels dust away from the sanding surface and is clog resistant. Use the pattern side or standard side.

HYDE 17-IN-1 PAINTER’S MULTITOOL This rugged multitool scrapes paint, spreads compound, opens cracks, pulls nails, sets nails, opens paint cans, cleans max and mini paint rollers, opens bottles, has hidden screw bits and 2 wrenches for airless spray hookups.

ADHESIVES ABATRON ABOWELD 55-1 Sag-resistant epoxy adhesive paste for concrete repair on vertical or horizontal surfaces without forms. Tenacious adhesion and structural strength make it suitable for hightraffic environments. Non-shrinking.

HYDE BETTER FINISH NAIL HOLE FILLER Better than spackle! This tube of drywall mud comes with a built-in applicator that’s handy for quick wall repair jobs. Promotes a better finish, with much less flashing than spackle. Resealable tube has a 3-year shelf life.

ABATRON LIQUIDWOOD Return strength and durability to rotted, dried-out or spongy wood. This epoxy consolidant penetrates and hardens wood fibers, permanently restoring structural strength. Easy to apply. Exterior or interior use. ABATRON WOODEPOX Shrink-free epoxy filling compound replaces missing wood easily and permanently. Heat and weather resistant. Shrink-free. Paint or stain, sand, carve, nail, or screw like wood. Easy to apply. Exterior or interior use. 34

LIQUID NAILS FUZE*IT An adhesive formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend for best-in-class adhesion. With two times the strength of fasteners alone, it bonds nearly all materials in any weather condition.

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HYDE SUPERFLEXX PUTTIES & JOINT KNIVES These stainless steel putties and joint knives were made with the extra flexibility that many paint pros prefer for prepping walls. They feature an overmold comfort grip, rust-resistant stainless blade and Hammer Head end. LADDER LEVELERS PAINTERS SHEILD HOLDER Insert cardboard for use as disposable shield. Save time as you eliminate the need for taping. Change shield angle with just a push or pull of shield through LDA exclusive ratchet angle adjustment.


ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS, THE VIPER VACUUM SCRAPER Scrapes and vacuums in one step! Professional quality scraper with tungsten-carbide blade connects to your wet/dry vacuum’s hose to automatically collect debris as you scrape, eliminating post-project cleanup! PEEL-TEK SURE-SHOT APPLICATOR FOR PEEL-TEK MASKING TAPE Allows for masking fine lines and hard-to-reach angles, and extends product use. PURDY PAINT TOOLS’ FOLDING TOOL This 10-in-1 tool includes a scraper, nail puller, bottle opener, roller cleaner, compound spreader, crack cleaner, nail setter, paint can opener, flat screw driver, cutter and foldable blade all on one pocket clip. PURDY PAINT TOOLS’ PREMIUM MULTI-TOOLS Purdy’s multi-tools include features to set nails, scrape, open cans, spread compound, open/clean cracks, and clean rollers while their rubberized ergonomic grip prevents slipping and increases comfort. PRESSURE WASHERS HYDE 28-INCH PIVOT NOZZLE WAND, 4000PSI This M22-style wand for gas-powered pressure washers has a pivoting nozzle that lets you step back, stay dry, and reach every nook and cranny while keeping a 90° angle to surfaces. Twist grip easily directs nozzle on the fly. HYDE 40-INCH PIVOT NOZZLE WAND, 4000PSI This 1/4"-style wand for gas-powered pressure washers has a pivoting nozzle that helps you keep an optimal 90° angle to surfaces while stepping back and staying clear of overspray. Avoids the strain of excessive stretching. MI-T-M CORPORATION CBA PRESSURE WASHER The Mi-T-M CBA Series belt driven pressure washer is built with longevity in mind. With 4000 PSI this machine is built for contractors who use them to prep surfaces as part of their large restoration projects. Visit for more information. MI-T-M COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHERS Designed to easily handle tough cleaning jobs, Mi-T-M commercial pressure washers are great for blasting away the toughest dirt. Ideal for small businesses and commercial cleaning applications. Available in both gas and electric and from 1400 PSI to 4200 PSI. Visit for more information. MISCELLANEOUS HYDE DUAL HEAD TIP EXTENSION Spray twice as fast with this airless spray tip extension, which has 2 tips that deliver a wider spray fan. Offset tips spaced 6 inches apart provide a feathered overlap for faster, better first-pass coverage every time.


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Prep Products (continued)

EQUIPMENT LADDERS, Extension WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base. LADDERS, Stepladder WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base. LADDERS, Specialty WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base. LADDER ACCESSORIES

LADDER LEVELERS XTENDA-LEG Essential for working SAFELY and QUICKLY on uneven surfaces! Adjust the level of a ladder in seconds! Meets OSHA Safety Standard ANSI 14.8-2013. SCAFFOLDS WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base. WORK PLATFORMS FALCON LADDER: ALUMINUM SAWHORSES Falcon offers a complete line of aluminum sawhorses/ triggers. Ideal for construction and drywallers, rated Grade 1a with a 300lb load capacity. Also available: The “Fat Top” which has wider steps and a 10" top step. LIFTS, Scissor HY-BRID LIFTS PS-1430 Our Pro Series PS-1430 is a lightweight, compact lift that easily fits in passenger elevators and through standard doors. It has a large platform and a 30" extension. It comes LeakGuard ready to protect floors from hydraulic leaks. HY-BRID LIFTS PS-1930 Our Pro Series PS-1930 is under 2,000 lbs, provides 25' reach and comes LeakGuard ready to protect floors from hydraulic leaks. It’s indoor/outdoor rated and is so compact that it has non-folding rails to fit through standard doors.


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DRYING RACKS & SPRAY STANDS MR. LONGARM RACK-N-PAINT DOOR RACK The Rack-n-Paint makes it easy for one person to paint and install hardware on up to 16 doors. We have found that this system reduces door prep and painting time by over 50% and requires 50%-75% less work. MR. SPEED’S PAINTING TOOLS - DOOR DECKERS The Door Deckers Finishing System saves time-space-money & produces a high quality of finish. Both sides can be painted horizontally in rapid succession & stacked out of the way for drying. Learn more! PAINTLINE PRODRYINGRACK PSDR Paint and dry cabinet doors with the least amount of effort and space. Parts hang for all-sides spraying and drying in one step using common cup-hooks or EFCs inserted into hinge cup holes. Foolproof assembly in <10 minutes. PAINTLINE PRODRYINGRACK RR3KD Get 200 sq ft of drying surface area in just 6.5 sq ft. Shelves hold up to 25lbs each and the entire unit rolls on casters. Easily assembles/disassembles with just 4 bolts. All steel construction with powder coated finish.

MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS SPECIALTY ABATRON KRACK KOTE Permanent crack repair for drywall and plaster. No priming or sanding needed. Acrylic emulsion used with a polyester mesh to bridge over cracks. Stays flexible as it dries. Create invisible, seamless repairs in under an hour. BTG PRODUCTS PAINT-GUARD Mold and mildew defense additive that can be incorporated into any water-based paint. Easy and long-lasting solution to fungi growth on walls, ceilings, and sidings. Environmentally friendly solution with natural ingredients. DATACOLOR: BENJAMIN MOORE COLORREADER Portable, Bluetooth-enabled color identification device streamlines the color selection process. Precisely matches colors for Benjamin Moore’s 3500+ colors as well as other popular paint brands. DATACOLOR: BENJAMIN MOORE COLORREADER PRO Portable, Bluetooth-enabled color identification device streamlines the color selection process. Precision matching to Benjamin Moore’s 3500 + colors and other popular paint brands. OLED screen on device for use without app. HYDE QUICKREACH TELESCOPING SPRAY POLES QuickReach poles extend out for easy painting of ceilings, stairwells, high exteriors and more without using ladders. Fits all major brands of spray guns. Comes in telescoping lengths of 4.5-6.5 ft; 5.5-8.5 ft; or 7.5-12 ft.


T-REX BRUTE FORCE TAPE Designed for projects demanding intense durability, highperformance, patent-pending Forge-Link technology delivers unmatched strength. One 36-inch loop holds more than 700 pounds of weight, so you can secure and hold loads. T-REX EXTREME TREAD Made with a multi-layer grit embedding process, this industrial grade tape improves surface traction to help prevent slips and accidents. The weather-resistant, long-lasting adhesive exceeds OSHA and ADA federal recommendations. OTHER ABATRON TREAD SPREAD Slip-resistant epoxy coating for adding traction to areas where proper footing is critical to safety. Will not lose adhesion when used in wet or submerged areas. Bonds to concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass. Assorted colors. FOAMBEAK CANNED FOAM INSULATION NOZZLE Tough and durable Foambeak attaches to an off-the-shelf can of gap and crack foam, allowing you to apply it to any surface, including vertical and overhead surfaces. Made in the USA. For other uses, check out: HYDE STIRWHIP ALL-PURPOSE MIXER, 1-5 GAL This versatile mixer uses less power but accomplishes more work. Perfect for paint, concrete, compound, grout, adhesives, thin-set, epoxies, lacquers, sealants. Head fits thru 5-gal pour-spouts for mixing right in the bucket. MR. LONGARM MINI MIX-N-CLEAN MIXER The Mini Mix-N-Clean features a 6-in-1 tool design with a shape and hole pattern for speed and optimum mixing. Also functions as a spatula, can opener, lip cleaner, hand-held stirrer and roller cover cleaner. PAINTSCOUT: ULTIMATE ESTIMATION SOFTWARE PaintScout is an all-in-one mobile estimation system used by top painting companies to close more sales. Get the ability to quickly create consistent estimates, proposals, work orders and invoices today at PRIME 9900 ALL-IN-ONE ESTIMATING SOFTWARE Commercial or residential, standalone use or plugin to Planswift digitizing software. Create assemblies to auto calculate material and labor then overview in the Bid Summary. Bid, Win and manage more. WE PAINT SMART - PROPOSAL FORMS The mobile solution for painters! Create and print professional estimates on the spot! Sell more of the jobs you bid. Our form separates you from the competition! Save time & money! Increase your profits!

Do you have 200+ gallons of leftover paint to get rid of ? PaintCare offers free pickups for recycling! In addition, painting contractors and businesses can recycle smaller quantities of leftover house paint, stain, and varnish for free at more than 1,750 PaintCare drop-off locations in eight states and the District of Columbia.

To find a drop-off location near you or request a large volume pickup, visit or call (855) PAINT09. CALIFORNIA | CONNECTICUT | COLORADO DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA | MAINE | MINNESOTA OREGON | RHODE ISLAND | VERMONT WASHINGTON and NEW YORK — COMING SOON


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What, Where & When







9–12: AGC Convention, Las Vegas, NV


18–21: JLC LIVE New England, Providence, RI


22–26: AWCI Convention + INTEX Expo, Las Vegas, NV





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24 & 25: Supervisor Development Workshop: Front-Line Leadership Skills, San Diego, CA

5–7: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV


7–10: Color Impact, New Haven, CT


17–19: Apartmentalize, Boston, MA


27–30: BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo, Philadelphia, PA

PAINTCARE Page 37 PURDY Pages 3 & 23 May 5–7, Las Vegas, NV

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the 2020 National Hardware Show (NHS) is set to be the biggest one yet! Featuring more than 2,500 exhibitors, NHS gives you access to everything you need to move your business forward, including new buying opportunities, money-saving deals and face-to-face networking. Roughly 200 exhibitors representing the Paint & Accessories category alone will showcase myriad new and time-tested coatings, paint and primers, stains, varnishes, wall coverings, and more.

To register, visit 38

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CAUTION: Business Plateau Ahead! Tips for avoiding a plateau


s your business grows, chances are that you will hit a plateau at some point. It’s important to recognize when you’re entering such a phase because, if you act quickly, you can shortcut the time you spend on the plateau—and sometimes even blow past it completely. Here are five common early warning signs that your business may be entering a plateau: 1. Increased frequency of problems and ‘fires’ 2. Important things falling through the cracks 3. Increased frequency of customer complaints 4. Losing business because you don’t have the capacity to handle the leads or do the work 5. You’re working more hours and still struggling to keep up It’s natural for some of these warning signs to crop up from time to time. But if they increase in frequency or severity, pay attention. A plateau could be on your horizon. What do you do if your business is experiencing these early warning signs? Plateaus typically happen because your current business systems are stretched to their limits and you’ve grown your business as big as you can running it as you do today. Here are five areas to focus on that will help you break through a difficult phase: ■■ Put out some fires once and for all. For many businesses, there are two or three recurring problems that eat up 80% of your time. Identify and address those problems and you’ll increase your available time to put toward growth instead of putting out fires. ■■ Create a good foundation for growth. Your business is really a machine that generates leads, sells and performs services, and collects payment. Find and fix the weak links in these core functions to ensure that they’re running effectively. ■■ Build a self-sufficient team. Does your team need a lot of babysitting to get their work done? If they do, give your team the structure (well-defined roles, procedures and goals), support and accountability they need to do their work effectively and independently.

Make sure that you’re not the bottleneck. Many business owners try to make every decision, solve every problem, and do or control everything in their business. If you’re an ‘I do everything’ owner, you may be the bottleneck that’s holding your business back. As you grow, it’s critical for your management style to evolve and for you to systematically let go of doing the basic field, sales and office work. It’s time to run your business through your team so that you can spend more time on building your business. ■■ Have enough people in the right places. One major reason why your business may plateau is that there aren’t enough people in the right places. If you’ve resolved the four areas listed above and you’re still on a plateau then I believe that you must hire to grow, which will expand your capacity and make future growth possible. If you heed the five plateau early warning signs and take prompt corrective action in the areas that I’ve laid out above, I can almost guarantee that your stay on the plateau will be brief and you will propel your business upward on a more continuous profitable growth path. ■■

BILL SILVERMAN is the owner of Springboard Business Coaching, dedicated to helping contractors lead growing, profitable, 7-figure businesses that can thrive without them. You can reach Bill at (856) 751-1989 or

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Come and celebrate the 75th year of the National Hardware Show where we successfully connect the hardware & home improvement industry— be prepared to meet industry professionals from over 78 countries along with manufacturers f rom over 31 countries! This is an anniversary event you need to experience.




Register today at NATIONALHARDWARESHOW.COM NEW for 2020! NHS is becoming a SMART event—powered by Konduko— making it easier than ever to do business at the Show! By simply “tapping” your SMART badge on each exhibitors’ SMART booth or Featured Product Area reader, you will receive customized informational content, contact information and details in a consolidated email at the end of each Show Day.

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