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The hardest working family of sprayers has a tough new addition. The all new Impact 410 brings you dependable productivity, plain and simple. Find out more at TITANTOOL.COM/410


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” —Michael LeBoeuf, author and former management professor


o matter the size or nature of your business, the new year provides the perfect opportunity to set new goals. While many people naturally gravitate toward financial goals, other goals—like achieving 100% customer satisfaction—are equally worthy. At inPAINT, we’re also interested in satisfying our ‘customers’—you the reader. One way we’ll attempt to do that in 2019 is bringing even more pro insight into every issue. A new ‘Expert Perspective’ article will take a quick deep dive into the thinking that drives the choices of successful professionals in our industry. In addition, we’ll be enriching our digital content throughout the year so as to deliver even more content to you in new formats. (Stay tuned for more on that.) One thing that’s not changing is our commitment to turning to pros for the inspiration behind every article (see our 2019 Editorial Advisory Board list below) as well as for input on every issue’s content (see the contributing experts list on page 5). If you’re interested in sharing your ideas and techniques, or would like to suggest an article for a future issue, by all means, reach out. We aim to please. Cheers,

Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2019 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Steve Burnett President, DYB Coach Nigel Costolloe President, Catchlight Painting LeAnn Day President, Paint & Decorating Retailers Association


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

Doug Imhoff Owner, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

Tom Reber President, The Contractor Fight

Jim Kaloutas Owner, Kaloutas Painting

Nick Slavik Owner, Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co.

Marge Parkhurst President, Painting by Marge, Inc.

Art Snarzyk Owner, InnerView Advisors, Inc.

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The 2019 inPAINT Product Guide

Coatings, applicators & prep products

Photo Courtesy of Estimate Rocket

Pros talk tech for in the office and on the job

DEPARTMENTS 8 The News Industry ins and outs

36 Teach to Fish Help take the subjectivity out of color choices for your customers

10 Expert Perspective Property manager on hiring painting contractors 38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s 12 Trends leading events A fast look at the forces at work in our industry 13 Trend in Focus The challenge of employee benefits

39 Bottom Line DIY product testing for the pro

14 Ask a Pro How do you maximize the life and performance of a brush?


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

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529 OPTIONS Act aims to make apprenticeships more affordable

Metaltech takes workbenches to the fourth power

T At some point during the 116th session of Congress, which opened in January, it’s expected that representative Donald Norcross of New Jersey will reintroduce the 529 OPTIONS Act for consideration. Under current law, 529 education savings plans—which are tax-advantaged—cannot be used to pay for costs associated with attending an apprenticeship. If passed, the 529 OPTIONS Act, also referred to as the ‘529 Opening Paths to Invest in Our Nation’s Students Act,’ will allow individuals enrolled in a registered apprenticeship to use money from their 529 education savings account, tax free, to pay for expenses associated with being an apprentice. Covered expenses include books, supplies and equipment; child care at a licensed day care center; transportation; and costs associated with obtaining an industry certification, or other type of credential, in connection with enrollment, attendance or completion of such program. If you would like to express your support of this Act, reach out to your Congressperson. For information on how to reach your representative, visit

T Because no two jobs are alike, Metaltech created the new Four-in-One Scaffold Bench to adjust (and adjust, and adjust, and adjust) to the different demands of the jobsite. Operating like a standard 6' Bakertype scaffold and with a 1,100-pound capacity, the Scaffold Bench holds up to two workers and their gear and materials on flat surfaces and staircases. Stacking up to three stories high, it allows you to reach well above the standard 12'-high offering of other benches (plus whatever your poles reach). The levels are spring-loaded and easy to adjust at 2" increments. The platform is reversible; one side serving as a deck or worktable, the other as a workbench equipped with rails with universal brackets that fit all miter saws. Plus, the overall cart configuration makes easy work of moving materials and tools to and from the truck to jobsite—and even fits in most standard elevators. Available exclusively at The Home Depot.


Flat Painter: the easy solution for hard-to-reach places T Shur-Line recently introduced a new tool for reaching tight spaces. Ideal for painting behind toilets, radiators, wall-mounted televisions, cabinets and more, the Flat Painter fits in spaces as narrow as 5/8." Featuring a replaceable 3-1/2" x 4-3/4" low-lint fabric pad (the same used on Shur-Line Paint Edgers), this product offers a smooth finish and eliminates the need for taping in tight quarters. Best of all, because it only has paint on one side, you never have to worry about getting paint where you don’t want it. 8

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

Sherwin-Williams aims to ease labor shortage T With the long-term aim of making it easier to find qualified painters and to increase the number of people who enter the painting profession, Sherwin-Williams has launched the Paint Your Path program. Designed to educate job-seekers on the industry and highlight the benefits of a painting career, the program consists of online courses ( to help new painters strengthen their skills. The online learning portal tracks completed courses and offers resources to reinforce skills. For employers, Sherwin-Williams provides a human resource tool kit to assist with recruiting.

T Outdoor sculptures pose some interesting coatings challenges, especially for curators and conservators. “Unlike the Mona Lisa, which is safely hung at a distance in a gallery, the public tends to engage with sculptures by touching—and even climbing—on them,” says Rachel Rivenc, associate scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute. “Add to that the exposure to the elements as well as the specific demands of the artist related to sheen and color, and it can be a real challenge.” Noting that conservators aren’t trained to understand the enormous variety of industrial paints available, Rivenc says they’re always on the search for new products that are both durable and meet the various aesthetic requirements. Matte paints—a popular choice for outdoor sculptures—are especially challenging, as they often contain fillers that impact their durability. One recent product search led the Institute to collaborate with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to adapt coatings they had been developing for helicopters and other military assets for use on outdoor sculptures. Following a testing and tweaking process that spanned several years and involved large- and small-scale testing on different surfaces, reducing VOCs, fine-tuning formulation for easier application, as well as getting approval from the different artist foundations, they ultimately developed a matte black paint that will help sculptures maintain their appearance longer. For its first application, artist Louise Nevelson’s City on the High Mountain was selected. The 25,000 lb., 20.5' x 23' x 13.5' steel sculpture was disassembled at the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY and transported to American Stripping Co.’s facility in Virginia,

DAP introduces new Ultra Clear Flexible Sealant T Developed for a broad range of interior and exterior projects, Ultra Clear is an elastomeric solvent rubber sealant. It stays permanently flexible, even in cold weather, providing a 100% waterproof and weatherproof seal to keep out water, air and moisture for years without cracking or breaking down. It has strong adhesion to a wide variety of building materials such as wood, glass, metal, tile, brick and stone, without tearing or pulling away. It can even be applied in low temperatures (20° F), and on wet surfaces to stop leaks instantly and save time. Unlike silicone, Ultra Clear applies crystal clear and stays crystal clear with no hazing or yellowing over time. Once cured, it’s also mold and mildew resistant. Available in a 10.1 fl. oz. cartridge and 5 fl. oz. squeeze tube, Ultra Clear is easy to apply, paintable and water-ready immediately. Look for the blue tip in your local home improvement store.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Heffner (c) J. Paul Getty Trust / Artwork: © Louise Nevelson, Artist Rights Society, New York

Art gets Army tough

where it was stripped and repainted. A zinc-rich layer was first applied, followed by an epoxy primer and then 20 gallons of the new coating. The sculpture was then shipped back and returned to duty at Storm King in September of 2018.

The Home Depot delivers for pros T The Home Depot recently rolled out express same-day and next-day local delivery for more than 20,000 of its most popular items to 35 major metros across the U.S.* Part of the company’s overall five-year expansion of its delivery offerings for pro customers, the delivery program includes a wide range of paint essentials including coatings, sundries, hardware, lumber and more. In order to ensure timely delivery, The Home Depot is partnering with companies like Roadie and Deliv to facilitate the new delivery options for smaller items via car and van, while continuing to expand its supply chain network for faster shipments of large bulk deliveries. Delivery options start as low as $8.99. *Where available. Visit or use The Home Depot app and click ‘Express Delivery from Store’ when adding an eligible product to the cart. FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT



5 STACY BROWN serves as operations manager at Property Management Business Solutions, LLC, franchisor of Real Property Management. Her experience in the industry spans nearly 30 years and includes singlefamily homes, multifamily communities, large apartment communities, commercial properties, and commoninterest communities. She holds memberships in the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and Community Associations Institute (CAI), and contributes to educational materials for the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).




What’s the most important characteristic or capability you

look for in a painting contractor? What really matters to me is some consistency of contact. I like it when a business assigns an actual project manager who serves as my point of contact throughout the entire project. However, I appreciate that many businesses have sales people who don’t stay on with jobs. In those instances, I like an in-person handoff. To me, this is the fi rst demonstration of their commitment to customer service and can be very telling.


What’s the most impactful way for a paint contractor to introduce

themselves and their services? I really love to see examples of their work. If we’re meeting in person, I appreciate when they show up with before-and-after photos and testimonials, either on their website on in a brochure. I’m also looking for people to educate me on what’s new in painting. If they can teach me something about mil thickness or a new coating, that gets my attention.


What are some examples of behavior that has kept you from

working with a contractor? Number one, people who call me four times before 10 a.m. on Monday or blow up my voicemail box over the weekend. Number two, anything that gives me a sense they’re not customer-focused. For example, if I’m considering a contractor, I’ll go visit a current jobsite unannounced


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019


just to see how they really treat a property. If I get there and there are McDonald’s wrappers blowing around or the place is cluttered with their equipment, I’m not going to work with them. Any behavior that doesn’t align with the customer service story they’re pitching sends me packing.


What’s the key to a contractor

winning your repeat business? Again, I appreciate being educated and I really appreciate being kept up to date on every step of a project. I want to know who is there, what they’re doing … that we’re in the caulking phase, or they’re applying the primer coat, etc.


What are the most common issues that lead you to not

rehire a contractor? When you get down to it, any paint contractor I send to a customer’s property represents my company and, ultimately, me. If they do anything that makes a customer or a tenant on their property unhappy or uncomfortable, that’s pretty much it. The other thing is outright lying to me. If you tell me you have insurance and then I fi nd out you haven’t paid your premium, our relationship is over.

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Pros talk marketing tools levant? Is ‘green’ still re ifts for Must-do mind sh future ble ta ofi pr re a mo

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Rewarding referrals


Pros talk deck coatings


The realities of #DeleteFacebook May 2018 | inPAIN T

Managing overspray 1

Pros talk work vehicles Business financing options


Pros on their go-to



How brush manufac tur are meeting your ne ers eds June 2018 | inPAINT



It’s a ‘seller’s market’ for paint pros

Perks preferred

According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, sellers make 2.2 renovations or improvements to prepare to sell their home, with 79% of sellers making at least one improvement. Here’s a look at the five most popular improvements: Interior painting

36% 29% 26%

Landscaping Replacing or repairing carpet or flooring Bathroom improvement

4 in 5

Employees want benefits or perks more than a pay raise SOURCE:


Exterior painting


Up and coming colors The color gurus at PANTONE and six paint manufacturers recently revealed their picks for the 2019 Color of the Year. Here’s a peek at some of the colors you’ll be seeing in the year ahead: Living Coral 16-1546 PANTONE

Night Watch PPG1145-7 PPG Paints

Cavern Clay SW 7701 Sherwin-Williams

The referral Nextdoor, a free and private social network covering 85% of the neighborhoods in the U.S., reports that 30% of the online chatter is related to recommendations for businesses and service providers. 12

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

Spice of Life DET439 Dunn-Edwards

Metropolitan AF-690 Benjamin Moore

Blueprint S470-5 Behr

Peacock Blue KMA29-5 Kelly-Moore

Spend on remodels continues to rise According to BuildFax, remodel spend increased at an annual rate of 8.96% between 2013 and 2018. SOURCE: BuildFax Housing Health Report

The high cost of the labor shortage More than

9.2+ million

51% of remodelers report turning down some

That’s the number of square feet of rooftop NYC’s CoolRoofs program has painted white in the past nine years in an effort to reduce building temperatures and lower air conditioning costs.

are losing or canceling sales altogether.

square feet

projects due to the labor shortage, and


SOURCE: NAHB Remodeling Market Index 2017 third-quarter survey


The benefits challenge Give the people what they want


hile most businesses are finding that employees prefer benefits over pay raises, that’s not ALWAYS the case in the painting industry, In fact, when asked if the employees of Crestwood Painting, LLC valued benefits over a pay raise, company president Jacque Kelly answered with a resounding “No.” “Over the past few years, our employees have made it very clear they’d rather have cash in their pocket,” says Kelly of the Kansas City-based company. “Recently, we offered full-service health insurance with a monthly premium of $150. Not a single person opted to take it. The average age of our newly hired employees is 25 and it appears they (millennials) just don’t consider health coverage important.”

The gen-ben gap According to research from the payroll and HR solutions company Paychex, Inc., there is a significant generational divide when it comes to what people want in the way of benefits. Not surprisingly, boomers (born ~ 1946–1964) who are approaching retirement (at a rate of 10,000 people per day, just FYI) value health care, bonuses and retirement programs. Gen Xers (born ~ 1965–1980), who are still in the planning and building stages of life, value—in this order—salary, career advancement opportunities, job security, work/life balance, health care, bonuses and flexible work arrangements. Meanwhile, millennials (born ~ 1981–1996) are looking for paid time off, the ability to work remotely, and professional development—all followed by health care and wellness initiatives. It’s no surprise Crestwood Painting wasn’t getting many takers. A shift ahead According to Brian Robertson of the Fringe Benefit Group in Austin, TX, which caters to employers with hourly workers, the challenge is, in part, helping employees understand the real dollar value of benefits. Further, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), benefit packages were often initially less expensive than most employer-offered programs. However, he notes,

“Over the past few years, premiums have risen at a much higher rate than wages.” In fact, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that between 2006 and 2016, the average payments by enrollees toward deductibles rose 176% while wages only rose 29%. “We’re seeing that gap resulting in better retention rates for companies that offer benefits,” says Robertson. Making benefits affordable For many paint companies, the concept of offering meaningful benefits is simply out of reach. Until now. According to Steve Skodak, executive director of the Painting Contractors Association (PDCA), “There’s an estimated 310,000 paint contracting businesses in the U.S. The average size is 1.5 employees. In those instances, benefits are a real stretch. But in the case of PDCA business members that average 18 employees, benefits have become a real possibility thanks to some recent actions by the U.S. Department of Labor related to association health plans (AHPs).” AHPs work by allowing small businesses to band together to buy insurance as a single entity. The PDCA is currently researching a plan that would provide members, regardless of business size, with access to more affordable health coverage in mid-2019. According to Skodak, “What we’ve found is that companies participating in AHPs are saving anywhere between 10% and 30% on health insurance. With that kind of savings, we anticipate more people will take employers up on it. Plus, offering affordable insurance can serve as a really nice differentiator in small markets where employers are competing for talent.” As an added bonus, the PDCA also intends to include retirement options as part of the new program. “At a time when many full-time people are working without benefits, we think this plan is the best way to ensure our members have what it takes to attract and keep talent—and to provide for those employees in a way that is meaningful to not just staying healthy and performing their job to the best of their ability,” says Skodak, “but to the quality of life for them and their families.”

The challenge is, in part, helping employees understand the real dollar value of benefits. —BRIAN ROBERTSON, FRINGE BENEFIT GROUP

FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT



Photo Courtesy of Zibra, LLC


How do you maximize the life and performance of a brush?


Having grown up as a contractor’s son working summers under his dad’s guidance, it’s only fitting that LANE BALL now works as director of marketing and product development for Zibra, LLC. His creative and problem-solving abilities lend well to the continual process at Zibra as they innovate, design, develop and test quality paintbrushes.


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

Without exception, any professional will tell you that their painting tools are critical to performance and production. Your paintbrush is an extension of your hand leaving the last touch to the home or business. Once you land on a valued tool, it becomes an investment and worthy of the effort it takes to preserve it. In my opinion, organization is the fi rst step to preserving a brush. A well-chosen toolbox or tote can keep your brushes not only organized, but protected. Depending on whether you are an interior or exterior painter (or both), you can organize your brushes based on size, application or by paints—your choice. The main emphasis is keeping them in a system for easy on-the-job access. Not surprisingly, cleanup is also critical to extending the life of a brush. If you use an oil-based paint or stain, paint thinner—like a Xylol Xylene—is an obvious must. My preferred method involves dipping the brush into a jar of the thinner, then spinning the brush to shake off the paint and thinner. Repeat this process until all paint has released from the fi laments, periodically refreshing the jar with clean paint thinner. Once the thinner runs clear, spin the brush handle in your palms to shake the remaining liquid out. Protect the brush with a cover or keeper until you can hang it to fully dry. While the range of water-based paints is pretty wide, the requirements of cleanup aren’t so varied. Most brushes can be properly cleaned with water and detergent (a standard dish detergent will do). After excess paint has been removed (I like to use the inside edge of the can followed by ‘emptying’ it on a piece of clean cardboard), dip and swish the paintbrush head in a bucket of soapy water until fully absorbed. Then lift the brush up and use a brush comb to gently comb, from ferrule to fi lament tips, down toward the detergentwater solution. You can alternate between brush comb and your fi ngers to squeeze out the water and paint but, for me, a brush comb is a must. It cuts the cleaning

process in half and adds longevity to the brush because it gently separates the fi laments so you can get a deep clean. Next, hold the brush head under a smooth flow of warm, running water with bristles aimed down. Use the brush comb to separate the fi laments and release the paint. Continue until the water runs clear. Lastly, spin the brush with your hands in a bucket or in an open area to release the remaining water. Once the brush is clean, many professionals like to protect their brush with a brush keeper, readily available at paint and big box stores. Alternatively, you can cut different sizes of thin, sturdy corrugated cardboard and fold them in the shape of the brush, allowing the folded part to sit just over the tip of the brush; use rubber bands to hold the corrugate over the brush head, keeping the fi laments in place.

Once you land on a valued tool, it becomes an investment and worthy of the effort it takes to preserve it. If you have to temporarily lay a brush down on the job without properly cleaning it, you can protect it by wrapping it with a cheap grade of cellophane. It clings to the brush and, if sealed well, will prevent drying. We recommend keeping a 5-gallon bucket nearby with a removable rod at the top. Hang wrapped brushes on the rod to keep the paint flowing toward the brush head where it belongs and not toward the ferrule. One last organizational tip: hang any brushes you’re not using on a given job back at your shop. This will lighten your load and ensure brushes don’t endure any unnecessary abuse.

Recycle your leftover paint?

Yes, you can! Painting contractors and businesses can recycle leftover house paint, stain, and varnish for free at over 1,700 PaintCare drop-off locations in eight states and the District of Columbia. Most locations are paint and hardware stores. PaintCare also offers a free large volume pick-up service for businesses with 200+ gallons of paint. To find a drop-off location or get details about the pick-up service, visit our website or give us a call. (855) 724-6809



proven strategies for avoiding callbacks



Maintain your reputation, boost productivity and profitability BY DIANE WALSH “I’m not happy with the work.” They are the words no painting contractor ever wants to hear. They mean less attention to other jobs, a smaller profit margin, and the potential loss of future business. Callbacks can hurt a business’ reputation in several ways. First, referrals are adversely affected when homeowners talk with one another and share their unpleasant experiences. And when those same homeowners take their displeasure online, leaving negative reviews on social media, the impact can be much more far-reaching. Finally, callbacks can also hurt a business’ productivity by inhibiting the ability of the team to move on to other projects. The good news? Many callbacks are preventable. Here’s a rundown of three key strategies for avoiding them.


Educate your customer

Often, customer satisfaction comes down to one important factor: A contractor’s ability to manage customer expectations. “We get fewer callbacks when we educate the customer about things like materials and warranties,” says Cal Phillips, who has owned and operated Denver-based Eco Paint, Inc. since 1990 and has been painting homes since 1977. “We’re the professionals, so it’s up to us to educate them so they can care for their home.” Managing a customer’s expectations is essential, especially when it comes to color variations, service parameters, and ongoing maintenance—and education should start as early as the initial onsite visit. Phillips also makes sure his customers understand their responsibilities for continued care after the job is completed.


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

“On an exterior project, we’ll let a customer know that the paint needs to be maintained by making sure sprinklers are properly adjusted, and with gutters and downspouts in good operation so that water is adequately removed from painted surfaces,” he says. “We also inform them to keep vegetation pruned back away from the substrate.” This kind of dialog does more than help prevent callbacks. It can also instill a trust factor with your customers that tells them you care about the lasting quality of your work, even after the job is completed. And that can turn first-time customers into repeat customers.


Maintain clear communication— inside the office and out

Rarely is poor work the reason painters get called back to a jobsite. The most common reason is poor communication. Communication breakdowns between estimators and painters or between painters and customers can result in mistakes like applying an accent color to the wrong wall or painting trim the customer wanted untouched. At Two Dudes Painting Company, a leading commercial and residential painting company in Lancaster, PA, painters receive a copy of the customer’s paperwork to ensure everyone understands what has been signed off on. Samantha Seifried, who holds the role of customer advocate at Two Dudes, says for longer projects, the company encourages customers to communicate directly with painting crews. “When a project lasts more than a couple of days, we strongly encourage homeowners to review the work daily and let us know if they see errors or details they’re not happy with,” says Seifried. Regular dialog with the customer makes the company more efficient—and

customers are more satisfied because if errors crop up, painting crews can make corrections while they’re still on site, rather than having to come back after they’ve committed to another job.

Photo Courtesy of Two Dudes Painting Company & The Premise Studio


Re-scope the job when needed

When customers fail to understand the process or time line, or ask their painting contractor to perform work outside their area of expertise—carpentry or electrical work, for example— professional painters can sometimes find themselves tasked with a job with that they’re less than comfortable with. Painters may not have experience in carpentry, drywall finishing or electrical work and, therefore, trying to perform work in these areas could end up worsening jobsite problems. Knowing when to call in a specialist, as well as rescope the job with the customer, is crucial to ensuring your work and reputation—and profit—all remain intact. For companies that offer a variety of service lines, it makes sense for crew members to request assistance from others who specialize in that line of work when needed. Empowering your field staff to ask for help if they feel uncomfortable taking on certain aspects of a project can reduce callbacks significantly, since some contractors have more experience in certain areas than others. For smaller companies or one- to two-person crews, it makes sense in such cases to simply recommend an outside contractor to tackle repairs that fall outside the scope of the painting job. This is especially true with exterior paint projects, where it’s not uncommon to run into damage like rotted wood. It may be the last thing small painting companies (or homeowners, for that matter) want to hear, but in the end, the customer will appreciate your honesty and have a better overall experience because of it. In the end, callbacks can cost a painting company dearly, both in reputation and production. It’s essential to take proactive steps to prevent them if you want to build a more profitable business. “We don’t want callbacks,” Seifried says. “But, more than that, we want great reviews and ratings. That’s why we work so hard to deliver a whole-project experience.” -



4000 PSI Cold Water Pressure Washer 800-553-9053 Diane Walsh is VP of market development & sales operations for ShurTech Brands, LLC, maker of FrogTape brand Painter’s Tape. She also serves as director of the ShurTech Professional Paint Advisory Board, working with leading contractors across the country to explore industry trends and share innovations for the benefit of the entire trade. Diane was named the PDCA Associate Member of the Year in 2018.

Made in


with Globally Sourced Components

Mi-T-M manufactures: Cold & Hot Water Pressure Washers • Air Compressors Portable Generators • Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Wet/Dry Vacuums • Jobsite Boxes • Portable Heaters Water Pumps • Water Treatment Systems

FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT


Photo Courtesy of Estimate Rocket


Software, apps and other tech tools pros rely on

Tech. It’s just a silly four-letter word in the eyes of some pros, but let’s face it: the right technology tools can help any business owner get a lot more done by streamlining—or even eliminating—old, tired manual and paper processes. Even more, deploying the right technology for your enterprise could help it grow. Here, six pros tell us which go-to tech they use every day.



A Sterling, MI franchisee for 360˚ Painting, LLC, Sarah Brandenburg says her estimating technology is her big daily tech necessity. She uses PEP painters estimating software and pairs it with an older-model Bosch Laser Measuring Tool. It’s the perfect combination for estimating simplicity and functionality. “I use the laser to measure the room; then I input the dimensions and select the items to be painted, such as trim, walls, ceiling, etc. I can complete an interior home in 30 minutes. Then I select the proposal box and print out the estimate,” she said.


1 2


SARAH BRANDENBURG 360˚ Painting, LLC TONY HADY PacificWestern Commercial & Residential Painting

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

3 4

The principal with PacificWestern Commercial & Residential Painting in San Diego, Tony Hady looks to the ExakTime app for his employees to clock in and out daily. “It’s geo-fenced so you can see if someone is clocking out 30 miles from a job. It keeps everyone accountable, instead of using paper time cards.” He also likes the Raken app, which is good for note-taking, dailies, snapping photos, managing jobs, running reports, and sharing information with team members. It works in collaboration with other CRM and ERP construction management software as well, he added. His team also utilizes a walkie-talkie app for cell phones called Marco Polo. It allows crew members to take videos and instantly message information to each other. It’s cloud based, too, so the tool has removed the slowdown associated with memory-heavy video transfers. “That’s the problem when you try to send video by text. With this, you don’t have to worry about memory space when you’re out in the field and need to send something,” he added.

KATHLEEN MYERS Kolor Pros Painting SEAN IRVIN Professional Painting of St. Mary’s, LLC

5 6

PAUL SCHMIDT Schmidt & Co. Painting and Decorating DAVE SCATURRO Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors


When the owner of Kolor Pros Painting, in Austin, started her company, she had her eyes out for technology that was affordable, required minimal setup time, and had great customer support. Kathleen Myers’ greatest sales tool at her disposal today is Estimate Rocket. The software tool goes far beyond merely simplifying estimating. It can help with task and project management, scheduling, invoicing and payment—all while putting together extremely professional-looking and accurate estimates, she notes. “From the initial inquiry, the customer service was superb,” she added. She appreciated the hands-on approach to how the company walked her through initial set up and stayed in touch with her to make sure needs were met going forward. There were also video tutorials that helped with implementation. “We found Estimate Rocket to be a refreshing partner, bringing back good, old customer service and support,” Myers said.

Many of today's software and apps, like Basecamp shown here, are designed to work across multiple platforms, ensuring everyone's in touch and accountable.


As the managing member of Georgia-based Professional Painting of St. Mary’s, LLC, Sean Irvin turns to the Joist app for estimating and billing—and it offers a whole lot more, too. Irvin used to create Word documents for estimates and contracts; now, with Joist, he programs a price per square foot and simply adds in measurements for quick and professional-looking estimates. He can also set different tax rates for individual line items, and there’s a ton more functionality Joist brings, he says. “Contractors are able to accept payments, request deposits, and produce and print estimates, contracts and invoices that can be signed electronically and sync with QuickBooks,” he explained. “In addition, Joist offers financing to your client and accepts credit cards or electronic checks if you allow them.” And, while it’s not a tool that helps him on the job, per se, Irvin says Facebook has proven to be a fantastic marketing tool for his company, at little to no cost. It has also allowed him to meet other painting professionals for great networking opportunities. “I have benefited immensely from seeking the advice of other professionals whose experience exceeds my own, and I’m happy to help others when I am able,” he added.


The owner of Schmidt & Co. Painting and Decorating in Chicago admits to “not being a big tech guy by nature,” but he’s changed his ways over the past few years. Today, he relies on technology to run a completely paperless enterprise and “I can run the majority of my business off my iPad and iPhone,” he noted. Schmidt calls the Basecamp project management app the “biggest game changer” for his business, as it allows for the easy exchange of job information between he and his team. He simply creates a project in Basecamp and his crew leaders inform him of daily progress. “I no longer have to visit a job in person to see how it’s progressing. When a project is finished, I archive the project within the program, but can always reactivate it when I need to,” he said. Schmidt also uses TSheets by QuickBooks, for time tracking, which enables crew members to clock in and out with their phones through the app. It also tracks hours on each job and has eliminated problems with hourly reporting and rounding hours up or down. PipelineDeals is another software tool he utilizes for his CRM, which he says has “streamlined my customer communication and sales. I can schedule follow-up emails, track sales, sources, etc.” allows customers to schedule an estimate directly from his website, syncing directly to Google calendar. And GroupMe is his company’s text chat tool, which streamlines team member communication for sharing job details— even photos—quickly.


The VP and director of commercial estimating for Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors in New Jersey loves the Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure tool for his estimates. “It’s so helpful for getting distances, especially elevations and heights, when something looks tricky,” he said. “You avoid counting and guessing.” He also utilizes an app called Notability, which brings a wide range of functionality like note-taking with a stylus and the uploading of templates. He describes it as a “hybrid Excel and Word doc” that can add images, graphs and even other documents to an estimate or documentation. “It’s a nice tool in the field. It keeps things neat and organized.” He also turns to the Box cloud-based file sharing and collaboration suite to upload estimates, notes and other information into the cloud and share them with his team. In addition, Workglue, a project management and field services software, allows him to upload schedules and estimates, and it also helps him track jobs and job costs. “It’s cloud-based, can be used in the field or office, and it syncs with multiple devices in real time,” he added. Workglue is a tremendous help with his scheduling, and brings the ability for him to check availability of crews weeks or months in advance, if needed. “I’d say Notability and Workglue are the most important pieces of tech I have,” he said. “We’ve been in business for 43 years and always like to adopt new, useful technology when we can.” FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT




After a year at the helm, Nigel Costolloe reflects on the evolving role and responsibilities of the PDCA.

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and commercial contractors. offers its members What do you painting perceive as thePDCA biggest ways to grow their businesses through continuing education op challenge faced by painting contractors today? NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

PDCA Perspective: an interview with Nigel Costolloe, outgoing board chair His unique view on the industry and hope for the future of the organization BY MEGHANN FINN SEPULVEDA This March marks the end of Nigel Costolloe’s tenure as board chair of the Painting Contractors Association (PDCA). inPAINT caught up with Nigel to learn what his position has taught him about the evolution of the industry as well as how PDCA is working to ensure the success of its members. 20

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

I believe the biggest long-standing challenge faced by the painting industry is that it isn’t taken as seriously 2316 Millpark Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 630 as other trades. There are a lot of contributing factors 314-514-7322 | 1-800-332-7322 related to this reality including low barriers to entry, a lack of visible or acknowledged standards, insufficient regulations regarding legitimacy, etc. As a result, just about anyone, regardless of skill, experience or integrity, can call themselves a painting contractor. The less-qualified—or even UNqualified—so-called ‘professionals’ often consciously or unconsciously underbid jobs just to land the work. That sets unrealistic pricing expectations and has a negative impact on the true professionals.


How has PDCA addressed this challenge?

PDCA has always aimed to offer its members, and the industry in general, a pathway to legitimacy and success via PDCA-branded and -endorsed training. In the past, that included educational offerings in the form of books, manuals and in-person events. More recently, the offerings have evolved to better address how members wish to receive content. This includes a deep and growing offering of video-based trainings. In addition, to ensure that all of our content is available to all of our members, we’re actively translating materials into Spanish and other languages. I think it’s worth noting that much of this evolution has occurred under the direction of the organization’s new Executive Director, Steve Skodak. Since his arrival, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that PDCA provides meaningful value to members. This includes becoming a true resource professionals can turn to for the type of guidance and support needed to differentiate themselves from the competition and to create fulfi lling and secure careers not just for themselves but for their employees, as well.

I believe the biggest longstanding challenge faced by the painting industry is that it isn’t taken as seriously as other trades. Under Steve’s leadership, membership in PDCA has evolved from ‘a nice idea if you can afford it’ to a ‘worthwhile and meaningful must-have’ for the committed professional.

In a time when many associations are floundering thanks to ‘free’ resources available online, what does the PDCA provide that makes it worth the investment of membership?


One of the most important recent changes in the PDCA membership structure is its evolution from a traditional membership association to a subscriber model. Operating on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, the forthcoming subscriber model includes access to downloadable monthly webinars, podcasts and training content. This model will offer more flexibility and allow contractors to choose the content best aligned with their professional goals. Further, the structure is more inclusive in that instead of setting one high entry fee regardless of business size, contractors of all stripes—new, seasoned, large and small—have the opportunity to join at the level that works for them. In addition, under Steve’s leadership, the organization is reconnecting and deepening its connections with other professional trade groups like the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and the Finishing Contractors of America (FCA)—and alliances of coating manufacturers like the American Coatings Association as well as the Coatings Association Consortium. The goal is to solicit feedback, learn pain points, and determine where and how PDCA can become more visible and relevant in the industry. One example of the value of those efforts is the recent PDCA partnership with Benjamin Moore and the TEACH Construction Initiative, which led to the creation of a new series of high-quality educational videos designed to provide onboarding and training support to painting contractors and painter employees.

What are some of the resources or services that you believe members are not utilizing to their fullest potential?


I’d have to say the enormous amount of educational and training information available for members. However, since most of it is still in printed format, we are currently working toward updating content to make it more accessible online and to be more user-friendly. Our intent is to build a painting Wiki that is hosted and moderated by PDCA experts. This Wiki will offer insight and wisdom on a variety of topics from product selection to technical tips and tricks and paint-failure analysis.

What trends in the industry— and the PDCA membership—have surprised you the most and have given you the most hope for the vitality of the organization?


At last year’s EXPO in Texas, I was delighted to see a larger presence of women, college graduates, and individuals who were starting a second career. It’s inspiring to learn that PDCA is attracting a different demographic. It was also wonderful to see people I’ve known for many years in the industry who, like me, still attend and learn something new every year.

What drives your passion for the industry and your involvement with the PDCA?


My experience as board chair of the PDCA has been extraordinarily rewarding. The service has helped me grow in my own business and I have learned a lot from collaborating with the board and with Steve. Although my time as board chair has concluded, I will continue to remain involved with the PDCA as I have for the last 20 years, and I look forward to the next chapter of the organization. -

NIGEL COSTOLLOE is the outgoing board chair of the PDCA. He is also the president of Catchlight Painting, a highly regarded residential and commercial painting business in Boston.

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Rainy with a Chance of Mold Leveraging a Common Problem and an Innovative Solution to Create More Revenue


Hunt and her team designed Paint-GUARD™ to be the only mold-defense paint additive recognized as a minimum risk pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency.

That solution soon became Paint-GUARD™ a liquid product that is mixed into paint to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria on painted surfaces. "We knew from the beginning that whatever we developed needed to be safe for the environment and people. We didn't want to replace airborne mold spores with VOC's or toxic chemicals."

Paint-GUARD™, available on Amazon as well as, could be making a big splash in your market soon. Hunt wants everyone to know that large problems do not always require complicated solutions. "Simple. Safe. Effective. That is our motto. This is an easy way to increase profits by solving an important problem in many homes. Mix it in to keep mold out!"

of homes in the United States have significant mold growth or dampness. "When we learned of this statistic, we involuntarily went into problem solving overdrive," Ph.D. Dean of Engineering and mother of five Emily Hunt, P.E. says. "It was unfathomable that such a simple problem, which has been linked to chronic illness and childhood asthma among other conditions, was this prevalent in a country like the US." This revelation quickly led the founder of BTG Products to unleash her research team on developing a solution to interior mold and mildew growth. "We realized that the majority of mold growth occurred on painted surfaces, even paint that was specifically designed for moist environments. So, we employed our material science background to create a solution to the problem."

While Hunt knows there is a large market for her product, she also realizes that her team will not be able to reach this customer base on their own. PaintGUARD™ has created significant traction among DIY painters and is now being marketed towards painting professionals and wholesalers. "We know that one out of every two households in the country could significantly benefit from having our product mixed into their next coat of paint. That creates a large opportunity for professional painters and paint dealers to provide additional value to their customers while generating more revenue on each gallon of paint," says Hunt.


BTG Products

2019 PRODUCT GUIDE Here, manufacturers present their best-in-class products—some new, others time tested—and describe what makes them their top choices for each respective category.



Photo Courtesy of Two Dudes Painting Company & The Premise Studio

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BEHR MARQUEE EXTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER Our most technically advanced stain-blocking exterior paint delivers excellent hide in fewer coats and remarkable dirt, fade and early rain resistance for longer-lasting color— plus an antimicrobial, mildew-resistant finish.

KELLY-MOORE ACRYSHIELD Premium quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with excellent weathering for a lasting impression. Perfect for residential homes, hospitals, schools, and much more.

BEHR MARQUEE INTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER Our most technically advanced stain-blocking paint and primer in one delivers high-performance one-coat coverage with 1,000+ colors in the exclusive MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Hide Collection.

BENJAMIN MOORE, AURA EXTERIOR The ultimate in performance and color vitality, Aura Exterior provides exceptional fade-resistance, moisture protection and durability even in the harshest weather conditions.

PPG PAINTS MANOR HALL Made for use on aluminum, architectural plastic, fiber cement, vinyl, wood siding, trim and more, it is fortified with ManorShield urethane technology for strong durability and protection against harsh outdoor elements.

BENJAMIN MOORE, AURA INTERIOR Aura Interior delivers remarkable durability and offers the most advanced way to bring color to life. Available in four premium finishes: Matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss.

DUNN-EDWARDS NEW & IMPROVED EVERSHIELD Ultra-premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic paint that provides maximum protection against UV color fade, mildew, efflorescence, water intrusion and film failure (grain-cracking, peeling, blistering). Unparalleled performance. FARROW & BALL EXTERIOR PAINTS With a 132 colour palette renowned for its depth and complexity, the paints are made of the finest ingredients and rich pigments. Respondent to all types of light, the unique look transforms homes, inside and out. HGTV HOME BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS – EVERLAST Extreme all-weather protection. A complete one-coat paint & primer that provides a durable, weather-tight finish combined with exceptional adhesion and an anti-fade formula. KELLY-MOORE ENVY EXTERIOR Super-premium 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with exceptional weathering, durability, coverage, and application characteristics. A perfect appearance from the best exterior paint Kelly-Moore has ever made. PPG PAINTS TIMELESS A 100% acrylic resin, it provides durability and offers outstanding dirt resistance and enhanced UV protection to keep color true. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD EXTERIOR Emerald delivers innovative durability, hide and beauty for a truly outstanding finish. It’s self-priming, featuring rugged resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading and dirt pickup. MID-GRADE BEHR PREMIUM PLUS EXTERIOR PAINT This 100% acrylic paint’s built-in primer properties provide exceptional hide. Its durable finish withstands wear and resists moisture, fading and stains. Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35° F. BENJAMIN MOORE, REGAL SELECT EXTERIOR Regal Select Exterior provides excellent durability with superior adhesion even on hard to coat surfaces. With a temperature application as low as 40° F, Regal Select Exterior extends your painting season.


DUNN-EDWARDS SPARTASHIELD Complete line of premium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic exterior paints that provide exceptional hide, durability and versatility. SPARTASHIELD products apply easily, dry to a smooth, uniform finish and are low odor.

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS DURATION EXTERIOR Duration paint has PermaLast technology and advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. It provides a mildew-resistant coating and only requires one coat for repaints, two coats for new work. VALSPAR DURAMAX Features FlexShield 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. A high-hiding paint + primer that combines maximum coverage with fade-resistant color. ECONOMY BEHR PRO E600 SERIES Designed to meet the expectations of professional painters and developed for optimal sprayability, this 100% acrylic formula provides excellent hiding power and a uniform finish. Dried film is mold and mildew resistant. BENJAMIN MOORE, BEN EXTERIOR ben Waterborne Exterior Paint delivers dependable performance, application and appearance. ben is environmentally friendly with low VOC and is mildew and fade resistant. DUNN-EDWARDS ACRI-HUES A line of professional, ultra-low VOC, acrylic paints that provide dependable performance, very good durability, adhesion and hide. ACRI-HUES applies easily, dries fast and has very low odor. Easy to apply. KELLY-MOORE PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR High quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed with premium performance and excellent application properties. Perfect for residential repaints, office buildings, shopping centers and much more. PPG PAINTS SUN-PROOF A 100% acrylic formula, it provides excellent durability, mildew resistance on the dry paint film, smooth application and excellent adhesion. With application in temperatures down to 35° F, it helps extend the painting season.

DUNN-EDWARDS EVEREST—SELF-PRIMING Zero VOC. Ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals, hospitality. Formulated using superior pigment and resin technology that provide exceptional performance, hide and adhesion. FARROW & BALL INTERIOR PAINTS With a 132 colour palette renowned for its depth and complexity, the paints are made of the finest ingredients and rich pigments. Respondent to all types of light, the unique look transforms homes, inside and out. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. SETCOAT SetCoat is a specially formulated basecoat with superb bonding capabilities. It is designed for use as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. HGTV HOME BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS – INFINITY Advanced-hiding paint & primer delivers one-coat coverage with a flawless finish and lifetime protection. Our best-in-class interior paint provides ultimate durability with exceptional stain and scrub resistance. KELLY-MOORE DURAPOXY INTERIOR Super-premium 100% acrylic enamels designed for use on walls, trim, and accents where a durable and washable epoxy-like finish is desired. Perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. PPG PAINTS MANOR HALL This super-premium interior paint, primer & stain repellent in one was developed to resist household stains. Its 100% acrylic latex formula provides a beautiful finish and excellent adhesion, coverage and durability. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD INTERIOR Emerald paint and primer in one with advanced stain blocking technology delivers best-in-class overall performance. Perfect for any paint job, it has truly remarkable hide and maximum resistance to water streaking/spotting. MID-GRADE

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUPERPAINT EXTERIOR SuperPaint offers coverage and durability, providing a dirt- and mildew-resistant coating that minimizes repaints and keeps costs down. Plus, with fast application in all temperatures, it will increase production year-round.

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS INTERIOR PAINT Paint and primer in one that provides exceptional value and durability. Apply to uncoated and previously painted surfaces to create a finish that resists mildew, stains, moisture and wear, and stands up to scrubbing.

VALSPAR STORM COAT 100% acrylic latex paint developed to provide outstanding durability with fade and mildew resistance. Great touch-up and excellent flow & levelling provide a smooth, uniform finish. Low temperature application.

BENJAMIN MOORE, REGAL SELECT INTERIOR Regal Select has been trusted by professionals and consumers for over 50 years. Regal Select is durable and perfect for high traffic areas. Available in five premium finishes: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-Gloss.

DUNN-EDWARDS SPARTAWALL Formulated to provide a tough, durable, block resistant finish that is easy to apply. Ideal for commercial & residential projects, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and single family or multi-tenant housing. Ultra-low VOC.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUPERPAINT INTERIOR SuperPaint is the choice of pros. It goes on fast, provides excellent hide and easy touchup to increase production, minimize repaints and keep costs down for a rich, beautiful appearance and quality performance.

FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. TERA CHROMA Tera Chroma Mineral Paint is a water-based coating containing finely ground natural minerals loaded into a low VOC liquid binder, which produces a unique matte, light absorbing appearance. Low to no VOC, and virtually odorless.

VALSPAR ULTRA 2000 Paint + primer that offers outstanding hide and excellent touchup. Ultra 2000 covers great and creates a durable film with a smooth, uniform finish that hides imperfections.

KELLY-MOORE ACRYPLEX INTERIOR Premium quality 100% acrylic paints and enamels designed for use on walls, trim, and ceilings where a luxurious, self-priming finish is desired at a very low VOC. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and much more. PPG PAINTS PURE PERFORMANCE This low-odor, zero VOC* paint meets the sustainability requirements of the institutional, commercial and residential markets. * Colorants added to base paints may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CASHMERE Cashmere glides on buttery smooth and levels out, giving walls an elegant, silky-rich look, unlike many paints that leave brush or roller marks. The result is a difference you can definitely see and feel. VALSPAR SIGNATURE Valspar Signature high-hiding paint + primer stands up to anything. With ScuffShield Technology, it resists scuffs and stains, and delivers remarkable coverage in beautiful colors for beauty that lasts in even the busiest rooms. ECONOMY BEHR PRO I300 SERIES This professional-quality interior paint line offers excellent sprayability and is versatile for brush and roll application. It delivers superior hide, coverage, touch-up, and a mildewresistant finish. BENJAMIN MOORE, BEN INTERIOR ben offers great value with all of the performance qualities you expect from a premium Benjamin Moore paint. ben provides an easy application and a finish that’s durable and washable. DUNN-EDWARDS ACRI-WALL Ideal for use on new home and commercial construction and residential multi-tenant housing projects. They provide good touch-up, sheen, uniformity, and hide. Available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. NÜVILLA NüVilla is a 100% natural earth plaster. NüVilla creates a Light absorbing velvety soft matte finish. One can make an even smoother finish by fine sanding and buffing the surface with cheesecloth. KELLY-MOORE PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR High quality latex paints and enamels designed for use on walls, ceilings, and trim where premium performance, easy application, and very low VOC is desired. Perfect for residential repaints, commercial buildings, schools, and much more. PPG PAINTS SPEEDHIDE A durable paint that provides a uniform, washable finish for interior walls, ceilings and trim, Speedhide delivers high hiding, good scrubbability and contains <50 g/L VOC, allowing spaces to be painted while occupied.

PRIMERS WATER BASED BENJAMIN MOORE, FRESH START HIGH-HIDING PRIMER Fresh Start High-Hiding All Purpose Primer is a highperforming 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and uniform finish for all surfaces. This is the primer of choice when a significant color change is required. DUNN-EDWARDS ULTRASHIELD Galvanized metal interior/exterior primer. Excellent adhesion on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and excellent application properties. Ideal for new/repaint residential, commercial and multi-tenant housing projects. DYCO TUFF GRIP WATERBORNE BONDING PRIMER Get a grip on porous/non-porous, bare and previously painted concrete and asphalt surfaces with DYCO TUFF GRIP. TUFF GRIP is an excellent bonding coat for water-based concrete stain or paint. Learn more at KELLY-MOORE KEL-BOND UNIVERSAL Premium quality interior and exterior acrylic primer for general use on wood, masonry, drywall, and non-ferrous metal surfaces. Designed to block stains, promote adhesion, and develop a uniform topcoat appearance. KILZ 2 LATEX PRIMER This fast-drying primer, sealer and stain blocker is suitable for most properly prepared interior and exterior substrates, and offers mildew resistance and excellent adhesion with minimal odor. PPG PAINTS SEAL GRIP A universal primer, it is specially formulated to block most stains, in addition to offering exceptional adhesion. This fast-drying product can be used on multiple substrates and painted over in as little as one hour. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MULTI-PURPOSE PRIMER Multi-Purpose Latex Primer offers wide versatility and strong adhesion properties that make it a universal favorite for both interior and exterior applications. Or use it as a pre-wallcovering primer to promote easy removal. VALSPAR BONDING PRIMER Valspar Bonding Primer is an interior/exterior primer designed to adhere to hard to stick surfaces. It is also a multi-purpose primer that can be used as an undercoater on millwork and as a stain blocking primer. ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 WATER BASE PRIMER This low odor primer has great flow and leveling with a flexible, acrylic formula. It seals tough stains, graffiti, tannin bleed and more. For use indoors and out, it can be applied as low as 35°F. Available in white & gray.

OIL BASED BENJAMIN MOORE, FRESH START OIL BASED PRIMER Fresh Start Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer is a premium quality alkyd primer that is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. It can be used over oil or latex paint. KILZ ORIGINAL PRIMER This multipurpose oil-based primer blocks stains and seals pet and smoke odors, and can be used on interior surfaces including wood, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper, masonry, brick, and painted metal. PPG PAINTS SEAL GRIP A universal primer, it is specially formulated to block most stains, in addition to offering exceptional adhesion. This fast-drying product can be used on multiple substrates and painted over in as little as one hour. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FAST-DRYING PRIMER Sherwin-Williams Fast-Drying Primer gets the job done quickly, allowing for faster production and recoats in one hour. The stain-killing sealer assures a uniform appearance of both exterior and interior topcoats. ZINSSER COVER STAIN CLASSIC OIL 100 Zinsser Cover Stain Classic Oil 100 is a low VOC, oil-based specialty primer that combines excellent adhesion with flexibility and stain blocking power for interior and exterior surfaces damaged by fire, water and smoke.

OTHER COATINGS STAINS BEHR PREMIUM QUICK DRY OIL BASE WOOD FINISH Our most advanced oil formula for decks, railing, shakes, fences and wood furniture. Can be applied to damp wood surfaces, dries dramatically faster than traditional oil wood finishes and provides early rain resistance. BENJAMIN MOORE, ARBORCOAT Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stains are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention. CABOT AUSTRALIAN TIMBER OIL 3-way oil protection for maximum durability
and water repellency. Penetrates deep to accentuate natural wood depth. Translucent iron oxide pigments are added to ensure a lasting U.V.- absorbing surface rich with color. FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. STAIN & SEAL Stain & Seal stains and seals in one easy operation. Containing high quality finely ground pigments in a unique, specialty water-based formula. KELLY-MOORE ACRYSHIELD EXTERIOR STAIN Premium quality semi-solid stain for use on new exterior vertical wood. A unique blend of acrylic resin and emulsified oil showcases the natural grain of wood and provides outstanding performance. OLYMPIC ELITE ADVANCED STAIN + SEALANT IN ONE Developed for durability, this super-premium exterior stain line protects against the damaging effects of sunlight, water, mildew and algae on the coating. Available in semitransparent, semi-solid and solid stains. FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT


Coatings (continued) SHERWIN-WILLIAMS INTERIOR STAINS Minwax Performance Series features innovative staining solutions: Tintable Wood Stain, Fast-Dry Varnish and Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer. The new line, updated palette and custom colors are only available at Sherwin-Williams.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PRO INDUSTRIAL EPOXY Washability, chemical resistance and a hard, impactresistant finish make this Pro Industrial epoxy the ideal coating for high traffic areas. Its excellent hide and great coverage minimizes the number of coats needed.

DUNN-EDWARDS ARISTOSHIELD Ultra-premium, interior/exterior water-based urethane alkyd paint that offers the look & durability of an oil-based enamel. Ideal for high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects. Eggshell, semi-gloss & high-gloss.

TRANSFORMATION STAIN BY SASHCO Transformation Log and Timber stain from Sashco will help you restore the beauty of your customer’s log home with reputation-building results. Request free samples and view Transformation projects at

VALSPAR ANTI-RUST ARMOR An industrial quality enamel for interior and exterior uses. Dries to a rust, mar and stain resistant finish. This long lasting formula is ideal for surfaces susceptible to wear and rust.

FAUX EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. LUSTERSTONE LusterStone is a revolutionary architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective patterns. This product is unsurpassed in its simplicity, versatility and ease of repair. No burnishing required.



BEHR PREMIUM PORCH & PATIO FLOOR PAINT The 100% acrylic formula is great for interior and exterior wood and concrete surfaces. It is ideal for use on porches, floors, decks, basements, steps, patios and other high traffic areas not subject to tire traffic.

BEHR PREMIUM EXTERIOR HIGH BUILD COATING This self-priming concrete and masonry coating’s smooth, breathable finish is waterproof and flexible. It bridges hairline cracks, withstands 98 mph wind-driven rain, and may be applied to ‘hot’ masonry surfaces.

BENJAMIN MOORE, FLOOR & PATIO LATEX ENAMEL A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel that’s low odor and low VOC. Floor & Patio Latex Enamels are suitable for interior and exterior use on unpainted concrete and previously finished wood or concrete floors.

DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURALASTIC 10 Exceptional flexibility, chalking and binder degradation resistance. Outstanding waterproofing protection by bridging hairline cracks. Excellent adhesion & outstanding alkali and efflorescence resistance.

PPG PAINTS FLOOR, PORCH & DECK ENAMEL This product consists of a 100% acrylic formula fortified with urethane for excellent durability. Ideal for high traffic areas, this scuff-resistant paint offers strong adhesion to multiple surfaces. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel is a proven performer in keeping concrete and wood surfaces looking newer even in tough conditions. It delivers exceptional block resistance plus resistance to dirt. VALSPAR LATEX PORCH AND FLOOR PAINT A floor coating that gives long-lasting protection. It is ideal for applications where low odor and fast dry are important. Durable and weather resistant, this enamel lasts for years. METAL BEHR PREMIUM DIRECT-TO-METAL PAINT This 100% acrylic paint is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of interior/exterior metal surfaces for a hard, durable finish that is corrosion, mildew, and flash rust resistant. DUNN-EDWARDS ENDURA-COAT High performance, interior/exterior, low VOC, direct to metal, water-based acrylic Industrial Maintenance Coating with excellent corrosion resistance and direct-to-metal properties. KELLY-MOORE DTM PRIMER/FINISH Premium quality low sheen primer and finish coating for use on bare metal in light industrial applications. Perfect for galvanized, aluminum, and ferrous metals as a corrosion resistant primer or topcoat.

inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

PPG PAINTS BREAK-THROUGH! An interior and exterior water-borne acrylic paint that contains <50 g/L VOC per liter, it provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance, drying to touch in 15-20 minutes for increased productivity.

DYCO HYDROPROOF MS WATER-REPELLENT DYCO HYDROPROOF MS penetrating water-repellent delivers invisible protection to concrete, brick, stucco & stone in just a single coat application. VOC compliant, HYDROPROOF MS dries quickly & is self-cleaning.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMERALD URETHANE TRIM ENAMEL Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel delivers the look and feel of an oil-based enamel with the convenience of a water-based formula. The interior/exterior enamel resists yellowing and delivers durability, gloss and color retention.

KELLY-MOORE URETHANE ELASTOMERIC Premium quality urethane elastomeric coating designed as smooth flexible finish with excellent weathering for use on above grade concrete, stucco, and masonry. Can be used to develop a waterproofing system.

VALSPAR CABINET ENAMEL Oil-enriched enamel consists of advanced water-based alkyd technology. It leaves a beautiful, strong and smooth finish on cabinets, doors & trim. It dries hard like an oil, but cleans up easily with soap and water.

PPG PAINTS PERMA-CRETE A high build acrylic topcoat, this product is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains while still remaining breathable. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CONCRETE AND MASONRY An updated approach to concrete and masonry products provides a different look for the same trusted products. The new system includes 19 Loxon and Conflex product solutions, conveniently color coded to specify each use. VALSPAR CONCRETE STAIN Valspar Concrete Stain is fortified with heavy duty resin technology to provide long lasting protection to concrete surfaces. It protects from sun, weather and household chemicals. Available in Semi-Transparent and Solid Color. SPECIALTY BEHR DRYPLUS NO. 875 MASONRY WATERPROOFER This premium waterproofing paint uses NANOGUARD Technology and is formulated for use on above- and belowgrade basement walls, masonry walls, retaining walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco and brick. BENJAMIN MOORE, ULTRA SPEC SCUFF-X Ultra Spec SCUFF-X is a high-performance, one-component paint designed for high-traffic commercial areas. Built for professionals, it is engineered with cutting-edge protection against scuffs.


KELLY-MOORE EPIC FINISHES Super-premium waterborne urethane-alkyd enamels designed for use on trim and accent areas where a smooth, self-leveling and durable finish is desired. Perfect for fine finish or light industrial applications.

STUCCO BEHR MASONRY, STUCCO & BRICK PAINT This water-based, acrylic-latex, self-priming formula provides excellent hiding properties, coverage, adhesion, water repellency, and alkali resistance on interior/exterior smooth, rough and textured vertical surfaces. KELLY-MOORE ACRYLIC ELASTOMERIC High quality 100% acrylic elastomeric coating designed as a smooth flexible finish for use on above grade concrete, stucco, and masonry. Can be used to develop a waterproofing system. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS LOXON ACRYLIC COATING Specifically engineered for exterior, above-grade, masonry surfaces requiring high performance protection, the topcoat has agents that inhibit growth of mildew on the coating surface for a durable, weather-resistant finish. VALSPAR DURAMAX ELASTOMERIC STUCCO PAINT Features FlexShield 365 Technology for year-round resistance to cracking and peeling, even in extreme climates. Formulated for max weather protection on masonry and stucco. Excellent mildew and dirt pickup resistance.

SW 6959 Blue Chip

It puts the blue in blue ribbon.

Emerald. Another word for best-in-class. Discover EmeraldÂŽ paint and primer in one from Sherwin-Williams.ÂŽ Available in a true flat sheen that has the same exceptional washability, durability and burnish resistance as the matte and glossier sheens, plus accent colors with enhanced hiding power. Learn more about Emerald at Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit


BRUSHES EXTERIOR— Water Based, Synthetic CORONA RED-GOLD BLEND CORTEZ BRUSH Corona Red-Gold is a unique blend of nylon and polyester for year-round superior application of oil and latex paints, indoors and out. The Cortez is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY CHINEX FTP PAINTBRUSHES Chinex offers exceptional cleanability and durability. With added stiffness and a fuller, softer, Wooster-exclusive tip, Chinex FTP brushes increase paint release and reduce drag for longer paint stripes with cleaner edges! ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smoothfinish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. EXTERIOR—Oil Based, Synthetic CORONA PERFORMANCE CHINEX KNIGHT BRUSH Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Knight has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ULTRA/PRO EXTRA-FIRM PAINTBRUSHES Thick and fast-drying coatings or hot and humid conditions require the right tools. Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm brushes cut sharp lines, maintain rigidity, resist wear, and clean easily—even in challenging exterior conditions. ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smoothfinish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. EXTERIOR—Oil Based, Natural CORONA BLACK CHINA MONARCH BRUSH Specially house-processed, select black China bristle, perfect for alkyd enamels, varnish, lacquers, paints, and other coatings. The Monarch has a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood beavertail handle, and stainless steel ferrule.

INTERIOR— Water Based, Synthetic

INTERIOR—Oil Based, Natural

CORONA CHAMPAGNE NYLON VEGAS BRUSH Super-soft Corona Champagne Nylon is ideal for interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints. The Vegas is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. NOUR PAINTING TOOLS BRILLIANT FINISH The Brilliant Finish paint brush has been a top pick amongst painters because of its unrivaled performance in its price range. It has a high capacity with stiffer filaments making it ideal for today’s heavy-bodied paints. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ALPHA PAINTBRUSHES Featuring Wooster-exclusive Micro Tip technology, Alpha delivers a fine professional finish with complete cut-in control. Its fuller, softer end carries paint up to 30% farther compared to other brushes of equal size! ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smoothfinish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains. INTERIOR—Oil Based, Synthetic CORONA PERFORMANCE CHINEX EXCALIBUR BRUSH Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s high-tech coatings. The Excalibur is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ULTRA/PRO FIRM PAINTBRUSHES Ultra/Pro Firm is truly an all-purpose brush for use in acrylics, latex, or enamels, indoors and out. With fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control, it saves painters time wherever a firm brush is needed. ZIBRA PAINTBRUSHES Proprietary synthetic blend, large pack-out, more filaments per brush, near perfect blend, yields stiffness to smoothfinish ratio. Greater paint load. Good paint release. Easy cleanup. All-around use. All paints and stains.

THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PROFESSIONAL BLACK CHINA BRISTLE BRUSHES Professional black China bristle brushes are excellent for high-productivity or exterior applications. Because black China bristle is more rigid than its white counterpart, these brushes also offer better durability.

CORONA BRISTLE/OX-EAR HAIR CHICAGO LOOP BRUSH The finest natural bristles blended with ox-ear hair, for outstanding finish and production work. The Chicago Loop is an angular sash brush with a hand-formed chisel, unlacquered hardwood handle, and stainless steel ferrule. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY ADVANTAGE PAINTBRUSHES Advantage brushes combine the fine finishing capability of China bristle with the durability and simple cleanup of nylon. This high-production blend glides smoothly, with all oil-based or alkyd paints, enamels, and acrylics. SPECIALTY BRUSHES CORONA EXTRA LONG CHINEX EXPRESS Corona Performance Chinex: the ultimate in professional application of today’s hi-tech coatings. The Express firm flex angular sash has a longer trim length to hold more paint. Fewer trips to the bucket, more time on the surface. PURDY XL HIGH CAPACITY BRUSH This brush is designed for increased pickup, smooth release, and enhanced cut-in ability. This angled brush also has a unique stadium-shaped ferrule that holds more paint for maximum coverage and efficiency. ZIBRA DETAIL PAINTBRUSHES Line has unique shape for specific applications. Unique, proprietary blend. Brush head conforms to application. Line features Triangle, Round, Half-Round, Fan, Square. Professional finish. Walls, trim, detail of all kinds. SPECIALTY BRUSH TOOLS THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY LOCK JAW Lock Jaw securely attaches a brush to an extension pole while allowing for precision painting—even at odd angles. The improved design adjusts in 9 different positions in 20-degree increments to cover all planes of a surface. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PAINTER’S COMB Clean handles, ferrules, and break down thick paint residue with the Painter’s Comb’s non-rusting, brass bristles. The stainless steel pins separate filament to thoroughly clean out the brush heel and help reshape the brush.


Take it with you wherever you go

Here, manufacturers present their best-in-class products—some new, others time tested—and describe what makes them their top choices for each respective category.

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Applicators (continued)

ROLLERS PRODUCTION, Woven CORONA ULTRAFAST ROLLERS Uniquely formulated, high-density polyamide for superior paint pickup and release. Easy cleaning, long-lasting sleeves actually improve with use. Epoxy set on strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores. Available in four naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY PRO/DOO-Z FTP ROLLERS Rollers offering controlled paint release lead to even application, increased production, and smooth results; the exclusive HydroFlow technology in Pro/Doo-Z FTP rollers was developed to achieve that feat with all paints. PRODUCTION, Knitted CORONA TUFFPRO High density blend of Polyester, Acrylic, and Nylon Knit. Superior coverage of flat, low sheen, and satin finishes on many surfaces. Epoxy set on strong, solvent resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY SUPER/FAB ROLLERS In 1964, Super/Fab rollers were painting faster and achieving better finishes than their peers. Today, it’s still the most-popular, high-production cover for all flat, eggshell, and satin paints, stains and waterproofing. FINISH, Woven CORONA ULTRAWEAVE ROLLERS Exclusive woven Dralon acrylic blend. Ultra-high-density for the ultimate in smooth finishing with all paints. Epoxy set on super-strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. PURDY WHITE DOVE ROLLER COVER Purdy’s most popular roller cover produces a smooth, lint free finish. It features a high density woven cover, enabling paint to flow freely into and out of the cover for easy rolling and high quality results. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY MICRO PLUSH ROLLERS Micro Plush rollers create smooth, spray-like finishes with all paints and enamels. These microfiber rollers excel in low VOC, fast-drying, and deep-color applications or when applying varnishes to cabinets and doors. FINISH, Knitted CORONA TUFFPRO High density blend of Polyester, Acrylic, and Nylon Knit. Superior coverage of flat, low sheen, and satin finishes on many surfaces. Epoxy set on strong, solvent resistant phenolic cores. Available in a wide range of naps. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY SUPER/FAB FTP ROLLERS Exclusive HydroFlow technology enables Super/Fab FTP to release paint smoothly and consistently for increased production. Their resistance to matting and shedding offers improved finish quality over traditional knit covers!


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

SPECIALTY ROLLERS PURDY MARATHON ROLLER COVER Purdy’s most durable roller cover for maintained performance is made with an exclusive blend of nylon and polyester fabric that lasts longer and paints further. It also has superb paint pickup and release qualities. THE WOOSTER BRUSH COMPANY CANDY STRIPE ROLLERS Candy Stripe’s exclusive fabric has maximum mohair content. Excellent for smooth-surface, fine finishing with all paints, enamels, urethanes, and epoxies. Woven design locks in each fiber for virtually lintfree performance. ROLLER ACCESSORIES LINDAR 9.5" PAINTWELL PAINT TRAY PAINTWELL paint tray is durable and solvent resistant. The 9.5" tray comes with our Drip Guard to reduce spills. Our sturdy design makes PAINTWELL paint trays easy to move across the floor so your painting projects go faster. LINDAR 18" PAINTWELL PAINT TRAY PAINTWELL paint tray is durable and solvent resistant. The 18" tray comes with our Drip Guard to reduce spills. Our sturdy design makes PAINTWELL paint trays easy to move across the floor so your painting projects go faster. PURDY NEST DUAL ROLL-OFF PREMIUM BUCKET This bucket holds up to five gallons of paint and conveniently fits all NEST trays and liners. Its dual roll-off design allows painters to pull paint from both sides, enabling simultaneous use by multiple painters. PURDY REVOLUTION PREMIUM ADJUSTABLE FRAME This frame fits all 12" to 18" standard roller covers. It features a latch system for quick adjustment and a unique angle design for efficient coverage. Its universal threaded end is compatible with all extension poles.

SPRAYERS ELECTRIC AIRLESS GRACO ULTRA MAX II The industry standard for large residential and commercial contractors. Revolutionary new technologies include Endurance Vortex MaxLife pumps that rotate to provide the longest life in the industry and the BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System to improve how you manage your business. TITAN–IMPACT 440 ELECTRIC AIRLESS With a proven track record serving pro painters for 30 years strong, the Titan 440 is the #1 selling sprayer in its class. Packed with enhanced performance features, this reliable airless sprayer gets the job done every time.

GAS AIRLESS GRACO GMAX II The GMAX II sets the standard for professional contractors spraying a variety of coatings on residential, commercial and industrial jobs. New Endurance Vortex MaxLife pumps rotate for the industry’s longest life and the new Contractor PC airless spray gun delivers all-day comfort and control. TITAN–ELITE 3500 GAS AIRLESS Introducing the Elite 3500 with PermaStroke Technology that delivers maximum durability with a lifetime fluid pump warranty. This versatile sprayer delivers a consistent finish and is easy to operate and maintain. HANDHELD GRACO ULTRAMAX CORDLESS AIRLESS HANDHELD Designed to complete small jobs easier. This handheld sprayer is powered by DeWalt and includes a Triax triple piston pump for greater reliability while the ProControl II and SmartControl technology enable easy motor speed adjustment and advanced pressure control for a smooth professional finish. TITAN–FLEXSPRAY HANDHELD SPRAYER The FlexSpray puts the power of airless and the control of an HVLP into one versatile sprayer creating a multi-tool for pro painters. This sprayer also has the ability to spray a variety of coatings with many applications. SPECIALTY SPRAYERS GRACO FINISHPRO HVLP 9.5 PROCONTRACTOR Ideal for small-to-medium size jobs, the FinishPro HVLP 9.5 is loaded with features like the EDGE II Plus Gun and TurboControl System to provide convenience and control for a superior spray finish while delivering unmatched life with SmartStart on-demand power control. TITAN–CAPSPRAY 115 HVLP SPRAYER This revolutionary, 6-stage portable turbine sprayer has the power to atomize thick coatings and the precision to deliver a fine finish. It combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible.


Roller Covers • High density professional woven fabric • Smoothest finish

• Professional woven fabric • Great balance between coverage and finish

• Premium microfibre fabric • Superior coverage • Flawless finish in all paints

• Professional microfibre fabric • Great coverage • Extremely durable and washable

• Professional knitted fabric • High-capacity production roller cover

Nour Painting Tools






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Prep Products

MASKERS PAINTERS TAPE FROGTAPE BRAND PAINTER’S TAPE FrogTape is the only painter’s tape treated with patented PaintBlock Technology. Save time and get the sharpest paint lines possible with FrogTape. FROGTAPE DELICATE SURFACE PAINTING TAPE Designed to work on delicate surfaces like fresh paint, wallpaper and decorative projects, this tape helps prevent surface damage. Made with exclusive PaintBlock Technology, it delivers crisp, clean lines every time. SCOTCHBLUE ULTRA SHARP LINES PAINTER’S TAPE Features Advanced Edge-Lock Technology that seals out paint to reveal ultra sharp paint lines. This multi-surface innovative poly-tape removes without tearing. Ideal for wood trim, painted walls, tile floor, or glass windows. TRIMACO EASY MASK BLUEDGE PAINTING TAPE Premium 14 day crepe paper tape that can be applied inside or outside on stained or painted surfaces. Best for primed or painted drywall. Removes cleanly and easily – even if exposed to direct sunlight. TRIMACO EASY MASK KLEENEDGE LOW TACK TAPE Easy Mask flat white paper tape specially designed for use on delicate surfaces. Protects delicate surfaces, freshly cured paints, and most wallpapers. Leaves clean straight lines and can be left on for 14 days. TRIMACO EASY MASK KLEENEDGE PERFECT EDGE TAPE Flat light blue paper tape specially designed for use on a variety of surfaces. Tape is great for flat surfaces such as wood, glass and metal. Easy Mask Tape leaves clean straight lines and can be left on for 14 days. MASKING TAPE TRIMACO EASY MASK KLEENEDGE BROWN PAINTING TAPE The unique masking paper design catches paint spills and splatters while you paint straight lines. Perfect for painting walls, ceilings, trim, windows, baseboards, faux finishing and more! Can be left on surface for 7 days. TRIMACO TAPE & DRAPE Tape & Drape Masking Film is perfect protection for use in areas where you want to catch drips and overspray! Tape is applied along one edge of high-density masking film. Coated film clings to surfaces its protecting. BARRIER SYSTEMS

MR. LONGARM SMART WALL TEMPORARY BARRIER Easy to use temporary barrier to control dust and protect furniture from dust and paint. It can be used to protect rooms during light construction projects, comes with a canvas storage bag. TRIMACO E-Z UP DUST CONTAINMENT POLE The E-Z Up Dust Containment Pole works with sheeting to create a dust barrier. The durable steel construction adjusts to a max height of 12 feet. Features clip to hold plastic, twist lock technology and bottom spring.


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

TRIMACO HEAVY DUTY E-Z UP DUST CONTAINMENT POLE The heavy-duty aluminum construction is available in three heights – 12ft, 16ft and 20ft. Simply clip plastic onto the quick clip and adjust the pole to ceiling height. The unique foot pedal ensures a snug fit. ZIPWALL DUST BARRIER POLES ZipWall spring-loaded, telescoping, twist-locking poles can be used to set up a dust barrier up to 20' high and as wide as needed in minutes. Self-adhesive zippers quickly create an entryway. No ladders, no tape, no damage! ZIPWALL MAGNETIC DUST BARRIER DOOR KIT Quick and easy to install, the ZipWall magnetic door attaches to the barrier material to create hands-free, selfclosing access to your worksite. Ideal for high-traffic areas. Maintains a tight seal, durable and reusable. HAND MASKERS 3M HAND-MASKER MASKING PLASTIC Prep with plastic—When you use 3M Hand-Masker Masking Plastic with the 3M Hand-Masker M3000 Dispenser, you get high-quality results while saving time and money in comparison to 3M Hand-Masker General Purpose Masking Paper. TRIMACO EASY MASK HAND MASKER Prep your jobsite 3x faster with the Easy Mask masker. The masker attaches tape to the edges of either film or paper, allowing a painter to easily mask off large areas. Features a comfort grip handle. DROP CLOTHS

ADHESIVES LIQUID NAILS FUZE*IT An adhesive formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend for best-in-class adhesion. With two times the strength of fasteners alone, it bonds nearly all materials in any weather condition. SEALANTS BIG STRETCH BY SASHCO Big Stretch high-performance elastomeric sealant won’t crack—it just stretches. Use in high-movement applications, like crown molding, fiber cement siding, and more. In 12 colors + clear. CONCEAL TEXTURED CAULK FOR WOOD BY SASHCO Conceal textured caulk blends seamlessly with wood siding, trim, logs, cabinetry, and more for a high-performance seal that lasts without standing out. In 8 colors that match popular stain colors. DAP ULTRA CLEAR FLEXIBLE SEALANT Ultra Clear is an all purpose, ultra elastic sealant offering a clearer-than-silicone finish and permanent flexibility that won’t crack. Use for interior and exterior projects for a durable, waterproof and weatherproof seal. EXACT COLOR CUSTOM COLOR CAULK BY SASHCO Finally – getting the perfect color caulk for any job just got easier with Exact Color. Simply mix in any color latex paint to get an exact match every time. No-mess mixing in 3 minutes. Learn more:

TRIMACO ELIMINATOR 225% more slip resistant than 10oz canvas, the Eliminator dropcloth gives you leak proof protection that stays put. Professional grade, crack-resistant butyl works well in hot or cold temperatures, never sticking or cracking.

PPG TOP GUN 200XI This premium grade, elastomeric acrylic sealant forms a durable, flexible, airtight and weather-resistant seal. It is easy to apply, flows smoothly, offers good paintability and resists rust bleed-through.

TRIMACO STAY PUT CANVAS PLUS DROPCLOTH 300% more slip resistant than 8oz canvas, Stay Put Canvas Plus dropcloth gives you slip and leak resistant protection that stays put. It consists of three layers—absorbent canvas, plastic, and a durable non-slip backing.

PPG TOP GUN 300 This premium grade sealant forms a flexible, durable, airtight and water-resistant seal. It offers exceptional protection from environmental conditions and features high stretchability and superior recovery.

SURFACE SHIELDS TRIMACO X-BOARD PAINT + REMODEL This painter board lays flat when rolled out and our Spill Block technology ensures no liquid will get through to your surface. X•Board is long-lasting and breathable to allow floors to continue the curing process. TRIMACO X-PAPER Trimaco’s X-Paper is 1.5 times thicker than regular contractor’s paper and is breathable to allow floors to continue curing. The paper repels minor spills. Spend less time applying and re-applying paper on the job.

SURFACE PREP ABRASIVES 3M PRO GRADE PRECISION SANDING SPONGES The unique Dust Channeling sanding sponge made of premium aluminum oxide mineral channels dust away from the sanding surface and is clog resistant. Use the pattern side or standard side.

TOWER SEALANTS - ACCURA PLUS ACCURA PLUS Siliconized Caulk has elastomeric qualities. Forms a flexible, airtight, weather resistant seal with great paintability. Air-free filling provides easy application making it the Pro’s choice for construction. TOWER SEALANTS - ACCURA TT-S ACCURA TT-S Elastomeric Sealant is formulated for flexibility and durability with over 500% elongation. Air-Free filling allows for smooth applications. Provides a water-proof, paintable seal for interior or exterior jobs. TOWER SEALANTS - TOWER TECH 2 TOWER TECH 2 Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric is a stateof-the-art, water-based sealant. Exceptional strength, durability and adhesion with 800% elongation. Seals interior or exterior gaps up to 2" with lifetime performance.

Learn More at ©ShurTech Brands, LLC 2019/78137 FEB/MAR 2019 | inPAINT


Prep Products (continued)

TOOLS HAND TOOLS HYDE 17-IN-1 PAINTER’S MULTITOOL This rugged multitool scrapes paint, spreads compound, opens cracks, pulls nails, sets nails, opens paint cans, cleans max and mini paint rollers, opens bottles, has hidden screw bits and 2 wrenches for airless spray hookups. HYDE BETTER FINISH NAIL HOLE FILLER Better than spackle! This tube of drywall mud comes with a built-in applicator that’s handy for quick wall repair jobs. Promotes a better finish, with much less flashing than spackle. Resealable tube has a 3-year shelf life. HYDE SUPERFLEXX PUTTIES & JOINT KNIVES These stainless steel putties and joint knives were made with the extra flexibility that many paint pros prefer for prepping walls. They feature an overmold comfort grip, rust-resistant stainless blade and Hammer Head end. MILWAUKEE TOOL STUD TAPE MEASURES Feature the longest-lasting blade that is both rip and wear resistant. A fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold also make these the most durable tape measures in the industry. OLFA FIBERGLASS-REINFORCED AUTO-LOCK UTILITY KNIFE (LA-X) OLFA’s 18mm LA-X utility knife is ideal for any heavy-duty cutting applications. The OLFA LA-X includes a metal pick, perfect for opening paint cans, cleaning out caulk, removing light switch plate covers and more. PURDY PAINT TOOLS’ FOLDING TOOL This 10-in-1 tool includes a scraper, nail puller, bottle opener, roller cleaner, compound spreader, crack cleaner, nail setter, paint can opener, flat screw driver, cutter and foldable blade all on one pocket clip. PURDY PAINT TOOLS’ PREMIUM MULTI-TOOLS Purdy’s multi-tools include features to set nails, scrape, open cans, spread compound, open/clean cracks, and clean rollers while their rubberized ergonomic grip prevents slipping and increases comfort. POWER TOOLS

HYDE 28-INCH PIVOT NOZZLE WAND, 4000PSI This M22-style wand for gas-powered pressure washers has a pivoting nozzle that lets you step back, stay dry, and reach every nook and cranny while keeping a 90° angle to surfaces. Twist grip easily directs nozzle on the fly. HYDE 40-INCH PIVOT NOZZLE WAND, 4000PSI This 1/4"-style wand for gas-powered pressure washers has a pivoting nozzle that helps you keep an optimal 90° angle to surfaces while stepping back and staying clear of overspray. Avoids the strain of excessive stretching. MI-T-M CORPORATION CBA PRESSURE WASHER The Mi-T-M CBA Series belt driven pressure washer is built with longevity in mind. With 4000 PSI this machine is built for contractors who use them to prep surfaces as part of their large restoration projects. Visit for more information. COMPRESSORS MI-T-M CORPORATION 6000-WATT GENERATOR Anyone who’s been without power knows the importance of being prepared. The Mi-T-M 6000-watt generator is a great choice for powering tools and equipment while providing backup power during outages. Visit for information. MISCELLANEOUS BOSCH PT, BLAZE PRO LASER MEASURE The BLAZE Pro Laser Measure comes packed with professional features, including measuring 1/16th of an inch accuracy up to 165 feet and a backlit display. The laser measure is simple to use and delivers real-time measurement. HYDE DUAL HEAD TIP EXTENSION Spray twice as fast with this airless spray tip extension, which has 2 tips that deliver a wider spray fan. Offset tips spaced 6 inches apart provide a feathered overlap for faster, better first-pass coverage every time. MR. LONGARM SMART-LOK, SUPER TAB-LOK AND SUPER TWIST-LOK EXTENSION POLES Three professional-grade pole options designed for comfort, durability and strength. All feature a heavy duty metal threaded end that fits all types of threaded tools and Lok-thread prevents tools from loosening during use. Made in USA.

FESTOOL CT DUST EXTRACTOR From ultra-mobile, full unit HEPA certified CT SYS to the CT 36 AC with Autoclean for drywall sanding, Festool dust extractors provide portable, tool-triggered performance with optional Bluetooth remote control on many models.


FESTOOL PLANEX EASY DRYWALL SANDER Sand walls and ceilings in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools or methods. Save countless hours on prep work and cleanup - the PLANEX and CT 36 AC Dust Extractor will capture and contain virtually all the dust and mess.

WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base.

FESTOOL ROTEX RO 150 FEQ MULTI-MODE SANDER Use just one tool for an extremely high material removal rate during coarse sanding, a super-fine result when sanding and a perfect finish when polishing. With simple pad changes and 720 watts of power, the RO 150 can take on any job. MILWAUKEE TOOL M12 ROCKET TOWER LIGHT This is the first stand light on the M12 System. Its rotating light head can be extended over 5' 8" and rotated 210° vertically or pivoted 270° horizontally. Collapsible to a length of 2' 7". MILWAUKEE TOOL M18 RANDOM ORBIT SANDER Capable of reaching 12,000 OPM max, the new tool delivers true corded power, allowing users to remove more material per charge. 34


inPAINT | FEB/MAR 2019

LADDERS, Extension

LADDERS, Stepladders WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base. LADDERS, Specialty WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base.

LADDERS, Accessories WERNER MT ALUMINUM MULTI-POSITION LADDER Multiple ladders are often needed for one project. The Werner MT Multi-Position Ladder design allows it to be used in 5 unique ways: Twin Step Ladder, Stairway Stepladder, Extension Ladder, Wall Ladder and Scaffold Base.

MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS SPECIALTY DATACOLOR COLORREADER Low cost, ultra-portable, Bluetooth connected, color selection device that identifies paint color instantly across all major brands. With the highest level of accuracy, you’ll save time and money and enhance your business. DATACOLOR COLORREADER PRO Portable, Bluetooth connected, color selection device that identifies paint color instantly across all major brands with standalone option. With the highest level of accuracy, you save time and money and enhance your business. HYDE QUICKREACH TELESCOPING SPRAY POLES QuickReach poles extend out for easy painting of ceilings, stairwells, high exteriors and more without using ladders. Fits all major brands of spray guns. Comes in telescoping lengths of 4.5-6.5 ft; 5.5-8.5 ft; or 7.5-12 ft. HYDE STIRWHIP ALL-PURPOSE MIXER, 1-5 GAL This versatile mixer uses less power but accomplishes more work. Perfect for paint, concrete, compound, grout, adhesives, thin-set, epoxies, lacquers, sealants. Head fits thru 5-gal pour-spouts for mixing right in the bucket. MR. LONGARM MIX-N-CLEAN MIXER 6-in-1 tool with patented shape/hole pattern for optimum mixing. Pivoting blade mixes through pour spout and functions as a spatula, can opener, lip cleaner, stirrer and roller cover cleaner. MR. LONGARM RACK-N-PAINT DOOR RACK Our labor efficient work center makes it easy for one person to prep, paint and install hardware on up to 16 doors in a 10ft x 10ft area. Set up your own highly efficient work center and reduce door prep and painting time by over 50%. NIX MINI COLOR SENSOR BY NIX SENSOR LTD. Get to painting faster with the Nix Mini. Grab any color from wallpapers, painted walls, plastics, and more, and match it to 31,000+ paint brands. Save your matches to project folders in the app and share them with clients. NIX PRO 2 BY NIX SENSOR LTD. Measure the color of any surface and match to a database of paints, vinyl, or custom imports with the Nix Pro 2. Export, compare Delta-E values, and more! Available Feb. 2019. Use coupon code “inPAINTPRO” to get 10% off at T-REX BRUTE FORCE TAPE Designed for projects demanding intense durability, highperformance, patent-pending Forge-Link technology delivers unmatched strength. One 36-inch loop holds more than 700 pounds of weight, so you can secure and hold loads. T-REX EXTREME TREAD Made with a multi-layer grit embedding process, this industrial grade tape improves surface traction to help prevent slips and accidents. The weather-resistant, long-lasting adhesive exceeds OSHA and ADA federal recommendations. -

The Best All-purpose Pro Mixer

HYDE Stir Whip ®

Mixes even the thickest materials without stressing your drill. • Quickly mix paint, joint compound, grout, adhesives and more. • Low drag design for mixing thick materials with less power and torque. • Flexes to fit through 5 gallon pour spout • Reaches into corners of cans • Cleans up in seconds • 800-872-4933

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inPAINT ® presents an industry-specific question and invites an expert to share their insight.

Q: A:

SUSAN BUNTING is the director of marketing, consumer solutions for Datacolor. Having 10-plus years of experience in the paint industry, where she built programs for pros, enables her to help contractors find new ways to grow and differentiate their business.


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My customer can’t decide on a color and it’s stalling the project. What do I do?

We often hear from contractors about how they don’t feel comfortable helping customers choose a color. There’s good reason for that. If you suggest a color and your customer agrees but then doesn’t like the choice after it’s applied, you’re stuck with an unhappy customer. At the same time, if you stay quiet about the topic of color selection, you may come across as someone who isn’t knowledgeable or doesn’t care. Employing solutions that help your customer choose colors quickly and with confidence will not only save you time and keep the job moving, they could also save your customer disappointment—and even the cost of a repaint. The solution is understanding some basics about color perception—and employing the right technology tools to take the subjectivity out of color selection for your customer. First, let’s talk a little about color perception, and just how much of an uphill battle it can be to help a customer choose color. We all bring our own life experiences and perceptions about color and visual acuity to a situation, which contributes to the fact that the turquoise you see, for example, is different from the turquoise someone else sees, even though both of you are looking at the exact same paint sample. At the same time, one in 12 men is considered color deficient, thanks to their X chromosome; only one in 250 women is. This does not mean they are color blind; just that their perception of color is altered. Knowing how differently we all see color, it’s impossible for you as a painting contractor to understand how your customer is actually seeing color. That’s where technology can work wonders. An effective paint color-matching tool uses precision optical design and advanced color algorithms to accurately measure, suggest and match colors. It is a precise solution that takes the subjectivity out of the decision-making for a customer to help them identify the most accurate color

that matches their vision. Having a tool like this leaves the impression on your customers that your company is innovative and willing to go the extra customer service mile. It’s a value add that also takes you out of the position of recommending the color yourself, and helps the customer feel more comfortable with their own choice. Here’s how you can be part of the discussion without needing to play the role of color consultant: Ask your customer about items and furniture that will reside in a room. How do furniture pieces or certain large or small items reflect color? The right technology tool in these situations can also inform you as to which colors work well together. You can measure the color of a couch, then find the closest paint match and complementary colors that will work well in the space. Talk about light. Explain that the light in retail environments is different from the light in any room in the house. Natural light can even cast differently in a room throughout the day. Shadows also have a hand in how a color presents itself on the wall. Provide paint samples to try in different areas of the space being painted. Have them view the samples at different times of day, too, to see how the changing light influences the color. You can create paint boards, allowing the colors to be easily moved around the house. Explain sheen’s effect on color perception. Point out that light reflection plays an important role in how color is seen and make sure they utilize a paint sample with the same sheen that will be used for the job or in a particular room. You don’t actually need to be a color expert to help your customer make a confident color decision. Having the right tools for the job, along with some basic color knowledge to support the benefits of those tools, can help a customer make a confident color decision without delays. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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What, Where & When


3 9




5 12








19–21: NAHB International Builders’ Show, Las Vegas, NV



6–8: 2019 PDCA EXPO, Savannah, GA





1–4: 100th Annual Association of General Contractors Convention, Denver, CO


26–28: Apartmentalize, Denver, CO


1–4: ArtFusion Event, Santa Fe, NM


22–26: AWCI’s Annual Convention, National Harbor, MD

M AY 6


22–25: 2019 BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo, Salt Lake City, UT

AU G U ST 11

7–9: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV 13–18: 47th Annual Society of Decorative Painters’ International Conference & Expo, Wichita, KS

26 & 27: PDCA Residential Forum Advanced Shop Talk, Philadelphia, PA


1 & 2: 2019 Southeast Building Conference, Kissimmee, FL 8 & 9: The HUGE Convention: 7th Annual Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Convention, Branson, MO

TITAN Page 3

International Conference & Expo May 13–18, Wichita, KS

If you’re looking to hone your decorative painting skills, discover the latest products, and learn new approaches to your craft, then this is the event for you. The 47th annual Conference & Expo will feature world-class teachers, hands-on demonstrations, more than 50 painting classes, and plenty of opportunities to check out and purchase the latest tools and products.

To register, visit 38

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Testing … Testing Why it pays to test products before taking them to YOUR customers


he future of interior paints is being dictated by what paint manufacturers are working on today. Coatings attributes including sustainable, soft feel, zero VOC, zero odor, pearl fi nish and others are continually coming to the market and capturing the attention of customers. And while it’s always great to give the customer what they want, it’s important to understand how a product actually works before committing to using it on a project. Protocol matters In my experience, the best way is to test new coatings side by side against products whose performance you especially like. You can do this on a piece of drywall or the appropriate substrate in your shop, just as long as the environment and method of applications are the same for both products. The most common tests are the adhesion, coverage, scrub, sag and gloss tests. What’s key to a successful test is having a protocol that ensures the tests reflect what will happen in the actual project setting. So when testing, you need to apply both coatings at the same time on the same substrate at the same dry-fi lm thickness so that there can be no doubt that one is better than the other or that they both perform the same. Code for success When conducting tests, be sure to keep a record of all results. Over the years, I’ve developed a coding system to help me organize and track testing. Each code begins with a prefi x that denotes the type of test I am doing, such as ADH for an adhesion test, or LT for lap time. I then follow that with the page number and then a

letter indicating which product was used. I go with the simple A, B, C, etc. One other thing I do to help keep things straight in my head is to always apply the ‘known’ product fi rst, so they’re always the A test. Consistency counts Given that we all have our personal quirks and preferences in terms of what we like or value about a product, you’ll no doubt create your own method for testing different performance qualities. The key is being consistent in how you conduct the test. For example, when I’m doing a lap time test, I fi rst paint a long stripe across the surface with product A followed by a stripe of B below it. I record the time each went on and, after 2 to 5 minutes, I brush or roll into it again and see if it melts in or sits up on top. I then repeat that process every 5 or so minutes. Throughout, I’m making notes about how the products are performing. Being diligent about recording the findings helps me feel confident about my choice to use or not use a product and also provides me something to reference with customers when they ask why I won’t consider the latest and greatest planet-saving coating solution they read about. Serious vetting If you decide to take on testing in a more standardized and serious way, I recommend buying the American Society for Testing and Materials’ Annual Book of ASTM Standards—Volumes 06.01, 06.02, 06.03, which details the many tests they do. They have really done an outstanding job of fi nding out everything that can go wrong with a test and determining ways to keep it meaningful.

V.C. BUD JENKINS started painting at age 14. During his career, he worked at Celanese, a coatings manufacturing company, and later as operations manager at Ellis Paint Company, where he served as technical director, plant manager and environmental manager—all at the same time. In addition to now running Coatings Scientist Consulting Services, he also paints houses with his daughter, Julia Jenkins.

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Introducing Graco’s ALL NEW LINEUP of Airless Sprayers

Featuring the brand new, industry-first innovations you need, including Vortex™ Pump Technology, BlueLink™ Sprayer Management, and Contractor PC™ Airless Spray Gun Technology, these powerful new technologies deliver ultimate performance— and can be found only on a Graco.


Longest life in the industry with Vortex rotating piston rod

6X more gallons sprayed between repacks

Extends pump rod life by 3X — delivering the industry's lowest cost of ownership




Track every sprayer — exact location and hourly productivity

Know job progress — on-demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere

Maximize uptime — set maintenance schedules, alerts, and jobsite notes


Available on Ultra Max II ™and TexSpray ™ Mark Sprayers

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Easiest trigger pull

E-Z Fit ™ adjustable trigger length

Complete gun rebuild in seconds with ProConnect ™


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