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Four pros share their trusted brushes and roller covers


Hiring talent—even when they’re not looking

Creating raving fans through
marketing PRO PICKS

The best paint jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter’s Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter’s tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you’re painting.

*Based on 2020 TNS Kantar U.S. Brand Health Survey. © 3M 2023. All rights reserved. 3M, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.
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Ten years ago, I was approached by a colleague from the publishing world about an opportunity to launch a trade magazine for paint contractors. At that point in my career, I’d written about a lot of things—from health care, homebrewing and gardening to business etiquette, banking and even contact lenses for chickens—but never painting. I took a bit of time to do some due diligence, visiting local paint stores and talking to the staff and customers. I wanted to be sure that this was a subject that I would enjoy digging in to and that there were meaningful information and stories to share.

Fast-forward 10 years and thousands of pages later, and I think I have my answer: there is PLENTY to learn and say about the painting industry.

In the decade that’s flown by, I’ve watched the industry evolve. Handwritten estimates that took days to generate have given way to electronic bids delivered on the spot. Coatings technology has moved beyond providing coverage and protection to fighting germs, repelling dirt, and absorbing toxins from the air. The number of innovative and problem-solving applicators, tools and sundries has grown exponentially. Equally, if not most, importantly, the profile of the industry and all the craftspeople who make their living in it, has risen to a whole new level. The skills, talents and expertise the craft requires is garnering the respect it deserves.

I admit, when I first considered working on inPAINT, I wondered ‘What am I possibly going to fill the pages of every issue with?’ Now I wonder ‘How am I going to fit it all in?’

Thanks to everyone who has made it so easy to fill those pages. Special thanks to everyone who graciously allowed us to interview them and especially to those who helped us shape the content by serving on the Editorial Advisory Board. You guys really are the best.

Let me close by welcoming and introducing the Editorial Advisory Board for 2023 (see below). I can’t wait to see what we cover next.

Cheers, Amanda Haar, Managing Editor, inPAINT


Ryan Adamski

Production Manager, CertaPro Painters

Bryce Benfield

Owner, South-East Paint & Protective Coatings Co.

Peter Berke

Owner, North Atlantic Painting Company

Lauren Fink Owner, Apex Painting

Jeremy Fyfe Owner, GLS Painters

Larry Marler Owner, The Works Remodeling and Finishing

Rich Purnell Owner, BASE Painters


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Edward McAdams


Amanda Haar


Carl Bezuidenhout


Cindy Puskar


Brian Sodoma


Marisa Crumb


Steve Adickes Adix Painting

Marsha Akpodiete Paychex

Eric Henn Eric Henn Murals

Brian Kaskavalciyan gFour Marketing Group

Patti LaPorte Shurtape Technologies

Kris Mannale Fitzpatrick Painting and Construction

Alice Martin Martin Painting & Coating Co.

Caty Saville Johnson Specialty Painters

Paul Schmidt Schmidt & Co.

Jody Underhill Rapid Hire Pro

Tess Wittler

Jacob Wright Pro-Vision Painting


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4 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
Spinelli Owner, Uni Pro Painting
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Wallcoverings Installation Academy announces 2023 training schedule

T Due to the recent surge in consumer demand for wallcoverings, Wallcoverings Installation Academy expanded its 2023 training calendar. Based in Vermont, the 30-year-old organization is hosting intensive one-week courses in May, June, July, August, October and November. Each session provides the essential knowledge necessary to become a successful wallcovering installer, including wallpaper removal and prep, estimating, installation techniques, a comprehensive introduction to primers, sealers and adhesives, plus plenty of hands-on training. Group discounts available for five or more students.

What’s NOT #1 and #2 in the bathroom

T A recent survey by asked participants what color they would never paint their bathroom based on six provided options. Here’s how they ranked:

Dark Brown 28.55%

Red 26.90%

Yellow 21.29%

Meanwhile, in Canada …

T To mark the 60th anniversary of the Barbie Dreamhouse, Canadian paint manufacturer BeautiTone partnered with Mattel Canada and released a curated collection of 13 Barbie-inspired paint colors. Chosen for their playfulness and livability, the collection features a range of muted, neutral shades and bold colors. Among the mix is the title color Barbie, a—of course—bold, deep pink leaning toward purple, along with Glow Up, a vibrant yellow; Career Goals, a deep teal; Beach Day, a turquoise; Current Mood, an offwhite neutral; and others.

The Home Depot launches jobseeker’s marketplace

T According to a survey conducted by The Home Depot (THD) in partnership with Morning Consult, 50% of trades professionals say that determining whether an applicant is qualified for a job is an obstacle to hiring. That, in part, inspired THD to launch Intended to connect skilled tradespeople to hiring trades professionals in the construction and home improvement industries, the site allows jobseekers to create a profile, upload their resume, and add photos of their work. Jobseekers can also include badges that indicate if someone has accredited training, is a U.S. military veteran, or has graduated from THD’s free trades training program. Profiles are available for review by local THD pro customers, which makes it easy for them to contact candidates of interest.

The paint store that never closes

T Recognizing that the work of pros rarely happens within normal business hours, PPG recently launched the PPG Paints app. The app enables pros to shop the entire PPG Paints catalog, place orders, schedule delivery or pickup, and view purchase and pricing history at any time from anywhere using a mobile device or web browser. The app caters to individual pro pricing and product preferences by offering job-specific pricing structures and a searchenabled holistic view of the company’s lineup of pro products.

6 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023 THE NEWS
White 11.72% Green 6.60% Beige 4.95%

What’s in today’s professional toolbox?

Tower Sealants: AU-1 Commercial Construction Sealantss

TOWER Sealants, the manufacturer of top quality caulks and sealants for the professional, introduces a new standard in construction sealants. AU-1 is a premium, elastomeric construction sealant for commercial and industrial applications, including window & door installations, expansion and control joints, waterproofing, and more. Unique Acrylic Urethane technology offers unmatched adhesion and durability. Once cured, it provides a permanently flexible, paintable waterproof seal that is UV and mold & mildew resistant. In stock and shipping immediately.

3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Faster Sanding Sheets

#1 Sanding Performance. 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Faster Sanding Sheets with enhanced mineral technology resist clogging and sand faster. Fold once and the NO-SLIP GRIP™ durable backing grips together to prevent slipping, so you can sand longer with less hand fatigue. Superior cut durability from start to finish. For when endurance matters.

Benjamin Moore ColorReader


Smarter, Not Harder, with Precision Color Matching

A precise, paint color matching tool like no other from names you can trust — that’s what you get from the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ app and ColorReader device, powered by Datacolor’s renowned color technology. It’s never been easier to accurately scan, match and visualize color, simplifying the paint color matching process for you and your customers. Quicker paint color selection means faster job turnarounds.


Deciding factors

Here’s how consumers rate factors—other than price—for selecting a contractor for the job:

Needs improvement

According to the 2022 Paychex Pulse of HR survey, half of the respondents said their organizations are not effective at hiring, onboarding and retention.

And here are the attributes of a pro’s sales process that makes consumers less likely to hire him/her:

Now hear this ...

These were the 10 most-listened-to The Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast for 2022:

1. Be a People Company First

SOURCE: Houzz 2022 Modernize Home Services Homeowner Sentiment Report

Bedroom huezzzzz

According to the remodeling website, these relaxing, sleep-inducing colors will be the most popular choices for bedrooms in 2023.

2. The Right Mindset for Success

3. Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

4. Cross the Million-Dollar Revenue

5. Data-Driven Marketing

6. Hiring for Personality

7. A Compensation Model That Works

8. Importance of Thinking Big

9. The Entrepreneur Operating System

10. The Power of the 80/20 Rule



According to the recent 2022 Houzz U.S. Homeowner Activity Study, 91%

of homeowners planning a home renovation project in the next 12 months also plan to hire a professional.

TRENDS 8 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
Online ratings and reviews 30% Expertise 24% Personal references 15% Brand of equipment/materials used 13% Presentation of contractor 10% Other 7%
Lack of communication 22% Tardiness 20% Unclear or confusing quote/bid 17% Lack of expertise 16.5% Lack of insurance 10.5% Ego 8% Other 6%
1. Soft blues 2. Soft greens 3. Blush, mauve and dusty pink 4. Purple tones 5. Golden shades

Give the people what they want

Standing out in the battle for talent

According to Jody Underhill, CEO of Rapid Hire Pro, a recruitment agency specializing in the home service industry, one of the biggest challenges to finding great talent today is the fact that the best people aren’t looking for work.

“The really talented people already have jobs and aren’t perusing job listings,” he says. “So, not only do you first have to find a way to appear on their radar, but you also then need to make a compelling case as to how and why your opportunity is even worth considering leaving where they’re at.”

While Underhill admits it’s a big task, he says it’s not insurmountable.

Meeting candidates where they’re at

Because the happily employed aren’t likely to spend time on job boards, employers need to expand their recruitment efforts.

Both Underhill and Marsha Akpodiete, an HR coach at Paychex, agree that social media is key to finding talent.

Akpodiete encourages employers to establish a presence on industry-specific websites and platforms. “There are countless pages on Facebook and Instagram that are very narrowly focused. Search for ones that align with the role you’re trying to fill,” she says, “It’s a great way to present the opportunity to an entire audience of potential candidates.”

Regarding the actual post, Underhill advises always including an image. “If you specialize in cabinets, feature that work,” he says. “People are drawn to the type of work and craftsmanship they admire. In a way, a wellchosen image can be your first qualifier in attracting prospective candidates.”

Making it about more than money

Because competitive pay is a must-have for any serious employment offer, it falls to employers to offer and promote benefits that appeal to potential candidates.

Underhill says, “You want to highlight anything you’re doing that makes it easy or enjoyable to work for your company. That may be uniforms, a stocked break room, company vehicles, training, an established career path, PTO and so on. People are looking for better experiences, and things like this are key to framing the experience you’re offering.”

Akpodiete adds that Paychex recently conducted an employer survey in which they were asked to identify benefits of increasing importance to employees. Employers

identified retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, stipend, student loan repayment, and childcare support.

“The key,” she says, “is creating a package that works for everyone on some level. Childcare may not be a priority for all, so you need to have options that address other needs so every employee can partake in your benefits.”

Reaping the rewards of reframing

After dealing with ‘abysmal turnover’ in 2021, Kris Mannale, the business relations manager at Fitzpatrick Painting and Construction in Albany, OR, set some ‘audacious hiring goals’ for 2022.

He says, “We needed to add 20 to 25 team members by late spring to hit our financial goals. But more important, we needed whoever we hired to stay.”

After efforts via traditional hiring channels, including Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and postings at local paint outlets, came up short, Mannale contacted Rapid Hire Pro.

“They took our stale post and made it more engaging and visually appealing,” he says. “They framed the benefits just right and began running and boosting our ads on social platforms we hadn’t been using. Their recruitment process is almost fully automated and includes a way for candidates to basically interview themselves online but, I’ll be honest, I was so hungry for candidates that I did a bit of an end run and reached out to everyone who showed an interest before they got to the video portion. After 8 days, I had interviewed about 40 candidates and hired 15. Our team had jumped from around 50 total staff in spring to more than 100 team members by August. “We retained 77 of them through 2022.”

Beyond the sheer volume of hires, what’s noteworthy is that the company didn’t change their pay or benefits to achieve the numbers. Mannale says, “It was all a matter of reframing the opportunity to be more appealing and putting it in front of the right people, including those who weren’t even looking for a job.”

With the help of Rapid Hire Pro, this reworked Facebook recruitment ad for Fitzpatrick Painting and Construction resulted in 15 hires in 8 days.

TREND IN FOCUS 9 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT

PATTI LAPORTE is the director of product marketing at Shurtape Technologies and is responsible for leading the product development and marketing of the masking and paper tapes category for both the Industrial and Consumer & Craftsman Groups.

Q:What type of painter’s tape works best for masking self-cleaning paint?

A:The term ‘self-cleaning paint’ refers to paint formulated with a new technology that is gaining favor as a durable, high-performance exterior paint option. The benefit of this new formulation is that it repels substances such as dirt, dust, stains, mold and other organic materials that can otherwise damage paint and dull its vibrancy over time. However, some of the beneficial properties that make this type of coating so appealing also create challenges for pros relying on their usual go-to tapes to stick to it. It seems the same components of the formulation that repel certain substances, also repel many adhesives, including those found in traditional painter’s and masking tapes. As a result, standard tasks such as hanging poly sheeting and taping off trim or windows aren’t always so simple.

The good news is that some tape manufacturers have stayed ahead of this curve and developed what are referred to as high-bond tape products specifically engineered to work with self-cleaning paint.

High-bond tapes feature an aggressive adhesive capable of holding strong on self-cleaning paints even

in tough conditions. For example, high-bond tape securely holds poly sheeting in place during exterior spray painting or in windy conditions.

Another bonus of these types of tape is that their higher level of adhesion allows them to adhere to not just self-cleaning paint but to other challenging surfaces including uneven substrates, painted wood, aluminum, steel, brick, stonework, concrete and vinyl. That versatility means pros aren’t forced to buy a specialty tape that only suits one purpose.

Because exterior painting often requires tapes that can easily conform to rough and inconsistent surfaces, stretch and tear-resistance are important considerations when choosing a product. The good news is some highbond tapes are designed with a crepe paper backing that makes it quick to apply and easy to shape around corners and angles when masking doorways, windows and other exterior features.

One note of caution for pros trying out high-bond tapes for the first time: due to the high adhesion, it’s important to test these tapes on any surface before use.

10 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023 ASK A PRO

The next generation small application airless sprayer— designed to deliver higher quality results faster and easier with water-based, solvent and flammable architectural coatings.

©2019 Graco Inc. 344773C 3/20 Printed in U.S.A. Product covered by issued and pending patents, see SCANTO SEEALL OF GRACO’S 2023 NEW PRODUCTS MADE IN THE USA WITH GLOBAL COMPONENTS
BREAKTHROUGHTECHNOLOGY, DESIGNEDTODELIVERHIGHERQUALITY RESULTSFASTER! PATENT PENDING – REFILLS / COLOR CHANGE – CLEAN UP –APPLICATION SPEED – SET UP ©2023 Graco Inc. 3J0489A 3/23 Product covered by issued and pending patents, see DEWALT® and the DEWALT Logo are trademarks of DEWALT Industrial Tool Co. and are used under license. With respect to 20V MAX, maximum initial battery voltage (measured without workload), is 20 volts. Nominal is 18 volts. Ultra® ™

Marketing Road Map for 2023

During the last 24 to 28 months, home improvement enterprises have thrived. From the pandemic’s beginning in 2020 through the summer of 2022, the remodeling, decorating, painting and other craftsmen industries experienced unprecedented growth. As a result, the demand for products was sky-high and selling your services became easier than ever. While it seemed that this shift in consumer trends was becoming the new normal, Q3 and Q4 of 2022 proved otherwise, and things have returned to the levels they were before the pandemic.

Remodeling returns to normal

Here’s how searches for ‘remodeling’ tracked on Google Trends between March 2018 and March 2023.

You watched your business flourish during the last two years, but now you’re seeing that the sales volume isn’t what you had become accustomed to. In order to experience year-over-year business growth, you’ll need to strategize new ways to gain more of the market share. This is why marketing is going to be even more important in 2023 than it has been in previous years.

As a small business in today’s digital world, creating a comprehensive marketing road map for 2023 may sound intimidating— but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, we’ll show you the exact road map our agency uses for our customers and break down tasks into actionable steps so you can build your own effective strategy. With thoughtful planning, your brand will be positioned to reach its desired goals.

Website optimization and organic search

First, you’ll want to start with a website audit. You need to know where you’re beginning in order to determine how to get where you want to go. Your website is the hub of your online presence and should not be ignored. All too often, companies spend more time and energy building their social media presence than their website; however, a business’s search engine optimization (SEO) footprint is what truly drives results.

Organic search is king in the digital world and potential customers are more likely to discover you through your use of strategic keywords. According to HubSpot, 71% of marketers say using strategic keywords was their number one strategy for SEO and more than 50% of marketers say keyword rankings and organic traffic are the top ways to measure the success of their campaigns.

Optimization and search must-dos:

■ Choose the right keywords that uniquely fit your industry.

■ Optimize your website for search engines, focusing on your home page and services page. Make sure title tags and meta descriptions are accurate and include your main keywords.

■ Use keyword-rich titles for your blog posts.

Expert Recommendation

Perform a thorough website audit to identify the areas where your site is underperforming and to reveal issue with User Experience, Conversion Optimization, and/or SEO/Online Visibility. Create a content inventory spreadsheet to organize what you have, see what needs to be revised/discarded, and find where content gaps exist.

12 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
Interest Over Time 1 20 40 60 80 100 I I I I I Mar. 11 2018 Sept. 8 2019 Mar. 7 2021 Sept. 4 2022 Mar. 4 2023 100 80 60 40 20

Content creation, including blogs and project stories

The next stage is to assess the current state of your website content. Get curious and look at your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data. The stats you should be tracking include keyword ranking, organic traffic, time spent on a page, clickthrough rate (CTR), bounce rate and top landing pages. You’ll see if your content successfully provides you with top-quality leads, what your top landing pages are, and what is underperforming.

Compare your information to what is on your top three to four competitors’ sites. What apparent content ‘gaps’ do you see and what can you add to make you stand out? To get even more ideas, look at sites outside your direct competitors to bring something fresh to your region.

Quality content

It is now time to create high-quality content that is both informational and engaging (this is where the abovementioned content inventory spreadsheet comes in handy). As a home improvement expert, people are looking to you to give them fresh perspectives on popular topics and to keep them up to date on the latest trends. You can establish brand trust and build your audience by upping your content game.

Blogging isn’t going anywhere, but the content has changed. No longer will fluffy pieces or thin articles with overused keywords help your ranking. Instead, blog articles need to be educational, informative and useful. Gone are the days when businesses blog just to blog; they now use blogs to drive conversions. Blogging is still an incredibly valuable tool for SEO, and according to HubSpot Blog Research, nearly 50% of companies have a content marketing strategy that leverages blogging. Furthermore, HubSpot says that a blog on your website can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links.

Think about it this way: if your prospective customer wants to hire a painting company and your website has a blog article about what to do before, during and after a painting project, this provides more ways in which a person can interact with your content. They may find your post via Google, read it (and other content) on your site, and learn more about your services. By providing a variety of touchpoints through relevant content, it is more likely that they will contact you about their project needs.

Project stories are similar to case studies and continue to be a top performer in driving localized leads. You can prove your expertise and entice customers to reach out by providing a comprehensive view of your process. Start by giving the background as to why the customer wanted their project completed. Then explain the unique approach and/or strategy you used and reveal one or two challenges you solved. Finally, show the finished result with professional-looking photos (ideally with a testimonial from the happy customer).

Project stories also increase your visibility in localized searches. People want to do business with companies in their area. For example, your business is located in the greater Chicago area, but Chicago is a big city—covering nearly 250 miles. Therefore, your company wants to target specific neighborhoods within Chicago. A well-written project story highlighting an exterior painting project in Lincoln Park or an interior stair painting project in Wicker Park can significantly enhance localized searches because you are turning the common key phrase of ‘exterior painting Chicago’ to ‘exterior painting Lincoln Park.’

Expert Recommendation

Use your content inventory spreadsheet to prioritize what you need to revise and what new content you need to create. Then, create a content calendar that includes modifying one page/post a month (until all your top-priority pages have been revised), writing one new page/post a month, and adding one new project story per quarter.

Content distribution

Now that you’ve generated content, it’s time to distribute it. While newsletters and social media are two of the most common ways, don’t forget about posting regularly to your Google Business Profile. Email marketing and newsletters remain one of the most effective ways for companies to stay connected with prospective and past customers, and it has the highest return on investment (ROI) for small businesses. After writing a new blog article or project story, email it (in part) to your subscribers. Couple this with a Welcome Message and a Tip, and your followers will look forward to receiving your newsletters. One approach that has become increasingly popular is email segmentation, with almost 30% of marketers surveyed using this tactic to improve email engagement (source: HubSpot). For example, segment your list between commercial and residential customers and tailor your email newsletter to reach the right audience. This will help your readers feel like you are talking directly to them.

Expert Recommendation

Send your email newsletter around the same time each month, such as the first of the month, the second Thursday, or the last Friday. Review your stats monthly and remove any emails that bounce to keep your email list healthy.

13 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT
Project stories are similar to case studies and continue to be a top performer in driving localized leads.
2 3

TESS WITTLER is the owner of Tess Wittler Marketing, an SEO marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping building professionals improve their organic search results. As the senior SEO strategist and copywriter, her approach has contributed to increased revenue and business growth for clients year after year.

New Blog Content

Expert Recommendation

Identify one or two social media platforms where your ideal audience ‘hangs out’ and begin posting regularly (one to three times a week). Spend time each month writing and prescheduling content. If your social media mix includes Facebook and Instagram, schedule these posts ahead of time using Meta Business Suite.

Social Media

Social media allows you to reach a wider audience but remember that each social media platform needs to be treated differently and messages should be customized to the individual platform. For example, Instagram and Twitter use hashtags but Facebook doesn’t. Another difference: Facebook allows URL links and Instagram doesn’t.

Another tool you could implement into your social media mix in 2023 is a ‘link in bio’ tool, such as Linktree, Later or These are mini landing pages often used on Instagram or TikTok accounts. Instead of one link in your bio, you can now have many to direct your audience to the specific information they are looking for, such as your latest blog article, services pages or contact page. Alternatively, you can create a landing page with various links on your website (which is better for SEO). Either option is much more effective than listing your company’s website and expecting visitors to browse for the information they want.

Google business profiles offer an easy way for local businesses in the B2C market to build trust and attract new customers. Google posts offer some clear advantages that social media platforms do not, with the biggest being that they are more searchable. When someone Googles it, these posts can appear in the search result, which expands your reach.

Expert Recommendation

After publishing a new post to your website, publish it on your Google Business Profile under ‘Add update.’ Additionally, implement an email campaign that asks for reviews after a project is complete, as they are imperative for building trust and generating leads. Customers will look at your posts, rating and Google reviews.

Chart a course for success

Creating a marketing road map is essential as you set your business goals for 2023. Although there are a variety of ways in which you can grow audience engagement and increase revenue generation, enhancing your digital footprint with a clearly defined and strategic approach will ensure you reach optimal success. -

14 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
Google Business Profile Newsletter
15 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT Visit ©Shurtape Technologies, LLC 2023/ASW00491 FrogTape® performance priced for the pro FrogTape® Pro Grade: The only blue tape good enough to be FrogTape ®


The Essentials: Pros talk up their favorite brushes and roller covers

A painter’s work habits and technique factor in to their preferences for a variety of tools, but that’s especially the case for brushes and roller covers. Handle length or style, bristle stiffness, roller nap depth, substrate demands—it all matters. Here’s what we learned from four pros who recently talked to inPAINT about their favorite brushes and roller covers.


This lead painter at Ohio-based Johnson Specialty Painters specializes in residential interior repaints. Her go-to brush for the water-based acrylics she regularly uses is an angled Wooster Ultra/ Pro Firm in 2" and 2-1/2" widths. She also has a backup in the Wooster Pro Nylon/Polyester brush.

“I really like the firm bristles on the Ultra/Pro because they don’t fray and they’re great for a straight line, and I love the way it holds paint and doesn’t drip out like other brushes,” she said. “I prefer Wooster as they hold up very well.”

She particularly likes the thicker handles of the two brushes and appreciates how easy they are to clean. Saville gets about two years of use out of her brushes and maintains them by hand-spinning after cleaning with hot water.

“The latex peels right off and the ferrules don’t rust as easily as other brands, so you don’t have to worry about rust leaking into the paint,” she added.

For rolling interior walls, she turns to 9," 14" and 18" Wooster Pro Shed-Resistant Woven roller covers. She prefers a 3/8" nap for smooth interior walls and ceilings. For the occasional textured wall, she uses a 1/2" nap and 3/4" for rougher, more porous surfaces such as cinder blocks.

“The 3/8" spreads out easier and doesn’t take on too much paint,” she noted. “I also replace the roller covers after every job. You just don’t get the same performance as you did before if you keep reusing them.”

16 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
“I really like the firm bristles on the [Wooster] Ultra/Pro because they don’t fray and they’re great for a straight line, and I love the way it holds paint and doesn’t drip out like other brushes.”



4 1 2 3


This Jacksonville, Florida-based project manager oversees crews who specialize in residential interiors and exterior repaints. Wright’s workhorse brush on interiors is the Purdy ClearCut Elite Cub. It’s easy to clean and offers plenty of durability, he said. He keeps his crews stocked with angled 3" brushes for larger surfaces and 1" varieties for tight spaces.

“It’s a stiff-bristled brush that’s great for tight lines,” he noted. “We do a lot of fine finish work, and the brush almost does the work for you because the bristles don’t move. It’s a great all-purpose brush for acrylic paints.”

He’ll also turn to the Purdy Chinex Elite Glide brush for oil-based coatings.

“The Chinex is actually built like an exterior brush because of how well the bristles clean up,” he added. “We’ll even use it for window trim and millwork on exteriors and garage doors.”

His workhorse roller cover is a 14" Purdy Colossus in a 1/2" nap.

“It’s easy to manipulate because it doesn’t take on too much paint. You can use it on walls, ceilings, and even to back-roll after spraying stucco on exteriors,” Wright explained. “The 14" allows us to have fewer strokes on the wall, and you can really spread the paint farther than with a 9." The only slight change we’ll make from time to time is we’ll use a 3/4" nap on a ceiling if we feel we need better penetration.”

For small areas such as bathrooms, his crews will also turn away from the 14" roller cover and go with a 9" Purdy Ultra Finish in a 1/2" nap. For very tight areas, he also likes either their 4" Colossus Jumbo Mini or their Whiz Microfiber

17 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT
“The [Purdy] Chinex is actually built like an exterior brush because of how well the bristles clean up.”
PAUL SCHMIDT Schmidt & Co. Air Compressors | Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations | Portable Generators Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers | Jobsite Boxes | Portable Heaters Wet/Dry Vacuums | Water Pumps | Water Treatment Systems
At Mi-T-M, we pride ourselves on building mighty, damn good equipment. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you are buying dependable equipment that is designed, built, and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good.


This Chicago-based pro has been in the industry for nearly 40 years and focuses on residential interior and exterior repaints; about 15% of his business also comes from multifamily projects.

A 2-1/2" angled Corona Red-Gold Nylon/Polyester Blend Cortez is his go-to all-purpose brush, and he’ll shift to the 1" or 1-1/2" Cortez for tight areas and detail work. Schmidt also uses the 3" semi-oval Corona Red-Gold Nylon/Polyester Blend Zane brush for exterior siding panels.

For some fine finish work, he likes rich Fine Paints of Europe coatings. Here, he opts for a Corona China Bristle and Ox-Ear Hair Blend Chicago Loop brush. “We use multiple coats over several days and it washes out easily and works well in those situations,” he added.

When it comes to roller covers on interiors, he prefers a 9" wide, 1/2" nap Wooster 50/50 High Production Wool/ Polyester Blend . He also likes the 4-1/2" 50/50 for exterior siding. But when using paints such as Benjamin Moore Aura, he switches to an ArroWorthy Microfiber 3/8" roller cover. “With Aura, you really have to put it on thinner, otherwise it will sag on you.”

The pro also relies on Zinsser Gardz primer/sealer, a very thin coating that penetrates deep into drywall. In these situations, he turns to a 1/2" nap Wooster Pro/Doo-Z roller cover. “Gardz can be a real problem solver for us, and that woven cover will hold the much thinner, more watery, material better than others,” he emphasized.


This Arizona-based pro loves to test out new brushes and roller covers, but he has a few go-tos that help keep his unique enterprise running smoothly. Adickes is a residential interior and exterior painter who also offers a ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ service where he teaches the tricks of the trade to homeowners who want to pitch in and help on a project.

When it comes to brushes, Adickes sticks with 2" and 2-1/2" sizes for cutting in but will go with a 3" brush for exterior fascia boards. One of his favorite brushes for both interior and exterior work is a Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm with a rattail handle. “It releases nicely and leaves a nice, smooth, even finish,” he said.

Always exploring other options, one of his recent discoveries has been the 2" Trylon Thin Angled Sash brush, a solid option for acrylic paints on both interiors and exteriors. “It’s a nice and firm brush you can cut in really well with.” He also likes the Purdy Syntox Flat brush for clear coats and the Purdy Pro-Extra Glide as a stiffer option that tolerates the extreme desert heat and minimizes brush lines on doors.

Pioneer is another go-to brand for Adickes. The pro specifically likes Pioneer Spirit Window Rechampir, a round brush ideal for precision painting that comes in 15- to 32-mm sizes. He has found that these brushes make cutting in tops of baseboards and other curved surfaces such as raised panel doors easier for homeowners he coaches. The Summit Precision brush is another Pioneer option that works well for low-VOC paints with their faster dry times and less flowing and leveling.

The pro’s workhorse roller cover is a 9" Purdy Pro-Extra Colossus in either 3/8," 1/2" or 3/4" nap sizes.


non-shedding woven fabric, the ArroWorthy Microfiber 3/8" roller cover is a solid choice for paints and stains, especially new lowVOC coatings.

“The Colossus is extremely durable and is designed for repeated use. I love the amount of paint it will hold, and when painting ceilings you can cover wall to wall in one pass on your typical 12' x 12' room,” he said.

Adickes will also turn to the Wooster Microfiber roller cover when working with high-solid products such as Benjamin Moore SCUFF-X. However, microfiber rollers can perform poorly in hot environments such as the Arizona desert because of low humidity, warm surfaces and fast dry times.

“Roller pans and cut buckets must be covered with a wet rag and at times misted with water to keep paint workable,” he added. -

18 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
with a blend of highcapacity,
“The [Purdy Pro-Extra Colossus roller cover] is extremely durable and is designed for repeated use. I love the amount of paint it will hold, and when painting ceilings you can cover wall to wall in one pass on your typical 12' x 12' room.”
19 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | MAY/JUN 2020 ® 2 pros’ approach to the same bid Elevating the customer experience through employee engagement + Pros on exterior coatings OUR 2020 inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | SEP/OCT 2020 ® Caulk: prep, application & avoiding common failures + Business UNusual 4 pros respond to COVID-19 PROS ON THEIR GO-TO STAINS FOR BEAUTY AND PROTECTION SUBSCRIBE Painting Contractors | Remodelers | General Contractors Property Managers | Architects | Designers IT’S FREE! inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | NOV/DEC 2020 ® Wish lists: what pros are Pros talk specialty coatings SPECIAL SECTION How the industry is supporting the pro through products and services inPAINT THE MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONALS | JAN/FEB 2021 ® What makes a paint tool right for the job + Interior coatings preferred by 5 pros WINNING HOA WORK What it takes and how manufacturers can help


Here, manufacturers present their newest technology and/or spotlight their classic products.


The #1 most trusted brand by professional painters*

The best paint jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter’s Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter’s tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you’re painting. The best paint jobs start with Scotch®

M3000 Dispenser

Make paint prep faster and easier with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Products.

Prep work goes a long way toward getting the job done right and avoiding rework. But proper masking takes time, and in this business, time means money. The 3M™ HandMasker™ M3000 Dispenser is compact and lightweight applying masking tape to film, plastic or paper in one quick and easy process — plus, does the job 4 times faster than the paper/poly method.


21 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase
on 2020 TNS Kantar U.S. Brand Health Survey.
T *Based

3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Dust Channeling Block Sanding Sponge

Keep your surface clean as you hand sand with the 3M™ Pro Grade Precision™ Dust Channeling Block Sanding Sponge. Featuring innovative channels on one side and a flat surface on the other, this two-in-one sanding sponge is great for detail work and flat sanding. Made with premium minerals and ultra-durable foam, this sanding sponge lasts one job to the next and lets you easily control the direction you are sanding. An innovative coating helps reduce clogging, and you can rinse the sponge and reuse it.


3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Respirator 8511 Paint Prep

Part of our Pro Series, the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Particulate Respirator 8511 is designed with the pro in mind to help bring you protection and comfort. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ valve helps direct exhaled air downward and allows for easy breathing. This N95 respirator features Advanced Electrostatic Media that enhances the capture of airborne particles and is designed for easy breathing. Adjustable m-noseclip helps provide a custom and secure seal.


3M™ High Strength Wall Repair Color Changing Spackling Compound

3M™ High Strength Color Changing Wall Repair goes on blue and dries white, helping identify when a repaired surface is dry and ready to be sanded and painted. Eliminates the guesswork and reduces the chance of errors. Its ready-to-use formula dries quickly and provides professional-looking repairs. Patch dents, dings or even holes up to 3-inches. Make wall repairs with confidence. For when results matter.


3M™ Quick Latch Respirator with Cool Flow™ Valve

Designed for the professional painter, the 3M™ Quick Latch Respirator with Cool Flow™ Valve—Paint Project helps give you convenience and protection on the job. Equipped with our proprietary Quick Latch system, this reusable respirator is easy to take on and off in non-contaminated areas, and there’s no need to adjust straps as you’re raising and lowering your respirator. When you’re outside the hazardous area, this respirator lets you take a quick break or have a conversation with a simple flip of the lever.


22 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase

Paint Pros Depend on Mi-T-M Equipment

When it comes to working with professional painting contractors, Mi-T-M and the paint division team go all out. “The paint pros are an important part of our business,” says Chris Oberender, Mi-T-M Paint Division Manager. “In their line of work, they need equipment they can count on.”

Mi-T-M manufactures many models of cold water pressure washers designed specifically for the paint industry. These units feature only quality components and heavy duty pumps, giving paint pros more working hours for pressure washing and surface prep. Popular in the paint industry, the Mi-T-M CA Aluminum Series portable pressure washers are built with longevity in mind. Easy to move from one job to the next, these cold water pressure washers range from 2400 to 4000 PSI and can be used up to 30 hours per week. They are ideal for cleaning, removing peeling paint and coatings and prepping surfaces.

Having the right equipment for a job is important and at Mi-T-M, all equipment comes with a guarantee of unbeatable sales and technical support. “Customer support is one of most important aspects of our company,” states Oberender. “Our customers deserve that benefit when they buy from Mi-T-M. It’s what we’re known for.”

Mi-T-M has worked side-by-side with painting professionals for several decades, “They have been the reason our paint division has been successful,” says Oberender. “Working directly with this group of pros has allowed us to grow and develop the tools to help them do their jobs as efficiently as possible and we’ve been able to apply that knowledge to our other markets.”

Mi-T-M has been building high quality equipment since 1971. From the very first pressure washer to today, where over 400 dedicated employees fabricate, assemble, test and ship hundreds of different models of industrial equipment, quality is never compromised. Mi-T-M is committed to manufacturing equipment that is built to perform and built to last.

T For more information, visit or call (800) 553-9053.

23 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase
Mi-T-M CA Aluminum Series portable pressure washers

FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tapes Marketed by Shurtape Technologies, LLC

FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

The original FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape features medium adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days and seven days in direct sunlight. This green painter’s tape is ideal for masking a variety of surfaces and is perfect for both basic and advanced paint projects.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape is the only blue tape good enough to be FrogTape. FrogTape Pro Grade combines the value of a traditional blue painter’s tape with PaintBlock® Technology, making FrogTape #1 with paint pros for sharp lines with no paint bleed. Available only in contractor multi-pack.

FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape features low adhesion and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days. This yellow painter’s tape is ideal for masking delicate or freshly painted surfaces but can be used for application on most common paint projects.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape® offers high adhesion to stick to various surfaces, even in hot and humid conditions. It also provides 3-day clean removal without shredding, making this the only production painter’s tape needed to get the job done. Pro Grade Orange™ does not contain PaintBlock® Technology.

FrogTape® High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape™

FrogTape® High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape™ is the only painter’s tape engineered to consistently adhere to hard-to-stick to self-cleaning paint technology, saving you time and frustration on the job. This exterior painter’s tape offers very high adhesion for tough outdoor uses and provides contractors with the versatility they demand.


24 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase


Interior Door Spray & Dry System (PSDRID)

Single operators are now able to paint, finish and dry up to 20 full-sized doors in a minimum of workspace and labor time. Spray from a single position and rotate the door with your foot, leaving your hands free to manage the spray gun and hose. The PSDRID includes components for 20 interior doors, which makes it perfect for most residential projects. Available late Spring 2023.

■ Single operator

■ Minimizes space required for spraying and drying

■ Contact point is only 1/2" x 1-1/2" at the hinge pocket

■ Spray entire door from a stationary position

■ Works with various widths and heights of doors

■ Works with hollow or solid core doors

■ Portable for easy transport & storage with the included carry bag

■ Eliminate the need to seal the entire room when spraying (when used with our Portable Jobsite Spray Booth XL seen here and coming later this year)

■ Minimal assembly required

T Learn more at

ProTekt Tools

DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser

Introducing the DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser from ProTekt Tools — the revolutionary solution for all your paint masking needs. This innovative tool simplifies the traditional hand-masking process to dramatically speed up production. With the DoubleTaper, you can attach any kind of masking material, including large rolls of painters plastic, heavy 4-6 mil thick sheeting, and any kind of paper, cardboard, poster-board, foam-board, etc.

Simply outline the area with tape and attach masking materials in seconds. The DoubleTaper is perfect for detailed areas like kitchen cabinetry or large walls, ceilings, and containment barriers. You can even customize the adhesive properties on each side of the tape by using two different types of tape.

The secure bond created by the DoubleTaper withstands intense airflow, excessive moisture, and heavy spray materials like drywall texture spray. It creates an airtight seal that controls overspray, fumes, dust, airflow, and moisture, leading to reduced time, labor, and material costs by up to 75%.

Transform your masking process and take your painting and contracting business to the next level with the ProTekt Tools DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser. Improve your bottom line on competitive bids, increase efficiency and production, and get the job done quicker.

T Visit to order yours today!

25 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase

Ultra® QuickShot™ Airless Sprayer Revolutionize The Way You Complete All Small Jobs

This cutting-edge tool features the industry’s first electric powered airless gun, delivering trigger speeds over 80X faster than a traditional airless gun which virtually eliminates spits for a smooth and professional-grade finish.

Created with portability in mind, this battery-operated airless sprayer gives painting professionals the ability to spray all small jobs with a six-foot flexible hose for full reach and easy hose management, and the belt and holster provides maximum portability.

This new airless sprayer delivers:

■ Quick Set Up

■ Quick Refills & Color Changes

■ Quick Application Speeds

■ Quick Clean Up

T To learn more, visit:

RAC X™ Low Pressure SwitchTips™

Experience the Benefits of Low Pressure with Every Application & Coating

Introducing Graco’s all-new line of RAC X Low Pressure and Wide RAC™ Low Pressure SwitchTips allowing contractors to spray at up to 50% less pressure, providing the Perfect Airless Finish™, 2X longer tip life, and up to 50% less overspray.

These new neon colored LP SwitchTips are offered in 30 sizes from 217 to 731 — sufficient to complete most interior and exterior airless applications. The all-new RAC X Wide RAC LP SwitchTip offers all the benefits of Low Pressure, in a 24 in. wide spray pattern while spraying twice the surface in half the time — available in 7 sizes, 1221 to 1233.

T To learn more, visit:

Ultra® Airless Handheld Sprayers

Airless handheld sprayers are the essential tool for turning small jobs around faster and deliver a Perfect Airless Finish™ — just like an Ultra 395 PC. The new Triax™ II Piston Pump with ProConnect™ is built from durable stainless steel and carbide components that pump 3X more gallons before servicing, and using ProConnect for a modular, drop-in on-the-job pump replacement.

Designed specifically for interior, exterior and specialty projects, Ultra Airless Handheld sprayers provide the ability to spray jobs faster without having to start-up your larger airless sprayer.

T To learn more, visit:

26 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Product Showcase


ProDryingRack Transport (PDRTR)

Safely and conveniently transport finished cabinet doors from your workshop to the job site. Each rack will hold up to 20 cabinet doors or drawer fronts in various sizes, protecting the finish when transporting them. Available late Spring 2023.

■ Fit up to 20 cabinet doors in a range of sizes

■ Only expanded Polyethylene (EFE) Foam makes contact with the doors to prevent marks and damage during transit

■ Works with standard L-Track cargo tie down systems

■ Mount to vehicle floor or side wall

■ Optional hand truck available

■ Folds for storage

■ Quick release clamp secures the doors for transit

T Learn more at

27 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT 2023 PRODUCT SHOWCASE Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT Product Showcase



Location: Loveland, CO

Paint contractor: Martin Painting & Coating Co.

Time frame: 1 week

Crew size: 2 people

Equipment used:

■ Boom lift

■ Brushes

■ Rollers

■ Pounce Patterns stencil


■ Curved roof

■ Snow guards

■ Having to work out of a lift because of difficult access

■ 4" standing seams every 2'


Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic Primer Acrolon Ultra Acrylic Polyurethane

Pro project comment:

“We were invited to bid on this 60' x 17' roof logo for a community college after a local sign company reached out to us about it. It was important to the customer that the logo be large enough to be visible from the nearby major interstate and be durable. We chose Acrolon Ultra for its gloss retention and the UV protection it offers.”


28 inPAINT | Mar/Apr 2023
Tricorn Black SW6258 PANTONE 1788


Location: Destin, FL

Paint contractor:

Eric Henn Murals

Time frame: 4 months

Crew size: 1 person

Equipment used:

■ Lifts (185,' 150,' 135' and 62')

■ Brushes

■ Rollers

■ Projector


■ Needed to bring in special clay and gravel to support the lift on the sandy ground

■ Evening fog was a recurring issue that cut work time short so as to avoid the product flashing


Series 700 Hydroflon coating in 60 base colors

Pro project comment:

“To complete the 700,000-gallon, 170' water tower, I started with 60 base colors. I used those to create literally hundreds of other colors. I mixed large batches onsite that I’d then pour off into smaller containers and add the hardener. The product runs close to $400 a gallon so this was a good way to minimize waste from the paint setting up quickly. I often worked with 7 colors at a time in 7 different trays. I drew some of the images freehand onsite while larger subjects, such as the 40' x 60' turtle, were done with stencils I created back at the shop. For the images on the stem, I used a projector.”

29 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT


Pages 2 & 7


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Habitat for Humanity

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Shurtape Technologies

Page 15

Tower Sealants

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What, Where & When


7–9: Apartmentalize, Atlanta, GA

24–27: 2023 BOMA International Conference & Expo, Kansas City, MO


17–19: The Fundamentals of Professional Resurfacing Tub, Tile & Countertops, Wheeling, IL


15: The Retreat with Nick Slavik, Nisswa, MN


27–29: Mile High Profit Summit, Denver, CO


11–14: 2023 PowerClean Convention, Glendale, AZ

18–20: PCA Craftsmanship Forum, Savannah, GA

October 11–14, 2023 Glendale, AZ

As they have for more than 30 years, people from across the country and the power washing industries will come together for the 2023 PowerClean Convention. Cohosted by Power Washers of North America and the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association, this year’s event continues to feature the largest trade show floor in the industry with more than 60 exhibitors and counting. In addition to certification opportunities in house washing, wood restoration, flatwork and roof cleaning, the four-day event features continuing education, training, live demos, networking and presentations ranging from safety and bidding jobs to marketing and business planning. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just considering adding power washing to your service arsenal, PowerClean will leave you inspired and informed.

3 1 2 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 7 4 5 6

How relationship marketing creates raving fans (and profits)

What you can do today to produce high-quality, profitable leads tomorrow

Let’s face it: The market is changing. Inflation means increased costs for materials and advertising. Would-be customers are tightening their purse strings. And all this spells very real concern for your bottom line.

But don’t get me wrong—this is not doom and gloom talk. This is opportunity talk.

Play your cards right, and you can take steps to set yourself up for greater profits—no matter the economic conditions. It all starts by creating ‘Raving Fans’ using these four simple steps:

1. Deliver a WOW customer experience.

The great entrepreneur and storyteller Walt Disney once said, “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

What Disney knew was the power of stories. Once your customer buys from you, what kind of story are they going to tell?

From their first phone call to after the crew is gone, you must design and deliver a customer experience that will WOW them at every turn.

2. Properly thank your customers.

While it’s done too little these days, there is nothing people love more than feeling genuinely appreciated. In fact, there is very powerful psychology behind it.

In Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he reveals six principles. The first is the Law of Reciprocity. Basically, ‘You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.’ It’s for this reason that servers provide mints with the bill in hopes of increasing their tip—and studies have shown this actually works.

Take the time to send a thank-you card or gift (we send cookies on behalf of our customers to their customers) and you’ll be more likely to get repeat business, referrals, or 5-star reviews from them in return.

3. Ask for (and reward) referrals.

We all love a referral, right? It means that your past customer thinks you did such a good job that they’re

willing to put their reputation on the line in order to promote you to their friends. That’s a big deal!

Not only does it feel good, but this lead closes easily and produces a big return on your investment. So how can you systematically generate more of these referrals?

For starters, you want to be sure to thank and reward the past customer who referred you. Send them a check or a gift card acknowledging the referral and thanking them. If this past customer has referred you once, they’re likely to do it again. Encourage that behavior, and they could turn into your own personal referral engine.

4. Keep in touch.

Are you doing everything you can to keep in touch with your customers, so the next time they need your services they will remember who you are, what you do, and where to find you?

You don’t have to knock on your customers’ door every day to stay in touch with them! The right combination of emails, direct mail, and print and digital newsletters will make your customer feel valued so that they’re more likely to provide you with repeat business and referrals in the future.

Sustainable, profitable relationships are yours for the making

The sad reality is, too few painting contractors are willing to put a relationship marketing system like this in place. And that right there is your opportunity. This is your chance to differentiate yourself in the marketplace— by creating strong customer relationships that will continuously deliver high-quality leads to you when others are closing up shop.

The best way to get started on tomorrow’s profitable repeat and referral business is by creating raving fans today

BRIAN KASKAVALCIYAN is cofounder of gFour Marketing Group and host of The Wealthy Contractor podcast. Author of several books, he also hosts industry events and develops resources that draw from his extensive experience as an owner of multiple home improvement businesses to help business owners achieve more success, wealth and freedom.

31 Mar/Apr 2023 | inPAINT BOTTOM LINE



With 10-Year Color Fade Protection , it’s our longest-lasting exterior paint ever. It’s formulated to resist rain after only one hour and can be applied in temps as low as 35°F so you can extend your painting season.

LEARN MORE AT BEHRPRO.COM/DYNASTY-EXTERIOR Valid only when tinted to colors from the BEHR DYNASTY® specially curated Exterior Color Fade Protection Palette. Based on predictive lab testing with a color shift less than Delta E of 5 as measured by CieLAB. A primer coat may be needed. Two coats of BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint are recommended for optimal durability. Individual results may vary. See back label instructions for details. Behr Paint Company can provide project-specific warranties. Ask your BEHR PRO Rep for details. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover BEHR DYNASTY 10-Year Color Fade Protection or professional projects.
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