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RESOURCES TO HELP Figuring out how to turn your dream into a career isn’t going to be easy, but these resources can at least clear up some of the confusion: PURPLE COW

Entrepreneurial guru and best-selling author Seth Godin writes about how in order to be successful in any venture, you have to stand out and be a Purple Cow. THE TIM FERRISS SHOW

Best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss hosts a podcast dissecting the strategies people use for success and how listeners can use them. BORN FOR THIS:

of 7 Figure CEO, says. “But after being in business for myself for a decade, I would say, you can’t buy a cheeseburger at McDonald’s with a dream. Real life costs real money. Real success requires real risk. Realizing dreams often times takes decades. So, yes, you should pursue your dream, but only if you have real money to pay your real bills and a real plan to actually sell something to real customers. I believe in your dream, but I also know it takes real dollars. Go for it! But only if you have real commitment.”



Creative director, Stephen Brewster encourages people to dream for tomorrow while being a good steward of today. “I love the dreamers. The truth is most of my life I have lived in a state of dreaming. I am a firm believer in the idea that God is aggressively planting dreams in His people! What comes

with dreams is the responsibility for stewardship. “God wants us to chase the dreams He is growing in us! But never let the excitement of your dream outpace the wisdom God has for how you get to your dream. God has given us a job and the Bible is clear at how we are to steward what God has given us. Chase your dreams! Chase them with passion and excitement. Chase them like crazy but never at the cost of stewarding what God has you to do today. Tomorrow is going to be amazing but not at the cost of today.” Chasing your dreams is a sacred calling. As these experts share, there are some important considerations you need to process before you make a leap. Make sure your dream is really a burning passion. Take time to process, pray and seek counsel from people who know you well. How long have you had this dream? Is it today’s latest idea or is it something you’ve grown more passionate about over time?


Chris Guillebeau’s book takes readers through the steps of of either finding their dream job or creating their own.

Work on your dream while doing your day job. The best way to determine if your dream is worth the sacrifice is learning how much you’re willing to sacrifice for it now. You’ll have a better understanding of the costs and the commitment necessary to ultimately help you succeed. Chase your dream, definitely. Whether you quit your day job is worth the extra consideration. JENNI CATRON serves as the executive director of Cross Point Church, a multi-site church in Nashville, Tenn. She blogs at


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RELEVANT-Issue 84- November/December 2016  
RELEVANT-Issue 84- November/December 2016