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I think the 50,000-foot view is it can be one of the best business schools anywhere someday. I want it to be one of the top-rated business schools in the country.

HOW DO JESUIT VALUES PLAY INTO THAT? That’s what really excites me. I believe a business school based around Regis and the Jesuit values are what is needed in the business world. We need people who know how to treat people and how to do business. Business today doesn’t have to be cutthroat. It has to be fair. It has to be fair for both sides. Integrity and morals can be in business. It is in business. From the values Regis has built itself upon during the last 140 years, we have the opportunity to have a tremendous business school.

HOW DID REGIS SHAPE WHO YOU ARE? HOW DO JESUIT VALUES PLAY INTO YOUR BUSINESS? It transformed me to who I am today, especially in business. I think when you look at business or in life, everyone has their own control over their integrity. It’s one of most important assets you’ll have. You need to protect your integrity over everything you have. If you lose that, it’s hard to make up to friends or in business.

YOU HELPED GROW YOUR FAMILY’S BANKING BUSINESS AND SOLD YOUR OWN IN 2008. WHY STEP AWAY FROM THE FINANCIAL SECTOR AND ENTER THE CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS? I love the entrepreneurial spirit and building things. I tell my kids all the time there is no greater feeling than success. Success doesn’t always mean making money. It could mean getting an A on a test or riding a bike without training wheels. I just really enjoy that process. This allowed me to take on something new and build on that success.

WHERE IS THE ANDERSON COLLEGE OF BUSINESS IN FIVE YEARS? Hopefully, we’re talking about great success. We’re hearing success stories from graduates and where they’ve found great jobs. Mostly, we want to be talking about what our graduates are doing to give back. This has really been a surreal experience. I’m honored, humbled and proud to do this. Regis is a real destination. Let’s grow it bigger and better.




1,536 Number of students during Fall 2018.

94 %

Average GPA for Fall 2018:

3.4 B.S. in Accounting

Most popular program

of 2017 business graduates are employed*

of Regis Alumni come from a business program



Average starting salary for Regis graduates with a business degree*


That’s higher than the national average* *Numbers from the Regis Center for Career and Professional Development’s salary and employment survey. REGIS.EDU


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Regis University Magazine - Fall/Winter 2018  

Regis University Magazine - Fall/Winter 2018