Regis University Master Plan

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Mobility on Campus

Regis University

Over the years as the campus has grown, so have the number of points of entry. As a result, the Campus does not have a main entrance. Rather, for the traditional campus core, vehicular circulation and parking are accessed from four major access points serving separate destinations, as well as five additional minor access points which contribute to the confusion. These access points are located off the west and south perimeter roads, with two entries each off Regis Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard. Each of the four entries is located


The campus’s numerous parking lots are inevitably in the foreground of any views to and through campus.

to serve distinct facilities, with parking placed near each entrance to serve the parking needs of the adjacent facilities. The entrance along Regis Boulevard closest to Julian Street serves as the access point to the Coors Life Center, the Field House, Clarke Hall and several residence halls. The entrance along Regis Boulevard closest to King Street accesses parking directly behind Dayton Memorial Library and proximal to Loyola Hall, Carroll Hall and the Science Building. This entry and the southern entrance along Lowell Boulevard access parking at the corner of Regis Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard as well. The same southern entrance along Lowell Boulevard serves parking located long the western edge of the Student Center, West Hall and Main Hall. The northern entrance along Lowell Boulevard provides access to several small and large parking lots adjacent to Claver Hall and the northern side of the Residence Village. Additional entries exist for the east portion of the campus. The entrances primarily access remote parking lots serving the baseball and softball fields. There are multiple entrances along Federal Boulevard for parking and a strip mall owned by the University and one additional entry along Regis Boulevard to access these lots. This is important to note due to the fact the geo-located mapping applications (such as Google Maps and Apple Maps) directs its user to this edge of campus already as the primary point of entry.

Parking lots occupy much of the frontage of the campus along Lowell Boulevard, Regis Boulevard and Federal Boulevard. These parking lots poorly affect the campus perception for its’ visitors. The also contribute to the separation between the University and the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, these parking lots end up serving as de-facto lockers for commuter students, further exacerbating the over-utilization of the lots. Primary pedestrian entrances exist at the corner of Federal Boulevard and Regis Boulevard, the corner of Regis Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard and along Lowell Boulevard near 51st Avenue. However, these corner entrances deposit users into the middle of vast parking lots, greatly reducing the quality of the pedestrian experience. Many of the parking lots on the western half of the campus are connected with internal access drives. The combination of access drives and parking lots contribute to a relatively distinct front-of-house and back-of-house, and at times, serve as the most practical pedestrian path. Not surprisingly, the best pedestrian experiences are separated from parking lots by buildings and landscaping. The area between Desmet Hall and the Field House is especially poor for pedestrians and pedestrian connectivity to the east is challenging.