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Short Takes Crosby focuses on economics Crosby Township Board of Trustees held their meeting September 9, covering a range of items, including economic growth. Tony Tores, director of Discover New Haven, spoke regarding what he called alarming figures. Discover New Haven is a group of residents working to bring economic development to the small town of New Haven. He presented a Crosby Township economic report to show numbers gathered by the 2010 Census. The list broke down the demographics of Crosby’s residential and retail structures, including an in-depth breakdown of New Haven, on which Tores focused. The topic sparked some debate as to how to use the information presented to best benefit the community.

Fire department lands $5,000 contribution

The Whitewater Township Fire Department has received a $5,000 donation from Chevron, said Fire Chief Scott Schorsh. Schorsh thanked Chevron at the monthy township trustees’ meeting, adding Chevron has supported thye department for several years. Schorsh also reminded business owners that all business are required to meet Ohio building codes and fire codes. “The township does not zone, but that does not mean you can come in and do anything you please,” said Schorsh. Recently, some businesses moving into the township started their building process without contacting the building office.

Leaf pickup schedule starts October 21

The City of Harrison Service Department has established a schedule to collect leaves for the 2013 season, beginning Monday, Oct. 21. Monday/Tuesday: Downtown Harrison from Kater Avenue, North to Brooks Road, and Biddle Heights Wednesday/Thursday: Whitewater Meadows from Etta Avenue, south to Campbell Road Friday: Country View and Circle drives area and Westbrook EstatesHarrison Avenue, South to Campbell Road, Hickory Flats, Carolina Pines, and Stone Ridge Way Subdivisions. The city will make every effort to keep this schedule, but it may change due to inclement weather and emergencies.

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Wednesday, October 9, , 2013

Rescue forges bond between men Chopper pilot plucks victim from river

Joe Awad Harrison Press Editor

Imagine: a kayaker is struck with a heart attack. His craft hangs up on a sandbar. He gets a fortunate cell single, and identifies his position by a landmark. But lifesaving personnel are impeded by a 40-foot-bluff. A chopper pilot spots the kayak, swoops down, whisks the man into the helicopter, and flies to the squad in 30 seconds. The kayaker lives. Imagine no more. The kayaker is Cliff Geer, 68, Miami Township, the Whitewater River, Campbell Lakes Preserve, Harrison Life Squad, and pilot Mike Payne, 45, who was inspecting pipeline for Texas Gas Company on the Indiana side about 11:30 a.m. Monday, Sept. 30. The dramatic episode resulted in a reunion of sorts at the Harrison Airport Thursday, Oct. 5, among hugs and PHOTO BY JOE AWAD/Harrison Press tears, laughs, and prayers. Pilot Mike Payne and heart attack victim Cliff Geer have an emotional meeting at the Harrison Airport last week. The two men, however, had not been introduced until last Hamilton County Dispatch, which could not determine his lo“When we were together there, I was trying to think what week. cation on the meandering river, but the Miami Township man, was the best decision, either take you to the hospital or take who plies the state line waters regularly, identified Campbell you to the chief. They were right there, so I went for the lights Lakes Preserve on the Buckeye side. just in case they could give you something instantly to help Notified, Harrison squad personnel cut through the field relieve your discomfort,” said Payne. Payne zoomed into the airThen he flew away, leaving no name, but the case soon port Thursday like a script- after a Duke Energy worker on the scene snapped gate locks with a bolt cutter, only to be confronted by a 40-foot bluff, was cracked from the Texas Gas Company information on ed hero. He landed the bird, said Chief Rob Hursong. his helicopter. and exited to the nearly runTime was of the essence as squad members assessed the Know it or not, Geer automatically was part of experining Geer, with tears streamemergency. Little did they realize their flashing lights had mental emergency protocol at Good Sam, which also helped ing down his face. They alarmed Payne, who spotted Geer in the canoe, barley waving save his life. Harrison, and one other community, more than embraced, shared personal a floppy hat. a year ago had agreed to participate in the program. Geer was words, then walked while No plan, no prayer, no poem: The pilot shot for the sandbar, the first patient from Harrison to fit the profile, said Hursong. hugging to the small gathPrepped much faster than usual, he was in the emergency ering of family, friends and and scooped up the naturalist despite grumbles from dispatch not to move him. But to not move him at that time would have room post haste. An angioplasty was performed by going officials. cost and hour and probably his life, agreed the group, except through his wrist into a heart artery, where a stent was im“A lot of things came planted. The job was done in 32 minutes. into play. I wasn’t suppose for Geer. He nodded his head yes through tears that Payne’s decision Field time to balloon was 88 minutes, a remarkable accomto come out here that day,” undoubtedly saved his life. plishment, considering all the impediments that could have Payne, Louisville, told Geer “I just talked to the doctor I few minutes ago. He said I’m caused Geer his life, said Hursong. and the group. “I’ll tell you, you had a lot of angels looking out for you,” “I was amazed because I doing good,” said Geer. Geer explained he was on the water that fated Monday to Payne said to Geer. looked at my cell phone when check on a nest of bald eagles, the only one within 45 miles. “They are all lining up here,” responded Geer. we were down in the valley. I He may have been looking for eagles, but angles were looking Payne will be honored with a plaque at the Harrison City never had a cell phone signal, out for him, said Payne. Council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 15. you did.” The pilot said he dropped the chopper on the sandbar and Geer’s 911 call went to within seconds decided he would take Geer to the squad.

Scripted hero

Harrison stalwart turns 100 Andrew Zeiser Harrison Press Staff Writer

Harrison wishes a very happy birthday to one of its oldest residents who recently celebrated her 100th year of life. Mildred Stone turned 100years-oldTuesday, Sept. 3, with several celebrations held by family and friends in the weeks following her birthday. Stone, born in Harland Ky. in 1913, was 5-years-old when her family moved to New Trenton. Over the years, she lived in five houses in Harrison, including one her parents rented from Elmer Stone who would become her father in-law. She married Paul Stone, best known as Bud or Stony, in 1932 at 19.

They had two daughters. Paul was a school bus driver for Harrison for 42-years before retiring. Mildred and Paul owned and operated dairy a farm, which was where the Cronin Ford sits now near Intersate 74 on the ramp from New Haven Road. When the interstate came through, it cut their farm almost in half. The long-time dairy farmers had to sell 31 acres of property and their cattle. Stone said 100 years is a long time, too long to remember everything that happened, but one thing she does remember is how much she loved the farm and working on it. Nothing bothered her much. She didn’t shun any


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kind of work and that made it enjoyable, she said. With the interstate running through what was their dairy farm and the cattle gone, they formed the Harrison Ramblers and traveled to 48 states camping. “Traveling is something you can’t do when you have to milk cows twice a day. It was sad to lose the farm, but it was a blessing in disguise.” said Stone. Stone lost Bud when he was 91 less than a month after they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Mary Ellen Bunnell, Mildred’s granddaughter said, she always was inviting to people even strangers passing through. If Mildred saw someone walking with a pack up on the road she would call them down to the house and fix them a big meal, and then pack them some food and send them on their way. Fifi Biehle, Stone’s granddaughter said, she always wanted to live to be 100 years-old. Stone now lives at Heritagesprings Nursing Home, West Chester. She has six grandchildren, nine great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

The trick is taking care of yourself and doing what is right, that is all there is to it, said Stone. She lived

a good life that she loved and wouldn’t change a thing about.

PHOTO BY JOE AWAD/Harrison Press



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Homecoming Festivities Take The Streets



Sandy Minor/Harrison Press

William Henry High School students take to the streets to celebrate after a victorious homecoming game.

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New group director pushes New Haven economic growth It was an active night at Andrew Zeiser the Monday, Sept. 9, Crosby Harrison Press Staff Writer Townahip meeting with cussions of Fort Scott’s roads and a push from Discover New Haven’s director to change the way development in the township is handled. Director of Discover New Haven Tony Tores presented an economic development report to the trustees based on the 2010 census. He said the report shows some alarming figures regarding the number of aging residents and retail businesses. The report shows eight retail locations in the township, 14 light industries, 13 heavy industries, and four large farms. He said there are over 100 vacant buildings and houses in the township and with the township relying on property tax for revenue since there are so few businesses loss of populous is a critical problem. “Crosby Township lacks a business center that will attract new business to the area,” said Tores. He said, with less than one fourth of the population being 17 years of age and a majority being 40 and older, the township lacks a future. He urged the trustees to consider devising a plan to stimulate development of the township especially areas like New Haven, which he called prime real estate. “I don’t know what you want us to do Tony it’s not like there is land out there unless some farmer sells his farm, said Trustee Jim Neihaus. When you say that three eighths of our population is over 50 years-old I look at that as a positive, people are here and they don’t want to leave.” He said kids have to leave because there are no houses in Crosby Township to buy and the ones that do sell are sold to younger couples who stay until they have to leave. President Trustee Chris Dole commended Tores’ research saying it’s impressive, but New Haven is an island surrounded by parks there is nowhere for it to grow. Tores said, “something needs done” there needs to be a plan for the future if not then New Haven will contract it may not be able to grow, but it can get smaller. He said without such a plan then when a city like Colerain or Harrison decides to excise land to expand then Crosby will have no say in how development is handled. “This report paints the picture of a community that is not moving ahead it has no future and is contracting,” said Tores. “Old is not dead we are still alive at the age of 85, said Trustee Warren Strunk. Tony, I don’t want to sound negative to you and what your group has done. I want to find a place to plug you in and use your enthusiasm and planning skills.” There is no stopping Harrison if they excise land once it is Harrison’s it is Harrison’s not Crosby’s there will be no say no matter what policies are in place, said Strunk. Tores said, a plan for the future is still needed for the benefit of the township and New Haven. In an interview after the meeting Tores said, all he is hoping for is economic recovery for the township. He said he doesn’t want the community relying on outside business for everything that people need if a few more businesses move into the township then it will retain some of its money. “I want to see Crosby township’s elected officials to be more proactive” to get some more small retail business in the area. Nothing too big or out of control, Colerain didn’t plan for its development at first and look at it now there are houses and buildings stacked on top each other in some areas, said Tores. He said he doesn’t want to see the township make the same mistake if development is going to happen, which he believes it will then it needs to be controlled. One example is to put zoning limits on lots this would prevent housing developers from trying to cram as many houses as they can in a small space, said Tores. They make money by doing that, but if there is a zoning law in place limiting one house per five acres then more land is preserved and the area doesn’t lose its rural look or status. These are the things Tores said he wants the township to consider, he doesn’t want a developing boom, just beneficial growth. Tores plans to give another presentation at the next township meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct. 14, at 7 p.m. at


Obituaries Mary D. Grossman

Mary D. Grossman, age 88, of West Harrison, Ind., passed away on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013, at Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg. Born on June 15, 1925, to Elijah and Nella (Nee: Davidson) Herd in Manchester, Ky. She married Clarence Joseph Grossman on Oct. 8, 1949, in Covington, Ky. Clarence passed away on Aug. 5, 2012. Mary worked as a supervisor at Campbell Hausfeld and waitressed as well. As the only girl with three brothers, Mary learned to be tough. Family was the center of her life though. She especially enjoyed having the great grandkids over making sure to always have candy for them. They lovingly called her ‘Granny’. Mary loved nothing better than to cook but also enjoyed crafting as well. She made pocket crosses that she gave to everyone. Mary was a very giving, loving mother that will be missed very much. She will be missed by her children Stan Grossman (Mary) of Peoria, Ariz., Nella Hoff-

bauer (Paul) of Guilford, Ind., and Eli Grossman of West Harrison, Ind., in addition to her grandchildren Stephanie Wesolek (Bryan), Stacy Weidman (Matt), Jed Grossman and Tiffanie Meister (Todd) as well as her great grand children Alix Meister, Guy Meister, Gabby Grossman and Gaige Grossman. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by her three brothers John, Harry and Blaine Herd. Visitation will be Wednesday, Oct. 9, from 4-7 p.m., with funeral services on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013, at 10 a.m., all at Jackman Kercheval Meyers Funeral Home in Harrison. Burial will follow in the Glen Haven Cemetery, Harrison. Pastor Harold Davidson officiating. Memorials may be made to Dearborn County Paws or the Bright Life Squad c/o the funeral home. For condolences and more information see

Harold ‘Gene’ Peak,

Harold ‘Gene’ Peak, 70, died on October 5, 2013 at Hospice of Cincinnati at Mercy Hospital Western


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Hills. Born & raised in the Cleves, OH area, Gene graduated from Taylor High School where he was a scholar, leader & athlete. He earned scholarships & lettered in baseball at both the Ohio State University & Cumberland College where he earned his teaching degree. He returned to his home community after college as an Educator, the community where he spent the better part of 7 decades as a student, teacher, mentor, coach, Athletic Director, Science Dept. Chair, Technology Coordinator, Union President & Treasurer. He had a profound influence on the lives of all those who had the privilege to know him, whether it was a student in the classroom, an athlete on the football or baseball fields or one of many friends in the community. Gene also served his country in the US Air Force Reserves & spent many years as a member of the Southern Gateway Chorus where he fulfilled his passion for music, singing, friendships & traveling. After retiring, he worked for the Cincinnati Reds.

He was the beloved husband of 49 years of Linda Peak (nee Lederle), the proud & devoted father of Bryan (Bernadette) & Jason (Misti) Peak & Amanda (Brian) Noble, the doting grandfather of Meghan, Alexander & Stevi Peak, the dear brother of Wilbur & Charles Peak & the beloved son of the late Wilbur & Norma (nee King) Peak. He is also survived by dear aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews & many friends. Visitation Wed., Oct. 9, 4-8 PM at the Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, 5771 State Route 128, Cleves, where the service will be held Thurs., Oct. 10 at 11 AM. Memorials may be directed to Hospice of Cinti., or OSU James Cancer Research Center or charity of donor’s choice, all c/o the Dennis George Funeral Home, 44 S. Miami, Cleves, OH 45002.

Death notices

King, Shari (nee Stewart) - 44, North Bend, Ohio, dies Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013. Jackman Kercheval Meyers Funeral Home in charge of the arrangements.

Opinion Letters


Golfers raise $8,000 to fight CF Editor: Thanks to everyone involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Dangel Memorial Golf Outing that netted more than $8,000.Some special people that helped make it our best ever: Ken and Jenny Parks for donating the fabulous lunch at the turn, Mike Robbins family and City Wide Catering for preparing and serving the wonderful buffet, Andy Niklas and his employer, Ball Industries, for their generous donations, Rich Eyerman of the Greater Harrison Rotary for the bottled water on the course. Thanks to everyone who helped put the baskets together - best ever! Also thanks to Jon and Mary Kay for the Puerto Villarto condo, Brien Griffin and Acme Tree and Landscape for their landscape donation. Hole sponsors were Bob Whalen Auto Body, BrackenRidge Retreat Center, The Chambers Family, Dipuccio's Auto Care, Donegal Insurance, Game Time Sports Bar & Grill, Greater Harrison Rotary, Hudepohl Construction,, Joe and Nancy Kaldmo, Krieg Press, Maggie Mae's Monsters, Mike and Mary Niklas, Richard Goettle Contracting, Rick and Kathy Niklas, ServPro of North West Cincy, Specialty Lithographing, VFW of Harrison, Wm. Jackson Accounting. This was the most hole sponsors we have had. Please consider being a hole sponsor next year. Our 10th anniversary outing was commemorated in a special way by Jack Baker and Dave Sargent who made holein-ones! Two hole-in-ones in one outing has never been done before at Circling Hills. Congratulations to both. Next year's outing will be Sept. 27. Rick Niklas West Harrison, IN


Dangerous expectations Expectations are a dangerous thing in the Bob Hyle world of professional sports. The fans of 22 Major League Baseball teams looked on enviously as the Cincinnati Reds qualified for the playoffs for the third time in the past four years. Heck, Cincinnati fans should have been a little happier than they appeared to be when you consider the playoff drought from 1995 to 2010. But when you have been in the playoffs three of the past four seasons and you have yet to win a series in any of those playoff runs, expectations are high. So the man who led those teams to the playoffs three times in four years pays the price for not exceeding expectations and with that comes the end of the Dusty Baker era with the Reds.

Lightening rod

Baker was a lightning rod in much the same way Marvin Lewis is for the Bengals. I can’t say I was a huge fan of his work on the bench, but you had to admire what he did in the clubhouse. Keeping 25 players focused on their job and not on petty jealousies is the most difficult task a manager faces. Some believe Baker was too nice to his players. They obviously never worked for someone who was mean to his workers. The worst two years of my working life were spent with a boss who listened to everyone else but the people who were doing their jobs. But fans don’t see what is happening in the clubhouse; they see what is on the field. For the most part it was pretty good, but Baker always had a way of making you scratch your head, particularly when he filled out his lineup card. I believe Baker cooked his goose in the final week of the regular season when he declared there was no sense of urgency about winning the final series of the season against Pittsburgh, which would have meant a home game in the onegame playoff rather than a trip to Pittsburgh. When Marty Brennaman questions your competitiveness, well, let’s just say it catches the ear of owner Bob Castellini, who seems like an overly competitive sort himself. So over the next six to eight weeks the Reds will look for someone who can keep peace in the clubhouse yet display the competitive juices that Baker had but refused to display openly. This hire will be extremely important because the Reds cannot afford to take a step back. They had terrific attendance this year, despite what Ryan Ludwick thinks, and they soon will be renegotiating a TV deal with Fox Sports Ohio. The Reds have committed a great deal of money to many of the current players on the roster and will be paying bigger contracts to several of their pitchers this year In other words, there is no time for rebuilding seasons. One and out in the playoffs apparently is no longer good enough. Bob Hyle covers sports and writes a weekly column for The Harrison Press. He lives in Bright.

The Harrison Press USPS 236-100

Established 1925

Joe Awad, Editor Donna Metzger, Chip Munich Sales Representatives The Harrison Press is an independent weekly newspaper devoted to the interest of Harrison and the surrounding area. The Harrison Press (USPS 236-100) is published each Wednesday by Register Publications, 307 Harrison Ave., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

Theresa with an ‘h’ Last summer’s program at St. John the Baptist on immigration stimulated memories of my late mother, born a full-blooded Italian in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has a massive Italian population. Born Theresa Helen Conte, she was an old-school red, white and blue American, who could speak three languages and struggled to read or write in any of them. That devout Catholic woman, however, could cuss in all three, sometimes intermingling English, Italian and Portuguese in a flurry that sent me scurrying. Theresa was an old-school immigrant, who swore it was treasonous to teach us Italian or Portuguese. Sure, we ate Italian food, black beans - before they were all the rage - bacalao, and cannoli. We never missed the annual Italian or Lebanese picnics. Appreciation for our heritage, however, never eclipsed our cohesive American identities. We were raised red, white and blue. What Theresa loved most about being an American was being an American. She had no idea of multiculturalism as an American expression. The suggestion that multiculturalists “are at ease with the rich tapestry of human life and the desire to express their own identity in the manner they see fit” would have made her puke. She made us well aware of how proud she was to have passed her

citizenship tests and Joe Awad requirements. She told us about the struggle for the Conte family to immigrate to the US; how her father worked here 10 years before he was permitted to fetch the family. Hell, I didn’t realize I was any different than my friends, of mostly Irish and German descent, until I was about 15 when the Lebanese Civil War erupted, and I began to ask questions about my paternal heritage. So you get the idea. My heritage is half Italian and half Lebanese. I can here Theresa now: “Shut up. You’re American!” Theresa kept a small American flag in a flowerpot in the middle of our front yard in Bridgetown, and flew the fullsize flag every patriotic holiday. For at least 25 years, she threw picnics like parties on the Fourth, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. When it rained, we crammed 30 people into our garage. There were no Italian or Lebanese flags in our house. It was all red, white and blue. I remember how proud and sad she was when my dad died at 63, and she handed me his military casket flag because I am the eldest son. My wife commandeered the flag several years ago, and it now hangs on the wall at the

Dearborn County Historical Society’s building. Theresa loved baseball and personally knew Johnny Bench. She dug Johnny Cash, and she and my aunt would steal away on road trips to Columbus whenever The Man in Black played the State Fair. She thought Michael Bolton was dreamy. Theresa had a issue with illegal aliens, and insisted they should come to America the old-fashioned way, the legal way, her way. Like most Americans, including me, she did not have a full grasp of contemporary immigration issues. Nevertheless, there she sat in her American home, now an elderly American, speaking English to her American son, telling me about Ellis Island, and the impression NYC made on a 12-year-old girl in 1936. She told me her family got into the country because the US relaxed immigration quotas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Then she showed me this huge spiral book of The Big Apple she bought only hours after she got off the boat. Right there and then, she gave it to me. I can hear Theresa now: “Enough of this h-i-t.” That’s how she spelled shit. “Now, go to Wendy’s. I want a chicken sandwich, a big chili, and a coke. You better get a salad. You’re getting fat.” Joe Awad is editor of The Harrison Press.


Cincy sports up, down, all around

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. So the program used to open. What a week in the ups and downs of Cincinnati sports. The Reds stagger to a finish which costs Dusty Baker his job. The only surprise being that sports management in this town tends to take a more patient view with head coaches and managers with years and money left on their contracts.   I was more afraid that they wouldn’t start the process without removing Dusty. Apparently, owner, Bob Castellini isn’t the patient sort. The Bengals achieved a signature win on Sunday beating the Tom Bradyled Patriots for the first time.   Euphoria reigns. Or is that rains?   Talk about your timely monsoons!  

The Deluge

The last two minutes of the game may go down as the Deluge, right up there with the Freeze Bowl in Cincinnati sports metrological history. The Bearcats stubbed their toe in their conference opener, losing to South Florida in Tampa. The Bulls having not won in their previous five games, including a blowout loss in their opener to McNeese State, an FCS school by 30 points. Up the road in Oxford, the winless Miami Redhawks dropped another one as an offense which has been setting new records in futility staggered against Central Michigan in the MAC

opener. Prospects for a winless season apparently led the athletic director to can both head coach, Don Treadwell and the offensive coordinator, John Klacic, on Sunday. Kind of unusual since most coaching dismissals at the school come at the end of a season, not at the halfway point.   Personally, I don’t think it will help, but since possibly the most winnable game on the schedule occurs this week maybe the time was ripe. On the bright side in Oxford, the number two ranked hockey team was on the successful end of an 8-2 exhibition win over Windsor College(Canada) on Saturday evening.   The Redhawks open the regular season this weekend with a home and home series with their instate rivals, the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University.  Friday evening in Columbus, Saturday night in Oxford. The schools are keeping the rivalry even though they start play in different conferences this year. Back to the Reds. The change in management certainly will entail a shakeup in assistant coaches and personnel.   If nothing else, it should make the hot stove league a little more interesting even though I believe that ownership will move quickly and aggressively as far as settling on a manager.   The probably will get the job done before the World Series commences in a couple of weeks.

Weighing the remaining years on some of the contracts Jim and looking at the players who will be Robertson free agents may force a parting of the ways with several familiar faces on the Reds roster. Since the team seems to lack some real clubhouse leaders, a less laidback manager will probably be more desirable.   Somebody who won’t be a “players manager” which I have always taken to mean, letting the players do pretty much what they want with little accountability. As for the Bengals, the jury is still out.   It strikes me as odd that their three wins so far are over Super Bowl winning, sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and their losses are to quarterbacks not quite so pedigreed. We can only hope that the defense thinks that Jim Kelly is still calling the signals in Buffalo this Sunday. Yeah I know he didn’t win the big one but he played in five of them. He was the master of the “no-huddle” after Boomer and before Peyton.

Jim Robertson is a longtime Harrison resident, a member of Harrison City Council, and a weekly columnist for The Harrison Press.


Cut your television bill in half The one thing that has not changed with all the advances in cable and satellite TV services is the steady price increase. The recent brouhaha between Time Warner and CBS is only one in a long list of contentious negotiations relating to paying for TV. The more the cable company pays, the more the customer will need to pay. As broached a few weeks back, with cable we all pay for many services we neither view nor want. When, and if, that will change is anybody’s guess. No matter, there are some things you can do to cut the monthly cost of TV. With the average cable bill running well over $125 per month, some are opting for new ways of watching TV. Some services remain free and others provide similar services to cable for a fraction of the cost. Many would be amazed at the selection of programming offered free over the air from local TV stations.

Most provide three Jack or more different services over and above Dominic the main channel. For example, Channel 48 provides major PBS programs on 48.1 and two other services. One is for Arts and the other airs many how-to programs. All the commercial stations provide extra services and all are free. A look at the offerings of Netflix and Hulu Plus will show that many of the most watched programs are available there, too. Not only can you watch the latest episode of hits like Modern Family, you can watch all the previous episodes as well. All of this is on demand. The combined monthly fee for Netflix and Hulu Plus is about 16 bucks. Of course, you need to have high

speed internet access in your home. This averages about $50 per month. So the combined monthly TV bill is is about $66 or about half of what you are paying now. To really enjoy these services you need a smart TV with internet access built in or a separate device like AppleTV or Roku that connects the internet to your flat screen TV. This is a one time investment of between $50 and $100. Before you decide to give up your cable or satellite connections try these broadcast and Internet services for a month or so. You can cancel without penalty. Jack Dominic, a Harrison Township resident, is VP at CET, Cincinnati’s Public Television station, a pioneer in broadcasting and online video services. You can contact him at jdominic@ or read previous columns at http://www.jackatcet.blogspot. com, or


Community COME DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN LifeSpring Christian Church’s Hillbilly Hoedown Saturday Sept. 7, brought out the foot-stoppin’ spirit of the mountain folk. Hillbillies are top left, kicking up their heels: Mickey Smith, Robin Stuhan, Karen Fuls and Bethany Hampton. Bottom left: Lonnie Mitchell. Bottom right: Lisa, Ella and Eric Pfaffl.

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Mentor group in dire need of vols Big Brothers Big Sisters of program in school and not Volunteer applications are Greater Cincinnati is urgently involved with the juvenile on the agency website, www. in need of volunteers. justice system. . The agency pairs adult mentors with young people in the Tri-State, including Harrison, who can benefit from a positive role model. Four-hundred children are on the waiting list right now, with only a handful of volHAUNTED ADVENTURE unteers being screened and Part cornfield, Part haunted trail... matched. The need is critical, and Every Fri & Sat in October • 8pm-12am GE T YOUR the success is proven with Hwy 50 near Indiana/Ohio State Line 99 percent of children in the SCREAM O

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AROUND TOWN Oct. 9 Sons of the American Legion Meeting Oct. 9, 7 p.m., 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. Oct. 10 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk Oct. 10, registration 5:30 p.m., walk begins 7 p.m. Sawyer Point. For more information, email Jammie Allen Oct. 11 Live Music by Scott Seifferman Friday, Oct. 11, 8 p.m.-Midnight, Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Always open to the public. No cover charge. Oct. 12 Greater Harrison/Bright Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Saturday, Oct. 12, 7:30 a.m., The Gathering Place, Jamison Rd., Bright. Men of all churches invited. Crosby Elementary PTA Ham & Turkey Dinner Sat. Oct. 12, 3-7 p.m. Crosby Elementary School, New Haven. Adults $9, senior $8 (dine-in), carry out $9, child $6 (dine-in). Carnival, raffle, prizes. Whitewater Christian Church Trunk or Treat Oct. 12, 12-3 p.m. 5771 State Route 128. Hay rides, food, candy, games, face painting, rides. Dearborn Hills United Methodist Church Auction Saturday, Oct. 12, 6 p.m. 25365 State Line Road, (corner of North Dearborn and State Line.) Everyone welcome. To donate, call 812-637-3993. All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday, Oct. 12, 8 a.m.-noon, Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Adult - $7; Children 10 years and under - $5; 3 years and under - free. Sponsored by VFW’s  Love Our Veterans Society (LOV-S). Open to the public. St. John PTC Fall Children’s Toy and Clothing Sale Oct. 12, 9-noon. Corner of Harrison Avenue and Hill Street. School cafeteria. Cash only. All proceeds help the school. Questions and information call Stacie 367-1445. Oct. 13 Ham Shoot Sunday, Oct. 13, 11:45 a.m., Harrison  VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Sign-ups begin at 10:45 a.m. Oct. 14 American Legion Meeting Oct. 14, 7 p.m, 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. Oct. 16 American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m. 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. Oct. 18 Live Music by Rick Lane Friday, Oct. 18, 8 p.m.-midnight, Harrison VFW, 9160

DUTY CALLS Navy Ensign Nicholas A. Hutchinson, son of Linda M. and Merrill L. Hutchinson, West Harrison, recently graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., and was commissioned to his current rank. Hutchinson successfully completed four years of intensive academic, physical and professional training. Hutchinson completed a four-year, total-immersion program in which strong, balanced academics focused on the educational needs of the Navy and Marine Corps, and is superimposed on a strict, professional military training environment emphasizing the development of leadership skills. Hutchinson is a 2009 graduate of East Central High School of St. Leon. ... Air Force Airman Franklin D. Bowen graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas. Bowen completed an intensive, eightweek program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills. He also earned four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force. Bowen is the son of Heather and Frank Bowen of Jacob Drive, Harrison, and a 2012 graduate of William Henry Harrison High School.

Lawrenceburg Road. Always open to the public. No cover charge. Oct. 19 Dance with The B.O.F.F. Brothers Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blues; Saturday, Oct. 19, 7-11 p.m., Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. The cost is $5.00.  Reservations accepted. Call 367-6633.  Oct. 20 American Legion All You Can Eat Breakfast Sunday, Oct. 20, 8 a.m.-noon, American Legion Post 199 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. $6 per Adult, $4 kids 12 and under. Buffet Style Breakfast, eggs cooked Bengals on our Big screen TVs. American Legion Post 452 Euchre Tournament Sunday, Oct. 20, sign-ups at noon, play starts 1 p.m. $5 player, lunch available. Public invited. 25329 Legion Road, New Alsace.812-576-4186 or 812-623-4158. Oct. 22 Hamilton County Veterans Service Commission Oct. 22, 2-7 p.m. American Legion Post 199, 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. If you need assistance please come talk to one of the service officers. Oct. 23 American Legion Riders Meeting Oct. 23, 7 p.m. 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison. Oct. 25 Music - “Biggins”/Adult Halloween Party Friday, Oct.25, 8-midnight, Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Open to the public. No cover charge. Prizes for best costumes. Oct .26 Rummage Sale Saturday, Oct. 26, 8-1 p.m., Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road.  Proceeds will benefit our Veterans.  Any questions, call Tina at (812)637-9799 or (513)673-1334.   Flea Market Saturday, Oct. 26, 8-1 a.m., Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road.  7 a.m. for sellers. Sellers needed.  Space $10; tables not provided.   Sellers call Tina (513)673-1334; leave a message.  Oct. 27 The Harrison Recreation Committee Spooktacular Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, 5-8 p.m. Harrison Community Center 300 George St. Costume parade for children under 12 and pets on a leash, 5 p.m. sharp. (Please note new time) Kids will receive a goody bags and first 20 pets receive a treat.


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Free games, hay rides. For more information visit New Alsace Conservation Sausage, Pancake Breakfast Sunday, Oct. 27, 7:30-noon, New Alsace American Legion. $8 adults, $4 children under 10, under 3 eat free. Ham Shoot Sunday, Oct. 27, 11:45 a.m., Harrison VFW, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Sign-ups begin at 10:45 a.m.  Other announcements Football Tailgate Party Football Sundays at Noon,  Harrison VFW Cabana on the Whitewater.  Tailgating in the field.   Bring your  own food/ grill or purchase food from us.   Alcoholic beverages CAN NOT be brought onto our property.  All beverages must be purchased at the VFW.  Open to the public. American Legion Post 452 Fish/Chicken Fry Every Friday, 4:30-7:30, 25329 Legion Rd., New Alsace, Ind. (812)623-2771, (812)623-4158, (812)576-4186.

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR CITY GOVERNMENT • Harrison City Council, first and third Tues, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. Meetings broadcast on Warner cable television, Channels 15 & 17, Sunday, 3 p.m.; and Channel 24, Monday, 11 p.m. • Harrison Planning Commission, second Tues, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. Meetings broadcast live, Channel 4, replay Saturday, 6 p.m., Channel 4. • Harrison Recreation Commission, second Thursday, 7 p.m. • Harrison Board of Zoning Appeals, fourth Tues, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Mayor’s Court, first and third Thursday, 3 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Civil Service Commission, fourth Monday, 1 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Recreation Commission, fourth Thursday, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • West Harrison Town Council, second Monday, 6:30 p.m., 100 Railroad Ave., West Harrison. TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT • Crosby Township Trustees, second Monday, 7 p.m., Community Center, 8910 Willey Road, New Haven. • Harrison Township Trustees, third Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center. • Whitewater Township Trustees, third Monday, 7 p.m., Whitewater Community Center, 6125 Dry Fork Road. SCHOOL BOARDS • Southwest Local School District, third Thursday, 7 p.m., Meetings take place at district schools. Call 367-4139 for location. • Sunman-Dearborn School District, second Thursday, 6:30 p.m., administration office, Lawrenceville Road. GROUPS, CLASSES, AGENCIES • Alcoholics Anonymous, Tues, 8 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St., Harrison. • Amazing Grace Quilters - 3rd Monday of the month, 10-3. Amazing Grace Church, 9961 New Haven Road. (513) 202-0688. • American Legion Bingo - American Legion Bingo will be held every Thursday, doors open at 6 p.m., bingo starts at 7:15 p.m. at 10700 Campbell Road. • American Legion Trivia - Trivia is held every Wednesday at American Legion Post 199, 10700 Campbell Road, 8 p.m. • Beta Sigma Pi Sorority XI Eta Iota Chapter, second Monday, 7:30 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St., 267-4301. • Bountiful Hearts, third Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Harrison Church of the Nazarene, 249 Sunset Ave. Free, hot meals served and clothing available. Bob Tau, 367-0316. • CAP Harrison Cadet Squadron, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Harrison Airport, West Rd. Come fly with us! 367-4669. • Crosby Senior Center Crochet - Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet? A Free beginners class taught by Sue Corson on the first Tuesday of each month at the Crosby Senior Center beginning at 1:00pm. Bring your own needles and yarn. • Crosby Township Historical Society, third Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Senior Center, Willey Road. • Fernald Community Alliance, first Monday, 6:30 p.m., Fernald Preserve Visitor Center, Willey Road. • Ham Shoot - A ham shoot will be held every Sunday at 11:45 a.m. except the third Sunday of each month at Harrison VFW, 9150 Lawrenceburg Road. Sign-ups begin at 10:45 a.m. • Harrison High School Athletic Boosters, second Monday, 7:30 p.m., Harrison High School, 9860 West Road. • Harrison High School Drama Boosters, fourth Tuesday, 7 p.m., high school commons, 367-4169. • Harrison High School Music Boosters, fourth Monday, 7 p.m., Harrison High School, 9860 West Road, music department, 367-4169. • Harrison Kiwanis, first and third Thursday, noon, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, 9961 New Haven Road, 367-2015. • Harrison Nazarene Food & Clothing Ministry, open Thursdays, 12 to 3pm or call Suzanne Spangler (513) 252-3155 or Donna Duncan (812) 926-2066 for an appointment. Also open in conjunction with the “Bountiful Hearts Ministry” during their free, hot meal served the 3rd Saturday of each month at our location. We are operating a non-food pantry through partnership with Love, Inc. If you’re in need of non-food items, please call Love, Inc. at 367-7746 to schedule an appointment to pick-up these items from the Harrison Nazarene Church at 249 Sunset Ave. in Harrison, OH. • Harrison Republican Club, first Thursday, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center. • Harrison Vetrans Color Guard - The Harrison veterans color guard 10700 Campbell Road Harrison, is looking for a few good people to join. We do 4 or 5 parades in the community and Veteran Day services at the schools. If interested please contact Al Buxton at (513)225-1489 or Gary Hembree at (513) 312-4887. • Harrison Weight Watchers, Tuesdays, 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St. • Miami Historical Society of Whitewater Township, second Thursday, 7 p.m., Miamitown Hall. • MOMS Club of West Harrison, third Wednesday, 10 a.m., St. John’s United Church of Christ, Broadway and Sycamore Streets, Harrison, 637-1947. • Overeaters Anonymous, Wednesdays, 7 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, Broadway and Vine Streets. 910-7032. • Reach Out Pregnancy Center, 10150 Harrison Ave., first and third Monday, 5 p.m., Post-abortion recovery group information session, 367-7710. • Shaker Farms Garden Club, fourth Wednesday, 367-9379. • Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m., First Presbyterian Church - corner of Broadway & Vine Streets., Donna Cooper, 367-1125. • Water aerobics classes - Water aerobics classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays by certified water aerobics instructor Sarah O’Connor. Lifeguard provided for each class. No class fee, donations accepted. For additional information call Brandon Loveless (812) 576-4811 or email bsloveless@ . • West Side Democratic Club, second Wednesday, 7 p.m., Harrison Bowl, 1152 Stone Drive. E-mail to


Harrison gears up for Halloween & Christmas


The Harrison Recreation Committee’s Spooktacular will be Sunday, Oct. 27. A costume parade for children under 12 and pets on a leash will begin at 5 p.m. sharp (note new time). Kids will receive goody bags. For more information, visit Meanwhile, vendors and singers are needed for Harrison’s Christmas event on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Vendors include crafts, gift items, and homemade packaged food. Vendors will be located in a tent on Walnut Street in downtown Harrison. The fee is $10. Vendors must bring tables. Contact Jean Wilson at 513-708-1969 or e-mail Deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 26. Twenty pets will receive a treat. Free games, hay rides, Christmas parade and tree lighting. Harrison annual Christmas Parade also will be Saturday, Dec. 7. The parade will line up at 4 p.m. and begin at 5 p.m. The theme is Christmas Around the World. Music will fill the streets by area singing groups.Contact Jean Wilson, 708-1969 or email


Adam Smith is sworn in as Harrison’s newest full-time firefighter by Mayor Joel McGuire Tuesday, Sept. 17. Smith has been assigned to Unit 3 under the direction of Capt. Doug Nusekabel.


Gene Autry is the man ... period A few years ago, we were visiting my wife’s sister Barbara at her home in Tennessee. It was a Sunday and the TV was on, but not being watched. The TV was on the Encore Western movie channel, which at the time I didn’t have. At high noon, I found out this channel featured one of my top stars every week.

Top of the list

At the top of my list of favorite actors and singers is Orvon Grover Autry, who was born near Tioga, Texas, on Sept. 29, 1907. As an actor, singer, songwriter, businessman, baseball team owner and World War Two Air Force pilot, this great American as you may have guessed is Gene Autry. From 1934 to 1953, Gene was in 99 roles including his TV show (1950-1955). Although Gene’s films

were made for Bill the double features for the Baird children’s Saturday shows, I never considered them the usual “B” westerns, because they were too well made. I never saw a bad Gene Autry film and I’ve seen plenty of them.

Best before WWII

My favorites are the ones Gene made before joining the U.S. Army Air Force in 1942. Due to his age, he didn’t have to join. One of my favorites is The Old Corral (1936), which features two stars born in Cincinnati. Irene Manning (19122004) was billed as Hope Manning in this her first film. Thanks to a studio friend, she got the role as a singer in a Chicago night spot, fleeing west by bus after witnessing a murder. She was born Inez Harvout.

She was attractive and had a great voice. Remember Cincinnati born Leonard Franklin Slye (19111998) also known as Roy Rogers? He was in this great film as a member of the singing group known as the Sons of the Pioneers. Of all of the stars, if I could have been any of them, it would have been Gene Autry. On Gene’s birthday Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed in bed watching, between naps, Encore Western channel’s birthday tribute by showing Gene’s great films from before World War-II to the early 1950s.

If you hate me ...

The multitude that hate or even dislike me will get a smile on their face after reading the following. A recent visit to my lung doctor revealed a spot on my lung is growing.


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This is the spot believed to be cancer for which I had radiation not long ago. The bad news for the multitude is the spot is on a part of the lung that doesn’t function anymore due to years of emphysema. The retired great Dr. Richard Morris discovered the emphysema more than 30 years ago. Bill Baird is a Whitewater Township resident who writes a weekly column about old movies and Hollywood trivia.


Sports O, D crush Wilmington 42-7

Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

The Harrison Wildcats football team has turned into an offensive juggernaut these last three weeks, scoring more than 40 points in each game, all wins, including the 42-7 victory over Wilmington last Friday, which improved Harrison’s record to 4-2. The schedule gets a little tougher this week as the Wildcats play a rare Thursday night game at Mount Healthy.

Tied for first

The Owls are 5-1 overall and a perfect 3-0 in the Southwest Ohio Conference, leaving them in a tie for first place with Harrison and Northwest. Harrison is ranked eighth in the Region 6 Harbin rankings for Division II (as per and a playoff game is a real possibility if Harrison can defeat Mount Healthy and/or Northwest. “There are a lot of points out there to get,” said Harrison Coach Kent McCullough of the playoff race. “Our goals are right there in front of us.” If Harrison can keep up the scoring pace they will be tough to beat. Last Friday they took their first possession 99 yards for a touchdown, a drive that impressed McCullough. “That drive was tremendous,” said McCullough. “It really got us going in the right direction.”

7-minute drive

The drive took just seven plays with the biggest play a 40-yard pass from junior


Wildcats celebrate their third consecutive victory and fourth overall. The 4-2 Cats have been playing tremendous offense and defense the past three weeks quarterback Jake Weber to senior wide receiver A.J. Glines on a third and one play. Conners went the final 10 yards for the TD. “Jake and A.J. have a great relationship,” said McCullough. “It was a gutsy call, but it was what we have been preaching to them. If they are going to play A.J. tight at the line of scrimmage, we have to take advantage of that. It’s nice to have experience out there.”

Harrison added three more touchdowns in the second quarter as Weber had a 35yard run for one score, connected with Glines on a 24yard TD pass for another, and handed off to Conners for a 14-yard TD run.


As good as the offense was, the defense was just as good or better. The Cats have four sophomores starting on defense and


all of them have been making contributions, particularly linemen Nathan Silcox and Brandon Littleton. “Those two have been making great strides,” said McCullough. “Mason Brunner at outside linebacker and Mitchell Hogue on the back end at safety have also stepped up.” It was one of the defensive unit’s seniors that made the big play of the night, though. Inside linebacker Luke Bowman stepped in and picked off a Wilmington pass and

The Harrison Ladycats golf team finished its season last week with a ninth place in the 12-school sectional tournament at Walden Ponds Golf Club. Senior Natasha Davis, above, in her final match for her school, shot a 96 to lead the Ladycats. Davis finished in 36th place. Sophomore Rachelle Grubbs showed Coach Bryan Carr that there is plenty to be excited about for next year. Grubbs had a 98 to finish in 39th place. Grubbs was one of four Ladycats on the course who will be back to play next season. Sophomore Taylor Gwinner had a 111 to finish 50th, followed by junior Haley Wright with a 117 for 58th, and sophomore Lili Scarloto with a 129 to finish 124th.

being shown on television on Fox Sports Ohio. The Owls have a 5-1 record with their lone loss coming by a score of 13-12 against Middletown Fenwick. The Owls have three shutouts this season and have given up just 23 points in six games. “Their defense is really fast and they like to attack,” said McCullough. “We are going to have to put some points on the board and our defense has to eliminate the big play. It should be a great atmosphere.”

Soccer girls sweep; look for 1st in record-breaking year The Harrison Ladycats soccer team continued its record-breaking season last week, particularly when it comes to scoring goals. The Ladycats swept three opponents last week and scored 20 goals in the process to give them 84 goals in 14 games, which helps explain the team’s 11-2-1 record. The Ladycats can clinch no worse than second place in the Southwest Ohio Conference with a win over Edgewood on Tuesday. The teams are tied for second with 5-1 records, one game behind league-leading Ross. An upset of Ross by Talawanda would mean the winner of Harrison vs. Edgewood would tie for the league title. The Ladycats took part in the sectional draw last Sunday afternoon and drew Winton Woods for an opponent on Monday, Oct. 14, at Harrison. The Ladycats earned the 17th seed out of 30 schools. The Warriors were the 30th seed. “I thought we should have had a better seed, but I told the girls if we want respect we have to earn it,” said Harrison coach Troy Kinnett. “I thought it was interesting that the teams below us all could have jumped in against us, but none of them did until Winton Woods.” If Harrison defeats Winton Woods, a second-round game is scheduled for WednesBob Hyle Contributing Writer


returned it 38 yards for a touchdown. Wilmington managed to put together a 12-play, 70yard drive that resulted in their only score in the fourth quarter. Harrison ended the scoring when Hogue, subbing for Weber in the fourth quarter, went 50 yards for a score. Conner McCurley was a perfect six for six on extra point tries. The Mount Healthy game will be a big one because it is

day, Oct. 16, at Loveland. The Tigers are the third overall seed. “Loveland is a very good team, but other than a 2-1 win over Turpin, they don’t have many impressive wins,” said Kinnett. The Ladycats picked up an impressive win last Saturday as they defeated Kings by a score of 4-2. Kings ended up as the 14th seed in the sectional. Cassidy Hatfield, who had a great week for the Ladycats, capped things off with two goals, giving her five for the week. Kaylan Gruber had a goal and two assists, and Erin Stevens had a goal. The Ladycats led throughout, leading by a score of 3-0 with 20 minutes remaining in the competition. Earlier in the week, Harrison defeated Northwest by a score of 7-1. Hatfield had two goals and Gruber, Kayla Childs, Kayla Nowlin, Jordan Kelly, and senior Paige Michutka each added one. Michutka was one of six seniors honored on senior night when the Ladycats defeated Winton Woods by a score of 9-0. The Ladycats led 8-0 at the half. Childs had three goals to lead the way followed by Emily Hutchinson with two, and Hatfield, Stevens, Kelly, and Kelsie Hall with one each. Harrison closes the regular season this week. After the trip to Edgewood on Tuesday, Harrison hosts Lakota East on Saturday at noon.

T.J. shows up for golf sectional 2nd doubles team springs surprise Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

Harrison senior T.J. Stenger, who had struggled with his game the last few weeks of the regular season, had one of his best matches of the season in the boys’ sectional golf tournament at Miami Whitewater Golf Course as he shot a round of 84 to finish

in 25th place individually. Harrison finished ninth out of 14 schools in the sectional and had a total of 362 strokes, only six strokes behind Talawanda, which finished second in the Southwest Ohio Conference this season. The Cats finished seventh. Harrison also defeated two conference opponents in the sectional, Ross and Northwest. Stenger had the low round for Harrison and just edged out teammate Daniel Bischel, who shot a round of 85 to finish in a tie for 26th place. Bischel tied for the lowest score turned in by a freshman in the sectional tournament. Kyle Kinsel shot a 92 for Harrison to finish in a tie for 40th place. Kevin Kreinest shot a 101 to tie for 58th place.

While Harrison Ladycats tennis coach Andy Zureick was expecting big things from his first doubles team in the sectional tournament last week at the ATP Center, it was Harrison’s second doubles team that provided the biggest surprise. Sarah Smith and Alex Lowery, the second doubles team, surprised Ross with an easy 6-2, 6-2 win in the first round. Ross had defeated Lowery and Smith twice in the last two weeks, but the Ladycats turned the table on their conference opponents. In the second round against Seton, Harrison lost in three sets, 4-6, 7-5, 7-6. In the third set, Harrison had match point, but put the ball in the net and allowed Seton to come back and win. “I think fatigue set in for our girls,” said Harrison Coach Andy Zureick. “It was a warm day and we got just 30 minutes to rest after the first round before the second round started.” Zureick wasn’t disappointed with his first doubles team of Nicki Fernading and Abby May. Taking on the fourth-seeded team from Mother of Mercy, Harrison won the first three games of the first set before Mercy bounced back to take the set 6-3. Harrison won the second set 6-3, but lost the third set 6-4. Harrison’s singles players lost their first round matches. Hannah Williams lost 6-1, 6-2 to Oak Hills and Brooke Retherford lost 6-0, 6-2 to St. Ursula Academy. Taylor Means defaulted in her first match to a player from Colerain.


Coach: 2-week break will aid cross country Two weeks between competition helped the Harrison cross country team in their training, which Coach Jon Mottsinger believes will help them compete in the Southwest Ohio Conference meet this Saturday at Harrison High School, but Harrison’s performance in the Eaton Invitational didn’t provide the improvement the coach was seeking. “I feel the break was productive, but we didn’t see any big breakthroughs on the course,” said Mottsinger. The boys finished in seventh place out of 14 schools and once again ran without one of their top runners, Alex Toyeas, who was held out of competition to rest. “We lost to (conference schools) Talawanda by three points and Mount Healthy by 33,” said Mottsinger. “With Alex running it could have been a different story.” Mottsinger expects to have Toyeas ready for the conference meet this Saturday. Tyler Napier led Harrison with a 27th place finish and a time of 18:38. his runners have a chance to knock off one or both. As for the boys, Ross and Mount Healthy are the top two teams on paper.

Ladycat soccer player Cassidy Hatfield had a great week that she capped off with two goals, giving her five for the week on the way to three victories. PHOTO BY SANDY MINOR/Harrison Press

Lindsey Cron, left, and MaryKate McCarroll sky high against Colerain in a volleyball tri-match Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Volleyball team in middle of the pack Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

The Harrison Ladycats volleyball team finds itself in the “middle of the pack” when it comes to sectional tournament seeding, according to Harrison coach Amy Berwanger. Harrison earned the 19th seed out of 32 schools at the sectional draw last Sunday and the Ladycats will play Anderson, the 12th seed, in a first-round game at Kings on Monday, Oct. 14. The winner plays the winner of the Fairfield/Milford game on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m. at Kings. Fairfield is the 14th seed and Milford is 16th. The reward for the team that gets through the first two rounds is a likely matchup with Mount Notre Dame in the sectional final on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 7:30 p.m. MND is the second seed in the tournament. “At this point you have to beat good teams to move on,” said Berwanger. “I think we can battle with those teams in our draw. I feel comfortable against any of them.” Little Miami leads the Southwest Ohio Conference with a record of 11-1. Its only conference loss came at the hands of Harrison. The Panthers play both second-place Ross (12-2) and third-place Talawanda 13-4) this week and Ross and Tala-

wanda also play each other. If the stars are aligned for Harrison the Ladycats could jump into a second-place tie if Little Miami sweeps its league games and Talawanda defeats Ross. Harrison closes its league season this week with matches at Northwest on Tuesday and at home against Edgewood on Wednesday. The seniors will be honored on Wednesday night and an alumni reunion will be held as well. The Harrison seniors are Alyssa Borgemenke, Amanda Worley, Rebecca Hiler and Mary Kate McCarroll. Harrison’s fleeting chance of winning a share of the league title was doused by a four-set loss to Ross. The Rams won by a score of 14-

25, 16-25, 27-25, 14-25. volleyball we’ve played all Borgemenke had 16 set- season.” ting assists for Harrison, McCarroll had 10 kills, Nicole Ziegler had 10 digs, and Hiler added five digs. The Ladycats did defeat SWOC rival Mount Healthy is by a score of 25-12, 25-11, our 25-16. Brianna Looney had four service aces in the match and Gaby Dyarmati had five kills. Worley added four kills. On Saturday, Harrison took part in a tri-match at Colerain and defeated the Cards, 2125, 27-25, and 25-22. The Ladycats lost to McAuley in two sets, 17-25, 17-25. “Looney came up big for us in the last two sets against Colerain with some key blocks,” said Berwanger. “That was some of the best

Saturday, October 12, 2013 FIFTH ANNIVERSARY

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2:00 p.m. — Live Birds of Prey Show 3:00, 4:30, and 6:00 p.m. — Water Treatment Facility Tour 3:00, 4:30, and 6:00 p.m. — On-site Disposal Facility Tour 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. — Monarch Tagging 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 p.m. — Groundwater Monitoring Well Demonstration 3:45 and 6:45 p.m. — Trail Camera Pictures and Videos 4:00 p.m. — American Burying Beetle Talk 5:00 p.m. — Bird Hike 7:00 p.m. — Annual Community Meeting — Fifth Anniversary 8:00 p.m. — Night Hike 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. — Moths at Night (Ongoing Viewing) 9:00 p.m. — Star Gazing and Telescope Viewing

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COURT NEWS The following legal actions were filed in Hamilton County courts and previously published in the Cincinnati Court Index. Lawsuits Christina Buehler, Harrison, sued by Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, $1,061.71 with interest plus costs on a note. Megan A. Westrich, Harrison, sued by Reading Federal Credit Union, $13,526.81 with interest plus costs on an account. PHH Mortgage Corporation vs. Betty L. and Ronald L. Tekulve Jr., for foreclosure and money in the sum of $103,230.84 together with interest. Charles Harvey, Harrison, vs. Michelle Vollman for a money judgement in excess of $25,000. Robert Menville, Harrison, sued by Eagle Financial Services Inc., $835.45 with interest plus costs on an account Gary Scalf, Cleves, vs. Batesville, Casket Company, for Appeal from the Order of the Industrial Commission of Ohio. Brian Meade vs. Harvey Dennler, Miamitown, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Leory Adams Jr., Harrison, sued by Credit Accpetance Corporation, $4,839.96 with interest plus cots on note.

Linda German vs. Robert F. Tepe, Harrison, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Ronald K. Sweeney vs. Brandon N. Young, Harrison, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Karin Rose Doyle, Harrison, sued by State of Ohio, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, $876.95 with interest plus costs on an account. Union Savings Bank vs. Wendell D. Browning, Harrison, for foreclosure and money in the sum of $195,114.23 together with interest. Lisa D. Erkins vs. Daniel Wardes, Harrison, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000.


Harrison Township Brittney Drive - Group 2000 LLC., sold to Guardian Savings Bank Fsb, $116,000. 10217 New Haven Road Ziegler Properties LLC sold to Ryan M. Rockwell, $188,500. 10381 Marvin Road Steve Taylor sold to Thomas Real estate A. Nicholson and Pamela S. PHOTOS BY JOE AWAD/Harrison Press Crosby Township Crum, $185,000. 6959 River Road - Ray10435 Marvin Road -Chris- Ladies on the Loose event in Harrison attracted about 500 participants, who spent mond Wuest sold to Raymond topher Lee and Robert Tim- money at downtown businesses and made donations to aid the battle against breast Wuest, $6,422. othy Hunter sold to Robert cancer. After the event, gals and pals met at the moose Lodge to party. Pink, which is the color of breast Cancer Awareness Month was the perf erred color. Timothy Hunter, $87,250. Harrison May Construction of Cincinnati Inc., sold to Laurence America’s Largest Replacement Window & Remodeling Company A. Gebing, $208,640. 103 Deerfield Drive - Kelly Powell sold to Erice C. and Premium Roberta L. Princell, $190,000. 10625 Harrison Ave. - Sky$ 189/Mo.** line Food Products Company s) (60 Month Premium sold to Affinity Fletcher 102 Windows Inc., $430,000. $ 89/Mo.* 10877 West Road - George (6 0 Months E. Riley sold to Bank of Amer) ica, $60,000.


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1118 State Street - Uptown Spaces LLC., sold to Jessica Huckaby, $93,500. 1514 Abigail Court - Nvr Inc., sold to Jerry G. and Jana M. Hopper, $249,900. 300, 304 Washington Street - Brittany Turner and Forbis Wayne sold to Brittany Turner, $44,000. 324 Sycamore Street - Jacob Jr. and Patricia M. Loechel sold to Douglas V. Jones, $50,000. 593 Heritage Square - Fisher Attached Homes II LLC., sold to Robin Crawford, $91,000.

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MERCY HEALTH - WEST HOSPITAL COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19TH, 10 A.M. – 3 P.M. PARKING AT LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL, 3091 NORTH BEND ROAD Join us at the West Hospital Community Open House to meet some of the area’s finest physicians and clinicians, and tour many areas including the Family Birthing Center and Emergency Department. View our new state-of-the-art DaVinci surgical robot, Hybrid Operating Rooms and Auditorium. Experience the innovative patient and family-

centered amenities, including Ohio’s largest green roof, chapel and private patient rooms. Enjoy performances by community groups and schools, as well as activities for all ages. Shuttles will be available continuously to take you to and from the hospital. For more information, visit

Parking at La Salle High School. Take I-74 to the North Bend Road exit. Proceed north on North Bend Road to the intersection of North Bend and Cheviot Roads (Kroger will be on your right). Stay in the right lane, turn right on North Bend Road and follow to La Salle High School (located on the right) at 3091 North Bend Road.

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Aurora - Aspen Ridge, 4 bd, 2 ba, garage, equipped kitchen, C/A, gas heat, $895 month & deposit. 513-532-8933

0 steps! Large 1 or 2 bedroom at Village Square Apartments in downtown Aurora - historic down Harrison. Free heat! $425 town, 2 bedroom apart ment upstairs of 2 family and up. (513)367-6366. home. Tenant pays gas & 0 steps! Miamitown, large electric. $700/month de1 or 2 bedroom at Via posit same. 812-926-1311 Manor Apts. Private patio, lovely grounds. $395 and up. Free heat! Aurora- Second Street, (513)353-0398. 1BR, furnished, 2nd 1 & 2 bedroom apartments floor. No pets/smoking. in Aurora. $650. Freshly Utilities paid by tenant. Free laundry room. painted. New electric. New Leave message plumbing. Call (812)926-1083 812-926-0468 or 812-584-6990. 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dillsboro, 2 & 3 Bedroom Duplex in Versailles, 3 Bedroom Homes in Rising Sun. Contact Quality Property Management at 812-432-3230 or visit



2-bedroom duplex, Aurora. 350 to Wilmington Pike. Very clean and quiet. $550/month. No deposit. Tenant pays utilities and water. No pets. 513-623-4327. M-Th after 1p.m. Fri/Sat/Sun after 7p.m.

Aurora- 3 room apartment. Newly furnished, new carpet. Off street parking. No pets, no smoking. $350/month plus utilities. 206 Walker Ave. (812)926-1028. Aurora-2 Bedroom apt with all appliances including washer & dryer. 2nd floor.No smoking or pets. $625 per month plus utilities.Call 812-926-1677. 112 1/2 Mechanic St.3 Aurora-2 Bedroom apt with all appliances including washer&dryer. 2nd floor. No smoking or pets. $725 per month plus utilities. Call 812-926-1677. 505 2nd St

For rent when available, 2 and 3 room furnished apartments, utilities included, AC, no pets. Deposit required. Call (812)537-5796, (812)432-9605, or (812)584-3822.

Harrison - 1 bedroom, $430 and up. 2 bedroom $535 and up. C/A, pool, For Rent: Efficiencies balcony/patios, park like $165.00 per week utilities setting. (513)202-0715. included. Deposit required. Harrison - 1 bedroom, 2nd Also 1 & 2 bedrooms in floor, in 3-family building. Lawrenceburg. Deposit Quiet, nice, utilities paid. required. 859-512-3899 No pets. $450/month plus deposit. (513)477-1975 or Greendale- 2 Bedroom up- (513) 295-2154. stairs apartment. Washer/Dryer hook-up. Harrison, 1 and 2 bedroom Garage. Storage unit. Ap- apt., Leasing special, pliances furnished. NO $495, $595/month incl. waPETS. HUD accepted ter, sewer, garbage. Laun$595/month plus deposit. dry on site. Security de812-577-3093, leave mes- p o s i t required. sage. (513)205-5555.

Aurora-Retail Space for lease. 1100 Sq. Ft. $700.00 per month plus utilities. Off Street parking. Aurora and Lawrenceburg- Call 812-926-1677 Greendale- 2 bedroom, Great location. 1 & 2 bedrear patio, 1 bath, garage, room apartments starting Dillsboro Maple Glen laundry hookup, finished at $425. No pets. Apartments- 1 and 2 bed- lower level. $785/month 812-216-8477 o r room apartments avail - p l u s deposit. 703-973-4681. 513-532-8933. able. Call 812-432-5697

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APARTMENTS MOBILE HOMES 31 21 APARTMENTS 21 23 FOR RENT FOR RENT FOR RENT Harrison, OH- Tippecanoe Apartments. Spa cious remodeled 2BR $610-$640 dishwasher, balcony, very, very clean. No pets. 812-637-1787, 513-574-4400 Large 3 bedroom duplex in Greendale all utilities included, with w/d, stove & frig, off street parking, no pets. Newly painted/carpeted. $850/month + deposit. Call 812-926-3204. Lawrenceburg (2-bed room apt with all appliances and washer/dryer hook-up in apt. Each apt has front porch or balcony. $650/month w/$650 deposit required. Small pets only (addi tional deposit required for pet) Ph 513-265-8460 or 812-577-6781 Lawrenceburg Downtown, 2 bedroom Condo, new construction, water and sewage included. Rent $925/mo. 513-532-8933.

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LAWRENCEBURG- 3 Bedroom Duplex, large kitchen, laundry room hook-ups, front and back porch, 1.5 baths. $950.00/month, 1 month Aurora- 3-bedroom house deposit required, tenants with river view, one bath. pay utilities. Call Renter pays all utilities. No 859-512-3899 pets. $675/month and Lawrenceburg- House/Du- $675 deposit. Call after 6 plex for rent or sale. 3Bed- pm. 812-584-5519 or rooms downstairs,2Bed- 812-532-9112. rooms upstairs. $500 each plus utilities or $1000 to Executive home available, rent it all. C a l l 10-1-13. 8 rooms include, 812-584-6521. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, launLawrenceburg-Large 1br dry, office, 2 car garage, Apt, Living room, Eat-in view of Ohio river, kitchen, bath, storage, $1200.00 per month, credit mud room, W/D hookups check & references re Covered Porch, Fenced quired. Call 812-614-0610. yard Beautiful woodwork. Walking distance to Holly- GREAT RIVERVIEW! wood, Library and pool. 2 BEDROOMS, 2 BALCODeposit $575 rent $575. NIES, 1 1/2 BATH, DECK, 812-584-3210 GARAGE, VERY CLEAN IN Milan- Hoosier Country T O W N H O U S E Square Apts. 2BR with AURORA. $800 RENT, dining room, fridge, $800 DEPOSIT. REFERREQUIRED. stove, dishwasher, ENCES LAST. on-site laundry facilities, W O N ʼ T patio area, $550/month 812-432-5305. $550 deposit. No pets. 812-577-6781 GREENDALE HOUSENice 2/3 Bedroom, 1.5 New Haven - Near Harribath, all new appliances, son. Efficiency apartment, garage, fenced yard, Walk with full bath and kitchen. to new Pool. NO pets, Very nice condition. $895.00 + deposit + utiliGround floor entry. ties. 812-604-1431 $400/month. (812)623-2524. Harrison- 2 bedroom New Haven Apartments - house, full basement, Near Harrison. 4 rooms fenced back yard, quiet no with equipped kitchen. outlet street. $800/month Central heating, A/C. New plus utilities, $800 deposit. tile and laminate flooring. 513-600-9820. Very nice condition. $575/month. Moores Hill- 3bed, 2 bath, (812)623-2524. double carport, Nice 2 BR apartment in new:roof,windows,dishDillsboro. All appliances washer: pet upon ap furnished. $500 rent, $250 proval, no smoking, credit deposit.Renter pays utili- report, security deposit/s, ties. Call 812-667-5072. available 1 Now taking applications for Nov,$875.00(includes rental property in Aurora. ADT). 812-744-9084 or 7028 Sherman Dr. Aurora, 843-817-2717 IN. $800 per month,1100 sq.ft.,2story,2bedroom,1.5 MOORES HILL- 3Bed bath,partial basement,out- room, 2Bath. Brick Ranch. side d e c k , 2 c a r Family Room. Fireplace. garage,washer,dryer,reAttached Garage. Fully frigerator,stove,easy ac- equipped kitchen. On 1/2 cess to Hwy.50, 15min to acre corner lot. Next to Interstate275,quiet neigh- new park. $825/month + borhood,non-smoking,no deposit. References Repets. Please c a l l quired. Sewer charges are 909-744-0840. included. 812-621-0409.



Baldwin Cleaning Service Residential and business cleaning. Non-janitorial. Location: Bright, Ind. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. M-F Part-time $7.75 per hour. Call (812)637-5861. CDL-A Drivers: Looking for higher pay? New Century Trans is hiring exp. Company drivers and owner operators. Solos and teams. Competitive pay package.Sign-on incentives. Call 888-705-3217 or apply onlive at Come grow with us. Riverside Inn is under new management. Accepting applications and Resumes. For ALL positions. 515 Eads Pkwy. Come see us at Ivy Tech Career Fair Oct. 16th 2-5pm DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED NOW at Stevens Transport! New drivers earn $750 per week! No CDL? No Problem! CDL & Job ready in 15 days! 1-877-649-3156.

Drivers Wanted. Class A CDL. Clean Driving Re cord. Experience a Plus. Hourly Pay. Koppʼs Turkey Sales 513-367-4133 DRIVERS! Stone Belt Freight puts drivers first! Competitive pay! Home weekends! Excellent benefits! Pre-loaded trailers. Call Kelsy, 888-272-0961. Drivers- CDL-A Train and work for us! Professional, focused CDL training available. Choose Company Driver, Owner Operator, Lease Operator or Lease Trainer. (877) 369-7203 Drivers: 100% Owner Op Based. Great Hometime. Sign On Bonus! Dedicated Lanes. New Pay Rates. Cimarron Express (800)866-7713 x123


Dump Truck Drivers: Class B CDL with experience. Clean driving record and meet all DOT and Drug Testing requirements. Local haul (513)367-2177. Flatbed Drivers. New Pay Scale - Start @ .37 cpm. Up to .04 cpm Mileage bonus. Home weekends. Insurance & 401K. Apply @ 800-648-9915 Get more home time on Transport Americanʼs regional runs. Great miles, equipment + extras. Enjoy Transport Americaʼs great driver experience! or 866-204-0648 Heavy Equipment Operator Training! Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators. 3 Weeks Hands On Pro gram. Local Job Place ment Assistance. National Certifications. GI Bill Benefits Eligible. 1-866-362-6497 AC1213 Immediately hiring for front desk manager and housekeeping person, must have 2 years hotel experience. Apply in person at Holiday Inn Express, Harrison. Local business now hiring CSRʼs. Full time and Part time. Job requirements: excellent computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel. Email resume to

Machine shop in Batesville area looking for machinist experienced in setup and operation of CNC ma chines. Strong computer skills preferred. Immediate openings. Send resume to OTR drivers needed above avg. mileage pay. avg. 2500-3500 miles/wk 100% no touch. Full benefits w/401K. 12 months CDL/A experience 1-888-545-9351 ext.13 Painter wanted: Must have 10 years experience and have own transportation. Call after 7:00pm 812-926-4041 “Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825 RECENTLY LAID OFF? IN A RUT? WERNER NEEDS DRIVERS! Train to be a professional truck driver in ONLY 16 DAYS! The avg. truck driver earns $700+/wk*! Get CDL Training w/ Roadmaster! Approved for Veterans Training. Donʼt Delay, Call Today! 1-866-205-1569 *DOL/BLS 2012 AC-0205 Tax Preparer- Earn extra income after taking course. IRS approved. Flexible schedules. Course starts Oct. 3. Small fee for books. Call 812-926-0259 Liberty Tax Service  Wet Coat Painter / Package Labor  Open second shift position  for wet coat painter for full time employment that include benefits. Applicants must be capable of  using a HVLP wet coat paint system line, unloading structural steel product from a paint line and package this product on custom made pallets. Experience with forklifts, wood saws, pneumatic nail & staple guns, is required. Shift hours are 2:30 pm to Midnight, Monday thru Thursday. Apply within at 355 Industrial dr. Harrison Ohio or submit resume to  employment@heartland-

Drivers: Home Nightly Florence, KY Flatbed Openings! Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics. Apply: 1(866)336-9642

Aurora (L277831)3br, 2bath historic home in Downtown. Currently a multi-familyEasily changed! $135,000 Ken Maddin Aurora (L277855) 4br, 3.5 bath home on 8 acres. Spacious overlooking Valley! Hdwd Flrs, 3 Fireplaces! $229,000 Debi Hornsby Manchester (L277869) 3br, 3bath home RV owners DREAM! Gar w/14’drs & RV septic dump. $294,900 Patrick Schwing Rising Sun (L277879) 3br, 2bath mobile on 3 acres. Ideal location for that dream home! $ 59,900 Mary Turner Aurora (L277890) Well maintained 3br brick ranch- NO STEPS! All appls + W/D, Newer upgrades! $129,900 Patrick Martini Rising Sun (L277931) 3br, 1bath ranch w/ red oak hdwd flrs thru-out.Level fenced yard,gar & carport! $ 99,900 Mary Turner Greendale (L277972) 3br, 1bath ranch with hardwood flrs, 1C det gar & great yard. Needs TLC! $ 79,900 Debi Hornsby Lburg (L279169) Completely gutted and redone! 2 parking lots. 2.5 miles to I-275. $189,900 Debi Hornsby W Harrison (L279172) 4br log home on 2+ acres. Cvr'd porch, 2nd kit in bsmt. Show room garage! $259,900 Ken Maddin Aurora (L279176) Nicely updated 3br, 1.5bath home. 3 porches. Barn/garage & shed w/overhang. $119,900 Debi Hornsby Aurora (L279191) 18 hole mini golf course with all equipment & more on 2+ acres $279,000 Ken Greive ddin

537-HOME 438-3966



812.637.2220 CSTONEREALTY.COM BRIGHT: JUST LISTED: 3 bed, 2 bath all brick ranch home on beautiful lot w/updated flooring, kitchen & baths. LL has family rm with wet bar, & blacktop driveway. $159,900 HARRISON: 3 bed ranch sitting on nearly 2/3 ac on dead end st. w/ 1 and 2 car detached garages. $114,900 BRIGHT: 3 bed, 2.5 bath custom built ranch has full basement w/walkout. Tiered composite decking and extensive upgrades. $299,900 LOGAN: Remodeled farmhouse w/4 bed, 2 full bath newly updated & 2 half bath. Bonus rm above 3 car attached garage, kitchen has new countertops & flrs. $169,900 LAWRENCEBURG: Affordable living with a great view! 2 bed condo w/community pool, workout rm, & clubhouse. $89,900 SUNMAN: 33 acres w/driveway, water, & electric. $99,900 LOGAN: 55 acres w/2 home sites, city water & gas @ rd. $244,900 LOGAN: Lots 3 & 4 of Morgan’s Ridge Subdivision. Large lake, 6.78 acres, all city utilities available. $149,900 LOGAN: Lot 5 of Morgan’s Ridge Subdivision, all city utilities available, .76 acres. $29,900





Whitewater Processing is now accepting applications for male/female full time work. 513-367-4133


ABC Academy Preschool now enrolling. Ages 3 to 5. Certified elementary teacher. Small class sizes. Comprehensive curricuYouthland Academy look- lum. Full or half day op ing for experienced early tions. Spaces limited. childhood professionals. 812-926-0636. Students welcomed. Closing shift. Potential to become full time. 513-353-0209. Resumes preferred- teresab@yla Absolutely no trespassing of any kind for any reason. No exceptions. Not re sponsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prose AIRLINE CAREERS begin cuted at their own ex here- Get FAA approved pense. Property located at Aviation Tech training. Fi- 8692 Willey Rd., Harrison, nancial aid if qualified. Job OH. Molly Jansen, Cathy placement assistance. Maher, Mary Ison. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance Absolutely no trespassing, 877-523-5807 hunting, fishing, swim AC0901 ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quad runners, or 4-wheelers allowed for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone, Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of G.E. Stacy, 27357 Stacy Lane, 1905 Pinhook Internet Only Auction Ends Rd., West Harrison, Ind., October 23, 2PM. Two 47060. Wooded Brown County Tracts. TRACT 1: 128+/- To the Heirs of Dennis Caacres. TRACT 2: 121 +/- ble I Marlene Bergner am acres seeking title to the mobile home on E. Miami River 812-824-6000 Coffey Re- Road. VIN MY8971421K alty & Auction. Jimmie case #A1305994 Dean Coffey Lic#AC30200042 Seller: Presnell





PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the mesh caused complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Charles H. Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-535-5727. Plant trays & pots recycled at Chanʼs Plant Sale, 109 N. High St. (IN. 56) Rising Sun. Leave on porch or call 812-438-3182.



Achs Services - Heating and Air conditioning. All types and models, hot water heaters, light electrical and plumbing. Licensed and insured. (513)668-3775 (765)647-0439. Bowman Painting and general contractor. Interior /exterior painting, commercial and residential. Roofing and remodeling, custom staining, high pressure washing. Free estimates. Call (812)689-6771 or (812)537-4677. Bowman Tree Service. Trimming, topping, tree removal, lot clearing, storm damage, fully insured and free estimates. Call (812)537-4677. Monroe Excavating, Hauling, LLC Limestone, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Mulch, Sand, Gravel, Driveways Demolition, Digging, Basements, Dump Truck, Bobcat, Track Hoe Work Call (812)926-1995 or (513)310-0835



Craftsmen Garden Tractor 2010. 26 Horse Power. 54” cut. 300 hours. Excellent shape. $850. Call Dan at 812-487-2040

Local honey from Rising Sun bees. These hives are not treated with chemicals and are not fed sugar or sucrose. Raw honey available, too. Call Shawn 812-438-3182.


Greendale-333 Carroll Street Friday 10-11-13, 9a-4p and Saturday 10-12-13, 8a-12p. Lots of kid clothes. LARGE SALE! 17881 Pribble Road, October11-12. TVʼs, Riding Mower, Desk, Microwave, Girlʼs Bike, Toys, Baby Stuff, Nice Clothes Kids, Juniors, Misses, Men. Great Prices! Lawrenceburg-Multi-family; October 10-12. 8AM-? Lots of nice brand name clothes for everyon;big sizes too.Much, much more. Across from St.Johnʼs Lutheran on 48. Turn on Loretta. Multi-family Garage Sale Thurs. and Fri., Oct. 11 & 12, 9-2. 462 Featherwood Dr., Harrison. Furniture, toys, baby-adult clothes, many misc.


DISH TV Retailer- Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-283-0560 Overstocked on crushed driveway rock, 1inch x 0 DGA. $2.00 a ton or delivery available.Packs well. Call 219-207-0288. ROOFING- Half Priced: Economy Dimensional Shingles $54 per sq, Interior Doors $5 & up, Wood Interior Trim 50% off., 3205 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis (317)788-0008 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone-Satellite. Youʼve Got A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 888-541-7967.



P.A.W.S. Rummage Sale Nov 8-10 Agner Hall, Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds. Accepting donated items now or dropoff Nov 5-6, Instant cash paid for 10am-7pm Agner Hall.  baseball cards, coins, Info 513-910-2728. gold, silver, diamonds, pocket watches, old Yard Sale- 15451 Rook- toys, trains, comic wood, Lawrenceburg. books, antiques, mili Clothes, Household items tary, autographs, NAS8a-2p. Oct 11-12. CAR, large collections, estates. We pick up. Scott, (513)295-5634. Wanted to buy: Goats, any variety, fair prices paid. Gun Show!! Rushville, IN 859-250-2001 October 12th&13th Rush County 4-H Fairgrounds, 1299 North Sexton Street. Sat. 9 - 5; Sun. 9 - 3. For information, call 765-993-8942. Buy! Sell! Trade!

56 Sporting Goods



H&H Firearms. Guns, guns, guns! Rifles, pistols, shotguns, muzzle loaders. All autos wanted running Call Dave or Connie. or not. Top Cash paid to you, towing free. Must 812-926-1711. have title ready. Also buying old campers. 812-926-9332 8a-6p Monday-Saturday.






GREENDALE- 825 Sunset Drive. Table/Chairs, pictures, vases, leather coats (new) numerous items. Friday, October 11 (9:00a-4:00p) and Saturday, 12th (9:00a-12:00p). Rain or Shine.

Buying or Selling?


Over $18 Million Sold Since 2010!


HIRING Gardens Alive! Inbound Call Center

Seasonal Full & Part Time Positions Available, beginning at 11 am or later; weekend hours required

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Qualified candidates must have a minimum of 6 months sales/ customer service experience. Must be able to type a minimum of 25 WPM and meet accuracy requirements. Excellent verbal communication skills. $8.50 per hour plus comm. Paid Training - Employee Discounts For a phone interview call toll-free/EOE


Real estate With Real Results

Ken Maddin

812.539.HOME • 513.519.0006


812-539-2233 513-324-3915



Call for an appointment Regina Weis Well maintained home situated on 2.8 ac w/pond. Kitchen includes appliances, oak cabinetry, & pantry. Split bedroom layout w/2 full baths. Dining offers sliding doors to deck & backyard. In-law suite provides kitchen, bedroom/living room with separate entry/exit.


Dachshund Pups for sale. AKC Registered. Black & Tan. All current shots. 2 Males $350. 1 Females Small squares, mixed $450. 8 weeks old. 1988 Cadillac Broham. Re-done engine 350, accel grassed $3-$3.75. Timothy 812-621-1601 egnition. Dual exhaust, alor orchard $5. 4x5 grass ways garaged. Everything $30 outside, $35 inside. in good condition. $4800. Call 513-417-1185 or Call Dan at 812-487-2040 812-438-3757. **SERTA MATTRESS** 1989 VW Wanted to buy cattle and **SALE** Cabriolet Convertible horses. Crippled or sound. Serta Mattress Queen Red w/white top and inteAlso buying wild cattle. Will pay c a s h . SET Now $175 List $500. rior. Very good condition. Serta Perfect Sleeper New top in 2005. Well (859)620-5860. Queen SET now $349 LIst taken care of. Great gas $1450 Can deliver. NEW mileage! Sharp little car. w/warranty. Will be a classic vehicle Call 859-534-5107 next year. Asking $6,000 (513)367-6927. Bad teeth? Extractions 2000 Ford Econoline Van !!!-A-A-A and Dentures using oral Auto, AC, Good condition. sedations. Free Consulta- 95K miles, $4,500 OBO. YARD SALE tions. Dr. McCall info and (812)637-3659. before/after photos at DEADLINE 2005 Mercury GM L.S. premium sedan. Only m 317-596-9700 BEFORE 10 A.M. 56,000 miles. Original FRIDAYS Corn hole game bags. owner/excellent condition. Red, navy blue, green, 812-537-0026. Holiday deadlines orange, black, bright ʻ91 Honda Prelude. Make Thursday blue purple, maroon, offer. ʻ96 Cheverolet Tabefore 10 a.m. gold, gray & brown. hoe. 4-wheel, full power $20.00 for set of 8 bags. leather interior. $1,500 or $15 four papers Call (812)537-1207. OBO. 812-290-4490 or 25 words or less 812-290-5226 DirectTVOver 140 chanCall 96 Toyota Corolla. 80,000 nels only $29.99 a month. Harrison Press Miles, in great shape. Kept Call Now! Triple Savings! (513)367-4582 in garage. Asking $3200. $636.00 in Savings, Free or Lawrenceburg Call 812-655-4293 Upgrade to Genie & 2013 (812)537-0063. NFL Sunday ticket free!! Will Buy & Haul Scrap & Trucks Start saving today! C a r s 21423 Salt Fork Road. 1-800-246-2073 (812)716-0781. October 10th-13th. 9a.m.-6p.m. Rain or shine. Road turns off IN State Route 1 and Stateline at Bright.

Greendale Self - Storage Indoor storage available 24 hour access. Call (812)537-3131 o r Fri. & Sat. Oct. 11 & 12 at 79 Parkside, Greendale. (812)637-1787. 8am to 2pm. Halloween Hers & His Professional costumes and decorations. Services. Grass cutting, Also lots more stuff. home/business cleanGarage Sale - Fri.-Sat. ing, trash removal. Oct. 11 & 12, 9-3. 1053 Partners in life and Chappelow Ridge Rd., business. Aurora, Ind. West Harrison. Juniorʼs Bonnie & Steve Telinda, (513)703-4416 o r clothes, shoes, household items, DVDʼs, toys and (513)309-9460. much more! Quality photography by Garage Sale - Fri.-Sat., Bob Mattingly. Family Oct. 12 & 12, 9-5. Rain or groups, sports, groups & shine. 7161 Walsh Lane, general photography. Guilford. Womenʼs clothes, Call 812-438-3182. misc. items. Residential Cleaning. Tri-state. You make the mess, we'll do the rest. Insured/Bonded. Specializing in construction, commercial and residential 812-290-4490 Thank you. Get ready fall cleaning.

October 8 - October 10, 2013

* Foreclosure Special * Equipped kitchens * Laundry facilities * Heat included * 24 hour emergency maintenance * Minutes from I-275

* Ask about Deposit Special * Lots of closet space * Children play area * Walk to Ludlow Hill Park * Extra Storage * Pets Welcome

NOW LEASING 1 & 2 bedroom apartments

Kitchen Help & Servers Full & Part Time Apply in person: 615 Ring Rd Harrison, Ohio

October 8 - October 10, 2013

The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register


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Selling IN, OH and KY! The market is back! Now is the time to begin your real estate career! Hiring New and Experienced Agents! • First Class Support System • Unmatched Training Program • Latest Tools and Technology • $30K Minimum in Guaranteed Commissions in 2014!

Send resumes to Andrew Lohmiller or fax to 513-278-0145

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Hidden Valley Lake, Inc, Hidden Valley Golf Club, Rupel Development Corp., Country Acreage, Inc., Jacob Properties, bor dered by Georgetown Road, Fairway Drive, Alpine Drive and Oberting Road, Miller Township and City of Greendale. 03-14

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, hunting, trapping, swimming or open fires. No motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. We are not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the property. Ryan Stroud Heartland, Homestead Land Trust 4-13 Absolutely No trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Robert & Deborah Lischkge, 9794 Alans Branch, Moores Hill, IN 47032 2-14

ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING FOR ANY REASON. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. 7152 KAISER DR. LAW- Absolutely No Trespassing RENCEBURG, IN 47025 for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not reAbsolutely no trespassing sponsible for any acci for any reason, not respon- dents or injuries on the The sible for accidents or inju- properties of: ries. Violators will prose- Bowlins, Bordering on cuted at their own ex - Lipscomb Dr., Mud Lick penses.: The Beverly J. Creek and Rainbow Neihardt Trust, 14950 Road, Manchester TownOld State Road 350, ship and 7327 Kaiser Drive, 2-15 Moores Hill, IN 8-13 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, no hunting, trapping, swimming, no motorized vehicles, firearms, trash dumping, open fires, wood cutting, horseback riding, 4 wheelers, bikes. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, fatalities. No trespassing, soliciting, or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent from Ron and Debbie Seaver, 23718 James Lake Road, Guilford, IN 47022 04-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents or fatalities. Violators will be fined and prosecuted on the property of: Mark & Bonnie Pennington, 12947 N. Hogan Rd., Aurora, In 47001 5-13 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any injuries or accidents. Town of Moores Hill Properties, Moores Hill, IN 47032 4-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason: no fishing, hunting, trapping, or swimming; no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense; also we are not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Bieliauskas Family, 1230 Justis Rd., Lawrence burg, IN 47025 4-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents of injuries on the property of: Tom & Kathy Klump Tower Rd., Lawrence burg Trojan Rd., Extending to Beneker Rd., St. Leon Kildeer Ln., Guilford Mosmeier Rd., Sunman 1-13 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason, no fishing, hunting, trapping, dumping, wood cutting, or swimming, no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense, not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Gale Banta, 4304 State Road 48, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 10-11

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason including motorized vehicles - hunting of any kind (bow or gun - nor trapping) or sledding. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their expenses to the fullest extent of the law on the property of Irvin J. Hartman & Frances M. Hartman, 221 Locust St., Greendale, IN 47025 1-14

Absolutely no trespassing the property consists of 69 acres extending from the creek of the top of the hill including the gas-line easement plus a trailer & a barn. Violators will be prosecuted. John & Judy Wayne 6998 E. Laughery Creek Road Aurora, IN 47025 10-12

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, woodcutting, quad or cycle riding. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Jim & Larry Gabbard, Lattire Farm, Gregory Bier (The Land) Union Ridge Road, Aurora, IN 47001 6-14 Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quadrunners or 4-wheelers allowed on my property for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone. Violators will b e prose cuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of: The Gary Steinmetz Farm, 9783 Wesseler Road, Sunman, IN 05-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, firearms, woodcutting, trapping. No motorized vehicles of any kind. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not responsible for any injuries, accidents or fatalities on the Absolutely No Trespassing property of: James Chrisfor any reason. Violators man, Yorkridge Road, will be prosecuted at there Guilford, IN 06-14 own expense. No vehicles including ATVʼs, Motorcy- Absolutely no trespassing, cles etc. Not responsible hunting, quads, dirt bikes, for any accidents or inju- or wood cutting. Not re ries on the property of sponsible for any injuries P.A.W.S. Humane Cen- or accidents. Property conter, 200 Charles A. Liddle sists of 10 acres. Richard DR. Lawrenceburg, IN. and Melanie Wiedeman, 47025 18554 Collier Ridge, ABSOLUTELY NO TRES- Guilford, IN 47022 PASSING FOR ANY REA- 05-14 SON. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED AT Absolutely no trespassing, THEIR OWN EXPENSE. hunting, trapping, trash 19150 COLLIER RIDGE dumping, tree cutting, tree damaging in any way, tree GUILFORD, IN 47022. stands, firearms, bows, Absolutely no trespassing knives, or loitering. Not reof any kind allowed on all sponsible for accidents, properties belonging to personal injuries, property Ola & Julie Miller. No ex- damage, or fatalities. Vioceptions. Not responsible lators will be prosecuted to for injuries, accidents or fa- the fullest extent of the law talities. No vehicles of any at their expense of the kind, horseback riding, etc, properties of Gerald unless written permission Conn, Cove Circle East is given. Ola & Julie lots 2534 and 2535, HidMiller, 11302 N. Hogan den Valley Lake. Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 08-14 2-12 Absolutely No Trespassing Absolutely no trespassing, of any kind, for any reason hunting, fishing, swim at any time. No Excep - ming, trapping, horseback tions! Owner not responsi- riding, woodcutting, motorble for any accidents, inju- ized bikes, quad runners ries or fatalities. Violators or 4-wheelers allowed for will be prosecuted at their any reason. Not responsiown expense. Tresa Man- ble for accidents or injury ford 11510 North Hogan to anyone. Violators will be prosecuted at their own Road Aurora, IN 47001 expense to the full extent 5-14 of the law on the property ABSOLUTELY NO TRES- of: Darrell & Susan SexPASSING OF ANY KIND, ton, 17537 Hillcrest Dr., IN FOR ANY REASON L a w r e n c e b u r g , OWNER NOT RESPONSI- 470205. 5-12 BLE FOR ANY ACCI DENTS, INJURIES, OR Absolutely no trespassing, FATALITIES. VIOLATORS no hunting, no woodcutWILL BE PROSECUTED ting, no walking, no sightAT THEIR EXPENSE. seeing, no motor vehicles. SHELIA BLOCK Violators will be prose 9163 OLD S.R. 350 cuted at their expenses. AURORA, IN 47001 Not responsible for accidents or injury on the propAbsolutely no trespassing erty of Don and Linda of any kind or for any reaTurner, 3250 East 200 son. Not responsible for in- South, Dillsboro, IN juries or accidents on all property of Lischkge Mo- 47018. tors, Inc. 10200 U.S 50 West, Aurora, IN 2-14

Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutting, no walking, no sightseeing, no motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their ex penses. Not responsible for accidents or injury on the property of: Patrick Holland 14130 Brown Rd. Moores Hill, IN 9-11 Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutting, no 4-wheeling, no quad running. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Ronald W. Fields, 2488 Sneakville Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. 11-13

I-275 Enterprises, Inc., is the owner of property located in the Horseshoe Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, Indiana, bounded on the West and North by the right-of-way of interstate Highway 275 and on the South by the Chessie Railroad right-of-way and on the eastern edge of the I-275 Lagoon (hereinafter called “the property”). Hunting, trapping, dis charging firearms, shooting arrows, fishing, turtle hunting, dog running, tree cutting, woodcutting, dumping, animal abandonment, hiking, bicycling, motor biking, operating quads or after ATV vehicles, horseback riding, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, bird watching, camping, operation of aircraft, swimming, row boating, motor boating, sailing, creek rock hunting, turning around or trespassing of any kind on the property for any reason is absolutely forbidden without written and signed permission of a duly authorized agent of I-275 Enterprises, Inc., I-275 Campgrounds, Inc., and-or Horseshoe Camp grounds. I-275 Enter prises, Inc. 119 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 09-14 No bikes, skateboards, roller blades. No trespassing for any reason; not responsible for injuries or accidents on property of: Dillsboro Civic Club, 9824 Central Ave. and 12930 North St., Dills boro, IN (formerly Doctors Bldg .) 09-14

For an up-to-date listing of job opportunities at DCH, visit our website at or call our JOB HOTLINE at 537-8121 or 1-800-676-5572, 24 hours a day.

w/ 2 doors

Built on your lot! 50 Years Experience

Large selection of colors & sizes Material packages available

GOSMAN INC. 812-265-5290

$5,325 Erected

$16,475 Erected

24'x45'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 50'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

$6,295 Erected

$22,995 Erected

32'x40'x12' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 60'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-16' Split Slider 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4' Center Truss on 4' Center

$25,950 Erected

Check our prices on garage doors!

METAL ROOFING - 40 YEAR Warranty - choice of 16 colors • Lumber • Hardware • Plumbing Supplies • Paint & Supplies Vinyl siding •Windows & Doors • Ammunition Laminated Floor • Greenhouse & Garden Supplies 5123 W. Co. Rd 550 South - Holton, IN 47023 (812) 689-6276 (or leave a message) From Versailles, take US 421 S. Turn right onto Co. Rd. 550 S. (watch for sign). Located approx. 3 miles on the left. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 5:00 pm • Sat. 8:00 am - 4 pm

Ivy Tech’s Corporate College has developed an affordable, high quality Commercial Driving License (CDL) training program, licensed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (License #0002), To find out more about the information session and about the truck driver training program, contact: Kris Wilson 812-537-4010, ext. 7226 or toll free at 800-715-1058, ext. 7226 email:


Metal Roofing & Trim

12 Colors • Custom Trim Available • Delivery Available Next Day Service • Buy Factory Direct & Save $1.89 Lin Ft #1 • $1.49 Lin Ft #2 • $.99 Lin Ft Scratch & Dent MADISON METALS 812-273-5214 •


600 Wilson Creek Rd. • Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 (812) 537-8120 • (513) 564-8000 ext 8120 • FAX (812) 537-1977

w/ 2 doors

30x50 • $8,995

24'x36'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 40'x64'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 1-20' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

$9,975 Erected

RNFA - Part time days in the O.R.

AVAILABLE FOR FULL & PART TIME EMPLOYEES Vacation at 6 months • 403(b) Program Health & Dental Insurance • Tuition Reimbursement Competitive Salary • 3 Weeks Vacation after 1 Year Full Time

20x24 • $3,995


RNs - Part time days in the PACU, full time in the ICU, part time in the ER.

Full time Evening position. MLT or MT registry or eligible required.


No hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Stonegate Property Owners, Bordering on Stonegate Dr. & Essex Lane. 05-14



No Trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or property. The Kremer Family 28483 Barber Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 9-12

NO TRESPASSING for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents, injuries or any fatalities on 4-14 property of Betty J. Weber, Bloom Road Moores Hill, No hunting, fishing, or tres- Indiana 47032. Violators passing for any reason will be prosecuted at their and not responsible for expense. any injuries occurring on the property owned by: No trespassing for any Hidden Valley Lake Prop- reason. Not responsible erty Owners Associa - for accidents or injuries. tion, Bordering on State- Marshall Alford line Road and George- 15778 W. County Line town Road, Lawrence- Rd. burg, In 1-13 Moores Hill, IN 10-12 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing without written No trespassing for any permission on the Chip- reason. Not responsible man farm. 7442 White for any accidents, Injuries, Road, Rising Sun, Indi- fatalities or personal propana . Violators will be erty. This applies to all prosecuted. 05-15 property owned by us.Beware of dog. Violators will No hunting, fishing, swim- be prosecuted at their own ming or trespassing and expence. Randy & Mary not responsible for acci- L y n n Hayes, 3382 dents on the property of: Sneakville Rd., Law Robert & Beth Baylor, renceburg IN, Also 6223 St. Rd. 48, Law - Goose Run, Aurora, IN renceburg, IN 1 -13 2-14 No hunting, fishing, trapping or trespassing or No trespassing for any ATVʼs. Violators will be reason. Not responsible prosecuted at own ex - for injuries or accidents. pense, Not responsible for Violators will be prose accidents or injuries on the cuted at their own expense property of, Dennis and on the properties of: Wm. Cindy Meyung, 10998 G. Rudicil, Barber Rd., County Farm Rd, Aurora, Gobblerʼs Knob Rd., W. Harrison, IN 1-14 IN, 47001, 12-13 No hunting, no ATV/bike No trespassing of any kind riding, no wood cutting for any reason on the without written permission. properties of the Tri-TownNot responsible for per - ship Water Corporation. sonal or property injury on Violators will be prose property owned by: Mi- cuted at their own ex chael and Roberta Hank- pense. Also not responsiins, Cranes Run Road, ble for any accidents, injuLogan Township 1-13 ries, or fatalities. Tri-Town No hunting, no fishing, no Water Corporation bike riding, absolutely no No trespassing of any kind trespassing on the prop- on property of : All Rite erty of: Irene Beckett Es- Ready Mix Of Indiana, tate, 1005 Nowlin Ave- LLC, 10513 Morgans nue, Property on west Branch Road, Aurora, IN side of Tanners Creek 2-13 08-14 No hunting, no motorized No trespassing of any kind bikes or vehicles, no tres- on the properties & private passing of any kind and drive of Marvin Zimmer not responsible for acci- 28817 Evergreen Lane, dents, violators will be West Harrison, IN 47060 08-14 prosecuted on the property of: Stanley Harmeyer & No trespassing without Sondra Lewis 22643, written permission and not 22747, 22915 Jackson responsible for accidents Ridge, Lawrenceburg, IN 09-14 or injury on the property of Jim and Beth Marting, No hunting, no motorized 6960 Nelson Road, bikes or vehicles, no tres- Aurora, IN 47001 - in passing of any kind and O h i o County. not responsible for acci9-14 dents on the property of: John McKay POST FRAME 11307 N. Dearborn Rd. BUILDINGS Sunman, IN 47041 10-12

No hunting or shooting, no woodcutting,, littering or dumping, no motorized vehicles, machinery or trespassing. Not liable or responsible for injuries or accidents. Violators will be prosecuted if found on property of: Dennis G. and Ann J. Elder, 17800 No hunting, trespassing, Duncan Lane, Aurora, IN quad or dirt bike riding on the property of Bill and 7-12 Donna J. Fisher located No hunting, fishing or tres- at 6919 E. Laughery passing and not responsi- Creek Road, Aurora. ble for accidents or injuries No hunting, woodcutting or on the property of: Jerome trespassing and not re & Ruth Martini, York Ridge sponsible for accidents on Rd., Leatherwood Rd., the property of: Joseph York Township. and Edna Imholt, 8289 Road, No hunting, fishing or tres- L e a t h e r w o o d passing of any kind. Not Yorkville, Guilford, IN responsible for property or 4-14 personal injury on the property of: Maria Teresa Maturana, 2194 Lake Tambo Rd., Manchester, IN

Learn how you can receive classroom and extensive one-on-one, behind-the-wheel training...the training employers demand. ATTEND A FREE INFORMATION SESSION: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2013 5:30 p.m. IVY TECH LAKEFRONT CAMPUS 500 INDUSTRIAL DR. LAWRENCEBURG


No hunting, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, or gardening of any kind. Joan Fidler will not be held liable for any injuries ac quired on the property on both sides of 10419 Chesterville Road, next to 10095 Chesterville Road, and across from 10386 Chesterville Road. Violators will be prosecuted.

Complete auto repairing & refinishing on all foreign and domestic models.

Vic Mortashed, Owner 812-637-1611

77 N. State

(Across from K of C Hall)

W. Harrison, IN


Absolutely no hunting, trapping, fishing, swim ming, trash dumping, woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres passing for any reason. Violators will be prose cuted. Beware of dog. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property Absolutely no fishing, no of: Perry & Tracy Boone, swimming, no hunting, or 18002 Lost Creek Lane, trespassing permitted. Not Lawrenceburg, IN 1-13 responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to: Mark & Absolutely no hunting, Eva Roll, End of Diefen- trapping, fishing, swim bach Road, Bright IN ming, trash dumping, 47025 09-14 woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres Absolutely no hunting or passing for any reason. trespassing. No dirt bikes Violators will be prose or motorized vehicles of cuted. Not responsible for any kind. Not responsible accidents or injuries on the for accidents, injuries or fa- property of: John Stetalities on the property of gemiller, 24569 Hiltz Rd., Helen Amm & Teresa Guilford, IN 47022. 11-12 Stone, 18060 Union Absolutely no hunting, Ridge, Aurora, In 47001. trapping, woodcutting, moAbsolutely no hunting, dog torized bikes, or trespassrunning, wood cutting, ing for any reason or purdumping, animal abandon- pose. These activities are ment, motorized vehicles, strictly forbidden and will bikes, trapping, firearms, not be tolerated. Violators or swimming. No trespass- will be prosecuted at their ing of any kind for any rea- own expense. Also not reson. Not responsible for sponsible for accidents on accidents, injuries or fatali- the property of: Rodney & ties, to any person or per- Arlene Miller 8824 North sonal property. Activities of Hogan Rd., Aurora, IN any kind will not be toler- 47001 08-14 ated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own Absolutely no swimming, expense to the fullest extent of the law on the prop- fishing, hunting or tres erty of L.J. Backman, passing permitted, not re6422 East Laughery sponsible for any injuries Creek Rd., Aurora, IN or accidents on any property or lakes belonging to: 10-13 Ralph Eugene Clark, Jr. Absolutely no hunting, fish- and Mary Clark, 1505 ing, dog running, woodcut- Water Street, Hardin ting, dumping, animal town, Lawrenceburg, IN abandonment, motorized Anyone caught in the auto vehicles, bikes, trapping, salvage yard or above firearms, swimming, tree property will be prose cutting, snowmobiling, cuted. 09-14 creek rock hunting, turning around in private circle Absolutely no trespassing drive or trespassing of any - of any kind - for any reakind for any reason . Not son. It is illegal to tres responsible for accidents, pass. No hunting, trapping, injuries or fatalities to per- trash dumping, wood cutsons or personal property. ting, swimming, dischargActivities of any kind will ing firearms or explosives not be tolerated. Violators of any kind, riding animals will be prosecuted at their or bicycles, or any motorown expense to the fullest ized vehicles including extent of the law on the ATVʼs, quad runners, moproperties of:John Nie- torcycles, motor bikes, etc. haus, 16827 St. Rt. 148, Not responsible for propAurora, Ind., 47001. erty damage, accidents. Absolutely no hunting, fish- Injuries or fatalities. Violaing or trespassing of any tors will be prosecuted to kind. Not responsible for the full extent of the law. property or personal injury This is a 44 acre tract on the property of: George bounded on the south by Hockl, Norkus & White Lutz Road and on the Plains Rd., Manchester north by Harley Springs Township, Aurora, IN Subdivision. Welbourne G. Williams, 4738 Lutz 4-14 Rd., Guilford, Indiana. Absolutely no hunting, fish- 1-13 ing or trespassing for any reason w/o written permis- Absolutely no trespassing sion on the properties for any reason. Violators owned or leased by us. No will be prosecuted. Not reexcuses. Violators will be sponsible for any acci arrested and prosecuted. dents or injuries on the James, Harry and John Hud - properties of dleston, 8731 SR 56N, Wilma, Samuel Goff and Aurora, IN or 5311 Carolyn Goff/Brown, Yorkridge Road, Guilford, 13337 Goff Lane, Moores IN Hill, In 09-14

27 85

Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to : Rod and Brenda Cafouras, 12476 Gordon lane, Dillsboro, IN 47018 2-13


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

October 8 - October 10, 2013

70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

No trespassing! Absolutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not re sponsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: David L. Shuter & Deborah L. Shuter, Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 11-13

No Trespassing! Abso lutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not responsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: Joseph F. Bayer, Jr. & Donna S. Bayer, 17365 Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, In 47025 1-13 No trespassing, hunting or fishing. The Browning Farm, 9516 & 9321 Texas Gas Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 10-11

No trespassing, hunting, 4 wheeling etc. on property owned by Ken and Kathy Scherzinger or other owned entities on North Hogan Rd. between SR 48 and Holt Rd., Dear born County Indiana. Not responsible for any accidents of any kind. 5-14

No trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motorcycles. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on the property of: John Kemme, 24464 State Line Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 7-13

No trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motor vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries of any kind on the property of: Mark & Roberta Klem, Seldom Seen Estates, Lot #1,#2, #3, 22505 State Line Rd., Bright, IN 06-14 No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities of any persons or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Cindy & Michael McAndrew, 19446 Anderson Rd., Law renceburg, IN 47025.

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities of any persons or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Debi & Stephan Kraeling 7233 Bonnell, Guilford, Indiana 47022 05-14 No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to any persons or personal property. David & Michelle Fluegeman, South Hogan Road, Dillsboro, In 47018 1-13

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, trapping or dumping of any kind. Absolutely no motorized vehicles, bikes, quadrunners or 4-wheelers allowed on my property. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities. Beware of dogs. Violators will be prose cuted at their expense to the fullest extent of the law. Jeffrey Long, 9027 Old St. Rd 350 & 13385 Dean Rd., Aurora, In 47001. 9-14

No trespassing, hunting, motorized vehicles, wood cutting, trapping, fishing. Not responsible for any accidents or injuries on the properties of: Mike & Tim Brooks (formerly property of Joseph C. Brooks) 9257 SR 48, Aurora, corner of Cole Lane and SR 50. 10-12

No trespassing, hunting, four-wheeling or motor vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries of any kind on the properties of Mike & Sylvia Heninger or Heniger Properties LLC on Woods Rd. Lawrencburg, IN 47025

No trespassing, no fishing, no hunting or artifact hunting. Nick Domaschko, Ohio County, 9748 St. Rd. 56 N., Aurora, In 47001 6-14

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No trespassing, motorized vehicles, hunting, trapping, fireworks or explosives of any kind, discharge of firearms or shooting of arrows on or onto the approximate 23 acres of Lot #8 in Miller Ridge Estates. Also not responsible for any acci dents or injuries occurring on this same property. Mike and Connie Crossley, Lot #8 Miller Ridge, 22102 Hickory View Lane, Guilford, IN 47022

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October 8 - October 10, 2013

The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

No trespassing, no hunting or fishing. Absolutely no 4 wheelers or motorized vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Earl & Thomas Sullivan, 18253 & 18350 Keller Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 5-13

Private property. Abso lutely no trespassing of any kind on all properties belonging to Dana and Phyllis Weisickle. No exceptions. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or fatalities. No vehicles of any kind allowed to drive through or park without written permission. Dana No trespassing, no hunt- & Phyllis Weisickle ing, violators will be prose- 12904 Probst Rd, Aurora, cuted. Not responsible for IN 47001 accidents on the property 4-14 of: Glen & LaVerne Burkhardt, Corner of Keller Rd., & SR 48, Lawrenceburg, In 1-14

Fall Home Improvement 2013


Fall Hom e Im provem ent

gan Rd.Billie R. Powell 10514 North Hogan Rd. Aurora, IN 47001. 3/13

No Trespassing. Not responsible for accidents or injury on the property of: Larry and Kim Jackson, 6720 Lipscomb Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025.

Carol Wiwi, Clerk Harrison City Council City of Harrison 39-3tc

The Harrison Press • The Dearborn County Register The Risings Sun Recorder • The Ohio County News

Oct. 16 & Oct. 17

Deadline is October 8, 2013!

Call today for more information or to reserve your space!

No trespassing. Not re sponsible for personal or property injury on the property of: Rita Bennett, 170 and 172 Conwell Street, Aurora, IN 47001 05-14

Oxbow Inc. and Oxbow of Indiana, Inc. (”Oxbow”) are the owners of property located in the area com monly known as Horse shoe Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, Indiana. Most of Oxbowʼs land is located between I-275 to US 50 exit ramp, the CSX tracks, and the levee along US 50 and the Argosy entrance road. Oxbow also owns land immediately west of I-275 between the CSX tracks and the Ohio River, as well as land east of I-275 between the CSX tracks, the Ohio River, and the state line. Maps of Oxbowʼs properties are available on our website at Oxbow,Ind. land is a wildlife sanctuary. Hunting, trapping, discharge of firearms, and the shooting of arrows is prohibited except in certain designated areas and only with the written permission of Oxbow. ATVʼs may not be operated on Oxbow property at any time. Operating other motorized vehicles (except for the purpose of ap proved farming and land management operations) off clearly established roads or on a road in any manner contributing to the need to repair the road is prohibited. Those who operate a motor vehicle on Oxbow property do so at their own risk, and are advised that the dirt roads may be impassable when wet. Under no circum stances will Oxbow be responsible for damage to a vehicle or injury to its occupants. Bank fishing only with appropriate license is al lowed and is monitored by conservation officers. Camping, bonfires, and overnight parking are prohibited. Swimming in streams, lakes and other watercourses is strictly prohibited, as are motorized watercraft of any sort. Removing, destroying or disturbing wildlife and plants, or farm crops with out express written consent of Oxbow is prohibited. Oxbow property is regularly patrolled by law enforcement officers who have been instructed to prosecute all violators. Activities such as bird watching, hiking and the activities not expressly prohibited by these rules or state law may be done at ones own risk. Oxbow is not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property for those wishing to visit. Those in doubt of the lawfulness of their activity on Oxbow properties are encouraged to first contact: Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45218 04-14 Positively no trespassing on the property of 10391 Huesman Rd. without owners presence. Danger on property. Not responsible for accidents. Robert and Darlene Meyer, 8642 Martin Rd., Dillsboro, IN 47018. 03-14

Start this fall with targeted advertising in our special fall home improvement section. Fall Home Improvement is the go-to guide for homeowners looking to enhance their properties, making it the perfect place to showcase your products, services and special offers. Contact us today for more information about putting this business-building tool to work for you!

Inserted In:

No trespassing. No fishing, no swimming, no hunting or four wheelers. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on my property. Barb Hornberger and family 9758 E. Co. Rd. 1350 N, Sunman, IN 47041 07-14

Not responsible for accidents. No hunting, fishing, woodcutting, swimming, recreational 4x4 riding, or trespassing on the property of: Hassel W. and Pamela M. Brashears Possum Ridge Road Aurora, IN 10-12

’s Interiors Photo: Sacksteder


No trespassing, not re sponsible for personal or Public Hearing Notice property injury on the property of: Midwest Data Inc., 326 Walnut St., Law- The Harrison City Council renceburg, IN 47025 of the City of Harrison, Ohio, will hold a public 4-14 hearing on the proposed No trespassing, or hunting, Harrison planning Design on the farm of : Barry & standards for non -residenJudy Pruss, Rt. 50 Mt. tial zoning. Said hearing Tabor Rd., Aurora, IN will be held on October 3-13 15, 2013 at 7:45 p.m., in council chambers at 300 No trespassing, soliciting , George Street, Harrison, or visitation from strang- Ohio 45030. Persons with ers, family, or friends with- questions or comments out written consent by Bil- may present them at this lie R. Powell on my proper- time. ties located on North Ho-

812.537.0063 513.367.4582

DEADLINE IS EVERY FRIDAY AT 10AM FOR THE NEXT ISSUE Call or bring in your ad to one of our offices: 126 W. High Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 235 Main Street, Rising Sun, IN • 307 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, OH No refunds or credit given if your items/ads are sold or rented or cancelled after ad or ads are submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you would like to place your CLASSIFIED AD by mail, fill out the bottom and send to: Register Publications • P.O. Box 4128, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025


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October 8 - October 10, 2013




200 TOURING ONLY $16,695

J3163 • MSRP $22,695 1 AT THIS PRICE

ONLY $14,985

J3674 • MSRP $19,235 1 AT THIS PRICE












J2963 • MSRP $26,245 1 AT THIS PRICE











4,250 OFF

ONLY $19,970




6,000 OFF



ONLY $19,940






NEW 2013 RAM

NEW 2013 DODGE J3500 • MSRP $25,040 1 AT THIS PRICE





J3439 • MSRP $30,770 2 AT THIS PRICE

BUY NOW $38,380

J3315 • MSRP $44,380 • 1 AT THIS PRICE












We’ll Beat Any Deal By $500!

Rt. 50 - I-275, Exit 16 TOLL FREE





SALES HOURS: MON–THURS 9am - 9pm FRI 9am - 6pm SAT 9am - 5:30pm CLOSED SUN

Convenient to all of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and S.E. Indiana!

J3547 • MSRP $43,430 • 1 AT THIS PRICE


9,000 OFF




**Bring in a written offer from a non-Wyler dealership and we’ll beat it by $500. On an identically equipped vehicle in stock. Excludes all employee purchase plans. All base consumer rebates deducted to achieve sale prices, additional incentives may be available. All pricing subject to any dealer add ons. In stock units only, subject to prior sale, Vehicle/equipment may vary from photo. Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram are registered trademarks of Chrysler GROUP, LLC. EPA estimates based on manufacturers testing. All offers plus tax, license and fees. Expires 10/15/2013.

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