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Behind Every Gift, There Is A Story To Tell


A Gift of Health

A donation to Regional West Foundation is a gift of health to our community. Incorporated in 1972, Regional West Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to enhance the services, programs, and projects of Regional West Health Services through donations, planned giving and fundraising efforts. The Foundation accepts gifts on Regional West’s behalf and works to fund both present and future needs. Help provide an even better place for hope, healing and recovery.

Make a difference.


A Gift of Life

No one expects to hear the words, “It’s cancer.” Diagnosed with stage-three endometrial cancer, which has a bleak 30 percent five-year survival rate, Marilynn Smith kept her chin up throughout chemotherapy and radiation care. Following surgery, she started chemotherapy at Regional West. “I felt that my life was out of control,” explains Marilynn. “Cancer not only affects the patient, but also has a big impact on the whole family. I was fortunate to have a strong support system that was an integral part of my recovery.” She adds, “I was also so fortunate that Regional West had the latest equipment so that I didn’t have to travel to get the highest quality care. The doctors, nurses and staff truly care and go out of their way to make patients like me comfortable.” Almost a year after her diagnosis, a miracle occurred. There was no sign of cancer. “With all of the research, advancements in technologies and facilities like Regional West,” says Marilynn, “more and more patients will hear exactly that.” Today, she continues to lead a cancer-free life.

Give the gift of a fuller, longer life.


These are just a few of the projects to which the Foundation contributes. Even a small donation can make a big difference. A Gift of Communication The Regional Trauma System works to improve communications between fire and rescue squads and hospitals across the region. Advancements in radio communication and life-saving tele-health equipment ensure the best possible care for our neighbors across the entire region. A Gift of Life-Saving Knowledge Medical Education Scholarship Funds and Community Education help students gain the knowledge they need to keep our community healthy. Awarded annually, nursing, radiology and emergency care are just some of the scholarships offered by the Foundation. Stepping Out for Women’s Heart Health, partially funded by the Foundation, is a community prevention education program that is integral to the heart health and wellbeing of the women in our community. A Gift of Joy, Celebration and Support Camp Hope is an extraordinary place for cancer patients and caretakers to learn new coping skills, find hope and rediscover joy in life. The camp provides adult cancer patients with a nurturing escape from everyday life. Cancer Survivors’ Day helps more than 350 survivors, friends and family members gather annually to celebrate life with loved ones. Festival of Hope helps ease the burden of everyday necessities at a very difficult time of cancer patients’ lives. The Foundation contributes to these and many other cancer-related community programs by providing general contributions or financial assistance for meals, mileage, lodging, and living expenses for cancer patients and their families. A Gift of Critical Care The Foundation helps fund equipment that can save the life of a premature newborn baby, improve the quality of life for heart patients here at home, and help physicians in the daily care of you and your neighbors. A Gift of Comfort Prairie Haven Hospice offers comfort and support to terminally ill patients and their families. Contributions go toward patient care, staff and volunteer education and development, patient and community education, bereavement support, and other services.

A gift of help.


Touching Lives

The red bench pictured here was donated by Regional West Foundation and the Red Hat Society for retirees to take a break when walking along the pathway that connects The Village at Regional West and the hospital.

A Gift of Connection

As part of his everyday job, John Flint arrived one morning at the Bridgeport State Recreation Area to test the lake’s water quality. He was gathering supplies by his pickup when suddenly he saw a fast approaching car. In a split second the vehicle struck John, pinning his right leg between both bumpers. “I remember feeling utter shock,” John says. “Looking down at my mangled leg and foot, I knew immediately that my life had changed forever.” The Morrill County Sheriff and Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department were on scene within minutes. After stabilizing Flint and placing a tourniquet on his badly injured leg, they transported John to the Morrill County Community Hospital in Bridgeport for x-rays. Air Link was dispatched and he made the helicopter ride to Regional West for surgery. John vividly remembers waking up after surgery and learning that his leg had been amputated six inches below the knee. “When I saw my leg after the accident, I knew the probable outcome.” Two skin graft surgeries later, John was moved to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU), where he spent the next month learning how to adapt to the amputation. Physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists worked with him daily. After returning home, Home Care nurses checked in three to four times a week and the Rehab Center continued to work with John to maximize his mobility. Today, he’s back to work and even driving again. Plus, he serves as a hospital volunteer in the ARU. “It’s so rewarding talking to people who are going through the same things that I did just a year ago,” John says. “People say they don’t know how they’d handle it if they were in my situation. I tell them that it’s a journey of self-discovery.” He adds, “I received excellent care from the very first minutes of my accident, and that helped me find strength I didn’t know I had.”

Give the gift of hope in the face of adversity.



Chad and Carlye Johnson grew up in western Nebraska never knowing what an important role rural health care would play in their lives. Two years ago, their son Sulley was flown to Denver with a mysterious heart condition. After weeks in the hospital, it was finally determined that Sulley had ventricular tachycardia. Too little for the ablation surgery he needed, the Denver hospital worked with Regional West on an emergency treatment plan that included transporting Sulley via Air Link immediately to The Children’s Hospital in Denver if he went into cardiac arrest. Today, Sulley is four years old and 42 pounds, just eight pounds shy of the weight he needs to be for surgery. Carlye and Chad are grateful that the Air Link flight team has gone above and beyond to educate each staff member about Sulley’s situation and the GPS coordinates to their rural Mitchell ranch. Compounding the family’s concerns, just this past spring Chad was on his motorcycle sorting cattle on the ranch when he hit a hole in the ground. His bike flipped multiple times. Chad broke six ribs and a collarbone, and the tailpipe of the motorcycle pierced his leg, missing an artery by millimeters. Thanks to communications equipment funded by Regional West Foundation, Mitchell Fire and Rescue worked with Regional West to respond swiftly to the accident. Air Link flew Chad to Regional West. The quick response was critical to his survival. “We could not have dealt with Sulley’s heart condition or Chad’s accident without the Regional West Air Link crew,” says Carlye. “There are so many people that count on them for health care in remote areas, especially our family.”

Give the gift of health.


A Gift of Hope

The Wishing Well Fund The Foundation’s Wishing Well Fund grants funding for medical equipment for seriously ill children like Juan, pictured here, and their families. The fund is made possible by the George Siders Wishing Well Memorial Fund, the Troop E State Troopers Association of Nebraska (STAN), and the generosity of people in the community just like you.

The Scholarship Fund Selina Ysac is a Regional West Foundation nursing scholarship recipient. Each year, Regional West Foundation grants approximately 50 scholarships in the areas of nursing, radiologic technology, and medicine. A large majority of Foundation scholarship recipients stay in the area to work at local hospitals and medical clinics.


Ways to Give Corporate, organizational and individual gifts are welcome. All gifts are tax deductible and can be made in the following ways: ▪ Cash ▪ Stock ▪ Personal property ▪ Gift annuities ▪ Endowments

▪ Unrestricted annual gifts ▪ Real estate ▪ Bequests ▪ Charitable remainder trusts

For more information about Regional West Foundation, call 308.630.1485 or visit our web site at www.rwhs.org and click on Regional West Foundation. If you wish to make a donation, please visit our office at Regional West Health Services or mail it to:

Regional West Foundation 4021 Avenue B Scottsbluff, NE 69361


Thank You To All Of Our Donors For Their Generous Gifts

Two West 42nd Street Scottsbluff, NE 69361 308.630.1485 | www.rwhs.org

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