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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

7 - 13 April 2014 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1110 • $2.00 inc. GST

Green thumbs day in the sun

THURDSAY Island enjoyed the inaugural Torres Shire Garden Fair, Saturday March 29, ANZAC Park. There were stacks of gardening goodie giveaways, free plants, gardening tips, a free sausage sizzle, mulch and coconuts for everyone. It was all about a healthy lifestyle and getting your garden going. More on page 10. >>

The mulch-shovelling competition competitors.

Erub family risks lives to visit dentist -TWICE


Many people with dental issues on Erub cut their gums with glass to release the blood and reduce swelling, they even try to pull loose teeth themselves. In the 10 years I have lived on Erub, I have never seen a dentist come out.

By AARON SMITH A FAMILY from Erub has escaped death at sea twice this year where rough conditions have resulted in them having to sleep in their dinghy on two,

separate occasions. Why were they making this perilous trip from Erub to Thursday Island, that in good conditions can take five or more hours? In a few words - a desperate

need for dental work. Continued Page 3.>> PHOTO RIGHT: Phoebe Pilot with her three young childen who were on the boat, Selly Jnr (12), Dosena (8) and Harry (7).


Indon. fishing boat washes up on Sassie Island By AARON SMITH A PRESUMED illegal Indonesian fishing boat was found deserted in mangroves on Sassie Island, near Warraber Island last month by local TSRA Land Sea Rangers. A ranger discovered the vessel on Sunday, March 16, during a weekend hunting trip, and then informed Customs the following day. The ranger didn’t go aboard the vessel. The following weekend some other locals investigated the wreckage when they were crabbing in the area. They then noted that there were no survivors, that there was diesel and oil leakages and, in the inner parts of the mangroves, tanks, nets and ropes had been washed up. It was thought the vessel had been washed onto the reef during strong winds, some time weeks earlier, in perhaps February. The local rangers were subsequently interviewed by Customs. A spokesperson Customs and Border Protection said to Torres News: “The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) has conducted aerial surveillance of the island and located the wreck of a deteriorated fishing boat on Sassie Island. “Border Protection Command conducted a further visual inspection of the wreck of the fishing boat and confirmed it is in a considerable state of decay, with no evidence of any activity having occurred around the wreck for a significant period of time.”

ABOVE and RIGHT: The abandoned Indonesian fishing boat on Sassie Island among the mangroves.

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Page 2 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014



Erub family risks lives to visit dentist -TWICE << From Page 1 Phoebe Pilot, mother of nine from Erub, said: “In the 10 years I have lived on Erub, I have never seen a dentist come out and when I speak to Queensland Health they tell me I have to go to Thursday Island.” “With the only airline carrier charging around $550 one way for the trip, transporting a family for basic medical needs, such as dental work, becomes prohibitively expensive. “Even taking the treacherous dinghy option still costs nearly $500 in fuel and oil alone. “Both me and my husband work casually, so when we take time out to do this, neither of us are getting paid, so it adds further strain upon us,” Phoebe said. “Many people with dental issues on Erub cut their gums with glass to release the blood and reduce swelling, they even try to pull loose teeth themselves, as they simply can’t afford to make the trip to TI to visit the dentist. “But I was not brought up like that, I want my children to be able to gain access to the dentist like any

other kid in Australia.” Acting Chief Executive Officer at Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service Philip Davies (right) admitted that the only place that has permanent dental service in the Torres Strait is Thursday Island, while Bamaga only has a visiting dental service. “Unfortunately the situation is that we are not able to offer any dental services, either treatment or prevention to the Outer Islands.” Mr Davies also admitted that people had to make their own way to the dental clinic on Thursday Island. “Unfortunately there is a longstanding distinction between one’s mouth and the rest of one’s body, so the rule is only in a medical emergency can a person be evacuated by air. “So only if a problem that started out in your mouth became an acute medical issue can a medical evacuation can occur,” he said. Mr Davies did say that while there is no dental services on the Outer Islands, if they come to Thursday Island, they are put to the front of the queue. Mr Davies admits that while this

is a “less-than-ideal situation”, he is planning to bring a dental expert up at the end of the month to assess the possibility of refurbishing the five dental chairs currently sitting in disrepair in Outer Island communities. He also plans to possibly relaunch the infamous dental drover, yet again, currently sitting idle in a shed in Weipa. Mr Davies said that he hopes to have a better solution for these Outer Island communities before the year is out. The first incident where the Pilot family were almost lost at sea trying to get to a dentist, occurred when

they attempted to make the trip in January. En route the battery on the GPS failed, leaving them to guess their direction. They ended up at Mount Adolphus Island when they realised they were lost and activated their EPRIB after a night sleeping in their dinghy. The second incident occurred March 26 when they headed off in what they thought were good conditions. After passing Poruma the sea became very rough and tidal currents very strong. They consequently used up nearly all their fuel and reserves. “Waves were two-to-three metres high and three-or-four times my husband thought our dinghy would flip. I just held the kids tight and prayed: I thought we were all going to drown,” Ms Pilot said. When they tried to activate their EPIRB, it was faulty and failed to work. They spent the night in the boat as lightening struck around them. In the morning, with what little fuel they had left, they managed to make it to Nagie, near St Pauls community. It was there

Is t h the e mo ans bile we d r to enta the l ser vic pro ble e th m a at n fte eve r al l? r was , Thursday Island’s favourite garden gnome, the Dental Drover may be heading back to the Straits after it’s been sitting in a shed in Weipa since February.

with a mobile phone with a dying battery and sporadic signal, Ms Pilot managed to call for help to family. By 4:30 in the afternoon Paul Ware, from St Pauls VMR, came and rescued them. “I want to thank the Ware family for all their hospitality,” Ms Pilot said. Ms Pilot admits that although she had a GPS, extra fuel, and an EPIRB, she did not have life jackets on board, something she has since purchased. “When you are a parent and your children need medical help you do whatever it takes, but then when we have to risk our lives to do it and they look at you for protection when we in trouble on the water, it’s a terrible feeling.” Ms Pilot said that when Barrier Air were running that occasionally they got a mercy lift in empty flights for kids to get medical help, but today the only option is the treacherous dinghy trip or the expense of flying. “It’s not good enough. “Queensland Health told me that they are ‘working on’ the dental shortage on Erub, but I wonder how long that will take,” she said.

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Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 3


Labor looks to reinstate $99 air fare subsidy By AARON SMITH QUEENSLAND Labor Opposition plans to reintroduce the Local Fares Scheme for Far North Queensland if they are returned to power at the next state election. The scheme, scrapped by the Newman Government in 2012, would mean residents in Cape York and Outer Island Torres Strait communities would be able to fly for as little as $99 each way. Although welcoming the move, TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela said: “We only hope that the Opposition intends to get it right this time. “The token airfare subsidy scheme they introduced in the past failed miserably only driving other seat fares on average higher, an ineffective solution to the problem.” Billy Gordon, Labor candidate for Cook, said to Torres News: “When the previous State Labor Government first rolled out this scheme, it wasn’t perfect but it was a first step, then when Newman got in he pulled it within six months without any sort of community consultation. “I think it was as much that it was a Labor initiative as anything.” Labor is looking at providing assistance to the Torres Strait communities of Badu, Boigu, Erub,

You can fly between Cairns and Gold Coast return inclusive of four nights accommodation for $895, internationally Cairns to Auckland for $485 return or Cairns to Tokyo for $787 return. - Cr Fred Gela

Horn, Iama, Mabuiag, Masig, Murray, Poruma, Saibai and Warraber Islands; and the Cape York Peninsula communities of Aurukun, Bamaga, Coen, Kowanyama, Lockhart River and Pormpuraaw. Shadow Transport Minister Jackie Trad announced the plan in Cairns, and said Billy Gordon, will consult with communities, councils and airline operators over coming months to determine demand for the scheme, as well as the best way to implement any future scheme and the appropriate level of subsidy. “The Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait communities rely heavily on air travel to access health, education and employment opportunities, and also to gather for important cultural and governance events,” Ms Trad said. Mr Gordon said this initial scheme was costing around $2.5 million to $3 million a year to run across three carriers, Hinterland, Westwing and Skytrans. “This is penny-pinching really, considering the government spends something like this each week on stationary and printing costs, and, coincidently, astonishingly this is about what the newest pay rise politicians have given themselves will cost taxpayers. REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING “It really shows where their AND ELECTRICAL priorities are,” Mr



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Page 4 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

Gordon said. Owen Taylor, General manager of WestWing Aviation, said: “Our operation costs have certainly risen significantly in the last few years and we would welcome anything that makes flying safely more affordable for residents. It’s not just about making flights cheaper, but doing it without compromising safety.” Ms Trad said that this subsidy was not a luxury, but essential to help Far North Queensland communities gain access to essential services and, importantly, close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health care. Cr Gela said: “Many essential services are not provided within the Island communities, so air travel is the only way to obtain them. “One example of the inequity suffered by my people is dental care; it costs $1142 return airfare from Mer Island to Horn Island so they can see a dentist. “Many people choose to leave their dental problems until they become medical problems because they can not afford the airfare. “You can fly between Cairns and Gold Coast return inclusive of four nights accommodation for $895, internationally Cairns to Auckland for $485 return or Cairns to Tokyo for $787 return. “The entire population of the Tor-

Billy Gordon and Shadow Minister for Transport Jackie Trad. res Strait Island Regional Council are disadvantaged from travelling via air, making up more the 50 per cent of the Torres Strait population,” Cr Gela said. Mr Gordon said: “The costs of commercial flights have doubled over the past five years, with local one-way standard fares ranging between $350 and $550. “An example of how expensive it is, my Uncle brought a family of four from Mornington Island to Cairns for a funeral and it cost him $4000, which is a huge burden on a family,” Mr Gordon said. “This is one of the first issues that I raised when I was endorsed as the Labor candidate for Cook, and I am pleased that I now have the opportunity to lead Labor’s remote community consultation process to get people’s views. “We want to ease the burden

for local people. There should be special recognition for remote communities,” Mr Gordon said. Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said: “Given the increase in airfares, Labor will consult with communities, local councils and air service providers to determine the scope of a possible future Labor policy on this issue.” Cr Gela believes subsidies should not be restricted to just air services, but opened up to include alternatives, such as sea transport. “I’m well aware that the State Government currently subsidies, air, rail, bus transportation and a more-recent addition under a private and public partnership arrangement, ferry fares to and from Palm Island. “As such we believe that the subsidisation of air and sea can be accommodated,” Cr Gela said.

Extensive air/sea search called off THE extensive air and sea search for missing Chinese crewman Sun Peng has been called off. Police Divers flew to Weipa with a $200,000 side image sonar to assist in the investigation of the crewman, missing from the ‘Great Talent’ which was at the time moored off the coast of Weipa. The divers spent two consecutive days on board the Volunteer Marine Rescue vessel ‘Rescue One’, searching around the ‘Great Talent’ with the sonar equipment which assists

them to assess the ocean floor and helps narrow down their search area, providing a more accurate search location. The local Weipa VMR crew assisted the divers in the investigation. A We i p a P o l i c e spokesperson said: “The Weipa VMR not only conducted an extensive search for the missing person, but assisted Police Divers S/C Matthew Guitman and Snr Sgt Grant Newman studying Police by allowing them images from the sonar equipment on board Weipa VMR vessel ‘Rescue One’. the use of their vessel Divers. investigators and our interpretand crew to assist the Police “They also helped transport ers to the ‘Great Talent’ vessel.”

Scullion visit ‘invaluable’ for fisheries MINISTER for Indigenous Affairs Senator Nigel Scullion (right) will be visiting the Torres Strait this week for a two day visit. Senator Scullion will be visiting the Badu community on Tuesday April 8. The Senator will also be attending a Protected Zone Joint Authority (Fisheries) meeting with Senator Richard Colbeck, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture; Queensland Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, John McVeigh; and Torres Strait Regional Authority Chairperson Mr Joseph Elu on Thursday Island on April 9.

Mr Elu said Senator Scullion’s visit to Badu Island would give him a chance to speak with the community about their aspirations and any concerns they have with life in the region. “This is a great opportunity for the Senator in his role as Minister for Indigenous Affairs to see things in a remote community first hand,” Mr Elu said. “His presence at the Protected Zone Joint Authority meeting along with Senator Colbeck and Minister McVeigh should also prove invaluable as he will be briefed first hand on the many issues facing fisheries in the Torres Strait.”


Regional Hub meeting ‘Takes Responsibility’ A MULTI-agency workshop called, Taking Responsibility, at the PKA Hall on Thursday Island March 25 to 27, aimed to develop a business plan for the establishment of a Torres Straits Regional Service Hub to cater both the Torres Strait and the NPA. It was attended by some 70 people from local, State and Commonwealth agencies. Representatives of Mura Kosker, Lena Passi, Women’s Shelter, Kaziw Meta, Tagai College, Youth and Recreation, Home and Community Care, Torres Strait Co Op, Apunipima Cape York Health Service, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council,JCU’s Institute of Tropical Health Medicine, NPA Family and Community Services ASTI, all attended, alongside delegates from the outer islands and members from government agencies , including Queensland Health, Department of of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and Medicare Local. The-day workshop was coordinated with the support from the Torres Shire Council and Torres Strait Island Regional Council and was funded by the TSRA through a community grant. The main objective of the workshop is to identify the immediate actions that need to be taken in order to further progress the integration of the social services in the region TSRA Chairperson, Joseph Elu, said aligning the community service agencies and creating a regional hub would ensure for more effective delivery of services to all families in the Torres Strait. “There are a number of important services currently operating in the Torres Strait Islands. The integration of the resources available in the Torres Strait to form one designated hub for all social services will provide families with access to a more comprehensive level of support and care,” Mr Elu said. “It is important that we identify and eliminate any waste caused by duplications of services, and identify where the gaps are in service delivery for all communities.” Welcome to Country was done by Milton Savage, Chairperson of the Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and the Master of Ceremonies was Gabriel Bani, who also presented a talk the ‘Cultural Landscape.’

Heart deaths drop: But dementia rises DEATHS from heart disease have fallen steadily since 2003, while deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continue to increase, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death, with 20,046 deaths in 2012, however this has fallen steadily since 2003. Heart disease accounted for 14 per cent of all deaths in 2012, compared to 19 per cent of all deaths in 2003. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease was the third leading cause of death, accounting for 10,369 or seven per cent of all deaths in 2012, with 95 per cent of those occurring in people aged 75 or over. For women, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has overtaken cerebrovascular diseases as the second leading cause of death in 2012, while breast cancer remained the sixth most common cause of death.

7th Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award

Warup, Tom Stephen 2013. Photo: Michael Marzik.

Wednesday 16 April 6-9pm Showing new works by artists throughout the Torres Strait & Northern Peninsula Area

Join us in celebrating the opening of the Award &

Gab Titui’s 10th Birthday

Featuring Saamkarem Era Kodomer Dancers, Northern Xposure & Jack Bani Exhibition Dates 16 April - 4 July 2014 Free ferry service for Horn and Hammond Island residents Departing 5.40pm Returning 9.30pm Cnr Blackall St & Victoria Pde Thursday Island PO Box 261, Thursday Island QLD 4875 07 4069 0888 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 5


Lizzie: ‘An inspiration to all of us’ By AARON SMITH TAGAI College student Lizzie Bon was awarded last week on Thursday Island with a certificate of recognition for earning a position at the Julia Farr Youth Conference in Adelaide this month. Part of Centrecare’s My Future: My Life initiative funded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, it supports high school students with a disability to imagine, capture and pursue their goals for life after school. My Future: My Life encourages young people with a disability to plan for and actively pursue a full, meaningful and inclusive young adult life, a life like other young people their age. Lizzie is one of four students from across the State that has been selected to attend the conference. Tagai College Principal Lyn-Anne Chandler said: “Lizzie, you are an inspiration to all of us, you have shown us no matter how hard life is, to never give up.” The conference is for young people living with disability and professionals interested in empowering young people. The topics cover all the things that matter to young people living with disability, including connecting with other young people, having a voice, living independently, transition skills and tips about travel and employment. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear other people’s life stories and learn how they navigated some of the tricky things in life. All of the conference speakers live with disability and/or work in the disability sector. Centacare, My Future: My Life initiative spokesperson said Lizzie’s application for sponsorship stood out to assessors who said: “Lizzie spoke from her heart about her desire to have a typical young adult life of work and socialising where she was accepted and acknowledged for her strengths and contributions, not identified by her disability.” PHOTO: Lizzie Bon with Lyn-Anne Chandler.

Marine Pathway project graduates

Graduates celebrate at PKA Hall.

Torres Strait Regional Authority Dance Strategy The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Culture, Art and Heritage Program is calling for applications from dance teams within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for funding to perform at:

2014 Darwin Festival 7-16 August 2014 Application forms and funding guidelines can be obtained by contacting the TSRA Cultural Development Officer on 07 4069 0873 or by email

Applications close 5pm, Monday 14 April 2014 Page 6 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

THE Torres Strait Marine Pathways Project celebrated its newest round of Coxswain Grade 1 and Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 graduates last month with a Graduation Dinner the PKA Hall, Thursday Island, March 29. The graduates were: Aken Barrgud (TSRA) Fred Wapau (TSRA) Karl Tabuai (TSRA) Nelson Gibuma (TSRA) Robert Peddell Ipad Nicolas Ali Nona Joshua Weston Terry Mau Kathryn Norris Peo Ahmat Thomas Pearson Aaron Tom Derek Brank Natasha Fujji

Cynthia receives degree CONGRATULATIONS to Cynthi Lui, the daughter of proud parents, Getano and Lizzie Lui, who received her Bachelor Degree in Social Science. Cynthia successfully completed her studies at the James Cook University Campus in Cairns and was presented with her degree at a JCU graduation ceremony held at the Cairns Convention Centre on March 26. Mr and Mrs Lui were also in attendance to witness their daughter graduate.



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IBIS Wishes all our Families in the NPA and Torres Strait a Safe and Happy Easter! Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 7

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Queensland Health still ‘abandons’ the elderly EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was published some years ago, but, due to the lack of action on behalf of Neville and Lency Newman (nee Stephen), the writer has asked that it be published again, saying the information is just as relevant now as it was all those years ago, and has added additional comment. DIALYSIS treatment in the NPA is being abandoned in favour of self-care procedures. This is particularly so in the case of Neville and Lency Newman, residents of Bamaga, who are forced to stay in Cairns while Lency receives her dialysis treatments. Mr Newman, 65, and Mrs Newman, 64, are very upset and concerned they are being blackmailed into home-care training as the only available option before being permitted to return to Bamaga to live. The local kidney dialysis clinic no longer treats outpatients and no longer has trained personnel to administer the treatments. One-in-four patients in Bamaga requiring dialysis treatments, Mrs Newman needs three sessions a week on the dialysis machine. Each treatment session can take up to five or six hours. This can be done at home after a period of training, but Mr Newman feels that this is a huge expectation on elderly people with no medical training or background, such as his wife

THE New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has joined the growing condemnation of the Federal Government’s moves to amend the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act. I think the Federal Attorney General, George Brandis, should be asked to withdraw his claim people “have the right to be bigots.” . Bigotry is not ok. It is astonishing that our top law maker seeks to passionately defend the right of people to be bigots than the rights of the most marginalised people in our society. I think no-one should forget the Federal Government’s move to amend the Racial Discrimination Act stems directly from the judgement handed down by Justice Bromberg in the case of

Aaron Smith AD DESIGN: Becca Cottam ADVERTISING DEADLINES – Box ad bookings: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Box ad material: NOON, WEDNESDAYS Line Classifieds: 10.30am, THURSDAYS EDITORIAL DEADLINES – General copy: by NOON TUESDAYS (pics, stories, letters, etc) Regular columns: by 5pm TUESDAYS Sports columns: by NOON TUESDAYS

7 - 13 April 2014

Neville and Lency Newman last week in Cairns. mission advised Mr Newman to approach the then State Health Minister Paul Lucas, saying Mr Newman’s complaint: “. . . is about a service that is not legally defined as a health-care service”. Nothing seems to have changed now despite the passage of years and changes to the State and Federal Governments

and new Federal and State members. Mr and Mrs Newman remain in Cairns, still being offered self-care procedures or the possibility of moving to Thursday Island when the new renal unit becomes operation later in 2014. Family friend NPA

Bigotry is not OK: Brandis should withdraw claims

Contacts & Deadlines EDITOR:

and himself. Wi t h t h e p r o c e d u r e potentially threatening Mrs Newman’s health and the need for sterilisation of needles and tubes, Mr Newman feels that the Bamaga Hospital should be available to provide the service for patients in their circumstances. Ideally, Mr Newman would like to have the Bamaga Hospital dialysis clinic re-opened which would allow them to return to their home and families in Bamaga with confidence. With four machines available for use at the hospital, it would not require a huge outlay by the department to get the clinic up and running once more, and would be of benefit to future patients within the Torres Strait and surrounding areas. Communications at the time of the original Letter to the Editor to the then Federal Member for Leichhardt Jim Turnour and former State Member for Cook Jason O’Brien did not bring any further clarification to the issues. At the time, the then Health Quality and Complaints Com-

The heading on this letter is the same as the one on the previous one, with the writer again adding that it too is just as relevant now as it was then. The writer’s name has not been published at the editor’s discretion.

Eatock v’s Bolt. Justice Bromberg found Bolt, who is more a provocateur than a journalist, had contravened section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, in articles which claimed nine prominent people had identified as Aboriginal for career, political or financial gain. In doing so they had deprived more worthy “genuine” Aborigines access to assistance. Senator Brandis, who was then Shadow Attorney General, immediately claimed the judgement was an attack on free speech, while respected senior journalists claimed the judgement had nothing to do with an attack on free speech. They pointed out Justice Bromberg’s attack was on Bolt’s lousy journalism. His

Publisher’s Details Publishers of the Torres News

articles were riddled with factual errors. Exemptions are available under the current Act which the Australian Human Rights Commission has clearly stated allow the media considerable scope by permitting fair and accurate reporting on any matter of public interest. The exemptions allow freedom of editorial opinions provided they are not published without malice. This is where Bolt’s defence foundered. A fact forgotten in the public debate which Justice Bromberg’s judgement ignited. Justice Bromberg found his articles contained errors of facts, distortions of the truth and inflammatory and provocative language. In my view Bolt’s original


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articles are as offensive now as they were when first published. Craig Cromelin(above), NSW Aboriginal Land Council Chairperson.

Correction/Apology TROPICAL North Queensland TAFE wishes to apologise to Beryl Kris for providing the wrong name to Torres News for the article on page 10, edition 1109

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What if it is part of a cunning plan?


I’VE just about had it with Tony Ears. I mean - really! He is just too much. Now, you know I never gossip or talk about politics here but... First of all he declared himself ‘Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs’ - as if he had any intention of An irreverent, satirical (and totally fictional) comment doing more than flying upon the issues of life, by our faceless correspondent. tional peace-making would be through and grabbing the worthwhile, if a little unlikely. odd photo-opportunity. I’m sure the people who live Instead he has decided to take a in our remote areas would have let leaf out of the Bumper Book of him know just what they think of Medieval Politics and introduce an him as a representative, if they had order of Knights and Dames into our high society. had the chance. Oh, for goodness sake! What Then there was his attempt to win friends in Indonesia by showing is he thinking of? By all means recognise the great and good in just what the term larrikin means. Not to mention bugging their our community with a suitable President’s mobile phone, and Australian certificate. Why not? It will not do any harm threatening to buy up all their and they will appreciate a pat on the fishing boats. He has successfully advertised back. But knighthoods? He must be Australia around the world as the off with the fairies. Unless... What if it is part of a country that discourages perfectly legal asylum seekers by locking cunning plan? What if this is just them up in prison camps on remote the first step? I notice he seems to have ruled tropical islands and throwing away the keys. That makes us look really out politicians becoming knights or dames, and that is strange. They are good. Just when you think he cannot normally at the front of the queue look more unpleasant, up he pops when prizes are being handed out. Quick - check Tony’s wardrobe. personally making announcements about the missing Malaysian air- Why? Because I bet you will find an liner. He just cannot resist those cameras. What is next? Is he going ermine cape there, waiting for the to invite Mr Messrs Putin and day when Tony, Earl of Chatsworth Obama to Canberra so he can sort & Sydney leads a solemn procession to open Australia’s new House out the Ukrainian mess? No. Worse than that. Interna- of Lords.

Eye f the

o Cyclone

Aunty Evelyn Levi, Maryann Savage, Pastor Moses Mene and Michael Corden. ABOVE: At the March 17 meeting: (front): Pastor Moses Mene, Maryann Savage, Pastor Allen Tamwoy, Father Walter Nai. Back: Pastor George Tamwoy, Jean Aruba, Michael Corden and Belford Larry.

Printed Yumplatok Bible due in June By MICHAEL CORDEN THE final draft of the Yumplatok Bible was sent to the printers in South Korea, March 24. The Bibles will then be sent by ship to Cairns and should arrive sometime in early June. This project started on Saibai Island in the late 1980’s with the blessing of Bishop Kiwami Dai. Over 40 Islanders from many communities and churches have been involved over those years.

A single draft copy of the Bible was sent from Korea to Cairns for a final check. This copy was shown to a group of Torres Strait church leaders in Cairns at a special meeting on March 17. There was great excitement among them all to actually hold a copy of the Yumplatok Bible and not just computer printouts of some of the pages. Pastor Moses Mene said that this draft copy was a bit like

Thursday Island 1895.

The naming of Thursday Island and its links to Capt. William Bligh By BRIAN RANDALL THE story of the naming of Thursday Island by Europeans begins in 1787, when the ship Bounty, commanded by Captain William Bligh, was undertaking its famous voyage to collect breadfruit in Tahiti. When the Bounty was preparing to sail back to Manila, some of the crew refused to leave Tahiti and Bligh left them behind. Later, Lieutenant Fletcher Christian executed a mutiny midway in the Pacific, with the mutineers forcing Bligh and some of his supporting crew members into a small, seven metre boat, and setting them adrift. He then set a course for Timor, eventually passing through a shallow channel in the Great Barrier Reef, to

John the Baptist, because it was preparing the way for when the real Bible finally arrives in a couple of months. All those attending agreed that the most-important thing right now was to inform and promote to the Torres Strait communities that the Yumplatok Bible will soon be available, and to encourage discussions in the Torres Strait and in the mainland about when and where its dedication should occur.

AIR CHARTER Flown in Single or Twin engined Aircraft Servicing the Torres Strait, including PNG (Daru) & The Cape Friendly Service

Shine a Light On our history

arrive at the east coast of Australia. The first island Blight came to was Restoration Island. As he continued his voyage up the coast, he began naming the islands he came across from the calendar, beginning from Sunday. Thursday Island was said to have been named at this time. However, during this voyage, records seem to indicate that Bligh’s naming of the islands only continued until he passed and named Wednesday Island. It appears that an 1848 survey voyage added names to various other islands in the area, in sequence after Wednesday Island and Thursday Island thereby was formally named. In view of this, and based on the lack of certainty in the available historical records, Thursday Island seems not to have

been named directly by Bligh. However, the name Thursday Island appears likely to be linked to his naming sequence. But, as though to complicate things, it also appears that the name Thursday Island was in usage before this 1848 survey voyage, so it may be that the name was in use, perhaps informally, from the time of Bligh’s momentous voyage across the Pacific. This image shows Thursday Island in around 1895, as a prosperous and developed settlement. Regardless of how the name was formally bestowed on Thursday Island, its links with early Australian history, in particularly Captain William Bligh and his voyage to safety, are strong.

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Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 9

TORRES SHIRE HORTICULTURE DAY By AARON SMITH THE Garden Fair at ANZAC Park, Thursday Island on Saturday, March 29, was the first time Torres Shire Council has staged this event. Cr. John Abednego opened the event, describing it as “an important milestone in the greening of Torres Shire and the growing of healthy fruit and vegetables through our community.” As well gardening prize giveaways there were talks by the region’s most eminent green fingers, including

George Ernst, Mr Stanley Cook, Agnes Fox and Jeff Waia who explained the Torres Strait Islander seasonal calendar which combines the Wet and Dry with seasonal winds, bird migration, sea animal behaviour, plant life and the positioning of the stars. Cr. Abednego also launched the proposed design for the Frog Gully Community Garden Project, which is to help the community to produce fresh fruit and vegetables and demonstrate how to grow gardens and be self sustainable. Torres Shire Council would

like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the enormous support received from all the sponsors of the event. Sponsors Gold Sponsors: Toll Marine Logistics - Free Freight, TGT Home Hardware & Nuleaf. Silver Sponsors: D & DM Ahboo, Cairns Hardware, Torres Strait Regional Authority Landcare, Smithfield Mitre 10, Blackwoods, Torres News and Tradelink. Bronze Sponsors: See Hop Trading , Tosco Office National, Signet and T.I. Hardware.

Mulch-shovelling contest. The Ingram mob.

Anes Fox.

Tauna Nona wins a prize.

Free plants giveaway. ABOVE: Ruby Fava.

Bird’s eye view.

ABOVE RIGHT: Klaus Weber. RIGHT: Rachelle Pedro and Pyntaca mosby sign up for the mailing list. BELOW LEFT: Sacred Heart’s cake stall.

Tomas Ortiz. Page 10 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

Jeff Aniba-Waia.



THURSDAY Island residents put their money where their hair is on Saturday, March 29, to raise funds for the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’, which helps fund blood cancer research and support through the Leukaemia Foundation. This iconic event is one of Australia’s biggest fundraisers where more than 150,000 people were sponsored to shave or colour their hair to support this cause.

AJ Fujii and Zariah Perry.

Ciera Lemke.


Caroline O’Cloudy.

Sammy Bloxsom.

Lou Tidswell.

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Aaron Smith.

From a document or small parcel through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, Toll has the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving – across towns, across countries, across continents and delivered to your door on Thursday Island, Outer Islands, Weipa and Cairns.

Whatever you want to move, whenever you want to move it. Talk to us to see how Toll Marine Logistics can save you money and better serve all your freight requirements. Our brand new Service includes NPA & Outer Islands as of December 10, 2013.

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7 - 13 April 2014 Page 11

Page 12 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 13

Badhuglaw Ngurpay Lag Takes a Stand against Bullying


by Mrs Kay Ahmat, Head of Campus, Badhuglaw Ngurpay Lag

Badhuglaw Ngurpay Lag acknowledged the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Each class participated in some activities to raise awareness about bullying. Families received an information flyer on what is bullying and what to do if their child is either being bullied or is a bully.

Everyone agreed there is definitely no place for bullying on Badu.

National Youth Week takes place from April 4 – 13 this year. This week provides an opportunity to consider the young carers in our schools. Please contact your Student Welfare Worker for further support .


Term 1, Week 9 90% and above Attendance Badu


















St Pauls




TI Secondary



Page 14 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

As you celebrate Easter, may you be blessed with good health, love and happy times with family and friends Term 2 commences

Tuesday 22 April

ATTENDANCE REPORT Term1, Week 9 Please note: figures have been rounded

CONGRATULATIONS TANISHA PABAI ! The National Indigenous Youth Parliament (NIYP) is an exciting program run by the AEC in partnership with the YMCA and the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. Tanisha’s application for the National Indigenous Youth Parliament 2014 has been successful. We look forward to supporting Tanisha.

“Parents as Teachers” Party at Mer Eruer Uteb by Mr Matt Bell, Head of Campus, Mer Eruer Uteb

Last Wednesday saw our first “Parents as Teachers Party”. Miss Hayley was instrumental in organising this event . She sent home a survey to all the Year 1 and 2 parents and identified that parents really wanted to be involved in helping make resources to be used at home to help student learning. As part of the evening Miss Hayley also held a lesson on why and how we do things and how this can be carried on into the home. The evening was attended by 14 parents and involved a quick afternoon tea, the lesson from Miss Hayley and then everyone was assigned a task in making resources for the classroom and home. It was a wonderful evening that everyone enjoyed and obtained some valuable information. This will be the first of many more “Parent Parties” to come. Well done to Miss Hayley and parents of Year 1 and 2.

Tagai SC Indigenous Ranger Cadetship Program

by Mr Tim Hillier, Land & Sea Coordinator

It’s kicked off to a busy year with 38 students from Year 11 and 12 enrolled

in the Tagai Tech Program studying a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management (CaLM). One of the main projects is building two 3.75m vessels for the Tagai Secondary Campus’s Marine Safety Program. This project involves measuring, reading complex plans and using hand and power tools. The vessel is of composite construction which is plywood sheathed in fibreglass. The result will be a safe vessel with an Australian Builders Plate (ABP) and meet requirements of survey. Other projects include building shelving for the secondary schools marine and aquaculture facility and producing planter boxes to be sent out to outer island campuses for their Horticulture in Schools Program. Environmental Education Co-ordinator and CaLM Trainer Tim Hillier (TSRA LSMU/Tagai) said that the level of enthusiasm from students is awesome. Students are gaining huge satisfaction working on genuine projects where a high level of literacy and numeracy skills needs to be demonstrated. We look forward to keeping you updated regularly on our progress with the various training projects we are undertaking.

Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 15


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6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Four Corners 11:45 Media Watch 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Q&A 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Wild At Heart 4:00 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:50 What’s Your Story. 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foregin Correspondent 8:30 Dead Drunk: A Night In The Cross 9:30 At The Movies 10:00 The Writer’s Room 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Four Corners 12:15 Media Watch 12:30 Movie: “The Magnificent Ambersons” (G) 2:00 Movie: Room Service 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield: 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Grumpy Old Men” - With John and Max, wifeless and retired, hating each other has become their greatest pleasure in life...that is until radiant, freespirited and enchantingly eccentric college professor Ariel Truax moves across the street and innocently escalates their mutual loathing to new heights. (MCL, Sexual Ref:) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 TBA 12:00 20/20 - 20/20 is news and current affairs show anchored by Elizabeth Varga and Chris Cuomo. 1:00 Extra - Co-hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos reporting in front of a live audience from The Grove in Los Angeles. 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Kid Cop” (Cons Adv: V) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 8:35 TBA 9:35 Parenthood: “Just Like At Home / The Enchanting Mr. Knight” - Julia leans on the family for support during her struggles with Joel. Jasmine and Crosby move in with Zeek and Camille while their house is under repair. 11:30 Smash: “The Bells And Whistles” - Julia leans on the family for support during her struggles with Joel. 12:30 Harry’s Practice - Join Dr Harry Cooper and Dr Katrina Warren for everything you need to know about animals. 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Celtic Women 2:25 ADbc 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Food Safari 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Antiques Uncovered (New Series) 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:05 The Killing: In Danish. Sarah Lund and Ulrick Strange travel to Sweden to question and protect the only other surviving member of Jens Peter Raben’s former army squad. 12:15 Guilty Pleasures 1:45 Movie: “The Mermaid” - A modern rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s story ‘The Little Mermaid’. 3:50 How To Start A Revolution - Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp’s 2003 handbook for non-violent protest ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ has been influential on the tactics of democratic protests internationally. 4:50 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 The Wonder Years 11:00 One Plus One 11:30 Foreign Correspondent 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 12:30 National Press Club Address 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Wild At Heart 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:50 The Checkout 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 8:30 Spicks & Specks 9:00 The Agony of Modern Manners: Online 9:30 The Kumars 10:00 The Wrong Mans: Running Mans 11:05 The Business 10:30 Lateline 11:30 Hustle 12:30 Movie: “We’re No Angels” (G) - Three escaped Devil’s Island convicts help a downtrodden storekeeper and his family to outwit a scheming relative. 2:30 Football: VFL: Round 2 Essendon v North Ballarat 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Arthur” - Arthur is a wealthy man who likes a drink, or ten. However, his $750 million dollar inheritance is at risk if he doesn’t marry what he deems as the most boring blonde girl on Long Island. (Adult Themes Mild Coarse Language) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 TBA 8:30 The AFL Footy Show - The Logie award-winning AFL Footy Show celebrates its 21st season, starring Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw, Sam Newman, Billy Brownless and Shane Crawford. 10:30 TBA 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Living Proof” (Cons Adv: A,L) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 11:00 TBA 12:00 Defiance: “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” When a deadly disease spreads through Definace, the council vote that the most affected, the Irithians, need to be segregated from the community. 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters - Barbara reacts swiftly when she finds out about Gordon’s illness, but things don’t turn out the way she’s planned. 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 My Family Feast 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve 8:35 One Born Every Minute 9:30 The Bridge 10:35 SBS World News Late 11:15 Movie: “Incendies” - In French, Arabic & English - When notary Lebel sits down with Jeanne and Simon Marwan to read them their mother Nawal’s will, the twins are stunned to receive a pair of envelopes - one for the father they thought was dead and another for a brother they didn’t know existed. MAV(V,A) 1:30 Movie: “Wonderful Town” - in Thai M (L,S) 3:15 Movie: “Eastern Plays” - in Turkish M (A,V,D,L) 4:45 ADbc Bitesize - A bite-sized morsel of SBS’s historybased quiz program. 4:50 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize

Page 16 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014


SUDOKU No. 193

Your  Lucky 



 

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th)

Your ability to spot a financial opportunity when you see it will help you to bring in a windfall: spending the money won’t be quite as easy! Try to sort your long-term priorities. Romance. A few well-chosen compliments will make a big difference to your partner’s attitude.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)

An unexpected invitation may turn out to be a “red herring”. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a ride. Concentrate on what’s really important to you this week. Romance. You may be a little shocked when you discover how old a recent admirer is. You will want to reassess your relationship with this person.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)


A bad habit will finally be broken, so long as you have enough will-power. There is a new project waiting for someone to take the lead. This would be an excellent time to make the first move. Romance. Your love-life will get a powerful boost this week. It may come in an unexpected form, however: be open to all possibilities.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd)

A remark which is a little too personal for comfort must not be allowed to put you off track. You need to set yourself some achievable goals this week and stick to them. Romance. Someone will let you down rather badly, perhaps without meaning to. Be careful of a situation which seems too good to be true: it probably is.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

If you got paid on the basis of the amount you speak, you would make a lot of money over the next few days! It might be better if you kept some things to yourself, however. Remember to think before you open your mouth! Romance. A meeting with friends will go well - provided you are subtle. There could be a not-so-secret admirer among them: stay alert!

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)

An accident could happen if you don’t look out. Be particularly careful of breaking something which doesn’t belong to you; it could ruin all your good work from the last few weeks. Romance. You should be feeling very close to your partner at the moment. A helping hand will not go unnoticed.


LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)


You will be surprised what a difference a few kind words make. This will be an excellent time to make up for a recent disappointment. Try not to overspend, though. Romance. Someone whom you don’t really like will become very persistent. You may have to review your opinion of this person.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

Be careful not to judge someone else’s values by your own standards. You may find that yours are too strict for other people. You need to be more open-minded this week and be prepared to really listen to what people say to you. Romance. Someone that you have had your eye on for ages has suddenly noticed you: now you will have to take the initiative.

For all your printing needs –


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) Somebody whom you know well will be pleased with your effort. You may be a little surprised at their reaction! It might not be what you expected, but it will be good for you. Romance. You will soon know if a romantic meeting has gone well: don’t miss the obvious signs.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

A secret which you have been trying to hide for several months may finally come out. You will be surprised how positively your friends react. This week you will realise you were wrong to worry about this. Romance. A meeting in the open air will help to put your social life back on track. There are changes coming in your romantic life.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)


There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.



A disappointing turn of events should not make you lose heart. You are getting bored by the same old routine: you want an opportunity to use your creativity and develop new ideas. This will come soon. Romance. Your positive mood will help you to meet someone whom you might otherwise have turned down.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

Don’t be any more assertive than is really necessary: you will have a better chance of getting what you want if you are subtle. Others will demand your attention in a domestic situation this week. Romance. Your partner will be delighted if you compliment them this week. They need a boost more than you realise, so try to arrange something exciting for them this weekend.

Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 17

Trades & Services Directory ACCOMMODATION

►CBD (Supermarkets/Post Office/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) ►24 hour ‘Check-in’ ►Self-contained Apartments ►Queen/Twin Bedrooms ►Wireless Internet ‘hot spot’ ►All rooms with own private balcony ►Cable TV service ►BBQ / Gazebo & Pool ►Undercover & Secure Car Parking ►Tour bookings & Car Hire ►Direct on-line booking via Website

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420

Email: Web Site:



LUXURY SUITES Opposite Myer / Cairns Central We are perfectly located for your next visit.

Call us for our Best Rates. 6 McLeod Street Cairns Ph: (07) 4051 5050 Fax: (07) 4051 5161


Rescue Foster Adopt

An animal rescue group based in Cairns that is the only animal rescue dedicated to helping stray, unwanted and neglected animals in the Torres Straits. We provide veterinary care and rely on dedicated and passionate foster carers to provide a loving home for rescued animals until the right forever family is found. For help or further information please call Hannah on 0402 354 249 or email


Tax Help With  Salary & wage returns  Capital gains  Rental properties  Shares & Investments  Multiple year tax returns All Return Types  Personal, business and partnership We will find every possible deduction and make sure you receive your tax refund promptly. Suite 1 140 Mulgrave Road CAIRNS

Shop 21 Campus Shopping Village, SMITHFIELD

4051 6315




17 Nazeer Street, Thursday Island. 20A Clarke Street, Thursday Island. 911sq/m flat block inc. large 593sq/m shaded block inc. building shed and plans/prior approvals to plans, approvals and most site work construct. complete. 4 x highset 4 Bed home units. BUILD TODAY Currently rented at $180,000 $470,000 Call owner for all details on 0408 744 018

Call owner for all details on 0408 744018

SMALL BUSINESS AND REMOTE AREA SPECIALISTS We take the burden out of tax for you

ROTARYCLUB CLUBMEETINGS MEETINGS TI TI ROTARY Thursday Island Thursday Island Rotary Rotary ClubClub Meets at 7am Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting Meeting at the Grand Hotel at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Visitors welcome! Inquiries 4069 1531 Inquiries 0438 747 853 TOMBSTONES

Torres Strait Regional Authority Common Funding Round 2014 - 2015 The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is calling for applications from Torres Strait lslander and Aboriginal organisations and individuals within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for grant funding for activities commencing 1 July, 2014, under the following Programs: Governance and Leadership Program - Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) Capacity Building Initiatives Eligible projects under this program include: • Contribution towards the administrative costs associated with establishing and maintaining a PBC Office • Initiatives that increase the capacity of elected PBC Officers to perform their duties • Initiatives that support PBCs to engage with communities on Native Title issues Governance and Leadership Program - Indigenous Broadcasting Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Operational support for Indigenous broadcasting services (including RIBS) • Regional Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO) Support • Upgrade of broadcasting equipment



Horn Island

Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844


....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors & Kanga Loaders

10 Comport Street, Cairns Phone Dave, Paul or Kym

4050 7500

Servicing the Cape & Torres Strait Communities



& WEED CONTROL Termite Specialists

ABN 74 061 168 036 BSA 106 0874 Termites, Pre-treats, Pre-purchase & Termite Reports Reticulation & Baiting Systems Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Fleas etc

Servicing Cardwell to Cape York & Torres Strait 199 Newell St Bungalow Ph: 4054 2888 E:

Page 18 Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014

Healthy Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Healthy Homes initiatives (including health promotion and education) • Healthy Lifestyles initiatives and minor infrastructure Safe Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Social services initiatives such as: • Indigenous women, men and children social development and support programs • Child and family safety programs • Safe and accessible community initiatives such as: • Safe communities infrastructure and equipment including land and sea communications systems • Community capacity building and awareness Culture Art and Heritage Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Support for the development of artist careers • Locally managed community cultural projects (festivals, exhibitions etc) • Costs associated with the revitalization and /or maintenance of endangered Torres Strait languages • Support for purchase of Arts material and Production costs to develop traditional and contemporary artforms • Production costs for projects and events as well as marketing costs for the promotion of a cultural / artistic event Grant Application forms and Program Guidelines specific to each program are available at www. under the ‘Grant Funding’ menu. Application kits and further information can also be obtained by contacting the TSRA on (07) 4069 0700. Applications Close at 4 pm on Tuesday 8 April 2014 Completed applications should be marked ‘TSRA Common Funding Round’and emailed to: Alternatively, applications may be posted to: The Chief Executive Officer Torres Strait Regional Authority PO Box 261 Thursday Island Qld 4875 Applications received after 4 pm on 8 April 2014 will not be considered unless prior approval for a late submission has been obtained in writing from the relevant TSRA Program Manager


IAMA 2014

Report confirms the impact of climate change in Torres Strait THE Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) says the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released last week highlights the impact climate change will have in the Torres Strait. TSRA Chairman Joseph Elu said the report, Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, demonstrates how vulnerable lowlying islands in the Torres Strait are to storm surges, coastal flooding and sea level rises. “Extreme weather events caused by climate change could cause a breakdown in infrastructure and critical services such as electricity, water supply, health and emergency services,” Mr Elu said. “Our island communities are vulnerable due to their remoteness and small size which limits adaptation options, and their reliance on climatesensitive species and ecosystems for food and cultural activities. “The loss of marine and coastal ecosystems will also have an enormous impact on fishing communities and local industry.” The report stated that “permanent damage is inevitable” for the Great Barrier Reef, including the northern region. Mr Elu said due to this particular vulnerability it is essential that remote island communities receive extensive support in the development and implementation of adaption strategies. “The TSRA, in partnership with councils and other agencies, is currently progressing planning to identify key areas of vulnerability for Torres Strait Communities to develop an appropriate, sustainable response that will aid to reduce risks and build local resilience,” Mr Elu said. “Adaptation and resilience planning will be progressed at the regional level as well as the local community level for all communities over the next two to three years.” Mr Elu said the funding secured for seawalls is for communities most at risk, and will only reduce the impact of storm surge, erosion and flooding over the coming decades to a certain extent. “The government’s commitment to seawall funding in late February is an important first step to reduce impacts but longer term strategies will be needed,” Mr Elu said. “All government agencies involved in the planning and development in the Torres Strait must strongly consider the risks of climate change in order to maintain the livelihood of our small island communities.”





3 BEDROOM Highset Home on 1012m Block. 20 Nawie St, Horn Island. New Kitchen/ Shower and extras. If not sold available for Rent. Contact: Greg Kirk on 0499 191 363.

24 Hour Service for DV CONNECT Telephone 1800 811 811 – Lena Passi Women’s Shelter

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISE your classified here! Garage Sales, Meetings, Car or Boat for Sale!

Hobbytex Distributor. For your supplies Phone Jenny on 0412 752 220.

NPA WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP 24 Hour Crisis Shelter Ph: 4069 3020

Port Kennedy Association

MINI MARKETS Come along and grab a bargain!

Saturday, april 19, 2014 9.00am to 12.00pm port Kennedy Hall

For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy office on (07) 4069 2306

Date Claimer Friday, October 24

The tombstone unveiling of the late

Mr Marwer Depoma.

Date Claimer for the late

Mr James Bon ( BON-DE ) December 11, 2014 at Mer Island ( Murray Island ) For further information please phone Ms Susana Tapau on 0458 212 391

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate

Position Vacant Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival Co-ordinator (Casual) Torres Shire Council wishes to engage a 2014 Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival Co-ordinator on a casual basis. The successful applicant will require excellent inter-personal and planning skills and an ability to co-ordinate, promote, and plan to a high standard and generally manage the Cultural Festival’s activities. Experience in providing similar services within the community would be an advantage. A position description is available at the Council Office located at 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island or on the Council website Further details and enquiries should be directed to the Human Resource Officer, Tanya Loban on: Phone (07) 4069 1336, Fax (07) 4069 2792 or email Applications close 4pm Friday, 18 April, 2014 Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate PUBLIC NOTICE

Mer (Murray Island) cemetery.

Contact Bishop Mabo: 0498 111 495 or Mrs Mabo: 0459 486 509

Date Claimer

Tombstone Unveiling for the Late Mr Bill Magala, Ms Bethel Dagum Luffman, Mrs Sania Pause Nee Kris and Mr Derek James Bon.

9am on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Thursday Island Cemetery. Venue: Tamwoy Town Hall Feasting, 6pm followed by dancing. R.S.V.P Mr Don P Whap: 0456 821 874 Mr Wally Bon: 0417 959 830 Mr Jimmy Luffman: 0499 893 049 Mr Tuta Kris: 0439 065 258



EASTER AND ANZAC DAY HORN ISLAND AND THURSDAY ISLAND Council Office, Library and TI Child Care Centre Closed Easter – Friday, 18 April to Monday, 21 April, 2014 inclusive Closed Anzac Day – Friday, 25 April Torres Shire Sports Complex Closed - Good Friday Open noon to 6pm – Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday Open 6am to 8.30am and noon to 7pm - Easter Monday Open 6am to 8.30am and noon to 7pm - Anzac Day

Waste Transfer Station - TI Closed - Good Friday Open as normal 9am to noon - Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday Open Between 9am and noon - Easter Monday Waste Transfer Station - HI Open as normal 9am to noon - Holy Saturday Open Between 9am and noon - Easter Monday

GARBAGE COLLECTIONS: • No Domestic and Commercial Garbage Collections on Good Friday. • Domestic Collections will be as normal on Holy Saturday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day. • All garbage usually collected on Friday, 18 April will be collected on Thursday, 17 April. • Commercial Garbage services will be as normal on Holy Saturday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day. EMERGENCY CALLS Horn Island - mobile 0429 691 338 Thursday Island - mobile 0429 691 330

Happy Easter to constituents and visitors in our Communities Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 19


NFL settlement fails to address impact of collision sports LEFT: The US$10 million allocated to chronic trauma encephalopathy research in the NFL settlement will not explain what this does to the brain. Photo courtesy RIGHT: Players of sports in the Australian football codes have some of the highest rates of concussion of any team sports worldwide. Photo BELOW: Well-designed, independent, and credible research is essential for a better understanding of the type of brain damage produced by repeated concussions and head injuries. Photo: By BRADLEY PARTRIDGE Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Public Health at University of Queensland By WAYNE HALL Professor and Director, Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research at University of Queensland for THE US National Football League lawsuit” were that: (NFL) recently paid US$765 mil• NFL hid and mislion to settle a lawsuit with former represented evidence players who claimed repeated about the long-term head injuries and concussions neurological effects of while playing the sport led to brain football-related head degenerative diseases. injuries; The impact of “collision sports” • NFL was aware of has recently been getting attention the neurological risks in Australia as well and the settle- of playing football but ment has interesting implications deliberately failed to warn players; for local football codes. and Despite its small population, • NFL funded a “falsified body Australia sustains four different of scientific research” that was conprofessional football codes, three ducted by its concussion advisory of which have been described as committee with the intention of “collision sports” - Australian Rules raising doubts about independent Football (AFL), rugby league, and evidence of the long-term effects rugby union. of head injuries. In the United States, the NFL After failing to have the lawsuit overshadows all other professional dismissed, the NFL agreed to settle sports in terms of revenue, average the case for US$765 million. This attendance and television ratings. may sound like a lot of money but But the recent history of American it’s less than 10% of the NFL’s annual football has been plagued by contro- revenue of more than US$9 billion. versy about the effects of repeated An easy settlement concussions and head injuries. The NFL lawyers probably The US case considered it to be a good price for In 2012, a class action lawsuit reducing the cost of fighting the case against the NFL was filed on behalf and risking a much larger payout. of more than 4,500 former players. It also means the NFL avoided a You can read the full complaint forensic examination of its alleged here. deception. And it achieved these Among the most serious al- benefits without admitting liability legations made in the “concussion or “that plaintiffs’ injuries were

caused by football”. The players also had good reasons to settle. The payout means players with “cognitive injuries” (which are yet to be defined) will be able to access compensation (US$675 million) and obtain money for medical examinations (US$75 million) sooner than if the case had continued. If it had proceeded to a jury trial, the players may have received more money but they could also have lost, and received nothing. Unanswered questions One major weakness of the settlement is the small amount allocated to research and the lack of information on how the independence of any such work will be assured. Well-designed, independent, and credible research is essential to resolve uncertainty about the seriousness and prevalence of the type of brain damage claimed to

be produced by repeated concussions and head injuries. At present, we only have several dozen postmortem examinations reporting evidence of trauma-related braindegenerationinsome former American footballers calledchronic t r a u m a t i c encephalopathy, or CTE. Indeed, the condition is currently only diagnosed after death. The most recent consensus statement about such injuries by the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012 stated that: • a cause and effect relationship has not as yet been demonstrated between CTE and concussions or exposure to contact sports. In Australia Medical officers from the Australian AFL and NRL have downplayed the implications of these US case studies for their sports. In 2012, for instance, the director of the AFL Medical Officers Association Hugh Seward said: We’ve got no evidence to suggest that the condition we’re seeing in America from multiple head knocks is akin to what we see in Australian football. We have no evidence that CTE is an issue, and the long-term

brain damage that they’re talking about in America may not exist in Australia. And an NRL doctor has said: I think that we need to be pretty careful how we interpret the Boston stuff [CTE case studies from Boston University]. The aim of their game is to actually crash into each other with their heads, so potentially players are being concussed. We don’t have any such thing in our game. But, so far, there have been no studies of former players from Australian football codes, even though they have some of thehighest rates of concussion in any team sports worldwide. The meagre US$10 million allocated by the NFL settlement for research has a limited capacity to shine a brighter scientific light on: • precise nature of CTE and how to diagnose it while players are still alive; • risk factors for its occurrence; and • prevalence of the condition and other related conditions among football players. This is crucial information for all contact sports, not just American football. It may be timely for Australian football codes to consider ways of facilitating research into CTE and other long-term effects of repeated concussion. But this work needs to be truly independent of the codes if it is to avoid criticism about conflicts of interest on the part of those conducting the research.

Claws out to stop illegal crabbing ABOVE: Spanner or Frog Cab, limit 20. BELOW: Blue Swimmer or Sand Crab, no limit.

Page 20 Torres News

Queensland recreational crabbers are being warned to crab responsibly and to show respect for fellow crabbers after a spate of unlawful crabbing practices. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) officer Lyndon Peddell said crab pot interference and other illegal crabbing practices were major compliance issues for the patrol. “There has been an increase in the number of complaints involving people allegedly removing crabs from pots. “It’s obvious that some fishers are just not getting the message,” he said. “Interfering with crabbing apparatus that are not your own is a serious offence and you will be caught. “Anyone caught unlawfully interfering with crab apparatus will

7 - 13 April 2014

face an on-the-spot fine of $1100 or maximum penalties up to $55,000. That’s a lot more expensive than the cost of buying a crab from your local seafood store. “Stealing crabs or crab pots is a criminal offence, so those caught will also be referred to the police for investigation,” he said. Mr Peddell said people should be aware of all current crabbing rules including size and possession limits as well as crab pot regulations before hitting the water. “There are different size and possession limits as well as measuring methods for the various crab species.” “Female mud and blue swimmer crabs are no-take species and should be returned to the water immediately. “It is also illegal to possess crabs

with the carapace missing and crab meat while Mud Crab, at sea unless it is for imlimit 10. mediate consumption. “No more than four crab pots or dillies, or a combination of both, are permitted to be used by a person at any time. They need to be clearly marked with the owner’s name and address and if using a float, it must also have the owner’s name on it. “Also, ensure pots have enough rope attached to the float so they are not lost in strong tidal currents,” he said. Mr Peddell said fisheries regulations were aimed at sustaining Queensland’s valuable fisheries resources. “Rules are in place to protect and

conserve crab stocks. By following the rules these valuable fisheries resources will be around for current and future generations of Queenslanders,” he said. “QBFP rely on the support of the public to help protect our fishing resources. People who suspect illegal crabbing are urged to do the right thing and report it to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116.” For more information on responsible crabbing, visit www.fisheries.qld. or call 13 25 23.


Umi Arts Autumn Season launch

LEFT: Photo by Gertrude Davis: ‘Caught in a Bush Fire.’ ABOVE: Photo by Nickeema Williams: ‘Connections.’ ESSENCE OF THE EYE Artists: Elise Carr, Sharon Creed-Jones, Gertrude Davis, Nickeema Williams. Curator: Teho Ropeyarn (right)

UMI Arts Gallery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art launched its Autumn Season exhibition Essence of the Eye on Thursday, April 3. Essence of the Eye is a curated photographic exhibition featuring emerging and practicing photographic artist members of UMI Arts. Essence of the Eye features photographs by four Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, Elise Carr, Sharon Creed-Jones, Gertrude Davis and Nickeema Williams. Curated by Teho Ropeyarn, Essence of the Eye explores the practises

of UMI Arts member artists who work in photography. The still images featured in the exhibition explore many ideas and perceptions of cultural traditions, such as performance, country/land, sea, people and issues relating to identity and the environment. The concurrent themes and subjects in the works evoke powerful stories told through the Essence of the Eye. Essence of the Eye features as part of the Queensland Festival of Photography 5 Biennial, presented

in partnership with the Queensland Centre of Photography during April this year. The powerfully evocative photos of Gertrude Davis capture the essence of culture seen through the photographer’s expert eyes. “My photography has always been about the captured ‘moment of time’ because, as with words that have been spoken, they cannot be changed or taken back”, says Gertrude Davis. Young emerging artist, Nickeema Williams’ recent photographs have a surreal and ethereal quality which is compelling and haunting. Nickeema says of her work, “I love and treasure photography - it is like a very good friend to me…

photography is like another language. It speaks for me like no words can. You don’t take a photograph - you create it.” Sharon Creed-Jones’ installation called “Journey” captures moments and places that have significance to the artist as she travelled from Cairns to Melbourne. For Elise Carr, the traditional performances and dancers at events such as the Laura Festival have been an inspiration and a powerful way of connecting to culture. “Essence of the Eye” will run until Wednesday, April 30. Free entry and all welcome. The UMI Arts Retail Shop and Galleries are located at 335 Sheridan

Street, North Cairns. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. For further information please contact UMI Arts on 07 4041 6152 or email UMI Arts is the peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. It is a not-for-profit company with an all-Indigenous Board of Directors, and it is owned by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts community of Far North Queensland.

Another of Nola Page’s images of our beautiful homeland

Torres News

7 - 13 April 2014 Page 21


Traditional Owners concerned about Cape York plan’s cultural protection CAPE York Traditional Owners join forces to convince the Queensland LNP Indigenous Affairs ministers to back greater protection of culture and


nature in the 30-year land use reforms proposed for the region. Traditional Owners from across Cape York want Indigenous Affairs

Minister Glen Elmes and his assistant, the Member for Cook David Kempton, to champion cultural and natural heritage protection.


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Laura Traditional Owner Desmond Tayley said Mr Elmes and Mr Kempton owed it to the Indigenous communities of Cape York to champion stronger protection for culture and nature in the 24 identified Strategic Environmental Areas areas, against mining, dams and irrigated agriculture. Mr Tayley said it was clear from the bits and pieces of information available, this draft Cape York Regional Plan does not protect the cultural and natural values of Cape York Peninsula. “Cultural values are not recognized in the draft Regional Plan at all, let alone protected,” Mr Tayley said. “For example in my country the world famous sandstone rock art escarpments in the Laura area are zoned to allow mining, dams and irrigated agriculture.

Quinkan area under no threat: Kempton DAVID Kempton (right) , Member for Cook, said he wished to assure the traditional owners of the Quinkan rock that the iconic cultural area was under no threat from mining. “Our government is in the process of developing the Cape York Regional Plan in close consultation with the community,” he said. “When finalised I am confident the plan will strike the

right balance between economic opportunity, community growth and environmental protection. “Part of this process is the protection of significant cultural sites like the Laura escarpment.” Mr Kempton said the consultation process had been extensive and is ongoing despite the submission period on the first

draft being closed. “I invite all TOs in the Cape to provide me with specific details of significant cultural sites within the region that need to be considered in the planning process,” he said. “I will ensure these details are put on the table. “We are not rushing into this process and we will get it right.”


Feral pig control funding is ‘a life-saver’ for turtles

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THE Cape York Turtle and Dugong Task Force and Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation applaud the state and federal governments for joining forces to help protect Cape York’s iconic turtle population. The governments have jointly committed $7 million over the next four years to help reduce the threat to marine turtle nests from feral pigs. The Task Force and Balkanu have worked vigorously over the last two years to develop a sustainable turtle and dugong protection policy. Established in 2011 the Task Force represents 28 salt-water groups on Cape York. Hundreds of meetings and workshops with traditional owners have taken place, resulting in the release in October 2013 of the Cape York Turtle and Dugong Strategy. The Strategy contains sub-regional and local plans for the management of turtles and dugongs, including a number of projects to secure and sustain future populations. Amongst other measures, the projects include rectification of the collapse of the Raine Island rookery; preventing pig predation of turtle nesting sites, local hunting moratoriums, catch limits and the support of Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation centres. Task Force Chairman Robbie Deemal welcomed the commitment of both governments to eradicate the threats to Cape York’s turtle population. He said the Task Force’s Strategy document should become the governments’ blueprint for future action.

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Page 22 Torres News

Desmond Tayley and Thomas George at Laura Traditional Owner meeting. “I have travelled not securely protected Mr Tayley said. through Cape York and at all. Traditional Owners spoken to many people “Apart from Premier have made a formal since the release of the N e w m a n ’s p e r s o n a l request for: a full and draft Plan and it is clear commitment to protect “comprehensive consulthese threats to culture the Steve Irwin Wildlife tation” briefing by the and nature exist right Reserve, and the Wenlock Minister responsible, across the Peninsula.” River, any of 24 SEAs Jeff Seeney, on the “As for natural values, can be removed, mined implications of the draft the Plan is ambiguous and cleared by the stroke Cape York Regional and confusing about what of Planning Minister Jeff Plan for any and all is and is not protected”. Seeney’s pen. Cape York Traditional M r Ta y l e y s a i d “The area of these owner groups that Coniconic in Cape York SEAs needs to be ex- sent and an extension Country - escarpment panded to cover all of of at least one calendar country, rainforests, the cultural and natural month after the final savanna woodlands, values identified by “comprehensive concoastal dune systems, Traditional Owners for sultation” briefing to rivers and wetlands - are permanent protection,” complete a submission.

7 - 13 April 2014


Frequent fliers put in the wet seat


Under By AARON SMITH FREQUENT Flyers usually expect seat upgrades, not ones that get rolled upside down and submerged in water, but that’s exactly what many of Thursday Island’s residents, who spend a lot of time in helicopters, got last month. RHO Aviation Training Services, which provides safety training all across the country, ran an emergency training course for our ‘frequent flyers.’ Mark Eagleson (inset) was in charge of the training session. He has 20 years experience in the Australian Army, working special operations on Blackhawks, Iroquois Gunships and Chinook helicopters. He is a member of the Directorate of Flying Safety (ADF) and has been involved in the investigation of aircraft accidents and the management of the crewman safety. “We come up to Thursday Island at least once a year, sometimes twice to train all the government agencies that require it. This is a recurrency training program, meaning they need






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to redo it every two years,” Mark said. The floatation cage (pictured), simulates a helicopter that has crashed in the sea and flipped upside down. The occupants and strapped in, as they would be in the aircraft, and trained on how to escape safely, they are then flipped and monitored to make sure they were listening to their instructors. Called, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), the program was developed by Mark and he is considered one of the most experienced HUET instructors in the Asia Pacific region. Mark also conducts operations in border surveillance and search and rescue operations as a crewman on helicopters. “For those people flying in helicopters a lot, each time they enter an aircraft the chances of them being involved in an incident increases, so it definitely pays to be prepared,” Mark said. As well as crash simulation, they are also trained in water survival, such as life jacket drills. One wonders if they are also trained to wrestle crocodiles, which may come in useful in these waters.

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7 - 13 April 2014 Page 23


Race Act changes are what you get when you champion bigotry By SIMON RICE Professor of Law; Director of Law Reform and Social Justice at Australian National University for FEDERAL attorney- that is reasonably likely general George Brandis to vilify [which means is serious when he says incite hatred] or to that under his watch, intimidate”. Focus switches from “people do have a right the harm that is caused to be bigots”. As drafted (and it is by race-based speech very poorly drafted), to the conduct that his proposed changes intimidates or incites to sections 18B, C, D hatred. Instead of being and E of the Racial concerned to prevent Discrimination Act give harm, the concern is to uniquely wide licence maintain public order. It is not new to deto free expression on fine racial vilification matters of race. to mean incitement to hatred: this is what state A new test for and territory laws do. racial vilification What is new is to define There are three essen- racial vilification to tial parts to the proposed mean only incitement changes. First, they drop to hatred. In state and territhe current test for racial vilification - “conduct tory laws, vilification causing offence, insult, is defined as incitement humiliation or intimida- to hatred, and to other tion” - and replace it conduct such as serious with a test of “conduct contempt, severe ridi-

cule and revulsion. Brandis is, by the way, relying on a spurious distinction when he claims that: Section 18C, in its current form, does not prohibit racial vilification. Brandis chooses to define racial vilification only as “incitement to racial hatred”, so he is able to say that the current definition is not in fact “vilification”. This trivialises the protection that the current racial vilification provisions have offered for almost 20 years, and supports his misleading claim that: There is no law of the Commonwealth of Australia that prohibits racial vilification. By addressing only incitement to racial hatred, Brandis is winding back the vilification prohibition to cover a single - and increasingly rare - type of behaviour:

Attorney-general George Brandis has released proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Photo: the crude, public rantDriving a truck ings of a racist. through it He fails to recognise, or maybe even The third part and comprehend, the per- perhaps most important vasive, casual racism of the proposed changes in Australian society is the conduct that is that Race Discrimina- explicitly permitted. tion Commissioner Tim Vilifying or intimidating Soutphommasane has public conduct that is identified. done because of a perIf prohibiting incite- son’s race is prohibited, Image: ment to racial hatred but it is allowed when it is the achievement is done in the course of by a judge, who will majority - politicians, decide the likelihood of policymakers, opinion that Brandis considers, public discussion. then he could do well There is no qualifica- incitement from their writers - can understand to look at the serious tion to this exception. perspective, and not what it is to have one’s a t t e n t i o n g i v e n t o Every other vilification as it might be for the life defined by one’s criminal provisions law in Australia limits actual audience of the difference. When “free s p e e c h ” c h a r a c t e relsewhere in Australia, exceptions to conduct comment. This “objective test” ises that difference as and Australia’s continu- that is done reasonably is a double whammy a deficiency - a sign ing failure to honour its and in good faith. international treaty This throws out the to a victim of vilifying of inferiority - offence obligation to criminalise baby, the bathwater and conduct. Not only do is a real sense that is racial vilification. the bath. The exception the proposed changes qualitatively different is so wide to a prohibi- tell them that their real from any idea of offence The view of an ‘ortion that is so narrow and reasonable sense that we in the majority dinary Australian’ that people will be of offence is irrelevant, can have. It is not for us to able to offend, insult, the changes say it is The second part to the humiliate and incite seri- irrelevant to know how say that someone who proposed changes is that ous contempt or severe the intended audience of actually - and, in their they switch the perspec- ridicule on the basis of vilifying conduct might circumstances, reasonably - feels offence that tive for assessing racial race. They will be able actually react. Those who enjoy they should not, or that vilification from the to do so unreasonably feelings of a reasonable and dishonestly, with freedom of expression it is to be borne with must assess the limits resignation. For almost person to whom conduct impunity. on that freedom by an 20 years, federal racial is directed, to the view awareness of the harm vilification law has been of an “ordinary reasonMajority rules able member of the The most troubling as- that can be caused by it. admirably respectful of Australian community” pect about the proposed This is philosopher John the lived reality of racial Stuart Mill’s classical difference. as to whether conduct changes - along with liberal “harm principle”. Human Rights is likely to intimidate or knowing that Australincite hatred. ia’s chief law officer is Free speech regulators C o m m i s s i o n e r a n d This is novel. The a champion of the right must be aware that noted “classical liberal” u s u a l a p p r o a c h t o to bigotry - is the blithe members of a racial Tim Wilson distanced “incitement to hatred” assertion of a dominant minority can live all day, himself from Brandis’s every day, conscious of underlying rationale for laws in the states and cultural perspective. territories is that the When deciding the their different culture the proposed changes: likelihood of incitement likeliness of incitement, and heritage, their dif- that people have a right is decided by reference who will not claim for ferent skin colour, their to be bigots. He must to the intended audience themselves the title an accent, their different now be similarly wary of the comments (in “ordinary reasonable practices, customs and of Brandis’ simplistic protection of bigotry in Andrew Bolt’s case, for member of the Aus- preferences. N o m e m b e r o f the name of free expresexample, Herald Sun tralian community”? readers). The role will be taken the Australian racial sion.


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