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News & events of the Kaurareg homeland of Kaiwalagal, the Torres Strait homeland, and Cape York homelands of the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadhaykenu and Gudang Peoples

31 March - 6 April 2014 • Thursday Island • • • Edition No. 1109 • $2.00 inc. GST

Celebrating our cultural diversity

HARMONY Day on Thursday Island celebrated the rich cultural diversity is represented on our island home, more on Page 4.>> Celebrating Hamony Day at Thursday Island Care Care Centre were (from left): Dalassa Yorkston, Sylvia Whittaker, Selina Sailor, Manan Samai, Sandhya Balage, Akesa Asa, Maraea Barker, and Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen. Photo by Baiti Sagigi.

Gab Titui to turn 10

Tharna Fire Dancers at Gab Titui’s 2004 opening.

GAB Titui Cultural Centre will celebrate10 years of operation on April 16, with festivities set to include live music, traditional dance and the opening of the 2014 Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award. Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Chairman Mr Joseph Elu said the celebrations will mark an important milestone for the Centre, the TSRA and communities of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area. “For more than 20 years, Torres Strait Islanders advocated for a facility in the Torres Strait where our unique cultural heritage and identities could be maintained and shared with generations of our people,” Mr Elu said. Continued Page 2.>>

Murder on the high seas not ruled out

By AARON SMITH and GIEMBRA BUSMER RUMOURS of murder on the high seas have not been ruled out as police from Thursday Island, Weipa and Cairns investigated the disappearance of a crew member from a large cargo ship moored in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Weipa last week. Continued Page 3 >>


Gab Titui to turn 10

ABOVE: Saamkarem Era Kodo Mer Dance Troupe (courtesy Natasha Harth, Queensland Art Gallery). RIGHT: Gab Titui Cultural Centre (courtesy George Serras, National Museum of Australia).

“Gab Titui was opened in 2004, and has since worked tirelessly with communities to promote cultural, social and economic revitalisation and the development of contemporary artistic practice across the region.” Celebrations will feature live performances by local talent, Northern Xposure, Jack Bani and Erub Island’s Saamkarem Era Kodo Mer Dance Troupe who have previously performed in Brisbane as part of a major Torres Strait Islander extravaganza. Mr Elu said the night would also include the opening of the seventh annual Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award, featuring new works by artists throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area. “The Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award is a key showcase of works by Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal artists, both emerging and established,” Mr Elu said.

“This year’s Award is based on the theme Ailan Legends so audiences can expect to see an exciting array of works commemorating traditional Torres Strait Islander myths, legends and icons - both past and present. “I encourage everyone to come along to celebrate and support our local artists and craftspeople.” The Gab Titui Cultural Centre 10th Anniversary Celebrations and 2014 In-

digenous Art Award Opening will commence at 6.00 pm on 16 April 2014. Residents of Horn and Hammond Islands can take advantage of complimentary ferry services departing at 5:40 pm and returning at the close of celebrations; 9.30 pm. A detailed program of events is available on the Gab Titui Cultural Centre website - www.gabtitui.

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10th Birthday Celebrations! Wednesday 16 April, 6-9pm Performances by Saamkarem Era Kodomer Dance Troupe Erub Island Northern Xposure, Jack Bani and the opening of the 7th Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award Showing new works by artists throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Visit for a full program of events Trading Hours: 10am - 3pm, Monday - Saturday Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

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31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014



Indigenous councils not sustainable: Audit report - BUT . . . By AARON SMITH

Who scrutinises the State?: Mayor Gela It’s just wrong: Mayor Charlie

TSIRC Mayor Fred Gela believes the State Government’s financial credibility should also be scrutinised after a Queensland Audit Office report identified TSIRC as a council in danger of becoming financially unsustainable. The report did, however, acknowledge remote Indigenous communities face financial hardships that do not affect urban councils and that the TSIRC, in particular, had done much to improve their situation. Cr Gela: “I urge everyone to ask questions about the State Government’s financial sustainability, and the lack of criticism that are levelled onto them. “For years local government has been the whipping boy, the test case before they apply such things on the State Government. Without question the State Government borrows money, and still they have recorded deficit budgets, but . . . we must deliver on a financial result that outperforms the people who are imposing this upon us,” Cr Gela said. These findings of the Queensland Audit Office latest report into the finances and operations of Queensland’s local councils are of the financial year of 2012 to 2013. Torres Shire Council was not in the danger zone, rated at only having a low-risk of potential financial woes. TSIRC and NPARC are part of a list of 16 local councils across the state considered being a higher

financial risk, where they have consistently incurred substantial operating losses in the past four years. Of these 16 Councils, 10 are Indigenous councils. NPACR Mayor Bernard Charlie said: “We make the best of what we got, we often have to lose one thing to gain another. It must be remembered we are a government-funded based council rather than a rate payer one. “We cannot do any better than what the State Government and Federal assistance grants allow us, that is all we got, and when you compare us to Brisbane, with all those rate payers, that’s why they have to be worse than us, it’s just wrong. “They also need to take into account that money that’s given to us we have different expenses in our community, we often help with funerals, tombstones and other ceremonies that happen in the community as well which are very unique to us,” Cr Charlie said. Along with TSIRC and NPARC, other Far North Queensland councils considered at risk include Cook Shire, Lockhart River, Mapoon and Pormpuraaw. Mayor Gela believes duplication of essential services on each island (such as water plants), has driven

up the Council’s asset values by two thirds, which in turn affect the true nature of the Council’s sustainability numbers. “The thing about accounting figures you can make them look and feel anyway you want them too. “The fact is until you apply a level playing field, you have no right to infer unsound performance,” he said. The report acknowledged, as a category, Indigenous councils face significant financial sustainability challenges due to their limited access to create revenue. It stated: “In recognition of Indigenous councils’ limited financial resources, the requisite infrastructure for roads, water, sewerage and community facilities has historically been provided by the federal and state governments under special infrastructure programs. “Without continued long-term federal and state government grant funding or significant changes to their current operational strategies, Indigenous councils will be unable to meet ongoing asset maintenance requirements. “This would place a significant burden on future community residents who will either incur financial costs to restore these assets or face significantly reduced service levels.” Cr Gela said: “95 per cent of the

assets Council maintain have been donated by the State or Federal Government and handed to Council to run. Not on every occasion have the State or Federal Government got it right.” Cr Gela cites an example, where building a sewerage treatment plant on top of a hill, at a cost of around $17 million, instead of building aerobic lagoons on level ground for a cost of about $5 million. “The additional cost of pumping the proverbial up hill instead of using gravity and the extra cost of the system means it runs at about $250,000 per annum. So due to a State and Federal Government decision, we have to fund the replacement (depreciation) of a plant $12 million more in value than Council would have installed, and for that pleasure it costs us $250,000 a year more to operate than the system we would have installed. “This is only one example of many,” Cr Gela said. The report stated it identified ‘significant internal control weaknesses’ at Torres Strait Island Regional Council and Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council and they had to appoint financial controllers to both of them in 2012-13. The report did acknowledge however that: “The number of

significant control issues identified at Torres Strait Island Regional Council decreased this year. “This was due, in part, to the improved effectiveness of the council’s corporate governance framework. This council is the only Indigenous council with an audit committee and a full time internal auditor.” The NPARC did not fare so well, as the report suggest it continued to have: “numerous significant control issues.” Cr Gela said: “Last year when we supposedly performed badly, we spent about $4 million on renewals, that is upgrading assets to completion, we also spent more than $6 million as work in progress, a total of $10 million. “If we were allowed to apply the work in progress to the sustainability equation like every other non-indigenous Council in Queensland and we had a depreciation expense of $7 million, we would be one of the most sustainable Councils in Queensland.” The report suggests, to be financially sustainable, councils need to adopt longer term planning processes that manage future financial risk while maintaining an appropriate level of services to their communities Cr Gela said: “We are living within our means, unfortunately we are not in a position to replace our assets.”

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Senior Program Advisor Emergency Response Division

$96 706 - $112 783 + SUPERANNUATION (15.4%) The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a government statutory authority. AMSA is a key regulator in the maritime industry with broader responsibilities in the areas of maritime safety, marine environment protection, and maritime and aviation search and rescue. Our vision is ‘Safe shipping, clean seas and saving lives’. We are a national organisation with offices around Australia. Our people enjoy:

ABOVE: Bulk tanker Great Talent off Weipa. INSET: One of the search helicopters. PAGE 1 photo: Weipa VMR vessel Rescue One is dwarfed by the the Great Talent as she comes along side to allow Weipa CIB and Customs officers to board. Photo Peter McCulkin << From Page 1 The missing man, a 29-year-old Chinese national, was last seen onboard the 223 metre bulk carrier vessel ‘Great Talent’ on Saturday, March 22. He was noticed missing following a crew muster early the following morning. A subsequent search of the vessel failed to locate the missing man. Acting Police Inspector Jamie Horn said: “All considerations are still on the table, but everything appears to suggest it was a man overboard scenario.”

Local authorities had been joined onboard the vessel by Scientific Crime Police, Detectives from Cairns, Customs Officers, Thursday Island Water Police and the local Boating and Fisheries Patrol. “No stone has been left unturned on the actual ship, and many man hours have gone into this significant investigation, including a serious search of the vessel as well as the ocean,” Acting Inspector Horn said. Weipa Volunteer Marine Rescue vessel “Rescue One” was deployed in the area on Sunday, March 23, transporting local CIB and Customs officers to the vessel and conducted

a search of the area. VMR Weipa skipper Peter “Crazy” Graham said despite an extensive grid pattern search by “Rescue One” and three privately owned vessels there was no sign of the missing crew member. Two helicopters, from Horn Island and Cairns rescue units, were also involved in the search, as well as a vessel from Thursday Island Water Police. Police left the ‘Great Talent’, on Tuesday March 25, and searches of the area have ceased. The case is now considered a missing person situation.

The Senior Program Advisor will coordinate safety education activities in the Torres Strait, including AMSA’s ongoing contribution to the Torres Strait Marine Safety Program and Torres Strait Marine Pathways Program. In this important role to AMSA, the Senior Program Advisor will play an active role in improving maritime safety, awareness and industry involvement across the remote communities of Torres Strait and Northern Cape York Peninsula. In addition, the Senior Program Advisor will provide support to other AMSA business units by providing a regional presence and liaison point for all maritime stakeholders in the region. The Senior Program Advisor position will be based in Thursday Island and may see the successful applicant working throughout the Torres Strait, Cape York and Papua New Guinea. Please note that there will be considerable travel within the Torres Strait and some domestic travel required. You will be required to hold Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal, Marine Engine Driver Grade III and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. A demonstrated ability to work productively with Indigenous communities and coordination of a range of external stakeholders in the delivery of training and education programs is vital. High level leadership and people management skills are essential for success in this role. Closing date: 6 April 2014 For more information contact: Adrian Davidson, Community Liaison Officer, (07) 4090 3079. Christine Macmillian, Manager, Planning and Business Support, (02) 6279 5741.

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Murder on the high seas not ruled out

• a safe and friendly environment with flexible working options; • a culture enhanced by a strong sense of community; • a progressive outlook and energetic contribution to the maritime industry.

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 3

By AARON SMITH Photos by KALI McKEOWN and AARON SMITH HARMONY Day on March 21 is the day the nation celebrates its cultural diversity and aims to engage communities and particularly young people to be inclusive and show respect to one another. Thursday Island Childcare and Tagai College got involved and showed their true colours.

The colour orange has been chosen to represent Harmony Day and people were encouraged to wear the colour as either a piece of clothing or as a orange ribben to show their support. Organised by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Harmony Day is also the the United Nations International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen gave a talk to the students at the Thursday Island Day Care Centre: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thursday Island is like a vase, which is beautiful on its own, but is empty. But when we put flowers into into the the vase, it becomes more beautiful as the flowers are all different colours. Each of those flowers is like the many races that make up

our community.â&#x20AC;? Everyone in the class then leaned how to say hello in the different languages of the many cultures represented in the group, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, PNG, Rotoroa and the Torres Strait. As 45 per cent of all Australians have been born overseas it is important we embrace our cultural diversity. Australia is made up of

around 300 ancestries and speaks around 300 languages, including our indigenous ones and four million of us speak a language other than English at home. March 21 is also the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Tagai College also celebrated this day, which provides a focus for all schools to say Bullying, No Way! and to strengthen their existing everyday messages that bullying and violence at school are

ABOVE LEFT: Mathys Koch. ABOVE CENTRE: Tagai College students celebrate both Anti Bullying Day and Harmony Day. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Ms Sandhya Balage with Sofia Smith, Summer Ward and Seai Seekee. BELOW: Summer Farquharson, Millie Farquharson and Maraea Barker. BELOW FAR RIGHT: Waru Children (from left): Lalya Drummond, Keisha Mosby, Dewan Shankaran, Matatia Warrior, Majuro Millet, Jonathon Yorkston, Carlee SeriatOCloudy and Jade Thurgate.

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31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

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Time for Governments ‘to recommit to Closing the Gap’


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DR TOM Calma (left) and Melinda Cilento (right) , Co-Chairs of Reconciliation Australia said on March 20, Closing the Gap Day, that Australian Governments must re-pledge their commitment to work towards overcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage. Dr Calma said it was essential that State and Territory Governments coordinate their efforts more effectively with the Federal Government and keep the political momentum going. “We have seen small but significant gains in the health and education indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but much more needs to be done before Australia can claim true equity in opportunity between First

1. The human heart has four chambers. 2. The pH of a neutral solution is 7. 3. An ammeter is used to measure electric current. 4. True. Oily fish and nuts are good sources of Omega-3. 5. TTitan is Saturn’s largest moon.

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Peoples and other Australians,” said Dr Calma. “The success of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking campaign in reducing the high Indigenous smoking rates shows what can be achieved when Governments work in real partnerships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector and this must be the model for effective work in other areas.” “Programs aimed at closing the gap must be informed by evidence of what works, based on partnerships with strong Indigenous community leadership and rigorously evaluated to ensure effectiveness.” Dr Calma said that two areas of great concern where little progress was evident were the rates of incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander people and the high incidence of suicide. “One indicator of success in achieving parity in opportunity between Australians is the rate of incarceration. “The current situation clearly suggests that we are not having the necessary impact in this area,” he said. “For example, in the past 12 months the imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women has increased by nearly 12%, a stark reminder of how much hard work we still have in front of us.” “Suicide rates continue to blight our communities and break the hearts of countless families with an impact that is nothing short of devastating and must become part of how we measure the effectiveness of close the gap programs,” he said. Dr Calma said he was encouraged with the increasing public support for closing the gap efforts pointing to the more than 1250 community events

registered for today’s Close the Gap Day. Co-Chair, Melinda Cilento, said that closing the gap was a prerequisite to real national reconciliation. “Reconciliation Australia’s vision is for a reconciled, just and equitable Australia and all our key work is aimed at achieving equity, particularly in education, employment and reducing the insidious impact of racism. “Our RAP program in particular is producing great results; our most recent evaluation of the program found that RAP organisations employed 25, 755 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, have purchased $81 million worth of goods and services from Aboriginal-owned businesses and provided $37.8 million towards education scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. “We are seeing consistent incremental change that is strongly supported by the Australian public and increasingly by the private sector and it is critical that Governments maintain their focus on closing the gap and investing in effective programs and partnerships,”

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Rangers and scientists work together on Moa

Northern Brown Bandicoot. SCIENTISTS now have an increased understanding of local wildlife after working on a project with Rangers from the TSRA Land and Sea Management Unit documenting the flora and fauna on Moa. Mualgal Traditional Owners and Rangers have always known about makas and kyuk. But for scientists, their latest visit to the island was the first time they learnt that the species were present in the Torres Strait. TSRA Chairman Joseph Elu said the work highlights the value of Indigenous people’s knowledge of their environment, and the relevance of co-operative research between Torres Strait Islanders and scientists. “Their recent discovery is a fine example of the benefit of collaboration and I commend both the Rangers and the scientists for their work,” he said. The makas (bandicoots) and kyuk (echidnas) on Moa are the only known medium-sized, native mammals in the Torres Strait region. The Rangers told the scientists that makas and kyuk were hunted for food in the past. Today, they are under threat from dogs, cats, pigs and vehicles. The makas specimen that was collected for examination was road kill. The sample was analysed and confirmed to be the Northern Brown Bandicoot. The species was previously thought to live on Cape York and Papua New Guinea but this was the first time a specimen had been collected from Torres Strait. Kyuk is known locally as ‘Porcupine’ but was formally identified as Short Beaked Echidna. The visit to Moa was part of a project to develop a plan for managing the biodiversity and cultural values on the island. Mr Elu thanked TSRA Senior Ranger John Wigness, Ranger Guyai Uidaldam and acknowledged the collaboration of scientists from consulting company, 3D Environmental.


IBIS Sugar Free Drinks Promotion Continuing to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of our Communities in the NPA and Torres Strait

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Loneliness points to early death NEW research out of the United States shows loneliness may be a risk factor for early death and a bigger killer than obesity. University of Chicago neuroscientist and psychologist John Cacioppo’s report titled Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connections, found being lonely isn’t only about being unhappy, it’s also unsafe and bad for our health. The study found people who reported feeling alone were 14 per cent more likely to die during the six-year study period. This compared with a seven per cent rise in mortality risk for obese people, which was found in previous research. The research studied more than 2000 retired adults aged over 50 years. “Loneliness is a risk factor for early death beyond what can be explained by poor health behaviours,” said John Cacioppo, director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. Helpful information on loneliness and isolation, along with ways to seek help, can be found through Lifeline.

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Appeal for witnesses to Post Office fire

Bamfield Waterfalls, POW. Photo by Viviane Silva.

Third Tuesday of the month. Torres Shire Council monthly meeting, Council Chambers TI 9am. Every Thursday: TI Bowls Club Social Games from 6pm.

APRIL Sat 5. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Fri 7 - Sat 9. Life Giving Rally Warraber Island. Wed 16. Gab Titui Cultural Centre 10th Birthday Celebrations and Opening of the 2014 Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award. Fri 18. Good Friday. Sat 19. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 19. Easter Saturday. Mon 21. Easter Monday. Fri 25. Anzac Day


POLICE are appealing for witnesses in relation to a wilful damage by fire incident that occurred at around 9:15pm on Saturday the March 22 at the heritage-listed Post Office on Douglas Street. Given the historical significance

of the building, Police are appalled that someone would maliciously damage such a property. Furthermore, there was a real threat that the whole of the timber building could have been destroyed by such a careless act. Police are eager to speak to

a lighter skinned male dressed in a white singlet, knee length shorts and thongs seen in the area around the time of the fire. Any information can be forwarded to the Thursday Island Police Station (40691520) or Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000).

Four generations of beautiful ladies RIGHT: Baby Natessie Georgia Repu, daughter of Rizah Tabua and Allan Repu Jnr, was born March 3, 2014, at Thursday Island Hospital. Born a month early, Natessie was in a hurry to get out in the world. BELOW: Shaylee Tricia Dianne Mullings born March 21, 2014 in Cairns, baby sister to Aaliyah and daughter to Wade and Elsie Mullings.

Sat 3. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Thu 8 - 11. Touch Football Championships, TI. Sat 17. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 17. KRL Seniors (Men and Women) season commences, Thursday Island. Mon 26. National Sorry Day. Tues 27. National Reconciliation Week begins. Sat 31. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon.


Tues 3. Mabo Day. Fri 6. National NAIDOC Week starts. Mon 9. Queen's Birthday. Sat 14. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon. Sat 28. Mini markets, PKA Hall, TI, 9am-noon.

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31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

Correction CORRECTION AND APOLOGY: Torres News front page story about Oxfam’s regional meeting, dated March 10, edition 1106, had Elsie Baker name incorrectly listed as Eunice Baker. Torres News apologies to Elsie for the error, but would like to mention that all names were provided by Oxfam’s representatives who presented the event.

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LEFT: Suberia Bowie. ABOVE: Mark Hutton addresses the luncheon. RIGHT: Jacinta Moloney.

TAFE closing education gap By AARON SMITH CLOSING the gap for Indigenous youth education is something Mark Hutton is passionate about and something he has been focused on during his watch as Head of Tagai TAFE on Thursday Island. During a luncheon on Closing the Gap Day on March 20, representatives of Thursday Island’s businesses were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by students. Mr Hutton explained how TAFE aimed to prepare students for the world after school. “We want students to move on and to look ahead after school at the next phase of their life, whether it be onwards into further education or into the workplace,” he said. “Our training strategy is part of closing the gap in their education and help them transition into the workforce. We talk to them here like they are already in the workforce to help them prepare. The last thing

organisations have been involved in and Australian School-based Ap- students apprenticeship. prenticeships. this partnership. The Australian School-based Established June 7, 2013, the Apprenticeship Program aims Suberia Bowie then explained STP program aims at encouraging to contribute to the development the School to Work Program. “The purpose of this program businesses to commence school- of a highly skilled and relevant is to allow students to gain work based apprenticeships by providing Australian workforce that supexperience and work placements employers financial incentives, paid ports economic sustainability and at six months and 18 months into the competitiveness. and map out a career path.” Those pathways may include, apprenticeships, traineeships or further education. “”We aim to get disengaged students into the workforce and allow them to develop MATURE-age plumba deeper understanding and ing apprentice John practical skills that highlight Sabatino (right), from the importance of education,” Hammond Island, Ms Bowie said. recently completed his “By helping setting real Certificate III making world goals and career patha fully qualified tradesways we help students see the man. purpose of education.” At 35 years old and Jacinta Maloney, from with a young family to Skills 360 Apprenticeship provide for, John did Services, then explained the not want to waste time School to Trade Pathway and worked hard to (STP) Incentives Program complete his qualification, in fact completing it in three years and John’s Apprenticeship Consultseven days, nearly a year earlier than ant, Jacinta Molony from Skills 360 most apprentices. said: “All his trainers thought he was Institute Director Jo Pyne said “If there is something you want, outstanding, he never missed a day she was not surprised at the you got to stick at it and keep going. or turned up late.” record number of Indigenous You don’t have to young to do it John has been nominated for a people being educated and trained either,” John said. Queensland Training Award. at TNQT this week. “Over the years at TNQT we have built a solid reputation as the vocational educator of choice for Indigenous people,” Ms Pyne said. “We offer training programs PH 07 4090 0737 that change lives and improve prospects of meaningful employment. “As I wandered around the Cairns campus this week I saw dozens of Indigenous people excited at the vocational study choices they were being offered and the training facilities they were utilising. “At TAFE we are in the business of closing the gap in employment and education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across our region. In the future we are determined to close this gap even further.”

we want is a student to be a burden or a liability, we want them to be an asset.” Tagai TAFE received the State Showcase Award for Excellence last year from the Department of Education. It was also the Far North Queensland winner of the Regional Award and runner up for the State finals for the Excellence in Community and Industry Partnerships Award. “In four years our vocational Education Training (VET) programs under the strategy of off site project learning experiences and work placement for Tagai students have formed inclusive and productive partnerships with key local stakeholders. “Our Tagai youth have had their senior schooling enriched and been made more relevant to life after school through their consecutiveness to local stakeholders in business and industry,” he said. To date around 50 businesses and

Plumbing apprentice makes the grade in record time

Big Week for Indigenous students at TAFE Tropical North Queensland TAFE (TNQT) last week re-affirmed its position as the largest provider of Vocational Education and Training to Indigenous people in Queensland, with more than 170 Indigenous people from across the state coming to study at TNQT. They were attending faceto-face classes in Remote Area Teachers Education Programs, Business StudTNQT CAMPUSES ies, Sport, Recreation and Fitness, Cultural Arts and our total enrolments,” Ms Bell said. Primary Health Care. “This year we are expecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Is- to surpass these figures with lander Studies Portfolio Manager, our total number of Indigenous Leanne Bell said that this week enrolments. was a record for the number of “We are very proud that we Indigenous people studying at the play such an important role in one time at TNQT. Queensland and Australia in offer“Last year we had more than ing a range of programs aimed at 3370 Indigenous people enrolled improving education and employin vocational education training ment results for Aboriginal and at TNQT. That equated to 22% of Torres Strait Islander students.”

Cost effective air charter. Badu Island based. Servicing the Torres Straits. Personal Service. Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 9


Graduates ready to get down to business

The latest graduates and teachers from TAFE’s Dual Diploma of Business Management, Back (from left):Kitty Gebadi, Nanya Nona, Diai Luffman, Beatrice Sebasio, Ella Seaton, Josephine Sagigi, Keyra Adams. Front (from left):Vicki Pates, Beatrice Nona, Matilda Billy, Lynette Geary, Roslyn Gilbert, Bengi Kris, Ida May Pearson, Ivy Matthew, Eileen Mathew (baby). Front (kneeling from left): Samat Sagigi, Aldene Reuben TWENTY people from the Torres Strait and the Northern Peninsula are well on their way to becoming business leaders in their communities. They have all just graduated with a Joint Diploma of Business and Management at Tropical North Queensland TAFE (TNQT). For 12 months course participants, such as Beatrice Sebasio, from Bamaga, and Samat Sagigi, from Thursday

Island, have been studying to improve their business and management skills.. TNQT finance teacher Jennie Arnold said all 20 participants had benefited from the course and were ready to use their new managerial skills for their business’s benefit, with many hoping to do advanced diploma studies. “The Dual Diploma of Business Management is a 12-month course

offered at TNQT to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students from throughout Queensland where students study nine units covering project management, operational plans and human resource management,” Ms Arnold said. “Graduates like Beatrice Sebasio who is a Training and Development/ WHS Officer with NPA Family and Community Services found the course

both challenging and rewarding. “Beatrice learned new workplace practices and was challenged to translate what she was learning from English into Creole to get the most from the course.” Samat Sagigi said he learned some interesting ideas which he can use in his position as an Assistant Manager with the Islanders Board of Industry and Services Supermarket on TI.

“I did the dual diploma course for my own personal development and to learn new skills that I can use to improve my workplace,” Mr Sagigi said. “I know a lot of Torres Strait islanders think that TAFE is too difficult for them, but with this course I could study full time or part time and went to Cairns for workshops where the teacher support was so good.

Tradesman comes back to roots on Thursday Island

AIR CHARTER Flown in Single or Twin engined Aircraft Servicing the Torres Strait, including PNG (Daru) & The Cape Friendly Service Call: Fax: Email: Web:

4090 3661 or 1300 136 811 4090 3662

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Fax: 4051 6577 • 297 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns Email: •

Page 10 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

Luke Nakachi brings his trade to Thursday Island. By AARON SMITH LUKE Nakachi was born on Thursday Island, but grew up in Cairns. Now at 28 years old and with his wife and four young children, he has felt the pull of his roots and moved back to Thursday Island three months ago and set up a glazing business. He wanted to be close to his mother, Yuriko Nakachi, and his 80-year-old grandmother, Maisie Mosby, who still works at the medical centre.

Learning the trade from his father-in-law, Luke finished his apprenticeship in two and half years, coming the top of all his classes. He has since worked as a fully qualified tradesman for the last four years in Cairns for various glaziers, then a work injury on his hand saw him incapacitated for a month where he worked in the office for Cairns Glass while he healed. “My Father-in-Law, who really helped me a lot getiing into the

trade, suggested I go out on my own, then after being in the office for a month, and seeing how that side of the business works, I decided to give it a go. “My wife does the bookkeeping side of the business, and now we have sold everything and come to Thursday Island to make a go of it.” “Another reason we chose the Torres Strait is that we wanted to provide another trade for Indigenous students to be able to get a qualification in.”


Betty: Student of the Year

Horticulture gives Ugar students healthy choices Tagai Environmental Education Coordinator Tim Hillier, Ugar Ranger Noel Baker and TSRA Ranger Supervisor Bob Welsh (in the background) with the students of Tagai Ugar campus around their newly made vegetable garden beds. STUDENTS at Tagai Joseph Elu said the are preparing garden Tim Hillier, EnvironmenCollege Ugar campus are project would improve beds, loosening the soil, tal Education Coordinator learning about gardening the community’s capacity adding organic matter with Tagai College. He congratulated Deb and nutrition as part of to cultivate food as well and controlling weeds. The next project is to Steele Head of Campus, their school curriculum as improve health by linking traditional and increasing the consump- ensure some of the school students and community tion of fresh fruit and tanks are connected to the members for their enhorticulture science. thusiasm in making the garden. T h e H o r t i c u l t u r e vegetables. Mr Elu said the project project a success. “This project motiin Schools Project is a partnership involving vates young people to is a high priority for the TSRA Land and Sea engage with traditional TSRA because Torres Management Unit and knowledge, practices and Strait Islanders currently stories that relate to gar- have limited access to Tagai College. The project assists dening that will maintain affordable fresh produce. “Eating fresh fruit and families and communi- and strengthen culture in ties throughout the Torres the Torres Strait,” he said. vegetables is important Strait to gain the skills T h e Ta g a i E n v i - for maintaining good necessary to access a r o n m e n t E d u c a t i o n health. Growing our own wider range of fresher Coordinator with as- fresh food is also a good and more affordable fruit, sistance from the TSRA way of saving money,” vegetables and herbs than Land and Sea Rangers he said. Mr Elu acknowledged what is currently avail- work with the students the work of TSRA Ugar able. on their gardens. The students at Ugar Ranger, Noel Baker and TSRA Chairman

Betty Sagigi with her award as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year. BETTY Sagigi was recently named the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award, for her work in completing her Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care late last year at the Southern Queensland Institute of Technology in Toowoomba.

“I was really surprised to receive this award. “ I never get things like this, but I think it is a good incentive for other Indigenous people to get out there and get qualified,” Ms Sagigi said. She plans to continue her studies and complete her diploma in the near future.

Toll is now servicing Cairns to NPA and The Torres Strait every week. Toll Marine Logistics has the freight service to match your consignment needs. From a document or small parcel through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, Toll has the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving – across towns, across countries, across continents and delivered to your door on Thursday Island, Outer Islands, Weipa and Cairns.

Whatever you want to move, whenever you want to move it. Talk to us to see how Toll Marine Logistics can save you money and better serve all your freight requirements. Our brand new Service includes NPA & Outer Islands as of December 10, 2013.

Contact Us For all enquiries call 1800 640 079 or you can contact one of our branches directly. Cairns 07 4241 9804 Thursday Island 07 4069 1239

Ugar Ranger Noel Baker and Tagai Environmental Education Coordinator Tim Hillier preparing the new school garden beds with cardboard and weed mat before the mulch is laid. Cargo acceptance times: Cairns Mon – Wed, 8am – 4pm & Thurs 8am – 2pm & TI Midday Mondays

Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 11


UT & Ab ut Star of the Sea residents treated to a cruise around the islands SEVEN residents of Star of the Sea Aged Care facility on Thursday Island, were treated to a boat cruise donated by Torres Strait Tours Rebel Ferries, on Saturday March 22. They took in the sights around Thursday Island, Hammond Island, Goods Island, Horn Island and Prince of Wales. Chaplin Vicki Ashford, from Blue Care, who attended the day trip said: “The residents really enjoyed it. As many of them were from Mer, they hadn’t see much of the area before, so it was a great experience for them.” The residents that attended the cruise were Terrence Baira, Herbert Wymalla, Olai Passi, Jerricho Pearson, Jenny Kabai, Billy Tamwoy, and Zena Kelly. The carers who escorted them were Chaplain Vicki Ashford, Emononi Roraduri, Jaya and Ahmat.

Sacred Heart students get wet and dirty to raise funds for Camp

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School was washing cars for a good course, raising funds for their next Leadership Camp, later in the year. Page 12 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014


UT & Ab ut

Stephen Eroa Abednego celebrates 21st birthday

Stephen Eroa Abednego celebrated his 21st on Saturday, March 22, with family and friends at the Thursday Island Bowls Club. Stephen Eroa Abednego.

Godfrey Bero, Stephen Abednego and Tai Nona.

The Abednego Family.

Meliat Nona, Jacqueline Sagigi, Eroa Abednego and Leila Abednego. Pedro Stephen.

ABOVE LEFT: Steph Savage and Silen David. ABOVE RIGHT: God Parents cut cake with Stephen. BELOW LEFT: Rebecca Sailor and Yana Tabuai. BELOW CENTRE: Melita Nona and MC Samat Williams. BELOW RIGHT: Ellody Matthew, Timothy Sagigi, Harold Matthew and Stephen Abednego.

Judy Ketchell.

Robert Sagigi. Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 13

The YUMI WAY Our Way The Right Way The Only Way

ATTENDANCE REPORT Term 1, Week 8 90% and above Attendance Badu
















St Pauls




TI Secondary




Assessing Reading •

Class teachers administer regular one on one reading assessments with students checking for reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension. • From the assessment, teachers are able to determine which reading strategies need to be taught to the student. • An instructional reading level is also determined from the assessment, which will guide the teacher to choose appropriately levelled texts when working with the student. • Students will bring books home at their independent reading level, which they should be able to read unassisted. Tagai Reading

Level Benchmarks

End of Prep

PM Level 5

End of Year 1

PM Level 15

End of Year 2

PM Level 20

End of Year 3

PM Level 24

End of Year 4

PM Level 27

End of Year 5

PM Level 30

End of Year 6

IPI Level 5

End of Year 7

IPI Level 6

End of Year 8

IPI Level 7

End of Year 9

IPI Level 8

As you celebrate Easter, may you be blessed with good health, love and happy times with family and friends Term 2 commences Tuesday 22 April



Page 14 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014


Tagai Campuses Take a Stand Together against Bullying Waybeni Buway - Miss Linsket's Year 5 Class Bullying No Way Rap

Waybeni Buway

National Day of Action Parade Against Bullying & Violence Waybeni Buway hosted a special parade on Friday 21st March to focus on Bulling No Way Day. Classes shared their tips and strategies on how they deal with bullies and learnt how to find help and support.

Mrs Namok demonstrating “No, STOP it’s not ok!” message

Yr 5 rapping their anti bullying message


Office Hours during Easter Break Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh Monday 7 April Friday 11 April

8.15am -4.15pm

Monday 14 April Thursday 17 April

Closed for school holidays

Friday 18 April Monday 21 April

Easter weekend

Tuesday 22nd April

Normal office hours 8.15am -4.15pm

Office Hours during Easter Break Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh Monday 7 April Friday 11 April

8.15am -4.15pm

Monday 14 April Thursday 17 April

Closed for school holidays

Friday 18 April Monday 21 April

Easter weekend

Tuesday 22nd April

Normal office hours 8.15am -4.15pm

Mrs QP’s Bullying No Way “Warriors”

Jack, Dunstan, Milo and Ethan all say “Bullying No Way! It’s Not OK!

BULLYING NO WAY! IT’S NOT OK You need to feel safe and happy at school. Students at Ugar Eruer Uteb said “If you are being bullied at school you can tell a teacher, big brother, mum, or a policeman. At school we are kind to each other and if someone is crying you can give them a hug. We are all friends at school”. Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 15

Northern Peninsula Area State College News

Senior Campus Student Captains Induction The Senior Campus student leader induction ceremony was held on March 18th 2014 in the undercover area of the Senior Campus of the NPA College. The ceremony was well attended with many parents and family members and invited guests representing the Local Council and the wider NPA Community. Guest speakers at the ceremony were Mr Rusty Williams giving the Welcome to Country, Mr Jeffrey Aniba, Chairman of the Education and Employment Council, Mr Edward Newman, NPARC Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Bamaga and Mr Gordon Herbertson, College Principal. Along with the College and campus captains the Sports \captains were also awarded their badges. The ceremony was followed by an opportunity for all guests to mingle with the newly elected students at a morning tea held in the College Library. College Captains Lavinia Williams & |Jared Graham Senior Campus Captains Assiyih Christian & Adam Graham

Female College Captain Lavinia Williams receives her certificate from Deputy Mayor Edward Newman as Year 12 Home Room Teacher, Mrs Kristina Day looks on.

Sports Captains Bowie: Jochebed Sebasio & Jeremiah Siganisucu Gelam: Rene Atu & Dillon Duesbury Baidam: Titus Mooka & Trevina Lifu

Picture below; Student Leaders, Elders, Community Leaders, Parents and College staff at the conclusion of the ceremony. Seated in front Elders, Mrs Josephine Sebasio and Mr George (Rusty) Williams, (Standing Left to Right) Trevina Lifu, Dillon Duesdbury, Adam Graham, Mr Lindsay Fletcher, Ms Billie-Jo Graham, Jared Graham, Deputy Mayor Councillor Edward Newman, Mrs Vera Christian, Mr Calan Byrnes, Assiyih Christian, Education Council Chairman Jeffrey Aniba, Mr John Baskerville, Lavinia Williams, P&C Chairman Mr Wayne Christian, Mrs Jean Williams, Rene Atu, Mr Reginald Williams, Jochebed Sebasio, Titus Mooka, Principal Mr Gordon Herbertson, Mr Steven Christian, and Ms Roberta Mooka.

Sports Captains 2014

NPA College Book Fair an Oasis of Activity The first book fair for 2014 was held at the Bamaga Junior campus in the week of 24th to 28th March. The bookfairs are an opprotunity for students to enjoy the feel of fresh new books and for all parents to purchase books for their children for home use. The theme for the bookfair this time was a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Reading Oasisâ&#x20AC;? with a feeling of immersing yourself in your own little world when you are enjoying reading a good book. As well as the fiction and non fiction reading books, also on sale were activity books, posters, novelty items and stationery. The strudents participated in games and reading activities as well as receiving prizes and awards.

Date Claimers: 31 Mar. Yr2-4 Arts Performance - Bamaga Junior Campus 1 Apr. PrePrep-Yr2 Cross Country - Bamaga Junior Campus 2 Apr. Yr3-Yr7 Cross Country - Bamaga Junior Campus 2 Apr. Senior School Cross Country - Senior campus 3 Apr. Crazy Hat Day Bamaga Junior Campus 4 Apr. Last Day Term One

The bookfair provides a small profit back to the college for purchasing more books and resources for the students. Staff supervising the book fair said that it was again a successful event this time around because the students at NPA College just LOVE READING.

Good Pasin: I am a learner, I am respectful, I am safe Page 16 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014


6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 1:30 The Checkout 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Dirt Game 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:55 Clarke And Dawe 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 The Checkout 8:30 Janet King: Overtime 9:30 The School 10:20 Lateline 10:55 The Business 11:25 Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret 12:40 Movie: “Bringing Up Baby” (G) - Screwball comedy in which a madcap heiress sets her sights on an absent-minded zoologist, lumbering him with her pet leopard. 2:30 Football: WAFL: Round 2: East Perth Vs Claremont 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Not Easily Broken” (M a) - A struggling couples relationship is put to the test when the wife is in a car accident and they must both question what their love really means to one another. 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 8:40 The NRL Footy Show 10:40 Fat Tony & Co 11:40 The AFL Footy Show Late 1:30 Extra 2:00 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Payback” (M v) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Home And Away 6:30 Football: Richmond Vs Carlton 10:00 Happy Endings: “Lying Around” - When Brad hears that Jane’s old sorority sister is coming for a visit, he lies and says he has a work retreat out of town, but he’s actually on ‘staycation’ in a fancy hotel in the city. Alex meets a new guy, Liam, but his dates dates are over-the-top. 10:30 Surveillance Oz 11:30 Young, Lazy And Driving Us Crazy 12:30 Harry’s Practice 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Korean News 5:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 8:00 Weatherwatch 8:05 World News 1:00 One Born Every Minute 2:50 Luke Lguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita 8:00 Gormet Farmer 8:30 Exploring China 9:35 The Escape Artist: Talented junior barrister Will Burton specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname - the Escape Artist. 10:40 SBS World News Late 11:05 UEFA Champions League Highlights 11:35 Prophets Of Science Fiction 12:30 Liberal Rule 1:30 James May’s Toy Stories 2:00 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Janet King 2:00 At The Movies 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Bed Of Roses 4:00 New Tricks 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:05 Grand Designs 6:50 What’s Your Story? 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Would I Lie To You? 8:30 The Doctor Blake Mysteries - When the old parish priest is found dead, Doctor Blake needs to unravel the secrets and lies of parishioners in order to get to the truth. 9:30 Line Of Duty - With Gates on the run, the anticorruption team comes under pressure to close the case once and for all. And tensions flare between Arnott, Fleming and Hastings. 10:30 Lateline 11:10 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 11:40 Rage

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “The Ex” (M l) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 Football: Brisbane Broncos Vs Parramatta Eels 9:30 Football: Sydney Roosters Vs Canterbury Bulldogs 11:30 Movie: “Flight Of Fury” (AV v,l) - After four years in Oklahoma studying twisters, meteorologist Jan returns to Berlin and immediately recognises the warning signs of an unprecedented storm that threatens to devastate the city. 1:30 Movie: “Lean On Me” (PG v,d,l) - When principal Joe Clark takes over decaying Eastside High School, he’s faced with students wearing gang colors and graffiti-covered walls. Determined to do anything to turn the school around, he puts everything on the line to give kids a chance. 3:35 Impractical Jokers 4:00 Brand Developers / 4:30 Good Morning America

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “The Making of A Hollywood Madam” (M a,s) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Better Homes And Gardens 6:30 Football: Hawthorn Vs Fremantle 10:00 TBA 11:00 Movie: “Hollywoodland” - After George Reeves’s death is ruled a suicide, a private detective sets out to prove that he was the victim of foul play. 1:30 World’s Strictest Parents: Tennessee - This week, Micah, a boy at war with authority and school drop out, Stacey, head to Tennessee, USA, to spend a week with the picture perfect Davies family. No swearing, no smoking, no wild parties and early curfews. Can seven days of tough love reform our tearaway teens? 2:30 Border Security USA 3:00 Home Shopping / 4:00 NBC Today

5:00 World News 1:00 The Food Lover’s Guide To Australia 1:35 Inspector Rex: The Pursuit Of Eternal Life 2:30 NITV News Week In Review 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Caroline Quentin’s National Parks: New Forest 8:30 Time Traveller’s Guide To Elizabethan England 9:30 The Teacher Who Defied Hitler 10:25 SBS World News Late 11:00 The Feed 11:30 Alter Ego: Stefanos is the front man, guitarist, and soul of the incredibly popular rock band Alter Ego, who have had groundbreaking success. However, a twist of fate changes their path on the journey to fortune and fame, and the group is ultimately rocked by a heartbreaking tragedy 1:40 Kurt Wallender: The Priest 3:00 Heavyweights 4:40 Bad Language


6:00 Rage 10:30 Rage Guest Programmer Michael Gudinski 11:30 Australian Story 12:00 The Next Big Thing 1:00 Would I Lie To You? 1:30 Movie: “Flying Leathernecks” (PG) 3:10 Movie: “Love And Pain And The Whole Damn Thing” (PG) 5:00 River Cottage Veg Every Day 6:00 Saturday Landline 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Death In Paradise - Tragedy hits Saint-Marie when a university reunion party that DI Richard Poole is attending is brought to an abrupt halt when one of the group is murdered. 8:30 Midsomer Murders - When the owner of Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, Barnaby and Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. 10:05 Good Cop: Police officer, Sav, is stalked by an unpredictable gang member and a catch-up with his estranged partner doesn’t turn out as planned. 11:05 Adam Hills: The Last Leg 11:35 Rage Guest Programmer Michael Gudinski 5:00 Rage

6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today - Saturday 10:00 Danoz Direct 11:00 The Garden Gurus 11:30 Animal Emergency 12:00 The Middle 12:30 The Block: Fans Vs Faves 4:00 The Bottom Line 4:30 South Aussi With Cosi 5:00 4WD TV 5:30 Getaway 6:00 National News Saturday 7:00 The Block: Fans Vs Faves Unlocked - Join Shelley Craft and see all the funniest behind the scenes from another week of renovating. See how the kitchens are progressing and get the inside scoop from judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren. 7:40 TBA 2:00 Movie: “Long Weekend” (AV v,l) - Hoping to put the spark back into their relationship, Peter and Marcia take a camping trip that quickly turns a fight for their marriage into a horrific battle for their lives. 4:00 Brand Developes 5:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 5:30 Wesley Impact

6:00 Saturday Disney 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show - Weekend 12:00 Please Marry My Boy 1:00 TBA 2:00 Football: Western Bulldogs Vs Richmond 5:00 New Zealand On A Plate 5:30 Football: Collingwood Vs Geelong 10:00 Strike Back 11:00 Sevens V8 Supercars 2014 Highlights 12:00 Up All Night: Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope 12:30 Desperate Housewives: Who Can Say What’s True / What’s The Good Of Being Good - With Carlos still in rehab, Gaby asks for Lynette’s help in wooing a high- stakes company to sign with Carlos’ firm. Renee talks Bree into getting out of the house and having some fun at a bar. Bree’s life continues to spiral as her alcohol consumption rises and Alejandro’s current wife suspects foul play is afoot and has a confrontation with Susan. 2:30 Auction Squad 3:30 It Is Written Oceania 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Dr Oz

5:00 World News 1:00 Cendrillon 3:45 Piano Notes 3:55 Contact - David Hurn 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize 5:35 Treasures Decoded 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Survivors: Nature’s Indestructible Creatures 8:30 The Story Of The Jews 9:30 Movie: “Black Book” (MAV n,v) - In Dutch and German. 12:10 Movie: “Eye In The Sky” (M l) - In Cantonese. Produced by Asian screen legend Johnny To, this Hong Kong crime thriller takes the form of a tight cat-and-mouse game between a police surveillance team and a villainous crime operative. 1:50 Hasan Everywhere 1:59 Naked Calendars 2:00 The Secret World Of Pain 3:00 The Necessities Of Life 4:50 Weatherwatch Overnight



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5:00 World News 1:00 Al Jazeera News 1:30 Wainwright Walks 2:00 Speedweek 4:00 Football Asia 4:30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 5:00 Subaru World Of Cycling 5:30 Who Do You Think You Are? 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Lost Worlds: Finding Babylon’s Hanging Gardens 8:35 Tales Of The Unexpected 9:30 Dirty Business 10:30 Movie: “Blackout” (M a,v,l) A ‘what-if’ drama documentary exploring the effects of a devastating cyber-attack on Britain’s national electricity grid. 11:55 Tour Of Flanders 2014 2:00 Movie: “Twice Upon A Time” (M l,s) - In French and English. Charlotte Rampling and Jean Rochefort star in this Césarnominated comedy as the darlings of 1970s French cinema forced to reunite after 30 years apart, having gone to extreme lengths to avoid each other since their abrupt separation. 3:40 William Shatner’s Weird Or What? 4:40 Destination Flavour Bitesize



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Landline 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 3:00 Bed Of Roses 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:55 Audrey’s Kitchen 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q&A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Monroe 12:25 Movie: “The White Tower” (PG) 2:05 Movie: “The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle” (G) 3:40 Movie: “Swing Time” (G) 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Tender Mercies” (PG l,a) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 TBA 8:40 Love Child: Joan fears the worst when Annie kidnaps her baby back from the McNaughton family. Johnny makes a shocking sacrifice to help Shirley and their sick baby. Patricia’s dreams for the future are shattered when her boyfriend finally visits Stanton House. 9:50 Embarrassing Fat Bodies 10:50 Inside Story: Twisted Minds 11:50 Oh Sit! 12:50 Nitro Circus Live 1:20 Nine Presents 1:30 Extra 2:00 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “In The Line Of Duty: Smoke Jumpers” (PG v) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 9:00 Revenge: Endurance 10:00 How I Met Your Mother: Rally 10:30 How I Met Your Mother: Good Crazy / The Magician’s Code 11:30 Talking Footy 12:30 Parks And Recreation: Ann’s Decision 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters - Alan tries a dangerous ploy to get Amanda’s attention. 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 World’s Oldest Child 2:00 Battle Castle 2:50 The Globe Collector 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 Living Black 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam 6:30 SBS World News 7:35 Mythbusters: Duct Tape Conyon 8:35 Vikings: Treachery 9:30 RocKwiz 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The World Game 11:30 Clown: Thor’s Eye - Frank tells Joan Orting that he’s insatiable in bed. Joan doesn’t think he’s being quite honest and encourages him to do something about any sexual problems he may have. Frank and Casper think that women have reduced men to a pack of mules. 12:00 Shorts On Screen 12:35 Movie: “Lovesickness” (M s,l,v) 2:15 Movie: “The Blacks” (M a,v,l) 3:40 Inside Nature’s Giants



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Four Corners 11:45 Media Watch 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Q&A 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Dirt Game 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:45 Little Crackers: Tommy Tiernan 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foregin Correspondent 8:30 New Tricks: Lost In Translation 9:30 At The Movies 10:00 The Book Club 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Four Corners 12:20 Media Watch 12:35 Movie: “Sister Kenny” (G) 2:35 Grand Designs: The Lifeboat Station 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield: Round: Eastern Suburbs Vs Randwick 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “My Ble Heaven” (PG v,l) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 TBA 8:40 The Big Bang Theory: The Table Polarization 9:10 The Big Bang Theory: The Holographic Excitation 9:40 2 Broke Girls: And The Not Broke Parents 10:10 2 Broke Girls: And The Hold-Up 10:40 Two And A Half Men: The Dutchess Of Dull-In-Sack 11:10 Two And A Half Men: Sips, Sonnets And Sods 11:40 Sullivan & Son: The Pilot, One More Time 12:10 20/20 1:00 Extra 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News / 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “A Child Lost Forever” (PG a) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 8:45 Resurrection: Two Rivers 9:45 Parenthood: Jump Ball / You’ve Got Mold 11:45 Smash: Musical Chairs - New circumstances give rise to conflicts as Karen, Tom, Julia and Derek adjust to their new surroundings. Tensions at ‘Liaisons’ are also coming to a boil, ensuring that the show will find its place in Broadway history. 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Bad Day To Go Fishing 2:55 Wonderful Indonesia 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 Food Safari 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Royalty Close Up 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The Killing: In Danish. Grüner is found dead, bound to his wheelchair. Now there are only two members of the squad left, Jens Peter Raben and Lisbeth Thomsen, whose whereabouts are unknown. Raben is still on the run and heading for Sweden, where he knows Thomsen lives. 12:05 Love Ect. 1:50 The Good Life 2:00 Movie: “Heaven On Earth” (M l,v,a) In Punjabi and Hindi. 3:50 Destination Flavour Bitesize 4:00 The Food Lover’s Guide To Australia 4:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 One Plus One 11:30 Foreign Correspondent 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Devil Island 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen 2:30 As Time Goes By 3:00 Dirt Game 4:10 Kingdom 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:00 Grand Designs 6:50 The Checkout 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL 8:30 Spicks And Specks 9:00 The Agony Of Modern Manners: Work 9:30 The Kumars: Daniel Radcliffe, Chevy Chase & Olivia Colman 10:00 The Wrong Mans 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:35 Hustle 12:35 Movie: “The Little Minister” (G) 2:30 Football: VFL: Round 1 (Split Round): Williamstown Vs Box Hill 5:30 Eggheads

6:00 Today 9:00 Danoz Direct 10:00 Brand Developers 11:00 National Morning News 12:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 1:00 Movie: “Shorts” (PG a,v) 3:00 National News Now 4:15 National Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News 7:00 A Current Affair 7:30 TBA 9:40 CSI: Love For Sale - A 16 year old girl with ties to a brothel dies and Nick and Greg have to investigate. 10:45 CSI: Miami: Blood Sugar 11:40 Partners: Sperm Und Drang - Ali gets a pregnancy scare, Louis decides to have a baby as well, Joe and Louis’ relationship is tested. 12:10 Extra 12:35 The Avengers 1:30 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America 5:00 National Early Morning News 5:30 Today

6:00 Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Not Like Everyone Else” (PG a) 2:00 The Daily Edition 3:00 The Chase 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00 Deal Or No Deal 5:30 Million Dollar Minute 6:00 Seven News 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 TBA 11:30 Surveillance Oz: An extraordinary moment as a child slips through the cracks between a platform and a train. A man takes a deadly walk through a tunnel and brings the city to a standstill. Caught on camera, a house explodes on the back of a truck, plus hilarious CCTV of one of our worst drivers trying to exit a parking lot. 11:45 Defiance: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village 6:00 My Family Feast 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Tea and Coffee Trails With Simon Reeve 8:35 One Born Every Minute 9:30 The Bridge 10:35 SBS World News Late 11:10 Movie: “The Page Turner” - In French. Ten-year-old Mélanie Prouvost is a gifted pianist and it is decided that she will sit for the Conservatory entrance exam. Although Mélanie is very likely to be admitted, she gets distracted by the president of the jury’s offhand attitude and fails. Ten years later, Mélanie becomes the woman’s page turner, waiting patiently for her revenge. 12:40 Movie: “Stella” (M a,l,s) 2:30 Movie: “Niloofar” (M a) 4:00 Food Lover’s Guide To Australia 4:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014

Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 17


SUDOKU No. 192

Your  Lucky 



 

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) A friend who is constantly making the same mistakes may seek your advice. Give them constructive criticism. Otherwise, you may hinder their decision. Romance. You may be so concerned with getting everything right at work that you neglect your partner. Find a better balance.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st) A family member may ask to borrow your things. This is fine, but make sure they are returning them in the same condition as you had them! Romance. A person whom you dreamt about does not exist in real life. They may remind you of somebody that you know, however! It’s uncanny!

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)


Don’t let the recent attention you have been receiving go to your head! You may be receiving the attention for all of the wrong reasons! Romance. A chance meeting in a place you know well could be a sign of things to come. Visiting often may help put you in touch with the right person.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd) An unexpected meeting later in the week will help to restore your confidence. Accept all of this person’s praise and compliments with grace. Romance. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to attend events; even though they know you aren’t as interested as they are.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd) An interesting turn of events will put a friend on the spot. If they seem to be struggling to answer your questions, they may be hiding something. Romance. A conflict of interest between you and your partner may cause a temporary setback. Don’t let this come between you for long, however.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) At times, you may feel taken for granted. There is someone who has not forgotten you, however. Try to spend more time with people like this. Romance. You may be surprised at the very honest approach taken by your mate. This personal characteristic of theirs is going to take you far.


LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd) Don’t ignore some advice given to you by a friend. This person is on your side and should be trusted. Remember, you can turn to them when you need. Romance. Your mate’s sudden change of heart may seem irrational. There is an explanation which you are not aware of, however.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd) You might be feeling a little self-conscious this week. A recent comment made by a friend was meant as a compliment, but somehow you have taken it the wrong way. Romance. After comparing your partner to other people, you may find yourself even more in awe of them. Be happy!

For all your printing needs –


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st) A close family friend may ask more of you than you are ready to give. You may choose to turn them over to your parents instead. They can help this person. Romance. A romantic evening will go well. You’ll be in a positive mood and will be more than willing to forget about a recent disagreement.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th) Your boss may not realise what has been going on recently. Don’t allow yourself to be criticised for something that isn’t your fault. You may want to send an anonymous letter. Romance. Your partner may be exhausted from work. Draw them a bath or prepare their favourite meal.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)


It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth - and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

–Elizabeth Kubler-ross

Page 18 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014


A lucky gamble may help to make up for some previous losses. Be careful not to gamble away your winnings, however. Romance. Pressure from other people may cause strains in your love-life. Otherwise, this will be a very good week. Push ahead of the commotion!

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th) Time spent alone will give you a chance to think over recent events and to make an important decision. Be sure to weigh all options before coming to a conclusion. Romance. Your love-life is going well in general at the moment, but this week will be a little slack. Don’t panic!


Trades & Services Directory ACCOMMODATION

Torres Strait Island REGIONAL COUNCIL

Public Relations and Media Officer To promote and publicise Council services, projects and activity; develop and maintain positive relationships with media and community and coordinate Council community events.

►CBD (Supermarkets/Post Office/Banks/Newsagent/Cellars) ►24 hour ‘Check-in’ ►Self-contained Apartments ►Queen/Twin Bedrooms ►Wireless Internet ‘hot spot’ ►All rooms with own private balcony ►Cable TV service ►BBQ / Gazebo & Pool ►Undercover & Secure Car Parking ►Tour bookings & Car Hire ►Direct on-line booking via Website

71 Lake Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4041 2350 Fax: 07 4041 2420

Email: Web Site:

Special Projects Officer – Grants


To identify funding opportunities (in accordance with Council’s capital works and community development plans) and develop successful funding applications and business plans.


Please visit our website: or contact: May Mosby: (07) 40345731 Fax: (07) 40345726 Email: Applicants are required to address the selection criteria as well as a resume and covering letter by email or fax. Review Date Friday, April 11, 2014. Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply Dania Ahwang A/Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 7336 Cairns, QLD 4870


Opposite Myer / Cairns Central We are perfectly located for your next visit.

Call us for our Best Rates. 6 McLeod Street Cairns Ph: (07) 4051 5050 Fax: (07) 4051 5161


Rescue Foster Adopt

An animal rescue group based in Cairns that is the only animal rescue dedicated to helping stray, unwanted and neglected animals in the Torres Straits. We provide veterinary care and rely on dedicated and passionate foster carers to provide a loving home for rescued animals until the right forever family is found. For help or further information please call Hannah on 0402 354 249 or email


Tax Help With  Salary & wage returns  Capital gains  Rental properties  Shares & Investments  Multiple year tax returns All Return Types  Personal, business and partnership We will find every possible deduction and make sure you receive your tax refund promptly. Suite 1 140 Mulgrave Road CAIRNS

Shop 21 Campus Shopping Village, SMITHFIELD

4051 6315

SMALL BUSINESS AND REMOTE AREA SPECIALISTS We take the burden out of tax for you

ROTARYCLUB CLUBMEETINGS MEETINGS TI TI ROTARY Thursday Island Thursday Island Rotary Rotary ClubClub Meets at 7am Meets at 7.00am Friday Morning Breakfast Friday Morning Breakfast Meeting Meeting at the Grand Hotel at Federal Hotel. Visitors Welcome. Visitors welcome! Inquiries 4069 1531 Inquiries 0438 747 853 TOMBSTONES

REQUEST FOR TENDER 01/2014 MANAGEMENT OF ALAU BEACH BUDGET LODGE AND CAMPGROUNDS INVITATION Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (the Council) invites tenders from appropriately qualified persons for the operation of the Alau Beach Budget Lodge and Campgrounds at Umagico. The Contract for the operation of this Facility will be for a two (2) year fixed term. The Council reserves the right in its sole discretion to offer a further one (1) year term to the successful tenderer. Tenders will be assessed on the basis of the contract price offered and the benefits offered to the community by each tenderer. For further information regarding this tender, please contact Council’s Tender Manager, Ms Penny Laws on (07) 4052 0700 or tenders@nparc., or refer to the Council’s website for the Tender Documentation. Tenders close at 4pm on Monday, April 7, 2014. Tenders are to be lodged, either by hand to Level 1/59 McLeod Street, Cairns Qld 4870 or by post addressed to Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council, PO Box 707N, North Cairns Qld 4870 or emailed to tenders@ and marked “Tender 01/2014 – Contract for the Operation of the Alau Beach Budget Lodge and Campgrounds”. Canvassing of any Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council staff or Councillors will disqualify tenderers from the tender process. The highest contract price or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. ILARIO SABATINO Chief Executive Officer Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council 180 Adidi Street BAMAGA QLD 4876Chief Executive Officer





Horn Island

Available for day trips, camping trips, Charters to: Seisa, POW, Hammond, TI and other nearby islands.

Phone Vince: 0429 631 844


....for SALES & SERVICE of Kubota Construction Equipment & Generators, Iseki & Massey Ferguson Tractors

10 Comport Street, Cairns Phone Dave, Paul or Kym

4050 7500

Servicing the Cape & Torres Strait Communities



& WEED CONTROL Termite Specialists

ABN 74 061 168 036 BSA 106 0874 Termites, Pre-treats, Pre-purchase & Termite Reports Reticulation & Baiting Systems Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Fleas etc

Servicing Cardwell to Cape York & Torres Strait 199 Newell St Bungalow Ph: 4054 2888 E:

Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014 Page 19

Tender Number: 6505-14A

Port Kennedy Association

Commonwealth Centre

Come along and grab a bargain!

Cleaning and Yard Maintenance Tubarao Investments request tenders from suitably experienced individuals or companies for the cleaning and/or yard maintenance of the Commonwealth Centre building, Thursday Island. Tender Documentation is available on request from the Black & More website under current tenders. Tenders close: 2pm Monday, April 14, 2014 All Tender enquiries should be directed to Ms Ra-Marie Huaki on 4031 9944.

MINI MARKETS Saturday, april 5, 2014 9.00am to 12.00pm port Kennedy Hall

For more information or to book a stall contact the Port Kennedy office on (07) 4069 2306

You can now have your

classified ads in

COLOUR! Phone: 1300 867 737


2 X UNITS FOR SALE Thursday Island

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISE your classified here! Garage Sales, Meetings, Car or Boat for Sale!

Unit 4A - Two bedrooms, one bathroom, unfurnished. Unit 4B - Master bedroom with ensuite, second bedroom and main bathroom, unfurnished.

DATE CLAIMER TOMBSTONE UNVEILING Late Mr Job Uta (Jnr) and Baby Kayla Uta. September 27, 2014. Thursday Island Cemetery. Phone Mrs Katy Uta on 0455 602 351 for more information.

Phone Simone 0427 691 994 Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Notice of Intention to Appoint a Grantee


The Minister for Natural Resources and Mines intends to appoint a grantee for land described as Lots 2 and 3 on SP252525, being part of Turtle Head Island, under the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 (ALA).

3 BEDROOM Highset Home on 1012m Block. 20 Nawie St, Horn Island. New Kitchen/ Shower and extras. If not sold available for Rent. Contact: Greg Kirk on 0499 191 363.

A locality map showing the area is available from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. The Apudthama Land Trust is proposed as the grantee of the land to be held for the benefit of Aboriginal people particularly concerned with the land and their ancestors and descendants pursuant to section 40 of the ALA.


An Aboriginal person particularly concerned with the land may make written representations to the Minister about the proposed appointment.

ADVERTISE your classified here! Garage Sales, Meetings, Car or Boat for Sale! Email or call 1300 867 737 and ask for Bec.

Torres Strait Regional Authority Common Funding Round 2014 - 2015 The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is calling for applications from Torres Strait lslander and Aboriginal organisations and individuals within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for grant funding for activities commencing 1 July, 2014, under the following Programs: Governance and Leadership Program - Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) Capacity Building Initiatives Eligible projects under this program include: • Contribution towards the administrative costs associated with establishing and maintaining a PBC Office • Initiatives that increase the capacity of elected PBC Officers to perform their duties • Initiatives that support PBCs to engage with communities on Native Title issues Governance and Leadership Program - Indigenous Broadcasting Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Operational support for Indigenous broadcasting services (including RIBS) • Regional Indigenous Media Organisation (RIMO) Support • Upgrade of broadcasting equipment Healthy Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Healthy Homes initiatives (including health promotion and education) • Healthy Lifestyles initiatives and minor infrastructure Safe Communities Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Social services initiatives such as: • Indigenous women, men and children social development and support programs • Child and family safety programs • Safe and accessible community initiatives such as: • Safe communities infrastructure and equipment including land and sea communications systems • Community capacity building and awareness Culture Art and Heritage Program Eligible projects under this program include: • Support for the development of artist careers • Locally managed community cultural projects (festivals, exhibitions etc) • Costs associated with the revitalization and /or maintenance of endangered Torres Strait languages • Support for purchase of Arts material and Production costs to develop traditional and contemporary artforms • Production costs for projects and events as well as marketing costs for the promotion of a cultural / artistic event Grant Application forms and Program Guidelines specific to each program are available at www. under the ‘Grant Funding’ menu. Application kits and further information can also be obtained by contacting the TSRA on (07) 4069 0700. Applications Close at 4 pm on Tuesday 8 April 2014 Completed applications should be marked ‘TSRA Common Funding Round’and emailed to: Alternatively, applications may be posted to: The Chief Executive Officer Torres Strait Regional Authority PO Box 261 Thursday Island Qld 4875 Applications received after 4 pm on 8 April 2014 will not be considered unless prior approval for a late submission has been obtained in writing from the relevant TSRA Program Manager

Page 20 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

Manager Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Acts Branch Department of Natural Resources and Mines GPO Box 15216 City East QLD 4002 Enquiries: Wayne Lake, Senior Land Officer on free call 1800 645 874.

Great state. Great opportunity.

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate

Position Vacant Apprentice Plumber

The Torres Shire Council is seeking a keen, motivated person to undertake a Plumbing Apprenticeship. The successful applicant will be required to assist the tradesperson with maintaining all aspects of the Water and Sewer reticulation system / Property service in accordance with the service standards set by Torres Shire Council. Terms and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the Torres Shire Council Employee Certified Agreement 2010. An application kit for these positions can be obtained from the Torres Shire Council Office, 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island or by contacting the Human Resources Officer, Tanya Loban phone: (07) 4069 1336, email employment@ or Council website Applications close 4pm Friday, 11 April, 2014 Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate

Position Vacant

Customer Service Support Officer’s Torres Shire Council invites applications from suitably qualified and/or experienced persons for the positions of Customer Service Support Officer’s. The successful applicant will be required to carry out duties such as responding to Council business and general public enquiries, processing cash receipts, preparing daily banking and providing general administrative support. Employment Terms and Conditions will be in accordance with the Torres Shire Council Certified Agreement 2010. An application kit for this position can be obtained from the Council Office located at 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island or on the Council website www. Further details and enquiries should be directed to the Human Resource Officer, Tanya Loban on: Phone (07) 4069 1336, Fax (07) 4069 2792 or email Applications close 4pm Friday, 11 April, 2014 Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


Representations must be received by 5.00 pm on 30 April 2014 and may be made to:

TOMBSTONE UNVEILING LATE MR DAVID JOHN TA B U A o f M a r e e b a o n Saturday 31st May 2014 at Mareeba Cemetary at 10am. Phone Julius Tabua on 0487 936 674.

FOR SALE HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Bedroom: 1x Single bed & mattress (fc). Lounge: 1x Cloth 3 seated sofa (gc). Kitchen: 1x 4 Burner gas stove (gc). All offers considered. Steam Clean and Free local delivery available. Phone Chris on 4069 2757.

CLASSIFIEDS Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser. Email your line classified through to ads@torresnews. or call 1300 867 737 and ask for Bec.

Hobbytex Distributor. For your supplies Phone Jenny on 0412 752 220. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

24 Hour Service for DV CONNECT Telephone 1800 811 811 – Lena Passi Women’s Shelter NPA WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP 24 Hour Crisis Shelter Ph: 4069 3020


New humpback dolphin species found off northern Australia FOR SALE




17 Nazeer Street, Thursday Island. 20A Clarke Street, Thursday Island. 911sq/m flat block inc. large 593sq/m shaded block inc. building shed and plans/prior approvals to plans, approvals and most site work construct. complete. 4 x highset 4 Bed home units. BUILD TODAY Currently rented at $180,000 $470,000 Call owner for all details on 0408 744018

Call owner for all details on 0408 744 018

A new species of humpback dolphin has been identified. (Credit: Guido J. Parra) A NEW humpback dolphin spe- Ecology, Behaviour and Evolu- species,” Guido told Australian cies has been described off the tion Lab (CEBEL) at Flinders Geographic. north coast of Australia, Austral- University in Adelaide. “The discovery that Australian Prior to this study, led by the humpback dolphins are a separate ian Geographic reports. The new species grows up to US-based Wildlife Conserva- species from those in south-east 2.8m in length and is found all tion Society (WCS), humpback Asia has important conservation around the north of Australia from dolphins were divided into an implications as they need to Queensland and the NT, to Shark Atlantic and an Indo-Pacific spe- be considered separately from Bay in WA. The dolphins live in cies. populations elsewhere.” For the study, the team looked coastal waters, deltas, estuaries “Discovering a new species at 180 skulls and tissues samples increases our knowledge about and inshore reefs. The as yet unnamed animal from 230 dolphins. nature,” Howard says. Dr Howard Rosenbaum, a was discovered by international “In the current context of scientists studying the number WCS biologist, says it was one biodiversity decline and urgent of species of humpback dolphin, of the most-rigorous analysese need of effective wildlife and which are found in the Atlantic, to date of these dolphins. The habitat conservation schemes, Pacific and Indian oceans along morphological and genetic data, this knowledge allows . . . plans the coasts of Africa, India and detailed in the journal Molecular tailored to protecting each species Ecology, suggests that Austral- along its distribution areas.” Australia. “The discovery of a new spe- ian humpback dolphins are an Guido says further research is cies . . . is always exciting and isolated population. being conducted into the dolphins’ “ P r e v i o u s l y, h u m p b a c k habitats, social structure and we are of course delighted,” says Dr Guido Parra, a biologist and dolphins throughout the Indo- population numbers to better research leader of the Cetacean Pacific were treated as a single target conservation efforts.

Kidney function-test initiative: 1-in-3 at risk ONE in three Australians is at increased risk of developing kidney disease and one in nine adults has some sign of kidney disease. It kills more people than breast or prostate cancer and more than twice as many as die on our roads every year. And its incidence is rising. People living in remote and very remote

areas of Australia have much higher rates of end-stage kidney disease than their metropolitan counterparts, and sadly this is particularly so for younger age groups. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are treated for kidney disease at six times the rate of the rest of the Australian population.

For people in remote areas there are much longer distances to travel for dialysis, which contributes to increased mortality. People in rural and remote Australia are at higher risk of kidney disease because of their greater representation in these high risk population groups. A Fact Sheet on

Touch footy scores THURSDAY Island Touch Footy enjoyed another eight games, Tuesday night, March 25, despite the rain. The results were: TITS defeated QH Syringes 5-2. Flaming Beetroots drew with Hub-abubbas 6-6.


Trible ) defeated TSC-Col Jones 4-0. Mixed Fruits defeated Strong Heads 7-4. Nor Yarn defeated Redskins 7-4. Comm Crushers defeated Cougars 4-1. Black Pearl defeated OLSH 6-3. TSRA defeated IBIS 5-3.

kidney disease in rural Australia is on the website at www.ruralhealth.

Torres shire CounCil To lead, provide & facilitate

Position Vacant Water Officer

Torres Shire Council invites applications for the full time position of Water Officer. Applicants must be resident on Thursday Island as this position includes an after hours on call roster. Terms and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the Torres Shire Council Certified Agreement 2010. An application kit for this position can be obtained from the Council Office, 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island or by contacting the Human Resource Officer, Tanya Loban phone: (07) 4069 1336, email or Council website Applications close 4pm Friday, 11 April, 2014 Dalassa Yorkston CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


Box ad bookings: Noon, Wednesday before publication Box ad material: Noon, Wednesday before publication Line classifieds: 10.30am, Thursday before publication

Torres Strait Regional Authority Dance Strategy The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Culture, Art and Heritage Program is calling for applications from dance teams within the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area for funding to perform at:

2014 Darwin Festival 7-16 August 2014


Sports results are published in the Torres News at NO CHARGE to your club!

We love sport and want to provide your club or association with the best coverage possible!

Email your sports news, results and photos to: editor@torres

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Application forms and funding guidelines can be obtained by contacting the TSRA Cultural Development Officer on 07 4069 0873 or by email

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Kempton’s two, last-minute meetings with Cape York communities LEFT: Alwyn Lyall (foreground) and Desmond Tayley talking over the Cape York Regional Plan at Billys Coffee in Cairns.

RIGHT: Member for Cook David Kempton with Laura Traditional Owners Tommy George Senior and Charlie Lee Chu.


In the past government policy has shown little regard for our cultural heritage. We want to see a cultural plan, but it is not in there. No such plan exists today and it is not acknowledged in this current Cape York Regional Plan.

BELOW: Traditional Owners Desmond Tayley and Thomas George Jr at the Cape York Regional Plan meeting in Laura on Monday. BOTTOM: A sample of the Quinkan Rock Art which is claimed could be under threat. By GIEMBRA BUSMER TWO, last-minute meetings in Laura and Lakeland on Monday, March 24, have failed to instil confidence in the Cape York Regional Plan or the consultation process, according to Western Yalanji chairperson Alwyn Lyall. Mr Lyall said the meeting in Laura with Member for Cook David Kempton was “not what we had hoped for”. The closing date for submissions was midnight on Tuesday, March 25 and Cape York stakeholders, concerned with lack of consultation about the plan, had hoped for an extension of the submission period. “Unfortunately Mr Kempton told us on Monday that he could not personally commit to the extension - the only person who could do this was the Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney,” Mr Lyall said. (Mr Seeney issued a media release on March 20 stating “Queenslanders have until 25 March to participate in formal consultation on the draft Cape York Regional Plan.” Mr Seeney’s statement would

seem to effectively rule out an extension.) Mr Lyall said he had lodged a submission on the draft Cape York Regional Plan despite lack of consultation as he was unhappy with the lack of culturally appropriate guidelines for future land use in Cape York within the plan. “It was a shock to discover that important cultural heritage country (including the Quinkan Art Gallery) is zoned for future mining and Development under the regional plan,” he said. “In the past government policy has shown little regard for our cultural heritage. We want to see a cultural plan, but it is not in there. “No such plan exists today and it is not acknowledged in this current Cape York Regional Plan.” Mr Lyall said Monday’s meeting gave Traditional Owners an opportunity to “draw lines on maps to widen the Strategic Environment Areas (SEAs)” but didn’t give a great deal of protection to the Laura Rock Art Gallery. David Kempton described Monday’s meeting with the Traditional Owners of the Laura Rock Art in as

a “big step in the right direction,” and was confident he could work with the people of Laura to achieve the “best outcome for everyone.” He explained that the proposed amendments to the plan would protect the iconic rock art from mining. Mr Kempton said that although the deadline for submissions closed March 25, it was an ongoing process and he would continue to work with the group on the proposed mapping and land use conditions. Mr Lyall said:I believe cultural heritage and environmental values to be one in the same but unfortunately the government does not see it that way and never puts them in the same boat.” “We hold our cultural values in really high regard. For me cultural heritage comes first - that’s our vision statement - and we do not see it in this plan.” Joy Marriott, a pastoralist and former Cattleman’s Association and Agforce representative, said Mr Kempton was “receptive” at the Lakeland meeting. “He took on board that were were genuine in our belief that we were

not consulted (as local stakeholders) about the plan. “We also discussed the lack of cultural values referenced in the Cape York Regional Plan,” she said. Mr Kempton said the farmers at Lakeland agreed that mining and tourism contributed to economic diversity. “However where there is an interaction with these sorts of activities and farming it is very important to ensure that the good farming country be protected and

In his media statement of March 20, four days before last week’s meetings, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said Queenslanders had until March 25 to participate in formal consultation on the draft Cape York Regional Plan. “The draft is a planning blueprint that will deliver economic development opportunities on the Cape while protecting the region’s significant natural resources. “While formal consultation on the draft plan closes next week (March 25), the conversation about this important document will continue well into the future. “The draft Cape York Regional Plan delivers on our vision to provide indigenous communities on the Cape the opportunity to create a sound economic future, while protecting the environment,” Mr Seeney said. Page 22 Torres News

31 Mar - 6 Apr 2014

the integrity of the water supply is guaranteed,” he said. “It is important in the Lakeland basin that we get the mapping and land use codes right,” he said. “I will continue to work closely with the Lakeland farmers around these issues and am confident that we will reach the right result.” Mr Kempton said he would now take the matters raised yesterday to the Deputy Premier and ensure they were taken into account in the planning process.

Mr Seeney said the draft plan was developed in close consultation with indigenous groups and traditional owner groups. Representatives from all local governments on Cape York, the Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and Cape York Partnerships, were members of the Cape York Regional Planning Committee. A d d i t i o n a l l y, i n d i g e n o u s stakeholders including Gungarde Community Centre Aboriginal Corporation, Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation, Lower Wenlock Catchment Group and Mapoon Land and Sea Centre were consulted. “Stakeholders were consulted over 15 months during the preparation of the draft plan prior to its release in November last year to the broader community for their input,” Mr Seeney said.




DOES practice really make perfect when it comes to fishing? This is a question asked by generations of fishermen and the ‘one that got away’ may prove more practice is required. At least this was the justification a group of mates from Thursday Island made on their recent annual fishing pilgrimage to Masig (Yorke Island) in what turned out to be the first day of a seven-day glass out. The further east they ventured, the water became more and more clear until visibility was pushing 25 metres. Acres of chopping bait fish and diving birds were a good sign that these tides, chosen each year, would again result in great fishing. An early start the next morning, they departed Masig, glided across a flat ocean through Cumberland passage to Mer and on to the continental shelf. However the weather then turned on them, being hit by multiple storms coming from the north. The water was rough, they couldn’t see ten metres in front of them, but they still threw in a line and hoped for the best. They fought and pulled in many big fish in the rain, practically reeling in fish after fish. Then the fish started to slow down until not a single hit, but then unexpectedly the screech of the reel went off. This big fish took the line to the last few metres on the spool. As one of the men started to reeling it in, they started reversing the boat, but the fish then turned, straight back and darted under the boat and wouldn’t stop. Just like that the fish was gone.


The trip was one of the men’s greatest experiences, but does practice make perfect when it comes to fishing? There’s one big pelagic fish still swimming out there that would argue these lads aren’t “perfect” fishermen yet.”

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A fishing trip to remember By JACOB KHURI


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Sacred Heart cross country is a runaway success

OUR Lady of The Sacred Heart Primary School had their annual cross country race on Thursday Island last week. The school would like to send a big esso to the children for participating, the Hammond Island Ferry for bringing our children and volunteer parents over, all the parents, staff and friends that helped out with RESULTS Kindy/pre prep girls: Nahlia Pearson-Garnier 1, Shamira Dorante-Garnier 2 , Fhistina Nona 3. Kindy/pre prep boys: Xander Lemke 1, Daniel Ware 2, Silas Ah Mat 3. 2009 group b girls: Macy Halmer 1, Saskia Dorante 2, N/A 2009 group b boys: Tom Whiteside 1, Frances Pitt 2, Ned David 3. 2008 girls: Dorothy Sabatino 1, Madeline Murray 2, Mary Sabatino 3. 2008 boys: Caden Pearson 1, Onosai Cvetko-Lueger 2, Koby Gray 3. 2007 girls: India Heemi Bessie 1, Daniel-King 2, Erika Freebairn 3. 2007 boys: Jack Whiteside 1, Zahdein Bowie-Pearson 2, Zeb Kennan McGuire 3. 2006 girls: Parimah Daniel 1, Lily-Ana See Kee 2, Acacia Smith 3. 2006 boys: Alex Lynch 1, Debah Fauid 2, Randal Ingram 3. 2005 girls: Methraima Fauid 1, Maggie Harrington 2, Bella Murray 3. 2005 boys: Callum McNicoll 1, Zachariah Sabatino 2, Keiran Garnier 3. 2004 girls: Bethany Purdy 1, Tiannie Dorante 2, Jemma McNicoll 3 2004 boys: Nicholas Visini-Wall 1, Jack Lynch 2, Kenneth Councillor 3. 2003 girls: Beauty Bowie 1, Giaan Sabatino 2, Danni Pickard 3. 2003 boys: Buckley Ingram 1, Max Harrington 2, Zawai Garnier 3. 2002 girls: Isabella Du Toit 1, Indira Lai Foo 2, Laianie Benjamin 3. 2002 boys: Kydan Wienert 1, Ngukis Fauid 2, Patrick PearsonBowie 3. 2001 girls: Charlotte Horn 1, Leah Tarrant 2, Neru Mills 3. 2001/2000 boys: Malik East 1, Hugh Harrington 2, Sean David 3.

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ribbons, scoring, road marking and running and especially the police who manned the main roads to keep our children safe.

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