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Helping Mum enjoy her special day

NHULUNBUY Primary School held its Mother’s Day Bonanza Fete last Saturday, which gave everyone a chance to buy Mum that special Mother’s Day Gift. The fate was an overwhelming success with a large crowd taking part. PIctured were: LEFT ABOVE : Carlo, 6, Scarlett, 7, Jack, 4, and Vicky Eastwood. LEFT BELOW: Holly, 8, Janice, and Lilly 5. ABOVE: Kathy Krohn and Jordan, 2 1/2. More photos on Pages 10-11. >>

New prison work camp for region By ANDREW HARRISON NHULUNBUY will get a 50-bed, low-security work camp to be announced today (Wednesdsay) as part

of the Northern Territory Budget, NT Minister for Correctional Services John Elferink has told the Arafura Times. The facility will be built in the

region to accommodate prisoners at a location that will be announced in coming weeks, he said. The annual Territory Budget has allocated $2.45 million in fiscal year

2015 and ongoing funding of $2.24 million a year to meet the camp’s operational costs, Mr Elferink said. “Offenders at the camp will be put to work across the East Arnhem

region to complete projects which would otherwise not have been accomplished due to labour shortages or a lack of funding,” he said. Continued Page 2. >>



New Aussie chums are sworn in WHEN Kris Tan, originally from Indonesia, first encountered Vegemite he imagined it was chocolate-based spread like Nutella. He tried it and was quite shocked. It was one of the steps that included eight years in Australia, the first five years as a student in Newcastle, that lead to last Friday when in front of about two dozen friends and family in the Nhulunbuy Corp Ltd.’s offices, Mr Tan and Englishman Derek

Windsor undertook the Australian citizenship oath read by Town Administrator Shawn Kinder. The new citizens, or “new chums” as they were called in Victorian times, swore to abide by Australian ideals and principles. One lag suggested that the oath should include a clause that they also barrack for the Australian cricket team in good times and bad. Mr Windsor, an Rio Tinto engineer, said he wanted to become a citizen because he had a young

Australian family. Originally from Birmingham, Mr Windsor drifted to Sydney from Nhulunbuy for three years, but was drawn back by the lifestyle and friends. He said what he enjoyed most about Australia was the culture. Mr Tan said he liked the “fair go” attitude and the opportunity Australia had given an him Indonesian to excel and build skills, the freedom of religion and self-expression.

Q&A confirms Garma Festival talks THE ABC series Q&A confirmed last week that it is in talks to film a special edition of its programme during this year’s Garma Festival in August. Producer Amanda Collinge told the Arafura Times by phone that talks were “all tentative at the moment as we discussed”. She said the public broadcaster was proposing an all-Indigenous panel to discuss current affair,

Kris Tan and Derek Windsor were swore in last Friday as new Australian citizens.

and spoke of the logistical and monetary challenges faced by the ABC to film the programme at the festival site 40km south-west of Nhulunbuy. Ms Collinge said the production plans should be finalised “either way in a few weeks”. The Arafura Times last week reported the Yothu Yindi Foundation, which organises the festival, and the ABC were in talks.

New prison work camp << From Page 1

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“These prisoners will give back to the very community they offended against.” The camp will contain two types of prisoner - those volunteering work and those in paid employment through the Sentenced to a Job program, he said. All the prisoners involved in the Sentenced to a Job program have proved their good behaviour while incarcerated and are closing in on their release dates, so this has been seen as a way to start integrating them

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2 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

back into community, Mr Elferink said. “The most-attractive thing for a prisoner is to have a job and earn money,” he said. To qualify for the program, prisoner have to be “open rated” and are trusted to return from day release, Mr Elferink said. “When they leave they will cash in their pocket and possibly a job to go to on Monday morning,” he said. Prisoners receive training in the use of a range of small tools and equipment, making them more employable once they are released back into the community. They acquire practical skills to enable them to get a job outside of prison, and it is hoped they use these for positive change rather than returning to crime and alcohol and drug abuse. “Inmates who prove that they are suitable to take part in the Sentenced to a Job program will be placed in paid work with local employers,” Mr Elferink said. “These low-risk offenders are a flexible labour solution for local businesses who are struggling to find employees,” he said. Mr Elferink said the work party would teach prisoners important workrelated disciplines as well as providing valuable community support. The program also acts as a bridge for the men back into society and small businesses, community and not-for-profit groups could benefit from the programme from invaluable free labour source, which they would not otherwise be able to afford. Prison inmates have pre-

viously dug bunkers at the Gove golf course, mow and clean-up the course, helped Nhulunbuy’s Rotary Club by crushing and disposing of cans, set-up the recent Rotary cricket and beach volleyball tournaments, and helped with grounds maintenance, removing white-ant damaged trees and removing snakes, painting and minor construction jobs at the Garma festival site, and supplying firewood to nearby communities. The program is a move that will keep inmates close to their traditional homeland, while also boosting their job opportunities upon release. The Datjala Work Camp, which has been stationed at the Garma Festival site, will mostly accommodate offenders who have family and community ties to the East Arnhem Region, allowing them to keep their cultural values while serving out their sentence. “We are offering a stable labour force for local businesses that may be finding it difficult to attract workers following Rio Tinto’s announcement to close the alumina refinery at Gove,” Mr Elferink said. “It is a strict rule that prisoners will not compete with locals for jobs, instead they will work in positions that cannot be filled,” he said. If there are jobs that can be filled by residents, they will have precedence over the prison labour, Mr Elferink said. There are 80 prisoners across the NT currently participating in the programme, he said. “Already, there are 16 prisoners participating in

the Sentenced to a Job program at Nhulunbuy and are employed as refuse truck drivers, bakery assistants, pest controllers and in the construction industry,” Mr Elferink said. “Inmates are more likely to retain employment when they are released from prison if they are close to their home community and family, therefore providing them with a reason to not re-offend.” “I want to provide prisoners with a reason to never re-enter the corrections system, and employment is key. I want these prisoners to get off the ball and chain that is passive welfare and instead be self-sufficient with something to lose,” he said. Mr Elferink said the Government was committed to cutting the NT’s high recidivism rate, which is currently 52 per cent. In December 2013, the overall NT prison population was 1436 or 821 per 100,000 - the the highest imprisonment rate in the country, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said in a report. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners made up 86 per cent of the prison population, the ABS said. Last year about half of the NT’s inmates were convicted of acts intended to cause injury - more than double the national figure of 20 per cent, it reported. Mr Elferink said the partnership between the Department of Correctional Services and the Gumatj Corporation to establish the Datjala Work Camp was a step forward toward a shared vision of cutting repeat offending in the NT.


Gareth’s blooming marvellous journey with native flora By ANDREW HARRISON ON A bush bash, Gareth Wise (right) saw the unsung potential of Arnhem Land’s native flora. The luggage strap of the then Northern Territory Administrator Tom Pauling’s troop carrier snapped. As the party examined at the problem and devised ways to secure the load, Gareth’s “grandmother” said, “no problem”, and delved into the bush to returned with bark from a shrub to tie down the load. Wise, who had previously worked on fibre research with corrugated packaging company Visy, said the vine was as strong and suitable for the job as anything other means. It is one of the many plants and their uses, practical and medically, that the Yolgnu have introduced to the 40-year-old botanist. As an ethnobotantist, a person who studies the relationships that exist between peoples and plants, Mr Wise is amazed at the healing properties of some plants. Following in the footsteps of pioneers Richard

Evans Schultes and Wade Davis with Indigenous communities, he realises that there are still scores of plant compounds yet to synthesised by modern science. The pharmaceutical industry is often dismissive of nature as a source of healing. It seems to overlook the fact that many of the most-important classes of prescription drugs such beta blockers (from hallucinogenic Mexican fungi) and cholesterol-lowering statins (from Penicillium fungus) came from natural sources. West African countries are investigating their folk medicines to alternatives to costly Western drugs. He feels privileged the Yolgnu have entrusted the “crazy white man who slept in a camper van at the beach” with their knowledge. Wise, who originally came to Arnhem Land from northern NSW to train workers for two months on a nursery project in 2009, has stayed to build Nuwul Environmental Services Inc., at Yirrkala, without grants or funding, into a viable business and livelihood for seven Yolgnu

workers. The group provides contract maintenance and has a retail wing selling seedlings. Two weeks ago Nuwul landscaped 75 square metres of the Arnhem Club’s garden with 15 cubic metres of mulch. With so many of its male workers busy with contract work, Mr Wise used his female workers to install the irrigation system. They proved quite

capable, having experience with the nursery’s own system, he said. With Rio Tinto’s announcement of the alumina refinery closure, Nuwul saw its income drop to $150 a week from $1800. By remodelling the business and pushing for new contracts, the business is picking up. Now any sales from its retail arm are a bonus and Mr Wise can see “nothing but expansion”. The group also is

working in the homelands to develop individual “backdoor gardens” where previously efforts have been for community gardens. The community gardens were “too large for one person” and fell in neglect, Mr Wise said. By shifting the focus to individual gardens and individual responsibility, households will be able to supplement their diets with fresh produce year round. He has introduced eggplants, which are better suited to the tropics originating from east India, as a substitute for tomatoes, which have a limited window for cultivation. The communities also have had to learn new recipes because use of the eggplant in the kitchen was unknown, Mr Wise said. Despite his simple lifestyle, eating well is one pleasure Mr Wise still enjoys courtesy of care packages from his mother. After five years sleeping on the beach, Mr Wise has moved his camper into the nursery. He has built a “familyorientated” business - most of his workers are related, which, Mr Wise says.

Hog dogs at the movies

motivates them better. Working along side their family members, he said they don’t dodge work or misbehave. Mr Wise also allows flexible work hours to permit ceremonies and personal time, “which helps them keep a foot in both cultures,” he said. Currently most employees are busy with funerals or escorting fam-

ily members to Darwin for medical treatment, but the others have stepped up to fill the breach. The business was not here to convert them “We’re here to help them become positive, functional individuals on their own terms,” he said. “They’ve put in a lot to this business, and been fully dedicated to their community.”

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14 - 20 May 2014 – 3


Nhulunbuy in Aust. Clean Beaches Award final NHULUNBUY has proven itself to be the Northern Territory Clean

Beaches winner, now ity will go head-to-head with four other national finalists

countrywide to vie for the Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Clean Beaches

Lynne Walker Member for Nhulunbuy Electorate Office: Arnhem House Endeavour Square, Nhulunbuy, NT 0880 Office hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm • 2pm – 4.30pm Appointments outside these hours by arrangement Postal Address: PO Box 1021, Nhulunbuy, NT 0881 Email: Phone: 08 8987 0125 Fax: 08 8987 2388

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Awards 2014. The last beach from the NT entered into the Australian Clean Beaches program was Darwin Harbour in 2011. The Dhimurru Aboriginal Corp rangers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Keep Australia Beautiful National Clean Beaches judge, Averil Bones (inset) later this month. As part of her judging tour, Ms Bones will arrive on the May 23 to visit a number of the key environmental projects and initiatives at Nhulumbuy, which earned the beach the Keep Australia Beautiful NT Clean Beach Awards title for 2014. The Clean Beaches program award communities who actively work for a cleaner, more sustainable coastal environment. Awards are presented to local councils, volunteers, surf lifesaving clubs and other community groups that implement initiatives that care for dunes, waterways, protect habitats, educate the community, cut litter and support tourism. Ms Bones, who is judging this awards program for the second year running, said “there are so many reasons why Nhulumbuy has been chosen as the NT winner of

the Keep Australia Jamie Jones cleaning up Beautiful Clean Town Beach in 2013. Beaches program and therefore it will be competitive when the national judging takes place.” “I can’t wait to visit and see all these achievements first hand,” she said. Ms Bones will evaluate these initiatives against the national awards criteria that include community action and partnerships, litter prevention, resource recovery and waste management, environmental innovation and protection, water conservation, energy innovation, place over the last fortnight heritage and culture, and in May, to then decide a youth participation and on the overall Australian engagement award, which winner. are all individually given The current Australscores out of 100. ian Clean Beaches title National Executive holder is Currumbin on Officer for Keep Australia Queensland’s Gold Coast. Beautiful Peter McLean This title will be passed said “each of the national onto the new 2014 winner finalists has shown signifi- at the Australian Clean cant outcomes in a range of Beaches Awards event to sustainability projects and be held on July 18 at the activities and the national Currumbin Surf Club. program allows each of Other Clean Beaches them to learn even more finalists include: Whyalla, from leading projects in SA; Raspins Beach, Tasother states and territories.” mania; Fingal Head, NSW; The national Clean and a Queensland location Beaches judging takes that is yet to be announced.

Through the Clean Beaches Awards Program, Keep Australia Beautiful share expert knowledge and experience to empower those who care about our beaches to actively work towards a cleaner, more sustainable marine environment. Official event sponsor for the Australian Clean Beaches Awards 2014 are Gold Coast City Council, and event supporter Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club. Keep Australia Beautiful is seeking category sponsorship for this worthwhile program.

Slide returns to aquatic centre

Slide returns to pool.

Looking to make a difference in our community? Rio Tinto Alcan Gove Operations provides funding to not-for-profit organisations who have events and projects aimed at improving business development, culture, environment, education, training, health and community wellbeing in Nhulunbuy and the East Arnhem region. For more information please contact us on 1800 996 508 or email

4 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

NHULUNBUY Aquatic Centre is inflating its slide from Saturday for a limited time. The 20-metre slide, which has been inflated twice before for school holidays, is available for no extra fee, courtesy of Nhulunbuy Corp. Ltd. The pool will be closed for two weeks between June 9 and 20 for maintenance and permanent shades will be erected. Pool manager Rachael Verdel also organises cross fitness classes from Mondays to Saturdays at the pool, which are available for all ages, and is organising a 20-day detox class and hydro- fitness class, which are popular with free divers. Water is a perfect place for the person who has joint problems to start exercising in because it allows the effects of gravity to be diminished and allows movements to occur that would be painful

and difficult on land. Need to exercise but hate to sweat? I n w a t e r, part of your body w e i g h t is suspended, leaving you able to work hard without the hard impact. The water is gentle on your joints and allows for a full range of motion. Exercise in water improves your physical fitness and sense of wellbeing: the buoyancy supports your body weight and decreases stress on weight-bearing joints, while exercising against water resistance will strengthen your muscles. So, you get your cardio, strength,

Hydro-fitness classes.

and stretching all in one refreshing class. The hydro- fitness classes, which involve running on the pool’s bottom, pushing plates across the pool floor and sitting on the pool’s base, are based on the emphasises cardiovascular exercise, improving the diaphragm and everyday breathing. They transport to all sports.


Kava left at airport carousel - twice NHULUNBUY Police on two separate occasions in recent weeks have intercepted shipments of kava through Gove Airport. On the first occasion, police intercepted an unattended suitcase containing 37kg of kava (worth about $37,000 in remote communities) from the luggage carousel. Three days later, another suitcase containing 14kg of the narcotic drug was intercepted at the airport. The police are making inquires in regards to the offenders. The root-based drug originates from the Pacific Islands, and is outlawed in the Northern Territory because of high rates of abuse in remote East Arnhem communities. Nhulunbuy Police believe the kava trade is being organised by syndicates within the area. Nhulunbuy Officer-inCharge Senior Sergeant Brendan Muldoon said

these offenders were taking advantage of Indigenous communities. The police storage lockup currently has more than 200kg of kava, some of which is being held as evidence in pending court cases, Snr Sgt Muldoon said police will continue to target offenders and put them before the courts to stem the flow of the drugs into remote communities. If you have any information about those responsible for smuggling kava into the region, contact Nhulunbuy police (8987 1333). If you or somebody you know struggles with kava addiction, contact East Arnhem Drug and Alcohol Services (8987 0445). ASSAULT CHARGE SEPARATELY, last week police charged a 45-year-old man with assault of a 14-year-old youth.

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Police The man was remanded in custody to appear before the court, police said.

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Poppy harvesting.

Poppy plan to boost painkiller production OPIUM poppy cultivation is set to expand to the Northern Territory from Tasmania to improve Australia’s output of painkillers. The NT Government this week will vote on legislation to regulate the growth of opium poppies. Opium poppies are only grown under strict regulations in Tasmania, which produces 49 per cent of the world’s legal supply of pharmaceutical opiates, from which morphine and codeine can be extracted. Poppies have been grown on Tasmania, the largest legal supplier of opiates, for 48 years and generating $120 million a year for the island state. Growth has been fuelled by an ageing population and increasing use of drugs, such as Nurofen and Panadeine, which has seen demand for opioids more than triple in 20 years, the United Nations reported, prompting large pharmaceutical companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson to boost and diversify their supplies. Australian suppliers are keen to keep up with future growth as use of painkillers with plans to expand operations to the mainland. Tasmanian company TPI Enterprises successfully trailed poppies last year and has plans for a trial on the Tipperary cattle station 200km south-west of Darwin. The company looking to grow opium poppies on the station said legislation introduced by the NT Government is a “important milestone” for the industry. TPI managing director Jarrod Ritchie has told southern media poppies could be a major cash crop for the Top End with gross return is between $2000 and $4000 an hectare

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Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 5


Neilyn with a snappy chappy.

By NEILYN BULOSAN, 20, a fourth-year criminology student at St Vincent’s College, Dipolog City, Philippines.

I travelled to visit my sister, Gen, and her husband, Charlie, as well as their kids. It also was my holiday vacation for coming here to experience and discover the nature here in remote Australia. Many people from my country say that Australia is a nice place to visit, especially when your needing some time to relax and comfort and I can say that it is true and exactly right. At first, I was really expecting a crowded area that I’m going to have a holiday. Big buildings, big infrastructure, big establish-

ments, noisy surroundings and population but when I arrived at Gove Airport, I was like amazed with the place. The very first thing that I was stunned was that all green surroundings. I was amazed by this because the air that you’ve been inhaling you can assure that it is fresh. The next thing would be the people that I met, they were all happy and kind to me and have respect on me as an Asian. My sister let me to stroll around the town where I find the secret nature of the Nhulunbuy.


Beautiful oceans, white sands, submissive animals, such as birds and fishes. Nhulunbuy is really a town that values everything especially common sense laws being practised like “NO ALCOHOL” particularly when you’re driving. Gove feels a safe, friendly place, even the police will give you a wave. The laws here in Australia are much different in the Philippines. I feel much safer when travelling on my bicycle or commuting by car. I was surprised and yet amazed with one thing here and that would be in the rubbish dump. I can see in my naked eye that all of the things there are really separated into its class, such as household waste and recyclable waste. The supermarket here is quiet different in our country. I can see that fruit and vegetables are most sort after and you have to be quick or you will miss out.

to the

2014 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards

Award Recipients and Nominees Tina White - Nurse/Midwife of the Year Lesley Scott - Education, Research and Innovation Susan Dalkie - Hospital Care Clancy Tucker - Graduate Nurse of the Year Elaine McArthur - Administrator’s Medal for Lifetime Achievement Pauline Howard - Aged, Disability and Residential Care Sandra Markovich - Enrolled Nurse Raelene Carroll - Leadership Natalie Colmer - Mental Health Tina White - Midwifery Dorian Dent - Primary Health Care Martina Grimshaw - Remote Health


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The first place here that I had fun with the family is at Granite Island. I love the place. It’s a mind-refreshing and relaxing - white sands and good for swimming. I can saw the beautiful fishes under the water even in the shallow area, beautiful corals and the clean water. We’ve been there for just a day but I had so much fun over there. I had also experience fishing here with my sister Gen and her husband Charlie at night time. My sister and I both caught a jewfish like a more than 15kg. My first fish Charlie had to help us lift them into the boat and there I

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Neilyn at the helm.


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Cash Cash



Cash Cash







WALKABOUT TAVERN 12 Westal St, Nhulunbuy Ph 8939 2000 6 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 HEAD OFFICE (08) 8361 7211


Neilyn and Gen survey the bounty of the sea. got my first fish ever (he he). We organised a barbecue on the next day, then had friends to taste with us too. I’ve been also to East Woody and pumped yabbies with Charlie and Gen for bait to catch whiting as the tide goes up. Fish here was just anywhere. We cooked some oysters for lunch waiting for the tide to rise. The most yummy lunch ever. I braved the mangroves with Charlie and Gen to catch my first ever mudcrab that was hiding under the mangrove roots. The crabs here are enormous and I very much enjoyed the adventure of catching them. I was lucky to be invited to the crocodile farm at feeding time. I was fortunate and lucky to personally meet many saltwater crocodiles for the first time in my whole life. In the Philippines, it is was thought to be a myth that crocodiles live in the sea. At first, you would thought that it’s just a rubber because it doesn’t move and the mouth was always open, then I realised that they were just hungry and waiting to be feed. I have been to Goanna Lagoon and beautiful Little Bondi and very much enjoyed swimming. I love the place it’s so quiet and all I can hear was just the waves that comes up into the shore. There are some many interesting people in such a small town known as beautiful Gove. I was shy but excited to have the privilege to meet Snr Sgt Brendan Muldoon.

What makes me interested to meet him is the fact that he is a CIC policeman and shared with me about the interesting works of the police department here in Nhulunbuy. He actually is proud about the awesome works of the police here in your town and definitely I had learned some things from Brendan. After it, I had also a chance to personally listen to some court hearings and makes my little bit of knowledge to move and make a little comparison of the both parties. Gove for me is really a wonderful place. It is an exact place for a family to bond with each other. The only thing that makes this town a really good place is the friendly people living here and the caring for everything what Nhulunbuy brings to them. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful doctor from the hospital diagnose stomach pains I had been suffering from since I was 10 years of age. After taking a prescription medicine for a few days I have never felt better and my pains have disappeared for ever. Marco, you are the greatest doctor ever. I have tears of joy for helping me and for caring. You are an amazing caring doctor and I thank you again for the many smiles I have. I would want to return to Gove again and experience the goodness of Nhulunbuy. All I can say in this town was “wow”, again thanking all the community people for making my experience such a wonderful, loving and unforgettable experience.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE MIDWIFE There are about 12 midwives who cater for East Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt. The midwives all agreed that the mothers and babies were one of the best features of their job. New mothers Linda Doyle, Alice McDonald and Brooke Ramm, who all had premature babies, praised the midwifery


team. “They are dedicated, work hard, made you feel welcomed and comfortable, stayed beyond their hours,” said Ms Ramm. “They deserve a pay rise.” “They all have a special gift of making a connection with patients and making us comfortable,” she said.




Midwives - our unsung heroines

Midwife Tracy Kelly; Tamara Bajratari and Lleyton, 14 weeks; Alice McDonald and Paige Doyle; Brooke Ramm and Carter Ramm; 6 weeks; Lynda Doyle and Charlie, 6 weeks; midwife Louise Paul; and mother and midwife Vicki Elborough with Troy, 5 weeks. AT SOME point in our lives the home. burden of maternal and newborn their goals,” said midwife Tracy they’ve helped us, from our birth Although a baby born every death is in low-income countries, Kelly. to the births of our children, yet one minute and 42 seconds across especially in rural areas. The aim was to provide access midwives rarely are appreciated Australia, most people do not think If every childbearing women to high quality, safe maternity fully for all their hard work. about the role of a midwife until received care with a well-educated, care as close to where the woman The Nhulunbuy medical com- they need one. adequately resourced midwife, is as possible, and that care needs munity and general public last A well-resourced professional most of these maternal and new- to reflect the needs of the women week joined with midwives at midwifery workforce supports safe born deaths could be prevented. individually, she said. Gove District Hospital to celebrate pregnancy, labour and birth. It has The Nhulunbuy area has about The women in remote areas International Day of the Midwife. been globally proven legalised, 160 births a year and 61 births to are less able to access services for While we appreciate midwives independent and well-trained mid- last week, ahead of the same time pregnancy and postnatal care for a every day, it’s great to have a wives can significantly decrease last year. variety of reasons. special day to shine a spotlight maternal mortality. Nhulunbuy was on target to They find it hard to travel on their work in providing care “Each baby is unique and spe- improving the proportion of births regularly for clinics and the local to women and their newborns, on cial,” said Ms Sally Putland, the attended by skilled health person- midwives understand the services how they care for mothers, babies Midwivery Nursing Unit Manager, nel and postnatal care. and needs of the family. and their families. who has dedicated 35 years as a Eight goals - the Millennium A lot of progress has been made Nhulunbuy took the time to midwife . Development Goals (MDG) - were to initiate midwifery education in thank the unsung heroines of She said being a midwife was established after the United Na- this country but experts say we maternity - the midwives - who rewarding work, describing it as tions’ Millennium Summit in 2000. still need to go a long way. An are working with women and their more than profession, “empowerAll 189 UN member states at estimated 350 000 more midwives families in East Arnhem Land ing and advising young mothers the time (there are 193 currently) are still needed globally. communities and at the district and their families”. and at least 23 globally groups Ms Kelly sees the Australian hospital, and renewed the comMs Putland loved being part committed to help achieve the midwives add to the “big picture” mitment to advocating for a safe, of a new mum’s journey bringing goals by 2015, including eradicate and providing support for their quality, well-resourced midwifery new life into the world, seeing a extreme poverty and hunger, em- sisters in the developing world. workforce. new baby born and the smiles of powering women and improving With about 600 days left until The day aimed to bring recogni- the family at the birth. universal access to reproductive the MDG deadline, the world need tion to the role of the midwife, About 287,000 women die in health through the contraceptive to step up efforts to ensure every when it comes to the safe practice childbirth, 2.9 million babies die in rate, cutting adolescent birth rate pregnancy is wanted, every birth of natural childbirth and help to the first month of life and another and improving antenatal care is safe and that universal access women and their families before 2.6 million babies are stillborn coverage. to sexual and reproductive health and after birth at hospital and in every year globally. The highest “We like women to achieve services is a reality for all.

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Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 7

What’s On

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have an upcoming event, please let us know by email to or phone Andrew Harrison on 1300 088 000.

WEEKLY Every Wednesday. Nine-hole Chook Run, Gove Country Golf Club, 2.30 - 5.30pm. Every Wednesday. Barefoot Bowls at the Arnhem Club, from 5.30pm, followed by Karaoke. Every Wednesday. Walkabout Dart Competition Walkabout Tavern from 8pm. Every Thursday. Badge Draw, Arnhem Club, from 5.30pm, followed by Karaoke. Every Friday. Nine-hole Beer Run, Gove Country Golf Club, 2.30 - 5.30pm. Every Friday. TGIF Weekly Draw, in the Walkabout Tavern from 4.30pm, prizes drawn at 6.30pm. Every Friday. Jag the Joker, Arnhem Club, tickets from 5-6pm, draw 6-9pm. Every Friday. Gove Surf Club open from 4pm, great views and family atmosphere, BBQ 6-8pm. Every Friday & Saturday. Grant Pukeroa live in the Beer Garden, 9pm-3am @ The Arnhem Club. Every Friday & Saturday. DJ Wil.K The Baddist, live in The Jam, 9pm 'til late - Walkabout Tavern. Every Saturday. Goose Club (tickets on sale from 11.30am), and Jam Session from 1pm at the Arnhem Club. Every Sunday. Emma in the Beer Garden from 3pm - Walkabout Tavern. Every Tuesday. Pool Comp at the Arnhem Club, from 7pm. Every Tuesday. Trivia at The Arnhem Club, 8 - 9.30pm.

 letters to the editor/comment CLP refuses inquiry into political donations TERRITORY parliament last week saw the spotlight on the CLP government, desperately trying to avoid answering questions about the lack of transparency around political donations and the relationship between the government and an entity known as Foundation 51. Chief Minister Adam Giles batted away questions during question time about the relationship between his government and Foundation 51, which offers membership for between $5000 and $22,000 for “research, reports and information

gathering”, and said, “A smart politician does not handle money.” In light of events in NSW and the recent resignation of Premier Barry O’Farrell over a $3000 bottle of wine, the Labor Opposition called on Adam Giles to refer the matter to a parliamentary committee to investigate and report to parliament on the establishment of an anti-corruption body in the Territory. His single word answer in question time to an inquiry was “no”. Independent MLA Gerry Wood has also

called for an inquiry. Treasurer Dave Tollner was the other national headline news story last week with a disgraceful attack and racial slur on now ex-CLP MLA Alison Anderson. When parliament sits this week, a focus on exposing the links between the CLP and Foundation 51 will continue. However, there will be much interest in just how harsh the 20142015 Territory Budget will be. It’s anticipated that we will see continue to see cuts to health and education and I’ll be looking

very closely to see what is delivered for the north east Arnhem region and exactly where the axe will fall. Will there be any new money beyond the $2 million announced weeks ago for the new development corporation to be established in Nhulunbuy? Will there be money to commence a staged sealing of the Central Arnhem Road? Will we finally see funding for structural adjustment packages for our region announced in the Federal budget which I’ve been calling for for six months? LASTLY, congratula-

Electoral News

by NT Member for Nhulunbuy


tions to all involved in last Saturday’s fete at Nhulunbuy Primary, especially key committee members Hannah Seaniger, Alisha Chapman, Anne-Marie Baker, Julian Hay and Julieanne Donnelly. It was a wonderful community event and I hope a good fund-raiser for the school.



Fri 15 - Wed 21. National Families Week. Sun 18. Tour De Arnhem Land movie fundraiser. Tim Burton's film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985). 4C's, $10 entry. Doors open at 3pm. Film will be screened at 4pm. Wed 21. Storytime Two many elephants in this house, 10-11am, Nhulunbuy Library. Wed 21. Biggest Morning Tea, 11am, Nhulunbuy Library. Wed 21. Baby show, Rika Park, 10am - noon, Yirrkala. Fri 23. Miwatj Health Day, 1424 Arnhem Rd, 9am - 1pm. Fri 23. Walk Safely to School Day. Fri 23. Miwatj Health Day, 1424 Arnhem Rd, 9am-1pm. Tue 27 - Wed 28. 'Bridging the Gap' Seminar in Nhulunbuy on working with Yolngu in Arnhem Land. Ph: 1300 501 795 or


Sat 7 - Sun 8. Nhulunbuy Cricket Tournament. Sat 7 - Mon 9. 2014 Annual Gove Gulf 54 - hole golf amateur open, Gove Golf Club.

Can club secretaries please send in a list of their events planned for the year to so they can be included in the What's On section.


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8 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

ABOVE: Library Manager Holly Auld and photo competition winner Erica Sims with the Arafura Times Photo of the Year for 2013. RIGHT: Erica Sims’ winning Photo of the Year for 2013. NHULUNBUY Community Library has added another artwork to its collection - the Arafura Times Photo of the Year for 2013. Taken by Nhulunbuy Police sergeant Erica Sims, the Photo of the Year was chosen by locals last month, as the best of the bunch from an exhibition at the Gove Regional Arts Centre at 4C’s. Sergeant Sims’ photo features a frilled-neck lizard that she snapped after it ran on to her shoe during a job down in Yirrkala. “The competition has been such a good opportunity, and it’s so great to see the end results,” said Sgt Sims. Check out the photo, behind the front desk at the library, when you’re there to check out upcoming events such as Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (Wednesday, 11am, May 21) and National Simultaneous Storytime (10am, May 21). << Full details, What’s On guide at left.

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SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES ROTARY last Saturday showed the film, 12 Years A Slave, this year’s best picture Oscar winner on a big screen on Hindle Oval. The combination of outdoors and cinema is magic. There is no better way to spend a night but relaxing under the stars watching a movie. Townsfolk brought picnic blankets, baskets and deck chairs to sit on the pitch to watch the sun set over the Arafura Sea before viewing the film on a large partition between the goalposts.

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• Income tax return preparation • Tax planning • Business reviews and advice • BAS returns and GST advice • Financial statements • MYOB setup and training. Why worry about your tax and financial affairs when you can be supported by our ‘grey hair’ experience. We’ve been around the block a few times. After advising business owners and property investors for over 30 years, you get very good at it. Phone: 08 8987 2511 1st Floor Endeavour House, Endeavour Square Nhulunbuy

Maia, 2, Caleb Epiha, Tom, 7, and Ashley Epiha at the movies.

Riding the Carousel of independent music Carousel by Women in Docs Review by: ANGELA MADDEN WOMEN in Docs shine with their enthusiasm for making music, even after more than fifteen years of playing tunes together. Brisbane-based Women in Docs (Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas) believe in grassroots folk music and tour extensively to bring their sound to appreciative ears. Their live shows come with a good degree of humour and on-stage banter as well as great musical offerings. Carousel is the eighth release from the duo, and the sound is their usual strong style of folk and pop with a sneaky little bit of country thrown in to the mixture. Between them, these two musically talented women play acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, harmonica and banjo. This is in addition to some superb harmonies. Women in Docs have played a number of festivals both nationally and internationally including SXSW in Austin, Texas, Folk Alliance in San Diego, and here at home in Australia, at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, The Melbourne Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The title track off Carousel is a strong, catchy opening track, and their version of the Bob Dylan/ Ketch Secor track Wagon Wheel feels like a fitting final track to the recording, and a nod to some of the inspirations behind the duo. This is home-grown folk music is constructed with love, care and warmth. I’m looking forward to playing you songs off Carousel this week on Gove FM. Each week we feature an album by an Australian artist or group. Listen out as we play a track from the feature album Monday to Friday this week, just prior to the midday news. A full interview between Station Manager Ange and Roz from Women in Docs will be live on-air 2pm, Wednesday May 14, on 106.9 Gove FM.

Share your story about child sexual abuse in an institution A Royal Commission was set up last year to investigate how organisations such as schools, churches, sports clubs and foster care have responded to child sexual abuse. We find out where systems have failed so they can be made safer for children. We know telling your story isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

1800 099 340

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 9


Mother’s Day BonanzaFete, May 10 & UT about NHULUNBUY Primary School held its Mother’s Day Bonanza Fete last Saturday, which gave everyone to buy Mum that special Mother’s Day Gift. From the late afternoon to the evening, the school was a hive of activity as the annual fete included a jumping castle, market stalls, food stalls and lots of fun activities with evening entertainment including Arafura Dances, the Nhulunbuy High School band and other local artists. The Monster Raffle including a scenic flight for five sponsored by Black Diamond Aviation, $200 voucher from

Woolworths, two $100 vouchers from Quality Meats, $100 Mother’s Day Pamper Pack from Amcal Chemist, a $200 voucher sponsored by Lynne Walker MLA, $200 meal deal at Macasans family restaurant sponsored by the Arnhem Club, $100 voucher sponsored by Walkabout Lodge, $150 candle pamper pack sponsored by Maria Slatter Party Lite Candles, and a family membership to the value of $215 from Gove Tennis Club. The Nhulunbuy Primary School Council would like to thank all of its sponsors for the generous prizes.

TOP: Clare Atkins, Nina, 6 months, Rosa, 3, and Louis, 5. BELOW: Pauline Jones and son Roquan Taylor, 5. BELOW LOWER: Billie Francis, 10, and Ella, 10.

TOP LEFT: Norma Williams, Cooper, 8, and Marie Alexander. ABOVE LEFT: Sarah, 7, and Trina O’Brien. ABOVE: Mitchell, 10, and Lisa Barrett. ABOVE LEFT: Olivia, 12, and Mary, 12. ABOVE RIGHT: Sue Colquhoun and Melissa Weldon. LEFT: Jo Milen and Molly, 5. RIGHT: Livie Powell, Nyemburr Mununggurr and Gurrundul Marika. LEFT: Rod and Barbara Palazzi. BOTTOM LEFT: Eva, 10, Indigo, 7, and Lucy, 10.

10 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

BELOW: Min Blackney, Matilda, 22 months, Emma Harper, Chelsea 2, Debora Rossi and Amalia, 14 months. BOTTOM CENTRE: Kerry Collier, Charlie, 5, Ryan, 7, Sammy 6, and Lou Holmes.


Mother’s Day BonanzaFete, May 10 UT&about

Emma Cavaghan, Tui, 4, and Maisie, 8.

Rory, 7, Mary-Clare Arkcoll, and Bridie, 5.

Grandmum Mary Sinclair and grandson Mahsaiah, 6.

Abigail, 2, and Barbara Farrer. ABOVE: Abbe, 12, and Sophia, 11. ABOVE RIGHT: Shae, 13, and Olivia, 10. LEFT: Ciara, 10, and Bridie, 10. RIGHT: Sheena Dio and Naomi Parker. BELOW RIGHT: Lilly, 3, and Melissa Joseph. Gail McLoughlin and Madeline, 2.

LEFT: Susan Whittome and Emma Cavaghan. RIGHT: Baily, 6, Marissa Miles and Cooper 3. BELOW LEFT: Sienna, 5, Katie, 5, and Rhona Woodhead. BELOW RIGHT: Alison and John O’Neal. BOTTOM LEFT:Ellie, 12, Tailah, 11, Charlie, 11, and Sophia, 11. BOTTOM RIGHT: Members of the Nhulunbuy Primary Council market sub-committee Julianne Donnelly, Hannah Seaniger, Ann-Maree Baker, Alisna Chapman and Julian Hay.

Lucie, 5, Lauren Murphy, and Finn, 4.

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 11


6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:00 ABC News Mornings 10:00 In My Shoes: China 10:15 Being Me 10:35 Behind The News 11.00 Wonders Of The Universe 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 QI 1:30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:00 Last Of The Summer Wine 3:30 Midsomer Murders 5:00 ABC News: Early Edition 5:30 The Drum 6:00 Eggheads: Sandwick Socialisers 6:30 QI: Astronomy 6:55 Clarke and Dawe 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Budget 2014: Right Of Reply 8:00 7.30: Special Edition 8:30 Call The Midwife 9:30 Births, Deaths And Marriages 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Two On The Great Divide 12:35 Parliament Question Time: The House Of Representatives 1:30 Movie: “Danger Patrol” (PG) - A young medical student who moonlights as a nitroglycerine handler is encouraged to give up his dangerous job by his girlfriend’s father. 2:30 Football: WAFL: Round 8: Perth v Subiaco 5:30 Eggheads: Sandwick Socialisers

5:30 Today 8:30 Global Shop Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Jesse Stone - Innocents Lost - Jesse, no longer Chief of the Paradise Police Force sets out on his own to solve the murder of a young girl he had helped earlier. Starring Tom Selleck, (Adult Themes, Strong Violence) - 2:30 National News Now 3:45 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 LIVE Friday Night Football - Brisbane Broncos v Gold Coast Titans 9:00 Friday Night Football - South Sydney Rabbitohs v Melbourne Storm 11:00 Showdown In Little Tokyo - For 400 years, Japan has been home to a criminal organization dedicated to its own supremacy in the underworld. Ruled by an ancient code of honour, the deadly Yakuza are among society’s most feared members. Two cops from different worlds join to fight these criminals. (FV, SCL, DU, SS) 12:30 Cross Of Iron - A squad of German soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front during WWII led by a battle-hardened Sergeant fight to survive Soviet attacks and dogmatic Commanders. 3:00 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo - My Best Friend 4:00 Good Morning America

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “Cool Money (2005)” Bobby Comfort was a convicted thief, before he escaped from prison and cleared himself of all charges. He returns home but finds himself unsatisfied with domestic life. 1:30 The Daily Edition 2:30 The Chase 3:30 Seven News At 4 4:30 Deal Or No Deal 5:00 Million Dollar Minute 5:30 Seven News 6:30 Home And Away - Phoebe learns the truth about her father’s visit. Desperate Andy goes to Casey for help - but can he be trusted? Meanwhile, Marilyn’s support helps John move forward. 7:00 2014 AFL Premiership Season - Rnd 9: Adelaide v Collingwood 10:30 TBA 11:00 Parks & Recreation - “London - Part 1” Leslie wins an award from an international Women in Government organization, and travels to London with Ben Andy, April and Ron to accept it. 12:00 Cougar Town - “Makin’ Some Noise” As Jules adjusts to living on her own, Grayson becomes the new object of her constant attention. 12:30 Home Shopping 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra / 5:00 Seven Early News

7:00 World News 1:00 Jimmy’s Forest - Spring 1:55 The Hotel: Damson in Distress 2:50 Fado Of A Grown Man 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Luke Nguyen’s France 8:00 French Food Safari 8:30 Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Express - Bucharest To Istanbul 9:30 Fargo - Eating the Blame 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 Giro d’Italia - Stage 6: LIVE AEST 1:30 Coppers - I Love Nicking People 2:25 China: Triumph And Turmoil - Superpower 3:20 Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections - The Earthquake Proof Bridge. Richard Hammond discovers how engineers drew inspiration from unlikely sources to make a 3km bridge across the Gulf of Corinth in Greece earthquake-proof. 4:20 Food Investigators 4:50 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize


6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:00 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Dust Echoes 10:35 Double Trouble 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 ABC News With Jane Hutcheon 1:00 Call The Midwife 2:00 At The Movies 2:30 Hebburn 3:00 Last Of The Summer Wine 3:30 Midsomer Murders 5:00 ABC News: Early Edition 5:30 The Drum 6:00 Eggheads: Archery GB V Eggheads 6:30 QI: Alan 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 QLD 8:00 Kitchen Cabinet: Joe Hockey 8:30 Jonathan Creek: The Curse Of The Bronze Lamp 9:35 Luther: Luther is blackmailed by Jenny’s former madam and her heavies who threaten to kill the quirky teenager if he doesn’t comply. Meanwhile he is called to investigate a series of strange, random murders. 10:30 Lateline 11:05 Randling: A snappy, surprising new game show hosted by Andrew Denton. Comedians Felicity Ward and Heath Franklin go up against Renaissance woman Wendy Harmer and writer Benjamin Law. 11:35 Rage 5:00 Rage

5:30 Today 8:30 Global Shop Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Movie: “Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost” 2:30 National News Now 3:45 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 LIVE FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL - Brisbane Broncos Vs Gold Coast Titans 9:00 FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL - South Sydney Rabbitohs Vs Melbourne Storm 11:00 Movie: “Showdown In Little Tokyo” - The story of Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday as they attempt to run from Sheriff Pat Garrett and evade the law. 12:30 Movie: “Cross Of Iron” A squad of German soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front during WWII led by a battle-hardened Sergeant fight to survive Soviet attacks and dogmatic Commanders in a chaotic and lethal environment in this sympathetic portrayal of another side of the war. 3:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 3:30 Brand Developers 4:00 Good Morning America

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “Welcome To Paradise” (M) - With their present lives boring and their futures bleak,three long time girlfriends go looking for fun at a legendary beach resort, where two decades ago, they had their youthful last flings. 1:30 The Daily Edition 2:30 The Chase 3:30 Seven News At 4 4:30 Deal Or No Deal 5:00 Million Dollar Minute 5:30 Seven News - Seven News live and comprehensive coverage of breaking news and local, national and international top stories, plus Sport, Finance and Weather updates. 6:30 Better Homes & Gardens 7:00 2014 AFL Premiership Rnd 8 - Essendon Vs Sydney 10:30 TBA 12:30 Movie: “Farewell, My Love” - A young woman sets out to seek revenge on a Russian crime family who killed her family when she was a child. 2:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Home Shopping 3:30 NBC Today

5:00 World News 1:00 Living Black 1:35 Inspector Rex - A Dead Certainty 2:30 NITV News Week In Review 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 Food Factory 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 This is Brazil! - Brasília & Rio de Janeiro 8:30 The Last Days Of Anne Boleyn - Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous and controversial women in British history. In 1536, she became the first queen in Britain’s history to be executed. The brutal speed of her downfall, and the astonishing nature of the charges against her - treason, adultery, even incest - makes her story shocking even to this day. 9:35 As It Happened: Edward and George: Two Brothers, One Throne 10:35 SBS World News Late 11:05 Giro d’Italia - Stage 7 1:30 Kurt Wallander: The Collector 3:10 Movie: “Chiko” (MAV) - In German and Turkish. A Scarface-style crime drama about a Turkish immigrant turned drug dealer who won’t stop until he’s sitting at the top of the Berlin underworld. Yet his friendship with a former partner drags him down. 4:50 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize


6:00 Rage 10:30 Rage Guest Programmer 11:30 TBA 12:00 Australian Story 12:30 The People’s Supermarket 1:15 QI: Alan 1:50 Movie: “The Spanish Main” (G) 3:25 Movie: Blackbeard The Pirate 5:10 River Cottage: Winter’s On The Way 6:00 Saturday Landline 6:30 Gardening Australia 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Death In Paradise - DI Humphrey is surprised when his wife pays an unexpected visit to the island and suggests they give their marriage a second chance. 8:35 The Gods of Wheat Street: She Who Supplanted Her Sister - Everyone is relieved to have Odin home, but the business is in deep trouble despite all their efforts. When Jamie, Odin’s wife, arrives out of nowhere all Libby’s insecurities return. 9:30 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: When Phryne arrives at the exclusive fashion house of Madame Fleuri for a fitting, she unexpectedly finds herself amidst a crime scene, and everyone present is a suspect! 10:25 Accused: Helen’s Story - Helen Ryland is distraught to discover her only son has been killed during his first day of work. While her husband is consumed by grief, she sets out to discover how the accident happened. 11:25 Rage Guest Programmer 5:00 Rage

5:30 Children’s Programs 6:30 Weekend Today - Saturday 9:30 Danoz Direct 10:30 Surfsport 11:30 The Middle 12:00 TBA 12:30 Movie: “Little Giants” (PG) 2:30 TBA 3:30 The Bottom Line 4:00 Reel Action 4:30 4WD TV 5:00 Getaway 5:30 National News Saturday 6:30 TBA 11:30 Movie: “The Cave” (M) - A routine deep-sea dive turns deadly for a group of seasoned cave explorers when the cavern they’re surveying collapses, stranding them inside a network of caves at the bottom of the ocean with no way out. But finding the exit becomes an even bigger priority when they discover that evil creatures are sharing the space. 1:30 Movie: “Moonwalker” (PG) - A peek inside the wildly creative mind of Michael Jackson, this entertaining film showcases the King of Pop in a special effects-filled adventure, complete with music videos, classic songs and impressive dance moves. 3:30 Brand Developers 4:30 Extra 5:00 Wesley Impact

5:30 Saturday Disney 6:30 Weekend Sunrise 9:30 The Morning Show - Weekend 11:30 Live Well - Join Olympian Elka Whalan, Author Chloe Maxwell and Women’s Health Editor Felicity Harley and our weekly guest specialists. 12:30 Dr Oz 1:30 TBA 5:00 Queensland Weekender - Dean Miller and his team cover the length and breadth of Queensland with great suggestions for weekends, short breaks and holidays. 5:30 Seven News 7:00 2014 AFL Premiership Season Rnd 9: Fremantle Vs Geelong 10:30 World’s Wildest Police Videos - A feuding family starts a vicious slugfest outside a courthouse, a convicted sex-offender tries to out-run police by racing across rooftops, and an armed bank robber draws cops into a deadly shoot out! 11:30 Seven’s V8 Supercars 2014 Highlights 12:30 Movie: “Milk” (M) - Follow Harvey Milk and the struggles he faced as a gay American activist who became California’s first openly gay elected official. 3:30 Home Shopping 4:30 Dr Oz - Turbocharge Your Metabolism - Get answers to your health questions from Dr Oz and other leading doctors, hospitals, associations and authors.

5:00 World News 1:00 San Remo Song Festival 2014 3:00 Twiggy: The Face Of The 60s 4:00 Contact - Guy Le Querrec: Miles Davis 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 AGiro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights. 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Miniature Britain 8:30 Movie: “Harry Brown” (MAV) - Harry Brown is an elderly exmarine living in a dingy English housing estate apartment. The escalating crime and violence has made him so frightened that he won’t even use the underpass near his home. Shortly after his wife dies, Harry’s best friend is murdered, prompting Harry to seek revenge on the criminal lowlifes who have made his life hell. 10:30 Giro d’Italia - Stage 8 1:30 FA Cup 2014 Final 4:45 German Pokal Final 2014 - LIVE coverage of the German Pokal Final at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. The German football cup competition is now in its 71st season and the winners will qualify for the group stage of the 2014–15 UEFA Europa League.



6:00 Rage 8:00 Weekend Breakfast 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Offsiders 10:30 The World This Week 11:00 7.30 QLD 11:30 Songs of Praise: A Tale of Six Towns 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Flickerfest: Bee Sting 1:50 Death In Paradise 2:50 Don Pasquale 5:00 Midsomer Murders: The Animal Within 6:30 Compass: Twilight Songs 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Restoration Home: Coltman Street 8:30 Inspector George Gently: Gently With Honour - Gently and Bacchus delve into the world of army secrets when a young former soldier commits a murder and Gently finds some uncomfortable truths in what it means to serve one’s Queen and Country. 10:00 Balibo - Robert Connolly’s controversial film about the deaths of six Australian-based journalists in East Timor, 1975. 11:50 Movie: “Fehrenheight 451” (M) 1:40 Movie: “If I Had A Million” (PG) 3:00 Restoration Home: Coltman Street 4:00 The New Inventors 4:30 Catalyst 5:00 Order In The House

5:30 Children’s Programs 6:30 Weekend Today 9:30 Financial Review Sunday 10:00 Wide World Of Sports 11:00 Sunday Footy Show 1:00 Customs 1:30 2014 Intrust Super Cup - Recliffe Dolphins Vs Sunshine Coast Falcons 3:30 Sunday Football - Canterbury Bulldogs Vs New Zealand Warriors 5:30 National News Sunday 6:00 TBA 11:30 Financial Review Sunday 12:00 What Would You Do - Using hidden cameras, host John Quiñones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with a dilemma that requires them to either take action or walk by and mind their own business. 1:00 Spyforce: The Bridge - Erskine and Gunther, on a mission to New Britain, find that the man they have been sent to rescue has been killed by the Japanese. 2:00 Brand Developers 3:30 Good Morning America - Sunday 4:30 National Early Morning News 5:00 Today

5:30 Sophia The First 6:00 Jake and The Neverland Pirates 6:30 Weekend Sunrise 9:30 AFL Game Day 11:00 Guys With Kids - “First Birthday” Chris decides to throw Ernie’s first birthday and Gary and Marny decide to get back in shape and begin a strict kale-only diet, which quickly proves challenging. 11:30 TBA 5:00 Great South East 5:30 Seven News 6:00 TBA 11:10 Royal Pains: Sand Legs - It’s Labor Day Weekend in the Hamptons. It’s been a busy, intense summer for everyone at HankMed and the excitement is far from over. HankMed has been hired to step in as event medic for the Hamptons Invitational Labor Day Volleyball Tournament. But when Harper invites Hank to attend her family reunion for the weekend, he agrees to go to show that he is capable of putting their relationship ahead of work and his patients. 1:00 Harry’s Practice 1:30 Home Shopping 2:30 NBC Today 3:30 NBC Meet The Press 4:30 Sunrise Extra / 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Al Jazeera News 1:30 So Frenchy, So Chic 2:00 Speedweek 4:00 2014 Superbike World Championship 4:30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 5:00 Subaru World Of Cycling 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 Road To The 2014 FIFA World Cup - France 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Lost Worlds: Sacred Wonders Of Britain 8:30 Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery 9:50 Magic Mushrooms 10:50 Giro d’Italia – Stage 9 1:30 Movie: “Marriage And Other Disasters” (M l) - In Italian. Set in the beautiful city of Florence, this Italian romantic comedy follows Nana (Margherita Buy). a love-weary 40-something bookstore owner who shrugs off the marital naggings of her family in favour of a quiet life with her cat. However, unbeknown to her pushy family, Nana is secretly in love with a self-centred novelist (Mohammed Bakri) who exploits her kindness at every opportunity. 3:15 Ohio Slave Girls: Their Story 4:10 Kill Arnman - Malaysia/Pentjak Silat 4:40 Adbc Bitesize 4:50 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Backyard Science 10:15 Get Into Textiles 10:40 Atoms Of Fire 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Landline 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen On The Road 2:30 Hebburn 3:00 Last Of The Summer Wine 3:30 TBA 4:00 Last Tango In Halifax 5:00 ABC News: Early Edition 5:30 The Drum 6:00 Eggheads: Life’s Too Short Vs Eggheads 6:30 QI: Arts 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q&A 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 Changi: Curley 12:35 Movie: “Drive, He Said” (M) - The longhaired star of an Ohio college team can’t decide if he wants to turn pro or join his radical roommate in bringing about a revolution. 2:05 Movie: “A Damsel In Distress” (G) 3:45 Movie: “Flying Down To Rio” (G) 5:30 Eggheads: Life’s Too Short Vs Eggheads

5:30 Today 8:30 Global Shop Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Movie: “Clara’s Heart” (PG) 2:30 National News Now 3:45 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 TBA 11:00 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Kurdistan - Tony and his crew venture to the war zone and fledgling country of Kurdistan to explore the tragic history and hopeful future of the ethnic group known as the Kurds. 12:00 Nitro Circus Live - St Petersburg - The St. Petersburg stop starts badly when angry baggage handlers hold the crew hostage. There’s an intense paintball game, the crew get kicked off an indoor ski slope and try to dress like locals. Two sold out shows mean Nitro leaves Russia with a bang! 12:30 Extra 1:00 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo - Follow My Leader 1:30 Brand Developers 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 TBA 1:30 The Daily Edition 2:30 The Chase 3:30 Seven News At 4 4:30 Deal Or No Deal 5:00 Million Dollar Minute 5:30 Seven News 6:30 Home And Away - Mark goes to extreme lengths to show Phoebe Kyle’s true colours. Jett’s away from the Bay but not from Marilyn and John’s thoughts. Andy struggles to put his pride aside and ask the Braxton’s for his job back. 7:00 TBA 10:30 Talking Footy 11:30 Suits: “Heartburn” - Louis suffers a heart attack that rocks the firm. Rachel learns that Louis doesn’t plan to pay for her to attend law school, while Harvey and Mike handle a difficult client. 12:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Sons & Daughters - Wayne is put on the spot when Karen, bent on revenge, makes an announcement to Gordon about his son. 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Trapped In An Elevator 2:05 First Australians 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 Living Black 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam 6:30 SBS World News 7:35 Mythbusters: Apple Bobbing Bungee/Tennis Wing Walk 8:35 Vikings: The Choice 9:30 RocKwiz - Marlon Williams, Pieta Brown & Tina Arena 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 The World Game 11:30 Clown: The Ambassador 12:00 Shorts On Screen - Joey 12:35 Movie: “Poetry” (M) - In Korean, English Subtitles. A sixty-something woman, faced with the discovery of a heinous family crime and in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, finds strength and purpose when she enrols in a poetry class. 3:10 Mission Everest: Follow adventurer Bear Grylls and his friend Gilo Cardozo as they prepare to fly over the summit of Mount Everest. 4:50 Adbc Bitesize 4:50 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 Behind The News 10:30 Jung In Europa 10:40 La Mappa Misteriosa 11:00 Four Corners 11:45 Media Watch 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 1:00 Q&A 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen On The Road 3:00 Last Of The Summer Wine 3:30 TBA 4:00 Last Tango In Halifax 5:00 ABC News: Early Edition 5:30 The Drum 6:00 Eggheads: Puddings Not Tarts Vs Eggheads 6:30 QI: Blue 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foreign Correspondent 8:30 Two Men In China: Shanghai 9:30 At The Movies 10:00 The Writers’ Room: American Horror Story 10:25 Lateline 11:00 The Business 11:25 Four Corners 12:15 Media Watch 12:30 Movie: “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” (PG) 3:30 Rugby Union: Shute Shield 5:30 Eggheads: Puddings Not Tarts Vs Eggheads

5:30 Today 8:30 Global Shop Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Movie: “Be Kind Rewind” Video store employee Mike can’t believe his bad luck when his buddy, accidentally magnetizes his brain and inadvertently erases every video in the store. Now, they’re pressed to produce their own low-rent remakes of every erased film. 2:30 National News Now 3:45 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 TBA 11:00 20/20 12:00 Extra - Catch up on all the latest in Hollywood’s current affairs as we find out what the world’s hottest stars have been up to this week. 12:30 Impractical Jokers - Pick A Loser - Four prank-loving friends compete in extremely awkward social experiments in this hiddencamera series, tricking real life people into falling for their hilarious pranks. 1:00 Brand Developers 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

5:30 Sunrise 8:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie: “A Mind To Kill: White Rocks” (M) - A detective and his team are in a race against time when a young mother is murdered at a holiday camp and her son, who may have witnessed the crime, has vanished. 1:30 The Daily Edition 2:30 The Chase 3:30 Seven News At 4 4:30 Deal Or No Deal 5:00 Million Dollar Minute - Million Dollar Minute is a battle of general knowledge, where every correct answer is a step closer to the ultimate test: Can one person, in one minute, win one million dollars? 5:30 Seven News 6:30 Home And Away - Sasha is handed a juicy story about Tamara’s accident - but will she decide to publish it? Tamara’s recent misfortunes lead her to a big decision. Unexpectedly, Kyle challenges Phoebe’s decision to cut ties with her father. 7:00 TBA 12:00 Harry’s Practice 12:30 Home Shopping 3:30 NBC Today 4:30 Sunrise Extra 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Movie: “Teen Spirit” (M) 2:30 Food Lover’s Guide To Australia 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 Food Safari - Turkish Safari 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Secrets Of The Manor House 8:30 Insight 9:30 Dateline 10:30 SBS World News Late 11:00 Giro d’Italia - Stage 10 1:30 The Killing: Sarah Lund and Ulrick Strange return from Afghanistan with new, conclusive evidence, while Brix and his team are looking at what appears to be an important finding in the investigation. 2:45 East West 101: Men Of Conscience 3:45 The Circuit: Of Mice and Men - Now back in the chair, Magistrate Peter Lockhart’s standing is under threat when he is discovered helping disgraced elder Harry Pope, and a confrontation with Mick results in a surprising invitation for Drew. 4:45 Adbc Bitesize 4:50 Island Feast With Peter Kuruvita Bitesize



6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 10:00 My Place 10:25 Homemade History 10:45 Behind The News Specials 11:00 One Plus One 11:30 Foreign Correspondent 12:00 ABC News With Ros Childs 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Vet School 2:00 Poh’s Kitchen On The Road 2:30 Hebburn 3:30 TBA 4:00 Last Tango In Halifax 5:00 ABC News: Early Edition 5:30 The Drum 6:00 Eggheads: Good Neighbours 6:30 QI: Birds 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 QI: Kings 8:30 Spicks & Specks 9:00 Jonah From Tonga 9:30 Upper Middle Bogan: Forefathers And Two Mothers 10:00 United States Of Tara: Crackerjack 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Hustle 12:30 Movie: “Cornered” (M) 2:30 Football: VFL: Round 7 Williamstown Vs Geelong 5:30 Eggheads - Good Neighbours

5:30 Today 8:30 Global Shop Direct 9:30 Brand Developers 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Movie: “Did You Hear About The Morgans?” (PG) - Two successful New Yorkers, are at their wits’ end with repairing their strained marriage. But when they become the only witnesses to a brutal murder, the police hide them away in Wyoming – together. 2:30 National News Now 3:45 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:30 A Current Affair 7:00 TBA 11:10 Rizzoli & Isles - Welcome To The Dollhouse - Young female professionals dressed as dolls are turning up dead on the public transit system, and Jane and Maura must piece together the clues. Angela implements new ideas for the café. 12:00 Extra 12:30 Impractical Jokers 1:00 Brand Developers 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

5:30 Sunrise 9:30 The Morning Show 11:00 Seven Morning News 11:30 Movie - “Helen West: Deep Sleep” When the suspicious death of a pharmacists wife is ruled an accident, a determined prosecutor is convinced of foul play and digs deeper to find the truth. 1:30 The Daily Edition 2:30 The Chase 3:30 Seven News At 4 4:30 Deal Or No Deal 5:00 Million Dollar Minute 5:30 Seven News 6:30 Home And Away - Sasha’s article about the hit and run sends ripples through Summer Bay. Bianca struggles to step back and let Heath look after Harley alone. 7:00 TBA 11:40 Dr Oz: “Montel William’s Secret Struggle” - Get answers to your health questions from Dr Oz and other leading doctors, hospitals, associations and authors. 12:30 Home Shopping 3:00 Sons And Daughters - Gordon is horrified to realise that Charlie has plans to develop their relationship. 3:30 NBC Today - International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport. 4:30 Sunrise Extra / 5:00 Seven Early News

5:00 World News 1:00 Insight 2:00 Dateline 3:00 France 24 International News 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Giro d’Italia 2014 Daily Highlights 6:00 My Family Feast - Serbian 6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Walking Through History: Cornwall 8:30 One Born Every Minute - What Happened Next? 9:30 The Bridge 10:35 SBS World News Late 11:05 Giro d’Italia - Stage 11 1:30 Movie: “A Matter Of Heart” (M) - In Italian. Garage owner Angelo and big-time film producer Alberto find themselves occupying neighbouring beds in a Rome hospital after suffering heart attacks. Alberto is a gregarious joker - and chain smoker - who has a strong effect on the impressionable Angelo. However, as one of the men’s condition deteriorates, the other becomes more deeply involved in his personal life. 3:25 Movie: “Zion And His Brother” (M) - In Hebrew. Set in a workingclass suburb of Haifa, a tragic turn of events drives a wedge between a pair of inseparable brothers as the youngest re-examines his loyalty towards the older brother he once looked up to. 4:55 ADbc

12 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014


SUDOKU No. 198

Your  Lucky 


Stars  

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th) A comment made recently by a friend will surprise you. At first, you may disagree quite strongly with what this person has said. However, take time to consider this: you will find it makes sense. Romance. If you like children you will be in luck this week: you will have more than enough contact with them. Be thankful that they are not all your own!

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)

You will be even more generous than usual at the moment: this will be very much appreciated. Someone you see on a daily basis will remind you of something important. Romance. The Moon/Juno Midpoint moving through your sign should help you to understand your partner a little better. You may not realise how you have been taking them for granted recently.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)


A careless comment by a friend may be slightly embarrassing. You will need to find a way to stop this happening again. Don’t get angry: find a way to let this person know how you feel. Romance. You will need to spend some time by yourself this week. Your romantic life has felt strained lately: you need to recharge your emotional batteries.

CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd)

There may be a dispute in your working life at the moment: now would be a good time to try to settle this as amicably as you can. Romance. A glance from an admirer will help to put you in a good mood. Your love life needs a boost and this would be a good week for a bold move.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

You may need some help with a practical problem this week. You mustn’t be afraid to ask for other people’s advice - they will be happy that you value what they have to say. Romance. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much you care for them. They may need some convincing at the moment: you haven’t been paying them as much attention as you should recently.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd) An important decision about your career must not be put off any longer: stop looking for excuses and do something. Any decisions you come to this week will work out well for you – provided you have the courage of your convictions. Romance. It may be better if you ignore some of the things which have happened recently: sometimes you can blow things out of proportion.


LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

You will be spending quite a bit of time thinking about your job. This is not the best time to make a move, however. Try to analyse what you think is wrong with your situation and then see how you can put it right rather than change it completely. Romance. A letter or e-mail from a friend who is living a long way away will help to cheer you up.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

For all your printing needs –


A friend has been holding you back recently: you will be much more successful without this person’s advice. Try to disregard what they have to say without giving offence. You will need to be more diplomatic than usual. Romance. You may wish that you could spend more time by yourself. You need a chance to mull things over - but don’t be too anti-social.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

A financial deal may be more favourable to you than to the other person concerned. Don’t be afraid to push for what you can get! Romance. A romantic meeting may last much longer than you expect. You won’t be in any hurry to get away, however!

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

At times, you may wish that you could be somewhere else. However, an option which seems exciting might be less fun in practice. There won’t be any way to escape this: you will have to grin and bear it. Romance. This would be a good time for settling any long-standing disputes that may have come between you and your partner.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)


Love is when the other person’s happiness is

more important than your own.

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr


You will be amazed at how much energy you have at the moment. You can use this to start a number of projects at once. Just be sure to complete them! Romance. An offer from a friend overseas could seem too good to be true. Don’t be too sceptical, however: this person may have stumbled upon something.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

You will have to take a more active approach in getting what you want; you cannot sit back and wait this week. Set yourself some short-term goals and try to achieve them by the end of the week. Romance. An unexpected show of support will go down well with a long-standing admirer. They may want to show their gratitude in unexpected ways, however.

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 13


Trades & Services PH: 1300 0880 00 • FAX: 1300 787 248 • EmAil:

Times Morningside Electrical Arafura Box

Specialists in: Electrical and Airconditioning • Installation, • Maintenance and • Service 5 Miller Close Ph: 8987 3666 I Fax: 8987 3341 ECL: C2266 RTA: AU19805

advertising deadline: 12noon Friday. Classified advertising: 10.30am monday.

Sacred Heart Catholic Parish Parents please note that enrolments are being accepted now for First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes which will commence soon. Bishop Eugene Hurly will confer the sacraments on the 16th November. Enrolment forms can be found on the back table of the Catholic Church.

Nhulunbuy Amateur Swimming Club

Annual General Meeting

Time: 12noon Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014 Venue: Poolside at the Walkabout Lodge.

All positions are declared vacant.

ADVERTISING DEADLINES Box ad bookings: Noon, Fridays before publication Box ad material: 5pm, Fridays before publication

Line classifieds: 10am, Monday before publication

Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser THIS COLOUR SPACE COSTS ONLY $50 PER WEEK* Email or call 1300 0880 00 *CONDITIONS APPLY


* All mechanical and marine

* Authorised Mercury, Suzuki and Yanmar dealer

* Air-con servicing and repairs * Latest E.F.I. scan tools * Tyres and wheel alignments * Disc brake machining * Approved R.W.C. inspections * Reliable and efficient * Fully-equipped workshop 1 Buchanon Rd. Industrial Ph: 8987 2280 Fax: 8987 8434 Email:

Crisis Accommodation Gove (Inc.) (08) 8987 1166 / 0412 317 925 * Woman and Children Family Violence Shelter. * Staff onsite 24 hours - 7 days a week. * Children’s worker available Mon - Fri. * Short term and limited offsite accommodation for individuals or families experiencing homelessness. * Emergency Relief Funding Available. ADVERTISE your Garage Sales, Annual General Meetings, Car or Boat for Sale, Births, Engagements, Marriages…!

We t Only $15 for 20 words wan r Email you ! ads Line classifieds booking and copy deadline: 10am, Monday before publication Please note: Pre-payment required for line classifieds, so please include your postal address and your credit card details in your email, or we can provide direct debit information.

14 – Arafura Times

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

Dissolution of Associations In accordance with the Associations Act, the organisations below are considered defunct. The Department of Business will take action to

Association Name

Assoc. No.

Adoption NT Incorporated


Alyangula Swans Football Club Incorporated


Barkly Tourism Incorporated


Belyuen Community Council Incorporated


Brahmans Rugby Union Football Club Incorporated


Cake Decorators Association of the Northern Territory Inc.


Central Australian Desert Racing Incorporated


Desert Sands Players Club Incorporated


East Timor Development Agency Incorporated


Elloit Fire and Emergency Response Group Incorporated


Equestrian Management Group Masters Games Incorporated


Exegesis International Aid Organisation NT Branch Inc.


Fitness Northern Territory Incorporated


Gove Hockey Association Incorporated


Katherine Region On Line Incorporated


Katherine Target Shooters Association Incorporated


Katherine Youth Group Incorporated


Northern Territory Community Radio Association Incorporated


Northern Territory Table Grape Producers Association Inc.


Northern Territory Veterans Cycling Council Incorporated


Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation Services NT Incorporated


Pine Creek Pistol Club Incorporated


Pine Creek Rodeo Club Incorporated


SSAA Katherine Branch Incorporated


Taiwanese Association of NT Australia Incorporated


TC Raiders Association Incorporated


Tennant Creek Power & Water Social Club Incorporated


The Royal Australian Regiment Association Northern Territory Branch Incorporated


True Blue Angels Foundation Incorporated


Yiwarr Association Incorporated


Any advice should be sent to Department of Business, Gambling and Licensing Services, GPO Box 1154, DARWIN NT 0801. Alternatively telephone John McLaren on 8999 7824 or Carolyn Parsell on 8999 1307.


Fleeing from police to attract as many as five-years in jail PEOPLE who force NT police into a pursuit could face a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment under tough new legislation to be introduced during this Parliamentary Sittings. Attorney-General John Elferink will propose harsher penalties for offenders who speed or drive recklessly or dangerously when evading police. “The proposed change seeks to ensure that a person is met with the full force of the law when they refuse to comply with police instruction to

stop a vehicle,” Mr Elferink said. “Fleeing from police at high speeds in a vehicle is a serious and dangerous offence and will be treated as such. A person who engages in a police pursuit is not only endangering their own life, but also endangers others. “I will not tolerate innocent members of the public being put in grave danger because a person believes they can evade the police and the law. “The Country Liberals Govern-

ment is committed to ensuring that a person’s punishment for breaking the law matches the seriousness of the offence and properly meets community expectation.” Current legislation attracts a significantly lower penalty than the proposed new legislation, with an offender subject to a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment under the Motor Vehicles Act and 12 months under the Traffic Act for a fail to stop.

The legislation also will apply when police call off a pursuit because of the safety of the public, themselves, and passengers in the vehicle, and the offender is located and arrested at a later time. Mr Elferink said the changes adopt a recommendation made by a NT Coroner last year after a tragic case in Alice Springs that resulted in two passengers killed and two seriously injured when the driver of a vehicle tried to flee police.

“The driver of the vehicle was travelling at speeds in excess of 170km/h, causing police to sensibly call off the pursuit and limit any danger to themselves and innocent bystanders,” Mr Elferink said. “The Country Liberals Government is committed to securing the safety of Territorians and penalising those who purposely snub the law.” Police recorded 101 incidents of traffic pursuits in the NT last fiscal year.

CLASSIFIEDS CLASSIFIEDS Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser. Email au or call 1300 0880 00.

Arafura Times Email your classifieds thru to ads@ arafuratimes. or call Bec on 1300 0880 00 (Pre-payment required)

Miwatj Employment and Participation

Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited

VACANCIES MEP (Miwatj Employment and Participation) is a newly established Indigenous Organisation based in Yirrkala and providing employment and participation services in the Far Eastern Arnhem region. We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions: Employment Consultant – Disability Services (Case Management Officer) Assisting Centrelink recipients to access vocational and nonvocational training, participation and lifestyle activities and employment. Evaluation Criteria: • Experience working with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds • Advanced computer, literacy and administration skills • Reliability at work • Flexibility working in a varied working environment Please email for a Position Description. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

PO Box 345, Nhulunbuy NT 0881 Phone: (08) 8939 2200 Fax: (08) 8987 2451 Email:

Notice to Nhulunbuy Residents & East Arnhem Communities Asbestos Waste Disposal The Nhulunbuy Waste Disposal site will accept Asbestos waste from Monday, May 26, 2014 to Friday, May 30, 2014. Please note the strict conditions that will apply: • Asbestos must be double wrapped in 200 micron heavy duty builder’s plastic and taped to seal the asbestos completely. • Quantities greater than 100 kilograms must be transported in a sealed container. The asbestos must be on a pallet. • Disposal will be charged at $537.15 per tonne and all fees must be paid in advance of the asbestos being dumped at the Waste Disposal Site. • Only asbestos originating in the East Arnhem Region will be accepted at the NCL Waste Disposal Site. • No contractor or community will be permitted to dispose of more than 15 tonnes of asbestos per annum at this site. • The facility will only be open from 08:00 am to 4:30 pm and any asbestos arriving outside this time must be returned to the community/contractor. • Once the container has been emptied, the Contractor will be required to have the container cleaned at their own cost. • Failure to comply with these requirements will see the contractor/community/person refused use of the asbestos facility in future. Please direct all queries to the Nhulunbuy Corporation on 8939 2200 or via email to

Health Careers & Opportunities in the Northern Territory If you want your career to go places then join Department of Health in the Northern Territory. The challenges and opportunities in health and community care in the Territory are like no other in Australia, from remote Aboriginal health to tropical health and urban tertiary care. Continued investments in Aboriginal health, remote health, acute care and community services offer many opportunities for health professionals who want to be part of making a difference.


Positions Vacant

CATERING ASSISTANT Physical 2 Remuneration Package Range $49 912 - $50 942

Hospital Support Services – Gove District Hospital Three ongoing vacancies available

Accounts Officer – Immediate start The role involves AR, AP and relief payroll processing in a diverse environment. Bawinanga has multiple commercial business units incorporating Supermarket through to tourism activities plus Government funding. We are an MYOB/Attaché office with exposure to business unit specific 3rd party applications.

Under the direction of the Catering Supervisor/Head Cook, participate as a member of the catering team in the efficient delivery of nutritious and appealing meals to patients of Gove District Hospital. There is no provision for accommodation to be provided for these positions.

Candidates will display sound career specific skills and strong MS Office skills. A permanent position with two year contract is on offer. An all rounder will be favorably considered

Quote vacancy number: 2601

Finance Candidate Essentials:• Demonstrated book-keeping experience • Reconciliation experience • Sound MYOB and Excel knowledge • End-to-End high volume AP/AP skills • Experience in payroll processing (Attaché experience preferred but not essential) • ‘Can do’ attitude

(comprising salary $43 232 - $44 124, superannuation, leave loading and the value of 2 weeks extra recreation leave)

For further information please contact Sue O’Grady on 08 8987 0306 or email Closing date: 25 May 2014

APPLICATION INFORMATION Applicants should address the selection criteria and provide a current CV and contact details for 2 referees (preferably an email address). For a copy of the Job Description and to apply online please visit Further information about these positions can be obtained by phoning Information on the Northern Territory and its great lifestyle is available at

On Offer: The salary offered will be commensurate to experience plus 12% super, 6 weeks annual leave, PBI salary sacrifice benefits, accommodation and relocation from Darwin.

Note: The preferred or recommended applicant will be required to hold a current Working with Children Clearance notice / Ochre Card (application forms available from SAFE NT @ and undergo a criminal history check. A criminal history will not exclude an applicant from this position unless it is a relevant criminal history.

Expressions of Interest for other positions Payroll Officer Electrician HR Officer Diesel Fitter Administration Officer General Mechanic

Department of Health is a Smoke Free Workplace

NT14161 adcorp

TOLLFREE 1300 659 247

Contact: Peter Carter Wk: (08) 8979 6558 or Mob: 0409 735 749 or send your resume with a covering letter to

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 15


LEFT: Amy Dewhurst and back-up singers. 8EAR held a gig at the Nhulunbuy Town Hall on Sunday, which was open to all ages and

RIGHT: Sarah, 16, Crystal, 16, Briley, 15, Erin, 17, Tara. 17 (behind), Monique (behind), 17, Pia, 17 (in green) and Rachel, 17. free of charge. setting for a younger audience in an alcoholThe focus was on creating a fun social free environment.

CRISIS ACCOMMODATION GOVE Final Call for Annual General Meeting 2014

ABOVE: Haylen and Aida, 2. BELOW: Lucia, 6, and Aida, 2 1/2.

This is the final attempt at forming a committee for Crisis Accommodation Gove. Crisis Accommodation Gove Inc (CAG) will be having a special AGM on Thursday, May 29 at 7.30pm at 24 Wuyal Road. CAG is a not for profit organisation with sound management and staff. CAG needs to appoint a new committee to ensure the ongoing provision of essential searches to Gove and surrounding communities. CAG is the only Domestic Violence Shelter for Women and Children in the East Arnhem Region.

CAG will have to cease operations if a full committee is not reached. The position requires only a small amount of your time to attend structured and organised committee meetings once a month. If you are interested but unable to attend contact details are below. All positions previously held will be declared vacant. Please support the vulnerable members of our community by joining the committee and ensuring this essential service remains ongoing. For more information or to express your interest please email or phone CAG on (08) 8987 1166 or email 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

Molly, 12, and Zali, 10.


Second team: Michael Hooper, Jeremy Bodall, Kevin Vearncombe and Wayne Jago. Photos and story by ESTHER RIKA THE 2014 commencement of the golfing season officially started on Saturday with the Open Day, where a number of new members turned up to play in their first Saturday competition at the Gove Country Golf Club. “We had 11 teams with 44 golfers play some pretty good golf out there today” said club captain Bob Small. It was a close competi-

tion where teams vied for first place and prizes were awarded to the first five places. Fifth place went to Kenny Gentle, Katelyn Rika, Mark and Daniel Oleveira with a net 60.25. Rob Thompson, Denise Fincham, Jarrod Ferguson and Troy Short came in fourth with a net 59.625. Bob Small, Rosemary Redgen, Lee Peters and Eric Cox finished third with a net 58.875. Second went to Wayne Jago, Kevin Vearncombe,

First team: Errol Boyd, Jamie Henderson, Donna-Marie Grieve and Ed Henderson.

Michael Hooper and Jeremy Bodell with a net 58.125. This year’s Open Day Ambrose Champions won with a net 57.625 and this went to Ed Henderson, Donna-Marie Grieve, Jamie Henderson and Errol Boyd. The Ambrose was a great start to the season in preparation for the next major Ambrose tournament, the Holden Scramble, which will take place on May 31 and June 1. Teams will compete against each other for a

chance to win their place in the Holden Scramble regionals that will be played in North Queensland later on in the year. This week our Gove Women will be competing in the Womens/Girls NT Amateurs and NT

Greg Whelan, Col Borrett, Steve Barratt and Barry Nunn.

Foursomes ranking events, which will be held at the Darwin Golf Club on May 15-18 . Donna-Marie Grieve and our junior member Katelyn Rika are attending for the first time. They will be joined

Three C ’s CAFÉ

Open for Breakfast and Lunch

Monday – Saturday, 6am – 2pm Sunday 8am – 2pm And Friday night for dinner takeaway 5 – 8pm • We also cater for gluten and dairy-free choices and paleo meals are available • Outside catering also offered


W/E May 11 W/E May 11 Variance Actual Usage Target Usage Monday 05/05







Tuesday 06/05







Wednesday 07/05







Thursday 08/05







Friday 09/05







Saturday 10/05







Sunday 11/05







9244 28200




Other Cities Av. Consumption / Head of Pop. Brisbane 270 • Darwin 1100 • Perth 340

Weather details o

ABOVE: Fifth team: Daniel Oliveira, Kenny Gentle, Katelyn Rika and Mark Oliveira. ABOVE RIGHT: Third team: Erix Cox, Rosemary Redgen, Lee Peters and Bob Small. RIGHT: Fourth team: Troy Short, Rob Thompson, Jarrod Ferguson and Denise Fincham.

Temperature ( C) Max Min Rainfall Monday 05 30.6 22.2 NIL Tuesday 06 29.6 20.8 NIL Wednesday 07 29.8 24.0 1.6 Thursday 08 30.7 23.9 2.0 Friday 09 31.3 21.9 TCE Saturday 10 31.5 21.8 NIL Sunday 11 31.4 24.7 TCE Monthly total rainfall to date: 3.6

Quiz questions

1. What is the closest star to our Sun? 2. Are cold sores caused by bacteria, viruses or protozoa? 3. What colour is liquid oxygen? 4. What is biomimicry? 5. Which Australian bird is the largest member of the kingfisher family?

Church services

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Vigil Saturday 6.00pm, Sunday Service 8.30am OASIS Christian Assembly Pastor Phil Sampson – Ph: 8987 1522 / 8987 1369

Total Per head Total Per head Total Per head Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt


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DOUBLE HELIX science quiz

Quiz answers

phone 8987 1877

Captain Cook Shopping Centre, Nhulunbuy


do us proud. The Gove Gulf Toll Marine Open is on again on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend June 7-9. We encourage all golfers to enter and call the Golf Club on 8987 3191 for more information.

1. Proxima Centauri is the closest star to our Sun. 2. Cold sores are caused by a virus, the herpes simplex virus. 3. Liquid oxygen has a pale blue colour, and forms below -183 degrees Celsius. 4. Biomimicry is the study and imitation of designs found in nature. 5. The laughing kookaburra is the largest member of the kingfisher family.

ABOVE: Wayne Manger, Gus Gomez and Barry Walmsley. BELOW: Tim Appo, Tim Thompson, Coral Walker and Phil Hale.

by Lee Peters who has competed in seven previous events along with Coral Dennerly and former Gove Member Glennys Cummings, who have attended numerous times. We wish them all the best and know that they will

Seventh-Day Adventist Church Ph: 8987 2375 / 0419 465 045 Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga Hala Tupou – Ph: 8987 3553 Nhulunbuy Baptist Church Sundays 9.30am at Town Hall – Ph: 8987 1256 Uniting Church: Sunday Service 9.30am Hazel Trudgen – Ph: 8987 3545 Mobile 0413 536 877 Forward in Faith Ministries Sunday: 10am – 12.30pm. Endeavour Room at the Captain Cook Community Centre. Ph: 0434 059611 or 8987 8268. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Brother Forbes 0428 767 616 – Sunday 10am.

Arafura Times

Weather details supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology – Gove Airport from Monday, May 05 to Sunday, May 11

Email your classifieds thru to ads@ arafuratimes. or call Bec on 1300 0880 00

Mean sea level pressure Max: 1015.5 hPa on Monday Min: 1009.3 hPa on Thursday Averages for the month of May Max temp: 29.8 Min temp: 22.6 Rainfall: 89.8mm

(Pre-payment required)

Tide times – Gove Harbour (Melville Bay) Wed 14

Thu 15

Fri 16

Time 0220 0836 1438 2031

Time 0302 0921 1523 2110

Time 0343 1004 1606 2150

Ht 0.77 2.64 1.09 2.87

Ht 0.59 2.74 1.09 2.99

Sat 17 Ht 0.45 2.81 1.08 3.08

Time 0424 1048 1648 2230


Ht 0.36 2.83 1.08 3.13

Sun 18

Mon 19

Time 0506 1132 1730 2313

Time 0549 1217 1813 2357

Ht 0.31 2.81 1.09 3.14


Ht 0.31 2.75 1.11 3.10

Tue 20 Time 0636 1304 1900

Ht 0.36 2.68 1.13

NOTE: these are predictions only, subject to change due to prevailing weather conditions. It is recommended you use this table as a guide only.

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14 - 20 May 2014 – 17


Surf Club fundraiser, May 9 GOVE Peninsula Surf Lifesaving Club was the place last Friday to watch the sun go down, enjoy a drink at the end of another week and say goodbye to departing friends. The club, which usually lets others raise funds for their good works, used the evening to raise its own funds. LEFT: Helen Jenners, Suda Fernando, Susan Smith, Sandy Graham and Arolia Cockle. RIGHT: The departing Thomas family: mum Pru, dad Mick, Ryen (eldest son), Isabelle (daughter) and Lachlan (youngest son) aka “Devilchild”.

Catch the “big one” on one of our private chartered fishing adventures! Half & Full Day Charters Available Got 3 days or more? Come out to our Wigram Island Retreat. Phone Kenny on 0418 773 358 or email us

ABOVE: Suxie Hay, Shai Abramczyk, Deena Alexander and Caitlin Short. BELOW: Lyn Percic, Peter Cislowski and Karen Cislowski.

ABOVE: Annilka, 9, and Peter Richards. BELOW: Chris and Brett Parfitt.

Taking you wherever you want to go! Specialising in commercial and passenger charter, scenic tours, aerial surveys and search and rescue

Contact us today to confirm your charter on 0413 443 544 or email

Providing an expert service in the diagnosis and treatment of pain and injury. Professional management of all general muscle, joint and sporting injuries. Gove District Hospital (08) 8987 0296 Monday to Friday 18 – Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014

Natalie Atkinson, Macey, 3, Kylie Field and photobomber Jess Pitkin.

ABOVE: Debbie Peers, Janine and David Saunders. BELOW: Dental team Sandra Stephenson, Desierae Doors and Amanda Lee-See having a great time, enjoying the sunset.

ABOVE: Jackson, 4 1/6, mum Naomi, dad Kell, Tex, 4 1/6, and Chase, 2 1/2. BELOW: Jess Lovel, Eric Seo and Alex Bowen.

Sport Arafura Times


Phone: 1300 0880 00 • Fax: 1300 787 248 • Email:

Sports reports deadline is 10.30am, Monday prior to publication

Proposed Tour.

Tourists, mount your engines

TOUR De Arnhem Land is getting ready to roll for 2014, and, if you’re not, with two months to go, it’s now to start training so get in the saddle. The peloton rides out on July 28. The Tour, Australia’s mostremote ride, is a normally once every three-year, long-distance, all-terrain 750km bike ride across Arnhem Land, which previously took place in 2008, 2011 and in an abbreviated form last year. The riders, who will on the road for 10 days, will average 75KM a day with the longest leg being 98km and the shortest 48km - but steep. The planned route is Gove to Jabiru, along what they call the Top Track. A crew of seven will support the riders, make sure they are fed, and help with bike and body maintenance. The Tour is raising funds for St Johns Ambulance, Malabam and the Maningrida health services, and others. One of the organisers of the event, Ed Verdel, said they hope to drawn riders from across Australia but most will come from East Arnhem Land. He said the ride was not a race, but a test of endurance and of one’s

self, and a rare opportunity to take in the pristine beauty of Arnhem Land at a gentler pace. The organisers will need a $500 deposit a rider by May 31. For all road users, organisers have asked you be extra careful on the roads, as the Tour de Arnhem riders get some practice rides on Saturdays in over the next few months, so please give a wide berth. Absent this year will be long-time organizer Ian “Conno” Constantine, who has pulled up stakes with his wife, Marianne, to caravan around Australia. The Tour team is holding a fund raiser at the 4C’s this Sunday. They will be screening the 1985 adventure comedy film Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, directed by Tim Burton and starring Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman. The love of Pee-wee Herman’s life is his bicycle. Entry is $10 at the door. The doors open at 3pm and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure will be screened at 4pm. It’s rated PG, so parental guidance is recommended. For more information on the Tour De Arnhem ride, visit their Facebook page.

River crossing in a past Tour De Arnhem.

Bikers line up. Spittin’ dust in a Tour De Arnhem flashback.


• Tax and accounting assistance for individuals and business • Tax planning and business growth strategies • Accounting and bookkeeping services • BAs returns and income tax returns • Company formation and late lodgements Shop 6B Captain Cook Centre, PO Box 1294, NHULUNBUY NT 0881 Tel: (08) 8987 3202 Fax: (08) 8987 3199 Email:

Wishful thinking, in a past Tour De Arnhem.

Arafura Times

14 - 20 May 2014 – 19

Welcome to

the Arnhem club  Checkout our website at  Ph: 8987 0601  Fax: 8987 0680


T-bone steak served with chips and garden salad with your choice of sauce, with a free softdrink / juice, House wine, OR bottle of James Squire Beer.

Kids eat free on Monday’s With every paying adult.



pool comp






Open Monday to Jackpot Be here every Friday in the Bar 5-6pm, With A DRinK Saturday from EVERY tUEsDAY night DINNER SPECIALS AVAILABLE $1000 to receive a ticket. Drawn after 6pm. Jackpot 12pm - 8.30pm WINNER FOLLOWED BY... FOLLOWEDaBY... ! e k k rao NEW MENU!!!


PRizEs FOR thE BEst singER!




Members and bonafide guests in the company of a member are welcome. Only financial members may purchase from the bottleshop.

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14 - 20 May 2014

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