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Residents told ‘not to panic’ in wake of possible refinery closure By MARJO HALLOWELL THERE have been calls for calm as Pacific Aluminium last week announced a strategic review of the Gove bauxite mine and alumina refinery in Nhulunbuy, indicating they could consider closing down the plant in the new year until economic conditions improve. The company faces challenging global market conditions, particularly related to high fuel-oil prices and exchange rates and a low alumina price, and is looking for definitive answers from both Territory and Federal Governments regarding gas supply to the region. Pacific Aluminium Chief Executive Officer Sandeep Biswas and Chief Operating Officer Duncan Hedditch held a number of meetings last Wednesday with employee groups, management teams, contractors, business operators and Traditional Owners in a bid to show transparency of what the company was planning. Pacific Aluminium continues to work closely with the Northern Territory Government and the Federal Government to explore options that would enable the refinery to use gas as a lower-cost source of energy, instead of heavy fuel oil. A review of operations, expected to be completed by January, will assess the timing and cost of gas delivery to Gove and conversion of the refinery to gas. Converting the refinery to competitively priced gas would significantly improve the Gove Operation’s financial position and help underpin the long-term operating life of the refinery. Other aspects of the review will look at the potential suspension of refinery operations until economic conditions improve and the opportunity to increase bauxite mining and export. Mr Biswas said: “Gove alumina refinery has made significant business improvements over the past 12 months with the full support of its workforce. This has enabled the refinery to achieve its bestever production volumes and significant reductions in unit costs. Continued Page 2 >>

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Failure is not an option: Mills CONTINGENCY plans would need to be worked out if the Pacfic Aluminium refinery in Gove were to shut as an outcome of a review they are undertaking, however, the Northern Territory Chief Minister is pushing for gas to Gove. Chief Minister Terry Mills (pictured) told the Arafura Times failure was not an option. Mr Mills said The Territory Government is prepared to put some gas into the equation, but they needed additional supplies to ensure a 10 years’ supply to the region. “We will leave no stone

unturned in our search for a solution,” he said. “There is an enormous amount of exploration for gas and the demand from Gove has seen Santos boring 20 more holes in their search for gas for this deal. “We are looking at deals with gas suppliers Eni (Australia) and Santos to provide the gas needed to ensure a continuing supply, and they are both working hard to being able to provide an adequate quantity. “The supply we have from Blacktip and from Central Ausralia is just not enough.

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2 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

Mills said. Mr Mills said he is meeting with Martin Ferguson (Federal Minister for Resources and Energy) this week to further discuss the issue.

Mills ‘must deliver’ on gas-to-Gove pledge JOBS FACT FILE MEMBER for Nhulunbuy Lynne Walker (pictured) has called on Chief Minister Terry Mills to meet immediately with the gas taskforce to find a path forward to deliver gas to Nhulunbuy. Ms Walker is calling on the CLP Government to do everything possible to ensure the future of the Pacific Aluminium operations and the hundreds of jobs associated with it. “Today’s (October 24) announcement of a strategic review of operations on the Gove Peninsula will be a great concern to mine employees,

local residents, businesses and Traditional Owners,” Ms Walker said. “The Chief Minister and the CLP Government must do everything in their capacity to keep the mine open. “In September, Terry Mills said his government would work to secure gas for the mine. “Action needs to be taken now to resolve this as this will impact the livelihood of residents and businesses, as well as service delivery to the region.

“As local member, I will be doing everything in my capacity to ensure the Government does everything to prevent a closure,” Mrs Walker said.

CURRENTLY there are about 850 employees at Pacific Aluminium Gove Operations, according to Pacific Aluminium Chief Executive Officer Sandeep Biswas. This is down on the 900 at the beginning of the year when the company announced it would be cost cutting and not replacing some staff as they left the company. There are about 350 to 400 contractors working at the site and this is down significantly from that at the beginning of the year. Total number of jobs at the mine and plant is in the vicinity of 1200-1300. According the the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population of Nhulunbuy in 2011 was just over 4000. Some 53.2% of the population was male and 46.8% female. ABS reports there were 968 families in Nhulunbuy in 2011.

Tighten belts: Chamber tells businesses BUSINESSES are being urged by the East Arnhem Chamber of Commerce to tighthen their belts and prepare for a rough couple of years. Reacting to the announcement of the review and the options indicated by Pacific Aluminium last week, Chamber chairman David Suter (pictured) said the company called for the community not to panic. “We do urge businesses to all look at their own operating expenses and ways to cut costs within their own business,” he

said. “It has come as a small shock to some businesses and they do not understand the ramifications just yet,” he said. “Some are a little blase. “The end game is going to be that the pipeline issue is resolved. “They need to get themselves more aware of what is happening and ensure they have short and long-term strategies for their own business and should not take the situation for granted. “We don’t want a mass panic.

We need to absorb the situation and progress calmly and rationally. “The Chamber would like to hear from businesses, whether they are members or not, what effect the announcements and possible closure of the plant would have on their businesses. “Factual information is required, not emotional.” Once they have received specific facts they can see what further action needs to be taken. “We will also be approaching Pacific Aluminium to see how

we can help them reduce their costs. Local businesses could provide some cost-effective services,” Mr Suter said.

Call for calm during refinery strategic review << From Page 1

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“We are working hard to secure a sufficient quantity will be available to allow the pipeline deal to proceed.” He said they needed to be able to have a solid business case for the pipeline to commence. Corridor issues are progressing smoothly and things were moving forward. The Chief Minister said: “Pipeline costs would be partially met by the Commonwealth Government and further funded by tariffs - a user-pay model. “An independent gaspowered energy plant for Gove would not be ruled out,” Mr

“Our focus remains on building on the improvements we have made and doing everything we can to make Gove Operations financially viable. However, given the current market and energy price conditions it is prudent that we consider all options. “We recognise this review creates uncertainty for our employees and the many people that depend on Gove Operations for their livelihood. “Pacific Aluminium is mindful of the importance of our operation to the local community and we will be consulting with the Northern Territory and Federal governments, Gove Traditional Owners, the local community, suppliers, employees and customers during this process.” When Arafura Times asked Mr Biswas what the ramifications would be in respect to power and water should the refinery shut down, he said this was all part of the review process and they would have to speak with all stakeholders. He said that once the pipeline started it would take about three years to complete although, if there were any dry wet seasons,

this time frame could be reduced by about 12 months. “We received environmental work permits within two days and hope to start this work in November,” he said. “Consultations with Traditional Owners are also starting,” Mr Biswas said. “Gas is abundant in the Territory and we need the NT Government to give the go-ahead to release the gas. We are continuing to advance commercial negotiations with potential COO Duncan Hedditch and CEO Sandeep Biswas in gas suppliers. “We can’t continue to operate Gove last week. with Traditional Owners and the pipeline would with losses and the supply of gas is a also create a more-viable energy source for the long-term solution. “Part of the short-term solution will be communities along the way. “Gove is a tight community and know the looking at selling more bauxite. We can do this company is struggling. People are grown-ups while still operating the plant and work towards and mature and asked many perceptive questions a break-even situation,” If the decision was made to temporarily at the meetings. “There is a general understanding of what suspend operations of the plant, Mr Biswas said needs to be done and they will all do their best. that process could take up to 12 months. “The strong community team spirit in Gove “A good shut down would ensure an easier will stand us in good stead and there was a good start up when conditions improved,” he said. feeling among the staff.” Mr Biswas said they were in negotiations


Not a time to ‘wait and see’ COMPLACENCY and a “wait and see” attitude are not what the businesses and organisations in Gove are planning. They are facing a real threat that the town in which they live, may be reduced by more than half if Pacific Aluminium goes ahead with the option of closing down the refinery as part of their review process. The company announced last Wednesday they would be reviewing their options (see story on Page 1) and, by Friday, a meeting was called to see what those options would mean for the community. Concerns were raised by many that their businesses would struggle, if not fail, should the closure of the plant be the option taken. Not only would it be the employees at the plant, and contractors, but also their families who would be forced to leave town. Worst-case scenario could see more than 1000 employees at the plant facing an uncertain future. Given that, in some instances, both husband and wife work for the company if would see

many families leave. Even for those whose spouse is employed elsewhere in town, they too could be forced to leave their jobs, leave town or even leave the Territory altogether. It was suggested some 2000-2500 people could leave town, reducing the population by more than half as with the loss of employees at the plant businesses would also need to reduce their staffing and services and it was questioned what effect it would have on the transport industry. Would the services to the town stay in place or would they too be drastically reduced? With such an exodus there was little doubt among those present at the meeting that the likes of schools, hospital, social services and the like would all be cut because of the waning population. The meeting was called together and chaired by Klaus Helms (pictured right). Concerns about essential basic services such as power and water were raised. If the plant closed what would be the

Uncertainty in region

implications for the the supply of those? Mr Helms said: “We needed to address these issues head on. “The company is ruled by shareholders.They will be making a business decision for the benefit of shareholders, not what is best for the population in the town,” he said. “We need to rely on ourselves, not on companies. It will be a bleak picture if it goes the other way (plant closure).” He called for a rational, factual approach to the problems being faced not only by the town but also the region. “If we don’t say and do something now we have no hope once the decision is made.” The group has decided to meet again next week to see what the options are and what actions they may need to take.

REGIONAL Development Australia (RDA)-Arnhem Land committee representative Denise Fincham says the committee is certainly aware of the uncertainty around the future of the Pacific Aluminium Gove refinery operation and the impact this uncertainty is having on our region. “Both the Australian and NT Governments have advised that are working with Pacific Aluminium to assist in securing gas as an energy source for the refinery. “Whilst the region awaits the outcome of the review of the Gove operation, local businesses and residents are unable to plan for the future and are reluctant to invest. “There are concerns about future job prospects across the region as Pacific Aluminium is its major industry and the operation impacts on the entire local economy. “RDA Australia looks forward to the January, 2013, announcement and a positive outcome of the review.” RDA is a partnership between the Australian and NT Governments and focuses on issues regarding economic development throughout Australia.

Gove Operations must remain operational: AWU PACIFIC Aluminium’s (Rio) Gove bauxite mine and alumina refinery are vital economic assets and critical parts of Australia’s aluminium supply chain that must remain fully operational, according to the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU). Pacific Aluminium announced it would conduct a review of the Gove operations, placing the future of both the mine and refinery under a cloud. AWU National Secretary Paul Howes (pictured) said Rio was responding to short-term economic pressures when the long-term fun-

damentals for the aluminium sector were strong. “The Australian aluminium sector has been built on our competitive advantages in the supply of bauxite and competitive energy. “In recent years, however, the sector has been shaken by the perfect storm of low international prices and the sustained high value of Australian dollar. “It’s vital that the sector maintains production through this difficult period. “As a significant supplier of both

the raw material bauxite, and the refined product alumina, Gove is a crucial piece of economic infrastructure for the whole sector.” Paul Howes said the mine and refinery underpinned the entire economy of the East Arnhem Land region. “The refinery employs round 1500 people on Aboriginal land in Nhulunbuy - a town that only has a population of 3800. “Shutting down the refinery would decimate the regional economy and put hundreds, if not thousands of families in financial hardship.

Broadbent ‘very fearful’ of current economic conditions in the region TIM Broadbent (right) from East Arnhem Trading Company said he was very fearful of the current economic condition of our region. “As it stands currently, the impact of the uncertainty has hit all aspect of our business including Yirrkala and Baniyala,” Mr Broadbent said. “People are not spending on not only discretionary but necessities. “One main area of concern is how long can small business hold out for? “What impacts will there be on local employment outside of Pac Al? “From a local business perspective, the current impacts are the reduction of staffing in my case by eight in the last two weeks, and reduction on overheads and purchases of stock.

“It’s not getting any easier when on top of this current problem of a shrinking town and economy, freight costs are going up by 7.6 per cent in some cases. “I, like many small businesses, don’t want to see this place go down the gurgler. “I don’t think pointing fingers at Pac Al and others within our region is going to fix the problem. “We are going to have to try hard to keep a positive outlook and hope we all can ride out the storm. “We also need to realise it is not just isolated to Nhulunbuy. “There are many other mining towns around Australia going through exactly the same thing we are here. “I think it would be good timing for the new Territory Government to look at this town and region and

“The social and economic implications of closing down the Gove operation would be extremely serious. “It’s important that Rio works closely with the Territory and Federal governments, and with unions, to use this review process to secure the long-term viability of the operation. “This should include the conversion of the refinery from diesel to gas power, and measures to ensure that domestic manufacturers can have access to competitively prices natural gas.” The AWU is currently seeking

meetings with Rio Tinto and Federal and Territory Governments to work towards securing the future of the refinery.


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start offering some assistance or direction. “We are not a small community, we are the fourth largest town in the Territory.”

Nhulunbuy South Industrial Area

Difficult to make any plans for the future

Pacific Aluminium will be carrying out essential maintenance to the

GENERAL manager at The Arnhem Club Nigel Baker (right) said any possible suspension of production at the plant would have a serious knock-on effect throughout the region. “Until we know what is happening it is hard for us, and, any other business, to make any plans for the future,” Mr Baker said.

circumstances the power outage may be cancelled without notice.

“As it is we have made several cuts already to try to make savings. “With the general feeling of uncertainty patrons have already tightened their spending habits. It will be an interesting lead up towards Christmas,” he said. Meanwhile, President of the Gove Country Golf Club Denise Fincham

said she could advise that the club is in the same position as all other local businesses. “It is ‘hold the business steady’ until there is an outcome of the Pacific Aluminium review at which time we will revisit our business plan and determine which strategies to implement in the best interests of

electricity network during this planned outage. The power may be restored earlier if possible so always treat it as being live. Due to unforeseen

Brenden Marchesi Acting High Voltage Supervisor - Town Ph 8987 5868

the organisation and its members,” she said.

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New commander in Gove for family By MARJO HALLOWELL FAMILY links is just one of the contributing factors for the commander-to-be of Nhulunbuy NORFORCE to choose to come to the Territory. Currently based in Canberra, Captain Tim Robinson will be promoted to the rank of Major when he takes up his new post in January. He was in Gove last week for a reconnoitre and Major James Cooper-Maitland showed him around the region introducing him to the many contacts he had made during his time in Gove. Major Cooper-Maitland will be leaving Gove at the end of the year after a two-year term in Gove. Captain Robinson’s parents met in Gove in the 1970s when his father was building the plant. “I’d always heard them speak about Gove but had never actually been up here before,” he said. The two officers met on a course in 2008 and Major Cooper-Maitland said the Squadron would be in good hands. He said he was happy to go but sad to be leaving as he had made many strong friendships with the men and women in his command, especially the

Major James Cooper-Maitland (left) introduces Captain Tim Robinson to Gove. Yolngu. His wife’s parents are also While he was here he C a p t a i n R o b i n s o n , 3 0 , familiar with the area working was taken on a grand tour of attended both the Australian with MAF and her grandparents Nhulunbuy, Yirrkala and the Defence Force Academy and are from Elcho Island. surrounding district, including Duntroon. Captain Robinson said he has Gapuwiyak and met a number He has served with the First always been interested in the of community leaders along Battalion in Iraq in 2005 and unique aspects of NORFORCE the way. with the Second Battalion in east and the special history it has. He is looking forward to Timor in 2008 and 2009. The surveillance aspects and spending some time in Gove and He was also an Australian the community engagement are getting an introduction now will Exchange Officer at the military aspects he is looking forward to benefit him when he moves here college in Malaysia. getting involved with. in January.

Record deal for Tamika

THOSE who have been in Gove for a while will be very aware of the musical talents of Tamika Kasper. Tamika, 17, moved to Melbourne so that she could pursue her musical career. Musik and Film and its associated record labels has signed Tamika to an exclusive three-year production, distribution and promotion deal. Musik and Film has retained famed producers Jon Wilkes of the multi-platinum group Red Jump Suit Apparatus along with Terry Nails, of Ozzy Osbourne, and Stephen Wrench to produce “Mikas” first EP. The EP will consist of all original songs composed by “Mika”. Production is slated to begin in November. The EP will be released to the world in January, 2013. It will be released digitally by The Orchard with 7000 retail outlets 243 countries and worldwide physical distribution will be done by Sony. Jon Wilkes, of Red Jump Suit Apparatus, said: “ I recently finished the Warped Tour and know if Mika was on this tour she would have been overwhelmingly received. Mika has a great voice and delivery and is sure to become a international success.” Terry Nails said: “What a voice, she reminds me of Alanis Morrisette” Stephen Wrench, CEO of Musik and Film, commented: “We know what Musik and Film has in Mika, a great voice, a great songwriter and potential superstar at 17 years old - wow!” Musik and Film will highly publicise the release and push all five songs on the EP to radio in 60 countries.

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31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

N. T. arts grants applications to close soon THE Northern Territory Government is offering $200,000 in grants to Territory artists, art groups, and community organisations. Minister for Arts and Museums Matt Conlan said the Northern Territory Arts Grants Program (AGP) aims to increase the number of Territorians participating in the arts. “The program provides community members with funds to develop their skills and promote their work. “The grants are available to support initiatives that further the vision of exploring, expressing and showcasing Northern Territory identity through arts and culture. “The most-recent project round saw 18 successful applicants from

a diverse range of arts backgrounds including dance, literature, visual arts and music. “I congratulate the grant recipients from the previous project round and I am confident the financial support will greatly assist the terrific work they are doing. “I encourage people from all arts backgrounds to apply for the available grants.” Applicants are encouraged to apply online for the AGP Project Round 2 from October 17 with applications due by November 14 . For further information on the AGP Project Round grants visit http://


Goyder crossing bridge works to start in November WORKS on the Goyder River bridge, expected to start in November and be completed by February, 2014, will reduce the average wet-season road closures at the crossing from four months to one or two weeks. A Territory-based company has been awarded the $18.8 million contract for the construction of a bridge and roadwork for the Goyder River. Norbuilt Pty Ltd was announced as the successful contractor by Minister for Infrastructure Adam Giles last week. Mr Adam Giles said the Arnhem Land project has been developed following extensive stakeholder negotiations and assistance from traditional owners. “The works will improve access for the

Indigenous communities along the Central Arnhem Road and improve access for transport operators who service the regional centre of Nhulunbuy and the major remote town of Gapuwiyak,” Mr Giles said. The project, which is fully funded by the Australian Government, will include construction of a 14.4km long gravel road, including three, new single-lane bridges to cross the Goyder River floodplain. “Fifty people will be employed during construction, including five apprentices and eight Indigenous workers, who will receive on the job training towards attaining certificate level qualifications,” Mr Giles said. PHOTO: Crossing the Goyder River like this will be a thing of the past with new bridges.

Taser gun is used on knife-wielding man NHULUNBUY Police used their taser gun in town for the first time on Friday afternoon. Three officers were looking for a man who had threatened self harm and located him at Westall Street near the walkway through Endeavour Square at 4.30pm. Police spoke to the man who behaved erratically and was angry and yelling at them. He allegedly told police he would stab them and put his hand in his pocket and produced a 15mm knife. Police demanded he drop the weapon and repeated the instructions a number of times. When he failed to drop the weapon one of the officers fired a taser gun at the man which immediately incapacitated the offender. He was taken into custody and the ambulance called. St John Ambulance assessed his mental state and took him to Gove District Hospital where he remained under Police guard . He was sectioned and removed to Darwin for further evaluation and treatment. Officer-in-Charge of Nhulunbuy Police Brendan Muldoon commended his officers for their courageous actions against the armed man. “There was a lot of pedestrian traffic in Endeavour Square at that time on a Friday afternoon and they acted professionally and appropriately to ensure not only their own safety but that of the public,” he said. This was the first time a taser gun has been used by Nhulunbuy Police

Sponsors found for safety signs

IT’S all ahead full steam ahead for the East Arnhem Remote Safety group as sponsorship has been secured for five signs promoting safety across the East Arnhem region. The Gumatj Corporation offered $3000 of the $5000 needed with YBE, Gove Tackle and Outdoor, Pacific Aluminium and Nhulunbuy Corporation Limted all contributing $500 each. The signs will alert those heading out onto the water what they are legally required to carry to ensure their own safety. The signs will be erected at the boat ramp, the Gove Boat Club, Catalina, Yirrkala and Dhalawuy Bay by Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation and YBE. Signs will remind those going out: To have left information with others as to where they intend to go; to have appropriate safety equipment; information about the emergency channels; and the importance of filling out trip sheets. These sheets will contain information about how many people on board vessels and also likely spots they intend to visit or fish at. Police said emergency services could access the trip sheets in the event of vessels not returning when expected. Senior Sergeant Brendan Muldoon said: “The information on the trip sheets would be invaluable to emergency services when they were called out to look for missing vessels and occupants. It is a big ocean out there and if we at least have an idea of what direction to look in it will expedite any searches we need to undertake. “There have been a number of search and rescues over the last 12 months and the boards will also indicate the number of rescued per calendar year,” he said. Messages will be changed on a regular basis to keep the information up to date courtesy of Gils Graphics. As well as the boards there will also be a emergency frequency recording station which has been funded by the Nhulunbuy Rotary Club. This is due to be operational within the next few weeks.

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Manager appointed for Trust A STATUTORY Manager has been appointed to take charge of the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust following an extensive investigation by the Northern Territory Department of Business into allegations of mismanagement and misuse of funds. The investigation began on April 3, when the Department of Business became aware of potential irregularities. A preliminary investigation was conducted which in turn triggered a full investigation into the management of the trust. The trust was placed into statutory management.

The alleged breaches date back to May, 2011. Bruce Taylor, of NT Administration Services, will take control of the organisation as statutory manager. He has extensive experience in governance, education management and business administration. Minister for Business Peter Chandler said the manager would work closely with the membership of the trust. “He will put in place business practices to prevent a reoccurrence of these issues,” Mr Chandler said. The investigation report is expected to be referred to police.

Improving health in the Northern Territory position

Early morning view from a fiery Uluru Ranger Angela Teasdale took this photograph of Uluru at about 3.30am last Thursday from the sunrise viewing area. ULURU rangers last week fought fires caused by a lightning strike. The rangers concentrated their efforts on fires near Kata Tjuta in the west of the park and in the borefields in the northern However, of concern, The report, Breast park of the park. Cooler SURVIVAL rates for breast cancer nationally is that some population cancer in Australia: an temperatures last Thursday are improving, however, groups in Australia have overview, shows the assisted crews. Rangers closed Kata 37 Australian women are lower survival than oth- number of new breast Tjuta Road last Wednes- diagnosed with breast ers, such as women living cancer cases more than day for public safety cancer each day, ac- in remote and very remote doubled from around reasons, but the rest of cording to a report by areas of Australia, those 5300 to 13,600 cases the park remained open, the Australian Institute living in lower socio- between 1982 and 2008. Nhulunbuy Breast Kata Tjuta Road was of Health and Welfare economic areas, and reopened the public again (AIHW) and Cancer Aboriginal and Torres Care nurse Linda AlexAustralia. Strait Islander women. ander (pictured right) last Thursday. said she thought we do very well here in East Arnhem Region with NT BreastScreen coming to Gove every year with the portable digital equipment to perform mammogram screening. “However, education is still very important, educating ladies to perform self examination monthly as there are some types of breast cancers that Nominations now open are not picked up by mammogram alone. The Aboriginal Health Worker Excellence Awards celebrate “We are very lucky the attributes of Aboriginal Health Workers. Exemplary to have the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre in standards of professional practice and a commitment to Darwin (which opened advancing the role of the health worker are demonstrated two years ago). The staff time and again. The standing of Aboriginal Health Workers at this centre, both mediin the community is of crucial importance to delivery of cal staff and nursing staff health services and it is acknowledged that many will be are highly qualified. role models in their community. Aboriginal Health Workers “Travel to Darwin strive to promote and deliver quality primary healthcare. for treatment is covered by the Patient Assistance Please nominate an Aboriginal Health Worker in one of the Travel Scheme (PATS). following categories: This covers the airfares and a percentage of the Remote • Urban • Specialised • New Practitioner accommodation costs. Ladies can stay at Barbara James House in To obtain a nomination form, or for more information, Darwin of which the cost visit, call 8922 7033, is fully covered by PATS. or email There is a bus service from Barbara James Nominations close Friday 16 November 2012. House to AWCCC daily and meals are provided. “In the past, ladies requiring radiotherapy had to travel interstate. This did result in some ladies deciding not to have radiotherapy treatment or to have alternative treatment eg: further

MINISTER for Health David Tollner has announced Ms Jennifer Prince will take up a special projects advisory role. Mr Tollner said Ms Prince will provide strategic advice on how to improve the delivery of health and hospital services in the Northern Territory. “Ms Prince has held several senior positions, including Chief Executive of Northern Territory Treasury, and has extensive policy, budget and fiscal management experience,” Mr Tollner said.

37 women a day still being diagnosed with breast cancer

2012 Aboriginal Health Worker Excellence Awards

6 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

However, education is still very important, educating ladies to perform self examination monthly as there are some types of breast cancers that are not picked up by mammogram alone. Linda Alexander surgery, as they did not wish to be away from their families for up to six weeks at a time. “ Tr e a t m e n t c o s t s (chemotherapy and radio-oncology) are via the public system so no cost is incurred by the ladies and this is a huge bonus for ladies living rural and remote.” AIHW spokesperson Anne Bech said there was a sharp increase in the incidence rate of breast cancer between 1990 and 1995, after which the rate has been stable. The sharp increase in the incidence rate in the early 1990’s was most likely due to the introduction of the national breast cancer screening program in 1991.” Breast cancer is the most-common cancer in

Australian women and the majority of cases (69 per cent) are diagnosed in women aged 40-69. “The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is expected to rise in the future due to the ageing population. Our projections indicate that in 2020 about 17,200 new breast cancers will be diagnosed in Australia. “This would equate to 47 women being diagnosed every day,” Ms Bech said. “ I m p o r t a n t l y, t h e report also shows that survival from breast cancer continues to improve in Australia, with these improvements due to both earlier diagnosis and better treatments,” Cancer Australia CEO Dr Helen Zorbas said. Between the periods

1982-1987 and 20062010, five-year relative survival from breast cancer increased from 72 per cent to 89 per cent. “The report also shows that women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia have better survival prospects compared with women in most other countries and regions,” Dr Zorbas said. Around 2700 women died from breast cancer in 2007 making it the second most-common cause of cancer-related death for Australian women. “Although survival rates are improving, the impact on the lives of Australian women is high with seven women still dying each day from breast cancer,” Dr Zorbas said.

R OU ls start AY a D i c ES spe




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NOVEMBER Thu 1 - Sun 4. ACSSO Conference - Darwin. Sat 3. COSGO Conference. Sun 4. Nhulunbuy Motor Cycle Club - MX coaching clinic - 8am to noon. Sun 4. Inflatable up at the Gove Aquatic Centre from 2pm - 5pm. Tue 6. Melbourne Cup Lunch at the Gove Country Golf Club. Fri 9 - Sun 11. Major Tourism Summit - Mulwat with George Negas as Keynote speaker. Fri 9 - Fri 16. XXXX Gold Gove Game Classic Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club - Contact Sat 10. CrossFit Lat12 Event Tri 1. 600 swim/20km Bike/5km run; Tri 2. 300 swim/10km Bike/2.5km Run. Sat 10. Junior Golf Clinic with visiting Pros - Graham Sheppard & Charlie Earp ($10 Clinic fee/ child) at 8am Sun 11. L J Hooker Junior Golf Open - 8.30am ($10 Comp Fee/child) - Lunch provided with Presentation. Sun 11. Waterslide Day Fundraiser at Gove Country Golf Club 2pm - 5pm. Wed 14. Solar Eclipse. Sat 17. Nhulunbuy Corporation Art and Craft Market - hosted by RSPCA. Sat 17. Presentation Night for the XXXX Gold Gove Game Classic at The Captain Cook Community Centre Clubhouse of the Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club - Contact Sun 18. Junior Golf End of Year party and awards presentation at 10am at the Gove Aquatic Centre (town pool). Sun 18. Inflatable up at the Gove Aquatic Centre from 2pm - 5pm. Wed 21. East Arnhem Training Stakeholders Network meets at 9am at CDU. Sat 24. Nhulunbuy Motor Cycle Club - Working bee - 9am until set up. Sat 24. Businesswomen's Lunch. Sun 25. Nhulunbuy Motor Cycle Club - Junior lap practise and Senior Enduro - 20km circuit - 8am to noon.

DECEMBER Sun 2. Inflatable up at the Gove Aquatic Centre from 2pm - 5pm. Fri 7. Charles Darwin University presentation including presentation of Adrian Wagg Award at the town hall. Sat 8. Nhulunbuy Corporation Art and Craft Market hosted by Gove Squash Club. Sat 8. Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club Members Christmas Party and Annual Awards. Sat 8. CrossFit Lat12 Event - Tri 1 1200 swim/ 40k bike/10k run; Tri 2 300 swim/10k bike/ 2.5k run. Kids Events and CrossFit Lat12 Events after Triathlon. Sun 9. Inflatable up at the Gove Aquatic Centre from 2pm - 5pm. Mon 10. Nhulunbuy Primary School - Christmas Concert. Fri 14. NPS Last day of school.

Community rattled by Pac Al. announcement PACIFIC Aluminium’s announcement last week of a strategic review into the future of the Gove operations has understandably rattled our community with the worst-case scenario of closure being openly discussed. This is why I’ve called on the Chief Minister and the CLP Government to act immediately to find a path forward to deliver gas to Nhulunbuy, and ensure the future of the Gove operations and the many residents and businesses who are reliant on the mine for their livelihood. While there is nothing which can be done to influence global conditions, such as the exchange rate and a stubborn market with low alumina prices, all parties

the Federal Minismust now work ter for Resources together towards the and Energy, Martin objective to secure Ferguson. gas as a cheaper energy source for a However, it is viable and sustaindifficult to understand the priorities able future for the Electoral News of this new governcompany and the by NT Member for Nhulunbuy ment when much of region. LYNNE WALKER It was disappointlast week’s time in ing to see the new CLP Minister parliamentary debates was spent for Mines and Energy take leave defending their decision to scrap from the parliament the day before the banned drinker register and Pacific Aluminium’s announce- the 2500 problem drinkers who ment to attend a primary industries were on it, as well as defend consideration of the return of meeting in New Zealand. I’d have thought matters in the alcohol to ‘dry’ communities and Territory to be far more important full-strength beer to the handful and the first plane he should of community clubs which do not be catching is one directly to serve it for good reason. I certainly do not deny IndigCanberra to meet with and lobby

enous Territorians their right to consume alcohol and make their own decisions, but knowing so many communities are ‘dry’ because their leaders request it, and hearing Minister Alison Anderson state on the record that, if they were asked about reintroduction of alcohol (or heavy beer), then “99.9 per cent would say no”, then you have to ask, so why are we having this conversation? I’m in Darwin again this week for parliament, and look forward to returning home on Friday evening. As always, my office remains open in my absences and my electorate officer, Karen Cislowski, is available to field inquiries from constituents.

ELF founder to visit Gove next week A PERSONALISED learning expert will be working with educational leaders, teachers and parents from across Arnhem Land next week Life Foundations (ELF) founding director Kathy Walker (pictured) will be in Nhulunbuy between November 6-10. Ms Walker will speak to the community about important issues including school readiness and transition, learning through play, personalised learning and proactive parenting. Her visit to the Territory will conclude with a booked-out, two-day professional development training session in

Darwin. Ms Walker is one o f A u s t r a l i a ’s l e a d ing curriculum and teaching experts in personalised learning, and is the designer of play-based curriculum the “Walker Learning Approach” which is implemented in schools nationally and internationally. Her approach has resulted in significant increases in oral language, literacy and numeracy data for children across the Territory. Schools implementing the approach have documented substantial improvements in school attendance and punctuality and overall higher levels of student

Wild About Gove is an opportunity for our readers to share the magic that is Gove. Faye Brooks-Jones captured the sunset over East Woody from Wirruwuy recently. All photos remain the copyright of the photographer. Images can be sent to editor@ with a brief description of where and when they were taken.

engagement. “The Walker Learning Approach emphasises a need for both explicit teaching instruction of literacy and numeracy alongside personalised, exciting and authentic learning opportunities for children through active, hands-on investigations,” Ms Walker said. ELF Chief Executive Officer Dr Shona Bass said: “It is the first and only major Australianbased total and holistic teaching and learning pedagogy to be designed and researched. “It is one of the few teaching and learning approaches that is developmentally and

culturally appropriate and authentically personalises learning for all children no matter; who they are, where they have come from, where they live or what their needs are,” said Dr Bass. ELF is a national organisation that works in education consulting, parenting and research both in Australia and internationally. It is committed to working with parents and other organisations to provide an independent voice to the community about children’s education and wellbeing. M s Wa l k e r w a s nominated in 2012 for Australian of the Year

and has won many awards and Fellowships throughout her career. She is a Fellow of the Australian Educational Leaders ans a lead author with Penguin Publishing and the Australian Council of Educational Research with her texts Ready Set Go, Parenting, What’s the Hurry, Play Matters and Engagement Matters. Her latest book Future Proofing Your Children is due for release through Penguin publishing early

Wild About Gove

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Nhulunbuy commended as Smart School NHULUNBUY Primary School (NPS) has been recognised at the Northern Territory Government’s Smart Schools Awards. The awards were held in Darwin on October 20 and NPS was a finalist in the ‘Excellence in Student Inclusion, Wellbeing and Special Needs’ category. Their submission and presentation focused on the development of two facilities in the school to cater for a diversity of special education needs; The Learning Centre and The Literacy Foundation Centre. Six staff members and Principal Matt Watson travelled to Darwin to make their final presentation.

On the night the NPS was highly commended with prize money of $5000. Darwin Middle School was the winning school. There were eight categories and three finalists in each category. Schools in the Arnhem Region were finalists in ‘Excellence in Community Engagement’ (Milyakburra School), ‘Excellence in Innovation in Indigenous Education’ (Angurugu School), Excellence in Early Childhood (Shepherdson College) and ‘Excellence in Improving School Attendance’ (Baniyala School, Gapuwiyak School and Ramingining School).

At the Award presentation : from left to right: Donna Leahy, Dolina Dyson, Glenda Birch, Beverley Hulme, Lisa Evans, Matt Watson (Principal) and Aylsa Mitchell.

Six students get on-the-job experience PACIFIC Aluminium, Arnhem Learning Educational Regional Training (ALERT) recently hosted a two-week, work-experience opportunity for six young people undertaking the 2012 Defence Indigenous Development Program (DIDP). The DIDP is a program provided through partnerships between the Department of Defence, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and the Northern Territory Department of Education and Training (DET). The seven-month program provides

young remote indigenous Australian adults with the education, training, life skills, confidence and discipline to secure and sustain continuous employment of their choice and to become role models within their communities. The six participants who attended ALERT are interested in a career in the mining sector and were provided with an in-depth understanding of Pacific Aluminium Gove Operations Health, Safety and Environment standards and procedures. and were able to put these learned skills to test while undertaking practical work-based tasks at the ALERT

facility and the Nhulunbuy golf course. ALERT staff gave the participants the opportunity to experience what it would be like working at the refinery through interactive tours of production areas. During the two-week period the participants were introduced to regional employer groups to discuss potential employment opportunities. At completion of the program toward the end of November, the participants aim to gain full-time employment through contacts made during the program.

Students get a first-hand view of where their futures may take them.

Lynne Walker Member for Nhulunbuy Electorate Office: Arnhem House Endeavour Square, Nhulunbuy, NT 0880 Office hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm • 2pm – 4.30pm Appointments outside these hours by arrangement Postal Address: PO Box 1021, Nhulunbuy, NT 0881 Email: Phone: 08 8987 0125 Fax: 08 8987 2388

Visiting students with ALERT.

Second-year medical students visit Gove SECOND-year medical students have been in Gove to get some first-hand knowledge on remote medicine. The four students from Flinders University went out to the communities, spent a day at Miwatj Health and spoke to the Nhulunbuy Rotary Club, arrived on Monday and went back to Darwin on Friday. The week was a welcome diversion from their intense studies and was an insight into the challenges they could face once they complete their four years of study. The students were Darren Jewell, Briony Willcocks, Francesca Gagliardo and Claire Kappel. They are four of the group of 24 in the new medical program in Darwin. Mr Jewell, who has come to medicine as a mature-age student said he started studying in Townsville and knows he is on a long journey. “We need to address medical problems in our own backyard first, : he said. He said he was no stranger to remote areas as he was working in IT and was often asked if he was the M.O. when he got off the plane. Noting the need for more doctors he decided to have a career change and is now a full-time student

Second-year medical students with Nhulunbuy Rotary members at the meeting last week. and wants to specialise in cardiology Perth and then worked in Alice Springs once he completes his initial four years. as a nurse. She decided to apply for the Fellow student Briony Willcocks new course so she can assist vulnerable said she first studied general science patients at a higher level. and started as a volunteer at a micro lab Francesca Gagliardo first studied before being offered a permanent job biomedical science. When this course and working there for 10 years. was offered in Darwin she applied as “We should see people who were it seemed a natural progression for her. really sick but never actually see the All agreed that many students from patients and only knew then as names cities had no idea of the challenges faced with conditions. I was looking for in remote medicine. something else so applied for a job in All four had a history of association Dili and applied for this course at the with the needs of people in remote same time. This is a real challenge but communities and were looking forward very rewarding,” she said. to staying in the Territory to be able to Claire Kappel was originally from practice once they had qualified.

Working for you

Dr N. Lewis | Dr W.L. Wong | Dr D. Gordon | Dr K. Babu

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PHOTOS: MARJO HALLOWELL Halloween came a little early for the youngsters in Nhulunbuy. The Nhulunbuy Community Toy Library had organised a Trunk or Treat with additional activites on Saturday afternoon. Children got to take part in the Halloween fun of trick or treating in the safety of the closed car park. There were lots of loot bag and a sausage sizzle.

Matilda Rossiter and MIa Collins.

Max and Chantelle Jamieson.

Two little princesses - Elina and Atlanta Maxhuni.

Flynn Cusiak - a cute little devil.

Harry Windsor as spiderman. Sophie Milne enjoying the treats.

Bo Attersee, 2.

Ziona Oracion.

Evie Rossiter happy bumble bee.

Aliyah and Bailey Slatter.

Oscar Cusiak.

Lani McDonald has spiders in her hair.

Shayla Schofield ready to dance a hula.

Anthony Ridolfi.

Megan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dwyer.

Ethan Dowzard eyeing eyeballs.

BELOW: Sam Hewitt and Dean Pierce with a decorated car boot.

LEFT: Molly Milne. CENTRE: William and Ethan Macgrath and Makaylia and Georgia Ravlich. RIGHT: Jayde, Analyn and Caleb Hughes.

10 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY LAST Friday was World Teachers’ Day and in Gove about 100 teachers gathered at the Gove Country Golf Club to celebrate. A number of teachers were recognised with awards for the region. Support Staff Member of the Year was presented to Louisa Amagula from Angurugu School. Other nominees were Len Britton, from Nhulunbuy High


School (NHS), and Sonia Munyarryun, from Yirrkala Homelands School. Excellence in Teaching or Leadership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education was presented to Kirsten Morey, from Milyakburra School. Other nominees for the region included :Tara Canobie, from NHS; Wendy Ellis, from Baniyala Garrangali;

Eirini and Charly Mbouti and Jen Ryan all from Yirrkala.

Bryan Hughes, from Shepherdson College; Kristina Lloyd, from Angurugu; Kirsten Morey, from Milyakburra; Christopher O’Neill, from Gapuwiyak; and Claire Rafferty, from Yirrkala Homelands. Primary Teacher of the Year Award went to Melia Daw, from Angurugu. Nominees were Natalie Ferguson and Jessica McCaul, from Nhulunbuy

Primary School. Secondary Teacher of the Year Award was awarded to Jackie Fatnowna, from Gapuwiyak, with Cassandra Dukyers, from NHS, also nominated. Haidee Dentith, from Yirrkala Homelands School, was presented the Primary Principal of the Year Award with nominees including Kirsten Morey, from Milyakburra, and Matt

Watson, from NPS. Secondary Principal of the Year Award went to Bryan Hughes. from Shepherdson College. Early Childhood Teacher of the Year went to Alison Thomas, from NPS. Nominees were Kate Carr, from Umbakumba; Leah Chynoweth, from Milyakburra; and Emma Curry, from Yirrkala .

Brendan Flynn, Jackson Clayton and Bianca Raby all from Gapuwiyak.

ABOVE: Matt Watson and Haidee Dentith winner of the Primary Principal Award. BELOW: Winner of the award for Early Childhood Teacher, Alison Thomas from NPS.

ABOVE LEFT: Vivien Johnson, Gayle Chamberlain, Robyn Beecham and Joyce McKay. ABOVE: RIGHT: Yurraynga Yunupingu, Dhalulu Stubbs and Ross Wheatley.

ABOVE: Beverly Hulme and Lynne Walker. LEFT: During the presentaion at the Golf Club. BELOW LEFT: Kaz Hill and Jenny Heath. BELOW CENTRE: Tiffany Wilks and Rachael Blundell. BELOW RIGHT: Executive Director of Arnhem, Palmerston and Rural regions Marion Guppy with Frank Green from NHS.

Sue Clark, Dahna McMahon and Kate Smith.

Nominees Tara Canobie, Len Britton and Cassie Duykers.

Denise Marrable and Chris Parfitt.

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6:00 Saturday Disney 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival 5:00 Creek To Coast 5:30 Queensland Weekender 6:00 Seven News 6:30 TBA 8:15 TBA 11:30 Movie: “Red Dragon” (AV)- Ex-FBI agent Will Graham is an expert investigator who quit the Bureau after almost losing his life in the process of capturing the elusive Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Years later, after a series of particularly grisly murders, Graham reluctantly agrees to come out of retirement and assist in a mysterious case. But he soon realises that the best way to catch this killer, known as the Tooth Fairy, is to find a way to get inside the killer’s mind. 1:35 Special: Dreamtime, Eyre And Lightning - In this fascinating special, Scott Lambert visits ‘Corner Country’ where Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia meet. 2:35 House Calls To The Rescue 3:30 It Is Written Oceania 4:00 Home Shopping 5:00 Beyond Tomorrow

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5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 1:30 Two Rembrandts In The Garden 2:30 One Of The Lucky Ones 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Greece 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita 8:00 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 2 8:30 Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket: Meatballs 9:35 One Born Every Minute 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 Scarlet Road - A Sex Worker’s Journey 12:40 Movie: “Flame And Citron” - (MAV v) The true story of two infamous World War Two resistance fighters, brilliantly presented by director Ole Christian Madsen. During the Nazi occupation, Flame and Citron are assassins in the Danish resistance and target important officials of the Third Reich. However, the game changes when the pair discover that their powerful boss may be using them to settle his own personal scores 2:25 Weatherwatch Overnight

4:00 Rage (MA) 5:00 Rage (PG) 6:00 Rage (G) 6:30 Children’s Programs 9:00 Insiders 10:00 Inside Business 10:30 Offsiders 11:00 Asia Pacific Focus 11:30 Songs Of Praise: Windsor Castle 12:00 Landline 1:00 Gardening Australia 1:30 Travel Oz 2:00 Sinbad 2:45 At The Movies: Short Cuts 3:00 The Australiahn Ballet 50th Gala 5:00 An African Journey With Jonathan Dibley 6:00 Auction Room 6:30 Compass: Divine Women - Part 3 7:00 ABC News 7:30 David Attenborough: Kingdom of Plants: Survival 8:20 The Making Of The Kingdom Of Plants 8:30 Dangerous Remedy 10:15 The Slap: Connie - When Hector tells Connie that he regrets their affair, she tells Richie that Hector raped her. After finding a new love interest she is oblivious to the trouble her lie has created. 11:15 Andrew Olle Lecture: Mark Colvin 12:10 Movie: “All That Jazz” (M l,s,a) - The story of a gifted choreographer whose compulsions, both professionally and personally, lead to his destruction. 2:10 Movie: “Second Chorus” (G) - Showcasing the talents of Fred Astaire, two college musicians battle the odds to rise to the top of their profession and then for the favours of Paulette Goddard. 3:35 Rage

5:30 Bubble Guppies 6:00 Dora The Explorer 6:30 Weekend Today 9:30 Wide World Of Sports 10:30 Australian Fishing Championships 11:00 Danoz Direct 12:00 Cybershack 12:30 Kitchen Whiz 1:00 Lockie Leonard 1:30 Roller Derby X-Treme 2:00 The Middle 2:30 House Husbands 3:30 Getaways European Tour 4:00 TBA 4:30 National News 5:00 Antiques Roadshow 5:30 National News Sunday 6:00 Big Brother 7:00 60 Minutes 8:00 House Husbands 9:00 The Mentalist: War Of The Roses - A murderer Jane helped expose gets a furlough to help the CBI solve a charity worker’s homicide. Meanwhile, Rigsby prepares for fatherhood. 10:00 Person Of Interest: Matsya Nyaya - The Machine’s latest number places Reese undercover with an armoured truck crew, a case that brings back memories of his last CIA mission and painful decisions he was forced to make. 11:00 Southland: Underwater 11:50 What Would You Do? 12:35 Spyforce 1:35 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 2:05 Danoz 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:30 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

6:00 Handy Manny 6:30 Fish Hooks 7:00 Weekend Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show Weekend 11:00 Kochie’s Business Builders 11:30 Outsourced 12:00 The 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival 1:00 Movie: “Anne Of Green Gables - The Continuing Story” 3:00 Seven’s V8 Supercars 2012 The Great Outdoors 5:30 Great South East 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Sunday Night 7:30 Border Security 8:00 Airways 8:30 Bones: The Tiger In The Tale 9:30 Killing Time - Fraser’s infamy following the Walsh Street trial attracts high profile clients including businessman, Alan Bond. Fraser relocates to Perth. When his reliance on cocaine and alcohol escalates, his life begins to unravel. 11:30 Strike Back - Burned by the duplicity of Major Donoghue, Scott and Stonebridge find themselves held captive with the four EU hostages in the wilderness of Kosovo. 12:30 Special: France: Soaring With The Senses 1:30 Room For Improvement 2:00 Home Shopping 3:00 NBC Today 4:00 NBC Meet The Press 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:30 World News 8:30 PopAsia 10:30 FIFA World Cup 2014 Magazine 11:00 UEFA Champions League Magazine 11:30 Speedweek 1:30 Al Jazeera News 2:30 Power Surge 3:30 Inside Nature’s Giants: The Giraffe 4:30 Living Black 5:00 Cycling Central 6:00 Thalassa: Sand Thieves 6:30 World News Australia 7:35 Battle Castle: Malaga 8.30 Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone? 9.30 By The People: The Election Of Barack Obama 11:35 Movie: “Journey From The Fall” (M a,v) - Inspired by the true stories of Vietnamese refugees who fled their country after the fall of Saigon, and those who were forced to stay behind. 1975 marked the end of Vietnam’s civil war and the start of a mass exodus of refugees. In Vietnamese 1:20 Movie: “Keane”(M a,s) - A mentally ill man wanders around Port Authority bus terminal in New York asking strangers if they have seen his missing six-year-old daughter. But is the loss real or imaginary? And is his interest in helping young girls innocent and of a fatherly nature, or is it due to a darker, scarier motive. British actor Damian Lewis gives a brilliant performance opposite rising young star Abigail Breslin. 3:40 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Meteor” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Medical Emergency 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home & Away 7:30 Brynne: My Bedazzled Life 8:00 How I Met Your Mother: The Magician’s Code - Part 2 - On Barney’s future wedding day, when his wife is finally revealed, the gang reminisces about the time they encouraged Ted to follow his heart and go after the one that got away. 8:30 Beauty And The Geek Australia 9:30 The Unbelievable Truth 10:15 Celebrity Juice 11:00 Whitney 11:30 Cougar Town 12:00 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelpia 12:30 Keeping Up With The Kardashians 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

4:15 Movie: “The Challenge”(G) 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Being Italian 10:30 BTN 11:00 Ancient Megastructures 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 The World’s Worst Disasters 1:30 At The Movies 2:00 Secrets Of Shangri-La: Quest For Sacred Caves 3:00 Children’s Programs 4:55 BTN Daily 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Last Of The Summer Wine 6:00 Greatest Cities Of The World With Griff Rhys Jones: Paris 6:50 Miniscule 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Catalyst 8:30 Redfern Now: Family - Grace and Wesley and their family are off on the holiday of a lifetime and the taxi is waiting. Then Grace gets a call from the young son of her mentally ill sister. 9:30 QI: Dogs 10:00 Summer Heights High 10:30 Lateline 11:00 The Business 11:25 TBA 12:25 The Clinic 1:15 Parliament Question Time: The House Of Representatives 2:15 Songs Of Praise: Meet The Musicians 2:40 Rage

4:00 The New Inventors 4:30 Art Nation 5:00 Gardening Australia 5:30 Catalyst 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Landline 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Egypt Unwrapped 1:30 Meerkat Manor 2:00 Auction Room 2:30 Jennifer Byrne Presents 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 6:00 Restoration Man: Church 6:50 Miniscule: Bananas 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:20 Media Watch 9:35 Q & A: A lively interactive discussion hosted by Tony Jones. 10:35 Lateline 11:10 The Business 11:35 The Kennedys 12:20 Movie: “Richard III” (G) - It is the end of the 15th century and soon after Edward VI has been crowned King, his brother Richard starts plotting to obtain the throne. 2:35 Movie: “Dangerous Corner” (PG) - A detective must find missing bonds and evidence to prove his suspect, who committed suicide, is actually guilty. 3:40 Rage

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 12:30 Danoz Direct 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 Extra 3:00 Surprises 3:30 Kitchen Whiz 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 Big Brother 8:00 The Mentalist: Red Dawn - A flashback to when Jane first met Lisbon and the CBI team. 9:00 Person Of Interest: Bury The Lede - Reese is tasked with protecting a reporter, but he must do so on the sly so she doesn’t start investigating him. 10:00 CSI: NY: Get Me Out Of Here! - A fraternity pledge master is found dead in an open grave, and the team soon suspects that one of his pledges may be buried alive in another cemetery in New York City. 11:00 Nikita: Falling Ash 12:00 The Avengers 1:00 Extra 1:30 Danoz 2:30 Newstyle Direct 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “The Return” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Toybox 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away - Tensions are high at the Braxton household with the arrival of Kyle. Sasha tells Casey she thinks she is pregnant. 7:30 The X Factor 8:45 Scandal: Enemy Of The State - After the Amanda Tanner case takes a shocking turn, one-time friends Olivia and Cyrus take heated, opposing viewpoints, and Cyrus tries to help in investigating the personal lives of Olivia and her associates. 9:45 The Amazing Race 10:45 Up All Night 11:15 Suits: High Noon - After weeks of waiting, the votes are cast and the moment of truth is finally at hand: Daniel Hardman is once again managing partner of Pearson Hardman. 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 10 Years Younger 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch and Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Movie: “The Keys To The House” (PG) 3:00 Letters And Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5:00 The Crew 5:30 Global Village: Visions Of Greece 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Mythbusters: Barack Obama Special - President Obama challenges Adam and Jamie to revisit the Archimedes Death Ray myth. This myth suggests that up to 500 people with mirrors can focus the sun’s light enough to set a wooden ship ablaze 8:30 Derren Brown: The System 9:30 This is England ‘86 - With Shaun firmly back with his old gang, life appears good, but trouble is brewing among his friends. With Milky and Woody competing for her affections, Lol returns home to find her father has resurfaced. 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 The World Game 12:00 SOS 1:05 Living Black 1:35 Pizza World Record 2:05 Wilfred 2:35 Weatherwatch Overnight


5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz Direct 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 Extra 3:00 Surprises 3:30 Kitchen Whiz 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 Big Brother 7:30 Big Brother Confidential 8:00 AFP: Australian Federal Police 9:00 CSI: Miami: Rest In Pieces - The “Miami Taunter” kills again, and Horatio visits the matriarch of the suspected killer’s family. 10:00 Australian Families Of Crime: The Killer Couple - David And Catherine Birnie - David and Catherine Birnie were without doubt the most violent couple in Australia’s history - deadly predators who abducted, raped, tortured and brutally murdered four women to satisfy their perverse sexual needs. 11:00 Are You There, Chelsea? Strays 11:30 20/20 12:30 Extra 1:00 Danoz Direct 2:30 Newstyle Direct 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today


4:05 Movie: “Rembrandt” (PG) 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Behind The News 10:25 The Prime Ministers’ National Treasures 10:30 Australia’s Prime Ministers 10:35 My Place 11:00 Big Ideas 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 Q&A 1:30 Compass 2:00 Long Story Short 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 6:00 Time Team 6:50 Miniscule 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foreign Correspondent Presents: The US Presidential Race 9:00 TBA 10:00 First Tuesday Book Club With Jennifer Byrne: November - Jennifer Byrne and team are joined by artist Ben Quilty and author Monica McInerney to discuss Chloe Hooper’s new thriller The Engagement and John Wyndham’s classic work of sciencefiction The Chrysalids. 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:30 Four Corners 12:15 Media Watch 12:30 Movie: “The Last Detail” (M s) 2:15 Basketball: WNBL 3:10 Rage

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz Direct 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 Extra 3:00 Surprises 3:30 Kitchen Whiz 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 Big Brother 7:30 The Big Bang Theory: The Infestation Hypothesis 8:00 The Big Bang Theory: The Extraction Obliteration - A disagreement over a game of Words With Friends endangers Sheldon’s relationship with his science idol Stephen Hawking, while Penny secretly takes a course at a local college. 8:30 2 Broke Girls: And the Candy Manwich 9:00 Two And A Half Men: Ferrets, Attack! 9:30 Mike And Molly: Mike Cheats 10:00 Survivor: Phillipines 11:00 Weeds 11:30 Harry’s Law 12:30 Extra 1:00 Danoz 3:00 Newstyle Direct 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News / 5:00 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival 4:30 Seven News at 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home And Away 7:30 The X Factor 8:45 Winners & Losers: The Whole Truth - “ As Matt and Bec embark on their search for a block of land on which to build their dream home, Bec discovers money is missing from her bank account, and she’s devastated when it comes to light who is behind it. 9:45 Grey’s Anatomy: Beautiful Doom 10:45 Smash: Tech - ‘Bombshell’ moves to Boston. Ivy faces trouble as Derek finds himself drawn even closer to Rebecca, while Karen reaches a turning point, and is torn when she must choose between Dev and the show. 11:40 I Just Want My Pants Back 12:10 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Home Shopping 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch & Music 5:05 World News 1:00 Celtic Thunder: Take Me Home 3:00 Letters and Numbers 3:30 Al Jazeera News 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Greece 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 56 Up 8:30 Insight: Getting Away with Murder - Insight looks at whether the defence of ‘provocation’ is being abused in Australian courts, or whether it is a vital defence for battered spouses. 9:30 Dateline 10:30 World News Australia 11:05 Movie: “Nobody Knows” (M a) - A harrowing, yet gentle observation of young innocence and courage. Four children are sheltered from the outside world when their neglectful mother hides them in a small Tokyo apartment - then leaves. 1:35 Mad Men: The New Girl - Joan finds Don the perfect secretary, and Don finds himself in the middle of issues between TV comedian Jimmy and his wife Bobbie. 2:30 Mad Men: Maidenform - Don and Duck try to bury the hatchet, and Peggy attempts to join in on the execs’ after-hours meetings. Also, Duck receives a family visit at the office. 3:25 Weatherwatch Overnight



4:10 Movie: “HG Wells’ The Man Who Could Work Miracles” 5:30 Eggheads 6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 Business Today 10:00 Children’s Programmes 11:00 Andrew Olle Media Lecture: Mark Colvin 12:00 Midday Report 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Can We Help? 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:00 Children’s Programs 5:00 Eggheads 5:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 6:00 The Restaurant Inspector 6:45 Dream Build: Hill House 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 QI: Endings 8:30 A Moody Christmas: Operation Sex Via The Homeless 9:00 The Chaser: Hamster Wheel 9:30 Red Dwarf: Rimmer receives an SOS distress call from a doomed ship commanded by his all-conquering brother, Howard. But Rimmer can’t bring himself to save Howard until he’s on an equal footing career-wise. 10:00 At The Movies 10:30 Lateline 11:05 The Business 11:35 Very Small Business: Human Resources 12:05 Movie: “Cape Fear” (M v) 1:45 Football: W-League 2:45 Rage

5:30 Today 8:30 Mornings 10:30 National Morning News 11:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show 12:30 Danoz Direct 1:30 Days Of Our Lives 2:30 Extra 3:00 Surprises 3:30 Kitchen Whiz 4:00 National Afternoon News 5:00 Hot Seat 5:30 National News 6:00 A Current Affair 6:30 Big Brother 8:30 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 10:00 Embarrassing Bodies - Dr Christian takes to the stressed-out city of London where nervous rashes and embarrassing ailments are plentiful. The doctors discover just how much stress is connected to sexual impotence with a new nationwide poll of thousands of people. 10:30 Who Do You Think You Are? Helen Hunt 11:30 Eclipse 12:00 Extra 12:30 Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 1:00 Danoz 2:30 Newstyle Direct 3:00 Good Morning America 4:30 National Early Morning News 5:00 Today

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30 Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Breaking The Surface” (M) 2:00 Dr Oz 3:00 Toybox 3:30 Toybox 4:00 It’s Academic 4:30 Seven News At 4.30 5:00 The Price Is Right 5:30 Deal Or No Deal 6:00 Seven News 6:30 Today Tonight 7:00 Home & Away - Jamie acts out after Leah ends things with him and he trashes the diner. Liam tries to find evidence against Jamie. Meanwhile, Romeo and Indi discuss starting a family. 7:30 Highway Patrol 8:00 Surveillance Oz 8:30 Criminal Minds: Run - In tonight’s thrilling season-finale, the BAU team continues to pursue the bank-robbing serial killers. The team determines that the suspects have a bigger target in the nation’s capital and with one of the team still a hostage they must work quickly to diffuse an explosive situation. 9:30 World’s Wildest Police Videos 10:30 Air Crash Investigations 11:30 Parks And Recreation 12:00 Sons And Daughters 1:00 Home Shopping 3:30 10 Years Younger 4:00 NBC Today 5:00 Sunrise Extra / 5:30 Seven Early News

5:00 Weatherwatch And Music 5:05 World News 12:00 World News Australia Special: U.S Election: The Presidential Result 4:00 The Journal 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: Visions of Greece 5:45 Countdown 6:30 World News Australia 7:30 Meet My Wild Friends 8:30 Living with the Amish - In the final episode, the teenagers stay with some Amish rebels who are deciding whether or not to leave the Schwartzentruber church - the strictest and most secretive of all Amish groups. 9:30 Cutting Edge: Al-Qaeda Confidential - This documentary provides a powerful account of the events which led to 9/11. It reveals how Osama Bin Laden ran his terrorist group and sheds light on the consequences of his assassination earlier this year by American Special Forces. 10:30 World News Australia 11:00 Movie: “The Strength of Water” (MA v) - Soon after a mysterious stranger arrives in their isolated town on the rugged coast of New Zealand, 10-year-old twins, Kimi and Melody are forced apart by a tragic accident. Kimi must find the strength to let go of what he loves the most. 12:50 Iron Chef: Sea Urchin 1:40 Iron Chef: Pike Eel 2:30 Weatherwatch Overnight

12 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012


SUDOKU No. 122

Your  Lucky 



 

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

Try not to let financial problems get you down. A word from a friend may help - but you will still have to get the situation under better control. Watch the small change and you will see how you can improve things by the end of the week. Romance. You may become a little annoyed at something which your partner has forgotten to do. Try to be patient: you’re both under a lot of pressure at the moment.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

You could seal a major deal, sign a new contract, or team up for a new venture this week. Expect encouraging news about your finances later in the week. Romance. Try to analyse your feelings; they may not be as unreasonable as you think. This is not the best time to break a promise which you made recently, it is very important that you keep your word.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)


Your luck will be with you this week. A small gamble could lead to a large reward - just make sure that you don’t gamble away your winnings. Romance. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for advice this week. You may find that your ideas are taken a little more seriously than usual at the moment. This could lead to a romantically charged weekend!

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

A new hobby will help to put you in touch with someone that you have not seen for a very long time. Work seems a bit dull at the moment, so put your energies into the hobby. Romance. Make sure that you take advantage of the recent improvement in your social life. Get out and about, especially this weekend.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

Don’t allow your parents to interfere too much in your life; their help could be a little intrusive at times. They mean well, but sometimes you need to do things your own way. Romance. This will be a very good week for romance, provided you don’t lose patience with your partner. Keep your cool and you will see the benefit.

ARIES (March 21st - April 20th)

Don’t ignore a warning by a close friend; this person knows you well enough to understand the dangers. You need to be more cautious than normal at the moment. Romance. At times it may be difficult to reconcile your own needs with those of your partner. You should see this situation improve by the weekend.


TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)

Although you hanker after a holiday, it may be a little while before you have the chance to get away. Try to find a way to make your everyday work more interesting instead this week. Romance. You are in a positive mood at the moment and you’ll find this will help to break down barriers between you and a close friend.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st)

Be careful not to keep on making the same mistake. A different approach will be needed in order to achieve what you are aiming for: be patient and think through what you need to do. Romance. Your emotions will be running very powerfully at the moment. Don’t do anything rash without considering the consequences, and be careful what you say.

For all your printing needs –


CANCER (June 22nd - July 23rd)

A comment from your boss could make you a little self-conscious. Sometimes you can be too hard on yourself: others may have a higher opinion of you than you realise. Romance. The Moon/Uranus Midpoint presently in your sign will mean that you need a little more independence in your life at the moment: you should try a night out on your own this week.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

A change to your daily routine may help to reduce the amount of stress you currently feel under. You will manage to adapt, but it may be a while before you are completely settled. Romance. Emotions could be running high this week and your partner may be a little difficult to handle at the moment: be patient with them.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)


Drive your business. Let not your business drive you. – Benjamin Franklin


A long-standing agreement with a friend may be on the point of breaking down this week. This agreement has its flaws, but it has stood you in good stead. Persevere and you should see signs of improvement by the end of the week. Romance. A friend whom you know from work may be keen on getting to know you better. Keep an open mind: this person will turn out to be more interesting than they first seem.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

This will be a good time to start a new hobby: you may be surprised when you find where this new interest leads you! You’re ready for adventure and this week is a good time to look for it. Romance. Don’t spend too much time making a decision: you need to take the plunge. For once, you can afford to be impulsive.

Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012 – 13





Arafura Times


A B O R I G I N A L C O R P O R AT I O N Miwatj Health is an Aboriginal community controlled primary health care service based in the East Arnhem, Northern Territory. Miwatj Health is fast growing into a leader in Aboriginal Health in the NT, continually seeking to improve the quality of its services. We are currently seeking to fill a casual position of:

RN Renal Nurse to provide support to the Renal Care Coordinator on a day to day basis, with managing the dialysis therapies in the Nurse Assisted Renal Unit located at Yirrkala and Gove District Hospital. A Full Job Description and Selection Criteria can be obtained by contacting the HR Manager on 08 8939 1901 or email: APPLICATIONS WHICH DO NOT ADDRESS THE SELECTION CRITERIA WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED Written applications to: HR Manager, Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation, PO Box 519, Nhulunbuy NT 0881 or by email to Submit applications by no later than close of business on Friday, November 9, 2012. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply

ADVERTISING DEADLINES Box ad bookings: Noon, Fridays before publication Box ad material: 5pm, Fridays before publication Line classifieds: 10am, Monday before publication

Trades & Services

PH: 1300 0880 00 • FAX: 1300 787 248 • EmAil:




Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser. Email your line classified through to ads@arafuratimes. or call 1300 0880 00 and ask for Bec or Shaz.

G arage sale 8 a m , Saturday, November 3, cnr Jasper and Grevillea, plants, baby items, kids stuff, shed stuff and more.

GARAGE SALE Saturday, November 3 from 0800 to 1200 at 5 Myall Close (off Singing Rocks) – exercise machines, clothing, printer, TV, some tools and many more items.


HR / Training Assistant


This new role reports directly to the HR and Training Co-ordinator. The successful applicant will be required to undertake a traineeship as a part of this appointment. Duties will include: • General Reception and administration tasks for all HR and Training. • Conducting general office duties including scanning for filing, typing, photocopying, faxing, emailing and archiving as required plus other duties within skill and ability. • Acquittal of invoicing and funding • Assist in the yearly auditing process. • Other administrative duties as required The successful applicant will possess the following qualities: • Computer skills with Word and Excel from MS office suite • Excellent attention to detail • Northern Territory Driver’s Licence with own transport • Good literacy and numeracy skills • Pleasant telephone manner and etiquette. • Maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism • Demonstrate the behaviours outlined in YBE’s Code of Conduct. • Commitment to YBE’s values and statement of purpose. • Display tolerance and respect for cultural differences at all times. • Commitment to the organisational goals of YBE. • Minimum 40hrs per week with flexibility of hours Please note accommodation is not offered with this position. Please send applications by Sunday, November 11, 2012 to: The Human Resources Manager Email: Ph (08) 8987 0900 – Fax (08) 8987 0999

Arafura Sea Charters Pty Ltd T/as North Australian Marine & Security Services * Salvage & towing. * Security services specialising in marine based security packages. * Wharf & jetty construction & repair. * Coastal communitity transfers & freight servicing, specialising in difficult access areas. * Marine consultants & logistical services. * Testing & tagging of electrical equipment Ph: 8987 2056 / 0439 289 938 •

Ship Schedules Toll Marine Logistics Vessel Due in Monday 05/11/12 Freight available for collection after 1pm on Tuesday.

* * * * * * * * *

All mechanical and marine Authorised mercury dealer Air-con servicing and repairs Latest E.F.I. scan tools 4 Mechanics, 3 Hoists Disc brake machining Approved R.W.C. inspections Reliable and efficient Full equipped workshop 1 Buchanon Rd. Industrial Ph: 8987 2280 Fax: 8987 8434


You sAW Us... Our Readers could have Seen YOU! Advertise in the

Arafura Times

Call 1300 0880 00 14 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

Any enquiries please contact our Wharf office on 8987 1482 or the Industrial Estate Depot 8987 2599 Advertise your business in the Trades & Services! Email: ads@ arafuratimes.

Crisis Accommodation Gove (Inc.) 8987 1166 / 0412 317 925 * Woman and Children Family Violence Shelter. * Staff onsite 24 hours-7 days a week. * Children’s worker available Mon-Fri. * Short term and limited offsite accommodation for individuals or families experiencing homelessness. * Emergency Relief Funding Available.

Attention-seeking space seeks like-minded advertiser


Morningside Electrical Specialists in: Electrical and Airconditioning • Installation, • Maintenance and • Service 5 Miller Close Ph: 8987 3666 Fax: 8987 3341 ECL: C2266 RTA: AU19805


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Arafura Times is now offering free classifieds to our East Arnhem Land readers who post their classifieds on the Arafura Times facebook page. You can find us on facebook by searching “Arafura Times”. People wishing to post classifieds on the Arafura Times facebook page should “like” the Arafura Times page before posting. To appear in the Wednesday edition of the Arafura Times, you should post your classified on or before the Sunday evening prior. We will then collate these classifieds from the facebook page first thing Monday morning, for publication in Wednesday’s edition of the newspaper. To avoid problems with classifieds being repeated unnecessarily, each classified will only There are a few terms and conditions for the free classified advertisements. These are:

• Free classifieds are limited to non-business advertisers who are resident in East Arnhem Land. Business advertisers can post on the Arafura Times facebook page, but only if they have paid advertisements in the Arafura Times print edition. Business advertisers who do not comply with this conditions will be removed from the Arafura Times facebook page. • There is a limit of 35 words for each free classified. People wishing to have more than 35 words printed in

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Nhulunbuy BMX Club Inc

Arafura Times on to see extra photos of your friends and family.

SGM Special General Meeting

will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at 7pm, Trackside. All committee positions will be declared vacant. Position descriptions and nomination forms available, via Donna Leahy All interested people welcome!

Arafura Times

Email your classifieds thru to ads@ arafuratimes. or call Shaz on 1300 0880 00






A B O R I G I N A L C O R P O R AT I O N Miwatj Health is an Aboriginal community controlled primary health care service based in the East Arnhem region of the Northern Territory. Miwatj Health is fast growing into a leader in Aboriginal Health in the NT, continually seeking to improve the quality of its services. We are currently seeking to fill two positions, one located at the Ngalkanbuy Health Service at Galiwin’ku and another located at the Yirrkala Health Clinic.

REGISTERED NURSE – PAEDIATRIC, MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH NGALKANBUY REGISTERED NURSE – PAEDIATRIC, MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH YIRRKALA In these positions you will be working collaboratively with patients and clinical teams to provide appropriate multidisciplinary care and services for Aboriginal women and children.

DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE BUILDING Closing 28 Nov 2012 T12-1727 - East Arnhem Region - NEW QTOL ENABLED Nhulunbuy Special Care Centre - Construct Multi Purpose Shed.

(Pre-payment required)

In addition to relevant qualifications, experience working with Aboriginal communities and the ability to provide culturally appropriate support are required. Commitment to working in a team situation with Aboriginal people and the ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients are also essential requirements. These are full time positions with an attractive salary, commensurate with experience. A Job Description and Selection Criteria can be obtained by contacting the HR Officer on 08 8939 1900 or email: ALL APPLICANTS MUST ADDRESS THE SELECTION CRITERIA TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE POSITION Written applications to: HR Manager, Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation, PO Box 519, Nhulunbuy NT 0881 or by email to Submit applications by no later than close of business on Friday, November 23, 2012. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply

Biosecurity Inspectors

Non-Ongoing (Various Positions) $61,586 (Prorata) + Casual Loading DAFF Northern Region, Gove Under supervision and general direction undertake a range of the less complex Biosecurity (quarantine) associated functions including a range of duties across several programs including Import Clearance and Seaports. Provide technical and administrative support to various programs. Undertake on-the-job and formal training requirements. Assess and complete relevant biosecurity documentation and associated records. Work effectively and safely within a team environment.

The majority of this work involves inspecting international vessels therefore, due to operational requirements, it is essential applicants are available to work outside the normal span of hours and will need to be available weekdays and weekends. Further information and details on how to apply for these positions can p:// be located on our website: 30 7829 or 0438 616 955 Contact Shane Negri on 07 4030 Applications close Thursday 14 November 2012

slanders are strongly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders osition. encouraged to apply for this position.

JOHN LESLIE McINNES (Johnno) 08.07.54 – 03.10.12 Always loved – Never forgotten Sincere thanks to everyone (there were so many – it was overwhelming. Johnno must have said at least 500 hellos!) who travelled and attended the celebration of John’s life, said prayers, sent cards or flowers and visited, your efforts were like hands from Heaven holding us up, not just at this time, but over the entire time of John’s illness. He fought a courageous fight and we were all so proud of him. John loved his life in Gove and all the amazing Gove people who became a part of his life. Distance never faded his love for the town and the friendships he formed during his years in Gove. You were all truly valued by him and his children. Don’t forget to take time to remember his message: Just ‘do it’ and spend quality time with those you love. Many thanks. His children Steele, Ren, Ethan and Jordan McInnes. Mother and siblings, Mary McInnes (Snr), Sandra and John Ready, Cheryl and Graham Gilmore, Don and Carolyn McInnes, Mary McInnes, Anne and Tim Kemp and Families.


We, of course, miss him greatly but know that he is in God’s hands and now with his Dad whom you all knew as ‘Jelly Bean’ Jack McInnes. Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012 – 15


go home every nigh t. • Get to he dream work/life balance • Live t lose to beautiful pristine beaches • Live c welcoming family friendly communities • Safe Do you want to be part of a leading global Mining and Resources

We are currently recruiting for:

company that earns worldwide respect for its performance,

• Engineers - Mechanical, Reliability & Electrical • Front Line Supervisors and Superintendents • Planners - Production and Maintenance • Mining Specialists • Senior Managers • Geologists • Powerstation Professionals • Procurement Professionals • Electrical Specialists • HR Manager

Vision and Values and still go home every night? We offer some of the best jobs in the resources industry, while living in some of Australia’s most sought after coastal locations. We are looking for talented people for our West Australia operations. As a global resources leader we are committed to attracting the very best people. Our people are the key to our success and we seek enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference within our business and contribute to our future direction.

Photo: Michael Amendolia

At Alcoa you can have it all


1800 352 352


Nhulunbuy Community Toy Library AGM Saturday, November 3, 10am at Toy Library, Captain Cook Community Centre

If you wish to have a confidential discussion about any of the above roles please forward your CV to or visit our website for more information.

• All positions will be declared vacant • We encourage all members to attend, please support this community asset We would like to thank the past committee who have done so much to improve the facilities at the Toy Library, now it’s time for a new committee to move forward with bigger and better things! If you have a change of contact details for your organisation or group, can you please email thru to

Nhulunbuy Community Guide Community organisations Arafura Dance Assoc. Contact: President Lesley Tankard P: 8987 2136 A/H.

Nhulunbuy Toy Library Contact: Lorretta Peirce M: 04130913 127 E: Lodge Arafura Contact: Secretary P: 0418 831 120 or 0437 272 210

Arnhem Gun Club Contact: President, Grub Stevens E: Arnhem Land Bowls Club Contact: Isobel Murray P: 0435 822 107, 8987 2120 Arnhem Writers Contact: Ian Maclean P: 0417 601 490 Auskick Contact: Cameron Knight P: 0488 508 577

Gove Peninsula Tennis Club Contact: Nicky Mayer P: 8987 2640

East Arnhem Rugby Union Contact: Eddie P: 0407 002 357

Gove Touch Footy Contact: Bec Thomson E:

Gove 8 Ball Contact: Adam White P: 0438 809 620

Captain Cook Comunity Centre Captain Cook Community Centre President: Richard Webb M: 0404 351 839 E: Endeavour Room Bookings: Contact: Lorretta Peirce M: 04130913 127 E: Gove Arts Theatre Contact: Chris Andrews P: 0428 856 392 E: Nhulunbuy Playgroup Contact: Cassie McIllree P: 0418 322 719 E:

Gove Country Golf Club & Gove Country Golf Club - Juniors Contact: Jamie Henderson E: P: 8987 3191 Gove Golden Oldies Contact: Ria Ngamoki P: 8987 3530

Gove Volleyball Assoc. Contact: Fred Rowe - Pres P: 0417 080 579 E:

MOPS Contact: Katie Hovenden P: 8987 1607

Nhulunbuy Child Care Centre P: 8987 3311 E: Nhulunbuy Child Care Services Inc. Contact: Tracey Chrzanowski P: 8987 3311

Nhulunbuy Amateur Swimming Club Contact: Steve Dowzard P: 0417 833 060

Gove Netball Assoc. Contact: Helen Clark - Pres P: 8987 3728 M: 0438 873 728

Nhulunbuy Motorcycle Club Contact: Maria Akapita P: 08 8987 2191 E:

Northern Territory Emergency Service P: 0427 392 264 Oasis Play Time Contact: Nisha P: 0437 141 291 Old Codgers: Contact: Shane Ogg P: 0423 172 139 Queens Bus (Variety NT) Contact: Angie Moyle P: 0408 838 498 or Facebook us at: Queens - Variety NT

Fri 02

Time 0336 0924 1556 2212

Time 0409 0954 1626 2247

Time 0439 1024 1656 2320

Ht 1.08 2.99 0.56 2.68

Ht 1.15 3.01 0.52 2.66

Sat 03 Ht 1.21 3.02 0.51 2.62

Time 0509 1055 1729 2355

Ht 1.27 3.00 0.54 2.57

Sun 04

Mon 05

Tue 06

Time 0539 1127 1802

Time 0031 0611 1202 1839

Time 0111 0648 1239 1921

Ht 1.33 2.96 0.59

Ht 2.50 1.39 2.89 0.67

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

Nhulunbuy Baptist Church Sundays 9.30am at Town Hall – Ph: 8987 1256 Uniting Church: Sunday Service 9.30am Hazel Trudgen – Ph: 8987 3545 Mobile 0413 536 877 Forward in Faith Ministries Sunday: 10am – 12.30pm. Library at the Nhulunbuy Christian College. Ph: 0434 059611 or 8987 8268. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Brother Forbes 0428 767 616 – Sunday 10am.



W/E Oct 21 W/E Oct 21 Variance Actual Usage Target Usage


Total Per head Total Per head Total Per head Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt Kilolitres of Pop: Lt

Monday 15/10







Scouts Nhulunbuy Contact: Group Leader E:

Tuesday 16/10







Wednesday 17/10







Thursday 18/10







Friday 19/10







Saturday 20/10







Sunday 21/10







54290 14287 49300 12974



Squash Club Contact: Donna Marie P: 8987 1272 Tae Kwon Do Nhulunbuy Contact: Paul Macloy P: 0407 106 525


T.S. Melville Naval Cadet Training P: 8987 2562

Ht 2.44 1.46 2.80 0.77

NOTE: these are predictions only, subject to change due to prevailing weather conditions. It is recommended you use this table as a guide only.

16 – Arafura Times

Seventh-Day Adventist Church Ph: 8987 2375 / 0419 465 045

Rotary Club Nhulunbuy Contact: TBA P: TBA

Tide times – Gove Harbour (Melville Bay) Thu 01

OASIS Christian Assembly Pastor Phil Sampson – Ph: 8987 1522 / 8987 1369

Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga Hala Tupou – Ph: 8987 3553

RSPCA: Contact: Sarah Howland P: 0437 526 502

Gove Junior Rugby Contact: Jon Regan P: 8987 8094

Wed 31

Church services

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Father Barry Hanson – Ph: 8987 1533 Vigil Saturday 6.00pm, Sunday Service 8.30am

Runners North Contact: Vanessa Drysdale P: 8987 8005

Nhulunbuy BMX Club Inc Contact: Donna Leahy, Secretary P: 0409 173 562 Nhulunbuy Community Neighbourhood Centre Contact: Maria Akapita (NCNC Director), P: 08 8987 2191 E:

Gove Junior Football Club Contact: David Hill P: 0438 861 599

Nhulunbuy Regional Sport Fishing Club Contact: Paul Grover, P: 0400 978 114

Nhulunbuy Speedway Contact: Ben Hurst P: 0410 833 292

Junior 8 Ball Contact: Marian Richter P: 0402 355 499

Gove Astronomy Club Contact: Ian Maclean P: 0417 601 490

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre P: 8987 1701 E:

Gove Peninsula Surf Life Saving Club Contact: Chris Putland P: 8987 8083

East Arnhem Land Tourism Association Contact: John Tourish P: 8939 2000

8EAR Community Radio (Gove FM) Contact: Alicia Scobie P: 8987 1500

Australian Breastfeeding Association Contact: Meaghan Kennedy P: 0438 175 260 Helpline:1800 686 2686 E:

Gove Peninsula Festival Contact: Ian Maclean P: 0417 601 490 E:

Other Cities Av. Consumption / Head of Pop. Brisbane 270 • Darwin 1100 • Perth 340

Weather details o

Temperature ( C) Max Min Rainfall Monday 22 33 20.5 NIL Tuesday 23 32.8 23.5 NIL Wednesday 24 31.6 22.3 NIL Thursday 25 32.3 22.4 3.4 Friday 26 32.0 20.7 NIL Saturday 27 32.7 21.1 NIL Sunday 28 35.5 21.8 NIL Monthly total rainfall to date: 7.8 mm

Weather details supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology – Gove Airport from Monday, Oct 22 to Sunday, Oct 28

Mean sea level pressure Max: 1011.8 hPa on Thursday Min: 1007 hPa on Saturday Averages for the month of October Max temp: 31.7 Min temp: 21.5 Rainfall: 7.1 mm


Barra numbers up in Gove

Barras on the starting blocks By MICHAEL STIMPSON NO, for those reaching for the bait caster you can relax. The Nhulunbuy Amateur Swimming Club, The Barras, has kicked off their 2012/2013 season with a healthy increase in numbers. The number of swimming members has surged to 48 with a total of 80 members now on the club’s books. Club president Steve Dowzard is thrilled with the increased turnout and continued strong interest in the Club saying: “It’s great to see so many kids hitting the pool decks early in the morning and again two afternoons per week.” The start of the season has been busy for the Club with head coach Mandy Kirby accompanied by assistants Denise McNaught and Vanessa Drysdale heading to Darwin for coaching courses. Mandy Kirby achieved her Bronze accreditation in a boost for the Club’s young swimmers. Those capabilities will be further enhanced as more parents undertake

the teacher of Competitive Stroke course later this year. In addition the Club has commenced a refurbishment of the waveless lane ropes at the pool to assist the GAC in providing the best possible amenity for the Barras and also the local schools for swimming carnivals. Steve also points out that the Club is being well supported by Swimming NT and Swimming Australia with the recent grant of a laptop in addition to the Barra’s own fundraising efforts. The first meet, held at the Gove Aquatic Centre on October 6, was extremely well attended despite being on the last weekend of the school holidays. Thirty-eight swimmers lined up along with the usual band of merry parents toting stop watches to kick off the competitive season. Sporting a new look courtesy of the re-designed club uniforms and swimmers the young Barras continue to impress. There was some very close racing with the Wolfaardt brothers in particular

entertaining the healthy crowd. Although official timing is not available at the time of writing head coach Mandy Kirby was able to confirm that 12 swimmers qualified to attend the meet in Katherine. Charlize Appo, 9, Cassie Body, 12, Jasmine Body, 16, Ethan Dowzard, 7, Tayla Dowzard, 10, Jack Kirby, 13, Bronte Lane,7, Darci Lane, 8, Jordin Ritchie, 11, Luke Wolfaardt, 14, Matthew Wolfaardt , 12, all achieved qualifying times. At the conclusion of the meet trophies were presented to Darcy Lane, Chris Wryzinski, Liam Arckoll, Jordan Ritchie who achieved Regional and Territory awards from the 2011/2102 season. Problems configuring the new latptop meant that the usual parade of personal bests was not possible but in a move popular with the Barra’s the customary chocolates were awarded to all. Congratulations to the Barras on an excellent first outing and good luck to the Barra’s as they embark on a very busy season.

Raminging girls heading to Brisbane

Jessica Dhalthangu, Valerie Garrawurra and Angelina Dhamarrandji representing the NT. THREE girls from Ramingining were in Nhulunbuy last week en-route to Brisbane to represent the Northern Territory in the National U15 Touch Football competition. Jessica Dhalthangu, Valerie Garrawurra and Angelina Dhamarrandji arrived on Thursday afternoon and flew to Darwin that evening where they met up with the rest of the team before heading to

Brisbane. East Arnhem cluster sport coordinator Ian Darlington said the three girls were excellent athletes. “Cameron Adam was their teacher at Ramingining and encouraged spots through the school,” Mr Darlington said. This is the second trip to play Touch for Jessica who also took part in the competition in Coffs Harbour last year.

LEFT:Justin competing in the Runners North half-marathon. RIGHT: Justin, right, running with Neal Holland. He will switch trees for tall buildings on the weekend when he competes in the New York Marathon.

Switching trees for the tall buildings of New York IN JUST four days two local athletes will be part of eight members of the 2012 IMP New York team to board a plane bound for New York to take on the biggest challenge of their short running careers. On Sunday, November 4, Justin Gaykamangu, from Ramingining, and Grace Eather, from Maningrida, will put six months of blood, sweat and tears into practice as they tackle the 42.195km journey through New York. They will join Korey Summers from Alice Springs, Marius Clarke from Gunbalanya,Kieren de Santis from Tiwi Islands, Nat Heath from Newcastle, Jurgean Tabuai from Townsville, and Amber Parker from Cessnock. The 42.195km course is considered one of the ultimate physical Grace Eather taking a break. Photo courtesy Footprints. “My plan is to try and get to the finish line and mental challenges for any runner, and one that will test the minds, bodies in less than three hours by running smart and and spirits of these eight dedicated athletes - not hard.” Justin recently took part in the Runners but once they cross the finish line, they will join the elite few who can call themselves a North half marathon and finished first for his age group and second overall. marathon runner. While the aim in New York will be to get The athletes arrived in Sydney on Tuesday, October 30, and took part in more components each of the eight athletes across the marathon of their Certificate IV in Health and Leisure, finish line, IMP director and former World as well as their final training sessions before Champion marathon runner Rob de Castella flying out to New York on Thursday for the said running the marathon would show the athletes that they can achieve anything. week long trip. “Life for these inspirational athletes will For 29-year-old Justin, the bustling streets begin when they cross the finish line in New of New York will be a world away from the remote East Arnhem community of Ramingin- York, and when they realise that if they put their minds to it, they can achieve anything that ing that he calls home. “I am feeling tough, and ready to go. I have they want in life,” de Castella said. “Being part of IMP and running a marathon been training well and thinking a lot about the will open many doors, and present many race,” Justin said. “When I am running, I imagine the trees opportunities that will change the lives, not are the buildings and that I am running in only of these athletes, but of their families, friends and communities back home.” New York.

Mr Darlington said the students at Raminginging Round 11 volleyball results excelled at a number of sports. ROUND 11 of Gove Volleyball was played on October 23. The girls met with Geelong Shake N Bake defeated Meet the Blockers 2-1. Best players Jo, Janene, Nathan and Xavier. Football club players before Airtime defeated indecision 3-0. Best players Ange, Lauretta, James and Davin. heading to the pool for some Energiser defeated Caustic Jocks 2-1.Best players Natasha, Hayley, Lachy and Peter. swimming. Some Spike it Hot defeated Reggae Rockets 4-0. Best players Tamara, Marilia, Jamie and Sergio. The girls said Justin GaykaOne Hit Wonders defeated The Wilsons 2-1. Best players Ellie, Coreena, Patrick and George. mangu the marathon runner Techo Tigers defeated Mad Hatters 3-0. Best players Gabi, Olivia, Dean and David. from Ramingining heading to Drink Spikers defeated Set to Kill 2-1. Best players Emma, Lilly, Paul and Ricky. New York next week was an Congo defeated Ballz Up 3-0. Best players Tomoko, Akiyo, Jim and Jason. inspiration for them all - as Bill Whacked defeated Spike in the Trend 2-0. Best players Nita, Jade, Russell and Michael. well as being their cousin.

Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012 – 17


Dancers bring home three trophies and 17 medals LEFT: Girls at dress rehearsal (from left): Emily Tankard, Keala Florian, Alicia Wong, Megan Donovan, Codi Roath and Kirsten Savage. RIGHT: A very happy group with all their medals. SIX talented Highland Dancers from Arafura Dance Association travelled to compete at the “City of Cairns Festival of Highland and Irish Dancing” on October 20. The team consisted of Alicia Wong, 14, Emily Tankard, 13, Kirsten Savage, 12, Megan Donovan,11, Codi Roath, 10, and Keala Florian, 6. With their support crew of parents and teacher Sharlene Cardilini, the team gathered excitedly at Gove Airport on Friday morning ready to make their journey. Dressed in their purple team shirts proudly sponsored by Pacific Aluminium - the dancers were ready to take on Cairns, and the world. The ADA dancers had been training intensely in preparation for the competition. This included a full dress rehearsal the weekend before at the town hall in Gove.

This rehearsal was open to the public, and positive feedback from spectators confirmed the students were well prepared and ready to compete. The competition was held at St Mary’s Catholic College in Woree, and was adjudicated by Petrea Gibbons-Doherty from Brisbane. As well as the ADA dancers, the competition attracted over 60 Highland Dancers from Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane. The skirl of the bagpipes filled the hall, the signal to forget about butterflies in stomachs, and focus on the task at hand. The students danced intermittently all day until the competition finished at 7pm that evening. Students competed individually in different levels, and different age groups within each level, as follows:

Keala Florian - Primary All Ages. Codi Roath - Beginners 10 and 11 Years. Kirsten Savage and Emily Tankard Beginners 12 Years and Over. Megan Donovan - Novice 11 Years and Under. Alicia Wong - Novice 12 Years and Over. After months of preparation and 11 hours of dancing, it was all over. And all the hard work had paid off. The team came home with three trophies, and 17 medals between them - and outstanding performances by all. Special mention must be made of Keala Florian, who at the age of six, competed for her first time. Keala started learning Highland dancing at the beginning of this year, and is already proving a formidable opponent. Keala

competed in three dances and placed 1st, 2nd and 4th. What a huge success for such a little girl. Emily Tankard had an amazing day collecting two 1st places, one 2nd place, two 3rd places, and one 4th. Emily competed against team mate Kirsten Savage, who was hot on her heels bringing home one 2nd place, two 3rd places, and one 4th Codi Roath received three 3rd medals, with Megan Donovan not to be outdone with two 1st places, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place. Alicia Wong, one of ADA’s premier Highland Dancers, danced exceptionally. Alicia was in an extremely high calibre level, and as usual, did ADA proud with her performance. Teacher Sharlene Cardilini said she was incredibly proud of the girls and their

achievements. “As individuals they continue to strive for excellence, and as a team they are each other’s support and great ambassadors for Arafura Dance Association,” she said. “ It brought a smile to my face to overhear a comment from a teacher behind us saying - ‘these Territory girls are much better than I expected. We need to keep an eye on them’. And that’s the message we’re sending - look out for the girls from Gove. “The ADA Highland team are now preparing for the end of year concert. “Our ventures next year will likely include another trip to Cairns, as well as Townsville, and our own competition in Nhulunbuy just before Easter. This will be another major Highland event as we are expecting dancers from WA and possibly the east coast to attend.”

Geelong Cats visit Gove MEMBERS of the Geelong Australian Rules Club were in Gove last week to take part in the Leader of Tomorrow program. The Cats had spent a few days on Groote Eylandt as part of the Club’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging young people to be actively involved in sports. On Friday the LOT group headed out to Gapuwiyak and on Sunday they played a game of Aussie Rules at Yirrkala - The Djerrkura Cup.

Brother and sister Fiona and Nathan Djerrkura.

Retired players David Wojcinski and Nathan Djerrkura with Geelong player Travis Varcoe.

ABOVE: Allen Christensen and Nathan Vardy. ABOVE RIGHT: Travis Varcoe and Margaret Bond. LEFT: Bernie Read with Geelong players at the Bali Pavilion at the Arnhem Club. RIGHT: Front row: Patrick Watson, Quade Teoka and Connor Watson with Matt Watson and Geelong’s Nathan Vardy.

18 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

Nathan and Jaymie Djerrkura.

Sport Arafura Times


Phone: 1300 0880 00 • Fax: 1300 787 248 • Email:

Sports reports deadline is 10.30am, Monday prior to publication

Miwatj wins Djerrkura Cup against Gapuwiyak PHOTOS by ANDREW O’SULLIVAN THE Djerrkura Cup was played on Sunday October 28 at Yirrkala between Miwatj (combined GAFL Yolgnu representatives) and Gapuwiyak. The game was played in great spirit, a measure of respect for the father of Nathan, Damien and Fiona Djerrkura. Brothers Nathan and Damien Djerrkura both wore the No 18 guernseys for opposing teams, with visiting Geelong Cats players also taking part in the game. The first-quarter saw Gapuwiyak win the toss and kick with the breeze to the northern end.

Miwatj were able to outscore the visitors four goals to one by quartertime. The game continued with great skill and at a frantic pace, with the ball moving freely up and down the ground and by half-time the local team had a strong lead. The second-half was more of the same, with both teams contesting the ball very well. It was a free-flowing game and a great game to watch. The final score saw the local Miwatj team victors by 19 goals to 6. Congratulations to both teams and the event organisers for a very successful game of representative football.

ABOVE: Miwatj - The winners of the 2012 Djerrkura Cup. BELOW: Both teams before the match.

Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012 – 19

Welcome to

the Arnhem club   Ph: 8987 0601  Fax: 8987 0680

What’s on this week at your club... “Bottle O” Bottleshop Specials TooHEYS NEW





















$ PLUS...







l aw n bowls Jackpot $2500 Heaps of prizes on the wheel!




Melbourne Cup Luncheon

• Delicious Seafood Buffet ($60 per person) - Opens at 11.30am includes FREE champagne (limited to availability) • TAB - Betting opens at 9am. Get down and put some money on the early races • Main Bar - Opens at 11.30am • Fashion on the field - Prizes for best dressed male and female. Dress to impress!



Live in the Beer Garden, Friday & Saturday, Nov. 2 & 3

Join us on Tuesday, November 6 for our



99 99


SpecialS Start MOnday, OctOber 29 FiniSh Sunday, nOVeMber 4

FRIDAY JAG the JOK ER Be here every Friday in the Bar from 5pm to 6pm, to receive a ticket. Drawn after 6pm.





Tickets on sale from 11am. Drawn at 1.30pm.

Members and bonafide guests in the company of a member are welcome. Only financial members may purchase from the bottleshop.

20 – Arafura Times

31 Oct - 6 Nov 2012

AT 12-10-31  

AT 12-10-31