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Festivals June 2012


Afrique Carib

24. June

Shaggy_Krosfyah_Maikal Blanco_Cornadoor_Soundquake_and many more... Esplanade in Almere, Holland

History: Afrique-Carib is a “world music” festival. It was established in 2004 with the aim to facilitate the integration of migrants in Almere, the seventh largest municipality in the Netherlands. For much less than what Shaggy would cost for a single concert, you can see him perform plus a bunch of interesting artists from Suriname, Burundi, Barbados and Cuba. What to do: You do not need a Weed Pass in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, so you might want to take the opportunity and visit a coffee shop or two. What not to do: Drink alcohol on the streets. That is forbidden by law.

Sumol Summer Fest

29. + 30. June

Alpha Blondy_Richie Campbell_Beenie Man_SOJA_Barrington Levy_and many more... Ericeira Camping in Ericeira, Portugal

History: The Sumol Summer Festival held in Ericeira, Portugal enters its fourth year between June 29th and 30th this year, with a tempting ‘welcome party’ scheduled for June 28th. So popular has the event been in the past two years that it has sold out. What To Do: An impressive array of talent is billed to perform at this reasonably priced festival. Chief amongst the artists listed are Alpha Blondy, Barrington Levy and Beenie Man. It’s a popular destination for holiday-makers and surfers, with over 40 beaches in the area. As the organisers pride themselves on their quest for the perfect combination of music, sun and beach, make sure to bring the surf board and swimsuit!

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