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About Training  for  Change   The  “Training  for  Change”  programme  helps  to  challenge  the  perceptions  and  assumptions  that  underlie   distrust  between  communities,  authorities,  agencies  and  corporations.  It  opens  up  potential  and  enables  a   more  creative  and  constructive  approach  to  problems  and  their  solution.  It  works  on  developing  a  positive   attitude  and  approach  to  problems  and  experience,  from  which  knowledge  and  skills  can  be  built.   Grown  from  the  Development  Education  and  Leadership  Training  programmes  that  started  in  Kenya  in  the   1970's  our  “Training  for  Change”  programme  works  on  the  personal,  interpersonal  and  wider  society  skills  of   communities,  business  leaders,  activists  and  social  entrepreneurs.   The  courses  are  highly  participative  with  a  mix  of  class,  gender,  age,  community  involvement  and  educational   background.  The  differences  between  people  add  richness  to  the  courses  through  a  sharing  of  experience   and  knowledge.  The  sessions  are  planned  and  shaped  by  the  participants  with  the  assistance  of  expert   facilitators.    

Objective: The  objective  is  to  enable  participants  to  have  an  experience  that  will  help  them  (1)  develop  their  insight  and   understanding  of  themselves  as  individuals  in  relationship  -­‐  to  groups,  the  community  and  the  wider  world;   (2)  deepen  their  understanding  of  the  world/arena  they  operate  within  and  (3)  develop  and  uncover  skills   that  they  have  -­‐  as  activists,  leaders,  entrepreneurs  -­‐  and  learn  and  create  tools  that  will  help  them  in  their   work  for  change.    

Programme The  programme  explores  listening  in  the  community  leading  to  action;  social  and  economic  analysis;  personal   motivation,  leadership,  individual  and  group  behaviour;  power  and  power  dynamics,  conflict  and  creativity.  It   develops  and  offers  effective  tools  and  inspiration  for  social  entrepreneurs  and  for  others  who  are  working   for  social,  economic  development,  social  and  environmental  justice  and  wider  participation.  It  also  offers  an   opportunity  for  peer  support,  practice  exchange  and  networking  at  a  regional,  national  and  international   level.    

Courses: Local  courses  are  aimed  primarily  at  local  teams  operating  at  a  community  level  that  will  be  in  a  position  to   work  in  teams  and  groups  after  the  courses,  and  individuals  who  wish  to  be  more  constructively  involved  in   the  local  community  and  social  economy.  The  format  for  delivery  is  tailored  to  local  requirements  –  weekly   sessions,  block  sessions,  residential  sessions  in  appropriate  combinations   The  national  workshop  is  aimed  primarily  at  teams  and  individuals  who  will  be  in  a  position  to  develop  the   training  programme  in  their  own  community  whether  geographic  or  of  interest.  This  is  currently  delivered  as   an  11-­‐day  residential  block.   ©  Action  to  Regenerate  Community  Trust  2011  -­‐  TfC  descriptive  material.doc  

Training for Change  

Background and description to RE:generate's Training for Change programme

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