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Here’s to a Juicy 2017!

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4 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •


Publisher’s Note SANDRA G. MALHOTRA, Ph.D

Greetings, All! The holidays are upon us! Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaa! Or NOT. Right? Let’s not sugar coat this fruit cake — the holidays can be downright craptacular … wonderful and stressful crammed together like a Turducken. Unlike holiday movies, the season is not picture-perfect for many of us. It could be more like Festivus, with feats of strength and the airing of grievances. (Remember “A Festivus for the Rest of Us”? If not, Google it! It’s comedy gold, nay platinum, courtesy of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.) Hence, the holiday issue of Regenerate Magazine to the rescue! We’re going to give you tools for coping with those tough situations. There will be articles on how to approach the season with humor and grace, how to slow down and savor the moment, how to connect with others and nature, how to feel gratitude and raise your vibrations with music. Looking towards the new year, there are offerings for 3 things to do before the end of December, making goals stick by reprogramming your subconscious, and creating a legacy, to name a few. Juicy stuff. What do you say we lose the traditions that are stressing us out and create new ones which serve our highest good? We can put on our organic cotton big girl or big boy pants, reject the materialism and ridiculousness, and embrace a deeper meaning for the holidays. Even the Grinch figured this out. Remember? “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” — Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas It’s such a short season, but one in which so much good can be accomplished and so much love can be shared if we focus on deeper, more meaningful, things.

And after the feasts and giving, a fresh New Year will be upon us. 2017! The year I turn 50 … you know there will be musings about that milestone, so get ready. But I digress. Indeed, a fresh new year will be upon us, and an opportunity to turn the page and set new goals. Our goal is to serve in a bigger and bolder way; to support those in our community who are working toward positive change, to make living wholistically easier, and also stimulate discussion about the stuff we need to address. We’re going there and hope you will join us because shit’s going to get real. It has to because our current trajectory is not sustainable. Really — what kind of world do we want to leave our children? One where they and the planet are less healthy? One full of discarded junk made in a sweatshop in Asia? One in which the 1% is even richer (and more controlling) because of our spending choices? See, I told you. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride. And finally, I am wildly grateful for everyone who contributed to Regenerate this year. This is truly a team effort, and I have been blessed with wonderful photography, readers, advertisers, contributors, editors, designers, and distributors — THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you!!! I sit in awe of the many talented and committed people who have joined me on this journey, and am excited about creating a wholistic resource for our community for another year. Let’s boldly grow in 2017 together!

Retraction: In the September/October issue, I made an incorrect assumption and referred to Fort Collins acupuncturist Terry Fox as Dr. Terry Fox. • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


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How to Handle Negative Family Members Over the Holidays AMANDA FEWELL When I go home for Christmas, sometimes I also get free time-travel! When I leave my house, I am an adult: strong, independent, caring and conscious, with several big life goals, healthy boundaries, and loving supportive relationships.

But by the time we’re done cutting the Christmas ham, I find that I’m a misunderstood 17-year old again, trying to justify my life choices or pretend to fit in, all while asking “How did I get back here!?!” Oops! It happens. When people from the past are around, patterns from the past can arise as well. It’s normal, and there’s nothing wrong with you. The tools you’re using to relate to these strange people (your family) probably work very well with the circle of chosen friends you usually hang with. But you may need to tap some extra superpowers in order to enjoy a high-stress time in close quarters with so many different dynamics going on. That’s a tall order — it’s not an easy game to win. Those who do manage to find some authentic joy during this time of year are not just lucky, they are probably creating it very consciously. If you want to be one of them, you’ll need to unwrap some fresh and shiny new tools. These are my top 3 favorites when I need to be in a challenging situation for a few hours or days:

1. Be a Tourist Have you ever been to a foreign country? One that has drastically different norms and customs? In Nicaragua this year, I was sitting at an outdoor cafe and someone came by to sell us a chainsaw! I could have been offended or gotten on my high horse, but because it was another country, I assumed I did not know all their rules, and I was able to enjoy the experience as the interesting new wonder it was. With my family, I can use this tourist mindset to enjoy their foreign ways without judgment, and even with some appreciation. When I approach them with genuine curiosity and interest, I often learn something about why they do what they do, and what they really want. Worst case, I have a funny story to tell about my holidays in the wild. 2. Be the Ball, the Hamster Ball This is a concept with a ton of scientific data backing it up — from Heart Math to auras to studies of the electromagnetic field, it has become evident that we are each generating

our own energy field. Therefore, our immediate experience is not made up of everyone else’s choices, our field is filled up with the thoughts, feelings, and vibrations that are coming directly out of ourselves. I like to think of my energetic field as a hamster ball. And I can fill it up with whatever feeling I’d most like to experience right now. Wherever I go, my feeling effortlessly comes with me, and unless I actively let someone else in, I am sovereign over my ball. It’s the same concept as being the thermostat rather than the thermometer — don’t look around you to determine what the temperature is (how you should feel), go ahead and choose the temperature (or vibration) that you want to feel! And in this case, you don’t even have to worry about setting the temperature for the rest of the room — just fill your own Hamster Ball with light and warmth and sit back and enjoy it. 3. Don’t Let it Be a Sneak Attack Once I was complaining to my sister for about the 18th time about a classmate who was constantly • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


bugging me in my history class. I was using a lot of words like “she always says….” and “she never does....” My sister raised her eyebrows at me and said. “Well, at least she’s consistent!” It stopped me in my tracks. My classmate wasn’t surprising me with this behavior every day. I knew exactly what she would say and do tomorrow. And therefore, I could be ready with my reply. Really ready. I could think through my response ahead of time, and the effects it might have on her actions. Would I want to put her in her place, get that sweet revenge, lecture her on how to evolve, or would I choose to act from my values of strength and love? So much is possible when you know what’s coming! So if you have a relative who acts in unfortunate but predictable ways, consider deciding beforehand

how you will respond. One of my clients recognized that her grown son always offered to have her stay at his house. But in the evenings, he would suddenly get very busy and expect “grandma” to put the kids to bed. Sometimes, he would even spontaneously announce he was going out, and request childcare, saying “I’m sure you want to spend time with the kids.” This became such a pattern that it became predictable, and she was able to see it coming long before the words were spoken. On her next trip, she decided to make plans out of the house for four of the six nights she was there, to make it easy to say no to her son. The pattern was broken and she was able to create that boundary in a way that worked for her. In my house, we call it having a sexy backbone when you stand up for yourself in a way that respects

10 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

and honors yourself and others as well. It is one of the most loving things you can do for all involved! I encourage you to try these superpowers out during this holiday season. Think of it as a game that you will play for a few days or even a few short months. Choose your strategy, take your new tools, and go for it! Merry Holidays! Amanda is an active Community Builder on the Front Range, hosting Conscious Business Connection for the past 7 years. She leads selfdiscovery groups in person and online, such as Joyful Confidence and Feminine Presence. She helps men and women Speak Up, Be Respected, and Be Inspiring. You can learn more at and reach her at 970-308-4836 and

Attitude of Gratitude PHYLLIS K. KENNEMER Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. — Melody Beattie

Are you dreading the approaching holiday season? Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious? What if you could give yourself a gift that will enhance your joy of the season beginning with Thanksgiving and carry on through the New Year? What if this gift could help you become more optimistic, think more creatively, and improve your health? Are you in? Give yourself the gift of gratitude. Think about how your life could change if you made a conscious effort to give thanks in all things. Albert Einstein said that we can live in one of two ways. We can live as if nothing is a miracle, or we can live as if everything is a miracle. If you choose the latter, all of life becomes a miracle worth celebrating. Isn’t it great that the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving? How perfect! We can launch our gratitude habit while preparing for a celebration devoted to giving thanks. Of course, we are grateful for the usual things mentioned in Thanksgiving services and prayers, such as the bounty of the harvest, the delicious meal, and the gathering of family and friends, but let’s delve a bit deeper into our well of gratitude. Living in the moment; savoring the “right now” offers a positive first step for developing an attitude of gratitude. What do you feel grateful for in this moment? Stop.

Breathe. Ah, you can give thanks for breath; for life. And what about the fantastic body you reside in? Quickly enumerate some of things your body can do. You may start with your senses. Think about sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Then consider the miracle of a specific body part, such as your hands. List the things you have done with your hands so far today. Did you turn of the alarm clock, wash up, prepare breakfast, eat, tidy the dishes, call or text someone on your telephone, open this magazine, turn pages? Wow! This is just a smattering of ways we depend on the use of our miraculous hands. Next, make a conscious effort to increase your awareness, not only of your body, but of your surroundings. Notice things, people, events that you have been taking for granted. Consider your first hour upon awakening this morning. How many things could you consciously be thankful for? How about a comfortable bed, a good night’s sleep, an invigorating shower, a hot cup of coffee, a nourishing breakfast — and that just begins to crack the surface of things we take for granted and seldom give thanks for. Deborah Norville explains how she began her research about gratitude in her book, Thank You Power: Making the Science of Gratitude Work for You. She asked herself, “Is it possible that the key to happiness can be found in just two

Living in the moment; savoring the “right now” offers a positive first step for developing an attitude of gratitude. • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


words?” Her findings confirmed that, indeed, it is. Just say, “Thank you.” She cites many examples and techniques that confirm her basic premise. Taking gratitude walks is one suggestion. A gratitude walk can take place anywhere — on a beautiful mountain path, a neighborhood trail, or a busy downtown sidewalk. Walk with heightened awareness. Notice things that make you smile. Stay in the moment and be fully aware of your body and your surroundings. You may notice a clump of beautiful wild flowers or smell the sweet fragrance of a blooming tree or hear birds communicating with each other. If you are walking on city sidewalks, be aware of the people and sights around you. Smile. You will be amazed with how many smiles you will receive in return. I often take gratitude walks on Chartres style labyrinths. A rose shape with six petals appears in the center of this design. Sometimes, I stand in each petal and give thanks for the stages of planetary evolution, as defined by Lauren Artress in her book, Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice. The petals symbolize mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic, and the Unknown. As I bring conscious attention to each of these areas, specific examples come to mind. I especially love standing in the Unknown petal as I contemplate the mystery of life and give thanks for unexpected miracles along the way. I then stand in the center of the labyrinth and experience a connection of my spirit with Universal Spirit. Other times, I stand in each petal and give thanks for six different people that I am grateful to have in my life. The petals can also be used to represent important lifetime events that I continue to treasure. What categories for thanksgiving resonate with you for this form of meditative gratitude? (A printable copy of a Chartres style finger labyrinth is available at Writing in a gratitude journal is another way to keep focused on the good things in your life. Many people choose to write in the journal at bedtime. Some write lists of things that brought joy during the day. Others prefer a different approach. They select two or three outstanding things from the day and write about them in depth, really

thinking through the reasons that they feel so grateful. Share your gratitude with others. Saying “Thank you” to others raises their spirits and yours. Think of someone who has been a positive influence in your life and write a letter to this person expressing your appreciation. If possible, deliver the letter in person, so you can share in the joy of the person receiving it. Living in a state of gratitude will definitely improve your life. You will feel more positive as you live your life from a different perspective. Obviously, it does not obliterate all challenges and problems that you face on a daily basis, but staying in this higher state of consciousness can keep you from feeling defeated by them. Perhaps you can even find something to be thankful for in what at first appears to be a negative situation. Always be on the lookout for good. Here’s the plan. Start living in an attitude of gratitude around the time of Thanksgiving. Strive to savor the moments of life — the unexpected joy you will discover as you become more aware of the small miracles around you. Continue your practice of appreciation as you move through the holiday season, and as the New Year approaches, you have a ready-made resolution that you can likely keep. You can state it in your own way, something similar to “I resolve to continue to live in an attitude of gratitude as I consciously look for and appreciate the good in my life.”

Taking gratitude walks is one suggestion. A gratitude walk can take place anywhere — on a beautiful mountain path, a neighborhood trail, or a busy downtown sidewalk.

12 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

If the only prayer you say in your life is “thank you”, that would suffice. — Meister Eckart Phyllis understands that although change is a constant in our lives, there are times when it seems like CHANGE will overcome us. At those times we need tools to help us make conscious decisions. Phyllis searched for the program that would facilitate change and chose to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and now has certification in life coaching, social and emotional intelligence, motivation and weight loss. You can learn more at or reach her at 970-622-0858.

Another New Year’s Resolution? Do it for real with hypnosis! INGA KRAUS RN, C.HT

How many times have you made the same resolution for the upcoming year? Lose 20 pounds, stop smoking, start exercising regularly, become more motivated, etc, etc. So what happened?

It’s hard changing habits that have become your way of life. What has happened is that you have inadvertently re-programmed your subconscious into repeating a corrupted software program. Just as you need to learn to fix a program error on your home computer or get someone to help you do this, you need to re-program your subconscious to run the correct program in the correct fashion. The obstacle here is knowing how to communicate with your subconscious mind. Consciously you communicate through words. Your subconscious communicates more effectively through imagery, symbols and feeling states. Hypnotherapy is the perfect way to change faulty programming quickly and easily because, while in a trance state, you are able to directly access your subconscious mind. You just need the desire in order to truly make the change. Hypnotherapy is simply the clinical application of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is meant to be an adjunct to treatment by your physicians and never meant to

replace or eliminate healthcare or medical treatments provided t by your doctors. The hypnotherapist is a member of your healthcare team. Hypnosis is increasingly being used to treat symptoms of diseases and conditions in highly respected medical facilities such as the Mayo clinic, the University of North Carolina , the University of Maryland Medical Center and many others.

Common misconceptions about hypnosis. If you have never been hypnotized you may have some misconceptions about hypnosis. While in a trance state: 1. Absolutely no one can ever make you say, do or think anything that goes against your own beliefs and values. That only happens in the movies. 2. The hypnotist cannot take over you or get into your mind. 3. You would not reveal anything you would not want to while in a fully awake state.

4. You also can never be stuck in a state of hypnosis. If the hypnotist left in the middle of a session, you would naturally either come out of it on your own or simply fall into natural sleep. 5. You are always in control. Almost everyone is able to be hypnotized. Those who can’t be hypnotized are people who have an incapacity to focus and concentrate. Usually this would be someone with a mental disorder such as dementia or schizophrenia. As a matter of fact, hypnosis is just a fancy name for a natural state that you experience every day. When you daydream you are in a light trance state, or when you are deep in prayer or meditation. Another example is becoming engrossed in a project, activity or watching a movie where you tune out of your physical environment. Only a light trance state is required for a hypnotherapy session to be effective. In fact most people who undergo hypnosis for the first time do not believe that they were hypnotized. They hear and • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


remember everything, they can speak, scratch an itch, move and even open their eyes. Hypnosis is simply a deeply relaxed state with focused attention.

Why it is effective Why then is hypnotherapy so effective for management of so many conditions? It is because through the guidance of a trained, certified hypnotherapist, you are able to work directly with your subconscious. 1. The subconscious mind is your memory bank and stores every event of your life since birth. 2. It controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body. 3. It is the home of the imagination. 4. Carries out habitual conduct.

5. It is the dynamo that directs our energ, which drives us toward our goals. What happens during a session? In my practice, I initially take a detailed personal history, followed by a fairly brief progressive relaxation. This involves suggestions to relax every muscle and let go of any anxiety, tension and stress. This is the process which we call induction. In subsequent sessions following induction, we use different modalities of suggestion that focus on the clients specific issue. There is no need to focus on past events that may be traumatic to the client. Most issues can be resolved in three to six sessions. Most people know that hypnosis is commonly used by people who want to quit smoking or lose weight. There are many other conditions that

respond extremely well to hypnotherapy when practiced by a knowledgeable therapist. Some of the more common uses of hypnosis are: pain control (including chronic pain conditions), anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, grief, procrastination, PTSD, fibromyalgia, migraines, chemotherapy side effects, IBS, allergies, phobias, self esteem, preparation for childbirth, surgery and dental procedures. Inga Kraus is an RN, Certified as a Master Hypnotherapist. For over 25 years, she has utilized hypnosis to help her patients overcome pain, fear and other debilitating conditions. Inga believes in the incorporation of mind, body and spirit in her healing practice. She can be contacted through or by calling 970 412-4112.

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Yo our life. Your sto ory.. Nothing synthetic n necessary.... fertilizer or otherwise. *Side Effects may y includ de undeniable empow we erment, smilling at yo ourself for no reason, and d random acts of skipping. Feellings off confidence, warmth and lov ve are common. Side effects may continue for months, even years e afterr yo our session. s 100% organic photography is not right for everyone. Pleasse consult yourself in the m mirror and a ask your family if 100% organ nic portraits are right for you.

www . o • 970-459-0000 • 411 N. Lincoln Av venue, Loveland d

14 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •


Transformational Treasures Stones & Crystals Aromatic Medicine Tarot & Oracle Decks Judaica Religious Folk Art 1220 S. COLLEGE AVE • FORT COLLINS, CO 80524

(970) 682-2925 Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday & Sunday OPEN for workshops, events & private consultation Follow us on:




,PSJO 0XFOT - "D (License #1621 CO) Korin is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in women’s health. Her passion is in pregnancy and postpartum care. She graduated from PaciďŹ c College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2006. She is a registered acupuncturist in Colorado and Nationally Board CertiďŹ ed as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.

8 .PVOUBJO "WF 'PSU $PMMJOT $PMPSBEP Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Closed Wednesday & Thursday


“This book is a divine treasure chest for all who are on their spiritual journey seeking the truth of life. This powerful text brings forth the energies of love and light, guidance, reassurance, and healing from the Angelic Realm. This life changing book delivers daily blessings to the reader and is a beautiful gift for all loved ones!� - Vickie Martina, Good JuJu Group, Ft. Collins, CO

Book ON SALE NOW at in either Paperback or Kindle versions. For more information: • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Solfeggio Frequencies and SoundSyncTech™:

Sound Healing Music for the New Era of Human Potential CHRISTINA WINSLOW Working at his recording studio, Ted Winslow reluctantly stops playing music to make space for this interview. As he overlooks the view from his office of the foothills and golf course, Ted states how lucky he is to be creating music that helps people so close to nature. “Listening to my music is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration…because the ego can never resist it.” Ted clarifies that, “I have created SoundSyncTech™, which takes the brain into a subconscious state through Theta and Alpha brainwave entrainment; so the conscious mind, or ego, does not resist the healing.” An international best seller, Ted Winslow has taken Sound Healing to a higher frequency... which has been scientifically proven to change the environment, water, and human energy field. Medical researchers are now taking a more assertive approach to music and healing, which inspires Ted to continue his own work in the Sound Healing field. Ted is optimistic that the medical field will expand past the traditional study of classical music and realize the instant healing effects of raising frequencies through music. (Briggs 2009) “We’re in the infancy,” said Dr. Ali Rezai, director of the Center for Neurological Restoration at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic. “We know music can calm, influence creativity, can energize. That’s great. But music’s role in recovering from disease is being ever more appreciated.” Ted has developed a technology, which he calls SoundSyncTech™. He is able to incorporate Binaural Beats, Theta & Alpha frequencies technically into his compositions, which is quite different than anything currently on the market. His compositions are also mathematically and harmonically based through a variety of brainwave entrainment frequencies and tunings. “Many people have heard of 528 Hz or 432 Hz, but there are so many more beneficial frequencies that people are starting to realize.” The millennials know this already. After further research, Ted found that the millennials make up the largest demographic of listeners to his sound healing music. “The fact that the millennials like my music, is the biggest compliment a sound healer can have. They are changing the world; by volunteering, challenging corruption, and taking action for their social and environmental causes,” says Ted.

16 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

However, the millennials are not the only group that enjoys the sound healing style of music Ted offers. He has medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, and energy healers making up the second largest group of his listeners. “We are receiving stories of people using my music, which are in cancer recovery, dealing with high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, PTSD, chronic insomnia, migraine’s and other health issues,” ads Ted. These people are reporting that they are receiving profound relief by listening to Ted’s music while they sleep, pray, meditate, or relax to, on a regular basis. “I am inspired to get up every morning to create more music; I have observed how people are entraining their bodies, by listening to my healing frequency music, and miracles are happening” Studies have shown (Rider, 1985) that music which is most effective in reducing patients’ pain utilizes the principles of resonance and entrainment. Ted is currently working on his 13th album, which is scheduled for release in December of 2016. For product specials, research videos, free offers and additional information, please visit: and use coupon code REGENERATE to receive 20% off of your order! Briggs, Bill (2009). Music as Medicine: Docs use tunes as Treatment contributor, Rider, M. S. (1985). Entrainment mechanisms are involved in pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and music-mediated imagery. Journal of Music Therapy, 22(4). Copyright©2016 Christina Calisto Winslow, All Rights Reserved. Christina is a best-selling author, founder of an international publishing company, a professional member of The Denver Press Club and Society of Professional Journalists.

Find Peace from Chronic Pain This Holiday Season VICKI ELLIS Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain? Do you work in a pain clinic or are you a physical therapist wishing you could help your clients overcome pain without relying on narcotics? If you need to learn more, then my book Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives to Pain Management should be on your reading list. Chronic Pain Control differs from ‘pain management’. Students learn how to turn on the same pain-killing neurons drugs are designed to turn on. We do not need pills to do this. We do however need to learn the skills necessary to turn off pain. It takes a few hours to learn and my book covers everything anyone needs to know in order to turn off pain from within, intrinsically. Our nervous system is designed to prioritize feeling pain whenever tissue is damaged. The more stressed we are about pain, the more intensely we will feel it. Pain impacts survival — feeling pain is important. Chronic pain, however, loses its purpose if it remains long after the tissues have healed or if there is no tissue damage. Nature provides us with the solution, but killing pain is not instinctive. We must learn the skills for forcing our pain-creating nervous system to stop that same pain. Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives to Pain Management provides a ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ approach. The brain prioritizes imminent danger over pain. Intrinsic Touch takes advantage of this ‘bottom-up’ approach. One stimulates the imminent danger neurons by touching the skin surrounding pain in a very specific way. The website provides videos, links and a blog to supplement the book and help readers perform Intrinsic Touch correctly. Mindfulness techniques address how to stimulate painkilling neurons within the brain for ‘top-down’ pain control. The techniques focus on selectively overriding our instinctive drive to feel pain. Limitations of these techniques are discussed so students are cautioned to use these techniques appropriately, i.e., for ‘chronic’ pain only. Compelling reasons for not relying on narcotics use are also discussed. Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives to Pain Management was written to teach skills for reducing/stopping chronic pain, whether it is for yourself or for those for whom you provide care. All of the techniques are science-based and references content from reputable scientific journals, such as Science. It is thorough and easy to read. The book discusses limitations and precautions first, but once the teaching begins, students don’t want to put it down. Available on Amazon: Chronic Pain Control Is the Ultimate Gift That Keeps On Giving

Author Vicki Ellis founded Creating Balance in 2011. She develops and teaches Creating Balance® Living Life Lusciously™ and CB Intrinsic® (CBi) Educational Stress Recovery and Emotion Management/Conflict Resolution Classes, Courses and Programs. Shared in a classroom environment, students learn how to get rid of stress from many sources, including anxiety, PTSD, anger, chronic pain, and poor quality of sleep so they can redesign their world from this point forward. Learn more at • November/December 2016 • Regenerate




Rekindled Love KATHRYN MATTINGLY My husband and I married young and began having our four children shortly thereafter. It was a glorious time as we nurtured, mentored and guided each of them into adulthood. Then one day they were raised and gone.

To fill the void in our hearts we moved to the city with our careers and soon grew apart as we became immersed in separate interests. This was compounded by an unexpected financial disaster. The pain of our distant emotional state and disastrous economic situation overwhelmed both of us. Our once happy loving home full of children and activities was behind us, in another time and place. What loomed before us was a new stressful environment where words were often spoken in anger and full of accusations. My personal solution was to pack up and leave. My husband asked why I had accepted a new job in another state. I answered that we needed more income, to help alleviate our financial situation. He said that I was leaving him, and I denied it. But I was leaving. I just didn’t have the words to admit it to him or to myself. Regardless of wanting a new beginning, every single day I read my bible, especially this verse: Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Every day I also prayed that God would help me fall back in love with my husband. This was my prayer: Lord, I pray that you would open my heart and show me again what special

traits this man has to complement mine. Soften my hard edges, Father, that I might bring out in him those desirable attributes he willing displayed when our love was new. I did not believe that God could do this. It would, after all, take a miracle. Miracles are for parting the red sea, not for rekindling lost love. I wasn’t sure I even wanted God to work this miracle, but it seemed like the right prayer for me to pray as a Christian. I was unimpressed with my ability to be the empowered woman, having a managerial position and a nice home in a new community. I became more lonely and miserable each day, rather than enjoying my independence. God’s miracle was happening. My heart was changing. Every evening my husband would call and we’d try to communicate civilly, but then we’d begin blaming one another for past mistakes that had led to our current reality. One night I told him to quit calling. If he wanted to communicate with me he could email. And he did. He sent long, articulate emails filled with the love I hadn’t heard on the phone. God was unfolding His miracle one step at a time. After a few months he called me one day at work and caught me off guard. It was good to hear his voice. I

asked what he was doing and he said, “I am cleaning out my desk.” I asked where he would look for a new job and he answered that he didn’t know. Without a second thought, as if God Himself had put the words in my mouth, I said, “Why don’t you move in with me?” He moved in that very week and was once again the interesting, warm-hearted, fun-loving man I had become smitten with all those years ago. We were like newlyweds. Together we rebuilt our finances and careers. Would this miracle have happened if I hadn’t read my bible and prayed every day for God to rekindle my love? Probably not, which reminds me of the saying: Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, and our actions become our reality. Anything is possible, but first we must believe it. Kathryn Mattingly is an obsessed writer and avid reader of edgy fiction, a creative writing instructor, and the author of literary fiction novels Benjamin, Journey, and Olivia’s Ghost (2016). Her short story collection Fractured Hearts houses four award winning stories. You can visit her website at: • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Slow Down Your Soul Train HEATHER MUNO SIEBENALER We all have moments, even days or weeks, when we are overwhelmed with responsibilities or worries. At those times, we are immersed and deep in thought... unaware of our surroundings. I liken it to a speeding train, where everything outside is blurred and flashing by rapidly. Imagine if we slowed the train down and everything came into focus.

The other day, seemingly on autopilot, I walked into the grocery store, loaded up my cart, checked and headed for the car. As I unloaded the groceries, I realized I’d had an entire conversation with the cashier and could not recall what she looked like nor what we had discussed. It was as if I had not been there. How was this possible? How often was I not present in the moment? If I had been, I would have noticed details like what she wore, the color of her hair or eyes, what she had said or how she responded to me. If I had been present, I would have absorbed all this. How many of us walk through life and do the same? Just existing and not relishing it. This made me sad and I wondered what I’d missed and even more so who I missed? Are there possible consequences from being so engrossed within ourselves? As I prepared to drive away, I paused and made a commitment to myself that whenever I met another individual

20 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

and a conversation ensued, I would actively engage. I would look into their eyes and make contact. I also made a pact to offer a smile as well. Being present in the moment, you have the opportunity to live your life fully, create purpose and have memories. Can you imagine how your life might change? Not to mention there might be some meaningful conversation with some truly extraordinary people. Practice this technique for one week and let me know how it impacted your life. Imagine what you might learn, or teach another. Heather Siebenaler is an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Dreamer, Artist and Intuitive. Heather is passionate about helping others. She also infuses healing energy into her creative art, which can be found, along with her blog at She can also be reached at (970) 545-1268.

Three Things to do Before the End of the Year RONDA RENEE This time of year, there is a tangible shift in energy that you can feel, consciously or unconsciously as we approach the threshold of the new year.

January, which marks the start of our calendar year, is itself named for Janus, the Roman god with two faces. One face looks to the past and one looks to the future. There is an innate wisdom in this symbolism. It hints at our natural desire to acknowledge and appreciate our lives and all that we have and to do it with tradition while honoring of our loved ones and ancestors. This is why there are so many religious and non-religious celebrations sprinkled throughout December. They represent Janus’ face looking to the past. As we prepare to move into the New Year, the face of Janus looks to the future. That “future pull” that Wayne Dyer spoke about is ignited at this time of year as you imagine what the coming year might bring you. The Romans would begin each year making promises to Janus and this is where the tradition of the New Year’s resolution began. But, let’s face it. New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work!

Want to intentionally create more of what you want in the New Year? If so, there are three things you must do before the end of the year: Reflect Give yourself a little space and time to reflect on the past year. Like Janus, it

is useful to take some time to look back. While it is not useful to stay too focused on the past it is useful to glance back in order to bring forward valuable lessons. What were your most significant turning points over the past year? A turning point can be anything situation, circumstance or experience that shifted your perception, awareness or belief or moved you in a new direction. These can appear “positive” or “negative” from the outside. Then identify the thread or the theme of the turning points. All experiences create value for us if we take the time to notice them. Even in those experiences that we might judge as “negative” there is always a gift. Dig for it! Based on those turning points, where do you feel those course corrections might be trying to lead you? How could you more mindfully move in that direction? Release From the awareness created in the Reflect step, what is it that really wants to move forward with you and what is it that needs to be left behind in order for you to get where you are headed? We all have people, experiences, emotions and beliefs that we would be best served by leaving behind. Sometimes, I think we are afraid to let things go because we don’t know what will come in to take its place. However, releasing that which no longer

serves is the best way to make space for what you really want and what really wants you! If we are pulling everything forward with us, there is simply no room for a new experience to come in. Recommit Now that you have gotten clear on the gifts that have come out of the past year and let go of things you aren’t planning to carry forward, it’s time to get intentional about where you are headed. I recommend you skip any type of resolution all together. Anything that is specific to a goal or a result would fall into the category of resolution. The definition core meaning of resolution is “to resolve” as if there is something wrong with you — which there is not! Instead, set intentions that are focused on the experiences you want to have of yourself and with others. From high vibrational experiences, fantastic results are born but it doesn’t always work the other way around. Amazing lives don’t happen by accident. They are intentional! Ronda Renée is the Founder of Divine Navigation and the creator of the Divine Coordinates® process. To receive the entire complimentary training on the 3 Things You Must Do to Create Intentional Success in the New Year visit • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Body Keeping a Lid on Holiday Stress Without Boiling Over JUDITH ALBRIGHT


For centuries the winter holidays have traditionally been a time for reflection, worship, spiritual renewal and connecting with family. But in recent years the reasons for the season have become increasingly obscured by mass marketing and the media.

If we are to believe what we see on TV, holidays should be a magic time when loving friends and families come together, dreams come true, problems are solved, and all expectations are met in two hours of prime time. And, if we just buy the latest and greatest thing or gadget, our happiness is assured. But we know this is an illusion: people don’t resolve all their problems in a couple of hours and things don’t buy happiness. While supposedly a happy time, the fact is that for many people the prolonged season between Thanksgiving and the mid-winter holidays is a time of increased tension, pressure, loneliness, anxiety, and reflection on past failures. Life does not stop just because the calendar turns over. People still get depressed or angry. Tempers flare. Families feud. Conflict at home or work continues or escalates. One of the best ways to avoid holiday meltdowns is to learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT is a highly effective stress reducer that can be employed anywhere and any time an emotional situation starts getting out of hand. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure that involves gentle tapping with the fingers to stimulate acupuncture points on the face and upper body. Tapping, combined with a series of carefully crafted words and phrases, relaxes the body and reaches the subconscious mind on a deep level where emotional issues can be addressed. How does it work? Anyone familiar with a pressure cooker knows how the little valve on the top lets off steam gradually as the heat builds up in the pot. But, when the valve becomes stopped up or stuck there is no way to release the built up pressure and the lid blows off. Just like the valve on the cooker, EFT acts as a safety valve that provides a safe and drug-free way to cope with the pressures of daily living and release cumulative stress in the mind and body. There are three basics to learn: • Formulating set up phrases • The tapping points and sequence

• Reminder phrases The set up phrase is the starting point and is an integral part of the process. It should be repeated three times. The set up phrase has two purposes: 1. To identify the emotion and issue to be addressed 2. To correct psychological reversal if it is present (the body is electrical and if polarity is reversed EFT will not work). After repeating the set up phrase, and beginning where the eyebrow meets the nose, proceed downward in a clockwise direction. Tap on all the points indicated in the diagram and end at the top of the head. There are many videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to do this. Tapping, however, is but one part of the process. In order for EFT to be effective, it is important to identify the negative emotion and the reason for it. Using EFT is like trying to cut down a tree with many branches. The core issue represents the trunk and the branches represent all the aspects associated with it. If you incorrectly identify the core issue, you can spend a lot of time tapping on the “branches” without ever touching the tree trunk. As a beginner it may be difficult for you to identify what the core issue actually is. This can be difficult to determine when you are part of the problem. What you think is the core issue is not always the case. And, relying on someone else’s canned words or phrases does not always work. Therefore it is important to learn how to use this technique properly. Before holidays stresses reach the boiling point this year, find a practitioner who can teach you to use EFT correctly and effectively. Judith Albright, MA, is an advanced EFT Practitioner and PSYCH-K facilitator who specializes in working with both individuals and groups to improve self esteem, neutralize stress and change underlying negative beliefs that are limiting their lives. For more information about Judith’s work visit or call 970-218-8643. • November/December 2016 • Regenerate



Dance, delighting in movement for the sheer joy of it! Dance, creating and expressing who you are without words! Dance, loving being alive!

As the audience in the darkened theatre, you experience the troupe of Dance Express living a dancing dream. Bright lights, colorful costumes and pulsing music set the scene. One dancer smiles sweetly at you, while another guides her partner to the side of the stage. Yet, another steals the spotlight with twists and jumps. Together they enjoy performing the choreography they have spent months perfecting.

gained 501(c)(3)status in 1992. Since that time, it has not only touched lives in Colorado but also those across United States as well. We are proud to have the pleasure and privilege of collaborating with other dance professionals, dance companies, musicians, schools, and agencies. Loving dance, as I do, I understand the natural rhythm and affinity for it that people with Down

In Fort Collins, Loveland, and other locales, dancers and volunteers connect with the community though performances at theatres and community settings. Celebrating dance and diversity in the Fort Collins area since 1989, Dance Express is an inclusive modern dance company which brings modern training and performance opportunities to persons with and without disabilities. Inspired by my sister, Theresa Lenahan, I founded Dance Express to improve people’s lives through creative dance experiences. With a board of directors, we were incorporated and

syndrome have. I remember dancing around the dining room with Theresa, freely enjoying the experience. Grace, along with the ability to imitate and integrate rhythm, was a natural part of who she was. Because of this, I believe our non-profit dance company provides a needed social profit which shares talents and gifts of expressive movement often overlooked. In Fort Collins, Loveland, and

24 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

other locales, dancers and volunteers connect with the community though performances at theatres and community settings. With enthusiasm and delight, the dancers engage with the audiences. Each star shares one-of-a-kind choreography ranging from graceful, lyrical balletlike movement to free form and hip-hop style. Under professional lights at the Lincoln Center or in the open air at Oak Street Plaza, dancers create a unique dance signature. Dance Express members are 16 years of age and older. Dance Express offers adaptive dance workshops in community centers and schools to augment arts curriculum for the younger set. Often, students from a local school group share the stage for an annual production. In December, Dance Express will perform at the Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre in “Winter Solstice Celebration” on Monday and Tuesday, December 5th and 6th. In an effort to bring new thoughts to old traditions for December, Dance Express explores and celebrates the ancient concepts surrounding the winter solstice through music, prose, and dance. In 2015, Dance Express premiered this idea with “A Winter’s Solstice.” The newly created theatre piece entitled “Calling the Sun”, has


From Left to Right: Lisa Nuttall, Candace Leczel, Michael Hulings, Tamara Davis, Anika Pounds, choreography by Tamara enlivened solstice legends while exploring the annual seasonal transition. If you’re seeking new meaning and connection with others during the holiday season, consider the Dance Express celebration. Relax, enjoy and gain insight into the collaborative endeavors which seek perfection through the expressive arts. Dance Express dancers and audiences develop invisible connections. When dancer Nisha was asked what her favorite part of dancing was, she said in her gentle voice, “Audiences.” Receiving acclaim and recognition is rewarding and validates her dancing contributions. The mother of a dancer, who faithfully supports her daughter in her pursuit of the dance dream says, “Dance is an important part of her life.” One audience member seeing Dance Express for the first time “just couldn’t stop smiling.” Clearly, the feelings on both sides of the footlights are positive and reciprocal. Dancers give their best and audiences receive their joyful energy. Audiences give their applause and the dancers

receive the praise… a win-win interaction. A long-time Dance Express fan wrote “Dance Express is a gift to Fort Collins.” Join us for the opportunity to receive this gift during the holiday season. Some believe that dancing stands at the source of all the arts. I know I do. This holiday season, experience the magic of dance. Celebrate unique differences, which will open your eyes and hearts to the gift of something new.


Ticket information: 970 221-6730 970 493-2113 Dance Express Artistic and Executive Director, Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, MS OT, wears many hats. With occupational therapy and eurythmy background, she teaches classes locally. She is writing a series of children’s books and her first book, Dance With Me. She is happy to be in Conscious Business Connection, New Peaks, and Colorado.

Solo during Studio Concert 2016 — Michael Hulings • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Fertility, Pregnancy and Beyond KORIN OWENS, L.AC When couples have infertility problems, they often turn to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture can correct hormonal imbalance, support the endocrine system, influence reproductive organs and affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which controls ovulation and sperm production. Chinese herbs contain natural energetic substances, which strengthen the reproductive system and improve its function. As the preparation prior to conception is very important, being in the best possible state of health is key. This leads to a harmonious pregnancy and ultimately, a healthy baby. The benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs are not limited to fertility. Both are extremely beneficial during pregnancy, as preparation for labor and delivery, and postpartum. Acupuncture promotes a healthy pregnancy by nourishing both mother and baby. It also treats nausea, headaches, insomnia and fatigue as they may arise throughout the pregnancy. After giving birth, most mothers are severely depleted and need support and nourishment in order to fully recover. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs address the physical problems which can occur including pain, swelling and bleeding as well as the emotional issues of depression and anxiety. Finally, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are very effective for infants, toddlers

and children. Shonishin, “little children needle” is a specialized acupuncture technique developed specifically for infants and children. No needles are used as Shonishin’s non-invasive treatment techniques involve rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping and pressing the skin to produce a variety of gentle sensations. Infants are most often treated for colic, fever, cough and vomiting, while older children are treated for the common cold, fever, cough, headache and stomachache. Chronic conditions such as eczema, asthma, insomnia, constipation and behavioral problems such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been successfully treated. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are powerful agents for positive change that can be used at any stage of life. At the Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic, we look forward to supporting you in your healing journey.

The benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs are not limited to fertility. Both are extremely beneficial during pregnancy, as preparation for labor and delivery, and postpartum.

26 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

Korin Owens, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in women’s health. Her passion lies in pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric care. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2006. She is a registered acupuncturist in Colorado and Nationally Board Certified as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. Learn more at

25 Years of Realizing a Dream GARY SALINGER When the Healing Arts Institute opened its doors 25 years ago in Fort Collins, husband and wife team Gary and Cheryl Salinger knew they had found the perfect community to share their unique approach to massage and bodywork. From the start, the Salingers understood that people seek out new career opportunities because they are unsatisfied with their jobs. People want to contribute and have their work to mean something. The Salingers believed they could create a meaningful program that met those expectations. The couple’s vision was to create more than just a massage school. It had to teach their students the fundamentals of what it was to be therapists who could “walk their talk” and be able to command the respect of their future clients. They now know that they succeeded given the high favorability ratings their graduates receive from local employers. Gary designed a program that focused on each student’s unique learning style, helping the students embody the information being taught while amplifying their innate talents and skills. Using a practical hands-on approach, the school’s program is also designed to provide students an opportunity to experience immense amounts of personal growth in a safe and supportive environment. A fundamental principle of the school is that the more one understands and experiences their own healing, the easier it is for that individual to promote the healing of others. The Body Insight Method, developed by Gary Salinger and offered exclusively at the Healing Arts Institute, is the catalyst for the transformational growth. It takes the experience of massage to a whole other level by incorporating the understanding that having a healthy body and mind relationship is essential to releasing pain and tension in the body. Releasing stressful thoughts and feelings while receiving effective bodywork produces longer lasting results. Body Insight is the major competitive advantage Healing Arts Institute graduate’s have over other therapists. Clients are consistently surprised by the results they get, especially those who have been regularly receiving massage who often ask us “Why haven’t I gotten these kinds of results before?” The past 25 years have been a phenomenal journey for the owners of the Healing Arts Institute. The school continues to flourish and live out its dream and vision, thanks to the dedication of their amazing instructors, staff and the tireless efforts of ownership. Educating future therapists is a passion shared by everyone who participates with the school and they look forward to serving the community and industry for another 25 years.

The Healing Arts Institute aspires to serve their community in a variety of ways. To experience their unique approach to the healing experience for yourself, you are invited to schedule a massage in their clinic. Patrons can receive bodywork from either a student or a licensed professional for a fraction of the cost. To realize your dream of becoming a massage therapist, contact them at or 970-223-9741. They would love to hear from you!



Nourish your Skin with Masque by Mask Facials SARAH MASK With the holidays upon us, there will be parties to attend, family get-togethers and celebrations. Naturally, we want to look our best but may find ourselves swept up in the craze of “Peel Season”. However, certain peels may be unrealistic for a busy lifestyle as well as unappealing. This can be due to the discomfort, or the experience and subsequent result of a peel gone bad. If you can relate to either of these, keep reading! There was a time when my first recommendation for an effective and corrective skin treatment was a peel. A large part of my job during these... not so pretty treatments… was to coach and emotionally support the client through the discomfort and shedding process of their skin. They needed to know it would be worth it in the end. Granted, after the healing process, the results were great. However, the more I thought holistically, the more I began to question those peels and their value when it was all said and done. Now that scientists have studied the long-term effects of these treatments, we know doing peel after peel forces the skin to continually repair itself. Over time, this will thin the dermal layer of the skin, which leaves it fragile, over-sensitized and loose. In no other organ in the body do we believe continued damage will result in it being healthier. These realizations forced me to reconsider my approach. I began with the question, “Why is skin misbehaving in the first place?” In many healing modalities such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, skin issues such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. are found to be caused by disharmony in the body. Modern medicine and common sense have shown that aging and pigmentation (nonhormonal) are caused by the sun and other environmental stressors. So, by only peeling away our problem, we ignore the root causes of the symptoms. So, should you still exfoliate? The answer depends on your skin. Exfoliating can help to remove dead skin cell buildup, clear the pores of debris, brighten and even the complexion and give you healthy youthful glow. I am still a big fan of low percentage progressive treatments in a series for some clients. However, if your skin is in defense mode, exfoliating could keep you stuck in the same cycle. Instead, I believe in boosting your skin’s immune

28 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

system versus challenging it. This can be done by a thorough skin and lifestyle analysis, using professional non-toxic ingredient based skincare line, internal wellness, Oxygen Facial Infusion Therapy, and my favorite new tool, the DermaSound. Oxygen Therapy infuses specialized hydrosols and oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin helping to soothe, detoxify, and strengthen it. The DermaSound is an ultrasonic facial machine which uses distilled water and low-frequency sound waves to jet clean your skin (aka exfoliate) without irritation or inflammation. It penetrates product deeper into the skin using sonophoresis, as well as targets and revitalizes damaged, weakened skin cells and tissues with micro-amp/microcurrent. In combination, these treatments are a force to be reckoned with! My Target Treatments and Signature Facials incorporate both of these tools and are completely customized for you to encourage optimal vitality of your skin’s health and living cells. Book your holiday treatments now and your friends and family won’t be able to resist commenting on the healthy glow of your skin! Sarah Mask is a CIDESCO certified Holistic Skincare Specialist and Master Esthetician. After more the 10 years in holistic centers, medical and day spas, she has developed a holistic approach to a number of skin concerns. Sarah has received premiere international training and continues to stay abreast of her profession, bringing the latest developments in the skincare industry back to her clients. You can schedule an appointment at Mention that you saw this article in Regenerate and receive 10% off your next visit!

Reviving the Essence of the Holiday Season MARIAH KORNBERG-DEGEAR As we swirl through the holiday season, we embark on a journey to find home, contentment and that warm fuzzy feeling of love, family and friends. The stores are filled with beautiful things and delicious treats, and there is a feeling of lightness in the air, though expectations can become somewhat overwhelming. How can we stay focused on the light and positive aspects and enjoy the essence of the holiday season?

This is one of the best assignments for essential oils. Not only are they thousands of pounds of plant material distilled into one little bottle, they are the ONLY medicinal tool that is volatile: they evaporate into thin air. They make instant contact with your brain and blood vessels through your breath as you inhale. Essential Oils are a wonderful quick fix in a very fast moving season. As an essence, a fragrance, they evoke a feeling or memory that can be transformative and amazingly transportive. Why do you think the fragrance industry spends so much on advertising? It is so you can fall in love, hang out with a celebrity, and get lost on a beautiful island. So, as you make your way home or just need a moment to catch your breath or go to Bermuda, here are a couple of suggestions for oils during the holidays. Use them in the bath, blend them in a diffuser, sprinkle a couple drops in your hand and inhale. Use them to clean your home and take to school or the office. They will bring you a momentary pause

of grounding joy and contentment during this wonderful time of year.

Charmacy Holiday Favorites: • Chamomiles — warmth, comfort, the essence of a peaceful sleeping baby.

• Cinnamon — the essence of your favorite spicy auntie livening up the party. • Peppermint — the brightness added to your cocoa after playing in the snow with your siblings. • Pine — the voice of reason and grounding support from your grandfather. • Spruce — the supportive confidence from a favorite uncle. • Vanilla — simple, sweet, pure, the essence of your grandmother in her kitchen. • Ylang Ylang — the essence of special time with your cousins, friends and the family you only see once a year.


Mariah Kornberg-DeGear is certified in Aromatic Medicine and has almost 20 years of experience working with, teaching and selling essential oils. She is the Proprietress and Owner of Charmacy — a Refined Spiritual Shop, located at 1220 S. College Ave in the heart of Historic Fort Collins. • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Have You Seen the New Recommendations by the Government on the “F” Word? JOY DRISCOLL, RDH, BS If you have been following the “F” word in dentistry (FLOSSING!), you are probably aware that when the federal government issued its latest dietary guidelines this year, the flossing recommendation had been removed, without notice. In a letter to the Associated Press, the government acknowledged the effectiveness of flossing had never been researched, as required. Whaaat? Let’s talk about how this happened as daily flossing has been a firm recommendation by the federal government since 1979. Here it is: the alleged benefits of flossing had never been properly studied, meaning the studies were not designed with the proper number of people or the study was not long enough to acknowledge the benefits of flossing. The American Dental Association followed the headlines with this statement “The bottom line for dentists and patients is that lack of strong evidence doesn’t equate to lack of effectiveness”. I would like to emphasize this because as a dental health

care provider for 20 years, I have seen the benefits of flossing first hand to keep away cavities, gum disease and infection, bad breath and decreased inflammation in the oral cavity. Recently Waterpiking has become popular for the “floss haters” and I have seen many benefits of keeping oral disease away with this tool as well. If you are not yet convinced, the reasons to keep flossing (or Waterpiking) include: • Save Money — Recent studies tell us that keeping a healthy mouth correlates to reducing inflammation in the entire body. A roll of floss is a small investment compared to treating disease in the mouth and body. • Fend Off Bad Breath — Flossing allows you to go up to 1-2 millimeters under the gum tissue to reach where bacteria are colonizing and can cause bad breath. There are 700 different types of bacteria in the average person’s mouth!

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! Are you seeking a more holistic approach to your overall health? Our mission is to provide holistic and traditional dental health care to patients. We offer dental exams and cleanings, digital x-rays, periodontal therapy, desensitizing treatments and more We look forward to partnering with you to achieve optimal oral and whole body health

1555 Main St. Windsor CO 80528

970-413-1799 JOY DRISCOLL


30 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

• Reduce Your Chances of Tooth Decay — Bacteria and plaque live between your teeth and if you floss daily, you decrease the chances of developing unsightly tooth decay. Plaque starts to build up right after you floss, so it’s important to remove it every day. • Keeping Gum Disease and Infection Away — The number one cause of tooth loss is gum disease, not tooth decay. The first sign of gum disease is red, swollen, and bleeding gums. The treatment used to treat this is called Periodontal therapy and can cost 1000 times more than a roll of floss (back to the saving money part!). Live long and floss, my friends! Joy is located at 1555 Main St. In Windsor, CO and her mission is to bring holistic dental health care options to patients seeking a more of a holistic approach to their overall health. She has been a dental provider for over 20 years and has had advanced training and education in how our oral health directly effects whole body health or vice versa. You can learn more and make an appointment at or 970-413-1799. Mention that you saw Joy’s ad in Regenerate and receive $100 off of in-office whitening.

Come Home To Yourself Empowerment through Self Healing JILL UFER LMT, HTP-A, CYT There is a great desire and longing in our world for a deeper connection with the Divine Source as we yearn towards inner spiritual and physical balance. We want to feel and know our bodies and how to provide for them in authentic and energetic ways. Since the body can respond to emotional imbalances through pain, tension and illness, there is a need to be released from this binding. Energy work connects us to our Source thus providing greater peace, happiness, healing and self awareness. Initially, every energetic shift, whether positive or negative, appears in the auric or energy field which surrounds the body. Because of this, emotional trauma can become lodged in the body if not dealt with immediately. It begins to work its way from the aura into the physical body and cause dis-ease or disharmony. Through my work, chronic painful areas or energy blocks are found and cleared from the system, thereby allowing healing vibrations a way through into the body. Ultimately, our bodies were meant to be in a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. We were not created to retain long term stress nor emotional anguish. I am passionate about my work and it is my intention to provide a sensitive, respectful and loving space for my clients. As I was born an empath and intuitive, it’s quite natural for me to read through my hands the needs of your body. Regardless of the modality I use, information flows from you and directs my hands as I massage or run energy, which is assisted by my own internal guidance. Per session, we discuss and set goals and address the

presenting needs of the day. My mission is to assist you in achieving inner knowingness through gentle and peaceful guidance, therapeutic massage, energy healing and yoga. Our energy in this world is meant for joy, health, sharing, creating, love, peace, connection, spirituality and positivity. With an open mind and heart, energy healing, therapeutic massage and mindful yoga can guide you to profound healing and clarity. It brings you home to your most true and authentic self. Let me assist you in this divine process. Jill Ufer has been a certified yoga Instructor since 2008, a practicing Healing Touch energy therapist since 2012 and a fully licensed Colorado Massage Therapist since 2016. Her purpose as a professional body worker is to heal the body utilizing all of these techniques. Jill has always felt the need to comfort others in times of distress and pain and it fills her heart to serve others in this way. Learn more at

Om Shanti Healing Therapeutic Massage • Energy Healing Private Yoga See my website for more details, package options & videos

Jill Ufer LMT, HTP-A, CYT 970-310-4522 • I offer a $10 referral reward to referrer and referee as a thank you. NOV/DEC COUPON

— $10 off your first session with Jill

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Winter Solstice Rebirth Of The Light RENE VILLARD-REID

It is our quiet time. We do not speak, because the voices are within us. It is our quiet time. We do not walk, because the earth is all within us. It is our quiet time. We do not dance, because the music has lifted us to a place where the spirit is. It is our quiet time. We rest with all of nature. We wake when the seven sisters wake. We greet them in the sky over the opening of the kiva. — Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods poem describes the Winter Solstice as a time of turning inward, a time of recollection, a time of rest. The sun has moved its face as far away from the earth as it can; the days have grown shorter and the nights longer until the sun finally stops at its furthest point… and pauses for a brief moment at solstice. The earth grows quiet as do our spirits. We rest with nature. The beauty in the stories and traditions of our native people reveals a natural order and connection with spirit. In their world the earth and sky are joined and are part of a circle, a continuum of life. Life and death, winter and summer, dark and light and all that is in between. The Winter and the Summer Solstice, the dark and the light and the Fall and Spring Equinox, all that is in between. There is a rhythm and a balance in nature which those who live close to the earth understand and honor. It is a

rich alignment with heaven and earth and of all creation. Originating from the Latin words sol, which means sun and stes or stare which means standing or to stand respectively. Winter Solstice is a time where the sun does indeed appear to stop in the sky when it has reached its northern most point on or around December 21st before it begins its slow descent, which culminates on June 21st with the rising of the Pleiades joining it at dawn… We wake when the seven sisters wake. Called Midwinter by the Celts, the solstice has birthed many cultural and religious traditions. The story of Winter Solstice and its meaning is shared among ancient tribes with certain variations. The common thread in these stories is the return of the Sun God as he begins his descent closer to the earth where spring is restored and life flourishes once again. The Druids have a myth where

the solstice is called the Time of the Serpent days and represents transformation. As the story goes the Elder and the Birch tree are the guardians of the underworld and stand as sentinels outside the entrance of the place where all life is said to be formed. At this time of the year, the Sun God journeys to the underworld to learn the secrets of life and death and to subsequently bring forth upon his return the souls who are to be reincarnated. In the Southwest, the Pueblo Indians observe the solstice with ceremonies built around the sun, the coming of the new year, and the rebirth of life and all that grows. Of course, the rituals differ among villages and groups. However, the basic rites include the making of prayer sticks, altars and prayers for increase. The Hopi, who are considered the Caretakers of the Earth, are dedicated to giving aid or assistance • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


to the Sun God who has traveled as far from the earth as is possible and is ready to return and give his strength and energy to new budding life. In order to bring the sun back, the warriors of the tribe hold a great festival. This time of renewal and purification is called Soyal or Soyaluna and is meant to welcome the sun after winter and to prevent its disappearance during the time of the shortest days. It is the most sacred of the Hopi ceremonies and is comprised of wishes and prayers for each others prosperity and health. Blue Eagle, one of the spiritual leaders of the First Nation of Canada, wrote in his book The Beauty Way, “… winter solstice, celebrated as the Celebration of Internal Light… is a time of the year when the forces of darkness are at their peak. It is time for the Warrior of Light to manifest his qualities. We want to embody the inner light which will shine and overcome darkness.” There is also the tradition of the lighting of the Christmas tree which evokes more symbolism of the return of the light. Like the Celtic countries, the practice of bringing a tree indoors to decorate and to ceremonially burn as the Yule log, is also a part of the Cherokee winter solstice ceremony. A spruce or cedar tree, which symbolizes the new year is brought in with prayers and ceremony. The four bottom branches are removed and used to sweep away the old year. They are then burned in the sacred fire so the energies of the ending year vanish and go up in smoke. Finally, the tree is put in a place of honor and decorated and blessed with wishes for the New Year to come. It is significant to note, that in all instances of different traditions, the light is celebrated. There is strong mystical symbolism in this for all of

us. In Christianity, the ancient church leaders recognized that the beliefs of the old tribes within the Roman empire were strong and would not be altered or changed easily. It is no mystery December 25th was chosen as the birth of Jesus. It was a compromise with the Old Religion, which yielded favorable results for the early church. Jesus

It is a sacred awareness… the quiet time, the going within time, the soft waiting time for life to be reborn. It is a gentle reminder that everything has a purpose under the sun and there is a balance and harmony in this knowing. If you have no tradition, create one of your own. The simple act of lighting a candle, closing your eyes and envisioning a flame burning within brings you a step closer to your divine connection here on earth. In this simple rite, you create a quiet time to listen to the voices inside your heart. You create a quiet time to walk within and not without. You create a quiet time to rest with all of nature. You wait for the Summer Solstice when the seven sisters wake with the sun and you with them.

In Christianity, the ancient church leaders recognized that the beliefs of the old tribes within the Roman empire were strong and would not be altered or changed easily. represented light returning to the earth at a time when darkness and evil had prevailed for so many centuries. It was time for the Warrior of Light to manifest his strength. No matter what religion or spiritual tradition you may ascribe to, it is evident Winter Solstice is still a very sacred and important event. Many churches now observe solstice events and 24 hour vigils awaiting the birth of the Son three days later. It is natural to feel the urge towards ceremony and ritual as it places our roots deep into the earth. Like the branches of an oak or a cedar tree, we raise our hands skyward to receive new light and new growth. We await expectantly the return of the sun while recognizing a deeper awareness of our connection with all things and our Creator. The earth has grown still. No leaves rustle in the trees, plants are dormant and the earth is hardened from the cold and bears no life. But in the silence, the earth waits. It waits for the return of the sun’s warmth and the renewal of life.

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We are a Summer People and a Winter People, Living and dying, Sun Bringers and Sun Takers for each cycle of our seasons. We are a Summer and a Winter People, Dressed in leaves and stones, dancers for The blessings of Earth and all her creatures. — Nancy Wood Excerpt from Summer and Winter and Winter People Rene Villard-Reid is a gifted medical intuitive, shaman, medicine woman, hands on healer and spiritual counselor. She has practiced, lectured and taught for over 35 years in California and the Eastern Seaboard. Rene has been a guest on radio talk shows and NBC TV in Boston. In the 80’s she was a monthly columnist and feature writer for Aquarian Voices magazine. Rene now teaches and heals through the medium of writing.

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Into the Light – Celebrating the Winter Season MARGARET GILFOYLE “Dear Great Spirit, Your gifts to us are so many When we look at them and think of them They multiply And expand Farther and farther a-field Until your gifts to us encompass the sky And everything underneath it Thank you Our hands are open to the sky”

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I love the words of this prayer* in the context of thinking about the holidays. They’re a reminder that the gifts of life do not necessarily have to be sought, but NOTICED. They are here, right where we are, and exist, truly all around us. How looking UP, literally into the sky, observing daily cloud formations, the sunrise, sunset, flocks of birds, the soaring hawk or eagle, can bring about a rushing sense of wonder and gratitude, and entice us to be more present in our lives. Stopping while walking, zeroing in on what attracts us — the bright red rose hips, symmetry of pine cones, the silkiness of pine needles, or tenacious leaves still hanging on to branches — breaks the flow of “hurry” during our days. Nothing is commonplace when details are noticed. Routines love to be broken. Time in nature and with our SPIRIT’S nature are loving gifts we should give to ourselves. Especially during these months of November and December, with so much focus on “The Holidays”, when we can sway into overwhelm with activities and demands that may diminish the joy the season is meant to

represent. Beyond spending money, juggling gift lists, waiting in long lines everywhere — we can transform our perspective and really absorb these gifts, maybe even transcend to-do lists. Day-time walks to explore what animal tracks and activity may be found in the snow, night time star-gazing, visiting a planetarium to learn about the constellations in the winter skies, snowshoeing or skiing beneath the full moon can uplift us out of the commercialism of Thanksgiving and Christmas and perhaps create a new tradition of how to share time together. Celebrating the December 21 Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere), is another beautiful, contemplative way to connect with the natural world that the whole family, or a group of like-minded friends, may enjoy. Design your own simple ritual, or seek out an established group — and you’ll take part in an ancient ritual present in most every ancient culture. Bringing Light into the Darkness is a common theme throughout traditional Winter Solstice observations. As winter and increased night time hours are symbols of going inward, so too you may

include a time of darkness in a ritual, perhaps sitting in a circle. If there are gentle bells to ring, singing bowls, quiet drum rhythms someone is inspired to make, or recorded music to listen to, let it be done in darkness for a short while. Then one by one, each person may say a word or a phrase about what going into darkness, or coming out of darkness, has meant to them in their life, lighting a candle as they finish speaking. When all are finished, the room is aglow with candlelight and a sense of magic and empowerment. All the better to face the days of winter, with a heart warmed by spirit, and an expanding, real sense of connection to all that is. Blessings to all on our sacred journeys. *excerpt of original poem Threshold – Hopi Soul Song by Margaret Gilfoyle Margaret Gilfoyle has lived in beautiful Colorado most of her life. She has 26 years of study and private practice in the healing arts, and is a former professional chef. She offers shamanic journey circles, Breath of Light, Reiki and cooking classes in the community. Learn more at

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I do not believe in a singular, all-knowing, and powerful deity and do not affiliate with a particular religion. Thus I have found that without the support of an established church or organized group, it can be difficult to get direction during life’s challenging moments. What to do to gain your bearings? During my midlife crisis, I found yoga classes. Not an immediate cure-all, but a definite balm for ambiguities.

What happens when you question the world around you, and your place in it? What role does faith have in helping you find resolutions? As I search for these answers, I enjoy yoga. Since starting classes two months ago, it brings me physical and spiritual peace. My mind is quiet and my body is awake. It has been an amazing experience. I even Ommm. Yoga offers a new education. I have learned a great deal from my instructors. They wear no lip-gloss or jewelry and just exude pure, beautiful health. They are always motivating, never judging. They make me want to go out and buy kale. Instead of correcting, they suggest. They lead our ‘practice’, providing examples, possible alternatives, but never solutions. Yoga provides introspection. Instead of wondering why I am the only one with cleavage, I focus inward and away from the mirror. My own solitary journey, ironically, filled with strangers. My fellow classmates are a mixed bag of wanderers. Lithe college girls beautifully tattooed with colorful artwork, middle-age women working on their flexibility, older men realizing their need for speed is over and now focusing on balance. Together, we are a group of individuals, possibly looking to regain faith in ourselves. Yoga relaxes me. For $10 a class, I’ve learned how to

breathe. I can breathe for free lying on my kitchen floor, but being surrounded by a congregation is more engaging. It’s like praying at church rather than staying home. It’s certainly possible, but devotions become much more legitimate and powerful when surrounded by the faithful. Yoga provides insight. My biggest revelation is that I am unfinished. This was a profound moment, somewhere in between three-legged dog and final Savasana. It hit me so thoroughly — the realization that I will never be finished. Learning, experiencing, loving, crying… I will do these things and never be complete. I see this as positive progress. Although I will never be an expert in all that I attempt, I cannot stop trying. This is comforting and gives me license to try, fail, and try again — or just quit altogether. It’s all about having faith. And I believe in yoga. Kristin is a recovering academic living in Fort Collins, Colorado and loves yoga. She is a new writer working on her first book I Was a War Bride: a memoir. Her husband and dachshund brew beer in the garage, a Fort Collins cliché. Kristin can be reached at 970-581-5254 and • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


How to Feel Joy, Happiness and Gratitude for Death NOAM KOSTUCKI We experience death in many aspects of our lives. This year, 2016, is about to pass and give way to 2017. Jobs, relationships, phases of our lives pass away... and so do the people in our lives. When a job or relationship or year ends, we may mourn, but ultimately cherish what we experienced and anticipate the next steps. Can we do the same when people who have touched our lives pass away and continue their spiritual journey?

How do you experience life when people pass away around you? What do you pay attention to when someone passes? Here are some things to think about as you ponder these questions:

How real is death for others? My dad is a cardiologist and his job ends when patients die. Some young, some old. My mum taught me a lot about our family’s history and how over 90% of her family died in World War II. At school, survivors of concentration camps would come every year and tell us how they lived while everyone else died. I remember my mum lighting a candle and telling me it was a blessing for the dead. She explained that people keep living as long as their name is spoken. As teenagers, you may remember dead pop stars and revolutionaries who were deeply alive in our hearts. It didn’t matter whether they were dead or alive. They were alive because they made us feel alive. Even though they can’t eat, wake up and have conversations, they lived through us. Physical death is “Death”, but one element of a complex equation.

How is death related to life? I rediscovered death from a different perspective when I had to learn about legacy fundraising… the art of asking

40 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

dying people for money in their will. Counter intuitively, people giving money in their will has very little to do with death, and very much to do with life. It’s about accomplishing in death what we couldn’t do alive. I worked closely with cancer patients in terminal conditions who explained that they’re nowhere near as scared of death as healthy people around them. Many see their death as the trigger that got them to more alive. Since I moved to Costa Rica, I’ve seen a lot of dead animals. One was a squirrel I rescued unsuccessfully. In the jungle, all dead animals are food for others. Larvae are born within the flesh of the dead animal. And as disgusting as it may seem, it is beautifully poetic: life comes from death. In most cultures, death is taboo, unspoken and/or uncomfortable. How we relate to death depends on the conversations we have about death, and with people whose lives are close to death.

How do you experience death? Of the many people who passed this year, one is a 21year-old Nepali girl who I had been mentoring for 3 years. She was in hospital for 4 weeks, fighting for her life. Her whole life had been about inspiring people to create change, and in her death, she showed the result of her life. When I received the news she had died, I felt

overwhelmed with joy and happiness for the beautiful life she had lived. I felt gratitude for having had the privilege to walk for 3 years by her side. This is the result of creating a meditation to honor the dead. Give yourself time to explore the following questions about someone who has passed:

told by survivors that they enjoy talking about their loved ones who have moved on. When we talk about the people who passed, our words reignite their spark of life, in our hearts and in others’. It’s as if their energy and verve are still here, just in a non-tactile way. Just as 2016 will soon give way to 2017, people in our lives many give way to the next world, the next phase of their existence. This is the natural course of events. I invite you to keep them alive by telling many stories about their time here and keeping them close even beyond their physical death.

How we relate to death depends on the conversations we have about death, and with people whose lives are close to death.

• What are all the emotions I feel towards them? • How are they going to continue on living through me? • What are the stories I want to remember and tell about them? • What have I learned from them? • Who will be inspired by them?

How to give the dead a spark of life In my experience, when someone loses a loved one, those around them may not want to mention their name for fear of bringing up too much pain. However, I’ve been

Noam Kostucki helps create masterpieces. He works with entrepreneurs to raise funds, business owners to grow their company and investors to create a legacy. His books have been featured at the Stanford Technology Venture Program, the Business Entrepreneurs Academy and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Learn more and reach out to him via • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Tarot and Astrology for November and December JOY VERNON November: Explore and Grow If you stay up bleary-eyed watching the returns on Election Day, you’ll be awake for the latenight sign change of Mars. The planet of aggression and ambition moves from business-like Capricorn into idealistic Aquarius — the sign of

8 of Fire: Expression (Mercury in Sagittarius) from the Mythical Goddess Tarot, author Sage Holloway, artist Katherine Skaggs. © 2008 by Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs. Used by permission.

innovation and outside-the-box thinking. We might see something surprising and unexpected happen! Or, with the malefic qualities of Mars and the technological associations of Aquarius, perhaps an equipment malfunction will materialize. Election Day also sees a void-ofcourse Moon from about 7 a.m. Mountain time to 2:45 p.m. Tradition states that anything done during a void-of-course Moon will fail to see results. The Moon is in the final third of Aquarius, the tarot’s Seven of Swords, usually showing a man sneaking away from a camp precariously balancing his loot. This card is associated with lying, cheating, and stealing, a sadly relevant commentary on the American voting system. On November 11th, the beautiful and loving planet Venus enters career-oriented Capricorn where for three weeks she’ll bring harmony to those areas of life governed by structure and rules. The next day, the quick planet Mercury enters Sagittarius, the sign of travel, education, and expansion. Mercury is thrilled to be here, and like a wide-eyed student drooling over the university’s catalog, will have trouble narrowing down his choices. Let’s major in everything! Mercury’s usual inquisitiveness is overwhelmed in Sag’s the-sky’s-thelimit boundlessness, to his detriment, upping his excitement but losing his focus. The tarot card is the 8 of Wands, titled Swiftness, and alludes to the ease of flight — and the difficulty of sticking the landing. The November 14th full Moon in Taurus is a big, bright supermoon in her exaltation in the sign of the Bull, associated with luxury and comfort. Happy birthday, Sagittarius! On

42 Regenerate • November/December 2016 •

November 21st, the Sun moves into the sign of the itinerant philosopher, joining fast-moving Mercury and slow but steady Saturn. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of extremes, Sagittarius becomes the home for two weeks of these three planets. During this time, you might find yourself bouncing back and forth between new ideas and innovations and the familiar reliability of carrying on with how it’s always been. The new Moon in Sagittarius on November 29 might make it clear what you want in your heart. November 23rd brings a conjunction between loquacious Mercury and reticent Saturn in philosophizing Sagittarius. This is a day to get a download from a knowledgeable elder, and maybe the student will become the master for a day. Thanksgiving Day will see some highly focused interactions between the Moon and Jupiter in balanced Libra and Venus and Pluto in rulebound Capricorn. The challenging component of these relationships can bring out conflicts on this traditional day for showing appreciation for friends and family. In the morning, the Moon in Libra trines feisty Mars in Aquarius daring you (and your family members) to say what you really feel. Then the afternoon and early evening bring a series of heated discussions on topics that pit fairness and equilibrium against maintaining power and control. With Venus’s harmony softening Pluto’s elitism, and Jupiter’s generosity on the side of justice, it is likely the gratitude of the season will win out over tempers. The evening ends with a MoonJupiter conjunction in Libra the peacemaker, bringing the concord of

heart and wisdom to the closing arguments. We end the month with a new Moon in Sagittarius on November 29. This lunation will be in the middle third of Sagittarius, governed by Luna herself. The tarot card is the Nine of Wands, titled Great Strength. This card can indicate protecting your heart with secure boundaries. But it’s not about battening down the hatches and hiding from the storm—these protections are to provide a safe home base from which you can explore and grow.

December: Lighting Fires Mercury enters no-frills Capricorn on December 2nd. “Just the facts, ma’am,” says the planet of communication. Use this to start and stick to a writing schedule, or to adopt a more disciplined approach to emails and other communications. Relationship-oriented Venus enters abstract Aquarius on December 7th. The planet of love often fails to relate when forced to express herself in such theoretical terms. The good news is that while one-to-one relating is stilted, building a larger community with a core purpose is inspiring and makes a difference. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th will be powerful for putting ideas into action. That day the Gemini Moon will form a grand trine in air, connecting Jupiter in Libra with Mars in Aquarius, activating all three air signs in the zodiac. Air represents the mind and communication. Funneling the mental air energy into the fiery SunSaturn partnership in Sagittarius, the archer with his far-shooting arrows, we think big, aim high, and, grounding our goals in Saturn’s diligence, we launch our success. This might be a great day to plan or refine your plan for next quarter or next year (and get it done before Mercury slows down for its retrograde next week!). Mercury will be retrograde from December 19th until January 8th. This would be a perfect time to review last year, perhaps getting taxes done early or doing a detailed assessment of your business in 2016. Mars enters Pisces the same day Mercury stations retrograde. Mars,

the masculine principle, in Pisces, whose oceanic qualities recall gestation, has a strong inseminating symbolism. Unlike the usual boldness of Mars, this is quiet and internal, sparking intuition. Mars will be born into his home sign of Aries at the end of January, symbolically bringing your own inner contemplations into external expression. Saturn enters the last third of Sagittarius on December 20th, symbolized by the tarot’s Ten of Wands. The image often shows a man hunched over the burden of carrying an armful of wood. This card suggests that work becomes much easier when we keep the destination in mind — gathering firewood is about roasting marshmallows and singing around the campfire; a load of wood is about a new deck for watching late night summer sunsets. Saturn can help us remember that discipline and dedication are not punitive but constructive as they help us to build the life we desire. Happy birthday, Capricorn! The Sun now enters the sign of the seagoat, Capricorn. This is the Sun’s birthday, as dawn brings an end to the longest night and the days once again begin to grow. Christmas Day dawns with a Venus-Jupiter trine in the air signs Aquarius and Libra, marking a day that overflows with good cheer, the trickle-down sharing good will to others. The almost midnight New Moon in Capricorn on December 28th includes Mercury tightly conjunct the Sun and Moon and an exact sextile to Mars in Pisces. Capricorn often needs someone to light a fire under his hoof, and Mars provides this beneficial spark. This fire is likely to burn deep and quiet, bringing dreams, intuitive understanding, and uncompromised self-knowledge. A perfect time to plant the seed that will be born when Mars returns home to Aries in a month. New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year, brings our final aspect of the year: Mars and Neptune embracing in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The conjunction happens at 11:53 p.m. Mountain time, just minutes before the ball drops. The New Year’s

10 of Fire: Self-Destruction (Saturn in Sagittarius) from the Mythical Goddess Tarot, author Sage Holloway, artist Katherine Skaggs. © 2008 by Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs. Used by permission. kiss might be surprisingly passionate! There’s an almost Scorpionic feel to this connection, deep dreams and flowing fantasies taunted into expression by a desirous Mars, but the warrior also lashes out to protect his secrets. Spend this New Year’s Eve with only those closest to you if you want to keep your counsel. Under those circumstances, relationships can run deep and the most private people might open up. This deep and soulful exchange is a powerful way to end, and start, the year. With twenty-five years’ experience, Joy Vernon brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional images. Joy works as a reader at Isis Books. To see how this month’s astrology affects you, please visit to schedule an appointment. • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


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Sustainable and Responsible Investing BILLY FUNDERBURK Sustainable and responsible investing, or SRI, goes by many names. Those names include socially responsible, environmental sustainability and corporate governance (ESG), values-based investing, as well as the most recent iteration, sustainable and responsible “impact” investing. So what exactly is SRI and how might it be the right path for you and your investments?

SRI recognizes that corporate responsibility and societal concerns are valid considerations when making investment decisions. SRI considers both the personal values and financial needs of the investor as well as an investment’s impact on society. The process employs both negative and positive screens to align an investment strategy with an investor’s values. The most common form of SRI involves negative screening to avoid investment in companies whose products and/or business practices contradict specific values, or are harmful to individuals, communities, or the environment. Such information is gathered and organized by specialized research groups. For instance, there is a general movement today that insists that divesting from companies that engage in fossil fuel extraction and processing is a moral imperative. The movement hopes to speed the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources and in doing so, to help slow the progress of climate change. Positive screening seeks to identify companies that are leaders in social and governance practices most closely aligned with an investor’s personal values. Examples include companies that make positive contributions to society by maintaining strong environmental practices, produce products that are safe and useful, and maintain operations that respect human rights around the world. How does all of this affect the performance of your portfolio? Academic studies suggest that SRI as a strategy either seems to have little effect on returns and in some situations may actually enhance returns. A study published in the July/August Financial Analyst Journal

which followed returns of SRI funds from 1992-2007 found that “the advantage from tilting towards stocks of companies with high social responsibility scores is largely offset by the disadvantage from the exclusion of stocks of shunned companies.” US SIF, an organization that has become a primary source of information relating to SRI investing, tracks many of the studies relating to SRI performance. They have concluded that “the evidence is clear that sustainable and responsible investors do not have to pay more to align their investments with their values, or to avoid companies with poor environmental, social or governance practices.” ( At Funderburk Financial, we are experienced in creating SRI portfolios. Whether utilizing mutual funds or in a more granular way by utilizing individual stocks, we have the ability to help you align your personal values and your investments. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary initial consultation. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, and advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc., Billy Funderburk, Representative. Funderburk Financial and the Securities America companies are unaffiliated. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Billy is a Certified Financial Planner™ and holds a Masters Degree in business from Colorado State University. Climate Change and our tepid response to this global threat lead Billy to specialize in sustainable & responsible investing. He lives and works in Longmont, Colorado. Learn more at • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Beyond Resolutions PATTI SMITH, RN 2017 is upon us and you may have questions about your goals. Do I submit to stating resolutions again, or is there something else out there for me to consider that will help me follow through better? This is the question I will help answer by providing you another option for making, and achieving, resolutions for 2017.

Have you ever wondered what percentage of folks actually follow through with their resolutions? Have you been a resolution-maker over the years? How many did you complete? Here are some dismal statistics from December 27, 2015. NEWS YEARS RESOLUTION STATISTICS


Percent of Americans who usually make New Year’s Resolutions


Percent of people who achieve resolutions


Percent who have infrequent success

differently: Unless you first change your mind, don’t expect your health goals to materialize. As the saying goes, it’s not the horse that draws the cart, it’s the oats. It’s not the gym, Pilates class or diet that will change you — it’s your mind.” Consider the prospect of the legacy you will leave behind. If you follow your heart passion (directly connected to your mindset) to be in service to others, you will remain interested and on-path to follow through with your goals. Find an organization in your community that tugs on your heart strings and begin to create your legacy.

Leaving a legacy is important. 49%

Why do individuals not follow-through? According to Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, looking at fitness resolutions: “To answer this question, it’s important to recognize that outside-in solutions such as dieting, joining gyms and so on are doomed to fail if, other than your well-intentioned resolve to change, you’ve done nothing to enhance your capacity to either sustain motivation or handle the inevitable stress and discomfort involved in change. Saying this

I have followed others who have left a legacy of service for me: My mom, an RN, drove 30 miles one way from the farm to work as a nurse, often driving home from the hospital at 2:00 a.m. Before coming home, she would stop to take care of an elderly neighbor every night for twelve years. There were many times that I walked to church with my grandmother; I turned pages for her as she played the organ in both the Lutheran and Catholic churches. Kimi Taziri, RN, took me under her wing when I told her that I wanted to learn to teach. Later when she retired I was hired to take her

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position. I hope that I am also leaving a legacy of service for others to follow.

Who has left you a legacy to follow? What is that legacy? I like this definition of legacy: A legacy is something that is handed down or remains from one generation to the next; a heritage; or a tradition. Below are several other explanations of legacy. Jim Rohn shared four dimensions fundamental to leaving a legacy: A life well lived, principles to live by, importance of both impact and spiritual legacy and a financial legacy. I also like the following: 5 ways to leave a legacy from newsletter-022111-5-ways-to-leave-alegacy.html: 1. Legacy of Excellence: Saint Francis of Assisi said, “It’s no use walking anywhere to preach unless your preaching is your walking.” Strive to be your best every day. 2. Legacy of Encouragement: You have a choice: You can lift others up or bring them down. Be the person that someone will call five, ten or twenty years from now and say “Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.” 3. Legacy of Purpose: People are most energized when they are

using their strengths and talents for a purpose beyond themselves. Make your life about something bigger than you. What you are is God’s gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. Will you encourage your children to volunteer and follow their passions? 4. Legacy of Love: My mom gave me a legacy of love that I now share with my family and others. Share a legacy of love with family, children, grandchildren, friends and those you do not know and it will embrace generations to come. 5. Legacy of ________________? You fill in the blank! The paths you choose, the actions you take, the values and behavior you demonstrate during your lifetime determine your legacy. Wouldn’t it be a much more satisfying year to work on creating a legacy versus working harder to complete a resolution? “Every one of us is going to leave a legacy. It just depends on what kind. So what kind of legacy do you want to leave? Knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live and work today.” — Jon Gordon I invite you to follow your heart’s passions and give of yourself through service in your community in 2017. Build a legacy rather than struggle with a resolution. Patti Smith, RN, lives in Fort Collins, self-employed Health Education Consultant helping school districts create programs to introduce students to healthcare professions. Member of Fort Collins Chamber, Flourish/WDC-FC networking groups and passionate member of the Zonta Club of Fort Collins. She can be reached at 970-988-8529.

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Why Fair Trade Matters GAIL ARNETT Have you noticed a Fair Trade tag on coffee or chocolate at the grocery store, on bags and scarves in shops around town, and even in the little markets attached to the gas station along the interstate?

So what does Fair Trade really mean? Fair Trade is a social movement to ensure safe working conditions and a fair market price paid for goods in developing countries. Along with this is the limit of a forty hour work week and no child labor. But this is a mighty label, as the goods produced with it empower communities and build thriving businesses while protecting the environment. Farmers who grow Fair Trade products must follow strict environmental standards and are given financial incentives and resources for organic conversion, reforestation, water conservation and environmental education. Importantly, Fair Trade prices allow farmers to practice sustainable growing techniques that will preserve their land. The producers of Fair Trade products get much needed help from non-government organizations and non-profits supporting schools and cooperatives. For example, these organizations are helping women escape the sex trade industry with job training and with opportunities for education, leadership roles and scholarships for a better future. Farm workers and their families have access to doctors, medicine, proper nutrition, vaccinations and health education. Support is also given to native crafters with skills that are at risk of being lost in this modern age. Fair Trade products come from 70 different countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Fair Trade relies on socially conscious consumers supporting the movement by purchasing Fair Trade products. The goal is to address inequities caused by poverty and lack of access to an open market. When you support the Fair Trade label with your day to day purchases, you help to improve a community’s social and environmental standards. By providing income and stability, families are able to keep children in school instead of working or begging on the streets. Fair Trade funds provide school supplies, pays for tuition and uniforms, and build schools in isolated communities around the developing world. With the holiday season fast approaching now is a great time to show your support for those less fortunate

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instead of buying goods from a sweatshop. Northern Colorado has several opportunities to do just that with upcoming holiday craft fairs and local shops carrying Fair Trade goods from tea, coffee and chocolate to body care, jewelry, gifts and clothing. The American consumer wields tremendous power over the lives of workers and artisans around the world. Let’s use it to empower them. Learn more at

Upcoming events: • The Alternative Giving Fair at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 1200 South Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins. Fair hours are Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. & Sunday, November 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. • The Holiday Artisan Market at the Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive, Fort Collins. Market hours are Friday November 25 and Saturday November 26, 2016 from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. • The Peoples Market Holiday Market, Downtown Loveland CO. Check for updates.

Local stores that carry Fair Trade products: • Ten Thousand Villages, Old Town Square. 113 Linden St. Fort Collins fortcollins#fndtn-home • Momentum, Pearl Street Mall. 1625 Pearl St. Boulder Gail Arnett is owner of Thread Counts, a fair trade business in Fort Collins where she attends festivals and craft fairs sharing information and craft works of indigenous peoples. She has traveled to South America and Africa where she has witnessed firsthand the positive effects of fair trade on third world countries. Her web site contains product information as well as upcoming events. Learn more at

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Eat Well


Going Locavore… It’s Not Just For The Summer! ERICA GAGNE GLAZE Many folks think that sourcing local is limited to the summer season. Actually, in Colorado, you can get a plethora of fresh ingredients all year, whether you have a year-round community supported agriculture (CSA) share or stop by the winter farmers’ markets. Eating local during the holidays is a great way to make your festive gatherings even more special. Not only do you support your local farmer during their leaner times, you make those delicious traditional dishes even tastier. Not sure where to start? The main centerpiece of your menu is an easy place to begin sourcing local ingredients. In Northern Colorado, access to locally raised meats is virtually unlimited in its variety. Aside from the usual pork, beef and chicken, you can find anything from rabbit to duck and lamb to goat. Once we skipped the store bought bird for Thanksgiving and started getting our turkeys local, we haven’t looked back. Check out our brine recipe below to bring out the best flavor. The fall/winter season brings an especially wonderful range of options for dressings and sides to complement your main dish. There are wonderful varieties of root vegetables, mushrooms and greens available at this time of year. And with a little bit of planning and foresight, you can even add a taste of summer to your table from your cache in the freezer or those jars you put up in the pantry. I’m thinking corn, green beans and glazed carrots. Mmmm. And for dessert, the choices are just as ample. Luckily many of the fall fruits, like apples, keep well. If you have a particular summer favorite, such as Palisade peaches,

you can make up a batch of pie filling, can it, and have it ready for your special occasion. The same goes for those early summer cherries. And don’t forget pumpkins and squash! Nothing like a spiced pie on a cold winter evening. Now, for the recipe! The best tip I received from a local farmer was the use of brining. Brining is the best way to bring out the flavor of a locally raised chicken or turkey. I even brine much of my pork before cooking. When sourcing local meat that’s pasture raised, you’ll find it to be leaner because the animals are actually able to use their muscles. (Don’t assume this. It’s always good to check with your producer first.) Brining enhances the taste and texture ensuring your meat stays tender and doesn’t dry out.

Cider Brine First, make room in your refrigerator! You’ll need a large sanitized pot or pail to start and a bag to line it. I usually use my canning pot, especially for the larger birds, and a plastic bag with no holes. After rinsing the bird, I place it in the bag and fill with water and the mix below to nearly cover the bird. If you

can’t cover the bird that’s okay. Just make sure to rotate the bird regularly so it all has a chance to soak in the brine. Add to the water: 1 1/2 cups Sea salt or kosher salt 2 quarts Apple cider 1/4 cup whole allspice 8 whole bay leaves 2 tablespoons peppercorns 2 tablespoons mustard seeds 2 tablespoons coriander seeds Let sit in the mix, ensuring that you turn the bird at least halfway through, for 16 to 24 hours. To prepare for cooking rinse off the bird and pat dry. (This is especially important if you deep fry your turkey. Water and hot oil do not mix well!) Then cover with your favorite glaze, fill with your favorite stuffing, cook and enjoy. Erica Gagne Glaze owns a small farmstead in Northern Colorado and loves all things food and local. She previously spent three years writing the blog Farming Fort Collins and is currently the founder and Principle Provisioner for The Pig and the Plow, an online local farm and ranch directory covering Northern Colorado and Central Front Range. Learn more at • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Seasonal Fruit and Pecan Crumble A Healthy Holiday Recipe TANUJA DABIR Holidays are a time for celebration, festivities, family time, fun and laughter. And no celebration is complete without a dessert! For the Topping: The unlimited choices of 1 cup shredded coconut parfaits, tarts, pies, cakes, (unsweetened) chocolates, cheese cakes and 1 cup almond flour truffles, especially available 1⁄2 teaspoon sea salt through the holidays, can make it 1⁄4 teaspoon baking soda hard to stay away from the mouth 1 cup pecans, coarsely chopped watering indulgences. 1⁄2 cup coconut oil, melted Unfortunately, most of these 1⁄4 cup raw honey sweets are high in bad fats, sugar Scoop of vanilla or non-dairy iceand gluten. cream (optional) Not only are these confectionaries high in calories, Directions: but they can lead to heartburn, 1. Preheat the oven to 350° F. indigestion, bloating and weight 2. Place the fruit in a baking dish gain. Hence, the discomfort and and sprinkle the cinnamon on PHOTO: CHRISTINA GRESSIANU guilt we experience lasts much top. longer than the delight and 3. In a separate bowl, mix almond flour, sea salt and pleasure we feel when consuming these desserts. baking soda. So, one of the best ways to really enjoy dessert is to 4. Then stir in the pecans along with the unsweetened make your own ‘healthier’ version, whether you are shredded coconut. entertaining at home or bringing a dish to your host’s 5. Take melted coconut oil and add the honey to it in a house. This way you can have fun and not pay the price small bowl. later. 6. Stir the melted mixture into the almond flour mixture. Here is one such delectable recipe for you, a Seasonal Blend well. Then crumble the mixture over the berries. Fruit and Pecan Crumble! In the summer, you can use 7. Bake for about half an hour, until the topping is golden raspberries, and in the winter, apples or pears. This recipe brown. is quite versatile. 8. Serve as is or topped with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. As an added bonus, since this dish is gluten and dairy (If you are sensitive to dairy, then serve with coconut or free, it can be enjoyed by friends and family who are almond milk ice-cream!) sensitive to these foods!

Seasonal Fruit and Pecan Crumble INGREDIENTS: For the Filling: 4 cups fruit (raspberries, apples or pears) 1/2 tsp cinnamon

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Tanuja Dabir is a Nutritionist, Digestion Whiz, Public Speaker and Corporate Wellness Expert. She specializes in enabling stressed and on-the-go professionals bust cravings, fix indigestion, lose weight, increase energy and transform health from the inside so that they can live their best life. You can learn more about her at

NoCo-ol Happenings! The holidays are a great time to support local and Fair Trade artisans. Check out the fairs and other fun events below! I’d love to hear about more — please share events with so they can be included in future issues. Art And Music November 4th and December 2nd — Poetry Slam at The Bean Cycle/Wolverine Farm Bookstore in Old Town: Sign up at 7:30. Slam starts at 8pm. Visit to learn more. November 10th — The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst Presents His Memoir, CURED at The Music District in Old Town: For the first time in the band’s forty-year history, here is the incredible story of The Cure — virtual inventors of alternative music — from someone who was there at the very beginning. A must-read for both diehards and the uninitiated, CURED highlights the parts of a creative trek that are not normally revealed to fans, as Lol takes readers on his personal odyssey from suburban London to the Mojave desert and across the miles of love, addiction, pain, forgiveness and ultimately, redemption, experienced in-between Please join us for an incredible multimedia-presentation by Lol Tolhurst himself. This event is free, but reserve your spot at cures-lol-tolhurst-presents-memoir-cured/?mdcd=2016-11-10 November 20th — Latin American and Basque Music Concert: The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures in Old Town is hosting a sizzling concert of Latin American and Basque music from 4 - 6pm on Sunday, November 20th. The Maracuja band will transform the Museum into a firehouse of music from Cuban son and Brazilian samba-funk to soothing bossa nova and wistful boleros. Admission with light refreshments is $20 for the public and $10 for Museum members. For more information, visit or call 970-221-4600. November and December — A Christmas Show with Vi Wickam and Friends: You’ll swear they’re baking gingerbread backstage as Vi Wickam’s Christmas music dances in your ears. This Holiday Showcase features Loveland resident and nationally recognized fiddle player and vocalist Vi Wickam plus special guest performances from Paul Chet and Amy Madden-Copp. Shows on November 26th, December 10th, and December 18th. Go to for details and tickets. November and December — First Friday Gallery Walk: Historic Downtown Fort Collins is home to a vibrant and active arts community! Each month, many fine and “folk” art galleries display new showings and open their doors for this self-guided walking tour. The Gallery Walk takes place the first Friday of each month, from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Next date is November 4th. More information at http://downtown December 2nd — Wintersong, A Sparkling Winter Gala: Opera Fort Collins presents its 17th annual WinterSong, “Home for the Holidays” on Friday, December 2, 2016 at 6 p.m. This is the first • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


sparkling gala to ring in the holiday season. The gala will feature an evening of fine foods, fanciful auction items, and a festive live performance of opera arias, songs and seasonal holiday favorites by the next generation of Northern Colorado’s finest emerging classical artists. Proceeds will benefit the OFC general operating budget. Visit for tickets. December 9th through 11th — The Nutcracker with the Fort Collins Symphony: Enjoy this holiday classic at The Lincoln Center Performance Hall. Visit for tickets. December 17th and 18th — Candlelight Christmas Concert: Join the Larimer Chorale and guest artists in a unique, “surround-sound” presentation of holiday pageantry and wonder, featuring glorious seasonal music for accompanied and unaccompanied voices and our signature candle lighting vignette. Inspirational readings and poetry will be interwoven with great choral music and contemporary songs in this one-of-a-kind, non-stop production of seasonal favorites. Members of the audience will also have the opportunity to join the Chorale in the singing of traditional carols. This is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! Visit for tickets.

DIY Fun November and December — Herbal Gift Making Classes at Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary in Old Town: Want to make your own herbal goodies to give as gifts this holiday season? Join us for our Holiday Gift Making Series to learn how to create your own natural gifts, such as potpourri, body scrubs, infused oils and more. In class you will not only learn how to make a special gift, you will also go home with one creation to keep for yourself or give away, as well as recipes so you make more at home. For more information and to sign up, go to or call 970-682-4373. November and December — Knitting, Crochet and Sewing classes at The Loopy Ewe: Learn the basics and advanced techniques at The Loopy Ewe, 2720 Council Tree Ave, Suite 255. Visit to purchase a class. December 4th — Gift-making with Crafts for Cause at The Articulate in Old Town: Make ecofriendly coasters, jewelry, and a wall hanging with gorgeous printing press scraps from Mad Deer Press. Take a break from crafting and enjoy a chair massage by massage therapist Jill Ufer. $25 fee will cover cost of all materials and a local brew. Opportunities to donate to charity available. Get tickets at

Fairs And Festivals November 25th and 26th — Fort Collins Holiday Market: Find the perfect gift for the holidays at the Fort Collins Senior Center at 1200 Raintree Drive, from 10am - 4pm. More than 100 artisans and crafters will be on site offering a wide variety of food items and unique gifts. Door prizes, homemade baked goods and lunch items will also be available. December 2nd through January 8th, every evening — Garden of Lights at the Gardens on Spring Creek: Stroll through the whimsically decorated and twinkling Gardens lit by hundreds of thousands of LED lights. Visit the greenhouse and gift shop for holiday plants and gifts. A listing of visits from Santa, musical entertainment, seasonal crafts, and warm drinks will be posted on the website in mid-November. Garden of Lights is dependent on volunteers to make it happen, so a $5 donation per person is appreciated. This outdoor event is rain, shine, or snow! Learn more at

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Crafts for Cause DIY Wall Hangings December 3rd — Holiday Market with a Mission: The Market will take place Saturday, December 3rd from 9am to 3pm at Everyday Joe’s Coffee House located at 144 South Mason St. in Fort Collins. The Holiday Market with a Mission is a new holiday market that provides holiday shoppers in NoCo the opportunity to support social causes through their holiday purchases. Love this! Learn all about it at December 10th and 11th — Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market: Join us for our FIRST EVER “outdoor” holiday market at the Twenty Ninth Street Shopping District, but leave your weather woes behind inside our heated grand tent, complete with festive lighting, clear “window” sidewalls and a toasty artisanal atmosphere, featuring 100+ indie artisans, demos, food trucks, live music and free parking. Go to for details.

Health Sundays — Brewery Yoga: Join the gang at Fort Collins Brewery and Tavern for BREWERY YOGA! Every Sunday enjoy a 1-hr Yoga Class followed by a well-deserved adult beverage (Your choice of one FCB Brew, Beermosa or Bloody Mary). They offer two classes: 9-10am Hatha Class and 10:30-11:30 Vinyasa Class. More than half of the proceeds benefit FoCo Cafe. Sign up at



We are building a state of the art community radio station in downtown Fort Collins. With new studios and modern equipment KRFC will deliver more of everything you love: local music, local discussion, local voices and local creativity. KRFC cannot do this work alone. We serve and are supported by our community. Go to to get involved and share your support VM JVTT\UP[` YHKPV ò .L[ 3V\K about #MyKRFC! • November/December 2016 • Regenerate


Decorate the Town with Stars with

Kristi’s Wish This holiday season we hope to brighten things up for those less fortunate and decorate the town with stars. Once again we are partnering with area businesses to offer Kristi’s Wish, a colorful, star-studded way to help provide gifts and support for children in need during the holidays. By purchasing and signing a $1 Kristi’s Wish card and hanging it in area gas stations and restaurants, patrons of over 20 area businesses can support Kristi’s Wish to make the holidays more joyful for area children, as well as creating a colorful display of blue stars. For more information and/or to donate or participate, give us a call at 970-219-3297. For more information on the Kristi Visocky Memorial Foundation, go to

Kristi’s Wish

Your wishes brin to children th g gifts is holiday season .

NAME: ____________


Sending you beautiful holiday wishes,


DONATION: ____________ _______

Bob & Donna Visocky Proceeds don

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Northern Colorado for over 30 years Your Community is Our Community Local Community Calendar of Events: November 4


Downtown Fort Collins Holiday Lighting Ceremony, Downtown Fort Collins - College Avenue

November 4


First Friday Gallery Walk, Downtown Fort Collins

November 11-12 9:00-5:00pm

Friends of the Library Used Book Sale, Harmony Library - 4616 S. Shields Street

November 15


Woodwind Area Recital, University Center for the Arts - 1400 Remington Street

November 18


Sky gazing at Fossil Creek Reservoir - Leonid Meteor Shower, Carpenter Rd, ~ 1 mile West of I-25

November 19


Lights of Love Holiday Ball, Respite, Embassy Suites, Loveland

December 1


Night Lights Tree Lighting, Realities for Children, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Collins

December 1


Parade of Lights Preview, University Center for the Arts - Starts at the corner of Mathews & Lake

December 2


First Friday Gallery Walk, Downtown Fort Collins

December 3

10:00am-1:00pm Gingerbread Home for the Holidays, Center for Family Outreach, 5450 S. Lemay, Fort Collins

December 3


Artisan Sale, Harmony House, 3105 E. Harmony Road, Fort Collins

December 10


TUBA Christmas Northern Colorado, Downtown Fort Collins - Oak Street Plaza Please Remember Your Local Food Bank

Donated items can be dropped off at the Food Bank, 1301 Blue Spruce, from 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday.

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