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Upholding High Standards of Business Conduct and Business Continuity Management

Upholding High Standards of Business Conduct

"We do what is right" is one of our core values and we believe in acting with unwavering standards of honesty and integrity. This is a key tenet of the values that have guided us since our foundation. To formalize this commitment we have a robust Code of Business Ethics and Conduct on which every employee is trained at orientation and then on an annual basis. This Code ensures that our financial and business success are never achieved through unethical or illegal business practices. It documents our approach to issues such as political contributions, each of which must be approved by our three-member Executive Committee, and ensures that our stance against bribery and corruption is clear.

Employees are encouraged to seek guidance from a senior leader if they suspect any improprieties, or to report them anonymously through our AlertLine, either by phone or the online portal. Annual “Speak Up” training ensures our team is aware of this and that retaliation for such reports is not tolerated.

To supplement our Code, we have documented our Corporate Responsibility Policies and Practices which include an Anti-Money Laundering Policy, our comprehensive approach to risk management and internal audit, as well as Business Continuity and Crisis Management. We also aim to ensure those we work with have a similar commitment to doing what is right through our Vendor and Contractor Due Diligence process and Principles. Our team works closely with our vendors and contractors to monitor performance and identify and address any actions that don’t adhere to our high ethical standards.

Business Continuity Management

Ensuring that Regency is able to operate, come what may, has been part of our approach to governance for many years. We conduct annual Business Impact Analyses and each area develops a custom Business Continuity Plan that ensures appropriate recovery times for their functions. Teams test their plans to ensure they are fit for purpose.

These activities complement the emergency preparedness approach taken at our properties.

Our thoughtful approach to these issues ensures that we are able to withstand unexpected events. It enabled us to quickly and efficiently pivot as the pandemic emerged to keep our centers and business operating while implementing plans to protect our people and visitors to our centers. Our plans and actions before and during the pandemic crisis, as well as during other severe weather events that have impacted our properties, guaranteed that we can operate and provide essential goods and services to our communities during uncertain times.

2021 GOALS

 All employees receive annual training on the Code of

Business Conduct and Ethics  Improve third party cyber risk management and deliver annual cyber security training to all employees Regency’s steadfast focus on doing what is right means that we have robust business continuity processes and structures in place. Our Business Continuity committee strives to ensure we meet our commitments despite unexpected events through our Business Continuity plan and ongoing investments in technologies that support our overall company mission.

Joanne Mondares, Director SEC Reporting and Policies, who coordinates Regency’s business continuity efforts


Regency acknowledges that cybersecurity risks require heightened attention and prevention. To do so, we have developed a leading cybersecurity policy and governance approach. People are considered our biggest risk, as they are susceptible to increasingly sophisticated hackers and cyber-attacks.

To address this risk and prepare our people, we ensure onboarding includes robust training, regular and unscheduled phish testing is conducted, and all employees undertake annual refresher training with advanced users undertaking specialized training. Additionally, we hold a cybersecurity awareness month.

This approach has allowed us to remain agile in response to potential threats, and in 2021 we will maintain our training and testing and enhance our cyber risk management with a focus on third party risks.

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