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modular CONSTRUCTION the time is now

The last few years have witnessed a global change in modular construction, with the new modular industry challenging the old reputation of prefabricated buildings as a cheap and poorquality option. Many aspects of building activity have shifted away from traditional on-site projects to offsite manufacturing-style production. While modular (or prefabricated) construction is not a new concept, it is attracting a fresh wave of interest and investment on the back of changes in the technological and economic environment.

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The industry is adopting new materials and digital technologies that enhance design capabilities and variability, improve precision and productivity in manufacturing and facilitate logistics. As a result of this obvious long-term trend, we started moduBiLD.

modular imagination

moduBiLD, an innovative construction company, designs, manufactures, supplies, assembles and constructs permanent modular buildings. Through the many advantages of modular construction, we aim to deliver high quality, cost effective, scalable buildings while delivering in a shorter time frame than traditional construction methods. The company was founded on a partnership between Ohlhorst and Tiber, two well established entities in the construction industry. Through this partnership, moduBiLD brings with it a foundation of strategic partnerships with key design manufacture and supply companies, strong relationships with developers, industry professionals as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the application of light steel frame construction and its application in modular units. Our experience allows us to be sensitive and flexible to customer requirements without compromising the core modular construction principles that are the foundation of success.

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our MISSION To capture the full cost and productivity benefits of modular construction through the careful choice of materials, finding the right solution between 2D, 3D and hybrid systems while mastering challenges in design, manufacturing, technology, logistics and assembly to the end benefit of our clients.


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To deliver high quality, cost effective modular buildings

To substantially improve productivity in the construction process

To deliver in a lesser time-frame than is possible by traditional method

To gain competitive advantage by economy of scale through repetitive manufacture

our HISTORY Born from a partnership between two well established players in the South African construction sector, Tiber and Ohlhorst, moduBiLD is changing the face of construction by combining lightweight materials and the modular building method to create high quality, cost effective, and scalable structures.

moduBiLD The experience of different individuals in our company, in components that now make up our modular offering, have been developed in various forms since as far back as 2007, constructing multi-storey homes and commercial facades in light steel frame systems. Our first volumetric modular unit was produced in 2011 as a prototype unit to be tested for transport and lifting rigidity as well as thermal and sound performance. The structural performance of the cold formed light steel units was remarkable, giving us confidence that this prototype could be further developed. During 2017 we were approached by Nsika Architects to present a proposal for a modular hotel room for a new hotel brand. The proposal was met with enthusiasm and we undertook to participate in the financing, design and manufacture of two prototypes for this hotel which we completed in 2018. This too was successful and by then Tsogo Sun was the potential client. The newly named hi hotel brand was established by Tsogo Sun with the construction of the first hotel commissioned in early 2019 to be built at the Montecasino precinct. This proved to be the ideal project to form a joint venture with Tiber Construction, a company that Ohlhorst has a long and successful relationship with. Tiber brought with it a wealth of construction experience and knowledge required to enable the timeous and successful execution of this project. The resounding success of this venture provided the cornerstone for the founding of moduBiLD.

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what is modular BUILDING

Modular building makes use of prefabricated components, including plumbing and electricity, that are assembled offsite into modules and then transported to the construction site. Here the modules are placed and connected to complete the building. With the use of the most efficient and technologically proven building materials available, in the controlled factory environment where quality standards are applied, ensures a consistent product that can be incorporated into the building to deliver a pleasant and healthy built environment. This process results in an energy efficient and vastly more recyclable building. Each module is designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of loading and transporting, offloading and final placement on-site, making them stronger than the equivalent conventionally built structure.

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what WE DO we work closely with you, the client, to ensure your requirements are met at every stage of the project.

A partnership between two major entities, as well as strategic partnerships with design manufacturing and supply companies, gives moduBiLD the knowledge and experience to provide both the components and service required for successful modular solutions. moduBiLD can design and build mid to high-rise modular buildings in less time compared to traditional construction. The award-winning hi hotel has proved what is possible using this unique construction method.

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the benefits of modular BUILDING modular building offers MUTIPLE BENEFITS

Building off-site in a controlled factory environment ensures better construction quality management. Manufacturing plants have stringent QA/QC programs with independent inspection and testing protocols that promote superior quality of construction throughout the process. Beyond quality management and improved completion time, modular construction offers numerous other benefits to owners. Removing approximately 80% of the building construction activity from the site location significantly reduces site disruption, vehicular traffic, and improves overall safety and security. Highly active businesses such as those in the education and healthcare markets have need for reduced on-site activity and off-site construction eliminates a large part of ongoing construction hazards, ensuring a tremendous advantage when building new projects.

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Lower Cost: The total construction

Environmentally friendly: Modular systems

cost, including the project timeline, labour productivity, building foundation, soundproofing of floors & walls, effective insulation, plumbing and electrical works, can be 20% lower than the cost of using traditional materials and building methods.

are created largely using steel frames. Steel is 100% recyclable and less concrete is used ensuring a light foundation. Better logistics reduces C02 emissions from transportation.

Flexibility: Modules can be easily adapted to your requirements and is completely scalable.

Increased Speed: Because modules are built off-site, external factors that slow down on-site construction do not play a role, vastly reducing construction time when compared with traditional construction.

Quality & Efficiency: Because modules are largely standardised for each project, failure costs are low, and few errors are made during any phase in the project. High quality and characteristics of the materials (galvanised steel) mean lower maintenance costs.

Improved Logistics: Logistical efficiency leads to less traffic movements and transport costs

Easy Assembly: Modules are designed to fit together using numbered parts. All steel profiles are cold formed to exact specifications, and holes for pipes cables and wires are pre-drilled, ensuring parts fit only one way during assembly. This means there is less need for skilled or experienced employees. The labour is less physically intensive than in traditional construction making it more attractive to the labour force which leads to numerous benefits.

Infinite Design possibilities: Almost any building shape or form is possible using the modular building system, and the finishes in terms of faรงades and interiors are virtually infinite. Design and application of materials are also easily adjustable making the concept future-proof.

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Design Phase

Modular Manufacturing Phase

On-site Construction Phase

The design is converted into a modular build solution. Additional possibilities and potential issues are discussed. Designs are finalised. For architects, developers and owners alike, modular construction companies today can work with levels of design and construction sophistication that will exceed all expectations, rivalling their site-built counterparts. It is beneficial that when exploring the various project delivery methods, off-site construction is chosen early in the design development process, and the project built around that methodology, to avoid redesigning. It is possible to take a site-built design and create a modular version when required, so it’s never too late to explore the possibilities.

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Factory assembly lines and processes are prepared to deliver modules as per design, total project demand and programme.

The modular system is designed for easy transportation and placement. Modules are transported to site, rigged in position and fitted together to complete the structure.

Modules are produced to project specifications with continuous QC and QA processes through sequenced assembly.

Common areas and passages are built on-site, as part of connecting modules and completing the building.

Snagging and de-snagging are completed and signed off before shipment and delivery.

The pre-installed MEP services are connected on-site between modular units. Traditional on-site construction that forms part of a complete modular building is constructed.

our WORK TSOGO SUN HI HOTEL an innovative project that redefined building practices

The Tsogo Sun hi Hotel is the first of its kind in South Africa, utilising our modular building system. The rooms were constructed with all services installed, finished and furnished in our off site modular factory, then transported to the site and stacked to build the hotel. The project consisted of 138 modular units: 123 rooms and the rest modular staircase units, office units and back-of-house service units. The first modular room unit was placed onsite on 6 June 2019 and the last unit was placed on 11 October 2019. The short time span for completion of the hotel is a major advantage of the modular system, as well as being able to meet the stringent hotel chain requirements for build quality, sound insulation and fire proofing. The hotel was built on an existing two-storey car parking area that was underutilised space. Due to the lightweight nature of the modular system it was possible to place an additional 3 floors onto the existing car park structure at Montecasino. Highly commended in the Construction World 2019 Best Projects Awards, the project broke new ground in technique and started a partnership with great opportunities.

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hi Hotel Montecasino • 138 unit modular hotel • Period: April - December 2019 • Off-site production of 10 rooms per week • Transported from Jhb to Montecasino • Units placed in position under 30 minutes • Awards: 2019 Construction World Award Highly Commended Project

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industries WE SERVE we work closely with you, the client, to ensure your requirements are met at every stage of the project.

Private Sector • Mid to high-rise apartments

Public Sector

• Hotels

• Clinics / hospitals / health care centres

• Student accommodation

• Schools and hostels

• Schools & hostels

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contact details 087 057 9151

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