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MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) Master of Arts (Theological Studies) at RTS Orlando

Life is multifaceted. You might be called into pastoral ministry, law, education, business or another field. You were called into a family as someone’s son or daughter, perhaps as a husband or wife, a father or mother. You are called to be a member of the church, and you might serve as an elder, deacon, or Sunday School teacher. All of these facets of your life are a part of your primary calling to seek after Christ and his kingdom. Whatever callings your life involves, the 2-year Master of Arts programs at RTS seek to equip and sharpen believers for faithful and effective service in every aspect of their lives. The spiritual formation that takes place here in these degree programs involves a robust combination of classroom training and rich community life. We aim for both scholarly excellence and practical application as we seek to apply the gospel and God’s truth to all areas of life and creation. In our programs, Christ is central. The Bible is foundational. The Gospel is prominent. Both degrees are anchored in the Reformed tradition. We are gladly Reformed, and we also eagerly affirm the community of all believers, listening to the best that other traditions have to offer. We earnestly desire to build a biblical and theological foundation that will enable you to think Christianly, love deeply and serve Christ wherever he calls you. We want your training to be rooted and relevant as we make Christ’s invisible kingdom visible in this generation.

God the Redeemer was first of all God the Creator. God’s redemptive work is as broad has his creative work. Through our MA programs you can grow in knowing , enjoying, and glorifying God in all of life.

—Mark Futato, Academic Dean


MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

A Mind for Truth • Discover the grand story the Scriptures tell: the narrative of God reclaiming his fallen creation, a love story that spans from Genesis to Revelation. • Delve into the exegesis of the life-giving text of Scripture in the MABS program, or enter the MATS program to see how this same biblical truth has been summarized by systematic theologians and applied by the church to the pressing questions of how to know God and live before him.

Students meet weekly for worship in chapel.

• Gain a Christian worldview that enables you to affirm what is good, and cut through the deceits of modernity and postmodernity.

A Heart for God • Experience worship as the only posture out of which you can responsibly do theology. We desire RTS Orlando to be a place where it is natural to pray and sing to God as you study about him. • Assess your own heart, temperament and gifting. John Calvin taught that you cannot know God without knowing yourself. Seminary is a place where reflection takes place, where you have a chance to go deeper in your relationship with God and others. • A spirit of community and group collaboration is built in through a dialogical classroom atmosphere and spiritual formation groups. These conversations encourage, sharpen and challenge us to become more formed into the likeness of Christ.

A Life of Ministry • Experience the value of relationships. Our president and faculty pursue ministry in churches. They model commitment to their families. They extend hospitality to students and keep their office doors open. We share weekly community lunches. A lot of the learning on campus takes place peer-to-peer – some of it formally, but a lot of it informally. • Take hold of the mission of God that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Our graduates seek to apply God’s truth to all of life, from philosophy to gardening and from politics to poetry. Many students come with previous missions experience—and leave with hearts aflame to take the good news to the nations.

I worked as an Occupational Therapist before attending RTS/Orlando. As an O.T., I rehabilitate and teach people how to care for themselves after an illness or injury. During my time in seminary, I researched and wrote several papers about the imago Dei, the image of God, and the inherent value of personhood. Those studies have deepened my care and compassion for my patients who are very often ‘the least of these.’ (Matthew 25:40) — Kelly Simpson, Occupational Therapist

MATS 2009

MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

Alumni Stories “ RTS presented me with a generous Reformed theology. Coming from a non-Reformed background, it was a great place for me to learn and think about Reformed theology and all of its implications in an environment that encouraged my questions. I learned from top-shelf faculty in a way that was personally and pastorally applicable. The breadth of what I learned at RTS enabled me to excel in my PhD studies at Emory. RTS prepares you more than you realize, and many of my friends who have gone through PhD programs would say the same thing. And that’s another great thing: my friends from RTS are more than friends—over the years they have truly become my partners in ministry.” Dr. Justin Holcomb, Pastor Mars Hill Church, Seattle, Washington Director of The Resurgence MATS 1997

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“When I began MABS in 2004, I had no clue that I would become a counselor. As my biblical studies classes began to stir emotions like conviction, joy, sorrow and hope I knew that I wanted to pursue the vocation of expanding God’s Kingdom through the intricate art of soul care. Biblical studies classes provided me a solid framework from which to help others pilgrim through life, much as our spiritual ancestors journeyed in the desert. Counseling courses offered pictures of what it meant to be restored, a broken cistern, and to faint with longing for salvation. Not only do the combined degrees help me every day in my work with hurting people, but they also help me rest in the promise of full redemption.” Jessica Burns, LMHC School Counselor MABS and MA Counseling 2008

Frequently asked Questions What is the difference between the MATS and MABS programs? Which track should I choose? The MATS and MABS programs are distinguished by their areas of emphasis. The MATS program places more focus on systematic and historical theology and church history, while the MABS program gives students more practice in exegesis and biblical studies. The track you choose depends on your own interests and orientation. What is the difference between the Master of Arts degree and the Master of Divinity degree from RTS? Which degree is right for me? The 106-credit Master of Divinity degree is a vocational degree that is required by many churches for ordained ministry, and includes required courses in practical theology. The 66-credit Master of Arts degrees, are designed to give students the core biblical and theological knowledge to enhance and enrich their present occupations, or to prepare them for ministry in non-ordained settings or for further academic study. What if I sense a greater calling to ministry while I’m in seminary and want to switch from an MA degree to the MDiv? One of the great things about the MA programs at RTS Orlando is the flexibility they provide to explore your calling. Courses taken as part of the MA program can be applied toward an MDiv degree, so students can (and regularly do) move between the programs without difficulty. Can I take some courses online? Through our online courses, students have the option to complete a portion of their degree online. Our Virtual Campus offers 15 core MA courses that can be taken when it’s convenient for your schedule.

MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

Alumni Stories

“Most people think of theology as the dusty discourse of a bygone era— something for monks or philosophers, but not for the everyman. RTS showed me, though, that theology has the everyday practicality of good working boots and gloves. Trudging through the fallen mess, I see prisoners and their families tangled and pierced in sin. And I find that I need good theology in my own heart, in my ministry, and in my writing more than I ever imagined to join Christ in tending this little plot. The sweaty stuff of ministry requires it, not just to push back the weeds, but to see, and stimulate the imagination of others to see the harvest.” Catherine Claire Larson, Author of As We Forgive MABS 2000

“The professors all have a deep concern to make Scripture and theology real. In a day when the academic study of the theology is often thought to have no place in the church, their primary concern is to help us take what we have learned and use it to build up, encourage, and disciple the people we minister to. This, combined with an infectious love for the church and unwavering confidence and commitment to the means of grace-Word and sacrament-provides a godly and inspiring example to those of us seeking to be faithful ministers of the gospel.” Jake Belder, Assistant Minister, St. John Newland Church, Hull, United Kingdom, MATS 2010

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MABS/TESOL Dual Degree Program A cooperative program between the University of Central Florida and RTS, the dual degree in Biblical Studies and TESOL has many benefits. Through RTS, you are equipped with the foundational, biblical training necessary to minister to other cultures. At UCF, the student is taught the practical methods needed to instruct speakers of other languages in the English language, and to serve in cross cultural situations. With the dual degree program, 2 academic years plus summer school work could meet all degree requirements. For more information, visit

Program Faculty Resident Faculty

MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

Dr. Mark D. Futato Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament, Academic Dean •• Pastored for five years before becoming a seminary professor •• Contributed notes on Jonah in The ESV Study Bible •• Recently authored Interpreting the Psalms: An Exegetical Handbook

Mr. Scott Redd Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Dean of Students •• Currently completing a doctoral dissertation entitled Constituent Postponement in Biblical Hebrew Verse. •• Board member and Teacher for the International Training Institute, which provides vocational training for church leaders in North Africa and the Middle East. •• Served in a variety of education- and-community -related leadership positions in local churches (both EPC and PCA)

Dr. Reggie M. Kidd Professor of New Testament •• Ordained minister in the PCA •• Recently authored With One Voice: Discovering Christ’s Song in Our Worship •• Teaches adult classes and contributes to

the worship life of the Cathedral of St. Luke, Orlando (Episcopal). •• Provides doctoral level instruction on classical liturgy and “sacred actions” for contemporary worship leaders at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. 

Dr. Charles E. Hill Professor of New Testament •• Recently authored Who Chose the Gospels?: Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy •• Contributed notes on 1 and 2 Thessalonians to The Reformation Study Bible •• Member of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas

Dr. Scott R. Swain Associate Professor of Systematic Theology •• Ordained minister in the PCA •• Recently authored Trinity, Revelation, and Reading: A Theological Introduction to the Bible and its Interpretation

Rev. Michael J. Glodo Associate Professor of Biblical Studies •• Ordained minister in the EPC, served as the denomination’s stated clerk from 2001-2007 •• Served several churches in the St. Louis area before joining the faculty of RTS Orlando •• Over 13 years experience teaching Old Testament, New Testament, and Practical Theology courses

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Our faculty includes church practitioners and seasoned scholars with a variety of research interests, ministry backgrounds and perspectives, all united by their commitment to Jesus Christ and the Scriptures as expressed in the Westminster Standards.

Dr. Don Sweeting

J.D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy

President, James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Church History

•• Ordained minister in the PCA •• Over 40 years training pastors as a seminary professor •• Prolific author whose works include Salvation Belongs to the Lord, Apologetics to the Glory of God, No Other God: A Response to Open Theism, and Worship in Spirit and Truth •• Recently completed his Theology of Lordship series with The Doctrine of the Word of God

•• Served as an independent church planter in Illinois for 10 years •• Pastored a large EPC church in Denver for 12 years •• Recently contributed to Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture •• Maintains his blog,

Dr. Steven L. Childers Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program •• Ordained minister in the PCA, having served two churches (urban and suburban) as church planter and senior pastor for 15 years •• President of Global Church Advancement, a ministry that provides training for pastors and church planters throughout the world •• Areas of passion and focus at RTS include missions, church planting, evangelism and spiritual formation

Mr. John R. Muether Professor of Church History, Library Director •• Serves as ruling elder at Reformation OPC and as denominational historian of the OPC •• Recently authored Cornelius Van Til: Reformed Apologist and Churchman

Dr. Steve Brown Professor of Practical Theology Emeritus •• Over 25 years of pastoral experience •• Founder of Key Life Radio and Host of “Steve Brown, Etc.” •• Author of more than a dozen books including A Scandalous Freedom: The Radical Nature of the Gospel

Guest and adjunct faculty include: •• Don Carson •• Keith Johnson •• Larry Kirk •• Richard Pratt •• Orlando Rivera •• and others.

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MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

Dr. John M. Frame

MASTER of arts (Biblical Studies) c o r e

c u r r i c u l u m

Fall Semester Courses

spring Semester Sem. Hrs.

MASTER of ARTS at RTS • Orlando

FIRST YEAR History of Christianity I 3 Introduction to Pastoral and Theologocal Studies I 3 Systematic Theology I 3 Electives 6-9 Total 15-18 SECOND YEAR Systematic Theology III 2 Apologetics 2 Hebrews-Revelation 3 Electives 8-11

Total 15-18


Sem. Hrs.

History of Christianity II 3 Gospels 4 Genesis-Joshua 3 Systematic Theology II 3 Judges-Esther 2 Electives 0-3 Total 15-18 The Church & The World 3 Acts & Pauline Epistles 4 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought 3 Isaiah-Malachi 3 Poets 2 Electives 0-3 Total 15-18

MASTER of arts (Theological Studies) c o r e

c u r r i c u l u m

FIRST YEAR History of Christianity I 3 Introduction to Pastoral and Theologocal Studies I 3 Systematic Theology I 3 Electives 6-9 Total 15-18 SECOND YEAR Systematic Theology III 2 Apologetics 2 Electives 8-11

Total 15-18

History of Christianity II 3 Gospels 4 Genesis-Joshua 3 Systematic Theology II 3 Judges-Esther 2 Electives 0-3 Total 15-18

The Church & The World 3 Acts & Pauline Epistles 4 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought 3 Pastoral & Social Ethics 3 Poets 2 Electives 0-3 Total 15-18

The MA curriculum consists of 66 semester hours including the core curriculum plus concentrated study in an area of concentration. For the most updated version of the curriculum, see the RTS web page (

Application Submission Applicants to the Master of Arts programs are evaluated on the basis of academic preparation and potential for ministry. Application for admission should be made at least three months prior to the date of expected enrollment. New students may enroll in the fall, winter, spring, or summer terms. The application includes the following materials, and can be completed online. • A completed application form • Three references: a general reference form, an academic reference form, and a pastoral reference form. • Application fee • A statement of Christian faith • A statement of reasons for wishing to pursue a Master of Arts degree • Official transcripts from all previous academic work (a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent with a 2.6 GPA is ordinarily required) • A recent photograph We welcome international students to come to our campus. International students should contact for additional application requirements. Interested in applying to RTS Orlando? You can begin your application at Our admissions staff will gladly work with you to complete your application, apply for financial aid, and make a smooth transition into seminary.

Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Degree Program

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