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Dear Friends, Welcome to the 9th Annual Reelin’ for Research tournament! It is humbling to think that what started 9 years ago as a relatively small tournament with 16 boats competing, has now become one of the largest and most aDended tournaments of its kind on the east coast. More importantly, this event has raised nearly two million dollars for UNC Children’s Hospital and childhood cancer research. This would not be possible without the support and dedication of many. On behalf of the entire Reelin’ for Research steering commiDee, I would like to extend a tremendous thanks to: Our Sponsors: your support allows us the resources to make this a memorable weekend! For the last nine years, we have been able to send half of your donation to UNC Children’s Hospital by running a primarily volunteer-based and fiscally responsible organization. Our Donors: whether it’s $5 or $5,000, your donation makes a difference and carries with it the shared hope for finding a cure for childhood cancer. Our Anglers: your support directly affects our success. Your dedication to fundraising and spreading the word about R4R is truly inspiring. Our Volunteers: your desire to help is a large part of why we’ve been able to grow this tournament year after year. You are the embodiment of the saying “many hands make light work.” Finally, I would like to personally thank the ladies and gentlemen of this year’s steering commiDee with whom I have had the pleasure to work alongside. Richard, Anne Margaret, Brian, Seth, Katie, Tom, Molly, Mike, ScoD & Dena: you make my “job” easy. Your dedication and commitment to Reelin’ for Research is inspiring and I consider myself lucky to call you all friends.

Now let’s all go LAND A CURE for childhood cancer!

Heather Barber 2017-2018 Tournament Director

Schedule of Events Friday, April 28th 6pm to 7pm—Captain’s Meeting (Captain, Mate, Team Captain and 1 Angler) Jack’s Waterfront Bar, 2nd level, 513 Evans Street 7pm to 10pm—Welcome Reception* Jack’s Waterfront Bar, 513 Evans Street

Saturday, April 29th 8am to 2pm—Lines in / Lines out 4pm to 6pm—Weigh-in Evans Street Waterfront 7pm to 11pm—Awards Banquet & Party* Jack’s Waterfront Bar, 513 Evans Street *wristbands required for entry (included for anglers & sponsors) Entire weekend - $50 / under 21 - $25 Saturday only - $30 / under 21 - $15 Under 8 – Free

Got Photos? If you have a great photo you’d like to share with us, please email it to: photos@reelinforresearch.org

2017 Reelin’ for Research Tournament Rules and Guidelines 1. A North Carolina Recreational Saltwater Fishing License is required. The NC Division of Marine Fisheries requires a recreational fishing license for anyone 16 years or older participating in fishing aboard a non-charter boat vessel. These individual licenses can be purchased on a 10 day, annual or lifetime basis. For more information or to acquire a license, go to http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/recreational-fishing-licenses-andpermits or call 252-726-7021. 2. Anglers, boats, or teams must abide by all state and federal regulations. 3. To qualify for the tournament, each boat must be registered with the Tournament Committee and tournament entry fee ($1000.00) must be paid by 7:00 pm on Friday, April 28th. Any boat may be substituted before the tournament, but must be registered with the Tournament Committee before lines in on Saturday April 29th. 4. There is no boundary for where you can fish but you must be in sight of the scales by 6:00 pm or the boat will be disqualified. The scales/weigh-in will be located at the public dock on Morehead City Waterfront, next to Carolina Princess. 5. Fishing hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and all boats must be in sight of the weigh-in station by 6:00 pm. The scales at the weigh-in will open at 4:00 pm. The weighin is located at the public dock on Morehead City Waterfront, next to Carolina Princess. Look for the Reelin’ for Research banner. 6. Boats/Teams will be notified the evening of the Captains Meeting on Friday, April 29th if the tournament is going to be canceled or altered due to weather. Tournament registration fees are nonrefundable but still tax deductible. 100% of tournament registration fees will go to Reelin’ for Research, Inc. 7. The committee boat (Sensation) will be monitoring channel 72. No fish need to be called into the committee boat. 8. The winner is determined by the total weight of three (3) meat fish. These can be all the same species or a combination of species as defined by the next rule. Reelin’ for Research is not responsible for determining a team’s largest (3) meat fish. 9. Meat fish are defined as dolphin, wahoo, tuna (yellowfin or blackfin) . One point per pound for all meat fish. 10. All fish must be caught from a conventional rod and reel. J-Hooks or Circle hooks are allowed, as well as lures and artificial baits. No electric reels or bandit reels or "Green sticking" will be permitted. All boats must be trolling. 11. A rod may be passed from one angler to another angler as long as it is immediate and that the receiver fights the fish. A rod may not be handed off to more than two anglers. 12. In the case of a tie in total weight of the teams 3 fish, the winner will be determined by a coin toss. The boat that weighed in first will make the heads/tails call. 13. Any protest must be made immediately at the end of the day's fishing in writing to the Tournament Committee.

ABOUT REELIN’ FOR RESEARCH Reelin’ for Research is a year-round fundraising effort that culminates each year with a one-day off-shore fishing tournament. Funds raised go to UNC Children’s Hospital and childhood cancer research. To date, nearly two million dollars has been raised. The Mission – To provide a self-sustaining charity fishing tournament known by many as one of the best tournaments on the east coast while continuing to raise significant funds for childhood cancer research until a cure is ultimately found. The History – Reelin’ for Research began in 2009 in memory of Tony Montana who had passed away from cancer a few years prior. Tony had been blessed with a long, full life, but often remarked during his battle that many children with cancer were sadly deprived of that chance. With those words in mind, his son Richard, along with his daughter Anne Margaret and several close friends, decided to do something to change that….and thus was born Reelin’ for Research. That first tournament attracted 16 boats and raised $30,000. Today, roughly 60 boats compete making it one of the larges fishing tournaments of it’s kind on the east coast and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for childhood cancer research! The Montana Family – Tony, Margaret, Anne Margaret & Richard

Where the money goes – As of 2014 and moving forward, $100,000 goes toward the Tony Montana Fellowship Fund via the NC Children’s Promise within the UNC Children’s Hospital. Each year a doctor specializing in pediatric oncology and hematology is awarded the fellowship to Reelin’ for Research founders: Ashley Watkins, Paull Boger, Mike Kilpatrick, Sarah Montana, Richard Montana, Courtney Boger, Abbey Cooke, Allen Cooke

support their research. Dr. Gold, Director of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology at

the hospital, helped us decide on a fellowship because he believes that fellowships are primary in the effort to cure childhood cancer. We rely on Dr. Gold, with his many years of experience and his every day involvement with children battling cancer, to decide on who is awarded this fellowship each year. The remainder of the funds go into an endowment with the purpose of eventually funding the fellowship into perpetuity. The Goal – In 2014, we reached our goal of raising $1,000,000 in just our sixth year of existence! With this milestone surpassed, we have now set a goal of building our recently formed endowment to the point where the interest earned off of the principle will fund the fellowship forever.

Meet the 2016 Reelin’ for Research Fellow I am honored to have been selected as the 2016 Reelin’ for Research Fellow. I have been immersed in Pediatric Oncology for several years now, working on a rare lymphoma called Burkitt’s Lymphoma. My love and interest lies in global medicine. I have an ongoing project in Africa, where this cancer is endemic, to help understand this tumor better and find improved treatments. With the help of Reelin’ for Research I will be able to accomplish my goals as other fellows have in the past. Thank you for all you do to foster research in pediatric cancer – your help is invaluable.

Kate Westmoreland 2016 Tony Montana Fellow

Meet our Ambassador Family, The Dickens

Six hours after receiving a minor cut on her knee during a bike ride on Saturday afternoon, our four-year-old daughter, Karson, spiked a fever. Her fever remained through Sunday, and a rash began to develop over her body. By 7:00 pm, her little body was trembling and she could not walk. We rushed her to the local Urgent Care, which in turn, sent us to the Pediatric ER. About midnight, after x-rays & a couple blood tests were run, we were informed that our daughter likely had a form of cancer. We were then taken via ambulance to UNC Children’s Hospital (Chapel Hill), 100 miles from home. No bags packed. A scared older sister, Kylie, remained at home with her “Granddaddy”. At 3:30 am, we arrived at the hospital…the words “Pediatric Oncology Unit”, glared above us like a neon sign. The only word to describe that experience is surreal. At 7:00, Monday morning, April 27, 2009, we were introduced to Dr. Stuart Gold, her designated oncologist. He confirmed that Karson did indeed have cancer. Leukemia. As you can imagine, our world stood still. Dr. Gold left to run tests and identify the form of Leukemia and the course of treatment. He returned at noon and announced that our daughter had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). We then received an overwhelming amount of information regarding the blood cancer and action plan. Despite the grim news, we actually felt at peace. It was the UNC Children’s Hospital and the remarkable Dr. Gold. In our darkest hours, we knew in our hearts, that these doctors and nurses, technicians and volunteers, would do everything in their power to save our daughter. That’s the impact of this facility. In fact, after two exasperating visits to our local ER, shortly after Karson’s diagnosis, we decided to drive the 90 minutes to Chapel Hill to the UNC Cancer Clinic or Pediatric ER, because the quality of care was significantly better. We did this at least a half dozen times. Even Karson felt more relaxed…but that might have been to get a glimpse of Dr. Gold and his fart phone!!!

Over the next 27 months, our baby would endure over 1,000 needle pokes, 17 spinal taps, blood & platelet transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, surgeries, steroids, other meds, and over 750 doses of various chemo-therapies (including daily oral chemo pills). Karson is now twelve, in remission, and remains a healthy little girl. A couple decades ago, her diagnosis could have been a death sentence. She continues to visit the UNC Cancer Clinic on a routine basis for physicals and blood work. This will span her lifetime. We feel blessed that Karson was (is) treated at UNC Children’s Hospital. We honestly believe it made all the difference…in our acceptance of her diagnosis, in her ability to fight pediatric cancer and ultimately in our ability to share our story and work with organizations like Reelin’ for Research and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to raise money to fight Pediatric Cancer.

The Dickens Family: Karin, Karson, Kylie and Jason


Danny Williams attended his first Reelin’ for Research tournament in 2012. An avid fisherman, he’d heard of R4R and decided to participate while raising nearly $5,000. According to Danny, after being there and witnessing first-hand the passion of the R4R team & supporters, and hearing about the wonderful things being done at the hospital, he felt moved to do even more. Serving as the COO of Leith Auto Group in Cary, NC, he had the idea to get one of the dealerships involved. The following year, he launched the campaign, “Catch a Deal, Land a Cure” and donated $100 for every car sold at the Honda dealership for the month leading up to the tournament and raised $43,000! Each year since, the campaign has been increasingly successful and has raised more and more money. Last year, three Leith Auto dealerships participated in the campaign and raised over $94,000! We are forever grateful to Danny and everyone involved with this creative campaign for supporting Reelin’ for Research. You are an inspiration to us all!

The Dylan Cup Dylan Price became part of the extended Reelin’ for Research family in the fall of 2011 when several committee members attended a bone marrow drive held on his behalf. A patient at the NC Children’s Hospital, he was battling leukemia and was in need of a bone marrow transplant. Dylan and his family quickly became close friends and advocates of Reelin’ for Research. Dylan attended the tournament in 2012 and 2013, although due to his health, he was never given clearance by his doctors to fish. Not to be deterred, Dylan was always happy to volunteer and speak on our behalf. You never saw Dylan without a smile on his face and it was contagious. Dylan just made others happy. Dylan received his bone marrow transplant, but later developed Graft-versus-Host Disease, a complication resulting from the transplant. Sadly, he succumbed to the disease in October of 2013. He was 16-years-old. When planning the tournament for 2014, we knew that we wanted to honor Dylan in a meaningful and lasting way. Thus was born The Dylan Cup. Now, every year, the winning team of the tournament will be presented with this trophy as a symbol and a reminder of what this weekend is truly all about. Inscribed on the side of the cup is the motto Dylan lived by and the lyrics from a Jimmy Buffet song: “Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On.” With those words in mind, and with Dylan’s spirit in our hearts, we know that we must do just that. We must breathe in, we must breathe out, and we must move on to finding a cure for this awful disease.


Alex Werden, Dr. Phillip Roehrs, Craig McIntosh, Allen Lee, Dr. Stuart Gold Not pictured: Beau McIntosh, Capt. Hunter Blount, 1st Mate JD Payne

Last year was remarkable for Team Finn aboard Coverage. Comprised of Finn’s parents, two physicians from UNC Children’s, as well as two cancer survivors, it seemed that fate was destined to be on their side. Not only did they take home 1st place, they also reeled in the largest fish (and won the not-so-coveted Chummer Award in the process). Pictured below is Dylan’s mother, Sandi Price, presenting Dr. Gold with the Dylan Cup. Dr. Gold was Dylan’s doctor throughout his battle with cancer. There’s no doubt Dylan had a hand in the day’s outcome!

PAST TOURNAMENT WINNERS 2015 – “Bluewater” Alex Whitfield, Mary Whitfield, Molly Skinner, Meghan Hawkins, Mark Thompson (pictured with Price family) Not pictured: Capt. Jimmy Hite, Mate Patrick DuFour 2014 – “Catbaby” Drew Logan, Mitch Taylor, Capt. Jon Henry, Zack Taylor 2013 – “Sensation” Capt. Dale Britt, Drayton Calmes, Ben Lovelace, Allen Oakley, Graham McNeil, Courtney Friedman, Thomas Gore, 1st Mate Alan “Big Country” Scibal 2012 – “Fight-n-Lady” 1st Mate Gray Harris, Jim Molinaro, Matt Logan, Patrick Theismann, Dee Hobbs, Chris Cordisco, Todd Wade Not pictured: Capt. Pete Zook 2011 – “Chain Link” Bobby Bachelor, Ben Seegars, Capt. Ralph Griffin, John Seegars, Scott Lafevers, Matt Spencer, 1st Mate John Huff 2010 – “Bill Collector” Quincy King, 1st Mate Wade Fickling, Nathan Isner, Dave Stout, Allen Cooke, Walker Holt Not pictured: Capt. Stephen Draughon, Tom Hall 2009 - “Bill Collector” Capt. Stephen Draughon, 1st Mate Wade Fickling, Allen Cooke, David Stout, Walker Holt, Will Bullock, Quincy King, Nathan Isner

Who will “reel in” the most for childhood cancer research? The Buzz Skinner award is presented each year to the team that raises the most money, 100% of which goes to the NC Children’s Hospital and pediatric cancer research. It’s named in memory of Buzz Skinner who lost his battle with cancer in 2010. Buzz was the life of the party and a friend to all. He loved his family more than anything but fishing probably came in a close second! His competitive nature is one of the reasons this award is named after him. He did not like to lose! The money raised from this friendly competition has become a huge part of the overall amount raised.

The Skinner Family – Buzz, Maggie, Molly & Susan

“In the winter of 2011, six months removed from losing the patriarch of our family, Reelin’ for Research reached out. While Buzz had fished many tournaments over the years, we were not familiar with the unprecedented event the Montanas had begun building just two years prior. The spirit of the tournament encompassed Buzz’s personality, a constant celebration of life with an unwavering passion for giving. It was the perfect conduit for us to channel our love for him and our compassion for other families facing a similar fight. Reelin’ for Research allowed our family to find comfort in knowing that his memory would help fuel this amazing cause. Since we started this journey four years ago we have been given the opportunity to meet the doctors and patients at UNC Children’s Hospital and that has only grown our resolve and fervor for the cause. We are blessed to be able to celebrate Buzz’s life every year in the company of our Reelin’ for Research family. -The Skinner Family Previous Buzz Skinner Winners: 2012 Reelin’ for Dylan $22,536 Dancin' Outlaw $15,490 Piracy $5,200

2014 All In $44,225 Justin Time $29,687 Reelin' for Dylan $29,008

2013 All In $42,937 Reelin’ for Dylan $18,170 Dancin' Outlaw $10,245

2015 All In $69,010 Jim Dandy $17,010 Reelin’ for Dylan $12,765

2016 Buzz Skinner Winner: “All In” Our story is certainly a bit different than others. Of course we have all been affected by cancer, however we don’t dedicate our efforts to one person in particular. We got involved the first year because we thought that it was a great cause and it spoke to us. Oh, and we love to fish! That first year we did indeed raise some money. At the event we were so touched by the dedication of those involved, we knew that we not only wanted to participate again, but we wanted to make a much greater impact. Through our car dealerships and media partners we created a campaign to help us increase our fundraising efforts. It has been a huge success. We are not only committed to the fundraising but to helping spread awareness and growing this great event every year. – Danny Williams, COO Leith Auto Group 2016 Team: Danny Williams, Tripper Parham, Lauren Praizner, Kevin Mills (not pictured)

“All the Buzz” in 2016! (top 20 fundraising teams) ALL IN


Team Finn


Jim Dandy


Sea Striker


Hillbilly Fishing Team


Team Cauley


Dancin’ Outlaw


Building Excellence






Onshore 1


Tennessee Anglers


Reelin’ for Dylan


Ava D/Delta Dawn


Prime Time


Pirate’s Pursuit


Buzz's Beauties


Team Pelagic


Ken’s Crew


Bill Collector


A huge THANK YOU goes out to every team that competed for the Buzz Skinner title. This friendly competition is a tremendous part of the total raised every year!

2016 “Rookie of the Year” – Hillbilly Fishing Team The Hillbilly Fishing Team (HFT) is comprised of a group of friends who happen to work together at Syngenta. The HFT was founded about 5 years ago by Vern Hawkins, Chip Garman, and Corey Huck in Hampstead where we fish in small center console boats, so needless to say, we have to pick our days carefully and aim for calm seas. But not to be discouraged by high winds and seas, we always have a backup plan of the sandbar and a cooler. The name Hillbilly Fishing Team just sort of happened. Over the first few trips we noticed that something “interesting” always seemed to happen to us. Some of these interesting things included; embedded fish hooks in flesh, fishing rods dropped overboard, rigging hooks with rubber artificials instead of the ballyhoo that was in the ice chest, using a 5-gallon bucket as a landing net, and running out of beer, (that won’t happen again). All of these rookie fishing incidents led us to joke that only landlocked Hillbillies who had never seen the ocean would have the capability to fish like we do. Over time and some serious training of the rookie crew by Captain Bly (don’t know why they call me that), we noticed that we started to get a little better. We caught more fish, and the little incidents seem to wane. Our team has grown and were joined by Danny Tompkins, Jeff Cecil, and Ken Barham, Michael Boden, and Andrew Fisher. In February of 2016 our team was inspired to sign up for the Reelin’ For Research tournament as a way to honor and support Hailey Hawkins just as we are today. Our fundraising efforts are centered with her in mind as well as all the children that this tournament will support. The Hillbilly Fishing Team about to set out for their first Reelin’ for Research tournament.

Last year the tournament was new to us. We had never fished in a tournament of this size and certainly not for a cause like this and we had no idea what to expect. The level of organization was incredible and it was obvious that many people behind the scenes had spent many hours getting the tournament ready. The atmosphere is electric, full of fun and support for the UNC Children’s Hospital. The HFT is incredibly blessed by our supporters and we look forward to this year’s tournament and being part of such a great effort. Hillbilly Fishing Team

TESTIMONIALS “You often aren't able to see the direct impact from monies raised in a fundraiser like you are with Reelin' for Research and that is what makes this event so special. The efforts this group have made to promote awareness of childhood cancer are unbelievable and our family is blessed to be a part of their endeavor.” ~The Price Family, UNC Children’s “I think that success of Reelin’ for Research speaks to the drive and dedication of those running the show. With that kind of passion, I have no doubt that R4R will continue to raise funds for pediatric cancer research until a cure is found! And we plan to support them every step of the way. We are so grateful for their tireless efforts in this cause that is near and dear to our hearts!“ ~Lisa Menius, UNC Children’s “Our son Jacob was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. At the time, we had no idea how important UNC would become to us. We are forever grateful to UNC for saving our son's life, and we feel the best way to show our gratitude is to help them to help more children. Childhood cancer is severely underfunded, but Reelin' for Research is helping to address that problem. Thank you to everyone who is a part of R4R for your devotion to raising money for childhood cancer research at UNC and thank you to everyone who donates!” ~James and Amy Hermann, UNC Children’s “It is a breath of fresh air when the R4R group comes to town with all of their energy and passion for their mission…the Morehead City waterfront comes alive! In just a short time, the tournament has gained the respect and backing of the entire waterfront. We are proud that R4R chose our fleet and community to host such a wonderful event. ~Captain Dale Britt, Sensation Sport Fishing “Reelin’ for Research is such a fantastic fundraiser and Jack’s is honored to be a part of it. The tireless efforts of all of the volunteers to put on this first-class event for a great cause is second to none. We’ve enjoyed every second of it and hope to be a part of your event for years to come. Thank you for what you do! ~Keri McCann, owner of Jack’s Waterfront Bar “I became involved with Reelin’ for Research early on because I wanted to support my friends and their great cause. However, I soon realized that this was something more than I’d ever imagined. Seeing first-hand how tirelessly these people dedicate themselves and the difference that the money makes in the lives of young patients made me want to do more.” ~Cory Barber, Edward Jones Investments, title sponsor

Thank you seems so trite when I think about all that Reelin’ for Research has done for the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology over the years. We have been able to train the next generation of pediatric physicians in the care these patients and their families, in the art of medicine, and how to do research to understand the diseases processes better and find cures. Thank you for all that you have done, are currently doing and doing in the future. The future of our division, our fellows and our patients is much brighter with your help! Stuart H Gold Division Chief, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

On behalf of patients and families treated at UNC Children’s, thank you for your steadfast support! Raising nearly two million dollars in just eight years is an outstanding accomplishment. As I am sure you have witnessed, philanthropy varies among each individual and is unique to every donor. Whether it is a gift of $5 or a gift of $500,000, every gift makes a difference in the lives of our patients. The Reelin’ for Research story is personal and very inspiring. It is amazing to see just how many people have come together, across the entire state of North Carolina, to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research and treatment. The funds you have donated to UNC Children’s have a direct and meaningful impact on the care of our patients as well as on our faculty and the pediatric cancer research they conduct. The children for whom we care come from across North Carolina and beyond. No patient is ever turned away for their family’s inability to pay for treatment, and each is always given top-level care. This is thanks to the support of caring people like you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for UNC Children’s. I know that I speak for everyone when I say that we are all looking forward to celebrating your successes this year and for many years to come. Leslie H. Nelson Executive Director

2017 Steering Committee CHAIRMAN Richard Montana 336-587-8269 chairman@reelinforresearch.org

EVENTS Katie Poole & Dena Maginnes-Jeffrey 336-254-8316 events@reelinforresearch.org

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR Heather Barber 336-340-2121 director@reelinforresearch.org

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Brian Cooke 336-708-1500 sponsor@reelinforresearch.org

SPECIAL PROJECTS Anne Margaret Correll 919-971-4600 info@reelinforresearch.org

DONATIONS & PRIZES Tom Flanagan & Scott Brown 336-706-1222 / 336-382-1229 donations@reelinforresearch.org

BOATS/REGISTRATION Seth Marshall & Mike Kilpatrick 336-558-8202 / 336-736-6181 charter@reelinforresearch.org

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA Dena Maginnes-Jeffrey 336-210-2106 pr@reelinforresearch.org

TREASURER Denise Larcinese 336-209-3138 treasurer@reelinforresearch.org

RALEIGH COMMITTEE CHAIR Molly Skinner 919-539-5238 raleigh@reelinforresearch.org

MAILING ADDRESS Reelin’ for Research 1852 Banking Street, #9333 Greensboro, NC 27408

This year’s Reelin’ for Research tournament would not be possible without the support of our sponsors:


Edward Jones Investments

Royal Elite

Investors Title Insurance Company Autopark Honda Royal Slam Pest One Tand’s Inc./Bojangles’ Libby Hill Seafood Shelco, Inc. Davis Moore Capital

Cellular Sales SFW Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad Charles Aris, Inc.

Landmark Builders Relevent Sports Ryan Scott Displays Matthews Mobile Media BIT Security

Super Slam Blue Rock Construction Bill Black Chevrolet Blue Ridge Companies RA Jeffreys Jack's Waterfront Bar

LindBrook Development Metalworks of High Point Murphy Wainer Orthopedics

Cabela’s North State Bank

The Brunnemer Foundation The Jim Allen Group Leith Volkswagon Leith Nissan Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery

Grand Slam Smithfield Foods Bagwell & Bagwell

Heil Trailor International Brantley Commercial Partners Electric Supply & Equipment

Civacon Tri-Properties Forbis & Dick

Supporting J. Wayne Poole Precast Solutions Baker Roofing Bank of North Carolina Trisect Construction

Collins & Galylon, Gen. Contr.

Burleson Marine Golden Corral CBRE D9 Management

Glen Raven, Inc. Trophy Transport Graham Farless, DDS Yale Cordage Mercedes Benz of Greensboro

Morgan Lumber Company, Inc. Norman Dental R.W. McCollum Company Trent Capital Management

Sponsor Gaston Screen Printing O’Neal Creative FM Contracting

Guilford Orthopedics Senn Dunn Insurance Ardmore Residential Island Essentials

United Finishers Signature Property Group Clinton Printing Press Capitol Medals

East Coast Equipment Faw Insurance Genuity Concepts

We are proud sponsors of

Reelin’ for Research!

W gBug uB WV tuohtiW

Honda 3630 Old Raleigh Road Cary, NC

919-467-4747 | AutoparkHonda.com

2100 Autopark Blvd Cary, NC

919-589-0029 | LeithNissan.com

Leith Volkswagen of Cary 2300 Autopark Blvd Cary, NC

919-200-0540 | LeithVWCary.com

Leith Volkswagen of Cary


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Reelin' for Research 2017 Program  


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