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紅 坊


There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met. W. B. Yeats

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Through quiet hearts and deep listening, in a room filled with immense positive and creative energy, we discover our similarity. The biases and misunderstanding come from ignorance and fear. Red Room is a movement, reminding us that the deepest primordial human need is to feel connected and that in our infinite ignorance we are all equal. Since 2009, Red Room has become an important part of our lives and I hope more people will discover Red Room. Leave the virtual world, turn off the phone, listen deeply, appreciate and support each other, and we find ourselves a member of this positive and creative ecosystem, where happiness can be easily attained.

“透過沈靜的心和深沈的聆聽,在一個充滿正向以及創造能量的空間裡,我們 找到彼此相似的地方。偏見與誤解都是來自於無知與恐懼。紅坊是一個行動, 提醒我們深沈原始人們需要和彼此連接,在無限的無知下我們都是平等。自從 2009年,紅坊成為了我們生活重要一部分,我希望更多的朋友們可以發掘紅 坊。離開現實世界,關閉手機,深入聆聽,感激與支持其他人,而我們就可以找 到我們自己身處的正向和創意的生態圈,一個快樂可以容易延伸的地方。”

朱平, 紅坊創辦人 Ping Chu, Co-founder, Red Room


Dedicated to those who came and those who come with their gargantuan loving energies continuously creating the space that holds those who came and those who will come, brimful to explore their own creativity and share in the joy of listening. “謹獻給 那些曾經體驗過, 和那些懷有宏大關愛之心的人。 不間斷地為已來和將至的朋友, 開創這個空間, 發掘他們的創意力和 分享聆聽的喜悅。

Ayesha Mehta, Co-founder, Red Room


It all began one dark and stormy night in Taitung at the Dulan Sugar Factory... when a ripplemaker from Taiwan met a singer from India and ideas were shared. 故事從台東都蘭糖廠,在一個黑暗與暴風雨交加的夜晚開始... 當時來自台灣的一位漣漪人遇見了 來自印度的歌手,分享了各自的想法。




The Red Room opens its doors to all who are seeking a place to explore and find a home at the same time. Over the years people of different nationalities and artistic interests have stepped onto the red rugs that adorn Red Room’s floor and we all benefit from what they have created. The Red Room accommodates them -- accommodates us-- because together we are the Red Room. Together we innovate. Together we build new spaces for those who will come. 紅坊同時也為那些尋找發掘自我與家的人們敞開大門。多年來不同國籍、興趣的人們踏入紅坊,替 紅坊增添許多色彩,我們皆從他們的分享中得到了獲益。在紅坊我們彼此包容,因為在一起我們才 是紅坊,我們一起創新,一起創造為將來會來的人創造空間。


Red Room began with the first Stage Time & Wine in November 2009, a monthly event that has become a cornerstone among Red Roomers, each carrying a communal bottle of wine and a small portion of something to add to the ‘stone soup’. 紅坊在2009年11月開始第一屆Stage Time & Wine,每月的活動成了紅坊人聚會的奠基石,每 個人都帶了酒、食物和才藝前來分享。

A tale for Imbolc--a celebration for which the magic ingredient is community. “Within an hour, the smell of the soup filled the square, and the people came from every crevice and corner with a bowl. The mayor of the town hailed the wanderer as their savior and put him up in his own house after he and the villagers had filled their bellies with delicious, if odd-tasting, stone soup. “



This is the sound of your now, your Symphony of Place. -W.A. Mathieu, The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music

“Now make your sweeps into scans so rapid that you have the illusion of hearing everything at once. Now close your eyes and hear everything at once. Now cup your hands behind your ears. Technicolor!


RR is a community driven creative arts platform fostering intergenerational, cross-cultural expression. 紅坊是一個公眾性的創意藝術平台,旨在促進代際間與跨文化的相互表達。



Tremendous gratitude to all our volunteers. Thank you to all who transform the space of the venue into the Red Room, prepare the food and drinks, greet everyone at the door, fill all who thirst till their cups near runneth over…and especially to all who help clean up. Red Room would not be possible without your support and the beautiful spirit in which it is given! 非常感謝所有紅坊的志工,因你們將這個空間轉變為紅坊,準 備食物與飲料來迎接每個人。謝謝你們不停填滿口渴的杯子, 也非常感謝那些留在最後幫助清理的人。紅坊不能沒有你們支 持與美麗的靈魂!感激不盡。


During Red Room’s seven years of existence, it has expanded from its core platform, Stage Time & Wine to other events like Red Room Radio Redux, Aside @ The Red Room, Stage Time & Juice, Open Studio, Visual Dialogues, Kind of Red, Read Aloud and Spirits of the Night. 紅坊七年來的核心平台有:紅緣寄詩酒、紅房新廣播劇團、 旁白在紅房、家庭聆聽 分享會、藝術對話、紅酒爵士夜、明亮之夜、故事分享之夜與工作坊。


ad Re

rd . hea be o t

你 被聽見 閱讀使





tening. 藉由 lis 傾

through a cul

tu re 驗


sic Mu

音樂 Engage

Exp re s




ss re

體 新

Experi men t

交 社

Break The F ou rth



v li

c ha ng e

交 換

  Ex p


So c

l ia

A sustainable Cultural movement evolving through shared human experiences ; Transforming lives through a culture of listening.





onceive重新思考. R e-E Re-C xpe 形象 r i en ce 重

生 活方 式 。

L i s t en 聆 聽 S h a

達 表

Ta l



in g

re Sha



e in

化 文

Transfo rm



牆! 道

re tu

破 打

g ma

ll ! 

Cu l L ist en. 聆聽


From the humble beginnings of Aveda Learning Kitchen, the Red Room has extended its branches into an international village based in the newest of Innovative Cultural Hubs of Taipei; Taiwan Airforce Base. 從謙卑的肯夢AVEDA學習廚房開始,紅坊擴展至TAF臺灣臺北空總創新基地(空軍 總司令部舊址)。



HOW TO BECOME A RED ROOMER Red Room is not a community, an idea or a venue. It is all of those things. The Red Room provides a place to share and truly be heard; to experiment and be truly supported; to come in a stranger and find friends. So how does one become a Red Roomer? It’s simple: Be present, Be open, Be welcoming. After that, well, we can all create together.

如何成為一位紅坊人 紅坊不單單只是一個社群、一個想法或是一個聚集點,它全都是。紅坊提供了一個地方,讓人們分 享與真誠聆聽;體驗與真心支持;並結識朋友。 所以該如何成為一位紅坊人呢?很簡單:參與、開放、歡迎一切。之後,我們才能一起創造。


THE RED ROOM IS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT PLATFORM FOR CREATING COMMUNITY; FOR TIME TO DEVELOP A CULTURE OF LISTENING TO EACH OTHER, AND WHAT IS AROUND US. OUR EVENTS ARE EXPLORATIVE, AND HAVE NO SEPARATION BETWEEN AUDIENCE AND PERFORMER. Founders: The Red Room was co-founded in November 2009 by 朱平 Ping Chu, founder of 肯夢 Canmeng AVEDA, and Ayesha Mehta. 紅坊是一個持續擴大延展的社群,不斷地將在聽眾與表演者之間的分界線上探索和延伸。 一個非營利平台,藉由活動來發展學習聆聽別人、圍繞著我們以及我們自己的文化。 創辦人:紅坊是由 2009 年的 11 月由朱平先生(肯夢 Canmeng AVEDA 的創辦人)和 Ayesha Mehta 創辦。


Words taken from “How to Become a Red Roomer” by Leah List, Red Room Volunteer (http://redroomtaipei.com/how-to-become-a-red-roomer/)

紅 坊 www.redroomtaipei.com facebook: redroomtaipei e: red.room.taipei@gmail.com

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Guide to Red Room Vol. 1  

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