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New Legislation


Thursday, April 04, 2013

Washington, Penna.

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Spring Break As a Time for Service

The President is introducing a new bill that could change your entire future.

Page 19 Wrestling W&J Student, Josh Etzel ‘14 goes All-American.

Page 16 Fan Mail lorio Page 10 George gallery Show

A Review of Lorio’s body of work, still on display in Olin

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Dance Off

Dance battle between global leaders.

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Illustrated Lyrics

Fans of Queen and “Bohemian Rhapsody” are in for a treat

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Harley Straub/Red&Black

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Over spring break, a group of W&J students volunteered in Goldsboro, N.C. for a week with Habitat for Humanity. Cumulatively, the group logged over 500 hours of volunteer work. During the week, they built roofs for two community park shelters as well as put finishing touches on a home. This annual trip has become incredibly popular among W&J students as a way to give back to communities by doing service projects, instead of a more traditional spring break. SEE Campus, PAGE 2



Friday, 4/5 High: 56°, Low: 28°

Saturday, 4/6 High: 57°, Low: 42°

Sunday, 4/7 High: 63°, Low: 45°

Monday, 4/8 High: 59°, Low: 45°

Tuesday, 4/9 High: 65°, Low: 46°

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Red & Black

04 A pril 2013

W&J Students Help Build Homes Hailey Straub Red&Black Staff

Fifteen students and two faculty members from Washington & Jefferson College dedicated their spring break to travel to Goldsboro, North Carolina to work with Habitat for Humanity. This trip was part of the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge. Associate dean of student life, Steve Anderson, and director of volunteer programs, Justin Dandoy, took the following students to Goldsboro: senior Ryan Takacs; juniors Jordan Baldwin, Marisa Floro, Coni Salinas and Harley Straub; sophomores Danny Walters, Catherine Zylstra, Jessica Dance, Lauren Horning, Maylin Burns, Sneha Gupta and Valerie Dunlap; and freshmen Nicole Wagner, Christine Plavchak and Naomi Bick. The group worked with Habitat for Humanity Tuesday March 19 through Friday March 22. Baldwin, Wagner and Straub were student coordinators and planned the trip. Anderson, Dandoy and the student coordinators picked the people who were going to be a part of the trip. 30 students applied, but there were only 15 spots available. The first part of Tuesday, the group was split up. One group of students worked on the finishing touches of a house that was going to be moved into, another group painted doors, etc. for another home and a third group helped move construction items from the finished house to another location where a new house was going to be built. Tuesday afternoon through Friday, the group worked at a community park and built roofs for two pavilions. The group finished the first roof Thursday and then started the second roof and worked on that until the end of the day on Friday. Also, the group went to the Goldsboro Community Center two nights. Community members thanked the students several times for volunteering

with Habitat and helping to make the community a better place. The group totaled 544 hours of volunteer work that week. The Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge takes place across the country. Habitat’s 200 local chapters participate in the challenge. The week before W&J’s group went to N.C., there was a group of college students who were working with the local Washington Habitat for Humanity. Wagner, a student coordinator, spoke highly of the trip. She is glad that she was a part of it and enjoyed seeing how everyone worked together and became closer throughout the week. She also wished the trip would have been longer. “I’m a freshman, so I didn’t know anyone. I think everyone was anxious about the trip. We all agreed we could have been on a beach somewhere, but we didn’t want to be any place else. “The trip was rewarding because we worked with a program that needed help and also helped a community. “The Habitat program had already built 53 houses,” commented Wagner. She continued “My favorite part of the trip was seeing the different people from day one to the end and seeing how close we all became. Being able to see the finished pavilion and how we all helped and that it worked out. The trip meant a lot to me because I am a freshman and just being able to go on the trip meant a lot. I had never been involved in a project that big. I wish the trip would have been longer!” The group plans on generating more interest in volunteering on campus. Everyone should like the Washington & Jefferson College Volunteer Page on Facebook! If you see someone who went on the trip, feel free to ask them about it. If you are interested in volunteering, speak to Justin Dandoy; his office is in the HUB.

“My favorite part of the trip was seeing the different people from day one to the end and seeing how close we all became.... I had never been involved in a project that big. I wish the trip would have been longer!” —Nicole Wagner ‘16

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04 A pril 2013

Red & Black

Presidents’ Voices

3 CAMPUS NEWS “In light of recent political circumstances, what concerns you most as a Global citizen?”

“Individual Rights—As the world becomes more dangerous, people must be ready to stop governments from infringing on their individual rights in the name of safety. As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.’ ” —Aaron Walayat ‘16

Above, Walayat, photographed by Jack Myint/Red&Black

“Sustainable Development—it’s an important idea because climate change is one of the greatest concerns of the international community. The United States helped culture sustainable development in many of the world’s developing nations yet the United States hasn’t met its own goals of reducing its emission standards. This, I think, is a huge double standard or even hypocrisy” —Frankie Galazia ‘14

Above, Galazia, photographed by Jack Myint/Red&Black

“What concerns me most… I would say is North Korea’s recent nuclear programs. The leadership of North Korea’s continued threats towards the U.S. and its ally nations and the deteriorating relationship, even with its long term ally (China) is frightening.” —Nick Ma’, Intl’ Exchange Student

Above, Ma’, photographed by Jack Myint/Red&Black


Red & Black

04 A pril 2013

Mutually Assured Dance Battle Between Global Leaders Jake Meyers Red&Black Staff

“My fellow citizens, events in North Korea have prompted me to make a final decision. For the past few decades, we have been going back and forth with this mission of missile diplomacy in a region that threatens us with nuclear fallout on a daily basis. Every peaceful option has been explored, and it is with great regret that I have been forced to make a decision every world leader bemoans. As of April 1st, 2013, I have declared a dance off against Kim Jong Un.” So mark the words of President Obama as he addressed the public, declaring a dance off against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Sources closest to the President claim this was the very last thing Obama wanted to do, but now feels it is the necessary option to ensure that the American people remain safe from the threats of nuclear fallout with North Korea. As we speak, aircraft carriers race towards the waters of North Korea to make the necessary preparations, decked with heavy duty surround sound systems and with polypropylene tray and a vinyl laminate to produce a surface suitable for a proper dance off. In a battle where bullets have been replaced by swag, many servicemen are left clueless. Battle plans have been replaced with old Youtube clips displaying dance strategies of soldiers shak-

ing it all to Brittany Spears are running 24/7 in training camps in case a full scale dance off breaks out between the two nations. Dog tags have been replaced with golden chains, bullet proof vests with street clothes, and Army boots with Nikes. Every possible scenario is in play in case a mutual agreement over the dance off victor fails. President Obama, en route via Air Force One, is reviewing his battle strategy with joint chiefs Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. It is rumored that Kim Jung Un has been trained by Park JaeSang, better known by his stage name as PSY, the artist behind “Gangnam Style.” It has been suggested that Kim Jong Un recruited Dennis Rodman over to teach him some moves in anticipation of this dance off, but sources confirm Rodman has two left feet. Military analysts cannot decide upon a clear victor, although the CIA obtained classified messages signed by Kim Jong Un’s secretary that imply that he may have a secret weapon. Could it be the “Running Man?” The “Funky Chicken?” The “Pyongyang Polka?” This will mark the first time since the colonial ages when the Commander in Chief does battle with the enemy. The competitors are both very confident going into their upcoming competition. While giving a speech, the President was asked how he felt about the dance off and he said

“uh, this won’t be easy, but I think I’ll sweep him. Sasha and Malia have been practicing with me between, uh, security briefings. I feel fired up and ready to go.” When asked the same question Kim Jong Un replied that “hellfire will reign down from my feet of fury and scourge the plains of the pitiful lands called Dakota.” This means that Un is confident he will win, but he just wishes that he had a few more days to perfect his timing as well as his choreography. The world will wait as this nuclear crisis is solved by what is perhaps the most explosive dance off in history.

Courtesy ABCNews


The two leaders dancing styles could not be more different. President Obama taps his influences from contemporary pop as well as classic soul and R&B numbers, substituting flash for class. Un, however, is much more aggressive drawing influences from whatever music he pleases.

In Depth Report: Warm Weather System Approaching Rebecca Hendricks Red&Black Staff Washington, Pennsylvania is not known for its sunny weather. Residents and students will be pleasantly surprised this week, as Washington, Pennsylvania is scheduled to have record weather highs as the temperature soars into the mid and upper 80s. This is unusually warm for Washington, which usually experiences

a rainier and colder April. By Wednesday, the temperatures will peak at a sunny 86 degrees, and the week will continue with only a slight decrease in temperatures, with Thurs. through Sat. ranging from 82 to 84 degrees. Despite predictions from that winter would last another six weeks into March and April across the northeast, Washington and the greater Pittsburgh area will be the exception to this statement.

“The weather is so messed up in Washington that whenever there is warm weather people should take advantage of it. It’s spring already but I’m not sure even if it was 75 degrees in January that I would even wear shorts,” said sophomore Cat Filipkowski. notes, “A near-normal tornado threat may be in store this spring, especially across the Monongahela area. While rare, tornadoes have been

known to touch down near Pittsburgh. In September 2012, the Pittsburgh area experienced a mild tornado. explains, “As the system moved over Allegheny County, however, it strengthened and spawned heavy rain with windy conditions. The system then moved east and weakened. The greatest instability for thunderstorms to develop was well to

the south along the Mason-Dixon Line.” It is unsure whether or not this warm weather will last until Mon. morning, as a cold weather system from the North is gaining momentum and expected to hit the Pittsburgh area late in the day on Mon. This system is expected to bring record cold temperatures to the Washington area.

04 A pril 2013

New Climate Change Bill Jake Meyers Red&Black Staff In the winter months it is not uncommon for people to dismiss the idea of global warming, especially when cold temperatures and snow show their faces in the beginning of spring. Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year, giving people hope for a warmer spring, and a reason to dismiss climate change in light of freak snow storms. The American Meteorological Society recently released a statement proclaiming “There is absolutely no correlation between complex weather patterns and a groundhog’s ability to see its own shadow. By no means does an emerging groundhog from a hole carried by a man with a silly hat have a more accurate weather prediction than our multi-billion dollar climate satellites that circumnavigate the planet.” With the arrival of unexpected snowstorms ravaging across the Midwest and Northeast the last couple of weeks, snow has been accumulating on the front lawns of both climate change deniers and acceptors alike. This has prompted deniers to take to the internet, proudly pointing to the snow on their front lawn as a trophy of dismissive evidence towards climate change. What deniers of global warming don’t understand is that global warming in itself is a misnomer. Scientists generally refer to the phenomena of global warming as climate change, and consistently point to extreme weather events as examples of the effects of climate change, an event in which 97% of climatologists agree that the cause is anthropogenic. This includes not only record high temperatures and long, drawn out periods of drought, but freak snow storms and colder temperatures in the non-summer months. Wichita Kansas experienced a record amount of snowfall this past February, 21 inches, breaking the century old mark significantly. What we can now expect is a “Shorter snow season, less

snow overall, but the occasional knockout punch,” said Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer. As everyone learns in Earth science in grade school, warmer air holds more moisture. When a front comes through with colder air, this added moisture produces a lot of rain or snow. Michael Mann, a climatologist who directs the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State

“Uh, listen, I like that we all have our own opinions, but c’mon… I mean… c’mon. Like who are we kidding here? c’mon This and DOMA. Really?!” The President then proceeded to say “c’mon” for the next eight minutes. University, publicly responded to these outcries. He compared a major storm to a basketball slam-dunk with a lower net. “If you take the basketball court and raise it a foot, you’re going to see more slam-dunks,” Mann said. “Not every dunk is due to raising the floor, but you’ll start seeing them happen more often than they ought to.” The Obama administration, now frustrated with outspoken climate change deniers turned amateur meteorologists, has introduced a new bill to combat the scientific illiteracy of the general public. It is now mandated that every climate change denier using snow accumulation as dismissive evidence must repeat college. The President at a recent press conference said “it is in the best interest of the general public to under-


Red & Black

stand the effects of climate change on this warming country. That is why I stand before you today with this bill.” Just then a group of climate deniers stood up and exclaimed “we don’t need no education; we don’t need no thought control!” The President seemed uncharacteristically exhausted after this. He turned off the microphone and sat down in front of the podium, after a few minutes he began to talk to the remaining press and public at the event, “It’s just… like… there’s a group of people out there called climate experts and 97% of them say there’s a problem. And I won’t lie I didn’t, uh, go to school for any of that, but they did… and, uh, we didn’t. So maybe for once we could just listen, just try once.” “Look at it this way, I’m the President and you’d actually be surprised at how few satellites I personally have. I mean I have them and they’re awesome, but not as many as you’d expect... What I’m saying is that I can’t do the research by myself.” He continued “No, no, you’re right, because it isn’t cold in the one place that you currently are, global warming must not exist anywhere else on the planet. I’m sorry, I was wrong.” The bill is likely to get struck down in the senate. Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe said “It kind of reminds me of the Third Reich. You say something over and over and over and over again, and people will believe it, and that’s [environmentalists’] strategy.” President Obama simply wants the public to be knowledgeable. The President continued in the aforementioned press conference “uh, listen, I like that we all have our own opinions, but c’mon… I mean… c’mon. Like who are we kidding here? This and DOMA,. Really?! c’mon.” The President then proceeded to say “c’mon” for the next eight minutes. Obama hopes that forcing people to repeat college will dispel the misconception of climate change and its relation to snow.

Ghost Seen at Fraternity Party Rebecca Hendricks Red&Black Staff There have been several reports of ghost sightings around the Washington & Jefferson College campus, but none have been as frequent in number or consistently descriptive as those of the confederate soldier who is sometimes spotted in the quads looking for his dead girlfriend. Security was called to Grant this past weekend, amid reports of a strange man wandering up to the building and attempting to get inside. Because of his unusual attire and age, he was asked to show student identification, and when he failed to do so, was asked to leave. According to legend, when asked to provide identification, the ghost always dissipates into thin air. Descriptions of encounters with the ghost suggest that he believes the quads to be the site of the old fraternity houses. He said that he was looking for a young woman he met there when the college was still all male. The Greek houses on Chestnut Street were built in more recent W&J history, and so the quads are in fact the location of the former Greek houses. One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, described him as “…a taller man, who was skinny and dressed in ripped up Civil War clothes, like an actor or something”. They continued by saying that “I saw the man sit down on a chair outside of Buchanan Hall. He pulled something out of his pocket. I think it was a locket because he seemed to be staring at a picture for a long time. When he was done, he stood up and began walking in the direction of Beau street. I didn’t see him after that.” One student, who again wished to remain nameless, saw the ghost at a fraternity party later that same night on Chestnut St. He exclaimed, “Dude! He was so chill! He just comes on up

Courtesy W&J Campus Security

Above is an illustration from Campus Securities report of the ghost in question. This picture was quickly drawn on a napkin by one of the students who spotted the ghost at the party. All students who saw the ghost insist that he seemed to be having a great time.

into our house and starts playing charades with us and he was all “three syllables, sounds like” and we finally get it that he wants us to play ‘Monster Mash’ on the radio. So we do and he grabs this white sheet and just tosses it over his head and starts dancing.” Many students have suggested that while they do not find his presence to be threatening, other ghosts on campus might not be so friendly. The student continued “Ah yeah, that ghost from the Admissions House is blacklisted here.” Ghost stories aren’t new to W&J. President Tori Haring-Smith herself has been interviewed in the past about the haunting of the president’s mansion. According to, “Former presidents even claimed to have seen the spirit of a wayward Southerner who supposedly was captured and hanged in the front yard along East Wheeling Street.” The house, however, was built in 1892, long after the Civil War had ended. It appears that ghosts may always be a problem on W&J’s campus.

04 A pril 2013

“Is this real

LIFE Is This Real LIFE 6

& Black Just like every Halloween at Washington & Jefferson, we were all in for a treat. When itRed came to costumes this year, let’s face it, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. F

y s a t n Is this just f a Caught in a landslide

No Escape from real ity Open your eyes

Look up to the skies and see I’m just a poor boy

I need no sympathy

04 A pril 2013

Is This Real LIFE 7

Because I'm easy Red & Black


Just like every Halloween at Washington & Jefferson, we were all in for a treat. When it came to costumes this year, let’s face it, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. F

A little



little low

Anyway the wind blows,

Doesn't really matter

to me to me

Mama, just killed Put a against

a man...

his head Pulled my trig ger, now he's dead...

8 Is This Real LIFE

Protection Services Joins the Internet

Red & Black

04 A pril 2013

Just like every Halloween at Washington & Jefferson, we were all in for a treat. When it came to costumes this year, let’s face it, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. F

Harlem Shake: Cultural Appropriation?


Protection Services is now posting updates to Twitter and Instagram.

Michael Nemchick Red&Black Staff Protection Services has decided to finally join the age of social media and open a twitter account. Ever wonder what “student A” is up to when you are up late studying on a Friday night? Now you can find out with ease. Simply subscribe to the twitter to instantly be informed of belligerent students swearing at security officers as their green vegetable matter is confiscated to the evidence locker during at “act 64” call. The Protection Services office will soon be hiring students with experience in social media to follow them around on calls to assist with instantly updating their twitter as the action is happening. Now you will never again have to wait a week to read about drunken underage students getting into a tussle on the streets. Anytime the garbage cans on President’s Row get flipped you will sure to be in the know. See another tweet about students getting onto the roof of Old Main? Now you know that the door to the top still isn’t fixed. Did you just hear a large crash followed by screams in the room next to yours? No need to call security anymore, just post on Twitter and they will check out

your situation as soon as possible. This both alerts the proper authorities and shows all of your friends how up to date you are on the current events happening around campus. The office is looking to move into Instagram next. However, this is more difficult. For this the office needs students experienced both with photography and picture editing. Student workers will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and blur out the faces of photographed students before posting to the Protection Services Instagram account, unless intoxicated students can be convinced to sign publicity release consent forms. These Twitter and Instagram accounts will help current and prospective students to observe the seedy underbelly of Washington & Jefferson College. If all colleges catch up on this trend, students can decide on their choice of institution based on quantity and quality of security related social media posts. In the near future Protection Services has considered posting an AMA on the social news website Reddit. It is also rumored that individual officers have begun posting anonymously on Live Journal.


The original Harlem Shake dance originated on the basketball courts in Rucker Park in Harlem in the 1980s.

Alexis Geeza Red&Black Staff If you spend even an average amount of time on the internet these days, it’s likely you’ve seen the more recent video meme craze: the Harlem Shake. Only about 30 seconds long, the videos usually begin with a masked individual dancing alone among a group of people doing otherwise mundane things until the beat drops and the video suddenly cuts to a wild dance party involving the entire group and as many ridiculous props as they can include. The style of dancing is typically varied, ranging from your average attempt at swaying back and forth to completely out there improvisations. The meme is so popular nowadays that practically everyone has done one — students, celebrities, people in the military, office workers, newscasters, firefighters, you name it. The University of Georgia men’s swim team made a Harlem Shake video underwater. Really good impersonators of the British royal family made one (check YouTube, it’s kind of hilarious). You’ve probably done a Harlem Shake video without even realizing it

by merely existing in the world during the time of its conception, it’s just that impossible to avoid. The song used in the video, named the “Harlem Shake,” comes from American musician Harry Rodrigues (stage name Baauer), uploaded to YouTube in August of 2012 and mostly ignored until January of 2013, when video blogger DizastaMusic uploaded a video of four people dancing to the song. Several parodies of DizastaMusic’s soon appeared, and on Feb. 5 one of those videos went viral, amassing 300,000 views within 24 hours. By Feb. 13, approximately 12,000 Harlem Shake videos had been posted, gaining more than 44 million views. Even more videos have been posted since then, with the total number of views still rising. Why is this meme so popular? There’s probably no real answer to that question, though TechCrunch writer Josh Constine proposed his scientific theory on the matter, saying that the concise, 30 second length of the video is quick to watch and easy to make. So watching a Harlem Shake video doesn’t take much time out of your day, unlike longer videos that may not have a worthwhile payout. The premise itself, a lot of

silly aggressive dancing, is easy to replicate with your friends if you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. Even though the name of the meme is the Harlem Shake, the meme has nothing to do with the actual Harlem Shake, a dance that originated in the 1980s at Rucker Park in Harlem, where basketball player Albert Boyce would dance during halftime. Dance crews adopted and developed the dance into what became known as the Harlem Shake. Many Harlem residents have pointed out that the new meme has absolutely no relation to the actual dance or its origins, and some have said that they find the meme’s use of the Harlem Shake name disrespectful, considering it a matter of cultural appropriation. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with the continued craze of this flash-mob style video meme (aside from its inherent insaneness and the general lack of creativity in most videos). Appropriating the name of something that already exists and has meaning within a community whose culture is often appropriated in other areas only adds to a long history of this kind of problematic behavior.

04 A pril 2013

Is This Real LIFE 9

Red & Black

Just like every Halloween at Washington & Jefferson, we were all in for a treat. When it came to costumes this year, let’s face it, there was the good, the bad and the ugly. F

Everyone’s Obsessed with Sriracha Sauce New Skinny Skinny Jeans


This spicy sauce is so delicious that it can add flavor and a kick to virtually any dish, especially sandwiches.

Abrianne Rhoad Red&Black Editor Who doesn’t love the “this-couldpossibly-melt-my-taste-budsclean-off ” taste of capsaicin?--I mean spicy things. I think I speak for everyone that’s ever desperately sought out that forgiving burn of Sriracha hot sauce slathered over sub-par food to give it a less pre-processed taste. As I sat down to write this article, pushing the last bits of lunch I couldn’t bare to stomach away from me, I silently thanked the mastermind behind the fieryred concoction with a red rooster on the label. How else could I struggle through a rough “meal” without its help? Sriracha: the hot sauce many depend on every now again and far fewer can spell or pronounce correctly. An article in a recent edition of both the “Huffpost” and “Businessweek” confirmed what we’ve already known to be true: people really, really love Sriracha sauce, which, in case you were wondering, was put into existence by the humble businessman David Tran. “It’s a product that people are seriously obsessed with,” wrote the (interestingly anonymous) author of the HuffPost article. “You can buy everything from sriracha water bottles to sriracha lollipops to sriracha IVs (OK, so that last product is fake). And let’s

not forget the various love letters to the sauce,” claims the HuffPost. What I enjoyed most about reading through the news stories on Sriracha were the comments posted to the article. “To me it is the texture,” wrote on Sriracha-addict under the pseudonym Shaqattaq32, “ I have always loved spicy food but I didn’t know what I was missing until I had Sriracha.” They continued, “I can’t have runny thin unsatisfying hot sauce anymore. I have to have a little Sriracha on almost everything.” Some of the comments posted by devout Sriracha fans I couldn’t make up even if I tried. The user “Themoosespeaks” had one of the more humorous nuggets of truth of truth to offer: “Scramble up some eggs with ham, cheese, onions and peppers, and top with sriracha. A better breakfast you will never taste. [sic]” “It can also elevate a humble Egg McMuffin to food of the gods. McD’s are fools, FOOLS I tell you, for not supplying it. [sic]” It’s true, less than a decade ago the word “Sriracha” didn’t have a register in the average person’s palate nor their lexicon. And, as the HuffPost article points out, the mere mention of “Sriracha” today is met with “wide eyes” and “enthusiastic endorsements.” Caleb Hannan wrote for “Businessweek” Feb. 21 in an article that captured the 30-year success story of David Tran, the 68-year-old founder and owner

of the family-run Huy Fong and creator of the sauce that has brought him fame and fortune. Huy Fong, Hannan summed up, is one of the fastest-growing food companies in America selling a little over 20 million bottles of Sriracha last year alone. “A lot of Sriracha’s success is simply a matter of taste--lots of people really like it. It’s also different from many other hot sauces, and it never goes bad, which appeals to restaurateurs,” wrote Hannan. “As with any much-hyped foodstuff, there is always the chance of backlash. But what’s likely to happen with Sriracha is that it will become another standard hot-sauce option, like Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot.” As the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding--or, in this case, the sauce. If, after reading this, you’re still a Sriracha skeptic, that’s okay. It may just be that you’re put-off by spicy seasonings and sauces and that’s okay (I guess). This article isn’t meant to convince you to jump on-board the Sriracha boat--which, by the way, should be offered as a dish at some up-and-coming restaurant with college-friendly prices (read: cheap eats). If you’ve learned something from this article, that’s all that matters. In the odd chance the thing you’ve learned is that you’ve made a horrible mistake in not re-considering your love-hate with hot sauce, welcome to the fan club.


Finally, spray-on jeans for those who want the tightest fit imagineable.

Alexis Geeza Red&Black Staff Ever lamented the fact that normal skinny jeans just aren’t skinny enough for you? Well cry no further, because American Eagle Outfitters has the solution for you: AEO Skinny Skinny, touted as their skinniest skinny jeans ever. According to the AEO website, Skinny Skinny jeans are contoured through the thigh, knee and ankle to fit just like a second skin, and they’re so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Unfortunately, they’re a limited edition special, with only 1,000 available in either Indigo or Bright Light for $49.95 a pop. It’s one size fits all, of course, since it comes out of a spray can. If that sentence just gave you pause, then welcome to the club. A recent YouTube ad for AEO promoting their new spray-on jeans had everyone in a tizzy when they couldn’t tell whether AEO was being serious or not. Obviously they weren’t, but the attempt was very convincing, especially from a company like AEO. If you have access to the internet, stop reading this, go to YouTube, and search for the ad. Got it? Go. I’m waiting. For those who can’t go look yet or are too lazy to, the advertisement opens with a bunch of young men and women talking about how they love to be creative

and live life their way and do cool hipster things. All the trademarks of a normal, boring clothing ad. Until you realize that the people in the video aren’t wearing real pants. Instead, they’re wearing “jeans” that are painted on, complete with pockets and stitching. AEO even created the pages for the product on their website that I described before, and everything looks completely legitimate, until you click on the button to add the jeans to your shopping cart. A message shows up saying that AEO Skinny Skinny is temporarily sold out, but you can input your email and AEO will let you know when the product is back in stock. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, AEO Skinny Skinny is meant to be an April Fool’s joke. The hoax has done a good job of advertising AEO ever since the advertisement went viral. “We wanted to have fun with our fans,” Vice President of Brand Marketing Bob Holobinko said on the Today show. “And the response has been incredible.” Thankfully AEO Skinny Skinny is just a spoof, and a good one at that. Considering the confusion over whether the new jeans were real or not, it’s probably only a matter of time before some company does attempt to market spray-on jeans as a genuine product, just because that seems like something companies like AEO would actually try to do.


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George Lorio Brings “Concerns...” to W&J Michael Nemchick Red&Black Staff Artist George Lorio’s “Concerns...” and body of work is still on display at Washington & Jefferson College in the Olin Art Gallery. Lorio uses a large range of materials, many of them found in flea markets and other places, to create narratives regarding serious social concerns. Works currently on display in the gallery explore gender, inequality of wealth and social privilege, the Mexican drug cartel and the southwest in general. Lorio can be described as a mixed media artist, one who uses a wide range of materials to compose a piece of artwork. For example, in the gallery there are three pieces composed of different colored dominos, stacked in somewhat precarious formations, each with something balanced on top. For example, the piece “Domino House” consists of a tall and narrow stack of black dominos with a small house and trees placed on top of the stack. It is meant to express how easily a person’s life can

come toppling down and that security, in many cases, is merely an illusion. Another piece called “Ninas” consists of a crown made up of different Barbies

Michael Nemchick/Red&Black

Above, Lorio’s “Domino House,” consisting of narrowly stacked dominoes, aims to express how easily one’s life can topple over.

and other dolls, underneath it are a huge pair of red high heeled shoes that no human being alive or dead could fill with their feet. The crown represents the impossible feminine ideal that is held up for children and others to mimic, while the shoes show that no one can actually fill this ideal. The piece called “Shrine” is a bit more grisly. It consists of a glass case surrounded by four severed fingers (fake ones, of course). Inside the glass case is a postcard from Mexico showing an idyllic scene. The postcard is on top of a small mound of powder meant to represent cocaine. It portrays the violence of drug cartels which often use kidnapping to make a profit. Fingers of the victims are cut off to encourage the payment of ransoms. There are a range of other works on display, representing anything from a simple plant to the privileges and hardships related to the United States and Mexico border. George Lorio received his MFA and BA from the University of Southern Florida. The gallery is open to everyone until the evening of April 7, so go take a peek while you still have the chance.

Courtesy Michael Nemchick/Red&Black

This piece is “Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico).”

Courtesy Michael Nemchick/Red&Black

This piece is Lorio’s “Right to Bear Arms; Carbombs.”

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“Harlem Shake” Faces Copyright Charges Rebecca Hendricks Red&Black Staff You probably know the 30 second clip of the internet smash sensation “Harlem Shake” by American DJ and producer Baauer. What you might not know is that two of the artists featured on the track, Hector Delgado and Jayson Musson, are suing Baauer for using their vocals without permission and are now demanding compensation. According to, “‘It's almost like they came on my land and built a house,’ Delgado told the New York Times.” notes, “Both men are looking for payment from Baauer's label, Mad Decent Records, which released the single last June. While a spokesperson for Mad Decent could not be reached for comment at press time, Musson and Delgado claim that the song uses bits of their music without proper permission.” This could seriously change the fame that Baauer has received so far for the mix, which hit the #1 spot on the Billboard singles chart, and has been the biggest internet sensation since the “Gangnam Style” video. The single became infinitely more popular in February of this year when the first 30 seconds of the track were published on YouTube and featured people dancing to the song. More than 3,000 user-generated versions of the video were uploaded online as parodies of the original clip. Baauer has not yet made any public comments about the potential lawsuit. According to, “…the claim shines a light on the sometimes free-for-all nature of the underground music scene. While securing licenses for samples — even brief ones — has been standard practice in the music industry for nearly 20 years, smaller labels like Mad Decent don't always have the resources to have lawyers scrutinize songs, relying on the producers/artists to make sure there are potential copyright issues on their songs.


“Beautiful Creatures” Movie: Trust Me, It’s Not All That Beautiful Tori Smith Red&Black Editor Over Spring Break I decided I would catch up on some light reading. So, before leaving for Florida, I bought the Beautiful Creatures novel, figuring I should read the book before watching the movie. The book reeled me in, and I was stuck. I read the first one in two days, went to buy the second one right after, and read that one in a day. Recently, I finished the third book, and am now about half way through the fourth. The two authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, worked together on these books, one wanting to write a southern story and the other wanting to write a supernatural story. The overall writing of the books is decently done for a young adult series. Overall, it’s the storyline and plot that ropes the reader in. Last night, I finally watched the movie online. I couldn’t put it off any longer, and I just had to see how the movie was done. I had avoided watching the trailer for a while, hoping I wouldn’t see the actors. I wanted to be able to picture the characters from the details the authors gave and how they intended the reader to envision them.

I was completely let down. The movie was absolutely terrible, and the writers completely changed everything. Before getting frustrated and giving up, I counted up to seven important characters that were left out of the movie (Abraham, John, and Marian to name a few). Those three characters alone have huge impacts on the protagonist, Ethan Wate. If you’ve read the book, then you know that John does not come in until the second book. But, the reason I mention him is because they seemed to have combined all four books into one movie. So many aspects of the book were completely changed in the movie. Multiple scenes were either cut out completely, switched around, or altogether changed. If you have not read the book, then chances are you will be completely lost and confused during the movie due to these important scenes being changed or left out. Alright, SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who have read the books, but not watched the movie yet. let me expand on some of these details for you. You might change your mind about watching the movie. Lena Duchannes’ claiming in the movie takes place in the second book. Uncle Macon is changed to a Dark Caster, not an incubus. And, Marian, Liz, John, Abraham and two of Lena’s cousins are all left out of the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, but read the books, I suggest avoiding the movie at all costs. You will be extremely disappointed.

“Beautiful Creatures” book cover courtesy


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Former Arts Editor Admits She Listens to, Likes a Lot of Weird Artists Abrianne Rhoad Red&Black Editor To begin, allow me to borrow a line from Mac Miller's "Loud" (2012) off of his "Macadelic" mixtape: "I like my music real loud, real loud/ Can you turn that s[***] up for me right now, right now.” Like most of the songs my friends and I tend to listen to on a prime Wednesday night, the majority of the lyrics of a song are largely rendered irrelevant outside the hook. Everyone knows the lyrics to the hook of a song, or they at least attempt to awkwardly mouth possible words in their place. “Don’t stop believing,” “bandz a make her dance,” “so shine bright, tonight you and I”—these all set the stage for budding karaoke stars at heart to belt the rest of the words to finish the lyric. (Acceptable answers accepted: “hold onto that feeeeeellliiiinnn’,” “Ayee!”

and “we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky.” Thanks for playing.) But what if you don’t listen to music that doesn’t have many (or any) lyrics? The answer lies in one of two solutions: a) we need to never meet because you suck (have you never heard of classical music?) or, b) you’re forgiven, we just need to hang out so I can open your ears to house, electronic and trap music (and classical musical too, I guess). If you’re unfamiliar with the underground, Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) or electronic movements, I’d strongly suggest listening to any of the artists I’m about to mention. Holding down the meditative, Indie IDM front are SBTRKT, JDSY, ILS, Shigeto and many more artists than I feel like penning down. Tearing up the Dubstep and House and subgenres with similar tonal qualities as both the IDM and the Drums

N' Bass genres, are the high voltage Trap artists, TNGHT and DMNDZ. For the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on the latter two. Scottish Hudson Mohawke (birth name Ross Birchard) and Canadian Lunice (birth name Lunice Pierre II) form DJ-Producer duo behind TNGHT, which is currently signed to Warp Records and Kanye West’s music label, G.O.O.D. Music. DMNDZ is your freshfrom-the-garbage-bin, garage-trap group composed of the septet TooDope, OGJ, Briana2Fre$h, Drew, Dfade, DueiSaint and Tripz (all of whom aren’t identified by actual birth name). Both produce some of the most recognizable instant-hits, or what I call the sickest assemblage of highoctane, filthy bassline, dirty synthesizers and “literallymake-you-want-to-get-upand-breakdance-if-only-youknew-how-to” backbeats.

While both TNGHT and DMNDZ are big names in Trap, the scene they inhabit is relatively underground. If you've seen the new Adidas-Champs Sports commercial which features NBA players Damian Lillard, Von Miller and Iman Shumpert, then you've already heard one song by TNGHT-"Higher Ground." I'll admit, hearing TNGHT's track on the commercial (and then frantically searching for its title by using Google's handy "What's That Song?" app) is what got me interested in exploring the trap genre a little further than I previously had. I've heard trap music before and mostly bad trap music (it’s not hard). If you don't believe me I invite you to discover the horrors of spoiled teenagers and or middle-aged men-children with access to expensive, audio engineering and DJ equipment like synthesizers, Ableton Live

and Novation Launchpads and too much time on their hands. Everyone thinks they can shave the hair off on one side of their heads and call themselves Sonny Moore (read: Skrillex) or throw on a comicallyoversized mouse head and think they're Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5. It just doesn't work that way. What I appreciate about Trap music are its changing tempos, high energy sequences, recognizable drops, repeating glitches and filthy drum and bass lines. In a nutshell, Trap is the new version of Dubstep, without the tedious series of “wub”s and “dub”s. Have a listen to DMNDZ’s “Trvp Gold” and “Blvze Up,” and TNGHT’s “Higher Ground,” “Goooo” and “Bugg’n.” If you’re down for a cross between electronic dance music with a heavy emphasis on drums and beats and glitchdrops, then look no further.

Guest Column: A Splendiferous Recipe for Spotted Dick B. A. Schwanz Red&Black Contributor The recipe for Spotted Dick was first brought to my attention by a friend in my first German class with Dr. Duhuren Sohn when I was an undergraduate. The story of how I wound up in that class in the first place is a story for another day, but from what I remember, the recipes my professor would share with us in class has never left my mind’s eye. I can only hope you, as a reader, will enjoy what has remained a fond, cooking memory for me. Compile the following ingredients into a medium-sized bowl: 1/2 cup mixed currants, golden raisins or other assorted dried fruit, 1/2 teaspoon finely grated fresh lemon zest, suet pastry dough and custard sauce.

Fill a large heavy pot with about one and a half inches of water. Make a platform for the pudding by setting metal cookie cutters in the bottom of the pot. Knead together your fruit and zest and form the dough into a ball. Put this concoction into a well-buttered pudding mold and flatten top. Top the dough with a bit of wax paper and cover the top with heavy-duty foil, crimping tightly around the edge. Bring a pot of water to a boil and set this mold on a platform. Steam the covered pudding over simmering water for about two hours, or until it is golden and puffed. Transfer pudding in mold to a rack and let stand for five minutes. Discard foil and wax paper and run a thin knife around edge of pudding. Flip the mold onto a plate and let gravity do the rest. I recommend serving this immediately and with a whipped topping or custard sauce.

Foods that Sound Dirty But Actually Aren’t Bangers and mash Toad in the hole Mozart balls Bubble and squeak Head cheese Nut goodie Kumquat Jerk chicken Clamato Fluffer Nutter Conch fritters Cochinita

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Feminist Shows Featured at Pittsburgh Mattress Factory Currently showing at the Mattress Factory from Sept. 7, 2012 to May 26, 2013 is “Feminist And…,” the resultant product of six women artists from around the world whose artistic practice shows that broad spectrum of multi-generational and multi-cultural feminism, its politics, its goals, its values and its many voices. After reviewing the work of all six women to see where I would approach the “Feminist And…” show, I decided to reign my focus on the work by two of the women of color, specifically Carrie Mae Weems and Parastou Forouhar. Weems’s artist statement reflects the investigation of family relationships, gender roles, the histories of racism, sexism, class and various political systems through the use of photographs, text, fabric, audio, digital images, installation and video in her work. Her goals and drives stemming from her work portray a rich history of black experience in the United States juxtaposed with the historical backdrop of familiarly-grim reminders of slavery, racial prejudice and the barring of rights for several centuries. Similarly concerned with the investigation and portrayal of gender roles, the histories of racism, sexism, class and the inescapable corruption throughout political systems, Tehran-born Forouhar’s work expresses a critical attitude toward Iranian politics and Islamic. The tragic murder of her parents toward the turn of the century in 1998 consequently forced Forouhar to turn her artistic direction on the expression of individuality and the suppression of speech and political beliefs. I wasn’t disturbed by Weems’s and Forouhar’s site-specific pieces initially, in fact they almost called for an internal dialogue between the performance (Weems) and the space (Forouhar). Both artists supply the viewer with painful, historical undertones, yet in each piece, there seemed to be this unspoken notion of something being missing— that the viewer had to complete the connection between the artist’s work and the contemporary setting and what that juxtaposition adds to either’s work as a whole. I think what gripped me in hindsight is the undertones of a long history of struggle and pain that isn’t just resting at the surface of both women’s work where the gender and racial stratifications are apparent, but it can be found at nearly every level. With Weems’s 18-minute video projection on mylar, Lincoln, Lonnie and Me (2012), ghostly apparitions would appear and vanish in three parts, divided into a few segments, each. I was drawn to the fragmentation and distortion of the scenes because the use of video and allusion to the vaudeville and theatrical styling of the early to late 18th and 19th centuries presented a visually-grabbing, almost haunting depiction of history, though the mood of the room wasn’t meant to be that reminiscent of being visited by a ghost. But beyond the stark contrast of the bright red-velvet curtain backdrop and the black, white and blue of the projected images, I was drawn to the implication and the rhetoric of the pieces. What was Weems after in presenting images in red, white, blue and black?— the hues of America and blackness. The answer isn’t meant to be concrete, but merely demonstrate a repeating history though the scenes change and the sub-

jects are swapped out. Does anything really change in between the scenes—in between the years of time Weems tries to capture? Has anything really changed now, outside of the theatrical curtains and the high-contrasts, everything either black or white? Whether she intended any of those connection is up for speculation, but I appreciated the interplay of iconic imagery with an almost tangible history— the video projects gave the illusion of standing in three-dimensional space—and a history that suggests a certain repetitious history and stead-fastness (a nonchanging history) being acted out. There are no words to this story, just images and suggestions. Weems’s video conveys a narrative and yet it could be read as a fragmented amalgamation of history, much like black history has been contorted and compressed under the strain of racial inequality and the initial disruption and relocation of black ancestry from one continent to another. The fragmented nature of Lincoln, Lonnie and Me (2012) showed a range of rhetorical appeal from pathos—who are these people and what is meant to be taken from this particular scene?—to logos—what does all of this mean? The same uncertainty and open-ended nature of the work can be seen in Forouhar’s Written Room (2012) which is a room-length painting of black acrylic text that literally says nothing. When I entered the room it was like entering a void, where I would ping back and forth from positive space to negative space—the spaces in between the black streaks that meant nothing to me, the words I couldn’t read from a language I couldn’t recognize. And upon realizing my own ignorance as it related to the space, much of the same thing could be said for cultural practices where a government does everything they can to suppress voice and language and speaking out, hiding everything under a shroud of mysterious and unanswered questions. My own ignorance and hesitation in walking around in the space could be linked to Forouhar’s intention—to represent the free expression of voice yet, ironically, not being able to be heard or understood. The calligraphy, as the curator noted, is even illegible to the Persian-reading viewer. That said, the text could also be representative of the loss of this almostlanguage and the loss of its function as being able to be understood and being able to allow one using these characters to express themselves. The Written Room (2012) conveys the sense that writing is what makes the room stand apart from anything else, yet there is a pervasive sense that the room is also un-written like histories are un-written, or forgotten. With these concurrent ideas represented in the Room (2012) and Lincoln, Lonnie and Me (2012) the viewer becomes uneasy with the flux and uncertainty of the written and the un-written, the spoken and un-spoken (or quite nearly, what is meant to be the focus). In Forouhar’s room, the uncertainty persists in a dizzying array of strokes and slashes and obscured dots, like walking with blurred vision, rendered incapable of communicating or understanding. In Weems’s room, the projection of the past like apparitions retaining form and then disappearing confront the viewer with this repetition of the unspoken and unheard, yet it demands to be seen and approached. Both linger on the mind like learning of a forgotten history with no starting or ending point—like watching a video stuck on repeat. The works of Weems, Forouhar and the other four women can be found on



Abrianne Rhoad Red&Black Editor


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Staff Editorial: Fool’s Gold

Red & Black


Established 1909

, April Fool’s Day—A potentially polarizing holiday (depending on which side of the prank you’re on); it never fails to bring a smile to the face of even the most cynical among us. When sites like YouTube and Google go all out to participate, we can’t help but feel a sense of community: an excitement at being part of something meant to entertain and bring joy to the world. Here, your fellow W&J students have gathered articles on fake products, ampersands and Sriracha sauce, all in an attempt to honor the good-natured spirit of the holiday. While the urge to prank might not be alive very often for most of us, on this one day it’s important that we come together to enjoy a good laugh. After all, isn’t happiness something worth celebrating?

“Bri” Mina Ademovic “Megs” K. Beck Kyle “Saucey” Princess Bubblegum Tori Smith Basically Everyone Alex “Ballin” Bernardi


“Washington AND Jefferson College” Mike Nemchick Red&Black Staff Washington & Jefferson College has made a landmark decision regarding the history of the school. The college will now be going by the name “Washington and Jefferson College,” effective immediately. Senior Washington and Jefferson history major Alexis Geeza explained the historic reasoning for the name change. “George Washington felt that the ampersand was a symbol to separate the common people from nobility, as only those with a strong classical education are able to write an ampersand.” Thus, the name change takes the college back to the roots. Many have raised concerns about the extra cost of ink, printing “and” instead of “&” every time the college is mentioned in paperwork and on the school’s stationary. The Washington and Jefferson college administration has communicated its willingness to raise tuition and to cut

intersession down to only one class per four years for the next incoming freshman class. A member of the administration wishing to remain anonymous is quoted as saying “another tuition hike is a small price to pay to bring this school back to its humble historical roots.” Many students are rejoicing even with the prospect of increased tuition. Alexis Geeza is also quoted as saying “it got embarrassing when filling in job and school applications and not being able to write in the ampersand when having to write in the name of my college. My applications would turn into a mess of smudged ink and white out from the multiple attempts it took to correctly write down the Washington & Jefferson.” It is expected that this change will increase the acceptance rate of Washington and Jefferson College graduates into post-secondary institutions with applications that look much cleaner. Traditionalist factions are outraged at the change.

(D oes A nyone E ver R ead T hese ?) P olicies

C ontac t

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views of its students, faculty or administration. The Red & Black welcomes all reader contributions, but reserves the right to reject letters of pure promotional nature, as well as letters which do not meet its standard of integrity, accuracy and decency. The Red & Black also reserves the right to edit submissions.

Letters are due the Monday before print publication and may not exceed 600 words. All letters must include the author’s name, campus box and telephone number. Names may be withheld upon request under certain conditions on rare occasions. All letters may be submitted to redandblackstaff@jay.washjeff. edu.

Jacq-Attack “Ants” Morgan Mattingly Magical Unicorns Dale LOL

EIC Managing

Production Strictly Business Campus News

Is This Real Life Arts OΠnions Sports Photos Ctrl + C Ctrl + C Distribution Adviser

Tori Haring-Smith has made it her duty to be sure that every student knows the story of the union of Washington College and Jefferson College. Many argue that the ampersand is a universal symbol of conjunction, representing the union of the two colleges and the cohesions of the campus community as a whole. Senior Deidre Parker sees the ampersand as “an affront to both aesthetics and good taste” regardless of historical context and reasoning. Parker stated “I’m glad to say good riddance to the ampersand; it only served as a festering boil on the good face of this college.” It has yet to be seen if this change will affects Washington and Jefferson’s national college rankings.

B rought Abbey Bashor Ashley Burk Gretchen Cline Chelsea Cummings Ashley Figlar Alexis Geeza

to you


Shanel Grabowski Rebecca Hendricks Alessandra Jacobs Shari Kaminski Jennifer Marabella Jake Meyers

Bailey Mudrick Hla Hpone “Jack” Myint Mike Nemchick Alexandra Sossi Harley Straub

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Washington &Jefferson College Implements Red & Black


Mascot-Change “Cats symbolize the very nature of Washington & Jefferson College. We educate students to be prepared for their futures with patience and poise.” — Anonymous Administrator

(Can you guess what?)


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(We Never Get Fan Mail)


(*They’re usually angry response-letters written by students who could stand to take a few more courses in collegiate writing and in formulating arguments.)

Submitted by John M. Swick ‘47

Submitted by Dylan Frendt ‘14, former student

LETTER TO THE STAFF I have just received [a earlier issue] of the Red&Black. It is one of the best and this letter is to congratulate all who worked on it. My main comment is on the wide range of subjects which certainly were useful to W&J students. In addition to the issues of daily college life and activities there were articles of scientific interest, political events, foreign relations, the arts and reviews and of course sports. There was a lot of work involved in assembling and organizing all this wide variety of material. Many staffers wrote very good articles. I am not a grammarian, but of special note was the professionalism. I found no errors in syntax which caused me to cringe, as often happens to me even in reading commercial writing. Also, I did not note any spelling errors. I attribute this to the special care of the Copy Editors. So Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

EDITORS, I was privileged to get to work with many of you during my two years at W&J. As a former Managing Editor, I understand how the paper requires incredible dedication and a tremendous amount of willpower, and it involves honing your skills and pushing the boundaries of the technology that is at your disposal. I cannot express to you how wonderful the paper looks, this year. Bri, you are doing such an outstanding job: with marketing, with editing, with content. I’ve read through all of the issues, and I am so very astounded. Mina, I can see you’re incredibly dedicated and meticulous handiwork all over the paper, and Meghan, I am so glad that you were chosen to take Production: the paper looks ridiculously good. Kyle, your section is so compelling, organized, and consistent. You really rose from a fantastic and dedicated writer to an outstanding editor. Deidre: your Life Section blew my mind. I’m reading it, right now! And Tori:



when we all knew that Bri was going to leave the Arts section, I remember the collective fear for the section. Then, you were picked and everyone knew it was going to be good. I just want you to know that “good” is an understatement...your section is is absolutely brilliant and I am so happy that you bring such dynamic power to the Red&Black. Alex: though I did not get to work with you, your section, too, finishes up the paper with class and efficiency. Jacquelin: your pictures are impressive, of course. Morgan and Antoinette: I hope that copy editing isn’t eating you two, alive! The articles that I have gleaned show your great handiwork. In all, you are all a fantastic and talented team and seeing the Red&Black makes me miss all of you, miss the paper, and I am very excited to return to see all of you. Hopefully, I am able to stop by the office to see some of the magic unfold. This paper is one of the best collegiate papers and publications that I have seen. A strong commendation is in order, and I hope that you all sit back sometimes, and realize just how much that your work is paying off. In any case, keep up your stellar work, and save me some copies! I definitely want to keep them!

04 A pril 2013

Red & Black

THUMBS DOWN ON DOMA Hla Hpone “Jack” Myint Red&Black Staff

The past few days, I couldn’t help but notice the endless stream of posts, signs and profile pic changes on Facebook and Twitter that are made in support of same-sex marriage across the United States. Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of activists and supporters advocating for LGBT rights. A statistical research conducted by Georgia State University shows that back in 1988, 72% of Americans disapproved of gay marriage while only 13% approved. By 2010, disapproval has cut in half and approval has quadrupled. The latest public survey shows one-third of Americans oppose gay marriage and 58% support it. This makes me wonder the cause of such drastic change in public opinion over a rather short period of time. While there may be several important factors that came together to help promote this cause, it strikes me as though the influence of media seems to be the most prominent. From movies and soap operas such as Will and Grace, Roseanne, Modern Family and Glee (to name a few), we are taken into the lives of some LGBT characters whom we find likeable, humorous, pitiful and most importantly, who lead a regular life like every one of us that we can relate to in many respects. I think this, consciously or subconsciously, inspires the coming-out of many gay people, which in turn makes more room for the general public to accept LGBTs as their own. Relating back to a recent public poll, which states that the most common reason for people changing their negative opinion on same-sex marriage is “because they have a friend or family member who is openly gay.” At the same time, it also makes me question why then, with the majority of the nation now supporting gay marriage, are there still federal laws that still prohibit same-sex couples from equal rights and privileges as that of different-sex couples? On March 27, last Wednesday, this issue was brought into national and international attention and media coverage as the Supreme Court hears the first oral arguments of United States V Windsor. A case that dates back to November 2010 when the American Civil Liberties Union filed a claim to New York’s southern district court on behalf of Edie Windsor, who was charged with $363,000 of federal estate taxes after inheriting the property of her late

wife, Thea Spyer whereas she would have paid no taxes had she married a partner of different sex. Though the couple was legally married in Canada and resided in New York, current federal laws of the United States do no recognize their marriage as legitimate. This federal law; also known as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was approved by President Clinton after receiving an overwhelming majority of votes from both Houses of Congress in 1996. As of now, former President Clinton and former Representative Bob Barr (original sponsor of the Defense for Marriage Act) changed their stance and support Respect for Marriage instead, along with the Obama administration. However, the DOMA continues to be enforced and supersedes any and all state laws that legalize same sex marriage. Windsor and her attorneys argue that Section 3 of DOMA, which defines marriage as “only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife,” basically denies recognition of same sex marriage for all federal purposes – this includes insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, immigration etc. They argue that Section 3 violates LGBT citizens’ Fifth Amendment right to equal protection and as such should be deemed “unconstitutional;” the same phrase President Obama used back in 2011 as he openly expressed his support for same-sex marriage. In June 2012, district court judge Barbara Jones ruled in favor of Windsor and ordered the government to pay the requested tax refund. In July 2012, Windsor’s attorney filed a petition of certiorari directly to the Supreme Court and in December, was approved for a hearing. To speculate the Supreme Court’s position based on the arguments made so far, it is very likely that Justice Kennedy (whose vote, probably, will be the deciding tie breaker, so to speak) and the other liberal justices are in favor of same-sex marriage whereas the conservatives favor a more cautious approach and believe that “the process of democratic debate should continue, rather than end with a sweeping court ruling that decides law for the entire nation.” Many House Republicans are also defending DOMA in the courts arguing that “the traditional institution of marriages and families should only be promoted by homes with a mom and dad; not two moms or two dads.” As debates continue with legitimate arguments from both sides, the Supremes Court has until June 2013 to agree on a majority ruling. Whether this ruling will regulate same sex marriage in all of United States or not, however remain ambiguous.


Red&Black Flashback

courtesy Red&Black archives

Unknown Red&Black editor, circa 2000’s, posing for an in-house ad

courtesy Red&Black archives

Above, Rob Velella, the Red&Black’s previous advisor, left the college in 2006 after serving the newspaper for several years.

courtesy Red&Black archives

Above, George&Tom’s gets renovated, circa 2004.


SPORTS Red & Black

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Women’s Softball Had Spectacular Spring Break

Kelsey Cunningham ‘14 led the way for batting on March 18, 2013.

Harley Straub Red&Black Staff

The Washington & Jefferson College softball team travelled to Clermont, Florida for spring break and competed in the NTC

“Kelsey Cunningham hit the ball very well and the pitching staff did a good job.” —Vitello Training Center Games. The team ended with a record of 7-3 overall. To start off the trip, W&J beat Hope (Mich.) 4-2 on Saturday March 16th. Freshman Emily Watson struck out seven Flying Dutchwomen and captured the win. Junior Kelsey Cunningham went 2-for-4 in the game. The team also defeated Lawrence

(Wisc.) 6-5 on the same day. Watson claimed that victory as well after relieving another pitcher. On the 17th of March, W&J played Thomas (Maine) and beat them with a score of 15-0. During this game, W&J got 15 hits, Cunningham went 3-for-3 and was walked twice. Junior Madison Rotto collected the win and struck out a career-high 11 batters. On the same day, W&J took on Benedictine (Ill.) but lost in the seventh inning. At the bottom of the fifth, Rotto tied the game with a three-run homer. Benedictine was able to score one more run in the seventh and took the win 6-5. W&J had a total of 26 hits during the games this day. On Monday, the 18th, W&J split their games again. The Presidents lost their first game 10-0 to Tufts (Mass.). Watson suffered the loss. Six Presidents got a one base hit in the game.


After the loss, W&J came back and defeated Gallaudet (Md.)

“I hope these wins will bring the girls a lot of confidence to them and make spring break a standard for the season.” —Vitello 11-0. Rotto and sophomore Bethany Shepherd both pitched in the game. Cunningham led the way for batting. She doubled twice and was walked once and batted in three runs. Rotto was on base three times and senior D.J. Ufolla and sophomore Breanna Gleason each got two hits. After having a day off, W&J took two victories on Wednesday the 20th. With these two wins, Head Coach Nicole Vitello became the softball program’s all-time coach-

Stephanie Zur ‘13 plays for W&J’s baseball team.

ing wins leader. The previous record was 84 wins held by Stephani Moore from 2003-2007. The team played William Patterson (N.J.) first and won with a score of 4-2. Rotto pitched for the win and struck out four girls. Both Watson and Cunningham had two hits. W&J beat Ramapo (N.J.) 4-0, for Vitello’s 86th win in six years. Watson only allowed three hits in the shutout. Ufolla collected two doubles in game. On the 21st, W&J played their last games of the break. The Presidents lost their first game 3-7 to Babson (Mass.). Babson scored three insurance runs in the seventh to claim the victory. Watson suffered the loss. W&J came back and beat Dubuque (Iowa) 5-4. Sophomore Sadie Marak led the team with two hits while freshman Krista McCartney recorded the win for the pitching staff. Head Coach Vitello was pleased with the showing of her team.


According to her, the wins were a team effort, no one person won the games. Some of the girls stepped up. “I hope these wins will bring the girls a lot of confidence to them and make spring break a standard for the season. They played good teams and good softball,” commented Vitello. “Kelsey Cunningham hit the

“During this game, W&J got 15 hits, Cunningham went 3-for-3 and was walked twice.” ball very well and the pitching staff did a good job. They really stepped up and a lot of people pitched. All of the games that were won were a collective effort. Everyone contributed both on offense and defense.”

04 A pril 2013


Red & Black

Josh Etzel ‘14, All-American Wrestler A Pricey Baseball Card Rebecca Hendricks Red&Black Staff


Bailey Mudrick Red&Black Staff Junior Josh Etzel has been selected the Division III Scholar AllAmerican by the National Wrestling Coaches Association for the second consecutive year for the Washington & Jefferson Men’s Wrestling.

“Etzel, the 2012 NCAA Midwest Regional 141-pound champion, will enter his final collegiate season with a 68-13 record.” Etzel is from Elizabeth, Pa. and placed sixth in the 157-pound bracket March 16th at the 2013 NCAA Division III Championships at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. The Junior became W&J’s first wrestling All-American since Kevin DeJuliis ’03 took seventh place in the 133-pound bracket of the 2002 NCAA Championships. The top eight finishers in each

weight class receive All-America laurels. Etzel’s sixth-place finish is the best by a Washington & Jefferson College wrestler since W&J Athletic Hall of Famer Dave Krivus ’83 placed sixth in the 150-pound bracket in 1983. Etzel finished the national tournament with a 3-3 record and a 37-7 mark overall. His 37 victories set a school record for single-season wins. The Presidents Men’s Wrestling Teams have landed among the top 25 academic wrestling programs in each of Head Coach Tommy Prairie’s first two seasons. Etzel is majoring in biochemistry. He also minors in pre-health and is vice president of Phi Psi. Etzel has earned PAC Academic Honor Roll laurels twice during his career and is a four-time conference wrestler of the week award winner. Etzel, the 2012 NCAA Midwest Regional 141-pound champion, will enter his final collegiate season with a 68-13 record (.840). He currently sits 14th on the school’s all-time win list and he has a chance to become only the fourth wrestler in school his-

tory to win 100 matches (DeJuliis - 117, Matt Smith ’05 - 113, Wes Koteski ’02 - 108). Washington & Jefferson has produced at least one NWCA scholar in each of the last four seasons. Ten different W&J wrestlers throughout history have been honored with Etzel becoming just the second two-time winner. The President Men’s wrestling

“The President Men’s wrestling team has accomplished a lot this season in addition to Etzel’s success this season.” team has accomplished a lot this season in addition to Etzel’s success this season. Freshmen, 125-pounder, Jacob Spearman from Lancaster, Ohio became the first W&J freshman to win a NCAA match in that particular tournament format. The team hope to accomplish a lot next season, but were happy with their accomplishments this season as well.

A newly discovered rare baseball card could bring life to a young boy whose father plans on auctioning it for profit. Jason LeBlanc of Massachusetts is a retail consultant and baseball card collector who also sells collectibles on eBay. He purchased the card for $92,000 at auction. LeBlanc’s son Alex is 4 years old and goes to the Boston Children’s hospital frequently for various health complications. Alex has seizures, brittle bones, and serious developmental delays. His condition is similar to Angelman syndrome. According to yahoo. com, LeBlanc said, ‘“We’ve really had to struggle over the last four and a half years of his life…I thought this would be a unique and strong investment vehicle to cash in one day when Alex is in need.”’ The card is actually an old photo of the Brooklyn Atlantics from 1865. It is supposed to be the oldest baseball card in the country. According to, “…a similar baseball card captured from the same camera that took LeBlanc’s card is said to be in the Library of Congress.” The card was found at a Maine yard sale and is actually a photograph mounted on a card, also called a carte de viste. Although a similar image from a different negative is in the Library of Congress, this card is the only one of its kind and has been described as “rarer than rare”. The card was originally purchased at a Maine yard sale last year along with some old Coke bottles and oak chairs. The card is actually four years older than the baseball card found in 2009 by a woman who found a vintage Cincinnati Red Stockings card that sold for $64,073. LeBlanc plans to list the card on eBay or lend it to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. He claims it is worth more than he paid for it.

Nogay, O’Neill Carried Team in FL Ashley Burk Red&Black Staff The W&J baseball season has just begun and so far the boys are starting off great and making headlines. The baseball team recently took a trip to Florida and swept a double-header against Galludet. Junior pitchers Eddie Nogay and Brian O’Neill both threw three-hit shutouts to lead to the double-header win against Galludet. The 25th-ranked Washington & Jefferson overtook the Bison’s in game one with a score of 1-0 and took game two with a score of 7-0. Nogay was able to strike out eight and not walk a batter during his eight-inning performance. He retired the last 10 hitters and did not issue a walk. This is the second shutout game this season for Nogay, as well as the fourth in his career. Nogay is now tied with Mike Trumpower

’07 for second all time at W&J. O’Neill also had a memorable performance. He did not walk a batter, while fanning nine of the seven innings on the hill, which earned him his second victory of the spring. Nogay and O’Neill also pitched together at the beginning of the season on March 9 when W&J blanked Bethany. There is only one other person who has throw three shutouts during the same season in W&J history and that is Sam Mann ’07. Brandon Holsworth also did a good job during game one as he took a perfect game into the sixth inning, but senior second baseman Scott Liller was able to break it up with a two-out single.Just two innings later, Liller knocked the lone run during the games with another two-out base hit that plated sophmore left fielder Cory Baur. Overall, there were seven different Presidents with recorded hits during game two.


SPORTS Red & Black

04 A pril 2013


W&J Women’s Sports Florish at the Start of the Season

A Winning Streak For Water Polo courtesy

Megan Barclay Red&Black Staff


Women’s Lacrosse Trains for a Successful Season Rebecca Hendricks Red&Black Staff

Washington & Jefferson College women’s lacrosse opened its season on March 1, with a home game against Buffalo State. Although they lost their opening game, the next two games against Hood and Waynesburg were wins for the lady Presidents. The team has been training hard and eagerly anticipates their game against Frostburg State this

“The team has been training hard and eagerly anticipates their game against Frostburg State this Wednesday.”

Wednesday. They will be playing at 7 P.M. at Alexander Stadium. The women’s lacrosse team spent time in West Palm Beach, Florida during W&J’s spring break. Senior Megan Kelly said, “I had an awesome time in Florida with all of the girls on the lacrosse team.” The most recent women’s lacrosse game was on March 30 against Thiel. Although they lost 14-8, several members of the team were able to score early on. According to the W&J Lacrosse website, “Senior midfielder Brittany Fradkin (Owings Mills, Md./St. Paul’s School for Girls) netted the first goal of the game just under three minutes in.” W&J also recently announced their Title IX Girls Field Day, which celebrates 40 years of Title IX, a law that states there is to be no gender or any other discrimi-

nation for an education program receiving funding from the federal government. According to Sports, “NCAA Division III Week is a positive opportunity for all individuals associated with a Division III institution to observe and celebrate the impact of athletics and of student-athletes on the campus and surrounding community.”

“NCAA Division III Week is a positive opprotunity for all individuals associated with a Division III institution to observe and celebrate the impact of athletics.”

The W&J Women’s Water Polo Team recently turned their season around with 5 wins at Penn StateBehrend in Erie, PA. They earned their first victory of the season after defeating Macalester 12-4. Junior Kelsey Leis and sophomore Sara Boldt both scored hat tricks to help defeat Macalester. Sophomore Charlotte Lima earned the winning goal after making three saves! The Presidents also received two-goal efforts from freshmen Allison Rocha and Rachel Clauss while Juniors Margot Wummer and Catherine Villa scored one goal each. Their second match was also a victory, with a score of 8-5 against Carthage. Freshman Rachel Clauss scored four goals during the third period, putting the Presidents way in the lead. Junior Catherine Villa scored two goals, while sophomores Sara Boldt and Charlotte Lima both scored once. Senior McKenzie Graf was the winning goalie, blocking five shots. The winning streak continued

after defeating Utica 17-6 and Connecticut College 10-8. Junior Catherine Villa and freshmen Rachel Clauss and Allison Rocha each made three-goal efforts. Junior Kelsey Leis scored twice, while freshmen Allison Rocha and Rachel Clauss, sophomore Sara Boldt, and juniors Catherine Villa and Dana Wieber all contributed one goal. Freshmen Gabrielle Addison, Gabriele Rodriguez and Aly Fishbough earned one each. Junior Margot Wummer placed the Presidents with three goals. 
Their last match was also a victory, beating Penn State- Behrend 12-6. Sophomore Charlotte Lima scored four goals while junior Kelsey Leis and freshman Aly Fishbough both scored twice. Senior McKenzie Graf, junior Randi Cartwright, and freshmen Gabriele Rodriguez and Gabrielle Addison all got in one goal each. The team went into the weekend of league play without a single win and came out with 5 victories! The Women’s Water Polo Team is now 5-14 and they travel tomorrow for a match against Connecticut College. Hopefully this streak of triumphs continues! Good luck ladies!

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"Spring Break As a Time for Service" (April 4, 2013)