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Next Level Philanthropy Peru Leadership Philanthropic Adventure February - March | 2014

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MESSAGE FROM GLEN DEAR MARKETING PARTNERS, FIELD LEADERS, AND FRIENDS: With millions of people across the globe reflecting on the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi Russia, my mind returns to Salt Lake City Olympics, where my family and I watched the 2002 Olympic games. I vividly remember seeing the Olympic Stadium with great anticipation. Joined by a capacity crowd of nearly 50,000, the excited onlookers were adorned in their national colors and roaring in support of their country. The atmosphere was electric and I was never more excited. Like that day in Olympic stadium, I am feeling the rush of energy that comes from an inspired environment—an Epic environment worldwide. There is a feel to it? It is a thrilling experience to create a vehicle that will provide amazing opportunities to millions of people across the globe—to help them achieve their highest aspirations. Our goal at Epic is to empower our Marketing Partners to improve their lives through our unique products, plan, and principles. We are working hard every day to build a long-term company on core principles. This inspires us to challenge ourselves to maintain our focus on what matters most: YOU—our most valued Marketing Partner. You are the heart of Epic and the spark that ignites the flame of inspiration and aspiration that can be passed on to others! At every Olympic games, I have watched the determination and desire of each country. Every athlete hopes that four years of preparation and hard work will result in achieving their goals. Whether they are competing individually or as a team, the athletes work together, performing their job as close to perfection as possible, for the greater goal of inspiring a nation—even the world! We all watch, heartbroken at the failures and marvel at each success. The Olympic Games have a way of uniting all of us in a common humanity that celebrates what each of us has to give. As I think about our professional arena, I am reminded that you are the athletes. You have trained long and hard to do what you do best. It is now time to express your talents and skills in this new Olympic venue called Epic. We see corporate and field as one entity working toward a common goal. We are a team. We are here to applaud you, your successes and support you through your challenges. In these significant pursuits, let us work together, learn together, and succeed—together. Now is the time, Epic is the arena. Let’s stand on that podium—together! Sincerely,

Glen Jensen

3 | Epic

GET THE ROYAL TREATMENT WITHOUT THE TOXINS. In today’s world, toxins are everywhere.. Most do not realize that the average person puts over 250 toxins in or on their bodies before they walk out the front door to work. This is a problem.



THE EFFECTS OF TOXINS ON THE BODY In April 2002 the EPA reported that there are roughly 100,000 chemical toxins in use and growing annually. The average American ingests 10 pounds of synthetic food additives each year that collect in the body’s fat cells. Others collect on and sink in through the skin. The research is clear: our bodies are struggling under the enormous load of industrial toxins that enter our food, water, and environment. These toxins are making us fat, disrupting our digestion, causing hormonal imbalances, impairing cognitive functions, and yes, wreaking havoc on and through your skin.

The more we can reduce the toxins we are exposed to the healthier we will be. Let’s start with our skin! 4 | Epic

OUR SKIN Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, absorbing about 60% of what we put on it. The fact is the pharmaceutical industry uses trans-dermal medications for this very reason: it‘s the simplest and best absorption tool we have. We must take exceptional care of it!

WHY CAVIAR? With Caviar you get the best of all worlds: the benefits of high-end skin care found in high-end stores without all the toxins. Better skin equals better health. Caviar extract is rich in lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, all of which nourish, restructure, regenerate and re–balance the skin. It improves the condition of dry and mature skin by helping to restore suppleness and smoothness, all while activating cellular metabolism.

WHAT ELSE DOES IT HAVE? Taking a deeper look, in Caviar you will find: • PEPHA® – TIGHT, which smooths out the appearance of fine wrinkles and boosts collagen production.

• HYDRAPORINE™, a significant moisturizing effect. It also helps to increase the hydration rate in the upper layers of the epidermis. • FUCOGEL®, a naturally derived moisturizing agent with a prolonged action, offers a remarkable feel, bringing comfort on application, and is ideal for long-term hydration. • Panthenol is a humectant, emollient, and moisturizer. Also an effective skin penetrator which helps to improve hydration, reduce itching and calm inflammation of the skin. • Vitamin E, an antioxidant that moisturizes the skin. • Shea Butter, a moisturizing agent known to help boost cellular regeneration. • Allantoin, an anti–irritant.

WHAT CAVIAR DOES NOT HAVE? Caviar Supreme is formulated without: • PARABENS • MINERAL OIL • PROPYLENE GLYCOL • PEGs • MEAs • DEAs • TEAs

CAVIAR SUPREME INTENSIVE SERUM This boosting serum glides effortlessly and absorbs instantly into your skin to help reduce the signs of aging. It also helps to generate and maintain your skin’s ideal moisture balance, while soothing and calming it. Each application will leave skin looking younger and more vibrant.

CAVIAR SUPREME INTENSIVE CREAM This silky cream intensively moisturizes your skin to deliver the ultimate protection and comfort, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Dull and lifeless skin is immediately transformed into radiant, incredibly soft skin.

CAVIAR SUPREME INTENSIVE EYE CREAM This velvety smooth eye cream is easily absorbed and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and silky smooth. It will leave your eye area looking more vibrant, younger and superbly rested. If you want to start removing toxins in your life; if you want the best quality skin careeven the royal treatmentthen you will love Caviar!!!

• PENTAVITIN®, a soothing agent that significantly improves the water retention of keratin. 5 | Epic





WE’D LIKE TO TAKE THIS CONCEPT A BIT FURTHER IN OUR PHILANTHROPIC WORK. Our goal is to build our philanthropic mission around the very same principle that makes our industry so compelling and life-changing: duplication.

different in the liberation of those who cannot currently help themselves, to stand on their own two feet and solve the challenges that lie before them. This is where business and philanthropy coincide.

It’s not enough even to teach a man, woman, or child how to fish. They must teach others how to fish. I might even go so far as to say that unless you have taught someone else, you have not truly internalized the principles yourself. Charity cannot nor should not stop at any individual, for to truly empower and sustain people’s needs and wants over the long-term, they must be able to do the same for others, ad infinitum. With this philosophy at the core of our giving intent, we ask you, our Marketing Partners and Field Leaders, to help us identify the charities and programs that are making a difference throughout the world. We ask you to help us identify compelling programs and/or services that have duplicate-ability built in. From our perspective giving, teaching, then re-teaching for the sake of duplication, is our central focus here at Epic. It is through this fundamental principle that Direct Sales liberates so many from the bonds of a mediocre professional life and gives them freedom—freedom to become Epic. It is no

6 | Epic

If one or more duplicatable charities comes to mind, please send information to our VP of People, Culture & Philanthropy, Bruce H. Jackson. You can reach him at: bruce@epicera. com. Please explain briefly (100 words or less) why the particular charity best represents the principle of duplication and how it best represents the principles that drive our industry. By doing so, you are helping Epic identify future charities that may be chosen to benefit from our funds set aside for charitable purposes. We thank you for your thoughtful submissions.

By Dr. Bruce H. Jackson


If you are an Epic Marketing Partner seeking to grow yourself and your team while serving others, you might consider participating in this year’s Peru Leadership/Philanthropic Adventure (dates pending). A popular adventure and theme for more than 6 years, our VP of People, Culture & Philanthropy Dr. Bruce H. Jackson will be facilitating this 11-day leadership adventure. This year we will bring together a diverse, engaging, and fun group—making this a once in a lifetime experience for everyone. You will also find great value in using the mountains as a metaphor for


developing your leadership potential. During our journey you will trek the native sections of the Huber Inca Trail and Machu Picchu via Lima, Cuzco, and various historical and cultural sites. In addition to the physical and cultural aspects of the trip, we will facilitate evening leadership discussions—using the metaphor of the mountain as a tool for developing your “Philosophy of Engagement”—that can be done at both the individual and team levels. This is a unique personal and team adventure, not only for the amazing terrain, culture, history and experiences but

because the adventure is designed to transform how you engage your life and leadership back home. We will also practice our servant leader skills by attending to a local village and school while serving their local community in a day of service. If you are thinking about participating in this Epic sponsored event, please contact Bruce at: bruce@ for more information, itineraries and costs. Various ranks within the organization will have their trips subsidized by Epic.

7 | Epic

THE FIRE WITHIN Six Drivers of Personal Motivation By Dr. Bruce H. Jackson

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” - Ayn Rand

88 ||Epic Epic

None of us accomplish anything unless we decide and act… Some people take the path of least resistance, avoid decisions, and act only when acted upon. This is a losing formula. Others take action pro-actively; they are compelled by an inner drive; they seek to make something out of nothing. This is the mindset of a winner. One key difference between these two people: MOTIVATION! Endless theories seek to explain why, what, and how people are motivated, but many of them can be explained through three contrasting principles and six lenses. Let’s review each principle briefly then each lens to help you drive your Epic business and build an Epic life.

The third of the three contrasting principles is the focus between “Self” and “Others”. We can motivate ourselves by serving our own needs, desires, goals, but there are strong motivational forces when we seek to influence for good something outside of ourselves—to serve a friend, change the lives of the less fortunate, or solve a community problem. With these three contrasting principles, I’d like to propose six different lenses you can use to not only drive your Epic business, but to drive your behavior and your performance in any life arena you choose. The lenses look something like this:

The first of the three contrasting principles is “Pleasure vs. Pain”. In most cases, we seek to avoid pain (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, team, etc…) and to gain pleasure—things that make us feel good or experience joy (physically, emotionally…). The second of the three contrasting principles is inside (or “Intrinsic”) vs. outside (or “Extrinsic”). Using the principles above, we tend to avoid pain whether it’s generated inside of ourselves (physical pain, bad thoughts, fears, etc…) or outside ourselves (negative environments, conflicts with friends, the heat of the day). We are also motivated externally by pleasure (a nice meal, a new car, a beautiful painting). Of course we can also be positively motivated internally because of something we naturally enjoy doing (a hobby, using a well-honed skill, being with friends).

Before we jump into using each of these motivational lenses, I’m reminded of the many reasons why people join the world of Direct Selling and what they are looking to get from their affiliation with a product or company.

9 | Epic

Typical profiles look something like this: • Product Champions—They are consumers who love the products and buy them regularly. • Extra Money Enthusiasts—They love the products but also do the business to make the extra money they need to advance their standard of living. • Direct Sales Professionals—They love the products but do the business full-time and treat it as their primary career. • Aspirational Leaders—They love the products but aspire to build large teams, organizations, and the quest for largescale wealth. • Philanthropic Leaders—They originally sought to be Aspirational Leaders but now see themselves as change agents that make a difference in the lives of the individuals, teams, whole organizations, and communities they care about—both in and out of the Direct Selling arena. Wherever you see yourself today, let’s take a look at how one or more of the six lenses (think of them as motivational levers) can be used to help you increase your motivation and better clarify your compelling “why” when building your Epic business.

Product Champions If you are a product champion perhaps you’ve identified the products that remove pain or discomfort (Lens I). Perhaps certain products help you gain new levels of energy, balance or overall well-being (IV). Knowing more about the effects of Epic products (those that take away ailments and those that promote feelings of good health)—and internalizing 10 10 ||Epic Epic

their effects—will drive positive personal behavior and more importantly—great health. It is its own gift. If you are a product champion, and Epic products are making your life better, of course, those whom you love and like may find equal or even greater value to make Epic products part of their life. It’s a no brainer: better health for yourself and those you care about (Lens V).

Extra Money Enthusiasts If you love Epic products and have made them part of your daily rituals, its obvious that, if extra money is what you are after, lenses I-V may all apply. Perhaps making an extra $100-$1000 can relieve some of the financial stress you are feeling month to month. Removing some of these external pressures (Lens II) will lead to more peace of mind (Lens I).

Of course making extra money gives you more of the things you want or need for yourself—that Rolex you always wanted, the ability to pick anything you want on the menu when you go out to eat, etc… (Lens III).

Looking beyond yourself, perhaps the extra money you earn help support a family member going to college or one of your favorite charities. This small business of yours is now making a difference in the lives others (Lens V).

But taking this further, the act of building a business (small or large) is satisfying in and of itself. You are starting to see the fruits of your labors and in doing so you are helping others lead a healthier and more productive life style. This is personally satisfying because it serves a greater good.

Direct Sales Professionals Of course, all of the motivations discussed thus far can be used to become a Direct Sales professional, but at this level Direct Sales is your main career. To do well and be “full-time” requires much from you (like any

THE FIRE WITHIN professional environment) and you must grow to be successful. Perhaps you are so “done” with your job or current career that you want to remove the pain that comes every day when working for someone else (Lens II). More than anything you want to feel the satisfaction that comes from saying “I can do this on my own” (Lens IV). Being free to build your own business, be your own boss, and be your own leader, gives you the outer freedom (Lens III) to find the joy in charting your own course.

Of course, finding personal success benefits not only your own life but the lives of others. You only succeed because you help others succeed. This taps deeply into Lens V. But you may notice something a bit different: the skills you have acquired, the successes achieved, the success you are helping others to achieve, are helping you tap into a very deep resource of personal energy and that is lens VI: using your best skills and talents to serve core values that reach beyond self-interest and into making a difference in the lives

of others. This is a unique paradigm for many. Aspirational Leaders Aspirational leaders see all of these motivational lenses already discussed and recognize that if they can take their game to one level, through the acquisition of knowledge, diligent practice, and ongoing feedback, they can reach that elite status of a world-class professional. At this level they are closer to mastering their own selves: they are relational experts; they have built 11 | Epic

effective teams; they have led large organizations; and they are making a name for themselves in all the communities they touch. Becoming a top income earner means to become a world-class influencer. To have this vision, to see the long-term objective—for the benefit of self and others— makes doing the business as much fun and joyful as it is lucrative and life changing. At this level you are changing lives and you are using your best to help others achieve their best (Lens VI).

individuals that want to make more money, solely because there are big problems in the world to solve and communities to shape. There is a recognition here that you can only buy so many watches, drive so many cars, own so many homes, until that emptiness seeps back in and says “What are you going to do to be significant—to leave a legacy?” Making a million extra dollars to correct 30,000 cleft palates is a big vision— broader than most people see—but many do. These are the Philanthropic Leaders.

for a moment and digging deep, you can identify one or more of these six lenses or motivational drivers that can help you tap into deep resources of energy that will help you build the vision you desire as you engage with Epic. Whether your current goal is to be a loyal consumer and feel great, or achieve the rank of Humanitarian, I invite you to identify the type of person you are (see categories above) and make a list of how many motives you can tap into using the six lenses/drivers discussed.

Philanthropic Leaders It doesn’t take a million dollar a year earner to have this mind-set, as most of us give to some type of cause that is important to us. But I’ve met a number of high net worth

12 12 ||Epic Epic

Whatever your goals in Epic, whatever type of person you are now or seek to be in the future, beginning the journey means discovering the “why” behind your “how”. Taking away all of the noise

If you take a quiet hour, and tap these energies, you will find yourself beginning this journey with your energies in order and ready for use to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Exercise for this Month: Answer the following questions? Which of the five people above best fits

Lens/Driver IV: How does my affiliation

your Epic goals right now?

with Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner) help add to the pleasure or joy I


experience inside?

Identify as many motives as you can using


the six-lenses:

_________________________________________ _________________________________________

Lens/Driver I: How does my affiliation with Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner)

Lens/Driver V: How does my affiliation with

help remove the pain and/or discomforts

Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner)

that I experience inside?

help me make a difference in the lives of others?

_________________________________________ _________________________________________



_________________________________________ _________________________________________

Lens/Driver II: How does my affiliation with Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner)

Lens/Driver VI: How does my affiliation with

help remove the pain and/or discomforts

Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner)

that I experience outside?

help me use my best skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of others?

_________________________________________ _________________________________________



_________________________________________ _________________________________________

Lens/Driver III: How does my affiliation with Epic (consumer and/or Marketing Partner) help add to the pleasure or joy I experience outside? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

13 | Epic

STEPHANIE DAVIS Thank you Stephanie for taking time to share with us a bit of your story and the principles that have driven your success within the Direct Sales industry. We all know that the arena of Direct Sales transforms lives and helps people develop their leadership potential so I’d like to explore these ideas with you in more detail. But first, tell us a little bit about your personal story and how you entered in to the Direct Sales space? Growing up, my mom was in Shaklee. Our house was filled with products, people, and the prolific wisdom of motivational speakers liked Jim Rohn. Later, when I was looking at how to support myself through grad school, someone showed me the magic of exponential growth. I was mesmerized by the fact that 1 person could bring in 5, who could bring in 25, who could bring in 125, who could bring in 625, who could bring in 3,125, who could bring in 15,625 and so on. The idea that instead of being limited by how many hours I could spend in the day, and by how much anyone would pay me for those hours, I could bring in a few fellow “ambassadors” for a product and end up with a full-fledged business, had me hooked. Most of my adult life, I have been a full-time speaker, trainer and business consultant , but I always did network marketing on the side. Then one of my children had a terrible accident that shattered both of his legs and feet and forced me to become a full-time stay-at-home nurse 24 hours per day. One day, my husband (who is a CPA) came to me and said, “I don’t want to alarm you, but I want you to look at something”. He showed me that while I sat by our son’s hospital bed, my training and consulting business had gone deep into the red because it still had expenses, but I was brining in no income. On the other hand, the network marketing business I had on the side was still growing—even though I hadn’t done anything towards it in months. He said, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these businesses kind of the same? Over here you talk and get paid, and over there you talk and get

14 | Epic

paid… when our son is better, why don’t you talk more on this side!” I decided to put full-time effort into Network Marketing and do my Speaking, Training and Consulting on the side! Who were your mentors and what principles or lessons most impacted you? For most of my life, I have read one book per day. As a young adult, I was an incredibly avid student of the personal development industry and devoured everything I could get my hands on. It would be hard to isolate which author(s) had the most impact on me. From a network marketing industry perspective, my greatest mentor was the founder of Cosway/eCosway

– Al Chuah. He is a man of incredible vision, ethics and integrity who taught me to always put the Marketing Partner first (high quality, valuefor-money, and service) to make sure that the business will really last. As you think about your success in the industry, can you talk a bit about what drives you—what gets you up on the morning? What excites you most about the industry? Helping people to escape from the rat race and discover a business where they can really work on themselves while helping others never ceases to excite me.

this are websites and apps like Endnote (for recording and tracking everything), Joinme – for communicating and screen sharing, etc. Anything that keeps you on track, holds you accountable, and allows you to communicate better with people. With so much dialogue about the use of tools (social media, auto-responders, email campaigns, etc…), can you talk about the ratio of people skills to tool skills? What do you think is the right blend in order to leverage your time, resources, and energies?

Can you talk about how the industry has influenced or changed your life? In essence, what skills or qualities do you have now because of your engagement in the business? The industry is literally a “dojo” for learning everything about yourself and others. Anything you learn in books, you see happen right before your eyes in Network Marketing. Probably the most significant thing I have learned is patience with whatever is in front of me. Time has a way of making everything come out in the wash. For those wanting to succeed in the industry, what is your “secret sauce”? What do you think are the essential building blocks of a successful direct sales career? I believe the most important thing is to always put other people first (in the sense that you do whatever you do genuinely for THEIR sake, not your own pocketbook). The other crucial element for long-term success is to never compromise good ethics. If you do these two things, and you just hang in there with a good company, success is a sure thing. Are there any particular new tools or methods that have helped you build your business? Please explain. I think the most important tools are those that keep you focused on achieving daily goals. You can’t control other people or the results they will produce. The best way to succeed in Network Marketing is to have a strong INTENTION to personally enjoy big-time success and large income, but then focus on daily number goals – like calling 5 or 10 people per day, sponsoring 2 new people per week, reading x number of books per week, etc. It’s mastering the daily grind that really makes a difference in this business where you don’t have a boss telling you what to do. The “new” tools that help with

I have personally never experienced success with electronic prospecting. I still think that talking to the people you know and the people they know is the cornerstone of this business. I do, however, think that modern tools make it so much easier to do this! You can stay connected, meet people, and communicate with prospects and your team in so many ways. I live on top of a remote mountain in a forest. I spend all of my working time on the phone, on Skype, on Joinme, on Webinars, on Facebook, etc. cultivating relationships and helping my team. Stephanie, you’ve seen many direct sales companies in your day. What makes Epic unique and different? Is there a new vision that you see with Epic? I think that Epic is a hot new MLM with some great products and a great compensation plan. Many people will be attracted right there. But the Industry has seen so many of those companies come and go. I think the real key to Epic’s advantage is its partnership with eCosway. Cosway is not only backed by a Billionaire, it has also been successful for 35 years by doing something no other network marketing company

15 | Epic

STEPHANIE DAVIS has done – making financial freedom accessible to the masses by offering a cornucopia of the highest quality products in essential categories like skin care, health supplements, personal care, car care, household care, water systems, etc. and offering them at extremely competitive prices in the market. While this doesn’t offer the fastest or highest compensation for MLM leaders (because of low profit margins), it DOES offer incredible longevity and competitive flexibility. eCosway is uniquely poised to competitively capture people’s monthly budget dollars and keep them buying month after month with new product introductions and monthly promotions. With Epic and eCosway paired together as “one business – with two profit plans”, people get the best of both worlds. They can build a team of high performing “achievers” and capitalize on high-end, cutting-edge product marketing, fast-payouts and rank advancements, while capturing the “masses” with eCosway’s high-quality, great-priced products. It’s always difficult for me to speak to a peak performer in any arena and not ask about their top 5 books list. Would you share those with us? Oh that is a really tough one. I have read thousands of books and so many are my favorites for different reasons. I have to at least choose 5 in a few categories.


As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen Jonathon Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach Power VS Force, by David Hawkins Every Book ever written by Wayne Dyer Loving What Is, by Byron Katie

FOR SALES & MARKETING • The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino • Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall • SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham • Millionaire’s Notebook by Steven Scott • Influence, by Robert Cialdini Stephanie, say you are attending your own funeral— how would you want your closest family members, friends, and colleagues to describe you?

16 | Epic

FOR BUSINESS • Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill • Maverick, by Ricardo Semler • Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson • Made to Stick, by Chip & Dan Heath • The 5th Discipline, by Peter Senge


“I have read thousands of books and so many are my favorites for different reasons.“

• The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey • 10 Napkin Presentations, by Don Faila • Street Smart Networking, by Robert Butwin • Everything, by Randy Gage • Everything, by Tom Shreiter “Big Al”

Stephanie lived with passion and purpose. She was tough as nails in business but as a person, she was softhearted and incredibly generous. She gave endlessly to important causes and cared for and helped so many people on so many levels. The whole field is listening Stephanie. What parting message would you like to share with the Epic field as they seek to grow their new business? Set your intention. Keep yourself disciplined and on task. Never compromise your ethics or integrity, and above all, genuinely put other people’s best interest before your own. People can smell “commission breath” and will run from you if you are in a discussion for your own gain. Learn to trust that if you focus on others and genuinely care about their best interest, you will be taken care of in the big picture. Stephanie, I appreciate your thoughtful and candid answers and appreciate your personal and professional journey. We look forward to working with you, building the business with you and your team, and making a difference in the world because of our shared values: to become Epic! that meet the criteria discussed above—then showcase the winning submission in our next edition of Epic Magazine.

17 | Epic



HERE ARE 3 OF THE REASONS I JOINED NETWORK MARKETING BACK IN 1990 AND CHOSE EPIC AS MY COMPANY OF CHOICE: 1. Leverage. In our business we get paid on the successes of others. The more people you help, the greater your income. One of my college professors was Stephen R. Covey. When I truly understood this profession, I couldn’t think of another business where the Win-Win philosophy he taught is more prevalent.

3. And finally, I don’t know anyone who has ever achieved long-term success who wasn’t disciplined. My favorite definition of discipline: “doing the things you know you should do, everyday, even when you don’t feel like doing it.” It is that simple. Not easy, but simple!

2. Freedom. The network marketing profession has allowed my family to live our lives on our terms. Yes, there’s a price to pay for freedom, as there is for anything of value. My wife Melissa and I value peace and serenity. So we paid the price. Thanks to this profession, we live where we want to live, with little traffic, smog, noise or crime. We value education and a safe environment for our children. True freedom and balance in our lives is what we are grateful for most! Are you willing to pay the price for that which is of value to you?

“May God bless us in our pursuit for happiness and freedom by engaging others in conversations about this incredible profession of network marketing while sharing the Epic products & business.”

18 | Epic


Gary & Melissa Hasson-US


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Reed Kofoed-US Elena Guerrero-US Lander Calderon-MX Abigail Ortega-MX Margarita Weinman-Brown-US Tari Steward-US Eric Grant-US Torrie Battle-US Kurt Wilkins-US Chris Bennett-US Carlos Fedullo-MX Carol Robbins-US Israel Arriaga-MX Tom Prendergast-US Juan Carlos Disalvo-MX Bruce Lawrence-US Daniel Arnal-MX Rodger McKenzie-US Habib Cheiban-MX Amanda Chapen-US Craig Kintzel-US Esperanza Reed-US Samuel Rodriguez-US Steven Schwartz-US Rex Vaughan-US K2S LLC-US David Crookston-US David Townley-US Teresa Katz-US Richard Sutherland-US Harris Brown-US Bob Katzenberger-US Bart Merrill-US Alan Rosentreter-US Rhonda Jackson-US Brian Anderson-US Shean Deuanxayasane-US Lisa Miller-US Bill Ng-US Craig Meagher-US Sam-Yong Lee-US Pete Helfrich-US Julia Smith-US Elvie Abordo-US 19 | Epic


Luis Vega-US Elpidio Ragadio-US Antonio Lapitan-US Patrick Dooley-MX Kristy Lovins-US Glenda Nix-US Karen Henselmeier-US Ciro Gamino-US Beth & Larry Pittman-US Terry Pierce-US Louis Volpe-US Jessica White-US Beverly White-US Rhenda Wines-US Wiser Solutions LLC-US Sue Stevens-US Heidi Rashke-US Laura Aldama-MX Ronald Charles-US Juan Jose Mendoza Ramirez-MX Bill Brady-US Jaime Ivan Andrade Carrasco-MX Ryan Stayer-US Javier MacKarte-US Mauro Aletto-US Todd Berg-US Marietta Delacruz-US Andrea Fines-US Ernest Pena-US Ryan Carmody II-US Brittney Backos-US Joshua Katigbak-US Ilean Ulloa-US Terry Tolbert-US Camila Mac’Karte-US Tamara Stiles-US Roberto Gutierrez-US Megan Evans-US Ashton Gifford-US Nadia Rivera-MX Jay C Anderson-US James and Shari McGuire-US Seadra Washington-US 20 | Epic

John Beattie-US James Vaughan-US Yip Mei Po-US Suzanne Hamilton-US Jimmi Christensen-US Collin Morgan-US Jamee Shroyer-US Melinda Clark-US Bo Bergfeld-US Jose Luis Longares-MX Amy Olsen-US Agripina Taasan-US Leslie Clark Ivers-US David Huerta-US Scott Jensen-US Jean Foht-US Roberto Ortega-MX Heidi Metcalf-US Idalia Nora Serna Garza-MX Bladimir Balvas Lopez-MX Paulina Lopez Malo Sandoval-MX Jacqueline Miriam Brauer Krooman-MX Catalina Espinoza Garcia-MX Vanessa Ciangherotti-MX Robert Anthony-US Paul Linden-US Dominck Barnes-US Ken Reimann-US Beyond Wellness Solutions Limited Partnership-TH Damaysi Kish-US Brendan Danielson-US Susan Fairbanks-US Annette Coronado-US Delilah Agostini-US Lorelie B Shimko-US Marino Camacho-US Nancy Benton-US Natalie Goff-US Frank Preciado-US Brandon Halbritter-US Lorie Dillahunt-US Josh Leckington-US

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Magdalena Garcia de Alba-US Margarita Reyna Galicia Haro-MX

Herbert Leitner-US Susann Crawford-US Kofano Group-US Noni Makun-US บริษัท สุขภิรมย์ จำ�กัด-TH Jessica Simonson-US Brian Cinnamon-US Dominick Barnes-US Alex Tolman-US M J Gomez-US Einar Yvan Pereira-US Nohemi Garcia-US Michael Swilling-US Madison Swilling-US Joe Gentle-US Lisa Levy-US Shammah Int-US Leonardo Sierra-US Niti Sawangsap-TH


Amanda Zermeno-MX Akkarawat Sawangsap-TH Patradit Suphatvanichchakorn-TH

Apicha Rattanakunwinit-TH Miss. Hongsamon & Mr.

Chaiyapont Rojnukcarachotti-TH

Chaipat Numprateeppisit-TH Praphopmon Limited Partnership-TH Mr.Kohmpath Wiratmalai Ms.Siriporn Verateerungkul-TH Kaewkakanang Limited Partnership-TH Aekkasit Lerdtanya-arnun-TH Mr.Yodzaphon Chottanajilapong-TH Khiaw Liang Chiah-TH Suphot Pholbut-TH ห้างหุ้นส่วนจำ�กัด เอ.เอส.อาร์. กรุ๊ป-TH รสริน เซาะลาเมาะ-TH

พิมพ์พันธุ์ วงษ์ลคร-TH อมรรัตน์ แสงทอง-TH นงเยาว์ ทนันชัย-TH ศุภกฤต พิพัฒน์พีรพงค์-TH พิกุล ชำ�นาญกุล-TH

Kanphat Sireerotchana-TH ปฤษฏีกร ม่วงคุ้ม-TH ชุติมา แซ่ตั้ง-TH John Paul Guzman-US Wisefrog Inc-US


Runglawan Ratanapipop-TH โสภณ แสงทอง-TH อาริยา บุญนิมิตร-TH พิชาภพ มากศิริ-TH ธนกฤต พิพัฒน์พีรพงศ์-TH มนัสนันท์ สิทธิ-TH Heng You Chieng-TH จิรทีปต์ ศรีแก้ว-TH ห้างหุ้นส่วนสามัญพรรณอัญ-TH วันเฉลิม ดำ�รงกิจกุลชัย-TH ศุภกร ดำ�รงกิจกุลชัย-TH Kassana Suksai-TH

Kanapat Pangpanga & Monsinee Yorsangrat-TH Engthanat Jijrakut-TH Javier Esquivel-US Maria Soto-MX Arturo Sobrino-MX Chayasorn Chalermpan-TH Ittipol Radsameepaitoon-TH Dana Sobrino-MX Balam Sanchez-MX Andrea Martinez-MX Sdanan Thong-num-TH Warinthorn Rattakunvinit-TH Sinattamon Ratwarapong-TH Pornjit Puapempoonsiri-TH Chanon Phacharoen-TH Komtatanaek Group-TH Tunrawee Srisupbanatthanakun-TH Tondpattipat Kornseesrakeow-TH Sroichit Ditjaroernjang-TH Thanawat Nothawong-TH Kunyaporn Maitreepan-TH Eloisa Peña-MX Courtnay Wilson-US Woraphol Jumpathong-TH Sriwan Yaemphung-TH Talon International LTD.-TH อีคอสไทย มาร์เก็ตติ้ง-TH บริษัท เดอะโมติเซอร์ชั่น จำ�กัด-TH จารุดา สิทธิภา-TH 21 | Epic

Epic is continuing its vision to bring our groundbreaking health supplements, skin care, and other health and wellness products to all corners of the globe. Today, Epic is proud to announce the launch of our newest opening in Colombia.

not only a great market, but also an amazing culture to Epic.

Its venues for business, events and conventions make it one of the favorite destinations for businesses worldwide. Colombia has so much to offer and brings

Epic is excited to expand into a region where our products and business opportunity are poised to make real differences in people’s lives. Join us as we welcome Colombia to the Epic family!

Colombia is home to the biggest theater festival, salsa festival, flower parade, outdoor horse parade, and one of the largest carnivals in the world. It is now open to Epic and Epic is open to Colombia!


Today, Epic is proud to announce the launch of our newest opening in Russia.

Sales industry and is ripe for an influx of new network marketing opportunities. We already have several Russian leaders who live and have established contacts in Russia, so we expect immediate and explosive growth in this exciting new market.

Known for its great empires, novelists, ballet dancers, athletes and Matroshka dolls (amongst is many historical, political and Join us as we welcome Russia to the Epic cultural treasures), Russia continues to grow as a major economic and competitive force. family! Russia is very welcoming to the Direct 22 | Epic

This month Epic sponsored Brittney Cahoon in her first major career fight. Using Epic Essentials, Oils and Enzymes as a daily routine, gave Brittany that competitive edge to emerge victorious on her most important day.

EPIC Through Epic Philanthropy we strive to support individual and community needs within the global communities where we and our Marketing Partners live and work.

At Epic we realize that successful individuals are needed to make successful teams, which lead to successful organizations and flourishing communities. We also recognize that healthy and growing businesses require healthy and sustainable communities—so communities we serve, one person at a time. As we look at aspiring performers like Brittany we are reminded that all great journeys begin with a desire and a passion


to succeed. It demands vision, attitude, discipline, and a host of other skills that compel the heart of a champion—whether you are in the Muay Tuay fighting arena like Brittney, or building an Epic business, the principles are the same. As you consider your competitive arena, remember Brittany and ponder the principles and practices that are used by elite performers throughout the world, as they remind us what is needed to achieve our dreams at the highest levels—to be Epic in everything we do and are. Best of luck Brittany on your amazing journey ahead. We look forward to watching you grow and disciplining yourself to be an Epic champion!

23 | Epic



With ongoing global excitement, and thousands pre-enrolled in anticipation of Epic opening in their country, we have created a revolutionary new program— Epic Direct—that will allow millions to jump-start their business. Program Overview & Objective The Epic Direct Program provides distributors with the ability to join Epic and be a part of the monthly autoship program with significant benefits. The objective of Epic Direct is to aid Marketing Partners to “live and use” the products and help others do the same.

How to Begin? Sign in to and place a 50 EV order. By participating in Epic Direct there is no need to purchase an Epic 24 | Epic

Starter Kit or Enrollment Pack. A simple 50 EV order of one of our Epic Direct Program Packs will activate your position and allow you to begin building your business globally—today! You will then be eligible to receive commissions (with your qualifying 50 EV order) every 28 days.

The Epic Direct Program is designed for Marketing Partners who live in a country where Epic is not currently doing business. Epic Direct is a ‘Not For Resale’ program that ships Epic Products from our USA warehouse directly to the end consumer throughout the world.

ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES • Argentina • Bahamas • Bermuda • Brazil • Canada • Chile • Costa Rica • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • Fiji

• Ghana • Guam • Guatemala • Kenya • Kuwait • Nigeria • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Poland

Products and Uses

Uses do NOT include:

Only Epic Direct special products are available for this program.

Reselling, remarketing or distribution of relevant products to end-users

All products purchased under the NFR program must be put to distributors’ internal use only. Brand protection and audit will be conducted at the distributors’ locations if required.

NFR Process for Distributors (TERMS AND CONDITIONS):

Uses might include: • Home/office consumption • Demonstrations

• Samoa • Singapore • South Africa • Tonga • Uruguay • Venezuela • Vietnam Note: Many new countries are opening soon so they may not be included in the list above. Countries, once opened, will phase out Epic Direct and enjoy the full array of Epic products.

The Epic Direct program will provide a gateway strategy for many Marketing Partners around the world. We are excited for the opportunity to serve these broad markets and to work with you personally to help you begin your Epic business.

Special Terms and Conditions apply. You may request these by contacting the corporate office. 25 | Epic

Kreg Monson has spent much of his 25-year professional career working with global financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase and Citibank, among others. Prior to joining Epic, Monson served as a Vice President of finance and strategic planning for multiple operations centers throughout the United States. He also worked in the commercial operations of Chase Bank as Vice President within the consumer lending division. In late 2010 Monson rose to the rank of Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Advanta Bank, the firm’s federal business organization. Kreg now oversees all of Epic’s financial management needs, driving business strategy and investments. I had the opportunity to talk to Kreg last week and discuss various topics, including how he is working toward growth and stability with Epic’s backing source eCosway, and how he is directing the growth and profitability of Epic.



What unique challenges arise when starting a new Direct Sales business? Funding is always a challenge for any new start-up—especially in Direct Sales. Most new Direct Sales businesses start out just as a concept. Finding someone who shares the vision, and is willing to invest in that concept from the start, can be a big challenge. The partnership and commitment we have with eCosway, the Berjaya Group, and Tan Sri Vincent Tan, gives Epic a unique competitive edge rarely found in this industry. Another unique challenge is growth. Ironically, both slow growth and fast growth can cause problems. The concept of too much growth may sound counterintuitive, but when a Direct Sales company takes off, it can out-grow its infrastructure, as well as cash flows, which can seriously damage momentum. Once again, with our ability to leverage the existing infrastructure and foundation of eCosway’s global operations, 26 | Epic

we are uniquely positioned in the market place—giving us a solid footing for growing a solid business. Being a new organization, what financial leadership will you need to provide Epic in order to match or even exceed the historic growth of your parent company? As a member of the executive team, I will be driving the business agenda every day with our CEO, Glen Jensen. As a finance leader, I am interested in improving results and making sure that the numbers tell our story, accurately and in a timely manner. I will make sure our financial models are strong. Our goal is profitable growth. We will achieve this by keeping the organization focused on executing our strategic priorities, goals and commitments. Epic is demonstrating its commitment to the industry by investing significant dollars in products, people, culture, and this provides the foundation for business success.

Being CFO of a successful start-up doesn’t come without challenges. Like any company, establishing solid policies and procedures involves constant evolution. The difference for Epic in particular, is that those policies must work together in offices worldwide.

business by making sure our financial house is in order and to remove any interference that gets in the way of our business growing as it was designed.

From the owner of the Bergaya group, Tan Sri Vincent Tan to our CEO, and to each and With Epic’s presence in multiple countries I every member of the Epic team, I am proud had to learn to understand the transactions to be a leader within this organization and and legal requirements for the various entities look forward to working together to make this abroad, all while operating ten hours behind an Epic business. overseas offices. What is your trick to making it all work? However, as the financial leader of Epic I will work to protect the investment given us Solid communication skills and a supportive in order to generate a strong return. I have family and home life. a great team, a great CEO, and a great executive team to help me do that. “Learning to be an effective communicator versus the traditional bean counter was What are you most excited about in your new critical,” says Monson. “It’s vital to my role role and what will some of your first priorities that I can articulate my company’s story and be? the direction we’re headed in the future. I am also very blessed to have a family who What excites me most is the team Epic has works with and understands my travel and put together to serve the entrepreneurial time away from home.” spirit of the company. We are all excited to help our Marketing Partners and Field Leaders Kreg has been married for 26 years, has 5 attain their goals. It is a privilege to have this children, 3 boys and 2 girls. He enjoys fishing, opportunity to grow the company by helping hunting, basketball and spending time with others become the best they can be. I am his family. very excited to help unleash the talent in this

EPIC BRU CHEESECAKE RECIPE Try Ours! Epic Bru Marble Cheesecake Ingredients: 24 Oreo cookies, crushed 3 tablespoons butter, softened 3 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 3 eggs, beaten 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2/3 Cup or 1 ½ bags Cacao



Take 2- 8 1 1/2 o o f 2-en z Cream Epic Ca 1/2 velopes Chees cao Bru c e 1- C up boil of unfla , soften in v h e 8-10 ocolate g wate ored G d elat r enve P in lope ie Crust s of It’s a Stev n Ep ia ic Br u Ch Mix eese gela cak add tin a e plet boiling nd prefe wate ely d rred r an issolv s u gar es, a d stir in a Bea u bou t t five ntil gela small b with cream owl; minu tin co che m ix mes e Pour tes. into r until sm e and E cho cola ooth; slopic Bru Refr in te c iger rust. wly bea large b a if ch ow t in m oco te until fi ixtur l late e. and rm, abo u Che rry. t 3 hour s. Ad d tw inkle s

Winner! Alexader Serrano

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 300. Lightly spray a 9x13 pan with Pam. 2. Combine crushed cookies and butter. Press mixture into bottom of pan. Beat cream cheese until fluffy; gradually beat in condensed milk. Add eggs and vanilla; mix well. 3. Pour two thirds of batter onto crust. 4. Add Epic Bru. 5. Spoon over top of vanilla layer. 6. Bake 45 -50 minutes, or until set. 7. Cool or chill; cut into bars. Store in refrigerator.

27 | Epic


Question: Why does Epic require an order every 28 days as opposed to a monthly order? Answer: This allows us to split commission periods into weekly cycles, pay sooner, and more frequently. Question: When does my next order need to go out? Answer: Within the commission week—4 weeks after your last order. Question: How soon can I expect to receive my funds after transferring from my e-wallet? Answer: Depending on your bank, 1 to 2 business days. Question: Why is my volume showing as zero when my Auto Order is set to process this week? Answer: To serve as a reminder that your order is due to go out and that you must have an order of at least 100 PEV in the current commission week in order to remain active and eligible for commissions. Question: Why when accessing my e-wallet must I log in repeatedly or get the error “Session Expired?” Answer: For the time being, please use Mozilla FireFox or enable third party cookies in your other browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) by going to the Tools, Options, and Privacy settings. Question: Is the Epic Center mobile device friendly? Answer: Yes, your replicated site, Epic Center, and Epic corporate website ( are now mobile friendly. 28 | Epic

CLOSING MESSAGE SINCE OCTOBER WE’VE SEEN A LOT OF CHANGE IN EPIC… Pausing for a moment, that sentence has a different meaning to everyone who has been involved in this unique startup opportunity. Like any start-up, we have built and refined our strategies, systems, and ourselves to move confidently in the directions we have envisioned. The unique blend of legacy (eCosway) and innovative (Epic) companies is only as challenging as the opportunity is significant. Launching in October has been described as both a blessing and a curse—a curse because of the sheer amount of sweat, toil, and tears that comes with the challenge—but a blessing in that we are building a company (within a partnership) that is peeking through the clouds and gaining altitude—FAST! In the past 30 days we have built and refined our team, overhauled front and back office systems, formulated products, built unique product solutions, launched countries, and set the stage for a large migration of data between two companies. These and hundreds of other changes/improvements have set the stage for Epic to make major headway this month and every month hereafter as we grow organically and strategically. If you’ve been on the back lines, sidelines, or frontlines to this point, now is the time to paint your vision, set your goals, and build your Epic plan. As we move into the next phase of business development, our competitive advantages will set us apart and make us one, if not the most attractive Direct Sales company in the industry. We applaud the great works of our staff and the field and look forward to building an Epic year. Sincerely,

Dr. Bruce H. Jackson VP of People, Culture & Philanthropy 29 | Epic

w w w . e p i c e r a . c o m

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