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Real-Time Monetization Software

If you look beyond, what will you see

At Redknee, we look to a world where there are no limits to how service providers launch and support new markets, new offerings and new ideas. The world is becoming more interconnected - and Redknee is at the forefront of this innovation, with our focus on real-time monetization software for communications, smart utilities, railways, and beyond. Our software connects the dots to tomorrow’s new world of global communications and digital services.


Redknee Customer Locations

Ourselves • Founded in 1999 • 1,700 employees • Offices in 60 countries


Our Customers • 200+ in 90 countries • 9/10 are #1 or #2 in their market • Supporting 1/3 of the world’s population

Our Innovation 100+ million subscribers at a single customer • 2.4 trillion transactions/month • World’s largest single-instance interconnect system •

Redknee is the industry’s largest independent provider of real-time billing and charging solutions for communications service providers.



Focusing on your business Established in 1999, Redknee provides critical business support software to some of the world’s largest communications service providers, delivering the most innovative and scalable real-time, pre-integrated billing and customer care solutions in the market. Today, our software addresses the needs of more than 200 service providers and supports one third of the world’s population every day, making networks smarter and redefining the way subscribers use and pay for content and services. Redknee supports some of the most recognized brands in the industry, helping them to differentiate themselves in some of the world’s most competitive telecom environments.


Advanced CRM

Connected Care


360 customer view Business Process Framework Social Media integration

Web / Mobile self care applications Reseller enablement

Unlimited Scalability

All real-time


Billing and Payments Taxation, billing and invoicing Vouchers and Payments

Charging and rating Campaigning Analytics Monetization

Full Convergence

Service Control IN SIP VoLTE


Wholesale Zero downtime updates

Policy Network Capability Management Subscriber Differentiation Service Differentiation

Interconnect Partner and MVNE/O Settlement

A Pre-Integrated, Modular Approach to Billing and Customer Care “We required a flexible convergent billing and customer care solution that would enable us to progress our strategy to develop and improve the cable TV market, and potentially to expand into other industries. iTSCOM chose to extend its relationship with Redknee to enable us to achieve our goals now and in the future.”

Redknee provides a full suite of real-time billing, charging, policy management and customer care solutions – scalable to meet the needs of any service provider. Our modular product portfolio provides greater flexibility and ease of integration. It manages the entire customer lifecycle end-to-end, complemented by a full services portfolio.



Integrated Charging and Policy Management 4G networks have opened the door for many types of new services and content, but service providers need to have the right systems in place to support the full potential of LTE and to gain a return on their investment.

“Utilizing Redknee’s integrated charging and policy solution, Tunisiana has the agility and flexibility to quickly and cost-effectively introduce new services. Redknee is supporting our push for innovation and creativity and is enabling us to be the first to launch new products in the market, two or three years ahead of our competitors.”

Redknee’s integrated policy management and online charging solution allows service providers to better manage data speeds, volumes and service quality. It provides support for new services and pricing models such as VoLTE, tiered pricing, rich communication services, subscription services, subsidized content and even Wi-Fi offload. It easily manages more complex rating, charging, billing and policy management needs for new services such as cloud, M2M, and the delivery of third-party content and applications.



Improving the Customer Experience

With Redknee’s real time billing solution, i-wireless has gained increased visibility of its subscribers’ usage and improved billing functionality, which allowed the service provider to implement targeted marketing promotions and reward usage in realtime through loyalty points with its partner, Kroger. Redknee’s solution has also improved the customer experience and reduced the expense of customer calls to i-wireless’ customer care center.

With a focus on providing the best possible end-user customer experience, Redknee allows subscribers to communicate with customer care in the way that works best for them. From traditional call centers and online tools, to mobile self-care and full integration with social media channels, Redknee’s solution enables service providers to stay in close contact with their customers while providing a 360-degree view of subscriber activity and greater business intelligence. Redknee’s customer care solution has been proven to reduce support costs by as much as 50 percent, while reducing subscriber churn rates up to 25 percent. 13


Bringing the Fastest Speed to Market

“Smart Communications has deployed a large number of services in the Philippine market over the last several years. Redknee helps us to rapidly create and customize a wide range of services to enhance the end-user experience, as well as improve operational efficiency.”

Redknee’s productized software means that it requires low customization and can be deployed quickly and effectively. We understand the need for speed, therefore Redknee’s software portfolio offers real-time, highly automated systems and processes so that service providers can manage the rapid integration, management and delivery of services and content faster than your competitors - and at your customers’ speed. Redknee’s software also has a full library of customizable marketing promotions, pricing plans and campaigns ready ‘out of the box’ that can be launched almost instantly – without tying up IT resources. 15


Flexibility in the Cloud Redknee’s flexible billing and customer care solutions can be delivered on-premise, as a managed service, or over the cloud. Our cloud-based solution helps service providers to overcome legacy billing complexity and launch new products and services to the market more quickly. “Redknee is one of the few, if not the only, truly dedicated communications-industry focused cloud-based billing suppliers. IDC believes it is important that service providers consider engaging with vendors, such as Redknee, that can offer them this level of ultimate flexibility to select the billing solution and deployment model that best meets their needs.”

Whether launching a second brand, creating a new line of business, or modernizing billing infrastructure, Redknee’s cloud solution ensures that communications service providers gain the benefits of a flexible and scalable next generation billing and customer care solution that is fast to implement, with a low-risk investment strategy. 17


A Global Team Dedicated to Supporting Your Needs

“Redknee was selected for its low cost of ownership and its commitment to meeting a short deployment deadline. The proven performance of Redknee’s solution also means that we are assured that our investment in Redknee will meet Indosat’s growing scalability needs today and in the future.”

Redknee has a committed team of talented employees from around the globe, providing the support and coverage that meets our customer needs. Our customers span the world, and we are there to support them. With 16 major hubs located throughout APAC, EMEA and the Americas, Redknee’s customers are supported by teams based in more than 60 countries and through partnerships with leading systems integrators. Some of Redknee’s global partners include: 19


Ready for What Lies Ahead The digital transformation is well underway, but we believe today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. At Redknee, we understand the challenges of change, and what it takes to get there. We leverage our expertise, drive and agility to help our customers succeed beyond their expectations, working with service providers every step of the way. 21

Are you ready to look beyond


Join us as we empower a new world of global communications and digital services that enables today’s service providers to launch and support new markets, new services and new business models to meet tomorrow’s needs. Find out how Redknee can empower your business, your company, your end-customers and your future, today. 23

Contact us Redknee Corporate Headquarters 2560 Matheson Boulevard East Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4W 4Y9 Tel: +1 905 625 2622 Fax: +1 905 625 2773 Copyright ŠRedknee 2014. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Redknee. The products, solutions and services described in this brochure may be subject to certain geographic limitations and restrictions in their use.


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