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Thank You to Our Donors


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Redeemer hosted the OCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship in February 2010. In front of more than 750 very loud and boisterous fans, the RoyalS won the Bronze medal. 4

Dr. Justin D. Cooper+, President Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman, President (effective June 14, 2010) Dr. Jacob P. Ellens, Vice President, Academic and Provost Mr. William van Staalduinen, Vice President, Advancement Mrs. Ineke VanBruinessen, Vice President, Administration and Finance Mr. Richard Wikkerink, Associate Vice President, Student Development and Registrar Mrs. Janny Eikelboom, Associate Vice President, Library and Information Technology Dr. Douglas Loney, Dean of Arts and Foundations Mrs. Doriel Moulton, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Recruitment Dr. Doug Needham, Dean of Sciences and Social Sciences Dr. David Zietsma, Dean of Arts and Foundations (Succeeds Dr. Loney, effective July 1, 2010) Mr. Fred Schat+, Dean of Students Dr. Karen Cornies, Dean of Students (effective July 5, 2010)

SENATE Ex Officio Members Dr. Justin D. Cooper*, Chair Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman*, Chair (effective June 14, 2010) Dr. Jacob P. Ellens*, Vice Chair Dr. Doug Needham*, Secretary Mr. Richard Wikkerink, Resource and Recording Secretary Dr. Douglas Loney

Board of Governors Members Dr. Henry Feenstra Mr. John Lunshof Alumni Member Ms. Margaret Gassonov Student Member Ms. Nicole Dunham, Class of ‘10 (2010) Retired June 30, 2010 *Executive Committee Members


Faculty Members Dr. Derek Schuurman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2010) Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen, Associate Professor of Mathematics (2010) Prof Raymond Louter, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Communication (2011) Dr. James Payton, Jr., Professor of History (2012) Prof Patricia Slade, Associate Professor of Social Work (2012) External Faculty Members Dr. Riemer Faber*, Associate Professor of Classical Studies, University of Waterloo (2010) Dr. Peter van Beek, Professor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo (2010) Dr. John Ferns*, Emeritus Professor of English, McMaster University (2011) Dr. Norman Klassen, Associate Professor of English, St. Jerome’s University

BOARD OF GOVERNORS Alumni Association Seat Mr. Brian Harskamp (2012), Alumni Association Classical Seats (Christian Reformed and Reformed) Mrs. Janice Moddejonge (2010), Classis Ontario, Reformed Church Mr. Cornelius Baarda* (2010), Classis Toronto Mr. Peter Van Berkel (2011), Classis Niagara Rev. Shawn Brix (2011), Classis Hamilton Mr. Wybe Bylsma (2012), Classis Quinte Dr. Henry Feenstra (2012), Classis Huron Dr. Stuart Admiral (2012), Classis Eastern Canada Rev. George Rowaan (2012), Classis Chatham


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Principals’ Association Seats Mr. Marvin Bierling (2010), Bluewater Mr. John Lunshof (2011), Toronto District Mr. Ian Timmerman (2011), Grand Region Mr. Paul Triemstra (2012), Seaway Valley

Mr. Ronald Tiemens (2012), Toronto Area Mr. Maarten van Oord (2012), Maritimes Vacant (2012), Evangelical Churches Dr. John Stronks+ (2012), Evangelical Churches Resigned - November 2010 *Executive Committee Members


Membership Seats Mr. Enno Meijers* (2010), Barrie/Orillia Area; Vice Chair Mr. Roy Botma (2010), Chatham/Sarnia Area Mr. Steve Baarda (2010), London Area Mrs. Michelle Fluit (2010), Niagara Area Mrs. Heather Weber* (2010), Evangelical Churches Mr. Ray Pennings* (2010), Reformed Churches, Chair Mr. Charlie Fluit* (2010), Reformed Churches Mr. Bill Elisen (2011), Huron North Area Mr. Peter Kennedy (2011), Bowmanville Area Mr. John Buma (2011), Hamilton/Niagara Area Mr. Eric Hartemink (2011), Aylmer/St Thomas Area Mr. Walter Smeding (2011), Reformed Churches Mr. Walter Dean* (2011), Evangelical Churches


Guest Director Lezlie Wade gave “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Shakespeare’s comic tale of young lovers, fairies and foolishness, a Japanese twist in the Fall Mainstage production.


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he past year has been a busy but exciting one for the entire Redeemer community. The most obvious highlight for the Board of Governors was that snowy evening in February where we convened for a special meeting to interview the Presidential Search Committee’s recommended candidate. At the end of a very long and systematic process throughout which we had asked for God’s leading and help, the Board was able to appoint Dr. Hubert Krygsman with a clear sense of the Lord’s leading. The subsequent process of introducing the new President, as well as saying thank you and farewell to our outgoing President, Dr. Cooper, went very smoothly and provided a sense of confirmation of the decisions that had been made. Although selecting a new President is by far the most prominent decision the Board made during the past year, it is hardly the only agenda item that occupied our time. The work of strategic planning which had commenced in previous years was advanced and four great goals were adopted as framing our strategic priorities. The administration has 8

been tasked with fleshing out these goals with strategies as well as short-, medium-, and long-term benchmarks. Implementation of this plan forms the basis of President Krygsman’s mandate. During the past year, significant progress was made with regard to Redeemer’s financial health. After many years of adjusting to a new operating “normal”, we have been able to move towards a balanced budget position as well as see a reduction in our debt. At the same time, we have implemented a new compensation grid for staff that will result in $500,000 per year of additional compensation that will be required in order to more equitably compensate the many dedicated faculty and staff who work so diligently every day to advance Redeemer’s mission. While hiring the right people, ensuring the money is in place to pay the bills, and planning for the future are important parts of the Board’s work, equally crucial is the responsibility that the Board has of protecting and articulating anew the mission of the University. During the past year, we spent a session at each of our Board meetings with faculty invited to join us, in which together we discussed how we might renew our Reformed identity in

a manner that would allow our distinctive mission to be articulated and lived. These discussions proved inspiring and helpful to both Board members and faculty. On behalf of the Board of Governors, let me thank the membership for the confidence placed in us and prayers offered for us as we seek to serve Redeemer to the best of our abilities. The thirty men and women who compose the Board bring diverse skill sets and perspectives which enliven our meetings but together the contribution is one we trust serves the University well. We also thank the membership for their continued support of Redeemer through the past year and we ask that you continue to show that support in the year to come. Looking forward to meeting you all again at the Annual General Meeting,

Ray Pennings, Board Chair

On behalf of the Board of Governors, let me thank the membership for the confidence placed in us and prayers offered for us as we seek to serve Redeemer to the best of our abilities.


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President’s Message


t is a delight and an honour to greet you as the third president of Redeemer University College. When I arrived at Redeemer in June, several good friends reminded me of that beautiful encouragement that Moses gave to Joshua: “Be strong and courageous… The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you” (Deuteronomy 31: 6-8). Already it is clear that God has been and continues to be with Redeemer and blessing its work, as I hope you will see from this report. This past year we were reminded of God’s faithful provision in our celebrations of Justin Cooper’s many years of excellent service to Redeemer. We thank God for President Cooper’s leadership, and we pray for God’s richest blessings to him in his semi-retirement. I am glad to know that he will continue to use his gifts in leading the cause of Christian higher education through CHEC (Christian Higher Education Canada) and ARIHE (Association of Reformed Institutions of Higher Education), and in community development in Hamilton. Redeemer remains strongly committed to its mission of providing Christian university education in the liberal arts and sciences from a Biblical, Christ-centred worldview. This past year, led by our Board of Governors, we recommitted


ourselves to this mission and to our Reformed Christian identity. In our strategic planning, we have set our priorities on strengthening our educational programs from a uniquely Reformed perspective, expanding our international engagement and credibility, developing our curricular and co-curricular programs for “whole person” education, and living out the implications of our Christian faith across our campus life and environment and in our engagement with our community. Redeemer’s Christ-centred education is vitally important for our witness and impact on our broader culture, and especially for our students. In our largely secularized culture, our young adults need to develop Biblical discernment, the gifts and desire for service in the world around us, and relationships that encourage discipleship. This past year we graduated 207 students, giving us a total of 3200 alumni – and growing. And in our first Continuing Education (CLEAR) program we enabled an additional 2000 participants to explore interesting and important topics from a Biblical perspective. We are deeply aware of the awesome responsibility we have in equipping our students and engaging our community, and we are gratified to see so many of our students serving and leading for God’s kingdom in our communities. We are deeply grateful for all who make this Christcentred education possible. Our faculty continue to provide excellent Christ-centred teaching and scholarship, and our students have again given our faculty top grades in the annual University Report Card. Our staff are also amazingly dedicated and productive in providing service and caring for our campus. Our donors and supporting churches also have

“be strong and courageous… The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you”

been wonderfully generous and dedicated to Redeemer, helping us to reduce our debt and improve our financial position. And all those who serve on our boards and in other volunteer roles have given generously of their talents and time. We thank all of these people for their contributions. What a blessing to have so many “hands and feet” working together in support of Redeemer, and more broadly for God’s kingdom! These efforts have prepared us well for the 2010-11 year. We have adopted our first surplus budget in many years, and we have completed several of our facilities upgrades, including our renovated offices. We are expecting a record enrolment of over 900 students. And our second annual CLEAR program is again attracting wide attention. We thank God for these opportunities, and for His faithful provision for Redeemer. We trust that God will continue to go before us and use Redeemer University College for his kingdom and glory.

Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman President


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t is a great privilege for me to write this introduction to the annual report for 2009-10, my final year as President of Redeemer. And what an exciting year it was! As you review these highlights and accomplishments we trust you will clearly see how richly we have been blessed by the Lord, in our teaching, scholarship and service, our receipt of record grants and donations and the appointment of a new President! We have enjoyed God’s faithfulness and guidance in many specific ways. Many people are involved in realizing Redeemer’s mission, including our students, alumni, faculty, staff, volunteers and supporters. We are committed to Jesus Christ and to serving him in university education, and we accomplish this purpose only as we work together as a community with a common vision, a vision that has been summarized in the phrase, taken from Colossians 1, “Discovering All Things in HIM.” This is more than a slogan at Redeemer. It points to the reality of Christ’s all-encompassing work of redemption that is the basis of all we do. Developing students through our “whole person” education is central to our mission, and enables them to prepare for further leadership and service with a university experience.


The achievements of our alumni are a confirmation of our mission; we are truly amazed and thankful for God’s leading in their lives, as they serve in so many varied capacities not only in Canada but also in 21 countries around the world. Knowledgeable and dedicated faculty are crucial to our mission, giving shape and meaning to our goal of being a dynamic Christian academic community. We are also thankful for our capable administrators and staff, who contribute to the professionalism and sense of community on our campus. The satisfaction expressed by so many of our students was again reflected in our ratings in the national press, both the Globe and Mail’s October “University Report Card” and the Maclean’s February Student Issue. Our campus is also being transformed by the capital funding we have received from the federal government for the renewal of our academic facilities and from the federal, provincial and municipal governments and the Ancaster community for the new soccer complex. We look forward to being able to dedicate our new administrative wing and the new soccer dome in the coming academic year. None of this would be possible without the large group of faithful volunteers

and supporters, whose participation is invaluable. Volunteers help us by serving as members of various committees, Alumni Council and members of our governing bodies–the Senate and the Board of Governors. Finally, and significantly, again this year we gratefully acknowledge the record level of generous donations from our supporting community–businesses and churches, as well as members and friends. We could not fulfill our mission without your good will, prayers and financial contributions. As Redeemer University College begins a fresh academic year and a new era under the leadership of our new President, Dr Hubert Krygsman, we remember God’s faithfulness to us in the past and look forward to his continued guidance in the future. And we trust that the Redeemer community of dedicated students, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters will continue to prosper, building on Christ our sure foundation and seeking to honour Him in all things.

Developing students through our “whole person” education is central to our mission, enabling them to prepare for further leadership and service with a university experience.

Dr. Justin D. Cooper President Emeritus


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ACADEMIC AFFAIRS • 865 FTE students were enrolled for the 2009-10 academic year. • 207 graduated in May. • Quality of Teaching: On national surveys, our students continued to rate very highly the quality of teaching they receive at Redeemer, our faculty members’ knowledge of their fields, the level of interaction between faculty and students, and the availability of faculty to students outside of class. • The past year has been a good year for research and research funding at Redeemer: • Dr. Darren Brouwer received a National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Grant for 2010-15 totalling $150,000 for the project “New methods for structure determination of materials by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.” • Dr. Kevin Flatt won the funding competition from the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism/ Evangelical Fellowship of Canada with a grant of $4,549 for the project “A mainline minority: Evangelical renewal groups within the United Church of Canada, 1966-2009.” • In 2009-10 Redeemer spent $234,380 on faculty research and professional development, including $185,736 that was funded through SSHRC and NSERC. • Redeemer received $5,000 in Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Small

Institutional Grant funding. This money goes to supporting internally funded faculty research projects. • Redeemer received $73,509 in indirect costs money from federal research funding agencies for 2010-11. • The decision was made to discontinue the use of animals for research and teaching at Redeemer in light of prohibitive regulatory costs. • In September 2009, the Research & Faculty Development Centre hosted a faculty development workshop on “Evaluating Student Presentations.”

Library and Information Technology • The Library implemented a new library system that enabled students to see which books they had borrowed, as well as the due date, and to enable them to renew their own books. The system also allowed us to present the online catalogue with the same look and feel as the rest of our website. • The IT Department changed the server configuration to a complete virtual environment enhancing the functionality and dependability of our network and central services. Registrar’s Office • A successful transition was made to web enabled class lists, grade rosters, registrations, final grade reports, and a significant reduction in paper records. • The number of applications for admission and preregistration appointments increased significantly. • 1200 individual student registrations were processed.


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Continuing Education • A new program, Continuous Learning and Education At Redeemer (CLEAR) was successfully launched with 2000 participants, many of whom were new to Redeemer. • Expanded community exposure through our advertising in the Hamilton Spectator allowed us to reach new markets of adult learners. • Planning was initiated for the 2010-11 year, as well as two certificate programs in Worship and Youth Ministry, and a feasibility study for a M.Ed. program. • We continue to be grateful for the special funding that supports these activities. • The Continuing Teacher Education program offered 14 summer courses and three Additional Qualification courses

STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Athletics • Redeemer hosted the OCAA Men’s Volleyball tournament. • Redeemer enjoyed bronze medal wins in Badminton and Men’s Volleyball. • Fan support for the varsity teams has been noted by the competition as a positive feature of playing at Redeemer.


• New soccer fields will enhance the soccer and intramurals programs. Student Life • There was an increase in the number of students in residence. • A revised version of the orientation program was implemented. • Dean Fred Schat retired after leading the department for 17 years and was replaced by Dr. Karen Cornies. Financial Aid • Students qualified for just over $5 million in OSAP and more than $1.3 million in scholarships and bursaries. • An additional $100,000 in the Redeemer Student Loan Fund allowed us to meet the changing needs of the students throughout the year. • Four new named awards were welcomed this year, including one distributed to five recipients.

Chaplaincy • We are developing a healthy campus spiritual life through weekly chapel services, writing weekly devotionals, coordinating prayer groups, teaching ministry courses, and many individual meetings. • There is cultivation of a cross-campus emphasis on spiritual formation in fresh ways. This spring we received a one-year $12,500 grant to be used to develop a faculty spiritual formation project, a first-year spiritual formation course, developing a spiritual formation emphasis for campus athletes, and many other initiatives. Development • Donation results for 2009-10 were extraordinary. Contributions for the General Operating Budget exceeded the budgeted goal for a second straight year. The overall donation total for all categories surpassed $5.9 million. • Under the “Securing Redeemer’s Future” banner there was a concerted effort to address the $30 million longterm debt. Commitments of over $5 million in current gifts and $4 million in deferred gifts were designated for debt reduction. • We received the unprecedented approval of close to $3 million in Federal government infrastructure funding for renewal of the academic building and $2.6 million in Federal and Provincial funding for a new seasonal soccer dome and fieldhouse complex. • The Alumni office hosted the first annual reDiscover Redeemer Open House in October, bringing alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Redeemer together for an afternoon of community-building, fellowship and learning.

• During Dr. Cooper’s last year as President a series of farewell events at Redeemer and across Ontario recognized his contributions. Donations from supporters established the Justin D. Cooper Scholarship in Political Science, an endowed award, in his honour. Marketing & Recruitment • The Redeemer brand moved to a new level with a professional marketing team in place. Highlights included a first brochure promoting continuing education, replacing our Images publication by Tangents and preparing new recruitment materials on the theme “You Belong Here.” • External advertising - particularly relating to continuing education (CLEAR) and Arts & Culture - was increased, resulting in over 2,000 new visitors to Redeemer’s campus. • Expanded activities by our recruitment team during the year - events attended, schools visited, Campus Visit Days - led to a substantial anticipated increase in new student enrolment for the 2010-11 academic year. Campus Services • Campus Services exceeded its conference budget once again, thanks to a number of large repeat conferences, like the Ontario Christian School Teachers Association’s Convention held in October 2009 with 1,000 Christian school teachers and exhibitors in attendance and the Golden Horseshoe Music Festival held in February 2010 with 3,000 students from 130 schools in attendance.


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• Campus Services also welcomed over 500 counselors from across North America for the Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour (GEMS) 40th Annual Counselors’ Leadership Conference and the Diaconal Conference of the Christian Reformed Church of North America, among others. • Renovations in the Food Services area have provided for increased food options for students and enhanced seating areas. The new R/UC Express Card has allowed students, employees and visitors to purchase food at ReFresh, Williams Coffee Pub and The Market. The card is also used for the athletic facilities, the library and the photocopy centre. Bookstore • Bookstore sales exceeded budget by $51,500. New items have been added to the inventory such as prepaid cell phone time and phone card time, and office supplies made from recycled products. • Our Bookstore Manager, Alice Wolters, retired this year, and we thank her for her 19 years of dedicated service.


Child Care • Successful annual inspections by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Fire Department were achieved, and an increased wage subsidy was received from the City of Hamilton. Financial Services • A successful audit was achieved for 2009-10 with our new auditors, KPMG. Health and Safety • Health and Safety training was given to the new RAs and HAs during their Orientation week at the end of August. • Several health and safety/security long-term projects were implemented as a result of the Federal government infrastructure funding, including an indoor/outdoor emergency paging system, emergency blue phones, new classroom door locksets, interview window coverings and a visual paging system. Human Resources • New salary grids were implemented for Redeemer employees based on the compensation averages of

related Canadian Christian Universities and Colleges where cost of living and institutional financial circumstances are reasonably comparable. • The Human Resources webpage on Redeemer’s website was launched. • We were successful in our application for the maximum funding of $36,191 from Service Canada for the 2009 Summer Jobs program. Ten summer jobs were supported through this program. Physical Plant • Successful Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP) and Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC)/Ontario Recreation (REC) stimulus grant applications were prepared for the renewal of the academic building and a new seasonal soccer dome and fieldhouse complex. • A number of projects were successfully completed, including the science labs upgrade, the addition of a keyboard lab/recording studio, administration wing reorganization, window replacements, and new vestibules. Environmental Stewardship • Redeemer University College was awarded the Hamilton Climate Change Champion Award at the Climate Change Champion Summit held at McMaster University, in the areas of composting, high efficiency furnaces, programmable thermostats, motion sensors, and greenhouse.

• Other initiatives included partnering with local vendors, having our used cooking oil turned into biodegradable fuel, providing students with reusable grocery bags, recycling compost from The Market, and selling Green Works products in The Market.


• The Soccer complex site plan amendment and Hamilton Conservation Authority applications were completed and submitted. A construction manager has been chosen and the project tendering has started. Construction is expected to start in September 2010. • An expanded storm water management pond is being planned to handle additional storm water from 713 Garner Road and Stonehenge Development housing project. • Continuing partnership with Starward Homes Ltd led to the start of construction on the single family condominium development at Kitty Murray Woods, formerly the northwest corner of our campus. Profits from this project will be shared with Redeemer. • The partnership also made possible the swap of the strip of land to the west of the President’s Guest House for two of our back lots at no extra cost. We paid a deposit of $460,000 for the 713 Garner Road property to serve as a home for the Paideia Centre for Public Theology.


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30TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2010 AT 3:30 pm Dear Supporting Members, The Board of Governors of Redeemer University College invites you to attend the thirtieth Annual General Meeting of the supporting members to be held Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 3:30 pm in Lecture Hall 213 at Redeemer University College. A reception will be held at 3:00 pm in the Commons during registration, followed by the AGM at 3:30 pm, a dinner at 5:00 pm in the Gymnasium for invited guests, and the Presidential Inauguration at 7:30 pm in the Auditorium. Please RSVP to the Office of the President by Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 1.877.779.0913 x4208 or if you plan to join us for the AGM, dinner and inauguration festivities.


A Faculty Artists Concert is also planned as a preinaugural event on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 7:30 pm in the Auditorium. Please call the Box Office (905.648.2139 x4211) to reserve your tickets. Should you be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, the by-laws make special provision enabling members to vote for Board of Governors and Senate nominees provided that the supplied ballot is signed and delivered to Redeemer University College prior to the time of the meeting. Please note, however, that this privilege does not extend to the other items on the agenda. We look forward to seeing you on November 6, 2010. In Christ’s Service, Ray Pennings, Board Chair



Friday, November 5, 2010 7:30 pm Faculty Artists Concert and Redeemer Sinfonia Saturday, November 6, 2010 3:00 pm Registration and Reception 3:30 pm Annual General Meeting 5:00 pm Inaugural Dinner 7:30 pm Presidential Inauguration

1. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the meeting of the supporting members held on November 6, 2009, as printed in the agenda, are hereby adopted.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Redeemer University College Saturday, November 6, 2010, 3:30 pm Agenda 1. Opening 2. Approval of minutes of November 6, 2009 3. Appointment of Balloting Committee 4. Board of Governors and Senate Elections 5. Annual Report 6. Financial Report 7. Appointment of Auditors 8. Acceptance of 2010-11 Budget 9. Recognition of retiring Board members 10. New Business 11. Adjournment

2. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Balloting Committee as presented be approved. 3. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Annual Report, as presented with the agenda, be received as information. 4. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the summary financial statements and auditors’ report attached thereto, as presented to the supporting members with the agenda, be received for information. 5. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the membership approve the auditors as recommended by the Board and approve the actions of the Board up to our fiscal year end as recommended by the Board of Governors. 6. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the budget for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2011, as presented to the supporting members in the agenda, be received for information. 7. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Balloting Committee be and is hereby authorized to destroy the ballots for election of the Board members and the Senate member.


09 10



MINUTES OF THE TWENTY-NINTH ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING OF REDEEMER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Friday, November 6, 2009 1. Opening 1.1 Ray Pennings, Chair opened the meeting at 5:30 pm with prayer. Approximately 97 members were present. 2. Approval of minutes of September 26, 2008 2.1 Be it resolved that the minutes of the meeting of the supporting members held on September 26, 2008, as printed in the agenda, are hereby adopted Moved: H. Proper; seconded: H. Brouwer; carried 3. Appointment of the Ballot Committee 3.1 Magda Beukes, James VanderLaan and Sandi Buwalda were appointed. 3.2 Motion: Be it resolved that the Balloting Committee as presented be approved Moved: J Van Meggelen; seconded: B Elisen; carried


4. Board of Governors and Senate Election 4.1 The nominees for the Board of Governors and Senate were presented and election took place. 4.2 All Governors of the Board and Senate listed on the ballot were elected (see 10.).

Dinner was served 5. Annual Report 5.1 Highlights were presented by Dr. Cooper. 5.2 Dr. Cooper presented several highlights during his term as President. 5.3 Motion: Be it resolved that the Annual Report, as presented with the agenda, be received as information Moved: H. Feenstra; seconded: H. De Bolster; carried. 6. Financial Report 6.1 Ineke VanBruinessen, Vice President, Administration & Finance, reviewed the financial statements. It was noted that the auditors were satisfied with the financial statements and determined no significant internal weaknesses or fraudulence. Copies of the financial statements were available upon request.

6.2 Motion: Be it resolved that the summary financial statements and auditors’ report attached thereto, as presented to the supporting members with the agenda, be received as information Moved: B. Lowe; seconded: P. Kennedy; carried. 7. Acceptance of the 2009-10 Budget 7.1 Motion: Be it resolved that the budget for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2010, as presented to the supporting members in the agenda, be received as information Moved: B. van Staalduinen; seconded: B. Verheul; carried. 8. Appointment of Auditors 8.1 Motion: Be it resolved that the membership approve the auditors (KPMG) as recommended by the Board and approve the actions of the Board up to our fiscal year end as recommended by the Board of Governors Moved: M. Mudde; seconded: S. Brix; carried. 9. By-Law No. A-5 9.1 Motion: Be it resolved that By-Law No. A-5, as passed by the Board of Governors on September 26, 2009 and printed in this agenda, be confirmed by the Membership Moved: H. Proper; seconded: S. Baarda; carried. 10. Result of Balloting 10.1 The following members were elected to the Board of Governors: Brian Harskamp (Alumni Association); Wybe Bylsma (Classis Quinte); Henry Feenstra (Classis Huron); George Rowaan (Classis Chatham); Paul Triemstra (Seaway Valley Principals’ Association); Ronald

Tiemens (Membership: Toronto Area); Maarten van Oord (Membership: Maritimes); and John Stronks (Membership: Evangelical Churches). 10.2 The following member was elected to the Senate: Norm Klassen. 10.3 Motion: Be it resolved that the Balloting Committee be and is hereby authorized to destroy the ballots for election of the Board members and the Senate member. Moved: J. Van Meggelen; seconded: A. DeHaan; carried.

Dessert was served 11. Recognition of retiring Board members 11.1 Bruce Bos, Walter Neutel and Arjan Vos each received a framed certificate and pen as a token of appreciation presented by the Board Chair and Dr. Cooper. 11.2 Susan Vanderkooy and Rita Wong were absent. 12. New Business 12.1 None. 13. Adjournment 13.1 Ray Pennings closed with prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.


09 10



NOMINEES FOR THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS Stuart Admiral* was appointed by Classis Eastern Canada for one year after the 2009 Annual General Meeting took place, and therefore has to be approved by the Membership. He has obtained a B.C.S. from Redeemer University College (‘87), a M.Sc. in Agricultural Meteorology from the University of Guelph (‘96) and a PhD in Watershed Ecosystems from Trent University (‘07). Stuart worked as a Lab Assistant, Research Assistant, and Part-time Instructor at the University of Guelph and Trent University and taught at Durham Christian High School. He is currently a Physical Scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He served on Redeemer’s Student Senate, on the University Senate and Committee for Graduate Studies at Trent University and as a deacon and discipleship class leader at Living Hope Christian Reformed Church in Peterborough. Stuart and his wife, Christine (’95) have three children and attend Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Ottawa. 24

Steve Baarda* has just completed his first three-year term on the Board of Governors. He previously served on the Board and the Advancement Committee for three years (2003-06). He is a graduate of Redeemer (‘94) and Calvin Theological Seminary (‘98). Having served for eight years as the pastor of two Christian Reformed Churches (Calvary CRC in Chatham and Immanuel CRC in Simcoe), Steve, his wife Nicole (nee. Ennis, ‘97) and their children live in London where he is working as a Realtor for Royal LePage Triland, Brokerage. This past summer he has been coaching youth soccer with London’s NorWest Soccer Association. He continues to enjoy preaching in London area churches. Steve and family attend Bethel Christian Reformed Church in London. Robert Beasley has obtained a B.A. from McMaster University and a B.Ed. from Lakehead University, following which he taught at Thunder Bay Christian School. He returned to studies at William Booth College and Ontario Theological Seminary and was commissioned as an officer in The Salvation Army. He served with The Salvation Army in Brockville and Edmonton and as a local church Pastor in Florida and Chatham. As CEO for Back to the Bible Canada he produced the daily devotional radio program “Words from

the Heart.” He is ordained with the Christian & Missionary Alliance and now serves as the Director of Teaching Ministry at the Bible League of Canada. Robert and his wife Wendy have three children. One of his children attends Redeemer University College. Marvin Bierling* has just completed his first three-year term on the Board of Governors. He has obtained his B.A. and B.C.Ed. from Redeemer University College in 1993. After teaching for 12 years, he became principal of Strathroy Community Christian School in 2005. Marvin and his wife, Margherita, recently moved to Chatham and have three children. Marvin is currently the head administrator at Chatham Christian School. He has served as an elder, and serves on a variety of school and church committees. Roy Botma* has just completed his first three-year term on the Board of Governors. He attended Lambton Christian High School in Sarnia and graduated from Calvin College (1983) in the Business/Economics program. He and his wife Melissa have three children. They attend Wyoming United Reformed Church. Roy is presently the President of Sarnia Concrete Products Ltd. He has served as youth elder at First CRC, Sarnia (1990-93), elder (2000-03) and chair of council in 2003. Roy has also served as Board member of Lambton Christian High School (1993-96), Board member/treasurer of Sarnia Christian School (2005), Board member of Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (1994-01), chairman of the Board, Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (2000-01) and he is a member of the Canadian Association of

Family Enterprise since 2004. He has also been a member of various finance and strategic planning committees over the years. Shiao Chong has obtained his B.A. (‘94), B.A. (Hon) (‘95), and M.A. in English Literature (‘97) from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Shiao worked in the Registrar’s and Admissions office at Redeemer University College from 1998-2001. He serves as the Christian Reformed Campus Minister at York University in Toronto. Shiao has also written numerous published articles in The Banner, Christian Courier and Christian Educator’s Journal. He and his wife Martha have three daughters. He served as Intercultural Specialist for the Christian Reformed Home Missions Regional Team, Secretary & Treasurer for the Christian Reformed Campus Ministers’ Association, elder at Rehoboth Fellowship Christian Reformed Church and deacon at Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, Ancaster. They attend Rehoboth Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in Toronto. Dr. Alezandre Dauphin works as a physician at St. Joseph Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a clinical professor of Anesthesiology at McMaster University. He is the Coordinator Haiti-project of the International Outreach Program of St. Joseph’s Health System of Hamilton, Ontario. He has served on the Boards of Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada and St. Joseph Hospital. Alezandre and his wife Louisa have two children. They attend Pilgrim Baptist Fellowship of Ancaster where he is an elder.


09 10



Sandra Dendekker has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in music at Redeemer University College and a medical office assistant’s diploma at the Toronto School of Business. Sandra and her husband Peter have four children between the ages of two and eleven, and therefore she is presently a homemaker. She was a former Band teacher for four years and is now a part time piano teacher and a choir accompanist. Sandra is active in volunteering at Magnam Gloriam Tuam Chorus as an accompanist and serves on the Board. They attend Maranatha Free Reformed Church in Hamilton. Charlie Fluit* has completed two years of a vacated seat on the Board of Governors and has served as a Member at Large on the Executive Committee of the Board for the past year. Charlie previously served six years on Redeemer’s Board of Governors and recently received an award from the Province of Ontario for ten years of volunteer service to Redeemer University College. He has a B. Comm. from McMaster University and is a Chartered Accountant. He has thirty years of experience in non-profits, manufacturing and public accounting and is the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at World Vision Canada. Charlie


serves as elder and vice chair of Rehoboth United Reformed Church, as board treasurer of Campfire! Bible Camp and on several committees at Imagine Canada. His previous board experiences include Christian education at elementary and secondary levels, a seniors residence and terms as elder and deacon. Charlie and his wife Florence (Flory) have four children (including two Redeemer graduates) and three active grandchildren. Enno Meijers* has completed two years of a vacated seat on the Board of Governors and has served as Vice Chair of the Board for the past year. He obtained a B.A. from Dordt College in 1984 and an L.L.B. in 1988 from the University of Western Ontario. He and his wife Ruby have five children and attend First Christian Reformed Church in Barrie. Enno is an Assistant Crown Attorney. He has served on a number of Christian School boards, and local, classical and denominational CRC boards and committees. Enno is currently Chair of the Unity Christian High School board in Barrie. Janice Moddejonge* has served her first three year term on the Board of Governors and on the Governance Committee of

the Board for the past year. Janice also serves on Redeemer’s Ombudsman Review Committee. She retired from the Royal Bank in Burlington as the Manager of Client Care. She has been the Trustee for New Brunswick Theological Seminary from 2000-07. She has also been a Sunday School teacher and superintendent and the Women’s Group President. Janice and her husband Albert have three adult children and are members of Westdale Reformed Church. Bonnie Moore has obtained a B.A. from the University of Windsor, a B.Ed. of English, Theatre Arts from the University of Western Ontario, and a M.Ed. in Curriculum Design from the University of Toronto. She is currently taking M.Th. courses at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto (CrossCultural Christianity, Teaching the Faith). Bonnie has served on a variety of committees for church and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and led a short-term mission to Costa Rica. She has taught English as a Second Language to elementary teachers in Rwanda and has taught English and Theatre Arts for 25 years with the Toronto District School Board. Bonnie has directed and produced many theatre productions and led planning teams for school and board projects. She has run workshops and seminars for other educational/Christian organizations. She and her husband David Kloosterman attend Little Trinity Anglican Church Shirley Vandenberg has obtained an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University and a Certified General Accountant designation. Shirley is currently working as an accountant and is the manager of accounting and budgets for the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre. In

the past she served for six years as the Canadian Treasurer on the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Board. She is the current chair of Fruitland Christian Reformed Church’s diaconate. Shirley and her husband Gerry have two children.


Dr. Daniel Machiela, a member of the Christian Reformed Church, joined the faculty of Religious Studies at McMaster University in 2008, and brings with him a vibrant interest and expertise in the interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures during the Late Biblical and Second Temple periods, Semitic languages and philology, Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Pseudepigrapha, Aramaic Targum, Septuagint, and the geographic, historical, and social dimensions of the early Jewish era generally. His recent work has focused on the Genesis Apocryphon (1Q20) from Qumran Cave 1, which has included a new text edition and translation of the scroll, along with a detailed study of its geographic portions in relation to the Book of Jubilees. This was published in fall, 2009, by E. J. Brill in their Studies in the Texts of the Desert of Judah series (volume 79). Dan has several other projects underway, including: an examination of Qumran Aramaic in the context of other Aramaic dialects, a handbook of early Jewish scriptural interpretation, and a more general introduction to the world of Second Temple period Judaism. Side interests are the reception of the Deuteronomistic theological framework in later thought (both Jewish and Christian), and the Gospel of Luke’s special source, “L.”


09 10


BALLOT FOR THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS AND SENATE For each section on the ballot you are requested to make one selection. Please mark the “yes” or “no” box beside a single nomination.

If you are unable to attend the annual meeting on Saturday, November 6, 2010 you may send your completed ballot to Redeemer University College to the attention of the President’s Office. In accordance with the by-laws, all mailed or delivered ballots must be signed to be valid.

NOMINEES FOR THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS Classis Eastern Canada Stuart Admiral*



Membership: Chatham/Sarnia Area

Membership: Evangelical Churches

Roy Botma*

Robert Beasley


Classis Ontario of the Reformed Church

Membership: London Area

Janice Moddejonge*

Steve Baarda





Classis Toronto Shiao Chong




Membership: Evangelical Churches

Marvin Bierling*

Alezandre Dauphin




Membership: Barrie/Orillia Area

Membership: Evangelical Churches

Enno Meijers*

Bonnie Moore




Charlie Fluit*



Membership: Reformed Churches NO

Bluewater Principals’ Association YES


Membership: Reformed Churches NO

Membership: Niagara Area Shirley Vandenberg


Sandra Dendekker








I am a member in good standing of Redeemer University College and wish to vote in absentia. Name (please print): Signature:


More than 2000 participants, many of them new to Redeemer, took part in the lectures, conferences and workshops offered through Redeemer’s new continuing education program, CLEAR, which was launched in the fall of 2009.


09 10



To the members of Redeemer University College:

The accompanying condensed statement of financial position and statement of operations are derived from the complete financial statements of Redeemer University College as at April 30, 2010 and for the year then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated July 20, 2010. The fair summarization of the complete financial statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the condensed financial statements. In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guideline referred to above. These condensed financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted 30

accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on Redeemer’s financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related complete financial statements. KPMG LLP (signed) Chartered Accountants, Licensed Public Accountants Hamilton, Canada July 20, 2010

Condensed Statement of Financial Position as at April 30 (in thousands of dollars)



Current assets



Mortgage receivable



Restricted investments













Deferred capital contributions



Long-term debt (loans & bonds)



Total liabilities



Unrestricted net assets





Investment in capital assets



Net assets (deficit)



Net balance



Capital assets Other assets (student loans) Total assets Current liabilities & current portion of long-term debt Deferred contributions


Dr. Paul Thorlakson and Valerie Tryon, both of Redeemer’s music faculty, performed in a duo piano concerto, one of the many concerts held at Redeemer through the year.

Condensed Statement of Operations for the Year Ended April 30 (in thousands of dollars)

REVENUES Tuition & fees Donations Campus Services & housing fees Other (grants & fees)

EXPENSES Instruction & Research Library & Information Technology Administration & Physical Plant Student Development Advancement Campus Services Debt servicing

Excess of revenues over expenses before amortization Amortization of deferred capital contributions Amortization of capital assets Excess of revenues over expenses (expenses over revenues) after amortization Write-down of capital assets Excess of revenues over expenses (expenses over revenues) for the year


Actual 2008/09

Unaudited Budget 2009/10

Actual 2009/10

Variance 2009/10

Unaudited Budget 2010/11

10,071 3,018 3,859 805 17,753

10,944 2,684 4,178 543 18,349

11,109 5,314 4,182 742 21,347

165 2,630 4 199 2,998

11,767 5,205 4,878 751 22,601

4,665 1,182 3,155 2,531 1,601 2,892 1,254 17,280

4,410 1,202 2,981 3,031 1,812 3,030 1,169 17,635

4,588 1,269 3,232 3,253 1,770 3,158 922 18,192

178 67 251 222 (42) 128 (247) 557

4,796 1,296 3,875 3,252 1,934 3,207 962 19,322

473 470 (1,431)

714 477 (1,388)

3,155 469 (1,404)

2,441 (8) (16)

3,279 745 (1,740)


















Debt Servicing 5%


(grants & fees)


instruction & research 25 %

Donations 25 % Tuition & fees 52 %

library & information technology 7%

Campus services & Housing Fees 20 %

student development 18 %

Campus services 17 %

Advancement 10 %

administration & physical plant 18 %


individuals 73 % churches 13 %

foundations 2 % not-for-profits 2 %

businesses 10 %


09 10


ANNUAL REPORT Thank you to our donors

Churches All Nations CRC of Halifax Alliston CRC Ambassador CRC of Windsor Ancaster CRC Athens CRC Aylmer CRC Barrhaven Fellowship CRC Bethany CRC of Fenwick Bethany CRC of Bloomfield Bethel CRC of Newmarket Bethel CRC of Dunnville Bethel CRC of Brockville Bethel CRC of Acton Bethel CRC of Waterdown Bethel CRC of Listowel Bethel CRC of London Blyth CRC Burlington CRC Calvary CRC of Ottawa Calvary CRC of Flamborough Calvary CRC of Chatham Calvin CRC of Dundas Calvin CRC of Ottawa Cephas CRC of Peterborough Charlottetown CRC ClearView CRC of Oakville Clinton CRC Collingwood CRC Community CRC of Kanata Community CRC of Richmond Hill Community CRC of Hagersville Community CRC of Kitchener Community CRC of Dixon’s Corners Community CRC of Frankford Meadowvale CRC of Mississauga


Compass Point Bible Church Cornerstone URC of London Countryside Ref. Church of Cambridge Covenant CRC of St. Catharines Covenant CRC of Barrie Covenant Ref. Church of Toronto CrossPoint CRC of Brampton Drayton CRC Drayton Reformed Church Dresden CRC East CRC of Strathroy Ebenezer CRC of Trenton Ebenezer CRC of Jarvis Ebenezer Ref. Church of Mississauga Emmanuel Ref. Church of Neerlandia Essex CRC Exeter CRC Faith CRC of Burlington Faith Community CRC of Milford Fellowship CRC of St. Thomas Fellowship CRC of Brighton First (New Hope Site) CRC of Hamilton First CRC of Hamilton First CRC of Guelph First CRC of Orillia First CRC of Sarnia First CRC of London First CRC of Montreal First CRC of Kemptville First CRC of Kingston First CRC of Barrie First CRC of Chatham First CRC of Taber First CRC of Thunder Bay First CRC of Owen Sound First CRC of Toronto Fredericton CRC Georgetown CRC

Good News CRC of London Grace CRC of Chatham Grace CRC of Scarborough Grace CRC of Cobourg Hebron CRC of Whitby Hebron CRC of Renfrew Holland Marsh CRC Hope CRC of Port Perry Hope CRC of Brantford Hope CRC of Thunder Bay Hope Community CRC of Mt. Brydges Immanuel CRC of Simcoe Immanuel CRC of Hamilton Immanuel CRC of Brampton Immanuel CRC of Cornwall Immanuel URC of Listowel Ingersoll CRC John Calvin CRC of Truro Jubilee Fellowship CRC of St. Catharines Kentville CRC Kincardine CRC Lindsay CRC Living Hope CRC of Peterborough Living Hope CRC of Sarnia Living Mosaic Church of Burlington Lucknow CRC Maranatha CRC of York Maranatha CRC of Cambridge Maranatha CRC of Belleville Maranatha CRC of Woodbridge Maranatha CRC of Bowmanville Maranatha CRC of St. Catharines Maranatha CRC of Woodstock Meadowlands Fellowship CRC of Ancaster Melville Presbyterian Church of West Hill

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T h an k you to Peter & Rita Beerda Henry & Elisabeth Beintema Elisabeth Beintema-Vandermaas Jerry & Joanne Bekendam Gerrit & Dina Beking John & Jenny Belder Ruth Bell Randall S. Benbow John & Tinie Benjamins Siemen & Lammy Benjamins Wayne & Maria Benjamins Shirley Benschop Henk & Diane Berends Fred & Clara Berg Herman & Nellie Berg Matilda Berg Bernard & Anna Berghout Peter & Hilda Berghuis Adam & Ann Bergsma Patricia Bergsma Tom Bergsma Jim & Wilma Bergstra Tom & Wilma Bergstra Edward & Dawn Berkelaar Paul H. Berkloo Harry & Ina Bethlehem Jim Bethune Johan & Magda Beukes Johanna C. Beunk Jan & Janny Bevaart Alan & Joanne Bezuyen Albert & Helen Bezuyen John & Ineke Bezuyen Karl & Grace Biel Rudy & Hennie Biel Louis & Effie Bierling Marvin & Margherita Bierling Garth & Margaret Bierma Gary & Helen Bierman Louis & Martha Bill Richard & Jannette Binder Harm & Annie Bisschop Sean & Kirsten Blaine Gerald & Jenny Bloemendal Gerrit & Ann Bloemendal Leo & Alice Blydorp Maria Blydorp Allan & Marlene Bock Rachel Boekee Wes & Grace Boelens Warner & Betsy Boer


Jack & Hilly Boers Eppe & Margaret Boersema Henny Boersma Sherry Bokma Bert & Tiny Bolderheij Philip & Anthoinette Bom William & Margaret Bom John Bontius Dorothy Boonstra Sid & Annette Boonstra Andy & Diana Bootsma Jack & Ankje Bootsma James & Margaret Bootsma Michael & Helena Bootsma Ted & Corrie Bootsma Dirk & Geerte Booy M. Nancy Booy Marinus & Maria Booy John & Trudy Borg Henk & Gerda Borgdorff Ralph Bork Andy & Janet Bos Bruce Bos Cor & Catharina Bos Gerry & Theodora Bos Jannette Bos Ralph & Jacoba Bos Syma Bos Jake & Alice Bosch Albert & Helen Bosma Ed & Tilda Bosman Sikko Bosman Edward & Joanne Bosveld Martin & Lynn Bosveld M. Elaine Botha Jack & Sophie Botma Roy & Melissa Botma David & Evita Botting Audrey Bouma Derek & Joy Bouma Martin & Brenda Bouma Wilma Bouma Albert & Gertie Bouwers Henk & Gail Bouwers John & Geraldine Bouwers Richard & Trix Bouwma Fred & Bernice Boven Gerrit & Nel Boven John & Femmy Boven Harry & Jane Bovenberg John & Deborah Bowen

Grace Bowman Harry Bowman Ivan Bowman Dick & Betsy Braam Ryan & Hannah Braam John & Peta Branderhorst Riek Breimer John Bremer John & Jane Breukelaar Fred & Sylvia Breukelman Anton & Marian Brink Hilda Brink Miner & Wilma Brink Paul & Jennifer Brink Anita M. Brinkman Edith Brinkman John & Annette Brinkman Shawn & Jennifer Brix Pete & Jane Broere Harvey & Sita Broersma Leonard & Marie Broersma Ben & Wilma Bronsema Rangco & Maryse Bronsema Alan & Ann Brouwer Andrew & Dorothy Brouwer Art & Marsha Brouwer Darren & Jessica Brouwer Eric & Brenda Brouwer Harry & Helen Brouwer Henry & Jane Brouwer James & Teny Brouwer John & Trudy Brouwer Peter & Jane Brouwer Robert & Betty Brouwer Allan & Leslie Brown Jacqueline Brown Homer & Joan Bruinsma Ted Bruinsma Theo & Sandy Brunsting Audrey Brus Cornelius Bruulsema George & Marilyn Buesink Ralph & Margaret Buffinga Kevin Buhr Bill & Ena Buikema Kornelis & Christina Buikema Albert & Florence Buisman Ray & Shirley Buisman Cornelius Buiter & Bernice HuininkBuiter Jerry & Shirley Bulthuis

James & Yvonne Bultje Jeff & Jackie Bultje Sam & Fran Buma John & Joan Buma Nicolaas & Jane Buma Sam & Margaret Buma William & Toni Buma Len Burggraaff H. Lloyd & Karin Burghart Frans & Grace Burghgraef Fred & Audrey Burghgraef August & Hendrika Buss Dina Bussink Rodney & Janet Butt Frank & Sandi Buwalda William & Margareth Buwalda John & Ria Buys Rita Bydevaate Bill & Cindy Byker Dick & Hendrika Byl John & Catherine Byl John & Agnes Bylsma Karen Bylsma Wybe & Jean Bylsma Charlie & Rita Byma Tom Callender Colin C. Campbell Arthur & Marg Capelle John & Helen Cappon Jacques Charpentier Shiao Chong & Martha Schreiber Wayne & Ida Clark Clara Clements Leo Cnossen Steve & Stephanie Collins William & Margaret Colyn Hugh & Judy Cook John & Sarah Cook Justin & Rachel Cook Johan & Leslie Cooke Terry Cooke & Maureen Wilson John Cooper John & Sylvia Cooper Justin & Jessie Cooper Nathan & Carmen Cooper Sidney & Janice Cooper Egbert & Jean Couperus Whit Coward Garth & Jane Cubitt Ian & Rosine Cubitt Patsy Cullum

Jim & Annette Curry Peter & Bernadette Curtis Allan & Mary Cuzen Lou & Paula D’Alessandro Maria G. Dam Rene & Ann Dam Taeke Dam John & Jennie Das Herman & Marlene Dasselaar Calvin & Jan Davies Bruce & Christine de Boer Evert & Annette De Boer John & Nell de Boer Raymond & Tetcy De Boer Syd & Joanne de Boer Henry & Cobie De Bolster Len & Elaine De Bolster Marinus De Bonte Lambertus & Anna de Bruin Jan & Ann De Dreu Len & Marion De Goffau Arthur & Wilhelmina de Graaf Michael G. De Groote Harold & Betty De Haan Elizabeth De Jong Andy & Patty De Jong Cornelia A. De Jong Fred & Bertha De Jong Patsy R. De Jong Scott & Patsy De Jong Stan & Corrie De Jong Bernard & Linda De Jonge Ewoud & Bea De Lange John & Alice De Pater Kevin & Jacqueline De Raaf Griet De Roo Hinke De Ruijter-Meijers Ed & Nel De Rycke Sidney & Mary De Schiffart Clarence & Ann De Vries Dennis & Kay De Vries Jim & Henrietta De Vries Joe & Beth De Vries Joe & Jantje De Vries John & Joanne De Vries Robert & Jeannette De Vries Gerry & Corrie de Wilde Henk De Zoete & Anna Kamminga-de Zoete Walter & Donna Dean Gerry Deboer

to our d onor s Klaas & Henny DeBoer Oscar & Alice DeBoer Simon & Leinie DeBoer Ted & Trix Deboer Wayne & Joella DeBoer William & Anna DeBoer Peter & Anne DeBruyne Arnold & Ann Deelstra John & Louise Deelstra Pauline Deelstra Harry & Irene DeGeus Case & Ida DeGier Lawrence & Helen DeGraaf Arthur & Thea deGroot Paul & Brenda DeGroot Arie & Jean DeHaan Heather D. Dehaan Lippe & Ena deHaan Steven & Claudia DeHaan Cornelis DeHooge Margaret Deinum Julius & JoAnne DeJager Ben DeJong Bill & Kim DeJong Diane DeJong Fred & Sandra DeJong Hans & Lucretia DeJong Johanna DeJong Johanna deJong Maaike deJong Ronald & Joyce DeJong Brenda DeJonge Berta Dekker Clarence & Jane Dekker George & Fran Dekker Wilhelmina Dekker Isaac & Marie DeKlerk Jim & Nelly DeKlerk Jack & Mary DeKok Larry & Willy DeKoter Rodney & Marietta DeKoter Justin & Sara DeMoor John & Ria Den Bak David & Marian den Boer Wilma den Boer Ed & Willene Den Haan Arianne denBoer Pieter Denboer Sid & Minnie Denekamp John & Sandra Denharder Dela G. Denouden

Eric & Toni DenOuden Peter Dent & Diane Dent Arnold & Liz Depooter Mike DePutter Colin & Amy DeRaaf Shawn M. DeRaaf & Alison Gresik Wytze & Georgina DeRoos Cornelis & Audrey deVoogd John DeVos Andrea Devries Andrew & Hamy Devries Clarence & Etty Devries Francis & Mary DeVries Harry & Joanne Devries Jack & Hilda DeVries Jane DeVries John & Alice DeVries John & Irma DeVries Ken & Debbie DeVries Mike & Eva DeVries Ray & Dietz DeVries Terry & Glenda DeVries Ian & Tamara DeWaard Hank & Shirley Deweerd John & Janet deWinter Peter & Jane Dibbits Anthony & Jeane Diekema Adrian & Attie Dieleman Bob & Marion Dieleman Sam & Gwenda Dieleman James & Ann Dieleman Robert DiFrancesco Sid & Cindy Dijkema Michael & Theresa Dimitrovski Janet Disselkoen William & Anneke Doef Curtis & Corrina Doell Ernst & Anne-Marie Domet Edward & Henny Donkersteeg Sid & Ann Doorenspleet Nick & Willie Doornbosch Herman & Josina Dooyeweerd Ray & Nancy Dostal Idske Douwes Mike Draaistra Albert & Alida Dreise Dina Dreise Egbert & Tina Drent Jenny Driesman Steven & Krista Driesman Paul & Johanna Droppert

John & Joan Drost Nancy M. Drost Peter & Sharon Drost Craig & Judith Storey Arthur & Gertie Dubbeldam Gerard & Ellie Duiker Martin & Grace Duimering Tony & Margaret Duivesteyn Floris Duizer Hermina Dunnewold Bert & Ann Dykerman Nelly Dykhouse George Dykhuis Fred & Judy Dykman Gerrit & Gerdien Dykman Alfred & Margaret Dykstra Anna G. Dykstra Clarence & Sya Dykstra Gay Dykstra Gerard & Leida Dykstra Gertrude Dykstra Helen Dykstra Jean Dykstra Klaas & Suzanne Dykstra Nick Dykstra Ren & Lenny Dykstra Richard Dykstra & Kathy VriendDykstra Sheila Dykstra Arnie & Linda Dzelme Larry & Shirley Eccles Ray C. Edwards, Sr. Sharon Edwards Menno & Effie Eelkema Corrie Eerkes Mark & Annette Eggengoor Dicky Eikelboom Rudy & Janny Eikelboom Allard & Tryntje Eisen Jennie Eising Warner & Grace Elema George & Margaret Elgersma Jacob Ada Elgersma Peter & Jane Elgersma Bill & Nel Elisen Auke & Addy Ellens Christian & Saskia Ellens Gordon & Hillie Ellens Jacob P. Ellens & Kathleen D. Kennedy Jake & Ann Ellens

Okke Ellens Fran Elzinga George & Gepke Elzinga Joan Elzinga Mel & Maryanne Elzinga Win & Margaret Elzinga Tineke Endhoven Matty Engelage Margaret Enter Fred Eringa Ann Esser Bruce & Karen Etherington Wilma Euverman Gerry & Tena Evers Douglas & Roxanne Ewing George & Anna Eygenraam Henry & Mary Eygenraam Peter & Lynda Eygenraam Benne Faber John Faber Ken J. Faber Brian & Sue Feddema Rennie Feddema Nelly Feddes Tina Feddes Henry & Jane Feenstra Jake & Jean Feenstra Jennifer K. Feenstra Joanna Feenstra Margaret Feenstra Siebren & Jannie Feenstra Marilyn Feikema Sidney & Hilligje Feikema Jacoba Fekken Peter & Johanne Fennema Sari Fennema Lloyd Ferguson Walter & Martha Ferkranus H. John & Gillian Ferns Bert & Trudy Ferwerda Ted & Bernice Ferwerda Fred & Margaret Feyen Kees & Reina Feyen Ron & Kim Fintelman Tina Fintelman Ronald & Gerry Fisher Harry & Diane Fledderus Francine M. Fledderus-Songui Art & Val Fleming Albert & Henny Flikkema Peter C. Flikweert

Mike & Sara Flokstra Charlie & Florence Fluit Gregory & Michelle Fluit Joan Fluit Rob & Letitia Fluit Enga Frankruyter Robert Frankruyter Abram Froese Chris & Immy Galenkamp Gary & Elizabeth Galenkamp Elizabeth A. Gardner Sam & Margaret Gassanov James & Nancy Gaulton Alfred & Dorothy Geerlinks Wiebe & Dina Geerts Grace Geerts Jack & Lenie Gehrels Aren P. Geisterfer Gerrit & Barbara Gerrits Henry & Leida Gerrits Sylvan & Karen Gerritsma Albert Gils Garry & Helen Glasbergen James Glasbergen Richard & Agnes Glockner Eric Golding John Gorter & Jenny GorterVanderland Gerrit & Dina Grevers Eric R. Griffin Simon & Johanna Griffioen Albert & Wilma Grin William & Margaret Grin Jake & Doreen Gringhuis Jerry & Tena Groen John & Nell Groen Nick & Alice Groen Jake & Corrie Groenenberg Jack & Ann Groeneveld Bas & Janie Groeneweg Ted & Jane Groenewegen Margaret Groot Peter & Wilma Groot Bernard & Grada Groot Nibbelink Elna Groot-Nibbelink Ed & Willemina Grootenboer Roger & Debra Grootenboer Leroy & Sharon Guenther Chris & Sue Guetter Johanna Guetter Conrad & Ann Guichelaar


T h an k you to Adrian & Mary Guldemond Cor Guther Gerald & Frances Guther Martin & Joyce Guther Peter & Freda Haagsma Tip & Winnie Haagsma Joyce Haanstra Gene & Dana Haas Jim & Grace Haas Lloyd & Donna Hack Dorothy Hageman Fred & Janet Hagen Gerrit & Jocelyn Hagen Martin & Wilma Hagt Kirby & Arlene Hakkesteegt John & Betty Hamelinck Henrietta E. Hamilton Mavis Hamilton Mike & Nell Hamilton Wick & Wilma Hamstra Peter & Wilma Hanemaayer Brian Harskamp George & Annette Hart Dina Hartemink Eric & Evelina Hartemink Gary Hartemink Abraham & Hennie Hartman Rob & Doreen Harvey Henk & Dieny Hassebroek Leendert & Trudy Hassefras Gregory & Adriana Hatton Henny & Leni Haveman Bert Haverkamp Eric & Adele Haverkamp John & Carolina Haverkamp John & Bonnie Haverkamp Ralph & Linda Haverkamp Willy Haverkamp Frances Hazenberg Stuart & Henrietta Heeg John & Wilma Heeg Tina Heemsbergen Fred Heerema Gerrit & Irene Heersink Peter & Evelyn Heida Edward & Rosalie Heida Allan & Joanne Heidbuurt Arlene Heidbuurt Scott & Liz Heidbuurt Bert & Trudy Heideman Henry & Alaine Helder


Ytje Helleman John & Jean Hellinga Arthur & Rhea Hendrikse Henry & Janie Hengeveld Ed & Lori Hensen Jenny Hensen John & Ruth Hensen Peter & Minnie Herfst Gerald Hertner & Joanne KnevelHertner Andrew & Tena Heslinga Fred & Ella Heslinga Gerald Hessels Arthur & Renny Hettinga Brenda D. Heyink Ray & Sandra Heyink Eelke & Roelofke Hiddema Bert & Diny Hielema Edgar D. Hielema & Karen D. ZwartHielema Henrietta Hielema Syd & Evelyn Hielema Chris & Christy Hiemstra Fred & Aartje Hiemstra George & Elizabeth Hiemstra Henry & Ann Hiemstra Jack & Hendrika Hiemstra Jake & Wilma Hiemstra John & Nellie Hildering Joseph & Hennie Hilverda Harry & Frances Hilvers Jack & Anita Hoek Gerald Hoeksema Arnold & Margaret Hoekstra Jack K. Hoekstra Theo & Margaret Hoekstra Roelof & Henny Hof Abraham & Elly Hoff Shawn & Andrea Hofing Glenn & Joan Hofland Hendrika Hofland Phil & Bev Hogan Peter Hogeterp Ralph & Marian Hogeterp Marina Holkema Peter & Grace Holkema Derk & Jane Holman George & Effie Holthof Bob & Janet Holtrop Margaret Holtrop Gerry & Erika Holtvluewer

Peter & Eline Homan John & Marie Hoogendoorn John & Nelly Hoogendoorn Allen & Randee Hooghiem Andre & Sylvia Hooghiem George & Corrie Hooghiem Everett & Catharina Hooyer Barry & Joanne Hordyk Len & Ena Hordyk Gordon & Glenda Hornsveld Pieter & Anna Horst Al & Sonja Horzelenberg Ada P. Hotke Jim & Barbara Hotke Harry & Tine Houtman Albert & Alberta Houwer Ben & Pat Hovius Jerry & Winnie Hoytema Bernice Huinink-Buiter Fred & Ann Huizenga Bart Huizinga Hannah G. Huizinga Agnes Huls Berend & Ariena Hultink Hank & Rolina Hultink Bryan & Wendy Hummel Henrietta Hunse & Jim Jacobs John & Ellen Hunse Jonathan & Julie Hunse John & Clare Iedema Philip & Miep Jager Fenny Jagt Henk & Mary Jagt Christina Jansen Gertrude Jansen vanDoorn Alie Janssen Bernhard & Teresa Janssen Luke & Helen Janssen Hielke & Caroline Janssens Jake & Margaret Janssens Rob J. Janssens Don & Elly Jaspers-Fayer John & Nadine Jelsma Tony & Linda Jeronimus Mark & Judy Jones Dirk & Rie Jongkind John & Marie Jongsma Leo & Irene Jonker Roland & Coby Jonker Harry & Lammie Joosse James & Lena Joosse

John & Brenda Jorritsma Jack & Joanne Joustra Ray & Mary Joustra Robert J. Joustra Ingrid K. Juraschka Roelie Kadijk John & Sylvia Kaldeway Martin & Alice Kaldeway Bette Kamerman Gertrude Kamerman Hank & Mary Kamminga Irene Kamminga Jane Kamminga Bert Kamphuis Peter Kamphuis William & Karen Kamphuis J. William & Nelly Kamphuis Weike Kamstra Herman & Jane Kapteyn Jasperina Kapteyn Jerry & Dorothy Kassies Hans & Fennie Katerberg Henry & Janet Katerberg John & Jennifer Katerberg Pieter & Laura Katerberg John Kearns John & Agnes Keen Matthew & Annette Keep Peter & Betty Keesman Harm Kelly Gary & Allie Kempenaar Tom & Audrey Kempkes Peter & Arlene Kennedy Robert & Freda Kennedy Henry & Margaret Kielstra Ken & Greta Kiers Nick & Marlene Kiers Henry & Heather Kikkert John & Sue Kikkert Lammie Kikkert Ralph & Yvonne Kikkert Bert & Diana Kingma Peter & Margaret Kingma Siebrand & Ina Klaassens John & Joan Klapwyk Brian & Christine Klein-Geltink Gerald & Rita Klein-Geltink Mark & Sarah Klein-Geltink Ed & Marga Klein-Horsman Mans & Roelie Klingenberg Adrian Kloet

Martin & Marilyn Kloet Robert & Bettie Kloet John & Rita Klomps Edna Kloosterman Tina Kloosterman Bill & Christina Kloostra Walter & Donna Kloostra Hans & Henny Knegt Fred & Carolyn Knetsch Andy & Rita Knibbe Betty Knight Chris & Janette Knowles Mary-Grace Knox Bernard & Harmina Kobes Henk & Aly Kobes Lourens & Wilma Kodde Bill & Wanda Koehler Klaas & Johanna Koenes Theresa Koeslag Hendrik & Elizabeth Koetsier Jack & Joanne Koetsier Jack & Liz Koetsier Murray & Pat Koetsier Ray & Cheryl Koetsier Jeannette Kogeler John & Mary Ann Kok Carol Kollaard Kim Komer John & Audrey Koning Rob & Nancy Koning James & Alice Kooistra John Kooistra John M. V. Koole Sybrand Koole Dirk & Elizabeth Koolhaas Melis & Lydia Koomans Andy & Lucille Koopman William & Louise Koopmans Ralph & Anne Koops Arie Koornneef John & Joanne Koornneef Peter Koornneef Arie & Sharon Kooy Bill & Margaret Kooy Brendan Kooy Cornelis & Alice Kooy Henry & Margaret Kooy Michael J. Kooy & Katerina Chobotova Nathan Koppelaar Susan Kort William & Jenny Kort

to our d onor s Albert & Nell Korten Govert & Nora Kortleve Wilfred & Cheryl Kortleve Arend & Dianne Korvemaker William & Joanne Korvemaker John & Dirkje Koster Katharina Koudys Martha Kouwenhoven David T. Koyzis & Nancy CalvertKoyzis John & Nancy Kraay Simon & Andrea Kraay Gordon & Anna Kraayenbrink Herman & Johanna Kraayenbrink Anita Kralt Cornelia Kralt Adriana Kramer Henry & Marnie Kranenburg Peter & Marrie Kranenburg Aaltje Kreeft John & Evelyn Kreeft Jack & Marg Kroes Geurt & Ida Kroesbergen John & Betty Kruidhof Wim & Cindy Kruisselbrink John & Thea Krul Eugene Kruysse Leo & Jean Krygsman Eve Kugel Darlene J. Kuik Gerry Kuik Jake & Carolyn Kuik Margaret Kuiper John & Maryann Kuipers Ted & Alice Kuipers Terry & Tracy Kuipers Richard & Leanne Kuizenga Hank Kuntz Jacob & Maria Kuntz John & Helen Kuperus Hans & Gerrie Kuyvenhoven Karl & Truus Kuyvenhoven Hermanna Laarman John & Jane Lagerweij Ken & Joanne Lagerwerf Maria Lammers Nell Lammers Will & Karen Lammers Willem & Hennie Langendijk Andy & Aske Langendoen Bert & Anne Langendyk

Dirk & Betty Langerak Gilbert & Alayne Langerak Joseph & Susan LaRose Alvin A. Lee Gill & Sehee Lee Fred & Yitty Leenstra Paul & Marsha Leistra Nick & Hilly Lenos Peter & Nell Lenters Bouwina Leutscher Dan & Marie Lievaart Hank & Margaret Ligterink Cameron & Jenny Linnell Henry & Louise Lise Jim & Jane Lise Luke & Shirley Lise Ralph & Emmy Lise Gerald & Janine Lock Hollie R. Locs Jeannette Lodewyks John & Ann Lodewyks Ron & Rebecca Lodewyks Robert & Terry Loerts Margaret Lof Bert & Willy Loopstra Bob & Bertha Looyenga Dick C. Los Grace Louter Ray & Karen Louter Valerie J. Louter Rudolph & Ellen Louw Mike & Grada Louwerse Mary Louws Robert & Jane Lowe Glen Lubbers Adriana Lugtigheid Albert & Carolyn Luimes John & Jeannie Luimes Bill Luinstra & Rennie Feddema John & Yvonne Lunshof Albert & Martha Luth Andy & Anna Luth Harm & Eleanor Luth Justin Luth Kevin & Dana Luth Peter & Ludy Luth Robert & Elly Luyk Richard & Anne Luymes George & Connie Luyt Peggy Luyt Wilma Lycklama

Mary Lyle Timothy Lyon Brian & Margaret Maan Carl & Beatrice Maartense Daniel & Jody Machiela Robert & Susan MacLarkey Derek & Ruth Maggs James & Florence Mahaffy Jill Malleck David & Christine Mantel Karl & Anne Mantel Christopher & Marcia Mantel Mark & Jennifer Mantel Sadie Mantel Willem & Hendrika Marbus Paul A. Marcus Harry & Ida Marissen Clarence & Wendy Markus Al & Betty Martens Mary Martens Edward & Irene Martin Alfred & Eve Mazereeuw Susan McArthur Ian & Ruth McCombie Cameron & Janet McKenzie E. Thomas & Sharon McMullen Todd & Verna McQueen Rita Meeboer Arjen Meerman Max & Liz Meijer Enno Meijers & Ruby Meijers-Gietema Richard & Janet Meloen Harry & Dianna J. Mennega Gerrie Mensink Cornelis & Grace Meyer John & Jenny Meyer Jim & Clazina Meyers John A. Middel Adrian Miedema & Suanne de BoerMiedema Brent & Cathy Miedema Derek Miedema Dirk & Grace Miedema Marjorie Miedema Mike & Diana Miedema Sieta Miedema Simon & Wilma Miedema Tina Miedema Melissa Miller Nora Mobach Albert & Janice Moddejonge

John & Henriette Moelker Len & Anita Moelker Anthony & Janet Mohle John & Marlene Mohle Bert & Joanne Molenhuis Robert & Jane Moore John & Shirley Moraal Graham E. Morbey & Mary Leigh Morbey Dianne Moroz Cor & Carol Mostert Dick & Ena Mostert Patricia Mostert Randy & Yolanda Motley Abraham & Gerda Mudde Martin & Wilma Mudde Hans & Tetsje Muizelaar Alan Mulder Albert & Wilma Mulder Arthur E. Mulder & Heather L. WindMulder Gerry Mulder Henry Mulder Henry Mulder Lucas & Lammie Mulder W. George & E. M. Munnik Rob Murphy & Larissa Iskat William S. Muysson Matthew Myatt J. David & Pauline Naftel Derk & Rie Nanninga Richard & Elizabeth Nanninga Douglas R. Needham Don & Jean Nelson Andrew & Joanne Neven George & Jane Neven George & Jane Nieuwenhuis Arie & Cora Noordam Jerry & Ann Noordam Marinus & Jane Noordermeer Catharina Noordhof Lucas & Elsie Noordhof Nellie Noort Ralph & Margaret Norg Edward & Annetta Norman Arie & Teuny Nugteren Gerrit & Grietje Nyburg Harry & Edith Nyhof Fred & Grace Nyland Ben & Ann Nyman Rob & Grace Nyman

William & Dien Nyman Clarence & Jacoba Nywening Heiko & Helen Oegema Herman & Jane Oegema John & Gonny Oegema Michael & Annie Oegema Carol Ann Ogle Harry & Nancy Okkema Herman Okkema Henry & Ietje Olbach Martin & Jenny Oldengarm Alex & Julie Oosterhof Gary & Corina Oosterhof Johanna Oosterhof Freda G. Oosterhoff Kees & Nell Oosterloo William & Atie Ott Douglas & Karen VandeKamp Geziena J. Otter Nellie Ottevangers Kor & Ann Oudman Pete & Willy Oussoren Peter & Julie Oussoren Joyce Ouwehand Dan & Gerda Overduin Charles & Grace Paas Barb Parkin Chris Parsons Alice Pasma Jake & Marjorie Pasma John & Lena Pasma Kevin & Priscilla Pasma James R. Payton & Sharon DavisPayton John & Maureen Peet Ray & Kathleen Pennings Jan & Maria Pereboom Margaretha W. Petersen Reg & Carol Petersen Elvira Peterson Edward & Teresa Petrusma Andre & Jo-Ann Pienaar Anna Pieters Aalzen & Hermien Pijl Mike & Helen Plaisier Piet & Ineke Plaisier Jacob & Judith Plantinga Clarence & Dorothy Plas Jane Plas Roger Kuiken & Anita Plat-Kuiken Diane Plug


T h an k you to Cornelis & Mien Plugers Dale & Carolyn Poel Ebel & Janny Pol Iep & Nelly Poortinga Keith & Donna Porty Ypke & Gooitske Posthumus Daniel & Mira Postma Evert Postma Hank & Joanne Postma Ron & Jean Postma John & Marge Postuma Gerry & Arja Pot Gerrit & Mina Pot James & Grace Pot Tom & Marlene Power Ron & Anita Prange Henry & Tineke Pranger Hugh & Patsy Pranger Jan Pranger Clarence Prins Donald & Florene Prins Harm & Tettje Prins Meindert Prins Bert & Helen Prinzen Hein Prinzen Bob & Alice Proper Herman & Diane Proper John C. Proper Robert & Joan Puddicombe Edward & Irene Pypker Ralph Pypker & Margaret SchuringaPypker Jack Quartel & Hinka BakelaarQuartel Bill Raap Tina Radersma Sandra Raidt Bill & Margaret Reckman Louis & Jane Regnerus Marlene Regnerus Frederick & Jane Reinders John Reinders Mike & Colleen Reinders John Reinink Shirley Reinink Andy & Shirley Reinsma Sidney & Hilda Reinsma Charlie & Connie Reitsma Edward & Elizabeth Reitsma Fred & Helen Reitsma Gary & Audrey Reitsma


Klaas & Sonya Reitsma Fred & Margaret Rekman John & Alice Rekman Eric & Marya Renkema Matthew & Nelda Renkema Neeltje Reyneveld Lenie Rhebergen Lynn Rhijnsburger Christine Riedstra Anna Riemer Evelyn Riepma John Rietkerk Gerard & Nell Ringnalda Jackie Ringnalda Gary & Elisa Rink Frank & Stien Ritskes John C. Robertson Mary Roelfsema Dirk & Nellie Romp Diana Roode Dirk & Gerrie Rook Jacob & Grace Rook Ed & Ann Roorda Jack & Helen Roorda Sylvia Roorda Hilda E. Roukema George & Susan Rowaan John & Lainey Rozema Henry & Lammie Rumph Hilbert & Diny Rumph Jake & Teresa Rumph Dan & Mary Rupke David & Nancy Rupke Ron & Margaret Rupke James & Thea Rusthoven Rose W. Rusticus Willem & Gail Rutgers Jake & Shirley Rylaarsdam Barry & Yolanda Ryzebol Wilfred & Joanne Saarloos Thomas & Kelly Sauder Larry & Diana Sauve Marja Sayers Lisa Schaafsma Ria J. Schaafsma Tony & Lisa Schaafsma Corry Schalk Joanne Schalk Hank & Hennie Schaly Ed & Elaine Scharringa Peter & Maria Scharringa

Aaron C. Schat & Kim J. Mantel-Schat Fred & Hennie Schat Joel & Marina Schat Jonathan & Yvette Schat Tim & Alice Scheepstra Bert & Betty Schelhaas William & Diana Schenk John Schenk Morris & Vicki Schenk Harry & Elizabeth Schep Lucille Schepers Jenny Schering Ed & Betty Schiestel Bert Schilthuis Gerald & Grace Schipper Harry & Grace Schipper Rudolf & Sharon Schipper Peternella Schippers Rick & Shirley Schmidt Bernard & Janet Scholman Dorothy Scholten Anko & Theresa Scholtens Hendrik & Maria Scholtens Jack & Cathy Scholtens Ralph & Betty Scholtens John & Rita Schotsman Adriaan & Irene N. Schouten Susan Schouten Robert & Annette Schreuders George & Karen Schroor Michael & Suzanne Schulz Erick & Ruth Ann Schuringa Derek & Catharina Schuurman Eric & Emily Schuurman Gregory & Lisa Schuurman John & Nellie Schuurman Tim & Patty Schuurman Peter & Joy Schuurman Calvin & Ines Seerveld Edward & Lisa Semplonius Jonathan Shrubsole Wemke Sibma-Dejong Steve & Karen Sider Elizabeth Sikma Glen & Marsha Sikma Jane Sikma Joan E. Sikma Jonathan Mousley & Heather M. Sinnema Ken C. Sjaarda Darrell & Annetta Skelly

Jonathan Skelly Patricia Slade Joe & Shirley Slagter Lammert & Alice Slofstra Peter & Mary Slotegraaf Randy & Jennifer Slump Walter & Annette Smeding John & Sylvia Smeenk Gertie Smids Ralph & Tina Smids John & Judy Smidstra Jack & Pauline Smit Kor & Lia Smit Peter & Janet Smit Sjoukje Smit William & Freda Smouter Hans Snoek Hal & Lori Snow Corrie Snyder Gary & Wendy Soenen Gerrit & Dianne Soer William & Martina Span Gerry & Ina Spekkers Matthew J. Spencer Collin & Irene Spithoff Tina Spithoff Ann Spoelstra Fred & Etty Spoelstra Fred & Joanne Spoelstra Peter & Audrey Spoelstra Phil Spoelstra Douwe & Marion Spriensma Anna Spronk Robert & Jennie Spyksma Bruce Staal Duncan & Ann Stacey Paul & Linda Stadt Bert & Harriet Stam Bert & Rita Stam Linda Staples-Gray Anna M. Staring Henk & Janny Stassen Ben & Jayne Stegeman John & Angela Stegeman John & Ann Steggerda Paul & Lennie Steiginga Lucy Steiginga Arthur & Grace Stelpstra Donald & Kim Stelpstra Wilma Stelpstra Andrew & Grace Steringa

Hennie Stevens Richard & Gertrude Stienstra Fred & Wilhelmina Stoffels Greg Stoffers Anna Stolp Frank & Catherine Stoter Ed & Rita Straatsma Peter & Audrey Straatsma Neal & Aggie Stretch John & Annie Streutker Marcia Strickland Hans Strikwerda Richard & Sandra Strikwerda Dick & Wilma Stronks John & Wilma Stronks Hank & Jo-Anne Strooband Annie H. Struik Jacob & Cornelia Strydhorst Herman & Janet Stryker John & Anky Suk David & Almut Sweet Carol Sybenga Les Szelekovszky & Marian RyksSzelekovszky Henry & Sylvia Taekema James & Vikki Tait John & Andrea Talsma Jessie Talsma-Woudsma Chris & Mary Tammel Gerrit & Wilhelmina Tammel Gary & Rose Tamming Helen Tangelder Eugene & Dianne Tarr Kevin & Mechele te Brake Elizabeth H. Teeninga Pieter Teeninga Anne Teeuwsen Gerrit & Maaike Teeuwsen Jim & Joanne Teeuwsen Philip & Carla Teeuwsen John & Tine TeGrotenhuis Tine Tensen John & June Tenyenhuis Arnold & Tina Termorshuizen Clarence & Jessie Terpstra Evert & Freda Terpstra Geert & Zwaanie Tersteege George & Nancy Tersteege William & Alice Thies Ronald & Ruth Tiemens Tena Tiemersma

to our d onor s Arthur & Eda Tiesma Daniel & Ida Tigchelaar David & Joanne Tigchelaar Margaret Tigchelaar Peter & Joyce Tilstra Peter & Nancy Timan Hank & Linda Timmerman Henk & Ina Timmerman Ian & Melinda Timmerman Aukje Tjeerdsma Peter & Sylvia Ton Hennie Top Lewis & Carol Triemstra Paul & Kim Triemstra Van & Laurie Tuckey Clarence & Jenny Tuin Simon & Heather Tuin Peter & Cindy Tuininga Michael & Joanne Tulp Sien Tuls Simon & Anne Tymstra Richard & Barbara Ubbens William & Wendy Ubbens Hans & Trudy Uittenbosch John & Joanne Vaandering Karel & Nettie Vahrmeyer Ron & Audrey Vahrmeyer Dorothy Valk Herman & Agatha Van Arnhem Ferdinand & Cynthia Van Arragon Jack Van Arragon John & Hennie Van Arragon Henny Van Asch John & Johanna Van Asselt Shane & Sara Van Barneveld Daniel van Beilen & Julie Christiaanse Ed & Helen Van Beilen Albert & Shirley Van Belle Peter & Rita Van Berkel Mina Van Bokhorst Jake & Rhea Van Breda Siebren & Nancy Van Daalen Harvey & Doreen Van de Ban Henry & Grace Van de Glind Quinten Van de Vrie Gerty Van Den Berg Adrian & Diny van den Boogaard Pieter & Evelyn van der Kooi Nancy van der Kooi-de Beer Jitse & Catharina van der Meer Marinus & Rommy van der Spek

Adam & Anneke van der Velde Alice Van der Wal Jan & Wilma Van der Woerd Andrew & Rosanne van der Woerd Steve & Annette van der Woerd Alida C. van Dijk Anna C. Van Dijk Conrad & Anna Van Dijk Deanna van Dijk Tracy J. Van Dijk Wytse & Joanne van Dijk Amy Van Dokkumburg Wil & Sharon van Dokkumburg Elbert & Nellie van Donkersgoed Henk & Rita Van Dooren Henry & Lena Van Dorp Jakob W. Van Dorp John & Geneva Van Dorp Nicolaas van Duyvendyk George & Margaret Van Dyk Ingrid Van Dyk Jack Van Dyk John & Paula Van Dyk Kristin N. Van Dyk Harry & Nienke Van Dyke Margaret Van Dyke Arie & Ellen Van Eek Cornelis & Tine Van Egmond John & Maatje Van Elburg Anton & Pat Van Es Gary & Anne Van Eyk Maria Van Eyk Adrian & Jean Van Geest Cor & Barbara Van Geest Ed & Tena Van Geest James E. Van Geest Neil & Mary Jane Van Geest William & Nel Van Geest Cornelis & Lenie van Ginkel Harry & Jane Van Gurp Phil & Rita Van Hartingsveldt John & Jean Van Hemert Audrey van Herk John & Irene Van Hoffen Steven & Elizabeth Van Hoffen Bert & Rudolfina Van Holst Rita Van Holst Joanne Van Huis Peter & Jackie Van Huizen Fred & Evelyn Van Laare Gary & Helen Van Leeuwen

Ann van Lenthe Melvin & Kiny Van Lingen Hans & Sadie Van Manen Wikje Van Marrum Jack & Martiny Van Meggelen Jan & Dorothy Van Meppelen Scheppink Jerry & Linda Van Minnen Ton & Tea Van Nes John & Margaret Van Niejenhuis William & Christine Van Oene Maarten & Carolina Van Oord Peter & Colleen Van Ooyen Len & Shirley Van Raamsdonk John & Klazina Van Rooyen Keith & Betty Van Rys Evert Van Sligtenhorst Gil & Jane Van Soelen Brian & Gerda van Staalduinen William & Grace van Staalduinen Wilma Van Staalduinen John & Myra Van Stempvoort Gus & Fenny Van Straten Harry & Bea Van Til John Van Til Paul & Grada Van Vliet Alan & Pam Van Weelden James & Adriana Van Weelden Susan Van Weelden William & Adriana Van Wely William Van Wieren Jacqueline Van Wijk Neeltje Van Wyngaarden Barry & Patricia Van Zoeren Wiebe & Ruth Van Zwol Gerrit & Maatje Van’t Foort Jan & Linda VanBarneveld Bill & Grace VanBelle Ernie & Helen VanBoom William & Angela VanBrugge Frank & Ineke VanBruinessen Truus VanBruinessen David & Margaret Vance Fenny Vandaalen Albert & Ann vande Wetering John & Diane Vandemeent John & Betty Vanden Ende Brian & Elizabeth Vandenberg Catharina Vandenberg Henry & Cornelia VanDenBroek Judy VanDenBroek

Christine A. VandenDool Nathaniel VandenDool Anthonie VandenEnde Bert & Gertie VandenHazel John & Edith Vander Ende Sam & Mary Vander Flier Ken & Margaret Vander Horst Bill & Hilda Vander Klippe Maria C. Vander Klippe Stephen & Maria Vander Klippe Harry & Alma Vander Kooij P.J. Vander Kooij Peter & Leni Vander Kooij Ray & Susan Vander Kooij Henry & Anne Vander Laan Harry & Rosa Vander Lek Arie & Menk Vander Lugt Jack & Gerry Vander Schaaf Dirk W. Vander Steen Hans & Alice Vander Stoep Robert Vander Velde Ron & Cathy Vander Vliet Jason & Melissa Vander Wier John & Riek Vander Zwaag Herbert Vanderbeek Louie & Jenny VanderBerg Mary Vanderburgh Catharine Vandergang Jan & Wilhelmina VanderGeest Andy & Jenny VanderHeide Fred & Joleen Vanderheide Gerald & Nelly Vanderheide John & Shirley VanderHeide Judy A. Vanderheide Kevin VanderHeide Margaret VanderHeide Martin & Anna Vanderheiden Robert & Inez Vanderhill Albert & Nell Vanderhorst Willem & Antonia Vanderhorst Andy & Betty Vanderhout John Vanderhout James & G. Wilma Vanderkloet Gerald & Margaret Vanderkooi John & Ieka Vanderkooi Alice VanderKooy Bep Vanderkooy Jack & Margaret Vanderkooy John & Jean Vanderkooy Leni VanderKooy Paul & Susan VanderKooy

Art & Dorothy VanderKruk Case & Dianne Vanderkruk Mark & Andrea VanderKruk James & Lara Vanderlaan Ralph & Alice Vanderlinde Jeff & Debra Vandermeer Egbert & Clara Vandermeer Harold & Bea Vandermeer Peter & Willie Vandermeer Ali VanderMeulen Charles & Margaret VanderMeulen Harmen & Gerda VanderMeulen Jacob & Anna vanderMeulen Keith & Alie Vandermeulen Kevin & Sharon VanderMeulen Petronella Vandermey Minne & Annie VanderMolen Tiny C. VanderMunnik Gys & Gerry VanderPerk Lynn Vanderplaat Andy & Anne VanderPloeg Dirk & Betsy VanderPloeg Gerrit VanderPloeg John & Anna VanderPloeg Ralph & Alice VanderPloeg Ray & Helen VanderPloeg Harold & Sylvia VanderSluis Cornelis & Alice VanderSpek Bob & Betty Vanderstelt Jenny Vanderstelt Harry & Wendy Vandertol William Vandertuin Elizabeth VanderVecht Andy Vanderveen Ed & Greta VanderVeen Eric & Carolyn Vanderveen Kelvin & Crystal Vanderveen Les & Agnes Vanderveen Theo & Ellen Vanderveen Audrey VanderVelde Beatrice Vandervelde William & Tine Vandervelde Robert & Mary VanderVennen Jake & Pauline Vanderwal John & Margaret VanderWal Elsie Vanderweg Charles Vanderwel Henrica Vanderwel John Vanderwel George Vanderwerf & Nell Heyman Gerald & Trudy Vanderwillik


Edward & Karen VanderWindt Harry & Henny VanderWindt H. & B. VanderZaag Ben & Ena Vandezande Gerald & Wynne Vandezande Ron & Jane VanDorp Peter & Neeltje VanDriel George & Gerda VanDyk Jacob & Christine VanDyk Jack & Margo VanGilst James & Jennifer VanGurp Peter & Jean VanHelden Ben & Willy Vanhuizen John & Judy VanHuizen Dave & Faye VanKesteren Jeremy VanKesteren William & Audrey VanKeulen Guy & Sylvia VanMarum Case & Pauline VanNoord Ann Vanschepen Henry & Evelyn Vanschepen Bill & Annette VanSoelen Jane VanSpengen Tony & Louise Vanwyngaarden Fred & Kathryn Vedder Gerard & Hendrika Vedder Jane Vedder John & Cathy Vedder Betty Veenbaas Bill & Anne Veeneman Pim Veeneman Jacoba Veenendaal Bill & Dorothy Veenhof Bob & Ann Veenkamp Alice Veenstra Andy & Ada Veenstra Harm & Jean Veenstra Sake & Gerda Veenstra Walter & Cindy Veenstra William & Lucy Veenstra WilmaJoy Veenstra William & Leida Veldboom Jeff & Karen Veldhoen Kevin & Audrey Veldman Martha Veldmeyer Itske & Nelly Veldstra Ann Vellenga Ted Vellenga Dirk & Peta Velthuizen Audrey Venema Frank & Jessie Venema


Leny Venema Norma Venema Peter Venema Pieter & Yolanda Venema Steve Venhuizen & Ruth M. Hofman Andy & Harmina Verboom Nick & Marrie Verburg Jack & Marlene Verduyn Jessie Verduyn Cor & Hetty Verhage Brian & Nanda Verheul Richard Verheul Willy Verhoef Andy & Jackie Verhulst Dick & Mary Vermeer Nell Vermeer Peter & Marg Vermeer William & Mary Vermeer John & Maria Verschoor Gerard & Irene Versluis Adriana Versteeg Robert & Julia Versteeg Margaret H. Verver Ted & Peggy Viersen Klaas Visbeek Ed Visee Willy Visscher Brian & Theresa Visser Gaele & Coby Visser Gertie Visser Jennie Visser Jim & Hennie Visser John & Michelle Visser John & Joyce Visser Murray & Jenny Visser Peter & Martha Visser Sid & Ann Visser Sidney & Toby Visser Atje Vlasblom Trudy Vollenweider Jean Vollick Theo & Debbie Vonk Helen Vonsolkema Bob & Grace Voorberg Ron & Hilda Voorberg Tracy Voorberg Frances Voortman Harry & Anne Voortman William Voortman Kornelis Vording Ralph & Joanne Vording

Paul & Anna Vos Arjan & Sheri Vos Jack Vos & Debbie VanLeusen Paul & Dinie Vos Pete & Jane Vos Wilfred & Jenny-Lynn Vos John & Janet Voskamp John & Debbie Vreken Margaret Vreken Adrian & Trudie Vreugdenhil Andrew Vreugdenhil & Karen L. Bisschop Helen E. Vreugdenhil Kees & Liz Vreugdenhil Jake & Minke Vriend John & Ada Vriend George & Winnifred Vroom Leslie & Angela Vuyk Dick Vyn, Sr. Martin & Ingrid Vyn Ralph & Joyce Vyn Michael & Shirley Wagner Corrie Walhout William J. Wallace Elbert & Dicky Walter Emmy Walton Evert & Klaziena Wassink Gerrit & Patricia Wassink Harin & Shiranee Watson Heather Weber Doug & Brenda Weening Rita Weening Albert & Grace Weesjes Henry & Marian Weesjes Steven & Karen Werkema Melvin & Ann Werkman Albert Wesselink Rolph & Freda Wesselson Albert & Suzanna Westerhof Henry & Liz Westerhof Jacob & Ida Westerhof Ceus & Nelly Westerhoff Geraldine Westerik Ben & Melanie Westerveld Tony & Jean Wever Len & Jane Weverink Victor & Ena Weverink Ian P. White & Brenda Brouwer-White Keith & Ann Wielink Arendina Wierenga Lourens & Auke Wierenga

Wilma Wierenga Hilke & Alice Wieringa Henry & Gail Wiersema Jannes & Cathy Wiersema Bram & Coby Wiersma Elco & Ann Wiersma Joe & Hilda Wiersma John & Florence Wiersma John & Delina Wiersma Richard & Gena Wiersma Rick & Suzanne Wiersma Sarah Wiersma William & Magdalena Wiersma Ralph & Willy Wigboldus David & Melissa Wikkerink Dick & Femmy Wikkerink Glen & Carla Wikkerink John & Linda Wikkerink Richard & Susan Wikkerink Henry & Jan Wildeboer Dale & Elizabeth Williams Richard & Cora Wilms Dirk & Gerri Windhorst Peter & Katie Winter Aukelina Witterholt Ike & Jennie Witteveen Stephen & Corine Witteveen Lowell & Nell Witvoet Timothy & Teresa Wolfert Albert & Alice Wolters Paul & Yvonne Wolters Peter & Frances Wolters Gus & Irene Wolting Pieter & Trixie Wonder Rita Wong Donald & Aukje Wonnacott Clarence & Akkie Woudsma William & Gaye Wyma Bill & Marlene Wymenga Grace Wymenga Margaret J. Wymenga Wendy Wymenga Mike & Ann Wynands John & Sybil Wynia George & Aafke Ypma Sidney & Brenda Ypma Siebe & Martha Ypma Herman & Jenny Yzerman Peter & Barbara Yzerman Allan & Ann Zandberg Peter & Elizabeth Zandstra

Elly Zantingh John & Alida Zantingh Petra Zantingh Willy Zantingh Alida Zegerius Jacob & Ada Zekveld Len & Dianne Zevenbergen Henry & Grace Zomer Richard & Harriet Zomer Andrew & Ingrid Zomerman Paula L. Zondag William & Sara Zondag Angie Zondervan Henry & Cathy Zuidema Melle Zwaagstra Edward N. Zwart Hank Zwiers Fred & Lucy Zylstra John & Margaret Zylstra Kees & Johanna Zylstra Teresa Zylstra

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2009-2010 Annual Report  

2009-2010 Annual Report

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