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JOINING FORCES How the SET community pulled together to overcome the challenges of 2020

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In partnership with

JOINING FORCES How the SET community pulled together to overcome the challenges of 2020






Introducing members’ first port of call when they need SET assistance – the customer service࣢team

How the SET Management Board and Practitioner Advisory Group worked together in 2020





Despite the impact of Covid-19, SET saw 12 months of notable achievements, from welcoming new corporate partners to embracing࣢online membership

The evolution of professional skills and standards continues with QTLS and ATS

12 CODE OF PRACTICE Guidelines for professional conduct

6 SET COMMUNITY Working with leading members of the FE community helped raise standards and provide vital resources for practitioners

Combined effort




13 BENEFITS From webinars to legal aid and a new website, SET members have a wide range of resources to draw on


he year 2020 proved to be quite an experience, and not in the way any of us were expecting 12 months ago. But if there’s one thing that we can take from it, it’s just how well the further education (FE) sector can cope when we all pull together, whether that’s delivering online lessons to learners or undertaking professional development through virtual conferences. This special edition of inTuition showcases some of the achievements of the past 12 months, made all the more remarkable by the circumstances under which we have all been operating. You can read about some of the highlights on pages 4 and 5. But SET’s community of professionals is only strong because of people like you – our members – and you get a glimpse into how it all comes together on pages 6 and 7, helped by leading FE professionals such as Sarah Simons and Geoff Petty. You can read, too, about the


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role the SET Management Board and Practitioner Advisory Group play in helping to shape the work we do, and ensuring we serve the interests of all our members on pages 8 and 9. Finally, I’d like to thank you, and all our members who have adapted so well to the challenges of the last 12 months. Not only have you ensured that people across the entire FE spectrum have been able to continue learning, you’ve also found time to help others, including local communities and sharing your knowledge and expertise with the wider educational sector. We know this year will have challenges too, but we can be genuinely confident we’re all in a better position to face them after the experience of 2020. I look forward to joining you on the journey.


MARTIN REID, director, SET

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Here to help For many Society for Education and Training (SET) members, 0800 093 9111 is the first port of call when in need of support. Here are some of the people on the other end of the phone

Gavin, customer service manager

What was your proudest moment in your role in 2020? I’m very lucky to do something I like for a living. I really enjoy interacting with our members and members of the public. I enjoy it most when I can assist and the recipient is satisfied with my࣢service. What do you like most about your job? Learning more every day. Assisting others and the collaboration within the customer service team and the ETF. What has been your biggest life lesson in 2020? To be appreciative of what I࣢have. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why? Barbados. I loved the slow pace of life, the people࣢and the࣢culture.

MEET YOUR WIDER SET MEMBERSHIP TEAM RACHEL CARLYON Marketing officer LEWIS DAN QTLS programme co-ordinator JULIA FAULKS Communications editor

ALANA HORDEN Head of membership ELLIE LOCKE Membership engagement manager STEPHANIE WALLIS Relationship manager

ANGELA NORMAN SET systems officer AMANDA PARKES SET co-ordinator MARTIN REID SET director

Lathangie, customer service administrator What was your proudest moment in your role in 2020? I would say securing a role with the ETF/SET in the midst of a pandemic. I always wanted to work with a charity, so this is a dream come true. What do you like most about your job? It is very rewarding to provide teachers and leaders with the help they need to perform better, to advance their career and, most importantly, to empower them to feel more࣢confident. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your࣢mentor? Perhaps Diego Perez, known as Yung Pueblo. I really enjoyed his book Hacia Dentro࣢(Inward). What has been your biggest life lesson in 2020? Dealing with difficult situations is made easier when you face them with a positive mindset. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why? Sri Lanka. It was magical finding out about my own culture and where my parents grew up.

Ruksar, customer service administrator What has been your biggest life lesson in 2020? A member was having login issues and was feeling quite frustrated. I was able to assist and, once the problem was resolved, they complimented me on my professionalism and customer service skills. What do you like most about your job? My colleagues are extremely helpful and supportive. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your࣢mentor? Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. He founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network. What has been your biggest life lesson in 2020? Life is too short, tomorrow is never promised, so we should live life to the fullest. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why? Turkey, visiting historical sites. It was a family holiday, and it gave us time to bond with one࣢another. Contact: membership.enquiries@


What was your proudest moment in your role in 2020? Maintaining great customer service throughout a crazy year, training new starters and expanding the team. What do you like most about your job? It’s fulfilling seeing a team come together, support each other and achieve results. I enjoy being a part of that as well as supporting individuals to develop in their career. What has been your biggest life lesson in 2020? Wash your hands! Just kidding. Like a lot of people, I feel I’ve gained quite a bit of perspective this year. Also, to appreciate what you have. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why? Sardinia. I love the food, the weather, everything!

Giovanna, customer service administrator


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No one could have predicted quite how 2020 would turn out at the start of the year. But despite the trials of Covid-19, SET notched up a number of notable achievements. Here are some of the highlights


#ETFSUPPORTSFE CAMPAIGN The ETF launched its #ETFSupportsFE campaign to support teachers, trainers and SET members through the challenges that Covid-19 brought to their daily lives

EMBRACING ONLINE In response to Covid-19, we moved student and corporate partner presentations online. Using technology enabled us to still reach prospective and existing partners

NEW WEBINAR SERIES We launched an exclusive webinar series with Geoff Petty to support SET members (and the wider education sector) to adapt to new remote and blended teaching approaches. The series also covered how to keep eep learners ea e s motivated during uring this time


NEW CORPORATE PARTNERS Halesowen College and Hoople࣢Ltd joined as SET corporate࣢partners

SET MANAGEMENT BOARD (SMB) MEETING The SMB met in SET’s London office on 16 January. The newly appointed chair, Jim Crompton, and vice-chair, Barbara Van Der Eecken, held their first meeting, as well as welcoming a new lay member to the SMB, Sarah࣢Whiteside-Jones


INTUITION, SPRING ISSUE This was the last issue before we changed our media partner, and was released in March alongside a 2019 SET year-in-review pull-out. The main issue of the journal featured an interview with Professor Jo Boaler on how a growth mindset enables students to get to grips with maths

CUSTOMER SERVICE RECRUITS We welcomed three new members to our customer services team


NEW CORPORATE PARTNERS Barnsley College, Nacro, Springfield Training and The Learning Enterprise (Virgin Care) joined as SET corporate partners

PRACTITIONER ADVISORY GROUP (PAG) MEETING The PAG met in London for a full day to share their feedback on a variety of topical issues in the further education (FE) sector


INTUITIONN SSUE SPECIAL ISSUE To respond nd to the impact pact Covid-19 was having on the FE sector, we produced a special issue of inTuition. It covered topics on online learning, mental wellbeing advice and information on the ETF’s online CPD, webinars and support

ATS ELIGIBILITY CHANGE The eligibility for Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) was revised, with non-QTLS and QTS holders invited to apply if they had at least five years’ experience since qualification


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INTUITION, SUMMER ISSUE Our first full issue of inTuition was produced with our new media partner, Redactive Media Group

ATS BURSARY INTRODUCED In June 2020 a bursary worth £500 was made available to 100 SET members joining the October 2020 cohort to work towards Advanced Teacher Status (ATS)

NEW CORPORATE PARTNERS Highlands College – Jersey, Loughborough College and New Directions College (Reading Borough Council) joined as SET corporate partners

NEW MEMBER BENEFIT Introduction of a new legal࣢helpline. See membership/law-express for more details

SET MANAGEMENT BOARD MEETING The SMB attended the first online meeting on 7 May, discussing SET’s online engagement plan among other topics

It became the second institution to partner with SET to offer the new pathway to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status


ONLINE MEMBERSHIP CARDS AND CERTIFICATES We introduced an ecofriendly way of getting your membership documents to you



NEW PAG MEMBERS Eight SET members joined the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) to strengthen the membership’s voice

NEW QTLS EPORTFOLIO LAUNCHED Based on member feedback, the SET team began piloting a new ePortfolio system, based on the same platform at the ATS ePortfolio

INTUITION READERSHIP SURVEY With a new look and feel, members shared their thoughts on the redesigned inTuition so we can continue to make improvements

NEW CORPORATE PARTNER Livability Nash joined as a SET corporate partner



This issue of the quarterly journal featured a Technical Teaching supplement exploring topics such as the required skills for the future and the introduction of T Levels. The main issue included an interview with Sue Pember CBE, director of policy and external relations at HOLEX

The third annual SET conference took place. Due to restrictions this was a fully digital event, and the highest attended SET conference yet!



MEMBERSHIP SURVEY The SET membership research survey was launched as part of SET’s wider research project

MEMBERSHIP RESEARCH STARTS Working with an independent research agency, we commissioned a project exploring what professionals across the FE sector value from their membership body

UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH SIGNS UP FOR QTLS LICENSING SCHEME From this year, the University of Greenwich School of Education will welcome its first set of trainees for QTLS who are existing alumni or who have studied at one of its satellite࣢colleges

SET MANAGEMENT BOARD MEETING SET updated the SMB on performance and key projects. The SMB provided feedback on a career࣢framework

PRACTITIONER ADVISORY GROUP MEETING (ONLINE) The PAG met online for the first time me and took part in several online workshops, providing feedback on a range of topics from SET communities and d networks to learning support staff ff


INTUITION, WINTER ISSUEE The final issue of inTuition n in 2020 included a research supplement offering insights and guidance on effective practitioner-led research. The main issue featured an interview with Jane Hickie, managing director of AELP, and an article on equality, diversity and inclusion


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Working with leading members of the FE community has helped raise standards in the sector and provided vital resources for practitioners Sarah Simons I’ve been a wandering further education (FE) enthusiast for ages: a sessional lecturer, columnist at Tes magazine, and critical friend to CEOs. I’ve spoken at events and consulted on projects, as well as being ‘matron’ of the UKFEchat community. Yet when I was accepted onto the SET Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) I knew there’d be lots to learn, and that I could share some stuff I have picked up on my FE adventures too. What I hadn’t anticipated was the boost that the vibrant group discussions and the new friends I’d make would give me. The PAG get-togethers are like a mini SET conference – and if you were in attendance at #SETConf2020, you would know what a fabulous day that was! I look forward to these meetings as I know they will renew my sense of purpose and leave me buzzing with energy and ideas. I get a similar hug of warm collegial reassurance when I sit down with SET’s inTuition journal. When I read about research or theory and it’s communicated in a way that makes sense to me, it helps give me confidence – not only that I’m up to date with my practice, but that I’m aware of the evolving pedagogical thought from the FE community.

Being a member of SET is all about being part of a community. It’s accessible, welcoming and supportive. That’s what’s in it for me.

Geoff Petty I’ve really enjoyed doing the webinars for SET. I think teachers are having a very difficult task coping with lockdown and changing restrictions, and in many cases a complete rethink about how they work. It has also been a challenge for me to give clear guidance about how teachers can teach in the age of Covid-19, but my series of webinars on this topic have had a lot of interest and I’ve been delighted by the response. I worry that many teachers think that

lockdown means they must record videos and create other special resources, and that their students must work alone and often unsupported. But there are so many other approaches that are both easier and more effective than conventional ‘online learning’. Each webinar has tackled a different aspect of teaching remotely, and there have been some very intelligent questions at the end of each of them from people like you. Similarly, I enjoyed doing my bit for the recent SET conference on the future of teaching. It’s great to have the opportunity to reach out to teachers tackling their difficult but vital job. Teachers touch lives for ever. You are the engine that recreates civilisation and culture for every new generation. We can feel proud we coped with 2020, but it wasn’t easy, was it? Please accept from me a metaphorical and socially distanced pat on the back!

Stuart Philip, director – teaching, learning and development, and Sarah Jordi, co-ordinator – teaching, learning and development at Highlands College, Jersey (SET corporate partner)

The SET corporate partnership has been an aspiration for the college for a few years now. The onboarding process was excellent, and there was always a speedy and supportive response to individual enquiries. The self-assessment tools have provided staff with a more robust performance, review and appraisal process leading to more targeted personal development, both individually and across departments. Membership has also provided staff with enhanced career development and professional recognition through Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills and Advanced Teacher Status. Increased access to FE-focused research and CPD through both the SET website and wider Education and Training Foundation resources online is invaluable, especially as we are the only FE college on the island. Finally, support from Stephanie Wallis (SET’s relationship manager), and others, Priya Lakhani, founder of Century, delivers a session on artificial intelligence at last year’s virtual SET conference has been excellent.




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A NEW DAWN FOR INTUITION SET Facebook groups (SET/QTLS/ ATS/Local Network Groups/Webchats and webinars) With five SET Facebook groups linked from our main SET Facebook page, you can network, ask questions and share best practice with teachers and trainers who work across the sector. If you have a question, we can make sure you are getting the help you need. If you need input into a piece of research, you are welcome to seek responses from our group members. By exchanging information and advice with others, you can be reassured that you are on the right path and, at the same time, feel a sense of satisfaction in helping others. Additionally, our online communities give you the opportunity to talk to a fresh group of people and gain new perspectives on a range of topics. We may also ask you for your opinions on different subjects, which, in turn, helps shape the content we produce. Find out more at

Redactive Media Group is a specialist membership publishing and events agency, and came onboard with inTuition back in March. It was just before Covid-19 hit, meaning our first job was to create a special issue to help teachers and trainers cope with the transition to online learning. Our first full issue followed in June, introducing a brand-new design with improved sectioning, imagery and infographics. Our content provides a mix of features written by education journalists, interview pieces, opinion columns and research. Highlights so far include interviews with Amanda Melton and Sue Pember CBE, features on how the sector has coped with Covid-19, and research pieces on topics ranging from helping learners perform under pressure to improving their ability to absorb and recall information. We’ve also produced two bound-in supplements this year, on technical teaching and practitioner research and development. Special thanks to all those who have contributed and helped to shape the journal.

#ETFSupportsFE Covid-19 and the subsequent move from face-to-face teaching and training to blended or online teaching for most sector colleagues created a need for CPD and support to aid this change. We created a support campaign, #ETFSupportsFE, to provide additional resources for leaders, managers and practitioners including online CPD, digital teaching support, webinars and a special issue of inTuition. We promoted and signposted to relevant content and CPD opportunities across both the ETF and SET’s social media channels. Through the campaign, we increased the delivery of free and bespoke ETF and SET webinars, with key sector practitioners and partners, to support practitioners’ developing Covid-19 CPD needs for the benefit of learners. In addition to this, we provided information and advice on supporting teachers’ and trainers’ health and wellbeing. For more information, visit


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Jim Crompton FSET, SMB CHAIR Second in command, British Army’s Staff Leadership School I don’t know exactly what I expected from my first year as chair of the Society for Education and Training (SET), but 2020 wasn’t it. I was lucky to already be a member of the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and the SET Management Board (SMB), and I was keen to continue the great work that had been done in previous years. In January, the SMB welcomed additional members, including our first lay member, Sarah Whiteside-Jones, who has brought incredible insights from outside the further education (FE) sector. Over the year, we have examined and agreed an extension to the rules on qualifications to enable more people

LAST YEAR SHOWED US THAT THERE IS A REAL DESIRE FOR PEOPLE TO PULL TOGETHER to access SET Fellowship, reviewed the ways in which we engaged with our members and prospective members, and looked at how we provide the best online experience for our members through our ‘Transform’ project. There has been a significant review of professional status, what it means and what the future might look like. There has also been detailed consideration of

career frameworks and how both SET and the ETF can support them. And finally, in November 2020, we ran a virtual conference, which was the best attended SET conference to date. Last year showed us that there is a real desire for people to pull together, to find new ways of working and to support each other. In spite of the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been blown away by the dedication and resilience of everyone involved in SET. I don’t know quite what 2021 will bring, but I can’t wait to get stuck into it as a member of SET and see how we can provide an even better experience for staff and learners across the FE and training sector.

The SET Management Board and Practitioner Advisory Group play a vital role in helping shape the work of SET and ensuring it remains accountable to members. Here, we hear from some of the key figures of both bodies during 2020



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LAY MEMBER SET MANAGEMENT BOARD A lay member is someone who serves on a board or committee of an organisation that furthers the interests of a particular profession, in SET’s case teachers and trainers, but is someone who is not from that profession

Sarah WhitesideJones Head of member engagement, Institute of the Motor Industry I have worked in the membership sector for 13 years, so when I saw that SET was looking for a lay member, I felt I would be a good fit for

the࣢organisation. It is important to bring an impartial and independent perspective to the discussions, as well as challenge the status quo to add strength to the overall governance structure. As a lay member, it is my role to help put the member at the forefront of the conversation, challenge the board to stay focused on


Nicole Capon FSET QTLS, MEMBER OF THE PRACTITIONER ADVISORY GROUP (PAG) Director at Windmill Training It has been just over a year since I was elected as a PAG member, and while this has been a challenging year for us all, I have been encouraged by the continued involvement SET has had with its members. The PAG is represented by members from across the sector, including offender learning, the army and apprenticeship providers. Our regular PAG meetings this year have involved discussions such as the progress of the digital transformation project and the Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) entry requirement. As a result of our feedback, SET decided to adjust its eligibility criteria to enable more skilled teachers and trainers to apply for the ATS. Unable to have our June meeting due to Covid-19, SET continued to include its members with online workshops and focus groups. I joined the ATS re-accreditation focus group to discuss the value of ATS and how it could be recognised in the wider teaching community. It was inspiring to

the value we are providing to SET members, and ensure we understand who our members are and how SET can best help them. I also bring a deep understanding of the challenges faced by professional membership organisations, as well as a history of tried and tested strategies to enhance the overall member࣢experience. My role demonstrates to members that SET believes in being transparent and holding itself accountable. This should provide members with confidence in SET’s


MY ROLE DEMONSTRATES TO MEMBERS THAT SET BELIEVES IN BEING TRANSPARENT AND HOLDING ITSELF ACCOUNTABLE ability to support its members with the best solutions to enhance their professional development.


THIS IS A DIRECT EXAMPLE OF SET LISTENING TO ITS MEMBERS AND THE PAG be with those who have achieved their ATS and the pride they had in the new accreditation and Chartered Teacher Status – in fact, this is now on my list for the next cohort! SET also held an online focus group where we were asked to share our views on SET and its memberships. Afterwards, the next PAG meeting discussed some of the areas raised, which led us to discuss further qualifications post the standard Initial Teacher Education qualifications. It has been inspiring to see how our ideas and shared experiences have a direct impact on how SET continues to evolve, and I am excited to see what 2021 will bring.

We’ve been working to further support our growing student membership base and implement tools to provide a crucial channel of student member feedback and advice on the work carried out by SET. We have seen an increase in the number of learners completing their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) qualification take up the free SET student membership offer, and we’ll be introducing new ways for both trainee teachers and those in their first years postqualification to feed into SET strategy in the coming months. For more information, contact ellie.locke@

If you would like to know more about how you could join the PAG, contact


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Raising the bar B

oth Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) and Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) are now firmly established as nationally recognised progression routes for SET members who have completed their initial teacher training. The two schemes are complementary. QTLS, the badge of professionalism for the sector, helps teachers and trainers signal to employers and colleagues their commitment to excellence, as well as the additional impact professional formation brings to their teaching. ATS, launched in 2017, meanwhile, helps teachers and trainers transform their practice further and offers them many opportunities to present research and influence real change in their organisations. Over the course of 2020, SET introduced a number of new initiatives designed to help the two schemes evolve and remain relevant. Some of those are highlighted here.

QTLS licensing

Getting an early step up on the career ladder can be a real confidence boost to those entering teaching in the further education sector, and a new initiative from SET has now made this even easier. SET has partnered with a number of university education departments to offer a new route for trainee teachers to achieve QTLS status after their initial teacher training. They will be able to pursue this nationally recognised status as part of their continuing studies and after completion of their teacher training, rather than having to apply to work towards it separately. It also means they have access to a discounted rate, with some institutions even choosing to cover the fee entirely. “It’s an attractive offer for anyone in the sector,” says Andrew Dowell, head of professional status at the Education and Training Foundation. “We want to make it part of a natural career࣢progression.”

ATS eligibility

ATS BURSARIES In June 2020, a bursary worth £500 was made available to 100 SET members joining the October 2020 cohort to work towards ATS status. This was made available in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to support individuals and organisations by ensuring they can benefit from the developmental process leading to ATS, without having to worry about the finances.

In response to feedback, the eligibility for ATS was revised in 2020, with nonQTLS and Qualified Teacher Status holders invited to apply for the period of professional development, if they had at least five years’ experience since achieving their teaching qualification. The reasoning behind this is simple: we are keen to see the number of excellent and experienced teachers who undertake the ATS programme grow as we believe this will demonstrate professionalism at the highest level in the sector.


The QTLS and ATS schemes have continued to evolve over the past year to help encourage more teachers and trainers to develop their professional skills and improve teaching standards, says Andrew Dowell


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New ePortfolio for QTLS Based on member feedback, in October 2020 the SET team began piloting a new ePortfolio system, based on the same platform as the ATS ePortfolio. The new platform allowed the integration of the Professional Standards self-assessment, professional development plan and CPD log, which was previously captured in the SET dashboard and uploaded into the ePortfolio. The new ePortfolio platform has also allowed the SET team to complete eligibility checks at the start of the programme.

FURTHER INFO The Professional Standards self-assessment tool: The Professional Standards research tool: The ETF’s YouTube channel: The ETF’s self-development guide: Find out how QTLS and ATS has helped learners at

The New Year presents a great opportunity to review your current teaching practice and explore areas for࣢development. The Professional Standards selfassessment tool provides teachers and trainers with a simple, quick and effective way to understand how well they are currently performing against the Professional Standards. The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has also produced a self-development guide, outlining how to make the most of the Professional Standards in teachers’ current settings. This is further complemented by the Professional Standards research tool, which provides an interactive map of the 20 standards, drawn from research and other formal evidence and published articles. Teachers and trainers can use this to help demonstrate how they are continuing to develop their pedagogical skills and subject specialist knowledge in relation to the relevant standards. In early 2020, new videos were also launched illustrating how the Professional Standards can underpin a change in the way that staff development takes place. They focus on work at four provider institutions – Guernsey College, Lincoln College, MoD Lyneham and Waltham Forest College – which have transformed the way that professional development takes place, moving away from topdown performance management to put responsibility into the hands of࣢practitioners. While each provider’s starting point, circumstances and story are certainly different, the benefits of engaging with the Professional Standards experienced at each have some striking similarities. The four videos can be watched on the ETF’s YouTube channel. Andrew Dowell is head of professional status at the ETF


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SET: Code of Practice The Society for Education and Training (SET) Code of Practice sets out the professional behaviour and conduct expected of members of SET The Code is divided into two sections: 1. Mandatory, actionable provisions – all members of SET must comply with these provisions in order to become and remain a member. If a member does not comply with these requirements, then SET reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership. 2. Aspirational provisions – all members of SET are expected to work towards these requirements as part of their professional practice. We encourage members to follow these standards but will not refuse or cancel membership on this basis.

Mandatory, actionable provisions All members of SET must: 1. Uphold the reputation of the profession – you must not behave in such a way that is likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in you and in the࣢profession. 2. Act honestly and with integrity in the educational setting. 3. Use reasonable* professional judgement when discharging your responsibilities and obligations to learners, colleagues, institutions and the wider profession. 4. Take reasonable care to ensure the safety and welfare of learners and comply with relevant statutory provisions to support their wellbeing and development. 5. Respect the rights of learners and colleagues in accordance with relevant legislation and organisation requirements.

6. Act in such a way which recognises diversity as an asset and does not discriminate unfairly. 7. Act in accordance with the conditions of membership which may be subject to change from time to time. 8. Comply with all reasonable requests for information from SET (including all reasonable requests that you consent to the disclosure of information held by third parties about you). 9. Co-operate with any investigation in your capacity as a further education professional and in accordance with the law. 10. Notify SET within 21 days of any of the following occurring: You are made the subject of a bar, partial bar, warning or any other action by the Secretary of State or the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in relation to misconduct or working with children, young people or vulnerable adults. You are charged with, convicted of, or cautioned for a criminal࣢offence. Your contract of employment has been terminated due to disciplinary reasons, in line with the ACAS Code of Practice. You are informed that you are under investigation by any professional or regulatory body, or that you will be the subject of a disciplinary hearing by any employer, in this country or࣢abroad. 11. Notify SET of any other information which may have a bearing on your suitability for membership, including anything which is likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in you and in the࣢profession. 12. Not seek to dissuade any person from raising a concern, or act unfairly towards them if they do.

* Whether or not something is reasonable will depend on an objective assessment in light of all the circumstances that exist, including the standards and practices in place throughout the profession at the time. If no reasonable member of the profession would have acted in a particular way given the circumstances that exist, that conduct will be unreasonable.

Aspirational provisions

All members of SET are expected to work towards the requirements of the 2014 Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers. We encourage all members to assess themselves at least annually against the Professional Standards and to build their own professional development programme based on this࣢comparison. This is enabled by the SET Member Dashboard and SelfAssessment Tool. Members undertaking QTLS are required to assess themselves against the Professional Standards as part of developing their e-portfolio. The Professional Standards: Set out clear expectations of effective practice in education and training. Enable teachers and trainers to identify areas for their own professional development. Support initial teacher education training. Provide a national reference point that organisations can use to support the development of their staff. The Professional Standards require you to demonstrate commitment to: 1. Reflect on what works best in your teaching and learning to meet the diverse needs of learners. 2. Evaluate and challenge your practice, values and beliefs. 3. Inspire, motivate and raise aspirations of learners through your enthusiasm and knowledge. 4. Be creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help learners to learn. 5. Value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion. 6. Build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners. 7. Maintain and update knowledge of your subject and/or vocational area. 8. Maintain and update your knowledge of educational research to develop evidence-based practice. 9. Apply theoretical understanding of effective practice in teaching, learning and assessment, drawing on research and other evidence. 10. Evaluate your practice with others and assess its impact on࣢learning. 11. Manage and promote positive learner behaviour. 12. Understand the teaching and professional role and your responsibilities. 13. Motivate and inspire learners to promote achievement and develop their skills to enable progression. 14. Plan and deliver effective learning programmes for diverse groups or individuals in a safe and inclusive environment. 15. Promote the benefits of technology and support learners in its use. 16. Address the maths and English needs of learners and work creatively to overcome individual barriers to learning. 17. Enable learners to share responsibility for their own learning and assessment, setting goals that stretch and challenge. 18. Apply appropriate and fair methods of assessment and provide constructive and timely feedback to support progression and achievement. 19. Maintain and update your teaching and training expertise and vocational skills through collaboration with employers. 20. Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others.


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Perks of the job SET members have access to a wide and varied range of benefits with their membership. Here are just some of them, and how they have been received over the last 12 months

DIGITAL EXPERIENCES WEBINARS We have been running Society for Education and Training (SET) webinars for several years, but it was only in 2020 that we decided to switch on the webcam functionality to bring you a more personalised digital experience. Webinars have focused on how to support you and your learners to adapt to new teaching methods and maintain motivation. Our new monthly webinar series, by teacher and author Geoff Petty, saw an average of 200 people attending live, with many more viewing the on-demand version. We also held webinars hosted by a range of experts and our very own SET members. Additionally, this year we introduced a personalised downloadable certificate for anyone attending live SET webinars, which is a great way to showcase professional development work. To access webinars on demand and find out what’s coming up, visit SET-resources-and-webinars

WEBCHATS SET webchats are hosted on our Facebook event wall as a text-only, live question-and-answer event. We know that many of you find it hard to make time during your working day to take part in online CPD and events, which is why we run these at 8 to 9pm. You are able to dip in and out of the events, with a written transcript published over the following days so you can see the questions raised. Over the past year our hosts have been on hand to answer questions on the professional formation process, motivating learners, and how to support your mental health and wellbeing. We always welcome ideas from SET members on topics to cover, or if you would like to host a webchat or webinar yourself, please get in touch. To take part in future webchats, join our Webchats Facebook group at




of respondents rate inTuition as a good or inTui excellent memb member benefit


agree reading inTuition has a positive impact on their professional practice


agree inTuition contains invaluable information that helps them do their job


agree inTuition helps them stay up to date with changes and trends in the FE sector


think inTuition is an authoritative voice in the FE sector


of respondents have used tips and advice from the journal at work


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MEMBERSHIP DOCUMENTS In line with our sustainable initiatives, we were looking to make a change to the way we print and deliver your membership documents. When Covid-19 impacted this further, we took the step to create and email out personalised links to every member containing an

online membership card and a branded certificate. Not printing and posting plastic cards has resulted in a significant drop in our carbon footprint. Online versions you can download and save have also allowed us to give you what you need far quicker, at just the click of a button.


4,442 The number of SET followers on TwiƩer @SocietyET

7,166 The number of people following our Facebook page

LEGAL HELPLINE We have introduced free and confidential legal advice as part of your membership. The legal helpline, in partnership with Law Express, provides advice on problems and queries including employment issues, commercial law and General Data Protection Regulation. You can call the helpline on 01275 378 738. Please tell the call handler that you’re a member,

SET ANNUAL CONFERENCE Last year, Covid-19 led to us holding our SET annual conference as a virtual event, rather than the face-to-face forum we were planning. Although we missed seeing so many of you in person, we were pleased to be able to reach a larger proportion of attendees that may not have been able to travel otherwise. In fact, we recorded our largest attendance to date, with a 96 per cent satisfaction rate. And that wasn’t the only impressive statistic...


tickets sold in total


hours of CPD at the conference

and have your membership number to hand when you call. Watch our on-demand webinar hosted by Amir Mohammed, head of operations at Law Express, who looks at some of the most common legal issues facing staff at resources-and-webinars/ webinars/set-webinar-lawexpress-for-set-members

94% agree the conference will have a positive impact on their professional practice


think the conference platform was easy to use


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1. How I manage my ADHD as a teacher 2. Why becoming a Google Certified Educator has revolutionised the way I teach 3. Using positive body language in the classroom


1. Registration window for QTLS status now open 2. SET works with DfE to build on parity between QTLS and QTS 3. New series of free webinars to support online learning in a time FO R F U R of࣢crisis THE



If you have a ny que about any of stions the please SET benefits , c o ntact memb ership .enquir etfoun ies@ dation


would recommend the SET conference to a friend or colleague


of attendees said it made them feel proud to work in this sector


felt more motivated after attending the SET conference

As a SET member, you can access discounted tickets to the conference, which not only provides a full day of CPD from expert speakers, but also the opportunity to network with other attendees and event sponsors.

NEW FOR 2021!

SET is launching a new website this year. We have worked with a group of members to create a user-friendly site with improved navigation to enable you to take advantage of member benefits. A new-look member dashboard will make it easier to update your records and contact preferences, including special interest digests, and help us provide you with the most relevant content. You’ll also be able to see a history of your payments and settle any outstanding bills. We’ve improved our CPD log, so you can add, edit and export all of your professional development activities. If you’re undertaking Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status, a new and improved interface will provide a smoother experience for you to access and work on your portfolio. And if you’re thinking about undertaking QTLS in the future, our in-built eligibility checker will help give you peace of mind that you are ticking all the right boxes before you register. Our new CPD Resources section gives you access to articles, podcasts and webinars, all searchable by topic, theme or media type. You’ll be able to filter by date, search by special interest and much more. Lastly, our integrated contact form will make it easier for you to reach out to us. All members will need to activate their account on the new website, and we will be in touch with you to explain how. Other member benefits include: Discounted CPD courses from the Education and Training Foundation Access to QTLS and Advanced Teacher࣢Status Access to tools, research and resources Blogs, podcasts and articles from sector࣢experts.


ONLINE LIBRARY Our online library, powered by EBSCO, is an exclusive further education/higher education eBook collection designed to support you in and outside of the classroom. The collection, made up of eBooks from top publishers and leading professional societies, comprises more than 10,000 downloads covering subjects including business, technology, education, science, and more. You can also download fiction books straight to your device, all at no cost to you as a member. It’s a library which is always open – and it’s free – so take a look and see what you can find.



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If undelivered please return to: The Society for Education and Training 157-197 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9SP

FROM US, TO YOU… We know 2020 was not an easy year. We also know that, as a community, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of each and every one of you. By pulling together and helping each other out, we can cope with the challenges we currently face and emerge stronger from the experience. FROM ALL OF US HERE AT SET, THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF OUR COMMUNITY.

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