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RISE TO THE CHALLENGE IN THE YEAR AHEAD Mark Reed, Chairman of the Company Members Committee and General Manager of Pro-Lab Diagnostics, says it is a time of change and challenges, but the future will be bright.


ow in its third year, the IBMS guide is certainly proving useful to all members be they laboratory or commercially based. I have said on behalf of the Company Members many times how valuable our relationship is with IBMS and that has not changed. The thoughts shared by Sarah here clearly reflect the value with which all parties hold the strong relationship that we have, and Congress is without doubt the key event in all of our calendars every two years. What does continue to change, of course, is the world of biomedical science and the use, application, and development of vitro diagnostics kits and reagents. Consolidation, standardisation, mergers, new

technologies, automation, genomics, a need for faster results, clearer patient care pathways continues to be a challenge for all concerned. When it will all settle down, no one really knows, but we must continue to rise to the challenge. This drive for improvement is punishing at times, and it does require high levels of investment in research and development, marketing, regulatory compliance, and market acceptance once the

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products are ready for market. It is hoped that all involved parties continue to recognise this, and that we don’t become a market completely dictated to by cost. The future of biomedical science will be bright, and will no doubt be nothing like the traditional market of science some of us will remember, but it will be there, and so will we. My final point here is one for recruitment, if I may. Your Company Members Committee (see pages 8-9 for more information) is a small group of individuals and we could do with some help. Please let me know if you have some time to spare – it is rewarding. Be warned though, it can also be hectic, especially on the run up to Congress. Enjoy.

Mark Reed, Chairman of the Company Members Committee

14/01/2020 17:20

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The Biomedical Scientist Suppliers Guide 2020  

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