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A HANDY RESOURCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive of the IBMS, explains why diagnostic industry partners play such an important role and how vital it is to look beyond the walls of the laboratory.


am writing this while still basking in the residual glow of Congress 2019 – possibly our most successful recent Congress. There are several very good reasons why Congress 2019 was such a success, but one that stands out in particular is the role that was played by our diagnostics industry partners. Without our industry partners supporting us with their amazing input to the exhibition, there would simply not be a Congress as we know it. However, industry did more than simply provide our exhibition content, for the first time they had a significant input to the lecture programme and workshops. We have so much to learn from our industry partners and they have so much to offer. It is very easy to become blinkered to

life beyond the laboratory, and the diagnostic companies that provide us with our equipment and reagents have knowledge and experience that is usually from a very different perspective from our own. Engaging with our representatives and contacts in the industry sector can broaden our understanding of the multiple and complex factors that shape the delivery of healthcare and that enable us to have a truly holistic view of our sector.

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This Suppliers Guide is a handy resource for every laboratory to have; at their fingertips, the names and contact details of all our key industry providers. With so much change and growth taking place in the diagnostic sector, it helps to have information that is both current and accurate; it is also refreshing to read the thoughts and opinions of our industry leaders who are pleased to contribute their experience to this publication. I hope you find this 2020 Suppliers Guide interesting and helpful in enabling you to identify the suppliers of the products you need. From my perspective, I am just grateful that we work in partnership with such a dynamic sector that has so much to offer.

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive

14/01/2020 17:20

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The Biomedical Scientist Suppliers Guide 2020  

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